What does it mean to see an light in a dream?

Light Dream Meaning: From 33 Different Sources


(see also Darkness)

(1) Light, particularly sunlight, is a common symbol of consciousness. Moonlight, on the other hand, might represent the unconscious, the intuitive, the feminine.

(2) Light at the end of a dark tunnel may symbolize hope, life after death, or the meaning of (your) life.

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols | Eric Ackroyd


Generally, being aware; waking as opposed to sleep­ing; being able to understand and have insight; to see; light­ness of heart; release from dark feelings.

Example: ‘1 am alone in the house. It begins to grow dark, so I switch the light on, but the light is very dim. So I go to another room and try another light, but this light is even dimmer. I carry on like this all over the house until I am in virtual darkness and very frightened’ (Jw) Jw was s»x al the time of the dream, and here light depicts feelings of sureness or confidence, which gave way to anxiety.

The light is the opposite to the emotions of fear which arise from within. Flickering dimming lights: also feelings about death.

Example: ‘My husband was laying on top of me, his feet on my chest and was giving me sexual pleasure by kissing, lick­ing, sucking my fanny. He reached over to turn the light on, he wanted to look at my body. I felt OK about him looking but saw the blinds were partly open and felt anyone walking past in the street would see as well, I felt very uneasy about that’ (Heather C). Here light represents becoming aware of how others might see one.

Very bright light: intuition; the Self; mega concept; see aura. Spotlight, searchlight: focusing attention on what is shown. Idioms: bright lights; cold light of day, come to light; hide one’s light; in its true light; lighter side; in a good light; see the light; light at the end of the tunnel; throw a light on. See dark; day.

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences | Tony Crisp


Light in a dream may be a sign of a transcendent experience of a divine origin. It may bring spiritual clarity, clear vision, and lucidity to the dream. Being touched by the light may bring about a deep emotional cleansing, a spintual opening, and qven a physical healing.

Ariadne's Book of Dream | Ariadne Green


You see bright lights: you have a bright outlook

Chine Dream Interpretation | Duke Zhou


This is a symbol of God or the word of God, Ps. 27:1, Prov. 6:23

Christian Dream Symbols | Tyler Wolfe


Light in general is a symbol for life itself, for the creative force that some people refer to as God or the Divine. Judeo-Christian doctrine tells us that the very first thing that came about in the creation myth was light. Many dreams will express an aspirational spiritual sensibility through the presence of light as a symbol for your connection to this part of the human experience.

If there is a sensation of light in your dream, you may be expressing your own spiritual nature. Light also connects to your ability to see and become consciously aware of things about yourself and in your life. In this way, light may be a symbol of your expanding awareness of things that used to be in the dark and are now coming to light.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams | Dr. Mıchael Lennox


1. Revealed;

2. Flashlight Personal knowledge or understanding;

• Lights Turned off

- Without understanding or manifestation.

• Dim Light

- Without full knowledge or understanding; Eph 5:13; John 3:21; Acts 20:8; Psa 119:10.

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model | Vincent Wienand



Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton


Spiritually in dreams a bright light symbolizes the manifestation of divinity, truth or direct knowledge. Often this knowledge is beyond form and, therefore, appears as energy, which the dreaming mind translates as light.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous


Psychological / emotional perspective: When light appears in dreams we are usually in process of trying to improve who we are.

A very bright light often symbolizes the development of intuition or insight. There are various techniques using candle flames and other sources of light, which can be used in the waking state to enhance this faculty.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous


Material aspects: Light in a dream usually means illumination.

For instance, ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ suggests coming to the end of a difficult project. ‘He saw the light’ means recognition of the results of actions.

It is much to do with confidence.

To feel lighter signifies feeling better about ourselves. Also consult the entry for lamp.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous


Illumination in a dream can symbolize the shedding of light on a situation or problem, enlightenment of one’s consciousness, and lighting the way on a physical or spiritual journey.

The extinguishing of light may signify the end of an old situation. Spiritually, this is a very positive symbol.

Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia | James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver


Symbol: “God is light and in him there is no darkness” (1. John 1.5). Light brings order to chaos.

Vision: A light always symbolizes a signpost, a guiding force. You are either on the right path or it will soon dawn on you what path you want to travel. Candlelight is a suggestion to look inside, to be more reflective and reverent. Seeing a light in the distance: happiness and good times ahead.

Depth Psychology: The light is a sign that you are raising your consciousness through awareness. Light will bring clarity and understanding to your life.

Dreamers Dictionary | Garuda


To dream of lights is very good. It denotes riches and honour.

Indian Interpretation of Dreams | Indian - Anonymous


(Beam; Gleam; Radiance; Shine) Light in a dream means guidance. Walking from a dark place into the light in a dream means receiving guidance, divine acceptance and protection in this world and in the hereafter, and it represents richness after poverty, honor after humiliation, repentance following sin, sight after blindness and the opposite is also true should one see himselfwalking from light into darkness in adream. Light in a dream also means Islam, or submission to God Almighty. Seeing light in a dream denotes good deeds, knowledge, the Holy Qur’an, or a righteous son. In a dream, light also may mean trials and tribulations. Wearing a raiment oflight in a dream means receiving knowledge, or it could represent one’s growing devotion.

If one sees light beaming from his body in a dream, it means that he will be gifted with a son who will grow to be a man ofgreat knowledge, spiritual rank, and whose prayers are accepted. Thus, whatever he ask, God Almighty will grant. Light in a dream also represents a messenger, knowledge, or it could mean accomplishing one’s needs in the light. Light in a dream also represents the sun, the moon, the daylight, sunshine, moonlight, the crescent moon, or the Arabic proper name Shams.

(Also see Earth; Lantern)

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin


See Lamp, Lantern, Lighthouse. Symbol for consciousness, intellect, reason, clarity, hope, and joy.

The image of the center of life—as the sun is the center of the universe—the spark of the soul and the longing for a much sought-after object.

The light is the opposite of depression, doubt, darkness, and illness. Light means creative spirit. However, keep in mind that light and darkness contradict as well as enhance each other. Negative meaning: Blinding, bright, or dying light.

Little Giant Encyclopedia | Klaus Vollmar


A dream featuring very bright light means you will solve a problem by learning to look at it in a new way.

It is a sign that you should trust your instincts.

To dream of turning on lights foretells an unexpected reward for a past kindness.

To turn out lights suggests that you will have a holiday or a well earned rest.

A dream of red lamps is a warning of danger due to uncontrolled passion or temper.

To dream of flickering or flashing lights suggests that something is preventing you from solving a current relationship or family problem - it could be your own emotions or preconceptions that are getting in the way. Try to cool down and look at the situation in “a clearer light.” Also see “Neon Lights”

My Dream Interpretation | myjellybean


See LAMP, and also LANTERN.

A good sign unless the Light goes out or becomes obscured, when it shows difficulties in store for you. LIGHTHOUSE. -This is a very fortunate dream, and is not often encountered.

Mystic Dream Book | Internet Archive - Anonymous


1. Insight, clarity.

2. Happiness, success in business.

3. Difficul­ties in love (dim or no light).

4. Truth of a matter is “illuminated.”

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin


Dreams of light represent solution, hope, faith, grace, intuition, awakening, confidence and connection to your higher power. This dream is reminding you that the divine spark within you will lead you through whatever challenging situations you face.

Strangest Dream Explanations | Dream Explanations - Anonymous


also see Lamp

1- Light in a dream usually means illumination.

For instance, ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ suggests coming to the end of a difficult project. Tie saw the light’ means recognition of the results of actions.

It is much to do with confidence. rfo feel lighter signifies feeling better about ourselves.

2- When light appears in dreams we are usually in process of trying to improve who we are.

A very bright light often symbolises the development of intuition or insight. There are various techniques using candle flames and other sources of light which can be used in the waking state to enhance this faculty

3- Spiritually in dreams a bright light symbolises the manifestation of divinity, truth or direct knowledge. Often this knowledge is beyond form and therefore appears as energy which the dreaming mind translates as light.

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary | Pamela Ball


If you dream of light, success will attend you.

To dream of weird light, or if the light goes out, you will be disagreeably surprised by some undertaking resulting in nothing.

To see a dim light, indicates partial success.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation | Gustavus Hindman Miller


Whether you are dreaming or awake, light is a very positive symbol. It represents enlightenment, lifting of shadow, the acquisition of understanding and knowledge, and a positive force. Depending on the details of the dream, you may give the light spiritual or physical meaning.

For some, the light may represent a higher force or power, God’s presence, or rays of His love and peace. Others may find this dream reassuring as it may represent a well-lit journey through life, or simply a solution to a current problem. Light always refers to consciousness

The Bedside Dream Dictionary | Silvana Amar


Light has traditionally been identified with the spirit. It symbolizes knowledge, inspiration, and intuition. For this reason, if your dreams are luminous, it means you possess great self confidence. However, if they are dark, it reveals the presence of feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem. To turn on a light in darkness augurs that you will discover a secret. Finally, you must pay attention to the different forms of light, since the reading depends on it. So, the rainbow represents hope; the sun, happiness; and the moon, the guide that comes from your most hidden unconscious self. (See YELLOW, CLARITY, and LAMP)

The light you see in dreams can have a great spiritual importance. It may deal with a journey toward enlightenment, or an experience in the interior, similar to those the mystics had. In many cases, it has a religious meaning. Christ is often called “the light of the world” and, regarding the Buddha’s nirvana, they say it is “unlimited light.” Equally, the teachings of yoga describe “the light of ten thousand suns.”

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke


He that dreams he is in a ship, and sees a clear light afar off, shall be assured of a fair wind, and receive no damage by tempests, but arrive happily at his desired haven. When one dreams that he holds a burning light in his hands in the night, it is a good sight, and chiefiy to those who arc young; for it signifies that they shall prosper in love, accomplish their designs, overcome their enemies, and gain honor and goodwill from all persons.

To dream you see a burning light in the hands of another, signifies that the mischief done will be discovered, and the party punished.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway


To dream of being grateful for a light, either in a dark place or for a cigarette or cigar, denotes relief from an embarrassing situation.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway


(See also Lamp), A very bright light, seen in a dream signifies new knowledge that will be of monetary value if you make the best use of it.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway


Daylight featured in your dream is promise of renewed hope.

A beam of light as from a spotlight or arc light signifies the sudden solution to a longstanding problem.

Otherwise, see Candle, Electricity, Lamp, Lantern, Fire, Gas, Searchlight, etc.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams | Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett


Wisdom of God; power, energy, ability to see and understand. Christ light within.

The Dream Books Symbols | Betty Bethards


To dream of being aboard ship and of seeing a light afar off assures one of his desires; to hold a burning light in the hands is good, especially to the young, signifying accomplishment of designs, honors and good will to all persons.

A light in the hands of another foretells the discovery of mischief and the punishment of the offender (Old Dream Book). The symbolism is easily followed.

The Fabric of Dream | Katherine Taylor Craig


(see Candle, Fire, Torch)


The active, aware mind. Enlightenment of a mental or spiritual nature.

Hope (e.g., “light at the end of the tunnel”).

A spiritual presence (see Angel, Ghost, Icons).

An extension of personal auric energy, viewed from the dream perspective.

The Language of Dreams | Patrica Telesco


Whether you are dreaming or awake, light is a very positive symbol. It represents enlightenment, lifting of shadow, gaining of understanding and knowledge, and a positive force. Hope.

A light shining out of the dark, or a flashlight beam, shows that you will finally find the truth in a situation or the answer to a personal problem that you have been searching for.

If the light is dim, you will only find part of the solution.

Tryskelion Dream Interpretation | Pagan - Anonymous


lucky numbers: 03-14-22-45-50-56

bright: a too-obvious issue wil shed light on the situation.

dim: wil have sickness that wil handicap your abilities to move forward.

distance, in the: a safe return from extensive travel where dispersed funds seed the future.

going out: danger in love affairs when meeting with jealous exes.

illuminated house, being: wil discard misery and affliction, which should be devalued.

enemy’s: be on the lookout for treacherous activities in the shadows.

halls: wil be requited when perplexing problem is solved.

lighting a lamp: bringing order to chaos is your spiritual journey.

putting out: bad news is received from a friend faraway.

obscured: what is not seen cannot be understood.

on: the correct path wil be revealed to you.

prison, through a: transmit your energy, each chakra at its own time.

ray of: your self-confidence is bolstered by mentor at work.

broken up into a spectrum: have opened up to colors, their availability and meaning.

ship in the distance, on a: wait for arrival of an important person soon.

turning on: success in business through a plethora of new ideas.

turning out a: warning of a smal operation proving your lover has cheated.

warm incandescent: understanding and wisdom in the comfort of the soul.

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days |

44 dream interpretations related to the symbols you see in your dreams.


Lightning in your dreams, foreshadows happiness and prosperity of short duration.

If the lightning strikes some object near you, and you feel the shock, you will be damaged by the good fortune of a friend, or you may be worried by gossipers and scandalmongers.

To see livid lightning parting black clouds, sorrow and difficulties will follow close on to fortune.

If it strikes you, unexpected sorrows will overwhelm you in business or love.

To see the lightning above your head, heralds the advent of joy and gain.

To see lightning in the south, fortune will hide herself from you for awhile.

If in the southwest, luck will come your way. In the west, your prospects will be brighter than formally. In the north, obstacles will have to be removed before your prospects will brighten up.

If in the east, you will easily win favors and fortune. Lightning from dark and ominous-looking clouds, is always a forerunner of threats, of loss and of disappointments. Business men should stay close to business, and women near their husbands or mothers; children and the sick should be looked after closely. ... lightning dream meaning


If you see a lighthouse through a storm, difficulties and grief will assail you, but they will disperse before prosperity and happiness.

To see a lighthouse from a placid sea, denotes calm joys and congenial friends. ... lighthouse dream meaning

Light Bulb

To be in the dark and then have a light bulb turn on is symbolic of God showing you that righteous living will illuminate your situation, Isa. 58:9-10... light bulb dream meaning


To see a lightning-rod, denotes that threatened destruction to some cherished work will confront you.

To see one change into a serpent, foretells enemies will succeed in their schemes against you.

If the lightning strikes one, there will be an accident or sudden news to give you sorrow.

If you are having one put up, it is a warning to beware how you begin a new enterprise, as you will likely be overtaken by disappointment.

To have them taken down, you will change your plans and thereby further your interests.

To see many lightning rods, indicates a variety of misfortunes. ... lightning-rod dream meaning

Northern Lights

1. Indicates a wealth of energy, vitality.

2. A sudden inspiration, awareness, often in relationships. ... northern lights dream meaning

Light Switch

If you dream of turning on a light switch, you will receive thanks for doing something nice.

If you turned off the light switch, you are due for a vacation or a break from your responsibilities.

If the light switch in your dream wasn’t working, you are having a hard time figuring out the solution to a personal issue.... light switch dream meaning

Traffic Light

To see a traffic light in your dream, suggests that you feel you are being held back from pursuing your goals. You may also feel pressure to succeed or else be left behind.

If the traffic light is green, then it indicates that you have been given a seal of approval to follow whatever path you have chosen or whatever decision you have made.

If the traffic light is flashing all different colors, you are feeling much confusion over which direction you should proceed to achieve your interests.

If the traffic light is red, this suggests that you need to stop what you are doing and think about the situation before moving forward. You need to proceed with care and caution. Alternatively, an red traffic signal can signify barriers and difficulties on our path.

If you dream of driving through a red light, this indicates that you do not consider the consequences of your action. It may refer to your reckless habits.... traffic light dream meaning


For a sailor to see a beacon-light, portends fair seas and a prosperous voyage.

For persons in distress, warm attachments and unbroken, will arise among the young.

To the sick, speedy recovery and continued health. Business will gain new impetus.

To see it go out in time of storm or distress, indicates reverses at the time when you thought Fortune was deciding in your favor. ... beacon-light dream meaning


You’re struck by lightening: you will be struck by good luck... lightening dream meaning

Traffic Lights

Traffic, stress, order, an indication of needing to understand the signs of the times, or to establish these signs. Green light: idea, insight, understanding. Red light: repressive dream.... traffic lights dream meaning


Dreams of a lighter represent a catalyst. You are igniting, initiating and evoking energy and power into your life. You are deliberately activating and accelerating spirit energy.... lighter dream meaning

Red Light

Dreams of a red light signify “stop,” do not proceed.

A red light can also be a sign of prostitution, and the message to beware of the temptation to sell yourself out with regards to your talents, gifts and/or resources. See Prostitute.... red light dream meaning

Beams Of Light

You are focusing your thoughts to create more penetrating energy in your life. Light is energy in motion. We generally think of it in terms of that which illuminates and makes things visible. However, light is actually a wave of energy, only a small fraction of which is visible to the human eye. In this way, the light we can see represents thoughts we are conscious of. Various forms of light can represent different levels and intensities of thought.

A beam is a focus of light that has the ability to illuminate a particular area or object and is therefore symbolic of concentrated thought.... beams of light dream meaning


The person deterring the sudden unexpected problem... lightning-conductor dream meaning


Infinite wisdom from god... sky-light dream meaning

Jewel Light Of The Father’s Eyes

In a dream, it means one’s sons or daughters.... jewel light of the father’s eyes dream meaning

Light Given Off By Fire

To burn a fire in the dream and see people being guided by the light of such a fire implies that the person who had enkindled the fire will, through knowledge and wisdom, become a guiding light for the people.... light given off by fire dream meaning


(See Blithe)... lightheartedness dream meaning

Lightning Eyes

Symbolic of a supernatural being ... lightning eyes dream meaning

Thunder And Lightning

Rough times ahead with much dispute, arguments, disagreement, possibly even law suits.

If you hear thunder without seeing lightning, then you will come out of it all right. See also Lightning and Rain.... thunder and lightning dream meaning


A lightbulb may appear in a dream as an outstanding symbol for an important idea.

A bumed-out lightbulb may represent a forgotten idea or feeling creatively blocked.’... lightbulb dream meaning

Lantern, Traffic Light

Vision: According to ancient folklore, a lighted lantern stands for an impending, sorrow-filled event.

A blinking traffic light is always a warning to be careful.

If you or someone else is turning the traffic light off: the danger has passed, expect improvement in the present situation.

If the light in the lantern is burning brightly: you have gained great insights, or you are about to reveal a secret.

If the light in the lantern is flickering or going out: don’t get involved in other people’s business; you are probably misreading the situation. See Light.

Depth Psychology: The image of a traffic light is always a sign of a budding love affair—particularly’ when the traffic light is Red.

A softly burning lantern reflects deep insight and inner wisdom. See Lamp.... lantern, traffic light dream meaning


A light shining out of the dark, or a flashlight beam, shows that you will finally find the truth in a situation or the answer to a personal problem that you have been searching for.

If the light is dim, you will only find part of the solution.... lights dream meaning

Gas Or Lamp Light

This concerns your love affairs or domestic happiness.

If you dream that the light is bad, then your interests will suffer accordingly.

If the light goes out suddenly, expect a catastrophe. ... gas or lamp light dream meaning

Green Light

Dreams of a green light represent that all lines of traffic have opened up for you and the universe is motioning you to go forward with your dreams. See Green.... green light dream meaning

Christmas Lights

To dream of Christmas lights represents your spiritual feelings about the Christmas holiday. It also symbolizes hopefulness for the future and insights into family affairs.... christmas lights dream meaning

Neon Lights

To dream of bright neon lights signifies your big ambitions and goals. It may also foretell the sudden solution to a longstanding problem.... neon lights dream meaning

Night Light

If you dream about a night light, you have understanding and insight about a situation that was once confusing to you. You have the answers within you.... night light dream meaning

Strobe Light

To see a strobe light in your dream, suggests that you are presently experiencing some stress in your life. You are having trouble seeing a situation clearly, or finding the answer to a real life problem. You need to move toward a higher level of awareness and feeling.... strobe light dream meaning

White Light, Flash Of

Realization.... white light, flash of dream meaning

Arc Light

See Light, etc.... arc light dream meaning

Bolt (lightning)

The ray is a celestial fire in its activity, a symbol of creative power. This divine connotation provokes, generally, that the ray represents those circumstances that are imposed upon you and radically change your life. The ray is also a symbol of speed (fast as light), of wise insights and emotional explosions.

To dream that you are struck by lightning is a favorable omen of achieved goals. Lightning over your house, on the contrary, indicates danger and unexpected events.... bolt (lightning) dream meaning


To dream that you feel very light signifies that you want to elevate yourself spiritually, that you aspire to a better life. Although it may also indicate a lack of conviction in your relationships. (See DANCING, SMOKE, and INCENSE) ... lightness dream meaning

Lamp Or Light

Experiencing or desiring insight, clarity, understanding, or discovery (as in “shining some light on the subject”).

The idea of finding your way in some aspect of your life.

Feeling lost or needing guidance.

Something that is “known” (as opposed to dark representing “the unknown”).

See also: Light (Illumination)... lamp or light dream meaning

Lightning / Storm / Thunder

Hearing thunder in a dream can warn of a potential emotional outburst.

If the thunder is in the distance, there may still be time to regain control of a difficult situation. Spiritually, the rumblings of thunder can demonstrate deep anger.

Because lightning has long been considered the prerogative of the gods and a symbol of communication between the world of gods and that of human beings, if lightning appears in your dream or you are struck by a thunderbolt, this suggests intuition, inspiration and the sudden awakening of psychic powers. In general, lightning in a dream indicates unexpected changes that are taking place, or are about to take place. These changes may be to your routine or to the way you think.

Lightning can also indicate strong, passionate love that can strike suddenly and unexpectedly. Alternatively, lightning in a dream can indicate a discharge of tension, or a necessary but destructive act on your part in order to make progress. Spiritually, lightning can denote sudden enlightenment or personal growth.

If a storm—with or without thunder and lightning—appears in your dream, this indicates personal emotional outbursts as the storm allows the dreamer to release emotion and clear the air. But if the storm is approaching, this indicates a sense of difficult times ahead, and of anger or passion about someone or something that has built up, but which has not yet been expressed.... lightning / storm / thunder dream meaning

Lighting A Fire

If you dreamed of lighting a fire, what sort of fire was it and who else was there? Kindling a fire represents a summoning of energy, so the context of the fire in your dream should always be taken into consideration. Where are you focusing your energy? If the fire spreads out of control in your dream, this may indicate that your emotions are in danger of running out of control too.

If you succeed in controlling the blaze, this suggests you are in control of your waking life. Also pay attention to what was being burned in your dream and what the fire was feeding on, as the other symbols in the dream may help with your interpretation. For example, if you were burning your clothes, is it time to brighten up your image?

A fire burning in a domestic hearth is likely to point to your private life, whilst a bonfire or beacon has more public significance as a symbol of communication. Lighting a stove to cook a meal for family and friends suggests concern for your loved ones, and lighting a candle for a meal or curling up in front of a log cabin’s roaring fire may suggest sexual heat.... lighting a fire dream meaning

Light (spiritual)

Dreaming that you’re in the presence spiritual Light (or God) can represent: A desire to experience a deeper connection God, assistance from God, or another kind of spiritual experience (such as clarity or enlightenment).

Feeling connected with God during your dream.

Consider whether during the dream you experienced the overwhelming peace and love that signifies God’s presence.

See also: God; Love; Peace; Heaven; Angel; Religious Figure; Light (Illumination)... light (spiritual) dream meaning


You or something else being lightweight can represent: Airiness.

A “light” or carefree attitude.

Without burden.

A perceived lack of substance or strength.

See also: Levitating; Floating; Size; Measure; Skinny... lightweight dream meaning

Reflective Light

A reflection or glimmer of light can represent: Insight or understanding.

An indirect effect, influence, or action.

The suggestion that whatever is glimmering is special or important.

The idea of an illusion.

A representation of something or someone (rather than the actual thing or person).

See also: Mirror; Light (Illumination); Lamp or Light; Glowing; Fire; Gleam; Sparkle; Communication... reflective light dream meaning

Light Blue


2. – SPIRIT OF MAN, (3)EVIL SPIRIT, (4)CORRUPTION... light blue dream meaning

Light Pole

1. Jesus;

2. Righteous Christian; Matt. 5:14-15.... light pole dream meaning

Mirror / Lighting

As a symbol of the mind, the mirror suggests the art of reflection, looking at the reality of who you are, or seeing yourself in a new or different way.

If a mirror appears in your dream, do you need to reflect on something that is bothering you? If you saw your reflection, were you happy with what you saw or do you want to make changes? Light in dreams symbolizes intuition or inner guidance, so if you dream of lights or light bulbs, consider their shape. Are they candles flaring upward or is the light contained in a bulb? Is the light flickering or steady, and what does this represent for you right now? If you are carrying a light that flares in your dream, does this mean you have a flair for something, a talent you are not using? Or does it mean you are about to flare up and have an angry outburst? As mentioned above, light is the symbol of life, knowledge and enlightenment and in dreams, casting a bright light may present an optimistic image of your well-being, but if it is flickering, this suggests uncertainty. A light that is unlit may be a symbol of ignorance.

If you use a flashlight or torch in your dream, this suggests you are trying to seek out truth and integrity in a corrupt situation.... mirror / lighting dream meaning

Storm / Thunder / Lightning

Storms suggest emotional eruptions but, because storms often blow out over the course of a dream, they also suggest that your emotional crisis will eventually calm down. A dream storm may also represent a brainstorm or the unleashing of creativity, especially if bolts of lightning figured. The flashes of lightning could represent flashes of insight but they could also be associated with anger issuing from an authority figure (bolts of lightning were associated with the wrath of the gods, according to ancient peoples). An object or person appearing in a dream that features thunder may therefore represent someone you are planning to oppose in waking life or may suggest an aspect of yourself with which you feel uncomfortable.

If the latter is the case, the thunder may be the voice of your own conscience or an authority figure such as a parent or teacher or boss at work. Try to work out what the thunder was saying; it is a strong image and the advice may be equally impressive.

Finally, were you personally involved during the storm or did you fear for the safety of someone else? If you were worried about someone else, it may be that you fear the consequences of your actions on other people. And if your house or any other building was under threat from the storm, you should consider the dream from the point of view of that which was under threat.... storm / thunder / lightning dream meaning

Light (illumination)

A light (such as from a lamp or unknown source) can represent: Clarity or understanding (as in “shedding some light” on a particular subject).

Hope, goodness, or assistance, especially when it appears in the darkness (such as a lighthouse).

A spotlight can represent the idea of being focused on, seen, or recognized by others; an indication of something you consider important or worthy of attention.

See also: Lamp or Light; Glowing; Sun; Candle; Fire; Reflective Light; Gleam; Sparkle; Light (Spiritual); Turning On; Turning Off; Furniture... light (illumination) dream meaning