Old school asssociation?

One cow and four carabao falling in line with red marks of blood

Opening a door ànd the knob breakzs

Opening a door ànd the knob breakz

Opening a door ànd the k

Opening a door ànd the kn


Opening a door and i


Organizing empty containers

Olympus god


Okro plucking

Own foot

Orange kitten


Orange dresss

Only less number of glass bangles i have to wear

Old photo of wife faded

Overlapping sounds

Old lamed woman is walking



Over bearing person

Over bearing fat person

Orion constellation

Ocean lost

Overflow of water from a well

Old friend

Opkro soup with fresh fresh in dream

Open wound legs in dream

Offering halwa to somebody in temple

Open van door

One doubting the love you have for them

Old shoes

Oil in the dream

Opening multiple doors in the dream


One night stand in my home house

Other languages

Oil to hair

One girl likcing another girl pussy in dream

Overlooking an ocean

Old lady crying

Old lady screaming in pain


Oral sex with the president

Octopus in dreammeaning


Orbs in dreams


Opal rings

Overflowing gutter water in town

Oil and water mixture coming from a vehicle motor

One earring

One lady come in my dream nd give me sugarcane

One lady give me suger kane


Owl in water

Open deep wound in the arm

Ogbono fruits

Okro seeds

Organs exploding

Oil rig in the sea


Oath to an ex

Orange headband

Old woman

One eyed creature

Opened cupboard in the kitchen

Others car looking in dream

Other car looking in dream

Old empty hospital

Opalite sphere

Offertory in church

Outside woman

Orance snake

Old lady sitting on threshold

Old teacher beating me

Old aquaintntence

One tearing old own cloth to pieces

One tearing own cloth to pieces

Open boxes

Old woman without legs

Old people in a cult

One dried fish

One dry fish

Old woman stealing soap

Of a hug by a police officer

Om symol

On top of building

One guy i know want to rape me in my dream meaning

Opening an orange envelope in a dream

Old bull skull

Orange envelope


Out house

Okra plant

Ocean and ship in dream

Old times granth

Overflowing septic tank?

Old woman said to my husband to be prayerful

Old said to my husband to be prayerful


Oil on the scalp

Oil the scalp

Obstacles on the bridge



Opening many cabinet doors

Opening betel nut

Oil bean seed

Onion seedlings

Old woman praying for the souls

Out of breath

Outter body expericence

Owning a provision shop

Old man gave me his cap

Orange color dress

Old angry

Ou or you see someone kill chicken, duck, goose or

Olde town

Opening a car door

Oversize panty

Ordering food in a drivethru

Overtaking in a line

Oxtail soup

Owl killing crow

Outdoor table

Older womam walking with my child

Open wound with insects inside

Oily hair inthe dream

Oral sex with my real partner


On a double decker bed

Orange dress dream

Orange butterfly


Own u

Obeah dream meaning

One dead wasp caught killed dream

Old lady stealing

O es higher official wearing a combination of red ,blue green saree

Own erect penis

Older woman helps me cook

Old woman blessings in the dream


One eye wolf


Old burned out kitchen

Old dead man

Own sex organ

Opposite path

Offer of promotion to supervisor

On a bus with my pastor been the driver

Onto seeds

Of late friend knocking on my front door

Old dog losing haar

Old dag losing haar

Orange full moon in dream

Objects killing me

Old burnt photo

Opening my front door to my dead father

Old man and woman



One leg shoe

One shoes

Old man signing a will

Opening a box full of blank books

Organizing stones

Obiesance in dream means

Octopus in water

Olive oil juice falling on my face

One thousand moons

Of a farm with green and yellow maize

Older in dream

Overflow at sink

Old door for new bathroom


Operation of vagina

Olive green attires

Olive green hats

Offering yogurt to many people on their plates

Offering yogurt yo many people on their plates

Old sarees

Ones face in a dream with charcoal

Orange cat

Overflowing river and unable to cross

Offering money for sex to a white women in dreams


Om dreams

Old clothes

Of arch angels

Octogon shield


One angel suddely multiply to more than 15 angels

Oral sex with a stranger

Only seeing a rats tail a the rats goes around my son draw

Opposite gender in dream


Oil that poured on the floor in the room

Open relationship

Own diamond

Opening new food stall

Old lady whom i called a untouchable and she said she is a brahmin n s bbc ed eats bear meat n it was a bad dream and had to wake up myself by hitting the wall

Of driving a dead persons car

Office me absent marked dekhana


Opening a car door dream

Old woman private parts

Ordering food in take out place

Old woman sleeping in my bed room what does that mean in dream

Occult practice in dream

Own flawless shiny face

Old clothe in a dream

One woman extract white and thick vaginal discharge from my vagina

One eyes

Orange pumpkins

Orange pumpkins in forest

Oversized daisies


Opening a box full of clothes

Others clothes wearing dream

One dimensional thinking

Old man planting a tree

Opened luggage in a bus

Owing school fees in a dream

Orange moon in dream

Open locked door

Oil of black


On off display of mobile

Order of lots of bread inside house of stay

Ocean glass globe

Old women gave me alot of regation


Offering money in dreams means

Offering morning in dreams

Others extirpating tree

Objects fell in the floor


Old postcards fall from bedroom wall

Old postcards fall from ceiling

Old mail fall from ceiling

Old mail fall in my arms

One sheep

Ocean road

Old man angel smiling in front of you

Old man young body


On symbol

Old lady coming and putting anklet in my leg

One tree that bear in abundance

Old man blessing

One arm pullups

Old woman praying for you in dream

Orange gemstone

Oil paint


Offering glass bowls and cups

Old woman that had 2 eggs being killed

Old friends

Old mansion

Orange black bird


Olive oil

Ornamental ship

Organ harvesting


Old woman spitting on my dress

Octopus killed the snake


Overheating of oil

One boy giving me to eat curd rice

Opal eyes

Old pine forest

Other partner

One night stand

Owning a brand new hand corn grinder

Offering haldi to shiv linga

Oiling of hair indicates

Offering kumkum to married woman on dream


Old woman praying for me in a dream

Orange breasted bird

Ocean drying up into plane land

Open kitchen cabinets

One million i fine in my dream

Orgasm in fream

Orange light

Other similar planet

Overcharged at a restaurant

One eye in middle of forehead

Owl staring at you

Owl looking at you

Ol looking tag you

Old blind woman telling future


Old milk

Orphan girl dreams

Own father in jail

Old woman cleaning spooled water in my house

Old women blessed me

On top of the building

Opening maggi rap in the dream

Old pickup used as planter by squatters on my property



Orange feather

Onion powder

On my right


Own white face


Offered jalebi by dead men

Over flowing swimming pool in dream meaning

Okro soup pouring

Orange and white snake in backyard

Old nail fall and new nail grow out, replacing old nail

Old man looking into the dark

Outting tika on forehead

Owl trying to get in my window

One tree producing yellow, green and red pepper

Opening ogbono in rhe dream




Oppened thumb

Open thumb

Old shool

Owner of building giving me money

Omen broken antlers

Official dress

Opening a white door

Orange slice

Opening a new business

Orchids and other flowers

Of tailoring

Oil on water surface

Orange juice

Obi n

Opened wound


Oppposite gender

Owing £12000 in a dream

Onion smell

Onions cutting and sharing

One particular house

Obelisk with a clock on it

One year

Old furniture

Offering red water

Oversized clothing

Orthodontic braces

Oil tank

Orange institution suits

Ordering food to dine on

Orange stones

Open wound on heel

Open wound on my heel

Ornate dressers

Ornate furniture

Older lover

Oil spilled on the floor

Ok just hi


On the beach at sunset



Offering deceased mother couches

Old woman with white saree and white hwhi

Onyx dreams

On top of you

Old dead person floating

Oral sex and vomiting

Orel sex and vomiting

Olivia school

Off white

Old clothes meaning in dream


Old pictures

On top of they story building

Orange serpent

Open jaw

Old mentor


Old lady trying to bite hand

On untiled road

Offering dream


Outrunning flood

Offered black clothe

On elevator with secretary

Old lady blessing in dream

Orange snake and mother


Objects falling from the sky

Other women with small breasts

Older married lady flirting with me


Oral sex men

Old lady with white painted face



Organizing luggage

Ordination postponed

Ogbno seed picking in dream

Opening in a bush

Overflowing urinate in pot


Oil in body

Old lady in a white and red saree

Old woman attacking me

Offering married ladies kumkum n fruits in dteam means

Octopus getting killed

Open clear spring water source

Officer uniform

Old woman told me to claim 3 pcs of apple

Observing some one else amputating private body part

Onion sme

Obeah man

Obeah man kiss me

Orange drink

Overtake line and get helped in a dream

Old nipa hut

Orange boganvalia bloom tree in house

Orange boganvalia in house

Overtaken a truck


Of road

Odd shoes

Overflowing river


Orange rosary in butterfly

Open wound in a leg

Old school mate

Old s hook mate

Old man restraining me

Oral sex

Old man beating his wife

Ocean on the road

Ogbono fruit

Open wounded right arm

Of old friends

Oral sex with wife

Olives over flowing oil

Octopus going into tectum

Organs of cow

Older woman attacking me in my dream

On foot vitiligo dreams

Owing £12000 in a dream for medical expenses

Of lobola being paid

One person showing like 4 person

Over flowing cups

Orchid burning

Orange suite

Old technology

Orange stripe cats playing


Old clothings

Oil drinking in dream

Of a robin

Old man blessing in dream

Open wounded knees

On the grave

Orange snake coming out of wall

Opened back and seeing your ribs injury

Orange glitter sky

Old woman dressed in red

Own shop


Ou robot od

Of giving money to children

Ox licking hand


Others riding bike naked

One billion

Own face in water

Oregano tree in dream

Oil blue

Old fat woman

Old gorilla


Object becoming snake

Old dirty comfort room

Old dirty money

Okro soup with eba in the dream


Offloading by someone

Old owman giving a old dress

Old man giving a old dress

Ogbono seeds meaning in the dream

Of buying glo recharge card

Old hutch

Open wound in arm with insects

Octopus tentacles

Old clay pot

Octopus coming to attack me but i killed it

Offering one colanut with 8 lobes in dream means