God cross and it glows and red light around it


God karuppasamy in dream

Gutted banana in the dream meaning of

Gunshots in dream

Gifts in the dream


Gold necklace and earrings

Green gold saree

Giving a friend money in my dream

Goat fighting with each other

Girl sit in lap

Getting bangle in dream

Grey bird


Golden empty chair

Girl ghost hugging you

Girl ghost

Give water to my belated father he drink and sleep

Gathering with religious friends in dream


Godess lamidevi in one woman

Grace word in your dream

Getting blocked

Ground provision and green avocados


Gayetri mantra

Girl in red saree

Green small mangoes with tree

Giving food to the deceased

Girl friend with another man

Guy eating spinach

Gold statue of sto.nino

Gold sto.nino

Government disaster


Gibberish in dream meaning

Gold stolen dream

Giving money to my child

Green fruit in market

God shiva

Goal keeper meaning

Giving ablution to someone who is dead in real but alive in dream

Green dense water

Giving plums to a man

Giant tree walking

Giving mad man money in the dream what does that means in the realm of the spirit

Getting watermelon from known person

Giving money to my late mum in a dream

Getting red saree from relative in dream

Gold lizzard

Golden chair

Getting gold coin of dead grandma

Gold bangles stolen dream

Gold gates

Getting married with same gender

Getting your period

Green cardamom

Giving clothes to dead person in dream

Gathering of oil bean in the dreàm


Giving child water in dream

Grinding egusi n crayfish in the dream

Gutter water

Giving moi moi in the dream

Golden jar

Golden jug

Golden gaint cup with water

Green land in dream

Green sauce diacharge

Gifting sari and bangles

Greeting a prophet

Girl refuse to wear ring in ring finger

Gordan ramsey

Good mark in exam

Giving sim card in a dream, what does it mean

Give birth of snake

Going down a mountain with people ahead of me

Getting new sareee

Gold and silver

Green curtains

Gold frog

Golden purse

Golden purse with diamonds

Golden snake in toilet bowl



Giving invitation card to deceased

Governor means what in a dream

Girl sat on my face

Giving sweater

Giant flyover bridge

Groom died

Grilled tilapia in a dream

Grey budgie

Green leaves burning

Getting tiger nuts in a dream

Giving children money in your dream

Getting out of a broken elevator

Garbage burning

Giving you yam as a gift in a dream

Giving curd to friend in dream

Giving birth to white stringed pearls

Giving birth to string. white pearls

Giving water in a dream

Giving husband food to eat by co wife

Gold gems

Giving out white clothes in a dream

Getting loan

Geting caught

Girl weeping in dream

Girl crying in dream

Giving money to a deceased mother in a dream

Galvanized shed

Goat cut

Getting a puppy as a gift

Gasping for breath after a dream

Getting the wind knocked out of you

Giving hair ties

Giving slipper to husband


Goat meat cut pieces at dream

Group photo

Give man man food

Gold in the sea

Gingelly oil

Giving test for air force

Giant human

Gold earring removed

Green lion dream

Giving money to a dead mother to buy pap for her baby what does it means

Green car meaning in a dream

Gold ring, toilet, lot of poop

Gold ring falling in the toilet

Goat racing

Golden rings air

Girl agreeing for marriage with me

Giving money to deceased granny

Giving money to dead granny to return home safely

Getting married to a lame man

Green capsicum

Glass of red wine

Giving birth to triplets

Getting attacked by a turkey

Going backwards but facing opposition way

Going to gurdware in dream means

Given madman money in a dream

Going to pay school fees in the dream

Getting halwa chana as prasad


Giving kajal to someone

Getting blocked on social media


Ganesh aarti in your dreams

Gave birth to a duck

Gangster follows and shoots at me i keep shooting back but it never hits him

Ghee faaling on floor and clothes

Grandmother disowned granddaughter

Giving a glass of raw milk to person who has passed away

Got horn

Going to museum

Green right hand

Giving money to children in a dream

Giving a broom in dream

Golden tooth

Green maize field

Golden color of envelope


Going to buy fertile land

Giving someone menstruation pad with blood

Giving someone menstruation pad in the dream

Golden ideal of baby krishna

Given a drink by sangoma

Giving money and clothes to kinnars in dream


Giant villains

Gold eye shadow

Green shoes

Growing plants in mouth

Going down

Giving blood in transfusion

Giving money to a dead grand mpther

Given a bottle of palm oil

Groped and felt good

Girl pussy licking

Giving money to the dead

Gold ring lost in dream

Goat having a birth in dream

Giving roti to old ladies

Gnarled apple tree



Getting buttermilk from dead


Getting married to a rich man

Giving a homeless child food

Gas was stolen

Girl in a pink dress

Girl in a pink dres


Grinding red pepper with grinding stone mean

God photo frame broken in dream

Gap between front teeth

Giving cloth to a mad girl

Giving my mother money


Giving money to a dead man

Giving a gift to my mother

Giving money ro elders

Growing a lot of extra lower teeth

Group gathering

Girl with three heads

Gay sex with uncle

Golden plate with message on


Gravity field

Ghost attacking


Green caterpillars crawling on my phone

Green caterpillar on green branches


Grand children

Green eyes baby



Guidance from spiritual guru

Green worms coming out of nipple and others arm

Gold teeth

Girl saw red cloth in dreams

Green and white fruit

Giving water to a political leader

Good signs of black pig dream

Giving money to a mad man in a dream

Giving money to the mad in a dream

Gathering firewood in a forest

Giving wristwatch

Giving money to a young girl

Green mantle represent what in a dream

Green basin

Giving offals to someone

Grinding pepper means

Giving white singlet in dream

Giving money by kinnar in dreams

Gutting aroused when with woman older than you

Giving red sari

Give a gold ring to me

Giving water to lion

Grinding pepper and tomatoes at the same time using grinding machine in the dream

Gooseberry tree in dream

Germany dream symbol – dreaming of germany and its people symbolizes the logical side of your character. ... seeing german people in a dream can also represent a cold outlook on life that can mean that although you are up front and honest, you may not care how what you say can crush others.

Giving old cloth to colleagues

Glowing white owl

Gold nose pin broken

Giving birth to a snake in dream

Giving birth to a dinosaur

Giving birth of a dinosaur

Goddess hera.

Gifting green sary to go’s

Gifting green sary to god

Gold glitter footpath

Giving a calabash of cowries

Gold suit and gold hat

Grandparents giving sweets

Getting ready for road trip with siblings

Gargoyles grabbing loved ones

Getting rotten ivy gourd in dream



Giving awrist watch to a randem gerl

Green budgi on shoulder

Giving a wrist watch to a gerl

Green thymeleafwhat does it mean in a dream

Green thymeleaf

Girl i met in class

Girl giving u her panties

Got money

Gold mine with water

Gardenegg fruith in dream mean what

Grinding of cassava in the dream

Getting green mango in dead love one

Girl with broken wing

Governor gave me money in the dream

Girl with rich parents

Girls with haldi face mask

Giant pants

Giant walking talking bird with a woman jacket

Giant talking bird with human jacket on

Getting into a mine shaft using a rope

Getting into a mine shaft with hot water

Green skin shedding of a snake

Green hose

Green pipe

Green pipe hose

Green growth on back

Given 2no wrapped moimoi in green leafs

Giving food to poor

Green coffee beans in dreams

God giving you huge money

Getting married again to someone

Giving out boil egg

Go down the mountain

Given money to a mad woman in a dream

Giving raw meat to dogs

Giant moth

Giving amad man coins ina dream

God photo fall down in dream

Green water

German shepherd puppies

Green pen

Greeting in hand

Getting jamun from relative in dream

Giving people water to drink in the dream

Growing your penis

Grren plant

Girl bath naked

Giving sister money

Grinding corn,sorghum mixed with water in grinding machine

Going barefoot in khawab

Giving fruit to wife

Giving amla to wife

Got attack in a dream

Good bars in water

Gold nose pij broken


Green and blue leaves

Greenand blue leaves

Group of monkey attacks my house

Giving shoes to your crush

Giving food for vendors

Gold top

Giving beans to your girlfriend

Gen el

Getting prasad in dreams

Goal licking my face

Gold ring with stones

Given sorghum seeds

Green snake eyes

Glass screen of phone

Giving azaan

Goat entering house

Go to my died father

Grinding melies at a grinding mill

Go to my died father with truck

Group of brahmins giving me aarti

Garthering plenty ukpaka in dreams what does it mean?

Giving plums to ashes of a father

Giving plums to a grave

Giving plums to someone who has died

Give a drink to a friend

Gigantic fig flying on a plane to bring to earth

Girlfriend dreaming about his boyfriend becoming successful in life

Girl friend dreaming his boy become successful in life

Grinding pepper in market in a dream

Giving partner snakes

Group of king cobra among them two are trying to come near me and i am trying to escape

Getting old saree frkm relative in dream meaning

Giving sweets by a man of god in your dreams mean

Gives beans in dream

Garland of green cardamom

Girlfriend die

Gifting gold fish

Group of crow trying to enter home



Gold,dead person,money

Getting attacked by a possum

Gold shower

Grandmother gifted light green and black saree

Green dupatta in dream

Gold necklace being given to u

Giving money to a dead mother

Given bush meat in the dream

God keychain

Green capcicum tree

Ghost pulling hair

Giving away used saree

Ground moving under feet

Green land and snow

Ghee offering to us by someone

Giving someone money settlement

Given new uniform

Gift of macadamia nuts

Getting a cheque in a white envelope and i was so surprised


Green pepper and red pepper picking in a dream

Glittery purple turtle jewelry

Girl at school when m with my friend

Getting a bitch in dream

Girl naked but private parts not showing

Giving tithe to a prophet in a dream

Giving tithe to my prophet in a dream

Green genie

Giving someone sachet water in dream | dream

Giving someone first aid

Growth on bum

Getting coconut

Giving food to dead grandfather and he is smiling

Glass plate breaking

Going to puri by train


Giant spider falls from green carpet on my ceiling

Given money to my dead mother for business

Getting prasad frm brahmin lady


Giving necklines to my diseased sister

Golgumbaz monument in dream

Golden bettle

God photo frame in house dreams meaning

Girls have sex withe elephants

Government officials giving me money in a dream

Green coriander

Giving homeless men food

Grand daughter running happy towards you

Grandma making chapati

Grinding stone in dreams

Green bangles n mangalsutra

Giving own watch to someone else

Group of crow

Going wishing, with pearls, hand, lake

Giving dead person milk

Giving cloths to a dead mother meaning

Gopuram in dream

Giving betel nut to women

Ginlving betel nut to women

Giving money to a dead grandma

Glass of water

Groom waiting at the alter bride hesitant as no one to walk her down the aisle

Getting bless by senior in a dream

Ghosts in dream hving sex

Ghost making love or sex in dream

Giving money to a trans

Girl carrying a roti

Going to hajj means in ialam

Going to hajeans

Getting bus ticket

Gopi dots

Giving sanitary pads to someone

Given a wristwatch by dead uncle

Giving a baby a handkerchief in a dream means

Got a new phone

Garden of cucumber plants

Generator stolen

Gery sea snake in a dream

Giant pharoahs walks from big sea waves

Giant pharoahs on walks from big sea waves

Gay sex with my brother-in-law

Green pepperl

Gold chain snatching

Garbage dump in front my gate

Garden skip

Goose piercing

Grinding pepper in the,dream

Gnats on fruit

Going to a foreign land and meeting a very pleasant person of opposite sex

Giving food to a old woman

Getting lost outside

Gods photo falls

Garden eggs

Good female snake laying egg and happy talking

Good snake lay egg and happy talking

Good snake laying egg and happy talking

Getting white prasad from priest in dream meaning

Goat head human

Giving black wrist watch and black eye glass

Glass bell

Giant women

Glowing blye eye

Glowing blue eye

Glwoing blue eye

Giving water to the desd

Green peas


Gold chain turns black


Given three bunch of new brooms

Given three bunch off new brooms

Given a broom in a dream

Gifting a menorah


Gecko falling on leg

Grandfather with suitcase

Getting married but no ring

Gold earing with horses what it means

Gold earing with horses

God laxmi feet seen in your dream

Giving food to old woman

Green chameleon bite my hand

Giving many dried crayfish in the dream

Gold slippers

Green hand



Group of old women wearing white

Giving rice to hen

Girl who rejected me

Going to have a lipkiss with a married woman

Getting a gift of birthday cake

Groundnut in the dream

Going to school in class

Getting pointed gourd in dream