Old saree buying dream

Orange orb

Orderly crossroad

Old women proposing to me

One dead mother braiding her hair meaning


One girl having sex with male chicken


Of a pastor wants me to have his baby


Open high heeled silver ladies shoe


Other guy kissing you

Octopus sucks my hand

Orange slippers in dream

Ostracised by friends

One seeing himself prostration in a dream means what

Overcoming fear in dream

Owl pooping on my arm

Own weddinh

Own name engraved in a tomb

Old man loving naked mature lady awaken to a cold dead lady in his arms story

Old woman turning young

Our lamps are almost out for lack of oil

Old women but i see her as young

Opposite party take refuge in my home

Old rusty car

Off loading bag of meat in a dream

Off loading bag of meat

Off loading bag of meat from a car

Old man with gold hair

Offering drink to the dead

Outdoor games

Omudo bwanda bagunywa

Okuloota nga oyonka ebelle

Oiling ones legs


Own transfer

Other person death

Object falls on me trapped


Our lady of manaog

Old lady with long white hair tried to tie my legs


Old woman praying for a young girl in her dreams meaning

Old woman praying for a young girl in her

One sea monster fighting with other

Ox chasing

One car driven by two people at the same time meaning

Outside kraal

Oral sex(trans)

Oral sex to trans women

Offering water to some one dream meaning

Offer of bajar

Opening a red envelope in a dream

Old woman

Obsidian crystal

Ocean and tree

Ocean and treea


Offering me kumkum


Old dirty torn mat

Orange pylon

Oil dream on feet

Okpa in dream

Ordering chocolate cake

Old friend

On the lam

Our pastor touching me sexually

Our pastor touched me sexually

Old woman in an old house with weak walls

One bird tearing another bird wing in drram means

Others relationships


Organise a party for the dead

Oven prepared chicken in a dream

Old lady saliva

Owning land in the dream


Old enemy wearing new clothes

Orange wedding gown

Owls on poster

Orange one eye

Offering sindoor to lord shiv


Opening a car trunk in a dream

Old man with cap

Old lady giving blessings

Ogbono in dream

Old lady putting tilak on my forehead in jahran

Old lady putting tilapia on my forehead in jahran


Open dried coconut and given yam

Oxtail dream

Oxtail drea

Offering garland on gods neck

One burying money in a dream

Ointment oils

Offering a cake to dead person

Open submarines


One dead man and one in dead man fighting

Olive oil in the palm

Offering chandan on god

Ones left leg is a lot longer than the other

One leg s lot longer than the other


Offering tea

Old bikes

On my dream my brother in law shake hand with me what does it mean?

One pastor is saying to buy two shawls and two rings

Odour from the dead

Old woman blessing in a dream

Orleander flower

Oil beans


Owl on nest


Okpa for dream mean what?

Oral sex in a man

Old suitor

Owl made of fluorite

Orange and yellow flowers

Old man taking bath

Old man taking batj

Overflow of honey on top of tall trees

Obstacle course water

Ocean city

Orange tika

Onion growing on head

One night stand

Oil delivery truck crashes into garage

Old lady with bruised hands

Ocean swim

Orange cat in dreamd

Organs fall out of body


Old lady suck penis

Old women in a dream

Owo eyo

Old scars healing

Old scars healibg

Others greeting eachother

Ogre hands

Old friends dreams

One eye in middle of face

Of pouring milk in the glass

Ostrich finding me

Onion seedling

Old jacket in the dream

Open stitches on stomach

Oil nut in your dream


Old man

Old lady burglar

Owl inside the cage

Oranges in dream mean what

Owl chasing a squirrel

Owl chasingva squirrel

Open wound in the left arm

Oregono tree in dream

Old woman giving blessing in my dream

Old friends

Offal eating

Ouji board

Of standing on a mountain with rastafarian

Ovarian cysts

On a tree picking mangos

One rhinosorouse in the dream

Old palm basket dream

Objects come to life

Of myself dying

Olive oil in vagina

One slippers is cut and she throw both slippers in the river

One slippers is cut and she throw both in the river

Old classmates

Of husband having sex with his niece

Ordained in the dream by spiritual father

Old woman angry attacks me dream mining

Old clothes given to me by a person who is already dead

O dream of picking palm fruit



Old newspaper

On stage singing

Old students

Orange frock


Old widow lady give blue saree

Oha leaf in dream means

Opening envelope in dream

One strand of grey hair on a child

Organs being puked up

Opened luggage

Ones vagina is exposed

Overwatered plants

Organs coming out vagina

Oral anus

Occult activity

Oralsex with a deceased lover

Opening closed new doors

Opening a padlock with a key




Orchids in flowerpot

Own broken wrist

Old native house



Office inside hallway walk in closet ideas

Old friend in dream

Own breast size increased during pregnancy

Obscuring clouds in life

Own a casino

Old man preparing stew and i tasted the fish which he was using to prepare the stew

Onself as lioness

Orange seeds in the dream

Open house

Owning a poultry farm

Open wound leg

Ocean with out water

One big eye on my forehead dream meaning

Om namah shivaye


Old man holding a pool stick

Orange face

Offer me biting parrots

Orange calcite


Old teacher beating me in dream




Oil in a jar

Ovary implants are out

Old doors in my house

Oiling body

On top of the stairs looking at people at the bottom

Old pen knib dipped in wax

Old pen knib dipped in wax feather on the end caught fire

Oral sex with female friends

Olive oil and tomatoes

Onyx necklace

Overflowing water from well

Overflowing well

Oha leave and tree

Opal jewelry


Oral sex with with father


Opening an old file

Open fire place

Objects washed away in a rivër

Ordering sushi

Oil refinery exploding

Offered money by my sister in law

Old teacher giving me chalk

Old school studying

Offering a golden cross

Old woman with red saree

Old blue car

Old three legged black pots dream biblically mean


Oral sex with dead husband

Oral sex with deceased husband


One clap hands in a dream and later people come clapping hands

Own breast and nipple sucked

One night stanf

One leg shorter than other

Owl at

Owl cat hybrid


Old woman watching my husband and i

Orange anklets

Open belly wound

Old woman deceiving

Own beautiful feet in dream

Old man touching beards

Old man touching eards

Old classmate girl

Orange saree in dream

Oil lamp with flame in your dream

Older brother sodomized

Orgasm vagina flower

Old woman prays for you

Offering saree

Old man fucking dog

Oil hair

Old lady gifted saree in dream meaning

One man urinated on a tank

One leg shorter than the othet

Overtaking truck

Old woman hugged me

Objects coming out of body


Offering food to madman

Opposing authority

Overtaking queue ohm f people

Orange seed

Open head

One hour

Old man giving my family a blessing

Octopus sucking

Open back door



Oil on head

Old lady in dream

On hajj

Old lady on a park bench

Old lasy on a park bench

Overgrown warts


Orange big spider

Oleander tree and buds

Orange colour dress

Object floating

One pluck ripe custard apple in dream

Oiling feet wd coconut

Open a closed door in my dream

Opera, glasses

Ohm chain getting from sand

One swollen eye cannot open in my dream

One million in bank account meaning

Oramge leaves


Omitted result on the result card

Old lady osteopath

Old clothes donating to poor children

Over grown plants

Open wound on right foot

Opening a door latch

Ordination of a priest in dreams

On time for class

Okra seeds

Old teacher beating me in class

Orchards of fruits

Orange bougainvilea

Officer want to insult me in public

Overflow septic tank

Office room study


Oozing sores on the arms

Ogbono seed bc dream meaning


Ocean nymph

Oraying for a sick person

One swollen hand

Open sky

One nutmeg broke and two not broken

Old suit jacket

On the tree lion chasing

Old man touching my vagina

Old man touchy my vagina

Openly bathing drea.

Oha leaf in dream

Owl swimming

Ouja board saying goodbye

Orange baby powder

Own face transformed in ugly


On a leaning tower

Oil poured

Overground root searching for me and hitting



Objects coming out of anus

Offered food to the hungry madman what is the meaning


Out of control school bus

Online tuition

Own head bleeding

Octopus suckers

Old woman praying in the dream

Organizing and attending crusade

Offloading truck

Old items

Old stuff

Offering nimaz

One eye in the middle of forehead | dream interpretation

Orgy with shemale toys

Owl diving into water

Owl diving into water and needing to be rescued

One of my friends died

Old palace

Overflowing water from tank

Opening clam

Other people party and property distroying

Overflowing cup

One single sperm

Old ricemill

Offering bed for others

Old lady crying wearing torn clothes


Ostrich head in the air balling what does that mean in your dream


Only i saw new saree

Out of nose

Other small penis in crowd

Old man and little man

Okro seed

Out from queue

Oversized butcher knife

Old hobbies

Old lady sewing

Off rooted creeper plant in drram

Orange eyed women telling my future

Old scary woman touching my toes and lick it


Old frien

Old people dead


Opening a combination lock

On top of tall building

Owl artifact

Orange oleander

One red eyed dog was following me at night

One injured eye

Orange calendula

One night stand pregnancy


Opening a fridge door with cloths inside

Our lamps are almost lack of oil, the wick of man’s short life is dry and cracked

One leg on the stump of tree

Orange cat swallowing black cat

Old lady dress

Old lady clothes

Overweight person

Old lady blessing dream

On an air mattress in the ocean

Orange water

Owl water

Old farm

Old age woman alice dreams in black baby by clare boyland

Oke phone

Old man with white hair sitting in my dead fathers old bed eating

Orange sock

One of my friend told me that your boyfriend love also love you

Old school asssociation?

One cow and four carabao falling in line with red marks of blood

Opening a door ànd the knob breakzs

Opening a door ànd the knob breakz

Opening a door ànd the k

Opening a door ànd the kn


Opening a door and i


Organizing empty containers

Olympus god


Okro plucking

Own foot

Orange kitten


Orange dresss

Only less number of glass bangles i have to wear

Old photo of wife faded

Overlapping sounds

Old lamed woman is walking



Over bearing person

Over bearing fat person

Orion constellation

Ocean lost

Overflow of water from a well

Opkro soup with fresh fresh in dream

Open wound legs in dream

Offering halwa to somebody in temple

Open van door

One doubting the love you have for them

Old shoes

Oil in the dream

Opening multiple doors in the dream


One night stand in my home house

Other languages

Oil to hair

One girl likcing another girl pussy in dream

Overlooking an ocean

Old lady crying

Old lady screaming in pain

Oral sex with the president

Octopus in dreammeaning


Orbs in dreams

Opal rings

Overflowing gutter water in town

Oil and water mixture coming from a vehicle motor

One earring

One lady come in my dream nd give me sugarcane

One lady give me suger kane


Owl in water

Open deep wound in the arm

Ogbono fruits