Flying horse fall from the sky

Friends having fun

Flying dutchman

Finding clay

Female boss

Fake snake

Feeding curd rice in dream

Feeding curd rice to someone close

Fear of a spider

Fathers embrace

Frameless door

Float stick

Fingers being cut

Falling off white horse





Female squirt

Friend dog



Father is beating his daughter in dream.

Finding lost briefcase

Female traditional healer


Flog someone in dream

Footprints in sand

Frozen veg

Future husband

Friends swam naked in my pool

Falling of quran

Finding opals


Fetching water from despenser in adream

Father and daughter making love

Fortress man pointing

Fixing table

Falling angels

Frozen bird in the air

Full can of buttermilk

Fetching fire woods

Fluorite crystal


Flying falling


Front roe

Flying ants in the home

Fresh black jack

Finding old shoe

Falling of flowers pot from building in dream

Forgot my part of a song in choir

Fighting with police

Fetus in trash can

Fetus in trash bin

Falling from a billboard sign repeatedly

Fancy drinking glasses



Falling into grave that full of water

Fortune plant

Fighting with someone in the dream

Flying in a chair

Four magpies

Fighting in church

Friends sister

Fire ceremony

Fake gold chain

Fetching worms

Fetching mopani worms

Finger in my a us pain

Faded blouse

Flooded water

Flapping hands


Flying fishes

Fallen sai baba multi in dream

Fish hook stuck on arm

Finding food in garbage

Farm ridges

Foreign movie credits

Facial cut on a women you love

Footprints on wall

Falling dead squirrels

Friendly lizard



False teeth breaking off of dentures

Fucked by animal

Father being proud

Feces in a dream

Fighting gorilla

Flat blue soccer ball

Flare blue soccer ball

Fighting and death

Fighr and death

Fashing water

Fun house mirror

Forced to eat penis in my dream

Fireplace dream meaning

Fire and ice

Food in a gutter

Frustration hiding driving fast

Flickering lights feeling scared search charley (my man)in the other room. found him and told him about the lights my step father yelled and said to stopping talking about the lights being paranormal. we give up our room so my father had a bed. we take the blow up mattress in the spare room. as i fill it up there is a whole.

Flying with a jetpack

Fake freiends

Fish caught in a clean settled river

Fixing a church door

Floating in a boat on a chocolate river

Fixed bicycles


Family of turtles

Flipping on a wire




Father dreaming is son died

Frying puff-puff

Fly in ear

Fat boy weighing you down

Found money thats is buried

Featherd snake

Facial mutilation

Feathers and wing

Finding out someone is dead

Frying mandazi


Feather in a chair


Fire magic

Flower and kumkuma arishina

Floaring eye

Flying bart

Father crying

Full name

Friend killing my cat

Faceless woman in dream




Fast moving things in the house

Fight with spouse

Focus trees

Flirting with spouse

Flying german shepard gargoyle meaning

Fixing cables on electric pole

Front horse legs



Fucking women in dream

Familiar face in the dream but not in reality

Flowering vines

Frozen dead bodies

For husband to beat his wife

Falling in love with my kidnapper

Flowerhorn flowing

Flying feet first

Fake friends

Flipping upside down in elavator


Filed of bearing plants

Flying with a manatee

Flying in my dream

Foot thorn


Friend touching nipple

Fighting a teacher

Fetching water on a tap inside the church in your dream



Fish flying

Finger amputation

Finer amputatio

Foot sores

Finding lost gold jewellery in a dream meaning

Fetching of firewood

Flying in a plane with a friend

Fetching from well

Fried fish

Finding lost socks

Flowing growing out of face

Finding a cheque in dollars

Fictional character


Former president

Feeding a thin child

Fighting about money

Flying in theair

Face lot of holes

Friend fainted

Finding keys of someone that has died

Fictional characters

Forehead bleeding

Fathers house

Fly shatter

Forgetting books

Flying dog

Flying puppy


Filling containers with water

Forget my lines

Four dollar bill

Fighting my co-wife

Forgetting someone’s birthday

Fictinal character being in trouble and him liking me as a crush

French glass doors

Frog and gold

Fish in the sand


Family of walrus

Finding golden eagle feather

Finding a golden angle feather

Finding a golden eagle feather in a dream

Friends dying in dream

Frog in mouth

Fingering by unknown person

Funeral at church

Father swimming drinking bleach

Father swimming in bleach

Flowers growing

Four eyed dog dream

Freeing bird


Fish scales covering your body

Floating big black chair on sea

Fan in the dream

Fan falling in dream

Fetching oil bean cover in dream?

Fake play house

Finish line

Friend has lump in stomach end up serious when operated on

Family member snitching on friend

Finding eye glasses

Fingers growing plants

Food in the deep freezer

Found necklace of opal

Fire burning empty pot

Fire, empty pot stove

Flirting with your crush

Face to face

Found three gold rings

Fire alarm sprinkler

Fingers turn black

Flies in mouth

Flung out car window into space


Falling into the grand ayo o

Falling into the grand canyon

Finding hair in food

Fighting a celebrity

Fish hook in my skin

Fall in a open grave what does it mean




Four fingers up in dreams


Fighting with the group of gangsters

Falling plate in dream

Fabrege egg

Flesh falling


Finding sunglasses

Falling mangoes from sky

Friend getting smaller


Faberge eggs

Fish with no tails

Flying spider

Fair skin woman

Finding food in hair

Fire hydrant

Forks and spoons continuously coming out of mouth

Finger in anus dream interpretation

Floating of my baby show in a well


Former employer borrowing money

Finding baby coths

Friend name written in a paperback

Finding 2 pairs of shoes underneath a bench


Floating ship/boat in the sky

Falling down on stilts


Fictional character kiss me

Falling from a towee

Floating couch

Family in a circle walking away from me

Friend disfigured in accident

Feeding cheetah


Fire cause by gasoline and it went to the wire of electricity

Fireball hitting earth

Finding a giant gold nugget

Food on a fishing hook

Fungus in hair

Flower bush

Father having sex his daugther

Frying and eating chin chin

Fighting my senior brother in my dream

Find a dead body

Fish, kiss

Future girlfriend

Fight with loiness

Feel like you cannnot move

Flying with a man

Frying cassava in a dream

Finger butt fuck meaning of dream

Finger butt fuck meaning


Falling cash box in water

Flying snake in a dream

Foolish in public

Fish eating human baby

Flies on the sweet milk

Finding crystal pitcher

Flying away from crocodiles

Friend steals your girl

Face blood mirror

Fleas on myself and people while playing bingo

Fall rabbit hole

Falling off a beautiful boat on rough sea

Fish tank overflowing


Friend sister


Flock of black ducks chasing flying and running

Fake parent

Fight with father

Fall a large tree on the head but not damage

Fucking with teacher

Folding somebody clotges

Folding somebody clithds

Found slippers back

Floating head

Friend to sex

Feeding a sleeping snake cucumber

Fucking my friend

Fire in cornfield

Finding money in a shoebox

Faces painted black

Front tooth came out

Found money


Fusion of dreams

Face fully open pores

Fighting an old lady

Floating on water in a foundation too fast

Fingers sticking out of ground

Forefingers pointing up

Floating my clothes in wayer

Found a 50 dollars

Friend losing your gold ring


Falling front door

Fish hook in leg

Frozen vegetables

Family digs dead person up

Friend backyard my sister

Friend doing my hair


Foreign young man

Food in vagina

Feeding a bottle to a baby deer

Fiance walking away in the dream

Forced sexual acts

Forehead against someone elses

Father brushing teeth

Fire cupboard

Feet in fire and then remove the fire

Friend turns into lizard in dream

Falling down an infinite hole

Filter palm wine

Fighting with father

Father hungry

Father asking for food

Forgetting purse

Four full blue moons

Funeral and wedding at the same time

Flag pole

Filthy money

Female genitalia

Frog eggs

Fox and stark

Fried chin chin

Father husband

Father as husband

Falling elevator



Fighting with co wife

Face brush

Floating coffins

Five rand coin

Former king

Fall from roof

Finding and giving back someones hanjatchift

Fallen shattered chandelier

Fallen chandlier

Food in the toilet

Food inside toilet bowl



Filling a hole



Father dougther sex using camera

Friend getting married happily

Faded wall dream


Filling jars with water

Feet bleeding

Feet bleding

Fight with daughter

Find a lost in a dream

Flowers growing on.a grave

Friend sweating

Family member getting stabbed

Finding my lost ring

Fighting with teens that you are watching

Findind shoes

Fire engine

Falling in slow motion

Fetching water

Forget locker code dreams

Flying over forest

Forehead hair grown

Fighting invisible force




Faded cloth in a dream

Family members smiling in a collage of pictures

Flying iin outer space

Flying iin outer space from where earth can be seen

Flesh cyst coming out of my body

Flesh cyst coming out

Fetching maopane worm from a tree


Friends getting married without telling you


Fururistic city

Faucet switch


Fingers bitten

Fishhook in my ear

Four flying spiders

Face ripped in dream

Fesces in a pool

Foreigner women

Forgetting to wear covid mask


Furs. sable

Friend wearing wedding dress but marriage getting cancelled due to death in family

Found neckless and hide into the mud


Fox crying for help

Falling into dark waters

Fake gold ring

Fell pole

Fell pole in dream


Fabric in a store

Fabric in a store in your dream means

Fabric in a store dream means

Flying clear sky

Flying around oak tree

Fufu interpretation in a dream

Former boss not doing well

Flying guinea pig

Flying bat urine


Fish and penis

Fish coming out the penis

Fingers in the mouth of something

Fight with animal

Fingers in the mouth of a cow but not bitten

Fingers in the mouth of a cow

Floating stone

Footprints in the sky

Flowering red tree

Fear of seeing wolf in a dream


Fake parents

Fried shrimp

Forgotten dream

Feathers being pulled out


Finding taweez

Friends boyfriend

Flying bolder of rocks towards you

Flying rock towards you

Female body part

Fabulous female brests

Ferris wheels

Fence to collapse in d dream

Fingering vigina in dream with crush girl

Fruits in freeze in dream meaning

Fish and water in a dream