Giving sweets to daughter

Giving burnt roti

God photo frame fallen

Glowing fish

Green chilly plant with full of green chillies

Ganesh visarjana in dream

Giving blowjob to a friend

Government official

Goat,lion, hen

Giant squid attack me in my dreams

German sheppard


Ghost food

Grandfather getting hurt

Girlfriend wearing boyfriend trousers

Golden strip dream mean

Giving me pink girdle on dream

Giving back engagement ring to boyfriend

Given one yam and loaf bread meaning

Getting a ceramic angel gift

Giving birth to a black stone in a dream

Giving birth to black eggs in a dream

Got less marks in exams but more than my friend what it means

God pic stolen y me in temple


Giving ghee to dead relative and she drinks it

Grey puppy

Giant bowling ball chasing you

Grandfather gave me sweets in dream

Grinding up rice

Gold light emmiting from mouth

Green mucus on towel

Ghee rice

Golden clock with fire

Girlfriend dying in hospital

Golden rover

Group of people chanting krishna name in my dream

Green wsves

Giving some one flour in bible

Giving some one flour

Green ball

Getting ate out by a girl

Goat fighting with women dreaming

Golden book

Giving bindhi to other

Gathering church

Goats mating

Grandaughter cooking for grandfather

Giving a gift at a baby shower

Grinding of pepper

Get on a free bus

Griends unhappy in my dream

Giving a good and gift to my mother

Glitching dream


Green sky

Gun in pouch,and a bullet

Goat in the sky

Gifted gold watch

Got married but didn’t see grooms face

Going to a wrong room

Giving late grandfather milk

Getting thrown over the bridge

Girl show sympathy

Getting proposal fr old classmate

Going fetish

Green chill in dream

Going to school raining

Girl sucking boyfriend penis in her dream

Governor gave me money in a dream

Gurudwara and prashad

Getting married to a turtle in a dream

Giving someone seed in the dream

Getting caught by soldiers

Getting cought by soldiers

Gulab jamun in dream of pregnant women

Going into a tunnel

Garland in neck

Getting scholarship

Gifted a cell phone in the dream

Giving birth to dog in dream

Giving birth to a dead dog

God blinking eyes in dream

Giving roti to puppies for eating

Getting ready

Gettinh ready

Good result

Given plantain sucker in dream meaning

Glass being broke

Ghoul chasing me in locker room

Grandpa giving a written will

Ghoul after me in locker room

Give me an award

Golden pines

Girlfriend iphone unlocked

Giving money

Going out early morining

God missing from temple

Given advice by a mad woman

Goat in a latrine


Green pig

Gold mixed with black on a ring in my dream

Giving a ring to a dead sister

Gathering ugba seed in the dream

Getting married with my husband on sea

Garuda was standing in front of me in my house

Green place

Giving your enemy kerosene in the dream

Giving food to a mad man in ur dream

Green hair

Garbage coming out with baby

Grinding beans and pepper in dream means what

Giving sweets to eat on her death anniversary

Giving sleepers to others

Getting fish fingerlings as a gift at the market in a dream means what

Getting fish fingerlings in the market as a gift in a dream means what

Giving my water to drink to my dad who passed away

Giving money to a dead relative

Geathering stones

Girls blouse

Giving money to eneny in dream

Giving money to enemy in dream

Getting ragged in dream

Gifted by a gold bangle by deceased husband

Gold in pockets

Group in red and white

Giving your classmate ablow job when youre a guy

Given mealie meal

Getting perfume from a dead person

Graveyard filled with water

Grape juice

Ganesh visargen

Gold cross necklace

Giving money to a pandit in dream

Green mucus running nose

Green and white bead

Gargoyle killing you in your sleep

Glowing book

Grasshopper on my forehead

Goat baby sucking my right hands in a dream

Gravel in dream

Gravel in dram


Goat baby sucking my hands

Going friend’s home through forest

Giving cowries in ur dream what does that mean

Goat gave both to triplets

Green water snake bite in grave yard snake bite no harm

Green water snake bite in graveyard

Getting a necklace as gift

Got diamond nose ring

Gothic clothes

Giving toffees in a dream by dead grandfather

Going to an optic in an a dream

God in bathroom

Grasscutter bite finger in a dream means what

Grass cutter

Gold worms

Going on moon

Ground boiling water

Gallons of oil


Grasshopper in dream meaning

Garuda sitting on my shoulder

Given a dates fruit in a dream

Growing black pretty hair on your penis

Giving gold to my grandmother

Giving someone herbal mixture

Given thanks to god in my dream

Giving a mad man food in the dream what does it mean

Getting caught cheating with the maid

Giving money to police in the dream

Given present and money to a preist

Giving my late father his blanket

Giving camphor to an unknown guy

Garuda gaurding

Giving something to dead person

Giving children sweet in the physical what does it mean?

Giving small boy money in dream

Gathering aku

Gifted a rock

Gift dream

Grinding beans

Giving clothes to a dead relative

Given rod on dream

Gifted horse in dream

Ganesh visarjan

Getting married to a white woman she was putting on white wedding gown

Girl jumps suicide

Giving out toothpaste in a dream

Giving out toothpaste

Green chutney in dreams

Grandma gives a party celebration and she is deceased

Grasping a girls but

Given raw pap

Given raw akamu by someone

Gathering aku mkpu in the dream

Going to supermarket with my deceased father

Golden luggage

Giving paper money to a blind man in a dream

Giving onions as a gift to someone in a dream

Getting married in a dream

Giant cabinets

Giant cabinet

Getting abuse by others

Getting late for airport, packing and panick

Given 3 rings by deseased father

Given fruit to girl in dream

Going into an exam but before paying fees

Gomathi chakra in dream

Gomathi chakra

Garden indoor

Garbage dream

Giving birth to a premature baby in dream

Girl showing her vagina to her boyfreind

Given a holy communion


Getting married in the pool of water

Getting stabbed

Getting ready in the morning

Green snake swallow green frog

Goat mensturating in dream

Green leather sofa

Giving someone pad in the dream

Girlfriend sex another guy

Green grapes

Grass growing in your pointed fingers

Gold ring red stone meaning

Gold ring red stone meaning 1870

Getting a text from ex

Gifted a pair of long earringd

Goat giving birth to triplets

Group tour in dream

Green interior

Giving birth to a down syndrome child

Green wagon interior

Giving someone potash in a dream

Giving spoon

Gift of a puppy

God givingflowers in dream

Guard ring

Guard ring in a dream

Giving birth to three children

Garden egg dream

Geisha shoes

Going upward in car

Gold house

Gold table

Given lots of yam sticks

Given lots of sticks

Gift of milk from prophet


Going on excursion

Giving hen chicken from the dead person

Gardening soil in the root of a rip pineapple

Grocery shopping with mom

Gaint black spider chasing me


Getting stabbed in kidney

Got dreving licence

Gift of maize flour in the dream

Getting nails done

Green eyes woman

Giving birth to black dog

Gold light in hands

Gecko in a dream

Going home with some guys i taxi

Going back home with some guys i a taxi

Giving someone pot in dream

Girl loves me

Getting wedding invitation from dead person

Going to an airport to well bill a parcel to someone aboard and i saw the plane take off what does it mean in a dream

Gold bracelet

Gas in dream means

Green plants grow

Giving someone some palm fruits mean

Ganesh laxmi silver coin in dream

Getting hurt by a needle

Giving thamboolam in the dream

Gold meaning

God fight

God photo falling in my arms dream

Giving someone an airtime means in a dream?

Giving someone two tubers of yam with a guy friend

Getting saree from dead person

Going down fast steep stairs

Getting a blowjob from mother

Given a plait mat in a dream

Got a text message from a dead person number

Getting a text message from a dad person phone number

God pic fell down and broken in dream

Giving book in the dream

Giving money to your granmother for preligims and feeling content

Giving money that i win from a jackpot in a dream

Getting abused

Glenn. irc’s

Getting blind in dreams

Guest with pink suit

Given pure water in the dream

Green embroidered clothes


Grains of corn

Getting whipped

Grinds beans to paste

Green wine

Glass crock hold dream

Given powder milk and drink in the dream

Giant chayote

Gian chayite

Going to the terrace of your house

Getting money from a stone with water

Gram dream mean

Gift pen

Ghost monk

Giving sugar cane

Given a medicine by sangoma in a dream

Giving blessing before dying

Gifted with a music player

Goddess radha is dancing

Girls with penis

Giving a book to dead person in my dream

Goddes lakshmi saeing in dream

Goddes lakshmi opened eyes in dream

Green paddy

Giving a candle to my enemy

Giving my clothes to a dead petson

Ground provision cassava and eddoes

Giving a pinky promise over and over again

Giving a child bathing soap as a gift

Gold jewellery

Giving out okpa in a dream

Giving people okpa in the dream

Gift candles by a dead person

Gift candles

Gave birth to transgender child who has things written on her face in dream

Getting jamun fruit in dream

Giving a lot of money away

Glass bowl and glass tot

Gold ring

Gold ring on sister finger

Given money by the president in the state house

Getting shot at during day

Gathering of african oil bean in the dream

Giving water to a drunkard to drink

Goat in dream

Got in dream

Girl wearing boyfriend shirt

Giving a dead person oral sex

Giving someone porridge

Godess giving flower in dream

Gathering with the person who has p ed away

Ghost story

Grazing horses

Green toxic water

Going to abroad by plane

Golden key

Goat qurbani in dream

Gift of a new house

Gift of a brand new house

Given airtime two by a man in dream

Green pepper and black ants

Gift of a green pepper

Giving deceased relatives pastries brought by someone as gift

Giving my deceased relatives chin chin brought as gift by someone

Getting caught masterbating

Getting caught madterbating

Grass changes

Giving my cloth to my sister

Green foam from mouth

Giving water to monkey in dream meaning

Gifting clothes

Gas fire burning in the fire place

God really in dream

Giving money in the temple

Ghee and milk buying in dream

Giving gift to others

Green curtain dream

Getting junking from the priest

Giving roti paratha to dead

Girl saying i smell good

Giving a coal

Giving a dead person tissue in dream

Giving ripe mangoes to dead mother

Girl on girl sex dream meaning

Geting stiches

Giving kola nut means what

Gang bangs

Giving money to deceased love ones

Giving licence to a dead person

Getting stamped by a friend

Giving food with stones

Gold and silver mountain

God photo falling down and i complain about it

Golden hair strand

Getting paid in foreign money

Grinding spices

Getting rained on

Green sweater given by a dead husband

Gifting car to dead person

Gravel heap


Guinea corn green plant dream

Giving someone moimoi and eko in drram

Getting burnt

Gallons of fuel in dream

Grey hair

Ghee shakkar

Getting lost while walking in bushland

Giving someone kolanut in the dream

Giving rice to dead mother

Glittering gold falling

Give birth to birds

Give birth to birfs

Getting pinched in arm

Giving money to dead person in dream

Gopuram in drea.m

Gopuram in drea.

Greeting archangel uriel and him introducing himself

Girl masturbate

Given clean packed sanitary pad by girlfriend

Giving money to a happy disabled person in a dream

Given demand notice in dream

Gave drinking water to my dad who passed away

Going down on a woman

Group of men dressing in white and gold happily

Green grass cut

Giving a pregnant woman money in a dream

Getting caught by your mom smoking cigarettes

Glass colorful marble ball

Green mouthwash

Goddesses is crying with one eye

Giving birth in calabash

Getting extra finger on toe in dream

Glass door brocken

Green peas in dream

Green pearson dream

Growth on skin

Growths under armpits

Giving a pastor juice

Giving adead person chicken in adream

Getting pregnant with a celebrity

Girlfriend with animal head

Giving honey

Goat giving birth and he bit me

Green apple handed by deceased brother in law

Gun holzter

Gift of watches

God wearing red saree

Grey hand

Golden banyan leaf

Given a password

Grave and small snakes

Gooseberry tree with goose berries in the tree

Gooseberry tree with gooseberry

Goose berry tree with full of fruits

Gardling oil bean in the dreem

Gold getting lost

Garri turner stick

Garri turner

Giving slippers

Google docs

Getting divorce and not married

Giving mom good shoes in the dream meaning

Giveing police compain

Great memories

Green colour ocean

Grilled crocodile

Gold pillow in the dream


Gold coins in tree roots

Giving birth to a lovely boy

Giving buttermilk to my deceased father

Giving something to deceased

Green snake spitting green apples

Green colored bread

Goats skin

Giving transport money to a driver

Grass snake

Gifted broken glass wrist watch in the dream

Goat house

Gold nuggets on tree with number 9 on it

Getting your mother a gift

Getting your mother a goft

Give sugar cane to people in islam

Giving an old man moi moi in a dream

Goodbye kids

Giving taylor white clothe to sowed

Going to the toilet at the cinema and seeing soemone with something suspicious.


Giving 1 coin to small boy

Growing takl

Going off diya

Giving milk to dead person

Ground provision

Giving your son live fish

Goat and horse

Girl grabbing my testicles

Girlfriends sister bloejob