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Dreams starting with the letter A

Alcohol smell

An ox chasing me


A huge growth on my leg slowly opening

Applying chemical in a hair

Aunt holding baby

Apple syrup

Arthi covered in black

After head bath i apply oil in my dreams

A female dreaming of a jin falling in love with her

A weeing willow tree was growing out of my scalp

A tree was growing out of my head

A tree growing out of my head

A glass house that is under the sea



Aladin lamp behind smokescreen


A white handkerchief fallen into the latrine

A dead friend kisses your forehead

A woman carrying drum stick with her

Amniotic pool

Animal lioness lion and tiger running around

A snake was wrapped around my waist but it didn’t hurt even though i was scared and uncomfortable


A cooking stick in dreams meaning

Attending marriage

A man named leesten killing people but he can see their visions

Accidentally showed my armpit

Are dream dictionaries accurate

About to get by a landslide


Attack by animal

A tap on the head

A dream about an impostor daughter biting me

A baby with no nose

Area being filled

A relative who is already dead caught into an accident in my dream


A married lady that i know trying to giving her nipples to suck her milk

Apartment new

Asking bananas

Airplane black box


A cat transforming into eagle

Animals and insects

Animal turn into a person

Ancestors asking for whiskey

Aloe vera with worms

Amnio fluid

A woman giving a man lift in her car

Animal in side of the road


A child popping in water what does it mean

A person wearing a rope gold necklace

Arm getting black

A dog was licking my urine on the floor

A pond and a tree

A person sucking out the devil out of a relative

Am flying

April 9

Aloe vera

A mad boy

Asking god forgiveness

A chicken eating poop in the toilet

A large sum of money

A snake walking alongside ones right handside in a dream ree

A dusty house with cobwebs

A mad man was in love with me

Ashes dream meaning



About eating grapes

Aeroplane ✈

Archangel was talking to me in my garden and gave something like cigarel and a cloth that i use it then showed me the late peopleeg bishop cyprian angel tald me their is a mistake of arranging the i saw afriend of mine called fr kibika

Acting like a dog


A dead person being a ghost

An apostle gave me a gift which is deodorant

An apostle gave me a gift which is a roll on

A person wearing a cloth

A friend from abroad gave me food flask as gift in my dream

Atomic bomb threat

Another man touch my wife

Another man touching my wife

Attacked by knives

A watch going anticlickwise

A made bed

A christian girl wearing burqa and hijab

Aiden fruit

A dream of rushing a sick baby to the hospital

Another of scorpions in the grass area

A harp and a trumpet

A woman urinating in your mouth in a dream means what

Abaya buying in a dream



Applyng saniterzor in a dream

Active drealing

Applyng a lotion in a dream


Airplane fire crash teer dream nmbr

Attacked in a dream

A male have vagin


Arbi dreaming means

A sick demanding boyfriend at my back to hospital

Ala eyele

A cooking pot

Apartment house

A person who has died waving goodbye

Auto felatio

Auto gelatin

Amafruit means

A woman suckling a man

A fountain shape as a turtle

A scary nurse giving me a shot

Animal growl

Admiring a nice hair

Animals dying around you

Amacimbi aphilayo emaningi

Anthro wolf

A teddy want to kill me

A stranger died and came back to life after i prayed and call on god


Arm cut off

Arranging dead suster laws wedding

A flood of bugs

Attacked by police dream meaning

Abscess on right leg

Animal head

Angel queeny mother naija


A girl sitting on a plastic stool and smiling

Attack by soldiers ants in a dream

A dream of opening a casket of a dead person and ask for donation

A boy learner running after me for help

A boy in torned school uniform following me dream meaning


An old car from my husbdands dad



A person commuting suicide by jumping

A flier


Ants coming from your vagina

Anointing oil is pour dry tree


Accident minor injury

Animals comming out from veginal in dream whats indicate

A woman a the market giving me a white onion that floats

A woman giving me a peal white onion that floats




Auto repair

Air mouth



Arguing with fake friend

A priest kissing a nun

A guy friend hugging you

A sheep with two heads

Airport flooding

Airport flossing

Abig python swallowing anilal

Ab8g python swallowing anilal


Aso odi ni oju ala

African people

Attend the exam without studying a thing

Are deja vu dreams that come true

A face and head covered in black

Ask tree

A man spitting heavy in my mouth

A meaning of a dream seeing someone wearing umakoti clothes

Avoiding police on a bike

A workmate being bitten by a police

All countries

Asked money from my ex boyfriend

A plantain tree in dream


A natural disaster along with change in people behavior and the internet physical structure

A brown dog with crown on head in dream means


Assorted clothes

A pregnant family member crying in dream

About flyers in my dream


A gong in dream being at the end

Asking to change curtain fro deammm


A muslim man in a long white dress kneel down doing prayer

A lady well dressed walking ìn a street without talking to someone

A lady well dress working ìn a street without talking to someone

A breast feeding baby

A friend stealing pumpkin

A dream where jesus hand appears in the cloud

Amniotic sac

A mad man throwing stones on you


A dream about spending the night with my lover at my parents house

A list of names in red

Amaphupho ngengane

Applying pomade on someone else

A baby teething

A pair of orange socks

A priest wearing clothes that are torn in most visible parts

A priest wearing torn clothes

A t m dream meanings

A t m misin

A girl name imelda in my dream


Ante christ


A girl smokes a cigarette

Academic gown


Aghori baba in dreams

Animal running circles on a grave


An empty gray backyard

A guy calling me a princess

A girl wearing praying clothes

A girl wearing prayer clothes

A bag of salt that breaks

A broken bag that contains salt

A bag of slat that beaks

Attack of snakes


A dream about monkey with roses in their bums

A girl sucks another girl beast in a dream

Allah face in stars

African nightshade in dream

Asking deceased husband what to do


A deceased child hood friend warned me about someone putting roots on me

A deceased girlfriend warned me about someone putting roots on me



Arwana red fish


A boy targetting a dart board

Another woman bleeding on your bed

Accidentally killed my dog

A friend giving a speech

A girl bit my pinky finger and her eyes glow

Apriminister talking about me by dream to some one in islam

Ant biting my wife according to islamic interpreting is

Animal print material

A burnt birth certificate


A woman asking me for water


Appaloosa horse

Angry driver

Amazing grace song


Alarm clock dropping off bedside table

About chinese writing

A married woman given birth in dream mean what


A man asking you out on a date

A dead sweing a burgundy dress for you

A lost my slipper

Applying haldi and kumkum for mangalsutra in dream in front of lord shiva

Anima brother sister

A senior pastor calling my name whats the meaning


Alots of dry chilli

A house on an ocean with tornados around

An half whir samurai mask with blood dripping from it in dark rainforest

A white upside down half samurai mask with blood dripping from it in a dark rainforest

Aware you’re dreaming

Anointing which makes people to cry

Ancestor spitting

A teacher writing your name with n red pen

A hole under bed

A dog trying to get in my car

A woman to see all her hair removed

Aiden fruit dream

Abandoned twin boys

A dream of running i a person house in fear

A dream of being in the interior seeing a furry dog running playing and trucks moving

A tree with jeweled branches

A dream of ex boyfriend giving me a hug

A dream of me running into an old boyfriend in trouble

A pastor giving me a bible in my dream as a gift

Ants invading a toilet

A deceased husband of my aunt was offering me a ride

A flower pot

A pastor praying and you fall under anointing in a dream

Are snakes a symbol of power

A child biting my left hand means what

A small snake with light brown and white stripes

A thousand crosses


Agricultural chemical

A dream of deep cut no blood

A girl resting her head on my laps

A dream about a beige sweater

A dead person i meet on the stairs

Animals with six eyes

A tree full of mopane worms and i was catching them

Addressing a big crowd

A water goddess in a still lake

Angry dream meaning

A snake telling me the future

A dream in a dream


Accident killing

Ants in the toilet




Angel lead

A man disvirgin a girl in dream means what

About standing in lake michigan

As a celebrity

A lion attacking an eagle

A betal biting me

Ate cook cassava in dream

All cloth be socked in water in barth room

A prangant qoment giving me money

Arms dealer

A cow eating your inner wear

Autonomous car


Answering the last question on my exam sheet

Anubis temple

Animal with human face

Animal with a face

A married woman dream of committing adultery with her ex boyfriend

Applying vaseline on your hand


Applying hair cream in the dream

Arrested by police for murder

Adream chasing away baboons

Akara and pap

A blind man trying to kill me with some sharp objects

A gift of fishes in a bottle

A dream about receiving handbills

Almost caught by your lover wife

Almost caught

A deer kissing a baby


Ate a wrist watch

Answering front door naked

Alien takeover

A woman watching my husband hair

A dream of faded wedding ring


A money fell in the river but found

A famous man told me to wake up now

Another man’s wife

Arm hurt

A dream about like charging the phone power bank

Applying relaxer on head meaning

About a stolen spare tyre

A dream seeing chicken tied on their legs and left inside a room

A friend gave me weavon dream meaning

A friend gave me weavon

A deseased is sweating in dream

Alta in feet


A man pouring gasoline to tank

A girl wearing a blue shirt ocean kitsune mask while playing tennis and she had a feeling of sad after loosing

A pastor ignores you in a dream

Alligators running

A drop of blood


African american woman


Alone on the ocean and i can see something in the water approaching me but it is a dolphin

A dream a sargent at my lobby door

A naked girl

An specific person becoming my future life partner


A pet dog with horns

A dream about a white snake and a white lamb both trying to swallow each other

A dream about a white snake and a white lamb

A man and a woman entering uninvited wearing black suits


Annona fruit

A deceased person giving you a phone

A person

Annoting oil on the floor

A pastor leaving his duties

Attacked by rocking chair

Ask me my ex boyfriend water from my bottle

Allah name see at sky in dream

A friend pregnant

A friend is pregnant

Angry durga maa

A man with children in a bed

Assembling jet engine

Angel playing my instruments in a dream

An ex naked in a dream

A woman up on the wall of a room

A man cornrow my hair i paid him

Army boots

A man dreams making love to a pregnant woman

An eagle picking a dove

Asking for help


About someone else child dress on the floor

A man pick me up in a dream

Ankara and clothes in the laundry

Arrested by soldier in the dream

Anointing yourself in a dream

A dream about my co wife

At road junction with both sides wide roads

Arapaima fish




Attacked by ground hogs


A colt licking my face

Am wearing jeans and it tore badly and someone mended it

Agreen fabric



About ex asking money in the dream

Apollo and the number 8


Airgun pellet out of ear



Aunt naked

Attachment to a friend

A woman rubbed me palm oil on my forehead in the dream

A woman rubbed me lace palm oil on my forehead

Aunt demon

Aunt devil

Asian woman

A horse with blinder going one more lap

A guy my mother in water and accident

Atm card


A boy hug me

A frog behind a spider webs biblical

A frog behind a spider webs


A rat

Almost swallowed a razor blade but regarded it out

Asking shoes


Angel giving gold in dreams

A foreign man

Angels singing

Angel choire old slavic

Adopting a palomino horse in dream

A lamb licking your face

Africa cherry

Assembling car in a dream


A boy baby wearing red

A dream that a persons dad died

A ghost running

Attack by gini

Advancement to female

Azure color

Azure colorado and white

Accepting a rotten flower from the priest

African american

A knights sword

At the back of the bakkie


About to die

A black and white cat sucking my breast

A cat sucking a human beings breast spiritual meaning


Assurance place



A dead person asking me to choose my flight schedule meaning


A blue slug

A white rabbit looking like a mouse

Air being sucked out of body

Ask the peacemaker

A pregnant woman carrying heavy ripe palm nut in the dream

A garage filled with items

Across the road

A dead deer in your driveway and a broken garage door

A dream about wearing smock means what

Alligator earing cat

A woman having a tongue of a snake


Army shooting in the dream what is the meaning



Another persons guilt

A woman show her breast to my father secretly

A married woman having suitors in the dream

A pastor giving you white clothe in the dream what does it mean


A friend holding a plant

A new born baby stolen and killed in a dream


Al ahly

Attended a meeting asked to pray

Attending a meeting for resolution between you and another

A dream when property is stolen but then you recover some of them

A guy who wanted to marry me tells my dad about my current relationship

A dream of my brother in law beating his wife meaning

A man i know fondling my breast and telling him no

Alligator gar

Abusive mother

Angel armies: releasing the warriors of heaven

A snake in one hand and a child in the other


Applying thick kajal in dream



Asking for money


A madman is toasting a woman like an infant

African black nighhade dream


A smoke coming out of a woman

Angry kinnar and they are following you

African plum


Attending uncles marriage

A parson died in a beach near a mangrove after that i see rotten ret and flame

A parson drouned mangrove rotten ret and flam

A parson drowned and died and sow a rotten ret

Acorn tree

Animal with wings

A baby with head legs and arms only

Applying hair relaxer on hair



Angel blow trumpet

Aztec pyramid

A sick person walking in a dream

Atis in dreams

Amputated hands and feet

Amber heart


Allergic to essential oil


Alone home

Animal part



A man in chains

A relative doing prostitute


A friend head gier fall down from her head in my dream meaning


A friend head gier fall down from her head in my fream

A commanding voice telling me to go and find my passport

A woman trying to steal my calling card dream meaning

A karen chasing me in the middle of the night

Alta dream

About egg


Am fighting for a egg


A love relationship takes on an added dimension

A big tree with many branch

Ash wednesday cross on my forehead

Aeroplane swimming

A man of god giving me clothes for my children



A pastor giving you a book

Antique brown automobile


Addiction to eating potpourri

Angel black wings pointing at people and they disappear


A nun trying to kill you



A horse

Angels taking souls

A grey pillow filled with water dream meaning

A had a dream where i was walking in once a nice place but has turned into a bush with buildings still there

Animal eating on flesh

A friend give me beads and wrapper in the dream and was stolen by her mother law

Abounded house

A face wounded friend

A friend wearing garland and visiting temple

A bare garden

A dead man in an attic

Aak flowers

Ask flowers

Apply vibhudhi on fore head

Airport dream meaning

Accidentally killed goldfish


Am pregnant and i dreamt of snake sucking my blood


A cry for love song

About to fall from my house terrace

About to fall from building

A demon kissed me



A man rejected me



Asking money in dream


A lion climbing a tree and me

A lake

A snail is flying

A snail flying

All the birthstones in a silver ring

African cherry

Agbalumo in the dream

Autistic child

Apple becomes phone

Alligator under the bed

A platter of meat


A cow eating my clothes on a cloth line

A younger version of someone

Almost fell into a deep hole but evade it

Airplane and airport return

A garden full of cabbages

Aunt smearing her poop on walls

Aunt smearing poop on walls


Airborne car

A young teenager girl kissing you



Affair with your uncle

Avocado tree growing with avocados and lemons


A disabled stranger attacking me

Asking a nurse question in the hospital

Ackee salt fish and rice seen in a dream

Ackee salt fish and rice seen in a dream

Ackee and salt fish and rice

A dream about gratitude

A big house built on water

A person snatching my money in dream

Allah name appear in dream

A president called you on a phone call

A little girl ghost and a woman

Allegations and crying


Airplane tyres

Armless women

Angry person in a dream

Abandoned car

Aman dreams of his passed away mother eating mangoes

Accepting shoes from the dead


Aircraft tyres falling off

Anionting your legs

A woman possessing a male organ

A gift of fanta in a dream

Ants eating dead kitten

Aerial surveillance

A picture of jesus christ bleeding only by his chest

Attempt to masterbate

Angel walking a chariot with you

Angel walking with carrying baby in the sky

Angel walking with carry baby in the sky

A fetish priest running after me meaning

A baby scratched me

Angel appear at foot of my bed

Ants in eyes

A woman and daughter stealing my perfume

A moving hous filled with people

Adversary naked

Aytul kursi and white lion

A doll with ashes

Ashes of a dead person

A missionary helping me in dream

A female priest wearing pink in a dream

About bed and clothes on top

Applying lotion confidently

A venemous snake in a container

A big tree with green leaves but on the sky

A woman with glowing face

Apply chemical in my hair in dream

An enemy poured dirty water on my washed blanket in d dream

A little girl almost being hit by a bus and you trying to save her

Army in plane

Amaphuphonngezinkomo ezimnyama

Angry and shouting at my neighbor in a dream

A women gives me a sugarcane which i eat and gives little to my daughter

Angry animals

A fruit plant fall

A fruit plant falling

Anatomical location

A big group of men clearing the hill

A floor in my house covered in centipedes

Avocado shake

A king choose a woman as we his right hand

Angel foot

Ate meat and spit red blood out

A container with dirt

Aeroplane downward spiral

Animals tearing flesh

A dream eating yummy mandazi

A dead classmate said i was cute and touched my face



An ancient code

Asking for more food without finishing the one in it

A friend engaging someone in a dream

A woman was pouring water on my face and smiling in my dream

Attacked by a peewee bird

Astaqfar in the dream

Applying face and hands lotion

Applying bhaskar in dreams

A frind gives you gum

A friend giving chweing gum

A dream having a lot of raw cake

A lot of coin money

Allah occupying your bed

Accidentally killing ducklings in a dream

Ass getting kicked

Angels statue

A girl in a white dress and black medium hair

A stranger giving me sanitary towels

A girl vagina bleeding

Animal seal frozen severed tongue

Animal seal severed tongue

A broken circle of people

Asking money to a sister


Autopsy on a pig

A dead person looking disheveled

A curved path or road

Angry with my deceased mother

Alarm ringing

Argument between me and my dead daughter


Aztec statues

A white bowl full of green light

A dream of small coffin near your house

A basket full tomatoes

A name sapphire and controlling water

Angry pregnant woman

A friend was holding maize

Alter cloth

Animal yelling in dream

A woman dreaming about a wicked looking penis

A dream of winning a shopping voucher

A dog head chopped off

A bag of spiritual bones

Applying something on your abdomen area

A woman was holding a male penis in her hand

An ex boyfriend and over flowing bathtub

A person throwing snake in a dream islamic interpretation

Angel blowing

Army dog hurt

Attending a funeral in a church during a flood

A church in a flood

Aeroplane emergency landing

Areoplane emergency landing

Attempted rape and murder

A scolar

A thing an animal

Antique paintings

Antique art

Adopting an alpaca

A marry woman marry a dead man dream

A sister giving you her dress

An electric fan pulling my hair

Acquiring an pear or peach but not eating it

Acquiring an pear or peach

An old man bathing in public


A lot of black bird biting my finger

A friend putting muti in my lotion

Abandonded glass house

A child praying one in dream

Angry ex husband

Announcing me on radio i won money


A couple protecting an ostrich egg

A group of men lied to me and betrayed me

A rich woman borrow money from me

Animal milk on my face

Apartment leaning

Accidental death by chainsaw

Adult daughter raped and mom in court and hospital with rapist

Adult daughter taped and in court with rapist

Another girl has feelings for you

A man saying he wants your pussy

A fat pedophile

Accidentally killed a goldfish

Animals heart

Arguing at your wedding

Abdomen in tight spot in car

A crab coming from an oyster shell

A big snake was trying to bite me

Arreca nut


A snake licking my forehead

A happy calf with a just one horn and lying down with the kids

A train full of sand gold and receiving the gold

Amad man throwing stones on me

A dream of fetching water at a spring

Aeroplane tail on sky

Attending pooja function

About two men fitting for you

Amputated wrist

A lezird on the back my neck

Alphabet stamps shattered

Animal lice

A prophet sucking a girls chest

A pastor sucking your chest

A prophetess in real life smile at me

Adult son appeared a a baby

Almost being raped dreamed meaning

Alien technology

Another woman giving my husband a bath

Are we meant to be together

Angry ex lover

Alaskan cod fish

A pastor giving one of his shirt to church member

Amadman doing good art of drawing

A grave in a pool of blood


A person with six arms

A sgin be made i want to be there next to you

Anointing oil on the floor watching it

Ashsbi in dream meaning

A female child with hunchback means what


A priest annoiting the sick and breathes holy spirit in you

Annoiting of the sick

A pastor asking for what you would offer

A small beautiful city on a hill with one building destroyed due to insecurity

Angry animal

Awaken by speaking in tounges

A dream where i keep forgetting to clock in at my job

Attack by a wild

Attack by awild cat

A coworker going abroaf

Actress unexpectedly seen my penis in dream meaning

A boy with sores

A person taking your blankets

A black bird with a long break flying towards me

A love one swept away in flood in dream

Ansestor covering with drain wastage

Autumn leaves falling

Autumn leaves falling from sky

A male poop on bed in dream

Air smelling cow dung

A wedding cake my mom made fell forward got ruind

Antique drawer knob stolen by stranger

A law book

A man calling me to stay with him at the beach

A wife sees her husband broking an idol

A lion head on a stick

A tree full of fig

A man sent a green leaf to a woman in dream

A kinner giving handbag to me

Anointing oil dropping on ground

A muslim girl in a purple hijab

A baby wearing a bunny costume

Attending an assembly

Attached by ram


A coworker dream about you package your locker and quitting your job

A priest kissed my lips

Anight dancer running after me

Aqua wax

A dream where a mad woman give you a place to stay

A hole in fourth toe

Animal missing a jaw

Animal without a jaw

A woman expose her private parts

A dead person wearing indigo colour shirt

Asteroid falling from sky

Appointed in an office

Attacked by ufo

Attacked by aliens

Appoloosa on a flatbed truck


Amafutha okupheka echithekile


Advance technology

Armpit birthing egg and chicken

Attacked my indians

Amethyst in dream meainf

A dead friend dressed in black

A father gave his daughter airtime

A bruised right eye

Accident and two people injured

Afrodite dress

Ascending road

Archangel phanourios

A hill being to steep to climb

A dark church

Air cond

Accident with cutlegs

Angels forming a gloud

A girl hit bottle in my head

A man shaving a woman in a dream

Aman shaving a woman in a dream

A hand with an eyes

About deceased people doing happy things with them

A kacki shirt

Alot of shoes on top of the bed

Aligator gar

Approve like i dream my visa approve

Ababy dead in my hands

A dream of seen your partner across rail way

A dream of seen your boy friend around rail way

A human back holding boulder

Adams family

A dry cattle skin covered the hut

Almond fruit

Anthill growin

Anthill growing

Anthill growing in church

A dream of carrying as small baby but is sleeping

A passenger in a car near water

Avoid walking on sharp objects while barefoot

Accompanying a friend to market to buy clothes


A dream that i see my brother penis and poop in his bottle

Air pipe

Abandoned staircase

Archangel michael a beautiful angel riding a horse as if charging riding fast

Accounting figures

An ear stabbed with scissors

A black cat playing cards

Alive person as a ghost

A passenger boat docking

A friend giving me clothes

A faceless lady

A woman taking money from my husband pocket

A dead bride getting married in a coffin

Aquamarine background painting

Aguacado tree

Axe partner wearing torn clothes

Animal eyes staring at me

A lion trying to attack me and my boyfriend

A lion trying to get inside my house

Ameen in dream


A friend who has already died

A bull riding a horse

Army green blanket

A dead sharing a tomato

A man admired my eye lashes

Asking sugar

A name of a baby written as jacob

A baby falling from upstairs to down

Animal leg been cut

Adult child missing

A women give me sugarcane

A blue eye on clear blue cloud

A fiery headed lion


Ancient building falling

Accidentally killing your dad

Ametist melting ring

A little girl swept away by a flowing river

A small goat fell down from height

Alovera plant

Am a girl i dream of sucking a guy penis

A group of ladies rapeding your kids in a dream mean what

A woman stung by a a dream

Angel numbers

Arugment with family

A mad woman trying to play with me

Applying turmeric on my face by one boy

A girl undressing herself in my presence

A decayed walnut tree fallen down

Adam driver

Animal sound

A love relationship takes on and added dimensions



Alive goat buried in a cemetery

A snake trying to spit on me

Asian police

Asian cop

A little girl play with her

Accepting food

Apostle touching my stomach

Any keep ezra open tired

Affair husband leaves wife for me

A dream of young woman showing her private parts

Aunt spit on the floor

A woman drawing on my arm

A huge worm coming out of penis

A house without steps

A woman give me baby girl cloth

A woman give my baby girl cloth second hand

Aunt being pregnant

Apples in the toilet

A woman dreaming of a woman judge

Accepting flowers from the deceased