Arabic teacher in dream

A widow putting redbindi

Applying cream on hands

A body with cut separated neck

Accidental enterin ganothers home

A dead young brother and a baby

Amman idol caught by yu

Archbishop word

A dream while a wife was falling in running water

A dead priest

A blank certificate


Airtime dream

A married woman having sex with another man

Applying chemical on grasses in my compound

A dead person is cleaning house what does it mean

A dreamt many people going to different churches dressed in white and black

Appearing different from a crowd

A bagofwater

Atis dream meaning

Apple saus

Adding some one cooked posh


A young man with a white moustache

Animals grazing

Aboy suckiling my bteasts

A dining table breaking while sitting on it

A mountain with beautiful flowers planted, i saw i and was admiring it

Asking for milk in d dream means


Asking dead mom how is she

As passenger on my brothers bicycle

A baby rubbing my tommy in dream

A man refusing to have sex with female lover in a dream

Aesthetic house

A drunken friend

Anointed feet

A shirt floating in the sea at night

Asking something from dead people

A dream where two men are putting on the same clothes and spying on you

An ex texted me

Aghori baba died

Attempted theft dream

A male having female organ

Angry old chinese woman shouting

Akhand path bhog in dream means

Angels trumphit flower what does it means to a dream

Angel trumphit flower means if someone is dream

A man writing the life saver in dreams

An old boyfriend who i just came in contact with again kissed my shoulder

A baby falling

A dead person saying she is hungry

Asking for footwear

Applying red soil on walls

Acting coach

Arowana jump out of the aquarium

Almost die by demon

Almost die by a curse

An old unknown woman chase you in dream



Aghoori dream

A dead women give silver ring in dream

An old woman touching my stomach in the dream

A baby disappearing from a bus in my dream

A dead person gifting me shoes and clothes

A dog comes in our dream amd snatch my clothes

A deceased father singing in black tuxedo

A deceased father singing in tuxedo

A swine of pigs under water with some drowning

Allah hu akbar in dreams

A pregnant porcupine


A celebrity gave me an ear peiricing

Applied turmeric paste to mom in dream


A dragon and moon at the same time in dream

Am a lady and i see a particular male pastor in my dreams daily

Angry pastor returning my money

Angel 88


About my boyfriend sister

A vase with black water and hands in them

Aqueen hand with out her body

A gift of freid groundnut

Activities in the forest strange chasing in the forest

A relative producing blood sperm

A black giant man spilling muti on me

Attacking baboon

Accepting clothes from dead person

Anointing foam in curly hairs

A snake open mouth

A deceased person handcuffed in a dream

A baby genitals

Ants on almonds

A brahmin guy appear in my dream


Agori giving yellow flowers

A dream about my son measuring his height on me?

A child walking away in dream

Ask to buy meat

Applying brown powder in dream

A girl gives you sunglasses in dream?

A friend giving me plastic flowers

A friend head cut off

A boy telling to donate some clothes in dream

A boy telling to donate some clothes

A man is cutting a rat up into pieces with blood everywhere

A rat that’s cut up in pieces

A cut up rat

A deceased family give me and my son food to eat

A worm biting your finger in your dreams

Arranging clothes in a bag

A boy insist his fingers in my anus and scratching it

An old mud houses collapsed by flood

Attending a friend’s wedding

A dream of someone defecating on my plate

All animals dear, hypo , elephant tiger drinking water and playing in water

A flood with babies


A dream about seeing my unconscious husband because of accident

A woman sucking another womans breast in dream

A dream about my father who has past away,who said the is a gift from heaven which i have caused,which is demonic upon me

A man dream of seeing breast milk coming from his deceased mother

Angle in the clouds

As prophet


A burning phoenix


A dead says i will buy u clothes

A hen laying eggs

A muslim friend in dream

A bag if already used shoe

Ants on plants

Asking the price


A stranger noding at you

A man touching my boobs

A man pressin my boobs with his elbow

A man pressin my boons with his elbow

About something snatching mangalsutra

A reocurring dream about a round house with very narrow hallways around the perimiter?

A dream that someone comes back

A girl eating me out

Atm dispensing money

A pastor pouring oil on my head

A pastor beating my face with a stick

Amla in the dream

A baby bleading in the mouth

A woman falling on babies in dream means

A father having sex with his daughter

About to drink cassava flakes

Attempting to breastfeed ba baby

A baby girl in dream

A man styling a woman hair

A man plaiting a woman hair

Annubis dream

Accepting a growing plant from a deceaced

Am disvirgin by my guy in a dream

Am dis virgin by my guy in a dream

Arding pass

Asking ex to have sex


A a man sexing another man in his anus in a dream and the man woke up and feel pain

Aztec sun


A tab phone

A gifted gold wristwatch

A dream of moi-moi

Apostle johnson selman



A woman prophesying to me

A guitar as gift

A 20 years daughter we were batting together naked

A dead bird coming alive and flying

A written statement in a dream what does it mean

Afraid of jumping down from high place

A person gives black thread needle

Afraid of crossing river in a dream

Applying bindi in dream

Arum plant

A face of someone in love

A face i dont know

Abandon a car by the road thieves wanting to steal the car or its parts

Animal digging a hole

Al wadoodo

A king gave me a cheque and asked me to a write any amount i want meaning


A child spit on my finger tips in my dream

Acquiring a new cloth

Alert of millions received means

A dream buying green gram beans

Attacking snake


A lizard in a saucepan

Atis in dreams

A man eating his own sperm

Atis fruits meaning in dream

Atis fruits in dreams

A dog like animal pulling out my hair in a dream

A big bowl of water

Applying turmeric powder to forehead


Abdullah on a building

Admire hands

A person feeding food to me

A brownish flowing river

Apple tree in the cemetery

A child fall down

A woman praying for me in my dream

A demonic entity calling ur name

A bale of dresses in a dream

A van


A hyena entered ny house and died

A dead dog by hitting a tricycle on road meaning in number symbols

A dead dog by hitting a tricycle on road

Attending holy mass meaning

Aak plant in dream

An old woman give you water to drink in the a dream mean what?

A girl killed a dog in front of me


Apples in a trandperant plastic yr boss taking one

Applying oil on your head in dream means

Applying iol in your hair in dream means

Ankh black bald man gold tooth

Animal die

A torn beads around waist

A dream about killing a co wife

Applying foundation in my dream

A sick person looking fat

A dream of a flower horn fish alive

Asking to get her belongings

A golden snake tied on someone leg

Arguing with a stranger

Arguing with the devil

A cricketer in dream

A duplicate cricketer in dream


Afraid to walk down steps

A man scaring me with chainsaw in dream

Ask for a coffee grand father

A child in leg braces

Arm detatch

Animal fats

Airplane withoutwings

Am kidnapped

A mad man want to rape me in my dreams

Asking someone to pray for me

Attending a crusade in the dreams

Attending a crusade in the dream

A king visited me an ate with me and escorted him without his gurds

A politician giving you money

A king visited me an ate with me and escorted him to go back without his gurds

Attending a big crusade in the dream

Aghories help me in dream

A woman praying for me in dream

Angry with family in church

A journey and bus accident

Ask for my name

A dream of a hyena being attack by a lion


A pastor pouring oil on your head in the dream means what.

Adoration my dream

A broken calabash


Adopting a mokey


Adopting someone

A bird snatching your meat

A child falling from the sky

Arrow approach you

A man wear pants backward in dream means

A 1month old baby wearing only sky blue t-shirt

An interpretation of a dream where someone pinches me until i bleed

According to hindu


A woman see her self like a man in dream

Alive father ploughing land n got lost inbtwn the bull

Angry carabaw to yoy


About puberty

Apartment search

Arch bishop calling me my by clan names

A dead person give a key

Army trucks passing dream meaning

A dead family member crossing with the person across a river

A snake ignore me in a dream

Asking for moi moi and rice

Alive fish outside water

Aroused by leaking milk from bare breast

A lady with four toes

A tree with green leaves in the sky

Artificial grass

Another person beheaded

A little boy pulling me down hallways of different colors

A dog sized cat - wearing a sweater vest and a bow tie

Am pregnant and am dreaming about long hair

A stranger guy making you smile

Applying lotion in palm dream meaning

A pastor wearing an army uniform in a dream

An unplanted field

Ant on the road in lines

Attending a wedding in dream

A fetish priest in a dream means what

Asking for a price in dream

Arranging banana leaf

A gift of red duppata by someone you like

A church leader slapping me inside church

Angel at edge of forest at night

A demr

A white nylon bag in ones hand in the dream, the meaning

And my admirer taking pictures of me

Admiring hair dream

Abandonment on a road



A snake turning into a fish

Applying white powder

A friend is selling pants

A taurus cattle is chasing and attacking me in my dream

Abounded supermarket

A sabertooth tiger ate my cat

A dead relative giving you a coin in the dream



Asb my anti about my sisters madness

A madwoman eating your food

Alter pulpit

A friend climbed the coconut tree

A dead father beating the son with a cutlass in a dream means what

An elder sister beating a mother then a junior bro collecting the cain to beat her sis

A man who is obsessed to you

A boyfriend choosing another girl.over me


Applying coconut oil on face

A person carrying mango

Attache case full of money

Astrology meaning wife flirting with my brother

An unknown person asking for my birth certificate

Ashes in the dream

Army frisking my bag

A friend stealing money from the dead

Angels numbers 636540

Angel no 636540

A dream spitting sisal thorns


Accepting your death in a dream

About truck high jacking a bowl of wet clothes

Amakaka akho

Always seeing a neighborhood community fighting me in mydream

A light coming out of your stomach

Attending crusade in a dream

Attacked by monkeys

Acne face

Accidentally ended up on plane

A woman’s distorted purple face with make-up

A guy disvirgin a girl in his dream

Aarti for dad

Animal like lizard entering your child

Animal entering your child

A white shape shifting owl

Asnake crawling in your legs

Angles flying in sky in dream

Attack carabao dream meaning


Ace of cups empty

Aceo cups emty

A guy giving his sweater

A wrestler giving you boot in dream


Adorning the hair

A famous pastor wanted to have a relaytionship with me and his wife found out and tying to kill me

A kiss on the forehead

A person sucks a goat

A pregnant virgin dream

Alien chant

A sucker of plantain

Angel blowing trumpet

Apple turn over

A truck of silver metal

A pator giving you his shirts

Anti corruption

Acrylic nails

Am playing ball with a football star and i score

Am playing ball and i scored

Astra dreams

A thief broke into your house

A boy giving me a grey shirt

A pregnant woman sees carry stem and cassava in dream it means.

A guy being shy

Angel told me am the chosen one

Ankara xdreammm

Ankara xdream

An upside down christmas tree


A pastor wearing pinky shoes

A child called me mommy

Accepting blank paper from dead father

A pool and a old wooden coffin the side

A tick inside your ear dream meaning

Ascending the sky

About moving furniture and bathing


Asteroids in sky

Airtime means in a dream?

A dead person gives a peaches

A man naked in font of sun light


Another person being bitten

Arrow made of star in sky


A boiling grave

Accepting yam from the dead person

A man telling you to become a nurse

A person who is dead wants to switch shoes with you in a dream

A lighting eye

An old woman sent me food in my dream and i get it for her

About orange suit

A bird eating snail and mushroom

A dead person invite me to his home

A pregnant woman eating yam and oil in the dream

Arms melting

A pregnant woman saw herself carrying a bundle of firewood on her head

A bee stings a child

Asking for amatch box

A woman had a dream making love to another woman

Angle holding my hand

Airport ji


Accidentally broke porcelain

A girl was pulling my cheeks so hard that i was able to feel the pain

A dead mother giving to twins

Ayapaa devotees

A prophet was prophesying to me in my dream meaning

Adult daughter as child

A gold brain

Airplane and dream

Asking a photo

A dead follower of god in the bible giving the dreamer a blessing

Aayat e karima

A pregnant woman sitting on my lap

A man in military suit trying to comfort and help


A bright light

A dream of holding an earthware

American boy

Attacked by a gang of girls

All colour sarees

Applying eye drops in left eye

Applying eye drop in left red eye

A lots of black spider big

A dream of someone being in love with you so much

A woman bought a tuber of yam for me

A woman gift me a tuber of yam

Ash colour thread in dream


A penis of a man

Armwreastling lebron james

A large bulb in your stomach

A dead grandmother feeding

A friend manipulating your enemy

Aqua green

Army comannder visited home and give me goldcellphobe

A lady wearing orange sari

About dreams having affair of my husband and my elder sister

Animals mating



An old military friend gave me money as a past birthday gift in my dream


Adapter meaning in the dream

Alligator hunting

A poojari in tample in dream

Apply turmeric on hair

About a bees eating flesh but when they see you they were resting in your hair

About a bees rest in you hair

Animal giving birth to difference animal

Asked to cook in the dream


Angels of death

A woman sucking your penis

A man smoking

A deceased mother giving you money

Adultry with someone else

An uknown girl biting my neck and smiling at me

Asked for food

A black abd red colour snake together in a tub full of blood mixed with warer

A woman seeing another woman with male organ

Apple custard

A lion eye

A woman vomitting

Am fixing myself hair on d dream

Airplane stunt

Ants on underwear

Allowing cheating in examination

Apostle giving me a white hand towel

A man pulled me up from the water

A man urinating in side my mouth