Cat will eyes and teeth

Cow in labour



Children im school uniforms perform in groups till small

Cross of jesus removing cement blocks

Comforting a boy crying and waking up crying too

Comforting a sad crying boy in my dream and wake up crying

Comforting a sad boy in my dream

Cutting a lemon branches

Calling out for jezus in my dream

Carrying bread in head

Catching flying termite in a dream

Colour pencils box

Conducting in a bus

Cariying human meat in the dream

Changing when you look away

Chicken coming from vagina

Chariot seen in sky




Cameraman dream

Church sacred object

Classmate proposing me

Cow eating rice

Collecting moi moi


Chana poori in dreams

Cannot find shoes

Cannot find slippers


Cash dispenser


Coworker naked

Crown bird

Caring your bestfriend

Colourful hat

Catching something in a river

Catching egg in river

Crocodile in dream meaning

Cutting bamboo suckers

Cow giving milk


Cutting a green fabric in a dream

Champak flower

Champak flower dream

Coil spring

Climbinga monutain with my girl friend


Carabao attacking us in a dream meaning

Color green

Chewing barbed wire

Cow protecting me

Covered with chemise

Children in a dream girls and one red head boy

Chocoo dream

Cat tail fallen on the ground in a dream

Car licence number 146

Clothes floating in dirty water

Crazy question were you just praying for me?

Children throwing raw sweet mangoes to you

Children running after you

Crow to human

Cutting toddy

Celebration in dream

Carrying charcoal in the dream

Charcoal stained hands


Child shoe

Crossing dirty debrie filled river


Chased by suitor

Conductor gave me money pretend to be my lover

Crumbling car key

Cutting the stomach

Cutting perewinkle in dream

Can’t find car

Counting currency


Child angel

Carrying baby dresses in dreams

Clay flower pots outside a house to collect rain water

Chicken embryo in eggs


Cloth head

Carrying clothes head

Carring cloth in your head in dream


Cat leaving house

Catching white aunts in a dream

Coffee spilling

Children praying



Cutting coconut tree dream interpretation

Cuts arm

Certain lover i do not know

Chicken suya in dream meaning

Cleaning dust under bed

Cutting a green leaf in a dream

Creepy clones od friends and family

Carabao and cow sleeping

Cooking pap

Crumbling figures


Confirmation ceremony

Cant split salaiva

Chasing by a teacher


Cutting apple

Cat and kitten catching fish in the water

Children dancing

Carry plank

Childs spit on someones finger tips in dream

Clean water with python

Counting small amount money

Christian meaning of cutting grass with someone in a dream

Cows crossing the river dream meaning

Climbing a garbage


Chasing duke in dream meaning

Candles of different color burning,my common law husband

Collapse of water tower dream

Cats torturing and mutilating mice and birds

Calling out for jesus

Chanting god name

Celebrating diwali



Cashing in a supermarket

Carrying crates of egg with money around


Christ picture

Clingy boyfriend

Cleaning of altars

Cockerel hen

Chickens in my dream meaning

Cooked crab

Coins in a sand

Coup dete

Chicken blood

Cooking a pet

Coins and a box

Catching fish with hands

Catching fish with hamds

Catich fish with hands

Cerberus was in problem and i have not save him

Clothes wi

Clothes receiving as gift

Cassava and beans means


Crossed the impure rivee in dream

Calling father name

Calli g father name

Cockroach in cereal

Chickens coming out my butt

Covering my nose in the dream



Cousin divorcing

Child being bullied

Carrying money inside leather in dream

Cut fresh fish in plastic bag

Cat skeleton

Climbing a jackfruit tree to pick ripe fruit


Carry okpa

Coocked how head in my dream

Clothes wet by rain

Chicken coming out from mouth

Casserole with removing charcoal

Cleaning fish in table

Crickdet sport

Colorful dress

Carrying a person on back

Cockroach in water

Cockroache in water

Cockroaches in water

Commanding dogs

Chin chin

Cup falling

Cleaning black dead goat

Crumpled exam paper

College bag

Came from overseas

Carrying a basket of palm fruit

Collecting jamuns


Convincing someone

Carrying a sacrifice on the head

Chocho in a vision meaning

Chichi in a vision meaning

Climbing high way and reaching temple in dreams very hardly

Controlling emotions

Crossing over the sea

Cousin breastfeed

Climbing a mountain to the top

Cute baby hippo

Cooked mixed samp and uncooked

Cakroach in drinking cup of tea

Cow swimming in the sea

Crested gecko

Child going into murky water i’m holding her back

Car where the tyre rubber burns off


Clingy baby

Chaos in classrooms

Climbing up a temple

Card pin number

Camping gear

Colecting charcoal

Cultivating ridges in dream

Crossing a wheat field

Child penis in dream

Crossing a flooding river with someone on your back successfully

Chicken with two heads meaning

Car in the desert

Collecting maggi cubes in the dream

Chased by carabaos

Cow ghee

Clothes carried by flood

Children be fed with meat

Calleting a baby from

Classmate smiling and walking away

Cow and car

Car went airborne


Church bishop dead in a dream

Cutting of live moving fish in a river

Crew neck

Cooking with saffron

Carrying someone at my back

Clearing bush road with cutlass in the dream meaning

Carrying cassava stick in dream

Chewing marijuana in a dream

Carrying a bag sachet of pure water in a dream

Company bus bashing a child.

Crocodiles water

Crocodiles pool

Crocodiles in a pool


Childhood photo torn

Cow & water


Construction remove the ceiling

Cintage car

Cut on side of foot

Car sinking in a drain

Carrying water in 6


Cleaning the yard of a dead relative

Colorful mountain

Ceo giving letter of recommendation

Cooking and adult poop


Curing a blind woman

Curing a blind woman in a dream

Chanting name of ganapathy in dream

Cut of right hand

Carrying maize flour

Carrying bags of crayfish in the dream

Collecting iron nails

Cheetah attack on child

Cutting human body dream

Coconut firing dream meaning

Checking your phone

Children being tortured in the dream

Cashew seeds in my dream

Clearing farm in the dream what does it signifies?

Capturing a warthog

Caring for 3 tiger cubs

Clothes carried away by sea

Cooking fufu in dream

Chased by horses

Cultivating heeps in dream meaning

Cutting periwinkle

Chairs delivery

Centipede coming out of ass

Celebrating diwali in dreams

Cheating with my friends husband

Candy stuck in teeth

Crush was showing his penish

Cedar and fruit smell

Conjoined triplets

Climbing down a mosque stairs

Celebration with dead and living people

Collapsed church


Culture drink

Cut off baby head in the dream

Chin chin in the dream

Clean jerrycans

Consecration in dream

Catching bush fowl in a dream

Couple dying in dream

Couple dying in dre

Casta oil plant dream meaning

Critter bat

Crawlin on top of the train

Cooking ripe palm camel in d dream

Cleaning fish

Catching pigeon

Clearing table after a meal

Crossed eyed girl

Collecting gold coins under ocean

Cat that has cuts

Conducting deliverance in the dream

Carabao chasing in dream

Chase by a black carabao

Co wife meeting her

Castor seeds in dreams

Cut thy

Coriander and dead relative in dream

Cup and saucer


Circle on wall

Cant find cigarettes

Carrying bag of satchet water in the drram

Couples sleeping in different beds

Caring jerican of water in a dream

Children and snkes

Clockwise direction

Crisis and danger

Carabao in the pond

Cooking for someone


Cypress green tree

Crab eating my testicle

Clean watet

Camels in the dream

Church building


Clapping baby

Coin inside the nose

Chicken falling into a latrine

Chiken cracking inside egg

Crying over friend death

Cricket game


Chopping of green spring onions

Catching doves in the dream

Cutting grass

Cats giving birth to new kittens

Collecting edible wood worms

Church bell fall

Cutting death mans hair


Crack inside left thumb

Catching fish with cloth as bait

Carrying fire wood in a dream means

Corn field?

Carabao dreams meaning

Cheating card_game


Camel attack

Coconut tree dream simbol

Curry food



Chick swallowing the egg

Collecting packages of bread and money in it in a dream

Colourful feather tree in a colourful sky

Child suffering from chicken pox

Colorful lantern

Convince marriage

Cycling in big mountain n crossing gate

Cow rearing

Car sumersalt

Chasing 3 snakes but one of them disappears

Couldn’t hear what the person was saying

Calamansi seed

Colourful dragpn

Cleaning after party


Cleaning casserole

Cleaning casserolw

Cover all attire

Cold charcoal




Carrying of yam on my head in the dream means

Church being renovated

Carrying a tomstone

Climbing in the stairs with ex bf

Captian at school

Chased bij a deer baby

Cleaning my face with raw egg means

Chewing dirty sanitary pad in dream

Clothes sinking in the water

Cloud changing colors like that of a fire


Cut slippers in my dream

Child with an adult face

Consulting a healer in dreams

Collecting walnuts

Clay pot filled with water on head

Carrying suitcases with dead bodies while traveling

Cell phone sim


Cut clitoris

Clear water getting out big shell

Coral gate

Carring coffin in the dream

Cant get up a hill

Cat sucking the breath from someone

Cockroach ceiling

Carabao eating grass alone

Carabao eating grass

Carrying a basket eggs for dream

Cutting grass with cutlass

Celebrity giving money and gold

Child shaved head

Christopher playing violin

Choosen as the new class representative

Choosen as the class representative

Celebration with dead relatives

Cow mating in a dream

Carrying canopy on my head

Cleaning poor house


Cooked chicken biriyani and packed it means

Child sacrifice in dream

Cleaning the church

Crumbs on a bed

Cookie crumbs

Centipede lady

Cola nut

Conducting deliverance for some body

Committing suicidal in a dream


Cricket bat

Cutting a cats tail off



Chasing a fowl

Chasing a fowl in the dream

Child saying numbers in dream

Cussing in dream

Carrying a pregnant woman

Cattle egrets in sky

Cursing, dream

Carrying earthenware bowl

Cleaning menstrual blood in a dream

Choora purchasing in dream

Cattle eating green field

Caught someone stealing clothes from me

Chamelion siting on your goods in your shop

Chamelion siting on your market

Camel give birth

Closing water in dreans

Chamelion siting on a bussiness

Clones of yourself

Cedar posts

Cake breaking

Chopped limbs

Climbing up and down a social cliffy stairs

Cloth fade color


Cat having seizure

Chanting hanuman chalisa

Clone of father

Caressing a lion

Cutting hair with cuttlass

Cut toungue

Chicken worm

Creamy buns


Composing music in a dream meaning

Crushing macadamia nuts

Caught masterbaiting

Cum sperms

Cat pooping in my bedroom

Clothes, sandal and jewellery

Crown of thorn flower


Comb hair in front mirror crying

Comb hair mirror

Climbing the pole in dreams

Coughing up dead bugs

Carabao for sale

City meaning in islam dream

Collecting diamonds

Coil of rope


Centipede bite you on your virginia

Cotton blood

Cultivating green maize wch is still growing means wht in a dream

Caterpillar almost killed


Carrying of palm head fruit

Carrying a coffin

Chanting om namah shivaya i

Climbing in hills in bike

Cleft palate

Cutting branch of tree

Cutting brach of tree

Castor plant in a dream

Carrying water and climbing a hill