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Burning banana in a bottle

Watch girl masturbate

When a madwoman pray for u what does it mean

Rub vagina

Dream that some one gives you airtime

Spitting on windows

Chase with frying pan

Running into a rope trap

Attacked by a fork

Lig tied by rope in the dream while running

Accepting hanky

Squirrel inside my shirt

Women in charge

Female boots

Dreaming i was in the bus in the front then i alight the bus left us

What does it mean beating daughter in a dream


Growing girl

I dream in the front seat if the bus and was open the whole front


Giantess friend

Bent knives

Braaing chicken wings

I and my sister have dreams about our mum is sick

Having super fast reflexes and get skilled at fighting

Been beaten by my pastor

Jigger under my foot

Joggers under my feet dream

Asking for handkerchief

In an elevator once opened i was taller than the moutain afriad to step further

Aarti blew out

Taller than the mountains

Wet crow


My chief dream

Washing boyfriend feet

Driving trucker that carried wood in obstacle road but driving without an accident

Me become a inventor

What does driving a wood carrying truck in a dream mean

Dreaming about masturbating yet ive been trying to quit it

Dreaming being attacked by deceased brother

A crown and a horse

I was being sprayed money in my dream meaning

Friend bleeding from the private area

Dream of mum in old and tattered clothes

Dream of mother wearing old and tattered clothes

Dream of late mother wearing old and tattered clothes

What does it means to be wet in your dreams

Dead animal in your dream

What does it means in your dream that your cousin sister is pregnant

Uprooting sweet potatoes and planting palm kernel

I show in my drem almound during pregnancy

Dreaming a bucket with holes at the bottom

What does small green lizar mean in dream

Giving someone pepper

I dreamt i was picking roasting breadfruit

Barbardine fruit

I dreamt i was picking roasting breadfruit and i give away some

Returning home from abroad empty dream meaning

Fetching water in a river with my mom

Queen elisabeth

Cassava flake

Standing in between two leaders

Massaging an ankle of a former leader

Massaging ankle

Searching for plantain surfers to give to someone

I dreamed i have a beard

Looking myself worried in dream

Married to two different men with a tatoo and long hair

Man with a tatoo

Feather jacket

Wearing shembe uniform

Pieces of meatballs in bath water

Frikkadels pieces in bath water

Ripping out genital hair

What does it mean when you dream a dead man

Grandmother sing

What does mean when you dream a dead man

Dreaming of sweet smelling flowers

I get the present green rose in my dream

Desceaded mother leopard

Bunch of hairs in air

What does mean when you dream fish swimming in a bucket of water

Smoke window

Living room also serving us a toilet

Bf starts doing drugs and breaks up w me

Dream of seeing a drum full of water

Shake hands with late father

Children in garden

My sister being raped and killed

Touching to hot iron plate

Little girl asking water to drink for her brother

Dead mother eating peanuts

The meaning of giving people water in a dream

Worm coming out of feet

Elephent drinking water in dream meaning

Women propossing and i accepted

Dreaming about my self naked

Dreaming my self half naked

Killing already dead person

What happened if i fell in love with my cl assmate in cursh in my dreams

A man plating my hair

Osi aso lojuala

Leaving the school

Big brown dog entering bathroom

Occasion in the dream meaning

What does it mean to attend occasion in the dream

Land fenced entirely

A big dog entering through my houses bathroom window standing on his back feet

Renovating houses

Old woman blssing me

Cooking maandazi dream

Buring of placenta in dream

Dream of old rose color

Pusha pink dress dream

Stealing tamarin and eating it

Returning phone

Liscense plate stolen

Picking plenty ube in dream

Dead giving me a cheque

What does it mean red colour water in dream

Seeing my ex in a dream meaning

Carying a gun while wearing a police uniform

I dreamt that my friend slept with my ex boyfriend

Spiritual meaning of eating rice and stew in my dream

Snakes crawling on me

Black biros


Owning a bed and breakfast

I slap the mistress

Seeing my daughter toddler as heighted in dream

Removing snails from its shell

Dream visit our olden village

What does it mean to pour water in a hole in a dream

Lion eating a goat

Plugging of ube in the dream

Quaran book


Wearing sexy clothes

Fetch palm wine out of gallon an drink in dream

Two dog having sex in my dream

Gown dress

Running from dragon and some one kill dragon and safe you

Dream in the forest meeting strangers

Dream hearing your sister voice in a fridge

Dream feet being tied up

Writing english exams

What number lizards urine drop on my boobs

Lizards urine drop on my boobs

Dream of kola ut

What does it mean preparing palmnut soup in a dream

Registering new calling card

Dreaming of wedding reception

Pink box of gifts in dreams

Sand raining from heaven

Accepting jesus in the dream crying

Buying agidi in m

Dream of buying a mat

Giving a dead family member something

What does twenty cent means in dream

Meaning of a truck supplying meat and yam in a dream

Kuchazani ukuphupha uphuza u beer

Mistakenly bleached black trousers pure white in my dream

Shaking hand with a stranger giving u advise

Dreamed of a lizard climbing my leg

Paying debt fee in school

Handbag snatched

Dreaming about eating sorghum with my boyfriend while harvesting

Receiving kumkum and broken glass

Seeing powerful leaders in dreams

White cow and baby cow

What does the meaning of dreaming carring sugarcane sticks in the dream

To eat processed fermented oil bean in dream

A gold animal hit me

To eat oil bean in dream

Dreaming of eating posh and meat

Chased by giant gold animal

Seeing turmeric

Walk on ait

Cooking with the first lady

Digging turmeric

Adult children are young again

Finding knives

Dream of burning used sanitary what does that mean

Dream of burning used sanitary pads what does that mean

What does it your mother kill cow in a dream

White walls in a big house

Two rizard doing sex

Two rizard sex

Two rizard marking love

What does it mean mean someone putting kil perfume in your body

Wearing a bluesuit

Dreaming two rizard doing sex

Harry potter slapping me

Removing a chicken from a lylon bag means what in dream

Pus coming out of your breasts

Pus coming pot of breasts

If you see a mad woman giving in a birth in a ddream

Harvesting purple sweet potatoes in a dream

Someone waking me up

Slogther a dog in dream

Dreaming of mad women begging me for food

Picking money along the river banks

What does it mean to get a sweet letter along with some money and a simcard from a partner in a dream

What does it mean to bath in a clean river

Washing my enemies car

Walking at the old cemetery

Seeing someone naked in dream

String from anus

Picking trash

Electric pillars with wires

Three pillars with electric wires

What is the meaning of yellow fruit in dream

Boat full load with big fish

Shopping cloths with my dead mother and father

Uncle wife unhappy

Meaning of shopping cloths with your dead mother and father

Lemon flower

Roasted cashew

Serving left overs to family

Salary janaaza

Giving green chilli

Wedding chura in dream

Canceling a date

Black sugar cane meaning in dream

Joining military bus

Legs hair

Snake stuck

Putting tika on forehead meaning

Died person happy

Dreaming dog killing goat

Being mayor of gensan


Handshake with deceased father

Overflowing rice into the pot

Cutting if green grass

Shankh and snake in dream

Diwali celebrations dream meaning

Duck toy

Dreaming about walking out of the sea

Putting jesus ring by my lover

Palm jaggery giving

Dream of some one tying me gele

Eating of marches

Cooking mandazi in a dream

Wearing footwear in temple

Mother leg


Butter fruit

Holding baby boy in a dream

Turmeric footprint

Holding baby boy

When u dream man what does that mean

Looted me

Someone giving death threats

Destroyed kitchen

I saw udi in my dream

Left hand being cut off and replaced in the dream

Dream of seating infront of king

Faded gold

Friendly lion and eagle

Dreaming about mornings leaves

Foods in the ref

Loved one washed away in flood

Dreaming of nephew engagement

Ripping wings

What does it mean if you dream about sucking your females friends foot

Bottle of groundnuts

What does it mean if you dream about sucking a female friends foot

Fathers baby

Reciving a white rose from a dead person

Seeing a socket burning dream meaning

Picking camote root crop

Running away on bad police

Dream meaning of madman trying to rape a friend

Cucumber dreams

Knocking over pill bottle

Blood and gold ring what does it mean

Gold ring and finger cover with blood what does it mean

School closeing

Gold ring on finger cover in blood what does it mean

Thorn slipper

To dream of bishop giving you money

Dreaming bout killing someone

Gold ring on finger cover with blood

Dream dead farther asking watermelo

Dreaming of dead persons digging a grave

Planting sugarcane on dry soil

Picking sweet apple

Dream of seeing politicians

Dumping rabbish

Dreaming a pastor ignoring me

What does having a visit from your means in a dream

Eating bankuw in a dream means what

When you dream of selling cook beans

Dreaming of seeing someone removing trash from a sewer line

Scars in hands

Seeing a man coming towards a woman in a suit

Seeing someone cleaning a sewer line in a dream

Both hands having numerous wounds till wrist

Deep cut in palm and wrists

Dream about universe

Sores on stomach

Meaning of picking used sanitary pads

Meaning of raw egg shell



Dreaming of my birthplace

Swx with a doctor

Sleeping in a bathroom floor

Kapenta dream

Princess of jannah

Leviathan summoning

Leviathan from hat


Dream of picking black plum under the tree

China cup

Lota in dream

What is spiritual meaning of someone dreaming that she fall inside soakaway

Travelling for umera

Pee in bush

New black boots

White blonde man

What does it mean a pastor shouting at me in a dream

Rotten chimney

Dream of rebuking my dead stepmother whom i hated

Seeing your daughter crying in your dream

Husband having sex with another women

My husband having sex with another women

Brother chasing me in a dream

Someone giving you a gift of saints


Stitching of big shoe

Dreaming of an women with three eyes

Provision store in a dream

Someone gifting me quran

Apple eating


Cutting buffalo in dream seeing

Over ripe sweet sop

Inkomo black n white

Sangoma inviting you to her house

Dream about kinner sex meaning

My deceased father wearing a blue shirt

Spiritual meaning of a plate falling from someone hands

Non alcoholic drinks given to you in the dream but someone took from you

Dream of wearing white shoes of a dead person

Sangoma inviting you to her house

Seeing ghazi abbas alam in dream

Dreaming when eating ur leg skin

Dreaming about dry scent leaf

Washing your legs in the dream


Cornmealie meal

My dream its too be bast frinds writ derrick tinker rj four avey avey daytoo now

Dreaming of seeing president

Gathering kolanut

Dream being given a portion of yellow mealie meal

Dream climbing palm tree in the dream

Ankara gift meaning in the dream

Orange peels

Coooking for my ex

Mudhouse dream

Deceased relative stretch out hand

Soldier flogging you

Two sisal leaves

Dreams of eating amala and vegetables with a loved one in dream meaning

Dirt coming out for ears

Oil running over

Olive oil leaking in the kitchen

Oil leaking in my kitchen

Travelling in a daze

Daughter failing an exam

Hand bag in pit latrine

Illuminate sign on hand

Being friends with a mad person meaning

Drinking water in earthen pot

Carring urine in pot into the toilet in a dream meqns

Lending money to powerful politician

Ironing clothes of

Dreamt about a mouse running from ur room

See someone feet

Daughter running away from home

Beheaded wolf

Beheaded wold

My deceased mom is running away from me

Enjoy groundnut soup and fufu in a dream what does it mean

Girls clothes

Dream crapaud meaning

Dream of father in law accident

What does it meaning accepting wine from dead man

Giving away

Eggs in wallet

Breaking carnelian

Dead uncle dancing

Dead uncle dancing to

Dead uncle dancing to gospel in church

Child eating his feces

Green guango

Seeing someone rap

Washing a chicken

Sex with unknown girl

When selling offals

Dream of holding already peeled fried bottled grundnut

Going to join the job

Climbing white ladder and sitting on clouds

Seeing my self holding a fried bottled groundnut

Dreaming of wearing white an green cloth

Rolling down a hill insnow

A woman holding a fried bottled groundnut

See and hear someone banging

Hearing a loud metal banging sound

See someome making something from metal

Umblical cord stitching dream meaning

Making something metal sparks

Ameing something with metal

What does it mean to dream about someone you know crying in a chair

Sparks metal

Hairy tooth

Revenge voodoo doll

Wall falling in house

Dreaming of whipping someone


Dream of cooking ground provisions

Being injected on your left hand

Dreaming of pointed finger with worms or bacteria


Verses of quran floating on water

Passing through water by standing on a piece of wood

Climbing down in ladder in cloudy water

Saw my neighbor kissing me in dream

Older sexy woman

Crossing the sea by wood

Eating broiled cow meat

Someone passing a yellow clot over face

Throwing oranges

Dreaming seeing jerry can

When you see a dead person pounding in a mortar with pestle what does it mean

Pulling never ending black thread from throat

Seeing worn shoes by someone

Doll in dream as gift

Meaning of buying palm wine in the dream

Jackfruit falling from a tree

Wat does unripe jackfruit falling from a tree caused by strong winds mean

Dead mother footwear

Trying dead mother footwears in dream

Long and winding road

Biblical dreaming of seeing many neem

Meaning of angel giving you twin babaies

Boss sitting on my chair

Dead mom bought me coffe mug

Dream about bay room with cot in

Dream seeing my employer name

Totem animal impala

Dream about your foot eing cleaning and you are happy about it

Stabbing my father

Tourquize color

Tourquize marker

Greet someone and does not reply

Cream colored marker

Image of impala

Picture of impala




Dreaming eating rice and pork with bones in a group of people

Snake brown

Hairy brown snake


Hang and die

Hang and dir

When judges applaud you for defending yourself in the dream

Wat goes unripe jackfruit falling from a tree caused by strong winds mean

When you give a mad woman


Clay plates

Tall white buildings

Painting a tiger in dream

Green jackfruit falling from a tree because of strong winds

Hanging clothes while raining

Field gate

Entering bus in dream

Light house with streachable nilon stairs

Sky blue water

Dreaming about picking clothes in a bin

Dream of been with a president

Wife dreaming about husband marriage to a trans woman

Plant fell on its side

The meaning of sprinkling of water on peoples feet

My dreem

What is the spiritual meaning okpa in dream

What it mean when a man gives a woman plantain

House mandir without gods

Hunting guinea fowls

Long distance couple get together

Dreaming about my ex wearing brown new shoes

Long white hairy in front of the head

Dream about maid came back and she is hanging clothes

Child screaming

Dream received two kola nut

To see hugging a president

Change engine oil with mechanic

Cow carcass

Paddle steamer

Padle steamer

Tissue meaning

Toilet paper meaning in dream

Cutting down a decayed tree

Seeing river

Wine and silver color

Meaning of alligator pepper in the dream

Being pooped during sex meaning

Pop during sex dream

What happen bif we see alots of self roti in dream

Seeing leader in drea

Dreaming my pastor being dead

I dreamed i pooped from my penis

Ex of your crush

My crush gave me a soda to drink

Mouth bleeding

Seeing how another person dropped a vase

What does it mean to dream of my dead sister smiling and talking with me

Dream removing my penis from the tip of someone virgina

Dream flying in the air after praying


Girls in school

Start having sex but removed penis from the entrance of virgina

Dreamed that someone covered my nakedness

Fear of a jinn

Ring finger was cut

Going on a pilgrimage with sick teacher

Kissing green snakes

Washing of palm karnel fruit

Swapping my car to a bus

Kang kong crawling on wall

I fly above the clouds in my dream

Bathing in classroom in dream

Picking udara

Touch someone leg

What does it mean eating while seeing feces around you

Dreaming am eat chocolate cake and milk tart

When a pastor give you food in the dream

A woman floating

Ukuphupha ama vegetables

Back pain dream meaning

Ukuphupha uthenga ama vegetables

Dewm salat at home

My dead mother coming from taking a bath approaching me face to face

What does it mean to see your deceased mother taking a bath

Killed an antelope in a dream

Dream about drowning and hand to hold saving

Girlfriend take of bra and gives it to other men

Necklace silver

Dreaming senor santo nino

What is the meaning of my mother pouring oil in my hair

Sister making my hair

If i see my sister making my hair in my dream what does it mean

To dream a woman giving me sugarcane

Dreaming of changing clothes of dead loveones

If one sees her sister making her hair in the dream

Braking cobwebs from around my face and head

Someone calling you small person in d dream means

Someone sprinkling water on me in the dream

Digging seeing worms

Green adventurine

Hat being taken off

Dreaming of my husband

Meaning of drawing bucket falls into a dirty gutter

Eating rice and meat in group of people

Uprooting sweet potato in a dream

A flock of cattle and a white sheep

Receiving a basket full of soil

Dreaming of burning clothes

A flock of cattle and a sheep

Transgender biting me

Trading by barter

A pastor committing suicide

Snake eat goat

Uprooting mashroom

My father giving me riped fruits

Girlfriend in red clothes

God statue that was catched

The meaning of plucking ripped palm fruit in a dream

What does it mean it dream playing a game of chase with my guy friend

What does it mean dreaming of crocodile and hippopotamus chasing you in water in islamic meaning

Monster touching my boob

To dream when your eating sugar cane

What does it mean dreaming of crocodile and hippopotamus chasing you in water

Dream my boss call me on my phone

Death of a kinner

Dreaming of milking a cow

Rabbit licking you

What does it mean when a madman slap you in a dream

Two different person with one face

Rearing big white ostriches

Dreaming someone is a gay

Dreaming of buying rice balls with fish

Dried soil

Deceased father wearing a suit

Mark on the forehead

Ukuphupha amagrapes abolile

What does it mean to see dreams of buying kajal

God photo burnd in dream

Poor boyfriend

Pregnant lady saw black goat in drea

Boyfriend poor

Dream meaning of bathing in the amidst of people

School girl coming in dream

Deformed pig

What does it mean left hand getting injection in the dream

Dreaming about night dancers


Meaning of a bathroom fire

Animal coming out of mouth

See fire inside toilet

Finding a lost slippers

Seen myself inside palace and eat there

Saw lizerd foof eating in dreams

My landlord moved intoy apartment and i was angry

Many women making puri in kitchen

Urad dal vada

A guy

Broken glass prices hand

Dream of guepez

Someone rub cream on my body

Dead body burning snakes

Promise to god

What does it mean when someone is rubbing cream on your body and theirs at the same time

A name in red ink

Praying for a madwoman in dream

Old lady applying turmeric and kumkum to my face

Putting out fire logs inside a toilet

Urad vada dream meaning


Haunted house

Haunred house

Being bitten by two aggressive human form and its meaning

Prophesy to someone in the dream meaning

Wrapping towel

Dream about getting married with your own brother


To see a mirror already broken in a dream

Snake come out from your house

Why did i dream about my uncle with my ex girlfriend what does this means

Discuss with brother regarding hotels beds to changes new

Dreaming about meeting my long distance boyfriend

Pulling sand from a drinage what does it mean

Black flakes around eyes

Eating porridge with milk bad or good

Black sexy dress

Large yam leaves

What does dreaming caught by solidiers for wearing their cap mean

Lord bhrama dream

Husband sleeps sister

Running a relay and came third

Dreamt someone giving me lots of marii meal

A melted world with a creature trying to communicate

Late grandma in dream mena ong

I lose my left side earrings

Mother in law driving fufu in dream meaning

Someone wearing red clothes in dream to funeral

Fire wood

Losses a shoe in a running water


What it mean to meet pastors in a dream

Dreaming of being catcalled

Buying mandazi

Relative praying at my house

My grandpa waking up in his coffin

My househelp and husband having sex dream

Cleaning meat with worms

Climbing a hight successfully

Taro plants in a flowerpot


Dreaming in basin full of water

Hawking in a drama

Dead white spider stung foot

White spider

Dad raped me

Driving in my car down a dirt road that becomes muddy

Dreaming mothballs buying

Soldier floging u in adream

Ripe calamansi fruit

Carabao playing in mountain

Ne and husband naked while riding

Lottery number of dreaming of a carabao

Ukuphupha uvuna ithanga

Eating penis in my dream meaning

Buying napthalin balls

Dream meaning of paying for a gown

Dolly peg

Santol fruit

Dream of partying with a dead relative

Picking udara in the dream

Husband sleeps with sister

What it means seen ant and sugar in box and later found another pack on de sugar

Being given three plants in a dream

Received kolanut in a dream

What does it mean of dreaming about my dead mother left sweet for le

Ukuphupha ugqoke umhlwehlwe

Ukuphupha ugqoke umhlwehlwe nibaningi

Hole in a couch

Seeing pumking fruit in dream means what

Transgenders in dream in islam

Your child is called you in a dream

Seeing puking friut in deream means what

Seeing finger to the bone

Dreaming of carabao head

Slapping my brother in my dream

Hwarking rice

Attending church activities

Someone spill snuff on the floor at our home

What callaloo mean in a dream

Pulling off middle finger

Red and white plaid shirt

White lady talking to me about gold

Dreaming of a four month baby walking what its mean

Dreaming four month baby walking

Getting sucked by a woman

Accepting groceries from an old lady


Dad calling me walking round table

Foxes mating

Pig mix dog baby

Tiger hunting a cow

Dream that i was working in a chicken farm

Father rapes daughter

What does it mean to dedicate a child in the dream

Meaning of dream with legs bleach

Meaning of a dream with skin bleach

What does it mean seeing trinity in a dream

My friend putting kajal in dream

Iru on the floor

Lost on vacation

Frame fallen dream interpretation

Dream of drinking fanta in the dream

Dream of someone bathing naked in public

Felt hot ground

Dream someone spoke a blessing over me and then bless my home

Baphomet dream meaning

Lost diamond set

Parasite flying away

Abscess on hip

Black clothes wearing woman in dream

Bird flamenco

Eating agbalumo

Eating cashew nut with son and wife

Dream of pastor drinking beer

Harvesting fresh maize with my dead mother

Ukuphupha umncindo

Getting water in toilet vowl

Getting water in toilet bowl

Cutting branch of plant

Cutting branch of plnt

Child poop changing pampers

Child poop changing parmpers

Child poop

When you get shot three times in the back of your head

Old lady sucking my soul

Elephant uprooting trees

Three buttons in a box

Seeing someone worried in dream

Trying to hit a dwarft

What it happens if i see in my dream my crush is licking ny nipple

Eyelashes coming out of teeth

Dreamt about meeting a boy band and going on tour with them

When someone is worshipping you

Bathing on a grave

Dream of someone who passed

Two cards

Fighting sibling

Sex wit cactus

What does it means to dream of sleeping in front of a graveyard

What does it means to dream of sleeping next to a graveyard

Nasty vagina eating

Dead washing his feet


Party bus with friends

Giving corn to dead neighbour

Beeping noise

Late mother pouring water on me as i was bathing in the school premises while saying good things about me

If u see your paster and you are asking him to pray for you for the fruit of the wob and he said is not yet time

I carry a happy one kid

Dea ex

Selling cooked vegetable yam in the dream means

Meaning of dreaming eating bone marrow

Dreamed of pounding rice

Someone dreaming of you half nake

Dead person telling you will die

Dream of havsting masshuroom and crabs in a palm plant laying

Dreaming a couple where the girl is taller

Carrying galon in a dream

Husband with head injury

Three rows

Three rows of four columns

Columns fall down

Falling columns

Hoise demolished

Dreaming of someone else dying

Dreaming of someone else dying and hurting so much cause you see someone close to you is urt

Ripped photos

Dreaming of someone removing the curtain

Brother attacked by shark

Your brother attacked by a shark


Blue coloths

Swim moldy water

Fire in our house

Fore in buidings and houses

Bus slide over new construction meaning

Golfem color

Dream about sone measuring my foot

Dream about sitting in plane



Dream of loving police woman

Bathing in a graveyard

Eaten chichi in a dream

Large pores on face

What does it mean to drink kunu in the dream

Ring made of bobby pin on left arm in dream

Carried by a tall man

Losing golf clubs and bag

Dream about a leaking pot

Drop the underwear on the street


Ring made of bobby pin on left arm

Dream of green plantain

Forgetting something

Slug on face

Dreaming about man with sore feet

Mad woman

Clean sprinkled water was poured in my face

Having sex whit your granma

Being congratulated in a dream

Ikuphupha uqhoke isidwaba

Clothing drawn from the river

Women kissing a other women

My mum sister tied raw meat in two nylons and gave me

Dream that a woman gave me alligator pepper

Kiling witches in the dream

Shingles on whole body

Blocked sunlight

Dream about winning gold coins

Blocked light

Dream about winning gold coin

Dead wife in my arm in a dream christian interpretation

Seeing honey bees in dream christian interpretation

Wife in my arm in a dream christian interpretation

Dream that you see a dog licking your penis after sex

Channa daal cooked

Dirty feets

Coming from abroad meaning

Giving birth to beautiful happy baby boy

Mad person begging food

A mad person begging me for food in the dream

Dead father naked in coffin

Breadfruit tree cut down and burnt

Soapy water diassapear

Dead grandmother asking for sweets in dream

Cutting breadlock in dream

Seeing breaking earthen pot by dog in dream

Seeing someone in white dupatta

Dream when am eating meat

What does breadfruit mean spiritually

Sister stealing from you in a dream

What does it meaning babay look malnutrition in my in dream

Sister stealing from u

What does it mean when i dream when am bleeding from my testicles

I had a dream when my balls have been hurt by the fork and blood was too much

Ukuphupha amagrapes

Meaning of someone say god bless you in your dream

Receiving bananas in dream

Wearing of shining cloth in your dream

A rich old man

White paint

White paint in a dream

Receive a call from god

Caring someone you love at your back going means

What does it meaning of buying kuli kuli and eating it in a dream

Caring someone you love at your back means

Caring someone you love at your back

What does it mean pounding boiled yam in the dream

Dreaming of dead ex girlfriend alive

White paint during on the bed

White paint puring on the bed

A pastor putting camphor in my mouth


What is the meaning of receiving two bags of pure water in the dream

Had a dream about a famous soccer player

Dreaming of hugging your best friend on their wedding

Losing toe ring in dream meaning

Meaning of seeing a transparent plastic bag filled with eggs

What does green apple stands for

Pink rose in plant seeing islamic women explain


Meaning of seeing eggs in a plastic bag in the dream

Husband wearing wool cloths

Dreaming meaning of catapult

Dream mean of having catapult shooting birds

Being bewitched

Snake turning into frog

What does it mean sleeping with a mad man in your dreams

What does it mean sleeping with amad man in your dreams

Dream of traditional healer warning me about my health

To dream of rubbing vaseline on your body

One horse and two bull fighting

Throwing slippers into well

To dream of rubbing vaseline on your hands

Bride in water

Rubbing vaseline on your hands

Seeing my mother who died in a mirror in a dream

Eating draw soup with someone in the dream

Vacline on your hands

Dream of getting shoes as a gift and cleaning it

Dream apple tea

Eating draw soup in the dream

Someone exchanging her small phone for my big phone

Ear wax falling out of my ear

Dream about having sex with blood relation

Marriage proposal from a king

Having sex with lion

Catching black angel fish in dream

Cleaning fowl poo

Living in a house beside cemetery

House beside cemetery

Sitting in a chair infront of many standing peoples

Meaning of big cow horn scattering everywhere

Catching black angel in dream

A nun in white robe

Dream that you are destroying termites

Dream of a nun

Picking of cowries in dream means what?

Motar and pestle

To see someone else eating okro in dream

Seeing napier grass in a dream

Dream seeing my dead dad gain weight in the dream

Specific time in clock

Hawking bread

Mangalsutra broken in dreams

Dream of someone broke my door and nothing miss in my house

I dream of my boyfriend sucking my breast

My boy friend saved me from snakes in my dream

Given people gifts of facecap in dream

What does it mean weeding in the dream

Falling into wet cement

Onself hawking beverage

Bended indexfinger

To arrange planks in a dream

I had a dream that a lady called me husband

Sheep and lion

Green university building

Wearing a british flag

What does it mean to see your poop changed to female lizard in the dream

Maa durga in pink saree

Performing wudhu for missed jumat service

Corn fields

Wanting water

Given my younger brother food

Picking snail as a pregnant woman

Recurving money in a dream from the governor of a state means what

Cutting down palm nuts in a dream

People turn into dust after the sand storm

Forgetting purse in a vehicle according to freud

Forgetting purse in a vehicle

Dead person putting red tika

Giving birth to mermaid baby girl

Dream of making friend to the oposition leader

Old female friend

Roof flying


Dreaming when eating cooked beans mixed with cassava when sharing with a dog

Cleaning god in bathroom dream

Clean8bg gpd in bathroom dream

Taking fengshui plant

Ceramic plates and bowls

Ceramic bowls

Ceramic plates

Dog bleeding

Giving a mad man food in your dream

Phyton snake in a box meaning

Seeing sandalwood powder in dream

Dreaming about calm green deep ocean

What does it meaning electric, pole, fell, down, in the dream

Ex holding hands

Hunting beluga

Country afghanistan

Belugas near shore


Honey combs

Visitors playing games

Tortoise shell

Having sex with albino

Asangoma dancing

Receiving handset and ginger as gift


Taking out pour water nylon from a field

Receiving ginger as gift

Dreaming when having gay sex

Picking money from the ground while weeding in my farm.