A man pouring sperm on my body in a dream means what



Aku nkpu

An old man gave me a magical ball

An old man gave me a magical orb

A person waking up in a coffin

A dead father asking for handkerchief in the dream

A pigeon attacking you

Army green color

Aperson giving you sugar cane

An old woman sweeping my room in my dream

A pastor pouring warm water on your head

A big fish swallowed my daughter in the dream

A child squeezing your breast and water coming out of the breasts

Animals breeding

Already dead person corrected your flowers

Already person corrected your flowers

Ancestral house in dream

Alienated daughter and son


A lion killing an elephant

Attending a party of dead people

A dream of draining water

A chief


A man of god give me money

A boy pushing their finger in my asshole

Adopted someone you like

A cow was drawn on my legs and i was wearing a new blue bowed pants

Ants in a tree

A door opening

Anthurium flower in dreams

A ripped cats tail in my hands

A will


An enemy applies make up for someone in a dream

A girl you have asking for relationship that refused called in the dream she is missing you

A girlfriend helping me in the dream

Applying sindoor in a devi temple

A well that is full to the brim

A white chicken is trying to escape from cage

Alta wearing in dream

Arowana fish in dream

A ghost give me money in my dream telling me to help her out

Arthan pot broken

A person saying you are free

Alot of clothes coming out by door what does it mean



Agoralu dream meaning in telugu

A civil war

Ang pao gift and money

Ang pao and money

A man wearing waist bead in a dream

A woman walking naked means

An elderly person helping you

A tall faceless man

Ant in boot

Air levitation from body

A little babygirl crying that my boyfriend is her dad

A white light was shining from sky on my bed

Africa pear seed meaning in the dream

A mad woman throwing dirts at people in dream

A dream of my mother in law who die giving me clothes and insist i wear

Anal sex penetration

A dove on top of your head

A school building full of golden stalks of corn

Airplane spinning

A little boy with measles

A snake swallowing a person in a dream


A dead person giving his drunk water to living person

Alert money in the dream


Aunt and nephew

Artificial plant

A dream of someone protecting me and my child

Applying bhasma in dreams

Attacked demon

Ants on a towel

A black bull and a copper bull fighting by the washing line


A puzzle

Applying powder to body

Antique vintage bottles glasses cups bowl on display in my house

African coffin dream interpretation

Ascending sky

A blind person driving a car

A lot of yellow discharge flowing from my vagina

Almost stabbed with a knife by a collegue

An outsider dream of a woman killing her husband

A wife killing her husband

A bright orange bird

Ayyapan swami in dream

A parcel of land with latin word written on it

Animals on trees

A husband

Army cap

A lot of birds eating mice

Avoiding skunks

Attacked by an angry bear

An angry bear

A pregnant mad woman hugging me in the dream

Atis fruit in dream

Applying turmeric on face


A slice of melon

A hen peeing

A white and beautiful drawing room

A friend of mine giving me lots of bra in

Applied turmeric paste on face

A big bird with big beak laying big egg in our garden

Awoman licking another woman breast

A two light plain yellow python adopts loves in my dreams

A dream of marrying a politician

Animal intestine in dream

Amala tree dream meaning

Aloe juice

Artificial insimunation

Arabian women

Attacks dog

Animals biting or fighting

A double headed chicken

After surgery

A friend’s child holding a dove in a dream means

A friend’s child holding adobe in a dream

Ace card spade

Ate chane puri in dream

A woman named mercy

A pig under water

Anus covered with fluid

Antique violin

After going upstairs i drowned my forehead in pot of sindoor

Abnormal sex with wife

A prophetess gave me some amount of money after i helped her to arrange her things in the bag

A man giving a woman grain seeds

A man paying my bride prize in a dream what does it mean

A married woman breasts being touched in dream by another man

Aaalta apllying on someone feet

A dream of seeing a child soothsayer

A brother blind in dream

A carabao with a red marks on the nose

A threesome

Asking god ofor forgiviness

Animal skinned alive by somebody

A boy in a white hoodie blue eyes brown hair

Accepting money from a dead person

A girl telling you to wash your pennis

A women dream about flower shop

Asking someone to stay

Anointing oil in hands

A document snatched from my hand

A corpse smiling and talk in a dream

African black velvet gift dre symbol

Applying coconut oil to the body in the dream

Angry transgender seen in nightmare

Aloe plant, planting in a dream

A blue jinn




Ants in the food

A curved line from where your standing mean?

Angry at extended family

Angel kneeling at the foot of my bed hands folded as prayer

About sex a madwoman

Agresive army about to attack

Army about to attack

Another person biting his lower lip

A hand of aces from a deck of caeds

A house made of flagstone

Aghori come to dreem

Abandoned building and piano

Accused of something you didnt do

A person broke in the house and left a dog

A woman with one eye

Another person putting thier finger in my vagina

Aluminum foil

A dead barrowing shoes

A dead lending shoes in the dream?

A woman wearing the same dress

Animal eaten a human being

A golden scroll on water in dream

A dead person hang in the wall

Alligator in toilet dream

Always lost trying to find a way out country or town

Accident overtaking a truck

A woman in red saree in my dream chasing after her

Attending a baby naming ceremony

Asking woman to show me her private part

Admire shoes

Arrow bent arrow on the sky

Arrows bent on the sky

Ayat e karima

A married woman dream of her dowry being paid by another man

Ashes and charcoal

A small cut on your feet


Anal sex with a horse

A man eatkng your vagina

A man who is my friend is versatile & that he made me pregnant yet he is not my husband

Aarathi putoff in dream


A dead person gave bouganviliea flower in dream

Accepting islam

Attack on a relative

Acid attack and breast having to be removed

Animal teeth biting

Ark of the covernent

A janaza in my dream means

A bird landing at back of my shoulder

A dream of many lizards in my wadrope

Arti put off

A puppy turning into a baby

Arabic words written in gold on the sky

A clear lice attacking me

Accepting blank paper to someone who died

A spirit trying to suck in my soul

A spirit trying to suck my soul

Abusive father relationship

Ask for food

Accidentally spilling soup dream

Argue with friends

Applyed neem paste on body

Arm and hand

A dead person is alive and give food wrapped in a foil

Almost being kidnapped

Asking sweets dead

A dead person wakes up

Abseiling a building with my wife

A witch in a boat

A woman angry with me

A man licking your back

A dog eating my clothes in dream

Askjng money younger brother

A woman crush

Armed trucks falling from the sky and do destruxtion

An old man stepping on my head

Applying perfume to my dead father in dream

A man angry with the son and throw spear and hit on his forehead

A man pretending to be dying

A woman with three legs

Ants on clothes

Angel in ⏃ golden cage

A brown hyena following me

Accused of theft in a dream

A boy from your class

A friend is sucking your breast

A dead relative gives you water melon

All of the teeth in my mouth is black


Appearance of a hand through a portal

Asking for water to save my life

Asking water

Asking tamarind in dream

Artificial lawn

Arranging white chrysanthemums

Automobile dying

A bag full of periwinkle

Artificially getting pregnant in dream

A stranger gave me a freshly baled bread

About to fuck a she-male

A floating money in dream

A man suckling my breasts

Arguing with dead sister

A transgender fighting with you in dreams

Agori sleeping

A women dead body with open eye

Ant in sarees

Ano ibig sabihin kapag napaniginipan mo asawa mo sobrang liit

A pregnant woman dreamt her husband impregnated another woman

A blade cut your penis away

A man kissing a female prophet

A dead kite in the dream

A powerful dead president in the dream

A warm bath

A dream wearing traditional attire and singing

Applied turmeric to body

A dream about someone in a scotchcart

A dream about dead person he want to married me

After a mass some one gave me a candle and flowers

Animals walking in your house

A pastor or prophet sprinkling water on you from behind while you were laying down on the floor

A man of gos s

A shadow with wings

Asking forgiveness to god

Aarthi putting off in dream

A married man licking vagina of strange girl in a dream

Arabian horse

Argument with a vegetable vendor

A person washing clean plates

Asking for my name

Accursed family

A trip to europe

Apple jucie

A pastor teaching you

A guy paying my dowry

A women with blue face

A goat with wings

Applying oil on head to a dead person in dream

Armenian dream

A pirate ship sinking

About the real chief

A death person want someone shoe

A friendly gargoyle

A person turned into a gargoyle

A gargoyle holding a baby


A related only see from behind and runs away

After wedding forget to return the highed dress to the owner means what in a dream

A lot of jackfruits in my tree after many years

A pregnant woman dreams of finding huge dollar notes and goes to the bank to change some

Anabelle doll in house


Angels defeated anabelle in house

Angels defeated anabelle

American cheese

A sick lady taken in the upper room

A voice commanding a sick lady dressed in white to be taken in the upper room

About to cross a river but then see a crocodile

A lion licking your face

Ayyappan in dream

Ananya singh

A died man celebrating his birthday

A lot a ballpen

A wide passage

A double winged leopard waliking

A dead father arranges a marriage of his dau

A stove burning and wont be out

Angry at partner



A dead person asked me for a torch

A dead person with out wearing clothes came in the dream

A hole in uterus

Aving hole in the womb


A broken door

Attack by ghost

And airplane througing money on the ground

And airplane througing money

Alot of strawberries

Arti in dream

A train with dead people

Accepting water from the dead


Ants on my panties


Attending a party of the deceased

Applying oil in hair

A bed mattress soak with water

Ash mixed in kettle water

About eating lunch

A cat lacking my virgina

A friend remove my hair bonnet

A dead person giving me candles

Artificial red scented flower and a scent bottle

Artificial red scented flower with a scent bottle

Atm card in the dream

Airway map

Artificial red scented flower

Anal dream

An old alligator

A lady you proposed to nakedness



Aghori baba kidnap

After swiming in the rain water the sun rises

A woman with machete starring me



Attacked by ghost

A woman sucking my dick in dream

A woman suck my dick as a man

Anointing oil pour in ur hands

A close one getting betrayed

Attacking by carabao

Animal turn into human

Attending ministers meeting in church with ordinary wrapper

Almost fall off the cliff

Applying hair cream in a dream

African polony in a dream

Applying coconut oil on my feet in dream means

A dream about weeding millet with freinds

A dead person gives you a silver earing means what

A dead person gives you a silver eating in the dream means what

A rich man dashing you his clothes

A dead person gave me a broken key

Armageddon three times


Argument on purchasing jageery

Asking for open door

All of my water turning into blood while i was laughing buffing

A little girl picks ants from my buttocks

A little black snake on my right hand looking at me

A dead aunty gave me palm kernel seed

Ackee cooking dream

A man giving a lady sugarcane in a dream signify

Aquamarine long skirt

A man fucking a cat

A kraal of cattle


Armor rock

Andrew holdness


Attacking by carabao dream meaning

Alter candle painting

A white lay being pushed in a wheelchair

Apples with orange

Airplane explosion

Ants eating jaggery in dream


Air force in my hand

A dirty ring covered in soil

Alligator chasing

A troop of soldiers in a small boat at calm sea


A mad woman touch my ass

A mad woman hit my bumbum

Abandoning an old car

Admire your teeth in your had with colorful design

A stoned but new tractor

A shiny white old woman

An old white woman that is flying



A single white cloud raining gentle snow

A man bite by a cat

Asking teachers about maths questions

Attacked by a swordfish

A dream of seeing a pot of gold in a casket with a dead body

A dead person eating

A mad woman standing in front of my house

Arabic letters on door

A man dreaming of touching a woman bottom

Attaked person testicle

A little girl i do not know was said to be my child

Army in a dream

An old woman prayed for me in the dream

A male having sex with a female goust

A man chasing my brother in a dream

Alata poster see in dream

Angel candle holder dream

Angel candle holder dream angel candle holder dr

Angel candle holder dream angel candle holder dre

Accepting a machine hub cover from deseased

Accepting hub cover for bike



A dead grandma

A dead grandma knitting

A dead grandma knitting a grey cardifan for wife

Applying vermilion in a hindu marriage

Another man applying yellow vermilion on my forehead

Another man is putting yellow sindoor on my forehead meaning

Applying butter on hair

A big snake entering in to a hole

About 7 nutmeg in hand

Angel statue breaking

A spirit pushes a office chair

A deceased bite you in a dream

A dry dead relative

Acceleration cable dream meaning

A man asking a woman for a baby

Artificial grass

African pepper fruit

Applying kerosene on your body?

A man with braided hair

Adult brother suckling from sisters breast

An unknown man

Azan funeral


Angry kali

An animal digging a hole in my yard

An animal digging a jole

A drum of clean water

Arka plant

Arguing with dead relative

A lady wearing a white top with black polka spots


Artificial insemination

Abaya and hijab

A friend offered me samosa and ated alon others refused

A dead king asking for help

Alcohol drink made up of honey

A girl tould me that she love me in dreem

A dead person laughing and pulling in the dream

A smiley baby in sky blue dress

A healthy baby wearing sky blue dress

A white paddle steam boat

A naked man giving me chocolates

Albino teen girl

Albino girl teen

Asking money

A best friend gifting you saari and your are rejecting it

Angry relatives

Abby sex

A school chair i carry back to the school

A bag drown in water