On dream holy book is destroyed

Occupying my tool shed

Occupying my garage

Old rasta man

Orange brown red face

Orgasam chicken

Old leather

Ox laughing

Of eating a tart

Offering food in temple

One having a full trick load in a dream

Outside of church

Older woman crocheting

Oil for human cosumption

Oil on my head

Oil stain on cloth

One leg longer than the other4

Orangutan swinging

Olive green shirt in my dream

Of seeing someone with a dead person

Owning school fees

Oil came in dream means

Overflowing pit latrine

Outside cemetery

Outside graveyard

One big road and many minor roads in the sky means

Outside table


Open hands with kumkum

Oiled finish

Old granny

Outhouse in the river


On the run from the cops

One tear right eye

On the train

Overcome fear of hights

One eye glass is cracked

Opening champangne bottle

Own hand and leg white in dream

Onsay kahologan sa damgo nga ngsonog ug basora

Owl spider web

Old habit


Obstacle cources


Of washing a pant of girl

Old man blessing me means

Owning a trailer

Oleander garland in a dream

Old women in black saree in dreams

Old women in black saree in deeams

Olive grove

Oral sex with shemale

Other people ruining home


Open wound in feet

Old man shooting me



Oral sex with a female friend

Old love in dream

Ohm symbol in dream

Old mother drinking milk from widow daughter breast

One horned cow

Offering tea to a dead friend in dream

Old friends ignoring me

Old man in water

Odara fruit

Owning a bus for hire

Oil pouring on head

On top of pinnacle building

Oil fell down on the floor

Over all. clothing

Over all red clothing

Out of vagina

Oval shaped charcoal

One big hole in each palm of the hands

Old lady combing hair

On my dream i saw someone bringng a dead dog to give someone to make a meat, and it was well prepared and i could it the dog meat

Outlaw accomplice

Old lady showing her private part

Ocean dream meaning

Overflowing oil in a vessel

Of liking to be touched to your private parts

Oversize sleepers

Over cooked bread

Old creepy woman laughing at me

Old fashion car

Old women calling you and dragging your feet

Offloading a truck with electrical equipment

Ocean rolling back

Other people stuck in a bear trap

Other people stuck i a bear trap


Opponent missing score


On top height

Oxtail dreams

Orange leafs bucket

Orange musk

Oral pleasre

Owl lays egg

Ox pulled my clothes

Obstacles of a new dream

Oha leave dream meaning

Owl - coloured

Oil poured on my head

Overflowing septic tank

Onion on leg

Old widow lady selling red ssree

Overflowing chamberpot

Oriol sex

Old boyfriend waving while driving to me

Over looking a problem dream

Owing a school

Ogbono fruits in dreams

Overtaking a car

Of arranging chairs in a classroom

One girl suicide on gutter by drowning

Ocean covered

One drop of water in a dream on a nose

One drop of water in a dream

Orange blossom

Opening of channel


Old woman attack my daughter

Old lady welcoming in palace

Old lady siting in rocking chair welcoming u in place

Of pooping your pants

Oral sex with sister in law

Open the door

Opening door dead mother

Offering a red water cup to durga maa

Old well

Old woman s

Oversize clothes


Oil spill

Oil in dream during pregnancy

Orange sky

Old men with three eyes in the face

Our lady of guadalupe appeared in my fingers figures

Our lady of guadalupe appeared in my figures

Offering brahmin rocksalt in our dream

Open wound in the leg

Open wpind in tje leg


Owing alot of gold


One of my slippers was change to another one

Other species

Old lady with red chunri

Oil being thrown in the trash

Overflow of water and sweeping

Oral sex with stranger


Old woman praying for me

Orange in dirty water

Old picture

Old wealthy man

Offer lanch

Okulota nga obuka mubaga

Old cloth in dream

Orange moth




Oil face and seeing crush

Old dirty toilet bowl

On a beach with someone

Old sto nino


One eye lion



Orrange coloer grape fruit

Okuloota nga mulya gonja

Old mat

Ocean hole

Old strange woman

Offering kumkum to some idol

Offload in d dream

Old woman wearing white saree

Ocean cove

Old woman giving a gift of clothes from under a pillows

Orphan kids

Orange cloud or mist

Orange cloud

Open wound in the right hand

O dream about huile

Oiling my hair

Of an old boyfriend

Ocea god

Old dead person washing big utensils with us in our dream

On my head

Overloaded small car driving slowly in a mud road

Oiling the body

Old lady

Old man blessing me in dream

Of relative lying down eating grass

Orange snake entering inside you

Over flow water tank

Old womam in white dress

Older dead brother telling me to wash dishes

Out of house and drinking milk

Out-of-hous e


Obeah dead and accident crash

Old turtle

Old container

Offering flower to god

Opening multiple doors always with a happy sun moon and an eye

Opening multiple foors

Oarfish on dream

Oversized shoes

Ocean tide rises

Oil well

Ox in dream


Oxe with horn in dream

Oil been dream means what?

Ocean view

Offloading clothes

Old clothes

One eye person

Old rolls royse car

Old woman blessing me in dream

Optimistic dream

Oyster box

Old naked ugly woman

Owl n crow in dream

Oneself naked

Orange rice eating sweet

Ornamental feathers

Obsessed with me

Ocean, riaing

Old woman mopping the surrounding area of house


One baby with two heads

One hairy demon hand

Overtaking a truck


One gold shoe

Old woman white dress gifts

Overflowing food pot

Oriental caroet

Ocean drained

Old lady asking for you to pray for her

Old lady that you don’t know asking for you to pray for her

One eye is white

Old lady in brown cloak

Old behaviour

Olive oil poured ot from the plate to the table

Owl with glowing eyes in dream meaning

Okuloota nga waliwo ayojya gonja in the drea

Orange leaves in dream meaning

One eye missing


Orgy house

Offered sacrifice in the dream

Octopus dream

Octopus dre

Opened windows

Old white man

On a wedding party when a man has not paid bride price

Old bag to a friend

One thousand naira note

Opel gemstone breaking in dream

Offering kola nut for prayers in a dream meaning

Open wound in my hands

Ogbono soup in dream

Okpa in a dream

Old man dying in the age of 100

Owl with yellow glowing eyes


Old woman give me salt and red oil missed with water in a dream and i wake up after the dream

One who sleeps with his sister

Open clam

Objects moving fast

Oven on


Old diary

Offering doctors sit

Offering food and clothing to elderly

Ocean fill olive oil and salt

Opd lover date

Objects in the sky

Old woman give water added with pulse in dream

Oral sex.

Overload car

Overflowing rain water


Okuloota nga oli u keleziya

Offering a flamboyant to a boss

Old bank notes in a dream

Old maori woman walking on clouds

Old maori lady walking on clouds


Owing someone money

Of teaching destination

Old women in white decending from the sky

Old woman came out of woods in green cloak no face

Only run backwards

Overpowered by someone

Objects floating in the air

Oil in the car

Owning a town

Oil refinery explostion

Other beings

Oral sex with demon

Old empty house

Other people living in my relatives home in drea

Old model black car

Octagon with diamond

Oil poured by someone in your hands

Own hairs in hand

One wing

Out of control shopping trolley

Old man crushing anaconda head

Orchestra conductors

Ocean currant

Ocean current

Oversizes male suit

Ovarian cease dream

Old woman giving me water

Okra in the dream

Offering haldi kunkum

Old couple killed

Offering help for someone

Objects in mouth


One leg longer than the other leg

One leg shorter than the other leg

Oil n salt mix in dreams

Old chrush

Other person washing my clothes


Old woman cooking and eating


On uniform and seeing chameleon in your dream

Owl eyes

Old man giving blessings in a dream

Others accuse me of being a fraud

Over grown plant on ceiling and wall

Of unknown father coming forward

Oiling dry hair

Orange shoe

Offered a grilled cheese

Old lady standing a foot of my bed

Old lady watching me whilst i am asleep

Old woman with big penis

Oral sex in a dream

Own marriage postponed in dream

Old hidden graves

Owning a house on top of the mountain

Octopus sucking my hands

Octopus sucking blood from leg

Openining a coffin

Oil palm fruit

Offal in a dream meaning

Orchid in mouth

Owning a land opposite a cemetery


Old lady giving blessing for husband

Owning a plot

Orange juice dead person

Owl in pond

Old lady no teeth

Old friend with a baby

On the sea

Old grave still covered in dream

Old woman seeking for help

Oral sex with my pastor




Overflowing pee pot

Others trying to hurt me

Overflowing dishwasher


One wearing royal blue color

Onions. to dream of an onion indicates that you will be the focus of envy, malice, and resentment as a result of your accomplishments.

Old clothes carried by flood

Orbit of moon

Old lady 2x lick my broken knee

Open a cubboard lock

Owing fish resturant


Oil is increasing in a container automatically

Oga soup and fufu

Old tv in the dram is what

Outing on a generator

Open pores dream

Observing others betting with alcohol


Old man

Oil dripping from my hair

Oral beads worn on the arms

Old man in my dream asking me to marry him

Ogbono soup

Out of body

Oha leaves

Onyx crystal

Onys crystal

Old west

Operation of penis

Owner beating you in dream

Observing a bear killing itself


One arm woman

Ostrich getting attacked

Ostrich getting pecked

Old shiny coins

Old roman coin

On a church altar

On plane without tickets

Old woman wishes good in life

Old women wishes good in life

Orange and purple saree

One guy is putting holi colour on me

Own childhood

Old vehicle own by my father

Ogbono seed means what

Old lady giving blessings and money in dream

Old woman attack

One billboard falling another one going up

Orange hen

Oral sex dead father

Offering salaah naked



Olive green wrappers and shirts

Oil coming out of the earth

Of breadfruit

Ovarian cyst death

Om namah shivaya in dreams

Overtaking trucks dream interpretation

Ox plouging field

Opposite sex helping me to dress up

Oil truck crashing

Oil truck

Of doing a flying kick

Offering lost

Old friends


Old lady wearing white holding flower

Ogbono fruit dream

Oil and water mixed

One leg of your slippers cut

One cleaning a kerosene stove means what


Over flow rice in a pot

Orange color slippers

Orange slippers that would not fit

Observing husband in sex with a woman

Old woman praying for me in a dream

Ocean storm

Old neignbor

Old teachers in dream

On the bird

Open car door

Own and crow

Owning tiger

Oha leave in the dream

Ownear piercing

On a storey building

Old tiles


Orange golden moon

Oil on ones leg

Ond black bird hatching two eggs

Orange highlighter pen

Oga leave

Offering a seat to someone

Old man giving directions

Outside backyard


Old ruin buldings and loveones

Old boy friend ,a snake and me

Overtaking a truck accident

One nipple being cut

Old black woman dreams

Oil on ur head by ur late grandma

Ordained priest

Oxen yoked on plough

Old couple dancing

Ocean in the sky

Ominous dreams meaning

Over boiling milk

One egg in snake nest

Old black tree falling

Old friends fake betrayal chased trapped third person

Orange cat dream meaning


Other person holding me

Old woman blessing you in a dream

Old friend

Oil and bread

Objects dropping from sky like school bags, money