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Dreams starting with the letter G

Going to a hall

Get kumkum at temple in dream

Giving the deceased money

Groom absent in a wedding

Giving money to my wife s desised grand father

Giving miney to my wife desised grand father

Guy bleeding to death

Giving fanta in your dream

God killing me

Gold earing lost indream moring

Give money to transgender in dream

Giving moi moi in a dearm

Gia cruz

Giving birth to a rock

Gaint calotrope plant

Giving a gift

Giving food to ghost kid

Graphic designer

Giving jasmine to others in church

Grandparents having baby

Girlfriend give me clothes

Green leather chair

Green chilli plants

God statue fall

Gas station

Giving beggars water

Getting lost while looking for a friend

Getting pinned against the wall

Giving a person your duvet cover


Girl hurting me with blood all over and mom falling down hurt

Giving water to dead dad in dream

Giving ur dead great grandmother a snack

Giving my late great grandma a snack

Great white shark attack

Giving birth to a boy

Greek salad

Going upward with lots of people

Going upward with conjusted people

Given 2 boxes of matches in a dream

Glass window shattered by loud thunder

Getting smell while dreaming

Grabs neck

Good guy beheads bad guy

German car

Gold key

Grandparents wedding day grandma in white wedding dress

Grandparents getting married and my son losing his teeth bleeding

Grandma wearing wedding dress to her own wedding and my son losing his tooth

Genie offering a choice

Gadget in dream

Going down stairs

Glowing tree petrified word


Grandmas dolls

Giving away dried pepper

Gaining power in dream

Grave with money



Gifting insence to daughter

Giving a slippers to a dead person to go on a journey

Giving birth to a ball full of almond while pregnant

Getting lost in the dark

Giving mad person drink

Ghost killing someone

Grandfather plans plant calamansi seed


Grandmother doing sky blue and blue dead for me so i can wear it on my neck

Giving kolanut to elder in dream

Green njeti

Green grass

Getting kidnapped by the villains

Ghost soldier

Given someone fanta


Guava with worm dream

Gargling and throwing water

Giving birth to a baby girl


Going to mosque with friend



Given an unpeeled melon in the dream

Goat attack

Giving milk to someone


Goat giving birth and i clean that young one

Gold chain


Grandfather says his children disappoint him

Guava in a container what does it means

Growing chocho

Getting married to a faceless man

Giving bible verse to read

Ghost taking someone elses soul

Ground caving in

Gay friend meaning

Green agate

God idol in the bathroom

Guru granth sahib in dream

Giving a dead person chocolate



Giving out old clothes

Giving out old cloth

Giving offering naked

Guavan tree

Guavan tree man on tree cutting ripe and green guavan big one looking at it want packet so much

Giving chocolates and jewelry to

Giving chocolates to a dead brother

Giving a girl my phone number in a dream

Girlfriend with penis

Give a kiss to a snake


Green blood

Group vacation

Grindind fruits in dream

Girl disrespect me

Giving money in dream by uncle

Getting a perm

Green sugar can dream

Green sugar can being planted in a dream

Green grass field

Green fields and a sunset

Garden egg meaning

Giving a quit notice to leave my formal yard

Goat head

Goat head separate from the body

Girl farting in a dream

Getting a big piece of ghilaf kaba in dream

Getting a piece of ghilaf kaba in dream

Gold in tunnel

Good in tunnel

Give away celemony

Grandmother naked

Getting married and talking to dead mothere

Giving money to transgender

Getting a scolarship

Group of peope in a white clothing

Giving a man a key in my dream

Green open mountains and hills

Giving water



God killed my mom

Garri with salt

God statue

Giving a isaiah 54 vs 7 while praying in a dream

Gold finger ring


Got laced in the dream

Given yellow threw ii the ground

Giving wallet to the decease father

Getting married in a royal family

Grandpa and sister

Gold bracelet

Green fields



Gas mixed with water

Gas pouring out

Gem stone given

Giving someone gold jewelry

Gift of an onion

Given an onion

Getting clothes to a clear to dirty white water

Giving admission in the dream

Glass house

Gr free r b6 i

Great minister of god prostrating for a young man

Gift from deceased mother

Got out of a maze

Grass hopper biting abdomen

Getting married


Green velvet

Getting kissed

Garlic bread

Getting fired

Giving cashew nuts to someone

Giving an old woman a coin

Going back to help using a vehicle


Girl and blanket

Gorilla killing sister

Giving food children

Ground beef

Getting shot on left shoulder

Green mize

Golden or yellow faerie

Going past a bronze gong

Ginger cat

Giding in tall trees from the rain

Giant spider

Going number 2 on yourself in public

Gold fish

Gold sound

Gold dinging sounds in a dream

Giving birth for baby without belly buttons

Giving offering in a dream


Ghee in pregnancy

Ghostly man in a crowd

Goddess lakshmi silver coin in dream


Graduation gown

Giving people palm leaf in dream mean what

Garden being destroyed

Going to a place where only girls with your man

Guy in a mirror


Gun bullets

Ghost doors

Greeting the dead


Getting down from the tree

Gain weight

Giving a dead person underwear

Giving a dead person bras

Girl and boy playing football in dream

Grandma in the hospital

Ghost in mirror shown by son

Ghost in mirror

Giving a presentation

Gift of statue and prayer wheel


Getting rank in dream

Glass bowl with coins

Green leaves

Growling demon




Getting spoiled

Ghee being applied to body

Grandparents blind

Green eyes

Growing flame lillies


Gold ring

Going with your girlfriend to look for a job

Given muthi to drink in a dream meaning

Green snake chasing me

Golf shoes

Green animal

Giant raiment bowl

Giant ramen bowl

Giant bowl


Got tied up and got my hands cut off

Gun dream

Giving water with the lota

Glowing green

Golden ball

Golden space ball hopper

Green bananas

Group of people chasing me down

Girl showing her private part

Green trees and green leaves with some brown dried leaves

Grass cutter

Great bear a set of 7star change its position

Giving food to mad person

Green boot

Gold necklace

Gray abgel

Green methi


Golden apple

Giving a priest food

Giving birth to à super intelligent baby with teeth


Governor giving me wallet in dream


Giving my clothes out to someone

Given wifi password in a dream

Going to rehab then leaving

Gun in bag

Giving my handkerchief to someone

Getting picked up by a police officer


Gymnastick rings

Garden chairs

Guru paduka

Giving a white fowl to someone with singinging

Giving a white fowl to someone with joy

Girlfriend farting

Gold pinky ring with topaz

Giving pastor pen dream

Ghost hovering above mothers bed

Glass in poop

Garden pesticides

Green large mangoes in a big basket

Guinea pigs biting me

Giving money to your parents

Giving unknown child to an usher

Gum in hair

Getting mad at a kid who bullied me then my grandpa appears and asks me what happened

Goat manure

Getting mad

Girlfriend being mean and breaks up in dream

Giving invitation to dead relative

Getaway car

Given a small amount of ganja

Golden tap


Give dead people candle to ligh

Giving a chicken water to drink

Green grass growing on your pop ceiling

Going to a circus

Getting lost

Giving police money

Going back

God immersion


Goat kisses in dream

Girlfriend with limp

Going through a door

Gold complexion

Grinch dead

Giving esmerald bracelet

Giving someone mustard oil in a dream


Giving birth to a baby boy

Gun holster

Gu holster

Girlfriend cheating with cousin

Growing a blueberry from your belly button

Grandma house

Guinea fowl

Giving sadaqa

Getting poison

Given a new jiko

Giving dupatta by dead person

Greeting the current president

Giving palm kernel in a dream

Grass cutter as gift

Getting spankings

Green house

Gay in pregnancy



Giving money to my late grandmother

Going to catch train

Gutter overflowing

Givie away a mat

Giving away a mat

Girl in a pink

Givin shower to my died mother

Glass chips

Golden calf in the cloud

Giving birth through mouth

Giving out condelences

Girlfriend getting gangbanged

Giving maggie cube to a woman

Girl tran dreaming of lesbian girl

Give half of my bread to my friend in dream islam interpretation

Getting licked

Goat mating

Ground coffee bag

Griding millet flour on grindstone

Green wedding band

Getting gold in dream

Grubs in my body squirming and multiplying by the millions and when i wake up i see the figure if grubs everywhere on wwlks furniture and floors

Green maize plant field

Green frog shaped potatoes

Getting shot

Giving iqama in masjid

Giving sachet water in the dream

Green snake wrapped around the left arm

Giving kids gifts

God will come in red saree



Getting raped

Glowing anemone

Grandfather pushing my father from top in dream


Giving my late dad kola nut

Gold and white snake

Giving someone hen in dream meaning

Giving someone hend in dream meaning

Giving someone chicken in dream

Gold coin

Glasses shattered

Girl with blackened face and red eyes

Golden shoe

Gourd dream meaning

Gf get pregnant by some one eles

Giving prophecy to people in the dream

Giving prophecy

Girls wanting me

Grey fox

Green grapes

Giving millet to someone in a dream

Gunned intruder


Giving financial advice

Gas bomb

Goat white in the house

Gave back sim in the dream

Grandfather making rotis in dream

Getting attacked by a bear while i am inside a car

Golden lamp

Giving shelter to friend at home

Grandmother and grandfather fighting

Giving a prophet food in the dream means what

Giving a prophet food in your dream


Gomati chakra

Grape soda

Guinea flow

Getting married in a pool

Gold walls

Gifted a fish

Given a fish

Gold ring melting

Getting kiss sensualy

Getting pulled by lover

Get off wrong stop

Get off wrong busstop

Giving birth to a baby



Grandma cursing you in a dream


Going around a track one more lap

Ghee spilled on yourself in dream


Golden lotus

Girl said not to touch her breast

Green snake


Giving a pillow to a deceased

Getting choked by husband with a necklace

Grandfather gives me money in to buy gas

Graduation stole

Giving my mom’s gold ring for a silver ring in dream means what

Gold mountains


Getting wrong size pizza

Getting quran as gift

Getting quan as gift

Given asoebi in the dream means what



Going to church with a friend



Green shoes turned into green glass

Grey duvet made up bed

Glacier falling

Gallows penalty

Girl friend tomatoes

Gold snake and egg


Glowing eyes

Giving your mother a glass of water

Girl oxygen tank

Goose snake bite

Greeting my sister in law and her husband

Grave water


Giving children balls in my dream

Grey and ginger kitten


Going back to school

Getting circumssion


Giving mad person food in dream meaning

Green red and black beads

Going to abore hole


Glass duck

Give me me a house and lot


Givime me a house and lot


Giving birth and cold water

Given pillow

Garbage dump site

Glass figurines in color

Girlfriend smiling in my dream

Green pens to on tree

Gay devil

Given raw garri in my dream

Given raw garri

Gold wrapped in rock gravel


Gold watch

Golden horse flying

Girls security

Goose shit


Giving birth through the mouth

German shepard attacking


Green snake around my legs

Getting sucked in to walls strong force

Green gecko


Green pepper

Green chilly

Gun pointing at me

Girlfriend around other black men

Girlfriend around other blak men

Girlfriend around other men

Girlfriend aroiund other men

Giving some body new gallon in a dream means what

Girlfriend hugging another guy

Girl friend hugging another guy

Ghost song


Giving a military cap in dream

Getting pinned on the wall by crush


Giving a baby hot water to drink

Green sand thinking it was a sea


Green chillies


Grow carrots

Ground erupting

Ground changing

Giant horses

Giving ice cream to deceased father

Grave yard insects at boss office

Grave yard




Green farm of maize

Green maize



Green snake and frog

Garden growing

Girl standing next to a window

Giving money

Greeting relatives in a dream


Getting married in a courtroom

Garland on one sick person photo

Giving mad woman food in d dream


Glasses flowing on water in river

Green jute and leaves




Giving a shoe to a dead person in a dream





Girlfriend and mother

Green heart

Going to the toilet in front of others

Gorilla stabbing in the heart

Green slope

Glas ice watr

Gold eggs



Gold and silver coins coming out of anus

Ghost face mask smiling


Given food food at a church gathering

Giving water to a mad person

Giving roasted corn and groundnut to my daughter meaning


Grandma wearing a skirt killing your dad

Giving out door mat

Going to oscars

Green trees in the middle of the ocean

Giving birth




Gathering winged termite in the dream means


Game show

Giving my dead brother money

Gold coins eyes

Given fish


Glass floor

Grabbed held in bed

Gifting dying flowers


Grapes and mangos

Giving water to a mad woman

Given poison but able to run away

Giving wife a sweet i was myself eating

Grandfather was sick


Giant sphere chasing me


Girlfriend and boyfriend carry in dream

Ground provision

Giving a gift to a dead person

Getting urinated on

Grandmother giving money seen in a dream

Groundnut in bottle

Gang attacks you


Girl befreinds me

Ghost laughing in dream


Give money to prostitute


Giant lizards

Giving amoney to a dead grandmother

Gifted dress lilac

Green traffic light wave

Giving teastimon in church for dream means what

Giving teastimonti

Grazed knees

Gun powder smoke smell

Gun powder smoke

Giant silkworms

Gold flowing

Grey and yellow birds

God killing

Gears of a watch

Given a ring from a dead person

God chariot falls in the road

Ground mother

Grandson smiling over me

Giving sugarcane to a young girl

Giving someone to take the shahada

Giving a man milk and milo as a woman

Giving red paper to others in a dream


God handed me a staff

Gifting someone with nappies

Green light beeping

Greating late grandfather in dream

Giving old yellow saree in the dr an

Glass pipe leaking water

Gas finished

Gold goind falls from tree in dream

Gun pellets

Golden winged angel

Golden stone ninio

Going back in a dream to close the garage door to stop intruders coming in

Golden roy sonic

Grinding melon with stone grinder

Gold horse ring

Ground breaks

Golden thyme

Giving white shirt to a deceased person

Giving white shirt to a dead person

Giving birth to wolf

Giving a fox a bath

Green cat in desert

Gypsy car

Giving birth to a cherub

Gifted a sack of charcoal by my aunt

Grinding charcoal

Girlfriend meeting deceased grandparents

Grinding charcoal in a grinding machine

Girl with long black hair and unclear eyes

Giving an old woman money in your dream

Green spots on skin meaning

Good staff

God reality

Greasy mullet

Glowing dead person

Goats in the ocean

Getting robbed then killing the suspect

Giving someone bids in the dream means what

Girl in empty house

Getting band from a shop

Gliding over water

Given an unclean knife

Graval banks

Gravel banks

Giants fighting

Given a name during sleep

Giving a name during sleep

Gold utinsel

Golden tinsel

Gay guy sucking dream

Giving tubers of yam

Giving gift to my deceased father

Goat bones

Goat boned

Getting a injection in the head

Ghost pulling your clothes

Goat symbolizes which number

Giving king kola nut and money

Glowing hand

Glass full of water with egg in it and about to drink

Gums receding

Getting surpassed

Granddaughter fell into sinkhole

Granddaughter swallowed into sinkhole

Getting bite by zombie


Going rural home

Green snake shedding skin

Gallon full of water broken and the water leak out

Gallon full of water broken and the water started leaking out

Get the flags from the pirates

Giving my deceased dad cpr in my dream

Giving a stranger power banks in a dream means

Gold ring and gold shoes

Girlfriends house

Green mamgo

Giving chocolate to dead relative

Garden funnel web spider went missing

Garden funnel web went missing

Green iguana

Given a eagle feather

Groom did not attended our wedding in dream

Groom did not show up in my wedding dream


Giving pot

Girlfriend complaining

Grandpa being robbed and shoot

Grey bird in sink

Grandfather asking for money

Growing hair tufts

Gold being stolen from haiti

Goddess licking ear

Grey mice an small turtle

Giving a deceased relative a hug

Going for dinner without shoe

Giving birth to a fawn satan is trying to get

Giving birth to a dawn

Gave birth in the bush

Golden wands

Getting laxmi coin

Glove seeds

Giving yellow milk

Giving my wife soft pillow

Given money for lady

Giving a dead boy cloth

Giving a dead boy a tshirt

Giving cinnamon sticks in your dream

Giving my husband anew razor blade

Gebo rune

Girkfriend and me fighting

Gorilla licking my hand

Green net

Gold chain snatched away from mu mother

Ghost chasing me and trying to kill me

Gemini dreams about a storm on the planet uranus

Garnet stone

Gemstone melting


Greating grandmother who died

Giving old saree to mother in law

Gift of snakes

Glass getting scratched

Goddess athena web

Green water vase

Going backwards on a roller coaster

God lakmi coin in dream

Giving turmeric

Getting a kiss from a demon

Girlfriend eating from someone else hand

Grandfather inlaw funeral


Give money to ghost

Grey pillowcase


Gray water

Gold color suit jacket

Getting green beans from a dead person

Girl with no hands

Giving out palm oil in dream

Going upwards

Given vegetable seedlings

Getting a letter from the bank

Gifting a journal

Gifting a note book

Goodbye texts from best friend

Given someone money in your dreams

Girls with no pants

Giving someone else pills

Giving a child a holy medal

Girl with snake tail

Giving out empty jerrican

Golden armor angel

Green corn husks spilled on the road

Giving lost jewelry back to owner

Gifted a lamb

Gift from deceased grandmother

Graduation gown wearing

Gathering old children plush animals and shoes to donate

Got earing gift from husband

God karuppasamy tries to enter in my body

Girl having a baby by her best friend

Governor house party

Giving phone out

Golf complex

Giving money to a set of sodiers

Giving a coin to royalty

Given an empty glass from a deceased relative

Gold ankelet

Girlfriend tied in a rope

Gaunt eyes

Giving a girl phone number in the dream

Ghost lady in a white dress

Getting money on the road

Getting attacked by guineas


Goat mask

Getting wheat flour in dream

Green gliter

Giving someone hand cream

Going on holiday with crush

Giving money to a deceased person as sadiqah

Gifts in church

Green grass compound

Getting an autograph from a famous dead person

Gold powder

Glowing white hands

Gravity shift

Group of people i motivate

Growing thorns in my husband nose dreaming means

Going around naked

Getting marked

Girlfriends best friend

Glitter pants


Girlfriend getting raped

Giant vulture attacking

Guinea pig rat

Group of people cheering for me at my garden

Giving a woman trousers in the dream

Getting slapped by stranger

Graveyard snake

Gift of sandal

Goat rearing

Giant black bird

Green moss in the river

Green moss in the water

Golden hills

Gypsy moth caterpillar in dream

Girl in latrine


Gender swithc

Golden boat


Going together with three girls

Getting slashed with glass and bleeding

Gang related

Given medicine by my brother

Giving money to agate man in a dream mean

Giving golden ornament to respective person

Giant sperm falling on earth and eating humans

Gun fired head

Golden street lights

Girl swimming naked

Green veggies and green chilli

Greek goda

Ghee falling from my hand in my own head and body

Grandparents belssing

Getting shoes as gift from father

Getting married to hazrat yusuf

Glueing jam with brown paper

Group of ladies

Growing anthill

Giving a new sim card

Goat headbutting me in the butt

Green watery poop

Green tint on someone face


Ghost girl with black hair and white dress

Going with oxygen

Giant evil gummy bear chasing me

Gate repair

Giving breast milk to cat

Gospel music


Groundnut on the table

Give mung bean to someone

Goose tries to drawn you

Gave mung bean to someone

Gari sugar and grandnut

Going through an earthquake with grandparents

Gold chain falling into toilet

Going picnic with dead father in dream

Gooseberry and lemon

Golden armor

Going on pilgrimage with teacher

Green fresh mustard plants growing on the side of a flowing creek

Grave sinked in a clear water

Getting green thyme

Girl cousin kiss me in a dream

Given a plate and a spoon as a gift in a dream

Green and dried lime

Grabbed by a child

Getting caught in reeds

God himself

Giving yellow banana to my late father

Getting beautiful beads from water

Green jelly bean

Growing fruit

German shepherd with cataract eye

German shepard with cataract eye

Gwtting marriwd but disnt see grooms face

Gem stone ruby and jade dream meaning

Green leaves smeeling amizing

Goat giving birth to human

Gas explosion in war

Give hairtie

Gramdmother grave

Grandmother grace

Getting charcoal from a dead person

Giving my boss lassi

Going to school without a shirt

Grandfather giving fruit

Going for evangelism in dream

Giving somebody weed in a dream

Giving away weed

Godburns in dream

Gold necklace with religious medal

Giving babanas

Gold safety pin dream meaning

Goat tied on the neck

Ghost stealing my children

Gold coin above a tree

Growing a gray hair on the nose

Graveyard covered with green grass

Greeting my dead father on his birthday

Gas cylinder been stolen

Getting amman saree

Girlfriend telling me in my dream that im dreaming and sleeping when i was aboit to die in my dream

Golf ball attack

Golden haired twins

Goat wanting to enter my house

Grandpa dying

Giving food to a old wonan in dream meaning in hinduism

Giant deer

Going to bulgaria

Green still water with plants

Gisting with dog in the dream


Grabbing my neck and holding it down

Green vest

Giving curd to dead people

Girlfriend fighting my suster

Giving coins to someone

Golden check

Girlfriend sailing away with father

Grandma knitting

Grey eagle on my shoulder

Gold lettering

Goat shapshifting

Gas regulator dream

Given a flute in a vision

Getting bit by copperhead snake and killing it

Growing ugu seed in the dream

Giving bagger red papper in a dream

Giving a bracelet

Gave birth to a dragon

Green elachi with sweet

Giving golden bangle to other

Glass picture every where

Gravity ams fly

Grown tree beside a river

Garlic in womb

Girl with a big nose


Growing tulasi pot

Giving all the money in my account in my dream


Gorilla toy

Going out with a handsome stranger

Gun and cutlass in dream

Green lion sky

Gifting my handbags to my grandmothers

Grinding maize and millet in the dreams means what

Given bread to a madman

Go to water and breath

Gurney hill

Ghost lady with red eyes

Gutters over flowing

Golden rectangle

Gentle bull

Going to abroad with an airplane

Gift of wind chime

Glass case

Goat leaving the house in a dream

Gift of a hat

Glass square with a rose

Green avocados

Getting traditional medicine in dream

Giving away chocolates


Green small dove

Giving chocolates

Gift green purse

Guarding angle watching over me

Giving birth both mother and baby die after delivery

Gold thick beads