One nine zero

Okro meaning in dreams

Offers key

On the pulpit naked

Ow is eating meat

Offered cow bowel to sell in a dream


On top of a forklift

One padre

Outer space spinning

Of a dead school principal alive

Others wearing leather

Old man touch your feet in your dream

Of finding out i was adopted

Overhead crane accident

Old lady asking water

Own workers

Orange tree full in bloom

Only wearing socks with no shoes in a dream

Offering money to god at temple

Olive oil on tongue

Of my friend introduction

Onion leaves in dream

Ocean catching octopos and squid

Offering money to the sea

Owl turns into a crow

Old lady giving blessing being kind

Ox with horns

One is old and i buy new one

Old age dying

Old dead relatives with tattered clothes

Own penis in dream

Orange sheep and lion


Offering funrel prayer of alive cousin in my dream

Oil diya

Oval piece of driftwood

Old man with beard

Oyster in tank

Opened bible

Okra in full bloom

Orange envelope under ur pillow

On a date wearing a pink dress

Old metal advertising signs

Orange bath salt

Opening a white gift

Oral sex with child

Oprah offering me a ride in her car

Open wallet


Outer body flying to bermuta triangle

Out of body g lying to bermuta

Overtaking fast in car father driving

Organized food supply



Obsessed and following

One wing angel

Oyedepo gave me money in my dream


Old stove in a drem

Opening a box of matches

Orange eyeshadow

Orange water covering dock


One pomelo in white background

Opening door to dead family member

Overdressed unable to take clothes off


One eye squid

Oil pourednon me



Olive oil as lube

Olive oil as fire fuel

Oral sex in an ocean

One giant eye


Older sister cleaning fish with knife

Older child


Offering her dresses

Old women giving me blessing

Oven on fire

Of an open bible

Old light pole that is not been used falls means what

Others being brain washed

Organs coming out

Orange rosary

Old model pistol

Orange coulor

Outrunning a flood

Oil poured on the head while kneeling dream meaning

On top of the tree

Of seeing my dead father naked in public

Opening a sewage tank

One lady is giving panchamruta in my dream

One eye middle of forehead

Orange purple king cobra

Ocean with people

Overflowing of underground water

Obstacle on ones leg

Orb of white light

Ox without skin

Other people having anal sex

Overflowing plant

Old woman given cocoyam to eating in dream what does that means

Offering donation to check

Overtaking many cars

Overtaking many car

Old conference halls

Old woman breast feed a man in dream

Orange clouds

Opening a door then another door

Oak john paul jackson

Olive oil on hand

One doing ruqya for her sibling


Oil soup

Owo soup in my dream

One dead fly

Ogbono seed in d dream

Oral sex from a stranger

Orange stuff coming out of nose and mouth

Overcoat of colored stripes

Organic food

Offered job by president of your country

Orange uniform

Oral gay


One side heel cut

Opening locked door

Olive bread

Overtaking in a car


Oral sex with cousin

One eyes person

Of your first love

Open envelope

Ophanim in dream

Out of the mouth

Ones father naked

Other horse licking me in dream for food which i have in my fingers

Opening closet with plenty kolanut falling down

Old viking ship in the clouds

Old viking boat

Old radio sound

Old man with black white beared

Old man with black beared

Our dreams

Octopus shoveled in a vagina


Orange chillies

One headlight

Older shoots

Older man shoots a man

On wrists has bangle like a sheep skin

Old neighbor working at a store

Oxygen tank explosion

Okro plant

Origin of a river

Opening up pistachio nuts

Oversize ring

Old saint statue

Oily hand in dreams

Orange plastic lilly

On a hill taking dirty water with your bare hands from the gutter

One room without roof means

Oil dropped on the body

Oil lamp with jesus

Old chickasaw nations believes chickasaw nation heritage believes

Old chickasaw nations believes

Oven mitt catching on fire

Owing a giraffe

Of oral sex

One rice

Oha tree dream

One lady gave arshina kumkum in dream

Oro in my dream

Octopus spitting black ink

On a cruise ship going down a elevator to being shot out into the water


Old women in old white sari

Optical illusions

Oral sex family gay

Oral sex family member

Orange in fridge

One train leaving and another arriving

Offloading chairs

Octopus inside vagina

Older woman breast enlarge milk

Outside lights

Opening sleeper by own is a cheat

Ocean of hands reaching up

Opening a liquor store

Oreintal rug


Opening new gas cylinder in dream

Owl egg

Orange egg



Offered soup

Old woman in tattered clothes

Old man hitting on you

Out of muddy water

Officials supervisors

Orange glowing angel

Om namah

One tooth bigger than the other

Old woman age reversing

Old man dream

Onion root coming out of vagina

Organising for my late mothers arrival

On a tree with lions around

Okpe i

Observing salat while on menses in the dream

Other girl sitting on my boyfriend lap

Ordering pizza after last exam

One dreadlock being cut by big scissors

On horseback

Owing school fees in the dream

Owing school ees in the dream


Owning a valueble island

Only being able to run backwards

On street in my underwear

Outside on street in my panties

Obi cubana date of birth

Opposite stream flowing

Old house by the sea

Orgy with wife

Orange socks

Overflowing liquid eyeliner

Osterich egg

One day left

Of someone biting my breast

Obstacle around neck

Old women pregnant

Orgy in heaven

On shoulders at concert

Ogbono dream

Oil extraction


Old women with stick

Outgrow job

Ominous storm cloud

Orange pepper habanero

Orange pepper

Old woman carrying dirt

Orange crystals

Offloading goods to be paid

One horned bull

Otto on the roof

Otto animal

Om nama shivaya

Octopus is hiding in my gums

Oranges in pool

Offloading in dream meaning

Offloading in dream

Old woman in a rocking chair

Oral sex with ex


Old woman touching stomach

Orange isiwasho

Offering if cooked ackee from somebody you no longer talked to

Oil lamp burning in front of god in the dream

Owning a golden car

Oil and water running in a stream what does this mean

Over ripe kamias

Open the coconut dream

Old friend discouraging

Orange trouser

Offering lotus flower to perumal god

Offering flower to perumal

Offering malai to god

On a couch with new baby girl

Old bolo

Overflowing water pot


Onion head on human body

One and a half person

Orange tiger in house

Old woman gave me password

Of a broken grave in a graveyard

Other man cutting buffalo


Oranges on a tree

Old banyan tree in dreams


Oryx chased people and they run away

Orange saree see in dream

One king defeating the other king

Obeah man telling you something

Open bible picture in dream

Overflow fish pond

Officer in a uniform

Officer in a dream

Opening a big box inside there is my boy friend

Ornage leaf

Over heated iron

Of being held down

Orange tree planted in the globe

Old time friend giving me money in the dream

Our lady of sorrow

Offloading cement for me in my dream

Other wearing garland

Oiling the palms

Old woman pregnant

Open tender coconut

Obgolo soup

Orange wall paper

Old woman glowing eyes

Owing a money debt

Organs coming out of your vagina

Old barn

Old house with flickering lights

Opa in in pieces

One thousand naira

Obsessed guy chasing me

Oil ground

Office flat file in the dream

Oil and water mix in dream

Olive oil on face

One leg stilt dream meaning



Old german lady

Orange river

Opening an office upstairs

Oil mill dream

Office key

Office key in a wallet

Okay sign in my dream

Ok sign in my dream

Open grave of a grandmother

Open grave of a grandmom


Old grave hole

Oil fell down on floor two times in dream

Office witha former staff

Oil dripping hair in the dream

Orange ribbon

Octopus coming out of mouth

Old man bless in dream

Old man giving blessings in dream

Old sack bag

Open drawer with snake

Ostrich mating me in dream

Of giving birth to dead underdeveloped child

Orange bracelet

Offering vada food

Overwater plant pots


Old zinc in your dream

Owl swiming

Olive oil and palm oil

Old man touching meaning in dream

Orange juice mother in law

On top of the roof

Old friends at school

Oozing spot on forehead

Offering flower to goddes laxmi

Old flask

Others falling down stairs

Oldman sucking my breast

Other people eating from the church

Old man waking up

Olive blossom

Open house of neighbor

Off candle

One eye centarus chasing me

Owl pooping on me in dream

Offering betel leaves someone

Old teacher selling land

Ovean tide

Old boyfriend gave me his half drunk juice bottle

Old blur scroll

Old blur bible verse scroll

Old blur and clear scripture

Old scriptures scroll

Old bible scripture scroll

Old blur bible scriptures

Old lady blowing powder in my face


Old woman taking away your husband

Old toilet bowl and bowel

One thousand bill on a water

One blue eye

One point seven million

Old school mate in the dream

Onyx band with a single round diamond on top

Owl in cage

Oil wick lighting dreams

Obsessed person chasing me

Own clothes bundle rolling out the deep place in dream

Own child falling down from steps

Oil expeller mechine

Only child falling

One thousand suns

Ou and digs you inside the palm of your hands

Office desks

Of traveling with someone



Orange white fish

On top of icy mountain afraid to move

Old bag in the dream meaning

Of cutting your siblings nects and then fixing it

Old woman taking me

One gold coin

Orange colour bangle

Open tabernacle

Others admire my hair

Oil and salt

Open wall or fence

Over flowing oil in a dream

Old house green

Oiling foot

Old lady giving sweets and fruits in dream

Openings in heaven

Observe car fall down from river

Orange turmeric

Open wound on the right foot


Overflowing semen


Own haldi ceremony


Oarfish dreaming

Of aman

On the phone

Oil as gift to cook

Old messages dissapeared

On a pl

On a planr

Omelo meaning in dreams

One lady give me aamla

Open the bag

Oil drink

Old woman curses at you

Objects from sky

Old bank

Obstacles in the car

Orange lollipop

Offering dakshina and haldi kumkum to a married woman in dream

Offering white flowers on shivling in dream

One eye lost eyesight

Old style phone


Offered chapati from old woman

Occult group

Oversize ring in dream

Oil in the bag

Over flowing parraffin

Owl eating snake

Open car

Opening a magical paper


Outline of the dream

Offering water to poor child

Overtaking a car driving in reverse

Overflowing water from a jar


Orange harvest

Over heat engine

Old women kissed in dream

Old picture of my boyfriend

Onigiri dream

Offering children food

Old photo of my boyfriend with his friends

One sock missing

One side of a house left unpainted

One eyed rabbit in dream

Oilii hair in a dream

Oji ugo i dream means what

Old currency in d dream

Other person falls from the stairs

Office building elevator

Offals in a dream

Opening a can and food black

Odin dream

Obsessed partner

Orange flame in dream

Oil flowing from your hand

Octupus in my mouth

Oha leaf in bunches

Oil staining your white cloth

Other planets

Old woman giving instructions

Old woman woman giving instructions

Orange fields

Offering something for someone

Own haldi ceremony dream

Ordered a grilled cheese sandwich at a wedding

Ovaloaded car in dream

Open wounds on legs

On a dream i was playing soccer

Ovulating in the dream

Old man to young