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Dreams starting with the letter H

Handcuff chain

Having a kitchen chair attached to your stomach

Husband talking with someone over the phone

Horse with horns and crowns

Husband throwing out meat

Hand on my chest

Husband receiving calls in dream

Horse giving birth

Hanging clothes to dry in a dream

Harvesting soursop

Hard feathers in ice

Hard feathers

Husband being killed with a gun

Horse woman milk

Husband touching a woman vagina

Half human half frog

Hour passes fast

Holding four packet of maggi in a dream


Hood pulled over head

Hawking in the dream

Holding cv

Holy bread

Habit dream

Hanging on a tree with you hands an legs in dream


Hand tapping chest

Holdong baby in the arms on the swing

Holding money

Hands infested with jiggers

Haveing convulsion in a dream

Holding a gun in a dream


Helping someone throw goat meat in a pot

Hair cutting in temple in dream meaning

Heavy bucket of water and it pours along the way

Harvesting eru

How do you tell when passed loved ones are around you

How can i find out what my dreams mean

Holding a door closed

Having a pee and wake up wet

Headless people

Headless bodies


Hanging out with friend

Horse in cloud form running in the sky

Habanaro pepper

Have kids being happy in the future

Hang man

Human being with a dog head



Half dog and half lion

Have baby

Holding gravel stone in a glass bowl on your left hand


Human waste

Horse h

Hiding a dirty cloth from someone dream meaning

House foundation sinking

Holy mass preparation

Hiv infected person in a dream

Had a dream when some friend was dead and her body was cut into pieces and packed in a my suitcase so after somebody opened my suitcase and it run away to her village for burial

Head grew

Having a white face

Having a yellow face

Hermes gives me a necklace

Having to count out 100 €1 coins infront of everyone

Having toe nails damaged in dreams

Having to nails damaged in dreams

Holding are snuff

Husband kicks wife in dream

Helping my deceased father fill out a job application

Hail rain

Having a period in a party

Haunted house

Husband being seduce by another woman dream meaning

Hugging your dead wife

Husband wife angi

Honey tree

Having a good time with a dead person

Having a healthy baby

Horses and twins

Harvest gourds

Harvesting green apple gourds

Husband and medusa

Husband medusa

Hung by hooks

Hanging by hooks

Having dreams about lions

Half goat half cow

High personality in a dream

Holes around my lips

Hundred dollars bil

Holding office file in the dream

Hanging a phone on the wall

High pitched voice

Holding a baby

Hearing a news husband suicide

Harpy eagle biting me


Holy water

Human feces

Harvesting a lot of black plums in a dream

Happiness content

Half dog half wolf

Helping cross people from stagnant water to safe ground

Heart removed from body


Husband showing penis to other woman

Holding a baby in my dream

Hole in head


Hiding items


Husband raped wife

Hijra naked


Husband kissing his sister

Hearing yourself voice

His name on a paper

Holding a slipper with fire

Helped across barriers

House party

Husband dreadlocks

Helping people

Having dream about crush

Helium tank

Husband asking me for another baby

Hearing someone call adam


Hearing doorbell

Hitting trees with a car

High school friends

Highschool friends

Holding stick

Home village


Hospital visit

Hawking in the merket

Hawking soft drink

How do you know if a dream is a vision

How do you dream about the same thing again

Horse head with legs


Hat in clothes



Human fresh

Hammer drive a stone to the ground

High jump touch roof

Hermit crab

Horse turn into human beings in my dream


Hanging coat with blood dropping through window

Having a bowl of red chili peppers

Hazel eyes

Hearing gunshots

Hot air balloons descending

Having a child

Heavy body and screaming

Hold the dream by tying it with a rope of filling it with sack

Hai loss

Head being pulled

Head being pulled backwards

Hanging person smiling

Hanging death smiling

Holi and friends

Holding hands with your man

Hanging in air

Hamza charm breaking

Hair clip


Hand job erection

Houses being burned

Hearing bag pipes

Hives on stranger


Half dead cat in a plastic bag

Hair in hair brush

Hologram of a deceased love one

Hot dog buns


Holding back

Husband disappeared

Horse bitinf

Human eating cat

Habanero pepper

Heaps of yam in my dream





Hair out of eyeballs


Having chicken pox in your dream

Hearing grandma voice

Husband sleeping with maid

Hatching eggs birds

Hatching birds with long beaks

Honey harvesting without being stung by bees

House collapsing

House falling around you

House falling

Hand head touch of a prophet of god

Huge pear tree

Hearing the name andre in dream

Having an accident

Hearing guns shooting

Hard penis

Hole in clothes

Hands pulling me

Hairy fish

Having an affair


Hand cuts off

Human meat

Human butcher

Half naked mother

Headlights in car crash

Hand on smoke

House being trown at the mud

Hair growing in

Hair growing back in

Hairless virgina

Hitting someone with forehead

Holding a frog

Hunger games like

Helped a homeless


Holding someone middle finger in there

Holding someone middle finger in the dream

Hair cut

Hybrid animals

Husband naked and someone cleaning him

Having a dream about end of the world


Husband sec with maid

Hearing name shahid ya malik and ya razaak in dream

Hearing name shahid ya malik and ya razzqk

Hybrid of frog and snake half burnt

Half naked woman n infant


Humanoids telling you to wake up

Hairy snake

Hijacked by huge water

Having a gun fight with your uncle

Have 2 boyfriends

Husband performing fellatio on a friend

Hands turning black

Happy birthday song


Humiliated by ex friend



Headache and get mad

Head scarf

Hole in the road with water

Husband wearing navy uniform

Haircut compliment

Healing death father in dreams


Having excess of palm kernel an vomiting at the tap

Hanging clothe on tree

Huge lion cage

Husband died at a grocery store

How to make fruit salad

Had an alien baby dream

Hard hat


Hairtie snapped

Hair tie snapped

How to see cutting of iron rod net in dream

Human plants

Handing teeth to mom

Hot girl

Hair in sink

Hoeing with my kid

Hello lily opens as i approach

House without roof

House without room


Having a crooked mouth

Hand taking baby out of water



Husband shot and dead

Hirl with penis

Helping an old woman carry load off head to the ground


Husband impregnates a girl

Horse tail


Husband friend

Hause broken

House fire

Hold a half of a calabash empty



Husband raping sister

Head washing

Hibiscus in dream

Human torture experiment

Hill downwards


Half eagle half snake

Having an iron sheet house

Hiding under a bed

Husband wearing blazer and no trousers

House robbery




Hitting your adult child


Holding the hand of queen elizabeth and walking in my dream means what

High jump failed

Husband cheating

Holding a cold drink bottle and it falls

Hearing the sound of water without bathing or without seeing who is bathing

Helping mom climbing staircase

Huge stadium

Harvest on beach

Hijra crying

Helping a drunk person meaning

Having dream that someone stripped you naked in the dream the

Husband and wife bathing in a dream


Hearing dukhan surah

Handkerchief floating on the river

Hrmis fde gov pk

Huge waves hitting against house and i had to leave home


Human acting like a dog

Hot naked woman

High rise

Huging brother

Holes in ceiling that cause raindrop to wet the clothes


Had a dream in which i was vomiting


House in graveyard

Hi need the mean of purple pen

Having muscle in a dream

House on fire

Humfrey dream meaning

Horse swimming



Husk rice in a dream

Hanging shirt in tree

Hlalu bumhlophe

Headless angel


Hotel tsunami

Hat in toilet


Husband turns into exhusband

Husband turns into exhisvand

Harvest peanut

Hujam hurts me with scissors

Hanging clothes

Holy family

Holy family jesus mary and joseph dream


Hot tea in dream

Holding s baby


How full of flowers

Hiding bread by someone i the house


Husband saying he wants to re marry

Half naked

Happy seller

Having a crush on someone you don’t actually like

Hippos and dead husband in my dream

Hair turning into a snake

Homeless man killing somebody

House with water

House robe

Hi i

House coat

Head inside a refrigirator

Healing of blind kids

Having a hymn book

Human taxidermy

Husbands work

Head blast

Havesting beans in the dream

Half human half wolf

Huge bug

Human size black bird head down wings in


Holding snake mouth shut in dream

Horns on newborn boy baby

Having wool all over body

Having a albino baby

Husband wearing new jacket

Husband wearing a new jacket

Harvest dry maize

Hitting uncles wife in a dream

Hair underarm

Half snake half woman

Hand bag



Head leaning on finger

Head and hands

Hand raised

Horny seen in a dream

Hold curtain

Having 1 gulab jamun

Having babies


Happy third gender parsons means in dream

Headless cock crow

Harvesting bitter yam

Handshake with elderly person in the dream our

Hanging black baby sandos

High place

Hole in the sole of my foot

Husband molesting our daugther

Husband arrested by police

Human fraying

Human frying



Hen lay eggs

Haldi kunkum and akshat

Hole in floor


Horizontal burn wound dots


Hannya mask


Head on shoulder


Horse with human head



Hands and knees

Heart shapes on grass

Having a relationship with a new boy at school

Having a dream buying mabhero clothes


Husband driving wearing white long sleeve

Holy basil maala

Hanging clothes with my sister who died

How do i find out what a dream means

House foundation with clean water

Hechizo perdido encontrado

Husband smoking

Having a lot sauces

Hearing someone shot

Hunt fox

Husband slapping wife

Husband wearing black suit in the church

Holding you down and covering your mouth

Hanged in dream

Husband’s ex girlfriend


Husband gives flowers and saree to wife in dream



Hugest 2 brown snakes coming down the mountain

Husband ex wife

Holding a green card

Husband marrying other women

Happy and content



Hawking eggs the dream

Host in the competition

Holi playing


Handsome man

Harvesting camote

Heavy necklace

Heart attack

Holi colour

Holi col0urs

Holy death

Helping acow to delivery and giving birth to twins

Harvesting cocoyam in the dream


Hiding shoe

Hindu goddess begamont citrine


Hershey kisses being stolen from you

Homeless woman

Having expensive things in a dirty place

Having designer expensive bags in a dirty place


Healer water

Healer and lighter water


Hawking of bread


Hosting a foreign athlete

Hanging white clothe

Heap wet soil

Heap we soil


Husband and money dream

Holding a horn

Hijra taking gold chain in dreams

Holding trishul in hand

Holding lord shiva trishul in hand


Hole in money drrams


Husband turn into streets rat


Husband was shot

Husband giving sugar to wife


Holding tight a boarding plane

Husband naked

Hungry white turtle

Holding a child and giving the child away

Hindu god

Husband had vagina

Hearing your crushes heartbeat in a dream

Hearing your crushes heartbeat

Husband wipes the breasts of my niece

Husband wipes breats

Hose with long legs


Half naked gf with someone else

Horse ans snake


Headless loved one

Holding a fresh calabash

Having intercourse with girl my neighbour

Huge amount of brown milk

Husband molestation young hlid

Husband tear wife dress


Have seen that my friend is going intimate with my girlfriend


Hair loss

Holding a baby duck that appears clear


Half bag of stale maize meal

Hawk mating peacock forcefully

Hearing someones voic who you loved

Husband transgender

Husband lying down ang hugging my niece

Husband asking for water to bath


Honey in your hair dream meaning



Having bed

Hugging your friends

Having two penises

Hybrid dog bird

Had a dream of my autistic son being pregnant

Huge rock


Husband is hiding from me

Husband fighting stranger

Hair covering face

Headless animals

Hurt elbow

Haze to thick to see thru

How do you cal mix bread with water and sugar

Husband kissing his boss

Happily running through a sunlit forest

Having a nightmare of floating of one combat shoes

Henna remove in my hand


Holding a crusade in dream

Head of a white snake cut off

Harvest of root crop

Honey and oil in a pot by a pundit

Husband running after me and ifall and i srated crying

Horse three legged

Harvesting fresh red peppers from the farm in the dream

Hugging and kissing boyfriend in dream

Hair line

Hugging a police officer

Hamster on leash

Having ripe plantain in your bag in the dream early in the morning

Husband and wife sleeping naked

Husband impregnable another woman

Having a new adopted brother dream meaning

Hearing hissing snake in my dream

Hunting chicken

Headboy in your class in the dream

Hissing snake and a white bowl whith a teaspoon

Human intestines


Horsetail fly whisk

Handshake stranger

Hiding money in freezer

Husband and wife traveling using motorcycle what is the meaning

Horse neck spinning

Husband has divorce papers

Hugging a dead woman i know through a friend

Hugging a dead friend

Holding candles in both hands on a grave

Hiding ping pong balls

Having a glass of wine for death person

Hitting old lady

Holy infant

Husband sleeping with my mum

Husband texting another woman

Hummingbird peed on me

Hummingbird peed on my hand and face

Hair in cup of tea

Horse stone

Hugging an obese bedbound woman


Holding hands with a deceased spouse

Husband covered in blisters

Husband kicked me out of bed

Hair growing on shoulders

Husband sleeping with pregnant cousin

Hobbit books

Helping someone stay sober

Humanoid insect

Holding a shell

Home went up for auction

He has dip hands into the money

Husband dancing naked

Headless horsemen

Hair in penis

Herbabuena plants fat inside the house

Having a blood oath with my girlfriend

Hidening biehn you what dose it mean

Hole under belly button

Handle of a cup broken by a women

Horses running in fear

Handed folded note

Hearing love interest voice

Hena colour own hair

Hang mail

Honey falling from husband head

Helping a woman pushing weel barrow

Having dream sitting on a high femce

Headless leopard

Hidden glass of fresh milk

Hand wrestling

Highway bridge

Hands kept in pockets

Holding baby deer

Hole in eye

Holding sisal plant

Holdind sisal plant

Highlights of pink in hair

Holding hands and standing on a rock fountain

Husband vomiting into full black poly garbage bagbag

Husband cleaning up yard

Handkerchief with water what they gonna do

Huge pencil top eraser

Holding two white chicken for hand

Holy medallion

Holding eye glasses in my hand

Hag flies into room

Hera and poops means

Have birth in a grass

Half octopus half human

Husband wife sitting in same chair and chair is walking forward

Hearing your sister died

Huge white things in the sky

Huge ice balls

Horse bite my buttocks

Holes of termites

Having turkey meat in possession in the dream

Hands on a woman breast

Husband giving me five rand coin in the dream

Hard knock in my door

Having multiple phones

Having dream up rooting cassava from the ground

Heaven light

Hemi tire

Head bath gave by a lady on cloths in public

Huge human like statues coming out of river

Handcuff son brought to my house

Helping spirits cross over

Hands reaching onto a boat for me from under the water

Holding a snakes mouth close

Hibou mort

Hummingbird saved from spiderweb

Heart shaped plates

Head falls of person

Holes in glass windows

Husband receives letter from his mother

Husband dating sister

Husband going out with my sister


Hands up

Harvesting pomelo and eat it with super sweet

Harvesting pomelo and eat it

Horse attacking friend

How to protect someone who is been stabbed by people with spear into heart in dream

Having both female and male genitals on dreams

Husband being handcuffed with armed people

Husband dreaming when he is hiv positive

Handicapped child

High fire escape

Husband dream about her pregnant wife bleed blood meaning

Huge massive boulers flying past you nearly killing you

Horse running in heaven

Horse hooves on shoulder crushing you

Husband is dying i try to save him

Having the same dream twice

Half cricket half scorpion bite someone else

Hanging a punching punching bag

Head rash

Half body of a person

Heap of soghum

Hole in belly button

Having a ride with president and give me a check in the dream

Head tye

Horse six

Harvesting sweet potato spiritual

Husband got stab in the neck alot of blood pouring out

Hitting large animal in fog

House in cinders

Husbsnd giving someone burrito

Horse bit my finger

Home roof leaking


Hunted by daughter

Heavily pregnant woman

House on a bridge

Having secin dream

Hug and rain

House with many room and children

Husbands ex wife wearing red

Husband calling my name

Hitting in face with water bottle

Husband scratch eyes

Having a handsome white baby boy in a

Home infestation

Hair getting white streaks

Husband carried you on his shoulder

Husband wearing stockings and suspenders

Holes under my mattress

Hair stuck in scab

Harvesting chico fruit

Had a dream i saw something with horns dark burgundy skin

Holding fufu but no soup

Hundreds of small hands playing piano

Hiding a camera

House on a busy street

Huge rock rollling gown the hill and hit house

Holding a white candle and the candle is burning

Husband bike accident

Human sijda infront of human



Hand railing being pulled off while trying to climb

Helping old man to rest

Helping someone out of a canoe with many people inside

Holding chick and it flew

Hearing a door lock

Hearing the front door lock and unlock

Hair flying in the wind

Holding white snake and closing its mouth

Honey in the bathroom

Husband went away wearing green

Harvesting maize or vegetable is a dream

Holding waist

Hugging bird

Half god

Hit by construction plant

Hazrat yusuf

Hibiscus plant

Hindu wedding

House rubble outside

Hand of fatima

Helping owl with hooks in abdomen

Hand in uterus

Hungry fish

Hugry fish

Hanging upsidedown impaled naked

Horse and green rice farm

Half human half animal dead in dream

House blessing and mant flowers

Hunting ants

Human grasshoppers jumping out of a well

Hand written

Hugging by enemy

Husband blood vomiting

Helping friend run away

Having angels wings

Hole in heel

Hair coming from tongue

House you grow up

Hijra demanding my gold bangles in dream

Havesting oranges

House is in smoke

Husband driving new truck

Husband leaves waist coat

Holding a white and brown letter in a dream

Hairy insect

High pitch laughter

Head butting wall

Hawk attacking dog

Hauntings in new home

Hills splitting in to half

Huge step climbing down


Helping a person to put to birth

Helping a person to deliver

Human bark at snake

Hokey form

Harvesting three lived yam

Holding a paper soiled with clay soil

Holding a soiled paper

Half wolf

Hafe scorpion hafe man

Hair touched by a dead person

Hindu gods photo falling down

Hitting unknown men with slippers

Husband kicks home

Helping a butterfly to fly

Hair cut female


Husdband marriage

Harvesting in draught times

Harvesting nuts in the field

Higher level job

Husband with headphones on dream means

Hot cooking oil flushed on me

Helium tanks

Hiding from gestapo

Human like animlas

House fire prisoner

Having same dream many times

Husband crashing in to river

Husband eating raw meat from his mother

Husband eating raw meat


Heaps of bicycle blocking my way

Holding a nylon bag

Hubby doing washing of his girlfriend

Hemlock lane

Hindu gods idol blinking in my dream

Having a photo with my dad who has passed away

Husband choses another woman over you

Having a shark eating people

Husband carrying heavy load

Husband giving bouquet of flowers

Hunting lizard

He dies in an accident

Hitting someone across the head with a wine bottle

Head injury of father

Hot pink person

Handcuffed arrested on hands and knees

Handcuffed on all fours hands and knees

Handcuffed arrested police officers

Handcuffed by authorities

Husband screaming for his wife

Heart shape token

Helping soneone

Holstein cow on a leash tapping on the ground with back legs

Holstein cows on a leash rapping i no the ground

How to draw a waterfall

Hut made from human bones

Husband pouring water to someone

Hold a hamp

Holding flat belly

Having three beds

Hacked facebook

Hand print of some creature in your back

Held down in bed

Healing a person through prayer

Haunted taco

Harvesting ripe bananas in plantation

Half naked dressed

Husband cheating another child

Head being pressed

Hanging clothe


Husband tortured

Happy naked toddler

Husband being skinny

Husband attested

How do you heal your self when your heart is brocken

Heavesting sweet potatoes in a dream

Hair patch

House suspended on water

Hurt like dagger to heart

Helping lost soldier trace home back means

Hugging with mh head on a strangers chest

Hairy bottom hole

Heavy blood came from vagina

Hugging a naked girl from behind

How do i find my lucky numbers

Husband eating own sperm

How can i check my weekly star and lucky days

Hanging clothes in a dream by your loved one

Having the feelong of death in a dream

Hit shoe

Happy life

Handed white envelope


Handwriting on leaf

Humiliation in front of celebrity

Halo around the sun dream

Halo on yhe sun dream

Having a duffel bag with a sack with diamonds spilled out in the bag

Having your face having one white part and a black one

Hair strands in my poop

Holding a newborn and dies instantly in your hands

Hotel food not offered

Harvest plumes

Horse and trailer truck dream meaning

Horse and trailer dream meaning

Husband and father fighting

Harmful lion and elephant

Happy widow with jewellery

Headmaster calling a student sir

Holding a roof from falling

Hatched eggs of a turkey

Horses and carriage stuck in snow

Hugging stranger

Hung people

Healthy skinny

House caves

Having a beer with a dead friend

Hold the egg of pigeons

Husband sleeping with son

Hug snake and rat

Husband giving wife money


Hair being relaxed

Human trafficing

Husband sleeping with stepdaughter

Hook in penis

Horse hanging hind legs

Having other wife baby

Husband wearing wife underpant in her dream

Hawking soft drink in dream

Hand signal

Hair grow on the palm of your hands

Hitting at something

Healing dead people with water

Husband becomes transgendered

Hello bedsheet

Had a dream washing my dead frnd hair

Hug friend breasts

Haunted mirror

Holding yoghout and bread

Hand knitted items

Hidding in a house

Hugging orange cat

Hearing a glass bell brake


House full of child hood things

Having a pet squirrel

Holly woman

Harvesting round nuts

Husband lost hat

Head tied with a red cloth

Handkerchief and rosary

Hand snatcher

Helping a friend move

Hexagonal sphere

Helping someone carry a sack

Holding water in the stairs

Hugging my deceased father who is alive in my dream while crying

Hugging my dead father and crying

Husband killing someone

Husband cut his beard

Holding hands with a lover

Hawk on fire

Having a hermophrodite baby girl

Holding chacoal stove

Half faced

Horses dancing

He ate my pussy in my dream

He wants to sleep with me

Had a dream about a snake on my school books

Harvesting ripen bananas

Hanging geometry

Hisband wearing saree

Half woman half chicken

House i live in

Hanging your cloths on the line

Human shit on old torn clothes

Homemade dress

Hair over eyes

Husband licking other women private part

Herbs in a pool

Hand print night sky

Holes in fingertips

Holding hands with a nice woman

Hun falling out

Husband dies defending you and then his ghost comes back to be with you

Hijab women

Holy mary holding jesus

Help girlfriend pack car

Hawking with a friend in the dream

Husband with family members

Harvesting palm fruits