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Picking gold jewelry

Five finger in the butt

Dead person knocking on your door

Putting colour on face dream

A guy who. is late talking to me and having interest in me walking on his work placewith me

Room without door

Fluffy puppy

Dream ex boyfriend sister

Banyan tree casing me

Dry christmas trees

Dreaming i’m a therapist

See ex boyfriend sister

Trash in water

Two headed cow dream

Santo de padua

Seeing two suns in dreams

Gatling with mouthwash

Bucket flower


Travelling in dream


Big tilapia fish n the pond


Staples stuck in mouth

Speaking in different languages

What does it mean of weeding maize farm

Floating door

Eating yam n egg

Chanting namah namah shivaya

Dream of a prophet praying for me

I had a dream when i was at some female traditional healer talking to her

Gymnastic ring

Jungle gym ring

Ring to ring

Jumping from ring to ring

Stars gathered in a dolphin shape

Stars in fish shape


Eye in hand

Skeleton of hands

Roast lamb

Animals fighting each other in dream

Roof off car

Bathing a dead man

Seeing a rich person in dream

No roof car

Dream of rich person

What does it mean to see yourself pounding in the dream

To pound yam in the dream

Car roof disappears to escape

What does it meaning jaggery in the dream

Ant pit in my dream

Kinner asking for blessing

Picking moringa tree firewood



Ushitsha inabukeni

Ukuphupha ushitsha ngane nabukeni

When dead person is not giving cake to me

When dead person is giving cake to me


Feaces in dreams

Dream of dead person giving me gold jewellery

Your lover taking sperm into her mouth from another man?

Mangala in dream

Fighting a fish in my dream

Note received from dead person

Your lover taking sperm in her mouth fron someone? ?




My brother is crazy

Ex-coworker wearing trench rain coat

Stranger wearing trench rain coat

Wearing purple


Giift dress

Calatropis flowers in my dreams

Cracking egg n chicken inside


Elephent killed by some people

Someone in driveway

Horrible tasting food

Chasing by a man using carabao

Love farmer

Cooked for

Friends pet

Embracing a dead person

Chechord pattern

I have dreams wene im sick or chechord pattern and mackes me say weard thigs and i have a voice in my head saying my name

Buying garri in the dream




Eating ghee and shakar



Car being impounded

Crouching person

Something next to bed

Person next to bed

Dreaming of being pampered


Throwing potatoes

Big ship sailing

Given food


Bleeding at back seat and see angels

Bleeding at seat and seen st marry

Bleeding from seat

Dream meaning of drinking tea

Dream meaning of having tea

Dream meaning of sweet potatoes

Driving a car then suddenly going airborne and spinning out of control

Sleepwalking drea


General yamashita dream book

Banana stained president


Giraffe licking you


Congratulations saying by group

Toys trying to kill me

Congratulations receive in dream means

Pigeon on a roof

Having a pillow mailed to you

House being crushed



Car withiut roof

Red and yellow flowers


Colors in flowers


Black leopard

Wash your hand


Shaved beard on woman


Vandalised house

Wrist watch

Under wear

Sexual violation

Eagles nest

Shadows chasing spiders

Lense fell off eyeglasses

Lense fell off gl


Vandalised home


Pleading for help

Will marry my friends brother

Green stone

Plain desert

Talking plant



Use hand sanitizer

Driving over ridge and coming to land on four wheels

Heart rip

Three foot pots guide number

Kinner touch my head

Raining potatos

Dreamt of a presidential motorcade

Dream with a urinary catheter

Pouring fufu in a morter


Riding in a baby car seat

A voice said you have 2 months to live

Receive golden hat

Mentor willing to help you


Dancing like a snake

Dream of passed loved ones name

Cake with name of passed love one

In a mexican taxi



I staring myself

2 ex boyfriends



Sleeping twins

Changing diaper

Changing diao

Multiple twin children

Multiple children

Ex boyfriend crying

Sleeping babies

Ex boyfriend


Cupcakes being thrown

Dreaming of muddy dirty water flooded

Big dirty eyes

Shadowed eyes

Dreamed of having sex with my grandma

Someone peeling their face off

Dream interpretation of helping someone with water to drink

Dog running at me


Wrong house

Sinister people

Sinister dreams

Dreaming about death

Dreaming with 2 purple passion fruit falling from above


Pulling a long grass like rope out of my mouth

Dreaming having a zulumate in my hand



Harvsting mopane worms

Pastor and wife in my dream


Big boat and small boat

Body is hairy

Someone performed oral sex on my husbsnd

Body is harry


Dead father sweeping in dream

Husband got oral sex from another women

Dead sweeping in dream

Search for person in dream and he appears what does it mean

Eating snuff in a dream


What does it mean to dream a male celebrity your best friend

What does it mean to dream an idol your best friend

Dreaming of an idol best friends with me


To dream folding icansi

Healed wound on head


Group hig

Flying as a superhero

I could fly

Deformed sex organ

Deformed genital

Dead scorpion

Sheep black

Being chased by shooters and protecting a little girl

Dreams about jiggers

Running from attackers and protecting a child

Best friend miserable in relationship


Husband cheated on me

Caught husband getting oral sex in dream

Snitch on someone



Foreign alphabet

Skin a lion

Skinning a live female lion


Dream i delivered a baby and placenta

Dreaming about someone spilling mealie meal on the floor

Dream of having sex with grandmother

Sex grandma

Lion urinating inside my house

I plucked and eat dennettia tripetala in my dream

What does it mean to bought udara from a girl in a dream?

What does it mean to buy udara from a girl in a dream?

My landlord was dancing

Getting stronger

Allaca animal



Drunking zobo in dream

Bottle ground

Seeing millet crop field

Dream of mothing law plant

Being part of thus rich family

Bowel movement


Chillies farm


What does it meanin putting r!d tika on the forhead

Catching mopane worms from a tree

Catching moana worms from a tree

Saint mary voice

Drawn eye

Garden egg fruit in dream

Eating bitter kola

My wife went crazy and wanted to kill me

Wife stabbing me

My wife trying to stab me

Hugging deceased

What does it mean to dream of njeti cloth

Washing my shirts in a water closet

Was dreaming about they take of my wendy house and the backyard is nice

Coming out of mouth

The ents hotel

The ents

Dream about having a baby

If my dream about me wearing new uniform and working for a new company

Clergyman meaning

Kids crying for hungry


Dream about eating lamb

Stand up to someone

I feed a child crying with food my doors open and other come in also crying for me to feed him

Dead relative whispering in my ear

Dreamed of throwing a pine cone

I dream that i feed with kids who are hungry and crying while i was feeding them i heard my gate was open, was surprise the child was next to the other two kinds also crying for food to eat parents but the child in was just next to the two kid also crying for hungry so i also feed the child

I dream i feed two kids and then suddenly my gate open and other child was infront of me around 4 month old so i feed him also

Dream of young man holding the pink doll

Dream of pink doll



Hip replacement

Chinese lettera

Hidden room with lockers

Run into near lake


Husband sitting on mortar means what

Killing animal accidentally

Death month

Someone told me i was going to die

Dreaming fighting with two animals i killed one and the other one escaped

Perming your own hair in dream meaning

Snake eating animal

Selling paw paw fruit in my dream

Snake eating monkey

Climbing high hills to top




Asking a famous person for marriage

Playing ball with children

Turmeric plant

Large cup

White hand print above bed

Seeing selroti in dreams while other is pregnant in home

Holding hands jumping

Jumping off a bridge holding hands

Ceilling fan falls to someone head

Ceillng fan falls

Pushed off a cliff

Return home after separation

Dashboard in dream is black

Girl in danger

Ángel wing

Sleeping horse

Gang fight


Group of young men


Looking into the dark

Old man looking into the dark


Raw fish gift

A lot of money

Pocket on fire

Fire in pocket

White jeryycan in dream

Dream preparing tea

Not able to find place where i take off my dress

People trying to hurt me

Lots of people

Bleeding head

Husband passing out


Contact on someones behalf

Cat pet

Hand in body

Dead person giving gold to me

Sycamore fruits mean

Dream of eating a sycamore fruits

Suede skirt

Broken hose

Boyfriend walking away from friend and girlfriend

Boyfriend walking away

Boyfriend turning away


Taking a winking man to my boyfriends house

Man winking at me

My boyfriends male friend winking at me

Dream pedi a


A male friend of your boyfriend

Dreaming a friend of your boyfriend

Wedding for second time

Remove cyst on thighs



Evil man at food of bed

Selling fante kenkey in a dream

Grass and water


Being shoved in an oven

Putting tika on forehead

Outting tika on forehead

Unapproachable person in dream

Gathering topioca in the stream

Owl trying to get in my window

Plate in the garden

Forget to brush teeth

Dalai lama falls i love with me


Dressing up a child

Knight/white horse/red cross

Eating snawball in a your dream

Home invader

Skin conditions

Skin rash and open wounds



Weeping woman

Tattoo skin

Forgetting to go to class

Item of dead person

White shoes in freash cut grass

Seeing allah name in the sky in a dream

Jiggers meaning in dream

Prehistoric hawk

Prior boyfriend

High school love

Unfaithful wife

Meating handsome man

I broke the faucet

Your girlfriend is your landlord


Attach with an umbrella


To see a talking dummy

Sex with w girlfriend

Romantic sex

Shop class

A man dream the wife slap him in dream

Wife slapped her husband in the dream

Dreamt, i was welcomed home with aarti

Forgetting a dance



Buying second hand clothes ni a dream meaning

Floating in air

A rock that walks

Floating on air

A rock walking

Picking cho cho

Eagle hiding

Vigina snail

Spining chair

Missing deadline then getting deadline

Seeing a dog licking your face

Search …bath in mosque

Sisters boyfriend

Wanting to go back home

Feeding dolphins

Feeding dolpins

Roller skaters

Pet store

Mason symbol

Square and compass

Mending sock

What does it mean to buy fuel in the dream from somebody in two places


What does it mean to see pastor and his wife

Have an exam and haven’t been to class all semester

Burial shroud

To dream of you ex boyfriend old and skinny smoking

Many headed dog

Dreaming of writing a music note

Pull hair out of anus


Fire hydrant


A dead person to spit in my palm in the dream

Owing money in a dream

Owing £12000 in a dream

Owing £12000 in a dream for medical expenses

Spinning in a wheelchair

Sink whole under your house


Sain u lo someone in a dream

Plenty of soups and food for the family

Many soups and food for the family

Dead ill fish

Geko stuck on my feet but i struggled and pulled out

Geko on the feet


Chain it self in dream

Ceremony dream

Picking olive among green apples

Holey place



What does it mean to dream about vacating a house

Wearing trouser



Walking and suddenly i am bare breasted in public

Sister in law pregnant in dream

Carabao chased me

Someone spitting in my food while i was cooking it

Onboard in aeroplane

What does it means getting lost cell phone in dream

Eaying custard apple

Seeking blessings from old man boss

Cutting hair mean

Skin has psoriasis

Cutting onion

Yellow spirit

Black lady

Black demon lady

Dreaming of cowries

Frustration superior

Telling a lie

Curry leaf plant see in dream

When goddess pouring kumkum on your head

Saree weaving by old lady

In islam if dead person asking for food and clothes

One tree producing yellow, green and red pepper

Being carried by someone you’re in love with

Sandalwood paste applied on face

New saree and ladies

Uv light

Sperm glowing

Suicide friend

Aeroplane storms

Worm, palm, tree, in the dream

Buying beans cake

Someone ask me to buy akara for her in a dearm


Someone ask me to buy akara for her

Tower of temple

Grown up twins

Marula seeds

Receiving kumkum, turmeric in dream

What foes it mean to pound fufu with a pestle in a dream

President elect


Being led astray

Ejaculating in someone’s mouth

Dream about pilled egussi

Hawking peppered meat in the dream

Seeing where they fries akara in a dream

Seeing ahappy brahmin in your dream

Im a museum

Romanian woman


Buying milo in a dream means what

Dream of calling on jesus

700 dollars


Cooking porridge in a big pot

Number and precognitive dreams


Green glowing roots

Agori giving money to me

Dirty toilet paper on flor

What does it meaning losing someone in the ocean

Dog costume

Dream as a director of ceremony in a seminar

Dream as a mc in a workshop

Seeing your ex lover

Concrete steps

Being married to the man i rejected

Aghori giving message

Washing up same dishes

Yellow hue

Sucking breast

White black

Guests move in

Couple move into my home?

People staying over

Flying horse fall from the sky

Dream meaning of having sex with a witch

Life essence

Dream of having seen the moon and images of god in the sky

Owner of building giving me money

Dead person constructing floor

Building floor

Spoiled mince meat

Bridge car accident

What does it mean to see clitorist

Daddy long leg

Friends having fun

Daddy long leg spider

Three eye cat

Surfing through people

Surfing through peopl

Carabao running away



Dream of picking up cowries

Nearly we’d

Xhosa bride


Bride clothes

Congratulation for our immigration stuff

Receiving a cheque from the president in a dream

Lost grocery bags

Jumping from a bus

Buying calamansi

Diamond necklace with mom

Restraining an animal

Subduing an animal

A sinkhole appears

A sinkhole appears and sinks forever

Swimming painted indigenous men with spears

Water hole swimming painted indigenous men with spears

Subduing wild animal

Magots mean what in a dream

Cowries coming out of the vagina

Mother earth

Breaking and entering

Protecting sister

Cat owl hybrid

Boss being murdered

Dream of birth date

Number 1021

Relatives going on trip

Burgundy van

Squatters in my house

Dad protecting me

Purple eyes

Yellow and a blue budgie

Dream meaning of buying fresh groundnut


Hummingbird in my hand


Lone beach house anxiety

Oversized clothing

Ghost that come back everytime

Someone not leaving you alone

Old furniture

Chicken gel quarter

Black furret saved

Offering red water

Broken gems

Dreamed of a female tiger and 3 cubs.

Lakshmi gold ring

Washing father’s feet

Washing fathers flower

Applying turmeric on face and kumkum

Being conned

What does it meaning give someone sachet water to drink in the dream

About migration

My child retuning home from abroad

Boyfriend got someone else pregnant

See many snails in a sack bag

See lots of snails in a sack bag


Lot of people gathering toogheter

See a lot of snails in sack bag

Dream of new apartment

See a bag of snails


Saw a bag of snails

Sole mare

Saw i was pouring out a lot of snails from a big sack bag

I dream i swallowed a fly an what’s the number

Standing at the top of the stairs looking down

Curse silver ring

Sexual activities

Riding in a car that goes off the end of a hiway

Driving down a hiway that isn’t finished and flying into a hole

Grandparents judgement

I was calling the name of jesus multiple times


Dreaming of coming back working abroad

Childhood home and parents

Desseised brother

Green creeper

Burgundy car

Hair bows



Sedementary rock

Driving from backseat

Tables moving

Welcoming party

Work table

Holding gold key

Eating sim sim

Table with wheels

Manipulating weather

Year blessing

Flying dutchman

Labrador dog and ex wife

Black labrador dog

Male boss

One year

Calling one to whom you did not now

Seeing face of water

Two males


Bought a house

Bought anew house

Finding clay

Female boss

Job transition

Baby in ambulance

My son in the back of an ambulance

Seeing a fake snake

Dream of dead princess

Fake snake

Maggot coming out of head

Drink colors in a dream

Dreaming of a marijuana tree

Stove will not turn off

The parting of the ocean

I want sweet pickle

Dream of someone spilling drink on me

Dream of someone spilling koolaid on me

Someone spilling kool aid on me

Beige colour

Crepe colour

Dream of paying bus fare and missing the bus


Interpretation of seeing chinchin on a stire case

Dreaming of whales

Pigs swimming

Pigs swimming in ocean

Dream of tamarind

Aunty blessing me in my dream

Graded tests

Graded papers

White cow vomit

What is the meaning of seeing breadfruit tree with fruits on it

Stuck on branch of tree

Damp wallet

Can’t reach the brake

Teddy bear

What does it mean brushing with coal in a dream



I dreamt about being surrounded by very wealthy people and my mum who passed was asking how come only you are rich

Talking cow

Potato chips

Missing cat returning home.

Money about to be transferred to me

Scaring others

Monsters begin scared of you


Scp foundation

Killing your crush

Killing males



Walking around in a bathrobe

Trying to save a relationship

Refusing to give charity dream


Looking om in dream

Meaning of dreaming walking inside bush

Tick bite

Growing ties

Stung in theigh

Extra toes growing

Stinger in leg



Wrong medicine


Home intruder refusing to leave

My loves ones hostage

People in garden refusing to leave

Giving a madman meat

Dreamt i was getting married

Feeding curd rice in dream

Feeding curd rice to someone close

Sto nino in dream waving at him

Twin males cutting a females body parts off with straight razor

Crystals, gems, jewelry, stones

If someone is making a marriage proposal to me for her son


Sto nino in dream

Abandoned houses

Bill gate

Kumkum haldi and rose flower in dream

Some one fart with bad smell

Robbin hood

Some one gives jsggery

What does it mean to make ridges in the dream ?

Holding.a plantains in a dream that belongs to me what is the meaning

Bought a plantains in a dream

Holding plantains in a dream what does it mean

Playing on the beach

Asking for glass of water

Diseased person asking for water in a dream

Fear of a spider


Dream fast

Stolen of phone sim card

Green grams

Three black legged pots

Dream of kola nut

Dog licking belly

Dog locking belly in dream

Moot dall

Moong fall

If 10 years old dream about zombies what does it mean

If a kid dreams about zombies what does it mean

Illusion of seeing a custard apple in a small plant meaning in islamic way

Dreaming a lion climbing a tree



Road that hugs a hill

Road with cliff on one side

Driving rolls royce


What does it meaning someone, wearing, makoti, attire, in the dream


What does it meaning poo, in the dream

What does it meaning new, makoti, in the dream?

Puri meaning

Girl putting kukimum on my forehead

Putting kukimum on my forehead

Putting kukimum on my gorehed

Constructing a mud house in dream

What happens if i see my own broken hair clip in dreams


Obelisk with a clock on it

Clock on an obolisck

Clock running counter clockwise

Going to restaurant

To throw fufu away in a dream

Demon in room

Alternative reality



Worms falling out of hair

Embracing your father in a dream

When your father embraces his daughter in a dream

Dream of seeing an open altar

Wearing turmeric and kunkum on face

Fathers embrace

Dream of crusade ground

Chasing by killer

Pink slippers

What does pink slippers mean

Taking blessings

Sleep together with my co wife

Dead person wearing shoes too big

Hair dryer broken

Seeing sto niño in a dream

Biting my cheeks in a dream

Biting my cheeks ik anna dream



Frameless door


Gathering of leaf in a dream

Gathering of leave in a dream

Gathering of cooking leave in a dream


Pyramids and fire

Trains derailing

Girl baby sacrifice

Buying tea spoons

St. francis assisi

Float stick

Buying prepared hippo meat

Eating strange food

Matching tattoos


Hacking off fingers

Fingers being cut

Harvesting mopane worms in dream

What does mopane worms in the dreams mean?

I keep dreaming of violence

Swallowing fly

Dreaming of hand sanitizer pouring iut

Demanding older man


Meaning of seen oilbean seed in the dream

Lots of rain

Left hand injected in a dream

Kissed by a dead man

Left hand injected

To be injected with drip

Falling off white horse


Animals floating

Animals floatig

Dead father mother and grandmother at front door

Yellow leaes

Captured springbok in the dream


Pipe in holster

Hands in dog mouth

Dieffenbachia camille

Swimming to boat ramp




Hearing door slam

The vampire is my grandmother and i am the only one she won’t bite


Changing hair

Hummingbird eating a worm

Paint on clothes

Dreaming of giving birth and refusing to hold the baby

Elaborate old staircase

Dreaming of plate

Lost in shops stores rstaurants

Lost unable to find direction

Uncle by marraige

Gold windows

Dreaming about a dead aunt and uncle


Gang shooting

1 sheet of tin peeled back on a roof


Seasoning brisket


Standing man


Banyan tree in my dream meaning

Open wounded right arm



Dreamed of rearranging the store where you work

Car falling from the sky and crashed


Lots of gifts from wedding

Skin prrl


Over filling pool with hose pipe


Bay leaves tea

Odd shoes

Dream coffee



Round worm yellowfeces

Gossip and betrayal

Round worm


Calamansi tress with fruits

Drinking hand sanitizer

What does it mean for my dead grandma to send me on an errand

Cell phone and pocket wifi missing from my room

Train running over me

Running for friend wife

See myself sleeping in the dream

Tumeric in dream

Saw myself sleeping in the dream

Daughter doing drugs

Colorful feathers birds

Two tubers of yam tied together



Seeing eunuch in dream

What does it means to see someone wearing big slipper which is given by you

Husband hiding money spent

Husband hiding money and gambling

Lizard attacking snake

Wooden floor collapsing

Female squirt

Not scared in horror movie

Torn wallet

Loss blanket

Shouting hallelujah in drea

To dream that you stepped someone with a knife

Giving palm fruit

Kenkey in dream

Kenkey in your dream

Gargoyle flying

Drinking magnolia oil

Meaning of eating ripe pepper fruit in dream

Calling jesus name while waking up from dreams

Head of jesus christ

Dreaming of capturing springbok

Dreaming of catching a springbok

Someone come over me

Woke up suddenly

Losing my care

Perfect positioning

Alignment of everything

Black twins

Friend dog


Dreaming being in church in priestly clothing

Choir in church

Husband inappropriate with daughter


St jude

Kunkam barani

Bed spring on bedroom floor

Being held in water

Escaping with children and a dog on railway tracks

Aghori came out from water in lake

Nasty braille letter sent to my dead father


Lumber jack sat in front of me and stared at me

Paw paw

Water buffalo

My dead grandmother is driving

Someone used my sponge to bath

Sticky teeth

Hiking with someone

“holding garlic”

Broken clothesline

Receiving fruit from a dead relative

Woollen mill

Touches abdomen