What does it mean to see an parents in a dream?

Parents Dream Meaning: From 28 Different Sources


(see also Father, Mother)

In dreams parents may represent animus / anima; or the union of the masculine and feminine components of the psyche; or Wise Old Man and Great Mother; or just themselves, or your relationship with them, or vour image of them.

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You are connecting to your inner sense of authority; who you are as a result of the parents you had.

The voices of our parents become deeply imbedded in us as parts of our personality. This correlates with whatever information they repeatedly presented to us during our formative years.

If their messages were ones of criticism and limitation, they live on within us as those inhibiting parts of our inner monologue.

If our parents were supportive and loving, the same would apply. Chances are that they gave us a combination of messages, some positive and others negative. Depending on where you are in your life, you may be more aligned with the challenges your parents presented than the gifts they gave.

It is usually most effective to deal with feelings of anger and resentment before authentically moving into forgiveness.

The quality of the interaction in the dream will clue you in to where you are in that process.

While dreaming of your parents may inform your actual relationship with them, it is important to consider what the dream is saying about how you parent yourself.

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1. Spiritual parents;

2. Guardians;

3. Past;

4. Literal parents; John 9:23; Heb. 11:23; Rom. 1:30.

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Dreaming of a father symbolizes authority and discipline, while a dream of a mother symbolize love and protection - depending, of course, on how the dreamer felt about his or her parents.

If the parents are still living, perhaps you need to contact them.

If the parents have passed on, then they could be bringing you an important message.

Dreaming of one’s parents is perhaps the most subjective dream symbol of all.

The dreamer’s relationships with his or her parents, as well as the other symbols in the dream, need to be considered before a workable interpretation can be found. Astrological parallels: Saturn (father) and the Moon (mother) Tarot parallels: The Emperor, The Empress

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See archetypes in the introduction and family in people

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Universal Landscape: Inner sense of authority; who we are as a result of the parents we had.

Dreaming Lens: Which parent was in your dream? What were you doing at the time? Where were you? What age were you? What age were they? Were they the same as they are/were in life? Were they imparting information to you? Were they abusive? Were you?

Personal Focus: The voices of our parents become deeply imbedded as parts of our personality. This correlates with whatever information they repeatedly presented to us during our formative years. If their messages were ones of criticism and limitation, they live on within us as those inhibiting parts of our inner monologue. If they were supportive and loving, the same would apply. Chances are that they were a combination of all sorts of messages, some positive and others negative.

Depending on where you are in your life, you may be more aligned with the challenges they presented than the gifts they gave. It is usually most effective to deal with anger and resentment before authentically moving into forgiveness. The quality of the interaction in the dream will clue you in on where you are in that process. While dreaming of your parents may inform your actual relationship with them, it is important to consider what the dream is saying about how you parent yourself.

The Dreaming Lens will tell you if you are holding yourself back or encouraging yourself to move forward. If the context of the dream indicates being stuck, then you may be holding yourself back on account of messages you were given as a child. If there is positive activity or movement in the dream, the presence of your parent(s) may be giving you insight into ways in which you are empowering yourself.

A celebration or gathering where your parents are present can be considered a moment of inventory; of taking stock of who you are by virtue of who raised and guided you. If you lack a life connection with the dream parent, consider that their absence created just as powerful a Character Aspect of the inner parent as one who was present. Allow the Dreaming Lens to inform you of what area of your self-identity is being expressed. Allow the emotional sense of the dream to indicate how well (or poorly) you are functioning as an adult.

Dream Sight: A Dictionary and Guide for Interpreting Any Dream | Dr. Michael Lennox


To dream of your parents represents authority, comfort, and affection. You may also be conveying your anxieties and worries about your own parents.

Dreaming of parents may also symbolize the union of the feminine and masculine facets of your personality. *See Father, Mother.

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Vision: A man dreaming about his parents is hoping for support because he is in a hopeless situation. Seeing your already deceased parents: a good sign—you are finished grieving. This dream also promises unexpected help in a dire situation. Seeing your parents dead while they are still alive: an expression of your own fear. It often implies that your mother and father will have a long life. Talking to your parents: happiness and lots of fun.

Depth Psychology: Dreams about parents are a sign of maturity and letting go of the standards, rules, and problems with which your parents raised you.

The dream also may refer to your need for more guidance, security, and emotional warmth. Important here is the actual relationship you have with your parents!

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To dream of your parents could be quite an involved thing and must be sorted out by consulting the rest of your dream. By and large the dream of a father is a dream symbol of authority which this parent has held over you, it could also represent power, or strength, or discipline.

A dream of a mother is usually a dream that foretells a happy conclusion concerning a love interest as a mother represents love, protection, and nourishment of the body or the spirit.

If a deceased parent speaks to you in a dream you will have some very good luck. Unfortunately to dream of parents in law you will soon become involved in an embarrassing situation.

Encyclopedia of Dreams | Michael and Elizabeth Thiessen


Old, left-brain, right-brain ideas that guide one.

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Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin


Father, Mother. You are seeking help from the outside, as in Physician, Medication, and Pharmacist; however, the danger is not that great. Often an expression of considerable immaturity in adults. “Dream parents” are a hint that you need to be a good father or a good mother to yourself. Are you a mother to yourself? Are you a loving father to yourself?

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To see your parents in your dream, symbolizes power, shelter and love. You may be expressing your concerns and worries about your own parents. As a rule, fathers represent authority and mothers symbolize love, and you will have to figure out the full meaning of your dream by thinking about what your parents did or said in your dream, and how that could be related to situations or issues in your waking life.

If you dream that your parents are getting divorced, you may be expressing your real life concerns and worries about your folks.

For more detailed descriptions, also see “Mother” and “Father”.

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1. The “parenting” roles and aspects in a broad sense; nur­turing, shelter, unconditional love and support.

2. Relationship between the dreamer and parents.

3. Approaching change, often in aspects of life or personality (if dreaming of being a parent when the dreamer is not).

4. Good luck and prosperity.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin


See Father, Mother.

Psycho Dream Interpretation | Ella Freeman Sharpe


Dreams of your parents often symbolize the way you see God. Your parents in your dreams and in real life reveal to you your best and worst characteristics. Also, this dream can also be exposing your feelings and attitudes toward parenthood. See Mother and Father.

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see Family and Archetypes

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary | Pamela Ball


To see your parents looking cheerful while dreaming, denotes harmony and pleasant associates.

If they appear to you after they are dead, it is a warning of approaching trouble, and you should be particular of your dealings.

To see them while they are living, and they seem to be in your home and happy, denotes pleasant changes for you.

To a young woman, this usually brings marriage and prosperity.

If pale and attired in black, grave disappointments will harass you.

To dream of seeing your parents looking robust and contented, denotes you are under fortunate environments; your business and love interests will flourish.

If they appear indisposed or sad, you will find life’s favors passing you by without recognition. See Father and Mother.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation | Gustavus Hindman Miller


In this dream you may be expressing feelings and concerns about your parents that you could not express in daily life. Some believe that this dream usually has nothing to do with your parents, but rather the male and female sides of personality or Self.

The father may represents the expressive, creative, and protective sides of God while the mother His receptive and nurturing side. Carl Jung suggests that women in dreams represent our collective unconscious and men our collective consciousness. Thus, the woman is that force, or current, inside of you that urges you on and inspires you. This knowledge is intuitive and unexpressed by words. Men, on the other hand, represent the active part of us that uses the information received to create the physical reality of our lives. When the two are working together well we have balance and experience awareness leading to peace and productivity. See also: Mother , Father

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(See Mother, Father).

A maiden who dreams of either or both of her parents may look forward to a happy marriage with a man of ample means.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway


It predicts some unusual form of happiness to dream of both your parents at the same time.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway


As a rule, fathers represent authority and mothers symbolize love, and you will have to figure out the meaning of your dream by correlating the action with your parental attitude and other elements of the dream, but as a general guide: if the parent you dreamed of is dead and he or she spoke to you, you can expect to hear im- portant news; otherwise, a dream of your mother sig- nifies happiness in love or personal affairs, and a dream of your father fore- casts progress in business, professional, or career mat- ters.

To dream of being a parent (if you aren’t) au- gurs a surprising turn of events concerning a cause you believed to be lost; and a dream featuring a parent- (or parents-) in-law portends an awkward situ- ation which will require all your diplomatic skill to surmount.

To dream of the parents of others indi- cates that you can count on the help of friends when you need it

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams | Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett


Normally, your experienced, older parts of self.

If parents have crossed over, could be an actual visit or message from them. See Male, Female, Father, Mother.

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During the early years of your waking life it is likely that you were physically and emotionally dependent on one or both of your parents or, if either or both were absent, on an alternative mother or father figure. As you emerged into adolescence and adulthood, the chances are you became less reliant on them, yet memories of that early dependency usually remain with you on a conscious or unconscious level. Because your parents had such a great influence over you at a time when your personality was developing and you began to assert your individuality and independence, your feelings towards them will remain intense.

Dreams that feature your parents can have numerous interpretations but the key to understanding them depends on the feelings you associate with your parents, particularly those when you where a child and your parents were the center of your universe. When your dream parents are true to character, the message of your dream is usually easy to understand. For example, if your parents appeared in your dream with words of encouragement and love and they were, or are, this warm and loving in real life, then your dream may simply indicate that you are feeling insecure and in need of validation or unconditional love. Perhaps you dreamt that your parents scolded you about your recent poor performance at work and you have memories of them chiding you harshly over poor grades at school? If this is the case, it may be that your dream is highlighting your dissatisfaction at not living up to the standards your parents instilled in you.

If your parents appear together in your dream, this indicates the rules and codes you learned as a child that still speak to you from within.

If you are hurting, killing, burying or trying to avoid a parent in your dream, this suggests a desire to be free from restraints and values gathered from your parents. You may feel shocked by such a dream, but it is in fact a healthy sign of emerging independence as when your dream parents die or are beaten, you can inherit the power gained from what was good in your relationship.

Dreams in which your parents appear foolish, drunk or disorderly have a similar interpretation; they are a means of gaining independence from internalized values. Dreams in which your parents are crushing you are fairly easy to interpret, suggesting that you need to break away from childhood behavior patterns and develop as an individual. Dreams in which parents die or are dead already can be interpreted the same way. When a parent appears in your environment, home or workplace in your dream and there is no sense of tension, this indicates that you have learned to develop your sense of self and can accept your parents as friends.

Frequent appearances by one or both parents in dreams may be a sign that you have not thrown off an infantile overdependence on them. Jung cites a young man’s dream in which the man’s father appeared as a drunken driver, smashing his car into a wall. This was the exact opposite of the man’s real father, who was a most respectable person, and who was rightly—but far too greatly— respected by the son. What the unconscious was doing through the dream was dethroning the father in order to enable the son to achieve a proper sense of himself as a person in his own right, with his own unique destiny and values. So if your dreams regularly feature your parents, this may suggest that you are more dependent on them than is healthy at this stage in your life. Dreams in which your parents hurl abuse at you or behave inappropriately may therefore be trying to shock you into taking your mother or father off their pedestal so you can give yourself some much-needed emotional independence and freedom.

Whether or not your parent’s behavior in real life mirrors their behavior in its dreamland negative, reoccurring dreams about parents often raise the question of whether it is time for you to become more independent and strike out on your own, regardless of what your parents may think is best for you in waking life.

If you behaved inappropriately towards your parents in your dream, for example swearing at them, listing their faults or even murdering them, such a dream is likely to be a safety valve that enables you to let off tension that you may have been repressing in waking life. It is also likely to be an indication that you need to break free of parental control and take charge of your destiny. Finally, if an interpretation of the appearance of your mother and father still eludes you, it may be that your anima (if you are a man who dreamed of your mother) and your animus (if you are a woman who dreamed of your father) may be making an appearance; alternatively, it may be that another archetype has disguised itself as one of your parents.

The Element Encyclopedia | Theresa Cheung


A dream of warning, especially if the parents be dead; if you have been guilty of folly their visit is to rebuke and to warn you of danger (Raphael). Obviously a dream inspired by a guilty conscience, expressed through the symbolism of the subconsciousness.

The Fabric of Dream | Katherine Taylor Craig


(see Men, Relationships, Women)

A reflection of your relationship with your parents now, or a memory from past experiences with them.

Archetypally, the God or Goddess parent to all humankind who guides and inspires (see Angel, Icon).

Any authority figure whom you respect in the same manner as a parent.

A personification of your Higher Self.

The Language of Dreams | Patrica Telesco


Dreams of parents are seen in many different ways by different people. These interpretations range from unresolved conflicts with either or both parents, to unresolved conflicts with the male and female aspects of yourself.

The interpretation will depend on what other aspects were involved in the dream, and how you feel about your parents, in general.

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lucky numbers: 15-19-33-41-43-44

accompanying: have switched roles with that parent.

another’s: a bonus of parental support from left field.

beating their children: unexpectedly good affairs if you exercise care in their planning.

being accompanied by: new endeavor wil succeed.

embracing a: holding onto their ethics despite peer pressure.

grouchy, being a: difficulty instil ing their principles into your children.

naked, being: big family disagreement brings fortunate change.

of own after they are dead: closure.

parricide, committing: in your maturity you no longer depend upon them.

questionable parentage, of: major rows within family; your ideas wil create enemies.

visiting: business affairs going bad wil lead to a quiet life.

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3 dream interpretations related to the symbols you see in your dreams.

Parricide (to Kill Parents)

1. Anger at aspects of self represented by parents (e.G., Nurturing mother, overprotective father).

2. Repressed anger at parents or parental figures.

3. Desire for a quiet life. ... parricide (to kill parents) dream meaning

Parents’ House

Separating from Parents, a new beginning (particularly when leaving home). Security in the Family, Notice-of-Intention-to-Marry, Sidewalk, and Bureaucrat. Suggestion of helplessness. In this case, ask yourself how you experience your childhood. How are these feelings connected with your life today.7 In addition, the question of parenthood comes up. What do you want to bring into this world .7... parents’ house dream meaning

Grand Parents

see Family... grand parents dream meaning