A toilet was going to eat me

Aiden fruits meaning

A middle aged woman embraced

A middle aged soothing embrace in dream

Another man touching your wife biblically

Another man touching your wife

A death uncle asked the living for water dream meaning

A man with three legs

Accepting from the dead cloth

A girl wearing school uniform half naked

Animals tail

Abandoned classrooms

A mad woman chasing me

A friend saying in a dream that you do not call them

A soldier man gave me money in the dream



Applying vaseline in your hear

A guy eating my leg

A friend roasted a brinjal

A guy kneeling and confessing his love to me

Angels walking through a gate praying with hands lifted up

Almond farm eating almonds

A dream that he chosed me over her

Alligator eating cat

Airplane spiraling down

Acquiring a visa

Alien goat

Animals bowing down to me in dream

Angels in white

A pig biting my dog mouth

Ate cooked food from a step mother

Ate from a step mother

A pear with two seeds and the one is missing

Am inside keke going somewhere in my dream the meaning

Another person dead

Akshibtalu in dream meaning

Applying oil on hair in dead person

A normal day

A feast white table cloth

Areca nut scattered in dream

Ask question from hazrat khide in dream

Attacked by a carabao

Apply body lotion in my body

A dream of someone tell me am mami water means

A lover sleeps in a different bed in my dream

A girl standing in the corner and watching me

A child dreaming about mothers homeless and hungrydre

A child dreaming about mothers homeless and hungry

A child dreaming about mothershomeless and hungry

A thick big rock on me

A pile of cars

Acquiring emerald

A duplicate of my dog was on my dream

Am in a dream i saw green vegetables and and yam

Accidentally shoot someone in the foot

Angel hunting you

Alien bombs

Alien attempt to abduct fetus

Armed guards in house

A snake is sucking my brest milk in my dream meaning on islamic point of view

A snake is sucking my brest milk in my dream

A rip cocoa farm in dream means

Akshinthalu dream

Acussation in a dream

Ancient symbols coming out of vagina

Abuse kids

Abusing kids

Atm machine on fire

A sky blue blanket

Applying vibuthi

A wall of dead peoples heads

A father beating his sin to death

Ancient china country

A priest on his deathbed

A man riding a horse backwards

Applying ashes to face

Antlers on fire

Additional tonsil gnat infected

A mad woman on my bed means what

Attachment to kids


A penis with tentacles

A female was masturbating in front of me

Ayyapan tiger in dream

A med man in love with you crying over you

A dream of heavy rain and collapse workplace

A dream of heavy rain and collapse

As a man is it good to see yourself sucking a ladys breast

A friend getting married to a python

A girl keeping food to the brahmins

Angels coming into my home

Angels coming down from heaven and coming into my home

A sick king

A fictional character kisses u in the cheeks

A draining ocean

Ah draining ocean

A friend being banned from driving

Adviced to recite astaghfirullah in my dream

Arranged pillars illumined temple

A jewellery store lady gave me a thic squared jade with white patterns on it

A store lady giving me a thic squared jade

Applying vaseline on dry lips

Abandoned car with burst tire

Anchor shaking

A plant with half spoiled as black color comes in dreams what it indicates

Animals turning into glass

A dream where a came face to face with an encanto

A dream where an encanto hides our chicken

A big giant tree on a rock

A stork lays an egg in a nest in a dream

A dream about being shot by the narco in mexico

Angel wears black

A floating head attacking people with a mass of intestinal like tubes thru the mouth to kill or eat the people its chasing

Apply butter on head

An army uniform and two different gun was given to me in dream

Accidentally killing your own cat

A pastor biting my hand and it bleeds

Apploud in a sports competition in dreams meaning

Animal without heac

Angel blowing a kiss dream meaning

Aunt house


About to grind tomatoes

A man wearing a female dress

A yogi comes i dream

A child running towards me

Angry about my brother eating stale food

All my gold jewelry is broken into pieces and on the floor

Amputated male penis

Amputated male genitalia

Adventure with sibling

Automobile under water

A guy who is smiling

About selling food

A dream that alive person poto with garland

Alive person poto with garland dream

Amily remember pointing gun at me

Animal testing

Animal lab

Applying cream

A mad woman gave me her sick child in the dream

Adult shop

Accepting key from dead father

A half snake half rabbit was chasing me

A half snake have rabbit was chasing me

A dream of something falling into the gutter

A dream of something drops from your hands into the gutter

A dream of something falls from your hands into the gutter

Apply butter in hair

Asking to read asar prayer

Asking to read aar prayer

A man have dream about a woman with boob and dick and ask not to tell anybody

About make up tuning from liquid to powder

A hole punched into the wall

Adult twins in a store that know you

Asking someone what to cook in the dream

A rooster entering my home

A snake sucking my breast dream islamic interpretation

About stepson saying what i say makes more sence than his father

Animals eat the garden

Aventurine in dreams

Aventurine dream

Amethyst dream

American latin dance


A dream about an ex unblockkng me

A blind man is chasing me

Aqua long gown dress

Adult children sleeping in a dream

Attacked by objects



A woman washing vagina dream meaning

Apostel teling me to come and shower

A woman wearing a plain brown handkerchief

Aloe vera rob your face

Aggressive intoxicated person

Allah glowing in sky bame

Airlane water

A column in a house falling

A column and a house falling

A man dreams of a naked women counting money

Akuebe meaning in dream

A dream about my boyfriend and his ex which is his baby mama

A dog sucking a breath

A person who died but is alive and dirty in a dream

A burning palace

A painter asking me what i am doing here

A man walking in the sky in dream

Accidently broke ganesha idol in dream

A painter fighting my female visitor

Artificial inse


A woman was used for money ritual

Amond tree plucking in the dream

Alot if blood coming out of the vagina

A vice mayor rescued me in a boat

Ants on sugar

A friend giving me plam oil what is the meaning

A girl being rape by a deer

A man of the past sucking my breast and kissing my lips

Aby room

Another woman polishing my shoes

A lame boy in dream

About oyster oil

Accepted invitation from dead person

A woman laying hand on me praying in the dream


Apartment break in

Alpine swift

Ayah ku telanjang

A pastor spit in my mouth in a dream

Applying lotion on my leg

Animal bitting me and the i kill it

A woman trying to pull the necklace to my neck

A woman placing a sword on my left shoulder

A woman trying to pull my necklace

Amakrwala dream meanings

Accepting planty of fruits from a dead person

A dented car

A big house

A woman cutting off someones legs

A friend who is holding a baby boy

Asking my name and what it means

Applying turmeric on husband face in dreams

A child dreaming of a dead grandmother with an aunt who is living

Airplane islamic dream

A dead body of a bride

A cut papare on the floor

A man sucking the breast milk of an unfamiliar woman in a dream

Animal offals

A rabbit loving me

A rabbit loved derest

A rabbit was going with me

Aunt moved into new house

A goat burned alive

A dead person giving you eggs that are spoiled in a dream

Asobi clothes dream

Apples coming out of mouth

Apples coming out of mouths

Apples coming out of kids moutb


A white hen with lots of eggs

A boy disvirgin a girl in the dream

A girl serving you different food not of your choice

A dream of my pastor is in the coffin

A dream eating suger cane

Appearing of new world while im on earth dream

Appearing of new world while im on earth drram

A mechanic

A dream where my sister is pregnant for my boyfriend


Animals coming vagina

Accident track my wife but she is live

All wheel

Attending crusade in a dream means

A black pot of white rice over a sick foot

A pot of white rice over a sick foot

Age attain of girl

Aak plant in dreams

A man covering me with black cloth do rituals

A man covering me with black cloth

Ancient people in a hut

Anointing with mustard oil

A fish binded in water left for dead

Abnormal child born to a relative in dream means

A pastor eating food in my house

A horse taking something from me in my dreams

A mad woman chasing me as a lady and gave a sign of coming back after some women came to my refuge

Akin dream interpretation

A girl developing breasts

A cake for a princess

A dream of removing a cannula from my vein

A dream of removing a cannula out from my hand

A child hanging from a tree

A woman with three eyes


Acquire a pearl ring

A woman p

Angel kiss

A talking white dog

A pregnant woman fetching water in the stream

A gun pointed at me

Asking money by my dead brother in law in my dream

Atm giving too much money dream

About kicking a goal

Asking the time in dream

A person that had passed away giving hand kerchief

A loved one falling into a poop pit

Applying lotion on your face

A bowl of green soup for someone

African chewing gum dream

A large sand pile collapsing but u survive

Apple falling in water

A black attachment given to me dream

A black attachment given to someone in a dream means

All planets in one line

Ankara in a dream

Amakaka omtwana

A boy having three penises

Animal vomit itself

Angel procession for my mother


Angel floating into chest

Atm giving money

Absent bridegrooms

A death person

A frase perdon

Angel with a watch

Applied butter on my head

Ama veg

A fruit orange imprint

Albino baby girl twins

At home

Aftermath of a plane crash


A lady returning a saree

A long time friend giving you a mirror

A married couple saw lunar eclipse

A child pray for me

A boyfriend choose me over other girls and friends

A couple in a bath together in the act of love making

A dog snatch my meat

Aak flower


A guy give handshake to woman

About brown and white python uptop of house

A guy shake hand to a woman with her daughter

A man giving handshake to woman and her daughter in dream

A chameleon biting my hand

A friend helping you to weave and you are happy

A lot of fushia

A lot of fish is purses

Am giving red glass bangles to older woman

A dog is chasing me

Anal sex with ghost


A man putting coins on my nose

A pastor in love with you

Adonis dream meaning

A chameleon cross your path

A dead man sloughtering sheep in a dream meaning

Afang leaf dream meaning

About women


A dead person gave me two dollars

Armored meaning in urdu

A used cake box

Account number

A kid was praying with a cross on me and then vomited

A man in a lavender suit

A man in la ender suit

Asking permission to speak

A party for the dead

Aucles marriage plans dream

Angela lansbury

A pool of shiit

A dog with a snake for a tongue

Aggressive dogs attacking

A dead person asking for a towel

A dead accident victim in a dream

A lizard in my drink

Ancient aztec temple

Aztec temple

Asian man carrying your jus bag and coat

Asian man carrying your jusban bag and coat

A friend telling me to come back

A man carrying jerry can of water

A stranger came to clean my dirty kitchen

A l i love relationship taken on and added dimension

A pile of clothes in the car

A good ike of clothes in the car


Arched doorway

A large human hand

A dream of licking red oil

A partner wearing unironed shirt

About snakes

A tin of bournvita in the dream

Auto fallecio

A dream of a tree falling on someone

Asoebi dream meaning

A plant growing out from my celing

A dead sister making my own hair

A male neighbor figured and licked my vigina

A big crab running with the wall

A man of god refuse to pray for me in my dream

A co wife crying in a dream


Arranging drum set to praise god i dream

Alcohol bottles breaking

Appliances taken

All appliances taken

About maroon cow

Afraid of eating toothpicks

A mad man in love with a woman

Airline seat

Animals in swimming pool

Another woman naked in your bed

Ash gourd in dream

A dead person writing


A woman with a towel

A prophet praying for you in a dream

A priest eating gourds with me

About a priest eating gourds with me

A man gave me land

A big rock falling from the sky

A basket full of fresh okro

Auto rickshaw accident

A dream about a priest giving me a cooked gourds to eat means what


Aarthi puts off in dream

A dove on top of my head meaning

A woman with two different colored eyes

Ark crushed my car

Able to all and talk again

Ass wound

Anaconda entering ones home coming towards them


Alot of green pens

A man half naked

Arguing in car


Anello rame

A goalkeeper catching the ball

A person wearing black

Asparagus piercing

A friend try to have sex with me but i refuse

A dead person giving you a fruit to eat

A christian lady wearing a hijab in the dream meaning

After crossing a river you cannot find your shoes

A boy child pooling themselves

A man wearing white priest clothes holding a cross

Arowana fish ring

Animal eating apple

An angle said that matty would be added to my group

A group of people with matty being added

Angels coming to earth

Atis fruits dream meaning


Alligator trying to eat my cat


About a boy in my class

A death person wearing green and white in a dream

Aghori baba in temple

Artist dreamer

A dream of a cord tie around you and your dead husband is cutting off you what is the meaning

Agama lizard dream meaning

Ant on my toilet

A madman entering house in a dream

A bother sodomizing

A friend vomiting in a dream

Adopting a baby with lots of hair

A dream that you are being fingered and something is removed from your vagina

At top of ladder in pool of water with broken white life jackets

Am parking dirty in dream

Anothers reflection

A dream seeing a coalpot burning with fire moving around a a nation what dose it mean

An honorable person brought a bag of millie meal in my house

Adult pig killing baby pig

Asking some identification

A mother kissing her daughter

Arguement with dad

Animal cut in half

A fat woman was tryna attack me in my dream

An ink stamp on my hand

About someone who may have a crush on you

Avocado pear

A man in long purple coat and a hat

A video showing a son fucking his biological mother

Assault victim

Assault cictim

An old man in a weelchair kissing my hand


A goat turn to white horses

Allagator eats cat

A woman sees someone close cutting her hair

A love onse cutting a woman hair

A goat turning into snakes

Appreciation in dream

Amanda moreen m shabong

A old woman kissing my forehead

A stack of maize

Arisina kumkuma


Aoole peel

Angry crows

Artifical insemination

Ask permission

A person saw me washed by volcano

Abscess big toe

Animals morphing

Airsoft sniper

About cult people fighting themselves

Accused of cheating in school

Angry language teacher


A dream about annabelle

A gifted frame covering my picture


A horse male and female donkey

A big clean house

A house with lots of children

A big house with lots of children

A dog threatened me

And salt

A man sitting on my lap

Ayat al kursi reciting

Ayat al mursi reciting

Animals in distress

Assorted clothes and linens

Animal in ground

A man wearing a hoodie with a bunny mask

Aghori blessings in dream

A teacher flogged me on my forehead in my dream

Amla fruit i dream bibical meaning

Abdomen impaled with steel weapon

A stranger leading in a wrong direction in a dream

A metal fork breaking in your mouth

Almost kissing your crush

A man is seen wearing singlet on trauser to mc a sporting event

A man is seen wearing singlet on trailer to mc a sporting event

Aje dream meaning

Anal sex my wife

Arse fucking my wife

Anal sex with my wife

Ayatul kurdish

A ring shaped like a cat

An ear dropping off

Almost having sex

Animals in half

Angels brushing hair

A broken lawn mower

A friend ask for charcoal

Aku aku

A dream about wearing makoti clothes

Apply cream to my feet

Accepting handkerchief from my late mom

A bull killing another bull with axe full of blood

Aspagud in glowing ave

A chain was removed from my neck

A box full of egg in my dream meaning

Amniotic bag

A royal dirty face

A friend promising to give me money

Archer dreaming meaning

Accounting number

About to get rapped

About to be rapped

A dream about quarters

A dream with my deceased mother while i picked quarters off the ground

Age reversal

A fluorite crystal hitting the ground and smashing into pieces

Ancestors giving me food

African medicine

A dream wearing neon green skirt and heel means

Athletic track


Avocado fruit tree

A girl telling me a secret

Arab emkrates

Angel attacking me

A grandpa giving rudraksha

A grandpa giving rudrakshi

Asking baby daddy to enter the house

Avocado dreams what it means

A man breast sucking in a dream


Amasimba nokugula

Angel at the end of my bed

A angel came to me last night in my dream it was blue just as it was talking to me i told someone to look up and look at it and it descended back into heaven

A phone call from heaven

A wolf having sex

A boy flogged my daugher

A tub full of hot water and a blanket

Applying chemical to my hair

A naked woman and a naked baby


A bird flew in to my room

A dead person giving gold ring in dream means in islam

A friend going abroad

A bull in my reflection

A story of a silhouette

A neighbor using an electric saw to cut through my wall

A neighbor is carving through my walls

A small child eating soap

Autumn and trees

About the sea separating

A stranger became a ghost and sucked my soul


Accepting pepper from the dead


A dream about king proposing

A naked woman holding a naked baby

A dream of giving prophecy to someone

Amdy coin

Ayyappa swami in dream meaning

Andy coin

A fan falling from the ceiling

Accepting underwear from a deceased male friend

Almost being raped

Accepting vegetables and fruits from deceased

Africa rosewood leaves in dream

And e ali

A chief handing me a taiaha

A male dreaming about his mom naked

A house white in color no furniture

A stormer dream

Accident by car

A friend dreamt of me wearing cloth rapped around my hand and also a palo cloth was tied around my waist along with a short wooden stick

Asking someone me fir water

Anal stabbed


Adored finger nails with berries

A talking white bird

A crying blue bird caught

Achar dream

A fish with horns

Allahs name written in the sky

Aiplan crashes in dream

A jigger in your feet

Angel of jericho

A man throw a wrist watch at me in the dream

After burnt coal bush meaning

App controlling the world

Appcontrolling the world

A pastor driving a car without one tire

A shop owner selling you rotten eggs

Admiring a stone

Accepting fish gift from dead in dream

Admiring a women on beach


Absent is

Akamu given by someone in de dream means

Alien robots

Alligator swimming attack

A woman bowing before a man dream interpretation

A woman before a man

Animal sneeze

A mad man laughing at ur direction and greeting u


A celebrity giving you a watch

A big violet cake

A stalker

Avocado pear tree

A woman vagina hair shaved by a man

A woman using her hands to attack my eyes

Ashes color

A rabbit


Art of jackal

A lady blew smoke and i drain oils in my dream

Allahs name in dream

A bible floating water dream

About to use grinding stone robbed with pepper to hit someone on the floor

About to use grinding stone robbed with to hit someone on the floor

Angels in a spacecraft

A dream someone fart on my face meaning

A man you have a romantic interest in getting married to a nother woman

African blue and white church uniform meaning

Asking for the time of day

A man sucked clothes

Another version of yourself

Another woman pregnant

Apple from god

Apple inside my stomach

A cock bets my vagina

A lady was sacking blood from my vagina


A man been killed by a girl in all black

Aunt hiding my uncle death

Aunt h

A room in the galaxy that seem like mine and falling stars begin happening during which two enters the room

A child yelled ma

A friend wishing me happy birthday

Arabic racing an arabian horse

Arm in sling

A broken snake

Abnormal kid

A dog is entering my house

Almost getting a concussion

A wrist watch and an apple watch with text messages

Angel in a golden robe

An old man touching your head


Ack mule

Accident husband

Accidwnt hisband

A cocoa butter cream in a dream


A tree of gold in a dream suggest what

A licking bucket in dream

Action figures

Anime journal

Arrenging fanti kenke y

A bunny underwater

A deflated ball lying in dirt

A fat tall dirty man e t

Asking for shoe in dream

Ako ang taga pamana ng mayanan sa mundo

Ako ang taga pamana ng mayanan sa mudo

Applying hair treatment

Animal print cloths dream

Auto in dream

A family member giving me an empty coloured plates as a present

A woman with penis having sex with me in my dreams

Ant eating plants

Another woman cutting my boyfriends dreadlocks off

A friend returning from abroad

A dead person gives you sugarcane

A gate

A dead person eating chicken

Armed woman

A woman wearing trousers

Albino women

About wearing traditional attire

Almost to have sex

A leaf of heart form

A mad man forcing me to give money then it dropped down

Ama grapes

A naked woman with body paint

Abscess busting in dream

A bat changing to monkey

Applying haldi for legs for some lady

Animal coming out of the ground

A painful navel with pus

Am dreams sting on greve

Am dreams sting on greaf


Applying butter into hair

A mad man collected my cell phone then returned it after a fight

Afraid to cross a river

A dream of giving birth

Absence of thumb finger in partner

Am pregnant and having a dream of having seven babies means

Artist dream

Amla fruit purchasing

A dead person slaughtering a cow

Anus opening

Astronomy class

Actually smelling sons cologne on his neck

Angel on earth

Asking my friend to return my money

Arabic calligraphy

Adopt girl


Apricot seed during pregnancy

At family meeting a mong appeared out of nowhere and started to stab people

Anable to shift gears in dreams meaning

Amount of money stated and being very little

A dream of a guy that bought you pink cloth

A kiss in the palm of hand

Argument with stepmom in the dream

A muslim lady cutting of my head

Anointing feet with oil

Abandoned vehicles

Angel bringing a message

Austin firey rain

A brown cow eating clothes in dream

Asked to cook at a funeral

Alive stuffed monkey

Ash tray

A ghost climbing a ladder to the attic

Adopting a shrew

Adult son without clothes

A white nylon bag in ones hand in the dream

Accepting underwear from a dead brother

Always sreaching but never finding it

A woman saying i healed you

Airplane flying over ice

A man in cream colour coat

Attacking feet

Attacki g feet

A woman giving a necklace to her husband

A nemesis call nick in a dream

A cow sitting by the alter

A dram with a man that has a intestine wrapped on his forehead

Accepting underwear from a deceased oerson

A dream a man receiving milk from a man

Animal rape dream

A bucket of motion

A man looking at you with a smile on his face

Animals flying

Animal printed shirt in dream

A clean dytch hoe

A brand new dutch hoe

American flag pole falling over

A man not liking my eyebrows

As assistant to former president

Asking someone in a dream to take red pepper what is the meaning

A blind person was trying to kill me

Alot of groceries

Angels with golden trumpets

Angel talks to me

A white ostrich biting me

Angry uncle beating his wife

Animals metaphors

Aplaing oli on foot

A deceased relative in prison

A police man is giving you money


Apples and grapes

A women dreaming her left breast leack and suck by a man

Amala dream meaning

Airport and wedding dress meanings

Angels in white flying around

An albino alligator in water

Angry aghori

A differnt car

Airport under construction

Aging children

Angry person in my dream

A friend pricking my finger

A women gives vibhuti in dream

Anual sex

A knock on the head

A crow holding an intestine in my dream

Almost in a car crash

Artificial plants n flower

A snake tail being cut of and finding baby snakes

A quran falling in your hand

A dream of something stealing your cooking oil meaning

Adult teacher naked in front of male children

Attached by a crazy person

Adult teacher naked in front of adolesant studenst

Attached by a mad person

Attached my a mad person

Animal on windshield of car

A widow lady gives saree in dreams is it a good omen

Attacking bulls

An unknown adult being circumcised

Abandoned temple

A teady doll walking towards me amd i am holding his head not to come

A doll walking to me and i am stopping it

A person wapped in khafan

A baby in your bed

Ants crawling into nose

A friend hiding from you

A friend squeezing your neck

Annular eclipse

African fabrics dream meaning

African fabrics dream

A dragon carrying and empty basket in a dream

A automobile tire

A man friend dreamed he was sucking breast milk from my breast

Anus prolapse

An angel

Angry heart

Armored truck crash dream meaning

Angel with sword attack

A dream about an insense

Alvino baby

A voice tell me to change my spirit

Acharya mean in a dream

Albino want to rob you

A colleague fall in the grave

As a girl if u are been poured pepper on your head it means

A dead girl was pointing a gun at me

A jet

Asking for the price of palm nut fruit

Aak plant with flower

A dead person sick and eating too much salt

Attend a vigil

A dream about eating corn mixed with groundnuts

A women in a red sari in the garden means

A transgender attacked me

A man applying henna on girl head

A blind person asking for water

A brother blind

A man is eating foods from his penis

A small fish stuck to my skin

Adult play in snow


Ater ed the cup of rice

A couple driving in a vehicle that has two huge fish attached to it

A song with orange



An ex coming back home unwell

Anointing of ground

Attractive stranger

A porch falling

And evil party

An evil party

Agey betaya

Arab woman abaya

A platter of seafood

As a man i dream about a lady asking me for my phone number

A dream in which grandmother giving broom

Amasi buying

According to islamic what is meant by dreaming about a person who is alive dying

Aidan fruit meaning

About to give flowers to widow

An unknown man gave me a bag with so many hair wig cap inside on my way to the church

An unknown man gave me so many wig cap in at junction in a dream

An unknown man gave me a bag with so many wig caps inside on my way to the church

Applying lotion in a friend buttocks

A downsyndrome girl

Alcohol bottle falling and breaking accidentally

A wall of cedar

Asking will you help me

A dream seeing a big stones outside the door

A guy friend sees your hanging boobs in dream

A friend sweeping the house in a dream means

Apricot jewel

A dead person taking shoes from me

A loved one being swept in river

Amabhubesi ebhonga

A wagon in a dream

Auriga dream

Avocado pear picking dream meaning

A large boacostricter snake in the watr

A grave with bright candlelight on top of it

A lady with a white dress and black hair

A friendly rainbow tiger

Aggressive naked old lady with rolling pin

Animal spirit touches pregnant stomach

Aghori baba chasing you dream meaning

Altar tampered

A stranger womanwith a shrinkage brest sitting on the bed

Adopting a blind baby

Amulet in home

A woman giving birth to a snake meaning

An altar boy disciplining a child

Aurora dream meaning

A single man giving a married woman oral sex

A man performing oral several on a married woman

A ball in the field i was playing was withering then a new pumped one was brought

Arguing with deceased father

A tortoise came out of my right leg

Attack from an alien


A brown cow taking a twin baby from me when am protecting that baby means what

A gift for me

A tall person carrying me

A baby have sores

A girl being obsessed with you

Applying pomade


A husband giving a new dress to wife

Alien woman

Aghkri killing a girl and dye his hair by her blood

A dream about me being half naked

A dream about me wearing a short trouser and with no shirt

Angels neck broke

Antbear in a dream

A gold ring given to me in dream that turn black

Arms slashed by blade

A dream of cleaning charcoal

Adream of cleaning chacoal

Animal escaped after being roasted

A dream frying a snail

A dream about wearing maroon njeti

A fire and a beast near it

Animals birds and squirrels

Al quran

A child sat on my bedroom window sill

A dream that someone was rubbing an excessive amount of substance on my forehead in the middle

A rabbit with wings

A dream of meeting solders with weapons meaning

Asking turmeric

A stranger breaking into home

A woman being kissed on the ear by a strange man

A student is dead in a dream

A dream about coins in your shoe

A giant horn

Alpaca vs llama

Alpaca vz

A snake my enemy plunged into an underwater dark hole fast

A snake my enemy plunged into an underwater hole fast

A young lady catch fish plenty fish in dream

Argues in a dream

Aarti dreams

Ankle tied up to a rope

Afghanistan bright walking nature stolen property my dad making bad mistakes

A dream of a snake feathers

A b egg that contains a small sbaki

A dream people attacking you for money

A dream being attacked by people for money

A dead friend asking for lending him money in dreams

Angry chereb

A girl trying to defeat me end up fighting

Agarwood dream mean

Ayyappa swamy in dream meaning

Alternate ego

Abandoned goat tied in the sun

Amanzi ancolile

Attractive female monster

A dead person touching me

Angel head broke

Applying for a new identity card

Alive grandfather giving me keys

Asian carp swimming in the sky

Aunt laughing

Anti gravity dream moving house

A man with a sea shell waist


Another man wife kissed me