Eating dad sperm

Eating raw sweet potatoes

Eating kola nut in my dream what is the meaning

Evil taking baby

Eating some rostated palm furit in the dream


Everlasting forest

Electrical olg socket kn fire in house

Ex boyfriend and dad

Eating rice in d dream

Eating alligator pepper in the dream means

Eating fufu in a dream means

Eating chocolate out the toilet pot

Eating with people in the dream

Eating food in the dream

Ex boyfriend in hospital

Eating milo in a dream the meaning

Eating milo in a dream

Engagement dream

Eating in office

Elephant apple dream interpretation

Ex sucking my breasts

Empty casserole

Eagiption anibus dog

Eathing with dead my grand father

Empty glass bowl

Eating bread and moi moi

Eating eba in your dream

Eating fufu in a dream

Eating fufu in dream

Eating cooked heart of a sheep

Eating bitterleaf in the dream

Eating yam with eggs in dream

Eating of udara fruit in the dream

Eve teasing with myself


Eating ambrosia

Empty mand made pool pond

Eating green small growing mangoes

Eating puff puff given given to u by a masquerade in the dream meaning

Everything in the freezer as defrosted

Eating one piece of clementine

Emu with red head

Engagement day without bridegroom

Exchange a thing

Eating leafs in dream

Eating cocoyam and red oil in dream

Eating cooked yam with coconut milk

Empty kraal

Eating rice

Earbud inside my nose

Ear bud

Escaping from accident in dream

Evil old woman

Eggs in tree in the dream

Eggs in tree


Eat blackberry in dream

Excret on my pant

Excret on pant

Electric current

Elevator is cramped small

Eating cook yam

Eating garden egg in d dream

Empty ring box

Eating white pap

Eating mango in dreams in pregnancy



Eating bhramin


Eating fried egg and yam in a dream

Eating suya in the dream

Eating white selenite

Ex and sister together

Eating of green fruits

Eating raw cassava in a dream what it means

Ear boby pins

Eating roti and fish

Eating eba and ewedu in a dream what is the meaning

Eating snake and vomiting meaning

Ex boyfriend give me red handbag to carry

Eating boil groundnuts in the dream

Eating 3 roasted bitter cola in the dream


Eating ghee and boiled rice in dream

Ex boyfriend with his family and i in the party

Eating kolanut in dream

Eating own relatives meat dream meaning

Eating a dead body in dream then rinsing the mouth

Eating kuli kuli in the dream

Eba and okro soup with family in the dream

Eating lanzones in a dream

Eclipse exploding

Eating breadfruit porridge

Eating breadfruit

Eatingcookedcwhite sampp

Eating samp without beans

Eating sam without beans

Eating white samp

Evacuate spaceship

Eating flaxseed


Eating human bone


Erode the paint of the wall

Erode the wall

Ex daughter in law in a dream

Electric energy

Eating fresh cooked camel meat

Escaping sex with old man




Eating chana dal in dream


Eyes sky


Eating ground nut and bread

Exoric fruota

Evil trying to catch me

Examples of victory dreams

Eating the meat of an unfamamilliar person in your dreams

Eating roasted palm

Eating sel roti in dream...meaning

Eating white yam cook yam in the dream

Eating white yam in the dream

Ex doing drugs

Evil running after me


Exercise book

Escaping being shot at

Eating animal meat

Eating pussy in dream

Eating a black bird

Eating fresh leave in the dream

Embarrassed of body hair in dream

Eating kola but

Egyptian cat

Eating yam and stew in dream

Eat chin-chin

Eating viginal semen in dreams

Eating yam porridge

Eating african star apple in a dream

Eating rice and chicken in dream

Eating white grams

Eating sheep offals

Expired person came with hands of charcoal

Eating tamarind in islamic

Eating loin mean in dreams

Ex wedding ring

Eating breakfast

Eating beans and bread neans what

Explosion of the basement of my home

Eating food mixed with feces in the dream

Ex friend appearing in drea

Eating raw cow liver

Eating raw dough in dream

Eating kolanut from the tree with group of elders

Eating kolanut from the tree

Ex mother in lowe


Eating fish in my home with friend

Elevator in a shopping mall

Ex not taking me home

Eating tiger but in a dream

Eating food in the toilet bowl dream meaning

Electric power



Eating moringa seeds in dream

Enemy wearing a white dress

Ex-husband stalled by a whale

Ex president calling your name

Eating roasted yam in a dream


Eating a palm kernel in a dream means what?


Ex boyfriend

Ex husband buying you a ring

Enlarged clitori and sexaual fleeling

Elarged clitori

Empty platter

Eto. nino dream

Ex husbands penis

Escaped safely from sea strom

Elephants in sugarcane field

Eggs of a goose

Eating cooked rice with jaggery


Eating smoked chicken in the dream

Even teasing

Eagle iron cage

Eating deer meat

Escaping accident

Eating rice and chicken in my dream

Eating amala in a dream

Eating strawberries covered with chocolate

Exboyfriend paying lobola for me

Eating fatcakes in your dreams

Eating palm fruit in a market

Evil kid

Eating sugarcane in dream

Enemy dancing

Eating sugar palmnut dream meaning

Eating white maize cob in dream meaning

Ex in a dream on ur bed meaning

Eating fufu with light soup

Eat bread & stew with a friend in the dream islamic meaning

Eat bread& stew wit a friend in the dream meaning islam

Eating in castle

Engaged to a man i didn’t see his face

Earings piercing

Ear rings piercing

Eating raw liver


Eating powder milk in dream means what?

Ex wants to marry me

Extinguish burning fire from house

Eating fish with blood

Eating black sorghum

Eating chocolate with almonds

Entity rejection


Eating food with dead parents

Ex boyfriend growing very tall

Eating cigarettes

Eating hot cocoyam in the dream

Eating roasted red meat

Empty out a lot of sand from my shoes

Eating momos

Eating momo in dream

Eating semen in a dream

Eating yam and egg in dream

Engine oil

Eye shadow in the dream

Explosion of a boat

Eating chin chin in a dream

Eating panjiri

Egusi in the dream

Eating white colanut in dream

Ejaculate when with old woman

Eating with dead mother in dream

Excess menstrual bleeding

Ex father

Eating and growing sugarcane

Explosion the sun

Eating chapati with mango pickle in dream meaning

Eating waakye

Eating dead people flesh

Eating rice and chicken

Eating curd rice with jam

Eggs produced by tree

Eating cigarate in dream

Elephant chading

Ex boyfriend look different

Eating ripe mango in dream during third trimester

Execution by sledge hammer

Egg plant meaning in dream

Eating puris

Eatinh plum with salt

Eatimg plum with salt

Eggs with 1 gold egg

Eating rosted yam with red oil in dream what is the meaning?.

Eating with my wife near a banana plantation. i then cut banana leaf,added it to my portion and i ate the raw leaf believing that it will cure some sicknesses.

Eating groundnut and bitterkola in dream

Eating curd with rice

Eating of maggi

Enemy appeared in your dream means

Enemy say sorry in your dream meas

Ebony wood



Enemy giving a gift

Ex mother in law

Eunuch male organ

Exorcising spirits

Eating green cardomon in dream meaning


Ex boyfriend sucked my breast meaning

Eating udara in dream

Eating elephant meat in dreams

Eating puf in the dream means what

Eating boiled yam in the dream

Eating beans

Eating palm kernel in my dream

Exit permission

Eating of ripe palm fruit in the dream

Embracing someone

Eating mixed cassava and beans in a dream

Eating giant shrimp soup

Electric light in the dream

Eating a death body in mortuary

Eating pineapple in the dream

Evaporated milk in my dream meabs

Eating part of intestine that have feace likedirt

Eating part of intestine that have peace likedirt

Eating part of intestine that have some peace dirt

Emptiness feeling

Eating ripe guinep what does it mean?

Eating roasted plantain

Eating bitterleavve soup in a dream

Eating rotten meat with in dream what is the meaning of the dream

Eagle eating chick

Eating custard apple in dream meaning

Eating fresh white boiled cassava, in the dream

Elephant necklace

Eating in the dream with dead relatives

Ex’s baby

Ex baby

Eating cows intestines in a dream

Eating dog poop

Elephant trunk cut off seeing in dream means

Eating cooked yam in the dream interpretation

Ex romance

Ex girlfriend

Ex love with her husband

Eat cat meat

Eating cat meat in dreaming

Ex husband revieved a 2 billion dollar cheque

Eating food in temple

Eating a dead body in a dream meaning

Eating a dead body in a dream

Eat lizard pepper soup

Emersed in human waste or excrete

Emersed human waste or excretion

Emersed juman waste or excrete

Expired driver license

Eating jujube


Eating baby fish

Eating popcorn


Eating a bat mammal

Everyone hated me

Eating selroti in dream

Eating mutton in dream

Eating blue shoes with fresh milk

Elephant pushes leg in dream

Eating palm nut in your dream

Eating sweet termarind in islamic meaning

Early harvest

Eathing white piece of cloth in a dream

Eating pork and split out from mouth

Eating mango in dreams during pregnancy

Evil children

Ex president

Eating maggi in dream meaning

Eating ripe palm fruit

Eyebrow pencil sharpening

Eye injury in the dream

Eye liner put in my eyea

Eaning broken, ganesh, idol, in the dream? search your dream meanings here...

Eating betelnut and betel leaf with lime in dream

Eunuch smiling

Eating gud

Eating styrofoam

Eating clover

Eating food with someone that his dead meaning?

Eating panipuri

Eating dinner with a gypsy


Eye colour

Eating guava fruit with white worms

Eating groundnut and roasted plantain in a dream

Eating plum

Eating apricots in a dream in pregnancy

Eating cows shit

Enlarged pinky toe

Empty pale

Eating with my dead mom

Eggs of ostrich

Elachi see in dream meaning


Exclamation mark

Evangelist joshua dream interpretation of egusi seed

Eating arigator pepper in dream


Escaping and get caught

Eating sugar roti

Extra finger

Entering keke napep in the dream



Eating fresh green leaves in dream

Eating maggi in dream

Eating cumin

Eating with my boyfriend in a dream



Everything in the dream is two


Eating a seed

Eating cooked goat meat in adream

Eating mango pickle

Eating an uncooked eggs mixed with milk

Eating and sharing fresh white palm kernel with a friend in a dream

Eggs number

Eating and sharing palm kernel with a friend in a dream

Electric sockets catching fire

Eating with friends in the dream


Eating food mums made

Ex boyfriend married his sister in my dreams.

Estranged father

Earth cracking in parts

Eating a dead body in your dream

Eating of ogbono soup

Eating dead person meat

Escaping bus accident

Eating salmon that does not end

Ex husband trying to kill along with someone else

Eating urad vada


Evil chess board

Eating chapati in adream

Eating fufu in the dream meaning

Entering a snow cave in my dream

Ex boifriend dating my sister

Eating of pads

Embroyded blanket

Eating curd rice meaning

Eating wheat floor

Eating floor

Eating a big kolanut in the dream

Eating paratha in dream meaning

Eating a meatbone

Eating raw cocoyam means

Exchange with others phone

Eating vegina dream meaning

Engine spare parts

Eating rotten durian

Electronic gadgets

Eating corstarch

Eating bread with water

Eating pig in dream

Eating sadza

Eating sadza and vegetable

Eyes on body

Eyes ob body

Eating rice curd peas in duna

Escaped bus accident

Eating walnuts in dream means

Eating powdered milk

Electric poles spark

Eating hot dog

Ex girlfriend wearing green dress

Eating revri in my dream

Ex best frined reconcilation

Eating bread flood

Eating bread in dream during flood

Everyone around me is having sex

Eating boiled eggs in dreams


Ear piercing ceremony in dream

Eating thorn

Empty gas cylinder

Eating fresh pepper

Eating bel pata in dream

Eye doctor

Erosion waves sea

Eaten palm fruit in dream meaning

Electrical transformer in a dream

Eating food given by mom in dream

Eating ripe mango

Entering a known house with in the company of a dead person

Eyelids with sores

Ear infection

Eating goat head in dream

Eating sim cards in dream

Encouraging her

Ex boyfriend blackmailed you in your dream

Eating fish in dream means

Eating apples with a dead person



Eating fufu and palm nut soup

Eating a sugar can


Eating okro soup in a dream

Eating sweet dish at graveyard

Empty janaza for a living women

Eating tiger


Eating leftovers of matooke

Eating bitter yam in dream meaning

Eating pussy in the dream

Eating yam and stew prepared by someone

Eating intestines in dream

Eating gemstone


Eating food on banana leaf in dream

Empty hospital before it starts

Eating green leaf

Eating ripe cooked plantain in dream


Eating riped sapodilla fruit meaning

Eating banana with my deacased mom in my dream

Eat maina bird

Empty box of vermilion dream