Half a million rand

Hair large root

Having sex with a mad man in the dream

Harvesting ripe tomatoes

Hurt someone with razor

Hurt someone with knife

Hearing trumpet sound by an angel

Husband reveals outside baby

House wslls collapsing

Hotel luxury bath

Holding hair in a dream

Having a bath with my formal girlfriend in a public bath

Having food in gurudwara

Having kara parshad in gurudwara.

Having sex with donkey

Husband with sexual activity

Holding dry maize meaning

Holding dry maize crop

Heavy book

Hiding in or near ocean

Half human and half cow dreams mean

Having nose bleeding with big blood clots coming out

Holi play

Hole in the brain

Hoof print

Having ar

Half crow half hog

Hanuman ji photo in toilet in dream

Husband wife taking bath

Husband sex with a man

House on stilts

Holding a rod in my hand

Holding a brides dress during her wedding

Home with unknown rooms

Holding hands with my dead grandmother while walking

Heights trapped

Husband having baby with another woman

Having corns underneath my feet

Having long chest hair female

Husband go abroad

Husband riding a bick with me in my dream

Hijira comes ro dream wt happen

Happy with my crush and a lot of people around

How to catch life grass cutter

Having thumb cut off

Happy laughing

Hadriving a car

Hair band snapping



Husband rescue u in your dream from someone who try to kill you

Hole in left foot

Husband talking

Heels in the sea water

Holy painting

Half of my soul taken

Husband beat up

Husband getting beat

Hearing a female voice asking for help

Husband is a pwrvert


Havesting unfinished ripe pepper

Head on head


Half different body

House crach

Having missunderstanding with your brothers

Holding cross

Holding calabash if wealth


Horror gams

Husband seeing his wife bathing with other man in dreams

Having sex with the baby

Heavy rain taking your work shoes away

Husband urinated in my mouth

Hearing death news of own child in dream indicate

Harvesting monggo

How to grow garlic

Head fish

Husband beats his wife in dream

Having 2 drumsticks in hand

Husband shirtless in dream


Havesting cocoa seeds and suck

Husband sleeping with someone

Having sex with a dog in a dream

Having my credit cards and money stolen from my purse

Husband shaving beard

Horse with human body


Hawk landing on arm

Having a big bowl of smoke fish in dream

Having sex in a uncompleted building in the dream

Having a baby with loved one in dream

Husk dreams meaning

Husk dreams meaning

Holding queen bee

Hugging a dead celebrity wearing a white outfits in a dream

Husband sucking my breast in a dream

Hearts and lungs

Headphone broke

Helping a young woman at bank consultant

Helping a young woman at bank consultant cubicle

Heart bypass



House middle the ocean

Hippopotamus in water

Husband walking away from me

Huge black corbeau

Holy spirit anoint in dream meaning

Heels straps

How to cut alin

Having baby boy kinner comes at home


Hair pulling coming off of leg skin

Hibiscus flower

Holding hands warm

Husband had a blow in the head

Husband had head injury

Husband had hesd injury

Hesd injury

Holden lion

Hanuman ji in anger

Hawking in dream

Hybrid cow

Hybrid snake

Holding a white baby what does it mean

Holding udara in the dream

Hitting goal in soccer

Hair grow out of front teeth

Holding girl chimp

Having intimate moment with ex boyfriend

Hijarah giving you money

House full of your girlfriend things

Hanging pot stolen

Husband picture ripped by someone

Having sex with a mad man in a dream

Hand jewelry

Having sex with a prophet

Husband of pregnant woman sees daughter in dream

Husband give mother mary picture

Hawking dream meaning


Having sex with my anut and i was not in to it before my aunt pulled my crock out in my dream

Helping in a disaster

Helping injured people in emergency

Hot water throwing in dream

Holding a black pastors jacket

Having public sex with my two neibours

Human chicken


Having sex with my uncles wife

Hammer and rain

Hijacking a trin



Harvesting mophane

Hair growing big

House toilet


Having sex with my unmarried pastor

Hidden a bag of gold coins

Holding hands dying person


Helping mom cook

Hanging clothes in a room

Having sex with a older woman

Half naked drunk man

Hiding a car in dream

Hatched turkey chicks

Hatched turkey eggs

Hanged in dream

Hesitate to jump off plane

Holding two amethyst in a dream

Husband leaving you and at a funeral

Head of a horse

Handbag losing

Hollow face

Holding a hand of aces from a deck of cards

Huse made of stone

Holes being created in the ground

Hindus meaning of pink

Hole in my right palm

Hearing about a death

Having a crush on foreigners

Having a crush on european boy

Having fun with dog in traffic

Hugging hellfire

Hill is sliding in a dream meaning

Hiding behind objects

Hiding from gang

Handsome young man

Husband helped me wash clothes


Holding hands

Head hair cut

Husband cutting wifes hair

Her spirit as a dog

Hollow walnut tree with no bottom

Having four breast in a dream meaning

Husband without beard

Having sex in dream with a mad man

Husband shaved

Husband clean shaved

Hungry black horses running in the sea

Holding an animal heart

Healing of sick people

Heard only the name gurudwara

Home ladder

Healing mad woman in a dream

House flowing river

House graveyard

House full of water and leaking roof

Husband eating another woman pussy and mouth is covered in mustard

Having fun


Having sex at school

Having two boy friends in a dream meaning

Harvesting sweet potatoes with a hoe

Hijra telling that i will die early

Husband being caught in terrorism

Horbill chicks

Hanging from tall building

Heavy object falling on me from the sky in dream


Husband without socks

Headless cats

Helping a baby black bird

Hands sanitiser

Husband having sex with mom

Half naked woman dancing

Hanging babies clothes to dry

Hanging from ledge

Horse and ugly girl

Holding 3 bunch of ripe palm fruits

Hinjra dancing for my baby

Hand with a wedding ring and a gun


Hands with fungal infection

Hiding from a lion

Hacked parents

Hitting unknown colleague

Having sex with my pastor in dream

Husband death in dream

Harvested amarula fruit

Husband psych hospital

Hearing death news

Having bindi

Hearing someone say 10 year in a dream

Husband ride in the bike and give key and went off

Holding a baby whilst pounding fufu

Husband sucking partner nipple

Husband finding a new wife

Hanging white clothes on a line

Half burried

Head covered in white cloth in a dream

Head covered in white in a dream

Hawking unripe oranges

Hawking peeled unripe oranges

Hawking peeled unripe orange

Haldi kum kum


Holes in boat

Hanuman ji idol fallen dowm

Having no dupata


Having a ground but oil stuck in the home by

Having triple vampire teeth

Human bird hybrid

Hearing conchell shell

Holding a bag of crayfish in the dream

Hindi pantay ang paa

Have antlers

Having food


Husky dog

Husky on fired

Having sex with beautiful teenager

Hawking hair products in my dream

Hawking air cream

Hiding sanitary pads

Husband marriage

Having sex with your boyfriend in a chicken pen

Half woman half ape chasing me in my dream

Half woman half ape

Husbands accident in dream

Holes in wedding decoration materials

Hugging walking in church

Having sex with boss

Head of water

Hijra came home having food dream

Having sex with a man who has female reproductive organs

Husband enjoys wearing colourful clothes

Has anyone is missing uniform?

Husband bleeding from anual


Hair on food

Haunted mall

Having sex with a chinese woman

Having sex in dream

Havesting oil bean in the dream

Humimoid robots in dreams according to holy bible

Harvesting of ripe palm fruit in the dream

Holy communion

Having sex with a dog

Human animal hybrid

Horse trying to mate

Having sex with president

How do honour a late father

Horns of rhino



Half opened door

Helping the blind in a dream

House roofing

Have not dupta and looking for it

Hijra saying that she is not yours

High school fiel trip

Hats off

Horse and bull

Husband died of stroke

Huge rock rolling from the hill

Holding red clothes

Holding red cloth

Hair clips

Herbs dreaming

Having sex with an angry mad woman in my dream

Horses in house

High tide dream meaning

Holding fufu in a dream

Husband having sex with other girls

Having a new phone in the dream what is the meaning

Hole body

Hearing loud static sound

Handbag caught fire

House in the middle of ocean

Half snake half man means

Hope in my left hand

Handing a fork to someone

Hotel rate

Hel down

Hurting someone intentionally

Hugging someone and receiving money from him

Hair turns dreadlocks in a dream

Heart of earth

Helping friends to wash clothes in the dream

Husband died in an ambush

Husband ambush and die

Husband suffering chicken pox

Hands from sky reaching out for your hand

Holding a bird

Husband having sex with other woman

Harvesting a plant of groundnuts


Having sex with your girlfriend

Huge black bird with long beak trying to catch me

Having your traditional marriage without a shoe in the dream

Half dressed


Hole in a bamboo

Having sex intercourse with your mother

Having intercourse with your mother

House top mashing up

Hugging my dead grandmother in a dream that she is so fat

Half human half monkey

Hairless hatched chick

Hairless chick

Half crow man

House in the middle of the ocean


Having sexual intercourse with ur aunt in your dream

How much is one thousand euro to naira

Hunted by white eyed thing

Hair becoming thick

Having sex with your pastor in dream

Hand cutt

Hand cutt off

Head injury in dream

Hindu sadhu in dream

Homosexuality dream

Haitian woman tells me about my business

Harvesting dry maize in the dream

Holi preparation

Husband hiding your money to spend


Husband going abroad to work

Homosexual cousin

Handshake with a deceased friend in a dream meaning

Handshake with my late father dream

Husband girlfriend giving birth

Hair cream in a dream

Having sex with husband in dream meaning

Hanging washed cloths for drying

Having sex with a woman in dream

Hair in vajaina

Headless saint dream

Have a small talk with prime minister


Had a dream i mixed purple siswasho and umcako white clay in a glass jar what does it mean

Hole in hund

Have sex with and ex

Hair between the eyes or covering the nose

Hip bone

Home in a foreign place

Half human half wolf

Human faced cat

Husband flirting another girl

Have of cracked face

Herbal tea


Homosexuality in dream meaning

Height measuring in dream

Harvesting eddoes

Husband brother and his wife fighting with

Haldhi kunku

Horns by carabao

Harvesting plenty of sweet potato in a dream


How to make a woman squirt

Hung women clothes

Hug thier baby

Horsegram dream

Hugging ex friend

Half pot of cooked rice

Hill women shoes

Hill shoes

Having sex with step mother

Human giving birth to snake

Hearing death news of sibling

Heart rob actor in my dream

Human dissection

Husband and ex wife fighting

Heaven born

Henna in hand

Having an affair with ur pastor in the dream meaning

Hibiscus flower in dream

Handcuffs in dream

Having sex with biological sister

Having sex with blood sister

Human being in the form of tansperent

Hawking water

Husband had sex with prostitute

Haning wedgie

Husbands head without body

Heavy traffic noise in dream

Hearing a prophet call you name

Husband’s hand cut

Holding a stainless plate in the dream

Husban comming sina



Half naked in dream

Harvesting coco yam dream

Half part of dead body on the with someone car accident

Holding penis of dead father

Having sex with a bitch

Husband burning my clothes

Had a dream my husband is having sex with me

Heart rhythm

Hurt by a stick in the leg with blood flowing out

House and she show me

Hibiscus flower on the ear

Huge full-moon and sun rising together

Have a baby with a good friend

Horse meign

Her love

Hanging body

Hand cramp

Happy and enjoying with royal family

Her butt


Hanging clothes drenched in rain

Heart hole

Harvesting sweetpotato

Harvesting and cooking sweetpotato

Have sex with a dead person in my dream

Harvesting lanzones fruit and eating it

Hair growth out of teeth in dream

Horse cart lady sitting

Husband dream about me breading

Hols in someone palm

Holding sapota

Hamster chasing me

Half human and half bird

Husband marrying your cousin

Hawking chin-chin in the dream mean what

Having sex with your wife

Hole on grave

Holding torn towel


Half dressed up

Heavy food

Human fingers


Heart in fire

Horse turn into human

Having sex with dead person

Holding pan on hand

Having diarrhoea in a dream