Cook meat from raw to cooked


Crossing riber

Climbing stone stairs to reach my husbsnd

Climbing stone cobbled stairs full of dog poo to reach

Climbing stone cobbled stairs full of fig poo to reach

Chopped baby head

Chpped baby head

Christmas store fully decorated

Carrying herring

Carrying a pineapple

Crow drowned

Collapsing water tank full of water

Car trunks are open

Catching meat in dreams

Construction of building

Cooked dal rice sticked on face and hands in dreams means

Cleaning up a garden

Cover husband nickedness with cloth

Crab bite your finger

Cooking carrots

Carrying whit wemen one on back other on shouldrs

Chatting wt a president

Chasing a naked woman

Cloth carried away by rain

Car stolen but recovered

Cande wick

Chicken pieces coming out of viginal

Choking on tooth


Cow dry boob


Cow dry shit

Cow cake in dream

Catching sword

Crochet doily

Conjoined snakes

Conjoined snake

Cutting dogs thoat

Cat with two tails

Cat with two tails m

Cat evita two tails

Chewing paracetamol in a dream

Chewing sim card

Climbing the building

Crying and feeling bad

Card box

Cat decapitated

Charred sreucture

Collecting bulb onions while leaving some

Cutting meat with father

Cutting meat with parents

Coffins in hearse

Cutting stripe with parents

Cutter jacket

Cloths in the trash

Children eating in a dream

Child committed suicide

Chased by sister

Cooking sadza meaning in a dream

Chasing a hen that stole my food

Cutting of okro into small pieces in dreams what does it mean

Child poisoned and not being able to save

Co wife in a dream means what

Clearing land in a dream biblical meaning

Calling crush

Confronting my husbands mistress

Chocolate sapote

Cyst on ovary

Clouds butterfly

Celebration of holi with muslims

Chanting shree ram in dream

Cow met dreams

Cow met

Children running towards me from a ship

Centipede and snake fighting

Caching madfish

Cards that are burned

Cutting thorns

Crumbs in a bed

Catching big fish with a basket and gave it to my ex boyfriend

Crab bitting scrotum

Can web

Collecting torn one hundred dollars

Car in classroom

Car in classrom

Cheating and pervert husband

Cursed pictures

Cutting ur hand fingers

Cutting my hand fingers

Crow picking rabbit

Chines woman

Crock in a dream

Cousin give money

Cracking you back

Cockroach in tea

Car tire airborne

Carabao on the sea

Carabao in s dream

Christian meaning of singing in a dream

Chanting durga mantra in dream

Chased by people without faces and wake up very scared

Crocadile and hippo in a river

Complimenting but falling

Chopping cypress trees

Cleft lip on baby dream

Cyst on butt

Collecting things in a dustbin

Cheese platter

Christmas tree in a pot

Celebrity giving gift

Church rafters lover

Cheecks on tummy

Child born without a nose

Climbing to the top of a wall

Catching a bush duck

Crocodile bite my arm

Cheese rasp

Catching fish with fishing line

Cuting palm fruit in my dream

Crying on birthday

Calming a friend down

Cashew nuts in dream

Child xvideo

Cats sleeping in my house and i drove them away

Carried by a dead person

Coworker teaching how to knit

Carabao lucky number

Cream clothe meaning

Clear boil in mouth

Chased group killed

Chempakam flower in romance

Crime on the scene

Capturing and holding a female raven

Cheetah bite

Cat licking human nipple

Celebratory wedding procession

Cotten candy

Coworker saving me in my dream



Change of appearance

Chasing a beetle

Childhood bed with weeds growing around it

Child throwing stones dream

Cracker jack

Chewing chicken bones and spitting but they dont end

Cat and dog sex

Cannot find hotel room

Cat laying eggs and kittens

Cutting almond

Crush on my shoulder in the dream what is the meaning

Crush giving phone

Crush on my shoulder

Cutting your hand

Cassava in a bucket with water

Cat and turtle

Cattle full in a kessler

Calabash bowls

Cray fish in dreams

Cooking porridge but it is finishing before i eat

Cooking porridge but it is ending

Cartoon container

Car trunk and roof smashed in

Calling mustafa name in dream

Calamansi fruit gathering


Color photos in dream turned black and white in my hand

Childabuse by me in dream

Child abuse by me in dream

Child abuse by me

Computer chat

Centre part of hair

Colored bags

Combing a pregnant lady hair

Cutting bark

Catfish attack

Cow dang

Cracked door but looked


Crossing a river in a dream

Cleaning chicken interstine

Cold pap in a dream

Chand bindi

Crossing running river

Calm sea monsters

Co worker cannot talk

Co worker appears to have had a stroke

Chicken and snake


Catch wing termite in a dream meaning

Catch wing termite in a dream

Complicated naked

Catching multiple fishes in the water

Chow chow vegetable harvesting dream in tamil

Crush smirk

Children at war

Catching and eating termite dream


College professor bullying me

Crush a snake

Crushing a snakes head with your foot

Chapped lips kiss


Chip installed in left part of neck

Coconut wine

Chairman dream

Cutting out liver in dream

Carrying someone while flying

Chased for debts

Cheetah being killed

Chasing by cutlass

Cooking and serving the pres

Collar caterpillar spikey

Collar worm spikey

Collar worm

Crossing a flooded area successfully

Crows and horns

Colour rust

Carrying a pastor on the shoulders

Collecting aricanuts

Canbage worm meaning

Child calling out mommy

Calm in chaos

Crossing in the sea with rope

Car crash tree

Crashing in a house

Croptop blouse

Car wipers wiping glass

Chicken pot pie

Cooked herbs dream meaning

Cooking for another man

Cooking for another man not your husband


Crush choosing me over her

Church gift dream meaning

Chocolate coffee cups

Concrete bench in a dream

Color dosage

Charging phone in ur dame what does it mean

Chaos but peace

Chaos but calm

Crying and telling my ex to leave

Cleaning hindu temple in dream


Called a tradesman

Cracked a calabash

Cherry blossom tattoo

Chanting ram ram

Cutting grape tree

Countdown to death

Chased by bunnies

Crystal snake

Cutting sukuma wiki in garden

Cheek to cheek hug

Cherry stem vagina

Cat bowl

Colorful alligator and tortoise

Cockroach in your house


Cooked r

Cooked ri

Cars driving thru my backyard

Cauliflower ear

Clown shoe

Cooking sweetpotatoes and cassava in i

Car falls apart in dream

Cut with wire

Cockroach coming out of ass

Cutting child head dream

Chased on wedding

Cold soda drink

Cursing the dead

Camel saving you

Crocodile lizard eel and fish tank

Can a pregnant woman take a non alcoholic drink

Ciffion veil

Coins planted in soil

C n

Crypt keeper

Caught master baiting

Champaka tree dream meaning

Chased around a playground

Climbing into someone house window but falling

Cooking money

Cut off tongue in bag

Clay on head wont clean off

Cant write

Crystal rabbit

Crush dead

Cutting and packing of periwinkles in the dream

Carrying a wild animal by the legs

Changing eyegalss

Changing eye galss

Carrying palm kanel seed in a dream meaning

Car turning into sand means what in your dream

Cutting if broom

Car battery fire

Catching crab and pond got dried

Crocodile swimming

Chased by wasp

Crane cable

Carring someone in car boot

Car skidding passenger

Canoeing in diffferent ponds

Canoeing in different ponds

Carry king

Crow taking apple from hand

Crow eating apple

Crystal model sailing shop

Cake fruit

Chained son

Child falling and hitting his head dream

Cleaning a dirty coffee pot

Child bathing in street

Crushing pins in your mouth and spitting

Cleaning flowers with water

Clean colorful clothes in the hanger

Cow in the flood

Cooler in the dream

Cradling a dying woman

Crying for fear of allah

Circumcised husand

Cooking for my ex boyfriend

Contacting an unknown pastor for my marriage

Cooking breakfast ex lover

Cock cage

Catching bus holding goats

City of gold

Car engine missing in a dream

Cow licking pussy

Carrying jerrican of water in the dream

Catfish and dragon

Chased by titan

Covering a goat with blue clothing

Covering a goat with blue cloth

Clothes waist down

Carrying a baby at my back climbing steps

Chick coming from egg

Can i put my money inside black nylon bad

Coloured lights in water

Crossing an ocean while sleeping

Cooking with dead sister nishima

Cutting a white dress in my dream

Car towed then wallet stolen

Changing age

Carryin a calabash on my head

Clone friend

Clone of guy friend

Covering food

Collecting ugba in the dream

Coy feet

Coming back to home with sweet

Cat attacks penis

Calotropis gigante in dreams

Changing rope in a coldspring

Cancelled typing a text message

Caring for a yellow bird

Cat penis

Cut fruit tree with fruit

Collapsing toilet in the dream what does it mean

Collapsing bathroom in the dream what does it mean

Corpse and mortury

Come out

Car ice

Console controller

Carrying someone by the shoulder

Carrying someone by the shoulder whose heavy

Clean storage room


Caterpillars and bugs

Calling out for jess

Cutting middle finger

Cry hug

Cooking casava and plantain

Chased by indians

Cunning woman

Cooking for people

Collard greens cooking in a huge pot on stove

Cows destroy maize in the farm

Characters you know please help

Characters you know

Cousin commited suicide

Catching a legless cock in drea m

Clear bag filled with water

Climbing out of a well


Carry containr water and fell in the dream

Coworker walking away

Cooking breakfast on your desk

Child swallowing paper clips

Crushed fabric

Chained female private part

Collect money from pastor

Carrying dirt

Cow meat in dream

Cancellation of exams

Carrying a coffin with a dead person then bathing

Cowries as fruit on a tree

Cow banana stem

Clothes dirty in drain

Calling a deceased person on the phone no answer

Conducted deliverance for someone

Children hawking in the dream

Cousin in an army uniform

Conflict with doctor

Cutting a cooked skull

Climbedwas sitting on top of a grain silo full of good corn

Crescent moon necklace

Covering car seats

Cementery dirt and garlic

Cementerio y ajo

Cementera dirt and garlic warming up

Child in the box


Cake toppers

Cutting palm fruit

Cousin nude

Changed lips

Close wallet

Cataract eye in a dream

Cysts popping

Cobra kid

Covered in sheets

Coming in

Criss cross neans

Criss cross

Crest syndrome

Crest desies

Catching sago worms in a coconut tree in a dream

Christen meaning of dream dark spots on ceiling

Child eating menstrual blood

Candy fish

Count down days

Cleaning church floor

Church sound speaker

Chidren peeing

Cursing an old woman in your dream

Chased by a lion on a long beach

Charming my gf with my eyes red and she runs away from me

Cooked cabbage dream

Cooked pork meat in a dream

Cooking a turtle as it tries to escape pot

Cleaning up firecoal in kitchen

Collecting brooms

Complements from different race

Catch thief

Cardamom tea

Copper and gold meaning

Coal stove burning

Corn skin

Children in xray vision

Cricket match

Cutting wings of pigeons

Chili pepper plant

Clean rain water falling from the gutter

Coat in a tree

Controlling fire

Container in the dream

Countertop bar

City streets with cars passing

Clothes floo

Clothes flood

Cutting down my trees

Cycamore fruit in the dream

Condensed milk in a big chunk out of can

Condensed milk in a big chunk

Cards falling

Coconut charf

Catching bush animal in the dream

Cooking on grave yard

Chimp driving car

Comedy sake

Carrying clay pot on my head

Cobweb with moth

Crying for food

Church property was being kept in my house

Chocolate alcohol

Chasing someone with a gum

Chasing snake

Cowries in a plait hair

Cooking pig head in a dream

Cats and dogs head being cut off

Crying statue in a dream

Carabao is running away

Crystal heart coming out of nose

Covering nudeness

Cigarette butts in milk

China place settings

Cooked beef

Cleaning ashes out of a stove

Cleaning ashes out of a fireplace a

Child wearing all white in a dream

Cut pennis

Chased by shrek

Choir angel

Cutting hinge old been tree

Cloth faces with button eyes

Cow meat and intestines

Cutting cassava into small pieces