Flying among stars above my step brothers homestead

Flying long hair

Flying monkey in dreams

Full basket of pepper

Feeding sick person with water

Father beating his daughter in a dream

Family member accident

Flushing a lizard

Foxy brown

Fish in clean water

Fighting with bolo

F you dreamed of being burned in/by an stove

Feather in virginia

Fancy pants

Fuel tanker

Fetching sea water to bath

Fetching sea water

Father attempting sex with daughter

Family member coming back from a trip

Found your own slippers in the dream

Falling fire balls from the sky

Forgetting to pack clothes

Finding trinkets and treasure between the waves of the ocean

Falling ring toilet

Feathers on a body after a mad man huke him

Fighting with crocodile in my room

Found different guns in my bag

Freckles on body

Following someone in a dream meaning

Frying in a dream

Flooding at school

Flying fridge

Fire, coal, pot, in the dream?

Flying as a family whilst in a horse drawn cart

Flying whilst in a horse drawn cart

Fufu in a dream signifies what

Finding a gold button

Flame in cocking oil

Faceless cat

Flying termites

Finding gummy candy

Fall from building

Foam water

Fighting a madwoman

Frozen cucumbers

Friend asking for money

Foam coming out of ears

Fingernails in gums

Fingernail clippings in mouth

Faded gold ring in a dream meaning

Flower of guava plant

Flogged by a secondary school teacher in my dreams

Finding a tall jewlry box with jewlry mostly red rubies that belonged to your grandmother

Finding a tall jewlry box with red rubys

Finding a red ruby

Feminine pads

Faminine pads

Fry cassava


Feeling your unti vagina in the dream

Flowing water under a bridge


Flowers above study table

Floods of fishes

Fresh fishes

Fetching water with broken gallon in the dream

Fetching water with a broken rubber

Fucking dead wife

Flower garland received from a widow

Father in law and mother in law get injection

Forgot to get dressed

Forgot your pants

Flower sex

Food vendor in dreams

Funeral food

Father feeding to daughter

Forgetting ticket

Forgetting concert ticket

Fungus in my nose

Feeding water to dead person

Fucking transgender

Face white and brown


Flood in my dream

Frog trapped in web


Front house garbage

Flooded rice field

Friend making my matrimonial bed

Falling in love with my brothers

Flood and it took my purse someone return it

Falling of hijab in head

Falling of hijab

Forget to pack daughters lunch and can’t find her backpack

Fighting father

Forgetting your password in your dream meaning

Falling into a soak away with your girlfriend

Father kills mother

Fallen building

Fanta in dream symbol

Female sucking my brest in my sleep

Falling finger except index and middle

Flood carry clothes in my dream . what does it mean?

Friendly elephants


Father second marriage



Fatist priest

Flying in the air while shouting halleluya

Fresh heena leaves


Floating white ball of light orb

Full body with water filled pimples

Friendly visit to a transgender community

Fight with your step siblings

Foam anointed on curly hairs

Flying throne

Facebook notifications

Flying on a plan

Finding a a mama bird and her chicks

Flying monkey in a dream means what

Fire born my phone in dream meaning

Falling drowning into a frozen lake


Fat mice

Feeding talking parrot peanuts

Father in-law died

Floating the clothes in river


Furniture being repossed

Foreigner girls

Fetching water in a pot or bucket

Foggy airport


Fairy holding baby

Flowers blooming out of vagina

Flying termites in the dream

Friend replacing


Futuristic building halls

Foul odor

Fruit received from your brother

False accusation of beating

Fire in the stove

Fetching water from a drum

Food filling

Falling in love to a teenage guy in my dreams

Fetching water from a borehole

Flowing water with moss

Falling of sick jaw

First aid for friends in dreams

Foggy in a cold weather

Floral clothes in a dream meaning


Falling coconut on to the head of my husband

Falling tampons


Fingering my mother

Falling venus

Forcibly squeezed breasts

Friday afternoon i dreamt the man i love asking me to pray where i was not in a situation to pray, as i went out to eat, but he sat on the couch started praying even asked me to pray, what does it mean ?

Feces mixed with food in plate

Friends gathered around a round table with books on it

Female falling inlove with shemale

Fighting demon with prayer

Face vein in a dream

Face vein ( left side) in a dream

Finding a stranger in your garden

Fighting with two strange men

Fighting up in the sky

Fighting in the air

Frying eggplant

Fucking my mom


Father in law

Fragile meaning

Friends unhappy in my dream

Fucking in public

Fermented milk

Finding emerald necklace

Friends wife wanting to be with me


Flying and hitting a rock

Fire in soil hole

Flying and crashing into the ground

Father in law blessing

Fire burning a bag

Fucking uncle in dream meaning

Flower trees


Finding ring in washing machine

Food falling out of the vagina

Fairy kisses

Front and back parking

Finding 25 cents what does it means

Finding 25 cents 2of them in a floor house

Fallopian tubes

Friend hugging me from back

Fetch water for someone who throw it away

Frog drinking coke

Filling tire with air

Fixed a designed long nail


Following a pritty woman

For an ex boyfriend to be toasting a with an exgirlfriend

Fish at bottom of a lake

Family member jumping into pond

Fire explosion

Feed a child with soil

Flowing river in opposite direction

Fish stick to the ceiling

Falling water tower

Friend seen from a distance

For bird to take away intestine in a dream

Friend giving me a gift of pads

Fog pollution and clearing up mist

Flowers that are dancing or moving

Fingering your self

Falling inlove

Falling on top of the tree leaf safe


Foul in my dream

Fowls eating

Father in good harvest of rice

Folding bed sheet with sperm

Full moon with beautiful eyes lips and nose

Friend sleeping with my sister

Flogging your sister in dream

Flies coming out of a container

Fingers transparent and worm inside

Female with blisters

Feamles with blisters

Fat prawns

Fetching water into a drum in the dream means what?

Fire in bathtub

Fruit father giving to daughter

F you opened the door in your dream and let the bird out to fly away with joy in your heart

Flying sto niño

Forgetting something in your drem

Finding lost gold ring of uncle

Father promoted in dream

Fallen main wall

Family holiday

Fish attacking a loved one

Frisbee with a stranger


Falling chair from the sky

Filling nursing form in a dream means

Finding lost clothes means what

Father buying food

Figurine figures

Fresh leopard skin in dreams

Father beats you with sugarcane

Fox bitting at back

Falling from mountain while climbing with others

Flying in bus

Folding a mat

Fish being removed from stomach

For a lady dream and see her friend woman been beaten by her man

Fetching water from the bole hole

Fetching water in the bole and drinking it at the same time


Father slapped his son on the face

Falling on shit in a dre

Fish being inserted into the vagina

Fixing jesus arms

Father calling my name in a dream

Fat tick

Fertile manual soil on dream

Filling coming out

Feeling the rain


Familly member

Familly member fall

Fetching water in the tap in my dream

Fliying with other person child on my back

Family friend

Fish changing skin

Falling stone

Feeding children in the dream

Fire coming out of your hands as a magic while people are watching in a dream

Five fingers in vision

Fanta gift in a dream

Fighting as my favorite friction character

Father naked sits in chair

Flying with a jetpqck

Fox hiding in my dogs mouth

Farm clothes

Fallen branches un dream

Finance minister

Future boyfriend


Father dead

Fell into a pit of feces

Feeding mad man in a dream

Feeding a mad man

Fur growing in floor

Friends with k-pop

French kissing friend cheating

Fighting a tikoloshi at night

Found a broken necklace on floor

Friend asking for pads

Friend ashing for pads

Fighter jet flying


Futuristic buildings

Face bathing in a dream

Finding a page in an open book

Fingering your sister

Fishing line stuck

Friend asking

Found a lost wedding ring in a dream

Finding a place for knitted hats

Four iris in eye

Flat tummy

Female sexual domination

Find lizard in clothes

Father having sex with daughter

Floral evening dress

Father being handicapped

Falling dark

Four suitors

Finding dead bodies in a busy road on rainy day in a dream

Floating coffin in a dream

Fungus hair head

Fire truck in waking life

Fire engine sirens

Floss plaque off teeth

Fetching water from a tap and bathing using calabash.

Fetching water from the tap in a bucket and calabash

Fetching muddy water with bucket

Face in sky

False tooth

Fall from mountain

Fallen from a rocky mountain

Family gathering

Fleas on my vagina

Fleas on my vagina meaning


Fungus on water

Fighting crocodile

Foodstuffs givt

Fairies meaning

Friend loss

Fire in dream means what

Fetching water with white gallon

Female friend mom

Fingering by an unknown girl

Faceless black woman with long dark hair

Five peso coin in my dream

Floating in a blue river

Falling from a tree

Falling from a tree and breaking your leg

Fitting over all clothing

France v ukrin

Finding a severed hand

Feed little dragons

From vagina

Finding a meteorite on beach

Feeling uncomfortable about dirty school uniform

Fake silver ring

Failed to lead worship

Finding my parents dead

Finding a dead body in my house

Face wound

Father fighting husband

Father and husband

Fish scales

Finding lost shoes

Friend got job

Fetching water from the church

Feng shui dream of keeping stranger neighbour key in my home

Foul in dreams meaning

Foul in dreams

Fingers being glued together

Floor upside down

Flogging student in dreams

Fighting about money w

Falling from bed in sleep


Fire at school


Faded dress

Finding jewelries near on the beach

Fighting against feral children

Feeling to have sex in the dream

Fell off in dirty water

Fingering myself in dream

Fingers myself in dream

Fido dream

Fish hock and two elephants

Funeral then a wedding dream

Flowing river in dream

Fighting with dead father

Flower blouse

Full in keg in dreams

Following someone walking

Fiji islands

Former boss shoes seeing in dream

Fund raiser

Fighting at school


Frying angel fish

Front of someone

Fungus on toes


Fire extinguished with water


Father digging tge ground

Foreign currency papers

Fire exit

Food and oil

Fighting with a water gods in the dream

Flying around the sky in the dream

Flooded elevator

Fetching water into tank

Flying with jetpack on

Fight a mad woman in a dream means what?

Fire on a road


Fighting a particular church

Fighting with my co-wife in a dream

Feeling horny in my dream means what

Fetching water in aborehole

Father disvirgines daughter

Family escape from danger

Feeling scared of snake in dream

Fingers stuck together

Femine body parts

Fishing fish with salt

Fishing dish with salt

Friends give me jean trouser in my dearm

Fertile kand

Foreign appearing in a dream

Fabric meaning in adream

Frying chicken in dream

Flowing cow dung

Fishing wore

Fight with sister

Fighting with evil using rosary beads

Flushing my head down toilet

Friend not listening

Father pulling my genitals

Father pulling me with my genitals

Filling overflowing water bottles and half naked

Food in dreams

Flushing parasite

Fire and brimstone

Far relative

Fighting a evil shapeshifter

Falling of my deceased grand father photo frame

Fat man sitting

Fighting with my mother

Flower beans

Fighting a zombie

Falling on a pile of rocks

Fucking a baby in a dream meaning

Frying puff puff in dreams


Fairy people

Forcing you to give money

Fish gills

Funeral but i was happy with my son

First cousin dream meaning


Foreign baby in a dream

Fine chana


Four boys in the forest



Fixing an old car

Fucking breasts

Fucking ass

Falling honey outside my door in my dream

Finding it difficult to spit out saliva in a dream and woke up with saliva in mouth

Finding it difficult to pour out sala a an d woke up with saliva in mouth

Fixing of weavon

Folding pants

Flowers of different colors growing in your hands

Fengshui calendar

Fetch water in a drum

Fighting with my niece

Female white pangolin

Fetish priest in a dream

Floating black hoodie in a dream

Floating girl

Fire approaching our home

Filling pitcher with oil

Finish a task

Friend shooting you

Father giving you golden bracelet

Front tooth fell off

Fighting crying and hugging

Fresh capenter

Family member giving birth and placenta dropped on floor

Fly fighting