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Dreams starting with the letter F

Figthing with two guys

Femal softball pitcher

Falling of transformer

Family wedding


Fish from the deep

Fall in water during scooty riding

Fetched by dead

Father worshiping sons feet

Father passed

Finding money graveyard

Followed by a person you know


Fast hour

Fire burning buildings dead relatives

Four packet of maggi in a dream

Former business partner

Flying delivery van

Flying truck spinning

Fanta soft drink

Fire and arms wrapped around me

Falcon biting me

Flying with white garment

Fishing whilst wearing karate kit

Finger in butt

Fingering male ass

Flicker of lights

Family names

Fire from rock

Fictional character kiss dream

Full latrine

Friend down on the ground

For a slipper pair to be missing

Forklift dream

Fell into a sea and fish ate me

Frog in margarita


Falling goddess statue to my body

Fish hook through vagina

Flowers being cut

Feral position

Filling up a container with water from the source

Father who is dead dying again

Feathers coming out of eyes

Family member visit from another country

Faucet that never turn off



Feeding an eagle in your dream

Finding hidden spoons

Frozen black mold

Frozen mold

Finding money on a dream in a grave

Forgetting pocketbook

Falling from a steep road

Father in a wheelchair

Flood taking away clothes

Freshly planted napier and napier seedlings

Fluid in mouth

Foot prints in the sky seeing in dream

Forget names

Floral rangoli in my dream

Found my fallen fingernails

Fighting with magic

Female fighting a man


Fishes on the road


Floating devices

Fruit seeds

Flood valley

Friend sleeping in sleeping bag



Friend after suicide

Fish and net


Flooring a church in a dream

Father in blue underwear

Fish and squid in my dream

Fetching tap water into a basin and it stops

Full moon

Falling down stairs

Flying termites

Floating with friend on a rubber floaty while holding on silver coins

Faceless person hanging in attic

Falling down stones

Friends boyfriend is flirting


Fat white shrimps

Father happy smiling

Figthing demon with the bible

Flowers crocuses

Forgetting to punch time clock at old job

Father sleeping

Fighting robot

Fighting for two girls



Forgetting schoolbag in dream

Frying chinchin in the dream

Flip flops

Frog in bottle of wine

Feces with dead person


Friendly varanus albigularis in a dream

Fighting varanus at home but not fighting back

F harmonica

Floating stones upward

Flower budding

Feeding husband food

Fire by the window

Fire and ice dragons

Flood coming from vagina

Few kles

Friend braiding hair

Flash cards

Fancy cars

Female growing facial hair

Falling inside the soak away

Falling into a big river

Face with different colors

Fighting a rock hard person

Foiling sand in a bottle


Falling from altitude

Falling from above

Forgetting about your baby

Fighting people

Finish contract at abroad dreams meaning

Frying meat on plate

Filing gas in a cylinder

Finding a gold fountain pen in the car

Finding a gold fountain pen

Fish in my uterus

Friend died in a cave

Falling off building

Faceless witches looking for gemstone

Football players

Falling out black teeth

Friend father death

Foot drawing

From the dead

Friend was shot by a gun

Falling from sky

Front tooth out

Father trying to see me


Fried apples

Fried eggs on the carpet

Floating onion

Fire around a door

Father laughing at me in a dream

Father pregnant

Feathers falling

Fast water

Fast water narrow roads

Fear of drowning

Feeding a dead person

Fish head

Fighting with a purple bull


Father dead eating spaghetti

Force to enter the gutter

Face head covered with a black cloth

Face and head covered in black

Flirting with my brother

Face covered with a black cloth

Feet money car hole

Feet money car family pit

Father slapping his daughter in a dream

Fermented cassava

Frying chicken and fish

Found that am in a grass thatched house with my girlfriend

Forced to be combative

Felt hat

Felting wool

Flourished cooking sabu daana out of the vessel

Friend vommiting food alot

Father dying

Frost at home

Faux shaggy blanket

Fighting a witch in a dream and you win

Fighting a small lion in a dream

Fighting a lion in a dream

Filing tires with air

Fried chicken

Fecal public incontinence

Fighting a mad woman in the dream


Father feet burnt

Falling virgina

Flour with weevils

Fish hook in eye

Friend giving you bible verse in dreams


Found dzi beads in a dream meaning

Friend in bed

Friend attempting suicide

Falling in love with my pastor

Falling out teeth

Flowers falling from god

Following lobola cows in the dream

Fish floating in air

Feces in plate

Fighting with chicken

Floating in air

Film of camera

Friend being blind

Fake household items

Forgot wristwatch somewhere in a dream

Fiving a dress to naked mother

Feeling sad because someone changed


Feeling the presence of someone

Father law

Fighting with sister

Friend daddy

Food in oven

Fishing pole that broke

Frog coming from the virgina

Friend misbehaving in dream

Flying fish

Famous person

Four baby boys

Fully recovered brother

Friends eating pilau

Four men

Faceless sister in danger

Fighting a samgoma

Fighting a sangoma school mate and my enemie school mate

Fighting a sangoma female kid

Family possessed


Foam water falling from gutter

Floating toilet

Feet wrapped in money

Falling with mattress

Future wife

Fan letter


Finding hidden flowers

Fire burning woman virgina

Flowery deess

Fruit in my nose

Flat mountain

Flushing a black bird down the toilet


Fantastic animals

Fighting shopkeeper

Fire the body

Flood outside home


Fetching water

Falling inlove in a demon

Fish pot


Falling building

Fictional character

Fecal matter

Future disabled kids

Father and house of mirrors

Fire on cake

Four fritters in the dream

Friend dies

Finishing school late


Fish eating other fish

Fade trousers

Falling from a building

Faceless angel

Fuel container

Fail an exam

Falling and been saved from a latrine pit

Filling a gallon with cooking oil

Female seeing a monk talking to her hem

Fanta and coke

Fire on glass table

Facing with the president


Fish dream meaning

Full sleeve tattoo

Fish in a bowl with no head

Fixing a car


Fish and goat

Fetching rain water

Fighting in a dream

Feeding death father in dreams

Fire blocking road

Fire at workplace

Finding yourself sleeping in a public toilet and finally waking up and throwing away your bed and pillow in the dream

Fake fruit

Flying books off the shelf

Flooding toilet

Feeling disgusted seeing husband eating food badly in a dream

Fingering a vagina woman in my dream

Fingering a woman in my dream

Frozen or iced water


Fat cat meat

Football boot and keeping gloves

Forcing in mouth

Father saying thank

Found heirloom

Fear of losing someone

Fictional character sucking my breast

Family meeting with the deade family and aiive family

Friends doing black magic on us

Falling from steps

Falling in steps

Frying sheep fat

Frnd with chief minister means in dreams

Fish gives diamond



Fruit growing in belly button


Falling in love

Fusion of planet

Four babies

Feces on white dress

Fire out of rock in dream


Father son

Finding money in dreams


Flight catching rush

Finding bible in your dream

Friend dry humping

Feed in snake frog

Friend giving pumpkin

Foreign object

Fake snake in dream

Fishes in a bottle

Flushing puppies down the toilet

Friend with big head small thin body

Fuel keg leaking

Feeding mad man in the dream

Feet in syrup

Flying in the sky

Found black pen

Falling endlessly

Fog lifting


Futa in the dream

Flucking and picking pears


Flower pot

Fish given to me by my x in a dream

Falling in love with senior officer in army

Faceless woman

Falling from a manhole

Fighting over kids

Female having male genitals

Father gifting chain to daughter

Fish out of water

Flying with private jet going overseas

Fyling with private jet going overseas

Fail to score a goal to your girlfriend in football dreams

Found a kitten

Friends phone call

Forest fire

Friends truck

Falling down dark stairs

Fork music

Feather and eye


Frozen bed

Friend unblocked on facebook in dream

Forgetting lines in a play


Father committing suicide

Fire truck with ladder

Fire truck ladder

Fire truck

Facebook block

Fighting not eating



Friend with ghost

Fungus on hair


Freeing a caged lion to the wilderness

Former president


Fighting a tall man

Floating bag

Female flashing breast

Food freezer

Flying dream

Facial disorder

Friend had hit head made deep cut

Fifth naira meaning


Former co workers


Frozen baby comes back to life

Full moon showing my baby

Float plane


Finding a gold from a friend


Forgetting motor

Floating library

Floatig stone in river

Friend asauming

Fighting my co wife and won her

Friend sending nudes

Flood in house



Feeding boobs to man

Finding a ring inside my food

Father mother and sister in full white robe

Friend by the name of jeremy

Flying on a hang glider

Fighting brother over girlfriend

Flying on top of the river

Fly infestation

Flying sparkly water

Falling from big wave into water

Falling in to water


Flip file

Fish eating a cyst away


Fungus spreading on skin

From being naked to wearing white clean clothes


Fat black pig spotted with white


Fake watch

Falling on a pit toilet

Friend serving you githeri

Flowers bouquet floating on the river

Feet of god


Female ghost in yellow dress

Fight with wild boar

Finally reaching the top

Flat tire

Four moons

Family not being acctepting

Family not being supportive

Family being homophobic


Fish tail



Finding jewels in public place

Fight with old woman about a dollar found on the ground meaning

Feeding black horse carrots

Falling castle and drops on the ground

Falling teeth



Five finger dream

Friend plant


Frying maize milliet and grandnut

Fatal accident that already happened

Fatal semi accident

Flying in church


Forced entry through the roof

Father leg accident

Finger pointing

Face piercing

Female panty

Face with holes

Flowers and pine cones in hair

Falling into a grain silo

Fighting carabao seen

Falling road bridge and dying in it

Falling bridge and dying in it

Fashion show in yellows

Finger in ass

Fire on someone blazing

Foreign country separation from host family


Falling heavy object on you


Father head injured

Falling a heavy object on me

Falling heavy object on me


Full foods in the table


Fighting ur husband side chick

Fetching clean water from a tap

Four people sitting in a cr dream

Forget room


Full bucket of soapy water


Food to a mad man

Fish crying about my love


Find a dollar


Friends with riyalty



Fetch water


Food in leaf

Face in cloud

Fixing car

Fairing to urinating

Family dinner

Finding money in a dust bin

Funeral and shaver

Flatten rice in dream

Forearm of a bamboo

Filling water into a poly tank

Friend wetted pants in dreams


Finding a diamond ring

Father raping

Foundation house

Flood in school

Four beast

Feet with eyes

Finding a gold in a ship


Funeral service with birthday party at the same time


Feeling sad

Friend transformed into a stranger

Falling laptop and cellphone

Finding goat

Fire in a fake graveyard



Five red chilli dream

Finding money in an old cloth meaning



Fat boy


Friend cry in a dream

Fighting the bad ones to protect me and my daughter


Futuristic city

Folding bed


Future husband hate me

Father building a big house


Frozen fish


Flies in grass

Fish tank

Foreign woman who just gave birth

Foreign woman




Found a coupon money




Faint hand in the cloud

Fort on dream meaning

Four frogs

Flying snail




First quarter half moon

Flight leaving husband behind

Flight leaving at high speed



Finding money under my pillow


Faded jewlery



Finding jewelry on the beach

Four of clubs

Friend kissing spouse

Friend coming clean

Friend telling secret

Finding exit

Fire smoke

Fighting with dead husband

Flea on dog


Father committed suicide

Finding my mums purse

Friends throwing apples at me

Father beating brother

Face part deaming




Four eyes

Flirt my boyfriend with my cousin

Fart and hug

Food pot holed in dream

Face seguidor melting the meaning behind dreams

Fighting my sister




Friendly snake in dream


Food in bathroom


Finding a false red ring

Fallen and broke accidently a clay scupture of a cherubien

Flushing baseball toilet

Floating combat shoe

Father mean to groom

Father leaving the house for another woman

Fall on batty

Fowerd roll

Falling coffin everywhere

French chef


Five spheres

Floating exploding body

Fake relationship

Friend decorating my hall and stairs

Fofo throw on the ground

Filed giant fat crab

Finding unknown persons head in a pot

Frying tofu

Finding diamond stone in a sac

Feathers and skulls

Father slap brother

Feeling like a snake is binding on stomach on

Fight with best frend

Fictional lover

Falling of a rock on the road you walked and behind the room where you were sleeping with guests

Face turning pink

Face turning red

Full couch

Friend walking in and out of a house

Friend walking in and out of ahouse

Fixing broken mop

Furtune plans

Fresh fish meat

Flying fairytale

Flat stones

Flys in milk

Fighting with my late father

Forgiving yourself

Floating stone castle

Fowl laying an egg

Friend burnt hair

Full sewage tank dream

Frozen bear

Frozen but alive bear

Fifty nair in dream

Fiance pee

Female bodyless happy head

Fighting with tree

Fllood carry slippers away

Fresh farm

Fish multiplying

Friend is at work

Father in law in jail

Falling small pot

Face down sleeping

Farewell day

Floating up high

Floating over tree tops

Food chain

Female attorney

Found books in my dream

Flowers overflowed water in a pot

Face with blue eyes in the sky

Female soldier

Fish and overflowing water

Fish coming out of tank and water overflowing

Fighting and argueing

Flocks of sheeps

Flying dangerous

Food fish

Fetal position dead descended

Feces on vagina

Friend in emerald green colour dress

Friend from abroad visiting


Fantasy structures to climb in a forest

Freeing friends feet

Feet being blessed by prayer

Frram of working in the palace

Finger getting big

Flying in the sky while holding someone

Fighting pastors

Flag tongue tattoo

Falling in love with me by unknow dead men

Folded handwritten note

Friends shelter rain

Friend with carnivorous

Fetching water in a gallon suddenly something hit the gallon and it break the water started leaking out

Forget money and clothes

Front door unlocking

Fits in a grey skirt

Finding an emerald ring in my dream

Floor collapse

Father giving his child pair of old shoes

Flying tree in the sky coming towards you

Friends and family who have died long ago

Finding pillow on roof


Finding a green peak cap with eggs inside

Flying with wings to get chai

Fish in underwear

Fetching a black top


Fang falling out

Forgetting keys in keyhole

Falling in gutter daughter

Frogspawn coming out of skin

Fast flashing white light

Fighting a guy

Floating on a big rubber ducky

Falling through clouds

Fixing a boat

Falling on a snake

Familiar voices

Flying low over flooded road

Family member eye fell out

Feeding crazy people


Fallen angel married me

Father wearing green shirt

Foreplay with an ex lover

Front door rattling

Fading house

Fishing with aspear

Falling in number hole

Fall in a pit

Father in towel

Fighting in a casino

Flying big gutter

Flying over a big gutter

Fhishing net

Flying jumping

Fixing up old fans

Forced to be kissed

Four six eight

Forklift driver chasing me

Finding train seat number

Fading picture

Friend introducing his girlfriend

Finding money in a pot plant

Finding money in a potplant

Fighting then getting away

Fawn colour

Fly with a woman on his back

Flying in the air and carry someone on the back

Finger scan

Frog in my toe

Fraternity symbol

Falling in circles

Fighting self defense

Forbidden lovers dying together

Feces on carpet

Fruit and flower arrangement

Fruit and flowers

Finding cats

Full cup of coffee

Fore play with desesed

Fawn in my kitchen

Fall down a plate

Father gives me green pills in dream

Fresh bundle greens

Flushing yourself down a toilet

Forgot to tighten

Flint axe broken


Father wearing wader uniform

Fashion book

Faceless naked burglars

Followed by gold car in a dream

Folding of sleeping mats

Fetching water to bathe

Fetching water to bath

Forehead to forehead

Floating heas

Flood sky travel

Figure in white cloth

Forcefully took a ring which belongs to someone

Fear hiding

Friend annoyed at you

Friend smiling dream

Feeding a crowd

Falling through a ring

Floating rising above the ground

Following sibling through a dark basement

Fawn peeing

Feeding tamarind rice to my daughter

Falling out of tree

Flames and smoke on the sky

Fallen maas

Filling a boat with water from hose

Fat face woman

Fetish priest telling you to be careful

Finding hidden money in soil

Flages on enemies rooftop

Flat tires left all over road

Family gatherings for a funeral

Five coin rand

Finding treasure in the river

Fish skeletal bones in a soup

Frightening chaple

Frightening chappel

Find a lost underwear or panty


Fresh coconuts head

Feeding an insane person in dream

Fast running river with me sitting in a chair with cushion

Fall out of vagina

Flipping someone off

Fogged up family face

Fogged up family

Father is jobless

Fetching water from a dry well

Falling with cow into sea

Feeling relief

Folding small wooden chair

Frozen dead person in refrigerator

Falling and bouncing from the ground

Falling and bouncing

Food stuffs

Friends showing off wealth

Fighting my mother because of money

Flirting neighbour

Flowery tiles

Flood on a highway

Facing rascisim

Fight for pen

Father chasing a friend



Found my missing maggie cubes meaning

Flood with dead love ones

Fireworks and balloons

Faults in house i am selling

Floged in a dream with cane

Friends vagina

Freeing a dog in dream

Father wearning a new clothe in dream

Faeces in the pool

Floating baseballs on a field

Figure with glowing eyes

Forced to get married

Flogged by a priest

Feces on a dinner plate

Fake dog

Fake pet

Feet being bitten

Father testicles in pain

Father calling me everyday on the phone meaning

Father fell off building

Feeding my brother date

Former presidents

Flood on the roof

Film roll

Fly frog on bed sheets

Finding coins while sweeping

Father clearing my debts

Forgotten child as teen boy

Forgotten baby as teen child


Father select me a dress in dream meaning

Finding lots of eggs

Falling in love with a fictional charecter

Four kings in pokers

Flag on sk

Family organising a function for you

Found paper money

Found money in my purse that was ripped apart

Flying over clear deep water

Family memorabilia

Former partner wearing torn clothes

Father fell into a river

Fresh chicken meat

Frog in water bottle

Flying unknown girl

Flashing sanitary pads in the toilet

Funking my fellow friend

Funking my flo

Father hajj

Fire afire on ice

Feel warmth

Flowers comming out of my tongue

Flying dreams over ocean and big rocks

Fixing rock in stream

Feathers pinned to a tree trunk

Facing towards masjid

Fish taken out of my ear

Flying with president over water

Fatty cows as a dowry

Fresh food coming out from the mouth

Fish inside under the water


Five legs

Facing oncoming traffic

Foreplay with my school friend

Feeding apple to animal

Forgot something in the river

Flesh from vagina

Fertility spirit

Flowers growing in a church

Finding a gold necklace with the virgin mary

Faces in the mouth and every where

Fur animals

Finding god in messy place

Fox skull

Fix skull

Friends secretly drinking

Found a book called how to plan a funeral

Fake gunshot

Fat horrible snakes

Funke and husband

Finding my lost credit card

Forehead kiss of pegion in dream

Female bathing with men in dream

Flat rocks with holes

Fading awa

Forehead kissen crush

Forget you were watching baby

Forgetting about a baby for days

Female with male organ

Flushing apples soren the toilet

Fish licking feet

Friend choking on food

Face to face meeting with jesus

Fremont street


Five hundred money

Falling of pillars in the house of god

Falling sindoor on ur forehead from goddess idol means

Father law touching breast

Father in aw touching my breast

Fruit falling on head

Following someone under water

Floating silver ball

Field full of sweet potatoes

Fingers disappearing and reappearing

Falling baby from my hand

Fire and ice cubes

Feeding wild birds

Free from jail

Faceless jumpscare

Fell down from top of the building in dreams

Feathers growing on my foot

Feces and glass

Flushing pac

Frog kill ants

Fear of intruders

Father became invalid

Find my self in barbing saloon dream cutting of my hair

Find my self in barbing saloon dream

Footsteps in house

Fighting with a fat woman

Fortune plants in a blue pot meaning in a dream

Feel heat from someone in dream

Front door left unlocked

Flat rock

Flat river rock

Fat black cat attacking me

Frogs in white cloth

Feed a boy with breast milch

Facelesa dog

Fat black cat would not leave me alone

Fat orange striped cat

Friend cake

Fabric condition

Flooded highway

Fake gras

Fire tree snow

Fingering coworker in bed

Fran quinn

Fufu spiritual meaning

Friends from high school

Friend bewitches me


Feeling of being followed

Feet stratch in dreams

False accused

Falling in love with another race woman in a dream

Fusion into the road in a dream

For a child feces on someone means

Feel alone

Family tangi

Followed a crash

Floor rugs

Fish coming out of sores on body

Fire in bus

Fighting in valley or mountains

Floating shoesin a river

Freeze slice of polony