Buying milo in a dream means what

Being married to the man i rejected

Building floor

Bridge car accident

Bride clothes

Buying calamansi

Breaking and entering

Boss being murdered

Burgundy van


Black furret saved

Broken gems

Being conned

Boyfriend got someone else pregnant

Burgundy car

Black labrador dog

Bought a house

Bought anew house

Baby in ambulance

Beige colour



Bill gate

Bought a plantains in a dream



Biting my cheeks in a dream

Biting my cheeks ik anna dream

Buying tea spoons

Buying prepared hippo meat


Banyan tree in my dream meaning

Bay leaves tea

Black twins

Bed spring on bedroom floor

Being held in water

Broken clothesline

Back to back

Bunch green grapes

Burning blanket


Brain fog

Black bird on right shoulder

Black snakes

Being swallowed by a big fish

Baby clothes hanging on the line

Bird pulling me back by my neck


Baby choking


Being raped being harassed

Black chair


Buying petroleum in breaking galon


Bear eating chicken

Bowel mob

Being inside a kraal

Birds freezing

Breast falling down

Blue, hands

Buying hijab

Black licorice

Blue bracelet


Birds before a storm

Big red bowl

Being given a book with no title

Boyfriend lying

Black ruffles

Blood vessel on stomach

Being promoted

Bug in dogs ear

Broken tasbeeh

Being chased by someone with a matchete

Being dragged

Being in bed with naked niece

Black horse with wings attacking a puppy

Black horse bite me

Batel leaves

Batel leaf

Begging moimoi to eat bread

Breaking steering wheel

Blood knees

Bird asking for help

Blind snakes

Birth certificate

Buying, breaking and eating a roasted cashew nuts

Black book with pictures of family

Being stared horribly

Bail demon i dreams

Boat, fire

Broken black candle in glass

Burning canopy

Beating up mistress

Baby nose

Being kissed by a baby girl

Bird caged


Brother pilot

Boyfriend paying lobola and

Bloody red sun

Broke my coffee cup

Broken scissors

Budgie parakeet

Being call a bitch in a dream

Blue colored bird whistling

Blue colored bird

Buying a dress

Brother getting blind in dreams

Black scarf cover his face

Baby in stroller


Bag of charcoal

Black eats lizerd

Being a cartoon charcater

Being attacked by dogs

Breaking earthen pot in dream means

Bank account number

Breastfeeding a fawn

Blanket in water

Blanket going down a river

Beating someone in a dream

Brother falling off balcony

Buying exspensive medicine

Bloody mice coming out of vagina

Backyard with sinkholes

Black horse

Bitter leave meaning

Brother wins the lottery

Blob fish

Baby hippopotamus

Brother sucking my big breast

Beard with blood

Bright glowing tap with golden water


Burnig firewoods

B52 bomber fennel

B52 bommber and fenne;l

Being kidnapped by a stranger escaping and fear of being chased

Barrow water over flow

Boyfriends deceased mother

Being in relationship

Boy wearing school uniform


Buying icheku in the deeam

Biryani dream

Bing attacked

Buying oilbean

Barite crystals

Bring rubbed

Backwards letter

Baldhead men dead head

Baldhead men

Buying goat meat

Bundle of money in your hand

Being on a boat with your boyfriend and being stranded and needs to be rescued

Braces on another teeth

Brother i law gave me a hickey on chin and neck

Boyfriends brother gave me a hickey on the chin and neck

Basement apartment

Brown baby goat

Building named bougainvillea

Black tiger swallowing earth

Blessed woman

Bleeding from vagina

Boa sneak

Burning larva

Brought to live

Black mold on wall

Big white houses

Bad angel

Burned paper

Biting off fingers


Breast milk squirting out filling

Breast milk squirting out filling pots

Bouillon cubes

Being sucked into darkness

Being invited to dinner by an army general

Being invited to a dinner by an army officer

Bears chasing you

Beast killing people

Blue gravel


Book gift

Buying agidi in dreams

Buying in the market

Blue envelope

Burning water

Breaking 2 empty cups

Boi come our from body

Bodhi tree

Breathing dead body means

Being caned by my uncle in the dream

Black dog trying to suck my breast

Baked lamb

Broken calabash with water in the dream

Bottom ofboat meaning

Beat up my aunt

Baby girl sucking my finger dream

Bird landing on shoulder

Baby with 3 eyes




Building totem pole

Broken mortar pestle

Broken pretzels

Birth of baby chickena

Being held down and then pulled away by something else

Breaking fine china dishes

Break computer

Belly buttons as hole


Burning butter

Being escorted

Bright light spirual guidance

Black charcoal in water

Being given passwords

Be a zoo tender

Being given dirty sourcepans and utensils to wash in a dream

Butterfly killed

Burning crow


Birds and star

Being invited to a basement

Being on an elevator

Bow string broken

Black and white rope

Bugs in wound

Black eyed peas

Baby sucking my hand


Bright balls

Balls in dreams

Brown diamond dream

Baby fell asleep on my shoulder


Baby pooped in diaper


Blue old house

Baby goat hatching

Blue blood on left foot on a cut dream

Big black spide

Black vomiting someone senning me in dream

Bleeding armpit

Black jack stuck on clothes

Bathing carabao

Broken wedding photo

Broken photo

Bananaplation dream

Beggar snatching money in my dream


Bird limb broken

Bird leg broken because of me

Birds mating

Birds in tree

Babysitting christopher

Breast hole

Buying sachet water in the dream means what ?

Burnt face in a dream

Blackbird in dream


Buy fabric

Baby in a beautiful basket

Broken colorful plates

Broken colorful plate

Bear eating dog

Broken eyeglasses

Blow job in dream

Bathing in a cemetry

Birthing an elephant

Bag of ruler

Brown menstruation

Buying kolanut in my dream

Buying kolanut in dream meaning

Bro arrested by police

Black pkeathwr leather shoes deeam

Black pkeathwr leather shoes

Bed frame


Brown face


Bathing in a flowing river and helping people in a dream


Being lost and phone is not working

Blue garage door

Buy airtime dream what does it means ?

Boobs sucked in dream

Boss at home

Baby with horns

Blood on toilet paper


Boss has a stroke in my dream

Being pushed off

Broken necklace

Blood from faucet

Blood tap

Banging on door

Blue stockings

Begging people to believe me

Baby crow

Black curly hair lady

Bruises on the stomach

Being thrown

Blue in the face

Big fish sky

Bailing water in the dream

Barefoot print

Basket ball

Big blood clot from vaginal

Bani israel

Buying saba

Becoming president of the country


Brown tongue

Baby girl, purple flower

Baby girl reaching for a purple flower

Bulging eyes and hostage

Blood stains on husbands white pants

Blood stains on my husbands white shorts



Burning furniture

Beige snake

Bird wings ripped off

Broken steering wheel broken

Broken door handle or knob

Boao catching fire in sea

Baobab powder

Being chased by evil demonic nun

Black sport golf car

Bought sailfish


Bleeding from breast means

Bathing milk honey

Bad knees

Broken plastic tray

Begging of water mean

Being someone thats not real


Black crane

Black obsidian

Brother in law kidnapped

Black mouth

Being given water by a mad man

Body cut in different pieces

Broken candle jar

Box placed over you

Broken dishes

Black and green

Being slapped awake

Being a nurse for in uniform in hospital


Broken handle in a dream

Beautiful tall girl

Bear, attacking a dog

Buffalo running

Being manaced by tigers

Brooming the unknown facility


Bell without church

Blood clots came out in the vagina

Brewing the dog


Brussell sprouts

Broken id


Blakjacks on the clothes i wear in a dream

Broken banister

Big mouth animal trying to bit my husband

Buying bucket

Being with the chief dream meaning

Being stood up by a friend

Breaking of conch in dream

Breaking of conch in deeam

Business can’t make payroll


Broken keyboard

Being called as saint

Blurred face in picture

Baby stolen

Bathing in bread and milk

Breaking of a bottle of olive oil

Brother put my shirt

Blooding some one

Blackhead in ear

Black face male in my dream

Burning my cat alive

Big cats fighting

Blue sapphire ornaments in dream


Black and white photograph

Being called a bitch by a woman

Buying tokunbo car engine in dream

Blowing air to my face

Blowing air to my face and i fell

Brother vomiting blood

Being married to the man i rejected

Black read

Buying pimento seed

Bit by tarantula on foot

Bike lock

Breaking coffee pot

Blow fly dream

Bad smelling sock

Bees in eyes

Brother wearing maroon shirt

Basketball dunk



Bug in nostril

Bug fly into nose

Blue and red face

Blue and red cace

Blue and red

Being given money by the deputy president in a dream

Brigade dream meaning

Back in old home

Buying match boxes

Black mopani worms

Burning toilet paper in the village

Black chameleon in a dream

Black chameleon

Best friends new grave

Being given wheat in a dream

Buffalo snorting on arm holding door

Big white feather

Being taken and no one cares

Baby jesus in dream

Black moon exploding while at the beacj


Black hand



Black half man half goat

Blue bird biting me

Biting someones finger


Boy cut his penis off

Bringing shoe out from water

Being sliced in half by a sword

Burning animals

Bags of maize

Burning pot


Bird foot print

Brahmin in tempel giving you blessings

Buying cucumber in the dream

Brother dream see sister naked

Black and white stink bugs

Black gloves hand coming through a window

Bindie on forehead

Bloody underwear in a dream

Back with ex

Baboon jumps on my back but a pillow was in between

Bugs washing out fom anus

Black scorpion

Be a nude


Black solace

Being appointed to go and preach to large crowd

Billboard saying you are home

Baby hanged to death by mother

Bad neighbors


Brahmin giving prasad

Banging teeth with someone

Banging teeth in a kiss

Burning pigs

Burning eyes of the moon

Black baby


Being told to wash the shoes

Black liquid coming out of mouth and eyes

Being a sergeant

Beluga whale attack

Baby clothes on line

Bear licking me.


Breast milk of cat


Basin of clear water

Blue tree in my vision

Broken chalice

Bear linking me



Brown towels

Beard on fire

Brother, gay, house

Bite cheek

Buying spoons

Bear and mountain lion

Blue bird landing on my arm and cannot remove it

Black colored tika offered by a lady priest

Bloody pad in my hand

Bloody pad in my hand on a bike