A guy obsessed with me

Achillies heel injury

A dram with aphabetic mark means what

Aqua snake bite right hand

Aloe vera alligator

A woman peeping you through your door

A name attached with subsidy

A love relationship is a added deminsion

Accidentally telling someone i loved them

Arrow falling from d sky to my doorstep

An old friend always seen in dream acquired land for building

A friend tying a doek with an ancestral cloth and a snake hiding the face with colors of njeti ancestral cloth

Animal mask

A lake with baffaloes

Always see my girlfriend in my dream


A dream of white woman meaning

A black boy following you calling you mommy means what

A woman sucking my penis in dream

A pastor spraying money in me while singing

Angry walking away

Ass squeeze

A kitten giving birth to a rat back hwards

A fat pig with out a head

A pig head in a well

A lady fingering many ladies on the dream

A herd of cows with big sharp horns

A pregnant woman seeing cocoyam in the dream does it signify baby boy or girl

Arm amputation of a sister

A trailer falling on me dream

A friend promises you money

A house water tank collapse in the dream


Asking sugarcane juice to drink

Ape holding hand in the dream

Angel trumphets

Airplane wing

Alter kiss

Adream escorting your ex boy friend

An unknown woman who seems like a pastor praying for me and deliverying me from bad spirits while touching my stomach

A male coming too close to you

A dead person searching for scissors

A dead person search for scissors


Account balance

A dog has peeing on my pillow

Attack by a mental ill person

A think of planting seeds

A woman washing another man cloth

Asking for perfume

Ants and mice

Ashley santos

All animals bow down their heads

A man snub in my dream

Aarti dreaming

A dodgy called simba

A dead person throwing someone a stone

Arm touch

Arm touching arm

A dream of two girls fighting over one man

Angel rafael affair in my dreams means

About falling in the building

A big blavk dog

Assorted cheese board

A dream of being in a wrong taxi going a wrong way

A dead body in a bag

Ants in navel

A gold sheet being placed across my door by my mother

Abseiling burj khalifa


A man slept all night on top of me

Arranging yellow artificial flowers

Attacked by a cow in dream

Arrive leave quickly

Adult daughter face rash

A mattress fell of the bed

A madman gives you a slap

A bird that is still in the air

Aarti turn off

A woman by a tree


A beast had a huge snake coming out of it mouth

Asking someone your exam result

A vertical line crossing two horizontal lines

Aso oka in a dream

Aso oka

A man pinched my right arm

Abusive ex was injured in my dream

A brown skinned baby in clothing

Aeroplane dropping water

An aeroplane dropping water on my body meaning

A dead man making house for alive

An eagle carrying a snake

A gift of broken pottery

A man on a horse coming from the sky

After washing face i saw there is no sindur on my forhead

A man with high cheekbones

About shit

Asking for water in sleep

Animals inside car

A loose pant in a dream means

A bag of mealie meal in dreams

Amniotic sac came out of me in the bathroom

An amniotic sac came out of me

An am sac came out of me

An am ionic sac came out of me

An empty amniotic sac came out of me

An amniotic sac came out of me in the bathroom

Aluminum necklace fading in dream

A friiends head burst out with blue bliood

Allah hafiz saying in dream to someone

Anti clockwise

Animal with rabies

A voice speaking that you should leave where you are working and look for another place

Arm without hand

A house on an ocean

Anointed tongue in dream

A sangoma woman died in my dream

A sangoma woman died

Asian cltohes

A madman slap me in a dream

Aarthi from god

Aarti put off while you put your hands to take aarthi

A black bird flies through a rainbow and transformed into a white dove

A black bird flies through a rainbow then transforms into a white dove

A fish swallowed a baby in my dream

Announcingthe winner

A man climbing through my window

A bird laying a black egg

A police officer trying to kill me

Antonio de padua

Anthony de padua

A woman calling adzan in a dream

A friend having sex

An ex boyfriend giving me money in anger


A yacht big waves ocean

Arthur and brownies

A colleague you like at your house

Amethyst breaking in dream

A lady having a blood convenant with a man and his mother using her blood to join them

Adding water to a salty food

Adream of a white man video calling me

A man asking me to get him airtime

A mother washing her own feet


A kiss in a car that crashes

Agirlfriend going abroad

A husband is buying a dress for me

A friend is ashamed

A girl name amy in dream

A couple on a hill


A lost object found in hand when wake

Alex wearing glasses

A friend being pregnant

Army men

Aunt cooking on the stove

A woman seducing a man i know

A guy give me a sweater and i wearing meaning


Adjusting curtains


Animal skin sandals in my dream

Accident broken toilet in my dreams

A person being called a dog

A book fluffy and the boer war

Affair with husbands friend

Advising cabinet ministers

Ants in blanket

Active labor

Asking someone out in the dream

About to have sex both naked and intarupted but a kid

A naked pastor with his dressed female member in his room

Anointing oil on hands during a dream meaning

Angel fighting in a dream meaning

Angel fighting i

Abandoning home

An apostle injected me on my hand

A dead man giving me a shoe of my child

A dead man giving a shoe of my child

A cow eating non veg

A heard

A goat with two heads grazing grass

A golden hairy worm

A phonecall


Asking for wealth

A fictional character starts beatboxing

A room with light mean in a dream

A dream of eating porridge and milk

Applying shea butter in your dream

Axe murderer

A hole in a baby head

A dream as a chaff mean

A dreams as a chaff of meen

A bunch of keys

A man in a program

Animal eyes

A lot of ants in washroom

Am trying to open my seat belt but it is oastened tight

A crocodile in a glass fish tank

Ankara cloth dream

A friend sweeping my house

A strange car pulls up in driveway

About cars and people

Ants on penis

A dead friend promised to get me a job in the dream what dose it mean

A lady and kelp

A daughter dreams of sex with her dead fathers

A daughter dreams of her dead fathers penis

About a person wearing sangoma outfit

Artic dream

A dead father giving a big ripe avocado

A child on wrapper appeared and fear gripped everyone and we ran

Albino goat

Allergic food

A green boat


Akhand path

Arm pus

Arrowhead snakes

Alien chasing somebody

Applying bindi in dreams

Alligator hurt cat

Allugator hurt cat

A man putting waist beads on me

Asking for white socks

A man dreaming of two pythons mating

A family member collecting her clothes from my home

About to give birth

A mad man touching someone

A pity bill dog holding onto my vagina gently with its mouth

A cow with black and white spots giving birth

A pregnant girl

A dog bites gently my vagina

A snowplow was trying to kill me

Autom tree

A crush fingering me in the dream

Antique paper

A large fluffy white sheep

Accidently stealing headset

Accident my stealing headset

A crocodile eating a pregnant woman and a man but left the arm with a ring

Add on snapchat

Aquarium fish biting great toe

A horse eating a goat

A child in a wagon going dawn snow slop

A man pulling you back

About us


Aquamarine colour

A company car breaking down while i am driving

Alot of collard cooked green in a huge pot on the stov

Arrafin bottle falling

Attending a party with the dead

Absent parents

Accidentally killing my dog

Almost caught masturbating

A girl asked me to give her my cap

A boy staring at me in my dream

A boy staring at me

A pastor gave me money in my dream

A chimpanzee pushing a baby chimp in a stroller

Ama phupho ngomoba

A doctor

Afrong and a snake chasing in a dream

Anchoring a program

A child praying for you in a dream


Amakaka ehhashi

A mouth turned snake

A big mouth

Archangel uriel

A dragon mouth

Ayyappa mala wored ppl and they gave prasadam

Aunty asking money

Airport secutity checkpoint officer

Airport secuti checkpoint officer

Attorney calls

An animal mimicking me

About a prefect

A cross in the distance on water

Asking president to give you tenders

Audible young man

A broken plate

A man of god giving me a baby boy

A minister giving me a baby boy

Asking me if i have taken my bath and says i smell bad

A dead hands a cane to you

A pastor wanting to marry me

Admission in a university in a dream with a friend

Admission in a university in a dream

Animal sister

Animal sisters


A dream of having multiple women

Adult child cracked skull

Animals blocking way

Accepting paper notes and putting them in pockets

Arowana jumping out of the tank

A woman cloud

Aged woman standing in a door way waving

Avoiding a kiss

Applying coconut oil on belly

An animal stuffed

A stuffed duck

A seal in water advertising

An eagle and dove dream

An unknown terrorist flogging someone in the dream


Admiring hair in dream

African american female

A flowing thick and creamy coming out of my breast in a dream

Asking what my name is

A dream of dead person and blankets

Aghori eating corpse

A elderly woman crying for pain and prayer

Accidetically killing a child in my dream

A man begging me for love in a dream means what

A pregnant woman being sent on arrand

A dead person giving me alcohol to drink

A death person gives me eggs

Apartment block

Airplne wheel

About an old woman in avehicle

Angry gods

Attacked by a head

Accidentally killled animal

Andai kw tw dann aa gh cintaku lebih besar dari apapun

A joke in my dream

A church

A dead man wake up n give me herds to help me out

A cat tied up

Angel sing

A trapped baby fawn

An old lady wanting to spit on you in a dream

A student learning having quarrel with principal

Avocado dream

Applying sindoor in my own maang

A very big crusade

Attempted rape by a mad man

A partner buying baby girl clothes

Accused of drinking alcohol

A dream of giving someone a tissue paper

Anointed by men of god in dream

A little girl giving me a lei

Apply lotion on someone else hands

After marriage i saw kinner kissing on my cheeeks

A heard of rhinos

Atlas moth

Among the crowd under banyan tree



A dog chasing donkeys in my dreams

Aftar time frawalpindi

Acts time frawalpindi

Attack by blind bear

A pregnant police woman smiling

A hole to plant

A huge mucus coming out of my vagina

After an errand someone gave you money in the the dream what does it mean

A kingkong talk to me in my dream

A black big monkey talk to me in my dream

A black big monkey talk to me in my drea

A girl friend asking for forgiveness

Ant gathering mangoes

Ant gathering a ripe and unripe mangoes

A dream about paying the brides price

A man to dream to marry a white woman

A mans legs are broken

A co wife visiting your home

Angry face in mirror dream

Angry reaction from face in mirror

All kinds of snakes and scorpions attacking me

Animals bowing before u

A clone kidnapped a friend

Artificial light

A dead person packing a bag in the dream

Ampere of sin

A dead person wearing blue

A woman dreams of eating a corbeau

A dog sucking my dick


A pots lid breaks into two lids

Affective inconstancy

A heterosexual man having sex with another man

A short pier or jetty

Angry skinny elephant

A friend copied me

Arrowhead removed from body

A friend washed my cooking stove in the dream meaning

Arisina kukuma hoovu thagotha ero tharaa

Auto repossessed

Albino female wearing makeup

Albino guest

Apple partially eayen

A swarm of bees entering my house

Asking my dead brother for money

A huge wave

A lot of feces

Airport lots of luggage

A toilet half full of feces

Anointing yourself with oil

A naked security guard outside the house st night

Africian clothing

A mad man sucks my breast in my dream what does it mean

Allah written on object

An opened bible

An open bible

A bf pouring sperm on me

Anointing yourself in dream

Aje piestess

Applying turmeric on feet

Aqua tress

A relative visiting a pastor


Apes having sex

A rich person that has become poor

A dream about a white man driving a open roof car abroad

Ash colour

A sick person looking healthy in the dream

African deer

A dream where you stab someone

Admired of clothes

Arabic alphabet dream means

Arabick alphabet dream means

A courtroom

A big fat snake is chasing me

Air hostess stealing money

Aghori is talking to me at a temple

Already dead

A dream of carrying sugarcanes bunch

A drea

A man inside of a vessels

Afang plant in drwam

Afang plant gift in dream

Accident avoided

A fairy kiss my lips

A doctor naked


A little chick swallowing a snake

A cow with three horns

Aunt deceased

Asking a dead person for forgiveness

A dream of a big plane turning into something

A woman searching my wardrobe containing bed linin and clothing

A woman is searching my cupboard containg bed linin and clothing


A colleague is promiscuous

A colleague is promiscous

A sangoma saying something to me

A sangoma talking to me

A sister looking at you badly in adream

Abandoned girls

A baby biting off my nipple

A friend had a sour smell in my dream

A frienf had a sour smell in my dream

A man you know is shorter than in real life

A rich man spit on the palm of your hand

A great man or rich man spit on your hand in the dream

Attack by a wild buffalo in dream

A friend slapping my son

A bag drowning in water

A bag drowning

A ex having pride

A dead person asking for food in our dream

A dream person asking for food

Attending puberty function in dream

Aarthi blew off in dream

Ants taking away dead lizard

Arab leaders

Air conditioning vent


Ac vent

A descent mum giving water to you

Abdomen scab

Alighting a truck and an accident occurs

Alighting a car and an accident occurs

Applying perfume hair

Army trouser means what

All three brothers drowned

Accident crash

An adult died in your childhood

A dog licking my armpit in a drean

Animals blocking my way

Am picking snail in my dream

An ex stalking you

An ex stalking u

Attacked by trees

A man hands on a woman head

A loud shouting of words

All men ten

A man to dream he was a woman

A dream of being given a calabash

A dream giv

Adrift from a boat

Angel writting names on the rock

Airplane crashing next to gf and i

Alive little blue baby