Cutting fish fin

Courtyard goodbye

Cows eating green maize with corns

Church dinner

Climbing down a ladder

Cleaning an ex boyfriends house

Champak flower bloom in tree dreams meaning

Culture day in class

Crossed hands

Cat claws

Curing skin rash

Cutting grass in a dream

Commander signing documents

Chickens killing a snake

Cannot pray something blocking me from praying

Covered by a front loader truck

Clown and death

Controlling queues of people

Controlling lines of people

Cassava flakes in d dream

Cleaning toilet according to imam jafar

Cleaning kaaba

Checking someone else health with stethoscope in the dream indicate what

Crawling on roof with hole in it and a rope

Chosen to lead a prayers

Catching things falligg by from ceiling

Cooking chicharon

Cutting penis of my husband meaning

Covered black blanket

Climbing ladder into a suckerway

Creepy laughing phone

Congratulations in a new home


Cutting finger millet dream

Cat being eaten

Crushing on a fictional character

Carrying an injured adolescent

Colleague giving me seeds in a dream

Chinese datuk ging

Cat sucking your blodod

Cutter blead

Chanting om nama sgivaya

Co wife and i are happy

Crab in dream

Carrying two head of palm fruit and in a barrow and it fell into a pit means what

Caport jaket

Circle of fire at my window

Cooking smoked meat

Coins in crotch of underwear

Cracking open egg with dead chick

Chicken pox for someone

Catching francolin

Cat sexing

Collecting soap and water to use for bathing

Climbing a bitter kola tree

Cutting my sons hands off

Clothes on stairs

Child paralised

Chicken under a table with some fallen feathers

Cleaning and wiping out the black pig poop

Cheating on boyfriend with boyfriend and mom catches me and starts crying

Choosing between a black or white object

Chest ripped open

Crying to someone on a payphone

Cat swimming

Cleaning party

Collecting white eggs

Climbing down the stairs afraid carrying baby

Cheese straw

Cooking an seeing dirty inside food like paper

Circus bear

Carry dead

Chicken head skull without beak

Chase by occultist

Cari rolling downhill

Cow with one eye

Carrying cement in a wheelbarrow dream meaning

Cold windy beach

Car seat by the front door

Cooking amala yam flour in dream

Cat in a cage

Colocasia dream namber

Conspiration by my uncle

Carved stone in temple

Cats too many

Child crying calling your name

Climbing a or scaling a wall

Clearing up dog poo

Cleaning up dog poo

Cannot board plane

Cracking of palm

Crow turning into a man

Celebrityguy beat me

Celebrity beat

Cutting off vaginas

Cat sucking breast

Copperhead beale


Child flying over treetops

Cutting sheep head in dream meaning



Custard apple in dream of pregnant women meaning

Chained bird

Comparing others with me


Checked work

Carrying yam on my head

Climbing down the new ladder into a deep well of water

Car sec

Cutting money plant in dream

Cultist hand shake

Crying about relationship

Crying about reaktionstid

Cant find back to my familiy

Circle in for head

Chased savage

Counterfeit snake

Cat in wine bottle

Concrete ground

Clear water from breast

Creeping plant

Coconut tree branch falls on me

Coral necklace lost in dream

Construction clothes

Clog made of hair

Cat shape shifting to human

Crossing street and sing the narco shoot you

Clothes all soak ina river and river carry some and became dry

Cat changing to dog


Climbing a tall hill

Cat engine

Child yelling mom dream

Cross in your mouth

Curfew with a baby

Custard apple in dream during prgnancy

Combing the hair of my grandfather who is deceased

Coffin submerged under water

Cow and tiger fighting

Cheese and bread dream

Cooked cocoyam leaves meaning

Child falling from sky

Clean shiny car mats

Children calling you

Controlling water in a glass being poured

Controlling water in a glass

Crush blocking me

Crack in mug

Cop trying to arreste

Cyclope dwarf


Car buried in the sand

Cycling down hill

Changing a menstrual period sanitary pads with a tempon

Child in a toilet

Child passes feaeces

Crystal glass cup

Carrying do i diapers

Climbing a mountain with a baby

Crossroads with lots of traffic

Crocodile attack n kill monkey

Cow eating my clothes means

Concrete nails in ear

Cats sex

Child being stabbed

Child fuking


Cat in throat

Chased away from work

Catching edible termites

Camel entering my house in a dream

Calabash tree mango tree

Cordial dream meaning

Coloured legs

Converted old building

Cold hurting fingers

Closed sexshop

Closed abishop

Cream colored flood water

Cold vials of blood

Catching fish in clear water

Cat on the ceiling full

Coconut trees fallen on the house in a dream

Castor seed plucking it in the dream means

Cat tortured with needles in eyes

Counting money notes

Carrying a pillow


Cutting egg to knife

Colour wine shirt meaning

Clear colour discharge


Closing door against masquerade

Counting chickens

Counting chicken

Carrot walking in dream

Cha cha cha dance

Car silencer

Chanting phm namaha shivaya in dreame

Cathing squid in sea tide

Cathing octopus in tide sea

Cyber bulling

Crows attack


Colors flowers


Chestnut flowing in the river

Climbing a mountain carrying a baby

Cows descending down the hill

Child being lick

Cleaning door

Cleaning sliding door with someone watching

Colating a scent leaf

Cutting off waist bead

Cleaning shoes fill with sand

Cardinals fighting

Chased by cows in your yard

Crying over shoes dream meanings

Catfish fall from the sky

Cooking dinner for your ex girlfriend

Colour changing stones

Cutting dead person hair in dream meaning

Cutlass in dream and kids around

Could not kill the snake

Clogged bathtub

Christiano renaldo

Computer in water

Cleaning out drain

Cooking food for pastors in a drean

Counting plate



Christmass decoration

Crow pheasant

Carrying a baby boy with teeth reciting the quran

Cows tied by rope

Carrying a dead body at back

Crossing river with my brother

Cow semen

Can not find classroom

Changing roof on my house

Cows sex dream meanjngs

Cats in jungle

Crushed in machine

Catching frogs

Chicken pox on daughter

Celebrity killing family

Churail in dream

Car over cliff

Counting stairs

Clicking sound

Crack building dream meaning

Caressing the nipple of female coworker

Carrying a black polytene

Cyst on right leg

Cremating a monk

Chid sliding down hill in dream

Carnival with rides

Collecting silver coins by d sea

Collecting passion fruits seeds

Child long orange hair

Clean white sheet

Cleaning my spouse pant with a monthly pereods

Cream coler clothing

Car gone

Cream house

Cat fish buyers

Child tantrum

Cooking meat pots in dreams

Chairlift mother

Copper pot full of water dream

Cylinder caught fire in your dream meaning

Call rolling forward down around ramp

Communication must in shape of an inverted cross

Cooking for a celebrity

Cat licking my private part

Clothe shop

Clothe store

Chair dreams

Collecting clothes from an enemy


Crying pregnant woman in a dream meaning

Cow birth

Cutting ripped palm fruits bunches in a dream

Cutting my mothers ear

Crying on your brothers grave

Cactus penis

Child molestion

Clearing of bush

Clearing of bushes

Chlild swept by water

Cat head fall off

Cat heat fall off

Clear water and coins

Catching caterpillars

Catching caterpillars going onto the ground

Catching a plenty crayfish from a water

Checking oil tank

Cutting a necktie

Coffin sinking

Caravan being wet inside

Cut palm of hand with no blood

Cursed painting

Climbing through a small window

Crawling through a small window

Crow attack lips

Child with hole in his head

Cow stuck in a mud

Cutting off horses head

Cooking eggs to a multitude


Cracked eye

Children trying to steal

Crow transforming into human

Came in red light in the sky

Crossing another country illegally

Custard squash

Carlights on in a dresm


Cassava roasted dream

Crystal light beaming to lunar eclipse

Church road

Cutting my dead grandmother hair

Cassava roasted

Cookin pap

Clay pot silver coins

Crops destroyed by fire

Cutting tree in a road

Cherry flavor smoke

Cherry pipe smoke

Crying statue dream meaning


Clock without hands

Clock with missing pointers

Clock with missing seconds and minutes

Cracking sizzling sound in your dream

Celebrating christmas

Carabao drowning in a river

Colleagues die in resort calamity

Called to help harvest palm fruit in the dream

Called to help harvest palm fruit in a dream

Clay in ears

Changing sanitary pad in a dream

Cement truck flipped while parking

Cutting a big tree trunk

Coworker crush drinking your water bottle

Cow eating crops field

Coins floating in the air

Carrots on the ground

Carrots after a bombing

Cracking egg ten yokes dream meaning

Cursed ring in a dream meaning

Clearing weeds around grave yard in the dream

Coldness around family

Casting out demons on my sister in a dream

Chased by zombie

Carrying someone baby on my back

Chick comes from mouth

Cooking pasta

Coiled snake in baby milk bottle cap

Congratulate someone on new house

Climbed coconut tree up and down

Car with tinted glass

Climbing coconut tree dream meaningful

Corn did

Crossing hands with male friend dream meaning

Collecting palm tree weevil in d dream

Car dash blinking

Coconut tree wine

Clean soapy drinking glassware

Coconut wine drinking water dream meaning

Coconut tree wine drinking water

Combling upstairs in d dream

Calabash drem meaning

Chewing groundnut and spit it out


Carring a girl on my shoulder

Cat pulling your hair in dream islam

Cat pulling your hair in dream


Computer screens control room

Clearing weeds a round graveyard in a dream

Carton of ice fish

Cake for a princess

Coco tan

Child swept by running water

Circuit breaker box

Cycling up a big hill


Cutting mutton fry to eat dream

Crushes showing penis

Casting demons

Clear water ankle deep dream meaning

Conquering fear of death

Cabinet door is off the hinge

Couple train fire

Crzay person

Covering a naked spouse

Cousine sex

Car falling off a parking garage

Choked by evil hand

Choked hy evil hand

Chamelion in dream

Camel biting in the back

Cow giving birth to twins in a dream

Corn feild starting to grow

Cheerful girl

Cliff ice slip

Child left alone

Crying but no tears

Cake poop dream meaning

Combing sister hair

Cathing flying termites

Child dreams about ant

Climbing a hill in holy place in dreams

Cleaning out deceased home

Change hair colour

Carrying injured person in a dream

Collect certificate

Chicken in a clay pot meaning

Clothes falling off your body

Cuddling a camel in dream

Crescent moon with planets within

Cutting a pawpaw tree in dream

Crying child asking for meat

Climbing story building to a new floor

Crown taken off head

Coconut oil grinding

Collapsing toilet meaning

Chewing a rosary

Cute jackal

Cannot go out because door shrinking

Causing frustration for others

Child doubled

Coming out of a river riding on a bowl finally picks oranges


Child getting out of suitcase

Carrying some cassava stem

Child putting fingers in my mouth

Cracking snake egg

Cutting off baby toe

Cross with john the baptist

Collecting gold chocolates

Climbing tower

Chicken inside stomach

Clothes mangle

Chicken with a sake head

Cooking beans and plantain

Cleaning a persons hand

Caught husband getting oral in dreams

Cleaning fan

Crashing through a barricade a n d falling


Cold water to drink

Child being spanked

Cat licking chin

Calf being born

Child sexual abusr

Coin out of my nose

Chair made of silver

Cake mixing

Covering red dupatta hi head

Calligraphy arabic

Charcoal to mark skin

Carry white pot your head in a dream

Collecting back my sandals

Chasing my some evil

Carrying tray of goods on my head

Carrying tray of goods on the head

Chicken pox on my mother in dream

Crows and dogs are scrambling to peck my legs

Cleaning leg

Catching green caterpillars

Candle on a grave light up

Car rolling forwards

Cutting off fingers with knife

Currency collapse

Car turns into a bike

Car empty water tank

Cooking with amethyst

Catching a pigeon

Copyrling in an exam room

Closing black leather bag

Clear covered in mustard yellow worms

Cross on bucket

Cheating with my wife niece

Charity food

Cutting cassava in a bowl of water

Clothes on line in rain

Close intimacy with the man of god

Cow utter

Crowd panic

Catching fish in a dry river

Crossing a reservoir

Cooking tongs

Carrying a basket of cocoyam in dream

Cold blast of air through open door

Chicken cage in a dream

Crying in front of kabba

Carring a baby boy with your back and running

Climbing stairs carry a stranger heavy child

Calf giving me a kiss

Contribution of food at funeral

Chased by a man with gun in dream means

Closed door of a temple

Carry a sack of mealie meal on my shoulder what could be the meaning

Cancel plans

Child feet

Cloud with orange color in the sky

Carving knife in stomach

Crack walls water flowing out

Card deck flying

Crush and best friend kissing

Catching a weasel

Crying baby in a trash can

Cooked food disappearing dream

Cleaning my face with raw egg in dream

Creepy pet store

Cannonball flower dream meaning

Cat tail in food

Crumbling book

Covering a grave in the dream

Car under the tree meaning

Crying for my brother

Clean water overflows toilet

Crush mosque

Cassava pacage

Changing things

Climbing a jackfruit tree to get ripe fruits

Cooking porridge then it pours accidentally

Cassava plantation weeding

Climb tree

Calcium carbonate in dream meaning

Crab dream

Crock roaches biting

Co wife crying

Car mean

Colorful planets and stars

Cutting pawpaw tree

Container filled with meat blood

Children yelling mother

Centipede from stomach


Camel spider

Cut off part of horse

Cut off horse hoof

Cut off horse hoff

Chased by group

Copper per by with to wheat leaves in the back of it

Child pricking self with needles

Cooking of palm oil

Coffee cermony

Caring for a sick aunt

Clothes being swept away in a river

Cutting carpet

Cleaning shoe rack

Co worker shooting at me

Carrying a crutch

Child riding an old bicycle

Cell phone drop inside gutter and i picked it up and clean it in dream

Cursed gold

Calling out the person walking in the sky

Chocolate on my head

Charcoal stove dream

Cow sexual assaulting u

Cream meaning of empty show glass

Cutting a pawpaw tree down

Carry twins a boy and a girl in the dream means

Crying before i got married

Cleaning your poo off yourelf

Cleaning yourself making a mess

Cats out of a bag

Convincing not to shave head

Colourful bindi

Called ugly by crush

Cow dung on head

Carry rod in the dream


Catching someone you are chasing in a dream

Chasing a whiteman that holds a gold key to my new home

Closer man wearing earring one side of his ear

Chased in the dark

Car in box

Closing door on tiger

Child in a car

Cut dead persons hair

Cooked mophane worms served full on a plate


Collecting tesbih from some in dream

Cooking in cemetery


Cutting apple in dreams

Car going downhill

Celebrating with my death mom in a large gathering

Chameleon in dress

Chameleon comes from dress

Catterpilar coming out of my nose

Collect cash

Collapsed buildings rubble

City buildings war rubble

Couple sucide by hanging in dream

Chanting hare rama mantra

Cutting plaintain leaf in dream

Catching green mopane worms luck numbers is

Cloths drawn in wel

Catching green mopane worms

Climbing the eifel tower to the top then falling on the last bar

Charcoal dreaming

Cameroon football

Cameroon won the world cup

Cat killing a sqiurel

Church building purchase

Carrying a licking jerrycan of water

Crossing an armed and dangerous road by foot

Cheers wine glass prince

Cow licking my pregnant tummy

Chopping cows heart

Crocodile eating a cow

Catching big shrimps

Cats jumping out gate of my house

Cutting dark sphere

Cut in palm not bleeding

Chasing by someone with sharp bolo

Cleaning white sneakers that were abit dirty

Clegymen congregating

Chocho plenty on the tree

Cockroaches in a couch

Catching madfish in a water with rodpin

Cat back

Crush being deaf

Coat rack with fedora


Cow changing into a person

Cow pregnant with twins

Cat sucking my breast

Comprando calamar

Cut red braid

Cat killed by dog

Cat eaten by dog

Cooking hairy and slimy animal

Chosen queen

Colored hair

Child falling in drain


Curtain rod breaking

Charcoal hands drrsm meaninh

Corp water

Cold river with fish swimming

Child being chased by wild turkey

Changing political party

Chased by wild turkey

Cows invading my field

Crack in land near home

Curd pot epm

Celtic rings

Carring ig teddy bear

Cutting off of the hands of another in a dream what does it represents

Camel walking on the ocean

Carrying a bag of maize in a dream

Ceiling portal

Crowd cheering on me

Calling for allah help

Chased dream

Church sign board


Cutting bear heart out

Caught masturbate

Cloud falls in my dream

Christian dreams symbols meaning of seeing a mamaid

Coffee poured head

Copper vase with full of water and flower

Carried pigeons in plastic bags

Caring wild pigeons in plastic bags

Cat raping kitten

Cycling helmet

Castle in water

Crow in dream

Clay red pot

Cockcrouch in a cup of coffee

Cut off cats whiskers

Curly off cats whiskers

Carrying a black container filled with water

Cock with double colours white and black

Calabash plant growing in the dream

Childhood sweetheart


Child being defiled

Cooked mopane worms in a dream

Cracks in playground appearing filled with lava but nobody was scared

Carabao numer

Car roof licking rain

Car roof water liking rain

Car roof water liking

Cutting hands

Corgi hair

Chase by bigfoot

Cat entering house through window

Collecting ga kenkey

Cherry blossom tatto

Crimson light under locked door in black void

Cut my brother finger in dream means

Chocolate covered raisins

Chocalate covered raisins

Cow urinating at my house

Climbing stirs with difficulty

Chicken poop on clothes

Car swept away by flood

Comodo dragon killing a cobra

Celebrating ghost birthday in dream meaning

Clean face with ordinary hands in the dream meaning

Clothes being swept away and later recover it

Calking radha name inndream meaning

Cups plates in sea

Crabs in my dreams

Carrying leather mini bag with coins


Collecting prekese

Clay inside ears

Cell phone shattering

Children play river

Clear water in deep hole

Children climbing through window

Cooking stones in a pot

Church clift

Cockroaches falling from ceiling

Child inside a kraal with cows

Crying whilst someone comforts you

Chameleon blood in dream

Crying for the dead

Cork board walls

Coins stuck in nose

Crush gives me jacket when i was cold

Car turns into bicycle

Calamansi fruit meaning in dreams

Cell phone update


Crossing traffic road on dream in hindi

Crossing traffic road on dream

Cooking rabbit

Cutting off my dogs ear

Crystal ornament

Conjoined twin cats dean meaning

Clothes scattered on the street

Crying dead parent

Cheating boyfriend wearing a wedding band

Clothes on line and now raining i rushed to collect themollect them

Clothes on line and now raining i rushed to collect them

Crying jealousy

Car windscreen

Cat saved from flood

Cocounut falling on head

Card recharge

Cabbage flower


Child fell from building and there was blood on the head

Chico fruit dream meanings

Cow killed by truck

Corn in poop

Camel eating hand in dream



Confused that how did my marriage happened

Chihuahua peeing on pillow and you can make it come alive

Chihuahua peeing on pillow

Chuihaha peeing on pillow

Cleaning a dead body

Coaltit bird

Crush brother means

Cat clapping in dreams means

Clothes being swept away in water then recover

Colon irrigation

Car headlights are stolen dream

Crilo g fan missing

Cooked rice over flowing from vessel

Child boils

Climbing banyan tree during flood

Catching bush fowl in a dream mean what

Construction paper

Cutting the teer

Coconut husk

Cracking egg with live chicken inside

Chikku in dream

Crush and i wearing same colour shirt

Coupon lucky numbers

Carrying a canoe

Clearing the way


Chanting in my dream

Cemetery with beautiful and colorful bright flowers

Cutting your own foot

Centipede going into vagina

Crocodile eating a dead cat

Corner of a wall

Chased away by bear

Closing blinds

Caught from secret having sex with my little cousin

Child being hit by a car

Crowning my niece

Climbing a hill and reaching a holy shrine

Cairo and sex and masterbating

Cairo and sex and master nation

Crab lip

Clone father

Cat peeing inside my house

Cold windblow through open window

Cook dasheen bush meaning

Cheating dream meaning

Crow demon

Cut in foot

Chariots in the sky and opening in the sky

Church and pi

Carrying bag of cement

Child stuck in tree but got out

Condoms in boyfriend pants pocket

Catching flying bush fowl

Cake husband bought

Counting and bundling money

Collecting uses clothes in the dream

Chinese flag

Charging cell phone and outlet explode

Cooking on fire with a late grandmother

Carrying books and pants to school in a bag

Carrying a container filled with kerosene

Christian meaning of eating fried meat has holy communion

Cracked soles

Crush brother in dream

Car silver

Cleaning a house of mud frim flood

Curd rice dream

Coffee dream

Crawling slowly to safety

Crawling on belly away from storm

Crawling on belly

Carry goat meat

Crystal sweets

Carrying banana turon in my dream

Coins in eye socket

Cuasni fight with me

Coin soup

Crab biting ankle

Church extension

Coming out of leg

Cut ties

Cooked meet

Chinaman sitting in bed between pillows

Cant find something

Chris pratt

Carrying sour milk in dream

Color metaphor

Coins in nose

Coughing sand

Combing out locs

Catching a colorful bird in my dream

Car being swept away flood

Cream colour shoes


Carry sugarcane

Chain hound

Coconut falling from sky like rain

Crocofile tooth


Cumming inside a lady in the dream

Cow refused to go back at home

Collecting the rudrakshas from the tree means

Competition search for ring hermaphrodite

Cooking ukwa in the dream what does it mean

Calabash in a dream meaning

Calabash islamic dream

Chicken burger

Chicken chassing me

Coffin falling from plane

Cousin robbed my jewelry meaning

Covered strong shoulder


Church naked

Carrying painting

Chickens fighting snake for me

Crocodile at my house


Chicken killing snake

Cleaning bag in the dream

Cannot find golf shoes on golfcourse

Cannot find golf clubs

Cook heart dream

Cook heart

Colorful dream

Controlling world

Crashing into a tree

Crashing into a dream

Crashing into a tree and going into a dich

Centipede bites my vagina

Clearing out my desk at former job

Children dressed in yellow and white


Chimpanzee hugging

Children fucking

Cleaning of dead bees from my ears

Child in tornado funnel mom saves them lands safely on ground

Car shuts down

Cat trying to enter home through window

Coffin airplane lightning tornado

Church clothes dream

Cleaning a mountain road

Cat eating bird half alive

Cooking for pastor and his family

Crystal balls coming out of pimple or lump

Cows sex

Clothes being taken away by rain water

Cooking meat for pastor

Chasing a car in a dream

Cows being intimate

Crash machine

Cat artemidorus

Cooking of oha soup

Cleaning pus from belly button

Climbing through a window with my head first

Catching piglet

Cacao milk

Cutting the meat myself

Cleaning the callus on my boyfriend feet

Clownfish biting big toe


Car stuck in tree

Cannibalist teacher


Coal train

Charging cord

Clearing away my menstrual bloodied pads

Cant talk cant move feel my soul leaving my body

Cow drinking water from a dam

Cooking green banana

Couple getting back together

Climbing to higher ground

Crossing a bridge in dream

Cattles grazing in my maize fields

Chasing and being chased


Carry shoulders

Clothes floating above my bed

Coarse salt

Clean calm water

Cutting of someone in dream

Cannot get into car

Catching and releasing a dik dik

Covered on from the tophead

Cooking oha soup dream meaning

Carabao cloud

Cardamon tree

Cracks in your paternal house

Change pay phone

Clean clothes in garbage

Carrying a bag of sachet pure water dream

Carved jackal

Cloth washing

Crack nail in between of girl

Childhood love

Coming back from hajj

Chasing guinea fowls in my dream

Calling in water

Collapse of building

Cooking pot gift dream

Clothes being swept away water

Cake being destroyed by water

Crush shorter than me

Catching husband and housemaid affair

Child rash dream

Chicken blood on my garments

Crow trying to pluck out eye

Cant find my room

Curry leaves planting

Collecting red oil in the dream

Cooked hollof rice in a dream

Chain pulling from back

Cancelled wedding ceremony

Crying friends

Cheetah baby dreams meaning

Cock bites my vagina

Cream meaning of been given two maturemai

Cow and pork meat with black skin

Clots blood from virginal meaning of a dream

Child calling for help

Chasing eagle away from attacking chicken in dream

Cattle drinking water in a muddy well

Catching a shootingstars

Calf biting

Carry baby boy

Crabs biting the turtles

Carrying empty jerrican

Cuttingy own tongue of then see another tongue

Cake exploding in my face

Cleaning god idols in dream

Cat snatching my fish

Caught the bird

Cat peeing in my mouth

Caster plant

Colorful owl

Colorful animal


Calling out to my mom