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It is an omen of serious difficulties with your employer if you dream of hiding from someone.

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To dream that you are hiding, suggests that you are keeping a secret or avoiding telling the truth. However, you may be getting ready to reveal and confess before somebody finds out.

If you dream that somebody else is hiding, you are feeling the need for security and protection.

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Feeling anxious about our situation, and a desire to escape our situation. Alternatively, feeling anxious about our own unacceptable inner promptings; hiding something is a way of not looking at it.

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If the dreamer is doing the hiding, there is a part of him that is “hidden,” even from him, that perhaps needs to come to the surface and be looked at.

If the dreamer hides an object from someone else, then he is concealing something that perhaps needs to be revealed.

If the dreamer is searching for someone or something, there is something missing, either an idea or an actual object, that she needs to find and make use of. Other symbols in the dream could reveal exactly what that is. Astrological parallels: Pluto, Scorpio Tarot parallel: The Moon

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Revealing disassociation in order to avoid confrontation for whatever reason

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Symbolic of a prudent person, Prov. 27:12. Hiding can also symbolize being fearful

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Example: ‘I was in my bedroom, I looked up and saw the top of some long cunains were on fire. I thought “My God, now my sister’s setting fire to the house to hide the evidence” ‘ (Ms A T).

The example illustrates how we may use one emotion or situation to hide what is really important.

Hiding from feeling; avoiding awareness of something we don’t want to see; being protective—hiding how we really feel about someone, or our sexual feelings about someone; not knowing. Hiding from something dangerous, dangerous thing hidden: feeling threatened either by unconscious contents or exterior situation. Hiding a body, object: not facing difficult feelings connected with the body or thing. See dead people dreams.

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The keywords of this dream: Hiding

Hiding Place

A symbol of the unconscious. Repression and flight from problem situations. Need and desire to find and to be found.

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