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What does it mean to see an office in a dream?

Office Dream Meaning: From 24 Different Sources

Feelings about or relationship with work, feelings about authority.

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences | Tony Crisp

Symbolic of earthly or spiritual authority, 1 Chron. 9:22

Christian Dream Symbols | Tyler Wolfe

The office as a setting is a place of work, structure, schedules, rigidity, and all things left-brained.

If a dream takes place in an office, you can consider such a dream to be about this part of your consciousness. Anything that happens in your dream office relates to the need for attention to this side of your nature.

If you work in an office, the dream may be more literal than symbolic; it is a fairly common stress dream to be constantly at work in your sleeping experience.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams | Dr. Mıchael Lennox

Wherever business is officiated

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton

A familiar office: Safety and security, as much emotional security as job or financial security.

A strange office full of strange people: If the dreamer feels comfortable, new friends are in his immediate future.

If the dreamer feels lost and out of place, then he should take a good long look at his current circumstances - work, love, friendships - and see if they are serving him. Astrological parallel: Taurus Tarot parallel: The suit of pentacles

Dream Explanations of Astro Center | Astro Center

To dream of your work office suggests difficulty in leaving your work. This may represent the possibility of being preoccupied with work and having too much office work to accomplish. It may also stand for your position, achievements, and status in society.

A dream about holding public office indicates that your desires may direct you to a perilous course, but your bravery will be rewarded with victory.

Dream Symbols and Analysis | DreamForth

Dreams about one’s place of work may simply indicate that one can’t leave work at the office, has too much to do, or too much on one’s mind. An office is often a symbol of authority and of one’s professional esteem and position in the world. Other kinds of meanings are indicated by the nature of a particular office (e.g., the welfare office, a lawyer’s office).

Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia | James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver

Daily Activities.

Expansions Dream Dictionary | Stewart A. Swerdlow

If you dream that you are turned out of the office it means that you will die or lose all property. This is a very bad dream for all people.

Indian Interpretation of Dreams | Indian - Anonymous

(Employment) In a dream, an office means attaining a leadership position, or it could mean degradation, contemptible position, parsimony, living under tight circumstances, poverty, worrying about one’s children and fear for one’s future.

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin

Professional activity, work, feeling of comradeship. One’s own office points to your working habits; somebody else’s office may refer to the fact that you are looking to others for guidance in your work.

Little Giant Encyclopedia | Klaus Vollmar

To dream of being at an office, indicates that you are overwhelmed by work or homework pressures. You have too much on your mind. Alternatively, this dream may symbolize your status, accomplishments and your place in the world.

My Dream Interpretation | myjellybean

To dream that you have lost your situation, or that your landlord has turned you out of your Office, is a warning of trouble in your love affairs, or married life.

Mystic Dream Book | Internet Archive - Anonymous

To dream that you are working in an office indicates a need for closer attention to money matters.

To hold an office, by election, foretells high aspirations and many problems.

Psycho Dream Interpretation | Ella Freeman Sharpe

Dreams of an office are usually processing dreams about organizing the data that you have accumulated during your nine to five experience. This dream can also represent work, efficiency, industriousness, productivity, diligence, and a dedication to your work. You also may be processing or venting out your hostility and frustrations about your job. See Processing Dreams.

Strangest Dream Explanations | Dream Explanations - Anonymous

1- Often our work or office situation gives an environment in dreams with which we feel comfortable.

It is slightly more formal than our home, and often deals with our feelings about, or our relationship with, work and authority.

2- To be in an office, particularly if it is not known to us, would suggest some kind of order or burcaucracv is necessary in ou lives.

To be in office, in the sense of holding a post, signifies taking responsibility for what we do.

3- An office in spiritual terms suggests having taken responsibility for who we arc.

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary | Pamela Ball

For a person to dream that he holds office, denotes that his aspirations will sometimes make him undertake dangerous paths, but his boldness will be rewarded with success.

If he fails by any means to secure a desired office he will suffer keen disappointment in his affairs.

To dream that you are turned out of office, signifies loss of valuables.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation | Gustavus Hindman Miller

Dreams that take place in the workplace often describe our behavior and how we present ourselves to the world. Likewise, offices are organized places with everything classified and laid in order. Perhaps the dream warns you that you should take a look at the organization of your real life. A dream that takes place in the office where you work may well refer to your personality, or perhaps be reminding you of the way you conduct your affairs.

If you are in a strange office, it could be that in real life you compare your lifestyle, activities, and ideals to those of others.

If you dream that you are in an office and you feel happy, it is an omen of prosperity.

If you leave the office, soon you will be deceived.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke

To dream that one is deposed and put out of his office, estate, place or dignity, is ill to the dreamer; and if he be sick, it shows he shall quickly die.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway

Oddly enough, a dream concerning an of- fice pertains to emotional affairs rather than business matters. To dream of be- ing in your own office pre- dicts a probable change in your love life; to be wor- ried by office matters in- dicates domestic strife; a new or strange office is a sign of an important new friendship. Obviously, if you dreamed of an of- fice in which you actually work, the interpretation must be made by refer- ence to the action only (not the place).

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams | Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett

Daily work life, productivity.

The Dream Books Symbols | Betty Bethards

If you work in an office, the chances are that this will feature every now and again in your dreams. Sometimes your dreams will be connected with your work, but in general such dreams represent another aspect of your waking life, aside from work; this may be a particular problem, your emotions or your attitude to life and authority.

If you feel crowded in by computers, typewriters and people, this may indicate a crowd of problems whereas an office that is suddenly closed or deserted may reflect an emotional emptiness in your life.

If you were stocktaking in your dream, you may be taking stock of your present situation; if goods are being carried out you may feel as if your inner resources are being depleted.

If you had a dream in which you were storing away documents in a filing cabinet, this may have been urging you to store away memories that are no longer relevant to your waking life. Alternatively, could your unconscious have been urging you to restore order to a waking life littered with chores and obligations? For office items such as computers, see MEDIA AND TECHNOLOGY; for pay and pensions, see MONEY AND SHOPPING; for factory and warehouse, see BUILDINGS.

The Element Encyclopedia | Theresa Cheung

To be deposed from office is a dream auguring ill, and if the dreamer be sick it presages death (Artemidorus).

The Fabric of Dream | Katherine Taylor Craig

lucky numbers: 09-14-21-23-37-44

coworkers in an: each one represents a specific problem to you.

getting a new, appointment: unhappiness in married life.

having an: honesty wil bring you prosperity and the ability to leave your work at the office.

collecting agency, a: wil be a financial disaster unless you join the col ectors.

job in a newspaper: unfavorable news unless you write your own gossip.

holding a government: wil suffer humiliation at the scope and humbleness of your service.

landlord putting you out of your: professional esteem doesn’t pay the rent.

losing your: your resources include you; your assets are in your mind.

opening an: wil be insulted if you do not have enough work to keep you late.

working in an: guard your healthful environment.

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days |

Office | Dream Interpretation

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Colonel Or Officer

A sign of contrary if a woman dreams that she has married an Officer or other official of rank. The higher the importance of the dream person, the less satisfactory will be the realisation. ... colonel or officer dream meaning

Mystic Dream Book

Factory / Office / Processing Plant

To dream of these types of building, filled with people slaving away on computers, production lines or machines, might be a reflection of the obsessive worker part of your personality and any anxieties that you may feel about being a workaholic. The conditions in the factory, office or plant will symbolize the health of your creative drive. If the conditions are hideous like those in a sweatshop, are you working in a highly paid job that discourages your spirit? If the factory is high-tech or manic, consider how it reflects your love of the work you do. See also SCHOOL AND WORK. ... factory / office / processing plant dream meaning

The Element Encyclopedia

Medical Office

A workplace, environment, or organization where problems are fixed or solutions are found (such as your workplace, a customer service department, etc. ). Consider also your motivation for and feelings about visiting the medical office.

See also: Medical Treatment; Healer; Doctor; Nurse; Healing; Health; Illness; Injured; Hospital; Medicine; Rescued, Being; Rescuing; Problem... medical office dream meaning

The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary

Military Officer

For a woman to dream of a military7 officer means she will have many boyfriends. For a man, the dream means that he will achieve recognition in later life. ... military officer dream meaning

Gypsy Dream Dictionary

Office (bureau)

Dreaming of holding an important position expresses the desire for achievement. Are you too ambitious—or should you be more ambitious? Rigidity, stubbornness, and social protocol. Cooperation, need to be more factual. ... office (bureau) dream meaning

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Office Building

Entcnng an office building in your dreams may represent concerns about work and your career. What floor you arrive on may represent the degree of success and recognition you expect from your accomplishments in the work world. • If the first floor is in an office building, you may be at the beginning of your career or beginning a new career. • The second floor of an office building may matenalize to help express your desire to become a partner rather than jut an employee. ... office building dream meaning

Ariadne's Book of Dream

Office Building

Matrix construct. ... office building dream meaning

Expansions Dream Dictionary

Office Building

1. Reference to work;2. Administration or the 5 fold ministry (spiritual offices)3. Business;4. Position;5. Heaven -place where God sits running everything). Eph. 4:11-12; Ps. 91:1. ... office building dream meaning

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model


(See Exhibition)... officer dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


Symbolic of leadership or a commission from God, Prov. 6:7... officer dream meaning

Christian Dream Symbols


For man and woman, a symbol of authority and masculinity. ... officer dream meaning

Little Giant Encyclopedia


Vision: In a woman’s dream: she wants to make her love relationship “official. ” The dream also means that she wants to bring order into her life. See Military, Soldier, Uniform. Depth Psychology: The officer represents your need to bring or keep your impulsive urges under control. Do you need to think more before you act—or are you already thinking too much? The rest of the dream symbols will tell the storv. ... officer dream meaning

Dreamers Dictionary


To dream of an officer walking toward you or writing you a ticket suggests guilt over a recent activity in your waking life. A message of righting wrongs makes itself clear when an authority figure such as an officer makes an appearance in a dream. At the very least, you are unconsciously aware that you have gone against an important personal value or belief. You may need to resolve that within yourself to ensure future peace. ... officer dream meaning

Dream Symbols and Analysis


Guard your speech and letters alike. Important happenings will claim your attention. ... officer dream meaning

Mystic Dream Book


If your dream fea- tured a police officer, it forecasts an embarrass- ment due to the financial carelessness of a friend or relation; however, a dream featuring an officer of any of the armed services sig- nifies security and protec- tion. ... officer dream meaning

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


See Policeman. ... officer dream meaning

The Dream Books Symbols


lucky numbers: 06-13-16-31-37-40being an: a commanding triumph over al affairs. among other: wil enforce success in your affairs, to your detriment. appointed: deserve dignity and distinction, but are unwil ing to earn them. dismissed as an: warning of an over-inflation of your own command of the situation. of an: rashness does not lead to business transactions in your favor. ordered by an: your resentment blocks your seeing the necessity of fol owing orders. ... officer dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days

Officer / Official

also see Authority Figures in People1- To be dreaming of an officer, unless we have a relationship with that person in real life, is to be looking at that part of ourselves which co-ordinates and directs our lives. Any official figure, and particularly one in uniform (see Uniform)9 alerts us to that part of our being which needs to belong to an organised group. On a conscious level we mav rebel, but there is a part of ourselves which recognises that we must fit in someway. 2- Often, if our father has been particularly strict or overbearing, we picturc him in dreams as an officer. We learnt in childhood to conform to authority. Interestingly, different armed forces will represent different aspect of our personality The Army will signify the more down-to-earth practical side, the Air Force the intellectual, and the Navy the freedom-loving, more emotional side. 3- The need for Spiritual Authority- may well be represented here. The dreamer is seeking a higher guidance, and needs to be ‘told’ what to do. ... officer / official dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

Officer / Official

See armed forces and also authority figures in people... officer / official dream meaning

Dream Meanings of Versatile

Officer / Official

An officer may be an authority figure representing your super-ego. (For super-ego)... officer / official dream meaning

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols

Officer, Official

Relationship with authority or officialdom, one’s father, how we authorise our own activities, our sense of right and wrong; a coordinating or directing function in our­self; a sense of sureness out of wider awareness or experience. ... officer, official dream meaning

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


Any sort of officer, whether of the law or of one of the armed services, indicates trouble. You will have a brush with the law, or experience trouble through some technicalities, due either to something you have overlooked or something of which you were ignorant. See also Military Officer. ... officers dream meaning

Gypsy Dream Dictionary

Party / Post Office / Theatre

If you are attending a party in your dream, it may mean that you should get out a little more and embrace life; or perhaps you need to celebrate something about yourself. If the party you are attending is dull or you aren’t enjoying yourself for some reason, then it may be an indication that you have doubts about the social skills you possess. If you dream of a political party rally, it shows that you are prepared to stand up for your beliefs. When a dream is set on stage, whether it is in the form of an opera, play or ballet, this suggests you are working through an issue that relates to the way you are seen by others. To dream that you are in a post office signifies an important message from your unconscious or inner wisdom. It may relate to your need to reach out and communicate with others. You may be trying to maintain your beliefs or make contact with someone from your past. See also ARTS AND CRAFTS; LEISURE; LETTERS AND COMMUNICATION. ... party / post office / theatre dream meaning

The Element Encyclopedia

Police Officer

lucky numbers: 03-13-17-22-28-36arresting you: wil be wrangling with relations over family secret. others: believe partners in deal are stealing the profits. your friends: their affection wil aid you in regaining your confidence. being arrested by a: your ethics are in question, your actions are not. unjustly: a determined al y wil win over every rival. with cause: guilt feelings for breaching your moral code. being a witness for a: your evidence can be turned against you. calling the: your domestic situation has reached a violent end. feeling stalked by a: have strayed from your moral path, but wil profit temporarily. female, a: you react over-emotional y to your guilt. handcuffing an arrested person: are a protector of the just to the unjust’s detriment. interrogated, being: the wrong people are inquiring into your credit. killing a: don’t weaken your case by intentional y flouting opposing opinions. mace-bearer, being a: recover from feeling let down by a friend communicating anger. of a: reassuring sight that inspires belief in yourself. of a, station: apprehension over inability to honor commitments. being questioning at: wil force al iance, that your partner wil misinterpret. with friends: desire to meddle in other’s affairs does not bring happiness. siccing a, dog on you: wil be expected to comply with rules you believe are wrong. trailing you: your offense wil not disappear without an apology. using a club as a weapon: someone holds enmity against your luck and faithfulness. ... police officer dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days

Police, Police Officer

Symbol: The police officer in a dream represents the dreamer’s father. Vision: Aside from the above, a police officer symbolizes constraint and control. Men dreaming about the police feel constrained and controlled. Seeing a policeman: do not get involved in other people’s arguments—you could be seriously harmed. Calling the police: a situation that might have resolved itself is now getting out of hand. Getting arrested: it is high time for you to change your behavior—you were out of control and your actions were ethically and morally suspect. Seeing police officers: what you are about to do is highly improper. Talking to the police: you want to settle a score with someone—however, do it person-to-person, without an audience. Seeing a female police officer: the dream will be emotional in nature. Depth Psychology: The police officer is a symbol for the internal conflicts you have with conventional rules. On the other hand, the police officer wants to make sure that you at least obey the minor moral laws, and thus is the symbol of your conscience. An unpleasant encounter with a policeman: a bad conscicncc or guilt feelings. If the police come as “friends and helpers”: you are at peace with conventional norms, laws, and values. ... police, police officer dream meaning

Dreamers Dictionary

Post / Post Office / Postcard

Sending or receiving important information from the unconscious. Increased awareness, communication. ... post / post office / postcard dream meaning

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Post Office

You will be meeting with a great many strangers. ... post office dream meaning

Gypsy Dream Dictionary

Post Office

To dream you are in a post office suggests that your inner self or subconscious is telling you something of importance. It may be in relation to getting in touch with someone. It may also mean reinforcing what you believe in. ... post office dream meaning

Dream Symbols and Analysis

Post Office

A change of residence and companions. ... post office dream meaning

Mystic Dream Book

Post Office

Dreams of a post office denote your interest and willingness to do the work involved in keeping relationships alive, staying in touch, sorting out issues, organizing and filing important information. Alternatively, this dream could denote your frustration at your job, feeling “postal,” and this dream is helping you to release your aggression. Consider the feeling tone. ... post office dream meaning

Strangest Dream Explanations

Post Office

To dream that you are at a post office symbolizes an important message from your unconscious or inner wisdom. It may relate to your need to reach out and communicate with others. You may be trying to maintain your beliefs or reestablish contact with someone from your past. ... post office dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation

Post Office

To see a post office is a reminder that the dreamer has already neglected to perform a specific task still in mind. ... post office dream meaning

Psycho Dream Interpretation

Post Office

See Letter, Pack- age, Document, etc. ... post office dream meaning

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams

Post Office

1. Heavenly distribution centre;2. Heart; Gen. 28:12; Prov. 4:23. Private School (Model C)1. Holy Spirit schooling;2. Mentoring (outside system);3. Restricted or exclusive training; 1 Kings 19:19. ... post office dream meaning

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model

Post Office

lucky numbers: 03-10-22-29-30-31being in a: wil be victorious through honesty. buying stamps at a: horizons are limited, expand them. collecting: are obstinate in your defense of your value. finding, closed: dissension in love affairs cannot be repaired in writing. mailing a letter at the: wil have obstacles in your path. parcel post, package by: the return mail wil bring a foreign gift. receiving a: a profitable venture wil aid in a relationship with the opposite sex. receiving, from: inner conflicts wil cause a change of residence. registering: wil be offended by someone and change companions. postmaster, arguing with a: someone is trying to cheat you, but it may be your own stupidity. ... post office dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


To dream of a post-office, is a sign of unpleasant tidings. and ill luck generally. ... post-office dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Principal’s Office

Being sent to the principal’s office may express worry and concern about your behavior or fear of punishment by an outside authority. It may also represent repressed childhood anxiety. ... principal’s office dream meaning

Ariadne's Book of Dream

Printing Office

To be in a printing office in dreams, denotes that slander and contumely will threaten you To run a printing office is indicative of hard luck. For a young woman to dream that her sweetheart is connected with a printing office, denotes that she will have a lover who is unable to lavish money or time upon her, and she will not be sensible enough to see why he is so stingy. ... printing office dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


You stand at the cross-roads, decide quickly and do not look back. ... registry-office dream meaning

Mystic Dream Book

Review Officer

(Military. See Exhibition)... review officer dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation