A mother looking for her daughter to give her a silver key in dream

Airplane crash land

Aircraft crash land

Ate a blue apple

Angels are singing while passing on the skug

Angels are singing passing on the skies

Angels passing on the sky are singing


Animal transforming

Alligators turning into dogs

Afraid of skydiving


Attack by a madwoman

A woman passing by in a yellow coat

Accidentally breaking fast during ramadan

Art painting

Applying gel on new hair cut

Arrival of a car

A shamba in my dream

A potential partner walking behind you

Adopting a male child

Archangel raphael

A gray cow

A person was alive but in dream he was dead what it means

Attacking carabao in dreams

A red bus


A girl working with a boy in a dream and she has stain on their way. and she went to change it she wake up

A skeleton of a snake in a

Auger shell

A teacher came to ask for money

A woman brest being sock by man

Aladin lamp

Acting like a dog

A girl eating curd rice

At a funeral parlor

A friend without hijab ignoring me in a public place

Ankles lock legs

A person that long has past away

A woman pouring her urine into my mouth

A lot of seeds in the mouth

A white lady in by race giving u money

A man chasing me with cutlass in the dream means what

Anuch crying in dream for food

A friend visited you

Along the road many fat cow side by side

A girl rejects our love what does it means

A white horse licking your belly

A monkey coming out of its sleeping nest

Abdomen dysmorphia

A dead person asking for a sweets

Asking growths on the belly

A pastor gave me a voucher in my dream

Abdomen skin

Angel birth

Accidently breaking fast

Anime abdl

Attempted car jacking

Ayaapa un dream

An abandoned shop

A dream of a dead person telling you to close a door

A dream celebrating and cutting cake for my dead father

A warning in a dream

Albino woman

A black snake fly and eat the bird

Atis fruites english


A terrorist kidnapping your daughter

A big discharge from ur vugina

A girl wooing me in my dream

Anal stabbing

Angry snake

Almost buying waist beads

Arabic letters seen means in dream?


Abandoned book store

A clear pitcher with pure clear blue water spilling over out of a pitcher

A good unknown women

Action like soldiers wanna kill us

A fish swallowing a baby boy

Allahu akbar

A dead friends name

A dumb child speaking

Alligator gar fish

A person is being anointed in dream


Ancestor asking for sugar

A pastor man sucking your vagina

Afraid to cross a river in a dream

A died person that is close to u gave you a fruit in the dream

Ayyapa pooja

A woman licking my vagina


Afraid of going down the stairs in a dream

Along for the ride

A known beautiful girl giving sweets to eat in morning dream

A african women that has fish tale with a serpent texture mean in ones dream

Anointing oil in my hand

Angles trumpiting

A bit of hair falling

Allah says i should wear his clothes

Animal calling azan

Allah telling me to wear muslim dress

A former star player presents me sneakers twice in the same dream

Army with truck sent to you

Army with truck sent to ypu

Applying cream in my legs

Applying cream in my foot

A cross eyed woman

Angry over someone for plucking my bitter leaf in the dream

A white egret carrying a dead egret

Aniversary dream interperation


A teacher observing me


Asking about someone else ear

A song being sang in a different tune

A mad man

A mad man giving me a bag

Aunt naked

A man carried on a mat

A man being carried on a mat


A person giving me a pink colour saree in my dream

A black invitations letter

Admiring people clothes

Admiring people clothes means what

A snake bitting a cat


A deceased female colleague giving me an avocado

Ant _eating

A girl chased by madwoman in dream

A person carrying a heap of jaggery on his back

Attending church in st francis of assisi

A dream about smoked fish served by a young lady

Angry transgendere


Aggressive cats attacked me

A girl

A bull dog bits you and you see alot of blood

A man was sucking my breasts

Accepting food from the deceased

Asking to marry someone

Archetypal level.

Adopted younger sister

A military truck turn in a intersection then proceeds at a very high speed

A person who has caused trouble in your life

A mad man throwing stones at me and my big sister and then chocking us

A female teacher teaching us how to dance

Asking to do prayer

A friend walking in a rain

Army sergeant

A search for someone and later found the person mad in the dream

Astrologer says new year murder

Angry baby

Animal bowels

Anim bo

A dream of pap

A dead person getting married

A dead person bite

A priest kissing one forehead

A mad man trying to rape me

A dream about feases

Ark of the covenant

A man gave me one cowrie in my dream

A mother refuse her son ‘a marriage

Another man playing sex with my wife

A friend dreaming about me when am rich

A koi fish giving birth

A baby ride a carabao

Ayyappa swamy

Ants on clothes in the dream

A person refusing to handshake



A dream with x boyfriend in bed

A dream romancing x boyfriend

A bird turns into a human

A bird tirns into a woman

An old man killing teenagers

A woman touching my penis

A naked woman

A bird poop in my mouth in the dream

Ayatul kursij

Asking mum to close the main door

A mad woman.

A woman is sucking my breast in the dream

Avoiding stone rolling down

Avoiding stones falling from hills and trying hide or reach above

Attracted to another but impossible

A falling door


Aarti blew up

A stranger slapped my bum

A big clap of thunder


A females visitors

Ants eating kola nut in a dream

Angry mother in dream

A wheelbarrow and a travelling bag

A lady cutting her beards in the dream

A dog eating a bloody baby

A girl licking a penis

A dog biting my jacket in dream

Attking me

A will probate

Asking apology

Air conditioner

Announcing death in a dream

Am carrying electric pole in the dream

A dead person holding a ring

A dead person holding a rung

Almost ate a baby snake

Atmcad be given to me by a stranger a man

Atmcad be given to me in a dream by a strange man


A dog vomiting on me


A dead father asking about money in the dream

A dog bating you


Aarti in dream with wife



A snail stuck in my left leg meaning spiritually

Approaching a masquerade

A friend saw me double in his dream

A pregnant woman seeing pears fruits in the dream means what?

A woman in a tweed suit

A deceased person looking herself in the dream

A deceased father giving one of his clothes to wear

Ankle bracelet

Amputated legged ox

A pair of engraved golden rings

A set of engraved gold rings

A gift of a long blue gown worn to church

A gift of udara from a lady

Attacked by lioness

A deceased loved one putting on raw meat together with his family members dream meaning

Avoiding in dream

Avoiding a person

About buying wrapper in the dream

A grey plastic empty measuring cup

A dead father inlaw giving money in my dream

About a capo

A dead woman attending a wedding

Astro travel



A light bulb in a box

A bulb packed in a box

A team of heavenly battle angels came to rescue you and calling your name to find you

A woman disvirgin a little girl

A pregnant woman dream of plaintain

Auto fellatio

Age displaying in golden

Animal sucking human breast mean

A yellow discharge coming out of my virgina after my boyfriend touched me

A kiss on my belly

A dream about a passed away father in law

A dream about dead father in law

A caucasian woman

A white lady laying on my bed with me chatting

A dead person wearing shoes

Amy adams


Animals fighting in water dream

A dog in a shrine

A tree bearing one nutmeg

A pen without ink

A bush tree coming out from my mouth in my dream

A blind girl in a dream

A dream accused of stealing

A lady giving me sweet

Amla dream interpretation

A past friend with whom i broke up said sorry to me


A dream meaning of a woman leaving your house


Astral projecting

A dream meaning that a woman is in her husband village

A city view

A woman wearing hijab

A dead person giving me a flower plant

A little carrying my dad dead body chasing me and the dead body touch me

A dead person showing her shoes in my dream

A dead man wallet

A dead nan wallet

Accidentally cut lips while giving haircut

Attacked by paper

A girl hanging on the ceiling



A pot of stew pouring on the floor

Arguing over money with girlfriend

Asking me to sit on a big stone which been sitted by another old aghoris before

A man with goat head

Air conditioning

Aso oke

A pruned tree

Am parking shit in my dream

Avocado and a bunch of keys

Army man

Adult in the freezer

A dead person vomiting

A friend dreaming about my husband giving money that was meant for me to my mother inlaw

Arrow shot at someone

A pastor calls you in front of the congregation to tell u about marriage

A prophet telling me to shout hallelujah

Avocado pear fruih

Aghoris chasing me

Acquiring on how to share food with friends after cooking

A dead person giving me a cake


A baby girl having four eyes but only letting me see it

Albino alligators

Animal falling from the sky

A relative brought a bag of charcoal in my house kindly interprate the meaning of this dream

Adult children as toddlers

Army on the slope

Alive person dead and opens eyes in the dream


A fawl and a goat having sex

Accused of pickpocketing


A dead opened his eyes at me

A friend playing with locks in hair?

Aquarius tattooed on eyebrow

A man licking my nipples

Absent of water from tap

A man fingering vagina

At a tourist place with friends

Auto moving without a driver

Attacker in wheelchair



Attending child dedication in the dream

A pregnant woman dreamt of eating orange and udara

Arcade means

A pregnant woman dreamt of plucking and eating udara fruit

A sister being raped

A lot of nude women

A lover held his open hand out to me when driving and i placed my hand in his

A monster coming out of an air vent

A long beak mynah chase you in your dream

Am in another country apart from my girlfriend but am seeing her in my dream always

Amala with awedu on dream

Absece on right leg

Am spending money

A dead person in dreams

An older man fighting me for my wife

Attracted with two girls

A dead person building a house

Auto rikshaw

Am cutting a child head in my dream

A prophet prophesied to me

Animals with 3 horns

A dove transform into a boy in a dream

A camel asking for water after being slaughtered

Anointing of calf

Another meaning of burnt onion

A guy is walking towards you

A love text from a dead person

A married woman caressing my penis

A man gave me udara in the dream

An abnormally large turnip


A white lady in my dream

A woman sucking your breast in a dream

A broken evil eye

Angels flying in a storm

A white house and people wearing white

A girl sitting by my side with a lantern in a dream

A white cow eating green leaves what this dream mean

A voice warning you of something

A voice commanding you

A narrow piece of land

Albert einstein in dream

A dead fly drops into a glass of drinking water

Asian food

A girl putting a shoe box in a drawer

A beast with horns

Aqeeq ring

An old friend became rich

Animal fancy monkey fireplace evil maroon dark skinned bones eerie

A friend called my girlfriend ugly in my dreams

Animal fancy monkey fireplace maroon dark skinned bones eerie

A friend call my girlfriend ugly in my dream

A guy wanted to have sex with me there is watching

A man washing blood stained underwear

Aunty with dead mother


A brown goat chasing

A lighting from a bus

Auntie giving me butter

A wedding attended by dead people

A former colleague wearing a shirt inside out

Avocado with foreign currency falling

Avocado $

Arguing with partner

A very long water tower sprinkling water on a vast land

An old wooden house

A big support of steel metal supporting a thatched house

About death of a person

Arguing with partner, humiliating

Argument with a boyfriend humiliating me


Ankara dress

A black car driven my late husband

Arab money

A rich man asking for hand in marriage

Amy do

A man having sex with a dog, a girl standing beside me

A girls voice said "i am psi, i am my" and it had subtitles


African beer

A wife sex another man

A pair of drum stick

Animal biting genital region

A lady given me a blow job in my dream

A mad man touching my nipples in the dream

A dream of my friend stealing my boyfriend

Animal bites my nipple

Attacked by a mad man in a dream

Almost hitting your friend with a car in a dream

Ants in a jar

Ants eating jaggery

About custard apple


A sweater

A man dreaming of a woman with a penis and touching it

Ashfall meaning in dream

Ashfall in a dream

Ash fall meaning in dream

Advising soldiers to attack the enemy

Adving soldiers to attack the enemy


Ares women

Agora in dreams

A friend inside a car falling on a cliff

Adream about cutting ahead of acow

Attcked by lizard

A friend give me a create of eggs i a dream

Answering phone calls in the dream

Answering calls in the dream

A bowl water with leaf in it.

Attending burning pire of someone in dream


A dead woman on red gown

A girl half naked transform into a zombie wounded everywhere

A dream about a cow carcass

Ackee tree dream

Almost flying in plane in dreams

Almost fell in the river


A mad man asking for food

Applying henna on your hair

A dream of sister gave birth to baby

A see a mountain burned of fire

Ancestors plus snuff

Animal with horn

A dead relative talking about water

Allah name written in sky

Allah’s name written

A woman changed to a man

Asking for macadamias

A governor gave me lots of money

Animated golden horse with small wings came out of the sea and lured me in to play

A house with very large cracks in the walls and floors

A plant growing from my hand

A birds wing being ripped off

Atomic gold

Atomomic gold

A woman wearing gold in her leg

Amla plucking

A girl having both penis and vagina

A man sucking my breast on dream

A dead person giving me bunch of keys


Ayyappa god in dream


A baby white hair

Animal stampede

Accident and corpse

Ankara as a gift

Ayakul kursi in a dream

A mad man was forcing me to give him money i drop the money on the floor and ran

Asian woman with fangs

Arm fell off

A bleeding wound in a palm of left hand

Annabelle doll

Agidi jellos in dream meaning

Acacia tree in a dream

Accepting invitation from dead person

Arowana jump out from the aquarium to myself

A mad man in a dream

Airoplane legs being on fire

A black and brown goat hassling on the ground

Acacia tree

Amaryllis blooming in a dream