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Gold fish with two tails

Good fish with two tails

Purse orange

A man forcing me to have sex with him

Dream about a big argument

Fighting with your ex friend

Seeing without my glasses


Road trips

Burning butterflies

Being in school again

Kissed by green snake on lips

Dog turned into bird

Sister inlaw sister

Dream about bears

A hooded smiley face murders all that you love

Dog becomes bird

Mad man curt plantain from the tree

Cat burn

Buying clothes for someone else dream meaning

Living a different life

Finger pushin on a anus

Finger pushing on your bum hole

Thorns in my mouth and i can unpluck them

Aunt and cousin get in major car wreck

A friend that had passed comes and visits makes jokes about funny moments laughs and hugs you

Dreaming of maroon njeti cloth

Silverish fish

Joss paper felling from the shrine

Vision of broken rusty water pipe

Sister cut off her feet



Jesus giving a sword

When someone try to take your towel off

Partner wants a open relationship

Guy slitting my throat hunting knife

When you dream of picking parental what does it symbolize good

Writing on back

What does it means to see your instructor half naked in mud in your dream

Losing one of your slapper in water in your dream

Talking with my best friend in a forest

Talking with my best friend in a foreat

Mike wizowski

Driving lesson

Evil cartoon character

Hiding documents from someone scary

A toilet was going to eat me

Pregnant young woman

What does it mean spiritually to pick a snake which was wrapped around my leg and i threw it in water

Boyfriend robot

Swimming wedding dress

Barefoot icy bridge

Picking aidan fruit


Flying with air planes

Flooded primary school

Deep throat

Wrapped in white

Huge waves impending doom

Water mountains

Eating cow trotter in dream

Faling in love with a madman

Ukuphupha iphepho ivutha

Kiss on cheek felt while sleeping

Breadfruit good in dream

Peeling skin out of mouth

Blue and white formal dress meaning

Kaaba raining

Other kids getting naked

Taking money from the river

Someone giving me new clothes

Kissing butt

Girl trying to steal my husband

Some one asking clothes

Someone telling you that your forgiveness

To receive a bottle of anointing oil in the dream means

Ex trying to kill you

Being stoned in the head in a dream meaning

Back rooms running away from an ex lover trying to

Play doh to make clorhes

Cutting fish fin

Deceased husband happily eating peanuts

Performing cunnalingus on your wife

Saw carabao in dream

Deformed chicken

Aiden fruits meaning

Dreaming of thatched roundhouse

Licking wifes vagina

Someone handing you a long yellow string

The meaning of suden cut of slippers in dream

I saw negro pepper in my dream

Courtyard goodbye

Valley within a ring of mountains

Two birds with less feathers fighting

Dream of somebody give me cloves

Brother kissing sister sexually in dream

Motherly woman embracing you to her chest

Spike chest

A middle aged woman embraced