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Peeled egusi seeds in the dream

Dream of dog

Fertile plants near water canal

Peeled melon seeds in the dream

Water puddle

Dream of seeing bambara groundnut

Pig licking leg

Seeing water canal

Eating with a friend

Cousin sisters

Jerican of water

Cleaning escallion

Dream of praying to snake with wishes

Dreaming someone is preaching

Praying to snake

Dream of a snake hole as if getting down to the earth while doing this praying to snake

Filling oil in the container

Carrying a jerican of water spiritually in dream

White double doors

What does it meaning sanitary,pads, with,blood,in the dream?

Teleporting in another country

Lots of earthworm in dream

My dead father giving gold in dream

Dead relativs

Earthworm in dream


Trees and leaves openning up and turning gold

Dream about forgetting to pick up my sons from school but they end up finding me

Dream my husband is have affair with a girl inmy neighbor

To dream of blood coming from my penis

Ukuphupha itruck

Fishing for sharks

Me and my driving in a same truck

Daeth of husband news

Gold ring with red stone

Setting the bird free and it changes into human form

Looking at north side thanking god

Distributing qurbani meat

Papaya tree with lots of papaya

Seeing papaya tree with lot of papayas

Dream seen my neighbour carrying my wife on his laps

Eating plain pap

Dream eating plain pap

Dean eating plain pap

Eating bread with peanut butter

When you see phone that are switch off

Www carrying water gallon in the dream

Dean eating pain pap

Www meaning carrying gallon of water in the dream

Fly in virginal meaning

Ghee pouring down from the bottle

Dreaming of seeing a makoti

Pregnant goat being swallowed by a snake

Plucking garden egg in a garden

Pot full of milk

What does it mean to see sugar cane in dreams?

Buying of ogbono in dream

Meaning of being chase in dream with cutlass

I saw myself picking money from the gutter and someone collected i where o kept it

Cat pee on me

Seeing beautiful road green trees and wind in dream

Bleach clothes accidentally

Diamond sampaguita

Stainless steel

Dogs sex

Human faced cat

Giving child water in dream mean

Husband flirting another girl

Dreaming about see someone killing my black chicken

Dreaming of meat sell in temple

Orange man

Empty tent

My husband carrying a snake in a parcel

What does it meaning living in a mud house in the dream

Someone seize my hand beads in my dream

Someone collect my hand bead in dream

Dream of having cracked face

Have of cracked face

To lick udara in dream means

Seeing a naked woman revolving around bed


Buying bangles by deceased one

What is the meaning of making love to dog in the dream


Black men agressor in home

Moss and water dream

Sexual intercourse

Dream about banyan tree

Dream of sex with a deceased friend

Tree oozing sap

What does it meaning giving ,sanitary pad ,friend in the dream


Kittens sleeping with mice

Sharing palm soup to kids

Bathing water turn into blood in my dream

Of passing water turn into blood



Palm soul

To reject tomatoes and pepper in the dream what does it means

All of my water turning into blood while i was laughing buffing

Search chi


A little girl picks ants from my buttocks

Meaning when dream about bleeding on the brain

Seeing a pus coming out of the foot

Snap picture by someone in my dream

Herbal tea

Round thatched house

Getting laid off

Employee close down

Dreaming of a traditional healer hleping you

Burning clothes

Manuka honey


Dream of receiving a wrapper in the dream


My brother stole

My brother beaten for rubbery

What does it mean jesus cloud in the dream


Seeing yourself pregrant in the dream

Your neighbor to press you to rape you in dream meaning

Been pregrant in the dream

Selling torn underwear

Pregnancy in the dream

Homosexuality in dream meaning


What does it means unplaiting hair in the dream

Picking diamond from river

Dream of some bad man cutting dogs pennies

Feching water from the well

Fruit from a thorny tree

I dreamt i was shot next to my run cage

My car followed cargo lorry

Balancing on a height

Height measuring in dream

Buying egusi for cooking

Meaning of getting injection from someone.

Dream at sangoma s place

Dream meaning of seeing a presenter

Harvesting eddoes

What does it mean giving money to a mad woman with a baby in a dream

Burying a woman in a shallow grave

Eddoes deeam

Sweeping of melon seeds

Blowing fire from my belly

Nails on shirt

Pastor selling beautiful clothes in dreammeaning

Copying someone in exam

What does it meaning of prayer at grave in the dream?

Dreams about picking sugar apples

Wearing green saree in dream

Wedding bridesmaid

Eunuch adorned with jewelry

Dream about picking sugar apples

Two suspicious people

Uprooted plantain and cut out the fruit

Wearing a pink dress

What does it mean when your daughter loosing her virginity in the dream


I saw pig in my dream licking my left side leg

Brahmin cutting meat

Pig licking my leg in dream

I see prime minister modi came to me last night what does it means

Loads of fresh shrimp

What does it meaning custard, apple, during, pregnancy, in the dream?

What does it mean urinating flower vase in a dream

Husband brother and his wife fighting with

Meaning of white units without feathers

Snake gold statue

Fruits give dead people

Recovered stolen clothes

A little black snake on my right hand looking at me

Haldhi kunku

Unknown lady’s hair flowing in mirror

Dreamt walking by the sea shore and there was an old lady walking besides me

What dose it mean to see a broken plate

Fire electrical wire

Buring wire

Plucking green chilly

Selling of my television

Climbing upstairs in dark place

Someone comforting you

Eating hladd

Eating hl

What does it mean for someone asking water in a dream?

Stooling blood in a dream meaning

Protect holy communion glasses

Sto nino became a real boy

Pots without lids

Blue backdoor

Removing of a cobwebs in a dream means what

Cruising in big full house car with my boyfriend

Seeing a woman in my lap (man) and a children playing with her pussy

Seeing a woman in my lap (man) and a boy playing with her pussy

Burning of spider web in a dream

Seeing a woman in my lap (man) and a boy playing with her ass

Pots without lids in a dream

I dream snake

King and mummies

Burglary fear

Burlgary fear

Dream picking natjies meaning

Offering saree in a temple dream

Horns by carabao

Dead person in a dream begging silver money

Offering saree to a temple dream

What does it mean when a dead givin you pen

Left eye twitching

Tiger bear motorcycle rifle

To see burned money in a dream

Driving with nonno changed suv

Seeing a well dresses gypsy woman in dream

Pujari giving prasad means

Seen garland wearing myself on head mean

Birds nest with chicks and bird

Recovering someone from death bed

Birds nest with chicks

Seeing a dog licking your face

Seeing jaggery on dream in telugu

Three black babies

Being flogged by a teacher in dream

Dream meanimgvof eating sweet pomelo

Sea water with fishes

What does it meaning gather cocoyam in the dream?

Harvesting plenty of sweet potato in a dream

Kal ada

Crab in your room

Carrying baby on the back and walking on very rough path in the dream

Blood stain on panty

Died headless chicken in dream means

Seeing sleep crust in ones eye in dream

Lost script for introducing actors

Could not find words to introduce actors

Unable to find script for introducing actors

Rain beaten ones clothes in the dream

To be unable to complete a performance at a concert

Snake and hose

Snake hose

Thailand in my dream

When a death father asking to buy shoes

Cooking meal for family

Relative in a white clothes in dream hindu

Dream about people full and line

Dream of many angry lizards

Goat give birth to sheep meaning

Younger brother being a gay confessing while crying

Seeing kolanuts in dream

My younger brother being a gay

What does it meaning giving someone stockfish in the dream

Pulling someone else hair

Pawpaw leaf

Snakes an bunch of snakes

To see two abandoned men kissing and reconciling

Saw a dead man been sent an errand by his boss in the dream

Prepairing a charcoal for fire

Dead mother slapping me in a dream

The mistress of your husband is pregnant

Ejaculating husband

What does it mean if you are ejaculating your husband in your dream


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Buffalo falling

Dreamt smone spit on my hand

Gift of gold ring by dead husband

Watching movie with boyfriend

Plastic clips


Meaning of catching squid of my dream

Mention of myna

Mention of mynah in dream

Mention if mynah

Supari dream interpretation

Superior dream interpretation

Plastic wares

Fingering a lady




Money in a bible

Taking a picture


Sneaking out the house

Missing cupboard in your dream. meaning

What are these symbold

What does it mean to congratulate someone in a dream who is wearing a wedding dress

Dream of buying akamu


Dream meanings and dictionary of dream interpretation what does it meaning carrying, military, gun, entering, camp, in the dream?

Black lesbian nigeria

Flame of fire

Sister think she fucked in dream


Pounding roasted ground nuts

Seeing a woman moaning

Going up

When you see your mother in the dream opening her virginia to your face, what foes it mean

Singing deep n crying church group

Seeing woman wearing big red bindi in dream means

Dream of plugging three orange two ripe and one in ripe

Bff pushes you off bridge


Seeing the dark sky with stars having arabic letters

Folder with paper

Yellow paper a lot with writing wht it means

How to make a woman squirt


Receive cake from my deceased mother

My late aunty gave me palm kernel seed

My late in the dream gave me palm kernel seed

Dead father shaping son


Palm kernel in dream means what

Man standing over your bed with white boots on

Marijke jamanika martina

Borehole water rushing dream

Fighting a man in the dream

Dreaming about soursop

Giving your clothes to a death person

Flower mountain

Plucking of cashew

Fighting a very big black man in the dream

A dead aunty gave me palm kernel seed

Failed waitress

Ackee cooking dream

Hung women clothes

Lace around wrists

Dreaming about and actress

Opening eye during eye surgery

Buying shoes for someone else meaning in a dream

It was william

Dream meaning of seeing a fetish priestess

Nompilo khwela


Seeing ec wearing silver ring

Copper stone

Dream a friend of mine plucking unripe pepper

Meaning of bloody water in dream and packing it

Dreaming numberswritten in the sky

Dreaming a carabao attack by someone

Luffah gourd

Loofah fruit

Cut cow horns


Hug thier baby

Reveal a secret

Someone else is smoking

Big golden boat

What does it mean for someone to be chased by people holding cuttlass and the person being chased flew away

Golden big boat

Fetching water from a tap

Running after the dead person

What does r100 mean in the dream?

Meaning of healthy hair

Chasing the death person


Dream of asking the price of plam oil

Fat hen


Bottle of olive oil that brake

Meaning of the dream when the president is giving me 75 millions

Naked black pubic hair

White dupatta selling in dream

Cantalope dream meaning

Deceased mother gave me an old used clothes in my dreams

What does it meaning selling ice block in the dream

Putting red bindi in dreams

Dream.of drinking panchamrit

Red spots in face


I dreamt i have a down syndrome baby

Someone is using muthi on me


Seeing ovulation in the dream

Stolen car in dream

What does it mean picking tambrine in dream

Seeing someone mad in a dream

Fighting a fetish priest in a dream

Blue mansion

Seeing a suicide

A man giving a lady sugarcane in a dream signify

Received a saree in dream

Dream about molasses in a glass bottle

Meaning of drinking a 7up in a dream

Rotten fruits dream

What does it mean to buy bitter kola in a dream

Feet wash

What does it mean to wear waist bead in dreams

Aquamarine long skirt

Large rocks being moved by water in small stream


What does it mean to see yourself as an invigilator in a dream

Seeing sugar cane in ur dream

Monster with 3 legs

3 legged monster

Carrying a sheep on ur back in islam dream

Vitiligo dreams

Someone telling you you are smart

Seeing a spinach vegetables

What does dreaming of a dancing snake mean

What does it mean to dream someone disappearing in your dream

What does it mean to dream someone dissape

Fiance walking with me in my home

Onyx scarab pendant

Eating lamb chops

Dream see cooked ackee and salt fish

Being in a kingdom

Person on a horse with a sword

Disposing sanitary pads

A man fucking a cat

Water at the altar in church

Someone converts to islam

A kraal of cattle

Horsegram dream

Hugging ex friend


Living in a house

Pulling out earthworm from leg

Half pot of cooked rice

Number of dreaming a car with flat car

Lottery number for flat tire

Dream of seeing the prophet elijah

Dog fucked by crow

Licking ice milk

Milk and oat meal

Oat meal with milk

See soursop in dream

Showing a road to the prime minister

Vomiting wooden skewers

Armor rock

Traveling with the prime minister

My wife with another man

Walk with the prime minister

Ola maid

Reconciliation with your deceased husband


Dream of reconciling with your deceased husband

What does it meaning dropping, money, pocket, several, times, in the dream?

Feces if a worm

What does broken store or room mean in dream?

Teacher beating me

Given unripe plantain

Your friend turned the ship into falling

Picking cho chi in a dream

Searching for someone in dream

Ukuphupha ugwazwa

Poppy seed

What does it meaning collecting,ripe,lemon,orange,fruits,in the dream?

White cloth stained with red

What does it mean to lick a red oil in your dream

Van bumped

Shoes carried away by flood

Two storey hiuse with many bedrooms

Police arrest ones brother


When you dream a man putting a white tikka for you

Zcc batch

Saleing fruit in a dream pineapple

Andrew holdness


Beaten man

White dika on forehead

Going with the prime minister

Meeting prime minister and shaking his hands



Hill women shoes

Women shoes

Forced entery

Hill shoes

Mother got hurt

Taping windows

Golden idol of jesus christ

Seeing arabic writing

Unbreakable bottle in a dream

Trying to break an unbreakable bottle

Trying to break an unbreakable glass

Waist bead meand

Dreaming putting on waist bead

Dead person asking for food in dram

Some one took 2 of my kolanut in my dream

Jeggery i drams means

Salman ayyaz

ಕನಸಿನಲ್ಲಿ ನೇರಳೆ

What does it means dead person attending in the dream

Dreaming of picking palm karnel in my dream

I dreamt licking a woman vagina

Cutting of rep palm nuts in my dream

Sadza dream meaning

Some praying for me

Wooden close cabinet

What does it meaning hazrat, fatima, in the dream

Dreamin about a cat on fire

Beating child

Tapeworm pull out from stomach

Attacking by carabao dream meaning

Pricing red oil in the market

Gifted a necklace

Alter candle painting

White raisins

Red lentin sprout in dream

Seeing someone trapped in rolling water

Seing someone get trapped in rising sea wave

Sister cuting her sister hair

What does it meaning amala in the dream

Baby head cut

What does it mean to lick palm oil in your dream

Dream putting medals on my former dead boss

Dream of sweeping sand

What does it mean to be searching for someone | dream interpretation


To be given in dream native white choke

Rape spinach chinese vegetables

Sew a new trouser

See new trousers

Dreaming an enemy digging poles having lighting lightes

A white lay being pushed in a wheelchair

Rape spinach etc

Caucation woman being pushed in a wheel chair

I dream a pundit harrying me, what does this mean

Lower flag

Dreaming a maize grains

Wearing black thread dream

I saw a white lady sitting in a wheelchair and someone was holding on to the handle


Having sex with step mother

Receiving a hang

Human giving birth to snake

Dreaming of a man sitting next to a lit mpepho

Dreaming of speech to mute people

Thief chasing

Killing in a dream lucky numbers

Eat feces dream meaning

Killing in a dream


Eating feces in dream means

Cutting oha leave

Dry sea land

Going to the bank to withdraw money that is yet to be deposited in the dream meaning

Our blood in a container

Black ants carrying sugar

Dry ßea meaning

Eaten grinded maize as in local food

Seeing local breadfruit in the dream meaning

Drinking paraffin in a dream

To dream of a dead relative

To pluck oha leaves

Giving a child water means what

Dream when you are in disco

Lizard was eating green grapes

Okuloota nga waliwo ayokya gonja

To dream of a funeral

Meaning sweeping in the road in the dream

Lost stove

Son giving key to his dead mum in dreams mean what

Kinnar came to give blessings

Sex with known old man. what does it mean

Bald headed husband

Licking anointing oil and salt in church in the dream meaning

Dreaming maize ready for grinding mill

Imminent destruction

Someone tries to shot me in the dream but we draged and i shoot him what does it mean

Slipper fire dreaming meaning

Apples with orange

Red caladium in the dream

What doe being given airtime in a dream means?

I saw jeep burning in far place dream

Red snake with golden egg meaning

Dream red snake with golden egg

Receiving sesame seeds in dream from dead person

Dead person gifting fruit

Blood eyes

What is the meaning of eating routine intestine of a goat in the dream

Me giving gold to dead person

What does it meaning breaking, earthen, pot, in th

Islamical is it good licking palm oil in a dream

Looking white rose plant and buds in dreams

Scarlet and black priest robe

My niece slapped my left ear in the dream

Hearing death news of sibling

Eating maze

Man in black and white polka dot t-shirt

Selling colocasia esculenta plants

Man in black and white polks dot t-shirt

Meaning of joining the police

Pounding cocoyam in dream means

Pouring water via pipe on dry space outside home

Is it good or bad

Selling gabi plants

Blowing shanka

Washed clothes

Chaching fish

What does it mean when someone dream you in a silver cloak

Pink colour sareee wearing

Eating tamarind

Balsamic vinegar n salt given to u by someone

Pregnant women saw pea

Pea dream

Why my ex girlfriend is jealous in my dream

In my dream, he crawled to eat raw meat and peeled it off as i was about to eat it

Tootsi roll

Catching a jerboa

Stomach full of fat, no intestines

I had a dream carrying military gun entering in a camp

Seeing seasam

What does it meaning woman allowing her breast to touch to to a man in he dream of that man

Death news

Breaking barracks

Wrongly accused in dream

Dream of someone swimming and telling miracle

Birth place dream meaning

Pinching my ear

Pinching my ears

Pulling my ears

Removing the back of cola nut

Messages from the dead

Funeral planning

Chinthapandu on kala

Sing and music.

Someone giving jaggery to me in dream

Being given a token of love in a dream

Dead, father in law

What does it meaning dead, person, giving, white, envelope, in the dream?

Runaway with a friend

What does it mean to dream drinking western alcohol

Dirty public toilets dream

My boyfriend sucking my breast

Mother sucking penis

Burning camphor

When you dream see crow and people who die and people who are living what does that means

Cod fish meaning salt fish

Cod fish salt fish

Butter from curd

Running in slow mothion

Running fast like car

What does salt fish meaning in a dream

Turkey berry plant

Dropping laptop

Golden white shankh in dream

Warthog vision

Texting me

Blue cashbox

Shemale falling in love with me


Damaged airplane

Airplane explosion

Heart rob actor in my dream

Zombie outbreak

Zombiie outbreak

Human dissection


Right leg pain

Face attack

Face grabing

Dreaming traditional healer means

Ring looking

Ring watching

Ring wathcing

Running a horse

Running a carabao

Dreaming sitting on a wheelchair spiritually

Husband and ex wife fighting

If we see chana dal in dream

Drinking water from oasis

Some one taking a sellfie dream

Tire blowout

Blue gun

Heaven born

Selling a property and feeling cheated


Changing electric socket

Seeing husband with ex wife fighting

Changing electric soclet

Eagle picking the snake in a dream

3 legs

Pulling insects from my gums

Ukuphepha inkukhu eyimpangele

Snake in a roof

Eating raw samp

Daughter drawing


Dreaming a note from my boss

Dreaming a previous who alreafy died 1 year ago

Eating ripe pomelo mean

Dream interpretation about nipples



Coins coming out from nose

Dreaming of steping of igniting charcoal

Egg. xhfetk

Buying ogbono in a dream

My husband wearing my

My husband wearing my wedding dress

Mistaken identity

To see your old strong black shoebroken in a dream

Wearing bishops cloth

Naked child running towards bright light

I become a bishop


Ants eating jaggery in dream

Dead father driving me in a car that nearly crashed


Shemale fucking me dream meaning

Meaning of exchanging money in adream

What does it mean being a pregnant bride in a dream

What does it meaning an, old, woman, blessing, in the dream?

What does means death person searching tasbeeh

What does means death persib

Recite astagfirulla

Seal stamp with christian cross and name


Brushing teeth in front of a church in dream what does it mean


Missing fingrs

2 moving stars separating from each other

Cooking in charcoal

Blue warthog chasing after you

Seeing allah name written on plate and getting that


Yes the meaning of plucking mushroom in dreems

What does it meaning kola in the dream?

Dreaming of breaking a hand cuff chain

Getting robbed in a dream

Henna in hand

Dreaming of cutting sugarcane

What does it mean for a half liquid bucket to float another bucket?


Burning a dry tree



Meaning of njeti

What is the meaning of seein yourself in dream licking milk

Birds of prey

Jacket and yellow training

Gifting suits

Sleeping dog

What does it mean when a car turns upside down in a dream

Cousin clone

Bleeding from vagina and anus of daughter

Breaking a snakes fangs

Priest calling in your dream

Grain of rice and car

Rice and car

Mom riding a car

To take and hang a white handkerchief on a line.

2 sack of rice

Nose pin fallen

Other peoples goals

Falling off a bed


Kerosine poured in my dream

Water breaking in your dream

Saw cooked moinmoin in the dream

What does it mean water breaking in your dream

Dream of ogbono seed falling


White garment

When one dreams of a collapsing wall that was poorly built meaning

Cameroon porn

If you see your mother wearing a long red dress

What dies it mean water breaking in your dream

Plaiting a dead relative hair

Dream of air energy in my hand me

Air force in my hand

Controlling air force

What does it mean to get my ear love pierce in the dream

A dirty ring covered in soil

Burning images of love ones

Visited while imprisoned

Naked ex girlfriend in my dream

Alligator chasing

Murky pool

Eating millet porridge in dreams

What does it mean cooking, moimoi, leaves in the dream


Rotten bitter gourd

Indian swimming with alligators

Wat does it means to sell engine oil in the dream

Waking someone up in a dream

Beautiful secret gardens

Removing hardened flesh

Removing a hardened growth

What does it meaning removing, jiggers, feet, in the dream?

Having an affair with ur pastor in the dream meaning

Calling someone name

Pushing someone from cliff

A troop of soldiers in a small boat at calm sea

Mismatch slippers

Pink veil pick up by a man you know

Pink veil blown away

National monument

Plane crash in a building but the building never collapse

What does in mean when you see man fucking woman in a dream

Dead husband beating wife in a dream

Hibiscus flower in dream

Handcuffs in dream

Chichi eating a building till it fall

Baby shoe and diapers

Eatibg beef stew

Getting ready in dream

Dream of sticky sperm on the pennis

Dreams of sticky sperm on the pennis

What does it mean to dream of a crusade of believer s

Mutual masterbation

Sage planting

What does it mean to buy bitter kola in the dream

Eating roasted yam with red oil

Dream of releasing sperm

Cow falling in water tank

Man dead

Sticky sperm on the body

I broke an amethyst

Fake identity


Seeing an old woman

Elephant rhino fight

Been given a wrapper in the dream

Lost motorcycle

Seeing an old woman by the bridge

Stitching on ear

Clouds mushroom

Black cat and dog sex

What is the meaning of dreaming seeing a black cat and a dog having sex

Being stoned in a dream

Looking at an dirty old ceiling

Twinkle light

When you see calabash in your dream what deos it means

Dreaming eating marula seeds

Bathing wit locust beans water to be free from bondage

Name on a bomb


Leaving a group chat

Leaving a group vhat

Deceased husband doing construction

Meaning of dream about having school on sunday

Having sex with biological sister

Having sex with blood sister

Waiting in a car to go somewhere

Widow applying kumkum on your head

Crack in glass of my safety door

Number 13 in a dream

Sucking cocoa seed

Human being in the form of tansperent

Dream meaning of tying wrapper on chest

Grapes coming vagina

Unclear flood

Running in a dream with ur friends

Sleeping on a refuse dump

3 mountains

The meaning of dream snake coming out of a pussy

A mad woman touch my ass

A mad woman hit my bumbum

Watching an accident in dream

Seeing an accident in dream?


I slap a mad woman in a dream

What does it mean shaking hands vise president and president and later having love affair with the vise president?

Giants dream

Buying white agidi in the dream

What does it means when someone in your dreams picks a sapodilla from a tree an gives youit

New born baby with a beard

What does it means when someone in your dreams picks a sapodilla from a tree the fruit

Abandoning an old car

Stretch marks on legs in dream

Drinking sour neem water

Drinking neem fruits in a dream

Kicking out of the house

Admire your teeth in your had with colorful design

My wisdom teeth were like a map

Over heating

Crater with crystal clear water

Friend coming back from abroad

My uncle asked me for food but i refused

Baby powder on my left hand

Fish made from gold

Old woman with white eyes

Dead person at birthday

To eat jaggery mixed with sesame in dream means

Dead brother hungry

What does falling in a pit latrine mean in a dream

Seeing gold objects like fish

Garment stained

What does it mean to dream about my sister falling in a pit latrine

What is the meaning of picking oil bean seed in a dream

Hawking water

The meaning of elephant urinating

The dream of elephant urinay

Toad legs

Catching fish from a digged well means what

Buttocks rash

Butt rash

The dream of elephant urinay8

What does it meaning it , when person painted black face in the dream

To fetch sea water in a dream means

Digging a well and at the same time seeing water coming out of the well means what in a dream

Laughing with a deceased father

A stoned but new tractor

Snow field


Naked ex girlfriend

Dry fish tail

Demon breeding

Dream of child photograph

Driving someone in a car

Driving someone

A shiny white old woman

An old white woman that is flying

Outdoor cinema

Meaning of counting money in dream

Dreaming fucking an infant baby girl

Niece getting married without inviting me

Snake turns flying fish

Giving directions

White bird transform in to a human

Pale face

Dead relative give me silver ornaments

I leave my husband because he had sex with another woman

Nails image

Dreaming building nails means

Close friend who has small penis

Husband had sex with prostitute

White woman

Washing hair in the dream

Sex with primer minister

What does it mean to pluck scent leaf in the dream

Visiting a traditional healer telling me my ancestors are protecting me these no need to help me

I broke a plate in the dream

Putting a lot of nails in to your bag

Dreadlocks hair

Camel tied

When you see a cobbler mending your shoes


Death person dragging water in the dream

Villa branding

Framed for murder

Flying ants

Dreaming of disposing used old pads into the river


Haning wedgie

Dream of throwing old used pads into the river

Dreamed buying six fruits

Given a chief

Dream of paying transport money to driver

Dreaming of a newly built big house


Missing ceiling fan

Cattle in a kraal

Ukuphupha amacimbi


Mopane worms

What does eating okpa in dream meam

Dreaming of catching fish with a bucket

Dream while drinking paraffin meaning

Multiple roads

Not having money to give to the temple

Seeing coconut seed wide opened and fresh in a ground

Little girl


What does it mean to be hawking fufu in the dream

What does

What does it mean to be hawking fifi in the dream

Dream snake climbing a wall

Parellel road

Washing an handbag in a dream

My boyfriend meeting my family

Deram of safety jacket

To dream someone almost taken by the dam

Dream meaning of waakye

Tied with a rope

Parrot came flying to me in a rainy night

Dream seeing death bodies with honey robed on their bodies

Plucking garden eggs in the dream means

Dream of selling palm carnel in the market at village

What does it mean when a dead uncle givss me money in my dream

Kitchen wall

Sweeping and putting things in order in a dream

What does it meaning traveling, dead, person, train, in the dream?

Friend from abroad

Joining others to paint an art work on the wall of a shop in a dream

A single white cloud raining gentle snow

Funeral meaning

Dreaming of picking money on the road

Dreaming of palo santos

Husbands head without body

To see husbands head

Eating half boiled goat meat

Wearing old dress when i was a kid

Granding egusi

Cutting water leaf in the dream means what?

Ukuphupha uphuza utshwala besilungu kusho ukuthini?