Victorian couch white with mahogany wood

Victim of terrorism

Vetkoek meaning in dream

Voice saying hello wakes you

Vomiting an animal

Vitiligo penis dream

Viewing temples without idols in dream means

Vermicilli in dream

Very bring colors in a dream

Vomiting water in dream

Voice said that i am responsible for someone survival

Venting dream knife

Vomiting snake skin

Vulture chained


Vision in tv no else sees

Vertical drop

Vomiting flour in a dream

Virtrivian man

Vel and cocktail flag of murugan

Vagina flowers

Vomiting carrot in my dreams means what

Vomit raw bacon



Varicous viens

Various viens

Visited by the same boy

Vomiting a cow


Visit to my gradma in a village

Vetkoek dream meaning

Voetcook dream

Visa rejection

Vase of roses


Visiting hanuman temple in dream

Vision see grass growing in the church

Valuable coins

Vomiting out potato

Village street

Vaginal discharge falling to the ground

Vintage cafe

Vomit cowry dream

Vaginal penetration


Vagina with maggots

Vomiting chicken feet

Vur on palm

Veins in legs

Vomit guitar string

Vankaya katturinchatam

Visiting a temple and there is no god idol in it meaning of dream

Vomiting dream meaning

Vaginal injury

Virgin mary smiling at me


Vaishno mata dham reaching through climbing tree but tree ends before destination

Visiting religious person

Vomiting in water on the floor


Veins and arteries

Vomiting cockroach in a dream

Viand fish and noodles

Village house on hill


Vomiting mum seeds in the dream

Vein bulge

Visiting ancient place

Vagina lily


Vaginal fluid

Very clear and real loud note

Visiting church of patron saint raphael the archanghel

Vomiting lung

Vagina multiple

Vampires and smell of blood


Visiting sister

Very ugly pins attached in my shirt

Vending egusi in a dream meaning

Vomit during oral sex


Visiting peer baba in dream

Vermilion bird symbolism

Vomiting glitter in my dream

Violet meaning

Vomiting ex husband


Volkswagon bug

Visiting a grave site then seeing live dgos



Vigina being blocked then blood coming out of it then pushing the blocked thing out

Very tall thin young smiling man standing behind me

Visiting holy city of medina

Vintage in the wall meaning in the dream

Vikings and mystical

Vomiting number

Vomiting up birds

Venus flytrap growing in my yard

Vision of a church steeple

Vomit sex

Vomiting cloths materials

Visiting a friend in a refugee camp

Vomiting cowries meaning

Vision see cross on the fire


Vajra in my dream


Varying water jerrycans

Vultures and eagles chasing me in the dream

Valued clothes that was washed away in the river


Vision of thought

Vegetable worms means

Very big jackfruit meaning

Vomit bags

Vagina itching

Visioned a door knocking

Virgin breastfeeding a baby boy

Volcano under waterfall

Verginal discharge in a dream

Verginal discharge

Vomiting pebbles dreams

Vagina blood

Vomiting material

Volcano erupting in hawaii

Vandalized car in the dream

Vomiting something thick


Vaginal fell down

Visit family

Vomiting caterpillar

Vomiting thick vomit that does not want to end

Vitiligo guy in my dream

Vibuti applied by somebody

Vomiting melon seeds

Visit previous home dirty abandoned

Visit previous home dirty and disorderly

Visiting previous home

Vultures and a man

Vulture dream

Vomiting a grass leaf fream

Vinegar dreams

Vintage deeam

Vagina with bugs

Vomiting melons

Velvet tamarind tree

Visiting relative

Vomiting after getting drunk


Visiting a factory

Visit a mad man in dream

Viewing oppressed

Very a


Vomiting oil in a dream

Vomiting oil


Vagina growing strawberries

Visiting of friend who has rjected me

Visiting letgo friend

Vanilla pod

Vanilla bean

Viatu ya mwanaume unapomwona kwa ndoto maana yake nn kibibilia

Visiting traditional healers in my dream

Voice saying run to the messiah

Vision picking gungo peas

Vacant and destroyed village dream

Vacant and destroyed village drean

Vacant and destroyed village drram

Visiting someones home

Visiting a strangers home

Visiting strangers house

Virginity in dream

Virginal discharge dream means

Vulture giving meat to eat

Vegetables and fruits

Vessels filled with full of milk

Vagina stitches after labor

Vintage dream ka mean


Vendoring snacks

Vice president give me money in my dream

Vomit of bead in dream

Visa traveling ticket

Very large toolbox

Vegetable garden spoiling

Vegetable garden slimy vegetables

Vampires in cupboard

Vomited cloth

Vagina man

Visited gothic street with powerful spiritual people

Vintage watch in dream meaning

Vow renewal but dead people were there



Vision big downpour

Verbal demotion

Vex what does it means in the dream

Visiting foreign country


Victorious dreams


Vice president in car


Vomiting in yr dream


Vomiting in pit

Vomitting in the latrine

Vomiting during sex

Vomit beans

Virgin mary neckalce

Voluntary amputee

Vigana surgery

Very big mango tree

Vomiting clothes in the dream

Visa interview dream meaning

Visible means

Valve water on floor

Visiting a place from another dream

Viking ships

Violet mud

Vision of a white notice on my front door

Violet contact lenses

Veena playing dream

Varied orange in dream

Vinegar sa panaginip

Vision of lamb at clouds meaning

Virginia dream

Violet color on my house wall

Vagina washing

Violet face

Vision of bandaids


Vomiting during lesbian sex

Vomiting lesbian sex

Vomitting in sex

Violet cake

Vagina rash

Vagina biting

Voice loss

Visiting a graveyard

Vomiting chicken feathers


Vomiting worms in a dream

Vagina cut

Visarjan meaning

Vibhuti dream meanings

Vibuthi dream

Vomit after sex in my dream with a prominent personality

Vomit after sex in my dream

Volcanic eruptions

Vomiting fingernails

Visiting my father grave in my dream crying

Vendor cooking food

Vomiting green leaves

Vehicle going backwards



Vomit snail

Vaginal douching

Video cameras

Vomiting matches stick

Vomit through my nose in my dream

Vivid colours

Vertebral bone

Vacumming achicken

Vomiting after kissing

Vector pointing up

Vagina becoming a pink flower


Vagina taste bitter

Vomiting of pins in the dream

Victory is my dream

Vegetable and fish

Vegetables snack

Vegetables snakes

Vaginal discharge in panties

Vaginal discharge in fraws

Vomiting fresh fruits

Virgin defloration

Visiting my boyfriend in workplace and he wears all white

Vomiting potash

Vetruvian man

Vault full of gold

Vomitting of rice

Vomiting crystal

Vagina torched

Vagina being burnt

Vitiligo dream islam


Video call with a brother wife

Very enormous conch alife

Vomiting raw

Vetiligo hands

Visited by terrifying eunuch kid

Vaccine in the dream

Visiting a ritualist

Virgin being pregnant

Vagina eaten by enemy and seeking pleasure

Visited a sick neighbor and was asked to throw her urine away

Vacum cleaner

Vagina orgasm

Vagina cumming

Vetkoek chasing you

Vaginal bleeding in shower

Vessel sailing on land


Vissa in deeam

Vomiting black beats

Vomiting in a church

Vomiting in alter

Vagina mucus discharge in the dream

Vampire with a white bird

Vomit a pearls

Vektor robot


Very handsome man in my dream

Vomit octopus

Vomiting red beadd


Very clean happy lady in white clothes

Vomiting cowries in a dream

Visit ayappan god temple

Vomiting think substance

Vision that someone house top licking

Vowel in a dream

Vision fencing gate open half interpretation

Voice coming from the clouds saying guide your friend

Velvet seeds dream

Visiting a gurudwara

Visiting a gurudwara in dream

Vermilion on road in dream

Vibithi dream meaning

Visiting shattered grave

Vaginal discharge of someone else

Visting gurdwara but not entering in

Vaginal steaches

Vanishing boy

Very strong winds

Visit king home

Vegetables in a cave

Village being attacked

Vomit pencil

Vote wisley

Vomiting cooked meat

Vibhuti from temple

Vomit orange balls

Vomited a oranges x

Venting dreams and varna

Vagina falling off

Vagina falling off body

Vomiting in a bin

Visiting makkah with mother

Vowel dream meaning

Vowel dream

Vomiting a broken comb

Vomiting hook

Vomit raw fish eating

Vacuum the carpet

Vehicle exhaust

Vomiting pieces of cloth in a dream

Vomiting blue liguid

Vaginal fluids in dreams

Vegetable infested with bugs

Vibrant white roses

Virgin mary pendant

Victory over battles


Ver a alguien querido sentado en una acera

Visiting a sick friend lying in the hospital


Visiting a car renting garage means

Varying water in the dream to supply some one

Variety animal enter my house

Vomiting pig

Volcano and waterfall

Various jelwery

Vomiting a sponge


Visit to relatives house

Vomiting worm in the dream

Violet food

Vomiting water

Vomiting clear water

V neck

Vomiting pure sand

Vomiting sand while been covered by it

Violet veil worn by a deceased friend in a dream

Vic president giving me money in dream

Village chief

Vomiting cow

Vomiting vow

Verses of quran floating on water

Vacline on your hands

Visitors playing games

Visting a temple without statue

Vagina bleeding dream


Vending machine

Virgin mary statu melting

Very sick hand with open wounds


Vines out of mouth

Vision money

Vegetables and mashroom

Very long beautiful silver colour snack

Vomiting keys





Vomiting after hearing something disgusting



Vibuti tilak on forhead



Voice sky in a dream

Vomiting dirt

Vampire approach me and seduce me then trying to bite me

Very light shiny dress

Visiting obeah mam

Vagina beautiful

Video call dream

Vagana discharge with worms

Volunteering to tidy

Vomit in clothes

Vomiting white sock

Vinyl record player been delivered to me

Veins inside of

Vegetable cutter in dreams

Visit from my president

Viand fish with malunggay

Ve dreamt about ramayan book

Vilvam dream

Vomiting fat in dreams

Vomiting broken egg shells

Voice in my stomach

Vaginal white discharge

Vase jade green in color

Vomitting yellow substance

Voel renewal

Very tall bridge and tavern

Video interpretation of buying periwinkle in the dream by evangelist joshua

Video interpretation of buying periwinkle in the dream

Very sick man carrying his very sick wife

Vagina injury

Visiting a dead relative

Vomiting a snake ina dream at work

Vowels meaning

Vomitting gold coins

Vacating a house interpretation

Visit to temple and taking prasadm

Vagina operation in dream

Violet flowers

Violet bougainvillea flowers

Visited a long time friend and his mother

Vulcanizing, dream interpretation

Virginal discharge in a dream

Vomiting white melonseed in the dream

Vomiting melon seed in the dream

Vexillum of legion of mary meeting

Vexillum of legion of mary

Visiting a fetish priest in a dream

Visiting with the family


Visited by a govenor

Vibhuti in dream


Vagina fell off

Very large industrial paper bags

Vaginal bleeding in dream

Volcano under the water


Vaseline on feet

Vintage goods

Very big top 1 school building



Vaccating a house

Visiting graveyard and suddenly there is outbreak of fire

Vomiting earthworms

Vision of seeing melons

Virgin mary holds baby jesus

Virgin mary holding jesus

Vagina burning in a dream

Vest to dream that you are wearing a vest, represents compassion for others.

Visit from a dead relative

Vergin mary and flower


Vechile packed up

Vagina green discharge

Venus and two moon seen in dream

Venud and two moot seen in dream

Vitiligo in neck in dream

Vulture feather