Clean baby napkins

Crack toilet bowl


Crush mother

Crush wearing your clothes

Carring for blind dead mother helpng her with money

Carrying a decay dead body

Clothes on water pond

Cow sitting in a river

Cardamum spice

Collecting fish



Clasped hands together in rasied position

Controlling water

Cow with three horns

Crocodile tears

Crocodiles water

Cutting goat meat by other

Childs whisper


Crocodile with no eyes




Coke bottles

Carrying baby in your back


Cleaning pond


Clapping and clicking


Chameleon in my bag

Consulting a traditional healer deam

Celebrating birthday who is already dead

Clenched hands

C rysalis

Crocodiles and toads in calm water

Cleaning perwinkie in the dream

Collecting aku in dream

Car window open and the car is running on road and i m inside

Carying tread

Carrying chaplin

Carying mixed color tread in dream

Called by name

Chased by ex

Changing old zinc with new ones in dream signifies

Chating on namah shivay in dreams

Chasing a mad woman with a cutlass out of my house

Crushed giant ball

Cooking chapati by other


Crossing an orderly road at the traffic light

Curves in a road


Cable way

Chased by a witch running through yard with iron fence

Covering someone nakedness

Clearing grass in dream meaning


Chainmail armor

Checking breast for milk in dream


Convertingto islam

Cucumber juce meaning

Crocodile chasing snake

Cuddle a live fish

Charcoal temple


Cutting the sleeves of a shirt

Cherry blossom in your dreams

Cat transformation

Calling out for help to jesus in a dream

Carrying maggi cube


Carrying a mortal and pestle to present as a gift in a dream

Change name


Carabao bath in the dirty river

Cowries on the head

Casting out demon from a friend

Chewing costa bean

Cowries as a ring in the dream

Clean clear water

Chased by cow in the kraal

Cruise ship crash

Chicken eating snake

Chicken eating snake


Completing rangoli

Cornstarch dust

Cornstarch powder

Cutting fat from meat



Colorful polka dots


Car insurance

Cleaning fish to be ready for cooking

Crossing the reaver

Colanut and farm

Close the box

Climbing up something tall and getting stuck in fear

Climbing so

Controlling boyfriend

Cow calf urine in dreams

Child milk

Clerical dream meaning

Chewing bambara nuts

Crops on farm and i am weeding it

Crisis in dream

Child giving blessing to you

Cow fighting

Catching fish and picking squid at the same time in my dream

Cause of money rituals

Couldnt breathe

Coconut tree with coconut

Cat and snake

Chicken laid white egg for man


Cat crying pink tears

Carrying a king

Cooked sheep heads

Cab of a truck

Chairs and tables

Chily powder

Collapsed grave

Carring your shoes


Cows eating green plants

Clock time

Clothes we wear are burning

Cry and hug the dead person

Calling me to take prasad

Charity about feeding food to a child

Collecting a car


Climbing a rocky hill with someone

Comminium bread

Coil seen

Coil see

Clouds form dark horse

Calling the name of jesus in a dream

Child in a washing machine

Child jesus

Chain reaction

Cleaning a boy teeth

Camping in a tent

Coconut in dream meaning

Cow tied in a black bag after her legs are cut and shes wailing

Carrying a pregnant woman on my back


Climb on top of tree, house,hill, mountain

Cutting gf hair

Car chasing

Coins and ring

Cut cassava stem in a dream


Cow with 3 head

Crystal chalis

Candy jar

Chased by buffalo

Clitoris piercing

Constructed a room

Cutting clotheline

Cooking and recieving ground provisions

Cooking and recieving provisions

Child spinning and pooing at same time

Child vomitted n i cleaned

Cross on forehead

Cowdung inside the home

Catching cock in a dream

Chickpeas seen in dream meaning


Cat collot

Cow fighting with elephant

Counting currency money in dream

Crib with spinning stars

Cutting of someones hand

Cooking kidneys

Citronella plant

Cat bites my crotch

Collect mangoes from ground

Cooking cats alive

Calabash with water inside on church altar

Cooking in a leaking pot

Cleaning a mirror in the bedroom with my dead mom

Cleaninģ maize meal on the floor

Cleaning a mirror in a bathroom with my dead mom

Chicks killed by birds

Cuddling a vip

Cleaning ear with ear buds

Car soaked in rain

Clothes flowing on the river meaning

Candle given to someone

Caravan in dream

Crying together with someone you hated

Covenant box

Carrying a new wrapper in a dream what does it mean

Censoring the body

Coffin and a cow

Crabs on plate


Cut thumb bleeding

Celebrity give me money to buy a lotto ticket

Coin buddha

Cat doing a poo and wee on me

Coins as eyes

Chewing marijuana in dream


Carrying ajerrican of water



Chayotes picking in dream

Complimenting my beauty

Candles falling

Crack in bath tub

Creepy mermaid

Creeoy mermaid

Catching fish with bare hands in the dream


Covering face dream

Cook ackee dream means

Car engine belt

Checking someone phone in dreams


Cutting a green leaf

Cooking garri

Carrying water pot

Car ass

Co wife

Christian meaning of rubbing your legs with oil in a dream

Covered by a yellow blanket by a dead person

Cleaning rust

Climbing up a sand dune

Carrying jericane of water from school to home

Cleaning a dirty table

Cleaning a birt table

Clothes in the rubbish

Clothes in a bin

Crate of eggs in a dream

Cleaning of glass with soap

Coffin filled with water


Carrying breided mat in dreams

Carrying mat in dreams

Crossing a overflowing canal

Chanting hara hara maha deva in dreams

Cuming in a dream

Collecting plastics

Compact disk

Cleaning off slipper

Cut in fingers


Christian dream symbols volcano eruption

Clear ice

Cum on face

Crown of roses

Colour clove

Crab in a bath tub

Charms and deity every were i turn in my dreamy

Confirmation ceremony


Clothes many


Chasing away monkey in adream

Celebrity giving money in dreams

Carrying two bag of pure water in a dream meaning

Collecting white ants

Chased by police

Catching of termites

Cooking more onions

Carabao lying


Collecting food

Cat eating a green frog


Cut plantain tree

Coral beads

Catching moana worms in a dream

Cut open

Carabao attacking me

Cat chasing

Cat chading

Child’s cotton pants


Cougar attacked my dog

Coins fall in the toilet bowl

Cat chasing squirel

Cutting palm front in the dream

Chasing a green car

Cheating a green car

Co-workers about to flogg me in the dream

Calling someone name in dream


Cuting my deadlock in dream

Chopping my fingers

Crying having covid of a close friend

Crying to a friend

Carrying yam on the head means

Cow related

Carrying image of sto. nino

Catching a cockerel


Collect seeds in dream

Cousin sex

Collision accedent

Cheating wife dreams

Celebrating dead friend birthday

Cutting of elephant grass for soup in the dream what is the meaning


Cutting afang in my dream

Carrying dry grass for roofing

Cooking taro

Coins in ponds

Concrete hollow blocks


Cross white in forehead

Cold ips

Car sunk in mighty water

Cast out demon

Cupboard falling on self

Clear water flowing in the streams

Calf with 3 legs

Cloudy eye dream

Clot dropping from the boxer

Container filled with blood and meat


Changing seats in a classroom




Closing a fire door in dream

Closing a fire exit door

Carrying thatch or dry grass

Carrying full jerry cans of water what does it mean

Changing money for a friend

Collecting avocado with baby daddy

Choi jin hyuk

Clean fireplace

Clean hearth

Carrying a mat in a dream

Custard apple in dream indicates which baby

Caged monkey

Child with chicken pox

Cat head being cut off in dream meaning | dream interpretation

Climbing a hill with a boyfriend

Car stolen and recovered


Cleaning my husband toilet


Cutting unripe pawpaw into pieces in dream


Cattle grazing

Cattle grazing beside a river while i am taking a bath in the river

Cows trapped in mud

Crops from vagina

Chewing been leaves

Capsicum tree in dream

Correct mopane worms from trees

Child mucus

Crescent with a comet

Crescent with a shooting star

Cracked phone screen

Cooking and serving beans and pap in dreams mean?

Cock fighting

Calling st. vincent ferrer dream meaning

Children with feet backwards

Catching a lot of squid

Calabash chalk in a dream


Car washed away in floods

Car washed away

Climbing coconut tree in a dream inspiration


Chewing rat bones


Calling on jesus name

Conch in dreams

Child with tail

Car burned

Crying with your deceased mother in a dream

Catching mopane worms in the dream


Crack in the wall means


Castle in the sky

Cloud formed into face of jesus

Coom monggo seeds eating

Catching 2 fishes

City ligths

Carrying an empty calabash in a dream

Cooking beef bone marrow

Coarse wool

Collecting cheque in my dream

Clamp mussels

Clean creek


Collecting bitter kola

Cutting curtains

Claiming a tower and fall

Climbing a tower n fall and ketch from boyfriend

Chasing or herding cattle

Cutting raw turmeric

Cooking selmroti in dream

Curving up roads

Curving dreams

Cut lips

Chest wounds

Cellphone cut

Cooking sweets

Carrying firewood to sweep under while fire is on

Cutting sugar cane

Carrying pure water on the head

Connected people with red thread


Collecting the root of a plant in a dream from mother


Corn tortilla and butter


Carrying bags of satchet water on the head

Collecting plant root in the dream


Colocasia in dream

Carrying a bowl of water which mistakenly threw away

Cat fighting each other

Cat fight

Christmas pudding

Catching winged termite means what?

Climb a muddy mountain

Cooking alu adam on gas n got fire on that pan


Carabao standing near the river

Carabao standing in the river bank

Carabao drawn

Cat killing chiken


Chief justice

Connected stars

Called by somebody

Carrying rugby boots

Carrying a baby in a basket

Carrying firewood in a dream means

Chucken pooping on you

Cooking moimoi in dream meaning

Calling off a wedding

Cut-down of a cocaonut tree


Cotton dust filling up the bedroom dream meaning

Challenging stairs


Cat eyes in dark

Crossing railway

Cracked pink sunglasses in hand

Chanting mantra

Climbing throug window

Cleaning a grave



Child dedication

Child porn

Crab in water dream


Cuts on hand

Cleaning dirty fish pond

Chasing the red cock in a dream


Christianity meaning of digging grave

Congratulation letter


Curtain save from water drowning

Carabao chasing me in my dream

Cannot find my way home in a dream

Cutting vegetables

Cutting callao

Clothes wet by pouring rain

Coloured drink

Calling jesus name in the dream

Closing gate against masquerade in dream

Clothes and colours

Climbing waterfalls

Cigar burn

Cellphone burning

Cutting your breast

Cant find girlfriend

Cat paws

Chicken with horn

Catching elephants

Carrying dried fish

Cleaning turmeric arms with milk

Collecting kola nut from uncle

Chain snachhing in dream

Collecting ones broom bk

Cattle means?

Crown of thorns


Cking jewelrream of sweeping an pa


Cow being attacked by tiger

Construction crew on road