One billboard falling another one going up

Orange hen

Oral sex dead father

Offering salaah naked



Olive green wrappers and shirts

Oil coming out of the earth

Of breadfruit

Ovarian cyst death

Om namah shivaya in dreams

Overtaking trucks dream interpretation

Ox plouging field

Opposite sex helping me to dress up

Oil truck crashing

Oil truck

Of doing a flying kick

Offering lost

Old friends


Old lady wearing white holding flower

Ogbono fruit dream

Oil and water mixed

One leg of your slippers cut

One cleaning a kerosene stove means what

Octopus dream


Over flow rice in a pot

Orange color slippers

Orange slippers that would not fit

Observing husband in sex with a woman

Old woman praying for me in a dream

Ocean storm

Old neignbor

Old teachers in dream

On the bird

Open car door

Own and crow

Owning tiger

Oha leave in the dream

Ownear piercing

On a storey building

Old tiles


Orange golden moon

Oil on ones leg

Ond black bird hatching two eggs

Orange highlighter pen

Oga leave

Offering a seat to someone

Old man giving directions

Outside backyard


Old ruin buldings and loveones

Old boy friend ,a snake and me

Overtaking a truck accident

One nipple being cut

Old black woman dreams

Oil on ur head by ur late grandma

Ordained priest

Oxen yoked on plough

Old couple dancing

Ocean in the sky

Ominous dreams meaning

Over boiling milk

One egg in snake nest

Old black tree falling

Old friends fake betrayal chased trapped third person

Orange cat dream meaning


Other person holding me


Old woman blessing you in a dream

Old friend

Oil and bread

Objects dropping from sky like school bags, money

Orange dove

Oil in chest

Old book with strange language

Older self

Orgy in drram

Ogbono fruit from pocket


Offer shelter and cover in the dream

Offered zamzam water in a dream

One old muslim man writing sone on my arm the dream means what

Oppressed in dream

Oppressed by friends

Ordained a priest

Open wound on finger

Open cit on finger

Oha dream meaning

Overhead door

Obeah man working on me


Open kafan

Old man snatched my celphone

Old woman shouting

Owning and plucking wild mango

Owning big wild mango plantation

Old woman gave me a bitter kola to eat in dream

Old woman take a gin ,also cut a bitter kola in her mouth and give to me mouth to mouth

Other vegetarian person eating bone

Obeah oil

Of pali santo and someone telling me it’s a which wood

Old man give me 100

Old sarees

Of being part of a robbery gang

Old mattress

On a plane

Old school teacher flog me in my dream

Oha leaves in the dream means

Oyster turning into an almond

Oyster turninginto an almond

One tooth is longer than the other

Older women giving food

Old plate

One blind eye

Ornaments in big house

Outdoor sex

One sandal fell into river

One is given microphones in a dream

Overflowing water from wishing machine in a dream

Oha meaning in dream

Opaque man

Old tree

Orange man

Of passing water turn into blood

Offering saree in a temple dream

Offering saree to a temple dream

Opening eye during eye surgery

Onyx scarab pendant

Oat meal with milk

Ola maid

Our blood in a container

Okuloota nga waliwo ayokya gonja

Other peoples goals

Over heating

Old woman with white eyes

Outdoor cinema

Opening his door

Old woman offers food to us

Others naked in my dream


Old women giving you millet in the dream

Old women poop

Orange colour

Old door replace with new one

Octagen wall shape


Orthodox priest

Okror in the dream

Other person weaing garland

Orange sky i. my dreams

Orange sky


Offering chaddar in dargah

On a quest

Oori in dreams

Owning a rolls royce

Open door car

Open a door and let other through

Open golden gift box

Octopus climbing rock

Old currencies

Old gas pump

Owl urinating

Owl peeing


Outer space home

Objects falling from sjy

Old woman blessing me in the dream

Off a clift

Old woman bit my hand

Old lady bit and

Offered fanta

Open wound palm

Overcoming obstacles easily

Opening eye

Obsessed chasing

Orange garden

Orange garden that belongs to your mather

Old woman in white cloth going out of house

Old woman dress and going out in dream


Of yourself laying down in the sky with someone throwing object at you

Of yourself lying in the sky with someone throwing object at you

Of yourself lying in the sky

Oily pale face in mirror dream

Oily pale face in dream

Open low-heeled wedding shoes

Origin of river

One asking you to take water from a tape and bring it to her

One betel nut cut two piece dream number meaning

Opening 3 bagpacks

Overflow tank with a lady holding water pipe

Oily hands

Offering water to dead grandfather

One leg of your slippers fell in a gutter

Oha leaves in dreams significant

Origami bird





Old woman lifting me up

Old woman

One that got away

Old shues

Old clothes and shues

Over flowing tank

Oaklahoma little green bird

Owning a clothes boutique

One of the breasts is out of the bra and exposed later realized and hidden

Occasion with relatives with food feasting

Open septic tsnk

Old women at window

Oral sex with old man

Oxygen tanks

Office cloth in a stagnant flood water

Organs comming from vagina

One is mad


Other persons gift saree

Ocean wave

Owl drinking water

Owl drinking

Old love interest

Offers zobo in dream

Okro coming out of my vaginal

Okpa in the dream

Offering coffee to departed

Offering coffee to dea

Offering coffee to dear

Organizing closet

Orgasm in mouth

Owning a house in a dream


Old saree buying dream

Orange orb

Orderly crossroad

Old women proposing to me

One dead mother braiding her hair meaning


One girl having sex with male chicken

Of a pastor wants me to have his baby


Open high heeled silver ladies shoe


Other guy kissing you

Octopus sucks my hand

Orange slippers in dream

Ostracised by friends

One seeing himself prostration in a dream means what

Overcoming fear in dream

Owl pooping on my arm

Own weddinh

Own name engraved in a tomb

Old man loving naked mature lady awaken to a cold dead lady in his arms story

Old woman turning young

Our lamps are almost out for lack of oil

Old women but i see her as young

Opposite party take refuge in my home

Old rusty car

Off loading bag of meat in a dream

Off loading bag of meat

Off loading bag of meat from a car

Old man with gold hair

Offering drink to the dead

Outdoor games

Omudo bwanda bagunywa

Okuloota nga oyonka ebelle

Oiling ones legs


Own transfer

Other person death

Object falls on me trapped


Our lady of manaog

Old lady with long white hair tried to tie my legs


Old woman praying for a young girl in her dreams meaning

Old woman praying for a young girl in her

One sea monster fighting with other

Ox chasing

One car driven by two people at the same time meaning

Outside kraal

Oral sex to trans women

Offering water to some one dream meaning

Offer of bajar

Opening a red envelope in a dream

Obsidian crystal

Ocean and tree

Ocean and treea

Offering me kumkum


Old dirty torn mat

Orange pylon

Oil dream on feet

Okpa in dream

Ordering chocolate cake

On the lam

Our pastor touching me sexually

Our pastor touched me sexually

Old woman in an old house with weak walls

One bird tearing another bird wing in drram means

Others relationships


Organise a party for the dead

Oven prepared chicken in a dream

Old lady saliva

Owning land in the dream


Old enemy wearing new clothes

Orange wedding gown

Owls on poster

Orange one eye

Offering sindoor to lord shiv


Opening a car trunk in a dream

Old man with cap

Old lady giving blessings

Ogbono in dream

Old lady putting tilak on my forehead in jahran

Old lady putting tilapia on my forehead in jahran


Open dried coconut and given yam

Oxtail dream

Oxtail drea

Offering garland on gods neck

One burying money in a dream

Ointment oils

Offering a cake to dead person

Open submarines


One dead man and one in dead man fighting

Olive oil in the palm

Offering chandan on god

Ones left leg is a lot longer than the other

One leg s lot longer than the other


Offering tea

Old bikes

On my dream my brother in law shake hand with me what does it mean?

One pastor is saying to buy two shawls and two rings

Odour from the dead

Old woman blessing in a dream

Orleander flower

Oil beans

Owl on nest


Okpa for dream mean what?

Oral sex in a man

Old suitor

Owl made of fluorite

Orange and yellow flowers

Old man taking bath

Old man taking batj

Overflow of honey on top of tall trees

Obstacle course water

Ocean city

Orange tika

Onion growing on head

One night stand

Oil delivery truck crashes into garage

Old lady with bruised hands

Ocean swim

Orange cat in dreamd

Organs fall out of body


Old lady suck penis

Old women in a dream

Owo eyo

Old scars healing

Old scars healibg

Others greeting eachother

Ogre hands

Old friends dreams

One eye in middle of face

Of pouring milk in the glass

Ostrich finding me

Onion seedling

Old jacket in the dream

Open stitches on stomach

Oil nut in your dream


Old man

Old lady burglar

Owl inside the cage

Oranges in dream mean what

Owl chasing a squirrel

Owl chasingva squirrel

Open wound in the left arm

Oregono tree in dream

Old woman giving blessing in my dream

Offal eating

Ouji board

Of standing on a mountain with rastafarian

Ovarian cysts

On a tree picking mangos

One rhinosorouse in the dream

Old palm basket dream

Objects come to life

Of myself dying

Olive oil in vagina

One slippers is cut and she throw both slippers in the river

One slippers is cut and she throw both in the river

Old classmates

Of husband having sex with his niece

Ordained in the dream by spiritual father

Old woman angry attacks me dream mining

Old clothes given to me by a person who is already dead

O dream of picking palm fruit



Old newspaper

On stage singing

Old students

Orange frock


Old widow lady give blue saree

Oha leaf in dream means

Opening envelope in dream

One strand of grey hair on a child

Organs being puked up

Opened luggage

Ones vagina is exposed

Overwatered plants

Organs coming out vagina

Oral anus

Occult activity

Oralsex with a deceased lover

Opening closed new doors

Opening a padlock with a key




Orchids in flowerpot

Own broken wrist

Old native house



Office inside hallway walk in closet ideas

Old friend in dream

Own breast size increased during pregnancy

Obscuring clouds in life

Own a casino

Old man preparing stew and i tasted the fish which he was using to prepare the stew

Onself as lioness

Orange seeds in the dream

Open house

Owning a poultry farm

Open wound leg

Ocean with out water

One big eye on my forehead dream meaning

Om namah shivaye


Old man holding a pool stick

Orange face

Offer me biting parrots

Orange calcite


Old teacher beating me in dream




Oil in a jar

Ovary implants are out

Old doors in my house

Oiling body

On top of the stairs looking at people at the bottom

Old pen knib dipped in wax

Old pen knib dipped in wax feather on the end caught fire

Oral sex with female friends

Olive oil and tomatoes

Onyx necklace

Overflowing water from well

Overflowing well

Oha leave and tree

Opal jewelry


Oral sex with with father


Opening an old file

Open fire place

Objects washed away in a rivër

Ordering sushi

Oil refinery exploding

Offered money by my sister in law

Old teacher giving me chalk

Old school studying

Offering a golden cross

Old woman with red saree

Old blue car

Old three legged black pots dream biblically mean


Oral sex with dead husband

Oral sex with deceased husband