Fish sister water

Friends from abroad and in reunion about to receive an aw

Friends from abroad and in reunion about to receive an aware

Friends from abroad

Foreplay with a woman

Food with plate that has dust on it

Feet feeling cold

Food withhold

Food coming from my vigana

Fruit that is too hot to hold

Feet washing in the dream

Finding back lost underwear in the dream

Flowers growing under water

Fall in a foot print

Finding my lost yam in my dream

Five rand coin in a dream

Father anus bleeding

Floating in zero gravity

Fare skin

Fingering girl u like in dreams

Foot stuck

Figure in a plain

Four horseman

Father talking to me and ask if we could have meal

Farthing out of your virginia

Fighting a tikoloshe

Flask stolen in dream

Fish coming out of the ground

Fiancee in the river

Failing grades of my son

Facebook status dream

Friend make accident people injured

Fighting a short fat woman

Fingers crossed

Fingwrs crossed

Falling and someone saved me

Female clothes

Floating black suit

Fighting with a sangoma and finding fruits in my path way after my car was driving in reverse

Floods killing people

Fathers scabbing scalp

Fetus inside eggs

Flying white airplane

Flying flamango

Full diaper on child

Flies in wound

Full truck of bagged charcoal

Field burning out of controlling

Friend having violent

Ftm binder

Forehead kiss from a dead mother

Fish going up nostril

Fish goimg up nostril

Fallow field

Fetish charm money

Fingers that cross

Father asking me to borrow him my blue underwear

Forced into human excreta by a man

Five hand fingers cut

Falling into raging waters

Fresh cut wood

Fire in cats eye

Filling up petrol tank with liquid soap

Filling up gass tank with soap

Fingering another woman

Free mean in a dream

Football game naked

Fetching tap water with mortar in a dream

Finding brass door knockers

Finding keys in my late brother s grave

Flying in a chariot

Filling bottle with paraffin

Flying with pots in my hands

Flying with pots in my hand

Flying with pots in hand

Fish stuck to foot

Fire becoming water

Finger fucking my ex

Friend said im lazy

Fleet past

Feral child

Father not accepting boyfriend

Friend holding the different colours of umbrella in the church

Friend who lives far away

Flag stones

Former us president

Fight for another person

Flying backward

Fisherman with fish

Fish and other sea creatures in frosen water

Finguring in girl vagina

Fresh maize neatly packed

Fresh maxi neatly packed


Five fingers dream meaning

Furniture reposessing

Fetching blue sea to wash poopoo

Father gay

Fetching and selling sand in a dream

Fish turned into a bird

Father i law slaaped in dream meaning

Fucking your mom in a dream

Foot lick

Foot worsship

Foot worss

Feeding a duck

Family trusting a stranger over you

Fake gold chain fading away in dream

Fake jewelry fading away

Faded fake jewellery

Fish coming out my nose

Family not believing me

Fried puppies

Found money in my high heel shoe

Feeding chick peas to someone in islam

Finding silver coins in casino

Falling pooja kalash

Fire in restaurant

Feet nail


Foot nail

Fighting with a smiling friend

Frying pufpuf in the dream means what

Flower pot upside down

Fibroids in dream

Falling in your dreams

Family members been shot and injured in a dream

Famous person giving me money in the dream

Funeral of someone who died and was buried long time ago

Feeding men of god


Fire falling from the sky while pumping gas at a gas station

Flowers rooted at a grave

Freaming of beinh held tightly by long arms and hands

Fish rod as a toy

Flying to uk with angels

Flying to uk

Floating white mask black eyes

Fingerings vagina

Fresh brinjal tree in dream

Fire hinduism

Fake black birds

Fire explosion and war

Friend throwing javelin

Fruit falling from tree and hitting

Father and son dream

Fighting my deceased father in a dream

Failing to fulfil the preaching peogramm

Falling teeth with braces

Finding kola nut under a kola nut tree

Flying slay

Filtering akamu

False dream meaning

Found pearls thrown on the ground

Frying groundnut oil in the dream

Finding my co wife in my house

Fighting baboon

Fat purse

Fungus on my face

Fowl blood being poured on someone head in a dream

Feeding ox

Friend applying oil on my dead father

Fried brinjal in dream meaning

Fried brinjal in dream

Father is a train conductor

Fasteming a silver necklace

Flashes of faces

Following the death

Fatigue dreams

Floating trouser in the water

Floating trouser in the river

Fighting an aunt in the dream and flogging her

Flying a remote control airplane

Forceful flowing river

Fufty dollars

Falling into a hole but held some grass and come out

Forgetting to pick up child at school

Forgetting go pick up child at school

Falling into the sky

Falling up

Feeding sandwich to someone

Forgetting wearing parfume in dream

Flees on dogs chest

Frying money

Former teacher angry at me


Freezer cleaned out fresh food in it

Fluctuation in a dream


Foundation failing

Feeding pandits

Father throw me cutlass in a dream

Fighting mob

Fighting the mob

Food spilled

Friend is invisible

Friend has a stroke

Fish hooks in foot

Fish three eyes

Filling the bucket with handpump water in dream

Forcibly eating ripe fruit that they refused to sell to you in a dream

Father losing his job


Forget to punch in on time clock at old job

Fighting your sister boyfriend in dream

Fat enemy

Follow the truth

Fish cook in skin

Fourty seven

Flies coming out of abscess on collarbone

Frying chinchin in the dream measns what

Following a car too closely

Finding drift wood

Food offerring in a black pot

Fidelsso nuvunga

Flies coming out of your vagina

Faeces in a plate

Fetching water for my dead grandma

Flaming spear

Father that is passed away

Father that passed awa

Fighting an unstoppable person in slow motion

Folding hands in dream meaning

Facetiming boyfriend

Facetimeing boyfriend

Feet tied with black lace

Falling knives

Flooding around house

Fighting in mosque

Friend being uninterested

Friend fall

Friends falling from cliff

Friends falls off

Fruit with worms

Ficus plant in a dream

Fetching water in a basket

Full bags that belong to someone else

Face scratched

Friendly crocodile with snake on the back

Finding a cat in a cupboa

Finding a cat in a cupboard

Floating black sheets

Flying winged termites

Fish no fins but swimming


Female with penis in mouth

Female with oen is in mouth

Female dreams about penis in mouth

Female dreams about penis in moith

Found a st christopher necklace

Friendly fox

Finding socket pink perls

Feces in bath tub

Find a ring in the washer

Fabric dream meaning of african fabric

Fire ring purple

Fighting larger opponent

Friend cooking

Future flying car

Fox and dog

Family dinner with unknown guests

Founding money in a church

Flood work

Forbidden statue of stone

Fingering me

Fish on the grass out of water

Finding jewelry in the beach

Falling through floor in the drea of islamic

Falling into the canyon black void

Fire in television put out fire extinguisher

Flooding stairs

Feeding by a pastor

Flood brown water raising

Flood drown water raising

Free ticket

Firecoal house kitchen

Falling suck away pit

Fighting family member

Furniture in ocean

Falling your money in the gutter and pick it back in your dream what does it mean

Flirting with a younger men

Fork tongue

Finding dead frog in house

Family pictures in a frame thrown in the grbage

Family photo in a framed thrown away on a sidewalk

Fresh brown mounds

Father yelling at me

Fighting inside a bus

French class

Finding money in a dream

Falling above the clouds no fear sky is blue soft landing

Flying through a portal and your clothes change as well

Female presidential motorcade in your dream

Fan in pieces

Flying over water in a helicopter

Flower coming through walls

Falling in love with your enemy

Finished unlit white candle

Five wound with pus and grasshopper inside one wound

Female hairy chest

Found a baby with a third eye

Finger peel

Fragile body


Fighting in a castle

Father slapped me in dream

Friends making sweets

Feeling neglected

Finding a huge dark red cut ruby

Fishing line tangles

Flood carrying pants

Flood carrying underwear

Feast in my dreams

Fish hook caught a mermaid

Filled gas cylinder stolen

Failing of washed clothes in dream

Fighting hyena and it runs away

Frying onions

Flying jet pack

Football in water

Falling into a scary outhouse

Floating in school

Flying with a kite bird

Flood carrying away your slippers

Filled pit redigging it

Flood carrying away slippers in dream

Falling back

Fall on occiput

Fall back on head

Fake babies

Fighting monkeys

Fertile land in dream

Falling from a building crane

Fish in my skin

Fighting with my nice

Fta time frawalpindi

Fighting with an ex boyfriend to naked

Falling off semi trailer

Flying animals in dream meanint

Fighting in a plane

Falling in a borehole

Fading letters

Fighting jinnah reciting ayatul kursi

Fire spreading every where but no burnt

Fire dogs rescue

Feet turned backwards

Flies in closet

Fire running

Fixing bedroom door

Father forgiving me

Feet being tied up

Flying whale being shot by a gun and hitting the ground

Forehead broader

Family has amor

Friend stabs me in heart

Friend stabs in heart

Fire on electric pole

Falling canyon

Friend painting portrait

Father of myex

Formal green dress

Fingers spliting

Falling of guava

Flying objects in dreams

Finding watches inside shoes

Frozen snake thawing

Four wheel drive

Fish in ceiling

Fish stick in ceiling

Following a goat

Flag lowering in school

Food burn or pour on leg

Floating over ex boyfriend

Fit chocho

Farting in bed

Fire in a hole in floor

Fight with co wife means

Fighting with my husband snacher

Floating zig zag road

Frying green chill

Foot pain while walking

Feeling excluded

Female lunatic fight with a lady

Frician clothing

Fast flowing muddy water

Fat women visited me in dream

Falling in to pit in dream meaning

Flashlight as present

Fithty dollar notes

Fat wallet full of money

Fingering yourself in dream meaning

Fallen tree bark

Fish in a dirty water inside a silver basin

Floating doorknob

Flies coming out of your nose

Flowers in a bag

Female dog bleeding from period

Fifty bucks in a dream

Food making

Falling palm tree in dream

Fucking witch in dream

Forgetting examination

Facial with soap

Face pack

Face mask dream

Following me

Flood carried away my handbag in the dream

Fish hook broke

Foot cut in half

Finding colourful beads in the river

Finding colourful beads in river

Father is fat in a dream

Fertility pills

Fish with no tail fin

Fighting with an intruder

Fawn in house injured

Funeral in yard

Falling mouth skin

Flying towards someone

Flowers in a briefcase in dream

Flowers in a bag in dream

Feeding cow with bananas

Fetching rain water inside a drum in the dream

Fried breast

Fucked my ass

Fucking mom in dream

Finding coins in a dream

Find treasures

Finger with scan code dream

Fishing with net

Flickering hospital lights

Falling out of love to your boyfriend

Frog coming out a woman vagina

Forced tattooing

Finger went on a blade at work and half cut off

Fat women with running nose

Foam coming out of vigina

Foam coming out if vagina

Female cutting her penis

Fucking with father

Family meal cooked by father

Father gave you palm wine

Finding lost earring

Feeding myna bird in dream

Fountain sparkly gold

Floating in the air in worship

Found lady in my bed

Furniture in the elements

From mountain to mountain

Father wear new clothes


Four man in my dream

Face spinning in front of you

Face spinning in from of you

Fight with a male and female lucky numbers

Floating couch in pool

Forcefully joining a sect

Forcefully joking a sect

Fighting evil self

Faling rocks boulders

Friend fainting in dream


Friend choosing me over other woman


Face covered in white cloth

Flogging ex teacher

Fighting in school getting in trouble

Finding keys in a lake

Frozen scallops

Flowers and birds

Friend shows me their penis

Faceslap woman

Falling chimney through the roof

Flooding cemetery with love ones body

Flying aiplane and lots of ice

Filtering fermented cassava in dream means what

Falling down from a tree

Falling down from the tree

Food and feces

Farting in the dream

Floral carpet

Fighting over a jerrycan in a dream

Fiancee gifting mangalsutra sutra to a lady


Fried chicken in dream meaning

Finding lost ring on the floor

Flat dusty land with rocks

Father of children

Father married to second wife

Falling crashed mango

Finding a coat in shallow water

Finding shoes for boyfriend in a dream

Flying over trees tops

Finger millet grains

Faceless animals

Fish with horn dream meaning in dream

Fish with dream meaning in dream

Forgetting items

Fatty meat in a dream

Fatty raw meat