Giving money to read person

Germinating maize

Girl with green eyes

Gathering dustbin with someone means


Grandson visiting dead great grandfather

Grandson, dead grandfather

Grandmother crawling

Given sweet by man of god

Given okro in dream

Gifting snake to someone

Getting toys as gift

Giving hand towel to my dead father


Group of bad guys

Group of thieves

Greek girls

Goat blue third eye

Give money

Giving cravat

Giving colorful cravats

Gold merchant

Ginger plants dead

Giving dead father ripe mangoes

Getting shot in the right arm

Giving fruits to transgender in dream means

Gold utensils

Giant snake about to swallow the person

Goal keeping




Good looking meat

Girl taken by bear

Glowing elephant

Giving water to plant

Gopuram in my dream

Getting married on a namaz

Giving cloths

Gifting a dead person airtime means what

Glittery shorts

Giving peanut butter to a dead person

Getting married to someone else then when i saw my deceased boyfriend i run to him

Girl showing me her vagina in dream

Getting lost in a car ride

Golden fairy dream

Giving white insences

Got cigar as gift

Golden egg gift

Gun shot in the back

Grandma on a wheelchair

Grave of a muslim woman sinking

Gift holy painting

Gold staff in the sky

Garden egg on a tree

Gray striped cat

Giving colanuts as charity

Giving out colanut

Games visarjan in dreams


Given many recharge card in a dream

Giving many rechard card in a dream

Greeting your president in dreams

Given admission to a new school

Getting attacked by a cat

Gold flowing water


Grey book in a dream

Given a green chilli pepper

Gold words in the sky

Growing millet in a dream meaning

Growing millet dream

Grandmother giving necklace

Golden pear fruit

Green dress

Green dress of my mother

Giving someone else a sanitary pads

Grandfather getting oxygen

Gallon with water fail down and break

Getting gram in dream

Giving money to my deceased brother

God making my wush not come true

Glow worms

Girlfriend has facial hair

Gold sto nino

Girl friend chicken pox face

Gift of a coat

Getting a gift from an enemy

Give a one hundred bill to my desease mother

Green stream

Going through someone phone

Getting my benefit from former employer

Giving meat to an old woman

Getting kumkum from priest

Giving birth to kinner baby in dream

Garud temple

God bleeding

Given a microphone in the dream

Girl sucks my dick

Giving birth to twin babies

Getting married for second time

Guava leaf in a dream

Grocery shopping with boyfriend

Golpear con un palo

Golpear a alguien con un palo en la cabeza


Green mensuration in dream

Given a tour round the palace

Gifting the queen

Giving the queen a gift

Grandfather gave me bank card in a dream

Green fluorite

Green snake on me

Gumamela in green and violet colors

Gold nose ring broke in a dream

Guinea fowl skin meaning

Gold bars inside a coffin

Giving water to someone dead

Goddesses in a silver coin

Grasshopper attack

Grandmother naked in dream

Growing snake plant

Got stood up in a wedding dream

Gym night

Gold fish ring

Giving someone beer

Giving money to dead grandmother | dream

Getting prasad from someone


Glass ceiling

Giving a white cloth to a tailor in the dream

Green surma

Gathering aku in my dream what does it mean

Gold cutlery

God procession in dream

Gambling dices

Got the lost thing

Getting back the lost wallet

Gf dancing naked

Ghee in dreams dropped by parents

Getting a lost small vial of surma in dream

Giving boil seeds to everyone



Goud girl

Giving black saree to some one


God showing heaven tour


Gift of new pants

Got the gift of some set of new undies

Grandmother suicides over you with a knife

Green cornfields in the dream

Giving children money

Giving money to children in dream

Green njeti cloth

Grand mother wearing black saree

Gift of red pepper in the dream


Grey semen in my dream

Giving directions

Gold earing lost in my dream what does it mean

Giving a new wrapper in dream


Giving you a.ponytail from daughter

Grave collapse

Given box of matches by stranger

Giving sick person food means

Guns with no bullets

God writing in sky


Got called a bitch


Giving fork to someone

Giving diya in dream

Gushing out

Gives you mango in dream

Give hanger to a death person

Green water lilies

Giving a neww clothes to someone

Giving job application to dead person

Girl with long black hair over her head covering her face and long white dress

Girl with long black hair and long white dress

Giving someone a razor blade in dream

Golden kajal

God durga statue broken in the dream

God prasadam

Golden cast and jewelry

Giving children gift and toffee in dream

Giving byrnes coal to some when he asked it is good or bad sign

Gold neckless dream interpritation

Groom dies wedding day

Glass dollhouse

Guests in house

Giant spider with human head

Gods idols golden feet

God’s feet

Given food meant for your husband to another person

Given food meant for us sponsors to another person

Godess pouring turmeric water on my head

Going to enter bus in a bus park

Grinding egusi

Grinding egusi in dream

Giving sugarcane to dead person in dream

Goat having sex with a woman

Giving someone a clean towel

Girl licking girl

Ghee bottle in dream

Grass growing on right leg thumb finger

Gathering melon seeds

Giving medicine to dead person in dream | dream interpretation

Giving sweets to dead person in dream

Grandmother gives me two coins

Grey whale

Given five thousand

Golu in dream with sivan

Girlfriend meeting my deceased father

Golden scroll on water in dream


Glow in the dark stars

Glow in the dark atars

Growth spurt

Gifting ancestors

Gifting dead

Giving pawpaw to someone else in derm

Giving quran to someone

Giving prasad

Grinding melon in your dream means what

Getting a green saree from relative

Going on about in a circle to accumulate power

Goat died in suckaway dream

Giving scrunchies

Getting scent bottle as a prsad from pujari indream

God riding chariot

God on chariot

Giving clothes to dead people

Ground provision dream

Giving birth to a bread

Godess laxmi

Grass in the see

Girl baby in santa clause dress

Gathering oil bean in your dream

Gathering bitter kola in dream

Granddaughter swallowed by a seal

Grey lotion

Going back to my place if work and when we closed for the day i went to through the staircase to wait for the staff bus

God in dream

Garden eggs farm in dream

Giant lady police

Giant policewoman

Given a beheaded catfish in the dream

Gifted clothe

Grinding cassava in the dream means what

God photo frame broke

Given a burning lantern

Goat sucking my hand dream meaning

Green grass in the river

Ginger beer

Give mensturation blood to drink in your dream

Giving ripe fruit to a dead relative

Gold ring that is dirty


Gost dream

Giving shoes to dead person in dream

Girl sucking my dick means what

Green ewedu leaf in my dream

Givinh bath

Grabbed and yelling

Ghosts woods

Gifting eggplant

Garden eggs

Giving nzu

Green vaginal discharge in woman

Giant snake eat you daughter in the dream

Giant tree stump


Getting diabetes


Get upset

Go back with a var

Given a check

Giving money to ophans

Grandfather buring over again

Grand mother telling about my spoiled life

Given fruit to dead in a dream

Gold jewelry in seaweed

Giving imbecile money in the dream

Giving blowjob in the dream

Green cheakpeas

Growing white hair in the virgina

Giving a dead person torch in the dream meaning

Global network marketing

Gold is given by death person

Getting ramayan book in dream

Grave in blue waters

Guinea fowls eating


Getting kissed by a doe

Gida dreaming

Going through the gateway to heaven

Given mad girl sugar cane in a dream

Green sindoor

Getting inside pit

Green lamborghini


Gift of a spear

Gold wings

Gold from mouth

Giving medicine to my sick brother

Giving birth to a baby boy full of teeth

Going to my aunts home

Goat born baby

Give something to eat to dead person

Geckos sex

Got kissed on the ear by a man

Giving dog as a gift

Girl in dryer

Girl inside a dryer

Guila monster

Given a backet in a dream

Giving away old clothes to an old man in a dream

Goat with my mother

Given a makoti dress that feet me nice

Given garri dream

Garden with green maize

God idol

Girl from school

Golden pineapple pendant

Golden pineapple

Going to funeral and wedding

Given pepper to someone

Girl sucking my dick

Got tabeez from alive family member who is dead in dream

Ganga mantra

Growing a tree in you dream

Given money to death in law

Gifted many gold and silver coins

Given copper and silver coins

Giving money for donation to my deceased mother

Getting saree from temple

Ghost play with me in dream

Giving a blow job to an ex

Giving something to dead mom

Giving dry fish to late mom

Ghost of an actress

Giving someone cassava

Greenstone in dream

Garri drinking in a dream what does it mean

Gold in rocks

Golden pen and red pen

Giving birth to bodyless baby only head

Given an old sliper

Goat killed in dreams

Getting hicked by female

Giving food cooler in the dream

Giantess in my dream meaning

Glazed pastry

Glazed donuts

Galzed sugar


Given someone calabash in the dream

Green mong dhal eating in dream

God wearing red saree in dream

Gave you roti in dream

Guava tree cut

Glowing iron rod meaning in dream

Gloria moran

Getting blessings from ancestors

Giving sweet to kinnar

Green place

Giving new shirts to dead fathet

Given pork

Gallon of palmoil poured on the ground in a dream

Giving a deceased warm milk

Grown child infant

Getting pegged

Girl clothes in dream

Green gungo peas

Grab my neck

Greeting dead person in there house

Goddess hestia.

Getting a lot of bank notes from the machine

Green sugarcan

Green leaves pointed in size

Giving people water in the dream means what?

Getting stood up in a wedding

Getting kumkum from goddess

Give toothbrush to a deceased person

Give toothbrush to dead man

Goal keeper dream interpritation

Green car in a dream

Ganesh visarjhan

Giving a friend sanitary pad in dream

Giving a map away


Giving groundnuts to someone

Giving ground nuts on my birthday to someone

Giving ground nuts as a birthday return gift

Giving drinking water to a president

Green tamarind dream


Giving food to neigbour

Giving someone gold

Growing sprouted betelnut

Gumball machine oozing out money

Giving clothes to dead person

Ginding millets in a traditional way

Grinding millets in a tr

Ground but in dream

Going in autorikshaw

Getting ready for a tour nervousness dream meaning

Giant calotrope

Giving food to a gorilla


Girl taking off her hijab

Giving bread to a dead grandfather

Glass heel shoes

Giving a mad person food in a dream

Giving food to ghost kid and it has have it

Getting charcoal from a friend

Grandma blue saree

Giving birth to twin boys

Golden dress lena

Gold fish

Gold fisj

Golden bug

Gift by present president of the country

Gold brick gift

Going to school

Gold ring with red stone

Ghee pouring down from the bottle

Giving child water in dream mean

Getting laid off


Goat give birth to sheep meaning

Gift of gold ring by dead husband

Going up

Giving your clothes to a death person

Golden big boat

Given unripe plantain

Going with the prime minister

Golden idol of jesus christ

Gifted a necklace

Going to the bank to withdraw money that is yet to be deposited in the dream meaning

Giving a child water means what

Golden white shankh in dream

Getting robbed in a dream

Gifting suits

Grain of rice and car

Getting ready in dream

Grapes coming vagina

Giants dream

Garment stained

Given a chief

Granding egusi

Giving chapati to dead relative

Green dome broken

Grass and cutter

Goat give birth to triplet in a dream

Getting railed

Grapefruit in the fridge

Green discharge from fingernails

Given impangele by your boyfriend

Grandmother came in the back door


Giving brass

Gypsy party with horses coming out of the house

Gypsy party

Giving a wrist watch in dream

Gift of peeled egusi in the dream

Got dzi

Geography teacher in high school

Gushing water pipe meaning

Grass artificial


Given someone pepper in the dream

Goat attack in islam

Greeting of dead father

Given muthi to wash with in a dream

Giving clothes to my husband

Grape and dead people

Getting someone pregnant


Granadilas in my dream


Golden ring with black stone

Glass bottle

Giving sanitary pad to some one in the dream

Getting something i want but i dont have in real life

Grinding corn and cassava

Given 70 airtime in a dream to use on public phone

Girl licking a girls vagina

Green quartz

Giving money to a death father in the dream

Getting intimate with women in fort

Go to the hole

Giant white frog in hot water pan

Gift from celebrity

Getting 61 percentage after changing i got only 17

Giving someone ashes