Blowjob friend

Being on an out of control bus and saving the passengers

Broken oil bottle

Blue denim coveralls

Buying or selling smoked fish in a dream


Buying a land in a grave

Baby aqua colored snake bite on right hand

Bathing my deceased son what does it mean

Blow job by a girl

Bounced cheque

Bathing a child in a cemetery

Blair toilet full

Bald man growing hair

Baloon in red heart shape

Bible dream interpretation of eating hard styro foam

Bones divination reflection

Bible dream interpretation of a styrofoam

Burning of tortoise in a dream means

Burning of tortoise mean

Bathing my niece

Big bare foot print falling into

Buying mineral

Buying sweet things

Being flogged in the dream while still in secondary school by my old teacher and school principal and owner

Being logged by old teacher when still in secondary school and seeing an old friend beside me

Buying provisions

Boyfriend as my father

Broken kadhai

Brown paper towel

Broken tea mug

Burning your panty


Black dog and snake

Black dog snake

Buying kumkum in dream meaning

Breaking traffic law

Being a nurse

Bird caught in spiderweb

Bats and owl in one dream

Baby mama with a your boyfriend

Black herse

Bleach herse

Being makoti in dreams

Beating a madman in the dream

Boyfriend and husband looking at me pick mango

Boyfriend in the water

Being in a wii game

Burning idol

Brown sludge coming from mouth

Birthing a ferret

Black finger nails

Bucket of money

Being touched in appropriately

Burning of earpiece

Blood coming from private part in dream

Black dog snake mouth dream

Being restricted

Bison fighting lion

Beating a protocol

Burrying of dead bodies

Bleeding drom the toe

Bleeding tpenail

Buthole finguer touch

Blood clots coming out frm th vagina

Being served bread by a man of god

Breast removal of a colleague

Buying processed breadfruit in dream

Blood after sex

Black tutu skirt

Being given mophane worms in a dream

Bathing in the state of menstruation

Big tree a lock in the middle

Bathing and hugging member of opposite sex

Babies in my dream

Bull with broken horn

Bull with boken horn

Bull broken horn

Baby ko sacrific karne wala dream

Baby daddy apply muthi on the baby

Boodida gummadikaya

Boat explosion

Blue n black demon

Bag of herb

Becoming ceo on the community that i build

Bedroom red

Bent key

Biting young in sleep

Bird land in hand

Bf watching porn

Bf eating porn

Boyfriend choosing me over some girl

Black milipede

Burnt playing card

Burnt two of hearts in a dream

Black coat in dream

Bronze keys

Being given championship rings

Beach with love

Beach with my girlfriend

Being crowned a successor in your dream


Brain explosion

Brother going crazy in dream

Bed in a public place

Bear trying to kill me

Baboon feces in your dream

Blessing someone

Black tissue in a dream

Blood on a door

Bad odour vagina

Baby name muslim in meaning

Burned bear

Boa constrictor giving birth surrounded by different other snakes

Buy clothes too big

Baby head bleeding in dream

Burnt fry eggs with shell

Burnt fry eggs

Bleeding throat

Blood on doorstep meaning

Being given a gift of black pants

Buffet in casket

Birds and red flowers

Boy sleeping on my shoulder

Baby with friend

Buying clothes for a mad woman in your dream what does it mean

Box of eyeglasses

Bolt of light

Being told you have a good heart

Beating my mother with wood stick in my dream what does it mean

Broke plastic head

Being told you lost weight by a dead person

Boyfriend shot in chest

Burnt pad

Broken pink shell

Black liquid inside mouth

Boyfriend shoes in a dream

Black poker chips

Black casino chips

Black floating legs

Buy red handkerchief in dream

Being told to purify


Bursting a sachet of water

Buying shawarma in d dream

Black stactue

Buying two yams in a dream means what

Bad birthday

Baby with angel wings in the water

Buying mermaid costume

Burning cross in the sky

Baby being hanged

Boat broken and myself

Blackjack stuck in a cloth

Black moss in the swimming pool dream meanin

Black moss in the swimming pool dream

Bridge that leads to nowhere

Biting my crotch

Blackbird with babies in its nest

Billiard table

Black sorgum meal

Back door burglar

Back door burgler

Best friend in a fruit garden

Boat river cow

Borrowed a mortal and pestle but returned it without using

Being washed by sea

Bun trying to kill me in my dreams

Boyfriend wearing wedding ring

Blowing on the neck

Been bird


Boxes of outerwear clothing mostly winter

Body torn

Boiled egg in dead person


Beast with fire coming from the ground

Beast coming from the ground with fire all over him

Big cooking pot

Bare chested in dream

Boyfriend touching breast in dream

Brother in law breasts

Bike in sewage water

Biting ones own finger

Broken watch strap

Black and red roses

Broken wash line

Broken crockery gift

Blood clo

Black lamb chasing in dream meaning

Bread and beans cake

Biten by transparent snake

Brown spots on skin

Brown standing cat

Black tap water

Brahmi talking about hair in dream

Birds are stolen

Birds are stole

Burnt man burnt motorcycle

Burnt man riding motorcycle

Buying glittering clothes with mother

Bird coming out of mouth

Breast fallout out of bra

Broken legs

Bathing nacked

Burning dry leaves inside the house

Bug bites on legs bf popped

Bug bites on legs

Beg bites on legs

Buying sheet

Birth of amniotic sac


Believing someone else

Bear split in half

Bear splitter in half

Blue blood from head

Bleedind from rhe head

Big whit bubble gold fish

Boyfriend getting shot in chest

Being half clothed in a dream

Burnt alive to death

Boy crying for someone food

Being sucked to death

Bring harassed

Black suit with black hat young man

Baby swimming in a bath tub

Buying nazarene

Bhavani mata in dream

Buying ekuru

Broken water pipe with flood and water hyacinth

Break of my own photo as my laptop

Building a big house with your girlfriend

Being in germany in dream

Bus riding on man

Beaded necklace

Baby rattle with butterfly

Broken glass in bath tub with a friend

Bat urinating on me

Black man burns napkin inside car

Burning napkin inside a car

Blood splattered in front of me

Blood splattered on windshield

Boat grounding


Blue bongainvillea

Boil at the back of my ear

Blackbird flies through a rainbow and transforms into a white dove

Black hair and black birthmark on side if face yandere

Bamboo sticks flying over head

Boil in my buttocks with puz and blood ozzi

Boil in my buttocks with puz and i

Boil in my buttocks with puz and ozzi

Big toenail falling off with new toenail underneath

Black carabao attacking

Broke saint

Being swallowed by the ground

Basket of cassava

Broken culvert

Bride groom horse

Being chased by an angry man

Bleeding on money

Bronze legs

Bar in a church compound

Box of handwritten receipts

Baby scan

Boyfriend watching porn in my dream

Boiling oysters

Burn slippers means

Burn slippers mens

Being handed a can drink

Bird and snake fighting in dreams

Befriending someone in makkah

Blessing from fair lady and old lsdy

Bus crashed in water

Belter skelter

Black mold in house walls

Brown and black spot snake

Boyfriend babymother asking for favors

Black an silver

Black an silver dress

Baby sleeping in drawer

Betting wife in dream

Betting my wife in my dream

Bat changes to turkey

Bad changes to turkey

Bearfeet across the water

Being naked in the rain

Bathing in front of the house where people see means

Bath with ashes

Being on top of a hill

Been given a summons

Buying injera in dream

Blind person greeting a dead person

Baby daddy rode bus passed

Being visited by a foreigner girl in my dream

Bag cleaning in dream

Bleeding big toe nail ripped off

Bringing down a native palm fruit down before your competitor in a dream what does it mean

Blue suit on a spirit

Black holes on bottom of feet

Boer war


Burst pipe

Burning crosses in a dream

Black skinny creature

But slapping

Burning chariots

Buying fish roll and egg rolls together

Birthplace the veryplace

Birthplace the everyplace

Being stabbed by an ex partner in the ass

Bathing with a raw egg in water

Big wedding

Bought pepper fruit in my dream

Black afro hairstyle

Black refuse bags full of clothing from the person you love

Beni seed planting

Breaking agirls virginity

Break spoon

Burned clothes

Barbel fish

Beautiful mermaid giving you coins after spilling clean water in you

Being assisted by dead brother slaughtering a wild animal

Bathing in a stream and you start your period

Baby cardinals

Boyfriend having sex with his friend


Brother shrinking

Basket of seeds

Breastmilk in face

Bicycle driving

Brick mortar

Braai stand in dreams

Blue eggs

Biking with my brother

Baby who was sexually abused

Being raped by a man and a snake passes

Being in a kraal full of fat cows

Bumping your head

Baby wearing white and messed herself with fieces

Baby boy with white hair

Baby head full of hair

Big bugs coming from faucet

Boobs getting sucked

Biting push pins

Blocks falling on me

Being told to b barren in ur dream

Breathing in your ear

Breathing in your eat

Brother wearing glasses

Been choose as a king wife

Bed sinking through floor

Boyfriend sleeping with prostitute

Bishop asking where someone is

Bone coming out little finger

Brother broke up with his girlfriend

Being jealous dead husband

Buying and licking african velvet fruit


Boyfriend told me to kill myself

Black american give me a ove letter in dream

Black american give me a love letter in dream

Beeing eaten by bees

Black crocodiles and black and red spotted snake in the dream

Being seduced in dream

Blood clots in hands

Blue weed smoke

Baby butterfly

Brown cow with third eye

Babk account

Boyfriend dating my friend

Behead turtle means

Black toes nails

Black port

Buying mushrooms

Bedroom lover cleaning bed

Brother second marriage

Breaking canal in the dream

Button falling off shirst

Black grease on tree

Brown blood in hands

Beriyani in dream meaning

Black cloth covering your eyes

Buying grave land for family

Being a fetish priest

Bobcat backs off when challenged

Butterfly caught in a web

Buying taro

Bring crushed

Big mistake

Bull fighting bear

Bull fight bear

Blowing into vagina

Blind rabbit

Building colups

Bugs and underwear

Being surrounded by water in a boat alone

Butterfly trapped in cobweb

By killing a bushbuck

Blue bird in spider web

Blood through underwear menstruation

Bleu and white pyjamas

Bathing with egg yoke in my dream

Buying a bourvita tea in a dream meaning

Blue green flame aura

Buying bourvita in a dream meaning

Being gifted fish

Black lace pant

Basement window broken

Bieng blackmailed

Buying cooked food from a celebrity in the dream

Block laying place when are many for my pastors

Blackhole in backbone

Broken chips

Bell bottom trousers

Bull on fire chasing me


Being lost in a building

Big brother had been raped

Blood stained underwear while pregnant

Being stuck in the ocean and the only way out is to go underwater

Black mud on my shiney black shoes

Bald baby while pregnant

Buying shoes for a loved one

Being surrounded by white butterflies

Blessing from an elderly woman

Blurry hallways

Boy sacrifices himself for me

Being porpoise to with bare breast

Boyfriend getting married

Bird upside down

Bird in vagina

Baby falling gutter flowing water in the dream

Being chased by someone with a gun

Bird morph

Bord morphing

Being given a pencil by an old man in a dre

Being lusted after by others

Being lusted

Baby fell off a building

Blood clot removal

Becoming fourth in classroom

Becoming fourth

Beating a ghost in dream meaning

Beating a ghost in dream

Breaking a pickle into little pieces

Beating a ghost in a dream meaning

Beating a ghost in

Beating a ghost

Beating a ghost in a dream

Black mud and puddles

Blue bedsheet

Blue sheets

Bright face of mine in dream in bible meaning

Beaten by a baboon

Black dots in a dream

Bambara but in dream meaning

Being a demigod

Buying alcohol first time and drinking

Buying new sim card in a dream

Bell ring

Black collie with a white collar licking my hand in dream

Black cloth rub in my body

Big black snake chase mein my house turning smaller an dissappear

Black xube

Been kissed by a mad man

Bathing with eggs i your both hands in the river

Being given silver coins in a dream by my late grandmother

Book covers

Bubble cage

Broke up

Burgundy dress at funeral

Being a good goalkeeper

Being given isiwasho in a dream

Breast sewed with needle

Befriending hermes

Bucket full of rice in the dream means

Baby mama


Bad smelling breath

Beating my ex husband

Brother trying to attack or kill me

Beautiful beads

Body gard

Being romantically approached

Being attacked my man with knife dream meaning

Brahmin telling something in dream

Bathing on grave

Brown snowboard boots

Boiling see bottom

Being chased by cattle

Being rubbed down with cow dung

Boyfriend receiving a blue envelope

Boy falling in love with me

Baby in the box

Boys in my class

Boyfriend recieved message from a woman

Bus steel hill

Bitten by a lion with a rotten teeth

Betrayed in a job