Jumping into the ocean dream



Jesus in golden picture frame

Jesus i golden picture frame

Jaggery purchasing

Jelly covering my legs

Joan collins

Jumping over fence on horse

Jalebi dekhna


Jealous sister

Jacket dresses tops skirt trausese

Jumping a fence

Jail fafi numbers

Jumping into mossy water

Jackfruit on trees

Jackfruit eating rifle

Jean trousers


Jewelry toilet blue

Jack sparrow chasing you

Jagerry in dream

Joll of rice nd plantain

Jasmine garland as prasad

Jerrican with clean oil

Jeff the killer

Jet turning round on the sky

Jesus returns

John kutil

Jaguar and wolf

Joker mask

Jellyfish attacking your brother

Junk yard my car crushed up

Japanese royal wedding

Jumping high to pick a guava

Jump over wall and wound

Jaggery tea

Jack frost


Jesus necklace in the dream

Jerrycans fufullof water in a dream

Jumper spider

Jewelry in the toilet

Jelly like ball coming out of my vagina

Jesus playing voilin

Juicy pomelo


Jain sadhviji in dream

Jump queue in dream

Jute mallow in a dreaml

Jamaica public service

Join cloth

Job lost

Jesus and a robe

Jumping out of car before it went into water

Jumping out of a car before it plunged into

Jesus and hurricanes


Jeeper creepers

Jumped from a historical building

Jackfruit a tress


Jesus in front of the moon

Japanese story

Jumping on rooftops

Japanese soldier


Joshua dream about red chilli powder

Jump off cliff

Jumped off mountain

Jackfruit beong waterry and blackekrning

Japanese class

Jaw disfigure

Japaese sex


Jin entering my body

Java plum dream


Judged by peers

Jinn marriage

Jewellery on a beach found

Jaguar attack

Jesus in a gold pendant



Jehova witnesses

Jade bracelets

Jade bracelets and gold bracelets


Jasmine flowers under pillow

Jungle bolo knife

Jumping over the river from one bank to another

Jib on crane

Just stares

Japanes is looking for me

Junk car in dream mean

Jerry can means what in dreams

Jury duty


Jangle bolo

Jackfruit slice dream

Jealous man

Jessica eats bears

Jumping from a fruit tree

Just heard a prophet call their name

Java plum dreamed


Juan yin

Jungle bolo in dream

Jelly like structure coming from vagina

Jesus in a pub

Jumping into a ocean

Javelin fruit

Jajjery with rice

Jadi kaya

Jesus in sky big and covers sky

Je khenpo portrait in dream

Jesus burial cave in a dream

Jumping over water

Jumping down from a height


Jesus statue broken in my home

Jesus with a child

Justified revenge

Jacaranda leaves

Jaggery taking

Jaggery giving


Just about falling through a roof

Jackfruit with worms means

Jumping a broken road

Japanese eat a lot

Jackfrit symbol number

Jars of baby food

Jumping onto buildings

Jumping down a whole

Jacket as a gift

Jumping from a ship with calm and clear water

Jiggers from finger


Jar filled with oil and later poured away

Jumping wire with more scared

Jack russel


Jingle dream


Jew rabbi

Jesus on white horse in sky

Juggery giving women

Jumping a waterfall

Jump ladder

Jesus on a necklace

Jesus mirror

Jumbo jet dream

Jin hurting in dream while azan time

Jump from cliff



Jumping on bed

Japanese writting

Japanese symbols

Ja axeyfdyvsy n xx

Ja axeyfdyvsy n xxx

Jesus on a boat

Jar of oil

Jacket swap with my boss

Jacket swap withy boss

Jinn come in the form of human and oppress you

Japanese granny

Jubilating with winning an election

Juice bottle fell from hand and broken

Jumping over trees

Japanese temple

Just an observer in a class with student taking examina

Jinn listening to u

Jhe khenpo

Jangan pernah mencintai orang dalam waktu yang begitu singkat

Jangan pernah mencintai orang dalam waktu yabg begitu singkat

Janamaz in dreams


Jump no control

Jumping on tombs



Jesus christ give me a tip of soear




Jesus and mary in clouds

Jin leaving from body



Jaman khana

Jumping in a hedge

Jagannath temple in dreams


Jennifer chiwama

Jaguar and fairy



Jail guard


Justice and pulis

Jewellery stolen in dream

Java plum in pregnancy mean

Joining a brother hood in your dream

Jain sadhu and sadhvi in dream

Jeans in dreams

Jollof and chicken

Joss paper


Judge with black cloths

Jumping off into hill with ladder in dream



Jatropha seed

Jacket on fire

Jungle bolo someones chasing me with jungle bolo

Juicy peaches

Joseph stalin with a laser gun riding a flying cyborg whale

Jilted best man

Jamun fruits in dream

Jojuba tree


Jumping light

Jagannath temple in dream

Jumping over the grave


Judgement day in my dream meaning what

Jugnu in dream

Jowar seeds in dream meaning

Jowar seeds in dream

Jump on sea

Jungle bolo

Jewelries in seas

Jaggery on the floor

Jackfruit fellbdown

Jack fruit dream meaning

Jumanji dream meaning

Jungle and animals


Jars of oil

Jumping over barbed wire

Jumping barbed wire


Jackfruit trees bearing many fruits

Jumat service and pray salat

Jumat service and pray

Jumping to ceiling

Jamun fruit came in dream during pregnancy


Jumping off moving boat

Jummah praying

Jerry cans of water

Jaggery soaked in water dream meaning

Jumping with joy in slow motion

Jumping slowmotion in dreams

Jay z

Jesus upside down

Jesus face with crown with thorn in his head

Jumping holes in a dream

Jumping in the ocean

Jesus christ statue

Jessy in dream

Joining an old friendship group

Jackfruit tree dreaming biblical meaning

Jet air plane drops bomb

Jealous old women

Jowar dreams with dead person

Jesus with a thorn crown

Jerry cans full with water

Jigger in your feet

Jesus christ blood

Jalebi khana

Jeep golden color in a dreams

Jinn leaving my body

Japanese portal

Jumping animal

Jigger under my foot

Joggers under my feet dream

Joining military bus

Jackfruit falling from a tree

Journey, road

Jowar seeds

Jagannath rath yatra


Jaggerry rice

Jesus gave a kiss to my forehead

Just gave birth to a baby boy

Jehovah witness

Jehovah witness hall


Jumping in the flowing river and riding a foam


Jewelry on the beach

Just bathed in clean river and see a child defeating on the same river

Jesus from heaven

Japanese pregnant women

Jamp door

Jumping over closed gate

Jacket on top of a gown

Jetboat river

Jaswandi flower ganesh

Jigers all over body


Jowar bhakri

Jumping out of a fire


Jack fruit seeds coming out vigina

Jackson steel

Japan, poland, england

Jumping stairs down happy

Job seeking

Jump in clear ocean

Jumping in water from high altitude

Juck fruit seeds in dream

Jump to to save my son floted in river


Jumping together in water dream

Job opportunities

Jinx in dream

Jelly like balls coming out of my vagina

Join library


Jigsaw puzzle 1 piece missing

Jigsaw puzzle completed

Jamun seeds

Jamun fruit seeds

Jumping into dustbin


Jumping of a moving bus

Japanese coin

Java plum

Java plums

Jumping over potholes with a car

Jean blue


Java plum fruits

Jump scare from a cat

Jesus and mary picture

Jesus and mary picture on the sky upside down

Jesus cross

Jack fruit seeds dream meaning

Jcb working

Jackfruit in a dream means

Jumping in fungi in dream


Jain god

Jesus holding a lamb

Jagannath puri

Jesus walking in the street

Joined coconut in dream

Jesus rebirth

Jowar dreams

John the baptist

Joining a group in a dream


Joss paper offering

Jagannath temple within rainbow

July 11


Jumping in a pool of poop

James paul naylor


Jail and gun

Jiggers under my feet


J letter

Java plum dreaming eating

Jackfruit comes in dream

Jack fruit dream in pregnancy

J letter start romance with my husband be truthful in our life share all the thing with me

Jump on a moving bus

Jackfruit in number



Jumping out from helicoptor

Jump into moving vehicle

Jhagda vhako manxey sapana ma miley ko

Jm.bmppkam.aduatmd pa

Jumping over hole

Jumping over hole acrossed

Jones surname dream

Jumping pothole of dirty water in the dream

Jamun fruits

Joining hair rubber in dream

Joining a secret society

Jung spider

Jesus on an upside down cross

Jerseys or sweaters

Jump scate

Jujube tree with green fruits

Jelous friend

Jelous freind

Japanese house

Joining secret service or agent

Jowar roti

Jumping out of a mud

Jagannath temple

Jaggery given by boy to girl

John 3 :16,matthew 7:7 dreaming of reciting a quotation verses in the bible meaning

Jungle river uniform

Jesus statue became alive

Jet engine

Jumping up high

Jesus heart bleeding

Jaggery eating

Jumping off a burning building

Jerrycan of water

Jasmine dreams during pregeency

Jade beeds

Jack fruit

Jawa fruit

Jail brake


Jewelry snatcher

Jade fish


Joss stick


Jungle, dormitory, seminary, chickens, famish, ancient lands, journey

Jumanji in the dream


Jeans pant

Jumping bus

Judges robes

Jamming gears

J dreamt about my atm card know, what does this mean


Jesus red nazareno

Juggling grapes

Jagrey giving

J dreamt when plugging a cherger in socket electricity burns my arms

Jalebi in dreams

Java plum fruit

Jumping over a flooded river successful y meaning biblical

Jackfruit tree climbing to pickup fruit

Jiggers a dream

Jumping from one sugarcane truck to another


Jesus side view


Jumping on the other part of the mountain

Jackfruit in a dream meaning

Joshua david ross


Jeraldine elsisura



Jute leave

Jamun in pregnancy means

Just dreaming about favorite character

Jewelry was returned

Jerrycans in a dream

Jamun tree and fruit

Jeep burning in far plwce

Jesus last supper

James corbrefuse sex

Jogging naked

Janaza of women with 3 babies




Jane fonda


Jollof rice

Job gravity

Jaggery ball

Jail murder

Jail wrongfully


Jehovah’s witness

Jewellery remove from neck

Japanese sitting room

Jump back

Jump dangerous

Jaw breaking

Jdancing in sangoma in a dream mean whatobs available in south african police officer

Jobs available in south african police officer

Jackfruit falling from sky

Jumping over a hole

Jumping down a thorn tree

Jamun fruit violet colour


Jaggery received



Jerr can

Jer overflow water

Johnny sins

Judge robe in a dream

Jackfruit smell

Jaggery powder in dream

Job in dream

Japanese demon

Jerking penis of two men simultaneously

Jellyfish that goes inside my vigina

Jellyfush that goes inside my vigina

Jumping off from second floor but can’t