Hand waterpump

Handaan family

Half fish half snake

Hawking dry fish

Hawking dried fish

Hawking dried fish in the dream

Honey bees in your virgina what does it mean

Honey in your virgina

Husband hired hit men to kill me

Husband pushing wheelbarrow filled with sand

Hoisting national flag


Having sex with once sister

Helping my deceased mother to use toilet

Handshake with boss in your dreams


Hair on the palm

Having periods while wearing a white dress and a partner covering me

Hidden meaning of drinking anointing oil

Hot ground lava

Half pig half horse

Hair turns to snake

Hair dreadlocks

Humiliated in a church

Hear someone sing

Hard white porridge from white mealiemeal

Hit man trying to kill my husband

Hornet in my hair

Half dresses

Hoya flower

Hoya krimson

Humiliation by coworker

Harvesting three leaf yam

Holding red saree and bangle

Hole in a foot

Husband and spoiled

Hearing friend crying on telephone

Having sex outside masjid

Have sex with a pastor in a dream

Husband drinking urine in a dream

Husband impregnating another woman

Hurt cut

Head just above water

Having sex and not seeing the face

Husband molesting

He told me that i will die in a dream

Harvesting a dry corn

Harvesting a dry maize

Housing sinking in the ground

Half human half horse with a wings

Half naked dream

Husband sex with sister

Husband delivery live cow as dowery

Huge grey carabao

Husband left me for another woman

Hiting a cat on the head

Having intercourse with principal

Huge lima beans

Holding a arm bisected limp for someone not to be founded

Holding a limp

Having two babies with my best friend

Headbutted by a cow

Home pandal

Holding a bolo


Heart attack of a friend and you having to stay with them

Holding a red candle

Having sex with my elder step sister in my dream

Husband with another person

Henna on head

Henna on head hair

Holding wand

Husband wife freeways


Hoarding dreams

Hiding dirt cellar

Holding a sword

Had a complete makeover

Healing sick baby

Halfway travel

Herbs from nose

Horse ocean dream

Husband apologizing to me

Hitting your head

Havin sex with a relative whos dead

Heterosexual sex

Hetrosexual sex

Hemp cake

Hades disguised as a hobo

Half human half bear dream

Hungry baby

Having a dream sleeping in the bank

Hawking dream

Handless man

Husband reading surah nisaa

Huge robot

Hickey given to you by someone

Hen swallowing eggs

Hen swallowed eggs

Hawking pawpaw

Hawking green vegetables

Hawking green vegetables in my dream

Hair buzzer

Haircut buzzer

Hiding a murder

Having sex with acow

Heavy equipment trac

Heavy equipment

Hand full of hundred dollar bills

Hand full of large bills

Held against my will in a evil church

Husband giving me a new simcard

Happy dancing and rejoicing

Harvesting dry corn in a dream means

Home theatre

Horse with biting teeth

Hardware store aisle

Healing death people in the dream

Hanging on a tree helplessly

Hanging persons

Husband chose neighbour over me in a dream

Heat rising

Hole in the sitting room

Holding malachite in my dream


Husband has sex with midget

Hake fish fillet

Holding a booklet

Half moon and full moon in a dark cloud

Hitting my wife with bricks

Heart shape pendant

Holding two bags of water

Husband handed me white cloth

Harvesting squids

Hebrew alphabet in a dream

Having four breasts in dream meaning

Horse rooster

Horse attacking rooster

Husband giving blow job to men

Husband having now job to men

Helping rescue in a tower

Hugging a cartoon character in a pool

Hairy body daughter

Hershey kisses candy

Having children with someone who break up with you

Having children in a dream

House lights turning off

Hole in head of a baby

Horses having sex

Haldi kunku

Having sex with a cow

Hearing elephant

Having sex with a tranny

Having two friends get killed

Hair admire dream meaning

Huge cuts in hands no pain or blood

Holding light with hands

Having sex with someone i like

Human stack


Hair in my ice cream

Had a dream given the green isiwasho

Hyrax rabbit and mouse

Husband cheats with neighbour

Horses ridding in the sky

Husband has children with another woman

Husband watching pornography in secret

Honey poured on head

Hearing a drill in my dream

Holes on your body

House reprocessed

Husband dreaming of naked wife in public

Hawking buns in a dream

Hand hanging

Hidden money in pant in dream meams

House falling down after being eaten by termites


Hyena and lion

Husband sister in law

Husband sister inlaw

Husband of my sister in law

Human female naked

Hug a woman

Hi lower level in dream

Having sex with enemy

Hijab falling

Hijab falling off

Having sec with your uncles wife

Hugging your teacher

Hanuman temple by passing by many people praying and many flags

Husband procrastinating

Heavy weight holding you down

Half snake half lizard

Holstein cow calving spiritual meaning

Hitting someone in the groin

Husband in the hospital

Husband in hospital

Head being cooked on a microwave

Horned lion

Half japanese baby twin girls

Half japanese baby twin girks

Hit by snowball

Harvest watermelon

Having a choice to walk through black mud or a deep muddy puddle

Husband and i are squatters

Help an elderly woman

Help my deceased mother put lipstick on

Help my mother put lipstick on


Hockey stick symbolism

Having sex with a king in a dream

Hearing a door open

How do remeber

Husband seducing me

Hiding from airhorities in a foreign country

Hiding in a foreign country

Holding a world cup

Husband fart in your face meaning

Husband had a gay orgy

Had two goddesses in my dream was having sex with one of thim

Husband swept by flood

Have been sacrifice

Headless sain

Helping dead cross over in a dream

Henna on hand but no stain

Having a different wrapper from what others have

Hanging with boyfriends friends

Hemorrhoids too much blood out from vagina

House with two kitchens

Having affair with a married woman

Hearing a name called out three times

High points

Having bath in a market

Harvesting coco yam and cassava in my farms

Healed relative

Holding spanners

Husband and wife wearing the same color of clothes in dream

Husband killed by relative

Husband killed by bro n law

Helping deceased person to stand up

Husband penis cut in a dream

Husband having sex with my daughter

Hole in a waterbed

Hands of nazarene

Hairless cow dream

Hairless farm animal dream

Husband killed men defending wife

Husband gives gold

Helmet lost

Half horse half man dream meaning

Having sex with my favorite actor

Husband disappeared while trying to find the bus we were traveling

Having a dirty vagina

Hanging over

Husband marrying another woman and ignoring you

Hotel toiletries

Having million i dream

Husband in a graduation regalia

Holding six sticks of candle

Husband wearing a graduation goun

Husband wearing a graduation goun and cap

Having sex with a baby

Hindi language

Hindi language hearing

Husband wearing my shoes

Ha herd of cattles running towards you and they stopped

Having a new coconut scrapper

Having a new coconut scrapper since you moved to a new city


Handicqp bavy

Head bandage removal


Hug and touch breast of old friend in dream

Husband differing his wife in dream

Hair pulled out from butt

Horse feeding ice

Hugged by a strange man

Husband wearing my boots

Holding on to someone that is hanging out of a window

Holding my coaches hand

Handing an orange to you

Help someone else birth baby with detached head

Helping someone else give birth to a baby with detached head

Having sex with deceased sister

Having tribbing with someone whonwant to kill me

Hugging and sleeping with white snake which can convert im to man also

Holding hands dead grandmother in dream

Hot water sprayed around chest and troath

Hurting a flying snake

Hand of hamsa

Hair from anus

Husband eating all the brownies meaning


Head insition


Hose coming off it foundation

Halfbag of rice

Had a dream about nispey hussle

Human roar

Hemitite crystal

Having licked by another female

Headless man in my room

Hieroglyphics in teeth

Having sex with nices


Holding a taxidermy moth

Hermit and integration dream

Had a dream i had sex wit my cousin

Having a tattoo on your penis

Hair growing in palms and plucking it

Hiding from my father

Happy son in hospital waiting for surgery

Humans fall down from a slope

Husband having surgery

Holding a cat in the dream

Hiding from the law

Having sex with a madman in dream meaning

Horse in the house

Hunting wild animals

Havingbsex with husbands friend

Haggard women

Healing a mad woman

Hawking snack

Having sex with king

Hair yellow

Hearing a rattlesnake

Hugging dead sister

Hens egg infertile

Hip injury

Husband in awhite shirt in adream

Having someone else feet

Hold in heart

Hitting white cat shovel

Having to kill loved one

Helping woman next too road bleeding

Having sex with mother in law

Hiding money from your father

Handprint arms


Hearing dad called in my dream

Horse carrying stranger

Hanging pictures on a wall

Hanging pictures on awall

Having pineal in the dream

Had pindam in the dream

Had pineal in the dream

Half spider half man

Having a piercing on my left ear

Handprint on wall

Hair man

Harvesting rice with friends in your dream

House with stream

Hindu saint with white dress sitting under a tree in dreams what does it mean

Having a family

Holy rice seen in hair in dream meanings

Hearing dad wearing his slippers walking in corridor

Hearing dad in

Hearing dad in skippers walking

Horse man of death

Having sex in the dream as a woman

Having bunch of candles in hand

Having candles in my hand

Hospital where sex is medicine

Hijra gane money to me

Husband fever

Having a control booth in your dream

Haunted singing

Having sex with white lady

Healed toe

Husband returning home after seperation

Hot soup spilled on your back

Hole in the feet

Hanging my hu

Hanging my husband

Hanging my husband in a dream

Hit by car on right hip

Husband cheating with trans

Having sex with late wife in dream

Having two jerrycans full of water

Husband got shorter

Husband shorter

Husband took and held my pillow

Half broom

Husband who is living is a ghost in dream

High rank person

Hit by a wave

Holding remote control in my dream

Having sex with your ex and passing out

Half cocked chapatti

House with agrass roof


House with colorful lights

Huanted elovator

Head injury child

Holding pestle when been chance

Hawk with very large beak

Husband urinate on the bed in a dream

Having a stain on yo clothes

Haleluya in red colour

Hyena biting left arm

Harvesting alot of black plums in dreams

Husband gifting me fishtank with swiming fish

Helping a blind boy looking for a way

Husband in a black suit


Hyena attacking other people

Holding pen in dream

Hyna feces or excreta


Hear water from a tap in a bucket

Harvesting citrus

Harvesting dalanghita fruit

Human fieces in dreams

Harvesting ripe mangoes

Harvesting big ripe mangoes

Husband cutting wifes toe nails

Hanging by cable ties

Having sex with doll in dream

Horse running circle

Half naked doctor in a dream

Having sex with your dead mother

Holding spheres in your dreams

Having sex in itikaf

Harvesting cassavas in dream

Hair on folder body

Husband sleeping with best friend

Healed someone with my hands

Hindu pandits

Hat dead

Hearing a will read

Holding hubands penis

Hot coal stove

Hawk snake talons

Headless demon

Hair on palm of hands

Husband cheating on me with men at orgy

Husband going off with his ex girlfriend

Husband keeps looking at pictures of his ex

Husband slapped me in a dream meaning

Handprint window

Holding a blue shirt in a dream means what

Having shower with your ex boyfriend

Heavy boots

Hearing yourself bark like a dog in your dreams

Hidden in cupboards

Holding a chameleon on hand

Holding a shirt with four buttons missing

Holdung a shirt with four buttons missing

Hugs sister in law in dream

Holy miraculous oil

Hubby carried away by water

Handed a softball

Hiding lotion in vagina

Hit pothole thrown from car

Hairless rat biting your leg

Having my car towed

Holding a dead person in your hand

Hole in bath

Hot cooked rice in a pot

Hand knocking and floating up

Holding conch in a dream

Hearing a foor close in your sleep

Having sex with my younger sister

Helping a disabled person in the dream

Husband marry another women

Happy ending of dream

Harvesting jack fruit from a tree

Head in a toilet bowl dream

Having two penis in dreams

Hearing gunshot and being shot in the leg

Having ideal body

Having a fit body

Having fit body

Hands stamped

Have sex with a witch

Half circle

House at the end of the river

Having sex threesome woman two men

Having threescore woman two men

Having threescore w

House full of sand

Handpresing out wine from fruits in my dream

Hole back of neck with blood

Hold lip

Husband suckng

Husband sucking my friend breast

Harvest garden eggs in a dream meaning

Humiliation by loved one

Herd of cattle with their sherpherds

Had a dream about aum what does it mean

Help neighbors

Hubby changing a new sim card for me

Harvesting cocoyam leaves in a garden

Huge farm

Herd of cows in water

Husband slapping me in a dream

Half women body nd half bird in dreams

Half body of human nd half body of bird

Heel meat

Husband with other woman inside a mosquito net