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Dreams starting with the letter B

Bear and beehive

Bathroom sleeper drown out in a dream

Buying two panties

Blue saree

Buying two cream panties

Bull chasing

Being given sweet potatoes by a dead person who then leaves with them because they are spoiled


Bitten by cat

Bitten by cats

Been given a match box

Being told that my father has died

Blows air into the mouth


Blue eyed children

Backhead meaning



Baboon as a traditional healer

Buying grass cutter meat in dram

Buying a cooked yam


Bathing in front of church choir


Braai meat

Bridal pair

Black anaconda with black eyes staring at me

Buying futu in the dream

Bone feathers

Broken fast in dream

Brick face

Blind and speechless

Been giving red palm oil

Bloomed gaint calotrope

Buying a pick up truck

Biblical meaning of breadfruit

Brother cooking

Being given a car by the president

Ball of steel

Black cltoth mean

Bleeding from your vagina in a dream

Bird in your ear


Bleeding from the vagins

Buried grandmother in a river


Blessings from elder

Bright green snake in a jar to protect from puppy

Body of water and narrow path

Being protected by lady in white


Blue hoodie

Brother shot by police

Baby loosing weight in dreams


Boyfriend fighting

Bushy hair on deceased

Brothers throat slit

Buy speakers for church in dream

Being stripped

Brinjal meaning

Baby penis


Bramble berry

Buying and selling ripe palm fruits

Breast feeding

Burning incense dream meaning

Bidet spraying up in bathroom

Bidet spraying up in air

Buying fuel with gallon

Black snake in house then it disappears

Bald female adult child

Bald female adult chold

Blowing off diyas in dream

Black saree having red flowers

Black red having red flowers

Bed missing

Bed missing brother is going to move into your room

Black ghost sucking yiur breath out of your mouth

Black figure trying to take your breath

Bleach in one eye

Blue smoke

Baby snail on vaginal discharge

Broken screen cell phone

Being kissed by a fat girl

Bag exchanged

Being choked

Becoming a superhero

Blue butterfly scrapper

Biting fingers

Brokentail light

Boyfriend sleeping wit my cousin

Bottomless holes

Been dragged by the hair

Blue pond

Bright green

Boyfriend goes crazy

Black panther chasing me

Black feathers coming out of eyes

Brown stain behind my ass

Brown stain in your back

Black eyes

Bloodmilk girl

Big wok

Brother release from prison

Black box

Brother touching sister’s feet

Building with stones

Black white buffalo sangoma cloth

Bird on fire

Bleeding to death during childbirth

Black spots on chest

Black tentacle growing from abdomen

Bunch of rusty keys

Being chased by a truck

Bleeding out of my mouth

Broken dishes

Brown fighting cows

Black cat attacking you

Black car attacking you

Being given a gun by late grandfather

Being left out

Burning goddess durga in dream

Buying ingredients for cooking soup in the dream meaning

Bus in accident

Backward letters

Brother trying to killing me with knife

Bora is a vegetable



Boyfriend name

Breaking chopsticks

Breast milk wasting


Beind chased by a cow

Beating wife

Bilimbini fruit

Beach tide buried in sand

Boss slap and criticise

Baby ate head

Baby ate head of baby

Buying a fish

Buying a huge fish

Being shot or stabbed in dream



Become thin

Bekomen thin

Being walked by a meerkat

Being surrounded by women

Black top

Bathing in copper pot


Being chased by a cult

Building a roof

Being late for work

Blisters mosquito bites

Burning face

Bird pulled nose

Burd pulled bose

Bougainvillea flowers

Birds swimming in pond

Bear chasing

Bleeding from neck

Back gate and back door is open to a house

Burning iron

Buying constitution in the dre as m


Blue dove and a camel

Black eagle bitting child in dream

Burnt tree without crown

Black burd with blue eyes

Boyfriend told me that his ending our relationship

Broken window

Bodiless hand

Beetle infestation

Being injected in the dream

Being offered food by my mom in the church

Big fish come out of water is white

Bird coming out of nose meaning

Bathing with pink bath salt and ashes with cold water

Bathing with leaves in a dream

Bed mat

Black mole

Being murdered but survived

Body reflection in mirror

Bathing outdoor and intestine coming out

Being shot but shielded

Bathing besides the road

Bathing with pap n honey means

Black and white baby

Buying bowls

Burnt craps

Being served with purple food

Banana tree

Buying turmeric

Black mik

Bridge with water

Black fat carabao

Bus and water

Battle with the holy spirit

Broken cooking stick

Beruing bodys

Beruing a body

Band aid

Boyfriend pregnant


Bite by snake

Bleach smell


Blood thirsty beast

Blood thirsty beadt

Boyfriend cheating with dancer


Being late for your plane to another country

Boyfriend and stripper

Boyfriend naked with other girls in the room

Boyfriend driving you with his other lover

Broken countertop

Being pulled out of bed

Baby with no heart beat

Baby with no heart bear

Broken microphone


Bible meaning of breadfruit in dream

Black suede dream meaning

Being raped by a snake in a dream at childhood

Bleeding wound chest seeing

Burnt dogs


Begging for drugs

Being given a fish

Broken bottles of beer

Bent backwards finger

Broken nipper


Broken bucket

Being a saviour flying in the air

Black people

Barely move

Being pregnant and having bride price


Biblical meaning of your husband raping your daughter

Black bristles mouth loose

Bristles mouth black

Best friend committed suicide

Brother wife hurts mein dream

Boyfriend wearing women underwear

Being chased by a skin walker

Big horned cucumber


Buying apartment in 120

Broken sto nino

Black breast napping meàning

Blond hair


Blood on your left hand

Bleeding from vagina

Boils on my tounge

Bleeding on the stomach

Brown cat protected me

Brown cat fought green gremlin

Beef strips


Burning black dress

Black door

Blue and white decoration

Being lured into a basement tunnel

Blowing on my neck

Black bear

Broking sliver ring in dream

Black hair

Baby bracelet

Bloody eye with long string in it


Building collapse

Broken hoe

Black horse hair and blood

Break into my home

Blood on a contract

Breaking waist beads

Black goddesses

Black shadow with wings flying

Brother cheating

Blackjack winning

Black powder dream meanaing

Barenaked in dreams

Bàrbel fish

Baby boy falling off bed hurting arm

Buffalo drowning in the well

Baby neck cutting

Bitten by a cock

Broken strap

Broken septic bathroom septic tank

Being carried over a bridge

Being helped over a bridge

Bridge in a storm


Broken arm

Buying moi moi in the dream

Buying meat with dead father

Being hit with a slipper

Baby delivery

Boarding a kombi

Baby girl vagina

Being washed clean

Being washed or cleaned with water

Brown mud on boots


Black boots meaning

Being in a burning cardboard box

Boobs touching

Breaking of chains tied to my legs

Broken post

Billy j kramer

Being lost

Broken neck of my dead father

Broken neck of a dead person

Break lights not working


Beast of the earth

Baby being drowned in boiling water

Babies crawling on branches

Burn with toaster

Banana eat in dream

Building made of chocolate

Bitten by snake


Black flag


Been given a phone by an ex boyfriend

Blac kand brown cat owl

Baby bathing tub

Baby pan


Baby bathing pan

Baby bathing pan in the garbage

Best friend

Black snake trap spits venom and hit me

Black snake trap spits venom and touches me

Blood pressure cuff

Banana bread

Black bmw



Buying maggi in a dream


Boy saves me from falling

Blue grain

Beautiful woman angry at me

Being kidnapped

Being a banshee


Black cougar licking neck

Baby in dumpster

Black flowers


Buying of kerosi e and returning means

Boyfriend being gay

Being made to put a grey t shirt on top of yellow t shirt


Body temperature rises

Being made to wear a t shirt by your leader

Being made to wear a printed grey t shirt by ur leader ina dream

Being made to wear a grey t shirt by ur leader ina dream

Box lid

Book esther given by pastor

Bear cub licking you

Beaded leg in dream

Bitter kola and kola nut

Baby crocodile head

Blue water

Bomb going off at the airport

Being picked and dropped

Breaking cats neck

Baby broilers

Being bit by a shape shifter

Bird in a bathroom

Buying prekese in the dream

Blue and brown cover with golden script

Being given bunches of matooke

Broken ashgourd meaning

Boyfriend being flogged


Bunting tattoo

Best friend blocking you

Bread and butter

Breast feeding a baby

Buying new ankara clothes for daughter

Boyfriend face covered with a black cloth


Boyfriend is gay

Bowl and daughter


Brother in debt



Buying maggi

Buying maggi cube in the mkt


Being stabbed

Bathing at graveyard in the dream

Being given a peanut butter bread by partner

Broken phone screen

Bushy hair

Black feathers


Bigfoot protecting me from a bear

Bathroom from in the house put outside

Black and white balls

Broken photo frame

Boy friend

Birthing on the dustbin

Big nose


Burning in fire

Buying black bangles

Black triangle

Blue tissue paper


Buying a rice in store

Buying sandals in store

Butt cheeks

Boy and girls

Buying a home

Bird in hand and it fell asleep

Brain implant


Bathing naked outside

Base ball


Bronze gong symbol of your end of life

Being lost on your way to church

Being late to my birthday

Buying agidi in a dream

Being umakoti

Baphomet door handle

Brothers left eye came out

Being cheated on

Baby crow flying out the house

Buying a fruit from a mad woman in dream

Bird hunting


Bus baby accident

Baby choking

Burning my skirt by my maid

Boss and her daughter

Boss with her daughter

Broken pole of washing line

Buying new panties


Bird with no beak

Blackout fighting in dream

Buying cow

Bean cake

Baby with father

Buying colourful dupatta

Buying shoes for dead father along with him

Blue and white clothe meaning

Boobs seen in dream

Blue plate

Breast feeding baby

Back cattle

Bloody hearts

Being naked in church

Bible verse to read

Body wrapped up

Body on top of a tower


Brawn leaves on the grave my nefew

Burnig palms

Broken green bangles for woman in dream

Big bronze key

Being trapped car park

Black horse getting killed

Biblical meaning on fairies

Biting finger

Barefoot at a funeral

Blood walls

Black car

Broken pieces of glass

Black snake and disappeared in dream


Being taken for granted

Buying white puppy

Birth certificate falls in the toilet

Boyfriend dying in my dream

Boyfriend attacking daughter

Black door handle

Baby with many toes

Broken winnower

Bubbles from mouth

Baby bin

Baby hun

Beating a child and they turn into a black snake

Buying ogbono seeds

Blood inside the dextrose

Being tou h in the vagina by an old man

Bishop joshua berrian

Being a groom


Black lines on your leg

Bottle of milk


Bird giving me flower

Bee harvesting

Buttercups in bloom

Being like jesus

Blue lobster

Being caught out

Boulders rolling down hill

Being wrapped in plastic

Bleading from my finger

Broken slate

Broken plastic

Bloody water meaning

Buying a sim card spiritual dream

Bride with stool

Bride with poop

Bird head on me

Bags of dry sardines

Being wanted

Boyfriend naked

Boyfriend taking shower

Bad smell

Blessed by the priest

Boa tied on both legs

Bank statement

Boating on land

Being denied holy communion in church

Black dress

Becoming shemale in dream means

Blind grandparents

Boyfriend forgeting his girlfriend

Being chased at home

Being hit

Be hit

Be with your family

Black silk

Be scared

Black death bird

Be lost

Blue gumtree cuted off

Body firing

Buying a wet soft broom

Buying fresh soft broom

Buying fresh so

Being asked out by some one you know

Being ask out

Buying soft brooms

Broken soak away pit in dream

Boarding a plane

Banana plant falling in church


Brushing your teeth and tongue in the dream

Brushing your teeth and tongue in the deeam

Burn woods and step father beating mother

Brother with second wife

Bucket of ash

Borehole water

Being chased by 2 black a snake

Being chased by a snake

Burning of electrical transformer

Black cat biting my leg

Beatboxing in my dream


Biting the head off a bird


Bathing in front of masjid

Buying a plaid jacket



Black and purple sneakers wet meaning

Blistering right arm

Boyfriend beaten

Baby bleeding

Barber cutting hair in the dark

Barbers in the dark

Big dog

Butterfly net

Better kola

Business woman

Bathing with soil sand in the dream

Black and white shirt


Bouquet white flowers

Bouket of white flowers

Brokken finger

Burnt cake

Bring stuck in the delta of a river

Bugs in house

Beautiful ceremony

Broken statues in a pool


Buying a traditional attire in the dream

Broken pen

Being buried in soil a dream

Beige color snake short fat

Brushing dead love ones teeth

Black grapes in my panties

Bus crash

Blind white eyes

Buying petrol

Buying feul

Big mole fungus on a distant person nose

Being dragged and beat by monkeys

Being trampled

Buying glasses

Bismillah in fear

Broken id

Baby blue room

Bathing among people in a dream

Bird eating nails

Buying on the maket with your mom

Building house

Being chased by women

Big snake

Building a house with my girlfriend in a bush

Buying fanta

Birds on water

Bathing out side the house in dream

Being denied clean water to drink

Buying food stuff like yam veg

Baby whit old face

Bathing with naked women

Being flogged by a former teacher

Baby poop

Build stadium

Being beaten up by your uncle in the maternal household

Buying a tuber of yam with money

Broken case

Basketful of very large green mangoes

Borrowing panties

Birds owl

Biting off someones nose

Brown loaves

Breaking a chainsaw

Being followed by a a dark shadow

Banning my problems in dream


Bowl of marinara

Bomber plane


Broken door


Buying sheets


Bloody egg

Buffalo child licking my vagina

Big lion

Black panty on cactus plant

Best logs made with natural hair

Books falling off shelf

Burning hat

Bear cave

Being chased by a goat

Boyfriend paying lobola

Big penis

Brown backpack

Black eyed beans

Blue container

Being attractive

Bathing in a sacred pond on tsomeone giving god ideals to you he full moon night

Bathing in a sacred pond on the full moon night

Being in a different house

Broken elastic

Band snapping

Boyfriend sucking my breast

Broken pulpit

Big bird eating eggs in small nests

Broken bricks

Bride in red saree

Blind old women

Blind killers coming out of elevator

Bugs on my vagina

Burning quran seen in dream

Baby in white giving it away

Black horse with knight killing

Bathing naked person in a dream

Bought bags of charcoal

Beating a friend

Blessing women

Block of wood

Boyfriend gift me shoes

Bill cipher

Being in a forest and the mountains around you start cracking

Birthday cake

Bathing a baby in a dream

Being attacked by gangs

Blue and gold



Black t shirt

Black shirt


Broken forearm

Broken beer bottles

Babul tree thorn

Broken billiards cue stick

Broken pool stick

Black sick bird biting my hand hanging on my hand

Blue dog

Bisters leg


Being told not to do something

Being told not to go somewhere

Black peson

Black shoes to a dead person

Buy something

Baby falls out of your hand

Being with your partner in bush swamp like and gravel trying to make love and holding of hands

Bathed by old woman using rice

Bomb blast

Boobs pressing and kissing my aunt

Boobs pressing kissing my aunty

Buying a house

Buying palm fruits in the market

Burn gold

Braking a virgin in a dream

Buying avocado

Buying avocados

Burned gold

Boyfriend spoiling you

Being raped

Black embroidery blouse

Bird eating bird


Buffalo ride dream

Buying udara in the dream

Burn by castor oil

Black stock bird

Broken eggs

Beating a kid to death

Breaking olive oil in dream

Baseball field fish

Brother sister law

Being beaten

Braiied steak dream

Burning xmas tree

Burning pants

Burning numbers

Black goat

Broken drinking water pot

Bare cut down very long log of a tree carrying on my left shoulder and running

Burning stuffed animal

Burning pants and burning number six

Banana cue

Being mocked by your children

Boiling water on foot

Bedridden friend

Body dysfunction

Beging someone nd the person pour water on u meaning in a dream

Bags in eyebrows



Being given dirty cooking sticks

Being with your boyfriend in school


Begging for bitter leaf stem

Bison charged

Big tilapia fish in pond of arich man

Bare cold feet of a dead person


Bacon fat


Burning star

Black clothes

Beating a chicken in dream

Boyfriend testicle fell off

Bleeding breast

Big nipple in dreams

Beautiful door rag as a gift

Boil egg

Burning ring on finger


Big house


Back of clothes

Baby girl dream

Burning playing cards

Being naked in a hospital

Brother going to umrah in dream

Being in a yacht boat on sea the water is clear you see surface of the sea with your husband

Black velvet taramind

Broken mirror

Buying of new suite

Baby boy funeral with a coffin

Baby boy funeral with a

Burning eggs

Boyfriend in beach

Baby kitten

Boss teaching class

Brick kiln

Blessed by black priest

Big scortum in female

Baby zipped into suitcase

Batting someone in ur dream meaning

Betting someone u know in ur dream meaning


Blue mustang



Being hit on the face and teeth falling out of mouth

Bed mattress sheet wet

Boyfriend cheats with my enemy

Bobcat biting someone in there dream

Buying meat from the butcher and the butcher trying to steal

Blue mantle

Boyfriend got accident from running so fast and got leg and face badly injured

Blue 2 x4 and blue hearts coming out of them

Blue two before’s and blue hearts coming out of them

Buongon fruits

Being kicked out the party

Being lied to

Being denied entry at the border

Baby under table

Broken bed

Been tree line and leaf fall


Broken grass thatched huts

Blue river water

Boobs sagging to floor

Blue face means

Blonde hair

Broken condom


Banga stew rice

Being chased with a cutlass in the dream

Black suit man and woman

Baby s head vagina dream

Bodeyless woman head

Bitten by malties in the dream

Bethel leaves

Balloons from mouth

Boyfriends cheat

Boyfriends cheating

Burnt fruit

Being chased by mongoose

Blowing conch in front of jaganaths idol

Being peeped at by others in toilet

Bean sprouts

Beating in slippers

Being clothed by a friend

Black sandals

Being stripped naked in the dream by friend meaning


Bags walking to the house

Bugs coming into the houses

Brother in law

Breezy wind

Boyfriend coming back from another country

Buying yam in a dream

Black blindfold black clothing tied up


Burka women in dream

Bloody infant

Bts concert


Blood spots in underwear

Broken pcv pipe

Birds eatind grass seed

Being a prefect in my secondary school with people admiring me


Black face lady looking down and then looks at you and smiles as if her work has been done

Bathing with clear water


Being conveiced by an old woman to buy her products

Being hit on at the dmv


Blood mixed with salt

Bathing in the river and see a black and white snake

Baby head swelling

Bringing home green coconuts


Boyfriend comparing height

Black magic performed on me in dream meaning

Buying unfinished house

Being the opposite gender

Bionic woman of the future

Bionic woman

Being angry in public

Buying a beautiful shoes in the shop





Being congratulated by your boss in your dream

Burning food


Biking walls bridge

Bike road walls trees bridge

Biking close by a bridge

Bathing in front of my girlfriend house

Bathing naked in front of my family

Black fruit

Blood spilled over my head

Being attacked by a bear while i am inside a car

Baby snakes sucking my boobs




Biting of finger by someone died


Bicycle chain broken

Bus load with fire wood in dreams mean what

Bathing in a river wearing clothes

Being pushed down stairs by mother

Buying black leather bad watch


Being watched

Brown attire

Black ball on lip

Burnt palm

Beautiful full moon full moon in sky

Baby kangaroos and man

Bathing outside

Blood stains on chair



Boyfriend sucking boobs

Bottle gourd

Bindi remove your forehead dream

Broken plate

Burying a loved one ar sea

Bleeding arms

Blank quran

Bodyless baby dirty nappy

Being trap

Big and bright sunshine and moon

Big size sun and moon opposite each other

Being mad and rescued by sister

Broken container


Bf and i future

Baby with 6 eyes

Baby that can’t poop

Baby jesus with mother mary


Big wave

Bathing in my ex girls friend house

Being bitten by someone i dont know

Begging garri

Broken spher

Brother running mad

Burning hand set in dream


Borehole ckear water and flowing in the dream

Brain disease

Beating a kinnar

Being chased on the graveyard

Broken altar

Being naked without shame

Bathing naked in front of a guy and public

Birthday party


Bathing in the market place

Burning tree stump

Body being chopped up



Broken simcard


Blue body bag

Bathing with maize meal

Brownish teeth

Brownish teeth inside

Bringing a gift of purple onions with the green stems


Being another person

Bruised nose


Being hunted

Black man

Broken teeth

Banana tree falling

Boys chanting my name

Being in a bus that doesnt move

Being in a buss

Black bump on finger

Broken waist beads

Being chased by crocodiles

Being offered gold necklace

Burping feathers

Bleeding from virginia

Bleeding ftom vigina

Being removed two lower teeth by a small child through placing your mouth together and their is no oozing of blood

Bush fire

Blesters on the palm of my hand and feet

Bark of tree

Black cat

Baby cub leopard

Breaking of a horse statue

Bowing down and pray in front of a king

Being given nice clothes by sister

Buying cassava

Beating twins

Burning dead horse

Been chased by a black cow

Boyfriend keep telling me to go to school in his dreams

Bloody tampoon stuck in hotel toilet