Grinding maize with a hand mill in a dark house

Giving mad man food in dream

Giving tasbih some one



Glass side table purchase

Giving a gecko a drink of water

Giving wither flowers

Group of people digging a grave

Growth on the chest

Generator light in the dream

Going from tree to tree citing down palm fruit

Giving food to old women and died

Glassy eyes

Guy squeezes my ass when kissing me

G shock wrist watch

Growing hair on the wrist

Given food to an old woman

Giving kumkum by some one

Gives flowers and kumkum

Giving birth to ferret

Green finger

Gospel choir

Giving a sweater

Green bean coming out of nose

Green and fertile land

Gold laxmi pendant dream

Gold laxmi pendant

Garden water

Goat eating my childs erasers

Getting a red card playing soccer

Giving bindi to me

Green grass of a school burning

Green fields burning

Green skies

Gifted with beads in a dream

Good hole one

Getting money in a dream

Gold necklace change silver

Given championship rings

Grabbing my ex by her neck

Getting a blowjob from mom

Girl fucking a man

Given a glass of water from deceased relative

Golden flying horses

Gold necklace lakshmi pendant

Gold comb

Gold with diamond

Gold statue melting

Giving children food

Given yellow heels dream

Gold insects

Grey pickup truck

Green plants in temple

Given mandazi

Gum ball machines

Given a gift to the king

Getting a gift of chaflings in a dream



Gift of flask

Guy applying holi color on my hand

Green coconut fruit

Giving calotropis flower to someone

Giving calotropis fower with my brother tosomeone means

Giving curd rice to someone

Gold tea pot

Gambling and winning

Ganga jal

Goat sucking human breast in a dream

Gold impala

Green clouds surround my house

Grass rouge on my house

Gemstones in a dream mud pit

Giving food to a mad man what does it mean

Gujrati women

Gto seen women vagina finger in

Giving children milk in dream meaning

Giving callaloo

Grater in cooler

Green orange snake kissed me

Giving birth to a shark

Girlfriend in the hospital

Giant birds looking at me

Gold embrodied hood

Giant green bell pepper

Getting beaten with a broom

Getting caught hiding a dead body

Gathering casava after harvesting in the dream

Girl giving me her panty

Gate chain lock

Giving water to deceased ancestor

Gold paper crown

Giving meat from the butcher

Giving qurbani

Gathering frozen fish

Gum having raw meat come out of gu

Girl having penis

Greeting my dead father in a dream

Guardian came out of war and holding my hands and walking with me and protecting me from old man

Getting ready for my puberty function in dream

Getting read for my puberty function in my dream

Girls killed

Getting ready for my puberty function

Green passon fruit

Green perssonfruit

Golden staircase

Giving husband food in a dream

Giving my boyfriend beads

Giving out palm wine

Giving out wine

Giving provisions

Going for baby scan

Guessing numbers

Getting engaged to a lesbian

Giving someone curd

God of war

Grandmother giving me food

Gothic arch

Gold ring with a pearl

Gentle animal killing

Gold medal in running

Gold wheat

Gift of a bible in a dream and a biblical verse to read

Gift of a bible in a dream

Giving a hand wrist in a dream

Giving money to a rabbi

Giving birth to blind twins

Giving money for rice in your dream m

Getting sprayed a lot of money in the dream

Green purple passion fruit

Gifting dead with few clothes in dream means

Giving a man sugarcane in a dream

Girlfriend pregnant by someone else

Going to get a read in dreams

Girl farting

Gray wold

Gun pointed at you

Giving a prophetess drinks in the dream spiritual meaning

Getting president jacket to wear

Golden fan

Grandpa hitting daughter

Gold hair clip

Gold hair clio

Girl and boy

Giving kolanut to somebody in the dream

Grape juice drinking

Goat one horn

Goddess smiles at me and i felt loved

Getting poked

Ground cracks and turns into a sea of water

Giving achi to someone in the dream

Giving dates in dream

Goat in the bathroom

Giving coin for unknown ritual

Given a hairbrush

Gorilla blocking my way

Giving a needy child money in school

Giving pearls to god in dreams

Gold plated ring

Gold pipes

Green grass mountain

Going in the opposite direction of other people

Golden coins

Gold vortex

Gypsy ghost

Golden cross in the clear sea

Green hue lady on top of a hill

Giving my husband a blow job as he records it

Green cashews fruits meaning in the dream

Green cashews fruits mean in the dream

Gave another woman a watch

Giving quran to you in dream

Greeting people with hallelujah

Give food mad man rejects

Getting money from temple

Giant black dog licking my nipples

Getting asked out on a date

Grass cuter

Ghost as a neighbor

Getting merreid to a snake

Grey mountains

Grey flat desert no plants

Gospel word frames on the table and think i want to do it

God giving me saree

Green talking parrot

Getting traditional attire

Getting blow job

Golden ink

Giving jam in the dream

Giving away ur sanitary pads

Given jotter in the dream

Getting kissed on back of neck

Getting kissed on back of nack

Grandmother mad an naked

Getting catcalled by a bunch of men

Guinea fowl eggs in bush

Given an empty pen that still writes

Gown brown

Golden banana

Giving people lsd

Giving drugs to people


Giving me ripe mango

Getting my hair braided by a man

Group of people who only want to kill you

Getting a gift from mother


Given a one eye blind dog bone to eat

Given a one blind dog bone to eat

Giving your dead mom sneakers

Getting too many movie characters in my dreams

Gurukkal see in dream

Green chickpea plant

Ganesh aarti

Gold circle

God statue jump out and i carried

Gifted shrunken head

Giving offering in the dream

God touching finger tip

Gay man wanting sex with me

Graduation robe

Given torn money in real life


Getting sent back

Giving my brother oral

Giving my mother wrapper in my dreams

Gift from boss black jacket used

Gift jacket from boss

Got jacket from boss

Grandmother in pain

Ghost girl at a school playground

Grape leaves on dream

Gifted gold

Grandfather vomiting

Gasoline burn

Grandad vomiting

Green vagina discharge

Giving blowjob to your boyfriend

Grocery store grarage

Give fish by a pastor

Glowing white

Golden head and neck

Giving candles

Gold ring falling from the sky

Give money in dream

Guru died dream

Getting shot behind head

Gouverinal dream

God photo and flower falls down in dream

Given a black chicken

Giving my watch as a charity

Given out bitter cola

Grinding peppers

Gift of water in the dream

Giving birth to baby cleft lip

Getting convinced in dream

Great grandpa gives a bunch of bananas to me

Gold loosing in our home


Generator light

Getting sucked under water

Graduation cap and gown

Girlfriend went missing at airport

Gods are angry

Glowing fruit in the dreams

Gutters and trees

Gold tie

Gothic church

Given dead mom cabbagg

Give an old woman food

Group of baboons trying to get in house

Golden beard

Gold beard

Give stranger a face massage

Girls singing holy song

Grandmother vomiting dream

Gaia symbol

Giving money over to a funeral

Giving money to a blind man in a dream

Giving wheat

God applied tilak on my hand dream means

Getting drugged

Giving a man oral sex

Giving a man a blow job

Giving a man a blowjob

Giving bringle to poor group of girls

Green pus

Giant king and queen

Guiding a pink fairy into my home

Giving someone a tissue paper

Giving food to my children inthe dream what the meaning

Golden doorknob

Gives roti

Gives roti to me

Group of dragons became a human and ask to have sex for initiation

Gay engagement

Got married to low iq person

Green object

Getting gold to wake up in my dream

Glowing neck

Groups of friends walking away when i go near them

Gas cannisters

Getting sunburned and blisters

God was trying to kill me

Girlfriend send picture of boob

Green raw cardamon

Giving birth to bears

Giving birth to bears and sheep

Girlfriend becomes prostitute

Giving people bottle soft drinks

Gaining a collapsed business by my mother

Green bucket with mney

Girlfriend walking out on me with friend

Green crocodile

Granddaughter calling help

Giving a calabash gourd

Goat looks like a dog

Getting on the wrong ship

Gold vest

Gold fish in ocean

Gaming penny arcade

Gallstones extraction

Golf shoe

Given a shovel in the dream

Green chutney in dre

Getting sucked into a mirror


Gypsi children at church dream

Girlfriends dad

Goddess laksmi on gold coin

Giving walking stick to someone

Grave in water meaning

Girl show me vagin

Giving someone food in the dream

Gumamela wuth white flowers meaning in dreams

Giving necklace to mother in law

Giving necklace yo mother in law

Gram pulses

Giving bindi in dreeam

Giving hindi in dreeam

Gay group sex

Gore of childrens

Grinding melon seeds in the dream

Gap in floor


Green rope being tied to someone in a dream

Green rope being tied to someone

Green rope tied to someone

Grasshopper bite


Gate door

Getting muscular

Giving money to my dead mother in my dream

Giving bread to the mad man

Grass dripping on the head

Giving money ti hijra in dream

Grounding pepper in dream

Gold lighting

Giving gift to children

Giving red pepper

Giving red paper

Gold coins and gold jewelers everywhere

Gold coins and gold jewelers

Gifting someone a grater

Gold coins and jewelry dropping everywhere

Giving someone soap and palm kernel in dream

Grandmother giving me herbal medicine

Game where you kill each other to survive

Green maize farm

Gladiator fight

Grabbed by a group of people

Grandmother turban

Given vegetable seeds for planting

Given seeds for planting

Given beans seeds for planting

Giving water to a dead grandfather

Giant blop fish

Getting gang banged

God photo statue break in dream meaning

Grandma moaning

Giving water to monkey to drink

Ground breaking

Giving me beer to drink

Gifting a guitar

Giving someone mortar and pestle in the dream

Gumbo dream

Giant cobra snake running away

Group of womenn discussing plans

Group of women traveling on an unpaved road

Google icibemba

Giving churh a broom meaning

Giving quran in dream

Gorilla chasing me

Giant tea pot

Given money to someone for dead body embalment

Girl coming after me and destroying my leg with school equipment

Gas refuses to turn off

Gold theft

Giving a person pegs in the dream

Getting killed by lightning meaning in islam

Getting killed by lightning means

Getting a lighted deyah in hand

Girl giving glass of milk to me


Glorious word

Goddess vaginal fingering

Green popsicle in fridge

Green popsicle

Grotto dream

Getting kissed on the forehead by my dad that passed

Grave stones

Grandma wearing green

Grandma wearing gree

Glass candle holder

Grey house

Golden letters

Ghost someone died during your childhoods

Getting making in a dream

Guys sniffing me

Growth on legs

Granded maiz

Goat headbutting

Grandma funeral

Giant monitor lizards

Girlfriend letting someone touches her boobs

Getting caught using holiday house without permission

Giving mad man fruit in a dream

Giving coins to someone for an unknown ritual in a dream

Golden diamond

Getting shot but bullets never penetrate

Grey couch floating in a pool

Garnet bracelet

Giving birth to a alive blue tiny baby

Given paper money by my late grandmother

Grass stained jeans

Great swift

Glowing girl

Giveing red oil to people

Glaring a bushing house

Giving clothes to the mad man in the dream

God karuppasamy appear in the dreams

Gliding over the ocean

Giving gift to someone

Gun and water

Give rice to crow

Giving a lion drinking water

Girls in boy bathrooms

Grabbing a branch

Grabbing a tree bran

Grabbing a tree

Giving oral sex to a man

Girl be pregnant

Going abroad with expired passport

Granding dry garri for people

Giving gold ring to my dead grandfather

Gigantic swordfish

Given laddo by someone

Given white box of matches in my dream

Grabbed by the shoulders

Gathering sand

Grain bin silo

Give some laddu to me

Greeting may people at the stage

Gold with steel coins in envelope cover

Giving my male friend a blowjob

Getting lost in a dream

Guy named nick

Given fresh ewedu in the dream

Greek goddness

Green tara

Golden starfish dream

Goldfish starfish in dream

Girlfriend being distant

Glowing white lotus

Give me the answers

Gf sucking another mans dick

Gold huge truck

Green pea lop

Group of boys coming and laughing at me

Giant red rose

Give me the meaning of getting engageto some one in your dream and the person isdead

Getting silver from death people

Getting silver from death king

Giving food as charity

Giving someone red pepper in the dream means what

Given books in the church by pastor

Gravel at bottom of a clear pool

Gravel at the bottom of pool

Green baby

Girlfriend of my son

Garden center

Girl i know sucking my dick

Giving money to the prophet

Gravity pulling you down while walking

Giving hoodie guy


Girlfriends getting crazy

Getting medicine from someone you know

Grandmother fingering me