Blue pebble coming out of eye

Being raped

Bunga ng malungay

Blowing fire from mouth

Big fat green cat trying to disturb me

Break engagement ring

Big mole on my face

Bird taking a bath

Buying smoke fish in a dream

Brewing rice wine

Big boil

Big noil

Baby spider in mouth

Broken window frame

Brushing t

Buy camel

Being pinned against the wall

Being stommped by a horse

Black mushroom cloud woman with long black wings

Buying two tomestones

Beauty pageant

Body hoping

Buying two head stones

Becoming muslim

Burning of flag in fire

Broken glass table

Burning own pants

Buying ripe plantains in a dream

Biblical breadfruit

Boy penis

Burning charcoal jiko meaning

Buying a white handkerchief

Broken crystal in your dream

Bathing dead father in he dream

Baby with wings

Brijal vegetable

Bloody sanitary pads in a dream

Blue monkey and water snake

Baby having six fingers and toes

Bees flying under a big tree running thruogh them

Bermuda triangle

Bananas and the dead

Being coronated

Bunch of crow on tree

Broken mangalsutra in dreams

Being given okpa in the dream

Black tree meaning

Bedroom filled with smoke

Bleeding banana

Blood stain pants

Being burnt by someone with fire

Bloody water dream

Beast milk

Being in kraal

Birds flying in a tornado

Burning crosses infront of houses

Bed falling through the floor

Belly excess skin

Baby panda on lesh

Black water

Baby play with green khichdi

Bun nd cheese is givin to me

Breastfeeding a snake

Baby clothes hanging in a window

Being interrupted while having sex

Burnt watch

Blackish red colour

Breaking of oil bottle in a dream

Bleeding goose



Banknote falling from sky and you take it means

Bitten by worms

Buying foodstuffs in your dream

Book store

Burning charger

Bag of udara in dreams mean

Being on a coffin

Blood tomatoes

Buying roasted plantain

Broken drawer

Big toy car

Broken wash hand basin

Blisters on mouth

Bitten on fingers by large flies

Birth turned to hat

Beef stew

Breaking fast unintentionally in a dream

Burning crosses


Buses and being late

Break bangles on our wrist meaning

Beaten or chased in dream

Buying shroud

Buying kafan

Building a house in dresm

Buying a cup

Being touched inappropriately

Buying bofrot

Bring home tupperware

Broken leg

Boyfriend family meeting

Bleeding walls

Bloeding walls

Barking of black dog

Broken earrings in the dream

Boy jump from a high house


Boil puss and water oozing out of leg

Burning of wrapper in the dream

Bidding fare well to some one

Beverages means

Bright colours

Broken mama mary figurine

Being invited into a house

Bodies under water


Black cow with butterfly wings

Brazil nut flower

Bite by a dog in a dream meaning


Beating co wife

Bird track

Buying scrunchy

Blue water in a ja

Blue teddy bear

Black bindhi wets inrain

Black fruits in the dream

Buying fried plantain buh haven’t eaten

Buying fried plantain in the dream but i haven’t eaten it

Being among powerful people

Buying a big can of cooking oil

Black bangles

Big vine leafs



Birch tongue reaching back

Buying and eating beancake

Basket with less sticky rice in a dreams

Basket with less sticky rice

Blowing air into mouth


Bathing with a snake

Bullets removed from my chest

Being touched on my back

Black horse form in the sky

Bathing and giving a mad man clothes in the dream

Bitter kola

Beating somebody

Building demolition

Buying fish in dream

Body pain on back

Body pain seen

Bine give aritime in drim minig

Baby girl disflower in the dream

Broken picture frame

Bitten by animals

Body and belly kiss

Bridge collapse when am about to cross

Buying palm fruit in the market

Bathing outside

Buy meat

Bear running away

Box of donuts

Broken headset

Breast shrinking

Beating heart

Blue handerkerchief

Bleeding cross

Bolts in mouth

Broken calabash in dream

Broken calabash by thunder

Black cadillac dream

Buying and eating boiled tripe with laye mother

Being chased with a crowd of people

Boomslang in a apple custard tree


Black mamba

Betel nut

Betel but

Black mucus coming out of my noise

Buying a new phone for someone in dream

Buying goatmeat in the dresm


Buying three leaf yam in the dream

Buying tamarid in shop

Broken watch

Bathing corpse

Bus fare paid

Bus fare paid for you

Brushing teeth with black charcoal

Beany hat

Broken road?

Broken toad meaning

Black nazarene dream meaning

Bulldog sucking my left and kings

Bread on forehead

Black semen running down legs from vagina

Buying land for grave

Buying land for 2grave

Being refuse to have sex with a friend

Buying of suya

Body insecurities

Big insects

Brother eating my food

Being bothered

Bishop oyedepo winked at me in the dream

Black african pots


Baby in a diaper

Baby in a d

Black wolf

Banknotes falling from the sky

Bag filled with milk

Broken conch

Black and gold jewelries

Brother lost his leg in my dream

Black pen in dream meaning

Bought a mat

Bunions in palm of hand


Black writing with a marker

Bathing in the market

Being given cereal and discussing about celebration

Bathing dead mother in a dream

Being bitten by animals

Breathing toxins

Being in a church

Being arrested by policemen with the complainant

Baby cover in red cloth

Broken identity card

Basil seed in a plate


Beating a kinnar in a dream meaning

Burnt car in dream

Bungou stray dogs

Bride an groom dead

Broken religious statute in dreams

Bronze ring in dreams

Bronze rgq

Black man dressed sitting on a couch

Building business

Buying beans by pregnant women

Beat up in a dream

Being a child again

Burning feathers

Breaking rock in the dream and suddenly water rushed out

Black ships


Baby drinking milk

Baby head injury in a dream

Baby ghost

Beetles coming out vagina

Baby chasing me with knife

Bearing through wall

Being in front of the lines

Black líquido ear

Blood walls

Blood on the carpet


Boyfriend liking my nipples

Black goggles in dreams

Bad people and running away from them

Being blindsided

Black polythen

Big trousers

Bitten by jigger

Buying white kolonut

Being a daughter of artemis and poseidon

Bobtail cat

Bathing someone with bitter leaf

Bird faced black cloak with scythe

Boots with wheels

Blocked voice when trying to pray in dream

Buy yams in the dream

Burning leaves falling from a tree

Brahmi in dreams

Breaking god photos

Big new house and idol in that house

Big house inside idol

Black discharge out of my vagina

Black python

Bloody shirt dream

Buying sago

Bullet in stomach

Bunch of oha leaves

Bounch of green plantain in the dream

Broken edge of the umbrella

Being warned to not go to a guy

Blood, stool

Baby boy hving all teeth

Black blue white moon

Blood stain on wedding dress

Baby and career

Bleeding from shoulder

Bleeding from the vagina and looking for someone in a dream

Bleeding and looking for someone in a dream

Bag yellow

Buried item by someone secretly

Buried item


Being covered in dirt by someone

Buying soft drink from a dead man

Buying of food for the dead in a dream

Ballpen under the car sear

Bird on a man

Bleeding from viginia

Buying something on credit

Bread and bean cake in the dream

Being asked to measure a land with foot

Brown color wallet

Brother kidnapped in dream

Beating a child in dream

Ber fruit in dream

Bich with her puppy

Baby stroller

Black piece of wood

Buying for my dead father

Buy kola nut to my pass father

Big running rats

Blue color silknsari

Being given piano

Being given brand new piano with user guide by catholic priest

Being chased with gun

Being beautiful in the dream and using powder to beautify

Buried a child and mother that is alive


Burning a pillow

Bugs on my vagina

Be caught while falling

Blackberry pie

Been given a new mortar and pestle in studio

Bougainvilla stem

Blowing shankh in dream meaning

Being horny in dreams

Being horny while sleeping

Brok headphone

Bindie ceremony

Being a bookbinder in a dream mean

Being shot at with a gun



Burning banana skin spiritual meaning

Black gift box


Broken rose quarts

B and f

Bloody water and a lot offlies

Broken teddy bear


Breaking god statue

Burning meat to ashes in dream

Bird biting me

Baby with curly hair

Bunch of shoe laces in dreams

Book with a hidden object

Body smeared with sandalwood powder

Boarding a big ship

Being hurt

Bindi on forehead

Bindi on gorehead

Boyfriend meeting dead father in my dreams

Bleeding though you vagina in dream mean

Being given a pink baby-blanket to wrap yourself by a stranger

Being given a pink baby-blanket to rap yourself by a stranger

Being given a pink baby blanket to rap yourself by a stranger

Being a dwarf

Being a rastafarian

Being chased by mad man

Broken graves

Being chased by a kudu in my dream

Boyfriend sucking ur breast

Boy friend sucking breast and milk

Big mandazi dream

Biting and kissing by the snake

Beaing a part of ramayna dram as lalshmana

Bite by crab

Blue ink in face

Beating own daughter

Broken mug given back to a married woman by an ex husband

Brace in teeth

Beautiful ghost

Blue fingers and hands

Buying a black currant

Burning collapsing work building

Black ankle boots in calm waters

Bird ,stuck, mud, in the dream


Bream full in a big dish

Baby pterodactyl

Bathing with yellow isiwasho in a dream

Being beaten up by my dead wife

Bandaged head

Baby scent

Being applauded for answer music questions in c

Being applauded for answering questions in music class

Buying torch meaning

Bloody civil war


Beating someo ne in a dream

Beautiful woman hiding

Bruises on both thighs

Bruises both thighs

Buying food stuff from market

Blind gay running toward me in dreams

Black mould

Blood group report

Black nazarine and the cros

Bottom feeder fish in stomach

Buying and eating puff puff

Buying something without enough money


Broken gold nose pin

Black spider- killing one and four more come

Bathing with milk and detergent in dream

Buying new umbrella

Black baby in a dream

Broken statue head dream

Breasts licking water

Blood spilled all over house

Bare swollen feet

Burnt smell

Buying of fufu

Buying bad fufu

Buy agidi in dream

Burrows in my dream

Buy agidi

Buckets of dirt

Brahmin feeding

Butterfly caught in web

Broken figurine

Basins of garri

Buying sindoor means

Buying turmeric roots

Bus roof


Bruising on mid section of entire body

Baby leopar and adult leopard

Born with cowries in my hand

Buying of cassava with coconut milk

Buying cassava with coconut milk

Blossom tree

Blue flames and sparks

Being given airtime in the dream

Big field with dry small maize cobs

Bloody sky

Bought pap in my dream

Boyfriend and sister baby

Boyfriend and his sister has a baby

Bedroom door blown open by wind

Bedroom door blown open and seeing windgust

Buying kenkey and fish in a dream

Burning pillow

Best friend visiting my house

Black mould on pillow

Baby leon

Broken hoe

Breast elergy

Bf carrying a baby boy on the back

Bees are flying

Bleeding from my virginia in the dream

Brushing mouth

Buying a house that’s falling apart

Black dress with white collar

Brother sister section 4

Bad grades in exam

Black bettle

Black color on face of husband seen in dream by beloved wife

Bats in house

Begger snatching my money

Buying food stuff in the market

Baby born then after months taking placenta out from body

Breast feeding an animal

Bleeding foot of my brother

Black oil in dream

Bag strap

Broken bag strap

Broken pearl

Black letters on white background

Black writing on a white

Black writing on white wall

Baby with picture frame

Bird landing on head

Black chickpeas dream number


Blackness in my food


Biblical meaning. a strange man pour sperm on my face and body in the dream

Beating someone with a broom in dream

Being told father in law is dying

Bring told father in law is during

Buying fuel with a keg mean what

Buying fuel with a keg in the dream means what

Buying and selling kola nuts

Bird chewed

Bird swallowed

Bala ji

Buying of ogbono in the dream

Buying maggie indream

Baby eating detergent