Black snake in bathroom

Baby leopard dream

Building out of 10 bricks

Bitter gourd plant

Breaking a plalm kernel and finding two nuts inside

Buying dog

Bald baby doll head

Buying or selling biscuits in the dream

Breast snake blood

Broken tv screen

Biting my dead kids while drowning

Bloody pantyliner


Burned hole in the ground

Bathing outside in a dream

Being congratulated

Bledding wrist

Brother in. laws wife delivered baby girl

Bag with the aroma of food coming out

Bilva leaves dream meaning

Baby boy abandoned in teash

Buying and selling of engin oil

Baby daddy

Buying biscuits


Black snake wrapped around left wrist in dream

Burning ganesha idol

Buying doll house

Ber plant

Being friendly with cowife and then husband with cowife

Blood on well

Bridge with accident

Box of chocolates


Buying stationery in a big store

Black tiberan mastiff

Baby boy under one year

Been ordained in a dream

Brahmin asking food

Boss wearing in complete dress and torn clothes

Billy goat birthing


Bathing with better leaf water in the dream what is the meaning

Bathing with better leaf in the dream

Beautiful woman you recognize instantly

Blackbird changing into a human

Brick hill

Buy some foodstuffs in the market in my dream

Banshee and my mum

Breasts drying up

Bus fares dreams

Bugs in my eyebrows

Bathing a gorilla

Becoming civil srevant

Becoming ias dream

Breast getting hard and milk gushing out of breast as it gets flatten

Bitten by pig

Broken golden wristwatch

Big snake go inside hole

Blue hairclip


Bull change into man


Back seaat of bike

Beating a pregnant woman

Black coffin

Become boss

Banga in the dream

Baby on womb

Baby girl and money

Butt ache

Bleeding knees of died love one

Burnt by plastic

Burnt by pkastic

Babies sleeping in garden

Breking mangalsutra

Boss having stroke

Blood clottes from my vagina

Blood tran

Big collar

Boiling bitterleaf in a dream

Blown of a whis

Blown of a whistle

Being saved from a pit latrine

Bird killing a snake

Buying soup ingredients in the market in the dream

Blood on road

Brocken watch

Biblical meaning of glowing hand upon you

Blaming oneself for an unfortunate event


Being friends with celebrity

Burning ladies undies

Boss giving money

Broken blade of fan

Boyfriend tired to have an orgy with me



Baby with dread

Bus crashed with car and i escaped without any injury

Boyfriend kissing sister

Blue river

Beautiful place

Being told to wake up

Being gold to wake up

Burn skin with honey

Being overworked and quitting

Brother penis

Being on my phone

Backwards black cap

Broken picture dead person

Being given fresh fruit by a dead person

Being chased in a dream by many people

Beloved marries someone else

Biblical meaning of being denied money

Being emotionally hurt

Beautiful woman dream

Black-backed playing cards

Beautiful enemy dream

Broken glass

Body fish scales falling off

Brother getting 2nd marriage

Banana plantation which is healthy

Buying summer clothes with mother

Being in a class with beyoncè

Being chased of carabao

Brother funeral

Breaking coconuts

Bangle sound

Blood clots came out forsefully from vigina

Bull without horns biting a grey mare

Being bathed with blood and water by a spiritualist

Boyfriend surprising me with paying lobola for me

Buying bitter kola in dreams

Basket of bruised tomatoes

Black bugs in vagina

Bleeding nose girlfriend

Bleeding nose gorlfriend


Blooming cypress in the dream after having sex?

Busy boyfriend

Buying palm oiil in. a dream

Bottle olive oil

Baby seat for the first time

Buying of bindhi

Big fish eat the crab

Bathing vagina in a dream

Bandicoot bit my small finger

Broken bannister

Being offered bottles of beer in a dream

Being teeth in her mouth

Blood of jesus christ

Black measuring stick

Buying turtle neck clothes

Broken gift

Breast with drilled holes on the nipples

Breast with shallow holes


Bandage mummy aid

Blue asphalt

Breadnut meaning an lucky number

Bugs in flour

Buying spring rolls in a dream

Badminton racket net breaking

Bulk of drumsticks

Buying and eating kola but in the dream

Bird changing into human form

Buying recharge card in the market in dream

Brahmim buying flowers in a dream

Bowl of turmeric

Being undermined by colleagues

Buffalo chasing and killing

Birthday party

Braaing meat and eat it in a dream meaning?

Body leaving soul

Brahmin person in dream

Broken shot glass

Bathroom door opening by itself

Building stone

Boiled vegetables

Burning potatoes

Burning sweet potatoes

Birds fighting

Being given a kerosene stove

Black panther enter new house

Blow air

Broken agal vilakku and god statue

Block of ice

Bees escaping

Black dot on palm

Bathing outside with pants

Burning plastic plates in a dream


Boil on stomach

Beaten by the traditional healer

Being laid hand with two prophet

Black oil spill dream

Baby falling from your hand

Blowing air to my ear


Buying saree oi in

Buying a rig with my crush

Bathing outside on the road

Broken image of child jesus

Baby footprints in red

Big pot of cooked white rice

Brother bisexual


Breaking of tasbi in dream

Brother and his wife

Buying a new dustbin

Bird to human

Black sheep

Blue keys

Bubbling water from many springs

Bubbling water from springs in the soil

Bubbling water from the soil

Broken plate full of food

Being chased by an elephant while with the dead

Borrrowing money from cousin

Building in the sea

Broken mud pot

Broken cross bible meaning

Breaking a big shr

Buying wrappers

Bowels on the floor

Beating husbands girlfrend


Black discharge

Buying my clothes from a thief

Bat pooping in body

Bug infestation

Brick fence collapsed outward

Black lingerie in public

Black lingerie

Bugs coming out of the vagina

Blue children

Black line on wrist

Black hair fish

Black colour on sole

Buying a prayers right



Body fat

Black snake

Bad africa rosewood leaf

Borehole with clean water


Bees stinging me on the head hair

Blonde dye


Buckets full of water

Being stabbed in a dream

Blue bougainvillea

Buying jujube berries

Bottle gourd

Blood strains in stool in dream

Brahmin couple distributing coconut

Body floats

Body less heads

Bodyless heafs

Being chased by a hen for no reason and someone killing it

Buying jogery in dream

Being in the last super dream

Black ink of white board pen

Black ink of white boar pen

Burying a scooter

Black material

Beinf in sangoma school

Being pregnant

Boss flirting with me

Boss flirt

Bramhin gives god

Bella kharidisuvudu

Burying an inlaw

Being on the very edge of a mountain

Baby antelope

Burned dead snake meaning

Black horse with wings

Being fingered in a dream

Buying a new generator in a dream

Being given tigernut in a dream

Buying velvet tamarind with friends and licking

Being in queue outside church

Blue apple and wine

Breathe underwater

Bathing with a silver cooking pot

Belly with a hard swelling inside it

Black goat and white man

Buying cushion in dream

Being pinned in a wall by your crush

Being kissed by a wife

Being kissed by my farther in law

Black bitch in dream

Buying moi- moi in the dream

Breaking a ladies virginity and seeing blood

Broken fish

Broken dead fish

Bantfu bemanti incwala

Beating a thief til thief dies

Big opened mouth

Black tilaka

Breast feeding by godddess

Broken pot covee

Black birds covering the sky what does it mean


Beetles in your hair

Braaing chicken lucky number

Braaing chicken

Brown black growth in the ceiling

Beating one with broom in a dream

Biting of ear

Bear and lion following me

Boob crush

Black loaf

Been sprayed in d dream

Brown vehcile

Bathing naked in the rain

Baked corn

Beauty queens


Brother forcefully pull a ringer out of my hand


Buying colourful dupattas in dream meaning in islam

Being pregnant and receiving gifts

Buying headband

Buy brinjal

Brahmins in dream


Boyfriend ask food in dreams

Breaking cement block in a dream

Buying chichi in a dream what does it mean spiritual

Beautiful wooden wall

Blue bulb

Blue dress in dream meaning



Brown flood water

Buying food for crush

Blood running down legs



Being prick by a broken bottle

Birds eating


Backwards writing

Baby dog

Boyfriend sister

Blowing air in mouth after kiss

Bathing a dead person

Being beaten by a mad woman

Boyfriend holding my breast in dream what does it mean

Black cloth as gift

Black liquid coming out from nose

Blood coming out of dogs anus

Blood dripping in car

Buy black dupatta

Bathing bobcat

Buying and selling engine oil in the dream meaning?

Boyfriend nake

Boy nake

Broken pot lid


Being chased my hijra

Bitter leaf soup

Baking enjera in dream

Bridegroom death in dream

Being chased with a cutlass in a dream

Building a school

Black drink food

Bringing out sand from a river

Bulky slope

Baby having teeth

Brazil nuts stuck in hair

Brazil nuts in hair

Being ordained by a pastor in vision


Bathing from a bucket of water on an open ground road

Black bug biting

Blue siwasho

Black rash


Bathing in dead body water

Buying new household items

Breast rotten

Burning bucket symbolization

Black pen

Brains on plate

Black turtleneck shirt

Been prison by three woman by trick in the dream

Broken trophy

Broken trphy

Beating someone with broom

Boiled red seeds

Black bird

Broken pupil of one eye


Burn toilet

Becomimg a criminal

Brock back bone

Breaking eyeglasses

Breaking conch while blowing

Being flogged with a cane in the dream

Being top 1 in ranking

Beige water

Buying amla fruit

Buying amla

Black soya eating spiritual

Blessed by a man in a dream means what?

Been given waterleaf in the dream

Breastfeeding malnourished child

Brought kola nut form my pocket

Broken glasa pricked in glass

Black convertible car in show room

Buying dry land

Buying ginger in dream

Being the selected bride out of 10

Big python with a human face

Black scorpions

Boy child when unmarried

Beach and sea

Bird speaking

Baby head injured

Being in a dextrose

Being in a dextroaw

Being in a dextroae

Being disintregated

Black & green semen

Baby head decapitated

Beautiful girl sucking my penis

Blue sparkles on river

Bridal shoes

Beautiful red door

Backed in a dream

Broken waist beads in a dream

Brief case full of money

Buying mutton meat

Boyfriend talking to another girl in video call dream meaning

Beating real sisterwith stick

Bitchiness with a girl

Birds singing

Being stomped by 3 bigfoot

Buying palm nut in my dream

Being drugged and raped in the dream

Buy boiling yam in a dream

Buy boiling yam on a deeam

Buying boiled yam in a dream

Buying sweets for someone

Bear attack spouse interpret dream

Blown plug


Beating my mother in dream

Black mug

Boy licking my vigina

Boy licking my pussy

Beating pigs

Broken bottle on ur palm

Baby and large leaches on a child

Burning diwalicrakers

Blaco ink forehead

Broken head of statue

Borrowing make up

Borowed make up

Bruise on an eye

Building a house in a dream

Buck without skin

Baby with vampire teeth

Black hummer

B r ass

Bird poops on nose and hrad

Buying yards of white lace

Black cat

Broken pieces of diamond

Beak woman

Broken pole on the road

Black owl with red eys

Buffalo mating in dream

Buffalo mating

Black dressed angel

Black dressed

Banyan tree with red flowers

Broken mangalsutra chain

Bucket with poop

Brother having sex with my wife

Backrooms with a black long and skinny creature

Beggar not receiving alms

Brother give me red broken plate

Brother gave me plate

Black carpet

Bloody bride beside a coffin

Blowing candles on your birthday

Biting throat

Buying sponge in dream

Blind woman putting a hijab on me

Baby dream means

Bugs coming from nose

Buying hair clips

Been hug by brothers wife

Buying football