Boyfriend robot

Barefoot icy bridge

Breadfruit good in dream

Blue and white formal dress meaning

Being stoned in the head in a dream meaning

Back rooms running away from an ex lover trying to

Brother kissing sister sexually in dream


Big friendly dogs sleeping on me

Brown white butterfly


Being caned by a teacher

Broken in pieces clay pot in garage in corner

Baby head injured dream means

Broken heel bone

Being in austria

Boss cleaning my bedroom

Baby urinating

Being intimate with god

Baby mama with boyfriend

Bluffed by an old friend

Bridge and collecting pitching token

Black hooded helpers

Boyfriend getting massage from someone else

Breaking black pigs jaw

Broken rice cooker

Blocked ocean

Booty hole

Blessings giving by dead grandparents in dreams means

Baby kiss

Band lake collapse

Biting a human in the face in your drea

Beat dream

Biblical meaning of been gifted crayfish in the dream

Barn buying

Broken od card in dream


Blank pregnancy test

Black coat wearing by a pastor

Bruise shoulder dream meaning

Body hair baby

Being sexually desired

Being pursued sexually

Been delivered in a dream

Boledo number

Being drowned by a relative

Being sabatoged by a relative

Burnt money purse

Brown bird in womb

Baby in dream talke

Brown flood water and heaping stones

Being black with black angels around

Birthday party of children

Big cooking pot over a fire in your compound

Big cooking pot over a fore in your compound

Black white fabric

Burnt god photo

Brown dog chasing a baby deer

Big pink roses

Black millipede dream

Buying mandazi meaning

Buying fried groundnut

Blood makeup

Bananas plantation

Borehole near to river

Bull jump water

Being naked and someone brings you clothes

Big black clots comes out my vagina

Bugs bread

Broken ring crystals

Bus left with luggage meaning

Buying ring light with stand

Build house graveyard

Blue pearls

Bathing rice dream meaning

Being pinned


Broken ceramic coaster

Bird coming out of a shower drain

Bright pink candy truck

Breathing in sand

Bright like spiral object

Brother rape sister

Brontosaurus dream

Bd kissing older sister

Being shot at your bums

Break in half

Blisters all over right hand

Breaking in half

Being haunted

Being chased by spiders

Balance compass

Balance instrument

Bird in web


Bright white cross

Bf went through my phone

Bath tub sex

Black lillies

Baby blue ounce of wool

Blank quran

Burned bugs

Boy lover smiling and waving at me a dream

Brother being handcuffed and taken in a police car

Bolt in head

Baby lion in house

Breaking canal and eating it in a dream

Becoming a chief minister

Bringal dream number

Big scary old man

Bisexual relationship with dead sister

Being hit in the face by a cricket bat

Bar in church

Bigfoot chasing me and yelling

Bird turning into man and hugging me

Blue bottles

Being chased by a person with a giant malloy

Blue bracelets dream meaning

Beside a lake

Breathing in gasps

Boxed food

Buying mealie meal from the industry

Barking large dogs running toward you

Being bitten by a wolf

Babies twins

Being praised by school

Being hit in the right eye

Burning of doves

Blue jay feathers

Bag money

Being chased of rock

Black hen like bird

Bird stealing meat on food

Being offered a seat

Baglamukhi dream meanings

Been giving atm card woman dream meaning

Being forced to join rabels

Buying baking powder in the dream

Buying bread and eating bread

Black jackpots

Breaking palm kernel seed on a dream

Bite on the hand by madwoman

Brunch of grapes dream meaning

Buy a rhino

Broken rose quartz stone in a dram

Black current

Breaking an animal jaw

Bleeding jawbone

Brothers penis tough you

Biblical meaning of snake eggs in the dream

Being chased by rapist

Beautiful bathroom

Boy giving kumkumam to girl in dream

Breaking wine bottle


Blood stain on money

Black and white sangoma cloth

Big horny dog

Blind while driving a car

Buried car and sand storm

Broken pool balls

Butter fly hatch inside my house

Being shot by a narco

Black madonna necklace

Boeing plane

Ballet tutu

Better on this side

Beautiful cyclops

Bat covered in spider web in my house

Brides parents

Boyfriend sucking my vagina

Buying a double plastic cup in the dream

Blue polka dots maroon background

Blue polka dots

Blue pikas dots

Being a bodyguard

Boyfriend sucking milk out of my breast

Buying washed bitter leaf in the market meaning

Broken balls

Bald human head dog

Betty ian man

Black bird attacking you

Bathing with gold

Breaking ramadan fast mistakenly

Breaking down of old car

Bird born

Butt rape

Bush rabit

Blood coming for vagina

Black widow stung me

Big lotus in my dream

Blowing toxic gas

Broken nose islamic

Boss strip naked in front of you

Beans with fried fish

Beans with dried fish

Bottle of milk exploding

Boyfriend pranking cheating

Black and white sheep

Being on sea with spirogyra in it

Been given fried fish

Baby duck dies

Buying new photo of lord venkateswara

Blowing air from mouth

Baby walking with you

Being gifted shea butter

Balloon in a dream

Baby girl bleeding vagina

Broken grave with water

Birth to a seagull

Bread and butte

Blink doorbell

Bamboo on boundaries

Bakers shop

Bucket water overflowing

Boyfriend slept with mother

Boyfriend has no money

Box dreaming

Broken fluorescent

Bofe water leaked from earth dream meaning

Black bird sitting in a tree


Blood on a pants

Black nazareth wearing white shirt in dream

Been hit with cassava stem

Bitter cola eating in the dream

Breaking palm canel and eating it means what

Big fat yellow snake with big square mouth

Broken teeth made of charcoal

Brother carrying me on his shoulders

Being promoted as a leader

Bear cub attacking me

Bilimbi fruit meaning of a dream


Bouncing from bottom of pool back to top

Boyfriend share food

Being expelled from your job

Being pimped out

Being in a sweat lodge with native american indians


Brai stand in dream

Brazil stands in dream

Book flying

Boyfriend deceased father never met

Boyfriend deceased fatherfatber never met

Baby mama in a dream meaning

Bleach clothing

Bathing baby goats

Burying a dead body

Bed next to car

Boiling lizard in pot water

Bathing by a busy road

Bible suck in water

Buying a double plastic cup

Bath tub with a foot of clear water trying to drain

Broken barn

Black water coming out of my hand

Burning of black belt

Big lumps on arm like crocodile skin

Bitter goard

Being fingered by my boyfriend

Bought kolanuts in a dream

Buying a baby in the dream from a fish seller

Brushing your tongue

Bible wet

Boyfriend injuring me with brick

Blue pillow case

Blue alters

Breaking earthenware in funerary practices

Birthday dress

Barefoot with huge hole in foot

Biblical meaning of buying crayfish in a dream

Buying a fake product dream

Buying a fake product

Building mayan temples

Becoming a stubborn goat

Buffalo fighting game in dream

Being sprayed in the face losing consciousness

Brother somersaults multiple ocean

Baby ell in throut

Breast milk flowing toward your mouth

Body was twisted in my dream

Buying pounded yam in dream meaning


Betrayal christian

Butchers shop with cold meats

Blue and green eyes

Baby on doorstep

Beaten by rain dream meaning

Boyfriend deleting his text messages

Breaking a bottle on a four way road

Being chased by cows in your home

Being eaten by flesh eating bacteria

Bird with a human penis

Black lady white eye

Bullet attacks from a plane

Backless dream

Black wrapped surprise

Bed sleeping water

Baby jesus appearance in dream

Buying kolanut in the dreamq

Being protected by a man

Burning jacket in islam

Brother attacking me and our mom

Boyfriend abusing animal

Black dress dotted white

Blue sirens on police car car

Being flipped in a dream

Being stuck in tower

Boilig milk

Baby full of teeth

Being choked tu death by military guy

Black in my hair

Bathing dog feces water

Baking meat

Being catcalled at

Black snake rolling over on back dying

Breaking bookshelf

Brown mouse


Bathing with pepper

Bear norse

Brother traveling abroad in my dream

Broken horse bone

Being at a graveyard and tomernted by a dead man

Building hut in dream

Black opal ring

Being besieged in a dream

Brushing my white teeth

Breast veins

Bus water accident

Being eaten by a flamingo

Book fall in pit

Brother missing death

Boyfriend much shorter in my dream

Broken building

Boyfriend running mad

Biting on fingers

Buffalo bills

Baby calf suckling

Baby room

Bicycle and sand

Baby licking your nose

Blooming of hibiscus pink flowers

Been fed with hibiscus flower in the dream

Bee caught in web

Background checks

Basset hound dog

Basset hound dog dying

Buying locust beans in a dream mean

Blood on sheets

Bed disappearing

Bed disappeared

Brother lost a lot of weight

Balloon on fire

Buying a floral dress

Black skeleton hands fingers

Black cross necklace

Big lay eggs under skin

Barney the dinosaur

Biblical meaning of a backhoe in my dream following after me and then it stops

Blowing dust in face

Being beaten by my pastor in a dream

Baby fall from my hands in dream

Beautiful gold and green cathedral

Black hematite

Breakup fiance

Black clouds form of snake

Be ready

Black oily sea

Bird eating lemon

Being given an handkerchief by my dead pastor in the dream

Being untied by significant other

Black clothes flowing in a rough sea

Buying precious stones in dreams

Boyfriend having a baby with another woman

Bathing someone with herbs in dream

Body surfing a wave

Boyfriends fighting with his brothe

Black jack plant in dream

Big bird shadow drem

Buying thama book


Black dress ayyapa means

Butter on animals

Building a house so deep in the ground

Bishop smiled at me

Being chased by night dancers

Bird with fire on tail

Blowing sensational on my neck

Burned clohes from ironing

Burning clothes from ironing

Boy walks past me

Business partner came in my dream

Bathing in rain half naked

Being on facetime to my friends

Bleeding from nose heavy

Being thirsty

Boyfriend with another woman going in strangers house with dogs in the backyard

Beige flowers

Boyfriend eating baby chicks

Buying ewedu in the dream and the seller is giving me more than what i bought

Buying ewedu leave in the dream and the seller is givong you more that what you buy

Buying ube halaya

Broken big toe nail

Birds and dogs inside the house

Being licked by two wolves

Black carriage and black horse

Being shot at in helicopter

Beverage machine

Buise on breast

Black backpack bag

Black backpack ba

Blue beat

Bit by a swirled

Bit by direl

Black flames circle shaped

Bought pork shoulder

Black snake on neem tree

Bitten by swirled

Being ran over

Being chased and dying with a friend

Buying bread and cookies

Buying baked goods

Black moth landing on my arm

Black tentacles coming out of containers

Broken light switch

Boardroom dream meanings

Baby head turning

Baby turrning head

Baby turning head

Baby head decapacitated

Blowing on a heraldic trumpet

Bedsheet swiped by srong wind in a dream

Being a royal family member

Being handed a bank card

Being soaked by rain

Buying roasted yam in dream

Buying alcohol wine in a dream

Bedsheet gift

Brother taking photos while naked

Black cow dream tree number

Burning trees in the top

Buring top of a green trees groove

Bare breasts pouring milk

Broken bath buckets

Boy virgn

Buying grandnut oil in dream

Buying fresh crayfish in the dream

Been attacked by a mad man dream meaning

Big carrots

Bubble under skin

Bevina mara bandre

Being a mechanic

Bone inside of fingernail

Bone inside of finger

Being shut in my dream

Being flogged by dead mum iny dream

Boy covered with ants mean

Being bitten by the dead

Birds controlling in your dream

Birth to a bird

Breaking rock

Blue picture of ex husband

Baby boy praying over me

Birds footprint on back

Bombs missed

Bombs being dropped but not hitting me

Bombs and carrots

Bow staff

Bear eating honey

Bed shaking violently

Being raped by a lesbian woman

Being gifted with a black dress

Backing a trailer

Burst into flames

Buying new shirt

Baby falling from my hand

Brown leather

Browns leather

Buying pap in the market

Boiling pot on stove

Black clouds with fire in them

Boil on private part


Bike iccident

Butterfly clouds

Biblical meaning of dreaming a vagina being sucked

Boil near my penis

Boat statue

Bleedong from nose in a dream

Buying a cream cloth in dream

Buy ga kenkey dream meaning

Black golden emboidary saree

Black on right hand

Being insane in a dream

Baby girl with no nose

Bird bitting from the back

Bitten by crawfish in palm of hand

Bitten by crawfish in the palm of hand

Breastfeeding the husband

Blinking snake

Black jack weed dream

Buying glycerin from a store

Baby rocking chair



Baby born with intersex

Buying food for a mad woman and her child in the dream what does it mean


Breaking up with a spouse

Biking to the top of a big hill then sliding down the other side

Buzz of a fly

Benz car

Being shot by mexican cartel

Being push out of the car in dream

Bath with boyfriend

Boyfygett mental illness dream meaning

Baby boy wearing a dress

Bronze woman


Breaking tree branches

Black big toe

Big toe starting to turn black

Big toe turning black

Black dove stting on a tree

Birds in a river

Blue angel

Black ant in wallet

Boyfriend having oral and see with a man

Being chocked by evil hand

Bleeding baby boys head

Breaking a measuring tape

Black dress ayyapa swamy

Blind gun man

Balancing edge cliff

Being a playboy bunny

Burning sucket

Being shamed

Bird peeing on my hand

Beating a demon child

Big wooden attic

Bent penis

Baby sucking thumb dream

Baby suck thumb

Baby suck his thumb

Breaking into ex boyfriends house to take my stuff

Blockbuster texas chainsaw massacre

Belly button bugs

Bees in a child dream

Blue attachment given to me in dteam

Burning photo of dead person in a dream meaning

Being with your boyfriend in church and tries to introduce you to elders

Belly button insects dream

Buying of sim card

Baking christmas cakes dream meaning

Broken open garage door

Broken pump

Black and yellow snake with a tail that resembles the head

Bag zipper keep shaking

Buying coconut milk

Bitten scrotum

Buying lace panties in my dreams

Brown dragon dream

Big baobob tree with fruits

Blood in temple floor

Brown hat in islam

Betrayed sex

Beaten hyena

Beaten by a hyena

Brahmin couple dream

Buying meat at a grocery store

Bunch of palm fruit in dream meaning

Broken silver ring

Brother visiting in dream giving big hug

Bowl of cherries at my door

Bird pecked ey

Being captain of the royal guard

Bedroom fire

Baba vanga scary

Brown native fethered pen and

Burning tulsi plant in dreams

Bibical widow dream

Bald spot on self

Bald patch on self

Bent nail

Broken wooden board

Bluebells in nice fields

Basket of diamonds

Baby elephant dead and came back to life

Barren living room

Baby driving a car

Broken multiple dream meaning

Being called sexy

Bed public place

Bag of cupcakes

Being framed for stealing and false accusations

Backing in to a corner

Buying shear butter in your dream

Buying shear butter in a dream

Black garland around the neck of dead mother

Burning birthday cake

Black lea

Being pinched in the body

Blanket in the mud

Boy breaking through bedroom window

Be a part of king palace

Buying purple onions in a dream

Brother with a knife trying to kill me

Book stealing

Body turning blue colour

Black rose bush in a dream islamic meaning

Broken green grapes eat

Broken tiles in your house

Bathing with tumeric water

Broken id card in a dream meaning

Broom catching fire

Buying sim card dreams


Bears in a video game

Black body with white eyes

Blue circles

Biblical meaning of blackjack

Being touched by opposite sex

Big motherboards

Black snake crawling over the body


Brown flood rising water

Bee pollen in a dream or vision

Buying snow pants

Biting snow pants

Being un intimidated

Butterfly coming out of jaw

Being called on a toy phone

Black footprints

Beach and shark

Big white rat in a box

Burnt food in cast iron frying pan

Being given a car key winning the car

Being umakoti

Bit by ermine

Bitten by an ermine

Being with the inca on temple sinkingunder ground

Beeping noise in sream

Became a ghost

Better leaf soup

Barring ones chest

Biblical meaning of dreaming while washing a cream bra

Buy a handbag

Buying a baby in my dream

Being shirtless in a meeting

Bathroom broken

Beheaded dragon

Being held captive by a warrior in purple

Broken brick wall

Being held captive by warrior in purpose

Broken golden angel means

Blue bead necklace

Being chased while holding baby

Betel plant growing seen in dreams

Buying cooked yam

Blackjack stuck on clothe someone removing it

Being sprinkled by milk

Blackjack stuck on clothe somene removing it

Brown spiders

Bare foot in a toilet dream

Bare foot in a dream

Baby rabbit black

Bathing in the pond

Bathing on the pond

Being arrested by a soldier in a dream

Being kicked out of a restaurant in a dream

Being promised a job by someone who passed away some years back

Baby cow giving me a kiss

Burnt crops

Bridge of tree

Burning worn clothes

Baby owl at door

Breaking legs

Blue and white huge fish on wall and ceiling

Butterfly going around me

Black man black dog rain

Best friend ate out my pussy

Bread falling on floor

Bougainvillea spiritual meaning

Broken green bangle

Being shirtless in public

Birthday party was destroyed

Blue hue

Brown recluse spider

Being attacked by locust

Block abaya in dream meaning

Betel leaf planting dream

Black eye children

Black panther with blue eyes

Black blue panther with blue eyes


Buying undies from step mother and his son in the market meaning

Bread in oil

Being helped by red rope

Burning hay bale

Best friend burning money

Barn disappearing

Bees and finger

Bounce castle

Break palm kernel with teeth

Brother runs away from family trip

Brahmin eating fooding

Buffalo giving milk

Being friends with madmen

Blinking eyes of laxmi maa

Body parts of people scare red in a dream

Being pregnant and a baby shower done for me

Being given a cheque on a dream

Beating by a pathol snake

Bathing in clear white water and wear white

Bitter koala germinate

Buying mustard leaves

Blood from a broken jaw

Blocking out light

Bleeding sheep from behind

Bleeding sheeting from behind

Borrowing pressing cloths iron

Black people wqlking

Black and white isiphika

Bulding a temporary house and was completed

Bird made of wood

Bank alart

Block driveway spiritual means what

Being chased by a large pink snake

Bird squawking

Big cat cub with antlers

Blood sucking frogs

Blind woman falling on me

Being a cold spirit

Brown slippers

Bathroom mold

Being chased by a two faced person

Being chased by a man with a knife

Bubbles underwater

Bleaching teetj

Blisters on your left arm

Boy touching my vagina in dream

Big flood and flying animals

Boyfriend drank milk gave me

Brewing tea with my deceased grandmother

Banana oil

Blood pact oath covenant

Beast killing a relative

Bitten by a hyena in a dream

Brown horse gift

Begging not to be killed

Bitten by rabbit

Being gifted a wrist watch in the dream

Barhing in salt

Bloomed pink rose

Building house in a

Being bitten by a warthog

Blade out of vagina

Bathing outside the compound

Basalt rock

Being an undercover agent and my company get caught and told me to send a message to the other companions

Bride and groom dolls in dreams

Black liquid coming out of my eyes

Burnining wallet

Brothers ex girlfriend

Brown cow with its triplets calves

Brown and white cow with triplets

Black card with gold writing

Backride motorcycle

Base neck

Bum wound

Being chased and eaten by raptors


Black condom

Being suck breast by madman in the dream means

Blood on ear

Back and white

Biblical meaning of dreaming fitting on a jacket

Blind person chasing me

Blueberries growing out of my arms

Being kissed by a white woman dream



Blow blow

Boyfriend pulling his penis out

Black ink in mouth

Breastfeeding goats

Benefactor loved me at first sight and willed me everything

Bloody broken toothpick nose

Bed in tha bathroom

Buying a cold drink from a friend that works at a roadside stand

Body order

Bobby order

Blowing tiny worms from my nostril that has a black head and grey body

Broken unbaked pie

Breast filling water

Betel leaf tree

Broken heel shoes

Bringing out clotted blood from the virginal in the dream

Being seduced by a wicked witch

Bear lamb

Blue isiwasho meaning

Baby with dented head

Baby on back

Baby back


Being told to keep quiet

Building of a wall

Boyfriend sexting other women

Breaking mub dauber nest dream meaning

Broken wrist bone

Birthday celebrations

Boil on virginia

Being a medical student

Bathing with peri peri

Burning a live chicken with alcohol and all the faces that appear with it

Bent drawing pins

Bambara nut food meaning

Buying fante kenkey in dream means

Booking tickets for umrah

Boating in a barge

Been tie on the neck with a rope in the mist of unknown men

Being given dried kapenta

Blowing kiss from hand

Blowing kiss and jesus

Being in terrace with friends

Baby with brain tumour

Blue and white doek

Blue and white disk

Broken oppal in dream

Beetles in penis

Being attacked by my father

Boils in my private party

Being friends with a princess


Buying a cooking pot

Bird flying out of the cage

Buying abayah

Breaking underage girl virginity

Being with dead people

Being in many graves

Birds coming out of dates

Brother puting on a police uniform

Brother protecting

Brother with a knife

Black phone

Bull sacrfice


Boys names with j

Back at home

Being locked up then i runaway police are looking for me


Beautiful bird

Burning cheerios

Black dress wearing by male

Blind pastor

Blue clothes hinged in a house

Bird bones

Beautiful mature lady

Bathing in onion water

Bird turned into a baby

Borrow money to buy food in dreams

Being admired by people

Being cheered on

Being cheered up by people

Being carried by someone with a motorcycle

Baboons throw stones at me when entering a cave with a taxi

Baboons throwing stones at me when entering a cave with a taxi

Birmingham sheep

Braai meat mixed

Big monster

Breaking photos

Biblical meaning of drinking wine

Buying nd eating uncooked egusi in the dream meaning

Baby daddy running left with sister in law


Broken curtain rail

Being gifted a cooking stick in a dream means

Being awarded a scholarship

Boating in ganga river

Buy meat pie in my dream what is the meaning

Breastfeeding a vulture

Breastfeeding a demon child bird

Being given fresh cocoyam mean what in my dream in

Being choked by my mom

Bridge water crab

Buying a big tripe


Being attacked by love one in my dream

Buying socks in dream

Being like a baby

Black dart

Bear sex

Boyfriend getting married to someoneelse

Biting a person on the head

Breast milk overflowing after puppy suck

Been advised in dream

Bare living room

Bare kitchen

Boiled jackfruit eating dreams meaning

Burning ganesha in dream

Borrow phone

Black mercedes benz car dream

Being in a candy store

Books falling into ocean

Bag of meat

Buying saffron

Baby in pill bottle

Been given pear fruit in dream

Bed in a bathroom

Black marble stone

Been given a basket of palm fruit

Boyfriend eating me

Boyfriend eating you

Building a new muddy grass thatched spacious house

Beautiful naked celebrity

Basking fire

Buckets full of money

Butterflies flying

Burning shoes in dream

Bad smell of feet in sleep

Being with a ritualist

Baby boy sucking my breast in a dream

Beautiful woman in your dream happy

Beautiful woman and a wolf

Big elepant

Black hands everywhere

Bride in black dress

Buying mopone worms dream

Bible meaning of seeing dead mother in red dress

Buying cherry apple in dream

Buying foodstuff from a dead person

Buy foodstuff from a dead person

Bed springs

Blessings from boyfriend father means

Banana in passenger boat

Bee my hair

Bit by mad man

Broken rib of a brother

Bathing inside market in the dream

Being lost in repeated dreams

Baby boy without panty and sick

Black big wing on a stranger

Building a house on top of bridge

Bougainville plant meaning in dreams

Box falling

Burning hats dream

Blond naked girl

Bird transforms into a boy

Blid doctor

Blue cow in dream

Bag if pears

Being chased in a dream by men in uniform

Being fingered by a guy from my secondary school

Bald white man

Birds fly out of mouth

Baby boy with redish black nails

Brass drum

Blood and pust from my penis

Blood pus penis

Bathing my dead father

Broken ankle bands

Broken beads string

Blue gate

Baby high chair

Brown blob

Bear attacking moose dream

Bear attacking moose in dream

Breaking palm kernel and see four nuts inside what does it mean

Baby born tail

Big brotger remarriage on my dream

Black long velvet gloves


Bag of red chillies

Brother packing to move

Brother leaves jail

Bulls fivhtng

Breastfeeding seahorse

Being on a phone call dream

Bug coming from my pants

Bug wall

Being praised by teacher

Bf hickey on neck

Boss sells house

Bathing and having sand in your hands and feet

Buying coconuts in the market place

Black line on the stomach

Boyfriend propose you jobto do

Buying a maze in a dream mean

Boiling water in the kettle leaking

Blue delphiniums

Breaking of red bangles

Black berries tree

Birth canal stuck

Beating mother dream meaning

Black cat on hot pot on my stove unbothered

Bag falling from bus

Buying lime market dream meaning

Beating by mom in the dream