Broken copper plate

Black hair turn into white hair

Bathing with another women after sex

Brown dog fighting with a flock of hens

Books in a trash

Black colour big metal pots


Bareback man


Boating on ganga river

Brother riding in a bicycle

Buying corn

Being drunk and unconscious in dream

Being urinated in your mouth in your dream


Being child

Being younger

Buying suya in dream

Buying and drinking sachet water in a dream

Biblical.meaning of seeing sugsrcane

Burning cross in a vision

Boyfriend extending new house

Baby eating banana

Broken doorframe

Butning bay leaf

Butning bau leaf

Being pushed by cow and seeing flowing dirty water in dream

Bouncey castle


Both bear foot

Black bowl fill with water

Black patches on face

Black gums of woman


Boiling groundnut oil after hot bring it down in the dream

Black spots on hands

Black moon virgo

Building leaning

Being bossy

Buying ogbono in dream

Blue water dreams

Broken nail middle finger

Baby yoda giving me advice

Being chased by my late mum

Bug out from body

Bug coming out my body

Bug coming out my bosy

Break leaf

Black spot in upper body

Banyan tree and snake in dream

Baby kinner in dream

Building a new house


Broke motorcycle

Black canary flying around me

Black eat

Big black rat

Break a gold necklace give to me freely

Breast bleeding

Beating cheat ing wife

Black big hairy caterpillar

Boiling oil

Boiling oil spill

Burning baby death

Being chased by a mother hen in a dream

Being ushered to the pulpit in church

Being late to church on your wedding day

Big head and small body

Beat friend ignoring me

Bought light blue car in dream

Becoming a crime scene investigator

Blue hair clip

Bitter leaf

Big. blood clot from the vagina

Big pilows

Buying oil palm in a dream

Black snake chasing and killing a white rabbit

Buying bag of sachet water meaning

Broken nose pin in dreams

Black dot into big black circle

Black octopus baked

Big star and small star full sky

Baby headless

Been eaten by a crocodile

Bathing on a mortar

Braking clay pots

Blood diarrhea

Being given a piece of ripe ovacado by your wife in a dream together with someone else meaning

Being told to cook samp

Body crippled

Blue mushroom cloud bomb

Boyfriend meeting dead godmother

Bounty harvest of fruits in a dream

Birth baby and placenta in bathroom

Birth baby and placenta in toilet

Baby touching vagina interpretation

Being sucked through a portal

Box matches

Building collapse


Being engaged by the man you like

Being engaged by your crush

Broken gold ring women

Broken gold ring

Black cashmere

Blue cloth from a dead person

Blue scarf

Burnt dress


Body cuted into pieces

Body cured into pieces

Bags of rice

Black jack all over my clothes

Beating a sister



Bloody red clouds

Bloddy red clouds

Blood in hospital

Buying cloths for my ex

Boyfriend becomes gay

Being in a flying fox

Bicycling near the beach with a friend

Bush on fire

Bird splitting fire in our home

Bald head blood

Brahmin ladies with banana

Bellybutton popped out

Buying udara in the dream

Black leg pot

Brown tap water

Baby kissing a monkey

Blood and milk

Blood on me

Bulb wire

Backing someone baby in the dream

Backing someone tlese

Betrayed by someone close

Being summoned

Brown stripped shirt

Burning insense over a body


Bay leaves

Baby boy nude

Black suit

Broken hearpods

Being chased by a mad person

Burning meat

Black hands long nails

Being held down

Blue stripes


Buying and licking udara

Brother drunk


Bindi tina

Biting cooked but dry meat in a dream

Brother being raped

Black gorrilla dreams


Black writi ng marker

Being in rocket

Bee black

Brother having sex with his gurlfreind in dream

Burnt stove

Bring dragged by car in a dream

Best ever had remix

Being disrespected by a young one


Being in a car seat

Book ends


Being an power ranger

Bf lying on streacher

Brahmin woman, couples in dream interpretation

Buying 44 potatoes at high price

Been flogged by soldiers

Broken glasses frames

Black blood

Buying drinking water in a dream

Buying drinking water

Blood coming out of tap

Breast touched by a man

Black soil on the righte side of human

Black soil on the write side of human

Baby inside kete

Brother falling from roof

Breast growing

Big chilli tree

Braaying the beef meat on fire

Been deflowered in the dream

Biriyani dream meaning

Breaking of clay lamp

Broken id in dreams means

Buying a big house

Black corbeau

Banging your head on wall

Broken hanger fixing it

Bed furniture

Blue cellophane

Blue striped zebra without eyess and mouth

Black handkerchief dream meaning

Being touched inappropriately

Broken krishna

Basket of full with ripe tomatoes

Blowing nose and caterpillar came out

Buffalo fighting


Black shankha in dream

Black cat burning

Bilva plant in dream

Being shot

Black nazarene in my dreams

Bangles by dead

Bring in the wrong hotel room

Being chased with a gun

Bilva patra

Being called a child molestor in a dream


Baby angel dream

Buying honey in a dream

Burying a placenta

Bathing in public in a dream


Boy touch girls boobs while sex

Begging to an enemy

Bamboo sprout

Black patch on hand

Big snake swallowing a whole person

Black people in dream good or bad

Bilimbi fruit

Buying pads for myself

Big picture of mother of perpetual help in dream

Brother getting married in my dreams

Backoe operator

Boss dies and seeing his soul

Bussiness people digging your yard

Boyfriend fetch me with his motor

Baby bruised

Beans and palm pin in dreams

Buying bitter kola in dream meaning

Blue beats

Bolo found

Bloody fingerprint in my dream

Big cat eat cat

Boyfriend leaves you

Being poured anointing oil in the hands

Burning lion

Beaten by my pastor in a dream

Broken blue sapphire ring

Birth tumbleweed


Being thrown by rocks at home

Bunch of grapes

Bloody penis

Big bowl

Big name


Brake in

Bit by spider on vagina

Bank balance

Blood with flesh clots coming through vagina meaning

Baby walking in dream means

Boyfriend is successful

Babies things as gift in the dream

Buying cooked cat fish

Black beads broken in dreams

Blue flowing and boiling hot river

Blue bottle fly meaning

Blue skin women

Blue rabbit and giving birth

Baby kangaroo

Brother died because of stroke

Bamboo string

Baby boy hit on road by young black fat kids and theti father on eyebrow

Blood in sperm

Bloodied dead body

Boy sucking breast

Burning of clothes in the dream

Blueberry muffin


Being touched by a seleb

Being touched by a delen

Being on an island

Burning sto niño

Black slate

Baby with 2 heada

Breaking melon egusi

Baby three eyes

Black dress on a hanger moving by itself

Buying a new shield wiper for my car

Bleeding sheep

Backhoe lost control

Balletian dance

Brahmins doing sharadha

Backwards letter j

Buying a clay poy

Baby is choking on someting

Being pregnant whiles coming from church,i saw pastor and his wife

Buying fried beef from a stall in a market place from a long distance relative

Buying fried beef from a stall in a market place

Buying cooked meat from a seller in a market place

Being bitten by a cow

Breast leaking milk and blood

Baby girls clothes hanging on washing line

Brother wearing my cloth in dream

Baby girls clothes on a washing line

Boat in a steering water going down

Blindfolded goose

Blindfolfed goose


Bus seat

Bus crashing into house

Bus driver stealing my money

Bucket with human faeces inside?

Bathing in the rain





Being buff

Boarding train and find your boyfriend

Buying and selling okto in the dream


Brown file with with sheets in

Buying engine oil in the dream and pouring it into your container

Being chased by two guys with hammers

Bird releas

Boating in different boat

Boating and that boat flying in the sky

Banyan tree and i am the theif who is running and hidding from people

Baby gotten eaten by snake

Betel leaf

Blood falling from head

Burning of his bike


Betel nut dream

Brahmins and bananas in dream means


Bad smell

Bad smell from vagina

Bags of periwinkles with shell

Bags of edible periwinkles

Bags of periwinkles in my dream

Bees and wasps in ears

Bouncy house

Blood in boyfriend underwear

Borehole drilled in bathroom

Borehole dril in dream




Ba nana flower in my dream

Blue water with double rainbow

Black cow cut head

Blood and running water

Blonde hari

Black cat with chain around neck

Blinds - hanging blinds

Bite on finger

Buying bitter cola

Bag filled wit piece dried meat & fish

Buying paint

Bag many gold jewelry in dreams what does it mean

Buy paint

Black and white headtie with pearls

Buying black pots

Black rain means

Boyfriend fingering

Boyfriend dingering

Black spots on bottom cheeks

Black african pot

Break their neck

Beautiful women cooking

Buying snails in the market

Baby sling collected in the dream

Been pinned down

Brother being hurt by someone

Being naked in front family members

Buying sugarcane in my dream

Bee in my eyes

Bar chocolate

Black sea water

Beating my mom in my dream

Beating my mom with cane aggressively

Beating my mom with cane agressively


Brother-in-law crying in my dream

Black ring box

Being scratched on back

Bear on the roof

Blowing conch in hindi

Blowing conch

Blowing shanka in dream

Building ongoing

Black liquid in the mouth

Bird shit on mouth

Bird pooped in my mouth

Black cow calf

Blood, accidents

Blood, accidents, death

Back tooth

Banana in the vagina

Burnt bicycle

Bunt bicycle

Blood cup

Being attacked with a cutlass in the dream meaning

Being attacked with an arrow

Being attacked with an arrow in the dream meaning

Bathing in the dream meaning

Blue silk saree

Beautiful old woman

Become cheif

Black seeds in mouth

Bowl of water pouring on you

Breaking palm kernel in a dream

Being someone famous

Be someone famous

Black flowers

Black and white hearse

Being given kolanut in a dream

Beating someone until their head falls off

Black dog licking my right knee

Burning charcoal in a dream


Black persons fighting eatchoter

Being in the car with a man

Burning of mattress and vegetables

Blood down

Bitter tomato

Black dog sucking my finger

Bloody hand prints on the wall

Boyfriend paying lobola


Burning wrapper in the dream

Burning branch

Burning guava tree

Burning guava trer

Burning guava trrr

Boyfriend has a snake pet

Buying chapati in a dream means what?

Big aggressive wild cats

Black colouring

Black scribble

Black dead cow

Bloody stool in the dream

Bride wearing a blue saree

Breastfeeding a snake means

Breaking compulsory fasting by mistake in a dream

Braces on legs

Brahmin boy asking food

Broken godess statue

Boyfriend peeing on my clothes

Burning of cel phone in my dream means what

Baby in arms

Bread fruit represent what

Breaking the jaw of bitten dog in a dream

Bag of orange

Boss’s daughter bathing

Brother touched my butt

Beheading a cat

Baby left on porch

Brand new seethrough hand bags

Bugs in teeth in dreams

Big full moon

Black pigment on cheeks

Buying green color saree

Brother sick of radiation

Bird tree in a dream

Bathe dog

Black liquid coming out from my nose continuesly.

Brown running water

Broken pen nib

Borrow greenchilli plant from neighborhood and plant in

Being pinched on the forehead

Boys voice calling eme

Brahmin couples gifting yellow sapphire

Buying sandals in the market in a dream

Blowing chonch

Being upgraded into business class

Blue energy

Ball shape

Broken frame of my eye glasses

Black paint on jeans

Being lost in bangkok

Boy and girl giggle

Broken blade


Backwards driving with no brakes

Boys fighting over me

Brother sex with sister

Baby has head injury

Buying something in the dream with dirty money

Being given an old dirty shirt

Bronze money coins

Being pulled from the earth as a very fast pace

Breast bleeding little by little

Bad spirits in a house

Being dethrone means

Buying okpa