Ex give slippers

Escape from murderer dream

Ex wearing a wedding band

Eating greengrams

Emotional partner

Eating groundnut with dead person

Eating groundnut with dea


Eating palm fruit in dream

Engine oil was given instead of honey in my dream

Eating foam in dream

Eating throns in dream

Exchanging of schedule with someone you love meaning

Eating garry and groundnut

Elephants and lions

Eating nzu in your dream

Eating pieces of a dogs ear

Eating an orange in a dream

Eagle catching a snake from ground

Eagle catching a snake from groung

Eating a wedding ring in dream

Eating okro and swallow in the dream meaning

Eating in deams


Eating chapati

Eagle carrying snake in the air

Eunuch crying in dream for food

Exchanging car in dreams

Empty egg broken


Eating ants in a dream

Eating guava in a dream

Eating unripe pawpaw

Eating roasted squirrel

Exchanging silver spoon with deceased person

Eating sesame laddus

Eating papad in dream

Eating powered brown sugar in a dream

Ex suitor in dream


Eating butter milk rice

Eaten sallow in dream means what

Eaten rice and stew in dream


Eating raw yam

Eating feaces

Elevator flying

Eating lunch with a pleasant unknown lady

Eye made of the moon


Eating difrent smoke fish inside fruit n digging a lots of big fishes suddenly a lots of gayants south thieves cause we are many

Eating difrent smoke fish inside fruit n digging a lots of big fishes means

Eating shaggy in dream

Escorting unknown woman out of your house


Eating panipuri in dream

Ex wearing brown boots

Eating locust

Eating jellof rice dream

Eaten sugar cane in the dream

Eating a stolen fish

Eagle catches cobra

Enhanced hormones

Eating poisonous guava

Enemy territory


Eating grains of rice

Eletricity went out in town

Eating jollof rice in a dream

Eating with my dead mother

Engagement congratulations

Ex girlfriend father

Ex husband turned transgender

Eating with a priest

Eating ice cream

Eating raw seeds

Eating fried calamari

Eating esuru in the dream meaning



Eye contact with the one i love

Erase rangoli

Eating chikoo in dreams

Eating jamun

Extension roomexdk

Extending house

Extension room

Eating cat testicles

Empty jerrican

Eating baby flesh in a dream

Erasing image in dream means

Earth talking

Eating maggi in a dream

Eating cooked breadfruit in dream

Eating udara fruit in a dream


Ex husband penis dream

Enemh trhing to burn bird featherz

Eating african salad in the dream

Eating kachori

Eko in the dream

Entangled carabao in dream

Ex boyfriend with my sister

Eating ripe cashew

Eating moringa leaf


Eating guava in a dream with a worm

Engagement marriage in the dream

Expresident sucking my breast

Ex husband stollen things from me

Elephants breaking the house in dreams what it means

Eating a dog

Elephants destructing house in dreams what it means

Eating broken bottle

Eating brake bottles

Eating sweet dates

Eating from a pot


Eating dog meat with celebrities

Eating rice and beans with egg at the party

Eating a dead body

Enter tricycle in dream

Earth destruction

Eating jamun fruit in pregnancy during dream


Electric pole fall

Eating a yellow petal

Eating besides a cemetary

Eggs in a bucket of water

Eat bread and beans cake in dream

Eating eba with ewedu


Ex husband ignore me in dream

Eating sugarcane

Ex partner husband

Ex touching your breasts

Ex bf wearing my pony tail

Ex bf wearing my pony tail around his head

Eye of providence

Exam failed

Eating testicles in a dream

Eating nzu in the dream means what

Eating kola nut

Enemies coming with blue saree with red border

Eating tomato and red frog

Eating yam and red oil with somebody

Eating fried groundnut in the dream

Eating snakes in dream fault fully

Eggs with rice and i cook it

Eating semolina prasad

Energy waves

Eating okpa in dream

Eating efo riro in your dream

Eating agidi in the dream meaning

Eating nshima in a dream

Eating a slaughtered animal

Ex daughter in law

Eating kontomire in dream means

Eating tree lief yam in dream

Eating amala and ewedu

Eating fish pie in the dream

Engagement and marriage dream


Edible palm worm

Eating yam with red oil in the dream

Eating guava with worm in it

Eating guava with woman

Escaping i’m down for hookup and o do charge snap : guzewire_ca2020 number : 2342189245 motor acccident


Enemy is my guest

Enemy in water

Eye boogers


Exchange of under pant

Eating sweet sop

Expressing pain

Eating fried grasshoppers

Eating moi moi in dreams meaning

Eating moi moi in dreams

Eatin suya in the dream

Eating mutton

Eating kernel nut already broken of it shell in the dream

Elijah and abraham

Ex boyfriend/ sister

Eating jamun in dream morning time

Ejaculation without a woman

Engine overheating



Eating only maggi in the dream meaning

Eating maggi in the dream meaning

Eating jamun fruits

Evil jester

Eating skin

Empty measuring cup

Erosion carrying my slippers


Esuru dream

Eating starch with milk

Empty ocean

Eating guava means

Eating koala nut in dream means what

Everlasting flower

Eaten oil beans and plantain with friends

Eating dirty clothes of children

Eating turmeric in dream

Eating beans and rice in dream

Embarrassing touch

Eating coriander leaves in dream meaning

Eating neem leaves meaning

Ex gf became a demon

Eununch giving blessings

Eating coriander

Eating spageti in dream

Eating nshima with milk

Eating sesame seed with milk

Extinguishing fire with urine

Ex husband peeing

Eating charcoal in the dream

Exchanging my phone with someone i know in a dream

Eye turns white

Expensive boots

Eating a cashew in the dream

Eating raw vegetables

Eddo dream

Exchanging money in dream

Ear infection

Eating udara in the dream means what

Esmerald stones


Eggs comes in dream

Eating pomelo in dream

Eating back your vomit

Eating, gold

Eating, chapati, in the dream meaning

Eating posho in dream

Eating swallow made from cassava in the dream

Eating with a rich person in my dream

Eating food in graveyard

Eating yam porttage is the dream

Eat colanut in the dream

Eating ripe udara in the dream

Eating sweet rice with ghee

Eating yam and palm oil stew with your bf in the dream

Eating cola in the dream

Eating a dead person

Eating sweet tart given by late mother

Extracting oil from soya

Extracting oil from soya beans

Eagle or bird on the air with snake on its claw and then half the snake falling off

Erasing bindi in dream

Eating bone in the dream

Earthy scent

Eating sapota kn dream

Extra eye in the eyelid

Eating sapodilla

Eating fish head

Egusi seed meaning in the dream

Empty toolbox

Eating spill cake on the floor


Ex with a gun

Escallion in dream meaning

Eating palm trees leaves

Entering a dargah and covering my head with duppatta

Eating banana peel in a dream

Eating banamna peel in a dream

Eating of purple sweet jamuns in dream means

Eat amla

Ex husband

Elon musk

Eating moi moi in a dream

Eating kamias

Eating of the river white clay in the dream

Eating on nanana leaf

Eating together with a witch in a ceremony

Escape in train accident

Empty car boots

Elephant enema


Eating roasted corn in the dream means

Elephant grass dream meaning

Eating ripped palm fruit in the dream meaning

Eating dog meat in a dream

Eating in the dream at a party

Eating roasted chicken in a dream

Eating with group

Earth swallowed house

Escaping cyclone

Eating on a table with my ex girlfriend

Eating food with my ex girlfriend then she leaves to be with someone else

Exchange of phones in dream

Eating ogbono soup with your mum who is dead

Eating gari and groundnut in dream

Eating roasted chicken

Eating cardamom in dream meaning

Eating almost rotten bread

Eating mixed with rice and curd and vegetable and a bowl of water

Eating papad dream prediction

Eat at cemetery

Evil child in dream


Eating chocolates with lover

Eating raw egg with groundnuts in a dream

Eating white creamy dessert with red pomegrante

Elephant and porcupine


Eating a palm carmel in the dream what is the meaning

Eating corn in the dream

Eating okra soup with garri with friends in the dream

Eating raw cassava in a dream

Eating cooked old uam and red oil in the dream

Eating one very sweet large green grape

Eating human head

Elephants fighting with cow

Exploded cellphone

Ewhat does it meaning wil, happen, uf, kumkum, comes, dreamm, in the dream?

Eating moving squid

Eating iron in the dream

Eating starapple

Eating with your dead father

Eating with a stranger

Eating fruit seeds


Eating raw maize meal mixed with water


Eating chin chin my dream

Eat white rice and coarse salt fish dream meaning

Eat white rice and coarse salt fish m

Eating of african star apple in the dream

Eating with dead mother

Empty eyes

Eat born marrow

Eating lanzones in dream

Eating joggery in dream meaning in telugu

Eating with my crush

Eating braai meat in a dream

Electric pole felling down

Elephant with 2 legs

Eating food inside toilet bowl

Eating penis in the dream


Electricity going out

Eating marula fruit in the dream

Eating sesame seeds in dream meaning

Eating mulberry in dream

Eating of night shade vegetables in a dream

Eating an apple

Eating sugarcane with family

Eating bread with sugar

Eating rice with clarified butter

Eating unriped plantain in dream

Ex- sister asking money

Ex- sister asking me for money

Exs father dying

Eating pounded yam and okro

Ex-lover of my husband

Eating meat with a dead person

Embarassed infront of crush

Eating jaman in dream

Eating food in a calabash


Eating a sandwich

Eating of yam and egg

Eating of yam

Eating bottle in the dream

Eating chicken livers

Exchange car

Exchanging car

Exchanging my car with someone

Eating palm produce in dream

Eating sago

Eating of three leaf yam in dream

Evens joshua

Eating braai cow fat

Eating fruit in a dream of women signifies pregnant??

Egg shapes

Eating cookies

Eating pounded yam with chicken in the dream

Eating peanuts in dream


Exchange 20 naria note to50 thousand naria in a dream

Eaten bush meat in dream

Eating green grapes from deceased mother

Eating a ripped cashew in the dream means

Eating wall gecko

Ex husband urinating on bed

Ex husband is urinating

Eunuch talking and smiling

Executive coach

Ex boyfriend sleeping seeing spaghetti on the wall

Ellen lamp

Eating leaves

Eating roasted yam with palm oil in the dream means

Eunuch hitting me

Eating jaggery rice

Eating hand fulls of sunflower seeds

Eating ground with my family meaning

Eating fried groundnut

Eating and feeding a baby fried groundnut

Ex bestfriend visited and apologizes in a dream

Egusi peeling in a dream

Ex bf naked in dream meaning

Eating pan in dreams

Eating own in dreams

Eating amala

Eating amal’s

Eating in temple

Empty condom packets

Eating pounded simsim

Eating fruits in dream during pregnancy


Eating cashew nut with my ex

Eating colorful crayons

Eating crabs with my brother

Eating crabs

Eating a roti with ur loved ones in dream

Eating soya meal


Empty school building

Ex penis

Eating a black banana

Eating lobster and crab

Ex married other person

Eating laddu


Embroidering a blue cotton fabric

Egg with dead chicken

Empty cupboards

Eko in dream meaning

Ex is gay

Eating brai meet in dream

Eating paratha in dream

Eating rice with ghee

Escape from riot

Eating maggi

Empty condom wrappers

Ex boyfriend sucking on my breast

Eating and catching star apple fruit in a dream

Eating dove soap bar

Ebolebo fruit


Eating agidi in dream

Emptying half a pool

Eyedrop in a dream

Eating crayfish in dream meaning

Empty factory

Ex boyfriend is gay

Eating and pounding cook palm kernel


Eating and sharing bread and riding cycle fast

Eating sweet ube

Eating raw yam in the dreams

Eating raw yam in dreams

Eating cooked penis in the dream

Eating crow head

Eating jamun in dream during pregnancy

Eating brains with bones inside

Eating bitter yam in dream meaning


Ex boyfriend haveing a heart attack

Escape from

Eat yam and red oil in d dream what dose it mean

Eating african black velvet tamarind

Eating a python

Eating rice and meat with my old class members my tearchers

Eating beaf meat and rice with many people around

Entire family walking towards the spring or ocean

Eating my vagina

Eating a red uncooked rice

Eating stool with roti

Eating dry bitter leaf

Escaping from truck accident


Eating fried grasshoppers from a plate

Eating jackfurit

Eating with dead person together

Eating walnut and tamarind in dream

Eunuch blessing

Eating and cooking duck

Eating bread akara same time dream in the dream

Eating ripe plantain

Elderly woman praying for me

Eraser on the floor

Enemy naked woman

Eating cassava with beans in my dream

Eating bread and akara at the same time in a dream

Eat riped udara fruit

Eating rice in the dream

Escaping rape

Eating cassava leaves

Eating powdered cassava in a dream

Eating dogs in dream

European renovation

Eating breadfruit

Empty purse items returned

Ex president country


Empty hangers

Eating moi moi