Eating reuben in a dream what does it mean

Expired mother wearing bangles

Eating choclate in a dream an islamic dream explanation

Eating live baby

Eating grilled chicken

Eating cook bambara nut

Ex girlfriend have been hurt with her leg

Eating too much tamarind

Eating of dementia tripetala in the dream

Eating cream biscuits in dream means

Erection crane

Eating dead animal


Eating bitter kola

Eating while going to church

Eating nzu (white clay) in the dream

Eat pap with sous in dream

Escaping warthog attack

Eating fried corn and groundnuts

Eating fresh carabao meat



Expensive perfume

Eating lunch in a visitor house

Eggs inside clay pots

Exam result was covered

Elephant wearing crown charges child

Elephant wearing crown

Elephant crown


Eating snail barbecue in your dream

Eating and gathering with family

Eating prantha in dream

Elephants blocked the road

Eating palmyra fruit in my dream

Expensive silk saree

Eat bread sugar


Elaborate game

Ex wife going abroad

Ex boyfriend naked

Eating koko

Eating rice and stew in a dream

Eating raw meat with a dead person


Eating nzu in the dream

Eating yam and egg in the dream

Eating in a dream

Eating cow intestines in a dream

Eating bread with my dead parents

Eating egusi soap in a meeting in the dream

Eating eba and egusi soup

Eating raw fish and puking it

Eating lunch in banana leaf

Ex touch you beast

Escape train wreck

Escape a huge accident dream

Eating a live dog

Eating raw birds egg in the dream

Eland in a dream

Electronics repaire

Eating fried hard fried corn mixed with groundnuts

Eating foods with priest

Eating eba and ewedu

Eating ackee & saltfish and rice with family

Endless sea

Embraced from back

Eating panipuri

Eating roasted snail given to you by someone

Eating with three others

Eating in a wedding party

Evengelist in the dream

Enamel cup with tea

Electric spark in my dream

Eating eba in dream meaning

Escape in danger running inroof

Eating maggie


Eating of chicken in the dream

Elephant tusk

Eating turmarind rice

Eating okpa

Eating green fruit color fruit in dream

Eating rice in dream

Electrical plank

Eating mandazi in dream

Eating with mad women

Eating with mad women in a dream what does it means

Ex returning

Eating freezits with girlfriend

Ex boyfriend looking at you

Emptying house forever with family in dream mean

Entering pyramid

Eating meat in cemetery

Ex boss giving you money because u know his biggest secret

Eating neam leaf in dream

Eating cocoyam in a dream

Eating of african salad in the dream means what


Eating rotten porridge with gizzard

Eating in cemetery

Experiencing a dead pupil in a dream, what does it mean

Ex husband in dream

Eating delicious food

Eating pap and moi moi in the dream

Eating groundnut cake and bread in the dream

Eating beside rubbish

Eat uncook ewedu in d dream

Eating molded bread


Ex in white wedding dress

Eating roasted groundnuts in the dream

Eating kenneth in the dream

Eating frozen dates

Emotion control

Eating khir in dream

Eating sugar and butter in dream


Eating fried peel groundnut means?

Eatting bread in ur dream

Eating golden chocolate in a dream

Eating honey tall green tree

Ex wedding

Elephant moving seeing from backside

Enemy coming to my house

Eating cooked palm fruit in a dream

Eclipse in the night

Eating boiled testicles

Eat mutton rice in dream

Eating brown rice in my dream

Eagle sitting on shoulder

Electrical equipment


Eating rice and suger mixed

Erosion entered my house

Eats taro

Eating meat in your dream

Eating cow meat in your dream

Eat java plum

Emerald green calm ocean

Eating black soup in the dream

Eating trunck of tree

Entering keke

Eating cake with hair


Eating roasted yam and red oil in dreams

Eating with your brothers and your sister in the same dish

Eaten with family in a dream

Eating raw cassava in the dream

Eating alligator pepper in the dream

Eating palp in the dream was

Eating palp in the dream

Eating bread and honey

Excessive sally eating

Eating a pet insect

Eating cocoa fruit

Eating food with a mad man

Eyes on your feet?

Eating samosa in your dream

Eating palavasauce in a dream

Ex’s grandchildren

Eating rice in the dream meaning

Electrical wires and pole fall

Eating banku in a dream

Ex husband wearing golden yellow t shirt

Eating vagina

Elephants feet

Exchanging clothes with bishop

Ex-partner church steeple falling

Eating in an ancestral plate

Enemy looking handsome in dream means

Eating dead body in dream with a dead person

Eating white powder in a dream

Eating fruits

Eating ripe mangoes meaning

Eating ripe soursop

Eating in a grave

Ex funking her on dream


Eagle eye person

Evangelist joshua interpretations of motor grader

Eat egg in the dream

Eating toffee in dream means

Eating testicales

Eating pussy

Eating happily with strangers in the dream

Enemy wearing white saree in dream

Eating bitter leaf soup in the dream

Eating cookies with unknown boyz in adream

Eating jollof in the dream

Ento priar

Eating fritters in dream mean

Eyes flame broken

Ex boyfriend naked in your dream

Eaten konkonte in the dream means

Edible wood lava in dream

Edible lava in dream

Eating my food

Eating papaya with magots

Extra toe

Exchange phone number with the opposite sex in a dream what dose mean

Eating bottle

Erimiş mum

Ex girl bald

Eating green maize in a dream

Eye problem

Eating gosh

Emerald green shoes

Exchange phone number

Ex bf in the hospital bed critical

Eating eba and egwusi soup

Escaping collapsing building

Eating leafy vegetables in dream

Expensive silverware

Eye lash

Expensive silverware given to someone else

Eating tiger nuts in a dream meaning

Ex bf checking up phone

Eating bitter kolanut in the dream

Escaping with parents

Eating eba and e egusi soup

Eating clay doh accidentally in dream

Eating pap and sour milk in a dream what is the meaning of that

Eating and feeding my in laws with bread and akara in dream

Elongated dining table

Eating cake in a wedding in a dream


Ereca nut

Entering wrong room in dream

Enjoying a trip in thailand

Enjoying a vecation thailand

Enjoying a dreamin thailand

Eating cook pig meat in a dream

Ex nighboure in dream meaning

Ex nighboure in dream morning

Eating in drem

Extraction crystal

Eating biscuits with black rat tail in it

Eating in cementery

Eating with mother or father in a dream

Eating parata in dreams

Ex and ring

Enrol in a school


Eaten by rats


Eyeliner messing up

Eating alligator peppe

Ear hiar

Earth braking down and different creatures running through earth

Eating mango pickle in my dream

Extracting palm oil dream meaning

Eating yam and fried eggs in the dream

Eating ewedu and eba

Eating rice and kontomire stew

Exuming dead bodies.

Exchanging pen

Eating cellroti

Extended pipe on tap water

Eating ripe sapodilka

Eating in my dreams

Eating cowdung in a dreammeaning

Eating ogbono soup in the dream meaning

Electrical transformers

Eating banga in dream meaning


Eating a white meat

Everyone taller than me

Eating ube in the dream

Ex boyfriend naked in dream

Eating plantains in a calabash




Eatting pussy

Eating out of an empty bento box

Eating oat cereal

Eating oat porridge

Eating soya beans

Enemy car

Eating cola but in the dream

Eagle drinking water

Eating of moi moi and bread in dream

Eating beans and palm oil in the dream a friend close to you gave it to you

Engagement ring

Egg leaking in a dream

Eating and picking java plum fruits

Eating boiled cassava leave in dream

Eating drumstick leaf

Eating dead body heart

Eating moimoi in my deam

Eating moringa leaves

Exposing pubic hair in public and feeling ashamed

Erecting of prayer flag

Eating saltfish

Eating penis on a dream

Eating human penis on a dream

Engry mother

Eating pounded yam

Ex boyfriend giving yam

Eggs in dream

Ex lover giving me an apple

Eating durians

Entangled in dream

Empty legal

Elctric short circuit spark

Earthworm mating in dream

Ex in jail

Escape from tiger

Eating a garden egg

Eyes gl es

Eating rice and you die

Entering wrong bathroom

Elephant submerged in murky water

Eating fried egg and pap

Eating vadai

Eaten by cats

Eating ripe pineapple with my wife

Eating a human head

Ex taxi

Eating jeri

Ex girl friend brother

Eating powder milk in dream

Eagle hose talking

Eating paneer rice

Eating sweet sourgham

Envelope addressed to a dead person

Ex boyfriend fighting with his sister


Enemies cutting my wire in my dream

Everyones life goes foward

Erosion in the dream

Eggs hanging on a tree branch

Eating okro and eba in the dream

Eating at sleep

Ear infection

Eating kumkum unfortunately in dream

Eating sand in the dream

Eating amala and ewedu with somebody in the dream

Eating periwinkle sea shell in dream

Eating urad dal vada

Energetic electric transformer

Eating pani puri

Eating roasted groundnuts in a dream meaning?

Eating metha paan

Eating nshima with many people in a dream

Empty cup of tea

Eye crusts

Ex boyfriend in danger


Electricity wire spark in the dream

Eating pork by accident


Eating grass dream

Eating obogno that is not urs with a family that is not yours

Eating carabao via carabao meaning fengshui

Empty plate in the dream

Eating silver fish that had eaten others means what in a dream

Eating roasted yam with palm oil

Ex taking off hiss wedding ring

Eat red fruit

Eating cooked groundnut

Eating cooked groundnuts in the dream

Eating gizzard in your dream

Eat porridge mixed

Eaten a left over chicken

Examiner tearing my answer booklet

Eating eba with pomo in a dream

Eating elephant and potato

Eating pen

Eating fruits in dthe dream


Elephant having sex in dreams

Envelope me

Escaping from chain snatching

Eating from a dead brother

Exchanging phone numbers with the opposite sex

Eating palmcanel


Eating kola in dreams

Eating breaking pam kanel


Engaged to a lesbian

Eating termite

Eating moringa in dream meaning

Eating panchamrit

Eating black velvet tamarind

Eating back velvet tamarind

Eating selroti ni dream in pregnancy

Eating food with a mad person

Eba turner stick

Eating my vigina

Eggs on tree

Elevator ascend to the roof top

Eating and buying simsim in dreams

Eating a slippery soup in a moving commercial vehicle

Eating okro soup in a moving commercial bus

Eating inside cow meat

Ear ring stuck in teeth in a dream means

Enemy giving my child a red rose

Eating bread with oil means what in a dream

Ex boy friend wearing all black and staring at me

Elderly mans well

Elderly man



Eating chicken in dreams

Eating cow leg soup

Elephant running in water

Enemy attack

Eating banana

Eating palm kernel in the dream.

Enemy begging forgiveness in a dream

Excreting on building

Eating shea fruit in the dream

Eating fruit

Elevator flying out of the 12 th floor

Elevator flying out of the 12th fllor

Eating seed less olive in dream

Electric current transformer

Eating african polony

Eating vacation in dream

Eating rosted ube in the dream

Enoki mushrooms

Eating cassava cake in a dream


Eating kontomire stew

Eating dried crayfish in the dream

Eating roasted palm fruit dream meaning

Eating with dead people in dream means ?

Eating with the people

Eating palm kernel mean what

Ex girlfriend rapped

Eating moimoi contain egg in dream meaning

Eating paan in dreams

Embracing mayor tig

Eating oranges in a dream

Eating eba in dream with a friend

Eating intistant

Elephant and lion inside home

Eat bread

Eating sachet tomatoes in the dream means what?


Eating gold chain

Eagle taking chick

Eating cooked yam and red oil in the dream means

Eating pork with others in a dream

Eagle hunting dog

Eating roasted tasty yellow lentils

Empty warehouse

Empty chip bag

Eunuch making love

Escaping group of murders

Eating moringa leaves in dream

Entering a keke in a dream what does it mean

Eating ice cream witih the queen

Ex boyfriend feeding cake

Ex girlfriend moustache

Eating fried grandunt someone gave me to keep in a dream

Ex boyfriend spitting saliva in my food

Eating green rape vegetables

Emergency ward in hospital

Eating ripe mango with maggots

Eating of peanut and bread


Eating the other half of an equally divided cooked fish head in my dream

Eating akara and bread in the dream

Eating kulikuli

Ex boy friend sister


Egg duck

Eating mixed cassava and beans

Encountering people happily drinking alcohol

Eating an old damp stick

Eating burnt food in the pog

Edible worm

Exchanging meatpie in dreams

Eating egg biryani with wife

Eating food with wife

Eating pap(eko) and fish in dream

Eating lizards

Eating penus

Eagles picking and dropping snakes


Employed by bishop of a diocese

Eye lashes

Eating guava in dream means

Eating roasted cassava


Eating dead human flesh

Eating jamun in dream during pregnancy in islam

Eating banana in dream during pregnancy in islam

Ethnic costume

Eating row mangoes in a dream

Eating yam with my sister in dream

Eating mulberry fruit christian | dream interpretation

Eating pussy at night

Eye doctor on dream