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What does it mean to see an hand in a dream?

Hand Dream Meaning: From 27 Different Sources


(1) Hands may symbolize ability, particularly - but not exclusively - practical and social.

(2) What is the hand doing: striking, stroking, blessing, healing? Is it a male or female hand? Left or right? See also Left, Right / Left.

(3) Are your hands tied? What is it in your situation or in your attitudes that prevents you from functioning at your full potential, or from doing what you know you should be doing?

(4) Washing your hands? What do you think you are guilty of?

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols | Eric Ackroyd


Most frequently dreamt of pan of body. In general it represents self expression, grasp of life, of ideas, of opportuni­ties; our hold on people, our children, situations, extensions of our power to give, take, wound, heal, support or do. fingers: manipulation; penis, dexterity. Handshake: contacting an as­pect of self. Idioms: secondhand, in the hands of; bite the hand that feeds; hands are tied; soil one’s hands; hand to hand, hand to mouth, upper hand, burnt fingers; at one’s fingertips; snap one’s fingers; green fingers; have a finger in; itchy fingers; sticky fingers; fingers crossed; lay a finger on; point the finger at; get one’s finger out; work fingers to bone. See also example in sweets under food.

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences | Tony Crisp


See hand under body.

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences | Tony Crisp


You wash your hands and feet: your sickness will be healed • Your hand plays a pen: you’ll hear news from afar

Chine Dream Interpretation | Duke Zhou


A right hand symbolizes God’s strength or long life, Ps. 20:6, Prov. 3:16.

A left hand symbolizes the riches and honor of wisdom, Prov. 3:16. If the person is evil a hand symbolizes wicked scheming and bribery, Ps. 26:10.

An open hand is symbolic of grace, Ps. 123:2

Christian Dream Symbols | Tyler Wolfe


1. Labour;

2. Service;

3. Guilt;

4. Shame;

5. Crippled heart (withered or malformed hand);

6. The Church (God’s hands);

7. God’s provision

8. Dominion, control, or authority;

9. Oath or pledge;

10. Palm; Remembered (inscribed palms);

11. Carrying;

12. Despondency and disappointment (hands hanging down).

13. Hands Laid On speaks of Impartation; and Blessing; may also mean Hurting;

14. Hand Writing on a Wall

In Daniel means the future is determined and Judgment; Dan. 5:5, 27; Gen. 48:13-20; Gen. 22:12; Gen 48:16

• Clapping

- Joy and worship.

• Fist

To be enraged; mad enough to physically or verbally hit someone.

• Hands covering the face

Despair; showing great grief; joy; show of a merry heart.

• Holding hands

- Agreement.

• Raised

- Surrender to God; praise and worship.

• Right hand

- Oath of allegiance, power, devotion and love, honor; self denial; fellowship; opposition.

• Shaking hands

- Relationship that is binding between two people or churches or ministries; similar to kiss.

• Stretched out hands

- Desire to totally surrender; a cry for help

• Striking

- In security or anger.

• Trembling

- To fear terribly; a weakness of the flesh that is very powerful; awe at God’s presence.

• Under Thighs

- In oaths.

• Washing

- Innocence.

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model | Vincent Wienand


Figurative of help

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton


A hand that is open and pointing towards the sky is giving the “Fear not!” gesture of ancient times. Therefore, if you see this symbol, whether the hand is of a person or is totally disembodied, something that you’re afraid of is actually nothing to fear.

Beautiful, well-kept hands indicate satisfaction in life, while dirty hands indicate some kind of “mess” in your life that needs to be “cleaned up.”

Hands that are working diligently indicate success and good fortune through the dreamer’s own efforts.

Hands that caress the dreamer or someone else in the dream, including a pet, imply happiness in love, while hands that are waving in farewell indicate temporary separations.

Tied hands imply obstacles in attaining one’s goals, while shaking hands imply either a new friend or a reunion with an old one.

Injured or bandaged hands indicates delays in attaining one’s goals; look to other symbols in the dream to discern how these delays can be subverted, or, if they’re inevitable, how best the time during the delays can be spent.

Dream Explanations of Astro Center | Astro Center


See body

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous


To dream of your hands says a lot about your current mood and emotion, but in particular it shows how you are connected with others and how you impact the world.

The right hand represents strength and activity; it shows the human masculine side.

The left hand represents the gentle side with generosity and femininity. In a dream you might see yourself holding hands with someone - this reflects your attachment to that person and the will to keep them close to you at all times.

Dreaming of bleeding or injured hands represents a blow to your pride. Alternatively, if you dream of clasped or closed hands, it shows unity and acceptance of the current situation. It may also mean stubbornness and unwillingness to help.

To dream of having oversized hands shows success and ability to reach goals.

To dream of having hairy and rough hands shows aggressiveness and lack of tenderness.

To dream of a bloody hand implies guilty feelings over a wrong doing, which may haunt you for quite a while.

To dream of cleaning your hands in flowing water indicates worries that you wish to wash away. This is a desire to cleanse yourself from your responsibility for a given issue.

Dream Symbols and Analysis | DreamForth


Symbol: The hand is a symbol of control, activity, power.

Vision: Looking at a hand: make sure your dealings are honest. Looking at clean hands: you have honest friends. Looking at dirty hands: a clear warning to beware of false friends or dishonest people around you. Wringing your hands means suffering from the demands of others; also worries and conflicts. Don’t be passive and wltiny—get a grip and cliangc! Burning your hands: others envy you, or you got burned recently. Looking at several hands: great wealth through your own efforts. Holding your hands in front of your eyes: forgive someone for a mistake and be more tolerant. Losing your right hand: possible death of the father (if the left hand, possible death of the mother). Looking at beautiful, strong hands means wrapping up a very good business deal.

Depth Psychology: The hand is a symbol of “action,” energy, drive, and competence.

A hand that looks injured, crippled, or is missing always indicates a difficulty in taking action. Is it the right hand (the masculine side) or the left (the feminine side)? See Left, Right. What do the fingers look like? See Finger. Do you want to “take somebody by the hand”? Or vicc versa?

Dreamers Dictionary | Garuda


If you dream you see blood on your hands this denotes you will feel guilty if you do not aid a person for whom you could help better their life.

If you have an injury to your hand it shows that someone else will garner the rewards that are rightfully yours. Large hands show that you will go far in life towards achieving your goals.

If you see a detached hand then you are destined for a solitary life if you do not change your ways.

If you dream your hands are tied you will have difficulty in completing something that you have begun.

Encyclopedia of Dreams | Michael and Elizabeth Thiessen


(See Body’; Fingers; Five fingers)

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin


Vigor and human endeavor, as in Hammer. Loss or injury to a hand means you’re not active enough. According to classical psychoanalysis, the right hand is masculine, the left hand, feminine.

According to Freud, a phallic symbol.

(Each finger, in Freud’s view, could be a phallic symbol.)

Little Giant Encyclopedia | Klaus Vollmar


To dream of your hands, represents your relationship to those around you and how you connect with the world. Hands serve as a form of communication. Perhaps you need to lend out a helping hand to someone. In particular, the left hand symbolizes your graciousness and feminine, receptive qualities. And the right hand symbolizes masculine, active attributes. It may also be a pun for some decision or something being “right”. Here are some other “hand” dream meanings: A dream about holding hands with someone means that you are needing and willing to develop close friendships. It may also mean you are feeling sexy, or want some physical affection. Your dream may also reflect anxieties about losing touch or drifting apart from that person.

To dream that your hands are injured represents an attack on your ego. Giant hands in a dream, especially if they are your own, mean someone in your life is too demanding of you. However, this dream can also mean success in achieving your goals. Small hands in a dream, whether yours or somebody else’s, suggest that you are feeling insecure, or under attack.

To dream that your hands are hairy or rough, implies your lack of gentleness in dealing with others.

To see blood on your hands, signifies that you are feeling guilty.

To dream of washing your hands represents a worrisome issue that you need to work through. Alternatively, it suggests that you are no longer taking responsibility in some matter.

If you dream you have no hands, you feel out of control in a real life situation.

My Dream Interpretation | myjellybean


Another dream that concerns your personal appearance—see also HAIR.

If your hands are dirty, you should be careful over your affairs, for success is doubtful.

If your Hands should be tied, you will have great difficulty in overcoming your troubles. But to dream that you are Shaking Hands with some person is fortunate, for some unexpected event will enable you to put things right.

Mystic Dream Book | Internet Archive - Anonymous


1. Strength, power and protection.

2. Tool, construction; ability to complete tasks.

3. Blessings, healing.

4. Creating debts (cut).

5. To lend aid (as in “helping hand”).

6. Communi­cation.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin


The hand represents the ability to get a handle on life and take control. Also the hand represents applause, assistance as in giving someone a hand, or being handy, as in capable, knowledgeable, and useful. Your left hand is receiving and connected to your mother. Your right hand is demonstrative, influenced by and connected to your father or the right hand of God, helpful, active. Consider the feeling tone of this dream to discern its significance.

Strangest Dream Explanations | Dream Explanations - Anonymous


see Body

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary | Pamela Ball


If you see beautiful hands in your dream, you will enjoy great distinction, and rise rapidly in your calling; but ugly and malformed hands point to disappointments and poverty.

To see blood on them, denotes estrangement and unjust censure from members of your family.

If you have an injured hand, some person will succeed to what you are striving most to obtain.

To see a detached hand, indicates a solitary life, that is, people will fail to understand your views and feelings.

To burn your hands, you will overreach the bounds of reason in your struggles for wealth and fame, and lose thereby.

To see your hands covered with hair, denotes that you will not become a solid and leading factor in your circle.

To see your hands enlarged, denotes a quick advancement in your affairs.

To see them smaller, the reverse is predicted.

To see your hands soiled, denotes that you will be envious and unjust to others.

To wash your hands, you will participate in some joyous festivity.

For a woman to admire her own hands, is proof that she will win and hold the sincere regard of the man she prizes above all others.

To admire the hands of others, she will be subjected to the whims of a jealous man.

To have a man hold her hands, she will be enticed into illicit engagements.

If she lets others kiss her hands, she will have gossips busy with her reputation.

To handle fire without burning her hands, she will rise to high rank and commanding positions.

To dream that your hands are tied, denotes that you will be involved in difficulties. In loosening them, you will force others to submit to your dictations. See Fingers.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation | Gustavus Hindman Miller


A frequent dream symbol, hands represent creativity, our hold on people, the extension of our ability to interact with others. We express ourselves with our hands, and appropriate reading of body language is a valuable source of information. Likewise, in the dream state the hands may reveal information about emotions, intentions, and overt behaviors.

For example, if in you dream you see clenched fists you may have much repressed anger. Sometimes extended hands suggest a need to develop close friendships.

If the hands in your dreams are stroking you, may be feeling sexy

The Bedside Dream Dictionary | Silvana Amar


Hands reflect the way we use resources. The right hand symbolizes the rational, logical, and analytical side, while the left represents the irrational, impulsive, and emotional (for left-handed people, the meaning is reversed). When you dream that your hands are large and strong, it is a sign of security, success, and progress. If, however, you see small and weak hands, it expresses helplessness, insecurity, resentment, and dissatisfaction. White, smooth, and clean hands suggest a comfortable and easy life.

If they are rough and dirty, they embody effort, suffering, and work. Hairy hands reveal primitivism and an uncontrollable sex drive. We also use our hands to express ourselves. At heart, they are extensions of our personality.

If you discover the meaning of every gesture you make in the dream, you will know the nature of the feelings that you must understand. For example: a clenched fist indicates aggressiveness, selfishness, or passion; holding hands expresses affection; a hand held high represents forgiveness. (See FINGERS and GLOVES)

If you dream of the palm, you may be worried about the future. According to palmistry, its shapes and lines contain data about our destiny. The dream, therefore, may be giving you clues about your future potential. Fortunately, you have the option to act voluntarily. What you do now will improve what is to come.

Handicap To dream of an impediment indicates that the path you’ve chosen to complete a project is the wrong one.

If you see yourself in a wheelchair, this could mean that you are experiencing a period of immobility, so you must work to attain your goals.

If you dream you cannot move from where you are because of some incomprehensible handicap, it means that your life is not working and not progressing as it should.

It is best to seek balance.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke


The meaning of a dream featuring a hand, or hands, varies greatly according to the action and other aspects, but as a general guide:

If the hands were dirty and/or their appearance unpleasant, it is a warning to guard against behavior which could bring you into ill-repute.

Beautiful, clean, and well-groomed hands forecast satisfaction in life.

Busy and/or skillful hands predict well-earned rewards.

Bent or gnarled hands signify an easement of financial worries.

Waving hands indicate separations.

Caressing hands are a sign of sincere love.

Bloody hands are an omen of family quarrels.

Washing your hands suggests you should make an effort to rectify some past injustice.

Swollen hands predict an unexpected gain.

Hairy hands forecast a stroke of business luck.

Tied hands indicate frustrating obstacles which in turn suggest a change of plans.

A broken hand or the loss of a hand is a warning that you need to pay closer attention to your own personal affairs.

A bandaged hand signifies temporary setbacks.

The right hand predicts carefree joy.

The left hand predicts irritation and minor difficulties.

Very small hands portend infidelity.

Very large hands are an omen of sexual satisfaction.

Children’s hands are a promise of happiness.

Shaking hands is a sign of reconciliation or renewed friendship.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams | Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett


A person, humanness, or humanity in general.

The ability to get things done, being “handy,” or “handling things.” The idea of holding on or letting go (physically, emotionally, or mentally).

A hand coming toward you with ill intent could represent a feeling or fear of persecution, hostility, aggression, criticism, or being taken advantage of by someone or by people in general.

Holding hands or other positive interaction with hands can represent good will or affection you feel toward someone (or that you believe someone feels toward you, or that you wish they did).

Consider the context, whose hand it was, and what it was doing.

See also: Finger; Touching; Fist; Body Part

The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary | Nancy Wagaman


Feeling, expressive part of self. Left hand receives energy, love; right hand gives.

If injured on left, you are not allowing yourself to receive; if on right you are giving away too much energy without replenishing. Hand extended to you means help is available: look within, reach to others and to God. See Body.

The Dream Books Symbols | Betty Bethards


Hands can signify power and creativity. You use them to express yourself and as extensions of your personality. Consider the nature of the gesture of your hands in your dreams because it signifies what sentiments your dream is trying to express.

If the hands are dirty, perhaps you are behaving in an inappropriate manner and you need to think about cleaning up your act. A fist can suggest anger or passion, folded hands can suggest acceptance, joined hands affection, and upheld hands justice or a blessing. Clasped hands indicate friendship, a hand on the breast submission, and, if the hands are placed together, this suggests vulnerability.

If hands are covering the eyes, this represents shame or disgust, whilst hands bound or tied up suggest feelings of restriction.

If you place your hand on someone else in a dream, this can suggest a pledge of service and wringing your hands suggests grief.

If hands are raised to the head, this can indicate the need for greater care and thought. A handshake suggests contacting an aspect of yourself or the growth of a new friendship.

Generally, left hands symbolize feminine, receptive qualities, whilst right hands symbolize so-called masculine, active attributes. Sometimes in dreams the left hand can suggest cheating.

If you hold a different object in each hand in your dream, this indicates some kind of conflict between your beliefs and your actions in waking life. To dream that your hands are injured denotes an attack on your ego. Large hands signify enormous powers of self-expression. To dream that your hands are hairy denotes that you will play a part in falsely incriminating someone. To see blood on your hands signifies that you are experiencing some sort of guilt. To dream that you are washing your hands represents a worrisome issue that you need to work through.

If you dream about the palm of your hand you may be thinking about your future (see PALMISTRY). Thankfully you have free-will, so positive actions taken now can determine your future.

The Element Encyclopedia | Theresa Cheung


(see Body, Fingers, Gloves)

Healing (e.g., the “laying on of hands”). In many cultures, hands are a predominant tool as a healer’s conduit for divine energy.

A token of friendship, especially if extended toward you.

Good intentions. In some tribal societies, people greeted each other with upheld hands to indicate the lack of -weapons and a mutual wish for peaceful discourse.

Help or service (e.g., “many hands make light work” or “lend a helping hand”).

Surrender. Two hands held high in the air indicate giving yourself over to some authority figure or letter of the law.

Tied: A situation over which you have no direct influence or control (see Knots, Ties / Tying).

Clenched hands reveal a lot of tension and anxiety- present in the dreamer.

Upturned hands are a sign that some comprehension is lacking. Alternatively, you are constantly asking for help, like a beggar, but not necessarily helping yourself.

Missing: To dream of not having any hands means that you probably feel helpless or ineffective in your current situation. You need to find an alternative tool or approach that’s productive.

The palm of the hand represents life’s road map—the directions one has taken or is soon to take (note that the divinatory art of palmistry is based on the secrets that lie literally in the palm of your hand).

Callused or chapped hands equate to hard work that has questionable rewards.

The Language of Dreams | Patrica Telesco

67 dream interpretations related to the symbols you see in your dreams.


To find yourself handcuffed, you will be annoyed and vexed by enemies.

To see others thus, you will subdue those oppressing you and rise above your associates.

To see handcuffs, you will be menaced with sickness and danger.

To dream of handcuffs, denotes formidable enemies are surrounding you with objectionable conditions.

To break them, is a sign that you will escape toils planned by enemies. ... handcuffs dream meaning


Used to wipe away tears of sorrow; a spiritual symbol of christian prayers; a symbol of surrendering one’s will... handkerchief dream meaning


We express ourselves with our hands, and appropriate reading of body language is a valuable source of information. Likewise, in the dream state the hands may reveal information about emotions, intentions, and overt behaviors.

For example, if in you dream you see clenched fists you may have much repressed anger. Sometimes extended hands suggest a need to develop close friendships.

If the hands in your dreams are stroking you, may be feeling sexy.... hands dream meaning

Palm Of The Hand

(Hand) In a dream, the palm of one’s hand represents one’s fitness in wakefulness. Clapping one’s hands in a dream could either mean joy and happiness, or it could mean nothing in wakefulness. Carrying a glove in one’s hand in a dream means ceasing the course of wrongdoing. Slapping one’s own face with both hands means sorrow, sadness, or calamities. Hitting the top of one’s hand into the palm of the other hand means separation. In a dream, the palm of one’s hand also represents one’s strength.

To stretch open one’s palm in a dream signifies wealth and prosperity. Holding a tight fist in a dream implies poverty, or tight living conditions. Ifone sees hair growing in the palm of his hand in a dream, it means depression, distress and debts. Growing hair on top of one’s hand in a dream indicates one’s strength or virility. Seeing one’s hand hanging down from the skies in a dream denotes one’s connections with the ruler or people in authority.

A stretched hand from the skies in a dream also could mean profits and blessings for a hunter, a builder and a real estate professional. In a dream, the palm of one’s hand also represents his world. It also may mean ceasing a certain course of action.

If one finds himself afraid, then sees the palm of a hand holding out before him in a dream, it means that his fears will be dispelled.

A large and a stretched palm in a dream means prosperity and generosity. Aclose fist in a dream means stinginess.

A nice looking palm of one’s hand also signifies abstaining from evil, or failing to pay charity.

The palm of one’s hand in a dream also represents one’s prayers and supplications, comfort, seeking the comfort of others, or receiving benefits from others.

The palm of one’s hand in a dream also represents a year, ways of life, money, leadership, a son, courage and desisting from evildoing.

(See Desisting from evildoing)... palm of the hand dream meaning


To dream that you see and recognize your own handwriting, foretells that malicious enemies will use your expressed opinion to foil you in advancing to some competed position. ... handwriting dream meaning


1. Completion and renewal, beginnings and endings— often in relationships, sometimes in situations.

2. Having a good reputation, a high social position. ... handshake dream meaning

Shaking Hands

For a young woman to dream that she shakes hands with some prominent ruler, foretells she will be surrounded with pleasures and distinction from strangers.

If she avails herself of the opportunity, she will stand in high favor with friends.

If she finds she must reach up to shake hands, she will find rivalry and opposition.

If she has on gloves, she will overcome these obstacles.

To shake hands with those beneath you, denotes you will be loved and honored for your kindness and benevolence.

If you think you or they have soiled hands, you will find enemies among seeming friends.

For a young woman to dream of shaking hands with a decrepit old man, foretells she will find trouble where amusement was sought. ... shaking hands dream meaning


To dream of handkerchiefs, denotes flirtations and contingent affairs.

To lose one, omens a broken engagement through no fault of yours.

To see torn ones, foretells that lovers’ quarrels will reach such straits that reconciliation will be improbable if not impossible.

To see them soiled, foretells that you will be corrupted by indiscriminate associations.

To see pure white ones in large lots, foretells that you will resist the insistent flattery of unscrupulous and evil-minded persons, and thus gain entrance into high relations with love and matrimony.

To see them colored, denotes that while your engagements may not be strictly moral, you will manage them with such ingenuity that they will elude opprobrium.

If you see silk handkerchiefs, it denotes that your pleasing and magnetic personality will shed its radiating cheerfulness upon others, making for yourself a fortunate existence.

For a young woman to wave adieu or a recognition with her handkerchief, or see others doing this, denotes that she will soon make a questionable pleasure trip, or she may knowingly run the gauntlet of disgrace to secure some fancied pleasure. ... handkerchiefs dream meaning


An area of weakness, physically or spiritually; research the anatomical location... handicap dream meaning


To dream of distributing handbills over the country, is a sign of contentions and possible lawsuits.

If you dream of printing handbills, you will hear unfavorable news.... handbills dream meaning


To see yourself handsome-looking in your dreams, you will prove yourself an ingenious flatterer.

To see others appearing handsome, denotes that you will enjoy the confidence of fast people. ... handsome dream meaning

Hand Grenade

If you dreamed of throwing a grenade, your impulsive behavior will lead to embarrassment and humiliation. Any other dream of a grenade is a warning, telling you not to doing anything that goes against your own best judgment.... hand grenade dream meaning

Hairy Hands

To dream that your hands are covered with hair like that of a beast, signifies you will intrigue against innocent people, and will find that you have alert enemies who are working to forestall your designs. ... hairy hands dream meaning


“Helping hands”... hand-rail dream meaning


(Fettered; Marriage; Shackled; Tied-up) Ifone sees his hand tied to his neck in a dream, it means that he does not pay God’s rights upon what he earns.

If one’s hand is tied around his neck in a dream, it also could mean that he will desist from wrongdoing.

If both hands are tied-up in the dream, it denotes his stinginess.

If one is captured and handcuffed by the authorities in a dream, it means that he will be thrown into jailor fall into difficulties. Seeing oneself handcuffed in a dream also means marriage, wrongdoing, or hypocrisy.

(Also see Bondi; Rancor)... handcuff dream meaning

Severed Hand

If a person sees his hand severed and while lifting such a hand, it remains attached to his body it means he will derive some benefit from his brother or son. But if the severed hand is completely detached it means he will suffer some loss caused by his brother or son.... severed hand dream meaning

Holding Hands

This is a symbol of God’s faithfulness, protection, and love, Ps. 37:24. Holding hands with someone in a dream means being in agreement with them... holding hands dream meaning


It is a sign of popularity if you dream yourself or another being left-handed.

To dream of seeing a left-handed pitcher or batter in a baseball game portends a successful business deal.

To dream of a right-handed person trying to write with the left hand, or vice-versa, is very lucky in its augury.... left-handed dream meaning


Dreams of a handle represent -control and that you are giving yourself a lift and elevating yourself to a higher level. Your dream is giving you the message to grab a hold of life, and get a grip on the issues that have gotten out of hand.... handle dream meaning

Second Hand

Dreams of second hand or a hand-me-downs are about feelings of deservability and of using that which is not originally yours. This dream may be permission for you to express your originality. Alternatively, second hand items can also be a message for you to be more resourceful.

If you are watching the second hand of a clock, you are anticipating an important occurrence.... second hand dream meaning


Making one powerless or ineffective in the work of their hands... hand-cuff dream meaning

Palm Of A Hand

Safety... palm of a hand dream meaning

Amputated Hand

If a person sees his hand being amputated, it suggest that either his brother or his friend will die; or his partner will dissolve his partnership with the observer.

The above will only be true if the observer did not pick up the amputated limb. But if he did, it suggest that a brother or child will be born or he will befriend someone.... amputated hand dream meaning

Burst Of Fame In The Hand

A burst of flame in the hand is interpreted as inuries caused to him by the king or ruler.... burst of fame in the hand dream meaning

Clapping Hands

In a dream, clapping hands represents pagan customs.

If one hears hands clapping, or if he claps his hands in a dream, it may indicate an illness or it could represent a vacant house or a ghost town.... clapping hands dream meaning

Detached Hand With No Bleeding

If a person sees his hand as detached without any trace of blood if a glad tiding of the observer’s abstinence from sins.

The same is the interpretation if a person sees himself holding his neck with both hand.... detached hand with no bleeding dream meaning

Hand Bell

A hand bell in a dream represents a jobber, a broker, a wife and her children, or the muezzin of a mosque.

A hand bell in a dream also means a scandal. Ringing a hand held bell in a dream means propagating falsehood. Holding a hand bell in a dream also means associating with a useless person, or it could represent a liar. Ringing a hand bell in a marketplace in a dream means making a false oath.... hand bell dream meaning

Hand Grinder

(See Hand mill)... hand grinder dream meaning

Hand Mill

(Laboring; Livelihood; Millstone; Travel) A hand mill in a dream means overcoming distress, pain, or satisfying one’s needs. It could also mean richness after poverty, marriage, a servant, or moving into a new house.

If someone sees a hand mill in a house that is not accustomed to grinding its own grain or spices in a dream, it means adversities, defeat, or arguments. Ifone then grinds bread, or meat or honey with in the dream, it denotes a despicable character of the people of that house, their falsehood, affectation, lesbian or pervert nature.

If one sees a hand mill grinding stones in a dream, it means that he will be seized by terror. Ifone grinds barley or grains for food in a dream, it means solving the family’s problems, prosperity, recovering from illness, or refurbishing one’s business. Ifone sees a huge hand mill in the center of a town in a dream, it means war and destruction and especially if he sees it grinding rocks or emitting fire or sparks. Otherwise, it means a plague if the hand mill is grinding spoiled and moldy grains, mud, or spoiled meat.

If one sees the millstone tilted in a dream, it means rising prices.

If the hand mill is turning with nothing to grind in the dream, it means toiling aimlessly.

If the hand mill turns using a wheel in the dream, it means prosperity.

If one sees the hand mill turning and not grinding in a dream, it means travels.

If it turns for no useful purpose in a dream, it denotes the nearing of one’s death.

A pair of small hand grinders in a dream represent two loathsome partners that no one can correct or guide.

If one sees himself operating a millstone by hand in a dream, it means that he earns his livelihood following the required religious conduct, and earns his money from his own sweat.

A millstone in a dream also may denote loathsome actions.

If a prisoner sees a broken millstone in a dream, it means that he will be soon released, and if he is under a death sentence, it means that the judgment will be rescinded, or that he may die before the judgment is carried out. As far as the question of livelihood, the better looking and effective is the hand mill, the better are one’s earnings and vice-versa.

If one buys a hand mill in a dream, it means that he will get married, or that he will marry off his daughter, or that he will travel on business.

If the millstone is interpreted to mean a husband or a wife, then it represents respectful people.

A hand mill in a dream also means comfort, relief, evil, fight, dispute, wife, servant,livelihood, travels, gourmandism, or a woman who gives herself priority in everything.

(Also see Water mill; Windmill)... hand mill dream meaning


(See Ball)... handball dream meaning


(See Palanquin)... handbarrow dream meaning

Hands Clapping

(See Clapping hands)... hands clapping dream meaning


(See Saw)... handsaw dream meaning


(See Elegance)... handsomeness dream meaning

Interlocking One’s Hands

(Intertwine) In a dream, interlocking one’s hands means a partnership, a contract, marriage, stagnation, stillness of business, 226 delinquency in one’s prayers, negligence of one’s duties, difficulties with one’s family, or a meeting that purports evil.... interlocking one’s hands dream meaning

Knife Handle

(Haft; Saber guard; Sword hilt) Seeing a knife handle or a sword haft in a dream means that one still has a property or a minimum amount ofproperty, including but not limited to livestock, gold, silver, or cash savings that is subject to the obligatory (Zakiit) alms tax.... knife handle dream meaning

Left Hand

(See Body’; Food)... left hand dream meaning

Powerful Hands

Powerful hands symbolise the wielding of great power.... powerful hands dream meaning

Right Hand

(See Food)... right hand dream meaning

Star In The Hand

Star in the hand heralds the birth of a pious boy.... star in the hand dream meaning

Sword Or Bow Or Spear In The Hand

Armed with or using any of the above against someone means a person will soon wield power and strength.... sword or bow or spear in the hand dream meaning

Sword With A Broken Handle

The father, paternal uncle or their equivalent will die.... sword with a broken handle dream meaning

Sword With A Good Or Defective Handle

Similar defect or good will become apparent in the father, uncle or their equivalent.... sword with a good or defective handle dream meaning

The Hand Amputated By The King

If a person sees his hand being amputated by a king, it suggest that he will swear a false oath.... the hand amputated by the king dream meaning

The Hand And Arms

Both symboise either the observer or his brother or companion – depending on which of the three is implicated in the dreams.... the hand and arms dream meaning

Folded Hands

Symbolic of inaction or sluggishness, Prov. 6:10... folded hands dream meaning

Limp Hands

Powerlessness, Jer. 50:43 ... limp hands dream meaning

Bag (as In Handbag)

Important what is inside the bag.

A bag filled to the brim indicates egocentricity; an empty bag, inner emptiness.... bag (as in handbag) dream meaning

Handcuffs, Being Handcuffed

Vision: You are handcuffed: meeting a former lover makes you sad, but feelings of regrets are too late. Putting handcuffs on someone else: you can’t force love—it will only break your heart.

Depth Psychology: Shackles are sign of being captivated by illusionary love. Sometimes a dream about shackles or handcuffs indicates nervous tension, less often masochism or sadism. Who or what holds you in shacldes? From what shackles would you like to free yourself?... handcuffs, being handcuffed dream meaning

Pointer, Hand Of A Clock

Depth Psychology: The hands of a clock are interesting because of the numbers at which they point. See Clock and the chapter “Numbers in Dreams.”... pointer, hand of a clock dream meaning

Fetters Or Handcuffs

A dream of coming obstacles.

If you are not set free from your chains, then you may expect business difficulties of a serious nature.... fetters or handcuffs dream meaning

Manacles Or Handcuffs

An obstacle dream.

If you are set free, all will be well in the end.... manacles or handcuffs dream meaning

Hand Bag

See Purse.... hand bag dream meaning


See Second Hand.... hand-me-down dream meaning


See Second Hand and Thrift Shop.... hand-me-downs dream meaning

Own Hands

In current life.... own hands dream meaning

Hands (of A Clock)

Seeing the hands of a clock in detail or hearing the sound they make almost always produces a feeling of distress. The dreamer is obsessed with the passage of time. Perhaps you lack enough time to finish a job; or you feel guilty about having wasted precious hours on superfluous things. (See CLOCK)... hands (of a clock) dream meaning


To dream that one of your upper extremities is amputated is a sign of the inability to complete one of the activities you normally do with that arm. Behind it all is a fear that you must try to overcome. Don’t forget, equally, arms symbolize your ability to relate with others. To see yourself without arms, therefore, denotes a serious emotional problem.... one-handed dream meaning


In dreams, doing any handicraft, from embroidery to pottery, suggests that we have situations in hand, but also that we need to take responsibility for our actions. Pay particular attention both to what is being made and to how well it is being made, as it will reflect a situation in your waking life.... handicraft dream meaning

Handbag / Briefcase / Purse / Wallet

If you lose any of these in your dream, your unconscious may simply be urging you to be more careful with your finances in waking life. Handbags for women and briefcases for men are highly personal items, carrying everyday and emergency objects, not to mention address books and keys, and if you lose either in a dream it might suggest that you are feeling anxious about your identity in waking life. On the other hand, if you were looking through someone else’s bag, you may be curious to know more about them in waking life. As symbols of femininity, handbags and purses in dreams may also refer to female sexuality.... handbag / briefcase / purse / wallet dream meaning

Money / Handbag / Jewelry / Purse / Wallet

Money, cash or coins in dreams are often thought to be a sign of emotional transactions.

If you give money away, this suggests a generosity of spirit or it might reflect emotional ties that are expected of you at present. Receiving money can suggest the acceptance of emotional support or the emotional needs of the dreamer. Borrowing money can be a warning to hold back as far as financial plans are concerned and to explore all aspects of the deal before going ahead. Making a payment, signing a check or using a credit card are thought to be positive signs that things are going to plan. The notion of saving and investing in dreams may refer to the need to prepare yourself emotionally for situations and relationships that need your attention

A wallet, purse or pocketbook containing personal items may relate to your private world, the kind of person you are and your interests.

If you dream of an expensive designer purse or bag, you may feel a need to have a more glamorous image. A worn purse may symbolize feelings of being worn out and shabby. Do you need to brighten up your identity so that you look and feel brighter? Your dream wallet may symbolize your private thoughts and desires, hidden from public view. Is your wallet full or empty? Are you worried that someone has got too close to you or on the contrary are you seeking greater intimacy? A bag in your dream may symbolically carry your hopes for the future. A heavy bag suggests more projects than you can handle, whilst an empty bag—far from meaning that you have no hope—suggests that you wish to search for new ideas. Frequently associated with fruit, a basket may evoke images of fertility and sexuality. Depending on what is in the basket, it can suggest youthful energy or ripe maturity.

Finally, items of jewelry are symbols of wishes and wish-fulfillment.

If you are given a gift of jewelry in your dream, you may be experiencing a sense of recognition in waking life. Viewing a rare jewel from a distance may be a sign that you have failed to understand the importance or meaning of an event or relationship. Losing a jewel may reflect fears of personal or financial loss in waking life. See also CRYSTALS, GEMSTONES AND ROCKS; MONEY AND SHOPPING.... money / handbag / jewelry / purse / wallet dream meaning

Handshake / Greeting

A handshake is a familiar form of greeting in many parts of the world.

If your dream handshake was strong, this suggests that you are feeling positive about your life at present.

If the handshake was weak, this suggests you may be in need of an energy boost.

If someone offers you their hand then withdraws it quickly, you may be feeling distrustful of that person.

If the greeting was a hug, try to recall how you felt about that greeting. Did you feel warm and comfortable, or uneasy and unnatural? If you felt secure, then this suggests you are feeling appreciated in everyday life; if you felt uneasy, this suggests you are feeling isolated and unsupported.... handshake / greeting dream meaning

Features Of Handwriting In Dreams

Professional graphologists can recognize several hundred handwriting features which they believe reveal aspects of a person’s character.

Here are some basic handwriting features that may help you interpret the message hidden in the handwriting in your dream:... features of handwriting in dreams dream meaning

Hand And Foot Injury

Hands can symbolize the whole pattern of your life and a dream of an injured or disabled hand may refer to some inability to perform a task in waking life, a task which may or may not be physical. Dreams about your feet tend to refer to your general progress, so dreaming of lameness, for example, may signify an inability to move forward.... hand and foot injury dream meaning

Hair / Hand

How hair appears in a dream gives the dreamer insight into the way they are thinking and the type of alterations that can be made to enhance their thinking. For instance, if hair is being cut, this will symbolize the dreamer’s current tendency to reorganize thoughts. Hair is also a symbol of strength and virility. When hands stand out in a dream, they will usually indicate the dreamer’s need to give attention to the intentions behind the actions.... hair / hand dream meaning


lucky numbers: 2-10-16-21-42-49

buying a: are confronted with an unsolvable problem.

finding a: bankruptcy, but a great love life.

coin purse in it, with a: good results in business to forestal your burden.

empty: good results in enterprises to forestal your boredom.

full: al your sympathies, though neglected, wil be played out.

giving a, as a gift: wil encounter opposition to your success in undertakings.

receiving: irritation and loss of temper with unworthy servants.

losing a: someone is trying to take your lover.

of a: passing riches as affairs go wel .

stolen, being: others are taking advantage of your indecisiveness. ... handbag dream meaning


lucky numbers: 21-24-35-37-40-51

being: ruing your past mistake wil not return a lover; only limit self-expression.

dangerous prisoner: wil receive a letter with money, but no release to move ahead.

enemies: others wil be greatly vexed by your own good prospects.

lover: an elusory love has captivated your heart.

others: wil conquer al obstacles, including in-law complications.

relatives: wil be criticized for fumble by boss, then promoted.

handcuffing others: forced love wil return to break your heart.

releasing yourself from: outfox your enemies by turning their plan on them. ... handcuffed dream meaning