Crooked finger

Chased by dwarf

Cutting your cheek with scissors

Calling a person

Calling a dead parents

Calling a dead parent

Cardinal dying

Concrete factory

Chubby woman

Chicken in bathroom

Christian dream interpretation of electrical maize mill

Cutting down palmfruits

Cut off electricity wire dream meaning


Cursive writing

Carefree naked

Change home floor tiles

Circumcised my husband


Cildren sex

Colour rangoli

Continuous helicopter sound

Car vandalism

Can vandalism

Cat urine in my blanket but smell good


Cross tattoo on chin


Cloud stairway

Cold water wetting me

Colleting someting from chimpyzee

Carrying jute leaves in dream means what

Cutting and chewing sugarcane for dream

Calotropis flower in dream interpretation

Coverup murder

Cat eating frying fish

Child as friends

Creat of my mother sucked my breast and having sex

Children evil

Colorful mantle

Climbing over a fence to hide

Cut tree trunk

Catching crabs in a dream


Cutting of beatel leaf plant


Cube in dream

Chinese restaurant

Cooking octopus

Climbing a fence and jumping in water

Cooking for dead relative

Cooking charcoal

Child rubbing my stomach

Cleaning a sofa and a female is seated at the other end of the sofa

Crush comes in in dreams

Curry patta

Curry leaves

Chicken in toilet bowl


Cow entered home and forcely pull out home dream meaning

Carrot in dream

Cellphone got fire

Cashew nd raisins

Clone of your self

Canoe dream


Carabao ate grass

Chilli on body

Cot and mattress in water

Cutting of blouse in half


Come into the house

Collard greens


Cooking at grave side

Cake falling apart in your dreams

Couple wearing same clothes

Cat hissing a dog


Carrying a ladder to the bedroom

Crowded train

Custard apple in dream islamic

Chura and red dress what that means

Champagne bottle

Crusade dream we no

Crusade dream we

Crusade dream

Cooking in my wedding gown




Calotropis dream

Cow falling from water tank

Cleanings iron vessel

Congratulation wish in dream

Chinaman dream


Chicken eating poop


Caterpillar in nose

Carabao fighting

Carabao fighting in my dream

Crying and praying at dargah

Channel peas

Climbing a mountain with my family

Clothes someone else wears

Clothes other wear

Cow attack others

Cow attack athers


Cutting green bushes


Cows chasing you down

Child jesus statue

Crossed a river in a boat with people

Cock dream

Caught red handed in exam

Cluster beans

Carabao getting hit

Chewing rock

Carrying water in jerricans on a bicycle

Car battery was stolen

Coca leaves

Collecting my silver shoes

Cutting and collecting spinach in dream meaning

Cat playing with water

Captain kirk

Carrying boxes on back

Cat love


Cat eat


Cracking someones back

Cutting of fat

Crab flying

Cooking a black snake


Choking on smoke

Chatting with a hot drink

Calm lioness

Captive and questioned


Cutting prewinkle in the dream

Cutting offal

Car being vandalised

Conversation with president of your country in your dream

Conversation with president

Carabao attacks in dreams interpretation

Carabao attacts in dreams interpretation

Chilli in eye dreamm

Cashew falling down in the dream

Carring a baby at your back

Cow with one horn

Chayotes in the basket

Crying enemy

Calf biting leg

Child having chicken pox


Coup de tat dream

Celebrating deepavali

Charging phone battery

Casual floral dress wearing in a wedding

Cat forced to intered my house

Caltropis gigenta plant

Caltrops gigenta plant

Crying for my sister funeral because i can get to dress her body

Crying at my dead sister funral

Children hands

Crepe paper

Cleaving people

Cooking brisket

Cast iron




Cow giving birth to calf

Chairs / couch

Clogged toilet with snake and poop in it dream meaning

Choking baby

Church bell what is the meanning

Cleaning my church what does it mean


Claw hammer dream

Child with white eyes

Crow eating locust or insect

Carried by husband in a dream

Carrington your wife in a dream

Chains falling in front of me

Catching flying termite from the ground

Catching termite in my dream

Catching flying termite in my dream

Cooking chicken

Cousin commiting suicide

Cannot use comfort room because the flooring is so deep

Catching termite in ur dream

Crocodiles lazying in water

Crocodiles lazying in pool

Cows grazing

Chopping a fish for cutting in islam

Carrying an empty dustbin

Clothes soiled and torn

Cutting sugarcane

Choti girl is laughing


Cither that we are not

Cleaning the stairs

Collecting nd eating mopani worms

Compost pit

Carabao underwater

Calling jesus name

Corodile in dreams

Collecting bindi

Climbing coconuts tree

Capitol hill

Cat with golden fur

Chocolate chip cookies

Cauliflower lots of them

Cave with stream

Carrying bag full of dried meat & fish

Claw marks

Clown fish

Cracking palm nut in a dream

Cooking food on the fire in the dream what does it symbolize

Chasing by mad man in dreams

Chinese writing

Catching a catfish in the dream from a clear water


Cooking someone in oven

Cowries dreaming

Cream with traces o fdark brown package

Ceramic plate full of cocoyam served in the dream

Caught a sailfish

Cloth buying


Cut neck shirt

Cut collar

Carry a baby in your back

Cople getting blessing in dream

Clotting blood in eyes

Car exploding

Crowded pool

Chicken manure

Can’t find family

Chased by two women

Christian women fight warfare and won in a dream

Caring for a baby

Climbing with a baby

Calotropis plant burning

Clean water pouring on me

Changing fluorescent lights

Cooked eggs on a table


Cat licking my foot

Comforter in the dream

Caressing a woman in a dream

Collecting feathers

Cockroach from the head

Cutting your wrist


Cosuin is getting divorced

Cup moi moi in a dream

Curtains being wet by rain

Chequebook folder

Cooking spinach

Coat of many colours


Communion cup empty

Catching fishes with bare hands


Cow young entering the house

Climbing from the well after falling into the well

Cooking moimoi in dream

Causes of eye turning

Caching bush meat in a dream

Cardamom found in one plastic bag

Can’t find my car with my baby in it

Can’t find my car


Coffee tree with many fresh beans


Clear rain flood

Coffee tree with many fruit beans

Church under attack

Chayote vegetables

Clear water drainage

Cutting peepal in dream

Cockroaches in my bread


Cats sucking the other cat penis

Cherry blossom trees

Cows eating green maize in field

Cutting sugar cane in your dearm means what

Charging cell phone


Carrying a gorilla

Carrying a baby gorilla

Carrying ape in my dream

Curd in dream

Citrine crystal

Cow running away from me

Cook up rice

Cola nut dream meaning in islam

Cutting down of palm fruit from the palm tree


Collecting flying termite

Carring sachet water


Clearing land to plant the end of sugarcane with little leaves in a dream


Clean clothes touching mud puddles

Clothes on line are touching mud

Clothes hanging,are touching mud

Close hanging in mud

Cat licking penis

Collecting water in a bolw in dream

Cleaning my body

Cleaning your boyfriend penis

Consulting sa goma in a dream

Collecting kola nut for some one

Cat killed green lizard




Circumcision ceremony

Cross falling

Covering up a murder

Calm dog entering the house and refuses to go dream


Curly hairs in dreams

Cutting the wings of an insect

Cuting goat

Cuddling shirtless man

Colours & paint brush

Cutting off thumbs


Clear water and pebbles

Cooking my cat

Chases by acarabao


Cut waistbead

Circle draw with oily skin

Caught having sex with boyfriend in a dream

Cooking a snke

Clasped hands

Chased by a lion, a wolf, and a tiger

Carrying palm oil

Cat peeing in a litter box

Calamansi dreams meaning

Clearing bush in the dream

Cut out heart

Chicoo fruits dream

Crochet dreams

Changing of face

Collecting sea shells in dream

Conversation with leo messi

Cracked yellow sapphire

Cleaning a bowl

Cucumber buy dream interpretation

Carrying gallon of kerosene in the dream

Cleaning big fish

Conjoined twin babies


Christian wearing hijab

Cerberus chasing and killing me

Cutting a family members foot


Clearing a bush in the dream

Comfort room was deform in my dream


Collecting cowrie shells in a dream

Cracking coffee cup

Child run over

Car runs over child

Cracking cup

Calm duck

Come to life

Come from grave

Crude oil in a dream

Camal attack

Coca-cola drink meaning in a dream.

Chewing stick in dream

Christian meaning of eating auger cane in the dream

Chiller comming out from ones anus

Coins comming out from ones anus

Coin rupees comming out frm my anus

Coins comming out frm my anus

Carry palm fruits on the head

Clock pointing at 56

Catching winged termites in dream

Coconut tree been cut down

Chin dimple dream

Closing dry well in dreams what is meant

Carried by kings

Classmate killed in a trip

Calling thanku jesus in dream

Collision earth and jupiter

Camel attack

Camel tryng to attack

Camel tying to attack

Camel ttying to attack

Cake uncle

Crush smiles at me in dream meaning



Crushing skull

Cow with three heads


Crab fish

Chase stab


Cat eating his ownchild

Change season

Choping wood in green jungle

Cylinder missing

Circumcising a baby in the dream

Celebrating christmas with friends

Cooked goat head dream

Construction helmet

Coloring mynhusband hair black

Carrying 2 gallons of water

Cutted rad of dog

Cut head of dog

Chana dekhna


Chicks egg hen in dream

Camel color coat

Coin flipping

Coin banging on table

Car being taken

Car being repossesed

Cat peed on my bed

Carrying flour

Casting apples

Cat being trapped then used in taxidemy

Curry leaves plant in dream


Cilantro seeds



Crystal ametist

Cant fit

Clear crystal quartz

Controlling water

Checkered sky blue blouse


Cold blue hand

Children names

Chocolate covered with strawberries

Caught sex voyeur

Carabao attacks someone



Calla pink lily

Child having cutted tongue

Closed white coffin dreams

Cowries inside dreams meaning

Crushing a skull

Cracking knuckles

Car accident

Cutting down coconut tree


Cutting ink fish

Crying ink

Crush refusing advances

Cream colour in the dream

Crack in the sky



Car driving

Cowries chain

Caterpillar in the skin

Calves eating green leaves

Cows eating green corn in my field


Cought on wire when running out of a house getting cought on wire before getting to the dustbins

Coming out of a convoy

Current bun

Childhood church in dream

Cutting chicken head means

Constructing ridges on my farm

Cut on ring finger

Cat eating frog in dream

Chocking my ex wife in my dream

Chased romantically


Combing wet hair falling out

Cream colour snake bites u


Cooking pap in a dream meaning

Cross the ocean

Cat eat my miscarriage baby

Cracking and eating palm kernel nut


Crashing head

Chased by a person with a knife

Catching nahi mahi fish with hand

Cat brining me a turtle

Cowries dream

Chapped lips in a dream

Climbing upstairs