What does it mean to see an head in a dream?

Head Dream Meaning: From 28 Different Sources


(1) A head may be a symbol of intellect: rational as distinct from intuitive thought.

(2) It may symbolize the conscious ego as distinct from the unconscious (which might be represented by the abdomen or solar plexus).

(3) It may be a symbol of masculinity.

(4) A monstrous, horrifying head probably represents negative - because repressed - drives or processes in your unconscious. Try to follow Perseus’ example. The Gorgons’ eyes turned to stone anyone they looked at; but when Perseus succeeded in cutting off Medusa’s head, the winged horse Pegasus sprang from her body. This may be seen as symbolizing the psychic or spiritual development that results from facing up to whatever is fearsome in one’s unconscious.

(5) A two-headed creature may symbolize either duality, antagonistic opposites in your psyche or the (needed) union, or bringing together, of opposing psychic qualities / functions / forces - for example, masculine and feminine; conscious and unconscious. See also Beheading.

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols | Eric Ackroyd


Thoughts; opinions; intellect; decisions; intentions; self image. Fairly understandable from the huge number of idioms about head and face, such as lose one’s head/face’, so one might literally dream of a headless figure.

Face: self image; concerns about how others see you; ex­pression of or hiding of inner feelings and attitudes. Idioms: above one’s head; over one’s head; enter one’s head; get something into one’s head, go off one’s head, swollen or big head; head above water, head in sand, face the facts; face the music; face value; flat on one’s face; facelift; long face, poker face; blue in the face.

Ears: subtle information, rumours. Idioms: an ear for, all ears; reach one’s ears; flea in the ear, gain the ear of; ears burning; long ears; lend an ear, hear from; will not hear of, hearing things.

Eyes: how we see the world and ourself. Although eyes are not mentioned much in the collection of dreams used for data in this book, saw, see. seeing, look and looking, constitute the highest number of mentions. In a computer word count of 1,000 dreams, these words were mentioned 1,077 times. Feel, feeling, felt, came second, with 855 hits. So dreams are pre­dominantly a looking at and seeing activity, in the sense of insight and awareness.

Eyes are used in many ways in dreams. As these quotes show, eyes can represent the soul or psyche in its many moods-—dark deep eyes; desperation in its eyes; shining eyes; impersonal eyes; staring eyes; eye to eye. Example: 4I saw a young soldier with a gun, but as our eyes met we were at­tracted to each other, and he put his arm round me’ (Pauline B). As the example shows, eyes can represent the state of a relationship. Lack of eye contact: avoidance of intimacy. Closed eyes: introversion or avoidance of contact; not wanting to see. Example: I was dimly aware of a biggish black bird that came down close beside us on the step and pecked at the baby’s eye, then it flew olf.

The eye was gone completely’ (Heather C). Heather’s dream shows the eye depicting the T or identity. In fact her sense of self was damaged in infancy.

In many dreams the eyes represent our understanding, or how we ‘see’ the world, our view of things or other people; also intelligence; our attention; our boundaries of awareness. Blindness: not being aware, not wanting to see something— usually about oneself. Loss of sight in right eye : not seeing what is going on in the outside world. Loss of sight in left eye: not seeing what you are really thinking or feeling; not aware of self, motives, behaviour, no ‘in-sight’. Idioms: I see; can’t you see; you must be blind; I saw it with my own eyes; all eyes, eye opener, evil eye; sheep eyes; one in the eye; turn a blind eye.

Mouth: pleasure area; our hungers, sexual pleasure. Also, because we speak with our mouth and tongue, they can repre­sent what we say; a dream of our mouth being buttoned— button your lip—or sewed up could suggest that inwardly we regret having said cenain things and need to hold our tongue. Chewing: considering; mulling over something. Idioms: all mouth; a big mouth, nasty taste in the mouth; mouthwatering.

Nose: curiosity; intuition, as with ‘smell a rat’; penis. Idi­oms: have a nose for, nose out of joint; rub nose in it; up one’s nose.

Teeth: the ageing process as it relates to maturity. This is because we lose our first teeth as we leave childhood behind, and lose our adult teeth as we leave youthfulness behind. Also aggression; ability to ‘chew things over’. Bad tooth: a painful or rotten part of one’s feelings, life or relationships, angry or regretful words. Teeth falling out: example: ‘1 felt a tooth was loose and staned pushing it with my tongue. Then I took hold of it between thumb and forefinger and pulled it out. I felt okay about this, but then another tooth was loose, and an­other, and I pulled them out. Running to the bathroom I looked into the mirror, horrified and frightened. All my teeth were coming out. Not knowing how to deal with this I ran to my mother, showing her my mouth, empty now except for two teeth. My mother appeared not to see my lack of teeth, or notice my fear’ (Eve). Eve was 18 at the time of the dream. She explored it and found a fear of ageing and death. Also apprehension about maturing and facing independence and responsibility, loss of attractiveness. 1m Tofeeq, a Palestinian woman, told me that among the Arabs it is believed that if you dream of losing teeth it means your brother or son is in trou­ble. She had a dream in which three of her teeth fell out.

The next day she received a call from America to say her son had been shot in the head three times by a gunman.

A woman swallowing teeth: the throat and Eustachian tubes are like the uterus and Fallopian tubes, so can depict conception or fear of it. False teeth: lies told; false face; not keeping spoken promises. Idioms: show one’s teeth, get one’s teeth into; gnash one’s teeth; grit one’s teeth; teething trou­bles.

Tongue: speech, expression of what we feel; saying what is deep inside us, perhaps unknown to ourself; penis. Idioms: find one’s tongue; tongue in cheek; lose one’s tongue; sharp tongue; hold one’s tongue; forked tongue.

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences | Tony Crisp


To dream of something being on your head can be symbolic of God’s blessing or a curse, Prov. 10:6.

The head is also symbolic of a wise and honorable person, Isa. 9:15.

A faceless head can symbolize the flesh and humanity

Christian Dream Symbols | Tyler Wolfe


The head is where the brain is and therefore is the symbolic home to thoughts and thinking.

A dream that features a head may connect to the thoughts and ideas of the person whose head it is.

A dream that features the head in a significant way could be pointing out that you are “too much in your head” and would benefit from giving a rest to overthinking things.

The head also houses the face, which relates to your persona and how you present yourself to the world. Such a dream image may be expressing ideas about how you are being perceived. To “rip someone’s head off” is an expression that relates to great anger, so a disembodied head in a dream may be the result of unexpressed rage.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams | Dr. Mıchael Lennox


1. Jesus Christ;

2. Authority;

3. Leadership;

4. Father;

5. Blessed;

6. Foundation;

7. Disapproval or disgust (shaking of the head).

8. Mind; Exod. 18:25; (3-4) Exod. 6:14; Num. 1:4;

• Hitting Head

- speaks of Mocking Christ or leadership; (9) mind; Exod. 18:25; (3-4) Exod. 6:14; Num. 1:4;

• Head Anointed

- Being set apart; well-being and joy.

• Head Covered

- A grieving person; to be in submission.

• Head Covered with dust

- To be appalled or dismayed.

• Head Covered with the hand

- Deep regret and sorrow.

• Head Uncovered

- Sin nature revealed.

• Head Swaying

- To suffer disdain Sam. 13:19; 15:30; Jos. 7:6; Ps. 23:5; 27:6; 83:2; 140:7; Luke 21:28.

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model | Vincent Wienand


See body parts metaphors.

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model | Vincent Wienand


Refers to one’s mental state and/or head authority

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton


The head is considered to be the principle part of the body. Because it is the seat of the life force, it denotes power and wisdom.

Dreaming of the head suggests that we should look very carefully at the way we deal with both intelligence and folly.

To dream of the head being bowed suggests supplication. When the head is covered we may be covering up our own intelligence or acknowledging somebody else’s superiority.

A blow to the head in a dream can indicate that we should reconsider our actions in a particular situation.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous


See body

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous


The mind or the head is the maestro that controls one’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

To dream about your head refers to your notion that human beings are the masters of the universe. This can include your perception about the world, yourself, your accomplishments, dreams and identity.

If you dream that someone is trying to rip off your head, it signifies that you’re not thinking straight or seeing things as they really are. This may be due to lack of knowledge or denial. Face your fears because avoidance is only a pain killer, and the pain will eventually be back.

Dream Symbols and Analysis | DreamForth


The head symbolizes the source of all wisdom. Being made the “head” of an organization, or being sent to the “head of the class” denotes that one has accomplished much.

Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia | James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver


Vision: Seeing a head in a dream is a warning: be more attentive and alert. Seeing a torso without a head: you have run headlong into a situation from which you need to extract yourself in a hurry.

If the head on your body belongs to someone else: whether you like it or not, others will decide for you what to do next.

If the head on your body faces the back: thoughdess actions and wrong decisions have created severe problems for you!

Depth Psychology: The head indicates that your good sense is controlling the rest of your body. Smashing your head in a dream means many problems and conflicts with no resolution in sight. Did you “lose your head”? Why, to whom, and in what circumstances? Are you running around like “a chicken with its head cut off? Dreams about the head may also be a sign of an actual illness in that area. Decapitating another person: you are now ready to use your head to solve your problems. One- eyed head: dreaming about eyes might be a hint that you are too occupied with yourself.

If the image has the right eye missing, you might try to gain more insight in emotional areas. Prominent teeth: you are looking for material tilings or “biting” into them.

Dreamers Dictionary | Garuda


a vision of a head is indicative of 12 sides: leader, big group & father, mother, Imam, prince, scholar, wealth, child, boy, young girl, woman.

Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik | Cafer-i Sadik


(Balance; Beauty; Capital; Craft; Death; Father; Knowledge; Life; Measuring cup; Oven; Parents; Teacher; Tent) In a dream, the head represents leadership, presidency, or one’s capital.

If one’s head looks bigger than usual in the dream, then it represents his father, or it could mean rising in rank and receiving honor.

If one’s head looks smaller in the dream, it means loss of respect, rank and honor.

If an intelligent person sees his head smaller in a dream, it means that he will turn to ignorance, or perhaps lose his job. Seeing oneself in a dream having two or three heads means victory over one’s enemy, wealth for a poor person, blessed children for a rich person, marriage for an unwed person, or attainment of one’s goal. Seeing oneself in a dream without a head cover means disobedience to one’s superior.

If one sees his head down, or hanging loose in a dream, it means confessing to one’s wrongdoing, or experiencing a long life of humiliation and striving to please someone.

If one’s head is fixed backward in a dream, it means delays in attaining his goals, hindrance of one’s travel plans, or it could represent someone’s return from a business trip slowly and without greed.

If one sees his head severed without beheading in a dream, it means that he will shortly die, or it could mean his freedom. Seeing one’s head turning into a lion’s head in a dream, it means that he will rule and prosper.

If it turns into a sheep’s head in the dream, it means that he will be just and equitable.

If it turns into a donkey’s head in a dream, it means that he will revert to ignorance.

If it turns into a dog’s head, a donkey’s head, or a horse’s head, or any of the domesticated animals in a dream, it means toiling and hardships.

If it turns into a bird’s head in a dream, it means that he travels a lot.

If it turns into an elephant’s head, or a wolfs head, or a tiger’s head in a dream, it means that he is looking to do things beyond his means, though he will still benefit from his ambition.

If one’s head is hit with a stone in a dream, it means that he neglects to perform his night prayers before sleeping.

If one contracts any pain in his head or neck in a dream, it means an illness.

If one sees his head anointed with fragrances or oils in a dream, it represents his good endeavors and piety. Eating someone’s head raw in a dream means backbiting him. Eating it cooked in a dream means steeling money from him if he recognizes him. Otherwise, it means steeling from one’s own property or share. Holding one’s head between one’s hands in a dream means reorganization of one’s debts. Seeing someone’s head on a tray drenched with blood in a dream represents the head of a leader who lies, or who is lied to. Blood in a dream means lies or falsehood.

A turban in a dream represents a crown or a flying ship. One’s head in a dream also represents knowledge, wisdom, respect, children, followers, or money. Losing one’s head in a dream means carelessness, heedlessness, or inability to properly manage one’s interests. Cutting off one’s own head in a dream means committing suicide, severing one’s connection with one’s family, or betraying one’s father or teacher. Looking at one’s own head in a dream means examining one’s investment or capital worth. Seeing cattle heads gathered somewhere in a dream means profits.

If one sees a king beheading him in a dream, it means that Allah Almighty will cleanse him from his sins and dispel his agonies and distress.

If a money changer loses his head in a dream, it means that he may go bankrupt.

(Also see Body)

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin


The head represents the observer’s leader or patron. This could well be his father, brother, employer, chief, husband, king etc. Thus, any defect in the head points to a similar defect in the leader or patron. Sometimes, the head represents a persons’ capital.

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin


Consciousness, a person s wealth. Mind and reason.

The head almost always wants to rule. Ask yourself if you are repressing your intellect or using it at the expense of other functions—the emotions, for example. Or are you trying to go “headfirst through the wall” Is it wise to Lose your head, or is it best to prevent that from happening.

Ancient Indian dream interpretation speaks about the need to be a ruler. According to Freud, the head is a symbol of masculinity. According to Jung, it is the archetypal symbol of self.

ASTROLOGY: The head is ruled by Aries.

Little Giant Encyclopedia | Klaus Vollmar


The significance of a dream featuring the head, will also depend on the other details of the dream. But as a general guide, here are some interpretations: A disembodied head predicts a new situation in which you will have to stay calm and “use your head.” A small, narrow, or pointed head indicates more work and less profit than expected.

A very large, wide, or round head means you will find easy success on a project.

A swollen head is a warning against overconfidence.

To dream of yourself (or another person) having more than one head foretells that you will have a sudden rise in social status.

To see yourself (or anyone else) with the head of an animal is a warning not to indulge too much in material or sensual pleasures. Be more modest, and remember that an ounce of restraint can frequently prevent a pound of regret! If you dream of having part of your head missing, this is positive, because it means your achievements will be greater than you expect.

Dreaming of an accident or blow to the head suggests tension and overwork - try to take it easy for a while.

If you dream of having your head chopped off, you will be successful in life.

If you dream of someone else being beheaded, you will still be successful, but only after discouraging delays.

My Dream Interpretation | myjellybean


Pains in your Head, or dreams about accidents are warnings of difficulties ahead of you. Persevere, but be prudent, and do not take any risks.

Mystic Dream Book | Internet Archive - Anonymous


1. The conscious mind, the intellect.

2. Fortunes and fortunate love relationships are in the offing.

3. Slang for oral sex.

4. A need for control, calm in difficult or desperate circumstances (as in “to keep one’s head”).

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin


Dreams of a head represent your thoughts, opinions, critical functions, higher wisdom, awareness, -perception, and ability to think, reason, be logical, and make sense out of situations.

If your head is down, then this represents shame, embarrassment, and inferiority.

If your head is held high, then you are feeling confident and proud.

If your head is disconnected from the body, then this reflects a lack of integration between your thoughts and feelings.

If something is over your head, then it may feel too lofty or difficult to understand.

If your head is bigger than normal, then you are feeling cocky, over confident, and having an overblown ego. See Chakra-Crown.

Strangest Dream Explanations | Dream Explanations - Anonymous


see Body

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary | Pamela Ball


To see a person’s head in your dream, and it is well-shaped and prominent, you will meet persons of power and vast influence who will lend you aid in enterprises of importance.

If you dream of your own head, you are threatened with nervous or brain trouble.

To see a head severed from its trunk, and bloody, you will meet sickening disappointments, and the overthrow of your dearest hopes and anticipations.

To see yourself with two or more heads, foretells phenomenal and rapid rise in life, but the probabilities are that the rise will not be stable.

To dream that your head aches, denotes that you will be oppressed with worry.

To dream of a swollen head, you will have more good than bad in your life.

To dream of a child’s head, there will be much pleasure ill store for you and signal financial success.

To dream of the head of a beast, denotes that the nature of your desires will run on a low plane, and only material pleasures will concern you.

To wash your head, you will be sought after by prominent people for your judgment and good counsel.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation | Gustavus Hindman Miller


The head embodies the soul and intelligence.

It is your conscious.

If your head is separated from the body and the feeling is nice, the image indicates changes in your personal situation, resulting in an increase of creative power. When the feeling that it produces is unpleasant the dream can manifest split personality. The Jungian psychoanalysis maps the head with the highest part of the subject; instead, the Freudian one assimilates it to the penis and recognizes in the beheading an analogy with castration.

If in your dream you have an oversized head it is a sign that you will receive good news. Conversely, if it is smaller and lighter it indicates servility and dishonor. To have someone else’s head foresees a change of mind; and to have it turned backward, a change of house.

Headache To suffer a headache in dreams announces mild but recurring sorrows.

Healing Usually, they are positive dreams. They indicate that, after passing hardship, things are back to normal. The person who is healing you will have a special significance, because with her help she demonstrates her unconditional support.

A feeling of comfort will soon pervade the dreamer’s life.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke


The significance of a dream featuring the head must be determined by corre- lating its details, but as a general guide:

A living head (your own or someone else’s) is an excel- lent omen for all that deeply concerns you.

A disembodied head pre- dicts a new situation in which you will have to use your head rather than lose it!

A small, narrow, or pointed head indicates more work and less profit than expected, whereas a very large, wide, or round head means the reverse.

A swollen head is a warning against overconfi- dence.

To dream of yourself (or another) having more than one head signifies a sudden gratifying rise in status.

A dream of suffering pains in the head or head- ache is telling you to keep your private affairs to yourself.

T o see yourself (or any- one else) with the head of an animal is a warning against overemphasis on material or sensual plea- sures. Remember that an ounce of restraint can fre- quently prevent a pound of regret.

Strangely enough, in a dream half a head is better than a whole one as it fore- casts achievement beyond your ambition.

An accident or blow to the head suggests tension and/or overwork; try to take it easy for a time or have a change of scenery if possible.

If your dream involved beheading, see Behead.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams | Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett


A head or skull can represent: A person’s identity, self, personality, life, mood, or state of mind.

Authority over yourself, or the authority figure of a group (such as the president of a company).

Pay attention to whose head it was, how and where the head appeared, and what stood out about it.

A decapitated head can represent the idea of losing your identity, effectiveness, potential, or life.

Discovering a disembodied head or a headless body could represent an ending, or the idea that you see that person as no longer effective in the same way (such as no longer helpful or no longer a threat).

See also: Brain; Forehead; Face; Scalp; Body Part

The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary | Nancy Wagaman


You are intellectualizing too much. Used humorously, means get out of your head. See Face, Body.

The Dream Books Symbols | Betty Bethards


To see a head in your dream signifies wisdom, intellect and logic; it may also represent your accomplishments. That the head stands for the themes of decision making, intellect and thought is fairly obvious, given the huge number of idioms for head and face; if we think of an idiom such as ‘to lose one’s head’ or ‘to lose face’, it is fairly clear what dreams of headless or faceless bodies might mean. Dreams may also use the image of a head to show that you are in two minds about something, or in the process of changing your mind. For example, if you change your head in your dream, this indicates a change of attitude, being uncertain about something, or even being two-faced.

The Element Encyclopedia | Theresa Cheung


lucky numbers: 04-05-34-37-40-55

ache: keep your business plans to yourself or they wil cause violent fever.

migraine, having a: your pet project wil succeed, if you keep your own counsel.

bald, being: have disregarded virtuous teaching and are envious of another’s hair.

back of the, on the: your ideas are barred to the public.

going: society’s esteem increases for an attraction emanating from an internal source.

left side of the, on the: death of a relative who squandered his life on il icit pleasures.

right side: death of a friend who committed indiscretions and did not return to favor.

woman going: after 50, who you are cannot be hidden from your face.

cut off, having your: trust your intuition or you wil create new enemies.

another’s: wil surpass your friends in success.

chicken with its: others wil decide what to do next.

in half, a: wil win legal conflict with powerful people of vast influence.

stranger’s, a: wil defeat an unknown adversary.

dead person’s, a: wil discover the secret of servitude, pain and misery.

facing your back, your: your thoughtless stunts create long-term pain.

foreigner, of a: wil take a long journey and be unduly influenced by others.

holding own, in hands: wil have a brain disease and subsequent nervous disorder.

hunter, being captured by a: be wary of associating with wild unruly savages.

large rounded: dignity and esteem from good business transactions.

many: must meet dishonor in love with fortitude and good sense.

of own: wil receive something good unexpectedly.

being turned sideways, a one-eyed Jack: are too preoccupied with seduction.

round, having a: extract yourself from your involvement before it defeats your heart.

savage, of a: your base desires wil keep you hovering at the bottom.

severed, a: fresh bitterness over dashed hopes.

sick person dreaming of a large: wil get wel soon if you are not obsessed with worry.

small: beware of those whose pleasure is undermined with ulterior motives.

smashing your: resolve conflicts one step at a time.

three-headed person, of a: honor and money immediately upon changing your occupation.

torso without: your rapid rise is based on unstable probabilities.

without a body: a mildly amusingly experience wil prove your future.

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days |

42 dream interpretations related to the symbols you see in your dreams.


Mental anguish... headache dream meaning


Seeing, or being in, the beam of headlights is a sign that you can get what you want but you will have to focus completely on it and nothing else.

If the headlights kept moving around, disappearing, or faded/flickered, be prepared to deal with hostile competition.... headlights dream meaning


1. A message is being conveyed to the wearer alone.

2. A need or desire to focus, to exclude other diversions.

3. Feeling and intuition, being in tune with one’s instincts. ... headphones dream meaning


To dream of seeing rich headgear, you will become famous and successful.

To see old and worn headgear, you will have to yield up your possessions to others.... headgear dream meaning


1. Aspect of self set aside, repressed until now.

2. A mes­sage from the subconscious, usually about direction in life (in­scription).

3. Long life ahead. ... headstone dream meaning

Shaving The Head

Dreaming of oneself as having shaved one’s head during the month of Hajj is a glad tiding that one will proceed for Hajj. But if such a dream is seen during any other month besides Hajj it means that his capital (in monetary terms) will become exhausted.

(This will be discussed in greater detail in this book).... shaving the head dream meaning

Scratch Head

To dream that you scratch your head, denotes strangers will annoy you by their flattering attentions, which you will feel are only shown to win favors from you. ... scratch head dream meaning


1. A need or desire to seek assistance from a knowl­edgeable individual.

2. Lessons needed to be learned.

3. A ten­dency to be too hard on oneself. ... headmaster dream meaning

Dismembered Head

To see one’s head detached from the body without being struck suggest one of the following : that one’s leader or patron will break off his relationship with him; or the observer will lose his capital; or his present means of livelihood will come to an end.... dismembered head dream meaning

Dyeing The Hair Of The Head

Dyeing the hair symbolises concealment and protection. Thus, if a person sees himself dyeing his hair it means that Allah will protect him from the evil consequences of what he intends to do. But if the dye does not stick to his hair, it means he will not be granted protection.... dyeing the hair of the head dream meaning

Eating The Head Of An Animal

This is a glad tiding that the one who eats this will be blessed with a long life and plentiful of wealth. And the head of a human being is regarded as better and more excellent.

And Allah knows best.... eating the head of an animal dream meaning

Goliath’s Head

(Arrogance; Deception; Defeat; Death; Giant; Mocking; Slingshot) Goliath’s head in a dream represents a perfidious man who entices people to engage in treachery, deception and falsehood. Ifone sees himself nicknamed as Goliath’s head in a dream, it means that he will be accused of treachery, deceiving others or defaming them, though he maybe innocent of such allegations.... goliath’s head dream meaning

Head Cover

(Headdress; Scarf) If a religious Muslim woman sees herself without a head cover in a dream, it means that her husband has left her with the intention not to return to her again. Ifshe is not married, it means that she may never marry.... head cover dream meaning

Head Kerchief

(See Handkerchief)... head kerchief dream meaning

Head Lice

(See Hair; Nit)... head lice dream meaning

Head-cloth Or Odhni

A wife’s head-cloth (ie. Odhni, scarf etc.). izaar, or burqa represents her husband. Any excellence or defect seen in any of the above is a reflection of a similar excellence or defect in her husband.... head-cloth or odhni dream meaning


(See Head cover; Head)... headdress dream meaning

Headgear Or Topi

A topi symbolises wither a person’s capital, his brother, his son or his leader. Any excellence or defect seen in a topi bespeaks of similar excellence or defect in any of the above. Thu, a hole or tearing reflects an evil plight or grief or sorrow for any of the above persons; perhaps his capital will be lost due to some unforeseen circumstance.... headgear or topi dream meaning

Migraine Headache

In a dream, headache represents sins.

If one suffers from a headache in a dream, he should repent for his sins, refrain from what he is doing, distribute money in charity, observe voluntary religious fast, seek a spiritual retreat, or strive to do good deeds. Headache in a dream means suffering from 276 unhappiness or misery in one’s life. Headache also represents one’s employer or supervisor.

If one who is suffering from a migraine headache in wakefulness sees his temples transformed into iron in a dream, it means that his illness will be cured.... migraine headache dream meaning

Pounding One’s Head

Poundingone’s head, or smiting one’s forehead, or shaking one’s head in a dream means begetting a son at an advanced age.... pounding one’s head dream meaning

Removing The Hair Of The Head And The Beard Simultaneously

If there is anything to suggest any goodness in such a dream it means that if observer is in difficulty, Allah will remove if, if he is in debt, Allah will enable him to pay it; if he is ill, Allah will grant him cure. But if there is no suggestion of any good then the dream is not of a favourable nature.... removing the hair of the head and the beard simultaneously dream meaning

Shaking One’s Head

Shacking one’s head in a dream means begetting a son at an old age.... shaking one’s head dream meaning

Shaved Head

If a woman sees her head shaved in a dream, it means her divorce, or the death of her husband.... shaved head dream meaning

The Hair Of The Head

Hair symbolises a man’s wealth and assets or that of his employer’s.... the hair of the head dream meaning


See Bandana.... headscarf dream meaning

Head Cold

Depth Psychology: A head cold indicates that troubles are about to explode. Sometimes it also points to difficulties that it would be wise to avoid. Do you feel that people around you are emotionallv “cold”?... head cold dream meaning

Death’s Head

You may discover some hidden secret.... death’s head dream meaning

Head Phones

Dreams of head phones represent being in your own little world, socially reclusive, and dancing to the beat of your own drum. You are connecting to your own creativity and rhythm. See Music and Head.... head phones dream meaning

Head Rest

Dreams of a head rest represent that you are thinking nurturing thoughts, and taking your higher awareness seriously. Giving your head a rest from having to figure everything out and from having to know the answers.

The best solutions come when you are on a mental vacation and you allow your intuition to inform you.... head rest dream meaning

Head Set

Dreams of a head set represent input and output of mental energy.

If this is a hands free headset for your phone, this is about keeping harmful rays away from your brain, protection, and valuing your mind. See Head, Chakra-Crown and Walkman.... head set dream meaning

Shaving Of The Head

interpreted upon 5 sides: pilgrimage, travel, glory, high standing, peace, on account of the AllMighty’s Saying: {[they are] shaving their heads and shortened, not afraid}. As for if he was from the people of the state / government then he will not be commended.... shaving of the head dream meaning


To dream of yourself or another person having more than one head foretells that you will have a sudden rise in social status.... double-headed dream meaning


To see or wear a headband in your dream, signifies that you are hiding a secret or concealing your emotions.... headband dream meaning

Two Heads

To dream of yourself or another person having more than one head foretells that you will have a sudden rise in social status.... two heads dream meaning

Head Gestures

Thinking instead of acting.... head gestures dream meaning

Head(bang Against Wall)

Feeling blocked.... head(bang against wall) dream meaning

Death’s Head

This kind of a skull featured in your dream predicts that you will inadvertently uncover a secret that you’d rather not know.

Be extremely careful how you use or react to it, as your handling of the situation could affect your future.... death’s head dream meaning

Head Of State

Whether it is a president, king or queen, the symbolic role of the head of state is to act as the father or mother of the nation and your unconscious may therefore summon such an image into your dream to represent the mother or father archetype to guide you or alert you to disruptive or dictatorial behavior within yourself.

If you dream of being knighted, praised or singled out in some way by a visiting head of state, this may suggest that you feel unappreciated by those around you in your waking life. Alternatively, depending on the context of the dream and your relationship with your parents or boss in waking life, a dream head of state may also represent your relationship with your actual parent or boss.... head of state dream meaning

It Was Discovered That Our Brain Was Washed From Head To Toe While Sleeping

Scientists have found that the human brain is washed during sleep through a study on 13 subjects. According to the research, blood flows out of the brain during sleep, while the cerebrospinal fluid washes the brain. A team led by Laura Lewis, who is working at Boston University, made an interesting scientific discovery. The team, which has been working on the human brain for a while, has discovered that when people sleep, their brains are washed with cerebrospinal fluid. So your brain is completely washed through rhythmic and breakthrough waves while you sleep. According to previous studies, Lewis says that they already know that neurons in the brain have electrical wave activities, but that they have discovered that there are also waves in the cerebrospinal fluid. Scientists have illustrated the phases of the brain during sleep so that the research can be done, and the images we will share with you shortly reveal how this washing process will be. According to the data obtained in the research, after the people sleep, the brain neurons do not function, and the blood flows out of the brain. It is precisely at this time that the cerebrospinal fluid comes into play and washes the brain from beginning to end. Laura Lewis states that the findings from the research are very important because she hopes that these findings may lead to new discoveries. Lewis’ hopes are about psychological and neurological discoveries. Because brain waves can combine with blood flow and cerebrospinal fluid, especially for the investigation of age-related normal impairments. The reason for this is that as people age, their brains produce less and slower waves. So this research could both open a new door and be a glimmer of hope, especially for the treatment of alzheimer’s disease. Lewis made this important discovery with 13 people aged between 23 and 33. Considering getting help from the subjects at older ages in the ongoing processes of his research, Lewis states that they can understand how the movement in the brains of people who are older is going to be. Lewis says that so they can make a new discovery about alzheimer’s.... it was discovered that our brain was washed from head to toe while sleeping dream meaning


The ability to see things clearly.

Seeing your way forward in life or in a certain situation (or a desire for such).

Intuition, or clarity of inner vision.

Strategizing or planning how to proceed.

A person (whomever the headlight’s vehicle represents in your life).

See also: Light (Illumination); Vehicle; Car; Road... headlight dream meaning

Bed Headboard

1. Leadership spiritually asleep.... bed headboard dream meaning

Headgear (white)

1. Pure spiritual mind;

2. Salvation;

Eph. 6:17; 2 Cor. 10:5;... headgear (white) dream meaning