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Dreams starting with the letter E

Eating mandazi and filed cassava


Eid ul fire

Eid ul fite

Eating bread and butter

Evil spirit

Enrolling a child in school

Enemy fart on dreamers head

Eating dried ocean big fish

Eating purple grapes

Elephant fighting a cow

Egg and apple eat dream

Eating together with dead brother

Eating glass

Eating pork unknowingly

Enemies attacking religious leaders in the dream

Eating shells

Eating sand dollars

Eating mango with worms in it


Eating nshima and vegetable with people

Eyeball in dreams


Eating honey

Eating opka in dreams meaning

Embrace by an unknown man

Embraced by a man

Eating kenkey in a dream

Eating je key in a dream

Ex boyfriend drying out clothes

Eaten by dinosaurs

Eating in front of dead dad in dream

Escaping vampires

Eating with the mayot

Empty suger jar

Eggs refrigerator

Eating pineapple

Ex in hospital

Escaping attacker

Empty pot being cooked by your enemy on the fire with fire wood

Ex girlfriend bathing in front of me

Eaten by sharks

Enemy wear me a ring

Ex boyfriend having tattoo

Exploding coffee pot

Ex boyfriend gives me cake in my dream

Eating taro

Ex mistress of my hussband

Eating boiled eggs

Eating jamun fruit dream meaning

Eat yam and palm dream

Eating salad in a dream

Eating meat in the dream

Eye makeup

Eye pupil

Eating fruits in a church

Eating muthi

Ex boyfriend picture flame


Eating okpa

Eating beans in adream


Eating food in the dream

Eating donkey meat

Eating pubic hair

Eating cooked yam in the dream

Eating roasted plam in your dream

Eating red candys from egypt

Elder brother and dog

Eating white abacha in dream

Empty car

Exs butthole

Enemies forgiveness

Ex mother dead

Eating cocoa fruit

Eating hairy clams

Eating garri with baby

Eye and feet

Everybody around is dressed in white

Emergency scene

Exaggerating my dream

Eating buff



Eating chocolate with deceased person

Eating chocolate with a dead relative

Ex having problems

Empty clear thin water glass

Ex boyfriend with his daughter

Ex boyfriend with his daugther

Eating stool

Eating chicken stool faces

Eating chickin stool faces

Eating pie

Elevator key

Exchange book with someone

Eating raw maggie in a dream

Ex husband laughing with family meaning


Eating in white dress

Estranged sister in a dream

Eating gunpowder

Eating udara seed

Enemy in a white dress

Ex girlfriend naked

Earth audible vibrations

Eating pumpkin

Eating pink candy in a dream


Eating shea butter in my dream

Emmanuel seeing in dream

Expansive home


Eating nice fried meat full plate

Eating full plate of fried meat

Envelope money

Eating beef meat with my passed brothers

Eliphant fedding with red sugar cane

Eating of kumkum

Ex girlfriend smiling in dream

Escorting my boyfriend

Eating alcoholic chocolate

Eyes optical


Employees uniform

Extinguishing a fire

Eating uraddal vada in dream meaning

Eating uraddal vada in dream

Ex girlfriend looking different

Eating buko pie in my dream

Eating egusi soups

Eating pounded yam

Elephant dung

Exotic plants

Eagle pooped

Eagle pooped on me in a dream

Eating eko tutu in dream in yoruba land what does it mean

Ex girlfriend getting killed

Electronics sparkling

Ex husband shoots son in the head

Eagle eye stone

Empty subway

Escorting my boyfriend dream

Ex girlfriend and me crying

Eating a bowl of porridge

Eaten by deer

Eating mopani worms

Eating dry fish prepared with red oil

Eating dry fish

Eating dry fish with oil

Eating meet in church

Eating chapati dreamt by someone else

Eating duhat

Eating coconut and bread together in a dream

Eating honeycomb meaning

Eating sugarcane outside your boyfriend’s house

Eating own breast meat in a dream

Ex is mentally ill

Empty nutshell

Escalator accident someone falling

Easily accessing vice president

Earring of white pearl

Ex friend

Eating porridge in a dream

Eating hibiscus flower in a dream


Electricity power station

Evil people killing

Ex wife giving me money


Electric pole

Estranged loved one

Eating africa star apple

Ex rugby team mate

Enlarged clitoris

Eating kola nuts in dreams

Eating hair

Eating roasted cassava means

Eat biltong

Edible termites

Ex holding waist

Ex wife and a snake in my dream

Ex wife and a snake

Ex boy friend

Eating panipuri

Eating thick hair

Eyes shaking

Erect penis

Eye surgery

Eating abacha


Eat an icecream

Eating moimoi in a dream means

Eaten moimoi in a dream

Engaged to someone else

Eiffel tower collapsing in front of me

Ex b

Eating cook yam with red oil in the dream

Eating meat of dead person

Eating jackfruit


Estranged son comes to me in my dreams always smiling

Escaping from a man

Escaping with my children

Exchanging numbers

Ex getting married

Eating own lung

Ex husband says he is ripe

Elephant seal

Eye injury

Eating with a mad man

End of the world dream

Eating ripe green apple

Eating money

Eating meat but unable to swallow

Eating different varieties of relish in a dream meaning

Eating own raw meat in a dream

Eating chapati

Eating eko with family

Eating eko

Extra grown foot finger

Extra finger on your feet

Eating raw cassava

Eating half cooked venison meat

Eating curd in dream

Eating selroti in mandir


Eating nshima with fish in a dream

Eye contact

Eating oyster with my internet boyfriend i havent seen

Ex husband with u

Ed husband with u

Escorting my late mum

Escort in a bus dream

Ex husband dirty clothes

Eyebrow falling

Eating goat manure

Eating beautiful but rotten fruit

Eating goat manure with milk

Emerald green blanket

Enemy sewing clothes

Escape room

Ebelebor fruit meaning in dream

Eating nshima and vegetables

Eating swallow in a dream mean what


Eating crisps

Eating panipuri in dream

Eddren mccall

Eat garden egg

Enstooled in a dream


Ex wearing red

Ex girlfriend dream

Eating yogurt with fruit pieces in your dream


Enemy trying to open the door but he failed

Ex husband win over me in competition

Ex husband getting a medal

Eating okpa in the dream

Eating porriage african oil bean as a pregnant woman meaning



Ex boyfriend as my father

Eating grape and fig

Expelling eggs from body

Eating food from my dead grandmother and aunt

Eye brow

Eating pani puri

Eating vada in dreams

Escorting somebody in the dream meaning

Eating bugs at a picnic

Ex photos

Ex saving me from dying

Ex lover

Eat apple with someone in dream

Eating mandazi

Eating udara in the dream

Eating star apple in the dream

Entering new house with dead person in dream

Ex bf at window

Earth fissure

Escaping rape

Ejaculating my semen to mother in law

Ex boyfriend giving me money

Eating lamb ribs

Eating rice and meat


Eating watercress

Eating mandazi in a dream

Electric wires in body

Ex bf kissing my neck

Enemy begging

End of the world

Eating parched grain

Eating half cooked cho cho

Esculater moving fast

Evil man with powers follows me

Exposing someone

Eating karo

Eating plate

Eating nzu

Eating kulikuli in a dream

Excrementing or faecet

Evil levitation

Eating yam and peppersoup dream meaning

Efo riro in the dream

Ex governor in a dream

Eating momo

Eating towels

Ex turns into demon

Eldest sister and bundlrs of grains

Eating beans and yam porridge

Eating myself

Eating eba ang melon soup in a restaurant

Empty cup

Eating boiled egg rob with red oil in dream

Evil leprechaun




Eleventh floor

Empty wood salt shaker

Ex wife

Empty black bag

Eating a cow dung means

Eating agidi in the dream


Ejaculating blood

Exachaging blood with ex boyfriend in dream

Emptying wet sand in my briefcase

Emptying briefcase of sand collecte

Ex girlfriend pregnant

Ex boyfriend dreams

Enron threshing wheat 3 times

Enron threshing wheat

Eating in the dream

Eating curd

Ex as god

Enemy looking beautiful in my dream



Empty stage


Ex husband naked around my dead mom

Elderly brother wear my clothes



Eating peacock meat

Eating coriander leaves

Eating bitter passion fruit in a dream

Eating biscuits

Erotic guard

Ex wife in red dress

Eating a sandwich but i had one other eaten yet

Embroidered crown


Elders coming paying lobola

Eating tin corned beef




Elon musk

Eyes of jesus in my dream

Ex president


Exchanging jewellery with dead person

Eating in dream with 4 people

Egyption symbols

Ex boyfriend smiling at me


Eating snail

Eating snails

Eating tamarind

Elderly and broken chair

Eating dosa

Eating dosage in dream

Escaping parent


Ex bf drinks sugarcane juice and i borrowed and drank

Entering inside water in dream meaning

Eat meat


Eating mixed garri and sugar in your dream means

Eating garri in a dream means


Empty bag oh chips flying in church

Ex girlfriend


Emir grating


Edit photoshop

Exchanging food with a mad woman in dreamm

Exchanging food with a mad woman in a dream

Eagles killing vultures

Empty house


Eating cassava



Earphones in a dream

Exchanging my phone with a friend

Eating meat in the dream during pregnancy

Evil insane niece

Eating chicken black egg in my dream


Eating of roasted snail in the dream

Ekhaya kuhlatshiwe kunomcimbi


Eating ogiri in the dream

Eating rashulla

Eat chicken in a dream

Eating fat in dream

Eunuch giving money and blessings in dream



Eggs in a tree

Eye in toe

Eating feces

Ex husband naked seeing his penis

Eating row liver

Eating food on the toilet floor

Essential oil

Eating raw snake in the dream

Excalibur and the holy grail

Exam and penis

Eating biscuit and tea in washroom


Eating bitter kola in the dream

Eating neem stem

Erosion took my baby away

Eating katogo casava mixed with beans cooked

Eating casava and beans cooked

Elephant trumpet

Eating wild fruits in a dream



Egusi in a dream


Eating a dog

Eating dog meat

Ex boyfriend


Eating grapes

Ex boyfriend drinking your bottle of water in

Eating a pork

Elf named xavier

Engine tricycle in dream

Eating fish

Ex husband

Eat rice and banana in dream

Ex girlfriend giving me money


Ear piercing

Eating sal roti in dream

Electric wire disconnect


Eating green ripe udara fruit

Extra teeth on the top of my gum

Electrical cables

Exchanged phone stolen from you in the dream and unable to retrieve it

Elephant crashing houses

Eating soursop

Eye glasses

Eating garden eggs in a dream in the shrine

Eating with your guy friend in your dream


Eating prewinlke in d dream

Eating crunchy kangumu dream meanings

Eating paneer

Eating of yam and fried egg in the dream meaning



Eating fingers


Empty calabash

Eating pussy

Errupting volcano

Eye speck

Eyes change into evil eyes in dream

Eathing beef and chicken meat on a platter

Ex paying for your hair

Eating girlfriend

Ezekiel driving a ship

Eating a samp in my dream

Egg oil

Eating chicken

Ex boyfriend plaiting my hair in my dream

Eating bitter cola

Electricity poll fall with wire polls fall on bessiness house

Eating fatty meat

Eating githeri spiritual meaning

Eating polony

Eating boiled egg

Egg tree

Eating with a deceased family member

Eating human interstine


Eating food on the same table with a governor

Eight headed snake

Entering and exiting by a window

Escape from accident

Engine oil

Escorting someone in a dream

Ex boyfriend drooling


Eating urad dal vada

Eating bananacue

Elm tree growing in bedroom

Eating plam karnel

Escaping from a bad situation

Eyes in cood

Emerald flower

Emerald rose

Eyes of gems

Eating panchamirtam in dreams

Ex climbing through your window

Electrical explosion in kitchen

Enemy becomes a friend


Eating tortoise meat unknowingly

End of life

Ex raping daughter

Eaten heavy rain iced in the dream

Eaten rain iceblock while in the dream

Eaten rain ice block while in the dream


Eating ragi balls in dream

Enemy get sick

Exhaling a rancid odor while in a trance

Eating cacao fruit

Expensive george wrapper

Ex wedding ceremony

Exploding pens

Elevator to underworld

Earth swollowing me with phsycadelic colours

Emerald green bag filled with crystals

Eyes with angel wings

Ex touching my hair

Extra legs

Eel in cold water

Electric kettle on gas hob

Ex unblocked me

Escaping without ticket by bus

Eating a raw human head

Earth road and its dry

Eating roasted goat meat in a dream

Electricity went off

Electric pylon

Eating limbs

Earthware pot

Exchange of phone by unknown person

Exercising in the dark

Eating cows offels

Estanged family member trying to apologize but not able to wake you up

Evil god reality controlling

Evil god reality

Evil god real


Eliminating in front of people

Eating disorders

Electricity box

Eating and swallowing rubber bands

Enjoying sliding down mud hill

Eating ogbonne soup and meat

Escaping a plane crash


Electric kettle on fire

Ex girlfriend fighting wife in her home meaning

Eating glucose in adream

Eating cooking cassava


Eating soursop in dream

Eating bony fat meat in a function with your family members

Eating borny fat meat in a function with your family members

Earth pit

Eating cooked chicken meat standing

Eating cooked chicken meat stsnding

Eating dates and finding maggots in it


Entering public toilet without shoed

Embracing a dead grandma in a dream means

Exploding statue of virgin mary

Exchange of spoons

Empty salt bottle

Eating lizard intestine in dream

Eating food with your sister in dream

Ex boyfriend buying food

Elephant shaped rocky hill

Eating idly in dream

Elephants in a paddy field

Eating cabbage and porrage

Eating parotta in dream

Egg raining

Elephant killed two mens

Eyeballs shrinking dreams

Eaten by wild animal

Eating almonds

Eating with chiefs n people of high divinity in the same bowl

Eating straw

Eating burger

Explain why he desires to be loved like a beautiful dream instead

Eating rice with grandpa

Eating in theater

Eagle preying on a chicken on the ground

Exploding eggs



Eating clove and cardamom in dream

Eating bananas

Eating with ex

Elder relative

Ex presidente

Eating embryo egg

Ex boyfriend chasing white chiken

Eating yam peppersoup in dream

Elephant trunk cut in half

Eating cassave leaves in a dream

Evil spirit talking

Ex boyfriend touched breast

Embarrassed you in class

Eating starch and owo in the dream with someone

Eating starch and owo in the dream

End road and water in between the road

Eating gizzard dirt and spiting it out

Eat vegetables yam in the dream

Eating cornmeal porridge

Eating tamarind rice intemple dream

Elephant bones in the bottom of the lake surrounded by force

Eaten money



Eating cassava and coconut in dream

Eating with my brother on the same plate

Eating collards

Eating black cooked lentil with roti

Evil family member

Eating by left hand

Ex memories

Ex committed suicide

Ear missing

Enemy wearing me ring in a dream

Ex husband walking stilts

Enter to portal in the bottom of the sea

Eyes star goo

Easter bunny stalking you

Eagle attack impairing vision dream

Evoking mushrooms

Eat does diamond dream meaning

Eating bull testicles

Ex wife giving you food

Ex boyfriend reunion

Excess wealth

Eating snail in dreams in islam means

Ex husband shouting at me

Eaten mangoes in a dreams

Elephant rise from under water

Earthworm dream number

Enter into a building has no exit

Eaten your own face

Eating light

Eye on back of neck

Eating a cross

Evil in the room my bed shaking

Eating rabbit


Expensive iphone case

Eye gouged out by tree branch

Elephant banana

Eating food my uncle make

Elevator going to sky

Eating viboodhi


Escape from known persons

Escaping enemies

Exotic dancers

Executing people

Eating cake cream

Eggs inside the river

Enggs inside the river

Enngs inside the river

Eating books

Elevators flying through air

Escaping falling into a river

Eagle chocking

Egg in someones hair

Escaping a dead car accident

Ex boyfriend house my late father

Eating cow intestines and sorghum porridge

Empty land

Electrical burn

Earth elemental

Eating baby legs

Eggs in water near rocks

Ending the world

Egg that tastes like pee coming out runny

Eating cow dung in adream

Entering a well furnished house with a woman

Eating cooked lungs

Entering umsamo

Eating a kitten

Eliminating beds

Eating close to a gutter in a dream

Egg bed

Ehhs bed

Eating rice with president

Eating ripe almond fruit

Ex husband giving me bags of groceries

Eating leftovers fish by your husband

Eating plenty of food in dream

Eating neem flowers

Erasing rangoli after use in dream

Elephant in dream as eating coconut leaf

Empty parachute

Evil coming through your window

Elmo killing people

Eating ceramics or pottery

Eating paper soup in a dream

Eating banana in dreams pregnant time

Ex boyfriend a pilot in the plane i am in

Evil sister coming out of mirror

Eyes get prayed by baby mama

Eating glass bottels

Eat broken bottels

Eating buffalo barbecue

Earth joined

Enemy braiding my child hair

Encounter cobwebs on your way with your body

Ex girlfriend sleeping with my cousin

Eating half raw mean and half green grass ontop

Envelope from a dead person

Excorting someone to the airport


Explain to me what does it mean when you dream about digging for jewelry in your dream

Ear discharge after axpcupincture

Extra thumb of leg

Extra thumb of keg

Eating amla with salt and chilly in dream


Enjoying my time with my mistress

Eating haggis

Escaping from blue lion

Esxaping from blue lion

Eating fried peanuts in dream meaning

Englands scepter

Ear circumcized endless pull

Eating prasad in temple lord ganapati big statue

Ex boyfriend gave me a envelope in my dream

Ex girlfriend is skinny in dream

Ex girlfriend now fit and thin

Excluded socially

Ex showing sneakers

Ex wear sneakers

Eating afang leaves in dream

Epistemology in buddhism

Eating deadbody meat on funeral

Estranged friend leaving jacket at dinner

Eating of okoro

Enemy wear girlfriend clothes

Eyeball swallowing a dragon

Ex husband entering house

Electric bulb went off suddenly meaning

Eating the vegetable green peppers

Ex lover wearing my moccasins

Ex of domestic violence

Eating cake with family and relatives outside

Entering kekenape in a dream

Edible worm from palm tree

Eating moimoi in green leaf

Eating eba and banga soup in the dream

Eaten by flower

Earthly worm in my dream

Elvis kiss

Elevator to ground and on ground

Electrocution of sister

Elictric have been snap

Eating rice and vegetables

Enemy wearing nice dress


Enemy sent to guatemala

Eagle attacking a grown chicken

Eating green apple in the dream

Evil creatures in dream

Ex gives me oral

Egg timer

Ex boyfriend eating steak

Eat bread and ground nut

Eating pie crust

Ear infevtio

Eating in beach

Eatting salad with a child

Evil eye bracelet break in a dream


Elephant carrying a coffin

Escape from a bus accident while on journey

Eating well cooked tripe

Ex mopping water

Exchange souls from body to body

Erotic actions with a friend

Ex wife finding money

Enemy wearing white and kissing me

Electricity pain teeth

Ex boyfriend called but phone hung up

Eating chicken with your ex boyfriend

Esophageal cancer

Eating growing beansprouts

Escaping from a lion

Eating dinner with my brother

Ex holding blue flowers

Eating pani puri with relaitives and strengers means

Extra ears

Explosion swimming and people forgetting you

Eating agidi inside church in my dream

Eating white small snail in the dream

Eating raw snail with path shell on it

Eating opka in a dream

Eating soaked rice

Eating eba and beans in a dream

Ex husband ghost

Eating fresh injera in dream

Earwigs in bath water

Earwig in water

Eating haidilao with students and one of them boils a mouse in inari beancurd skin


Eating curd rice in dreams with boy what it indicates

Ex at court

Eye changed color in dream

Eating honeysuckle

Ex gf sleeping with other guy

Emu biting my back

Eagle cleaning out a nest

Entering a familiar house with a friend


Escaping a bb

Escaping a bomb

Earthquake with fire tunders

Endless blue bridge

Eating hamburger with meat a lot

Empty purse on a bench

Eating chole kulche

Eat jute seed

Extra nipple breast tears open

Ex daugther in law

Exploding bush

Earth erupting

Evil spirit pretending to be mother

Eating cows tongue

Edible work in a dream

Eyelashes stuck together

Eting perewincle in the dreem

Eating curry in dream in the pot

Empty liquor bottles

Eating pebbles for constipation

Eating pebbles or rocks

Ear is being cut

Earrings picking my thumbs

Eating meat from a braaistand

Explosion islam

Eating eko tutu

Escaping in small boat from house sinking in water

Entering an empty kraal

Ext president give me money

Eye within a triangle

Eefil tower destruction

Effil rower distraction

Eating guinea fowl eggs

Evil behind door

Eating chapati in a dream given by my dead mom as she eats chicken

Eating crumbs new friends

Entering a window

Eating white cook rice and i see a friend

Eating white rice in pitcher i see a friend

Eating poison

Ex love ones

Eagle king of the world

Elvis presley is my boyfriend

Elvis presley being my boyfriend

Eating fufu and lit

Entering mosque with shoes

Elephants with trunk up

Eating banga soup with akpo with two hands

Eating g expensive steak

Exchanging new phone with old with ex boyfriend

Excreting cashew nut when pregnant in a dream

Ex friend eating you out

Eating fruit seed

Earwigs in eyelid creases

Evil mansion

Ex using oxygen

Ewing so happy and trying to decorate big house with flowers with my family in the dream

Eating ant ia dream mean ing

Executive bus

Eating cows cooked feet in a dream

Eating yam with palm oil with other people

Enemy driving car

Eatting maggi in my dreams


Eating fruit with dead father and he offer for party means

E housethrowing out husbands mistress out of t

Extra clean shiney face

Ex partner in jail

Ex husband cover in blankets in dreams means what

Eating turmeric in dream signifies what

Eating a lot of rosewood leaf

Eating java plum alone

Eating chickpeas with a dead rat in it

Eye inside the box

Eat egg fried with red oil

Eating twins udara in the dream

Expensive herb

Electric lights not working

Ex sucking on your breast

Eating swet

Eat coriander in dream

Eat worm apple

Ex boyfriend with long hair

Eating handfuls of raisins

Eating bull balls

Ex husband friend washing his clothes

Eating or invited porridge

Eating sour porridge in dream

Eating together with pastor

Eatin dog meat without my consent

Eyes blinking by god

Enemy wearing black and white

Ex boyfriend gifting perfume


Eating meat with my crush

Ear piercing lady keeping an old cloth in me in dreams

Escorting beloved

End credits

Eating fresh cashew in the dream

Expired contract

End contractend

Engament party

Elephant and tiger

Ex boyfriend death funeral

Eating with a group of men

Eaten cooked pennis in the dream

Eating cowpeas

Evil thing in my head adopts me and enters contest and is declared worst parent ever

Ex son in law

Ex husbands son

Elephant asking for dream

Elegant asking for food

Eating vegetable soup and fish with liver from a spiritualist man

Eye stabbing

Elderly home

Eating spinach in a dream with bishop

Eating friends pussy out

Eating friends vagina out

Eating friends vagiba out

Eye heart emoji dream

Eating lizard tail

Ex gives me a gold ring

Ex boyfriend coming to me with his pregnant girlfriend but wanting me


Eating shuck in the dream

Ex husband hide money he owes me

Eating kontomire with little rice

Escaping a semi truck accident

Eating kulikuli in the de

Eating sweets in a weeding

Ex employer

Eating cassava food meal in a dream

Eating black leather glove

Eating pumpkin leaves mixed with groundnuts

Entering a well arranged house

Eating dinosaur

Eating strawberry pop tarts

Electric scale

Eating meant in temple

Ekuru fun fun

Early morning drems sea ship crash

Eggs on toilet

Ex boy friend in dirty clothes

Eat eggs en pap

Evil woman with horns

Ex husband insulting ex wife in presence of girlfriend in dreamdream

Eating caswnut in a dream


Eating grass cutter meat in a dream

Edresm about taxi drive give me money

Ex boyfriend wanted

Ex husband being arrested


Escaping to be raped

Eating with my female boss

Eating rice with much stew in dreams

Eating and fan


Ex girlfriend gave me keys

Eating the brai meat

Eyes with angels on them

Eating my heat

Ejaculating penis with no body

Escape an abandon building

Ex get girlfriend pregnant

Evil grin

Eating mud by horse