Using bathroom in dream

Uncle wife

Unmaaried girl wearing mangalsutra in dream

Uphupha umntu emithi

Unripe avocados

Using chewing stick while driving

Using chewing stick while driving in the dteam

Unknown tall women

Unknown foreigner women



Unhappy marriage

Urge to delete pictures

Ushering in a church wedding

Unknown men stabin eatchother

Ukuphupa umoba

Using anointing oil in a dream

Ukuphupha ingane encane

Uprooting plants planting in other pot

Uprising roofing iron

Unknown fancy smart people in dream

Ukumula in a dream

Ukuphupha wwnzelwe umemulo

Using a hose to put out fire on a burning car engine

Unknown creature attack

Unmarried wearing mangal sutra in dream

Ucking of penis in the dream

Ukuphupha amasimba akho

Uncle committing suicide

U slap imy husband gurlfruend and she die

Using chewing stick to brush my teeth

Urad dal

Uphupha umoba

Underwear in public

Unmarried women delivering a babygirl herself

Unhappy child

Urinating squating on a rug

U dream of a family members celebrating birthday and all members in white dress

Untying something in a dream


Urine dream

Unmarried girl pragnent

Unlit candle in a dream

Uprooting plants with many roots in the dream

Unmarried girl giving birth to a boy and breastfeeding milk

Ukulele string break in dream

Ukuphupha usika umhlwehle

Using old clothes

Ukphupha umula

Uncle commiting sucide

Unlocked padlock

Unripe plantain on d top of d tree, tried cutting it for consumption and it disappeared

Unfriended by your boyfriend

Udto sarp

Urinating in your underwear

Urinated underwear


Unfinished processes

U beat someone

Untying a white horse

Uncle aunt getting married

Umembeso in dream

Unmarried girl wearing red saree

Uncontrollable swearing

Using red. clothe to cover my body when sleeping

Under mattress money

Underwear taking them out of drawers for spoons

Uprooting plenty of mushroom

Unable to fly

Unknown man shaving my hair

Unborn baby footprint in the belly

Uprooting of casava in the dream

Urinating in a flower vase


Unopened champagne bottle in a dream

Unmarried girl wearing mangalsutra chain toe ring

Unable to remove clothing

Uncooked snake meat

Urine in the night pot

Uprooted plant in dream

Unmarried girl giving birth to a baby boy

Uprooting private hear

Umemulo ephusheni

Uprooting cassava and u get big tubers

Use of hand sanitizer in the dream


Unmarried girl wearing mangustrla

Uprooting a mushroom in the dream

Urad dam and rice

Ukuphupha ufaka ingane inabukeni

Unknown old man asking for help

Unclog nose


Under age girl oral sex


Uncle fart

Urinating on basin

Untied mangalsutra

Urad dal buying in dream

Using mortal to fetch water


Underwear burn

Using salt to kill earthworm in a dream meaning

Utshwala besizulu bugaywa

Uncle in my dream

Unmarried girls dream about holding her baby

Uncircumcised man

Udara picking

Unidentified person

Ukuphupha ubopha umoba

Ukuphupha bekulobola

Ukuphupha impepho namakhandlela kungavuthi

Uninterested hobby

Unknown dead women

Unknown person as lover

Unable to find your way back

Ukuphupha abakhongi


Unprepared to teach

Unmarried wearing mangala sutra


Uda in the dream

Urad dal in bed

U are tieing your dead grandma underwear

Under ground water

Underwater temple

Unmarried girl wearing mangalasutra

Unmarried wearing thali kn dream nd entering house

Unknown pwraon

Untied cleats

Unborn baby walking

Uprooting cocoyam in the dream what is the meaning

Unscrupulous meaning in marathi

Uprooting mushrooms on dead palm tree

Uphill ski

Urinating into a river in a dream

Unable to write an exmunition

Unhappy dead father in law

Uprooting cassava in dream

Un able to run from denger

Uterus fall out

Underwater behind door

Unfastened seatbelt

Unwrapping tissue

Unwrapping toilet tissue

Unwrapping paper


University buildings


Underwater mall

Underground fire

Using locust bean to rob body


Up rusting coco yam

Unfinished wedding

Used papers bags carrying them with a big lorry


Unmarried girl give birth to baby


Using locusts beans to rob the body

Under ground house

Ukuphupha wenzelwa umemulo

Used sanitary pade

Unidentified blessings

Unjured foot nail

Unknown husband as a ghost

Using gun as self defense

Undeveloped baby

Uprooting cocoyam in the dream

Unable to complete task

Unknown face place plaque by dead mother grave side

Unexpected friend touching your boobs

Ugu leaf dream


Universe shifting

Ugly horrible maid entering your room

Ukuphupha irainbow

Underwater building

Ukuphupha zocelwa

Unpacking boxes

Ur mother giving u heel shoes to fit

Unmarried girl give birth

Uh juicy

Unique looking birds with strange feathers

Unable to remove tight cloth

Undressing a fairy

Unknown guy says your pretty

Used breast pads

Ukuphupha umngani wakho enzelwa umemulo?

Unknown man entering my house

Unknown anglw

Unstoppable rain

Underground city

Unkempt yard

Unkempt garden

Used toys

Unfinished hairstyle


Ushitsha inabukeni

Ukuphupha ushitsha ngane nabukeni

Under wear

Use hand sanitizer


Unapproachable person in dream


Unfaithful wife

Uv light

Unmarried women wearing mangalsutra in dreams

Unusable bathroom

Unable to finish packing suitcase

Ukuphupha udla umoba?

Unfinished construction

Urinating forcefully and wetting white pants

Unbottoning someones shirt

Underwear inside out

Ukphupha ulintsholwa


Urinating black eyed peas

Upside down house

Ukuphupha beloku lobola kusho ukuthi

Use of gold ink

Upper teeth falling out

Umrah in dream

Unbrushed teeth

Utshwala besintu bubila dream meaning

Utshwala besintu bubila

Ute with no tray

Uterus falling out


Uncle sam

U cute girl

Ukuphupha ikhekhe

Ukuphupha usika ikhekhe

Unknown portal on a bedroom and people are coming through it

Using a three legged black pot to fight enemies

Unfinished hair

Unborn grandchild

Uncover broom

Un bormmmm

Unmarried woman dreams about having a laughing baby

Unable to complete tasks

Upper room in church

Upside down crusafix

Urshers in a church

Uncle beard on fire

Under a moving truck

Udara meaning in dream

Uprooting palm trees


Unmarried girl giving birth boy

Unable to scream for help

Unable to scream for help being abducted

Uprooting palm tree

Uprooting a baby palm tree

Udara in dream

Unmarried girl backing a baby

Unexpected changes

Ukuphupha umntwana

Uncle sex

Unwanted visitor

Ukulele broke

Underground water

Underground water stream

Underground q

Unable to undress because of tight clothing

Uprooting muchroom during pregnancy what those it means

Unclean water in bottle

Using a wheelbarrow


Univited guest in dream?

Umrah preparation




Unpacking dishes

Unpacking plates

Unknown lady gives saree

Uncle vomiting




Unmarried girl giving birth to twin girls

Unknown figure in a purple cloak

Unused coal

Unmarried girl dreaming of giving birth to boy baby

Unmarried girl wora thirumangalyam in dream meaning

Underground to river creek

Urinating in bucket of sand

Ugly models

Upright bass without a case


Using salt to kill long earth worms in the dream

Uncontrollable mating donkeys


Underground tunnels

Unlocked foors

Uprooting cassava

Upside down crucifix

Urad dhall dream meaning


Uda in dream

Untangling ribbons in my dream

Urdal dal


Ukuphupha umuntu othandana naye etete umtwana

Unexpected large payout


Unknown woman gave me a haircut

Unknown faces

Ukuphupha ugaya utshwala besizulu

Ukuhlupha ugaya utshwala besizulu


Usher i. church dteam

Uncle wife dream meaning

Using tricycle to sell water in dream

Uprooting grasses in my late mother grave

Using hand grinder to grind pepper

Uprooting mucshroom dream

Unable to run fast due to gravity


Underground, prison, tunnels

Unmarried wearing mangalustra in the dream

Uprooting mashroom in the dream and having intention to eat them

Unmarried girl wearing magalsuthra in dream

Ube tree and i pick only one


Umobo oshisiwe

Ukuphupha uhlwehlwe

Upper hinge of a window dismantled

Unmarried women waring mangalsutra

Urad dal meaning in dreams

Underneath table

Uprooting cassava with much roots in a dream

Underwater romance

Unmarried woman giving birth to children

Ukuphupha ngigida

Unmarried female dreams of giving birth to a boy

Unsending message

Uprooting good mushroom in dream

Uprooting mushroom for eating and also giving some to people

Ugu leaves

Unprepared tripe

Unkown creature

Untangling a knot in my hair using hands

Under a table



Unable to find hotel

Unwanted job

Unwanted visitors being brought to your house by a love one

Unwanted guest in home

Unhappy with partner


Uprooted plants

Unfinished exam

Ukuphupha ngotshwala besilungu

Unknown man


Uncomfortable around ex husband

Ukuphupha amcimbi

Unknown crazy person in dreams

Ukuphupha inkukhu emhlophe

Ultrasound dream

Unfinished work with deadline

Unfinished work with deadlibe

U saw dead body in forest

U saw dead body in the woon

Ukuphapha ulotsholwa

Using salt to kill worm in dream

Under armour

Using arms to fly

Unlit lamppost

Unwanted suitor

Underground children

Unusually successful means

Unstable building

Ukuphupha uwasha emfuleni

Uvwxyz a pregnant woman dreams her long head hair cut short at her own | dream interpretation

Unable to remember

Unable to remember meeting place

Unable to remember rendezvous point


Using a crosier to heal people

Unconsious brother

Unprepared for class

Upset mother

University exam result with good marks

Uprooting cocoyam in dream meaning

Utswala besizulu

Undertaker in white with white hearse and coffin

Unknown person is driving drunk hitting cars

Unknown name

Unsharpened pencil


Unwanted people in house

Unwanted people in your house

Ukuphuph umembeso

Unable to help helpless

Unable to rescue

Unable to rescue drowning

Utensils floating in kitchen

Ukuphupha uleqwa ngompu

Ukuphupha uleqwa. gompu


Unknown male

Upper spine cracking

Upper spine

Ulysses dreams

Ukuphupha umuntu tete umntwana

Ukuphupha umuntu tete umntwana

Ukuphupha umuntu othandan naye etete umntwana emhlane


Untrustworth people

Unable to drive vehicle around corner

Using bolt cutters

Using my teeth bite through wire

Using my teeth to buy something

Urinating woman

Ube(african pear)

Unfinished assignment in school

Urinating on myself

Un prepared

Unprepared public speaking

Unconcious mind

Ugu means


Umbrella and dead woman


Unable to stop a vehicle

Unfinished house i grew up in

Unable to stop a moving vehicle


Ukuphupha ulotsholwa


Unable to find my way or delayed getting to places

Untangling a heavy silver coloured chain

Ukuphupha umuhlwehlwe

Ukuhlupha uzocelwa

Underground subway

Unmarried, i dream getting married traditionally

Ukuphupha ingane encane imile

Utswala besizulu bubila

Utshwala besizulu bubila

Unmarried girl dream about thali

Unanable to paint brick wall with former coworkers

Unwanted travel

Undersize shoe



Ukuphupha uhluza utshwala

Unlit candles in dream meaning

Unhappy people running for safety

Urine in a bathtub

Ukuphupha wnzelwe umemulo

Unwanted holes in clothes

Unborn grand child

Ushering dream meaning

Unraveling twine ball

Unraveling twine

Ulayishwe wamnigi elolini

Ukuphupha ubona umoba umningi ugcwele itruck?

Unmarried girl wearing mangalsutra in dream

Uninvited people found in new rooms i discovered in my house

U dreaming bout grandma jewellery and makup

Underwear in a dream

Ufo inasion

Ufo invasion

Uhlaza lwasensimini

Ugu leave

Ugu leave

Unmarried girl wearing thaali in dream

Unmarried gir wearing mangalsutra

Unwanted sex

Uncompleted task

Unable to move fast

Unplugged box tv

Underwear falling off

Urinating dead person

Upside down

Upside down ark of the covenant

Unknown man obsessed with me

Unknown people stabbing each other with knives

Ukuphupha umemulo

Unmarried girl wearing mangalasuthra

Un kown phone in the pocket

Unfinished house dreaming mining

Uneven fringes

Unhappy deceased


Unusual clothes

Unexpected guest

Urinating in your dreams

Underground tunnel



Unhappy and neglected bride

Uncle wife in dreams means

Urban city

Under lamlpost

Ugly fish