Bleach stains on good clothes

Brushing cheek

Boiling snake in vessels

Buying airtime in a dream


Baby flying with blue wings

Bags of food

Burn on your thumb

Beating husbands mistress and killing her

Brown dry cow skin in a dream

Buying seasoning cubes in the market

Being taught how to swim

Boyfriend have sex with mom

Black hands

Blue polo neck jersey

Borehole pumping water


Bite by dead


Battling demons

Buying kola nut in dream

Black liquid coming out mouth


Bathing blood

Blue whale

Bear attaching dog

Bomb plast and fire

Black cockroach

Buy okra in the dream

Black discharge from nipple

Best friend naked

Beautiful balcony

Being friend zoned

Battleship shooting

Burning transformer in my dream

Bright night sky with white clouds floating

Bittersweet dream

Breaking palm kanel in a dream

Beal tree


Buying and driving an old van

Beige color flat doll shoes

Bird’s necklace

Blackspots on body in dream


Bathing with fresh tomato paste

Building collapsing

Blue saree burning

Burning of blue saree

Black bleeding nose

Baby clothes with maggot dream meaning what


Boyfriend with someone else

Building gurudwara

Beans cook with oil in the dream

Being at the top in a school

Broken railwy track

Buy a gold bag

Blood on bed

Broken opal stone in dream

Blue light covering body

Boyfriend cheated on me with sister sister is dead in real life

Birthday cake

Black ang red meaning about dream

Blue and white crockery

Big red ants coming out from navel

Biblical meaning of pastor asking for keys


Black gram

Brother saw my butt

Being caned by former teacher

Buying cloth ion dream

Bleeding from vagina when pregnant

Bag of water

Blood stains on white cloth

Being raped by my aunt

Being raped

Beating group of people in dreams

Blind baby

Blinding your baby girl eye with my own hand

Blinding your baby girl

Black tulip

Baby with 3 legs

Buy zobo drink

Black ball coming out of mouth

Brother with gold stripes on chin trying to kill you

Bathing in river with green water

Boa entered my vagina

Bitten by large spider

Boyfriend takes me to see his family about marriage


Body cut pieces

Byuing old clothes

Being in ice

Blood on the mall ceiling,floor and wall

Blending crayfish

Been raped by my brother in law

Big place with women made a charity food donation

Big place with women charity for bowl with food

Bathing with others

Big lizard

Brother in law falling from a house roof

Burning outlet

Black hooded cloak dream

Bridge with water over it

Buyi g expensive food

Black bindi in dreams

Boyfriend in intensive care

Being stabbed with scissors by a woman

Being taller than your brother

Baking buns in the dream

Buying toiletry

Bit fingers off someone

Bird turning into human child

Big breadfruit

Bangalow in dream.

Blue baby blanket

Burning diya

Being flogged by a pastor in the dream

Being a celestial being

Buying of oranges with your lover from ur mum

Broken pyrite crystal

Buying of leaf in a dream

Buying of waterleaf in a dream

Buying mushroom and waterleaf

Being a debutant

Buying a pair of shoes with a deceased relative

Broken gallon of water

Black gram in dream meaning

Broken company shoes

Bungee jumping and seeing ones fall and die

Beating people by the soldier

Being in d middle of plenty gallon of oils

Biblical meaning of yellowguavers on a tree

Broke monday fast by eating outside food

Birthday of dead father

Birth year of some one dead

Black man

Black 2 man

Bitten by rapid black pig

Buying fruits and vegetables in a dream

Black dot on palm meaning

Broken ps 3

Black fruit in the dream

Burning mobile phone with smoke

Blue leggins

Bathing with sugar mean

Buying indian sweets

Buying chin chin in a dream

Black night shade vegetables seeing in dream

Black night shade seeing in dream

Back ride

Being beaten by amry in my dream

Black toung

Buying jewellery

Buying jeweller


Being stoned

Bag carried away by floods

Bandage around uncles head

Broken toy

Being pull away

Burnt passport

Breaking oil palm nut gathering fat seeds - dream

Broke my arm

Broke bones

Broken idol of god

Burning shoes

Boat and paddling

Black curly haired unknown women with deep blue eyes

Being nude and getting married

Bart bird

Baby scub

Being snub in my dreams

Being snab in my dreams

Being snubbed in my dreams

Babies antelope in dream meaning

Buying milo,nido ,bread

Based on the selection what does dream mean?

Boyfriend choosing me over another girl

Black snake talking to me

Being confident & funny in dream

Braing meat pock in a small fire

Big cheeks in newly male child

Buying hairband

Black-spotted puppy

Bangles has gift

Blonde baby boy in dream

Black nazarene meaning in my dreams

Black wallet

Big wooden spoon

Big wooden laddle

Breaking a virgin girl in the dream

Buying lemon

Buying clothes n shoes to dead sister

Broken plate

Big boil and busted

Big boil and bustef

Buying crokery in your dream

Being horny in dreams means

Belly stitch

Being pinned against wall

Broken wrist watch strap

Big nipple

Bougainvillea coloured violet

Bayan tree leaves and snake

Being given a certificate with good marks

Buying white cloth in d dream

Buying of white singlet and boxers in d dream

Bride looking ceremony dream

Buying maggi in a dream

Boy serve me food

Burying clothes in dream

Burying clothes

Brown lamb dream

Bad wall papaer

Broken angel statue

Big rocks killing people

Boulder sliding down hill

Being inside a car burning

Brahmin couple coming in dream

Bamboo cutting and pick

Bringing my child from school

Blue hands prayin in the sky

Big size jalebi in dream

Being flogged in dream

Blood stain in white clothes

Biblical meaning of cleaning a baby girl mucus

Black yellow snake

Black spotted dog

Being at a playgorund

Bramin is talking with me

Being chased by a red masquerade

Being pregnant and receiving an envelope with white powder

Being pregnant and receiving an envelope with powder

Blowing and rotating shanks

Being told i have cancer and i will die

Being half dressed in public

Beautiful mountain and flowers

Been stoned with nsu in the dream meaning

Bridges maybe icy

Being fed cake

Breast sex

Burnt goat

Beating woman with bible

Bramins having food in dream

Buy reach age card in a dream

Blocked voice when praying in dream

Breaking of snail in dream

Buying new dustbin in a dream

Bart flying in my room dreams

Burried dolls

Burrying dolls

Backing baby

Breaking of pearl anklet and spreading of pearls

Building a large mosque

Buss accident in front of my eyes

Baby as a butterfly

Buying sorrel

Beinga commander

Bad smell of lake water

Blue stone

Banyan tree dense leaves

Banging someones head to a wall

Big deep ocean fish swimming in a river

Black coal mean

Black coal in a dream mean

Being blessed by the bishop in a dream

Being given heap of cocoyams

Bad smell

Buying black abhaya

Black bangle bunch in hand

Buying white duppata in dream

Bag sand

Basket full of ripe mangoes

Brown water meeting the sea at the foot of a rock

Being in a car accident

Banana tree dying

Big stupa

Biting cheek harshly

Blue teddy bear startle in dream

Blood sucking animals

Busting through a glass door

Boyfriend kissing on my shoulders

Black white spiral

Breaking off my engagement

Blue painful light in my hand

Black beads mala in dream

Big milkfish dream meaning

Being charged by the police

Breast feeding a snake

Blood in the cotton buds

Bath in the cemetery

Broken styro box

Boy sitting next to me

Buying beans pudding

Burning gold clock

Buying rice cooker

Buy moi moi in the dream

Bad fruit, outside of church, sunken grave

Boyfriend use your sister in money ritual in a dream


Brown cow asking for money

Bird flying fom vagina

Baby boy born and goes by name ram

Business main money loss

Business mai loss

Bathing by nun in a temple

Bath by nun

Body sanitize

Blanket the dead person

Broken hair pin

Broken hair pim

Beautiful house in the sky

Body deformed by stitching

Black dog attacking me naked

Battered rat

Betrayed by a friend

Being surprise by a visit from your sister and friend

Being surprise by sister and friend

Beating up ex hubby girlfriend

Broken idol of lord krishna

Baby falling into a shaft

Baby crawling and mother came to carry him

Being lesbian

Bleading teath

Breastfeeding a baby girl in dream

Breast spilling water in dream


Blood on rag woman private atea

Bilva tree in room

Birthday gift as car

Buying millet porridge in a dream

Beautiful bride

Barbwire mouth

Black pig attacking

Buried body in dream


Blood of a fish

Buying bofrot in dream

Beheaded head of a family member falling

Blow blood

Broken house in dreams

Boned dog

Bush road

Beal patra

Black fat bull and slaughtered

Bronze key falling

Biting by a snake at private part

Big arm

Bones of meat

Blue eyes

Burning blazier

Brains blown out

Buying cashew nut in the dream

Blown by the wind

Blue snake turning to fish

Blind cow in my dream but that cow dnt attack me

Biblical meaning of driving a car smoothly through bumps

Brother gay dream

Blood colt

Basil leaves

Baby lost

Breaking down the weaving

Betrayed by my sister

Blood of jesus


Bloodied left hand

Buying of black goat in dream

Buying of black goats in dream

Bear, tiger and lion in dream

Beautiful dark street dream meaning

Bus going steep hill in dream

Blood on roads

Being chased by angry old woman

Brown rubber band burst

Being rushed when on toilet

Been chopped up

Borrowing money in my dream

Burning meat to charcoal on a braai

Buying maggi and salt

Bird in hand

Being distance from someone in a dream

Being given vaseline

Burnt face lady chasing

Butterfly flying and sitting on my head

Blowing on face

Boyfriend has a wife and kid

Being pacified by someone

Beautiful table set up

Bowing down elderly. resoectfully

Bowing down elderly.

Bird waste

Black hair with one white hair

Big size frog with sharp teeth was in my bed room it cames to bit me but eaten by cats


Baby swimming

Blood clot coming out finger cut

Bottle guard resembling pregnancy

Banana leaves mean

Black colour lemon

Bouquet flowers

Becoming the statue of liberty

Blue colored robe dream meaning

Been bitten by an old woman

Bitten by an old woman

Basket with puppy


Blood covenant

Being fingered in public

Body lice

Being carried by boyfriend on his back | dream interpretation

Block door

Big cat eating small cat

Blouse zip

Bought moimoi for my son in a dream

Beheaded virgen mary

Been lifted by a friend

Broken a water pipe

Building getting damaged

Burning plam tree

Being caned in high school

Bat dropping

Being in trouble caught a drug in my bag

Black colour stool meaning

Bat under the water

Bats in the aquarium

Broken egg shell smelly egg

Bite by dead person in a dream

Blue mosqueto net in a dream

Belly botton popped out

Blue water in dream

Buying agidi means what

Both eating and church bad?


Being proposed with a faded ring

Bind dream


Breastfeeding an old pig

Black snake in families hand

Breaking and eating in of palm kennel with my children

Being in a coming with wedding dress meaning

Buying of kerosene in dream

Biblical dream meaning of jesus prophesying to me

Black powder squeezing you


Buying fried groundnut in dream

Bathing in the rain meaning

Buying baby eagle

Bathing a healthy baby

Bathing a healthy babby

Being throne stones by mad man in dream?

Broken testimony card

Being possed by a jin in dream meaning

Bullet wound in my right leg

Breaking anoiting oil on the ground

Being quaraled by my child about his job

Burning passport

Bright yellow bug

Bird’s foot

Brother backed and crying

Biblical dream and semen of dog

Buying a banana instead snake

Broken cluchter

Brown butterfly cross my path

Being slapped in my butt

Bettle bug biting me

Buying raw eggs in a dream

Bat hitting my back

Bottle of olive oil dropping from someone hand

Blue sangoma cloth

Being eaten by tiger

Brownish flowing river

Black and white animal

Buying periwinkle with a cousin

Bouncing red balls

Being in a hurricane

Boss giving lock and keys to you

Bloody sea water

Black nazarene appear in dream

Bitter guard

Boyfriend introducing me to his father

Bleeding from the vagina dream meaning

Being chased and hiding

Brother going abroad

Bloodied money

Being given mopane worms in a dream meaning

Burnt vehicles

Blood inside banana

Boiling water pouring on someone in a dream

Been a winner in sports running competition in a dream meaning

Been a winner in a sports competition meaning in a dream

Bugger dream means what?

Becoming the first lady in a dream

Baby climbing

Buying small van

Blonde hair

Blue trees

Boyfriend in trouble and about to go to jail

Buying meat from temple