Fighting with me

Fighting with you


Flogging me in dream by my husband

Following a woman

Fire mean argument

Fire means arguments

Fear of singing on stage

Flying on the back

Fresh palm oil

Fat man

Flowers growing on groin

Folding black pants

Finding lost nail cutter

Fighting with a ghost

Food counter

Freemason ring in my dream

Finger up my anus

Four large hands

Feeding curd rice to some one in dream

Frying pan with cooked fish

Flood at workplace dream

Finding little bugs in my eyebrows

Fighting nicked with stranger(a girl)

Fell down from bike

Forgeting wearing a shirt

Ferris wheel collapse and people die

Flying ants in a dream means what

Father hacked his son

Finding a lost earring in the dream spiritual meaning

Fighting with cat

Friend frozen

Floor giving way

Falling through a weakened floor

Feng shia i


Fallen in muddy water basin

Fallen in a muddy water

Fallen in a muddy water tank up to the neck

Fighting with my co wife

Four sons

Face of the horse cut in dream

Female human with dog head

Fingure writing in the sky

Fungus in dreams mean

Freefalling in light tunnel

Friendly crocodiles

Face vitiligo

Forgot belt

Flying higher

Fire coming out from my mouth

Friend suicide

Fried tail of a fish


Foreteller in my dream

Fighting a carabao

Fish eat crab

Fuel gauge

Flood that carried someone

Fried patato

Forty-leg coming from my vagina

Floor with water hole

Father slapping in dream

Fighting with an old beautiful

Fresh young drumsticks

Father with 1blue and 1 green eye

Following someone in a dream



Four eyes dog

Flowing clothes on water meaning on dreams

Flesh of sea urchin in a glass placed in a refrigerator

Feeling real emotional pain in my dream

Father soul in dream

Father soul in daughters dream

Faed clothes meaning

Finishing school meaning

Falling down in a pipe

Fighting with exmotherinlaw

Fighting a tokoloshe


Fear of falling from a high place

Forgetting to put shoes on

Friends replacing

Fight with sister in law

Fight with sisterin law

Funeral parlor dream

Funeral parlor dew

Funeral parlorfdrea

Funeral parlorf



Finding my lost handicapped brother alone in a dark room

Flute playing by mistress

Fetching water using a pipe

Finger with hair splinter

Food flask in dream

Feet in lake water


Facial hair on a woman

Falling from a high place

Flirt someone with wife

Flower hand growing

Floating cloth in dreams

Fish with hair

Fish with haor

Falling from the thatch roof top

Fearful horse

Fish and snake attached

Finding coins in the graveyard

Fresh shallot

Fishing in dream

Fire refuse to catch fire

Floating mouse


Fake god



Flying kites saw an eagle


Flying a kite and saw a tiger and an eagle


Following a person into a open door shining with light

Fake plant

Fish dead broken

Fish bites my hand

Florida 1

Face washing

Falling teeth and sticth back again

Forgetting dance move

Fighting double headed white cow

Fighting with a double head white cow

Full of apples in plam tree and dead brother standing under

Forgetting to pick up your precious child from school in a dream

Full of apples in palm tree and brother standing under the tree

Fighting with a mad woman in

Falling inside erosion

Family graves

Fathima mary

Friend no legs

Flying dream in forest

Former prime minister giving me money

Failing a performance

Forehead with hole bleeding in the dream

Fetching water into a bucket

Fetching water into a blue bucket

Falling out with an ex wife

Fighting with red slippers

Friends remarriage

Freak out

Fathe in law crying

Face injury bleeding

Female ghost atacking

Fighting public naked

Falling inside gutter

Frog & snake attacking me

Foot bone

Father home

Falling my baby from hand in dres

Father is angry

Fetching water in the dream


Fiery mountain


Father is hanging

Father have sex with his daughter

Found and took citrine crystals

Found and picked citrine crystals from the ground


Finishing toothpaste

Fixing things

Fixing broken trophy

Friends doing a suicide pact

Flower penis

Fried green chilli

Flowers in dreams

Food,seafood,dirty watet

Falling neem tree in dream

Feeling aroused with the animal

Father said i will give money for you


Floating mice

Finding yourself in a big compound in a dream

Fighting mad girls

Flying on big bird

Fighting with a madwomen in the dream

Father walking with stick

Fall of teeths


Flowers in the mountain in frea

Flying creatures

Fishes in a pond

Fishesin a pond

Fake snaje

Fountain rock

Fear of an exam in my dream

Flying vertically

Foot ball goal

Flashing yellow lights

Finding quartz by the river in dream

Finding quartz by the river bank in dream

Face of a pastor


Flying on carpet

Falling into a pit full of faeces

Floral cloth

Flying fish in dream

Face burning

Found a lost simcard for my brother

Forgot make up

Fall in horse manure

Fighter plane shot me on the ground

Foundation repairer

Fingers bent backwards

Fighting my ex

Feching water from a tap

Fallow ground

Finding a full nest on ground

Father feeding son in food in dream

Finding a treasure and a sword

Fallen statue on road

Falling asleep at wk

Flat tyres on car

Falling tornails

Falling toenails off

Feet cracked

Falling roses in a dream

Fetish priestess

Father said he hate me

Fixing sandal

Free falling

Flying gondola

Finding a rock

Finding a black obsidian arrowhead


Feeling full but still eating

Former president scored a goal

Flushing water

Finding treasure under the ocean

Friendly black dog in dream

Friend sweaty

Find pencil in anus in dream

Futuristic airplanes

Futuristic jets

Fire in ice

Female sex

Feeding snake to emu

Fingering a virgin girl and am a girl

Freind is giving sweet to me..

Fear of height and under water

Friend video

Former classmates

Father wearing beautiful white shirt

Father wearing beautiful white shiry

Flattened rice

Friend gifted yelow and white duppatta

Frying vada

Falling from a tall building

Friend injured his finger

Friend injured hisfinger

Falling coconut tree on my gratma in cyclone

Funeral on water

Funeral in water

Falling off a bridge

Frog poop

Four suns

Flowers on a river

Friendly tigar

Friendly togar

Falling off back of train unharmed but all my belongings are on the train driving away

Five hundred

Fife hundred

Friend walk

Flying boulders

For my camponys

Friend fading away

Flying hair

Face melting

Friends hand amputated

Folded sweet paper


Family crying and praying

Flood carrying clothes in a dream

Feeding a dog then it comes to have sex with you

Friends dead mother


Forgetting to pick child up from school

Food coming out of your nose

Fifth floor

Fetching water into a drum

Feeding a deity

Finding the child ‘s clothes but not the child?

Find the child clothes but not the child?



Flying with a white feather

Frog on my leg

Filled lots of ragi bags in dream

Fresh leaf

Fighting co wife

Friendly crocodile

Forehead jewelry

Falling off a clift

Fingernails in hair

Fingernails out of hair

Fishing hook stuck in a tree

Fruit platter

Fighting ghost in a dream

Frying chinchin


Forgetting nephews somewhere

Forgetting my nephews sonewhere

Forgetting my nephews somewhere

Fire on my slipper in dream means

Fire on my slipper in draem means

Father celebrating birthday

Funeral pyres

Full name in cursive

Fetching water after walking down in a steep hill

Friends falling

Fake excuse

False excuse

Flock of birds



Face skin peeling and getting better

Feeding a pregnant mad women

Floral dress green and white

Face paralize



Falling in manhole

Fingernail bite

Fetching water in dream

Fish coming out my vagina

Faking illness


Finding condoms in my husband pocket

Family proud of your ennemy

Frog enter the vagina

Foot surgery


Foreign objects


Find lost wristwatch

Fish fallen

Fighting with sword

Ford ranger

Finger inside my navel

Fulfilling water from tap in dream and it overflow

Friend zoning

Fish coming out of my vigine

Five white horses poster

Fly in my dream while chasing me

Family estranged

Father wiping daughter in the dream

Following by 3 legged person

Falling in ocean

Failing to blow a shofar in a dream

Flying with pegasus

Fried momo

Finger toe puss

Finger nail puss

Found a stolen photograph

Fish in my cloth

Fold a paper into a box , a riddle was written in that box of paper , i was trying to solve it

Found a riddle written in a box , i was trying to solve it

Falling through an abyss and landing on a safety net

Falling from a height with my boyfriend and landing safely

Fruits mixed with seeing visitors when you are about to take your fruits to an elder to bless?

Fruits mixed with kola

Fire burning inside church

Flighing with friends


Friend ask food

Friend stole my date

Fluid from head


Food plate

Fetching water from clay pot into bucket

Falling objects from the sky meaning

Frightened owl

Flog in the dream by your mother inlaw meaning

Floating island in cloud

Fruits in tree

Finding a lost dream

Fuk luk sau

Father raped me

Falling guts

Forming triangle

Father touching my testicles in a dream

Fante kenkey in your dreams

Falling through basement door

Father marry

Floral dress

Flying during rain

Folding my bed

Forehead kiss by dead mother

Flamegrilled beef kidney eating


Faded dream

Father penis

Feet piercing in the dream

Fish scale growing on my hand

Fish scale growing on my hands

Falling stars as angels and coming to you


Falling ckothes


Fizzy drinks

Fufu meaning in a dream

Former friend in danger

Found hidden pills

Found pills

Foreign accent


Fallen christ

Footprints mud

Falling into mud

Fixing a door

Fixing door

Fresh oha leaves in the dream means

Fighting with kinner in dream

Fighting a mad man in the dream

Falling from bed in the dream is what

Falling from tain



Friend applying red bindi

Fear of orcas

Finding a locket

Finding a locket with granddaughter engraved in it

Filling up

Fold bed cloth

Falling from high tower

Finding 3 bundles of money under my pillow

Flat road


Falling off of a clock

Falling from a clock

Foster child

Fighting with a thief


Fungal infection

Fungal infectin

Family staff

Flogging in secondary school dreams means what

Flour and rain

Food cooler

Fighting with ghost

Fall out with family

Falling down bamboo tree

Fallen into a shit pit

Falling in a shit pit

Feet facing different sides

First one to get water from a new bolehole

Flies swept away

Fire falling

Fresh fish

Facebook hacked

Forgetting dreams

Face of an ex husband appeared while having sex with present husband

Face changed during sex in a dream

Fall fall in water

Female under wear bras

Fighting with relatives

Fucking my wife


Fold hair


Fighting carabao

Falling in love with an ememy

Fire cloth

Feces doorstep door


Fingering two unknown women

Falling in prayer

Fish coming out from nose

Flying lizard

Feeding madfish in water

Friends spray me money

Flying horse

Fried ground nuts and fried corn

Flowers on bed

First night bed

Film actor saw

Father married to another woman

Full soursop

Flying in the room

Falling quran

Fish swimming in aquarium

Finding a lost bag in dream with money inside

Fertile plants near water canal

Filling oil in the container

Fishing for sharks

Fly in virginal meaning

Feching water from the well

Fruit from a thorny tree