First in queue

Father giving medicine

Fingered in anus

Fingered butt

Feeling fing in female private part in dream

Flocks fighting with a dog

Failing to slaughter a cow

Fingering two unknown woman in dream

Foreigner lady in dreams

Falling and died

Folded bed


Feeling water into the gallon in the dream


Flying white horse in dream

Falling from ferris wheel child

Flying over a house

Finding animal buried alive

Forgot birthday husband

Fruit salad in dream but could not prepare it

Falling with someone

Falling down of a pole in the dreem

Friend getting vitiligo in face

Four dots

Frying akara

Frying akara(beans cake)

Flies in a web

Fetching water into bucket of step mother

Fetching water into bucket in the dream

Floating coffin

Fingering a female friend in a car in dream

Full bloomed mango tree

Fat horses

Falling car in sinkhole

Fell in to well

Forced to eat a dead animal

Full soak away

False god

Food thrown

Feelings of being victimized

Face beautiful but hand like animal

Face beautiful bug hand like animal


Fraternal twins


Falling in love with your kidnappers

Flying fish attacking you in a dream

Feeding a baby with water

Food thrown at me

Fucking woman in the dream what does it mean?

Flames from the sky into my hands

Fat person

Field green and water

Fingering a girl in my dream

Fell into a gutter but was rescued in dream

Father death overdose

Fingering a girl in my dream with her cum on my hands

First girlfriend

Food not being served to me

Food nit being served

Friends on dreams

Frog islamic interpretation

Furnished white beautiful house

Finding a read diamond

Fire in a house

Flora, color, comforter in the dream meaning

Friend life threatened

Friends life threatened by police

Feather on poisonous dart gun

Fake jewelries

Flowers in dream

Friends with a group of kids

Face was ripped off

Fast flowing river,other boats fell

Female vagina

Friends son

Fetching worms on gum tree

Fish n chips

Formation of a ship in the clouds wit airplane around it

Family fuck together

Feeling horny in dream meaning

Frying buns in dream means what

Friend stealing my boyfriend

Fried potatoes

Family photo falling

Footprints floating in water

Falling and breaking of god statue

Flying free

Faded ring

Forced to coach a sport

Falcon broken wings

Fully furnished house bedroom

Fully furnished house


Frying dreams

Failing to step forward on the door step

Falling downstairs


Fingernails in mouth

Fingernail in your mouth

Fingernail in mouth

Filling water tank

Fucking my friends sister

Fucking a friends sister

Forest dream by evangelist joshua

Fake tan dream

Falling into sewage water

Flooded roads

Fixed date for weeding in a dream meaning


Frying fish dreaming

Fetching water from the river with a container

Faking my identity

Fighting with someone in a dream

Falling of ceiling fan

Feeding a dove

Fucking hard

Fathers funeral

Faded photo of dead wife

Faded photo

Falling into pit latrine

Finding money

Feeding ducks

Filling water in a container your dreams with no bottom


Fire on me

Father nakedness

Found dirty fork

Friend died but i dreamt that she has given birth

Fixing a broken mailbox

Friend having psoriasis

Father dead dreams, together with the floods

Feet unable to reach brake pedal while driving

Fire wood in the dream


Fancy party

Finding makeup and fragrance

Face turn dark

Flying with a half horse half human but without wings

Flying without wings with a half horse half human

Flying with a half horse half human

Flour with bugs

Forget locker combination

Funeral in your backyard

Fear and cross

Fire from lightning


Fruit given by a foreigner

Flying jesus statues


Fried cat fish

Fingering your vagina

Full drumstick in tree

Forgetting to wear shirt and feeling shy

Flare guns

Forgot to wear shirt

Falling and growing extra ugly teeth

Fucking a girl

Fucking girl in dream

Fruits giving to my mother

Fly entering my mouth

Finding malachite

Flying black horse

Fascinating unknown river creature

Forced back to an old hobby

Flowers growing from hand

Fingers interlocked together

Floating down



Forgetting to pack underwere for a trip


Family member getting shot

Frozen fish

Fake priest

Former vice president dream meaning

Finding myself going with people to preach

Futuristic city

Fat baby

Flying peacock in dream

Family hating me

Fun fighting and escaping

Foreigner girl in my dream

Finding corn grains

Finding citrine crystal



Fabric pieces

Falling on a deep hole


Fancy white cars


Foundation of a church



Fire falling fromnsky

Face painted lily

Father second wife

Finding crystal in dream

Friend kidnap

Feeling cute


Fight with a transgender in dream

Filling water in drum

Fire socket

Feces in the swimming pool

Figthing a carabao

Friendly tiger cub

Finding yourself preaching in the dream

Fighting man men in dream means



Fighting someone who is physically dead in a dream with the sword and won

Filling a bottle with palm oil

Feast of vibrant grids

For does it mean to see your shoes with a dead person?

Falling white pinkish orb in graveyard dreams

Fetched water from a well with a python in the water bucket

First aid to a cut knee


Frozen foods

Falling plants

Food fallen in a toilet bowl


Foot pads

Foot sole

Farm harvester


Falling into a wood full of nails

Falling into a nails

Feamle dog periods

Food disposal unit


Found a gold in a dream

Frog turn snake

Falling teeth

Farm harvesting machine

Footlrints in theclouds

Fire caught in my dress



Finding cheques in a dream

Foam at mouth

Fucking in a dream means

Friends wife

Feet roots

Fighting chicken

Front door falling of henges

Forgetting my name

Flowers garden n temple

Feeding banana to elephant

Father in law, locking you out, ignoring you

Fighting co wife iv never met

Friend wedding

Floating clothes in dirty river

Friend with tiger

Flying to escape

Fish flying upside down


False teeth upper

Finding hotel room

Fish in market


Fish fighting with crow

Facing melting


Fish fingers

Flying cow

Finding lost earrings in dreams

Flying peacock sex

Fallen scissor

Father bit me

Friends with benefits

Freinds with benefits

Facing the opposite way when going down a ascaltor

Facing the opposite way

Forgot boyfriends birthday


Fire in coconut tree

Fedding ragi to someone

Fighting with your niece

Fighting a celebrity

Fetching big mopane worms

Feud with sister

Frying buns in dream

Finding a lost book

Fork &spoon

Feeling the power of goddess lakshmi in our dream

Floating feces

Face melting

Fighting wirh your neighbor


Fetching water for your uncles wife in a dream

Feet getting wet

Father having a stoke

Floating rock

Fetching water in the river to bath in dream

Five to seven


Friends fighting naked

Fighting over a woman

Flying buble gum in dreams

Fox skeleton

Falling down from a green mountain

Four feet

Feeling so horny in a dream means

Feeding a group in a dream

Fighting a mad man

Fireworks in night sky

Firecrackers in sky

Flood washing away one leg of shoe

Following someone

Fixing washing machine full of hair

Farries wheel accident of my sister

Finguring myself



Fighting with dogs and snakes

Fungus on left hand


Folding,. hidden steps

Full well

Front lawn

Floating fish in a floaded water

Finger in the butt

Falling laptop

Friend refusing advances

Frying pudi in pan

Friend refusing massage

Found my dream mangalshutrautra in unmarried

Flat and confert shoes


Flies in cake

Female handprints on wall

Frying lemmon

Frozen naked husband

Fully wrapped up in a white shroud and tied up with a black rope

Friend being drunk

Fucking with your friend

Fish hooks

Finding treasure in the ocean

Finding a pocket full of change

Freeloading in a house

Finger in nose


Forest mountain fire


Fairy godmother

Finding things in garbage dump


Fixing broken windows

Filling containers with water

Feather pigeon


Fetching water wth a bucket in tidal river

Frying garri in the dream means

Female wolf

Fish, frog and snake

Father and mother wearing white

Fighting against black cow

Feeling horny

Feeling hornh

Feeling pans in my womb in my dreams

Floating into a dark basement painted black

Female discharge summary

Falling airplane

Female discharge brown redish

Family moving to the old house in province

Fishing hook got me injured in my dream

Fishing hook got me injured

Fish hook got me injured

Fish hook got me injuried

Fish hook in my finger and got injured by it

Fight break nose

Food to dead father

Finding a small gold ring in the soil

Friends with celebrity

Fingers interlocked

Fallon through the floo

Fallon through the floor

Friend stealing my boyfriend dream means

Foot of the bed

Fish inside of squid

Foot massage

Flashed in the toilet

Fish flying in the sky

Fetching borehole water

Find a side of slipper

Feeding lion

Feeding liom

Find treasure in the house but people takes it all

Fly and fall to the grave

Fighting with deas mother

Fixing tooth

Fucking two woman

Fixing a very long fence

Fights a mad woman

Fighting old woman


Feet stuck in mud and back

Floating unifrom

Former president

Food soaked with water

Four nipples on my chest

Fish eating rainbows

Falling from heighted place

Future husband showing his love

Feed little girls

Foot wears

Feces in pants

Female murder

Found something important underwater

Father gets a nose piercing

Father nose piercing


Fall in to salt mining in dreams

Flower pot

Falling in love with a kidnapper that didnt kidnap me

Falling on floor and floor tiles bigger

Favourite character

Fighting in a playing cards

Finding nuns things after she dies

Find gold coins

Floating out of your body

Fry egg and yam

Falling in a pit latrine

Feeding brahmin

Found curtains

Friend sitting next to you on the right side

Feeling a touch

Falling kalasa in dream

Fish pieces in dream meaning

Fish head while walking


Fried plantain

Finger fucking in dreams

Fish eyes

Fixing a kraal

Falling of ghee bowl on floor

Finding lost phone on a gathering in dream

Finding a lost phone in a dream


Fresh brinjal plant in dream

Fuck my mom

Fetching water in my dream from river using 30 litters that is about to dry but the river was running so fast

Fucking someone in the dream


Family problem cause of dowry

Finished isiwasho in a dream

Friendly wild animals

Flashing lights

Falling down of laptop

Fighting demons with pen

Facetime with someone


Fiery sky dream

Fight with crush

Face of ex

Fish coming out of clothes

Feeding milk to snake

Found a single imprinted gold coin and three silver coins along with best friend

Found a single imprinted gold coin and three silver coins

Folded lace

Folded lace curtains

Fold curtains in a basket

Fucking husband to wife


Forgetting to clock in timeclock

Facing west

Full sack of groundnut in a dream

Flush flood

Fingering sex an older woman

Friend had twins

Finding eyeglasses

Finding hair in a plate of food while eating

Finding loads of golf balls

Falling my phone in the borehole

Feet of a dead person

Fanti kenkey

Forgot locker combination

Fungus on my skin dream

Fire in bathroom

Filling water tank in dream

Falling out of ski lift

Finding handkerchief

Female dog in periods

Flower growing from wall

Fingering a girl and mom walks in

Fishnet stockings


Foot being cut badly

Four kings from a deck of cards

Four kings

Friendly sasquatch

Full of flower in mango tree

Finding your lost shoes

Finding your old shoes

Fagner having a stroke

Flying on a white chair

Fetching firewood in dream