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Stolen sufurias

Construction of building

Cooked dal rice sticked on face and hands in dreams means

Cleaning up a garden

Victim of terrorism


Someone else posting your pictures on social media

Trying to surf

Receiving new wrappers in a dream

Dream meaning of a sick hairless dog

Ukuphupha wakha umkhukhu

Dream about a broken storage units

Giving a gecko a drink of water

Squatters on my land

Receiving money from mother inlaw

Scared by a snake

Mountain lion sick

Dream about one snake

Dream of packing clothes from the rain

Packing clothes in a rain

Hawking dried fish

Dreaming of ntsu

Bald man growing hair

Pushing through kids in the ways

Dead person giving me grey sweater

A love relationship is a added deminsion

Hawking dried fish in the dream

Isiwasho dream means

Scrolling text

Tiger ring

Measuring your finger

Turtles running out of a grill

Dream seeing cho cho

Someone sucking my waist

My father got astray in my dream

Ukuphupha udla amacimbi omile


Honey bees in your virgina what does it mean

Honey in your virgina

Dream seeing your mother eating a dead body

Accidentally telling someone i loved them

Disappear into thin air

Giving wither flowers

Dreaming of someone speaking english

I had a dream i was pregnant with a down syndrome

Dream of involved in accident

Listening to someone masterbate

Phone master nation

Baloon in red heart shape

Kissing in a church

Pacemaker in my hand


Dreaming of a lover asking for sex

Arrow falling from d sky to my doorstep

Dream someone report me to my lover and my lover called to hear my view about the report

Food withhold

Cover husband nickedness with cloth

Crab bite your finger

Lots of pink gowns

An old friend always seen in dream acquired land for building

Sister in law looking through photo album

Ukuphupha u cleana umsamo

Someone washing my feet in a dream

Meaning of oil drops

Pink flowers with petals in the sky

Pink flour with petals in the sky



Food coming from my vigana

Husband hired hit men to kill me

Estranged adult son

Fruit that is too hot to hold

Cooking carrots

Sweetcorn out of your nose

Invisible person hugging

A friend tying a doek with an ancestral cloth and a snake hiding the face with colors of njeti ancestral cloth

Husband pushing wheelbarrow filled with sand

Eating food with your pastor

Skinless featureless baby

What is the meaning of oha and palm nut my in my dream

Animal mask

Yam mixed with red oil

Smash yam

Pregnant woman sees herself uprooting a casava in a casava farm what does it mean

Womens washing clothes in lake

A lake with baffaloes

Quartz case

Running from warrior

Dreaming of shear

Dog in muddy water

Dream of st anthony

Someone wearing policeman uniform

Sister in law giving me a new saree

Seeing someone in a dream wearing a police uniform

Always see my girlfriend in my dream


Shadow figure lick my ear

Vetkoek meaning in dream

What does it mean picking mopane worms in the dream

Eating brown dust

Ukuphupha ingane ikakile

Ukuphupha amakhandlela nempepho

Dreaming a baboon kissing me

Sucking my girlfriend breasts in my dream and the breast was sweating

Load from head

Seeing lots of mahangu

Dreaming of preparing mahangu

Reconstruction building but not finish

Time in uk

Elephant and cow

I dream that i was sucking my girlfriend breasts and the breast was full of sweat

Bible dream interpretation of eating hard styro foam

Retrieving a forgotten item

Water man

Seeing large broken eggs in the forest of unknown bird

What does it mean to stain my clothe with red oil in the dream

What is the meaning of dreaming a policeman rape you

Seeing someone coming back from abroad

Bones divination reflection

Preparing pongal in temple

Dreaming of removing old skin in your face and new glowing one

Picking bank notes on the dream

Disvirgin a lady known in a dream

Carrying whit wemen one on back other on shouldrs

Eating black soup in dream

I was choked and pressed hard on ribs

Meaning of giving a dead man blow job

Bible dream interpretation of a styrofoam

Licking fresh cocoa in the dream

Dream of being abroad being honoured with family

Hoisting national flag

Packing of many big iced fish

Dreaming of my boyfriend wearing torn clothes means

Disappointing someone

Dream interpretation of a styrofoam

Feet washing in the dream


Rowing a boad happily in dream

Meaning of picking of ogbono in a dream

Group of people digging a grave


Burning of tortoise in a dream means

Burning of tortoise mean

What does it mean to give children cooked chicken and rice in the dream

To eat mean in dream meaning


Smok and water in dream

Having sex with once sister

Removing new braids

Bathing my niece

Helping my deceased mother to use toilet

Chatting wt a president

What does it mean when you see your cousin permanently staying at your house in your dream

My little sister became very tall in my dream

What it means having a alot of provisions in dream

Wat it means of gotten alot of provisions in dream meaning

Chasing a naked woman

Dream about provisions

Unblocking a drain and chickens intestines comes out

What does it meaning picking stone in the river in the dream

What does it mean when you dream about wearing a sanitary pad

Someone removing wire arpund my leg

Rusting jewelery

Drown in tar

Needle head

The breast milk moving out

Rabbit on a full orange moon

Cloth carried away by rain

Lumps appeared on the chest

Growth on the chest

Finding back lost underwear in the dream

Multiple morphing

What is the meaning of someone taking a load from me in my dream

What it means when someone give me ear piece

Shopping with my late dad in market

Dead bird in a cage

What does it mean to dream of being part of a gang who works with money

Morphing into multiple things

Car stolen but recovered

Naked man stroking penis

What does it mean to dream of being part of a robbery gang

Scratch with blood

Drying henna tree

Flowers growing under water

Eating cat meat with my boss meaning

Big bare foot print falling into

Buying mineral

Generator light in the dream

Fall in a foot print

Seeing my boyfriend read quran inside a mosque

Buying sweet things

Meaning of a crack building

Handshake with boss in your dreams


Reversing a

Reversing a trail or

Dove broken wing

I dreamt a truck full of loaded fridges in the forest

I am travelling by train and it goes underwater in sea

Seeing a girl child giving me fruit in a dream

A dream of white woman meaning

Touched inappropriately by a man

Being flogged in the dream while still in secondary school by my old teacher and school principal and owner

What does it means to dream seeing my deceased attorney in court

Finding my lost yam in my dream

Being logged by old teacher when still in secondary school and seeing an old friend beside me


Buying provisions

Cande wick

Thorn boots

Dreaming of finding money in an old clothes

Shaligram stones in dream

Chicken pieces coming out of viginal

What does it mean gathering charcoal in a dream

Sperm fall in dream means

Policeman handcuffed my son


What does it mean rolling around in dreams

Single red match

My brother refuse to pray for me in my dream

Boyfriend as my father

Five rand coin in a dream

What does it meaning fish bone in the dream

Labia cyst

Hair on the palm

Meaning of picking ogbono in a dream

Father anus bleeding

What does it mean son and girlfriend dream

A black boy following you calling you mommy means what

Going from tree to tree citing down palm fruit

To dream of a black boy calling you mommy what does this mean

Floating in zero gravity

Dreaming of your late mother repainting your house

What does mean dead person giving blessing on your wedding

Eating roasted corn with a friend in a dreamb


When a little black boy running behind you calling you mummy what does it mean

Fare skin

Broken kadhai

A woman sucking my penis in dream

When i dream propheting

Shoot someone in the leg

Brown paper towel

Wearing a wedding gown and dancing without shoes means

Choking on tooth

Dream about low marks in exam

Broken tea mug

Eating millet flour with suger


Was is the meaning of putting oil in your private parts in dreammeaning


Dreaming of mute persons

Burning your panty

Exam script marked with red pen

Eating cow peas

Intaba enkulu


Lion sitting in tree eating leaves

Womans scream

Receiving flog from a school principal

Dyeing clothes yellow

Driving on mountain

Dead person buying woods from dead person

Liking cherry in the dream

Driving up stairs

Having periods while wearing a white dress and a partner covering me

Eating lemon rice

Black dog and snake

Black dog snake

Kissing is blocked by plastic or a forcefield

Spiritual meaning dreaming of a young girl carrying a lantern

Watch falling apart in hands in dream

Neighbour wanted miknow and coffee

What is the spiritual meaning of deeming of a young girl with a lantern

My sick daughter

Hidden meaning of drinking anointing oil

Yellow beads

Dreamed i have fire many airplanes

Indigo dupatta

Fingering girl u like in dreams

Sex invitation by my wife

Hot ground lava

Buying kumkum in dream meaning

Seeing idol of radha in dream

Pred sandalwood dream

A pastor spraying money in me while singing

Witness a boat crash

Name during sex

Wearing different pairs of shoe

Kunlun fell down in dream

Door with out hinges

Mother giving roti in dream

Seeing the contruction of a new office building in london

White pot being smashed

Seeing creature behind my husband

Seeing the construction of a new office building

I saw my deceased father asking for salt

Driving roadroller

Someone cutting your hair

White card with name in black letters

Seeing kin er rating in dream

Insect eggs on tooth

Seeing dead unknown people waving hi from grave dream

I beating my sister mom stopped me


Cow dry boob


Cow dry shit

Cow cake in dream

Snap a fish out of the water tank with the help of a knife

Idly in dream

My husband losing most of his weight

Removing cannuler from my hand

Throwing baby in pit latrine

Dead father sitting in toilet in dream

Dead father sitting in toilet

My niece driving a car with me

Nun performing witchcraft

Dream havisting mango by thronging

Giving food to old women and died

Sri lankan woman and her children walking in the city in the middle of the night

Jesus helping nuns to perform dark magic

Draining water

Breaking traffic law

Dreaming about in a phone shop

Foot stuck

Being a nurse

Dreaming of lighting impepho

Dead black dog hanging from a tree

People are sick

Half pig half horse

Dreaming of burning impepho but it did not be burning

Relative dies and comes back to life

Dead relative giving veges in dream

Glassy eyes

Dreaming of lighting the impepho but it did not burnt in a right way

Bird caught in spiderweb

Dream meaning about mountains with flowers

Taking care of sick people

Money and liquor dream

Nursing the sick

Nursing sick people

Multiple places at once

Bats and owl in one dream

Dreaming of dead person having party

What does a pizza cutter represent in a dream

What is the meaning of flog by dead person in the dream

Dream about lord rama and lakshman

Knitting in cream

Dreaming baby pink blanket

Hair turns to snake

What does it means of seeing red palm nut

Catching sword

Pulling hair out of ass

Panda licking me

Dream and meaning of passing through market

Neighbour telling you news

Angry walking away

Crochet doily

Dreaming of pounding rice grains

Dreaming of my late dad giving me a white cloth

Dreaming of my late dad ging me a white cloth

Conjoined snakes

Conjoined snake

Figure in a plain

I was cheating on by boyfriend

Running to catch a helicopter

What does it mean when a bird sit in my hair

Dreaming frayeang eggs

Four horseman

Dreaming of my dead mom laying on grass wearing glasse in my dreams

My mattress outside the rain but cover with raincoat

Baby mama with a your boyfriend

Mouth on fire

Pots falling


Dream about receiving the dounce fruit

My dog preotecting my parents from snake

Polish food

Rolling on ground


Psyjng lobola

Dream of raising multiple flags on moon

Udlala ibhola

Guy squeezes my ass when kissing me

Ass squeeze

Ex paying lobola for you

A kitten giving birth to a rat back hwards

Cutting dogs thoat

See people in sparkling clothes

Speaking with a foreigner

Dropping tv remote control

Elephant eat from my apple tree

Drop tv remote

Devil symbols tattooed on a stranger

Water coming out of my breasts

A fat pig with out a head

More than one well with pig head

Hair dreadlocks

A pig head in a well

To be a hacker



Running naked in shopping mall

Running in white underwear

Wearing a school uniform and being chased by people

G shock wrist watch

My crush texted me

My father asking me to buy him sweets

Father talking to me and ask if we could have meal

Growing hair on the wrist

Infinity with moon

Infinity with moon in it

Dream of a guy throwing big stone at you

Someone snatching my brother from me

Cat with two tails

Cat with two tails m

Cat evita two tails

Mountains with snow

Mangalamukhi dead body

I dream a leaf came out my baby nose

Deceased planting

Black herse

Bleach herse

Death red dot

Red dot dream

Snow and mountains

Farthing out of your virginia

Chewing paracetamol in a dream

Being makoti in dreams

Given food to an old woman

What does it mean mum washing clothes in your house


Ukuphupha itshali eliyisikoshi

Giving kumkum by some one

A lady fingering many ladies on the dream

I exceeded in the long jump

Seeing siddhar in dream means what

My dad was angry

My dad was fighting his brother

My dad was beating up my uncle

Dad beat up uncle

Dream of the word providence what does it mean

If you see raucate in dream what does it mean

Humiliated in a church

Interpretation of buying and selling green cardamom in a dream

Fighting a tikoloshe

When you see father and son in a dream

What does it means to dream and see urself drinking from a palm trees gushing out fresh wine

Beating a madman in the dream

Incomplete pairs of my mothers sandals

Marching band dreams

Flask stolen in dream

Dreaming of pot and teaspoons

More than one of your dress got dirty written by the person

More than one of your dress got written by the person

Dreaming of a deceased mother feasting with you at a church

What does giving haldi kunku in dream

What does it mean when a friend give you a nice bag in dream

Ukuphupha uwasha izimpahla

What does it meaning pacemaker in a dream

Prime minister gave money

Fish coming out of the ground

Boyfriend and husband looking at me pick mango

Chewing sim card


Driving car from gravel road onto tarred road

Boyfriend in the water

Fiancee in the river

Dreaming of a enemy

Dr tea

What does it mean when you dream carrying jerrican full of water

Pastor who is dead give food

Purchased annual potted plants for gardening

White snake eyes

Pit viper snake with white eyes

Pit viper with white eyes

Pit vipper with whit eyes

To dream about black beads

Dream of a crooked tennis racquet

Gives flowers and kumkum

I dream about having sex with my crusher and he promised to buy a car for me

See a mad woman in dream

Dreaming niyaz

Late dad giving his daughter chocolate

Being in a wii game

Climbing the building

Burning idol

Killing genea fowl in dream

Brown sludge coming from mouth

My mum flogging me in my dream

Crying and feeling bad

What dose it mean to kill genea fowl in the dream

Sinkhole in back garden

What does it mean when black liquid comes out of a persons mouth in a dream

Birthing a ferret

Giving birth to ferret

Dead person giving rotten grapes

Black finger nails

Eating roasted grandnuts in the dream

Dreaming of having sex with daughter

Bucket of money

Jumping into the ocean dream

Releasing a lot of sperm on the ground

Card box

Study well

Cat decapitated

Dream of refrigerator

Green finger

Dream meaning of eating cooked palm fruits

Dream of removing ice frozen in the refrigerator

Disappear tree

Pulling the frozen ice in the refrigerator

Dream my son wearing rags

One nine zero

Trash vagina

Being touched in appropriately

Gospel choir

Dream of love with someone forbidden

Ex sister in law running

Ex sister in law running from me

Teeth braces falling apart

My girlfriend traveling with my parents

Suspended frozen raindrops

Dead fish coming out of peoples mouths

Dream about braces falling off

Charred sreucture

Dream about braces dalling off

Burning of earpiece

Tea part

Meaning of braces falling off teeth

Never planted onions well

What does it mean to dream about traveling through the land of the dead

Dead person putting pepper on your feet

Dream meaning of stealing ruler

Robber of flowers

Failing grades of my son

Collecting bulb onions while leaving some

Giving a sweater


Evil elmo

Hear someone sing

Dreaming of orphan children

Hard white porridge from white mealiemeal

Seeing everything green around you in the dream


Dreaming given new phone by indian man

White stone in the clear water

Hit man trying to kill my husband

Dream you walking and your slider got cut

Pregnant woman warring white in a dream

Seeing lots of white pap

Cutting meat with father

Facebook status dream

Cutting meat with parents

Dream meaning of a madman kissing you on the neck


Ex husband stalking me

What does it mean sheep meat in dream

Dreaming of sweeping in the church

Killing earth worm in d dream means what

Coffins in hearse

Cutting stripe with parents

Inlove with politician meaning

Kuchazani ukuphupha uphuza utshwala nomzala wakho nisekhaya

Dream of a womem with dreadlocks and a piasing

Long black limo

Mildew on boots

Mold boots

Mold on boots

Dream of a womem with dreadlocks and a nose ring

Blood coming from private part in dream

Friend make accident people injured

Ukuphupha ujahwa inkomi

Recieving prisoners unifor in dream meaning

What does it mean wearing maroon njeti in the dream

Cutter jacket


Meaning of pounding with mort and pistle in a dream

Naked step daughter

Dreaming of eating potato puddin

Fighting a short fat woman

Black dog snake mouth dream

Mother reading ayatul kursi

Tornado over water


When your cat dies

Hornet in my hair

Illuminating alphabets

Illuminating object

Eating a meal with ex mother in law

Illuminating word

Sister in law cheating on my brother

What does it me to revial died ugu leave

Pretending to be dead in the dream to be able to shoot the enemy

Your friend killing you

A herd of cows with big sharp horns

Eatning bananas in dream meaning

Pushing little girl

Cloths in the trash

Green bean coming out of nose

Dream of wearing new tunic multicoloured

Exchanging phones

Half dresses

Red stone in deeam

A pregnant woman seeing cocoyam in the dream does it signify baby boy or girl

Fingers crossed

Fingwrs crossed

I dreamt a man giving a pot which he got from under the water

Children eating in a dream

Hoya flower

Hoya krimson

Seeing lot of nartjies in a dream

Eating nartjies in a dream


Falling and someone saved me

What does it mean if a friend gives you fanta in the dream

Eyelid tissue falling out

Motherinlaw sweeping the floor

What does it mean washing ex biyfriend clothes in a dream

Making myself beautiful

Pregnant woman dream of cocoyam what is the sex of the baby

Dream about gobela in my house with my late father

Humiliation by coworker

Arm amputation of a sister

Female clothes

To dream sucking a virginia

Dream of wearing female clothes

Floating black suit

Dream of spanking a child

Sweeping out dust in church alter in dreams

Being restricted

Receiving money from a blind old woman

Mother gave me new clothes

Priest brings food

I dream of point of sale machine

Bison fighting lion

A trailer falling on me dream

Fighting with a sangoma and finding fruits in my path way after my car was driving in reverse

Dreaming of eating calaloo and rice

Child committed suicide

Smell durian


Red bra being used by a male friend for communication

Losing toe rings in dream

Ukuthenga imoto

What does it means an enemy asking you to pieces or make change of money for her

Harvesting three leaf yam

What does it mean when u dream your husband impregnated another woman

Beating a protocol

Voice saying hello wakes you

My little daughter cutting off her long year

New bedsheets

Left hand needle

Shaman woman flying

Shaman woman

Green and fertile land

Seeing a bag with clothes

The meaning of dreaming flying up and down and the start to rain

Light thin jacket

Chased by sister

Burrying of dead bodies

Deceased husband was shopping for a coat

Bleeding drom the toe

Bleeding tpenail

Diya float on water

Buthole finguer touch

Reed mat

Some one promised money

Pouring juice

What does it meaning dry seed black jack plan in the dream

Lich in dream

Turning the computer on

Meaning of a dream being bitten by a mad person

Floods killing people

Talking to a president and eating with him

Holding red saree and bangle

Red saree and bangle

Sweeping class room in the dream

Jesus in golden picture frame

Jesus i golden picture frame

Seeing cousin having vitiligo in dream

My brother is naked


Two plants growing instantly

White lion ibhayi

Blood clots coming out frm th vagina

Receiving mango and nuts in parasad

Receiving mango and nuts in oarasad

Fathers scabbing scalp

Distorted arms

Receiving agidi in dream

A friend promises you money

Dreaming when you coming back from initiation school

Seeing someone washing his head and face

Hole in a foot

My ex boyfriend pay lobola for his wife and i was the one who receive cash

Spiritual meaning of seeing napier grass

Somebody borrowed a comb

Kusho ukuthini ukuphupha uhamba nesangoma kuthiwa gqoka imvunulo nobuhlalo

What is the meaning of dreaming seing yourself in a coffin in spiritual

What does it meaning to enter keke napepe and it fall in the dream

Purchased on agricultural land and swiping of leaves

Terrified by a snake on a tree

Terrified by a snake on a y

Being served bread by a man of god

Wearing sangoma cloth in a dream

Dead mother carrying yam on her head

What does it mean to give oha leave to someone u love in a dream

Ex husband buying new shoes for me

Cooking sadza meaning in a dream

Dreaming of a friend getting engaged

Breast removal of a colleague

When somebody dream me crying in a courtroom what does it mean

When someone dream me crying in a courtroom what does it mean

Seeing yourself in a dream buying smoke fish

Chasing a hen that stole my food

Gold laxmi pendant dream

Gold laxmi pendant

When my boyfriend dream me crying in a courtroom what does that mean

Dream about millie millie

What does it mean dream a dong passing in between your legs

Sister in law cheating on brother

My girlfriend gave me a gift of artwork with my face on it in the dream

Dreaming traditional healers dancing

Eating cows ankle leg

Meat cutter

Eating cows ankle

Marry my daughter in law

Running and dancing

What is the meaning of seeing a madfish in a dream

Pulling vagina hair out

Dreaming of malunggay

Dreaming of malubgay

Husband and spoiled

Shard of glass in a chest

What does it mean dating a president in the dream

Scary movies

Dreamt flames of fire in heaven

Slippers to church with your spause dream

Seeing moulana happy

Standing at top of stairs beautiful

Wearing bath slippers to church in my dream

Garden water

Buying processed breadfruit in dream

The meaning of oha leaf in the dream

Fetus inside eggs

Priest sprinkling holy water on me

Dream of my perfume stolen

Seeing someone applying okra on their body

Blood after sex

Digging up dead mothet

Digging up dead mother

Spiritual meaning of a dead mother washing dishes in you home

Dream of weeding plantation

Dreaming washing goat meat intestine

Hearing friend crying on telephone

Dreaming about egusi

Plate turned down with a spoon ontop

A house water tank collapse in the dream

Ukuphupha amasonja


Sand water bathe

Prepared cows ankle leg in the dream

Black tutu skirt

What is the meaning of cooking ogbono soup in the dream

What does it mean when a person eats bread and stew together in the dream

Okro meaning in dreams

Cutting of okro into small pieces in dreams what does it mean

What does it mean when a person eats bread and stew in the dream

Room filling with sand

My mum having sexeith my husband

Drawing jerusalem

Goat eating my childs erasers

Ukuphupha imoto em hlophe

Child poisoned and not being able to save

Receiving vibhuti in forehead

Redcard playing soccer

I see a black book in my dreams

Red card in soccer game

What does it meaning kneeling down begging someone

Getting a red card playing soccer

Mother ironing in a dream

Being given mophane worms in a dream

What does it mean giving birth in the mall

Bathing in the state of menstruation

What does it mean to dream about eczema on my face

Walking alone on a steep sided area

Mugged for taco bell

What does it mean when you dream about groups of ten cent

What does it meeing in dreem soccer player dies

Running and following a path in the bush

To lickk palm in dream

What does it mean to dream someone stabbing you

My ex sangoma wanting to make sex with me

Co wife in a dream means what

My dead mother gave me kola nut to eat in dream

Slapping achild with tumour on the head

What does it mean dreaming my co wife shouting

Dream extra finger

Dream of a big black cat shaped like a man

What does it mean ukuphupha uqhoke imvunulo

Laxmi on gold coin

Big tree a lock in the middle

Pouring salt on my ex husband

Eating a roasted palm fruit

Asking sugarcane juice to drink

Drinking spirits

Clearing land in a dream biblical meaning

Flying white airplane

Seeing moinmoin in the dream

Pastor giving ingredient to prepare porridge

Water in a container fell

Giving bindi to me

Dream that someone gave clothes that is mine to me

Dreaming a granny eating a orange

What if i dream of someone convincing me

Dreaming cleaning dead bees in my ears

Seeing taj mahal in deran

Money wrapped in handkerchief

Sleeping with my son

Seeing chanting gayatri mantra in dream

Wearing two dresses

Ex girlfriend being raped

Dream that your cousin is pregnant

What do i do to make dream come true

Bathing and hugging member of opposite sex

Babies in my dream

Calling crush

Love with coworker

Dream a woman gave my husband food meaning

Meeting powerful people in dream

Bull with broken horn

What does it mean when your sister cut my fingers with a raiser cut in a dream

Bull with boken horn

Bull broken horn

Jaggery purchasing

Having sex outside masjid

To see a dream of successful in climbing a hill

What does it mean pastor scolding you in a dream

Making love outside masjid

Dreaming of blue injiti sangoma clothes

Baby ko sacrific karne wala dream

Digging a grave in the dream means

What does it mean when the angel appear carrying a golden sceptre in your dream

Mint color snake

Spider bite on the left hand

Lights out room

Soaking garri

Ukuphupha ugqoke umhleehlwe

Offers key

Dream of eating jaggery

Picking coin in the cemetry

Pregnant woman sit on lap

Dream about tools stolen

Baby daddy apply muthi on the baby

Work appreciation

Wash bike

Teeth being cleaned

Mother white saree

Mother white sar

Someone giving me pepper

Pinned wall


Have sex with a pastor in a dream

What does it mean chasing in dream by dead person

Dream two boys

Woman kof god

Dreaming of being done

Receiving money from a begger

Ukuphupha kuvela in intuthu yempepho

Boodida gummadikaya


Ukuphupha kuvela in truth yempepho

Man with gold ring

Women gifts a shawl

Dreaming of puja room without god

Dead father giving food to eat

Sura talaq

Seeing naked wedding couple

Flying flamango

Ape holding hand in the dream

Dogs masturbating in the dream

Dreaming of giant telapia

Dreaming about drinking black label beer


Dreaming about drinking castle lager

Toilet pot breaks

Husband drinking urine in a dream

Dreaming about drinking court beer

Dreaming someone giving me rose quartz

Reciting la hawla wala quwuta in dream

Dead mother appeared in mirror of a dream with alive brother appeared in doorway

Dark night in the country

Mouse swimming in fish jar

Full diaper on child

It was raining but it was not water it was milk

Dreaming famous singer

Elisabeth coin in your dream

Seeing god bramha

Dreaming of end road

Dreaming of ending road

Snake wrapped around my belly

Losing someone in a jungle

Ring nebula

Dreaming about drinking beer

Eating panchamrut in dream

Motion sickness

Dreaming of orange worms

Dreaming worms

To shit on the floor

Secret ceremony handshake

Shitting on the floor

Dreaming when u see ur self hiding in da forest eating food

Removing gloves from another person

Removing gloves

Boat explosion

Putting on old worn shoes and then removing them

Empty blue plates

Dream of a head of asheep

Thieve killing

Flies in wound

Angel trumphets

Deceased with toolbox

Touching mother vegina

Rain of mustard

Licking my fellow gender private part in a dream

Stranger inside locked metal gate behind him coming towards me

Stranger inside locked metal gate behind him

Blue n black demon

Dreaming of riding carabao

Kernel shell

Dream of seeing palm kernel shell

Palm kernel shell

Treating a baby for phlegm

Sleeping with random women

Confronting my husbands mistress

Dreaming my passport burn

Full truck of bagged charcoal

Sex with virgin man

Selling bhang

Bag of herb

Discriminated by client

Writing phone number using a charcoal

Used fire spreading

The lord showed me how i pick big pear fruit under it tree

Dream with young dolph

Seeing banger in dream

Rolling fire

What does it means eating cooked feet cow in a dream

Green grass of a school burning

Swimming lions

Green fields burning

Field burning out of controlling


Snake bites on the vagina feeding and growing bigger

Chocolate sapote

When i dream rain and wood

Eating an elephant in a dream

Jelly covering my legs

Pilot an airplane on the wing

Airplane wing

Friend having violent

Becoming ceo on the community that i build

Husband impregnating another woman

What does it mean to have a flaming ring on my left thumb

What does it mean to have a flaming ring on your left thumb

Cyst on ovary

Clouds butterfly

Dropping powder

Seeing someone through a porthole

To see my girlfriend in church in a dream

Bedroom red

Umbrella mother

What does it mean sharing umbrella with mother

Shaving my private parts and my dead mom looking at me

Meaning dreaming about umhlwehlwe

Red suv motorcar

Red suv

Supervised exam in a dream

Celebration of holi with muslims

Tenis ball

Someone gives me a frozen fish

During pregnancy dream black goat it mean

Chanting shree ram in dream

Yarn hair

I dreamed of myself dirty

Wearing the same dress with a great man of god

Recieve subpeana

Dreaming you recieve a subpeana

Dream of someone doing magic with cards

Sucking boyfrien dick

Dreaming of a cat vomitong break glass

Seeing my female friend having a dick

Stabbed by ghost

Someone snatching mangalya

Words marriage attending

Woods marriage attending

Shaking hands with spirit

I found my old bible