Flying with air planes

Flooded primary school

Faling in love with a madman

Father touching daughter feet in dream

Feeling responsible for a couple being overdressed

Flowering soft prickle tree over calm sea

Flashlight and pen

Finding things in the bush

Finding rusty tools in the bush

Finding bondles of money gold jewellery

Fetching fired wood with a neighbour in forest

Friends with boyfriends

Fire burning empty pots by a dead mother

Finger backward

Fingers backward

Friends crush liking me

Father sold her daughter for money

Frnds wearing saree

Friend had ceribalpalsy and could not speak

Flying and fight back

Femur bone

Fortune plants in dream meaning

Flies nipple

Fixing a torn book pages

Fixing a torn book pages from friend

Father raping daughter

Father having sex daughter

Father daughter incest

Fishing in boat

Father loosing his job

Fish in car

Fat tail dream

Flies on food

Fly on food

Face mirror monster

Friends trying to snash your boyfriend in dream

Friends try snatching boyfriend dream meaning

Food from mother

Food from mothe

Fruits growing up on the roof

Fat pastor

Fat pork

Falling through metal floor

Fatching water into a drum

Fire wreath

Forgot loves birthday

Frogs inside the body

Fire wood on head

Feed lion

Funeral at stormy sea

Flag with red star

Friend praying

Fighting with a white woman up the sky

Finding diamonds on ocean floor

Floating boots

Floating eye glasses

Fellow friend asking me to buy him wine

Frog coming out of my ear

Flesh coming from vagina

Foot rub

Fungus on coconut

Finding multiple phones in water

Finger penetrating vagina

Frowning means in dream


Face wash with aloevera

Face was with aloevera

Frown enemies face means in dream

Fruit scraps

Forgot to pickup child

Found penny under my mattress

Frying red palm oil dream meaning

Fast moving colourful swirls in the night sky

Father grave

Friend adopt baby

Friend breaking down a wall

Friend visits me in her dream

Friend visit

Fear of person

Fat brother

Fire bug infestation

Foot sole dream meaning

Flying around guarding the tree of life

Falling in clear blue water with my sister it was like she trip and pull me with her

Finding a mariamma temple

Flushing ants

Found a dirty suck

Fighting black can reacting ayatul kursi

Flying under power lines and bridges

Fighting a lion with a fish tail

Funeral shoes

Forest green cloak

Flying on feet

Fear of snake

Furniture sinking

Fetching water from a shallow well

Falling inside soakaway pit


Firing people

Food being cooked

Feeding someone with a needle

Feesing someone with a needle

Fishing on a road

Flock ofpigeons

Floating boot

Faeces from vagina

Flag blown with a wind

Fucking a cow

Friends father passed away

Flickering paper

Foot tangled in rope

Familiar man

Familiar guy

Forgetting to pick up children


Father selling home

Family are replaced by imposters

Falling in a car

Failing in a car

Fire vagina

Fingers in your ears

Father in dream as child

Falling in in the ground hole and the ground hole is covered with a red mat

Familer voice yell my name but not there

Foreigh money

First floor building

Forgetting a wedding ring on the wedding day



Fingure fucking someone strange

Fire scarf

Falling on a station

Flogging because of praying

Filling travel paperwork

Fat bird

Family memeber trying to kill me and my family

Fall from a door to the ground

Fighting with your twin in the dream

Flooting in a river with a grand son

Flooring in a river with a grand son

Food duck liver

Flour made cassava dream meaning

Friend remarriying the same girl

Floating clothes in a flood

Flexed muscle bent up

Forced to play game

Fakir in dream

Forcing maggots out of your hand

Former friends and family

Forest pool

Forgetting to punch timecard

Failing a class in high school

Fresh cassava

Flipped around

Framing of a mermaid

Finding and collecting conch shells on the beach

Fighting with a painter

Friend returning back to home from abroad

Fasting dream

Food seller refuses to sell food to me

Falling from head

Fry yam and coke

Friends casting out demons

Filling grave with sand

Floods with dead relatives

Fuchsia violet color

Fire hydrant l

Food and hoilday reviewer

Fon dream

Food over abundance

Full fridge

Falling blocks

Floating log ocean meaning

Food insufficient for the guests

Food insufficient for guest and ashamed

Fish in plastic bag

Floating white ball light orb dream meaning

Flames and hands on fire

Falling bookcase

Flying in the bush with no wings

Food katogo meaning

Falling down a landslide

Feeding bird

Fedding bird

Fetal footprints

Fetching water from the tap

Flaying in the rain

Faded skirt

Four moond

Father at the grave

Flating iron ring

Fuckin goat

Finding hidden rose quartz in my yard

Fire burn on your palm

Friend give bitter kola in the dream

Fingerfucking a girl


Falling plates

Finding a puppy in my basement

Flushing money into the toilet

Flat abs

Falling and being caught

Fear of singing

Fingers with more power

Flying ground hog

Flying hedge hog

Flying black square

Fresh baked cookies


Food to mad person

Feeding desert to my rabbit

Female friend with dick

Female thieves

Fake sun

Frances meaning

Fighting dream between a dead father and alive mum

Fish for cooking

Fabric in gold dream

Fighting giants

Floating flask in water

French kiss with sweet in mouth

Faceless child

Father and mother laundry clean water

Flying with a witch in broomstick

Family member acting like agrresive dog

Frosted glass of red wine in the right hand

Fatching water from well and the bucket fall inside

Friendly polii

Falling prasad

Footprints in snow

Falsely accused of rape

Fish eating chicken

Face full of acne

Flirting with the neighbor

Fighting duppy in dream

Flying down to a green light grass

Fighting frankenstein

Free bindi stickers in dream

Fighting with frankenstein

Fertile ancestral land

Fire starting under bed

Fighting food vendor

Finding diamonds in a river and collecting them

Finding diamonds in a river and collecting the


Fucking my wife in dream

Feeling a headband around your head

Food fall into a gutters

Fractura penis

Fallen tulsi katte

Famous comedian giving me money

Fighting with alligator trying to eat cat

Feeding mad person

Fork stabbing

Fucking my girlfriend in their house

Fish with pearls in its skin

Friends being mean to me

Fwb turning gay

Fall lashes

Fire in the center of stone

Foot stool

Finding my ex shoes

Fractured knee

Focus third eye

Father tied down guinea corn down for his son for next season planting

Family gathered for funeral

Fetching clear water with white gallon container

Feeding babies bottles

Fly in nose

Fighting someone with cutlass

Flying in an airplane with a friend

Five minutes

Fanf dream

Forced by your boss in a dream to have sex

Fear of walking plant

Finding a vaselin

Fighting with dead sister in dream

Female pregnant goat climb on human body dream meaning

Fixing frame

Food cooler sprtual meaning

Fully fruitful custard apple orchard

Female having sex with male pastor

Fighting elder sister dream meaning

Friend got rich

Family walking through shrubs night

Friend rich

Freind wife dead in dream

Fat man killing me

Fearful object

Fairy in belly button

Fucking a girl meaning in dreams

Flower and money receiving dream interpretation

Finding a lost book dream

Father become blind because of me

Father goes blind because of me

Forgot to pick my child from school

Feeding the cat

Frying of ripe plantain in a small frying pan

Face rashes in dream

Fether pen

Feathered pen

Finding back shoes

Fox and dogs

Falling out of the back of a truck while going down a flight of stairs chasing another car

Father see me naked

Fire car accident death

Feeding squirrels

Fingers taped together

Flood taking my clothes away

Finding treasure in ocean

Father asking to get nose piercing

Fighting man woman in my dream

Fetching water well huge fish bucket


Food container dream meaning

Flashing hexagons in the sky

Flowing river carries my clothes in a dream

Fixing tools

Fine grain failing all over me

Feet off ground

Friend with luggage

Friend in hospital

Fish eat my child

Flying up and down

Folding cotton scarf with the help of a man

Four headed dog in clouds

Four headed dog in dream

Front silver metal tooth falling out

Flashing pad in dream through toilet

Fighting and killing a police men meaning

Father falling unconcerned

Flowers in sand


Flowers by your deceased husband

Fetching dead love ones in dream

Facetiming therapist

Faceless nun dream meanings

Friend hugging from back

Flame seed

Flu shot appointment at lachine hospital

Fruit tree no leaves

Friend writing on me to be back

Floating quarter

Four tish

Father wearing white

Flasks dream meaning

Father in law alive again

Friend steals wife

Fishing and catch a baseball glove

Future husband name written on sky in dreams

Flying goldfish

Floating in front the stairs


Flow chart

Fish percy

Fixing a dead persons hair

Finding a pill on the floor

Folding paper

Face filter

Friend got crazy in dream

Funding a pregnant woman in dream

Fallen flag

Fighting with ur mother and sister in your dream what is the meaning

Family introduction

Fall down a well

Father being beaten by my uncle

Forgetting binder

Fish hooks in arms

Friends without penis

Fathers side cousins family

Four bald tires

Falling pawpaw tree with fruits

Fasting and praying

Fat dinosaur eating ice cream

Flag of hazrat abbas and sea

First edition of the bible

Forced to do something dangerous

Face covered by hair

Fighting a fat girl

Flowers in mouth

Friend has lost item

Fake gemstones

Fear when at the top of uncompleted building

Fear of falling when at the top of uncompleted building

Food disappearing from a cooking pot

Feet in salt water bath

Fucking my sister in dream

Fighting with my boyfriend sister

Fish on pine tree

Father bathing for me

Fighting with eagle

Friend came from abroad

Friends wearing shorts

Fighting friends

Fried hardcorns mix with gnuts

Fucking a coworker

Friend giving lassi in dream

Feather writing spiritual meaning

Fighting with a black bird in the dream

Friend falling into the ocean

Fish and bird

Fighting with the jackal and i killed the jackal

Floating in ocean and touching virginal

Floating in ocean and touching virgina

Frog coming out of bum

Flying like a hero

Friend hookup

Falling star turn to gem stone

Fucking dog dream

Friend sedicing husband

Food pouring down

Fungus on body

Fresh kontomire dream meaning

Forget your bag in restaurant

Firing malfunction gun

Folding partners clothes

Frozen fruit dream

Folded white clothes next to stool

Freeb naartjies in box

Falling on the lader

Fruits in a dream

Fixing a belt for someone who passed away

Falling from high altitude

Father bomber shillong teer dream no

Floating paper money on air signifies what

Fishes dream on the road

Former girl student dream

Front door open

Finding my shoes in masjid

Friend returns belonging

Forgot to pay

Forget to pay restaurant bill

Finding a bag of bones

Fancy dresses belonging to my sister in law

Fat neck

Female giant

Father clone

Fighting nude women

Feet tied with rope

Frying grasshoppers

For one to see herself in a dustbin in the dream

Father dream smiling

Falling in church meaning

Food in the vaguna

Friendly large wild cats

Fungus on afew of my nails

Fish sand

Father walk in room with mutilated genitals

Front window view

Flogging with broom

Friends being paid lobola dreaming

Falling hay bales

Falling off stairs

Friend and feast

Fucking with wolf

Flying snail

Fire coming out of mouth

Face draw out in sky meaning

Failed suicide

Frowning kids

Fox biting you

Fired lasers

Father asking for wine


Friendly horse

Frying puff puff in dream meaning

Father dreem

Full bright moon in dream

Fish coming out vagina dream meaning

Former landlord

Former land lord

Father is murdered

Friends who are in another country

Fat voyuer

Flowers crown

Failling quran from hand nearly

Finding a bag of pears in my car

Father wearing military uniform

Flaming heart and hanging from cliff

Friend with white dog

Friend waiting at crosswalk with white dog

Friend going to the bank

Fish lure gets stuck in arm

Friends penis

Fat father

Fetching water into a nylon bag

Female left nipple

Finding candy


Fender bed

Friend stealing my crush

Family humiliation

Flowers falling from god photo

Fight and break nose

Flooded cemetery

Fast car following car

Flat chest

Filling an application form at school

Falling in love with an unfamiliar person

Feeding people cottage cheese

Fail of crossing dirt water meaning

Fail of crossing dirt water

Fjords in norway

Father flogging daughter dream meaning

Face cloth dreaming

Father catch parrot

Father catching a parrot

Frying akara in the dream meaning

Falling down of gods photos

Fleshy tree branches

Falling in a pool

Fermented rice juice

Friend flirting with my wife

Finding someone has pruned roses

Flat road snow

Fall in love with shapeshifter

Finding baby in a bag

Fetus position

Forgot to punch time card at work

Falling out of the world

Fighting the evil people holding my rosary

Friend swimming pool islam

Friend worms pool

Fighting and running from cartel

Female i know fighting another woman i dont know

Father building floor

Finding gold from gutter


Flying mail truck

Fish with money

Foreign women on my bed

Friend asking you out

Facial bone

Frustrated during business meeting

Food cooking with steam

Friend in psych ward

Fire hat

Forgetting travel to a destination

Flock of birds turning into one huge bird and spitting out fire

Fluorite crystal hitting the ground and smashing

Friend trying to seduce my girlfriend

Faceless father

Fucking a ex friend


Friends leave you at the party

Falling into old cesspit

Face reflected in a cooking pot

Five head cobra

Falling in love unexpectedly

Fish in a fish bowl

Full of poop inside the plate


Fast moving clouds with bad sounds

Frying masa

Forgotten and found cellphone

Fighting for chicken intestines

Fish swimming in air

Father in law insulting me and i cried

Friends mom is scolding me

Fake eel

Friend showing penis

Fast bike riding

Father and daughter go for outing

Friend killing someone

Feeding me

Falling in deep well without water

Fringe tree

Friend licks my collarbone

Flash blue light

Finance minister dream meaning

Find handkerchief under someone bed

Friend transfer means

Frozen person in dream

Frozen mother to death

Former farmland

Frying yam for family

Feeding abird

Feeding bread to goats

Fish mouth

Fire inside the toilet

Fish in panties

Funeral cortege

Fall from plane

Flushed pet dog down commade

Fell earring into toilet

Faces changing

Feather and flying snakes indicate

Falling in shallow swamp water

Finding a bear carcas

Fuck mother

Former coworker shaking my hand and not letting go

Former co worker shaking hand sand not letting go

Female with a penis urinating lucky numbers

Female with a penis urinating

Free slave

Food poured in a fire

Face abnormality

Fighting to get out of a shirt

Fighting to get out of a blouse

Flag terha

Forget to pick child

Forgetting passport while travelling

Flood and my towels floating

Falling rosary


Fermented oil bean

Flayin in aiplan and crushes

Father nacked

Flying shroud

Faceless adolescent attacker

Fish on fire in water

Fly at the sea shore

Flower fallen from god photo in dream

Fish eyes have cone out in your body

Freak accident

Father whispered

For a prophet of god to sit on my lap in my dream

Fainting after vaping

Falling rolling into a ball

Failed to light diya in temple

Food crying

Find ex boyfriend wallet

Forming and reforming

Finding a really special golden statue of eight

Finding rare special statue of gold

Frogs hugging

Finding yourself without undies in your dream and ashamed

Footsteps and kids

Father give me car key

Faces of stone

Falling while skating


Foul smell coming from vagina

Fighting spirit in dream meaning

Feces mouth clean dream

Feces clean in teeth

Falling on floor having a seizure

Fish fell out of shirt

Falling into bindis


Fumbling with my hands losing my wallet also sleeping in a dream and not being able to fall asleep

Flowing slippers

Furniture moving in its own

Fighting puppets

Foetylegs coming from vagina dream meaning

Friend gives me shoes then the shoe disappeared

Farther daughter

Farther daughter dream

Female dreaming brother touching her breast


Floating above

Fighting a pastor

Face value

Fuck someone

Flat fisted dream

Fat man tries to shoot me

Friend gone mad in dream

Fucking car

Forgetting to pick child from school

Faceless women floating

Flashing sword

Folding blue pants

Friends mom gives me oral sex

Falsely accused of killing some one

Food in mosque

Face turning lion face

Face changed to ugly

Fire in vagina

Friend hurting me with covered sword

Friend hurting me

Friend winning competition

Flies on fruits

Flirty women

Failed brakes



Forgot to pick up my child from school

Football contract

Fighting a fetish priest

Floating on clouds

Flirting in temple

Falling into drain water with poop

Fixing a kitchen cupboard filled with cups

Front windows falling out

Front windows of home fallingout

Father beating my brother in church

Fetching firewood with my dead father

Former school boss driving your compony car

Flowing flowers

Familiar voice

Friend getting beat up

Failed to light diya in dreams

Front door eaten away by termites

Floating ghosts in a mirrorr

Falling asleep at tombstone

Floating hearse

Fertile discharge

False gods

Forgot clock in number

Feeding my dog watermelon

Fuck with teacher

Fine shirt

Framing of cooking amala

Feeling kulikuli in my pocket

Fetching many granadila around a cow house

Flied fish

Floating down stairs

Find coins in cemetery

Freckles brown hair

Face in cloud

Full moon with dragon

Forgetting book bag

Four nipples

Foul smelly anus

Friends ex girlfriend

Fund raisering

Fat horse

Father asking for cup and a plate

Fawn running to greet me

Falling backward into snow

Forgetting to use directionals

Folded clothes spiritual meaning in dream

Fish leaping

First person shooters

Finding precious stones

Feces in vagina dream


Feeding food in bus

Formal president giving me money to give to a child

Fighting someone and cutting her leg

Falling to the grave when some bines are out


Flowers vest

Fante kenkey in a dream meaning

Fante kenley in a dream meaning

Fighting someone bewitching me in a dream

Firewood in a dream

Fixing broken airoplane

Father boss

Freezer waist down

Fighting a tiger

Finding and cleaning crystals

Finding and cleaning crustals

Father figure bitten by a snake

Friend wants to sleep in car

Fake mom

Fire breathing black snakes

Fighting with your ex

Fix a window

Fading wall

Friend been kidnapping

Floral garment

Feeling small twin baby goat

Feeding a small twin baby goat

Foam coming out of your vagina in a dream

Fruit flies in the home

Foam coming out of your vagina

Former boss giving me money dream

Falling in pit latrine but saved or not hammed

Fighting elder sister

Flour face

Footwear inside the temple

Fighting with crocodiles

Figghting with crocodiles

Flying carnival

Feeling hand on stomach

Finding yellow boxes

Fantail sitting on the fence

Flying food

Fanta prayers and blessings

Fruits in bellybutton

Fluid puss around vaginal area

Financial upliftment spiritual

Four elements

Fucking in bathroom

Fibroids growing in my dream

Falling into the gutter

Flowers going from dead peoples mouths

Flying reptiles

Fighting with a witcher

Fighting with a night dancer

Fighting with a night dancer meaning in a dream

Friend in thailand

Fake moustache

Fake moustache on a woman

Fake red moustache on a woman

Father lost his job

Father in law being nice to me

Fast reflexes

Friend is arrested

Fresh chicken

Fresh grocery

Friend marriage ceremony

Fishing with spear meaning

Frog dead

Fall at jesus feet

Fingers stiff

Fixing dead persons hair

Flooded amusement park

Fighting over a purse that was given to you

Fingers love dreams

Floating antique frame

Find new born baby girl in a dumpster

Falling down hole

Falcon with a long triangular head

Frownong face in the dream

Flower stollen from a boy by girl

Following a prophet footprint in the dream

Flood taking away my black bag

Festering wound on neck

Family member cloned

Falling try

Fucking a woman using a woman dick

Fleeting relationship

Fish coming out of nose

Finding a lost girl

Facetiming my crush

Flood water in laptop

Flowing water on the mountain

Fishpond in cave

Flowing clean water over mountain

Feeling contempt

Finding yourself topless around people

Friend has a bkack eye

Fight for a table at school

Flowers in the sky that made a box shaped and a voice said when ever i want one i can have it

Flowers of ever kind given to me

Father celebrating his birthday

Fish eating a snail shell

Fish on my body

Father giving money any one

Father any one

Fingering ass dream meaning

Fire coming from heaven

Fighting cheetah

Finding a tooth

Fir tree falling on a house

Friendly family of bigfoot

Food swimming in web

Frogs stuck in a web

Facial hair growing on women

Floating chains

Follow by two men

Fuzzy brown spots on my back

Fish eat fish

Fry dough

Father marries a second wife

Flying which

Fighting a huge man

Fetching fishes from well

Felching water in dream meaning

Felching clean water from tap in dream means

Fresh fish without a tail

Fig rigosa

Filling of bottles with red palm oil in the dream

Filling of bottles with red oil in the dream

Filling bottles with red palm oil in dream

Famous musicians gave my friend and i money in my dream

Face bleeding in front of a mirror


Face brush in a dream

Funeral speech

Four months baby walking

Football penalty

Frozen children

Fetching fibre in a dream

Frogs coming out of vagina

Finding gold coins in my boots

Finding gold in my boots

Flogging a dead person

Face falling

Flower fall from god idol

Fat kid

Forgien life in austalia my dream day

Flower falling from gods idol in dream


Falling threw a floor

Frozen snake comes to freedom

Four men dream meaning

Flog with cane in dream

Fourth nine dollar bill

Fighting for something

Friend laying head on my lap

Feces in a flooded house

Family member who has passed away

Family dying in dream

Flying inmy dreams

Falsey accused rape


Falsy accused rape

Flying dwarf

Fix eye

Flamingo dream attack

Fox attack dog

Falcon with baby

Falcon with human baby

Financial favor

Falling in love with a jinn

Falling boulder

Floral outfit

Falling into the pit of feaces

Fleas on a puppy

Floating in darkness

Four sandals infront of my house

Feces code number in dream


Finding a lost or stolen wallet

Father giving keys

Famous person waving at me

Found a wheat penny

Frozen water from faucet


Find one black glove

Fingers got stuck

Friend with burnt skin

Fell in love with demon

Famous peraon waving at me

Friend selling second hand cloths

Fear to climb on a roof top

Filtering garri in the dream

Forty thousand

Funeral at beach

Flood carrying children clothes

Fenugreek sprouts in dreams

Fighting a stranger who takes your material

Fucking someone known

Fox furry

Face sucking

Foot deflating

Failing assignments

Fingernail on nose

Frozen strawberry plant



Fucking your aunt


Family freezing to death

Fermented rice in a sack

False teeth loose


Feet moisturizing

Filled mud pot



Free raw meat in the dream

Frogs in the rain

Female warrior

Four ears

Flip clothes


Foot wish

Fetching water with a bicycle

Flower in a cage

Finger boil

Fighting with a girl

Family member becoming eunuch in dream

Fish wardrobe

Falling famous lady

Fingering self

Female dream of male sex

Flower art


Friendly crow transforms to human

Fresh goat skin in a dream

Fat removed

Former first lady dream meaning

Faking a relationship

Fresh green plantain tree failing down means what in spiritual

Finding a huge ball of dandruff in your dream

Four sisters dream meaning

Feeding poor people

Food to poor people

Food to poor

Finding mustard for someone

Figure head


Firework in dream

Foot melting with socks

Fake stone gold

Fighting over money with late father

Fighting with late father in dream

Flowers on mountains

Falling of kumkum down in dream

Flying in a whale

Floating downstairs

Falling down and dead

Fluffy caterpillar

Fence arrangement


Finding doll shoes

Flowers on your clotves

Fnaf dream

Funtime foxy

Finger wound

Flying over a road over trees etc

Feeding a sick chiken in a dream

Falling and waking up

Feeling so happy

Friend angry at me

Father ill in dream