Guy slitting my throat hunting knife

Girl trying to steal my husband

Green thick oil flowing away

Gate in the clouds with gate open and light

Guinea fowl means in the dream

Getting coins as blessings from a saint in a temple

Giving money to widow

Grape candy

Groom dies on the day of his wedding

God writing in dreams

Grazing cows

Gathering of oil beam in the dream

Green child

Growing out of skin

Gold strings

Giving tulsi mala

Giving birth thru anus

Glowing chameleons

Giving a boy blowjob in your dreams means

Giving cardamom to a dead person

Garland in dream

Gall bladder stone dream

Goat witngs

God leg in dream

Giving birth to baby with head injury

Growing ash gourds

Giving my old clothes in dream

Green caterpillar in dream

Giving a pastor envelope in the dream

Getting a hairband from your boyfriend

Guy friend with his girlfriend

Glowing orange fish

Give food to a mad person in the dream

Giving offering to someone

Government dreams

Giving someone funeral flowers

Giving sanitary pads to a stranger



Getting hit baseball bat

Gray colour graphite

Gift diary drem meaning

Gray frog

Giving a tour

Giving shekere in my dreams

Given a madwoman food in the dream symbolizes what

Giving madwoman food in the dream mean what

Getting blow job from wife

Greeting old people in a dream

Goat mating in dream

Given pink pattern pillow case

Given a graduation application form

Going to brahmin house


Giving someone chapati

Girlfriend getting mental illness

Goddess giving flower

Gecko in food am cooking

Giving oral sex orgasm dream

Give food to a mad man

Getting hit with a cricket bat

Give birth to a bird

Going over waterfall

Grabbing forearm and hand

Golden yellow rocks in a dream

Goft in a box

Goldeneye newborn baby girl

Giving money my dead mother in my dreams what that means

Girlfriend is going abroad dream

Green leaf coming out from the mouth

Growths on the back

Gnat infested tonsil teeth falling out and mute

Gay asking money in dream

Gray hair on neck

Giving someone ironed material as a gift

Gold nosepin broken dream

Gravel lake

Going to umrah and coming back

Grandmother pushing me out of bed

Giving someone razorblade in the dream

Girl vomiting meat

Given cassava by a friend


Grabbed in the dark suffocating

Gold on walls

Give money to a disable boy

Get ragi ball and vhicken in dreams

Gold coins found then lost

Giant hairball

Gold color fish

Getting stitched in the butthole

Gem stones on an ancient tablet meaning

Guru giving me a gold chain

Guru giving me a gift

Grabbed hand dreams

Ghost wall

Girlfriend daughter has her first period while mom is traveling

Gifting soil

Getting a tattoo naked by someone needles

Girl with ponytail running

Growing skeleton

Grill cheese gave to grandchild

Gold triangle

Golden triangle in a dream

Grape falling from eye

Giving birth to a blind and deaf child

Getting bowl cereal dream meaning

Girls sitting on my face

Given airtime recharge card

Giving grandmother money

Gown church

Given a yellow chicken by a stranger wanting friendship

Giving food to my dead father in my dreams

Giving food poor kids

Glitch in dream

Grave coverd with blood

Giving out money to people

Ganesha surrounded by water

Gold coins and items coming out of my mouth

Goats children

Gym lost

Giving money to the dead family relatives

Giving oral sex to father

Gossiping when i knew it was wrong

Giant skeleton with bird bidy and black wings

Give food to dead father in dream

Giving an enemy water spiritual means

Gall from a door to the ground

Getting spray

Going back to primary school to visit

Graveyard dirt

Given smashed box matches

Gas cylinder teer dream


Green leaf blue in dream

Goat walking past

Going to pay tithes in the dream

Glass bridge with a wave coming over it and destroying it

Grannny in a beatifil dress

Going srilanka

Gangster giving blessing

Gangster govong blessing

Grenade launcher

God idol missing from her places


Goat falling in ahole

Giveving a madperson food in the dream

Germinating seed

Gender sex

Get simcard

Giving you hymn book

Girlfriends brother

Gmfeces in sucker way

Given tagiri in the dream

Giving my sweater to someone

Grandmother giving you tea in a dream

Grass in flood

Grass in fload

Grader operator

Grade operator


Girlfriend driving a fire truck

Getting called a bit cnn

Giraffe turn into a brown sported cow

Gold coin with lakshmi multi

Giving out biscuit

Golden skeleton pointing at me

Grapes falling from the sky dream

Gifting pearls to a bride in a dream meaning

Gifting parks to a bride in a dream meaning

Getting suspended from your job

Golly berries

Green frothy poop

Grandfather asking for a team to drink

Ground split in half

Girlfriend leaving for another

Girlfriend dream boyfriend buying new clothes

Groom wearing mask

Groom not present

Groom does not arrive for wedding

Gun held to my head

Girlfriend gave me a paper money

Glass or plastic growing from upper abdomen

Girl carrying a water pot

Gift of fabric in a dream means what

Girl touch another girl vigna

God idol falling on me

Giving food to a pastor in dream

Green pumpkin leaves dream meaning

Girlfriend sister giving me oral sex

Goat giving birth to four children in the dream

Grown up sex with a child

Giving money at a funeral

Green hair dye

Given money in dream

Girl with my penis

Girl wearing a polka dot dress

Giving money to gay in dream

Giant pigeon

Giving sweets to someone in dream

Giving me a wallet wrapped in paper towel

Girl taking care of me

Garden spider

Game with husband

Giving bread to my sick brother

Grabbing vagina

Goat escape


Ground hog flying

Guitar with pick

Garden flooding with water

Gray wool meaning in dreams

Ghost baby cry

Going to buy pads

Giving corn to a dead neighbor

Going to pub in the ocean

Getting ready to teach a class

Guy dreaming of your girl wearing a green or blue dress and dancing

Go to church

Girl short black hair blue eyes

Giving fruit to mad man

Given a fish with exboyfriend

Grandma wearing a beautiful wedding gown

Guinea fowl with chicks

God touching my head

Grounding tomatoes

Giving money to trangender meaning in dream

Gas leaks

Giving tambulam for else in dream

Giving turmeric powder dream

Golden plate and liquid

Giving turmeric powder to some person

George cluney

Glowing green egg

Gifted wheat

Glowing rainbow dream

Green hair islamic

Glass jar breaking

Grandson is naked

Glasses in dishwasher

Grafting plants

Giving rice dead grandmather

Go in a hole and come out

God immersed

Giving food to a kinder in my dream

Green hut

Grandchild in a washing machine

Giving water walking girls

Green paint on your body in a dream

Giving someone moi moi in a dream meaning

Green tomatoes leaf in a dream


Green discharge in a dream

Green emvelop

Getting bangles as gift in dream

Getting free bindis in dream

Giving a mad man fufu to eat in a dream

Gold flower meaning in dream

Giving chickens water to drink

Gifting chicken

Giving honey to someone dead

Gold coming out from mouth

Gold metal coming out from mouth

Garlic soup

God durga statue broken dream

Giving raw intestal meat as a gift in the dream

Garage door smashed open

Giving banana monkey dream

Grandfather funeral

Grandfather fighting i run away picc a phone robbed and get it back but last time it g

Green leaf of mehndi in hand

Giving nut in dream by death mother

Giving a man a child in a dream

Green leaves in the bathroom

Going to evangelism i the dream

Growing business of my boss

Gift of mallet

Get lots of money from vendor machine


Gigging yams

Goddess giving saree in dream

Getting kalire in dream

Giving the mad person bread in dream

Ganesha tattoo meaning

Give ball pen as bribe to officer

Giving someone a massage

Green lucky

Good clothes

Getting physically fit

Getting bleach in your right eye

Given aa gift in dream by a pastor

Giving water to my dead grandfather

Getting bleach in eye

Grafting trees

Generator cannot start

Generator refused to start on dream

Giving shelter to someone

Girl named chloe

Giving money to pastors in a dream

Girl names coe

Guest meaning in islam

Giving responsibility to someone

Gold in a black plastic

Goat and horse fighting

Good person changes bad

Giving out snail in a dream

Girlfriend in black dress

Guy sees me without the hijab

Gifting something to dead

Genger swap

Giving new clothes gift to dead

Goat human legs

Growing hernia

Giving someone red pepper in a dream meanings

Gems coming out of my vagina

Gerald name

Giving a bottle of water to a prophet

Giving matured plantain to a friend

Green veil

Getting horror chips from which ghosts can be called

Gun violence dreams meaning

Going to the presidents house with my family

Grandmother in orange saree

Gust of cold air through open door

Giving prasad in dream

Girlfriend meeting my sister

Going in a shop where sufuria are selling

Girl flirts with boyfriend

Giving anointing oil as a gift in dream

Giving birth to mice

Gold shepherd hook

Getting attacked and someone carving my skin with knife

Glas house

Groceries stolen in a dream

Gold fish toilet bowl

Glowing rosary

Giving food to my children in the dream

Giving good to my children in the dream

Give a gift of jam

Giving hug

Going as a solder in a army

Giving hug to your loved ones

Going soldering

Giving late father fruit

Getting an under slip as a gift in a dream

Getting a slip as a gift

Goddess durga being angry and destroying everything

Given a gift of wrapper by my step mom

Group of girls mean

Getting your money in a dream

Getting back your money in a dream

Gift of jute

Getting tacked by acid

Gave medition a man on dream means

Giving fruit to a deceased person

Gray thick hair

God touched my head in a dream

Gold seashell gift


Grandmother smiling and singing

Green maize plants

Goat with blue eyes

Giving a bager peeper

Going to school in underwear

Green fruit means


Goat oral sex

Getting a wrist watch in the dream

Granding fresh pepper in dream means

Giving money to your late mom

Giving my husband water what meaning

Going to toilet and having fences everywhere

Girlfriend sells my house

Gathering bambara nut in the dream

Green sperms

God watering me in dream

Godess lakshmi coin

Ghee falling in dream from diya

Ghost but alive

Gold handwriting

Gold fish turns into a snake

Getting hexed

Glamorous looking

Getting beaten

God has blessed you

Gathered people eating sadza and maas

Getting ear piercing

Ground cherries

Gift someone charger in dream

Gift someone charger

Gift of hair in the dream

Giving my son water to drink

Goat pissing

Green mopane worm

Giving someone sanitary pad in dreams

Getting hanuman idol

Giving fruit to a death person

Getting compared to someone

Gumballs falling over

Giving kumkum to other

Gold staff with red diamond

Gem pink silver necklace

Grandpa wearing me crown in dream

Gun falling out of pocketbook

Grey cuffs

Goji berries dream

Gifting a dead celebrity

Giving gold to my dead mother

Giant ufo

Green falcon

Green ring on a dead person

Gifting plate in a dream

Green embroidery

Green embroidery cloth

Greeting someone in a dream without answering you

Guy fawkes

Goat legs are fired in my dream

Gaboon snake dreams

Green ntjeti as a dress

Girl with a penis in a dream

Green paper dream

Green tshirt

Getting food as a gift

Going out to party

Gay father dream

Giving food to ex boyfriend and his wife

Giving foot massage in nice place

Giving people money

Get away car

Giving a security personnel money in the dream

Golden person

Green leaves with no fruit

Ghost hug

Grandmother in law

Grown daughter

Guest visiting house

Gadrind of eo

Goat standing on my way

Goat standing ony way

Getting money on side road

Giving water to my dead father

Giving chieftaincy title in dream

Grooming hair

Gooseberry oil seeing in dreams

Ghost trying to have sex with me

Girl half beauty half dead in white dress

Green avdn

Goddess giving gold

Golden wrist watch dream

Green period blood

Girlfriend and snake

Ganga water receiving from simeone

Ghost laughing

Greaming of becoming bring

Ghost giving toffee on her birthday

Gist giving toffee on her birthday

Giving sheep security

Guts spilling out of a man

Golden fingers or branches

Gifted red car

Grow powerful

Girlfriend being stripper

Given bottled palm oil

Green people

Grabbed by hand from under the bed dream

Girl and girl

Given a flag to protect against rain

Given a ring to steal it in a dream

Goats drowning

Golden powder

Getting chased by a big white ball

Gifted garri

Going to a toilet at a cemetery at school

Grandfather shock red shirt

Give someone george wrapper dream meanings

Green gemstone in dream

Giving birth to a baby with both sexual organs

Goat drinking kerosene

Giving bible

Grandma giving money dream meaning

Gradd cutter

Giving birth to a dead child but not pregnant

Goomati chakra

Goat walking in the wwter

Green recorder

Green recorder instrument

Glow up

Gold coins in mud

Giving chapati to a lady

Giving dead person medicine

Getting dry basil as a gift

Green glitter dream mean in islam

Give baby water to drink

Giving surrogate baby back

Grandmother giving silver coins

Giving flowers to dead women

Gomti chakra in my dream

Going to hospice

Getting gifts for coworkers

Green tiger chasing

Giant eagle

Giant mythological creature

Gold presents

Giving laptop to a dead person to keep so that thieves will not take it away from u

Giving a shirt to a dead person

Giving water to a madman who was your class mate

Greeting dream

Giving someone you know garri in a dream means what

Giving clay to someone

Goth girl

Goddess statues burnt

Going to fetch water from a borehole

Ground level dream meanings

God frame scratch

Gutter diamond

Gun represent

Glimpse of the future

Giving someone gari and sugar dream

Giving out grasscutter as a gift

Girl been rape dream

Gold ring shaped like crown dream meaning

Giving milk to a dead relative in dream

Giving birth to snake

Getting ready for marriage

Green sword

Glowing orbs

Green plants in the house

Greaming about disapearind in a dream

Giving tumeric to men

Giving a hen and chick water and you hear voice from them saying thank you such a kind person

Giving someone eggs

Green colour saree in dream

Green colour blood is bleeding in your hand

Gray haired man

Gold ring change to silver ring

Getting staved


Giving a deep throat

Givinag a deepthroat

Giant planet next to earth

Giving blanket to mad men and women

Got a bag of crawfish in a dream

Givin a task by someone

Green popsicle stick

Giving my dead dead father

Goat head on human body

Giving chapati to a family member person

Gift from paul mccartney

Giving someone white maize grine

Gave someone wrapper in my dream

Gnash tattoo on a fore arm

Gender changing dream

Gold ring comes out of after cleaning somuch faceats

Going to fetish priest in a dream meaning


Green cardamon tree dream

Gold dragon in sky coming up


Giving my brother my clothes

Green snake on the left hand and poked with right index finger

Green locust

Greaming of someone writing my name in the paper

Green locust in clothes

Giving out white clothes in the dream

Gadget dream

God idol falling in pooja room dream

Golden pillows

Giving of someone a keg of cooking oil dream meaning s

Giving birth and placenta did not come out dream

Getting shot in the right leg

Grinding fennel

Green feathers

Grind fennel

Giving money to a disabled people

Gold color uncooked rice


Grand mother gives me a white hand watch

Getting split in half

Giving a dead person gift

Giving shoes to a death person

Girl sucking penis

Gold stars

Gun murder weapon

Grey and white snake

Gold tunnel

Grey snake with white lines

Girls in dream

Given kerosine to ur prophetess

Ghost flogging me in dream

Giving two people two sachet of water

Glass bottles being thrown at you

Grandma felting river in dream

Gourd rattle

Grandma felting steam water


Given a drink in a calabash

Grave full of clean water

Ground moving like the ocean

Given money by apolitician

God opened his eyes

Glowing eyes on baby

Getting slapped by someone and biting them in response

Goat with its children

Guy sucked my dick

Given of bitter kola

Getting coins out of a crying babies mouth

Gold rosary

Gangbang my girlfriend

Giving mother a saree

Given butternuts in dreams



Giving the president food in a dream

Giving a wrapper to a man

Grandmother gives me redoil in the dream

Green chutney

Giving my brothers wife a belt in a dream

Giving banana to my dead person

Garlic peeling

Game pad


Grern snake

Group of people fighting over bore hole pump

Getting back together with your ex husband

Giant atis

Going upstairs with my partner

Going up stairs with my partner

Getting up and going about my day

Getting bad grade

Going through deliverance

Gift of bed cover

Going to africa in a taxi

Given diya to someone in dream

Golden ribbons

Giving credit to someone in a dream

Given a pen by death grandma

Green pass

Guru giving sweets

Giving ring

Great shame

Giving someone a thousand wishes


Getting paid to clean in your dream

Going to work in my robe

Green toilet sit

Giving blowjob to dead husband



Garden trees turning into dust

Green velds with dew

Graabbing feet

Gorilla chasing me in the dream wants to kill me

Grinding rice dream


Girlfriend gets gangbanged

Giant octopus devour boat

Green injeti

Garden door


Gold heart dreaming

Green grass in a dream


Grease stains at white top

Girlfriend holding dog peeing on my face

Goat stuck in mud

Gangsterism and guns

Gourd in garden

Gosh scarab beetles and worms pouring out my belly button

Goldcloth cover my head

Goldfish in sand

Graves floating in shallow water

Gifts from my boss

Gold ring of my sister

Giving someone sanitary pad

Golden eye and treasure

Gall bladder area infection

Getting used candles in cemetery

Garden pot


Going to hotel

Gold crescent necklace

Giving a madman a gift

Gold pyramid

Growing hair on my side chicks in a dream

Green ginee

Gift of high heel in the dream

Girl school uniform

Gold brick wall

Going up stairs full of light

Giving fruit to a person in the dream meaning

Going over paperwork with your boss

Girlfriend sexually touching friend

Grandfather clocks dingdong

Green decorative tree and clear water

Giving birth to heavy objects

Grass in sea water dream

Governor visiting my new home

Giving out fifty naira note to a mad woman in dream

Giving cold water

Getting locked up

Giving water to goat dream meaning

Gun inside partners stomach

Green mansion on top of the mountain

Grocery store with friends

Gray tiger

Green beads dream

Ghost of felix

Giving money to an old man in a dream

Germany famale native names

Given someone ankara as gift

Grapevine needs trimming

Greaf dreams

Girl removing panty

Girl removing panry

Giving life to a bad girl for love

Given red ocher in the dream

Getting blessing from senior

Giving a hair tie to a boy

Going down a path with snakes

Grass indoors

Gift from mother

Giants walking eastward

Gatekeeper for lao

Groomed cat cut low

Gas cap missing

Giving tulsi leaves to god

Giving tulsi leaves to hof

Gold bobby pin

Giving pepper someone dream meaning

Going to my ex sister in laws house to argue with my abusive ex husband

Going to my ex sister in laws house to argue with my ex husband and his girlfriend

Green moon in the night sky

Gifted with plenty dried fish

Ground nut extraction

Giving a rose to my dead husband

Golden tea pot

Golden tea pot dream

Getting ring from dead relative in your dream

Giving coins to children

Green mango during pregnancy gender review

Gold stolen from home

Grey pillow case

Ghost girl standing next to you and maving teddy bears

Greek alphabet

Greek letter e

Grandma want to pray

Grab feet

Getting shot in head with speargun

Girl washing up in bathroom sink at restaurant

Gold necklace in toilet bowl

God cloths stolen

Guarding king and queen mother

Gray truck

Going back school

Giving away bra in dream meaning

Green vomiting

Getting of magnet

Getting of black magnet

Good red and green cloths taken away in dream

Getting raped but not seeing it

Getting discounts a dream

Given an atm card by a dead person to draw money at the atm what it mean

Grandmother buying me glasses

Graveyard bones

Giving someone posho

Gopura kalasam

Girl habing vigina and penis at the same time

Given and scratching airtime cards

Grandma huse

Guiding others off boat

Grandfathers gun in my hand

Green henna

Giving flower to brahmin

Gun wrapped in towel

Giving grandma wrapper

Green shoots

Green parrot cage handling a man

Glass mountains

Group pf men

Gallon of palm oil on dream

Giving out snacks to someone

Giving money on a white plate

Gave fois to children they became happy

Given cooked sweet potatoes in the dream

Giving food to happy children

Giving someone snuff to inhale

Giving a sick person snuff

Giving my sick dad snuff

Giving water to an old woman meaning

Gold over a body

Green dress at a funeral

Gooseberry dream meaning

Grand mother with mirrors

Glass garage door

Getting food from diseased

Grandma pooping on the floor

Getting engages

Going to the mall with friends

Giving aid

Groups eating in dream

Getting married wearing green and white satin dress

Giving food to my husband

Giving someone sanitary pad in a dream what does it means

Grabbing hit door

Giving pepper to someone in a dream

Goat sex with dog

Girl father

Green flash light

Girl cheats on boy

Grass and dirt on grave

Grass on grave dream

Grave movement

Gyrating on me

Girl grinding her butt on me

Guinea fowl bleeding

Grey hand reaching

Getting chased by a woman

Given a lot of vegetables as gifts

Geisha girl


Going into a mall with a towel

Girl six toes

Green ropes on hands

Green rope on hands

Grey lamb

Giving flowers and incense in a dream

Giant eating eyeballs

Good karm

Goldfish drain sink

Giant destructive waves

Giving away gloves

Gang raped

Giving necklace to loved one


Giving a gift to my deceased grandmother

Guidance njengesangoma

Girl child wearing a silver crown

Giving getting halfnaked

Giving getting drunk

Giving my boyfreind vodka

Girls sitting on my lap

Girls sitting on my lap in a car as passenger

Glass of red wine but it was actually green and nothing was coming out

Giving money to old woman

Gold fish boiling in water


Giving money by a female prophet in a dream

Given fish by ex lover

Going to a birthday party

Going to chuck e cheese

Giving a deceased parent and piggyback rid

Givin someone chlli peppers

Giving thboolamsto sumangalismean

Got married in dream

Green colors

Grass sand dunes

Given small fish without head

Giraffe fish

Ground cracking beneath you and almost falling off a cliff

Getting burned from firework in islam

Guinea fowl eggs dream

Giving my dead grandmother two candles

Ground breaking underneath me as i was walking

Grey bucket

Go astray

Going to a occult party

Gold worms in stomach

Green on ripe fruit

Get pegged

Goat leg dream meaning

God idol theft from home

Given a bunch of key in a dream

Glasses case

Giving wrapper in dream meaning

Green pumpkin vine

Guidance from a dragon

Green colour powder

Golden worms in dream islam

Gang stars

God mars

Giant growing monsters

Gift of android and vivo

Giant frog

Girlfriend trapped underwater

Gift from oba meaning

Given a melon seeds in a dream

Glowing cashewnut tree

Guests meaning

Glass statue

Grown up child wearing school uniform sleeping on me

Green sour fruit

Grave cross

God writes a message to me

Girl child being raped

Galactic voyage

Golden feet in dream

Gravel in your bed

Granddaughter is swallowed by a carp

Golden snake statue

Ghost of an alive person

Grren maize leaves in dream


Girl changing appearance

Giant wife

Getting raped devil

Getting out a dead pregnancy by ceserean section

Giant devour

Goddess in saree given by me

Get admissions into university

Given favourite book

Garden fork dream

Gas cap

Gold shape fish

Green faced witch

Guinea pig biting me

Getting badge in school

Grabbing my bedsheets

Giving my boyfriend a yellow shirt to wear

Gun in my bag

Gold on rock

Gifted a sack of charcoal

Golden pen mean

Giving someone plastic in a dream spiritual meaning

Giving plastic to someone in a dream spiritual means

Gift for me

Gift in a black box

Giving deaf and dumb money

Greg ury

Green njete dream near the river

Golu dolls meaning


Grumpy grandmother

Given another tranve card in the dream

Gardgen egg

Girl named prayer

Going to haircut

Given food to a mad woman in dream

Give jaggery to someone

Give jaggery two someone

Goat sucked your arm

Gold coins becoming stones

Group of girls being nasty then being nice

Girls giving dirty looks

Giving someone garri as gift

Give a dead person a gold watch

Give a dead erson a gold watch

Given female onions in my dream meaning

Got hurt

Glass pricked in palm

Giant potatoes

Gold and silver and rings

Goind down to stairs

Going down to staits

Giving kumkum to dead person

Golden bird cage

Gllozwing hot ember in pocket

Goat hanging tree

Green pomelo

Green vand

Gold chain around neck in dream

Gold coins and melting gold bar

Guinee fowl

Gloves for a ball

Gamo gamo following me in my dreams

Giant beaver

Giving some money in red envelope to my mother

Gps receiver

Getting marry with stepsister in dream

Giving a cousin money meaning

Give crystals

Grandma waving at me

Given birth to an albino boy

Given birth to an albino girl

Groom and bride

Gifted umripe plantain

Getting the ballpens from a thief

Girl sitting on ex boyfriend lap

Ghost outside

Ghost pinch nipple

Goat carcass in a dream

Gold ring egg

Giving birth a dead child

Gave birth to baby doll in shower

Garri and salt what is the meaning

Gauged out eyes

Gaps in mouth


Giving money to grandmother who passed away

Ground swallowed group of people in the dream

Go and clear grass means

Getting ankara dress to be sewed

Glass knife

Giving someone a white cloth

Gathered something spilled from me and am putting them tigether

Grop of birds flying to you flowers

Green grass path way

Giant chariot coming towards me

Giant chariot coming my way

Given child to hold

Gladiola flower