Ukuphupha ulotsholwa

Urinating in someone’s mouth

Unfinished mat

Urd daal and rice

Unknown pastor in a dream

Unfinished ,braided ,hair,in a dream

Unfinished ,fish tail ,hair,in a dream


Ukuphupha umntwana umdlalisa

Use mortal and pestle as gift to church


Urinating on a jacket

Ukuphupha amakaka akho

Ugly belly deformed skin

Unirating on dirty clothes

Unfaithful to mom

Ukulota amafi my room what does it mean

Unknown mother like teacher

Unfinished house with a couple

Unfamiliar teen boy teasing you

Uturus operations

Ukugcaba umzimba

Ukuphupha uphuza utshwala

Ukuphupha ugqoke imvunulo

Ukphupha ujahwa

Upbraided meaning

Uncle keeping fire on sareee

Urinating with a penis

U be meaning in dream

Unbalanced trouser

Uncovering in bed

Using a stethoscope on someone

Used condoms in a dream

Used condoms in dream


Ukuphupha ugaya tshwala besizulu

Ukphupha utshwala besizulu uphuza

Urad dal sweet


Unfinished business

Uprooting a betel trunk

Ur friends asking for ur pants

Ufo cow

Ufó tehenek

Udara pluck in dream

Ukuphupha ubalekela amaphoyisa

Ukuphupha uyenza utshwala besizulu


Using a fish to guide my boat

Ukuphupha amavovo

Ukuphupha umntwana omncinci utshintsha inapukeni

Unknown person suggests to donate money and a kalash

Uprooting mushrooms during pregnancy

Uncovering snakes

Ukuphupha uphiwa inkukhu emhlophe owakini ongasekho

Under ground explanation

Unwitted guest who entered through the window


Untidy child

Underground mansion


Udara fruits meanings

Unpaired uniform


Unfinished examination

Up rooting a small tree in my dreams


Udara meaning

Using eggs to wash the hands

Unscramble dosesu

Upper lip cut off

Ukuphupha intuthwane

Untangling hair

Untangling hait

Using obeah oil

Ukuphupha wemula khaya kamama

Urinating in drum of water

Uprooting big cassava

Ukuphupha udweba ufish

Uprooting yam in dream




Udara dream meaning

Using love potion

Urinating in a dream

Urine in the dream

Ukuphupha umona

Umuntu enzelwa umemulo

Ukuphupha bakunika utshwala besilungu

Ukuphupha inkukhu

Upended house

Unable to swallow medicine

Unripe cofree bean

Unknown born baby lying on my bed in a dream

Uvula got cut off

Uvula was out of my mouth while coughing

Urinating blood in your dream


Ukuphupha uwasha ingubo emhlophe

Ukuphupha guwasha

Unfinished brand dre

Unhealthy carabao

Uninstalled door

Ukuphupha uuhamba odakeni

Uprooting groundnut

Unmarried girl gives birth in a dream

Ukuphupha impangela

Ukuphupha uleqwa

Umembeso in a dream

Untie rope off neck

Using pomade on your body


Ugly dolls

Unmarried girl got thali in her neck in dream

Umsebenzi dreams

Using slang



Unmarried dream of mangalsutra blackbeads

Unmarried girl wearing toe ring

Ugly bady in dream

Ukuphupha amabodlela ojwala amaneng

Uprooting a big cassava tubers

Unwiring television

Ukuphupha wenza umqobothi

Using salt to kill earthworms in dream

Unknown man as husband

Ukuphhupha ingonyama

Used laptop

Uprooting young palm tree in the dream meaning

Unclear water coming out of vigina

Uncooked rice to cooked rice

Udara in dream means what

Ugly partner

Unkept room in the dream means what

Uneasy movement in the dream means what

Uneasy movement

Used pads with stain in it

Uncle giving money

Unable to kill a black snake

Unable to read from a material

Unable to tee up

Un choosen


Udara fruit in dream

Unknown persons

Using cotton pads to clean ear in dream

Using needles to connect my buttocks ans nose

Ukuphupha i nkuku emhlophe

Ugly fish turns into a baby

Urinating into a river in dream

Unable to wake from dream in time for work

Ugly baby in a dream meaning

Urad fal

Ukuphupha ubaleka izimpi

Ukuphupha inkukhu emhlophe nenyongo

Ukuphupha ucutha inkukhu emhlophe

Ukuphupha ingwe

Up juusubtitles i ugly dad leaving dohi juu b i obi by m him unbiased lot kk

Ukuphupha ngomhlwehlwe


Up a tree with lions below

Untity hair


Ukuphupha inyawuthi

Uncovered head

Ukuphupha ushitsha

Upside down cross

Unripped plaintain in the dream

Using my mantel to pack escreater in the dream meaning

Unfound educational certificates

Using big safty pin in a dream

Ube pear


Umembeso dream meaning

Untie shoelace

Udara in your dream

Udara in dream

Ukuphupha uwasha

Using atm card to withdraw money in the mac

Unknown child crying

Unending meanings

Unending definition mean

Unclean man

Unclean old man

Unearthing lots of brass utensils

Uknown girl in adream



Udara in the dream

Ukuphupha izithelo

Unable to climb camel

Used dirty sanitary napkins in dreams meaning

Uprooting taro in a dream

Unplaiting hair

Unable t pray in mecca

Ukuphupha umemulo

Ukuphupha wenzelwa umemulo


Unmarried girl giving birth to baby boy

Ukuphuma umama ongasekho


Uppotting plam nut meaning

Ukuphupha uthenga utshwala besilungu

Untie a carabao in a dream meaning

Untie a carabao in a dream means

Ukuphupha udla umoba

Unmarried girl wearing thali dreams

Unsuccessful person

Urinating is a basin

Unused folded diaper

Ukuphupha umula kuchazan


Unmarried girl wearning mangalstura is the dream is good or bad


Unfinished road

Unable to save child from being swept away


Ukuphahla wenza umqombothi

Unknown women showing her vagina


Ukuphupha uphuza utshwala besilungu ngebhodlela

Ukuphupha uphuza isavannah ngebhodlela

Unlit candle in dream

Underwater coins

Unexplainable object

Unmarried girl wearing mangalsutra in dream meaning

Ukuphupha uziselwa iinkomo zelobola

Ukuphupha uthatha umoba

Unfriendly elf

Umo b

Untangling hook

Ub z

Uncompleted building

Ukuphapha amalobolo

Unexpected accident to unknown peaple

Unlocking phone

Upside down gun

Umbrellas in dream



Un married wear mangalsutra

Ukuphupha u membeso

Untie horse dream meaning

Uncle and wife visiting unannounced

Ukuphupha insimu yomoba

U dream u are been put as queen nd they put crown on your head

Underworld dream meaning

Used handkerchief in dream meaning


Uncle getting divorced

Under eye massage


Unknown object

Urad daal with rice

Ukuphupha tshwala besizulu

Unable to move my legs and reach the break pedal in the car and almost crash to some people

Unable to move my legs and reach the break pedal in



Uncle is a killer

Unmarried women seeing herself pregnant

Uncle with his wife in my dream

Udara dream

Uphupha utyala i oritshi

Used white sheets

Using toilet in public

Using toilet publicly people watching you

Ukuphupha inkukhu emhlophe

Unmarried girl ptegnant in dream

Uprooted big cassava tuna on dream

Unable to run and ask for help

U found a lost ring of gold in dream


Ukuphupha umuntu ezama ukukudlwengula

Used cup

Uncooked chicken meat wedding

Ukukha utshani obuluhlaza

Unconciusness of turtle

Using colanut to cook stew in the dream

Unmarried girl giving birth to baby boy in dream

Unmarried girl wearing magalasuithram in our dreams what happens

Urid dal vada

Urid dal vad

Unknown insects on body

Unpleasant food

Ube and cheese trying to get

Unreap pawpaw

Unreal pawpaw

Ukuphupha uphuza utshwala besilungu

Urinating on a clothes

Ukuphupha utjwala besilungu

Unmarried girl wearing mangalsutra means in dream

Ukuphupha ingane ishona

Ukuphupha umntwana eshona

Untangling knots


Untangling necklace

Ukuphupha undiza

Unbreakable glass

Ukuphupha mntwana

Urequited love

Urine in cup in the dream

Uprooting mushroom in a dream means

Upside down triangle as legs

Unknown pretty lady wearing sindoor and she looks very beautiful and tell me something



Underground cavern

Underwater cavern

Ukuphupha udla izithelo

Unmarried giving birth to a baby girl

Unfortunately child leopard coming in our area

Ukuphupha ngamalobola

Unmarried woman or a young virgin sees herself giving birth to baby boyin a dream

Unable to fetch water in a well indreams

Unmarried wearing mangalsutra in dreams

Uncontrolled fire

Ukuphupha ugobela

Unusual overweight wearing grey kurta pyjama

Unknown person suicide


Unzip trouser in a dream

Upside down pot

Ugly snake swallow some body


Urban disruption


Unprepared on assignment

Uncle commited suicide

Ukuphupha amakaka

Ukuphupha utshwalabesintu

Unmarried girl getting pregnancy dream

Using pomade

Uprooting mushroom in dream

Utensil burnt dream

Uphupha umqombothi

Udara means what

Ukuphupha udla moba

Underbridge flying

Unmarried girl putting kumkum in mangalya sutra

Uprooting of mushroom

Ukuphupha umuntu ongasekho enza umqombothi

Ukuphupha utshwala besizulu buphuphuma

Upper stair

Utshwala besizulu ngibukhama

Unmarried girls pregnant

Urinating on wives lingerie

Urinating on wives lingre

Ube tree

Unknown persons sodomized in dream islamic interpretation of dreams

Unsuccesful euthanasia

Urine in cup dream meaning

Under paid


Unknown man sex

Unknown deadbody

Ur sister braid ur hair in dream

Using a baby walker

Using laptop

Unknown teacher only slapping u

Unknown man

Unknown man in dreams

Ukuphupha uqoqa amasimba aku plastiki omnyama

Using coconut oil in the dream

Unmarried girl pregnant

Unmarried girl being pregnant in dream means

Uprooting cocoyam in a dream what the meaning

Urinating dream mean in some places

Using someone else’s toothbrush | dream interpretation

Urine on floor and wall behind toilet

Unmarried wearing mangalsutra in dream | dream interpretation

Unmarried girl saw that she gave birth to a beautiful baby and taking care of that baby

Ugly hand in dream

Unable to see with open eyes

Using aloe vera to cleanse my face

Urinate on the kitchen floor in dream

Unclear water

Unknown child with a worrying feeling

Unlimiter juice


Ukuphupha umula kuchazani

Ukuphupha uvula kuchazani


Underwear with period drop in toilet


Uprooting cassava with many root tubers

Unknown insects

Using palm oil to take ablution

Unknown bird swimming

Unfit yellow slippers

Uterus damage

Unknown person taking your used pad

Underground water oozing out


Uncle crying

Upstairs floor

Unmarried girl dream as pregnant

Unmarried girl pregnent in dream

Unmarried seeing wife give birth

Uncooked rice see


Uprooting thorn tree

U a e

Uncomfortable shoe

Ugly shoe

Uncle rapes you


Underwear backwards dream


Using chewing sick to brush in dream

Underwear backward

Urine on toilet seat


Uphill walk

U plaited long big hair in a dream

Unripe papaya

Unripe udara tree

Using bathroom in dream

Uncle wife

Unmaaried girl wearing mangalsutra in dream

Uphupha umntu emithi

Unripe avocados

Using chewing stick while driving

Using chewing stick while driving in the dteam

Unknown tall women

Unknown foreigner women

Unhappy marriage

Urge to delete pictures

Ushering in a church wedding

Unknown men stabin eatchother

Ukuphupa umoba

Using anointing oil in a dream

Ukuphupha ingane encane

Uprooting plants planting in other pot

Uprising roofing iron

Unknown fancy smart people in dream

Ukumula in a dream

Ukuphupha wwnzelwe umemulo

Using a hose to put out fire on a burning car engine

Unknown creature attack

Unmarried wearing mangal sutra in dream

Ucking of penis in the dream

Ukuphupha amasimba akho

Uncle committing suicide

U slap imy husband gurlfruend and she die

Using chewing stick to brush my teeth

Urad dal

Uphupha umoba

Underwear in public

Unmarried women delivering a babygirl herself

Unhappy child

Urinating squating on a rug

U dream of a family members celebrating birthday and all members in white dress

Untying something in a dream


Urine dream

Unmarried girl pragnent

Unlit candle in a dream

Uprooting plants with many roots in the dream

Unmarried girl giving birth to a boy and breastfeeding milk

Ukulele string break in dream

Ukuphupha usika umhlwehle

Using old clothes

Ukphupha umula

Uncle commiting sucide

Unlocked padlock

Unripe plantain on d top of d tree, tried cutting it for consumption and it disappeared

Unfriended by your boyfriend

Udto sarp

Urinating in your underwear

Urinated underwear


Unfinished processes

U beat someone

Untying a white horse

Uncle aunt getting married

Umembeso in dream

Unmarried girl wearing red saree

Uncontrollable swearing

Using red. clothe to cover my body when sleeping

Under mattress money

Underwear taking them out of drawers for spoons

Uprooting plenty of mushroom

Unable to fly

Unknown man shaving my hair

Unborn baby footprint in the belly

Uprooting of casava in the dream

Urinating in a flower vase


Unopened champagne bottle in a dream

Unmarried girl wearing mangalsutra chain toe ring

Unable to remove clothing

Uncooked snake meat

Urine in the night pot

Uprooted plant in dream

Unmarried girl giving birth to a baby boy

Uprooting private hear

Umemulo ephusheni