Hand sanitiser

Half of body missing

Half of someone else’s body

Half a body

Holding breath

Holding someone’s face with both your hands

Hearse with coffin in dream

Have someone sign

House in mudslide

Huge basement filled with large furniture

House with large rooms

Hearing the name of the prophet

Hear sounds in dreams

Hearing balls

Hair falling

Horrible tasting food


Having a pillow mailed to you

House being crushed


Heart rip

Harvsting mopane worms


Husband got oral sex from another women

Healed wound on head

Husband cheated on me

Hugging deceased

Hip replacement

Hidden room with lockers

Husband sitting on mortar means what

Holding hands jumping

Husband passing out

Hand in body

Home invader

High school love

Have an exam and haven’t been to class all semester

Holey place

Hawking peppered meat in the dream

Hummingbird in my hand

Hair bows

Holding gold key

Home intruder refusing to leave

Holding.a plantains in a dream that belongs to me what is the meaning

Holding plantains in a dream what does it mean

Hair dryer broken

Hacking off fingers

Harvesting mopane worms in dream

Hands in dog mouth

Hearing door slam

Hummingbird eating a worm



Husband hiding money spent

Husband hiding money and gambling

Head of jesus christ

Husband inappropriate with daughter

Hiking with someone


House with no roof

Home house and not getting in

Hunted and harrassed

Home improvement

Had dog ears on my head and the right one looked chewed on there were 5 holes in it

Hit head with shovel

Harvesting ground nuts

Hijrah dancing in dreams

Hitting a snake

Hitting a snake with a broom

Halfman halflizard

Held hostage


Helping to protect


Hizra in evening dream

Hijra selling things to me

Handwriting letter

Huge turtle

Hole left palm hand

Hiding body

House leaning

Husband molesting son

Hawking food in the dream

Hoe tool

Hair mullet

Harvesting cocoyam, what does it mean

Head above water

Holy communion

Helping someone to pound yam what it mean

Hair conditioner

Hole in carpet

Haldi in dream

Haldi and kumkum in mangalsutra

Haldi and kumkumbin mangalsutra

Hair clamp

Hitting your butt


House of pillars

Hiding under tree roots smell of dirt

Hotel named bougainvillea

Having sex in a dream with uncle

Half open door

Having same person in a dream


Husband sex sombidy

Holding a girl on my shoulders

House caving in and rats


Headless woman sex

Having no bullets it being destroyed

Hallways in school

Harassment, someone trying to kill me

Hiding a blue ball


Hot air balloon

Having giant blue withered hands

Human face with a horse tail

Hop scotch dream meaning

Helcopeter is fireing gin one me

Hair is long and black

Hair changes from blonde to black

Hearing original music

Hitman capture me and husband and take us to mexico

Holes in my penis

Hands clasp

Hallway bright color

Holding hands with dying grandmother

Huge pinecone

Huge pincone

Holdup a queue


Healing and foretelling in a dream

Having sex with mad girl in dream

Having romance with older lady in a dream

Hawking vegetable in a dream

Hugging book

Hair mole on face

Husband in fire


Harvesting cocoyam with my crush


Hidden behind a door

Human hearts being cut

Head cut with knife .

Hawk attacking a puppy

Hawk attacting a dog

Having vitiligo on my legs

Having sex with uncle’s wife

How to know which dreams are importnan

Having to choose

Hippo meat

Had a baby called her ria

Half bird half human

Holding marijuana

Human head bird

Hairy dog suddenly bald

Havesting okro in a dream


Human face animal

Hear activity in the basement

Hear noises in the basement

Hand prints wall

Help from saint

Hawking groundnut in dream meaning

Hole in the right hand

Hunting pigs

Having putting on the cap

Husband with child from another

Holes in the ocean

Hole in the ocea


Husband buy shoes

Holding a cardinal

Holding a snake tail

Husband disappearing in a car over an ice pond

Husband disappeared

Hair in a knot

Hair in a knot coming out of my virgina


Hope in the wall


Hanging of a dead person

Hunted by a tiger

Hoarse voice

Having intercourse with your lover

Have a dream of dressing like a soldier

Having sex with a mad man in d dream

Hanging from a building

Holding hands with a stranger

Half face painted in white

High rank job in dream

Hi heather

Heavy robe

Head of statue of liberty outside the window


House repair

Hidden door to outside

Hearing a bird producing a sound and when i woke up i hear the bird producing the sound

Hand in dog mouth

Hair growth on palms



Husband carrying wife using wheelbarrow

Husband licking honey in my hand

Hanging white plate

Herd of buffalo


Hobo gypsies


Had. a dream of my ex bother in law. and he was takeing me. home

Horse licking you

Husband vomiting

Husband dreams wife is cheating

Having dinner with my pastor and his wife

Hair extensions

Heart shape

Heard one single bark in my dream

Holding a particular girl kneel

Hanging upside down on tree

Huge tree

House boy in a dream mean what

Horizontal lines

Hung child

Hair vigina

Hit in head with golf ball

Husband insulting you in front of people

Having sex in bathroom



Helping kinner in dream

Hot woman

Hearing water splash in a dream

Hit with a thermometer

Henna face

Huge waves and hanging on to a tree tightly to not get washed away

Hose sitting

Husband had eye injury and i screamed and was unable to help him

Hole in the ground with a man there

Helping enemy with cooking gas

Husband chest

Husband leaving wife in dream

Hide gold

Hiee gold

House coats for women in the burlington store

Hair in food

Have sex with boyfriends

Had a dream that someone heels is cracked

Holding deceased husbands hand

Huge redwood tree

Hiding something from family

High building

Husband sucking breast in the dream

Horse stolen and recovered in dreams

Hugging my lecturer in tears

Hitting me with lime

Horse butts in a dream

Huge cyst/lump in middle of chest

High school friends

Having sex with shemale in the dream

Having sec with a madman in a dream

Horse red

Heavy baby dropping it

Harvesting beans


Helping someone selling food

Husband stabbing me

Husband stab me with a knife

Hole in neck


Holi colours

Hiding clothes

Hole in skin/decaying skin

Hijra was cursing me in my dream

Husband in a mass

Husband in accident


Heard doorbell

House in mountain

Hhot pose

Husband taking shower with wife but looking at a foreign woman


Having sex with a madman in her dream

Heavy head on chest

Holding an old broom in a dream

He gave me coins of money

Hearing pouring water

Hawk was looking at me

Hello man

Hanging bedings in the re


Hanging out with mike tyson dream

Husband and myself sitting in a room and he confesses he is was having an affair

Head fall off

Having blood around bed with new born baby


Husband coming out of the bathroom with another woman

Having two dishwashers


Holding a bottle of sprite in my dream

Horror girl falling over

Having sex with a mad person in a dream meaning

Headstone misspelled

Hugging someone from behind



Having sex with a married man and being caught in the act | dream interpretation

Hanging upside down naked


How can i block contacts which are not in my phone book


Half woman half bird

Homes that are mobile homes

Healing someone with breast cancer

Hugging a wolf

Hanging clothes in rain

Having black hair and blue eyes

Husband naming the unborn child

Hugging your dead grandmother

Holding a hymnbook in dream?

Husband sitting on porch with papers while snakes slithering in the yard what does this mean?

Healing a bird

Hair in pie


Hand saw

Harvesting okro dreams

Having romance with a mad woman in dream

Holes in feet

Holding a pot in a strange land

Healing someone dream

Husband at strip club in dream meaning

Horse running in the ocean


Hole in hose

Hedge trimmers

Hanging body of brother

Having sex with president in a dream

Having sex with a dead person

Hearing a door close

Half human half pig dream

Hand shake with the devil

Hearing death news of a family member in a dream

Hiding money behind me


Hair on ankles

Hand lotion

High muddy water

Hair clippings on the floor

Hit head by car and bleeding

Helping lots of dogs and cats

Hiping ogbono seed

Horns and tail


Having a bowel movement that was ceramic

Having both sex organs

Half dream

Holes in clothes

Hiding behind locked door

Husband gave birth from anus

Hijrah in dream

Having sex with mad man in dream

Having sex with mad man

House made of iron sheet

Hand washen

Having sex affair with a mad woman

Holding onto a flying plane

Harvesting chayote

Heaping in the dream

Had a dream my deceased mother was covering me up with a blanket

Harrison ford

Have sex for money but dont want to

Husband with steel wool

High ceilings

Hematoma in arm

Having sex with two women

Husband cheating with a man

Having sex with the president


Husbands mistress having a child

Having sex on white sheets

House i grew up in

Husband slaps wife in my dream

Hallow hand

Honey farm


Hair on the niple

Husband loves exwife

Housewives meaning

Happy school children preparing for exam


Hearing sankh voice in dream

Honey comb in my dream

Husband masterbating meaning

Having picture taken

Hug and disapeare


House being bombed

How to course an dreams like accident on motorcycle

Hair in soup

Hanging clothes in closet

Husband beating me in a dream cuz of another woman means what

Half shattered car still working what does it mean in the dream

Hole in shawl

Hair clam

Harvesting groundnuts i n a dream

Harvesting groundnuts inab

Horse eating my hair

How to get pregnant of twins

House made of mud

Husband have a baby with his sistetr

Husband have a baby with his sister

Having sex with white dog

Holding black sandals

Husband wants second marriage


Hearing knocks

Husband with wounded face

Husband has children outside the marriage

Head and leg

Harvesting cocoyam in the dream means what

Hunting for a house with a friend

House hunting with a friend

Hundreds of rabbits all sizes and my dog run out and grabs a baby rabbit by the throat and the blood drips on my granddaughter

Hole foot



Holding me down scream awake myself

Holding down both hands and feet

Hen craow

Holes in my pockets

Herringbone necklace

Hen in a dream

Having fake phone

Hard time walking

Had to get a pacemaker

Husband making sex

Human with cow leg


Home next door

Having sex with my neighbor in the dream

Homework notebook

Having good time with an x governor

Hanuman statue and real monkey in dream

Heart shaped seaglass

Half dollar 1983

Head in a fishbowl

Hidding money in dream

Husband with green jacket

Having seven children

Husband slap wife

Husband slap wife in dream

Holy family

Hijra chased in dream

Hand sanitizer

House falling down on me

Husband having sex with another person

Historical people



Hotel room full of mice

Having sex in mother’s marital bed

Head turned backwards

Halo halo


Hearing running water

Huge acacia protecting from landslide

Holding my foot


Hornbill meaning in dream

Husband is naked bathing in the sea

Having sex in a dream near a water

Hummingbird in house

House is a huge mess... every drawer i ope. is a mess... kids yelling and screaming g

Hole in the sand


Half women half horse


Hijra coming in dream naked

Hand grabbing arm

Had human half spider

Hanged clothes covers the house

Head wound from falling

Home invasion

Having a upstairs building

Headlights in a dream

Husband wearing military uniform

Haking hands with a dead person

Helping a mad woman to deliver a child in the dream

Headless chicken dream

Holding sachet water

Hit by semi truck

Holding folded white paper

Hearing cat collar bells


Holding a baby

Head cloth

Head scarf

Handed head wrap

Head wrap

Half human half child

House cliff

House windows broke