Eating roasted grandnuts in the dream

Ex sister in law running

Ex sister in law running from me

Evil elmo

Ex husband stalking me

Eating a meal with ex mother in law

Eatning bananas in dream meaning

Exchanging phones

Eating nartjies in a dream

Eyelid tissue falling out

Ex husband buying new shoes for me

Eating cows ankle leg

Eating cows ankle

Eating a roasted palm fruit

Ex girlfriend being raped


Elisabeth coin in your dream

Eating panchamrut in dream

Empty blue plates

Eating an elephant in a dream

Eating my testicle in dream

Ex taking long shower

Evil step father

Eating a hot chapati

Eating rasa in cake by dead person

Electrical panel

Eye vagina

Eating a cooked pork meat

Enemy gives me flower in a dream

Ex spouce lying on his back on the floor of our bedroom next to our bed

Egyptian mymmy

Eating macadamia nuts in a dream

Eating boiled yam without oil in the dream

Eating cola nuts in dream

Explosion of light

Exam cancelled

Eating with a sangoma

Engagement rings from deceased husband

Eating green leaf in dreams

Eating rice nd plantain in the dream

Eating raw or uncooked yam in the dream means what

Eating black powder in a dream

Eating sweet reed

Eating three leaf yam in a dream

Ex boyfriend covered himself with blaket

Ex boyfriend in his underwear at work

Eating muti

Earth put off

Eating snack in a toilet

Eyebrows with bugs in it

Elephant licking my nose in the dream meaning

Eating pop tarts

Eyes stuck closed

Eggs became mango

Eyes in the feet

Eating green sugar cane

Entering keke in dreams

Eating horse testicles in a dream

Eating pineapple in dream

Ex best friend crying in dream

Eating same gender

Eating only semovital without soap in dream

Estranged dead mother giving me flowers

Estranged dead mother giving me glowers

Eating coconut tart in a dream

Eating chocho

Eating purple macarons

Eating manna in the dream

Eating cassava snake in your dream meaning what

Elder brother slim

Eating jelly

Eating and picking african star apple

Escape from war and guardian holding my hands and walking with me into jungle

Eating cooked pork intestine

Eating pork intestine

Eating bettlenut

Elephant destroy place

Eating with sangoma

Eating fufu with light soup in a dream while fasting

Eating daal in dream

Electricity burnt in dream means

Evil red head boy

Eating woman pussy

Eating hurry

Eating in kaba

Expressing a breast abscess

Eating red cooked meat

Eating red cooced meat

Eating and giving popsicles

Eye gouge

Every time i fall asleep i dream of a knocking noise

Eating roasted cassava and raw coconut

Eating nshima with meat at night

Enemy cooking hot food

Eunuch asking getting married in dreem

Enter kekenapep in dream

Eating sand mixed with water

Eating sliced bread while standing over the desk in my class


Eating read oil and salt

Elephant water


Elevated bidy

E i

Escaping prison gunfire

Eggs hanging in the tree

Earthworm dying on a white clothe

Escorting my daughter

Egg cleanse

Ex boyfriend patting my head

Elephant gives green banana

Eating food with dead father in dream

Eating sweet paan by someone else

Eating palm weevil lauvre in the dream

Eating my friend infected vagina

Eating cocoa seeds in your dream what does it mean

Enter into elevator

Ex husband and his kid


Empty cars rolling towards me

Ex calls

Electric drill

Eating fried maize mixed with fried groundnut

Eating friend maize mixed with fried groundnut

Estranged husband fondling my breasts

Eating akara in a dream

Enstranged daughter coming back home

Eating sweet reed in a dream

Eating christmas pudding

Eating jerry puri in dream

Eaten by a cow


Eating a phone sim card

Enjoying eating food

Eat dead bodies

Eating sugar canes in a dream

Ex boyfriend deleting messages in my dreams

Eating milk sweet

Eating dig meat

Eating rice and finding small stones while eating

Empty qn

Eyes are gold like they on fire

Eating dates with unknown person in my dream

Eyes changing to white and vibration

Ex girlfreund

Eating figs with worms

Eye scratch

Eating owo soup in dream means

Eating meat out of anus

Ex boyfriend deceased mom

Evicted as tenant in a house



Emergency call in dream in what am looking for

Eight white scorpion bite

Eating panipuri in drean

Eating eba and ewedu in the dream

Exchange car with someone in dream

Eating canning pears then having sex

Eel attached to another eel

Eel biting anoth eel

Ex husband alive

Ex pranked me

Ex girlfriend going to prison

Evel kneviel


Everyone hates me and i end up in a mental hospital


Eyes fire

Ex husband asking for food

Eating injera and minced meat

Eating fruits from the fridge

Ex being circumcized

Eye mucous

Enimy put flowers in my store in dream

Eating unripe paw paw in the dream meaning

Endless coins on the grave

Eating fruit cake in a dream

Eating fruit cake

Ex boyfriend giving me money

Eating pap with milk

Electric fire burning houses meaning

Egg whites

Eating shrine

Eating in the dream in a shrine

Ex sick and tired

Eating semovita means

Eating boiled plantains with palm oil in the dream

Eating people after drawing straws to see who gets eaten

Emmanuel symbol

Everything covered in glass

Embroidered curtains

Eating pechay

Eating pechau

Ex first love giving me an exotic fruit and me eating it

Exploding pigs

Eating cycamore fruit in the dream

Ex boyfriend hungry

Ex boyfriend hungry in my dream

Eating sweet rice cakes

Eating food with a dead person

Eating a sparrow

Eating snuff

Electric fan in pieces

Empty pond dream meaning

Ex school mate

Eating granadillas in the dream

Eucalyptus vine

Embarassing old friend scruffy tramp like

Ex boyfriend shot in a dream

Ex boyfriend being shot

Eating cooked rice and raw eggs

Eating pomo in the dream

Ex sex mum

Enoki mushroom dreaming

Eating next to girlfriend father

Evil clone of my dog

Eyes on the feet

Eating of cumin with salt paste in dream

Eating of palm weevil in my dream

Eating food with loved one

Eating pawpaw

Every one is taller than me in my dream


Eating pig testicles in a dream

Eating amasi in a dream

Ex boyfriend returned home from abroad

Eating and buring alligator pepper in am

Eating and buring alligator pepper in a drea

Ex having a baby with another woman

Electrical pylon


Eating pounded yam with your secretary in dream

Elevator heaven

Elk headed dear


Every light burning out in house

Electric pole was burning

Escort dead woman into wedding

Empty greenhouse

Eye fell out

Ex beloved


Eating doughnut in a dream

Empty matchbox

Eating with a girfriend

Elephant leg tied by me in forest

Ex girlfriend give u cake

Enemy pregnancy green chillies

Eating of white clay what does it mean

Eating cooked red meat in s dream

Eating messy

Eating food nd meat with my brother in the dream

Ex girlfriend headless

Eating in the junction in the dream

Eating coaco

Ex putting on his old clothes

Exboy friend and cooking

Eating of wet cassava chip in dream

Eating potatoes chips and pooing after

Eating on a toilet seat

Expensive cologne

E blue eyed man

Eating of ejoor in the dream

Ex husband hitting his current wife

Ex buying cows for me

Evil orgy

Eating rice in a dream with rich men

Eating chinese food with my ex girlfriend

Ear bite

Eating black soup in d dream

Eating freezer with a prophet

Eating rice and beans in the dream

Eating african polo my and nshima in a dream

Everything gray in dream except my daughter wearing a bright green shirt

Entering military base

Eyes glasses

Eating cook pear in the dream means what

Eating vada in dreams

Electrician raising electric pole

Electrician mountain electric pole

Eating jarman mango in the dream and saw mango worm what does it mean

Eagle with two heads

Eating big aunts with out feathers

Eating rusk

Eyeball of a man falling

Eating fante kenkey in a dream

Eating a cooked baby leg

Eating fufu and okro soup in the dream

Ex give me a ring

Ex boyfriend watching me from outside

Eating green kola nut in the dream means what

Electricity wire broken and sparking

Electric wire broken and sparkling

Empty pot boing on the stove

Empty pot on the stove

Eating family meal cooked by father

Eating a meal cooked by late father

Eat clothes

Empty purple bowl

Eating eko elewe in the dream


Eating panjiri in the dream

Escaping lion attack in a dream

Eggs disappearing in hands

Empty white plate

Eating dates and spitting out the seeds

Eating fufu n onto soup in the dream means

Elephant destroying a home

Elephants chasings

Eating fried corn and grandnut

Empty canister

Empty cauldron

Electricity transformer exploring

Ekuro meaning

Eagle biting your finger

Ex smiling at me and telling me his always gonna be here for me

Egypt gods

Elder sister getting married

Easily killed a black and gray scorpion

Ex driving car with headlights off

Eating human intestine

Eating human intestine mistakenly in dream

Eating jingers

Eating good dead mother

Eating roasted meat in dream

Eating shawarma in my dream

Eating wash bitterleaf in the dream

Eating a white cotton vest

Evacuation center

Empty pot with out tea in dearm means

Escape from disasters

Egg shaped coins



Empty ballet room

Elder brother voice calling my name

Eating a meat pie

Ex boyfriend right toe injured

Egg monster hatching

Eyebrow missing

Ex lover mom

Ex mom

Eating agbalumo in the dream

Eating sweets in a dream

Escaping but captured

Eid fitr

Eating ponmo in the dream

Eating pork unknowingly then spitting it out

Eating pie in the dream

Expelled in the house

Eating dilly

Eye inflammation dream islamic drram

Emo boyfriend dream

Eating a dog by a cow

Empty baby carseat in a dream

Empty bay carseat

Eagle drops snake



Elephant giving birth to baby elephant

Eating pratha in dream means

Eating sugar meat in dream

Eating garri and grandnut on the sand

Eating raspberry

Eating raspberry in the dream

Ex and fish

Eating fruits in a dream

Eating food in a dream meaning

Eating of beans cake and bread

Eating rice with your boyfriend together

Extra large gold necklaces

Eggs appearing on a tree the way fruits do

Eggs hanging from a tree like fruits

Eating sheep in site

Egg breaked hen came

Eating jollof rice in dream

Eating with an ex boyfriend

Extra food bone

Entering into the toilet barefoot

Eating roasted corn in a dream

Eating gari in the dream

Eating eba and vegetables

Eating disorder inpacietnt

Eating jalebi in dream during pregnancy

Eating rice on cooked banana leaf

Ex boyfriends deceased mother dream meaning

Eating fragile muddae

Exchanging of wallet

Eating fruit in a dream



Enemy waving

Eating eko

Eating fufu and soup in dream

Ex boyfriend killed my best friend

Ex boyfriend killed best friend

Ex sleeping with my little sister

Exploding bottle in a dream means

Engagement with diamond ring

Eating a kind of fruit on a mountain

Ex greeting in the dream

Easther meaning

Electric transformer falling

Eating kapenta and mopane worms

Empty restaurant

Emery restaurant

Escorting in a dream

Eye contact with your crush

Eggs as if are planted

Electrical breaker box fire

Evil eyes staring at me

Eating snot apple in a dream

Ex asks for money

Eatng egg with my late father

Eating of tiger nuts and cooked corn in the dream

Eating chinchin and groundnut in dream

Eye glases

Eating goat tongue

Eating of three leaves yan in the dream

Eating bottles

Eating penis on a pizza slice

Eating milkfish in a dream

Eating cooked corn given to me by my neighbor in my dream

Earth worm in dream means

Eating cooked koki corn

Explosive mines in the ocean

Emeralds falling off a necklace

Eagle grips the cobra and flying in the sky

Eyes sore

Exposing genitalia to opposite sex

Ex senator

Eating in a dream what dose it mean

Eating the black ants in toilet means

Elevator stops

Eating buffalo thorn fruit in dream

Eating sweet mandazi in a dream meaning

Eaten green pomelo

Eating cadaver

Extra large bull frog that hops on house trying to eat a worm and a snake trying to eat him

East wind blowing g across path

East wind blowing g across parh

Eating rosary beads

Elijah in a chariot

Eating with a pastor in dream

Eating calabash clay in the dream

Eating shea butter

Eating awaakye

Eating pickled fish

Eating bread and oil in dream

Emblem in dreams means

Exercise bike

Eating in one table with my boyfriend

Eating animal abdomen

Eating ripe palm fruit without seed inside

Erasing kollam

Erasing kola

Eating fermented cake in dream

Empty pistol

Elena rudder destiny

Ex boyfriend kissing you in a dream

Ex boyfriend kissin me on a chest

Ex boyfriend kikkkk me on a chest

Emerald teeth

Eye on big toe

Eggs dead relative

Ex colleague fetching your phone from dirty water

Encounter by police

Earth tilting in a dream

Eating bitter y in the dream

Eating sapota in dream meaning

Eating numerous golgappa

Eye under my foot

Ex gf shows her pussy

Ex husband strangling me

Ex buying new shoes

Eating from my boyfriend

Eagle in my house

Evil hiding behind a closed door

Earth vanished

Evil lady chasing

Ex boyfriend sex mom

Elephant rain

Expired bank check

Eating violets

Expired check

Ebb tide river

Ebb of the river

Egg cleansing


Eatingilk in a dre

Elaichi tree

Ex husband dream

Evil chicken

Empty ball pit

Eagle cover by a wave of water

Eat sheep meet in a dream

Electric wire fall on me in my dream


Eating sadza and meat