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Eyes to eat

Widow applies kumkum in dreams





Dreaming that crystals are coming from your nose

Pangolin wounded

Frightening by a madwoman

Madwoman attacked

Pounding red palm fruit in the dream

Tiger,meat in dream

If a pregnant woman sees apple slices

Attack by a madwoman

Being stacked by a madwoman

Seeing a dead person sick in dream

Numbers 361

Custared apple

Naïve american shoes

See calotropics

Fighting for banana

Seeing someone putting white clothe in a dream

Wearing a emerald necklace

Middle finger cut off in right hand

Teaching someone to swim in a pool

Two green cardamom with leaf

Broken statiue

Person with no face or arms

Ukuphupha ulotsholwa

Yellow diarrhea stain on the back of a cloth worn

Limbless blob creature

Limbless creature

Dream you at your husband funeral




I saw a popular pastor hugging me

A woman passing by in a yellow coat

To deram o a winna in a yellow ciąg

I dreamt that i was cut on my breast and hand

Clean baby napkins

Drinking light soup

Drinking light soup in a dream

Dream that u speak in tongues out of ur dream

Father sucking his adult daughter btreast

In a car with husband

Getting married without seeing the groom.. traditional marriage

Friends illness

Sweet-smelling flowers are in my heart

What does it meaning sweet, smelling, flowers, heart, in the dream?

Sausage dog

Saber toothed tiger

Ex give slippers

Dead invitea

To dream seeing the word immaculate

Dream tring to spit on someone

Bitter leaf soup in dream

Dreaming youre in the crowded prison

Sucking strange guy dick

Skulls in subsiding lake

Dream with have blood of a cat

Dreaming of eye in the sky

3 leg brown horse

Gaze eyes

Fighting with a mad necked girl in dream

Gazing eyes

Hands under chin

What does it meaning unknown, words, written,


Waiting chair

Buying of plates

Dream of being a child molester

What dose it mean having hair butt in the dream

Wearing polka dots in a dream

Crack toilet bowl

Wearing polka dots

To dream of wearing a skirt suit in polka dots

Sitting on bench

Dream of elderly couple turn to young couple with love in a dream means

Lean in while sitting

Following girls

Meaning of guinea corn in a dream

Water and house

Lean in

Dreaming of my dead father wearing a navy blue nightsuit

Killed with hand equally running away.

Starting plug

Seeing green mangoes in the dream

Interpretation of a dream about cutting raw meat with a knife

Leaning too much forward

Lying down in the toilet in a dream

Pag nanaginip ng ahas

Fire works

Black display picture in love



Black photo

Black profile picture

Black dp

What does changing of sanitary pad mean in dream

Stool with blood

Escape from murderer dream

Crush mother

If you dream you caught a pig an your brother let it go



Receber presentes

Accidentally breaking fast during ramadan

Ex wearing a wedding band

Driving blue rangerover in dream

Invigilating exam

Prophesy in the drean

Making gulabjamun in my dream

Crush wearing your clothes

Meaning of ogbolo soup and eba in the dream

Falling into holes in the ground

Henna on foot

Seeing someone getting hit on the bum

What does it mean black face in dream

Deflowering a lady in a dream

Art painting

What does it mean for deceased to recieve an egg

Playing mandolin

Carring for blind dead mother helpng her with money

Breaking basin

Brushing teeth with chewing stick

Dream of a deceased uncle asking me for a drink

Peeling of beans in dream

Picking udara fruits in dream

Bitting my tongue

Friend baking

Dream about restaurant burnt by fire

Dream of mother dating a guy

Dreaming of weak white baby goat

Weak white baby goat in dream

Drinking rice water

My pastor giving me all the money he had in his pcket


What does it means if recent died father asking for water in dreams.

What does it mean dreaming of having umemulo

Hearing the name vincent means

Making collages

Have taking a stroke of canes

White horse on fire

Having a money

Sharing moimoi in a dream

Drinking water

Applying gel on new hair cut

Kissing with a boy in the sea


Carrying a decay dead body

Dreaming of a housing property

Sago food


Blood bucket

What does it meaning misled, in the dream

Teachung somone to drive

New suckers sprouting

Suckers sprouting

Suckers shooting up

Seeing cocoa seeds in a dream

New suckers of bananas

Seeing your old boss dead

Someone requesting gari from me

What does it mean to see yourself putting on white dress and white shoes with black jack sticking on them and you are trying to remove them?

Sacrifice and afterlife

Clothes on water pond

Dreamt eating dried but cooked mopani worms

Lion in my lap

Wife made porn

My sister brought used shoes to my hiuse


Eating greengrams

Why i always dream that i wear sleeveless top.

Cow sitting in a river

Dream of pomelo

Bright blue light sword

Baby picture of deceased relative


What does it mean paying school fees in a dream

Royal blue glaring sword

What does it mean for a chair to move itself in a dream

¹emiting blue light from hand

Traditional healers

To dream of having sex with a pastor

Having sex in the dream with a pastor

Picking precious stones

Picking precious stones from the ground in dream

Glaring blue light from my hand

Blue light coming from my hand


If we see group of agoras in dreams

Seen my self that i am a goalkeeper in s dream

Blood on the back of my pants

Sex dream with a stranger

Emotional partner

Arrival of a car

Feet bleeding in the dream

Woman driving towards me

Yellow car and fred car

Right hand in downward direction

Urinating in someone’s mouth

Woman driving a car

Talking to two women

Dreaming loves ones shoot the gun but the wound was healed already

Two women arriving in seperate cars

Women driving

To sit in right side

Eating groundnut with dead person

Eating groundnut with dea

Golden colour pen

Being placed in wrong class

Is it a satanic style to see someone licking you


Dream of smearing cream

Swimming with a chameleon

Story book

Preparing palm nut soup with your ex

A shamba in my dream

Worm comming out of vagina

Preparing palm nut soul with your ex

Loan from bank

Husband gifting saree

Packing aku in the dream

Dog sex cat

Dog having sex with a cat

What does it meaning udara, fruit, in the dream?

Being attacked by a mentally ill person

Vs to pray in bible to overcome the dream

What does it mean if you dream and you see your self in your home town village with friends

Cardamum spice

What does it mean sweeping a native doctor compound in the dream

Collecting fish

What does it mean to see someone praying for you in the dream

A potential partner walking behind you


Sex with an idol of god in a dream

Green flied in sky

Dream about new moon

What does it mean, father showing penis in the dream

Receiving money from the president

Dreaming of being in a brand new car


Getting circumcised

Receiving money from head of state

Eating palm fruit in dream

Getting circumcised


Stomach going out

Receiving a chocolate

Spraying of money the dream

Spraying of money?

Man with henna

New colthe but mensurarion

Thorns stuck in leg

My dog almost bite me in a dream

Gold snake statue

Engine oil was given instead of honey in my dream

Falling of hindu temple

Buying horns

What does it mean repairing broken slippers

Someone throw at you heads

Vanishing snake

Someone throw

Pounding plantain in dream meaning

To swallow a flying insect

Clasped hands together in rasied position

Adopting a male child

New sneakers

Red bench

Mother got slapped

Left lower leg swollen and somebody else is cleaning puss coming out my leg

Being given a very big book by your pastor

Sexual intercourse with sister

What does it mean buying locust bean in dream

Relative pocessed by a lady ghost

Paying exam fees

God love making

Love making with god

Controlling water

Seeing myna

Dead tomato plants

What is the meaning of dreaming about mopane worms

Wearing two shirts one above the other

Wearing two shirts one anove the other

Dreaming of eating okro and eba with friends nd family

I dream that someone offered me a cooked beans with palm oil

White hair in the floor

Scattered gold bids in home dream

Throat cut and bleeding

What does it mean given a powered tin milk as a gift in the dream?

Piles of empty crates of eggs in qdream

What does it mean hawking pure water in a dream

What doses mean when there a demon nuns in your dreams

What doses mean when there a demon nuns in your dreans

Dream attending a prayee event late

Mountain on fire dream

Archangel raphael


Seeing of ogi in the dream

Someome eating their semen

What dose it mean to dream with kkk clan

Eating foam in dream

Kola nut pods

Dead people bathing

What it mean dreaming kkk clan in your

Wt happend if mangalamuki comes in dream

Dreamt my husband sick weak nd had memory loss

I dream that my husband wore an earings on both sides of his ear what does it mean

My boyfriend came in my mouth

Dreaming of a lady embraze me and pray

Brother touching womens breast


Cow with three horns

Woman sucking penis in dream

Teeth in scalp

Tamarind in dream

Pulling green string from undernskin

Loving cow

Glass bridge

Eating throns in dream

What does it mean to fight with another woman with a child over your husband in a dream

A gray cow

What does it meaning boyfriend, meeting, dead, father, in the dream

Dreaming of someone cooking food and divide for dog and give me

Readings ramayna in dream

Singing songs of worship

My late grandma receiving the dowry my husband owes

Glass bridge broken


If i get good opportunity in my dream

A person was alive but in dream he was dead what it means

Bratiki unna manishi chanipoinatlu kala vachindi

Selling of musicial instrument

Meaning of selling

Buying and selling musical instruments

Sex father and dother

Printer ink

Kalalo naku injection chesinapudu raktam vachindi

Dreaming of stranger getting head bleeding

Dead person giving a hat in dreams

What does it means to see two eagles sitting in a big tree?

Sai baba idol broken bin my dream

Boobs get cut off

To dream that someone hates you

Lots of empty bottle in others hand

Exchanging of schedule with someone you love meaning

Friend giving me used sanitary pad

Dreaming of shifting house

Miscarriage of three babies one big one and two smaller ones the big one was a boy

Promising to meet again with my crush

Crocodile tears

Bleeding virginia

Crocodiles water

Dreaming i have a dinner with a dead person

Baby girl with a penis

Mother in law died in dream

Mother in law died and we were happy

Giving water to dead father and brother

Cutting goat meat by other


Childs whisper

Dreaming of a dead politician

Attacking carabao in dreams

A red bus

I dream black nazarene

I was bullied by our teacher

Making food dead in law

What does it mean if you dream of your crush crying

Dream meaning of carrying kola in the right hand

Dreaming of parking in snuff heaps

Dreaming of parking in snuff

Snake with frogs

Dreaming of a broken procession and keep running

Dreaming of a procession

Runny stomach dream meaning

Eating garry and groundnut

Hungry deceased husband


What does it meaning pounding yam,using,mortar,pestle,in the dream

Crocodile with no eyes


2d game

Dream about your with crazy and genius person

During water and vomit

Elephants and lions

What does it meaning cleaning, mosque, in the dream

Dream of pouring water to burning garbage

Wearing your hair into ponytail

Harvesting cardomon in dream

Wearing your into ponytail

Seeking advice

To dream about seeing myself on the tv with stretch marks on the back


Being chased by and evil woman in my dream




Dreams about mixture of red oil and salts

Stretch marks

Coke bottles

Dream meaning of eating chayote

Snake in graveyard

Dreams meaning necklace snatch from my neck

Removing leeches on body

Seing a hebalist


Seing a hebalist in a dream


Two whirlwinds

Getting money from former employee

Black seeds getting out from arm in dream

Serving iftar

A girl working with a boy in a dream and she has stain on their way. and she went to change it she wake up



What is the mean in of selling palm fruit in dream

A skeleton of a snake in a

Someone putting stones on your head then they fail down all

Dream of selling wedding dress

Smoking in church in the dream

Maltreating someone

Tiny rooms

Ripped clothes

House of full people

Dream a female is poring oil in your hand


Banner being dipped in the sea

To dream of a white girl showing me affection


Dream of boil on the outer left thigh


Wooden cross on hilltop

What blood mean in the bible

Auger shell

Shell augor

Word allah written

Unfinished mat

Dirty bath water

What does it means to dream a woman who is your enemy having beard


Service truck

Dream of shoes on fire


Carrying baby in your back

Borrowing a dress

Finding diamond earrings from the drain

Borrowing a dress for a marriage proposal






I dreamt of taking snap


Street pole

Street light pole

Wearing white shirt in the dream

Road light rod

What is to dream to have three little sisters

Found lost slippers

Dream of someone pluck pawpaw in your house

Street light

Street light in day

Eating nzu in your dream

Blue jeans

Black jacket meaning

Grey jacket

Dreaming of being chased by a dead person

Eating pieces of a dogs ear

Dreaming about tumbler of water

Seeing someone driving a car

Dogs eating chickens in a dream means what

Someone trying to hold you down

Snake as hair

Supporting a felling electric pole and it finally falls

Saving squirrel

Dead person feeding you

Holding ankara fabic in dream

Hand kept on bicycle saddle

Twenty one in love meaning

I picking money in the dust bnl in my dream

Twenty one in love

Twenty one meaning in love

Twenty one meaning in loveq

What does ut means if you cum with your mother in a dream

I picking money in the dust bill in my dream

Twenty one meaning

21 number meaning spiritual


21 number meaning

21 number

Wife missing during sex

Praying for a mad man in the dream

Meeting a rich man in dream and falling for him

Dream about bathing in a river with your dead mum presence

Shaking in dream

Eating an orange in a dream

Make squirt dream

What does it mean to make someone squirt in the dream



Dream meaning i talking with a dead teacher

Moong dal , rice and haldi

Falling from bridge

Driving trailer with speed

Finger fucking the same sex

Dead teacher ask to me for money

Seeing my pet turtle on their back

Been pushed into a hole by a friend

Meaning of looking for centerpieces for a wedding

A teacher came to ask for money


Skin peeling

My pictures were hang by my partner on the wall and those pictures fell of in my dream


Slot machine

I see myself nothing in an open place

I give money to a dead teacher

I saw myself bathing in open place


I saw myself bathing in public n i was shy and covering my nakedness

What does it mean to pick a baby in the dream

Mother giving blessings

Mother blessings for son in law

Dreaming of all religious leaders

I dreamed that my daughters head was in the toilet w

White flying goat

Wound with no blood

Green gaurd

Someone giving you mobey

Stolen telephone

Stolwn telephone

What does it mean cake falling apart in the dream

When you dream of eating ackee wat does it mean

Giving a child water in a dream

Taking perfume from a dead person in dream

People picking on you dream

Swimming in the blood water

Wearing orange shirt of my husband

Lizard biting two of my fingers

Running away naked

Cleaning pond

A woman brest being sock by man


I dream of a girl sucking my virginia

I dreamt about someone giving me raw fufu


The meaning of stolen flower in a dream

Clapping and clicking


Aladin lamp

Blue full moon


Pounding pounding fufu myself

When you dream of selling cooked food

Dreaming breast rotting means

Breast rotting

Dream of the breast rotting

Dreaming of curve road

Bear fighting lion

When you selling food and cooking food in dream

Dream of breast feeding meaning

Getting rubbed

What is the meaning when your mother-in-law telling you to put salt mackerel in her shoes

Breat rotting dream meaning

What is the meaning when my dead mother-in-law telling me to put salt mackerel in her shoelt mackerel

What is the meaning of salt mackerel in my dream

Vee meaning dream

Dreams dead person photo

What does it mean for a pregnant dream that someone is apply oil on her stomach

Someone said ther are going to give me a frog and small fish for my cistern

Acting like a dog

Body warmer

Being fucked in your dream

Getting head in a dream

Kinner taking money from me

Spooled musterd oil

White dog no tail

A girl eating curd rice

Old saree buying dream

Receiving money from your dead father in dream

Seeing reading quran

Eagle catching a snake from ground

Eagle catching a snake from groung

Physical and verbal abuse

Physical and verba

Being awaken by two knocks in my dream

Chameleon in my bag


Being awaken by two knocks

Dead woman wearing black hat

Smooth and soft face

Some ladies wearing a saree dream

What does it mean pasyor giving printed documents in a draam

Seen in dream eating paneer

Consulting a traditional healer deam

Giving a one gallon of palm oil

Celebrating birthday who is already dead

Praying for people in your dream meaning

What thick hair mean in the dream

I dream that water erosion carried away my children clothesl

Ball of softball

The person who stole my phone died in my dream

Right leg sleepers cut

At a funeral parlor

Dreaming of having muti

Dream snake blood and fire

Dreaming of seeing lots of muti

Moving ground

Soil turning red

Movement in soil

Red chilli garden

Visinterview in the dream

Urd daal and rice

Black bicycle

Rejected by boys

Running on bumy road

No body wants me in their life

Red chair red bench waiting room

No boys likes me

Golden beam of light

Pink lemonade

Dreaming of snake im visiting cemetery

A friend without hijab ignoring me in a public place

My friend not wearing hijab in a public place

What does it meaning watch, in the dream?

Sand in wardrobe

White rat as pet

Ankles lock legs

Clenched hands

I ate lizard in my dream

Meaning of controlling waters in the world in a dream

Someone mom came to ask for marriage

Dream of shoulder bag

Someone came to ask hand for marriage

Marriage prposal

Someone else getting married in dream meaning

Unknown pastor in a dream


Picking green tangerine

Seeing the word defective


Being a bridesmaid

Help from imam

Loking for hepl with an imaam

Taking a bath with raw eggs

A person that long has past away

Flames in a burning grave

Taking a birth with raw eggs

Removing headtie in the dream

Keeping your cloths in bathroom

Filling water in a vessel

Killing a squirrel for others to eat

C rysalis

Green grass farms

What the meaning of dream of becoming a brind

Crocodiles and toads in calm water

Killing a squirrel with catapult in a dream

Recipt ayatul kursi and ikhlaas

Dream of someone smoking cigarette in a church in the while service is going on

Red and black pen

Washin a baby being naked

Mentioning coffin

In dreem coffin

What does it mean to drink palm wine in dream

What does it mean to dream of 2 leprechauns waiving

Seedlings of ornamental plants

Blemish on back

Giving birth to a doll

Cleaning perwinkie in the dream


Walking on sewage

If you had dream about gabi plant

Wallet carried away by big waves

Tooth extract

What is the meaning of wearing a cut slapper in ur dream?

Dreaming of black jack weed meaning

Collecting aku in dream


Bleeding while brushing teeth

Dreaming escorting a girl you are dating means what

Having a purple wedding dress in the dream

Dead baby in the fridge

To dream of a charchoal on market sale

My brother broke my dad earphone and he deny it

Medical records

Car window open and the car is running on road and i m inside

If i see tread

Pooping in the bath tub

To dream about pooping in the bathtub

Muslim chaplain

Dream of tesbih

Carying tread

Carrying chaplin

If i carry different types of tread in my dream

Carying mixed color tread in dream

What does it means to see peacocks and other orange color birds in dreams

Beaten by belt on the head and crying

Mixed tread color

Been beaten by belt i a dream signified

Mixed color

Someone eating with a fork

High electric bills

Seen black, blue and white tread in the dream

Giving money to a family of a dead man

A woman pouring her urine into my mouth

In the wilderness picking mopane worms from a tree

Bathing with my dead husband and child

Dream of unripe plaintain cut in pieces during pregnancy

Gain admission

Bathing with your dead husband

Transgender ghost dream

My missing cat returning home dream

Dead husband giving me a blouse

Dream interpretation of trekking with half a bag of sacket wayet

Buying grounded egusi in dream

Eating a wedding ring in dream

Not offering someone soup

What is the meaning of akamu

A lot of seeds in the mouth

Dead raise

Girl tied by rope and hang

Spitting out seeds out of my mouth

What does it meaning eating okro and swallow in the dream

Fighting a orc

Raising dead

Raising dead in a dream

Orange orb

What does it mean someone giving you dress

Called by name

See melon shell

Eating okro and swallow in the dream meaning

Dream meaning of throwing a pad in the latrine

Self unmarried girls wearing mangalsutra

Being running late to church

I managed to resque myself from a tall big old building with water point in adream

I managed to resque myself from a tall big old building with water point

The meaning of seeing a prophet of god praying for you in a dream

My late father bought us lots of meats

Dreaming of falling from a building into water

A white lady in by race giving u money

Chased by ex

What does it meaning grinding cassava in the dream

Blue pebble coming out of eye

When you look for irregularities in your womb

What happens if you see planting paddy in barren field in dream

Lighting oil lamp with goddess


Having jiggers in a dream

Seeing dead father ill and is in my lap

Sisters breast in dreams

Sweep your church sister house

Seeing youself in prison in dream

White chalk

Changing old zinc with new ones in dream signifies

What do changing old zinc with new zinc



Chating on namah shivay in dreams

Mourning over a deadperson in dream

Chasing a mad woman with a cutlass out of my house

I chased a mad woman with a cutlass out of my house

Female friend half naked

Unfinished ,braided ,hair,in a dream

Unfinished ,fish tail ,hair,in a dream

What does it means to fetch fish frm a well

Log flowing in river

Someone is singing to me

Eating in deams

My boyfriend touching the snake

Dead father cones as monk

Saw bird coming very close to me and saw its black heavy feet

Half, cooked, fish, in the dream

Grinding stone dream meaning


I am radha in my dream

What does it meaning eating, half, cooked, fish, in the dream?

Im radha in my dream

Being raped

Visit a shrine


Dogs and cats lost

I dreamed shouting at someone

Seeing udara in the dream means what

Washing butthole

What if your dream is sr nino

Crushed giant ball

Bunga ng malungay

What does it meaning killing grass cutter in the dream

Green cat teasing me

Dream of folding blankets

Eating chapati

Fill plant pot with water and then drop it leading to crck

Blowing fire from mouth

Big fat green cat trying to disturb me

Walking to the right after crossing the road

Break engagement ring

Fire burning roses

If a pregnant woman sees herself eating amusk melon

I dreamt that my engagement ring got broken

Red tika in dream

Listening to loud music

Last father advising in dream

Handing over an eating fork

Seeing heaps of golden wheat and playing on it happily

Plucking a green chillies mean

Handing over a fork

Lyrics of a song


Playing a song with a strong message

Eagle carrying snake in the air

Playing a song


Dream meaning: dead

Giving someone a fork

Sudden death of the employer

Trying to buy moccasins

Somebody telling me a specific date

Giant black scorpion

Cooking chapati by other

Big mole on my face

I dream of trying to give a male stranger kola nut

I dream of trying to give a stranger kola nut

A man chasing me with cutlass in the dream means what

Live insects coming out in my anal

Hidden box in temple


Stairs made of bamboo

Bird taking a bath

What does nt mean hair leraxer in the dream

Throwing slippers to my husband

Buying smoke fish in a dream

Helping a bird

Water in a glass

Crossing an orderly road at the traffic light

Hummingbird lands on shoulder hands feeding it water landing in glass of water

Orderly crossroad

I pass through a crack soil

Eunuch crying in dream for food

Anuch crying in dream for food

Huge water

Wife, having, another, man, in the dream

What does it mean if someone sucking your breast

Greenery in dreamm meaning

Lady bramin come in dream

Brewing rice wine

Dead uncle wedding

Big boil

Big noil

Exchanging car in dreams

Dream about being kidnapped

Male friend smiling at me

Kevin bacon

Empty egg broken

Curves in a road

Selroti eating dream in pregnancy

Pastor giving you advise and medicine

Gold eye

White cuttle fish

Flying without a wing in person is dream?

Sun moving speed

Wall clock stopped in my dream

Baby spider in mouth

What does it meaning cattle, crossing, river, in the dream

Riding motorcycle down the stairs

Purple skin

Dreamnt barbing someone hair

Someone trying to kill with pillow

Dream of bed drenched in water

Mayonnaise put in a monggo

Dreaming a friend

Stuff stoys

Riding motorcycle going down the stairs

Seeing sores on your leg

Teacher dreams that he gave me his son to take care

Your boyfriend taking weed

A friend visited you

Dreaming about a younger version of someone


Gold shankh given to me

Restaurant card

Young girl cooking a meat dish in basement

What does it meaning being, thrown, stones, mad, man, in the dream?

Thick smoke

My weeding


Dreaming of carrying bread in a basket

Old women proposing to me

Hills, snow on distant mountaintops

Maori warriors at a marae

Wearing black beeds mangalsutra in dreams

Whight and black cow comes in dream

Broken window frame

Cable way

What it mean to wear school shoes in a dream

What is the spiritual meaning of injections

Chased by a witch running through yard with iron fence

Dreams at the ocean with a big moon and fiancee

Brushing t

To dream a son sleeping in bed while the room is filled by water up

What if you are dreaming about the world ending and you are flying in the air

Covering someone nakedness

Along the road many fat cow side by side

What if there angles flying around and your in a big world

One dead mother braiding her hair meaning

In love with seminarian

Jeues was calling my named i from hell

Dream of some one pour oil in my hands

Silver plate of water

Clearing grass in dream meaning

Someone giving you the peace sign

If some one dream that her labour dash her cloth that is not new what that dream mean


A girl rejects our love what does it means

Buy camel



Funeral parlour

Ripe sour soup




Save a drowning mum of your ex-girlfriend


Shirts flashes in floods

Pea in islamic dream

Throwing away rotten eggs

Saw my late mother in law sick ii n dream



Walking on dry multiplesdry fish

Inlove blind person

I dreamed about a angry lady staring at me

Inlove with a blind person

Someone i like bout she looks at me and she sems like she hate me

Gold jewellary

Walking on dry fish

Being pinned against the wall

What does it mean dreaming attending ceremony celebrating on their culture way

Being stommped by a horse

The royal people dancing their yearly ceremony

Seing princes celebrating on their culture


Meaning of giving someone a red cooler in the dream

Lying in the middle of the road

Dream of buying a grass cutter in the dream

A white horse licking your belly

Singing hymn indream

Removing fat


Friend wearing camo to a wedding

Dreaming bolo

What does it mean for someone to suck your right breast in dreams


What does it mean for someone to duck your right breast in dreams

Driving on a flooded road against the current

Driving on flooded road against the flow

Driving against the river


Chainmail armor

Slapping a butt

Black mushroom cloud woman with long black wings

Goat giving birth

Imam hussain in black hijab in dream

Dream of a chasing a monkey that is holding avocados

Dream of a chasing a monkey

A monkey coming out of its sleeping nest

Checking breast for milk in dream

I saw myself preaching in a dream

Taking a picture of a mountain

Meaning of seeing a dead relative dancing with someone that is alive and known by you

Husband dreamed pregnancy test was positive for wife

Woman having sexual intercourse with a strange lady

My mother getting out in a pit latrine

Skin problems


Buying two tomestones

My mother fall in a pit latrine

My sister fell into a water well


Abdomen dysmorphia


Beauty pageant

A dead person asking for a sweets

What does it meaning snake, spitting, venom, in the dream?

Skin growths on the belly

Asking growths on the belly

Forgot friend birthday

Fat belly

Half filled water tank

Sweet smelling

Seeing a brother eating