Airport in dreams

Attacked by a bird on my neck

A bead man smiling to me in my dream

A clingy relationship

An aeroplance

A pregnant woman dreaming of sucking own breast

A pregnant woman dreaming of sucking own lady’s breast

Apple seller

Arguing with step father

A girl refusing to sex

Ants on grain

Ants on wheat bag


About leaves

A woman wearing a 11th century knights templar walking towards me trying to give me something

A woman wearing a pre 1800 habit with a big red cross on the front her head was covered with a nuns or nurses hat walking towards me trying to give me something important

A harvent onion field

A mad man entering your house asking for food

Arranging broom in a dream

A deceased mate advising me to leave the masons

A healer

Attending prayer for a dead person

Animal body human head

Ass to face

Animal bite on the lip

Animal bitr

Asking money dead father

A chicks is on the forest fire

Asking mandazi

A dog bite my vagina in a dream

After this past ten years

Always dream my husband sleeping with my maid means?

A burst stomach

About broken mud pot

Armed robbers

A friend getting rich in a dream but is not good to you

Ash gourd

Attending housewarming function

A dead person attending your wedding

A strong wind blowing and picking me up as i walk through it and sets me in front of a house

A statue of the virgin mary


Amarula tree in dream meaning

A friend scratching my back

Ayatul kursk

A huge bird with a yellow triangle on his back

Accepting scissors as a present

A lady put her hand in my forehead

Another person eating a human

Accepting scissor from a boyfriend

Angels in black robes

Attacking by a carabao

Attack of carabao

Announcing death of someone already dead

Ash wednesday

Acting cold

A mauri wedding

About to get kidnapped

A sister in law pregnant

Always seems that i am in our old home and i am not happy

A pastor praying for me

A whit car falling on the house

Allergic eye

A psychotic person falling in love an chasing me to like him back


A big man standing on my bed

A fairytale bedroom

Anime character in my dream

A pregnant woman being beaten by her partner

A famous person romantically


Accident in tricycle of love ones

Arguing with old lady


A real mirracle to happen

A real mirracle

Attending friend wedding

A teacher hitting me with a stick

A snake suffocating my brother


An essay about couple dreams

A friend asking me do you love me

Action of sitting in toilet


A dream about me having sex

A dream about my self having sex with a dog

Ablack heavy back islamic interpretetion

Anmona apple


A man dropping kolanuts on your bed

Accuser of poisoning someone

A plamwine tree gushing out wine in the dream

A man without penis

Ants in clothes

Asking one dried fish

A craupaud in fire


A circular obelisk

Allah name

Allah name on the sky

A friend getting engaged

Adult child failing 3rd grade

A man wearing a woman clothe in a dream looking for his girlfriend


Already peeled melon

A pastor pouring water on my head

An ocean with no waves

A man bathing with a girl in a dream

A strange girl slaps my friend in my dream

Appreciation for girls

About an old school teacher beating u means what?

Accepting something from the dead

A asked to drink water

A lots of brocken sleeper

Accepting watermellon

Am a female and i was being circumcised by female doctors

Accepting underwear from the diseased person

A man liked me

A man loved me in the factory where i work

A man liked me so much where i work

A man supervisor plaiting my hair

Applying coconut oil on hair in dream

A dress falling of a hanger


A lot of jackfruit fruits

Apply for passpor

A man with a blue suit on

A penis

Animal penis

Ashtray thrown at face

A slug which is dead on my skin but when i touched it it arise and its very speedy

A chief in the palace gave me shea butter

Animal skeleton

Attend a lesbian wedding

A dead relative lending money to you

Assembling people

Allah akbar in a dream

A stranger protecting me


Asking for water

Asjing for water

A loved one picking up up and trifling in a circle

A minor with no blouse on

A women have pennies

Anubian in dream

Animals coming out of the vagina

A dryed ravine been filled up

A r


A woman ask me to give a dead person envelope with money

A dead bbc

Angel halo in the cloud

Angry girl telling to finger me

Angry telling to finger me

Anona esquamosa


Applying turmeric on hair

A mad woman telling me that am pregnant

A person putting movie dvds in a handbag

A biganold tree

Arinola wiyh ihi means

Applying sandalwood paste to the children

Ability to collapse and not walk

A little boy jump

Asked are you trustworthy

A little girl caresses my penis in the dream, meaning

A mad man wants to have sex with me in my dream

Always dream with place of birth the house i used to stay

A girl showing her index finger to me

A large number of babies

A mad man wants to have sex with me

A two black bears coming through the window

Angry at mother in law



A man breaking in my bedroom window

Acacia fruits

A man tell me gave zam zam water in dream meaning

Albino teen

A random cat entering house

Albino child

A shooting star

A shooting star and four bright shinning stars, and i made a wish

Actress whistling

Ants in a gruop dead

Arm that is cut open

Afraid of falling off a cliff

A powerful person

A man give a dollar for putting a die rabbit in the box


Aftican pot in a dream

Aftican pot

Are you satisfied with chinese

A girl give me oral sex

Another person makes a cut on my ring finger

Asking you how you are

A lady killing a bird in a dream

Amber necklace

A dream of dried coffee husk

Alluring vampire

A baby swept by flood means

Accepting blessing in the dream

A mother and father wearing white unknown

A man grab my waist toward himself

A man giving lotto numbers

All god and godess in one picture

A snake falling from the tree

A dead person offering you yogurt

A cow in a dream

A married woman getting married again but could not see the person on the dream

Alcohol dream

A woman touching my husband’s penis

Alphabet c

Ash tree

A married woman having sex with another person in dream meaning

A burn land given to you to built a house

Acorns meaning

Artificial flowers floating in a river

Artificial flowers floating on top of running water

Aluminum ladder

About to eat ripe fried plantain

Attack by a cat

Aeroplane spinning

Aghori baba in dream meaning

African peer

A dead girl give foods

About cyclon

Applying white powder on the face in dream

A clear troubled river

A woman gives money

A dead mink

Announcement of death of a family member

Alphabet "m"


Alphabet m

Amla fruit in girl hand

Amaphupho ngezinkomo ezimnyama

Animals in sex in dreams

Animal in desert

A lot of squid is in the bathroom

A guy calling you princess in a dream.



Another woman socking your breast

Abandoned shop

Anal rapes

About sleeping


An bright big open eye in the sky

A loved friend who looked skinny and had rough skin

A friend appearing lean and with rough looking skin

A friend who looked skinny and had rough skin


A bishop of my church

A snail moving fast

Auntie naked

Aghori scolding

Applying shea butter your body

Animal hitting my face

Attack by a running carabao

A scratch and some blood

A sheep giving birth

Animals fighting in dreams

A man took my fallen beads in a dream

Asking someone for water and their next to a river

A dead grandmother giving a child bread in a dream

Aman being sodomised by anther man

A known person touch my lips with very love

Angel wings

A white boat on fire

A man eating his rotten feet

About paranormal

A male giving milk from his breast

A male giving milk from his breas

A dead person holding a child

Attached white squirrel

Always dreaming about dead relatives

Asking for shoes

Avatar on big sea waves

A dream your uncle rapes

A man licking my vagina in a dream

A married man applying kumkum on me

Angry silently

Air pump

A dark hallway

A baby is cold

A car moving through rapids

A dead man slaughtering a sheep

A fish stuck on vagina

A girl giving me a lap dance in the dream

A girl dancing with me in a dream.

A guy bubbling a girl

Abowl falling into a dirty gutter



Agora in dream

Adopting someone

Amorcar in dream

A white horse nudging me

A wonderful man turned into a rasta man

A bright rocks in the sky

A lighting lumb in the sky

A woman rub my feet ina dream what does this mean

Applied kumkum for my uncle

Anabelle doll in your dream

Applying nail polish on yourself

A cat peeing on my floor in a dream


Alta in your feet dream

Animal eating humans

Animal eating human

A bowl and water i use to wash my clictorin

About two bulls fighting

Angel shooting arrows at me

Attending wedding in a dream meaning

A tiger biting my left hand

A moving tricycle with no driver

Ask for transcripts in the dream?


Asking people to clean cobwebs in a house

A politician murdered another politician

A woman put a lighting camphor in my mouth what that means

A dead person give me an egg


Agbalumo in dream

A gift to a dead person

A girl give you a wrist watch

Attacking gargoyles

A pig licking your feet in the dream

A baby walking

Alien robot

A dead uncle asking for kolanut

A lady give me a ruler

Asking and cooking food for deceased mother in law in dream

A fish that ate a rainbow reflection in water

Adding 2 beds in your bedroom

Asking questions

Am the one holfing the wooden cane

A woman dream of having a co wife

Adorning handkerchief

Air plane crash witnessing from top of building and fire everywhere

Attending a wedding wearing a peach suit

A baby vomiting on me

Animal kidney in shoes

Argan oil

A man rubbing oil on my leg

A dead woman asking water

A gift to a dead person

A gift to a dead perdon

A flying bird angrily speaking


About to torture by unknown guy

Ackitten is burning

A friend in a hole

A poor friend

Ascending steps crowd

Aerial view of countryside

A teacher flogging his students in school

Asks water

A person giving me sorghum seeds in my hand

Asking for sarees in dream

A bag of charcoal

A baby with a full head of hair

A leg of a cows

Attending picnic with friends in dream

A black wall

Apple fridge

Apple fridege

A male child given you cowries in the dream

Arms ful of white hair

A little boy given me cowries in the dream

About sex

A smoldering body

A lady i know put black paint on her mouth

A girl farting on my face

Armed forces

Applying sandle paste on boy

A bell in my throat

Applying kum kum on someone forehead

Angels falling from the sky

Accidentally killing a rabbit

A yellow lamborghini

Albino cardinal bird

Albino cardinal

A little boy scrafising himself for an old man

Accepting clothes from dead in a dream

A child seeing snake in his dream means what

Anoint the back with oil and was itching

Anointing the ass with oil

Ascending and descending on a luxurious spiral staircase


A priest carrying cooler in a dream following woman

Animal burning

Aso odi

Applied yellow tika by pandit in dream

Afang in the dream

A seal turning into a woman

Am giving cooked yam with red oil by my mom in the dream so i kept it coming back to eat, someone have collected nd eat it

Anto nino

Anaconda and sea monster

Appointment for performance


A black bull chasing me

A blue truck

A gift in a dream meat

A fruit plant

A very old haveli

A man is putting his head in my lap

A man is putting his head in my lap and taking comfort

A palmtree with two tops one on top the other

A corpse wearing your shoes

A red wall with five nails in it

A dead pastor anointing you

According to to christian

Awlling lamd

A left path

Anal sex with your wife


About to take a bath

African violet

Already fried lindazi


Aghori dreaming

Akshay pot

A pastors wife gave birth


African oil bean seeds

A dream being called out to preach suddenly in church un informed prior

A policeman exchange his uniform with me

Alphabet letter d

At does it meaning dead, tiny, flies, comes, nose

A spike

Almond shavings

Abusive ex

Applying kajal in the eye

Animal in pain

A man of god poured anointing oil in my right hand

Ask for someone in the dark

A woman licking another woman vagina

A dead person asking for water in a dream

A dead person in green dress

A woman sucking my vigaina

A goat given birth to 4 kids in the dream

Ask out from a classmate

Ask out on a date

A tiger which turns to my husband

Aloe vera

Accidentally killing a dog in dream

A man breast feeding a baby as a woman

Alarm clock

Applying glycerin

Arti blew away


Angry hen

A book that reveals spiritual knowledge

A full table and empty chair

Aghori running in dream


A first night

A shoes

A bomb


A shoe

Amla garden in dream

A split moon

Amla on garden ground in dream means

A hot boy

A girl removing pants

A women gawe me a gold blouse

A women gave me a golden blouse

As other gender

A man as woman

A mas as woman

Ayyappa devotees

A guy is so possessive over me

A guy is so possessive of me

A mad woman borrowing me food in a dream


A spanner

Amla tree with fruits,but not picking g fruits because they are not good, what is the meaning

Amla tree i dream

A file of sacks of rice in my store


A house going up past white clouds

A house that extends past clouds

A maori man helping me

A big atim

Amla plant during pregnancy

A person tired to bad touch me

A dead person giving me blessing on a sick bedin the dream

A dead person in a dream blessing me


Alam of ghazi abbas

Amla morabba see in the dream represent

A snake that changes into a seal


A girl lying on my shoulder in bus while returning home after a journey

Applying mehndi on hands

A person i know carrying yam

A man gave me a blowjob