Evil cartoon character

Eating cow trotter in dream

Ex trying to kill you

Eating peacock meat

Extraordinary long penis

Eating cooked white fish

Earth breaking away

Earth crumbling

Empty large black container

Exam with red pen

Eating needles

Eyebrows turn blonde

Eating orange fruit in my dream

Empty suck away

Empty suck away in dream

Escape hot murderer

Everyone in your dream stops to stare at you

Ex partner holding legal documents

Eye brow injury

Exploding bird microwave

Eagle attacks dog

Eyes glued

Eating blood sanitary pads

Elmo from sesame street killing me

Eating green apple

Eye in my neck

Eating roasted sweet potatoes in the dream means

Elderly person bowing down when greeting

Eating madazi

Eucalyptus trees

Eating a goat meat at a junction

Eating out another girl

Eating sweet limes with boyfriend

Eating roasted snail in the dream

Eating a cooked plantain in pot

Egg hatching dream meaning in islam

Electric burning

Electric smell

Eating amla ka murraba in dream

Eatingporridge with milk

Eating cooked plantain with red oil in dream means what

Eating plantain and red oil in dream means what

Escorting your girlfriend in a dream

Eating with your pastor in your dream

Eating big cheese pizza

Eating beans and fried plantain

Eating wit a pastor and friends in a dreams

Escaped from a ghost when we chanting om nm shivaya in dream meaning

Eating rare dove meat

Eating sweet reefs

Empty snail shell fill with slimy water

Eddoes an dasheen

Eating chicken undream

Elephant heavy rain

Erection from a man

Empty medicine

Ex wife seducing

Eating laddoo in dream

Entries on a calendar

Enemy beaten by him

Escaping being made a human sacrifice

Ex stealing belongings

Eating kokonte in your dream

Ewedu soap

Eating ripe sapordila

Estranged daughter giving you money

Earwig in pus

Escape a collapsing building

Eating fufu and with soup in the dream

Entangled legs

Eating plantain and yam

Electric water shock

Eatinng a blackcurrant in a dream

Enemies baby

Eating baobab fruit

Ex wife niece

Eating draw soup with someone

Escalator turned

Eatinh grass

Enamel plate

Eating nibuwa fruit

Entering a marae

Eagle sip water

Eating fufu elusive soup in the dream

Eating doilies

Eating mistakenly while fastening and regrate

Ex mother n law

Eyes became graprs

Encantos place


Eating nzu igbo in the dream

Eyed dwarf

Entering unknown house alone everyone is dead inside



Ewedu meaning

Eating mandazi dream

Eating bread with butter

Enter temple with shoes

Enter temple with sgoes

Eleven cents

Exam good result

Eating food from my own pocket

Ex girlfriend giving me food

Escaping from attempted rape


Eagle throwing money in air

Eating boiled cow head

Eating eba and chicken stew in dream

Enemy wearing beautiful clothes

Eottin breast

Eating coco yam and red oil in dream

Enemy smelling my underwear

Eating my friends vigina

Eatng with friends

Exgirlfriend and snake

Exgirlfriend qnd snake

Eating my pennis in dream

Eating hashish

Elephant in turtle shell

Earth in sky

Eagle killing snake


Eating leaves colour orange

Eating kotomire stew in dream

Ex wife having your twins

Eating boiled mashed garden egg with boiled salted fish and palm oil in an earthenware bowl

Eating agbalumo in the dream what is the meaning

Eggs with a priest at a funeral

Eletric hair straightner fell in bath

Eat the boss food

Eating with rich people in the dream meaning

Eating soya in an examination hall

Ear lobe decay and fall off

Ear love decay and fall off

Eating of nshima with okra

Entering mountain

Egiptian woman

Eating hibiscus flower in the dream

Eating nzu in thd dream meaning

Eating bitter lola in your dream

Eagle snake and cheetah

Eating pancaks means what

Ex president gives me money in the dream

Eating mango slices

Eating eko in my dream

Eating skuma wiki

Eggs in breast

Elizabeth taylor dream meaning

Eating food in restaurant

Extracting crude in a dream

Eel bites

Eel bite

Eel bites me on my back

Eal bites me in the back

Eating my own brain

Eating meat and it produces ropes


Eating food in banana leaf meaning


Eating ripe udara

Ex boyfriend getting another girl pregnant in my dream

Ex boyfriend chasing you with new girlfriend

Eyeglasses in dishwaasher

Eating soup tied in a black nylon

Eating ox

Eating meat and posho


Eating scanty corn in the dream

Eating shea fruits in a dream

Electric shook to a man and me in dream

Eating with a friend in adream

Eating panipuri in dreams

Escaping by goat

Eating urad dal vada in a dream

Eating urad dal vadacun a dream

Eating walgecko in dream

Eating rice in a restaurant

Electric pole falls on top of the house

Eating cocoa in a dream

Emerald green glasses and drinks

Emerald green wine

Eating raw snail

Excision by a witch doctor

Eyeball hair

Ex wife sendin you to buy her a robe

Ex sending me to buy her a robe

Eating naartjie

Eye made of crystal

Eating bambara beans in the dream what is the meaning

Electric cables getting on fire

Electric wire fire

Eating with man god

Ex husband looks japanese in dream

Earth falls out of orbit

Eating an ant

Eating food with your brother

Eating yam porridge dream meanings

Eating beans in dream

Eating rudraksh

Empty fish boel

Ex girlfriend kissing her crystal necklace

Eating fatcakes with stranger

Eating tea

Egusi pounding

Eating nshima in a dream meaning

Ear hair growing long

Eggs in a coffin

Eggs in coffin represent what in a dream

Egg in a coffin

Every one wore white clothes except me in my dream

Enemy in new suit

Eating rambutan in my dream

Eating rice with governor

Eaten eba

Enemy borrowing money

Eating moin moin wrapped in the dream

Eating dry kapenta at your former school

Eating izindoni

Encyclopedia dream meaning

Eating matooke and meat meaning in the dream

Electric box fans

Eating boiled eggs with super powers

Eyelashes falling

Embarrassed of a wrinkled shirt

Exchanging clothes with my ex girlfriend

Eating gulab jamun indreams

Eating so much

Eating sawdust

Escaping from captivity

Eathing panded yam in the dream

Eating plantain with red oil in dream

Employer going through your documents

Eating peeled melon seeds in the dream

Eating sambar

Eating chapati with crying friend

Eating fresh raw entistine and spit it ot

Eating cooked beans and riped plantain mix with red palm oil

Eating food with king

Eating paanipuri with achar in dream

Eating flesh goat alive in dream

Ex wished happy birthday in dream

Enemy selling a house


Elephant sneezing

Eating bread and moimoi in a dream means what

Eating ripe shea fruit in dream meaning

Eating cashews in dream meaning

Elder brother came to see me and wanted to buy something for me

Eating credit card in dream

Eating okpa in the dream with a friend

Escorting a boyfriend to attend his ex wife burial

Eating cooked elephant meat


Eating okoro and white fufu in the dream what does it mean

Enoch dream meaning

Estranged wife

Exposing partner cheating

Eating meat off a bone

Excavating mess feaces

Eat a bone in my dream given by someone forcefully

Exposing intestines in your abdomen

Eating mandazi and chicken

Eko elewe dream means

Eko elewe meaning

Elephant shaped rocks in dream

Ex love had half black fused hands in dream

Eating a gree sweet santol fruit

Eating green satol fruit

Elephant eating food in dream

Eating with deceased

Eating black ants

Eating white rice mixed with red oil

Eating black pear in dream

Eating rat

Eating groundnut dream meanings

Eagle dropping feathers for me

Eating garri and groundnut in a dream meanings

Eating choco ladoo


Eagle fighting a dog

Eaten ube in the dream meaning

Ex boyfriend sitting in chair drinking tea

Ex boyfriend give me t shirt

Eagle attacking hen with chick

Escape shooting

Eating a rat

Eating trotters of cow

Ex husband secretly bisexual

Ex husband is bisexual

Eating a piece of cooked offals

Evil girl stuck in a cage

Eating meat skin

Eating chicken poop dream meaning

Excreta in dream

Eating with a governor in dreams means

Elephant playing

Ex reflection

Eating pani puri in dreams

Eating bread and oil

Egyptian letters

Eating macadamia nuts shells

Eating macadamia nuts with shell

Elton john dream

Empty coat rack

Eating methai

Ear lobe hanging off

Eye with lightening

Eagle with cloudy eyes

Eating japan food

Ecstasy drug

Eating pap and sour milk

Eating bread and tea in a dream meanings

Emir nasir

Ex boyfriend attacked by machete


Ear lobe torn


Ease oneself in the pants in a dream

Eating cluster yam

Eating samosa in dream

Edgar allen poe

Eating posho and beans in a dream

Electricity bill dream

Eating turkey necks

Eating white sweet powder in your dream




Email gone

Emails deleted


Eating brahma leaves

Eating queen cake in dream meaning

Evacuating school

Eye inside of vagina

Evacuat school

Eating better cola in the dream

Encouraging someone to do blood money ritual

Eating pork fat and vomit it after eating

Energy stops

Ex boyfriend stangling me

Execution son

Eating pegion peas direct from tree

Ex buying buying me clothes

Eating hyena meat

Eating rice with my boyfriend

Engaged to a dead person

Eating while naked

Eggs and bread

Eating pine cone

Eating a dinner in the forest

Eating dinner in nature

Eating rice and finding small stones

Entangled thread

Extremely happy

Eggs being hatched under arm

Eating with wife

Eating oil palm fruit with honey

Eating oil plan with honey

Eating aalo poori

Eating gari and sugar in dream meaning

Emu attack

Eating ugba in a dream

Ex boyfriend attempting to kill me

Eel crawling on my chest body hands

Eating menstruation in a dreams

Eating menstruation ina dreams

Elephant stomping its feet

Eating rice ball in a dream means

Exgirlfriend brother dream

Eating kolanut in your dream meaning

Eating kolanut in your dream spiritual meaning

Eagle dog

Explaining your dream

Eating a sweetsop fruit

Eagle standing in a field staring at me

Eating bitter leaf soup in dream meaning

Eating irish potatoes

Empty silver bowl

Eating bitter kola and honey in a dream

Eating roasted cassava in dream

Eating pork alone

Entering zcc church

Eating and dinning with a mad man in the dream

Eating nshima and vegetables alone

Eat poison

Elephant destroying home

Eating titus fish in the dream

Eating mandazi and porridge in a dream means


Eagle eating both the chicken mother and the baby chicken

Evergreen branches

Eating duhat in the dream

Evil devil like dreams

Emperor nero

Emperor nereo

Eating something and someone laughs at you

Enemies calling dream meaning

Ex boyfriend giving me delicious meal

Eating rice and coleslaw salad

Eating white rice with coleslaw salad

Eating eforiro with eba meaning in dream

Ex friend crying

Eating red pepper soup

Eating fried meat holy communion dreaming meaning

Eyelash lice

Eating mutton and sharing backbone

Eating idli with coconut chutney means

Eating biryani in the dream

Eating prosciutto in my dream

Ex boyfriend children

Ex church meet

Extracting tomato seeds for planting

Earthquake swallowed people around me in the dream meaning

Ex boyfriend and my sister messing around

Ex husband bewitching me

Ex boyfriend admiring looks

Eating hardware

Eating of bambar nuts in a dream

Eating pounder yam and egusi soup in the dream

Elephant in flood

Eating slugs slugs in food

Eating of bentonite clay

Emotional chaos

Eating bambara beans in the dream

Elephant chasing people who were making noise around me

Eating bitter coals in a dream

Egg coming out from vagina dream interpretation

Eating grasscutter in a dream meaning

Eating a suya meat in the dream

Eating cow

Eating cooked yam with red oil in dream

Evert thins has turened to ice and cold and the direction i chose to go end up where everything house and belongings break in to pieces every thing was sonking into this muddy water and start to look like a swamp with nothing and there were phyton snakes in broken trees

Ex girlfriend and current girlfriend

Ex hugging

Eating a cake in a burial ceremony

Eye under feet

Empty bag of chips

Eating cows brain

Empty cartridges

Empty bullets

Everyone is statues

Eclair given by dead dad

Eater poring out of nose

Escape from demon

Ex boyfriend offering me food

Escape afraid motor

Erin d hi pona kaadu meanin in islam

Evil ice cream truck

E ice cream truck

Elementary school meaning

Eggs in mango tree

Escape afraid

Excessive swelling feet

Excessive water retention

Eat food with crush

Eating male penise

Exotic fish in my bathtub

Ex girlfriend wearing a green dress

Eating crodile meat in a dream

Ex coming in shower

Eating crab legs

Eating food with my dead mom in my dream

Eyes on vagina

Eating jaggery in a dream

Eating mealie meal with cabbage and meat

Eating oha soup meaning

Eko dream meaning

Electricity outage

Eating food in palace with family

Eating food in the cemetery

Ex boyfriend killing himself

Eating a pusy

Engagement dream islaan

Egyptian weapons

Eel in jelly

Elder mom gives birth

Elderly kidnapped

Empty store fronts

Ex boyfriend wearing blue nail polish

Eating millet bread karo dream

Eating tribe

Eating ashes

Eating my own testicles

Eating naartjies

Elephant multiple trunks

Evacuating soakaway pit in a dream

Eating a black cow bones

Eating with a dead father in dream

Elephant destroying front of home

Eating sweet rice then getting beaten by father in islam

Eating sweet udara fruit with maggot inside

Eating sal roti in dreams

Ex son in law being skinny

Eating laquet fruits in adream

Eating block in my dream

Eyes sewn shut

Elephant eating

Ex lover giving hickeys

Ex girlfriend showering dream

Eating dinner in a graveyard

Empty oil tanks

Eyelash stuck in eye

Eyelash eye

Eating semolina in the dream

Ex boyfriend paying lobola negotiation for me

Eating pie in dream meaning

Elevator falls

Elevator brokes

Eating sadza and vegetable in a dream biblical

Ekuru in the dream

Entered the house got half naked sat down someone arrived grabbed clothes went down stairs old man slapped hip and said thank you

Empty quran

Eating cooked meat in a toilet

Escape from the one who wants to kills

Escape through the sea



Eating fufu and light soup in a dream meaning

Eating rice with egg

Egglike discharge

Egglike fertile discharge

Eating cook cow feet

Earring in toilet

Evil eye breaking

Eating cheese puffs

Eating spice bun

Eating bun

Ex girlfriend watering green flowers

Eat shea nut fruit dreams meaning

Eating cooked cassava in your dream meaning

Elk with bear

Enamel mug

Eating bread given by pastor in church

Elachi and grambu

Eating with your pastor

Eating white nzu in dream

Eating chicken meat with your children in hotel

Eating a turkey boiled meat in the dream meaning

Eating sel roti in dream meaning

Elephant breaking down a building

Eating sadza with your ex wife

Eating while porridge and milk from friend

Eating while porridge and milk from friends meaning

Eagles eating chicken

Eyes covered

Ex boyfriends child

Eating dead person

Ex girl lover

Ear black piercings

Eating genitalia

Eating smoked fish with a ghost and laughing together

Early childhood conference in canada

Ex getting gangbanged

Eating sadza with vegetables

Eating and crying

Extinguish of lit diya

Eating snail barbecue

Eating yam and cocoyam leaves with co workers

Ex with two women

Escaping a city

Evadin person who you love

Evading people

Evaading a person

Eviting a person

Eating cow heels and adding salt in a dream

Eating and picking dabino dream meaning

Extracting palm fruit with hand dream meaning

Empty water container

Empty water bottle

Epty pen

Eating egusi soup and fufu in the dream

Eating fufu and egusi soup in the dream

Eric ackroyd

Empty ink pen

Eating ripe cocoa fruit

Eating in the motuary

Eating a fried dog body

Effiel tower collapsing

Escaping from field fire

Eating and drinking with foreign partners

Eyes gl es

Eating tamarin candy

Ex bf sister


Eating food giving to me by my father

Eating cooked goat or meat intestinne

Eating goat intestinne


Eating white rasgulla in a dream meaning


Eid dream islam

Enjoying candy after a dream

Elephants walking on white clouds

Eating white agidi

Empty cratee

Empty crate of beer with gabbage calling my name

Eeting yam and vegetables

Eating cooked bean and vegetable in the dream

Eating platinum

Elephant eating fish

Elephant breaking a house

Elephant breaking

Eating sweet plum falling from sky

Eating plums that isfalling from sky

Eating blueberry pie


Eating pounded yam and egusi in dream

Easing in my dreams meaning

Easing in my dreams

Eating rice and kontomire

Eatinv freezit or oce

Employed to be personal assistant to the boss

Eliphent distroy my house


Emergency surgery in a hospital

Excrete in dreams

Eating bitter leaf in a dream

Electric pole got spark burn dream meaning

Eating sadza and vegetables in your dreams

Empty water bottle dreams related evil

Empty water bottle dreams

Eva lovia taking shower

Eating black feathers

Entering a dark room meaning

Eating the tail part of a fish for dinner

Eating ceramics

Eating a roasted meat with my nephew

Eating sheep roasted meat in a dream meaning

Eating chicharon

Empty clay pot dreams meaning

Eating braai meat and boiled eggs

Eagle catching dove in dreams

Explaining seeds from body

Eating pounded yam in dream meaning

Embraced by a very tall woman

Elephant breaking house

Eating cooked yam with red oil in the dream

Eating in a dream with a group

Ex boyfriend happy face

Eating sadya

Ex becomes a neighbour

Eating a living animal

Eating selroti in dream meaning

Eating besan stuffed chilla in dreams

Ekutshela kuthi konke kuzolunga

Elephant fish dream

Exploding and separating tree

Eating uncooked yam in dream

Eyeless robber

Endangered kids

Emotionless face of friend

Eating the fruit of janah

Eating janah

Eating soil in dreams

Embalming fluid

Everyone needs

Elixir drink

Examination on your behind

Eating cowfoot

Eating cake with maggots in a dream

Exchange phone in dream

Eating pangolin meat

Eating with my junior brother in a dream meaning

Eating on banana leaf

Eating white roasted coin

Electro magnetic pulse

Eating stale bread with worm

Eating mamdazi

Eating wet cassava chips

Elephant running to cave with tree log

Eating crayfish signifies what in dream

Examination termination

Earthworm coming out of ny ear

Eating mphokoqho in the dream

Electron blue

Eating pastachio nuts with an indian guy

Ex husband new shoes

Elevator falling in water and sinking

Everything exist in a knowingness and joy is only emotion and no one ages pure and

Eating rice and peas

Eating chapati and stew in dream

Eating chapati and stew

Eating okra and fish in dream

Eating banku means

Eating out of yellow plates

Evil doppelganger

Everyone turning to rocks

Eagle and dove

Egg breaking


Eating on the roadside

Eating wallet

Eating with your father

Egg on trees

Eating white clothes


Escaped from a tiger

Enemy giving as meat to eat

Eating from the tree of life

Eating cooked cassava in dream

Ex boyfriend brings a chair

Emo dad

Emo sad

Eating cassava that has maggots

Ekg machine makfunction

Employee dream her boss nicked

Engine leaks

Excessive vagina discharge

Eating cooked matooke

Eating sheet in a dream

Eating pounded yam dream

Eating doughnut

Eating garden egg stew with yam

Eating millet in a dream meaning

Eating sugarcane when pregnant

Egg coming out womb dream meaning

Eating cooked locos beans

Ehat is the meaning of filtering garri and police in the dream

Enjoying in family function

Elephant skelton dremt

Elephant skelton dream

Eating ghee in your food in dream


Eating cook vulture

Eating old red grapes from a can

Enemy plunging fast

Ember in your pocket get rid of

Erasing chalkboard meaning

Eating okro stew and banku

Escaping a rapist

Eagle biting

Eating black meat

Eating softblack meat and sweet

Empty womb dreaming

Elevator filling water

Ex sister enlaw

Ex sister enlarge hugging me in my dream


Egg yolk tea cup

Entering keke napep

Entering a cubic room

Eating fried tasted meat

Eating poison taking palm oil as antidote


Eating rice ghee in dream

Eating own skin

E ana

Eating bajji on dream meaning

Eye lotion


Ex dreams her exboyfriend is dressed like a woman

Empty spool

Ex boyfriend touching my eyelashes

Eating sanitary pads in dreams

Eating moi moi with egg inside means what in a dream

Ex sweeping

Eating cooked meat and cooked cassava

Eating boiled cassava and sausage

Eat nzu in my dream

Eating nzu in my dream meaning

Eat of meat

Evil grandma sells sibling dream meaning

Ex being shot and killed in dream

Electric iron shock on your hand

Electricity wire

Excrement on bed

Eating pani puri in my dream

Earthen pot full of curd and water separately

Eating worm in food unknowingly

Empty chair of spouse at funeral


Ex girlfriend farting on my face

Electric switch board

Eating cone in the dream meaning

Eagle try to attack chicken laying egg in a cage

Employment opportunity

Euphrates river bathing in it

Euphrates river

Escaped ghost chanting om namah shivay

Eating millet without sauce in a dream

Eating an editable

Eating rice with rock in it in dream

Expensive purse gift

Elephants burning

Elephants burning in forest

Eyes turning gray

Eating with priest means

Eating lemongrass

Eating pins

Eta amala and ewedu and gbegiri

Eating g fried cassava

Eating meat dreams

Eye tattoo dream

Eating rice and fried meat

Eagle strangling german shepard dog

Eagle strangling german shepard

Eating blooded sanatary pad in dreams

Exotic chop sticks

Eating fufu in a dream meaning

Eat blackheads

Ethereal master nomad leader

Ethereal master

Eagle swallowed

Elefant with clefpallet

Elefant with cliffpallet

Eye shut

Eating in my dream

Eating egg stew

Earlobe growth

Escaping a prison

Electrical panels

Eating and throwing away of the relaxer from mouth

Eat armpit hair

Eating fish roll and tea

Eating burned chapatis in a dream

Elephant destroy house when i inside the home in dream

Eating with university friends in the dream

Explosive popping

Evil spell

Eating yellow ugali with cabbage

Earth moving like ocean wave

Eating clocodile meat meaning

Earing on a landfill garbage

Eating a naartjie in a dream

Enemy changing clothes

Ex asking money

Eating tootsie rolls

Eels writhing

Escaping family

Eating a salty bat full of nicotine

Elephant stomping lion


Ex cooking for you in a dream

Ex shaved face

Eating bloody meat in dream

Eating mashed plantain and oil


Eating chapatis

Eating cocoyam with redoil

Eating meat and ponmo

Every time i lost to reach my goal why and lost for ever even i cant help anyone just before me some thing happens and i lost

Earth cracks

Eating food with friends in graveyard

Eating soyabean in dreams

Eye syringe

Ear with black hair

Elephant destroying building in dream

Eating burger with deceased father

Eating dry leaves

Ex got insulted in front of me

Enemies backbiting about me

Egg containing blood

Enemy in wedding dress

Eating cake with a dead love one in a dream meaning

Eating cake with a dead love one

Entering a building with the dead


Ex boyfriend having dirty feet

Exposed tree roots

Eating food with dead mother

Exs girl friend pregnant

Earlobe fell off

Entering a kekensp

Empty casserole dream

Empty casserole in a dream

Eyes bright white light dream meaning

Eyes brigth

Elderly woman giving me a peck on the forehead

Ex texting current girlfriend

Elderly woman yelling at me in a dream

Elderly naked woman yelling at me

Eating burnt palm kernel in the dream

Eating society hawa

Eating bitter leave soup

Eating cumin seed in dream

Elephant fighting rhino

Eggs and white chicken

Eating roast turkey in my dream

Ex boyfriend shower

Eagle in a swimming pool

Eating sand in dream

Ex girlfriend kidnapped and killed

Exchanging seeds with my husband

Ex calling using unknown number

Exploding boxes

Eating severed hands and feet

Eating manna from heaven

Estrogen or sand

Eating rice in a dream

Ex got someone pregnant

Ex husband putting wedding ring on my finger

Enemy rubbed powder on my face

Escapes from enemy in a dream

Escaping from gunmen in a dream

Elephants bathing in the rivr

Execution by firing

Ex boyfriend on a weel chair

Eating cooked rice and goat meat together

Ewe sex

Ewe mating

Ex girlfirend sending nudes picture to someone else

Explanation mark in writing

Exhaling brown smoke

Eating franks

Extreme cold

Eating pork ribs

Ex boyfriend and his deceased mom

Enemy giving me shoe

Eating human hand in dreams

Eye ball shrinking in the head

Escaped from an accident

Empty amniotic sac

Empty amniotic sac came oyt of me

Ejected penis

Eye piercing in the dream

Eating pet kitten

Ex boyfriend gospel music and a paraplegic woman

Electric panel

Electric heater wire on fire

Eating amala and ewedu in the dream means what

Ex giving ripe jackfruit

Eating with a friend and brother



Ex boyfriend mastibating

Earth cracks meaning of dream

Earth cracks and i went inside the water other world in dream

Ex boyfriend in church

Eacting chana rice in dream it means in islamic

Eating jack fruit seed curry

Eating asparagus and jack fruit curry

Ex eating

Eating patoto in the dream

Enjoy riding with batchmates in school

Ex boyfriend drawing water from well for me

Escaping danger with mom

Empty recycling bin

Earth moving upwards

Egyptian coffin

Eating chicken in the dream

Eating bread and akara same time in a dream

Elderly people

Eating dead rotting human body


Eating horse burger

Eating akara and bread

Ex with sister

Eating meat of live goat

Eating cooked penis on a plate

Earphones in dream meaning

Eyes of virgin mary

Eating yam porridge cooked by a family member

Eating my girlfriend heart

Empty car hitting the foothpath

Eating with my mom in same plate

Extension of tv wire

Extension of tv aire

Extension of tv pole

Eating maggi cubes

Electrical problem

Eating guava with worm inside in the dream

Elephant foot

Elephant body parts being delivered to me

Ex introducing me to his family

Emerald green bug

Ex bathing

Egg shaped diamond

Empty basement one light

Engine blow car

Eating food in neighbor house

Earring infection

Egg dead chick

Exercise unholy from a house

Exercise unholy from avhousr

Empty anointing oil bottle

Ear getting licked

Easter lambs

Exaping rape

Eating on a refuse dump

Extracting butter

Eating noodles that are half cooked in a dream

Eating banana plantation in a dream

Eating springbok meat in dream



E boyfriend

Explosion of pressure cooker

Explosion of cooker

Every one in my dream is starring at me

Eating raw cow tribe

Ex wearing a wedding ring in a dream

Egg inside calabash

Elephant accessories

Eating gunip

Eating cook vultures

Eaten grover in dream what does that mean

Escalator crushed

Eyes leaking green liquid