Eating moimoi in dream meaning


Eating chapati with pickke


Ex husband give me a cooking stove


Everyone was taller than me

Enemy asking gor forgiveness

Eating betalnet dream

Eating with the poor and drunkards

Eating blood sanitary pads in dream

Eating big mandazi

Empty womb

Eating fried meat in the dearm

Eating donkey meat in the dream

Eating moimoi with pap in dream meaning

Escarping slavary

Eaten green leaves in dream

Eating of udara in dream means what

Eating desi ghee

Elephants images in the clouds

Eating meals with ghee

Edible palm worms

Eating feet fingers

Eating jamun fruit in pregnancy

Empty car rolling downhill

Eating mandazi

Escaped from a train accident

Eating palp in a dream meaning

Entering old house and seeing deceased parents

Elderly female sucking male penis

Eating ganish african oil bean in the dream meaning

Entering into a white house

Eating ackee and salt fish

Eating with prophets in a dream


Elephant in sky

Eating cake with dead person christian meaning

Exchanging cars

Eating cooked pork meat in the dream

Eating meat with someone in a dream

Ex boyfriend standing behind

Eating ragi in dream

Ear piercing

Eashing butt dream

Electric sparkling

Electric cracks

Eating cone in dream the meaning

Eating palm nut means what in the dream

Eating popcorn in dream

Eating a blood clots

Eating fish soup

Eating .meat and rice with ftiend


Eating sorghum porridge

Eating of groundnut in the dream

Elephant destroy my home

Eating with prophet

Eating snake meat

Eating blood from pads

Ex friend

Eating mangoes with friends

Eating dead bird

Enter public vehicle in dream

Electronic gadgets


Ewedu buying in a dream

Ex boyfriend gay

Entering unknown new house built by my late father in dreams

Eating food with dead father in the same plate

Eating food with dead wather in the plate

Eating golden pear

Ex girlfriend

Electronic device

Eating a sap

Everyone mad

Eating dead dog

Eating baby flesh, hands

Eating fufu in your dream meaning

Eating fufu and light soup in a bread meaning

Eagle with snake

Eagle catch a snake

Ex fainting

Egg white discharge

Enemy happiness in dream tabeer

Eating akara in dream

Eating a centipede in dream

Eating a roasted big centipede

Elder couple died in dream

Eating a boiled turtle

Eating boiled tutle

Ex boyfriend back face in dream

Elephant changed as cow

Ex-president having a feast.

Exchanging a car

Ex boyfriend, sister, sex

Eating chicken

Eating suya

Eating agidi in your dream means

Eating agidi in your dream

Eating okra soup in a dream

Eating human flesh disgust

Eid in dream in islam means

Eunuchs getting married

Eunuch getting married

Eating with sisters

Exchange cedis to dollars

Eating moi-moi in dreams

Egg inside my stomach

Egg in my stomach

Eating chicken gizzard with a friend

Extending open hands

Ekuro 7


Eating fish pie in a dream

Eating honey in dream


Eating with my boyfriend in a dream

Eating smoked pork ribs

Elephant rid off machine

Evil fierce gray wolf dog

Elevation who possessed

Elevation who possed

Elephant dreem meaning

Electric pole falling done


Eating of roasted plantain with palm oil

Eating pork and spit it in the dream

Embracing your husband in dream

Embracing with pure love in husband

Embracing with pure love with husband in dream

Embracing with pure love with your husband in dream

Embracing with pure love with husband in dreams

Eating roti with love one

Ejaculated in my mouth

Eating roasted yam and palm oil meaning

Egg gift from a dead man

Eating veggie briyani

Eating in a dream


Eating black food

Escaping ritualist

Eating slice of melon

Empty ourglass



Elegant pen

Elobement of others in dreams

Eating rasgulla

Eye with tracoma


Enemy protecting you

Eating rice in banana leaf

Eat wirh royal blood

Eating crocodile meat in adream

Eating a very big ripe palm fruit in dream means what


Eating cud

Exboyfriends shooting

Escaping rape in the dream

Eating braai meat

Eating okoro soup and meat with eba with friends in circle

Eating cocoyam in dreams

Engagement in dreams

Eating sweet pomelo

Ex husband and his pregnant mistress

Evans name in a dream

Escape feom prison

Eating biryani in dream

Engaged to gay


Eating cooked ukwa in dream

Eating sweet sorghum

Empty river

Eating ambulance fruits dream

Eating cooke mean

Ear cut tree house younger brother

Explosions from military jets

Eating chicken bones in a dream



Eating cooked yam and vegetable oil in the dream

Eating and cooking bread fruits

Eating raw pap


Eating white ants without feathers

Examination result

Ex being gay

Eating semolina...

Eating semolina..

Eating semolina. t

Eating semolina.

Eating cell roti

Eating palmfruit in the dream

Eating periwinkle in a dream means what?

Eating jamun plucking from tree


Ex president

Evil shadow

Eating bread and ogbono soup in the dream

Eating in brahmin house

Eating bread and ogbono soup

Eating palm kenneth in dreams

Escorting my sister to pick a taxi

Eating with people who are rich in reality

Entering house of my brother at the back door

Eko dream

Eating black apples

Enemy wants to give your child education fund

Empty hot plate

Eating fufu and palm nut soup in a dream

Eating vagina in your dream

Empty jerrycans

Everyone around me was chanting hare krishna but i cant

Electric transformer burn



Eating rose apple in your dream

Everything wrong

Eating eba in the dream

Eating of garden egg in a dream what does it mean?

Escaping from tiger

Eating prasad at gurudwara

Eating cake with a dead person dream meaning?

Eating rice and red beans

Eating rice and beans

Eatimg your vigaina

Eating green foods

Eating starch and owo soup

Emu biting me

Eating goats testicals

Electrical shortage

Expertise trumpet

Earth sky cracking

Expertise in music

Eating gems and jewels inside cookie

Entering new home

Eunuch private parts

Empty perfume bottle

Eid al adha

Eating prasad in temple

Earthworms with salt

Egg in snake cage

Eating roti and milk in dream

Eating kontomire stew in a dream

Ewedu with the steam in my hand in my dream

Ents blue turbins

Egg come out of body

Everything sticks to me


Elephantisis in a dream


Eating a cooked crocodile in an occasion like child dedication

Exboyfriend and boyfriend

Eating vegetables from christian door


Eating ded body


Eating in the church means

Escaping train accident

Eating sweet at temple in dream

Eating jamun in dream.

Eating red strawberry

Eating pork intestines

Eye of providence

Egusi soup in the dream

Eavy rain with ice

Exchange mobile number

Eating dream


Eating banana in your dream while pregnant

Eating matoke


Ennemy being very happy

Ez girlfriend naked in a dream

Eating agidi in dreams

Eating my poo in the dream

Eggs hanging from a tree

Eating rotten walnut in a dream

Eating rice with live earth worms

Eating rice with live worms

End of year school picture being taken

Eating palmnut fruit


Estranged person

Eating meat in dream with dead uncle

Earth collapsing

Eating cream from a dead person

Eating bread with cream from a dead person

Eating edil and sambar in dream jndicates

Ear kiss

Evil grandmother

Ex in prison

Egg hanging tree in dream meaning

Essence of frying akara to remember my late father

Ewedu leaf in a dream

Eating maas

Eyebrows brown in colour

Eating boiled yam with friends in the dream

Eating cooked male organs


Eating kenkey with your male and female friends

Eating udara in a dream means what

Eating jaggery roti with milk in dream

Eating raw pork

Escape from death

Ex boyfriend has hart attac

Escaping down a slide topless

Egyptian dog

Ex riding a tricycle wearing white shirt with a flashlight on hand

Eaten chicken with a dead man


Eating cashew fruit in the dream

Eating fatty roast meat

Eating cocoyam and palm oil in the dream

Elizabeth taylor

Eating cooked matoke in adream

Eating tiger nut

Eating matooke in adream

Eating big mango

Egypt queen

Eating rape mango in the dream

Eating a big sugar apple

Escaping parade

Eating of garri

Eating bilva leaves

Eaten pounded yam and vegetable

Eagle attack on my neck and i escaped with the help of my mother

Eating flamegrilled beef kidneys

Eating roasted drumstick chicken in a dream

Eating eba with strangers

Eating grilled chicken in a dream

Eating bitter leaves soup and enjoying it though is not that sweet

Eating palm leaves in a dream


Ex best ex and worst ex

Eating amala and ewedu

Eating posho in the dream

Eating egg and yam

Eating cooked yam and boils egg

Eating tapioca with a lady in the dream

Emptying the house

Eating, shoes

Exposing himself

Eating fried plantain with a brother


Eating white clay

Eating various colours roses in dream

Electricity spark

Eating a flesh of a goat while it is alive

Eating bitter leave

Eating sugarcane

Eating raw yam

Eating soap in the dream

Evangelist joshua dream interpretation

Eating donuts

Eating green gram dhal

Eating moimoi and also give my siblings to eat

Eat from dead people plate in dream

Eating chapati and milk tea

Eating a fruit with worms inside

Emily mcguire

Ex bf wearing a rosary on his hand

Eating cook breadfruit in dream means

Eating pap and fish in my dream means


Ear stich


Eating bread fruit with your spouse

Elephantiases legs

Eating manna in a dream means

Elderly woman praying for me

Empty sink

Empty sink in a basement

Eating pounded yam and okro soup

Eating tamarind with mom

Eating porridge yam

Eat a lot if rice and vegetable

Egg hatched dream



Eating sweets with a dead person

Eating yam porridge

Eating swallow and melon soup in a dream


Exchange money with customer

Eating jaggey

Electric burn


Ejaculating very early in a dream

Ex husband argument

Eating stones and then taking out back from mouth

Eating nañseberry

Ex boyfriend having an affair with my sister

Eating offals in a dream meaning

Eating alligator paper mean

Eating oil being salad in the dream

Eating rice served by a dead former president in a dream

Eating with my crush and family

Eating wild fruit in the kraal

Eating wild fruit inside kraal


Egg with three egg yolks


Entre tricycle

Eating kontomire in a dream means what

Eating bread and soup

Empty crates of eggs

Eating dry kapenta in a dream

Eating raw dog meat means what in the dream

Eating bitter gourd in dream

Erosion means what in dream

Eating grass cutter in a dream

Eating chicken intestine

Eating mango fruit in dream while pregnant

Eating fried fish

Ear melt

Eyes gl es

Eating dried catfish

Eating dog in the dream means what

Ex deceased mother in law

Eating mulbery in dream

Eating green coriander leaves

Eating with a friend

Earthworm in dream

Eating plain pap

Eating bread with peanut butter

Empty tent

Employee close down

Eddoes deeam

Eunuch adorned with jewelry

Eating hladd

Eating hl

Ejaculating husband


Eating lamb chops

Eat feces dream meaning

Eating feces in dream means

Eaten grinded maize as in local food

Eating maze

Eating tamarind

Eagle picking the snake in a dream

Eating raw samp

Eating ripe pomelo mean

Egg. xhfetk

Eating millet porridge in dreams

Eatibg beef stew

Eating roasted yam with red oil

Elephant rhino fight

Eating half boiled goat meat

Eating toffee

Email about money

Eating gluttony

Eating greadly

Escaping on collapsing building

Entering an unknown house and find a find the husband neaked

Escorting my friend to attend funeral

Eating eye

Eating intestine

Ex shoelace choke

Eating cockroach

Eating insect in dream

Eating cow leg

Elephant eating sugar cane

Ex president and wife visit me in dream

Eating banga in dream

Egg yokes

Entering in masjid

Ex husband still sleeping with me

Eating kolanut in dreams

Enemy wearing all white

Eating a ver big sugar apple with yor ex and children

Eating yam stew in dream

Eating eba egusi soup and meat

Eaten by giant cockroaches

Ex girlfriend’s father

Eaten a guava in the dream

Eating monkey ear in the dream

Eating pork chicharon

Eating water grass

Eating barley

Eating roasted bambara nuts

Eating cooking meat in the dream

Eating pork gelatin

Ex father in law attacking me in dream

Eating with rich people in their house

Eating and harvesting lanzones fruit

Eating cocyam

Ew phone

Eating meat filled with cow dung in dream

Enchanted tree

Eating bitter kola your enemy give you in your dreaming

Eat bleeding pussy

Eagle picking a snake in my dreams

Egg fish

Ex girl friend taking shower

Eating pork hotdog

Elton john

Eating white clay in the dream

Ear rings, bindi