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Dreams starting with the letter O

Open bible in the sky

One leg of slippers burning in the dream

Orange sphere


Overcoming bully

Old woman died long time taking me to kraal

Own photo frame fallen and broken

Offering fruit to nun in dream

Overflow water in a pail

Overflowing cleanwater

Octopus in stomach

Other person lying in my stomach



Offering tamarind to goddess kali

Onion seed



Off diya

Others eating but not you

Old house

Ocean water in temple

Organizing people

Old woman stabbed



Overtaking trucks

Object moved

Okulota nga bakwana

Omnitrix dream


Old dream suddenly becomes true in real life

Orange leprechaun

Overflowing pond

Of you giving someone golden flowers

Orange sky

Oversized home

Onces wife is wearing your shoes

Of dream child almost drowned


Obsidian glass

Old friend half naked in my dream

Orange beads

One floating white onion

Owing money

Old community

Old women walking in the road

Old man give you lotto numbers

Old friends in school dream

Ox coming to hit but move from aside and the cow child come to me and stand along with me

Ox coming to hit but move from aside and the cost child come to me and stand along with me


One leg slipper carried away by erosion in a dream


Old blind woman falling

On my knee

Open the door of church

Old boyfriend handing you a card saying don’t give up on him


Ones child dead

On a dolphins back in the water and surinder by ship

On a dolphins back in the water

On a animal back dovfin in the water

On a dovfin back in the water

On a dovfin backnow in the water

One eyed rabbit

One lady borrow my black and white slipppers

Ogbono seeds meaning

Offered a car lift and we later fall into gutter

Old phones working


On a cruise ship

Old shopping building

Open door

Old big man grab you in his hand in dream

Oak tree touching the sky

Owl beautiful feathers

Old people

Offering sugarcane juice to deceased

Own wedding

Old man

One patch of dead leaves on ground and bushes that are all green

Old lady between me and my husband


Ocean waves


Offering toffee to child

On the phone

Osmosis grass


Old pot dream

Orange soft drink

On a playground

Offering money to temple

On a cruise with a celebrity

Orgy in the church

Owing something

Overflowing oil

One shoe

Old women

Own marriage

Older lady with birthday cake

Overloading car in dream

Overflowing drain

Oil on grave stone


Older brother with hard penis

Offering arthi to goddess covered in water

Offered a handful of fibre optics

Open office

Opening door for dead mother in dream meaning


Opening door for dead mother meaning

Old man accusing me of stealing his log


Opposite flow of river in dream


Off white shirt in a dream



Old woman praying

Okpa means what in english

Offering haldi to shivling

Old co workers

Ox attack man

On the tree many duck

Overcharged and refund rejected

On point

Opened skull

Owho soup

One girl gave me her husband and son to me and she left for away

Of baby shoe

Offered a coin to the priest in the temple and he smiled at us

One more lap

Of clocks

One girl propose me

Orange colour dupata missing

Orange colour dupata

Omani lemon

Orange frozen snake

Old neighbor


Oil on hands

One day left to live

Orb in the moon

Objects being thrown at me

Old sis in a chairwill

Old sis in a chaurwill

Opening gate and welcoming dead father in dream


On dream win teer


Old woman sucked my breast

Old woman socked my breast

Old friend reappearing

Old stranger grandpa in ny toilet

On top of a building hanging on


Orange cat


Old school

Of boyfriend giving me sanitary pad

Old lady face hidden

Obsessive lover

Old lady pissing

Old lady


Our crush calls us ugly

Overstaying on your vacation


Obeah woman

Orange hair


Of a witch mesning

Old friend

Old frend



Old friend came back from over sea



Old friends

Orange colour river seeing on dream

Orgasm in dreams


One piéce

Ox eat green maize in my field in dream

Olive orchard


One person teached me kalima in dream

Old roads

Of a baby girl wrapped in white clothes


Osunset olovedone olake okisshand

Oil in pockets

On train with dead sistet

Old man tipping cones over in the middle of the road

Olive oils bottles throw on the floor

Ocean tidal wave

Onions plants

Old lady giving me a lot of money

Obstructions in a park

Open giant door in the forest god what does mean

Overie egg

Olive oil appying on private part

One eye and one foot

Old rich suitor

Old man naked professor

Over loaded car

Old person giving blessing in dream

Owl pissing on you

Over breaskfed baby

Orange inside is liquid gold

Oil gushing out of floor

Or allah to fulfill the dream

One person multiplying

Ocean at niggt

Octopus putting tentacles inside you

Of an unknown place in a boat

One million rand

One thousand paper bill money

One thousand pare bill money

Offloading a big garbage truck

Old woman spirit say can someone pray for meq

Ouran highschool host club

One thousand naira note given to a student in a dreamm

Operation of a child having a hole in stomach

One tooth snake

One tyre left i was driving

Open bathroom door

Out of ink

One fetching dirt water and other clean water in the same dam

Orbs one is called phoenix

Offloading provision in a dream sent from foreign country

Offloading provision in a dream sent from abroad

Organ hanging out from the vagina

Old kingdoms fighting

Overstuffed suitcase

Object entering my mind

Obsessed and chased me

Origami people

One lane road

One lane mountain road

Objcect falling from sky


Okra vegetables

Old woman child empty church

Old woman and my husband

Old woman in bed of my husband

Old woman joined laying down on the bed of my husband

Ordered food

Ordering carryout

Old woman holding a candle

Oruvar pai vangi tharuvathaga kanavu kandal enna artham

Old toothless man sucking breast of a young woman

Old lady kiss and say goodbye in the dream

Overcoming hurdles

Olive politics

Olive society

Oil bean eating

Overcast at night

Ovary eggs

Others back full of red slice

Oha leaf in draem

Oppitsite gender


One of the female breast exposed in public

Offering kolanuts and so on to deities in a dream

Old dustpan

Owl hook abdomen

Other people moving slowly

On a boat with jesus christ

Orange candy


Ostric egg

Old slippers

Olaf when having a stroke

Old lady kunkuma

Overflowing suds in washing machine

Overflowing suds

Owl poop

Open forum in church

Order to buy popcorn

Offering haldi to other people

Offering haldibto others

Occultic group

Over adding charcoal on a charcoal stove




Oil bottle exploding

Opening champagne bottle in dream

Offloading some heavy thing from your head


Of ex boyfriend as a pilot

Oil well in dreem

Optic illusion

One yellow eye creature

Others infected toenails

Old rajmahal see in dream

One thousand two hundred and fifty

Of another human


Outpouring of graces

Orange ball of light

Onions for breasts

On all fours hands and knees

Oga beating his servent in the dream

Opening a mirror and saw a skull

Owl captured in drinking glass

Organs coming out through vagina

Old language

Open heaven

Old friend leaving jacket

Out from assembly

Old woman smoking snuff

Orange cloak

One leg shorter making it hard to walk

One hand less girl in dream


Opon ayo dream meaning

Old man with black beards

On a dock my water

Of catching breadfruit

Over flowing gutters and water damage inside house

Over flowing gutters and water damage in the house

Overflowing and crumbling foundation

One eye rabbit

One horn

One horn bill

Off set heartbeat

Orange beacon

Open wound on both legs

Old lady giving u roti


Own picture in grave

Over pass

Owing bill for medical expenses

Of seeing a ig window

Old lady shaking

Old woman give you blessing

Old tree in the city

Oil soil

Osaka pit evacuation

Ordering pani puri with relaitives and strengars

Old woman and my wife having argument over drinking beer

Our dead father celebrateing his birthday in a big way

Older self killing younger self

Of a crocodile licking you

Only short trousser with white piece of cloth covering means


Orange sherbet

Office furniture bookcase


Our dream future family would look like

Orange tiger behind a door

Oiling yourself with alovera in a dream

Out of prison



Orange cars

On a boat looking at the beach

On a boat near a beach on a sunny day with someone

On a boat near the beach

Outstretched arms

One winged angel

Ocean raising

Old lady giving me food

Overpriced pad of paper

One moon and two suns

Overwhelmed nothing where it needs to be

Ones mother having testicle

Old woman black veil biting hand

Overflowing perfume

Owl and bat

Oranges chasing me

Old woman at the front door

Outside deck

Otter in a wood area with small bird in its claws trying to eat it alive

Old shack

Orange snake turn into orange chicken

Orthodox bishop

Old ladys licking my arm

One night stand that i didnt ever have

Okuloota nga oli kussomero jewava

Orange ball

Oozing from breast

Omelette and yam given to me



Orange rats

Olive oil throws on the floor

Olive oil waste on the floor

Owl in wall of home

Owl discovered in home

Olive oil spills on the floor

Organising people

On high mountain and scared of falling

Old blind woman throwing a stick at me

Old woman sitting in my chair combing hair

Octopus on string in stomach

Owl that looks like a cat

Old electronic gadgets

Old woman cursing me

Orange gladiolas

Orange gladiolus lining a mountain stairway

Oil and apostle

Oil being poured into water by an apostle of god

Opening gate for a dead person

Overcooking vegetable

Over cooking vegetables

Old pepper germinating with new green leaves

One hand amputted dog in dream

Officiating in a wedding as the minister

Observer chambre

Open windy back door


One by one

Ox blocking a way

Oxygen penis

One red glove

Over writing cheque

Open a book and brides cut hair was inside

Old timer

Old women selling bread

Ocean beach sudden fire

Overflowing fish

Oil filling bottle

One red tail light no headlight


Orange colored sky

Orange sky white clouds

Orange sewasho

On top of a lion

Old lady biting my fingers

Old lady giving haldi kumkum in dream

Old women getting menstrual period in dream

Okro soup eating by a family in dream

Ogbono seeds was geven to me in my dream by my late father meaning what

Old woman dead

Overpaid parking ticket

Old women in house

Oil lamp bursting into flames in a dream

Other woman sleep with me



Old man making love to me

Out of focus

On stomach bowel coming up

Ocean water washing posessions away

Owned truck

Old gothic buliding

Our daughters gave us a lot of white flowers

Offering deceased apples and carrots

Open skin wounds healing

Over coming a steep road

One eyed car

Overdue library book

Oil truck swearling

Owning a rabbit

Offering wine to dead relatives

On my unfinished site

Old lady sitting in a chair

One unpaliting hair

Owning a traditional house


Out of shape

Orca whale

One line of a song

On a burnt field leading a queue

Oil overflowing from the pots to the ground

Opaque plastic

Open venus flytrap

Oil given by dead person

Old baby plate

Orange sheep

Obsidian stone

Owls talons in a dream

Owls talons with deer skin

Octopus sucking blood out of my left leg

One eye cloud white in dream

Orange biting worms

Overflowing sewage

Orchard trees

Old freinds

On the dream my friend passed away by the flood

Old professor

Orange gladiolas in a vase

Organizing things


One red rock

Oil poured in my hands in dream by a prophet of god


One foot toenails longer than the other

On the way to cemetery

Own child accident

Over grown garden

Over flowing bath tub


Out of reach

Open man hole cover been removed

Ox lost its horn

Out of control bus

Of someone giving you a silver teapot

Old highschool classmate

Old friend snubb

Oil leakin

Others eating as i watched


Oval shape light


Overtake people in a queue


Outdoor cafe table

Orangr snake swallowing a man in dream

Older empress

One slipper lost and not fou d anymore

Okay okay in a dream

Other girl sitting on my partners lap

Over weight

Overflowing silo

One eating pumkin

Old women wearing white gaon and gives me two white cutting board

Old woman sitting staring at me rocking in a chair

On the same ride with your father

Oili hear

Old logging truck

Overwatering plants

Ocean and sand

Opening a tombstone

Owing taxes

Old dirty black stove

Old big tree

Ocean gray

Oceano gray

Old school friend


Old pair of sue in a dream

Old man standing at the door of my bed

Old wife get young

Ostrich laying eggs

Old woman turning into old man

One eye with no vision little sister

Others playing football match

One white eye one brown eye my eyes

Offering a thorn branch to a friend

Old woman in the toilet

Only wearing u der

Old woman laughing

Of dealing with a dishonest girl woman artist and the message that a leopard never changes its spots

Of ordering a painting of a leopard snow leopard and having the artist not be honest

Owl eating crow

Old woman buried alive


Old lady giving fruits

One girl swimming by big bout on clean water

Olive oil in hair

Old lady eating food

Old woman pooping

One banch of bead cut of in a dream

One loud clap of thunder

One of them died and his family laughed at his death

Older sister giving birth

One hundred dollars


Our municipal mayor was killed

Ocean on my cielling

Other person half dress

Old past teacher


Obsessive best friend

Overtake someone

Offered seeds to eat

Over taking many cars and clear path


Ovary cyst

Olive green suit at funeral

Overflowing water closing a bridge

Ocean painting


Okro and soliders

Owel eating fat snake

Orange stain on carpet

Outsmarting a scam


Offering deceased cigarrettes

Ocean nightime

Offloading a container in a dream means what

Orange puke

Overflowing bucket of water

Out of control fire in a grill

Overrun by insects

Ordained prophet

Open gold box given by goddess

Orgasm in deep sleep mean

One sliver colour fish

Open ocean water

Oluweri meaing

O wearin my mothers dress

Old native woman

Orange njeti cloth

Of my girlfriend cheating on me and running away

On knees praying and crying for my marriage restauration

On knees crying for marriage restauration

One side love

Orange skies

Out of the closet

Out clause

Own head chopped

Opposite side world

Observing fighting at a wedding

Observing people fighting at a wedding

Odour of dead body

Operation on pelvis

Overdress dream of yourself


Olive oil poured into hands

Overnight summer camp

One wing devil

One devil wing

Offload countainer of goods in a deam

Organized crime

Owl rainbow colors

Old man ghost

Old bearded man ghost

Old lady wearing purple gown

Old women getting married

Occupying same bed with king

Ocean gar fish

Overripe fruits

Off white colored car

Orange hotel

Owls or birds

One brown up close human eye

Old maternity clothes

Ocean dock

Old refrigerator

Organ saree buying for widow

Okuloota nga oyonja gonja

One day to live

Orange car kidnapped my child

Offloading of plenty materials dream

Oil poured on white garments

Ocean and light house

One nipple

One who can not walk dragging him self

Oetmeal poltice

On the phone with friends

Off sider seat in a car

Off sider seat

Octopus baby crawling out of my stomach

Orange arum lilies

One dreams washing clothes in running river and the clothes drown

Open ancient iron gate

Of you see dead royal in dreams

Onion cornbread

Order a custom made tunic

Old boyfriend who is deceased

One jackfruit lucky number

Ocean deep diving

Outing excurtion

Orange and black eye

Object floating in water

Ocean waves up to your neck you are against a wall

Ocean water with the same person

Old jobs and collegues

Owl with rainbow

Ocean water mixed with honey

Open watch band


Old bible

Orange gems

Open visions about falling while leaning on rails or gates

Old wise man giving a white cloth

Olive clothes in a dream

Oppressed feeling

Oil tanker in smoke and loosing control

One crooked bucked tooth

Old widow lady giving new clothes


Old mom

One petal

Old woman peeing on me and i am wiping her

Oral with sister

Ones clothes in being swept away by water

Oil mom

Ordering scallops

Oil coming out of holes

Oil springing out of holed

Old white stove

Old black baby carriage

Over hundred year man in dream

Old cannons in woods

Orange color and dead person

One person two bodies

Of using blade to cut nail

Old man blessing in dreams in white dress


Open wound on someone face dream meaning


Old car with a man driving and looking at me behind the car in his rear view mirror

Old friends caught hiding in the attic

Old friend being sick

Oleander flowers in dreams

Organized closet

Organized closer

Old letters with money attached

Octopus pulling out of a vagina

Octopus inside my mouth

Old person dreaming in primary school class

Operating a brush cutter

Old man bird

Oil going out from the head

One of the twins are crying

Open wrapper

Overgrown vines

Olives food

Overtaking while running

Oligers marching


Old lady with sword

Okra seed in a dream meams

Oversized pants

Open brail nuts

Oveary lottery numbers

Olive oil dropping from the sky

Orang tree


Old bestfriend

Orange feather at a celebration

Off white coloured clothes symbol in dream

Off white clothes being presented to me in deeam

Oil on train tracks

Older brother worried about money

Own execution

Orange hat

Out of control camper

Oil palm on my hand in dream

Old house without windows

Owl with orange gold eyes

Oil and water on the floor meaning

Open a box and find clothes

Opposite station

Ocean taning hot stiminng dream

Opening zipper of own empty purse

One long hair on your leg

One leg tied jump

Old women yelling change

On a small ledge then fall

One lady carrying big food pots on head

Offering kumkum and thambulam

Offering kumkum to unknow lady

Orange lion

Others change your plans

Orange and white penguin

Old worn shoes by deceased

Old widow lady give saree in the dream

Old man smearing my hands with cream

Open front

Old ancestral house


Oil in a pouch

Oil dropped by my dead friend in dream

Opposite direction

On a ship with bombs

Okuloota ngolya kasooli omwokye

One buttock

On crushes lap

One swift moment

Orphan intruder

Orange snake bitten me while husband just standing

Orange pet rat

Open mask masquerade floging person


Orange snake in cupboard

Of a sick friend climbing a ladder

Out of control classroom

Old lady sitting at the end of my bed

Old and wrinkled across the nose

Ocelot laying on couch

Ocelot lying on couch

Oars in a painting

Overflowing fish pond

One eyed woman

Offering til ka ladoo in dream by a priest means

Orange short and blouse

Orangle color

Office building elevator key

Of woman counting money

Ominous fields

Ominious feeling

Organize closet

Old class mate proposes to me in a dream

Overflowing kerosene

Overflowing paraffin

Old car parts being digged out

Old headteacher

On the ground like shalo river

Offers alcohol

Officiating my wedding and waiting on the result

On the top of camel there is man and water

On a train changing direction

Owning yellow car

One man having three penises

Of sweeping of former place of work

Oil and water separating


Overturning of the car i was driving

Oil running on pillow


Offer the president a sit to sit down but refuse and ask me to sit

Old house ornaments

Old man give directions

Orca pod

Out of control backhoe

Old scroll

Oil poured around bed and on me

One week

Offered a role in a play

Old run down house and talking cat

Onion inside nose

Overflowing wet sorghum grain

Offing a candle light in the dream

Olddead relative sweeping

Open plain calabash without any thing inside it

Octopus trying to catch me

Old tree looking fresh and green and bigger

Old women bathing

Obstacle travel

Other person half naked

Owl with a bat in its grasp

Old men with weapons

Only front of shoes showing

Open door to deceased parents

Old stau

Old stalin

Obsessive kidnapper

O esstion

One falling from a jack fruit tree and its interpretaiton

One third

Older man touching me inappropriately

Overcoming warfare in a dream

Onion stalks

Older model car

Old woman blowing air and reciting a foreign language

Out of control vus

Octopus penis

Owl pendant

Oil overflowing out of cupboards in a dream

Orange tic tacs

Oppressed by your parents

One tooth longer than others

Of an object being returned to me

Orange crayon

Old friend puuting muthi on my clothes an i hit her

On my journey with a bus and the bus caught fire

Old lady has money in my dream

Orange spill

Okulota nga olya omuchele

Ordering a cappuccino

Orange flame and bright sun

One story end is always the beginning of another

Ocarina flute

Of a woman named fiona


One coin

Occultic ceremony and rituals

Organizing chairs

Opening a bale of clothes in dream

Ojukwu palm tree with ripped seeds

One sock from the dead brother

Ox in a field

Orange cat killing eagle

Orange volkswagen convertible

On the dream i was with my mom and boyfriend then i showed them my breast was splitting water kindlike milk what does it means

Orange and white beeds

Oil being poured over a baby

Owl witch

Opaque green gemstone

Oily beard

Old bedcover

Ox tied in dream

Over ripe fruits with flies snd ants on it

One ear pierced

Oak tree growing from my vagina

Organ of the body removed and replaced

Organ of body replaced

Onion growing body

Opening a gate to another dimension

Orange pterodactyl

Oil massage in front of fire

Old pots on swing

Overloaded motorcycles but one got crash

Old ugly underwear

Old women hit me with chair

Old odor

Older woma love

Owing debt in dreams

Organ out of body

Old torn uniform

Out of control shaking

Orange coloured spider

Onion sky

Ones mother ma being married to another person

Old memory

Olf friends

Old chinese clothings

Oba in the dream

Ox on the roof

Open door with your dead mum waiting

One eyed dog attacking me

Oil diya blow off

Old decorations

Old torn up decorations

Opening walls

Object in vagina

Odd talent

Owl with red eyes


Oberhausen me

Open okapi

On an airplane which travel unusually faster

Old victorian house

Orange juice contaminated by flies

Oil and water under my bed

Owning and riding

Offloading from the head

Old woman peeing

Oatmeal draining from mons pubis

Office files

Old lady road

Opening a curtain and seeing a man

Offending someone

Offending someome

Old widow asking yellow saree in dream

Overflowing clear water

Oysters in gums

Old women blessings in dream

Orange prawns

Open water pipe

Oil and milk mixed

Oil and milk

One eye bild baby

One arm lady

Olive seed nose

Ocean water and ucy

Own scary face

Others wrinkling paper

Organs falling out of someone

Out in public with no underwear

Open cupped hands

Overload carrying wooden lorry

Overload wooden lorry

Okro rubbing on face


Old boat

Opening door for my dead father

Oi dream that my sister oberhausen

Oil lamps in water

Oil drum

Oil drum lying on its side

On the rooftop while another building is being built

Oil ass

Owl with glowing white eyes


Old clothes being returned by friends mom

Old dead persons numbers

Opening black bag in dream

Offering new saree to goddess

One boy and two girls

Old person giving me snuff ntsu

One buring money

Organising shoes


Open blue doorway

Owl pooping on me in the bath

Om sai ram

Over ripe mangoes in a basket

Oil and salt in the sea

On a journey you stopped at mosque when praying

Orange caryons

Okro bury in your dream

Okro bury with turkey in your dream

Old woman with his old husband old cloth

Opening door to street

Owl eggs touch

Of ex co worker fighting

Of ex co worker fighte

Of ex co worker

Owning a ship

Om gangaye namah

Old woman falling

One horned goat

Opening a ceiling fan

Old woman with dreadlocks

Ocean and church

Offering food to my dead father and mother

Old woman with medicine

Open mouth snake in vagina

Ocean clear water