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What does it mean to see an affair in a dream?

Affair Dream Meaning: From 11 Different Sources

Example: I was on board a pleasure cruiser with my wife. As I stood on a high deck I looked down and saw her sitting below with very tight knickers on and nothing else. As a man walked towards her the knickers came off or slipped down.

The man was sexually aroused and started attempting to penetrate her. She only put up a token resistance, mewing a bit, but not fighting him off. I rushed towards them and kicked him off’ (Andrew P). In this dream Andrew’s fear of his wife’s desire for another man is being expressed, but the dream really depicts Andrew’s feelings of sexual inadequacy. Adultery dreams may also express release of sexual feelings; desire for another partner, desire for one’s partner to have sex with someone else. See sex in dreams; last example in dark.

African This may refer to one’s own feelings about col­oured people or racial prejudices; Africa may have been the birthplace for the human race. In dreams we still use primi­tive Africans or Australian aborigines to represent our own natural inner life. See aboriginal; black people; native.

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See Infidelity.

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1. Sharing your spouse with work, church, or a hobby. Also see Adultery. Hos. 2:5.

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Dreaming of an affair shows we are seeking to integrate opposite polarities within ourselves: male / female, drive / receptivity, good / bad. Such integration and an understanding of the dynamics leads to wholeness and an ability to access hidden aspects of our personality.

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Psychological / emotional perspective: We could be actively seeking emotional satisfaction in a way that is unacceptable in our waking lives. In dreams, to be having an affair with someone we don’t know suggests that we should perhaps reassess our own needs and desires.

If the affair is with someone we know but would not normally consider in that light we are perhaps looking for different sorts of satisfaction.

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Material aspects: We need to come to terms with our own sexual needs and desires for excitement and stimulation.

Dreaming of an affair allows us to release such feelings. We may feel the need to do something naughty or something that means we have to take emotional risks.

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Gives gender - specific: When a woman dreams of an affair, it is likely that she has registered that connection before becoming consciously aware of it.

A man will tend to be more physically attracted before dreaming of an affair. Men tend to be better at analyzing systems while women tend to be better at reading the emotions of other people. They have an increased ability to bond and be connected to others.

For further clarification you might like to read the entries for family and people.

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If you dream of cheating on your boyfriend, it means you will be entangled in a situation that is not in your best interest, perhaps even illegal. You may have behaved in a way that compromised your values.

To dream that you are cheating with your boyfriend’s friend means you are feeling neglected by your boyfriend.

To dream that your sweetie is cheating on you, means you are scared of being abandoned. You may feel some lack of attention in the relationship.

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If having one, one is not completely happy in one’s current romantic relationship.

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We need to come to terms with our own sexual needs and desires for excitement and stimulation.

Dreaming of an affair allows us to release such feelings. We may feci the need to do something naughty or something which means we have to take emotional risks.

We could be actively seeking emotional satisfaction in a way that is unacceptable in our waking lives.

We arc seeking an integration of opposite polarities male/female, drive/receptivity, good/bad.

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See Adultery; Sexual Intercourse.

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You would probably profit from an all- around change of atmosphere. ... affairs dream meaning

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Universal Landscape: A circuitous route to meeting needs. Avoidance. Dreaming Lens: Were you having an affair? Were you discovering an affair? Were you confronting or passive? Was there secretiveness involved? Was it a sexual encounter or more emotionally based?Personal Focus: There is no intimacy need that cannot be met in a primary relationship. Going outside of a marriage or partnership for sex or affection is a way of meeting a primal need by a roundabout way. Simultaneously, there is an avoidance of some underlying problem that is not being addressed. Therefore, this image represents both a circuitous route to connection and avoidance of confrontation. If you discover an infidelity in a dream, you may want to consider areas in your life where you are avoiding taking care of your self. If you are engaged in an affair, you might need to examine your life circumstances for signs of being manipulative or indirect in getting your needs met. As getting caught is always reflective of an unconscious desire to effect a change, being discovered as being unfaithful could indicate a desire to shift some area of your life. Always be willing to look at issues of responsibility when this dream image appears: where in your life are you not allowing yourself to be accountable for your actions? If the dream involves details of constructing an affair, you may want to examine how genuine you are being in terms of expressing and manifesting your desires in life, both relationally and otherwise. Where in your life are you being authentic? How might you be betraying your own needs?It is safe to assume that this image in a dream indicates a theme of intimacy issues in waking life, no matter what the marital state of the dreamer. This may have literal implications if you are actually involved in an affair or believe your partner to be. ... infidelity/affair dream meaning

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Passionate Affair

If you dream you’re having an affair, then this often means you’re experiencing a power struggle between what you feel is right, and your deeper desires. You know what is socially acceptable, but you’re feeling tempted in some way. If you’re in a relationship, then you could be feeling bored and long to inject some excitement into your usual routine. ... passionate affair dream meaning

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