Getting married without seeing the groom.. traditional marriage

Gaze eyes

Gazing eyes


Glaring blue light from my hand

Golden colour pen


Green flied in sky

Getting circumcised

Getting circumcised

Gold snake statue

God love making

Glass bridge

Glass bridge broken

Giving water to dead father and brother

Getting money from former employee

Grey jacket

Green gaurd

Giving a child water in a dream

Getting rubbed

Getting head in a dream

Giving a one gallon of palm oil

Golden beam of light

Green grass farms

Giving birth to a doll

Giving money to a family of a dead man

Gain admission

Girl tied by rope and hang

Grinding stone dream meaning

Green cat teasing me

Giving someone a fork

Giant black scorpion

Greenery in dreamm meaning

Gold eye

Gold shankh given to me

Gold jewellary

Goat giving birth

Giving birth to twins a boy and a girl

Giving birth to twin boy and girl

Giving money to a woman

Good smell of fried fish

Green towel of a dead person

Giving away a flower

Giving away a rose

Giving madman food in dream

Giving madman good in drram

Giving of bottles of red oil in the dream

Given a baby picture

Gold oil lamp

Grass lawn

Game controller

Giving oranges to other

Getting ready for my engagement with my husband in dream

Getting parsad from brahmin

Grinding of egusi in the dream

Giving comb to daughter to comb her hair


Gopuram of temple

Girlfriend disppeared in my dream

Girlfriend jumping out of window

Goat give birth to twins

Gathering cutlery

Getting nuked

Getting country nuked

Getting a award

Getting overwhelmed

Grated nutmeg

Gift of phone

Getting hit

Getting huge gold

Growing shallots

Gold bullet

Gathering sugarcane in the dream meaning

Goddess asking for yellow dupatta and incense sticks

Green spots on face

Giving saree in dream

God making love with me

Giving humans bali


Gold mantle

Grandmother nearby to door and watching me

Giving white saree to someone

Green lands and water

Grinding wet beans in engine

Gold rosary in dream

Goddess laxmi on coin

Groundnut packs

Group of deers

Giving water to a madman in the dream

Green pant

Giving taro to someone

Giving fish

Giving injection

Girl and girl marriage

Grocery shopping

Getting fuel with a can and the can was filled up

Goat head human body

Getting hair colored at salon

Guts out vagina

Goose bite

Getting new clothes as gift

Giving money to a beggar during a typhoon

Giving out money to children in a dream


Given wrapper

Gravel road in dream

Ghost angry

Ghost person shouting angry

Giving someone small pumpkin seeds to eat

Green bag

Grandmother feet

Glass beneath the waters

Gathering ogbono in the dream


Given sweets by dead relative

Grinding beans and peppers

Golden cat wanted to be petted

Ghee or shakkar in dream

Gas leakage with fire

Gas leakage

Goddess statue falling from height

Giving a key in dream by death man

Getting dithched

Given a cracked pots

God father dies in your dream?

Giving someone eko in the dream


Getting pink dress


Giving cooked ewedun in the dream

Grinding pepper on the grinding stone dream meaning

Gifting someone cloths

Giving shringar saman

Giving a flower to a dead person in a dream

Giving flower to a dwadx perosn in.dream

Green silky robe

Growing long armpit hair

Giving sweets to the begged children in a dream means

Ghost putting plastic ring



God photo frame broken

Giving egg to a dead person

Go to church with my boyfriend

Green bird dying

Grandpa wearing my clothes

Giant snake swallowing people in my dream

Giant snake swallowing people in my dream and chasing me me

Governor gave me money in the dream what does it mean ?

Giving sugarcane to people

Given a wrapper in the dream

God picture falls down

Ghee filling in bowl

Giving out money dream

God gving me a baby girl

Giving gold to someone

Giving a dead person torch in a dream meaning??

Giving sweet by a man of god

Gun shot noise

Girl riding on a whale

Golden stars

Getting lost gold ring

Given garden eggs in dream

Gold tooth

Ghee spills

Going to the market

Gift from a pastor in my dreams

Getting pranked by friend in dream

Giving chocolate to kinnar

Gold cloud means



Goal keeper catching balls

Given money by your ex boss

Given 500 in the dream

Gay son

Green skirt drean meaning

Giving someone plates to share food

Gas container

Grey smoke in dream

God frame got broke in dream

Getting eaten out

Gushing water in a dream from the ground

Golden cloth see in dream

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God and sex

Gate in the sky

Giving dead relative biscuit sweet biscuits with chocolate

Getting married and not seeing the grooms face

Giving dead relative food

Giving dead relative snacks

Giving dead relative biscuit

Giving dead relative biscuit sweet biscuits to eat

God statue broke at dream in dreaming

God statue broke at dream

Goat and lambs

Goat giving birth to lambs

Giving maize in sacks

Gren bangles break

Goat got 2 young kid

Giant slumber party

Given a pink baby-blanket to wrap yourself by a stranger

Given a pink blanket to rap yourself by a stranger

Given a pink baby blanket to rap yourself by a stranger

Green car

Goat is giving birth

Goat is giving eggs and lion is knocking at the door

Getting lost and reuniting to the family

Green paddy field

Golden pen in dream

Gold baby clothes

Getting free jaggery


God appear

Grandma asking for money

Golden egg

Gives you akara in a dream

Given akara in a dream

Girl drinking her own breast milk

Goat attacking me in a dream

Giving a late mother money in a dream

Giving out wrapper in the dream

Given moimoi in green leaves


Go inside well and fetched water for people in a dream meaning

Guys peeping

Green shield

Going to the doctor

Giant lady

Grey hair baby

Giving perfume

Green maize plant in dream

Growing new fruits of guava

Guine corn

Gold ornament damaged in dream means

Giant woman

Girl friend

Ground moving

Gift of baby sweater

Ganga in dream

Ganges in dreams

Giant person

God ayyapa in dream

Grinding black cardamom

Grandchild eating pooh

Gust of wind


Gold ring shaped like a crown

Giving apple to monkey

Green capsicums on tree

Giving money to transgender in dream

Getting married and wearing a white dress

Grey fåces

God idol cleaning by cloth

Green red face

God in toliet

Givin purple tulips

Green car deceased sister

Gate crasher

Greeting my late aunts head without body

Gravestone robber

Going to buy saree in dream

Going to buy saree means

Girl attained puberty i a dream means

Guppy in dream

Green banana

Germinated grins if we saw in dreams

Given cup cakes

Giving people orders

Giving orders

Getting chased by a fictional villain

Giving you a flower

Guy falling off an electric pole

Giving a child drinking water in a dream

Giantess feet

Giving garland of flowers to my deceased mother in law

Giving my pastor food on a piece of paper

God appear in dream

Grandmother filling up the cup with ghee sauce for me

Giving money to children in fream

Goddess and prophetic dreams

Giving a watch to deceased

Giving food to my late father

Giving clothes to a dead person

Goat give birth to human baby

Giving water to my dead father in dream

Getting married at my funeral

Givino an elephant some sugar cane?


Gay weddig


Giving foods

Grils and grils sex

Giving out akara in dream

Giving food to neighbor

Green dal inthe dream

Gems treasure

Gifting onions in a dream

Giant staring eye

Giving money to my dead grandma

Giving money to the blind

Getting married to my dead father

Giving a madman water in dream

Grass cutter

Getting dextrosed

Giving saree to wife dream

Guinea corn and corn in dream

Given a bottle of red palm oil and losing in a. dream

Golden cape

Green cloth giving to someone


Giving money to my deceased brother in a dream

Goat and a clock having sex

Giving my father kolanut to bless with visitor

Green pearl coming out from vagina

Growing dread lock in the dream

Gallon equipment talent in litres

Getting beaten with thorns

Goose in car

Gift of a scarf

Gathering with the person who has p ed away

Girlfriend meeting parents but you had arguements


Golden peak

Gods pic fall down the floor meaning

Golden bangle dream

Giving a bell in the dream

Give money to girlfriend

Giving birth to a three snakes

Given henna

Gathering in dream meaning

Ground provion

Girl biting my ears

Giving eggs to dead person

Giving to dead person

Given kola in a dream means what

Green pixie hide and seek

Green fairy hide and seek

Giving some one moimoi and eko what the meaning

Ground nuts eating family

Giving agidi

Giving birth to an abnormal son

Giving someone perfum as a gift

Giving bread to a madman in dream meaning

Giving a tuber of yam in the dream

Grand dad taking back food that he gave you

Growth hanging out on lower lips

Guy with thorns in his head

Giving away tissue

Girlfriend lick my vagina

Gun that they removed bullets in the dream

Gun threat

Guinea pig having intercourse in a dream

Goal keeper dreams

Guest not available

Green chilies

Girl freind

Given school fee in dream

Golden light


Giving money to priests in the church

Giving out money with brown envelope

Goddess lakshmi idol fell down from hand

Golden circle

Greatings president in adrem

Ginger kitten trying to walk on ground

Give my elder my shoe in a dream

Green sari

Giving a green car

Giant swordfish

Greek salad

Giving moong daal to someone in dreams

Grinding ogbono with native stone

Getting kumkum and arshina in dream meaning

Getting jaggery in dream


Grandparent dead


Giving kumkum to a girl in dream

Given yam

Going to pick snails

Going to hindu temple

Going to hindu temple but i am christian

Grandmother gave me sweet

Giving 20 naira in a dream

Golden pen

Getting kidnap in your onw house by your own family


Green cargo container

Given a key with your boyfriend

G birth to a baby girl what does it mean?

Giving my boyfriend my breast to suck


Golden milk fish swimming in dreams

Giving money to eunuch

Gas stove not turning off in dreams

Giving money to relatives in a dream

Giving uncooked rice to a hijra in dreams

Grape tree with fruit

Gucci snake

Giving a dead person clothes in dream

Gold rod

Greeting royalties

Giving a dead persons pant to relative

Given a walking stick

Geen bird

Getting airtime as a gift

Giving macadamia nuts to my father

Given a dead fish in dream

Grandma holding hands

Given a cowrie in the dream

Ghost meaning

Grinding of cassava


Giving new clothes to dead relative

Giving keys to late mother

Giving keys to late mom in a dream

Giving key to late mom

Giving drinking water to people in dream

Godess demeter

God giving her saree in dream

Girl friend eyes glowing orange

Gifting red pouch to someone

Given a mantle in a dream

Glowinh skin

Give money to church bag dream meaning

Goat getting sacrificed

Great tit

Giving out a money in a dream

Giving out a cash note

Giving out empty plates in a dream to a known woman

Giving out empty plates in a dream

Giving rice to my dead husband in a dream means

God try to kill me

Giving to god

Golden feet in the sky

Girl wearing orange dress touching my head

Green prescription

Giant floating feathers

Guy breaking up with me even though we aren’t anything in real life

Guy i have crossed words with


Green soursop on tree


Giving me a her phone to listen his voice

Giving you to listen voice note

Giving walĺet from a dead person

Giving out slippers

Giving locket to dead grandma

Going to dargah

Getting a dog as a gift

Gooseberry during pregnancy

Grand mother took money from my pocket

Grand mother took 100 bill from my pocket

Girl looking qt my penis

Giving red bangles


Green raw mealies

Given a house as gift

Given moi moi in the dream

Giving drink to president

Gas poison

Giving food to kinnar

Giving someone palm fronds in the dream

Giving saree to some one

Giving slik saree to pregnant lady

Getting money from police

Giving slit saree to pregnant lady

Gold carpet

Giant ladybug

God karupasamy in dreams

Giving birth to onions

Giving new ladies shoes as gift to someone

Gifting shoes to a dead person

Gray skies

Given fish

Giving pastor food meaning

Goat sacrifice to god in dream

Glow purple


God statue is on fire

Golden apples tree

Golden apples on the tree

Gifted african star apple in my dream

Garri in dream meaning


Giving my boyfriend perfume

Ghost in attic

Going on an errand in the dream


Giving dirty slap to someone in dream

Gave birth in the fish pond

Golden horse came out of the sea and called me in

Get ready to marry

Girlfriend meeting parents

Goat attack

Gender party

Getting married traditionally a second time to w single boy

Guiding pastor to some scriptures