Other kids getting naked

Of losing your hymen


Off clif

Old mattresses

One eggplant drop from a window


Old woman flog me in the heard

Old and abandoned classrooms

Own halfi ceremony dream

Oral sex with woman with vaginal tentacles

Octopus and sex

Octopus rape

Octopus tape

Old some one cloth

Orange and white fishes

One trying kill islam

Old relationship

Offering a kiss


Organ coming out of breast


Old woman in numbers

One eye cow

Old chinese woman giving perfume as a gift

Old scary big man

Octopus in my room


Oil in the jerry can

Orbit station

Old clay jar

One leg of slipper cut in my dream what the meaning

Old lighting

Open truck door

Owl landing on shoulders

Of always seen one person in the dream

Oversized purse


Ohihi tree

One eyed disfigured dwarf

Olive oil on the palms of the hands

Old pot dream

Observing an abusive relationship

Olive color cloth

Organs coming out mouth

Old woman bloody body

One foreign with me try to do a romantic sceen

Orange dress unused

Old man falling in a pit latrine

Of wiidrawing money from atm

Own known person slipper what does means

Open back shirt

Ophanim dreams

Open womb in arm

Oil and water mixed together meaning

Oil flowing from tap

Open cut opal mine

Orange to white hair

Oha dream meanings

One slice pizza

Owl butterfly

Orange and white

Ocean mermaid

Offals of animal

Other people being lame in the dream apart from you

Ogbono meaning in dream

Olive oil mixed with palm oil in the dream

Onion tree

Offering sehri to alim in dream

Onion in poop meaning

Onion coming out of stool meaning

Owl eggs thrown

Oral men steal sex

Offering to climbs tree coconut to havest wines

Ogiri dream meaning

Okro field

Old neighbour asking for help

Obsessed gay

Owl red eyes

Overriped mangoes

Old ship with treasure

One leg shoe dream meaning

One packet of black attachment given to me in dream

Of eating chicken with native clay pot

Of eating food inside native pot

Owning a home

Orange colour slippers in my dream

Opposite of favour

One eyed person

Ox blocking way

Oxtail soup dream

Ocean pushing out couches

Oil floor dream

Old torn shoes drifting away in the sea

Other people swimming

One toothless

Old woman kissing snake

Oil theft

Oily greasy palms of hands holding a vitamin

Order takeaway food

Ordering takeaway

Oral sex with monkey

One eyeball

Olive tree broken

Oil flowing on floor

Old grass thatched roofing

Old milk trunk in a sink hole

Old truck sunk

Old milk truck sunk into the ground

Orange gemstones

Of clearing your working place

Of clearing your place of work

Orange bus

On a swing going fast and they were veryhappy

One producing brooms in d dream


Oil dream lucky number

Old women in window

Old women tring to open window and inter in my beedroom

Ony ring

Old quran

Overly intoxicated

Ocean dream

Overwhelmed dishes

Ocean dream with ropes hanging in the sky landing on ship to underground cave with door

Ocean dream with ropes hanging in the sky


Of snake passing but you didnt see it

Old friend staying with me coming and going

Orgasm from a woman


Old woman handing a box with purple grapes

Ox sacrifice

Offered sex

Our friend measuring my land dream meaning

Open drawer of clothes folded with clear water

Old beautiful woman stealing

Oil bean meaning

Older man with long white hair and long white gown

Old man dressed in white

Ocean front

Orhanisinv people

Older woman fliriting with me

On top of the mountain with someone you love

Oversized dress

Oral sex with a female

Overgrown plants

Om namath shiva

Old woman gives me pigeons covered in plastic bags

Overflowing cooked rice

Owl on rooftop

Orange colored sperm

Oil miss with water


Old man giving kumkum in dream

One moon two suns

Overloaded car all men

Oro catch me in dream

Owning monkeys and lots of animals but some get out

Oet result

One of my friend become soldier

Oriental garden lizards in dream

Octopus was running behind me

Office pin

Old lady wanted sex

Old female classmate

Onion skin


Ocean swallowed house

Offering white saree to god

Old dead lady in red dress and red hat in a dream

Orange ladybirds

Orange satin

Old mat in the dream

Old woman giving blessings and money

Okususa ebinyebwa

Ocean wood

On the back of a full bus with strangers and people start killing each other with chainsaws

Others crying and angry

Open bathrobe

Okro tree with fruits

Orange flowered robe

Old dirty neighborhood

Object stuck in throat

Okra tree

Oily bread

Old woman praying over me while i was asleep


Optimus prime dream


Oil spill in your car by sibling

Ogiri seed

Open the door for my dead mom

Old woman tying my stomach with a cloth of a baby in dream meaning

One swallowing his own sperm in a dream

Orange light bulbs

Oil rig

Old man wearing green beads


Out of country

Open sexual parts

Oral sex with unknown female

Orange wall

Outside toilet

Orange wall with hand writing on it

Outer body experience in dreams

Older women kneeling down to greet me and thanking me

Older women hugging me

Oweing school fees


Overheating car

On a slowly sinking ship with family

Oven on fire extinguish

Oven fire

Overflowing washing machine bubbles

Oil spilling on the floor

One pair of slippers burnt

Ones soup poured on the ground as cooking was going on

Old doormat putout throw remove

Offended dream meaning

Offering tulsi leaves to god

Ovaries fall out of your vagina

Ovaries fall out of your vagina with blood

One man is giving me turmeric powder to use and see

Open wall

On wedding gown

Old legs

Open intestines

Old broken wooden step

Old man touch my body in dream

Open wound on forearm with something inside

Orange carnation

Orange colored mountain

Orange mountain


Oil massage butt

Orgasm quickly

Old woman staring out of window

Onions in sea ship

Orange white dress in a dream

Old grave moving as if something lives in it

Onion on grave

Oil simsim mean

Offering flower to perumal in dream

Orisha shango initiated me

On foot thumbtacks


Opposition leader in a dream means what

Ocean waves took away my black bag back

Oil slick creates an accident involving multiple buses crashing and people hurt

Opal necklace

Old placements

Overflow jar of oil

Outdoor singing

Original ghee dream means

Ostrich touching me

Overflowing river covered by sand hiding dangerous water

Old hobbie

Office with no walls or doors



Oozing wounds

Offloading cement from truck meaning

Own jaldi ceremony dream

Onyx ring dream meanings

Ocoyam farm dream

Own kids

Oppositie sex in mirror

Occult symbols

Open door light

Open wounds on knee

Open season

On in law was vomiting and he die after vomiting in my dream

Odd money

Overdosed by medicine

Odd dollar bill

Ogbnor soup

Old lady sale sweet

One month quit notice

Oil and ladle

Orange snake small running away from me

Oilbean picking in my dream

Oral sex with dead aunt

Ocean dreamd

Old friend masturbating

Ophanim flying angles

Old frienc

One mother pig with four baby pig and kill the mother pig

Oil lamps

Over loaded car with young girls

One thick tape worm and one thin tape worm coming out of my noise

Opened large doors

Old woman snatching my wig in public

Oil in milk

Occult group in a buriground

One year old boy is naked

Ocean water chasing me up stairs

One eyed lady in a dream

One eye lady

Old lady sex

Offload log

Omo dream meaning

Oval face

Old trees in an unknown school

Old job not available

Over hearing car while driving

Of failing and people laugh at you

Of failing examin and people laugh at you

Old woman menstruating

Of drinking clear water

Obeah dream

Octopus coming out of a vagina

Orgasm u derwent

Older woman touching my belly

Ordained dream meaning

Orange blankets

Orange slippers mean

Orchid flowers

Others wearing gold necklace

Oral sex from sister

Old acquantance

Old job acquaintance

Old job accquantance

Olivd oil

Okulota ngozzeyo kusomero kitegezaki

Okulota ngozzeyo musomero

Operation feet

One eyed goat

Overwhelming sorrow

Oiled up

Old house crumbled

One animal kills another one

One bucket with water and one big fish swimming

Object in head moves

Origami birds flying away

Origami birds disbursing in front of me

Opened bedroom door

Old plane

Old lady peeing in the bed

One gives you a pestle in the dream meaning

Old house part church

Opening cupboard door

Objects thrown at you

Objects flying at you

Oldsmobile cutlass

Old male friend from my hometown

One bird eye

Oversized eyes


Observe sil

Old cabinet flowing with water

Old man wearing red beads in water

Ocean water rejecting

Old man suck pussy

Open front door at night

Opening lock with key

Opening lock

One thousand naira note dream

Old friends have murdered and are covering it up

Ordering avocado milkshake in dream

Ostrich tears

Over coming allegations in a dream by group of people

Offertory prayer

Olive green pants

Opening a drawer

Office conversation

Open passbook


Owl lays eggs in drea

Old drees dreams meaning

Occult sacrifice

Overwatered plans

Onions being rubbed on your body in dream

Of been a prefect at primary school

Opal egg

Outside the church

One side shoe floating away in river

Orange skirt

Orange lightning

Old sky blue stairs going up

One eye on someone forehead

Oarfis out of water

One thing difference places

One and only sister falling into a lake

Owning a big house in a dream

Offering a drink to the queen

Organs found outside the body

Old man chasing little girl

Old man having sex with little girl

Ophanim in dreams

Obituary poster on the wall

Obeah man bathhouse

Our cows eating some cotton in someone field

Own daughter puberty

Own daughter age attending

Oil pocket

Over flowing of breast milk in the dream

Off the ground

Outdoor class

On a bus moving forward and my mattress on the bus going home and a police officer told me i would be the next one to go home on the bus what do this dream mean

Open door that should be closed

Old man touching my breasts

Orange brownish hair

Oil on cupboard doors

Old maidens

One eye middle forhead


Owl drowning in a pool

Outside of my grandma house in the cold with just a blanket and a random women came and started walking towards me and i got scared

Outside of my grandma house in the cold with just a blanket and a person came

Open water separated with others

Old lady home invasion

One side of shoe being washed away by water

One size of my shoe being washed away by water

Opening a lock without key

Open a loch without key

Old woman spits on my face in dream

Opposition leaders

Ordained as king

Off rooting a rack from the soil

Opening the door for my late mum

Old mad man entered my house

Old church in the forest

Opening of an atteche case

Old natural grass mat


Old sheet music in leather folder

Owl coming in dreams

Overflow water in bath tub

Orange color snake in roof

Others hiking boots in my possession

One wing cow

One eing cow

Old women food

Order food

Obsession with perfection

Opening in heel

Old man gives me medicinal leaves

Odour in dream meaning

Old man under my bed while i am sleeping

Old lady sitting on me


Owl babies

Onion rings

Ogono buip fruit

Oil in my vigina

Owl making noise

Outside hospital

Oil cold press

Old bones

On birthday dead grandma comes in dream

Oak tree breaking on roof

Over excitement and happy in dream

Osunset olovedone olake okisshand

Oil in pockets

On train with dead sistet

Old man tipping cones over in the middle of the road

Olive oils bottles throw on the floor

Ocean tidal wave

Onions plants

Old lady giving me a lot of money

Obstructions in a park

Open giant door in the forest god what does mean

Overie egg

Olive oil appying on private part

One eye and one foot

Obsessed chasing me

Old rich suitor

Old man naked professor

Over loaded car

Old person giving blessing in dream

Owl pissing on you

Over breaskfed baby

Orange inside is liquid gold

On top of storey building

Oil gushing out of floor

Or allah to fulfill the dream

One person multiplying

Ocean at niggt

Octopus putting tentacles inside you

Of an unknown place in a boat

One million rand

On a horse

One thousand paper bill money

One thousand pare bill money

Ocean with waves

Offloading a big garbage truck

Old woman spirit say can someone pray for meq

Ouran highschool host club

Ogbono dream meaning

Old woman blesses u

One thousand naira note in a dream

One thousand naira note given to a student in a dreamm

Operation of a child having a hole in stomach

One tooth snake

One tyre left i was driving

Open bathroom door

Out of ink

One fetching dirt water and other clean water in the same dam

Orbs one is called phoenix

Offloading provision in a dream sent from foreign country

Offloading provision in a dream sent from abroad

Organ hanging out from the vagina

Old kingdoms fighting

Overstuffed suitcase

Object entering my mind

Obsessed and chased me

Old woman blessing in dream

Origami people

One lane road

One lane mountain road

Objcect falling from sky

Ogiri in a dream means


Okra vegetables

Old woman child empty church

Oral sex hairy vagina

Old woman and my husband

Old woman in bed of my husband

Old woman joined laying down on the bed of my husband

Ordered food

Ordering carryout

Old woman holding a candle

Oruvar pai vangi tharuvathaga kanavu kandal enna artham

Owning a provision shop in the dream

Old toothless man sucking breast of a young woman

Old lady kiss and say goodbye in the dream

Overcoming hurdles

Olive politics

Olive society

Oil bean eating

Overcast at night

Ovary eggs

Others back full of red slice

Oha leaf in draem

Oppitsite gender


One of the female breast exposed in public

Offering kolanuts and so on to deities in a dream

Old dustpan

Owl hook abdomen

Other people moving slowly

On a boat with jesus christ

Orange candy


Ostric egg

Old slippers

Olaf when having a stroke

Old lady kunkuma

Old man death


Overflowing suds in washing machine

Overflowing suds

Owl poop

Open forum in church

Order to buy popcorn

Offering haldi to other people

Offering haldibto others

Occultic group

Over adding charcoal on a charcoal stove




Oil bottle exploding

Opening champagne bottle in dream

Offloading some heavy thing from your head


Of ex boyfriend as a pilot

Oil well in dreem

Of the world ending

Orb in a dream

Optic illusion

One yellow eye creature

Others infected toenails

Old rajmahal see in dream

One thousand two hundred and fifty

Of another human


Outpouring of graces

Orange ball of light

Onions for breasts

On all fours hands and knees

Oga beating his servent in the dream

Opening a mirror and saw a skull

Owl captured in drinking glass

Organs coming out through vagina

Old language

Open heaven

Old friend leaving jacket

Out from assembly

Old woman smoking snuff

Orange cloak

One leg shorter making it hard to walk

One hand less girl in dream


Opon ayo dream meaning

Old man with black beards

On a dock my water

Of catching breadfruit

Over flowing gutters and water damage inside house

Over flowing gutters and water damage in the house

Overflowing and crumbling foundation

One eye rabbit

One horn

One horn bill

Off set heartbeat

Old lady having sex

Orange beacon

Open wound on both legs

Old lady giving u roti


Own picture in grave

Over pass

Owing bill for medical expenses

Of seeing a ig window

Old lady shaking

Old woman give you blessing

Owl dreams

Old tree in the city

Oil soil

Osaka pit evacuation

Ordering pani puri with relaitives and strengars

Old woman and my wife having argument over drinking beer

Our dead father celebrateing his birthday in a big way

Older self killing younger self

Of a crocodile licking you

Only short trousser with white piece of cloth covering means


Orange sherbet

Office furniture bookcase


Our dream future family would look like

Olive oil in a dream

Orange tiger behind a door

Oiling yourself with alovera in a dream

Out of prison



Orange cars

On a boat looking at the beach

On a boat near a beach on a sunny day with someone

On a boat near the beach

On the sidewalk

Outstretched arms

Overtaking people in a dream

One winged angel

Ocean raising

Old lady giving me food

Overpriced pad of paper

Oil in the mouth

Overseas dream

One moon and two suns

Overwhelmed nothing where it needs to be

Ones mother having testicle

Old woman black veil biting hand

Old lady dream biting your hand

Overflowing perfume

Owl and bat

Oranges chasing me

Old woman at the front door

Outside deck

Onyx silver ring

Otter in a wood area with small bird in its claws trying to eat it alive

Old shack

Orange snake turn into orange chicken

Oral sex mother son

Orthodox bishop

Oil coming out from ground

Old ladys licking my arm

Oral sex on a man

One night stand that i didnt ever have

Okuloota nga oli kussomero jewava

Orange ball

Oozing from breast

Overflowing water well

Omelette and yam given to me



Orange rats

Olive oil throws on the floor

Olive oil waste on the floor

Owl in wall of home

Owl discovered in home

Olive oil spills on the floor

Organising people

On high mountain and scared of falling

Old blind woman throwing a stick at me

Over see

Old woman sitting in my chair combing hair

Octopus on string in stomach

On periods

Owl that looks like a cat

Orange curtains meaning in a dream

Oral sex blow

On a book

Old electronic gadgets

Owl killing me

Old woman cursing me

Other cat calling my name

Orange gladiolas

Orange gladiolus lining a mountain stairway

Oil and apostle

Oil being poured into water by an apostle of god

Opening gate for a dead person

Overcooking vegetable

Over cooking vegetables

Old pepper germinating with new green leaves

One hand amputted dog in dream

Officiating in a wedding as the minister

Observer chambre

Ophanim dream

Open windy back door


One by one

Ox blocking a way

Ox in a dream

Oxygen penis

One red glove

Over writing cheque

Open a book and brides cut hair was inside

Old timer

Old women selling bread

Ocean beach sudden fire

Overflowing fish

Oil filling bottle

One red tail light no headlight


Orange colored sky

Orange sky white clouds

Orange sewasho

On top of a lion

Open roof car meaning in dream

Open roof car

Other girl sitting on boyfriend lap

Old lady biting my fingers

Old lady giving haldi kumkum in dream

Old women getting menstrual period in dream

Okro soup eating by a family in dream

Ogbono seeds was geven to me in my dream by my late father meaning what

Old woman dead

Overpaid parking ticket

Old women in house

Oil lamp bursting into flames in a dream

Other woman sleep with me



Old man making love to me

Out of focus

On stomach bowel coming up

Ocean water washing posessions away

Owned truck

Old gothic buliding

Our daughters gave us a lot of white flowers

Offering deceased apples and carrots

Open skin wounds healing

Over coming a steep road

One eyed car

One eye dream

Overdue library book

Oil truck swearling

Owning a rabbit

Oral sex to devil

Offering wine to dead relatives

Oral sex in dream

On my unfinished site

Old lady sitting in a chair

One unpaliting hair

Owning a traditional house


Out of shape

O dream of going to the toilet yourself is a sign of litigation

Okro farm

Orca whale

One line of a song

On a burnt field leading a queue

Oil overflowing from the pots to the ground

Opaque plastic

Open venus flytrap

Offering prayer in dream

Oil given by dead person

Old baby plate

Orange sheep

Obsidian stone

Old lady blessing me in dream

Owls talons in a dream

Owls talons with deer skin

Octopus sucking blood out of my left leg

One eye cloud white in dream

Orange biting worms

Overflowing sewage

Orchard trees

Old freinds

On the dream my friend passed away by the flood

Old palace dream

Old professor

Orange gladiolas in a vase

Old to young

Orange bird flying

Organizing things


One red rock

Oil poured in my hands in dream by a prophet of god


One foot toenails longer than the other

Offering in the dream

Of a ghost

On the way to cemetery

Ox sex

Own child accident

Over grown garden

Over flowing bath tub


Out of reach

Open man hole cover been removed

Ox lost its horn

Out of control bus

Of someone giving you a silver teapot

Old highschool classmate

Old friend snubb

Oil leakin

Others eating as i watched

On a boat in the sea

One tree different fruits


Oval shape light


Overtaking people in a queue

Overtake people in a queue


Outdoor cafe table

Orangr snake swallowing a man in dream

Older empress

One slipper lost and not fou d anymore

Okay okay in a dream

Other girl sitting on my partners lap

Over weight

Overflowing silo

One eating pumkin

Old women wearing white gaon and gives me two white cutting board

Old woman sitting staring at me rocking in a chair

On the same ride with your father

Oili hear

Old logging truck

Overwatering plants

Ocean and sand

Opening a tombstone

Owing taxes

Old dirty black stove

Old big tree

Oha leaf in the dream

Ocean gray

Oceano gray

Old school friend


Old pair of sue in a dream

Old man standing at the door of my bed

Oral sex with another woman

Old wife get young

Ostrich laying eggs

Old woman turning into old man

One eye with no vision little sister

Others playing football match

One of my eyes is white

One white eye one brown eye my eyes

Offering a thorn branch to a friend

One of my eyes was white

Old woman in the toilet

Oiling naked body

Oiling in naked body

Only wearing u der

Old woman laughing

Of dealing with a dishonest girl woman artist and the message that a leopard never changes its spots

Of ordering a painting of a leopard snow leopard and having the artist not be honest

Owl eating crow

Old woman buried alive


Old lady giving fruits

One girl swimming by big bout on clean water

Of falling of a building

Olive oil in hair

Old lady eating food

Only you in the dream

Old woman pooping

One banch of bead cut of in a dream

One loud clap of thunder

One of them died and his family laughed at his death

Older sister giving birth

One hundred dollars

Orange tiger dream


Our municipal mayor was killed

Ocean on my cielling

Other person half dress

Old past teacher


Obsessive best friend

Onions dream

Overtake someone

Offered seeds to eat

Of me being sodomized

Over taking many cars and clear path

Old woman screaming at me

Old woman blessings you in the dream


Ovary cyst

Oyster shell

Olive green suit at funeral

Overflowing water closing a bridge

Ocean painting


Orange envelope dream

Okro and soliders

Owel eating fat snake

On easy

Orange stain on carpet

Outsmarting a scam



Offering deceased cigarrettes

Ocean nightime

Offloading a container in a dream means what

Oral in dream

Orange puke

Overflowing bucket of water

Out of control fire in a grill

Overrun by insects

Ordained prophet

Oral sex children

Open gold box given by goddess

Orgasm in deep sleep mean

One sliver colour fish

Open ocean water

Oluweri meaing

Odor of fart

O wearin my mothers dress

Old native woman

Orange njeti cloth

Of my girlfriend cheating on me and running away

Old woman on a rocking chair

On knees praying and crying for my marriage restauration

On knees crying for marriage restauration

Of someone cheating on you

One side love

Orange skies

Out of the closet

Out clause

Own head chopped

Opposite side world

Observing fighting at a wedding

Observing people fighting at a wedding

Odour of dead body

Operation on pelvis

Overdress dream of yourself


Olive oil poured into hands

Overnight summer camp

One wing devil

One devil wing

Offload countainer of goods in a deam

Organized crime

Owl rainbow colors

Old man ghost

Old bearded man ghost

Oral sex with your ex bf

Old lady wearing purple gown

Old women getting married

Of eating cow feet

Occupying same bed with king

Ocean gar fish

Overripe fruits

Okpa meaning in a dream

Off white colored car

Orange hotel

Owls or birds

One brown up close human eye

Old maternity clothes

Ocean dock

Old refrigerator

Organ saree buying for widow

Okuloota nga oyonja gonja

One day to live

Orange car kidnapped my child

Offloading of plenty materials dream

Oil poured on white garments

Of ur children

Oral sex sucking a penis

Ocean and light house

Of prophet muhammad

One nipple

One who can not walk dragging him self

Olive oil spilled on me

Oetmeal poltice

Outstretched hands

On the phone with friends

Owo soup in the dream

Older elephant having sex with a young elephant

Old parent fetching water

Off sider seat in a car

Off sider seat

Operation in the uterus