Female friend half naked

Fill plant pot with water and then drop it leading to crck

Fire burning roses

Flying without a wing in person is dream?

Funeral parlour

Friend wearing camo to a wedding

Forgot friend birthday

Fat belly

Fire burning my boyfriend black bag of his clothes

Fire burning a bag of clothes

Flying rats

Food stuck in your teeth

Fish attack

Friendship with crocodile


Flying coffin

Flashlight to eyes

Ferris wheel

Fading in my own dreams


Face breaking out


Fats and meat

Flower snake

Fire from cracked ground

Finger gun

Fish eggs

Finding a wristwatch in your dream

Finding a wrist watch in your dream

Friend painting his portrait

Friendly discussion with an emir in a dream


Fighting with genie

Filling in the tiles

Finding a lost handkerchief

Frying chinchin in dream

Female ejaculation in a dream


Frogs in a dream

Fetch water from the borehole

Fingering vaginal


Fucking wife from ass in dream

Frozen baby

Fake gold gift

Fall down from mountain

Fishing nylon

Fish entering a vagina

Flat mouth snake

Fish as transport

Friend return from foreign country

Flourished penthouse on the middle of the lake

Flying in dream at the top you see high tension wire

Faceless creature

Father in law giving you water to bath

Feeling a the warmth of touch on my face

Friend asking me out

Flower out of vagina

Flies biting two of my fingers

Fighting with a deceased mother in my dreams

Feeding pandit

Fighting and getting emotional with them

Flooded partly collapsed bridge in dream means

Feeding brahmins in dream

Fetching water with glass waterpot

Fetching water from bottle water pot

Five ways to give what you have.

Four number

Fron row seat

Foreign body in thenose


Finger by an insectbite

Fish from the sky fall to your house in dream means

Fallen bird nests

Fingerings a lady pussy

Friend sleeping on my stomach

Finding a gold necklace

Father being overprotective

Flowers with persephone written on it

Finding a lost phone in the dream

Fish in the clean water

Fish in the clean watet

Floating instead of walking

Flirting stranger

Father carrying child on his shoulders

Falling in stool pit in dream means



Fruits and oil in a dream

Fall from building

Forcefully go through a wall

Flamingo statue


Fighting dracula with a broken jaw

Fight broken jaw

Father and daughter sex dream meaning

Falling red brick wall

Fighting 3 people

Fixing my dead gramma necklace

Falling while trying to skate

Finger growing in dream

Fixing hair

Feeding cow and calf coriander in dream

Father rubbing my nipples

Friends with kpop idols

Finding bullet inside body

Finding bullets in stomach

Faith snd hope

Floral pants

Found crayfish in the house

Faceless being

Friends talking about amount numbers dream with friends

Found silver earings in water

Fuck woman in dream

Former president giving money



Face off

Finger scratching blackboard

Four colour rainbow shinning a bright light into the eye

Forget clothes

Fighting crocodiles in a river

Fungus in hair dream

Falling from staircase


Family being abducted

Faceless goat

Floating man bowler hat


Finding and picking water leaf among the weed

Falling from.a bench

Foals beigin born

Face disfigured

Falling in love with a stranger

Falling in love with a stranger in a strange country

Floating islands

Floating white duckling


Fruit recive men by woman

Fruit recive

Fruit recive full

Fighting group witch


Fishing with spire in dream

Family hates me

Faces in a dark cloud form


Finding artifacts in freams

Fire in the eyes

Finds a cowries in a hole

Flying peacocks high

Fighting between kids

Fight over tablecloth

Fufu in a dream means

Fighting apastor

Fighting my pastor

Fought kinner

Flying peahen in rooftop dream

Friend is hated by someone else

Finding keys in the canal

Falling into a pit in dream

Feeding chickens in a dream

Feeding birds in a dream

Flying craft

Falling off a bicycle

Found my sim card

Friend killed by a car

Fire coals

Fecting water in a jerrycan which has a holw

From aeroplane mango bunch has fallen for me

Fire exit door

Feeding of brahmin

Face speaking spanish

Frozen little bird

Finding a snake in an asian grocery store

Futuristic place

Futuristic world


Fighting with dead mothet


Falling feather

Forhead wounds

Former president praising me in public

Foot and toes cut

Fucking widow

Fucking my cousin

Face sweating

Fight with celebrity

Fire burning the fields

Fell from the man hole

Forget keys of house

Finding rats in a drawer

Frying chips and meat

Face spiral

Face spirel rolling eyes

Face divorming spirel

Face morves in spirel

Folding clean clothes in the dream

Folding clothes in the dream

Fruta verde cayeron

Flying yam the dream mean

First love

Friend sex with dog

Female demon

Fish jump inside mouth


Freezing dog in freezer


Forest wedding

Found lost cap in a dream

Fish figurine

Fish tail in a cloud

Flaming horse

Fenugreek dreams meaning


Fucked younggirlsfuckingnow.com

Fingers cut off and put back

Fragrant flowers such as roses, jasmine, narcissus, marigold, daisies etc.- if any of these are seen detached from its stem-it suggest that the observer will lose his accumulated wealth. but if they are not, it is a harbinger of a son who will be good, hones and righteous. how righteous he will be depends on the intensity of the fragrance given off by such a flower.



Favorite pair of pants

Falling off from ferris wheel again and again

Flower horn fish in dream

Fighting with mom and sister

Friendly red and black snake

Fruit black inside

Fighting mad woman in my dream


Feceating in flowing water

Fuck in dreams


Fingering someone in a dream and getting her cum

Flashing skylight in dream

Flashing black and white

Forcefully dragged pillow from my head.

Forcefully dragged pillow from y

Forcefully remove pillow from ones head

Family sex

Falling asleep driving

Falling off farris wheel

Faint light room

Faint light

Footprint of baby foot on my arm

Friends gathering and see deceased friend

Front teeth removed

Fades diamond engagement ring

Falling into a gutter in a dream

Fingers being jammed

Full pancake


Fish swimming the a river on the sky

Flower print

Flies white

Four eyes a baby

Finding bird seeds in your truck. dreams


Forgiving your ex

Female friend touching my penis

Fire throughout my town

Friend pant torn

Friend trousers tear


Frail person

Fawl and a goat having sex

Friend buying goat meat

Front seat dreaming

Farming and harvesting groundnut

Forced to go to the gym



Friend fingering asswhole

Former home broken pipes

Flease under the pillow

Financial markets

Feeding a madman in a dream

Fire in the building dream

Fresh groundnuts in the dream



Former female boss

Flies coming out of skin on feet

Falling angel from the sky

Fighting with teacher

Frying akara

Flying through portal to white light

Fish spa

Flood carrying clothes

Fighting with a stranger

File enter poop in dream

Fish eating a child

Fish with a lot of blood

Frothy water waves in the sea

Food all around in the floor

Friend emigrating

Fishes at the sea

Farm with green maize

Flushing head down toilet

Flogged by a teacher

Flip flops are gone

Fish coming out of my vigina

Fighting, baby death, child with stomach pain

Front seat of a car

Falling in a pool fully clothed

Fruit looks like a living bird

Flesh of human body for food

Finding a junior as a girlfreind

Falling in love with your kidnapper dream meaning

Father giving meat

Fried grandnut

Father medicine

Fruit tree of jaman

Feces of lizards in dreams

Flowing champagne

Frogs inside the house

Frogs inside

Falling of st. nino on me

Frying chicken oi

Friend was a genius

Falling off a boat being led by the current

Falling truck

Food seeds

Four weeds



Fighting with other women for a men


Fire burning toilet


Fire helmet too heavy to put on


Fingermillets in the garden

Fucking my maid

Fire in a diya going out

Football goal keeper

Friends separation


Fed an apple by a parent

Flood of rain water

For someone to sit on your lap

Food out of nose

Fetching water in a bucket

Falling many mangoes from sky

Feeding a baby in dream

Fake caring

Finding egg in dream meaning

Fingered my mom

Flyign airplane

Fellow woman kissing a breast in a dream

Fresh green marijuana seeds in dreams, what does it mean ?

Fire engine trying to park next to me

Feeding a homless child

Flying red dupatta

Frowning dead relative

Fight with sister punching

Fight whit sister

Fire on train

Fingering by crush dream

Finding caserole

Friend name written stone

Flies in wound no blood

Father attacks animal

Find lost shoe

Fighting with dead sister

Father exposing his penis

Flying snake at your house

Front gate of house is fallen on me

Flies out of wound

Fixing the yard

Flat bike tyre

Finding yourself in a fetish place in a dreams means what

Forget phone and sim but escape shooting gun

Forget phone and sim but escape death

Falling in love with old classmate

Flying and hiding

Fanugreek leaves to see in dream

Five foals running

Fucking representation of death

Falling bell

Fence fall on someone

Flash flood comminng

Funeral on the beach

Friends wedding mishap

Friend was heavily drunk

Fake jewels in a dream means

Fighting with a small boy in the dream

Falling car

Flower from the grave

Fish rolls

Flying snake on the roof

Finding a room

Falling big blue tower


Family being hurt

Foot prints on water

Fish coming out of your nose

Full pot of cooked rice

Fish eating cow

French loaves

Flying in plane in dreams

Fish in a dam

Fish in a bowel

Fish in a dish

Father and daughter having sex in my dream

Father took me to his house gave me money and gave me fish

Frying red oil

Festival been bit a dog

Fighting over palm fruit

Feeding a hen

Fire falling from the skies landing in houses people shouting and running in confusion with smoke

Forcing a stepmother into a dream

Falling sun

Frozen rose bushes

Fruit or vegetable

Fight mad man

Fruit in your bellybutton

Fenugrwek plant sprouting

Fenugrwek plants

Fucking women

Foot wear and house roof

Fight with mad man

Finding money under the pillow


Falling in love with ur kidnapper

Flying in military room

Finding a snake in your bathtub

Fighting with a dead mother

Finding money in an envelope on the griund

Finding money in a adt envelope

Fruitful bond

Fluer de lies

Fighting naked in the dream

Feet with mushrooms growing out

Fighting half naked in dream what does it mean

Fighting in church

Fox wagging tail

Faded color clothes

Father pinies

Falling candles

Fallong candles

Finding lost ring dream meaning

Fox wagging tale

Face stroke

Funeral on the water

Face plastic surgery

Folphin giving pearl

Face powder

Fluorite statue

Fulling a hole with water

Fetching two full jerrycans of water and seeking help of carrying

Fried fries

Fathers sister asking for money as presentaion

Friend death crying

Fried grasshopper

Fried grasshoppers only one was alive

Fried grasshoppers on one was alive

Fight with a celebrity

Fetching water in a bucket and later throw it away

Fulfilling a sack with full of paddy.

Four corners of the earth

Forgetting sister everything

Fish with lots of teeth in dreams

Flying and floating

Feet struck in rock

Feeding an old person in dream

Five biscuit

Feeding dolphin

Fingering a stranger

Flat white stone

Find a white flat stone

Fallen plane

Frog and snake

Fetching box of paper towels

Feeling burden

Flood prevented me from crossing to the other side

Fish swiming in sky

Floating shorts

Flood in desert

Flushing the cap

Full black eyes

Father is smoking in dream

Flag of temple

Fire rain


Flying in the aeroplane

Friend cooks cats in a milk soup

Feeding rice to a dead person

Fresh fenugreek leaves

Frying a baby

Friend slapped me

Fetching with clay pot

Friend wife in dream

Falling off a ship

Folding clothes shirts men

Fall in love with my brothers wife

Finding and returning

Floating with dora the explora

Finding a plum in your wine


Fucking a women

Fungus on left foot