Horse with sord

Husband talking to lover on phone

Having sex with a nun

Halwa eating dream meaning pls

Husband giving lock

Hair patches

Having 1 million in my atm

Hair growth

Half heary

Happy gathering

Harvesting kontomire

Harvesting cocoayam leafs

Holding glass bottles of soda

Hole in stomach and worms comes out

Hill mountain turn into sand

Huge black snake passing away


Hugging some one

Holding salt powder in three hands

Holding salt powder in my dream in three hands


Hazel eyes baby

Hair tufts


Holy rosewater

Hammer attack

Having sex with friend’s husband

Hold light emmiting from mouth

Head massage

Henna hand

Huge tin of ntsu

Hairy butocks

Horror pillar

Hanging pink cloth and then flying in the air dream

Hit by big black ball

Holy kabba

How about wearing different colour of uniform with others

Husband kissing my best frd

Horse pooped on me


Holi celebration

Husband hiding shoes

Having a dinner party with some friends

Having sex in an incomplete building

Having sex with a shemale

Hara mirch


Holy river

Having gay sex

Head falling from top

Hole in right hand

Having telephone conversation wit president

Half human turtle in a tree

Husband having an affair with my mother

Horse grazing

Husband cutting jackfruit from tree


Husband touching my vagina

Having a party in the tarbanacle

Having an affair with older woman

Hornets in my home

Hat trick

Huge beautiful church in the clouds

Hawking of a cooked rice

Having sex with a hen in dream

Having chana daal chila in drwam

Husband touching vagina other woman

Hand hard to get out of pocket

Huge crusifix

Happy ending

Hanging from coconut tree in dream

Holding on a building

Husband have lovebite

Husband have stitches in face


Holding calabash at the river

Hand watch break

Hearing song singing gospel song

Holding a vinegar

Homosexuality meaning


Helping a friend wash dishes

Having sex with dog meaning

Hair tied around penis

House guttering

Hospital confinement

Half human half scorpion

Hearing beats of a drum in dream in islam

Horse in the ocean

Holding a slasher

Human with beak

Hair clamp in a dream

Hungry mother

Half moon surrounded by stars

Healing the blind

Head in burning coals

Have sex with a cat in dream

Having sex with my male teacher

Hoeing to clear the yard

Hoeing to remove clean the yard

Havesting red pepper in a dream

Hermaphrodite sex

Hair on ones food

Hand grinding of spices


Hiding from lion

Holding a babygirl

How to cook a cabbage

Hole in wall

Having sex with harmaphrodite woman

Having sex with harmaphrodite

Https:// seeing someone-giving-food


Husband picture

Hairy snake bites to children at dream

Husband dreamt he killed his wife

Hand holding

Hand oil

Hawking kerosene in the dream means what

Hawking mats in the dream

Hawking mats

Hairdresser unbraiding my hair

Having a phone call with a man of god

House on the river

Handbag full of water

Has broken my identity card

House and graveyard

Human vowel meaning in nightmare

Having a handsome loving boyfriend

Harvesting unriped 3 bunch of plantain in one plantation

Having sex with deceased wife | dream interpretation


Holding a white dandelion

Holding and blowing a white dandelion


Hunting grasscutter

Husband accident

Husband clothes worn by another person

Honey in a dream

Head falling of

Head falling of of natan

Head falling off in a dream

Having sex with a man of god in the dream

House in ocean

Holding calabash in the dream

Hawking banana

Having sexual intercourse with a dog

Having blood to the vagina

Husband impregnated a relative

Hedge around a wall

Having sex in the dream

House desolation

Having oral sex in the dream

Hanging on edge

Hanging baby shoes

Holding calabash in a river


Helping ur love cross a river successfully

Having sex with your wife in the dream islamic meaning

Healed inflammation

Healed wounds

Hisband and sister having affair

Hosting iftar

Horse eating green grass in a dream

House with light

Hair growth in dreams

Husband crying in dream meanig

Hugs from behind

House surviving disaster

Havesting ripe tomatoes

Hip of yam in the dream

Homam fire

Having a oral sex in a girl

Hanging on a roof

Holiday with crush


Husband refusing sex in the dream

Hummingbird with clipped wings

Husband transfer to another place.

Holding a frying pan with cooked fish


Healing a blind woman

How can i live without you

Hair growing i between eyes

Having diarrhea in a cup on the bed


Home under flood level water

House in the middle of farm

Having sex under water

Husband with another woman

Hawking orange

Husband walking away backwards

Having short hair

Hit bullet


Holding an old pestil

Holding white nylon in my hands in the dream?

Holding a white nylon with things inside in the dream?

Hen eating a sneak

Having sex with fellow married woman

Half bright moon and bright stars

Holding office file

Head bursting in a dream

Happily beating and playing a drum quickly

Happily beating with hands a gold color drum fast

Healthy plants in field

Hands turning blue after lizard bite

Holding a money

Hand bag water full

Half human and half sheep

Holding someone hand then letting it go

Homeless rape

Hugging a goat

Holes in teeth

Heterosexual sex in a river meaning

Haunted puppet

Holy ashes

How will i know if my husband have another woman outside

Husband have children

Hand light

Hell dog aggresive

Hiding in a vase

Hand grenade

Horse burning

Harassing someone in a dream

Homo sex in dream

Harvesting unripe plantain

Harvest water yam in dream

Holding vermilion in school

Hoodie jacket

Hanging off a building

Hugging fish in the dream

Hand in the sky hit the sky


Hawking yam

Helmate red

Husband sex another woman in the dream

Heavy breathing

Half yellow paw paw

Having a gift of breadfruits and groundnut

Having dream of matching

House whith 3floor

Huge red clot jelly stuck to my vagina

Hole in body

Husband and mistress quarell in my dream

Hugged by a mad woman

Hugging naked woman

House extension

Hiding something about my dead brother

Hawking fruit in the dream

Horse bitting a cat

Holding a baby girl dress

Hostia follingdwn

Heart shape

Heart triangle

Head of a goat formed by tg

Herd of cows in dream meaning

Harvest plants

Huge hail stones

Habiscus flower

Hanging chandelier

Hairy hair on my head.

Hairy hair on my head

Had a dream my friend called me and while i got there i saw them doing money ritual

Heart shape green leaf

Having a baby boy at unmarried girls

Having menstrual period

High school lover

Holding a fowl

Holding foul in dream meaning

Having lunch with reach person

Having lunch with gates

Having lunch with bill gates


Husband gone missing

Holes in couch

Husband having baby with another woman dreams meaning

Having sex with a man woman in the dream

Half pawpaw with seeds dream means what ?

Hissing sound in dreama

Husband male cousin

Hole in the roofing dreams

Horn of carabao in a dream

Holding dead person

Husband impregnant someone else

Hammaring my old window back home

Holding jackfruit seeds

Having a full drum of water

Helping a child to cross gutter in a dream

Heaping in a dream means?

Handshake refusal

House on cliff

Harvesting dry maize with your wife in a dream

Harvesting dry maize in a dream with your wife

Having jiggers all over the body


Head of dead cat found in trash

Hearing daughter attains puberty

Having sex with a woman in the dream

How do you put ,not what i anticipated, when your talking about it in a dream?

Hearing anklet sound

Husband and daughter dream

Husband asking a my photo

Hands around someone’s waist

Husband kissing my maid

Holding goat on rope in dream

Hand sticking out from earth

Hole to inferno

Hbb. bb b bh bh bhbbnnhnn. nnbn.

Husband travel ingge

Hiding carrots

Hanging a cloth at the window in my dream

Hyme book in a dream

Hiding in bathroom

Having on a cartoon character

Having sex

Having sex with a ghost in a dream

Harvest maize in the dream

Having sex with you ex boyfriend

Hair extensions

How to have sex at home

Having sex with a madman on the dream

Husband nakedness in dreams

Hearing a baby bird crying

Hair brush bristles falling out

Hand nails falling in a dream

Hydrogen sulfide

Heron was crying

Having sex in your buttocks dreams

House in middle of an ocean

Honey mustard

Honey rebirth

Huge truck

Having sexual intercourse with husband in a dream meaning in islam

Horse cloud figure

Help to save a cat but failed to save it

He prophesied to me on getting a job

Half dressed

Having a sex with a pastor in dreams

Harvesting green lemon grass

Husband asking for a boy

Half apple

Husband complaining

Honeymoon with girlfriend

Hawk being played by a small sparrow bird

Having sex with neighbour

Hearing my phone ringing in a dream

House filled with lot of people meaning

Happy in dream

Happy in dre

How to leave at peace

Harvesting ripe cocoa fruits

Hair stuck teeth

Holding hands with someone

Holding hands

Having a letter from the ex

Holes in my cooking pot

Holding my wrist by a boy

Hole in foot

Holy book in dream

Holding a book

Harvesting green long bitter gourd

Human eating aliens

Husband disappearing in dreams

Homosexual father

Husband molisting the daughter

Hajj performed by dead man in dreams

Heavy discharge of menstruation

Hawking okro in a dream

Having a sleepover outside

Hammered nickel texture

Hu8 oni

Hiding behind a shower curtain

Husband cheating

House meaning ceremony

Having sex with co tenant in a dream

Having sex with a h


Having sex with ex niece

Hiring leg against a stone

Hugging fictional character

Having an iphone stolen


House growing weeds

Hands covered with paint

Happy to see someone success

Holding dates in my hand

Having power to control water

Husband touching vagina

Husband having sex with other woman

Husband in bed with another woman

Hairless lion

Holes in breast

Having sex with a old dog

Hand band

Husband and aon

How to answer questions on an online test

Hitting someone on back of head

Happy at work

Hen feather in dream

Hidden money under 3 big trees

Holding gun an been in army uniform

Having dream of guru granth sahib ji

High table

Headless lady

Heart in flame

Harvesting calamansi

Healing injured guy

Holding a goat with rope on is neck in a dream

Husband driving away

Husband running away

Half of cooked baby elephant

Holding the 2 nuts

High tea

Hair and palm leave in a plate

Hair with big roots

Have to leave the place

Husband keeps sleeping with my sister

Having police security in a dream

Hail stone

Having sex with husband in a dream

Having sex with real husband in a dream


Husband insulting wife in dream

Husband slaps wife in a dream

Headless saints

Had sex with my cousin

Husband and baby father being kinnapedd by jealous man

How does belpatr dream mean

Hiding under the irrigation water

Head carabao

Hung on the tower bell

Holding staff in dream meaning

Holding pure water in the dream what does it mean

Haldi kumkum dream

Husband tells me that he wants to pay lobola

Having sex with a shadow man

Harvesting millet

Herd of cattle attack by tigers

Holding two cutlass in a dream means what

Hair straightenner

Hooked nose


Husband and wife reunited

Having empty birth certificate form

Hanging thread comes in dream

Husband vomiting


Hidden face

House floating on water


Hero save

Having a handshake with mad man

Hiding inside an animal


Hot oil spill from vessel

Hand shaking with the king

Husband getting remarried

Hawking pepper soup in dream

Husband sucking my left breast in a dream

Holding hands of a woman

Holding a rosary

Holding a torn black cloth in dream

Houseboat floating in sea

Husband bying sares

Having my boobs cradle from behind

Holding a baby

Husband circumsised in dream

Husband has a second wife


Henna on dead person’s hands

Holding newborn baby

Heard someone name in dream

Husband is skinny


Husband is.skinny

Having periwinkles in your soup

Hanging up the clothes

Hanging up the clothes and sandals

Having blue teeth

House on the top of the hill

Hair on my wrist dream

Homless person


Hand coming through window

Herdsman symbol

Husband as ghost but still alive

Having your lower jaw blown off

Husband kissing a friend

Having sex with a widow in dream meaning

Hair all over my clothes

Having meal in dreams

Her vagina has chicken pieces coming out in a dream



Harvesting dry coconuts in dream

House premises

Harvesting white anions in your dream

Husband asking to cancel the meeting