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Dictionary of Dreams so “dreamencyclopedia.net” 32 different sources with our, presents more than 50,000 cross-referenced dream symbols and their universal meanings to assist you in analyzing your unconscious mind.

Also, Psychological / emotional perspective, Material aspects and Gives gender - specific, interpreted of dream.

Dream Analysis and Interpretation

Some resources on our site, symbols, Signs, and Meanings explores the messages delivered by the unconscious mind during sleep. Some other sources it examines how dreams connect to daily life. Some of them, it shows how dreams can lead to deeper understanding and self-awareness.

Freud's point of view of dream

In his book "The Interpretation of Dreams" Sigmund Freud suggested that the content of dreams is related to wish-fulfillment. Freud believed that the manifest content of a dream, or the actual imagery and events of the dream, served to disguise the latent content or the unconscious wishes of the dreamer.

Freud also described four elements of this process that he referred to as "dream work":

  • Condensation – Many different ideas and concepts are represented within the span of a single dream. Information is condensed into a single thought or image.
  • Displacement – This element of dream work disguises the emotional meaning of the latent content by confusing the important and insignificant parts of the dream.
  • Symbolization – This operation also censors the repressed ideas contained in the dream by including objects that are meant to symbolize the latent content of the dream.
  • Secondary Revision – During this final stage of the dreaming process, Freud suggested that the bizarre elements of the dream are reorganized in order to make the dream comprehensible, thus generating the manifest content of the dream.

Jung's point of view of dream

While Carl Jung shared some commonalities with Freud, he felt that dreams were more than an expression of repressed wishes. Jung suggested that dreams revealed both the personal and collective unconscious and believed that dreams serve to compensate for parts of the psyche that are underdeveloped in waking life. In contradiction to Jung's assertions, however, later research by Hall revealed that the traits people exhibit while they awake are the same as those expressed in dreams.

Jung also suggested that archetypes such as the anima, the shadow, and the animus are often represented symbolic objects or figures in dreams. These symbols, he believed, represented attitudes that are repressed by the conscious mind. Unlike Freud, who often suggested that specific symbols represent specific unconscious thoughts, Jung believed that dreams can be highly personal and that interpreting these dreams involved knowing a great deal about the individual dreamer.

Hall's point of view of dream

Calvin S. Hall proposed that dreams are part of a cognitive process in which dreams serve as "conceptions" of elements of our personal lives. Hall looked for themes and patterns by analyzing thousands of dream diaries from participants, eventually creating a quantitative coding system that divided what's in our dreams into a number of categories.

According to Hall’s theory, interpreting dreams requires knowing:

  • the actions of the dreamer within the dream
  • the objects and figures in the dream
  • the interactions between the dreamer and the characters in the dream
  • the dream’s setting, transitions, and outcome

The ultimate goal of this dream interpretation is not to understand the dream, however, but to understand the dreamer.

Domhoff's point of view of dream

William Domhoff is a prominent dream researcher who studied with Calvin Hall at the University of Miami. In large-scale studies on the content of dreams, Domhoff has found that dreams reflect the thoughts and concerns of a dreamer’s waking life. Domhoff suggests a neurocognitive model of dreams in which the process of dreaming results from neurological processes and a system of schemas. Dream content, he suggests results from these cognitive processes.

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