Common Dreams

The Most Common Dream Symbols

This page explores some of the most common dream symbols and the chances are you are likely to have had at least one of the dreams below.
Dreams that you are falling or naked in a public place, or losing your teeth or flying are all dreams shared by a great many people.
One of the great mysteries about dreams is that people of diverse backgrounds and cultures with varying experiences and of different ages can share these dream themes.
The human mind has the ability to generate and conjure up a myriad of images, yet we can still share such similar themes in our dreams. Perhaps we are not so different after all?

These so-called universal dreams transcend all generations and cultures. Whilst not all experts agree on the same list and frequency, these symbols are perhaps the most commonly reported in dream psychology, and you will find them listed below in alphabetical order.

Their interpretations are meant as starting points but don’t forget that their exact meaning will vary depending upon your personal associations.
Although people tend to have more negative dreams than positive ones, bear in mind that most dream themes have both negative and positive sides.

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