Husband accused of child molestation

Having no wine glass

Hat with a gold rim

Half red eye of someone


Hands covering face

Having sex in a dream in public

Hizra dancing at home in dream

Husband with other lady

Hand saitizer

Headless cat

Having sex old woman

Hearing banging and screaming

Husband doing second marriage in dream

Having swallowed thread

Having sex with celebrity

Hands in pockets

Hole in the floor dream

Holding pestle and mortar

Hearing a flock of birds coming towards me

Hawk carrying a cock


Holes in my dream

Hole in my lips

Hair conditioner

Hair conditioner in the dream and my dog was in the shower too


Hear number 77

Husband disappeared in dream

House painted in green


Having sex with multiple men

Hammer nails

Hair strands on the floor


Holes in the head

Hair in face

Having sex with the same woman always

Handbags picture message

Heart attack

Hair clip being broken

He blocked me on social media

Harvesting root crops dream meaning

Half of my anty pinky finger cut off


Having sex with my roommate

Having sex with same gender

Having two children with another wife in a dream


Had rusty wedding ring in my dream

Having heavy load on your head

Having a braai at my home with people i know but very close to them

Husband disappeared

Hidden drawer



Harvesting cocoyam ln dream

Having extra toes

Hanging different curtains

Husband having sex with the house help

Having sex in the bush with a politician and someone took our picture and sent it to the newspaper

Hiding from a white truck

Hiding from a big white pickup truck getting out of control

Hands bring anointed with oil in a dream

Handful of twigs

Heavy legs can’t get away

Hanuman ji


Harvesting root crop fruits in your dreams


House braking

Hall naked woman


Hugging my crush

Hearing of death news

Husband buys wrong item

Hijra sat in my cab

Hidden meaning of names

Having ashaver in the dream

Hickey on husband neck

Hugging a powerful man of god

Hanging wet clothes with a friend sitting

Head butting your x boyfriend

Holes in flooring

Having 3 eyes

Harvesting soya beans

Half sack of tapioca

Having golgappe

Handcuffs with someone

Huhu grub

Holding water in a calabash | dream interpretation


Hyena biting my left hand

Half nose injury

Hair paom

Homosexual ghost sex

Husband naked holding a child

Hand burn with cigarettes


Horse attacking a person dream

Holding millet porridge with milk


Hoya plant



Help someone set free from handcuff

Hitting my mum

Having one leg of pants on

Horse bet

Hanging colorful cloth

Hearing someones death


Hitting a rock in a boat

Having a female touching my penis

Harvesting dry corn

Heaven sounds


Hanuman broken idol

Heavy passengers on ur car

Having sex with dog in a dream

Half a bird

Holy tomb

Hanging a new door

Harvesting a large yam from ground

Having sex with different people

Hanging out with my friend


Halo on dead

Harmful fish

Hair coloring

Hit your head in the wall

Hijra inside my home

Hosting a group for a meal

Heart percied

Hole in shoulder

Harvesting of millet in the dream (christian) way

Hole on stairs

Having sex with my pastor


Have kid out of wedlock


Handshake in the dream with a dead person

Have no shoes in dream

House disappearing

Helping ex mom laundry

Holes in the ground

Handbag in fire

Having sex

Hide mouth

Holding hymn book in your dream

Hair in your troat

Having two wives for one husband fighting

Helping someone with his car

Hindu book dream

Hindu book


Hearing someone speak in a dream

Hearing footsteps and someone talking in your dream

Having sex in a bathroom

Having miscarriage

Hiding from murderer

Half human half bull

Holding hands with two different girls


Harvesting pepper in the dream meaning

Hole at the back and front

Hole in teeth

Honey is dripping hand

Having sex with ghoat

Hanging chlothes of baby

Hijra in dreams what happened in telugu

Holi, colors

Having romance in dream

Helping sea turtle

Hands become black

Hands turned black

House without a door

Hair on the cake

Having sex with husband in dream

Hijab girl

Husband suckling breast of other woman

Husband suckling breast of other women

Harvest guava and saw my auntie the other side

Hands in pocket


Hit the side of the mailbox with my car

Holding your own blood in a bowl

Half goat half human crossing infront of me

Happy baby angel hold my hands

How and what is the meaning of obama turning into a unicorn and rips his body and then turns into a pyramid of giza and his other homies which are pyramids of gizas as well turn into a rocket but the form is still a pyramid with their faces on it and blast through space and distribute jollibee burgers to aliens

Heavesting groundnut in the dream

Husband white suit

Hugged a mad woman in a dream and she became happy

Hugged a man woman in a dream and she became happy

Hugging and kissing my same gender crush

Having bath with kumkum scrubed on body

Husband and sister in law having sex to each other

Hole in face

Hard to breath

Having a dream of dowry problem of someone


Horse stolen

Headache fall

Heaven tree

Human humos

Harvesting shea butter from a big tree

Harvesting of wheat

Hiding behind a haystack

Huge empty barn

Huge red barn

Husband cut off his wife hand

Homeless giving food

Holy thread in dream

Heart charm

Having sex in a doggy style position

Husband sex another woman

Husband having anal sex with another woman

Having a three story house


Hanging wet baby grows



Head lice on head

Hooded ghost


Head cut off in elevator

Having no energy to cross road

Have meeting whiye an ex prsisedeny

Having sex with a mad lady

Human with the body of horse

Horizontal open wound


Haldi kumkum agarbatti stores in the dream

Having recurring dream of having hiv

Horse chestnut in dream more than 5

Hanging mattress

Hear your father say it’s water in the house

Healthy red leaves

Hairly leg of a woman

Human bodies

Had a dream my deceased father had many bruises

Had a dream my deceased father had


Half hair shaved off

Half head shaved off

Headless manequin

Hat does it meaning snake, coming, out, mouth, in the dream?

Hugging a goodlooking man in the dream

Handshake with a madwoman

Harvesting of cocoyam

Holding 2 kolanut in the dream

Holding two lola nut in the dream meaning

Hand sanitizer

Hair removal

Heavy gear

Hill n rocks

Hearing someone knocking on yuor house window

Having a dream about about ploughing garden eggs

Hindi meaning of dreams for someone stitch my clothes

Husband telling about his homosexuality

Havinga sex with husband

Husbands whore

Holding a chain

Horn sound of train comes in your dream

Horror game of lady coming out of toilet

House secret rooms

Hand on thigh

Hand on thigj

Having a hard time calculating money to a stranger

Hair gold

Hiding things in dram


Homage means what in dream?

Husband giving sweet to his wife

Home with wild plants


Handprint bloody


Horse attacking someone

Holding my hands to climb a slippery stairs

Harvesting coffee beans

Hair removal in dream

Hearing the death of my relative

Husband beating wife on a dream

Hitting a kid

Hiding and holding my used sanitary pad

Having sex with musclemen

Happy and cooking

House plan

Helicopter noise

Head butting my brother

Having sex in a car

Having sex in all styles

Honeycomb meaning in the dream and turn into oil

Honey meaning in the dream and turn into oil

Honey meaning in the dream

Horror hospital

Hospital with morque

Husband having a mistress

Hiding in a rubbble

Hole in your stomich

Holding my.own poop coming out through the navel

Husband and wife wearing same clothes in the dream


Hold on top of bald head

House on a mountain

Hold a broom meaning in a dream

Holes in carpet

Head seperated from body of a baby dream

Holding snuff in hand

Holding snuff in the hand

Having sex with niece and her friend

Harvesting lots of sweet potato

Hosting lobola negotiation team

Helping grandmother with laundry

Horse carriage

Hole in my toe nail

Holding cowries in my hand

Having romance with a woman with both vagina and penis

Huge oak tree with beautiful stone work around it

Hungry cat


Hug and say i love you in dream

Helping old woman to swipe in a dream

Hanuman temple broked

Having sex in dreaming and sperm out life

Having sex with a mad woman

Hair in teeth

Having sex with a mad man in a dream what does that mean

Huge person seat on me

Holding cultilass in dream

Horse licking my face

Husband trying to have sex

Husband trying to have back side sex

Husband trying to have back side aex

Horses being slaughtered and blood splashing on me

Husband buying you new sarees

Having sex with a dead guy

Hearing african language

Hip wound


Hiding near banyan tree

Honey drinking in the dream

Hit ma

Having anal sex with a woman


Half human half animap

Heard gaytri mantra in dream

Heard gaytri mantra in dreams

Hiding pregnancy from your boyfriend

Having sex with my deceased husband

Husband having another baby with another woman

Having sex with kidnapper

Having sex with neighbor dream meaning

Hollow fruit

Human female lyon sex

Herbalists medication dream

House burn down

Husband bald

Hives on face

Husband sex with his mother

Having palm leaf on your neck in a dream what dose it mean

Having broken wings

Harvesting yams and giving it to a neighbor

Heart drawing

Hawking pepper

Husband walking away in dreams

Hijra coming at home in dream

Husband green twig gifted

Head lifted


Husband in old clothes

Hands of a clock

Hands (of a clock

Harvesting healthy mushrooms in my dreams

Harvesting healthy mushrooms in a bush

Harvesting huge purple sweet potatoes what does that mean

Having sex with a mad person

Hugging a mystery guy

Honey poured on the head

Human like reptiles that come from the woods



Husband niece intimate relationship

Hand bell choir

Having two navels in a dreai

Handshake to dead person


Having sex with your pastor dream

Heads without bodies

Husband intimate relationship to niece

Hibiscus tree flowers

Hijra want many from my husband

Half of big, half of fish

Half glass of water means

Hornbill flew into my house

Having tilak of white sandalwood in dream


Homosexual person

Hiding money

Hong kong

Holding a broom in your dream

Heart palpitations

Hotelroom find

Hen dung

Harvesting yam and cocoyam in the dream

Having a dream about your dead grandpa buying you grocery

Husband want folder

Husband want a folder

Helping a dead person in dream means

Hole in roof of mouth with dirt in it

Hole with blue water

Husband buying gold in dream

Husband buying gold for sister in dream

Have sex with dog what does it mean

Hen attack

Having old with white hair

Harmony ball

Harvesting fresh green vegetables

Hair relaxer

Human skeleton on water

Hurting ur thumb

Hair on the cheeks and neck

Having sex with dead husband

Himself as a woman

House inside an ocesn

Having snaps

Hear the name of fatima (ra)in a dream

Husband slaps wife in dreams

Half naked sweating pastor

Hitting with slipper meaning

Holding a broom in a dream means what

Hiding money in my purse

Haldi water bath

Hair fallin

Hair growing out of nose

Help bird

Husband and wife naked

Hearing someone heart beating fast

Half naked dreams meaning

Hydrogen peroxide

House being cracked in dream

Hair on arms

Haladi kumkuma

Hearing azan from a masjid

Having sex with a strange virgin

Hairdresser mirror

Holi playing dreams

Hanging a yellow mantle

Huge wave in the ocean

Helping a child with a ball

Hiding and captured by soldiers

Having sex with transgender

Half human half sheep babies

Holy water sprinkle

Hit by a rock in the head

Husband behaving inappropriately when drinking

Having sex in bathroom with older women



Hear train horn

Hear train hirn

Hear train hidn

Hair growing on your tongue

Holding white thread in one hands mean what

Half my face ripped off

Having sex with dog dream meaning

Having sex with dog disgusting dream

Hanging torn cloth after washing

Hanging torn cloths in the dream

Husband sucking breast in a dream

Head on crash with semi truck

Heap of wet clothes

Husband very badly drunk in dream meaning

Half person half wind

Huge house but nit yet done

Hanging stairs

Helping a late grandma to cross the river in a dream

Houses on hills

Harvesting christophenes

Haldi and kumkum fell down in dream

Hit by baseball bat someone

House made of bricks

Horse with fur

Horse with peacock fur on head

Hope in armhole

Holding hands back to back with dead husband

Having multiple partners

How do i overcome me being handcuffs in a dream

Half faced human and cat

Half cat/half human

Hi, my dream was that i was destroying evil by praying.what does it mean.

Hit with belt buckle

Harvesting ripe plantains

Having sex wit a mad man

Hi pls want to know spraying water in a dream

Hiding food in dream

Houses collapse

Hear about death news

Hearing someone death