Hugged by an x

Husband bleeding eyes

Hands under chin

Henna on foot

Hearing the name vincent means

Have taking a stroke of canes

Having a money

Having sex in the dream with a pastor

Husband gifting saree

Hungry deceased husband

Harvesting cardomon in dream

House of full people

Holding ankara fabic in dream

Hand kept on bicycle saddle

Help from imam


Having a purple wedding dress in the dream

High electric bills

Having jiggers in a dream


Half, cooked, fish, in the dream

Handing over an eating fork

Handing over a fork

Hidden box in temple

Helping a bird

Hummingbird lands on shoulder hands feeding it water landing in glass of water

Huge water

Hills, snow on distant mountaintops


Husband dreamed pregnancy test was positive for wife

Half filled water tank

Hugging someone who hates you

Half dressed dream about other

Healthy night shade

Healthy black night shade

Hearing a child talk but cant see her

Harvesting ripe beans seeds

Harvesting beans

Hugging from back

Husband wants to kill cat but i saved the cat

Having a plate of food and then pooping on it

Husband carrying wife on shoulder

Holding hands tightly

Having sexual intimacy with someone who is a client

Having se

House sliding down hill with people inside

Having two cigarettes in a dream

Hijara taking money in my dream

Hijara killing me

Huge testicles dream

Hole in the stomach

Houseboat floating away with me in it

Hurricane with water

Hureiucan withnwater

How many days does ovulation lasted?

Haunted dream of a lady

High heel silver shoes spiritual meaning


Hole in ground follow you

Hiding from the policemen

Hair care products

Homeless dead

Headless man

Hunting impangele on my dream

Holding a chick


Holding iron rod to defend in dream means

Hair growing to reach your feet

Hearing my name

Hornet god

Harvesting simsim and it has many clean white seeds

Having superpowers


Hand grabing hand and letting go

Hair band dream

Hole in right foot

Homosexual marriage

Hungry in a dream and eating sand

Hitch in a motorcycle of a dead loved one


Holes in footsteps

Having sex with a negro woman

Having denture loose

Heavy rain with lightening

Husband killed by a hitman

Husband was killed by a hitman

Husband sitting on a mat

Husband wearing a skirt

Holding wooden cane in a dream

Hurricane flood

Having sex with a mad woman in the dream meaning

Hyena attack a lion

Hitting the bottle

Horse gram spoiled

Husband caught masturbating by wife


Having sex with hanse

Having sexual advances from a close family member

Having sexual intercourse with a mad man in dream

Having sex by unknown maid


Having intercourse with my junior twin brothers in my dream

Harvested maize field

Having vitiligo in a dream

Half pot of white rice

Hugging a step mother

Husband fell into sewer

Holi colour

Holi celebrations

Heard a recording of myself

Hood of car

Haitian boy

Hanging clothes in d dream

Hands and head washed with wine

Harvested sorghum in a dream

Harvesting eddo

Having a stolen diamond ring

Hearing death news in dreams

Half mermaid half dragon

Hyena biting my left hand in a islamic dream interpretation

House on top of hills

Having sex with a mad woman in the dream

Hair in hair

Hole in bath tub

Hungry angry dead person

Husbands second marriage despite of me

Husbands secind marriage desote if me

Husband cheating

Host royal visit

Host royal vidit

Hand with oil

He gave me one cowrie

Husband applying kajal in dream

Hairy balck python eating cow

Hairy black python

Hairy balck python

Himenta biswas sarma in dream

Have a relationship with zayn malik

Holes in vagina

Hugging dead grandma

Having sex with a madman

Hand grabbing my leg and burning me

Hand burning my leg

Hair branches

Having an affair with my pastor in the dream

Hole in the head

Husband examines vagina hnder the skirt

Hiding in school, odin collecting children

Holding afish to guide my boat


Having sex

House by a river

Husband takes clothes out of closet


Heavy rain thunder and lightning

Having sex with older woman

Husband photo in dream

Husband in dream

Happy gay wedding with my not so close friend

Hanging boy

Hearing name of allah in a dream

Helping someone

Hitting a stone

Husband with prostitute

Holding a wheelbarrow and a travelling bag

Hanging jackets and sweater

Huge room

Hawking beautiful clothes in the dream meanin


Hawking in the dream

Hibiscus tree full of flowers

Husband cleaning the bedroom

Head tie

Hugging r

Hugging rich man

Healing forehead

Having sex with mad man in dream meaning

Harvesting water spinach

He us on video with someone else

Having sex with a pastor

Head bandage

Holden pen


Hiding from shooters

Helping young ladies in a dream

Horse biting

Holding a brown chicken in church

Holi in my dream


House is cracking

Having stew peas


Harvesting big tubers of yams in a dream

Hiding from black tornado

Having an expensive car

Having sex with my teenage niece

Holy place with boyfriend

Holy river with loved ones

Holy river with loved one

Huge snake always escorting me

Head of cats flying

Having a dream about a impala

Harey and vampire both in dream

Having someone relock my dreadlocks

Hallelujah shout in my dream

Handkerchief waving in the church

Hearing news of suicide

High sea tides


He came to visit me

Hearing gunshots in a dream


Himanchala thapa

Hologram of person

Hat does it meaning escorting, in the dream?

Harvesting sugarcane

Horoscopes 4 you

Horoscopes for you

Having dinner in dreams

Hair growing on woman’s face

Having sec with cousin

House with empty windows

High tide waves

Hands holding

Hose splashing water on me

Having a thick virginal discharge in a dream

Human roaring in dream

Having 5 ga kenkey

Hacking or stealing

Having too much dry leaves in my hair

Half cut pinky finger

Head of still born baby

Hang till death punishment

Half black half pink hair

Hitting someone with belt

How do remember dream

Hin back of priest

Headboard in back of priest

Headboard behind priest celebrating mass

Having a sangoma in your dream

House phone

Holding a cutlass in dream

Hearing a clear voice telling you about having an accident with your son also reassuring you all will be fine

Head with corner

Happy dead person in pink dress in dream

Helping to mangala mukhi

Hairy penis

Hole in the neck


Helping blind lady in dream

Husband carrying dead child

Hr course dream

Hiding from someone chasing you

Human resources course


Husband missing in dream

Horrible dream at 1 am

Husband to dream of ex wife doing house dutiea

Holding bunch of hair

Holy ghost school

Heart shaped freckle on cheek


Horny of myself

Health workers

Hen with horn

Hanging clothes on the line

Half burned bay leaf

Holding the hands of the dead known person

Having sex with president

Having sex with uncle in dreams mean

High house

Havesting raw okra in a dream meaning what

Horned figure

Having full intercourse with ur children, s school principal

Harvesting guinea corn

Hugging a dead relative and crying

Hawking zobo in a dream

Holding a microphone

Had a dream that i had dreads but later combing my hiar


Homosexual harassment


Holding sugarcane in ur dream

Holding a sugar cane i ur dream

Having sex with a uncle

Hatching ducks

Hatching 2 ducks 1 egg

Hen to. excrete feces on you in a dream

He was talking but i forgot

Hair strand in food

Hickey on boy friends neck mean

Hidden cameras

Having a litre of palm wine means what in a dream

Having a litre of palm win

House swallowed by earth

Holding a cold hands

Having cataract eyes

Hole at the center of my palm


Highest mountain

Hanging out with your friend

Hen in dream having sex with woman

Having matter with someone

Hijra dreaming

Husband touching your vagina

Husband parent

Hearing bell rings

Howard stern

Hacksaw dreams


Having sex with my former pastor

Having sex with a dog in the dream means

Handkerchief that has my name and fiancees name

Huge rocks falling and going down slowly

Hair hand middle

Holding cut hair in my hand

Have food in farm

Having lunch in farmer land

Having meat and selling some part in your hand

Hearing about death news

Handpump running

Handpump with running

Hiding my bag in the cabinet dream meaning


Holding bulb and wire

Holding bolo

Having sex with virgin girl

Half built stupa

Human vowel in a dream

Having race in the dream

Hair in hand middle

Hand middle

Having sex with fowl


Holding all colours of sponge to share

He saw a dream of my hair


Hot pot

Heard the same hymn several nights

Huge rocks falling

Huge rocks rolling

Have sex in poop with your enemy’s daughter


Half balded head in dream

Having a baby boy

Hawking omo

Hairy worms

Hijras in dreams telugu

Husband beating wife for another women

Harvesting sorghum grains

Hearing maa ganga calling you dream

Half naked girl in dream

Hugging kid in dream

Hanging dead in a dream

Half human half tortoise

Having sex with puppies


Head state


Holding horse tail

Hawking pure water in the dream

Having periods in dream


Humiliated love


Holding the hand of someone in my dream

High speed bump

Hugging a married naked man

Harvested ground nuts

Having sex with a aquiantance


Hiding under a open window from something or someone looking in

Hanging new curtains with the old one

Hair growing tongue

Honoured in dream in front of crowd

Having sex with ex wife freauently

He has a noose around his neck

Havesting fresh okro

Hiding safe

High jump to hide in roof or trees


Husband playing cards and drunk in dreams

Hole in mothers head

Honey smell

Having sex with a pastor in a dream

Holding me with its mouth

Holes in the shues

Half dressed

Husband wearing tie in dream

Having sex in water with unknown woman

Hairy nipples in dream interpretation

Hair being pulled while praying

Hole in ceiling

Harry butt

Heard alimot name in a dream

Holding chick on my hand and it fell

Horizontal stripes


Half bucket of water

Harvesting cassava in the dream with dead mother

Harvesting cassava with dead mother in a dream meaning

Homosexuals in dream

Having sex with women

Husband having secret baby with another woman

Holes in the sole of your feet

Husband with another female


Husband walk away from wife

Horse falling from sky

Hissing in a dream

Honey on face

Husband and his niece naked in bed

Highschool girl guide

Hacking someones phone

Having a party for a dead person

Hawking yam in dreams means what

Hawking yam in the dream

High school boarding

Hair dryer brush

Helping someone get dressed

Having multiple sex with women


Half deer half human

Having sex with my aunt

Having sex witt unknown man

Having a day care in the dream

Head pat

Hizra dance

Hollow hands

Horizontal line

Husband impregnated another woman and gave her my right

Having sex with vergin girl

Hollow trunk of large tree

Hollow trunk of cut tree

Hoting your left hand in your dream

Head and many teeth

Having your own street car in your yard

Hurting someone with sandpaper

Had stroke and face disreform


Having maggi cubes in the dream

Hawaiian doll



Having a baby



Hiding monster

Hurting a child when playing in a dream

Hiding objects from parents

Horror games

Hearing someone in your dream in dark

Helped a blind person in dreams

Hair massaged

Husband that passed holding my hand showing me field of zinnias

Henna seed

Henna fruit

How many church register by ngo in year 2020 under trustee organisation

Heavy wind blowing through closed windows

Holding a silver candle snuffer


Husband impregnates friend

Hawking in the drean

Horn like a animal one on my forhead but light green

Holding sto nino

Having girl friend

Having gf

Hanging your clothea at santol tree


Hyena trying to attack

Honey bee in beard

Horse have sex with you in the dream mean

Hearing prophet adam as name in dream

Having sex with a famous model

Having sex in different men

Half you half someone else

Hairs on the floor

Hole in your right hand


Having six fingers

Hairy chest

Having intercourse?

Hand washing

Hand wsshing

Huge microphone

Having sexual intercourse with husband

Hot plate stove

Hot plate stove in a dream


How many crops are in the food crop

Him saying i love you


Having a dream while coughing

Hurt baby animal

Hurt baby zebra

Hen with hatching eggs

Holding gold

Hijra on dream

Husband said to wear red chura in dream