Partner wants a open relationship

Pregnant young woman

Picking aidan fruit

Peeling skin out of mouth

Play doh to make clorhes

Performing cunnalingus on your wife

Picking money from a river flowing with water

Plucking of pear meaning

Pound bang wakes me up

Prushar cooker in dream

Partner lookin wretched n happy

Pink car driving by herself

Pervert chaseing

Puff adder bites me

Peal off tongue

Peal off tonuge

Pastor and pastor wife

Picking ripe wild loquats

Punched in the right of face


Partner shaving my private part meaning

Pulling out things from my vagina

Partner kissing with sister

Periwinkle dreams

Paml kernel with dirt

Pastor driving a taxi full of church member

Pouring a pot of stew on d flour


Piercing trees

Picking up flower seeds from the field

Pimples number

Pushed shopping cart

Putting food in the pocker

Picking a small white stone from water

Pine tree caught on fire

Prawns in path

Praying with other slaves on top of mountain

Play boy dream meaning

Pink doll in dream

Pastor pouring annoiting oil in my hands

Parent leaving my house

Praying in a dirty water what does it mean

Priest in red robes

Penis tied with rope

Prop dream

Powee line

Picking pomelo fruit


Purse burnt

Pulling staples from mouth

Picking money from mud means

Pointing insecurity

People coming in numbers to your shop

Pastor giving me a gift

Picking onions jelouse mother

Person changing to a black jackal and running away

Pulled off a rusty wedding ring of your finger

Playing with yellow colour in holih

Plucking and eating cashew in my dream

Pastor begging me food

Picking fresh ogbono fruits in the dream

Peanut coming out of nose

Pumpkin head walking towards me

Pregnant with fawn

Picking up mopani worms from a container and putting it inside the other

Pooping while naked in public

Pooping out frog

Pooping naked in public area

Putting back false teeth into the gum in a dream

Pullin xmas cracker

Pooping in graveyard

Privacy violation

Protecting a basket of eggs

Packing maggi seasonig in a dream

Promise about marriage

Person disintegrates

People moving in a photo

Paralysed son or daughter

Paralysed daughter

Paralysed son

Paralysed child

Passing a police checkpoint

Pulling long booger

Pubic waxing

Picking broken bracelets

Put oil and massage by unknown lady in my hair

Putting on my boyfriend shirt

Pillow with money

Pushing wires in shoulders

Pinned down dog

Pregnant woman giving full head of ripe palm fruit in the dream

Pregnant woman giving full head of ripe palm fruit in the deeam

Pot holes with mud water in dreams


Power cords under water

Pig costume

Pulling a long thread from my leg

Picking coweris in dream means what

Pouring red oil from a bottle into a bowl

Parking garage falling on top of my head to death

People telling me i smell bad

Pregnant clothing with mis carrage

Phone dial

Pregnant women in white dress


Painfull shoving their finger in my navel

Painful someone shoving their finger in my bellybutton

Painful someone shoving their finger in my belly button

Pulling screw in head


Poop coming out of my anus

People worshiping seven headed snake idol water dream meanings

Pink damaged bed sheet

Pounding gari and peanut butter in a mortal

Pounding karen in mortal in dream

Picking pearls

Picking pearls on mountain

Pulling me

Pink hen

Picking a jack fruit in a tree

Past conflict

Pregnant teacher

Poison hands dream meaning

Poison hands

People wearing gold vest

Phupha ubuhlalo obumhlophe

Picking up igbo ripped pears in the dream

Picking ripe sapodilla from tree

Pick up a door mat in the bin

Pills grinded into powdered form

Pink beetle

Pouring oil in a container

Pigs giving birth

Pulling you somewhere

Pus coming out from body from a fountain

Painting your lawn red

People throwing stones at me

Pindam in eveng dream meaning

Pulling blanket dream

Pregnant wearing green dress

Pus big toe

Photo of a dead person


Passenger seat car

Plucking and eating garden eggs in a dream

Pakistani hard

Pink cross dream meaning

Picking macadamia nuts in the dream

Pulling out worms in the head of my wife in a dream

Picking blue and white stones in the church

Potatoe coming from vagina

Pale green boat

Picking of waterleaf in my dream

Pregnant attending funeral dream meaning

Paying soccer

Pastor giving flowers to nature

Palm oil g

Pig with open mouth

Person gets infected with something that evovles them into something scary

Paying for yam for someone

Piece of hose turns into a snake

Plant growing from hands


Plugged spout

Pot cooking on the stove

Pot cook on the stove

Putting the washing to the line to get it dry

Pulling hair out of my face meaning

Pooping in bathtub

Penis cutoff

Pulling out blade from vigina

Potatoes green

Pledge of allegiance to flag

Parents naked and fucking

Piano in a hidden room

Partially clothed getting tattooed from a friend

Poor town

Pulling bugs out of anus

Pulling bugs out of anys

Puppy throat cut

Pushing somebody off a boat

Playhouse dream

Poop on the beach

Punished infront of crowd

Punched in the nose

Picking up big snails in the dream

Picking up snails in the cemetery

Pap water meaning

Piece of mobile phone

Piece of cell phone

Perparing fufu in a dream

Pouring red oil in a container some spilled of the ground

Purple onions

Plucking afang leave in the dream

Parents saying no to marriage with lover

Parents diapporving marriage in dream

Pigeon stucked in spider web

Picking star fruit dreams

People attacking

People stealing my spouse t shirts

People stealing my husband shirts and i has to tell people to put it back

Pinning a guy down

Plum color

Pregnant woman picking snail in the dream

Putting face powder on the face of my father


Pooping on ones self

Parent rejecting boyfriend in a dream

Parent rejecting the man a pastor told me i will marry in a dream

Paddling without oars

Paddling without orrs

Pincher bug

Pumpkin seeds floating in the water

Pelt water

Pastor wife driving a white car in a dream

Pouring kerosene round your house

Pulling hair legs

People white clothing walking

Pots with hole

Pruning a hydrangea

Pouring water on someone to bath


Pounding maize dream meaning

Preparing my introduction ceremony


Pounding yam with pestle in the dream meaning

Plugin ewedu in dream

Prayer shawl dream meaning

Pouring water on someone while the person is bathing

Picking of bayleaf

Picking red chillies in garden

Putting money in a church offering basket

Period on white skirt

Pruning sugarcane

Pigs twitching nose

Plucking eating mulberry in a dream

Present visiting me

Plucking amla from trees in a dream

Potato skins

Photos of naked body of me


Party christian

Peony flower vagina

Putting muthi at an intersection

Printer on fire at work

Plane water

Protecting friends and family supernaturally

Protecting friends and family from enemies

Pregnant woman eating cooked snail in her dream

Partner sex with prostitute

Picking big sour sop fruit

Polka dresses

Pulling toilet tissue from

Pulling toilet tissue from nostril

Poured with dog feces water

Prophet whipping me in the dream

Parents gained a lot of weight

Pregnant woman seeing plantain in dream

Picking shear nut in my dream

Penis hanging out from pants

Playing panther

People slaughtering cow and cremating death

Plac on teeth

Peeling ripe plantains while walking with a friend

Pulling train by one person

Play dead

Pity and crying for mama

Penis as a serpent

People being murdered

Partner bewitched

Picking ripe udara in dreams

Phone in gutter

Person entering ceiling in the dream

Pregnant woman giving me coin money

Person opening car door

Passed away classmates

Plenty of already peeled cassava in a dream

Pregnant woman dream of bush meat

Parking cassava peels

Pastor angry in yr dream

Plucking eggs in a tree meaning


Persian princess



Percentage sign

Pastor wearing a dirty white shoes in the alter

Pregnant woman having male organ in the dream

Parrot eating pumpkin

Parrot rating pumpkin

Picking from the ground

Picking pegs from the ground meaning

Perfume rollon and lotion combo

Perfume rollon lition

Promoted to next class dream yet i finished school

Picking white eggs from the stream

Packing out of house

Parphanalia glass pipe

Parphanalia crack pipe


Phupha inyama eyosiwe

Pooping life fish

Pets who are dead in real life

Plane leaves without me

Picking bush mango ogboni dream meaning

Prophet crying in a dream

Picking bundles of money

Pastor praying for me with mantle

Plant full of bitter guard

Putting red colour in face dream meaning

Picking money and returning it to the owner

Paying debt my mum owe

Phone return

Playing tag laughing with boss

Paying for contribution or meeting in a dream

Poop coming out of belly button dream

Planting a plantain tree in dream

Pouring water on a tombstone

Pushing a loved one over the bridge

Pull snake out of fingernail

Passenger in car going down a steep hill arriving safely

Pounding melon in the dream

Playing drums at church

Pepsi machine

Peeing on face

Petrol leaking from my parked car and only stopped with a button

Poker cheat

Pouring a drink around the house

Pumping water in the borehole

Pork shoulder

Putting offals in

Putting offals in the pocket

Palm oil and money in a hole

Pen and crawling insects coming out of anus

Pelt someone with your shoe meaning

Prescribed prayer

Pouring palm oil on someone

Positive attract

Picking african black pear

Pastor give you meat in a dream meaning

Pretty women

Pulling dirty hair from the vigina

Putting water into someone anus

Parents not allowing me to meet my boyfriend in dream

Picking guinea fowl eggs and chicks

Picking guinea fowl eggs in the forest

Praying for an elderly under a mango tree

Pain kernel frust


Pearl coming out vagina dream

Petrified fish

Photo of ex husband

Picked palm fruit in the dream

Picking money from a very dirty trash place with mud and rotten stuff

Prison orange jumpsuit

Poop whole onion in dreaming

Poop onion in dream meaning

Poop not flushing

Person laying face down naked

Person is laying face down

Priest in a dream at a restaurant

Posting a photo in dream

Pandit ji giving money to me

People in the same costume

People in a green hut

Plucking of cola nut

Plain holding onto the outside of a plane

Plucking giant mashrooms

Pack palm tree weevil in dream

Putting red tika and receiving coin

Picking cola nut from a cola nut tree

Playing table tennis with your ex girl and win

People having a party in your house

Poop wbole onion in dreaming

Paying money to someone

Palm wine in dreams


Picking white egg

Pants on backward

Pinky swear with someone i do not know in dream


Preaching and praying with microphone and the speaker stop working

Powdered charcoal

Plucking palm fruits nut in the dream meaning

Picking cowries in your dream

Portal in front door

Pick bamboo shoot in dream

Privacy disclosure

Pulling needles

Pulling needles from foot

Pulling out multiple splinters on left hand palm


Put purse down anf it got stolen and lost my shoes

Palm tree and coconut tree which one is beneficial

Painting flower pot

Pink clouds dropping flowers

Person complains

Porcelain cup with gold rim

Poop in sand

People changing into someone else

Picking clothes in dustbin

Picking shea nut in a

Pocket hand stuck

Preparing eggs for the deed person

Preparing eggs for a dead person

Plucking konto mire in dream means what

Picking riped mango with someone

Pastor touched me appropriately sexually

Pastor like me

Pink eyeshado

Planets in one line and moon

Playing hide and seek with my deceased father

Preparing bajji in dream

Pulling one long hair from my vagina meaning

Plugging scent leaf in dream

Prank on me


Pushing trees down

Phone cords

Paddling in a boat with water

Playing with father

Panditji in dream

Poop in carabao dream meaning

Praying on top of the mountan

Play snooker

Play snooker in a dream

Putting weave over natural hair

Picking gold from the gutters in a dream meaning

People wearing same clothes celebrating

Putting a shirt on someone backwards

Picking up money in a waste bin site

Parkour water

Picking up money in a waste bine site

Phantom pursuit

Phantom ghost pursuit

Push mower selling it

Paper it

Plane debris falls in bed

Plane falling from sky around me

Pink motorcycle in dream

Praying over a sick boy

Prophet praying for me in a dree

Packing clothes when rain is drizzling in dream

Pushing door with an evil person

Pack of snails covered under a bucket

Picking coins in graveyard

Picking betel leaves in our dream

Peeing yam in dream

Pepper grinding machine

Politician loves me in dream

Plantain tree fall down in dream

Pleasing that i want to live


Planting on mattress

Pulling out rope from my throat in the dream

Parents caut me with boyfriend

Poop in the food plate

Paying back my money

Plastic cover

Principal taking my phone in school

Putting kolam in dream

Parents scolded my friend

Performing salah in wrong direction


Polar bear iran

Pillow plant

Piggy back riding

Penis skin peeling off

Protecting the president

Packing sand out of the river

Plan turbulence

Penis ejaculating in dream

Penis ehaculating in dream

Passing through a weighbridge with a truck

Preparing groundnut soup in dream the morning

Pyramid church

Palms of hands dirty

Pouring bucket of water

Pet dog injured

Photo message

Puppies swimming in a pool

Playing with my family


Peoples feet touching each other from the back

Presidential motorcade dream

Putting a bindi in dream

Palm oil gallon dream meaning

Plucking money from a tree

Positive test

Plucking lime from a tree in a dream meaning

Pillow slashed

Parrafin all over my body

Poured paraffin in my body

Pulling sweater

Playing with a child dream meaningm

Pulling blue jay feather out of mouth

Picking bitter cola in dream mean what

Padre pio necklace

Plant seen in bedroom in dream

Picking of snail in your dream

Pregnant ripe unripe plantain dream meanings

Picking clothes from a dumpster

Pastor speaking to you

Parents weeding anniversary celebration

Plucking mulberries in dream meaning

Pandit reading my hand

Preparing chicken biryani rice was less

Poison ivy wrapped around my son

Prediction of dreaming pomelo fruit

People stole my car seats

People taking my car seats

Pi symbolism

Pink blossoms on tree

Pajama pants

Pull out mango seed from nose

Poison ivy plant on a friend

Plant on a friend

Pregnant women eating silver berries baby gender in dreams

Pregnant women eating silver berries in dream

Photos rip

Pulling sponge out of ur mouth dream

Poop in the plate in my dream

Pregnacy test positive

Palu green cloth

Person in light

Promised call

Picking chocolate in my dream

Pink siwatsho

Pinned on the wall

Prepare tea

Painting on your legs

Pastors child dead




Picking snail during pregnancy dream meaning

Police looking to arest you

Pastor wash my head with water in crean

Pastor wash my hand

Plucking dates tree dream meaning

Passing secret notes

Picking pepper mint fruit

Painted the grass white

Pick noni

Pounding charcoal

Polo neck jersey meaning

Praying to our lady guadalupe

Phn dialing

Playing marbles in dream

Prune palm fruit into bucket

Peeling ripe plantain dream

Pink smoke black cauldron

Prostitute mother

People selling sewage fish

Pointing in box

Pointing something under the bed

Placenta in a to go bag

Payment alart

Paddy bag

Priest who is a demon

Pulling out their tear ducts

Purse dream

Person in the attic

Peppermint leaves

Picking woods

Picking paper money in church

Poop in a box

Planting a moringa tree in a dream

Person sitting on your face

Pastor write a check and give a church member

Purple shoes

Putting yellow and red tika dream meaning

Pearl in vagina

Pounding of palm nut buy grandma

Picking bush mango in dream

Poison injection dream meaning

Picking bitter kola red fruit in a dream

Punished by a president in dream

Podducing a child

Pounding fufu for two men

Pastor giving us food

Playing with girl at school

Periods stop

Pandanus palms

Protecting myself from an evil spirit

Package fetus flushing toilets

Purple angel with blonde hair

Preaching at someone funeral

Picking green soursop in the dream

Pulling a weed out of your mouth

Preparing to attend your own wedding reception

Praying with kolanut and water

Putting tika to someone in dream

Pooing on a plate in the dream

Pouring quicksilver

Pink chrystal

Pink christal

Pastor drink alcohol in dream what does mean

Parents ashamed

Preparing for surgury

Pulling worms out of my anus

Peeing in to a pole

Picking up black stone from river

Purple cakes

Picking alost phone and returning it to the owner

Picking almost phone and returning it to the owner

Pine cone growing from ankles

Picking april in a dream

Picking and eating ripe sheanut in a dream

Performing oral sex on mother

Person in a maze

Presenting to a prime minister


Preacher praying for my sick son

Praying for my sick son in a dream

Pen writing

Pen cant write

Periwinkle shell in the dream


Poop on sand

Person outside my house

Pus ear

Pouring anointing oil on the ground

Pig slaughtered in a dream but he was not dying

Packing someone bitter kola in the dream

Papper fruit dream and meaning

Pounding yam with broom

Picking ripe red apples with a dead person

Parrot dream number shillong teer

Pouring a soft drink on my head in dream

Pioneer clothing

Popping sound bright light flash


Pillow on cartrunk

Picking germ stone in my dream

Penis being wash in a dream

Praying a santo nino

Picking up clolred golf balls balls

Pink bedsheets

Pulav in dream

Parents watching sex

Pinching feet

Pinching toes

Pregnant women fetching firewood from a forest

Painting skin

Photo of glycerin

Painting the wall of house

Pink lily flower

Performing to a crowd in stage

Pulling a rope out of my genital part dream

Pastor visited my house

Pink fog

Pool of sticks and twigs

Pillow floating in water

People sitting in black bags alive

People sitting in back bags alive

Plane under water

People turning into snakes

Pastor angry collect microphone from me dream

Pujari give white flower in dream

Pregnant woman dreams where she was harvesting cocoyam

Pastor pouring water into my head

Picking a new born baby

Putting my finger in a woman vagina

Playing football in river

Pricing without buying of fresh fish

Pouring a drink on my head

Pastor wanting to rape me in a dream

Preparing crusade in a dream

Putting feet in river

Putting feet in cold river

Pregnant woman carrying firewood in dream

Putting feet in cold river with fish swimming

Putting on a plastic short

Picking fresh turkey berries

Parents accepted my boyfriend

Prime minister giving book

Pounding empty motar

Pottu dream

Pinned by car

People throwing tree branch

Penis fuming

Panting taro

Paper coming out of vagina

Pastor in short pants

Penis with a ring

People being mad at you

Priest in his underwear

Pimples popping in ears

Peak sex with work partner

Pull out heart

Peeling paint on wall

Packing dirts with packer into a bag

Pigeon passed away

Pulling your own teeth

Pigeon died

Pastor give book dream meaning

Putting green leaves on the person

Picking passion fruits and cutting off dead vines

Plucking waterleef means what in the dream

Pearls eyes

Pearl coming out of eye

Purple sweator dream meaning

Picking ripe coffee garden dream meaning

Poor girl giving a soup

Pawpaw tree with ripe pawpaw dream meaning

Police urinating on you

Pus running from your big toe

Picking and returning money from the ground

Peppermint candy

Picking guinea fowl eggs and boiled all the eggs

Piercing my noise n vagina

Picking wet money in a dream

Prophet give a watch as mantle

Packing crabs

Paying children school fees dream meaning

Parying meaning

Pine tree with white blooms

Paper poppies

Paws getting cut off

Paws gretting cut off

Pofanity in a dream

Profanity in church

Painted elephant

Pulling bin with my clothes inside

Picking miney and giving it back to the owner

President of united states

Palmyra fruits

Pastel bed sheets in dream

Purple flowers grave

Planting yam in a dream

Phone call with prophet

Pooring water near the bed

People who look like dogs

Pastor visited my house with his children

Pulling tissue out of anus

Prisoner in a van

Performing unrah with dead grandparents

Paying money to taxi driver


Penis head fall


Pasta eating

Picking oil bean seeds in my dream

Picking bittercola in dream

Picking dried marula seed

Phupha uhamba odakeni


Plucking a green sweet pepper


Points of faithfuness

Pasupu kumkum falling

Praying talking jesus to save me from

Plucking drumsticks from plant

Picking tomatoes

Pastor driving bus

Picking gabi leaves

Proclaim god

Pulling needle from throat

Picking ugba i dream

Pregnant women dreaming a brahmin

Picking of plum under a plum tree

Pink hair piece for hair

Pink hair band

Pat on back

Playing with your x boyfriend

Pillow chocking

Pouring clean water in to a drinking glass

People on computers

Pushing a lawn mower

Praying and raising somebody back to life in a dream

Picking sprayed money in dream

Pope ring

Picking coins by luck when digging a whole with my hand in the mud

Pastor driving a truck

Pastor pouring water on my head dream


Phantom dream

Planting nut

Planting nut tree

Planting large nut tree

Picking periwinkle beside the water

Pounding palm kernel in a dream

Picking ripe green mangoes on a tree

Picking ripe green mangoes on atree

Pregnant goat disappearing in flood means

Pulling legs

Pastor shouting in a dream

Pink bougainville

Pastor marrying second wife dream meaning

People outside my house

Plucking u be in the dream

Picking bitter cola from a tree

Palmyra dream meaning

Pouring millet ion the ground

People killing others for meat

Police arrest husband

Performing umrah with deceased relatives

Prince with a dirty face

Picking tear and dirty fabrics

Picking tear and dert fabrick

Picking tear cloth and dirty cloth

Picking tear and dirty cloth

Pertenity test

Purple manna

Pain in the ass

Priest cloth

Peach colored tulips

Peach colored tupis

Pulling needles out my mouth

Poor woman finding her child

Praying for a blind child and she got healed

Pulling an octopus out of my vagina

Pyramid in the woods


Pastor vomiting

Planting okro in a dream

Parents going to hajj with you

Piercing my head

Picking up marula fruit from ground

Picking prekese in a dream meaning

Passenger and driver attacked with a knife stranger

Pooping a two long green snakes with heads as a stool in a dream

Pregnant woman buying used maternity gown in a dream

Prophet person

People stitching my vagina

Pulling intestines out of anus

Putting tika by sister in dream

Picking riped udala

Peer pressured

Pastor sweeping your room and u helping picking up dirt

Pastor giving you a cloth

People buying market in my dream

Pulled of my neck

Plucking fruits almonds

Police beating

Peacock feather burnt in dream

Pinching my buttocks

Phthiriasis palpebrarum in lashes

Phthiriasis palpebrarum

Pandit telling abt dates n numbers

Pastor asking for my passport in dream


Pregnant woman picking falling ripe fruits

Picking up a tootsoe roll candy

Pink pond


Pencil come out through stools

Plucking native pear in dream

Pullin xmas crackers

Pigeon turning into a man

Pulling out grass

Pulling out gras

Pulling staples from teeth

Picture of relative

Plaque on your teeth

Pastor kissed me

Pumping hot water

Phi greek

Pay loader

Playing skittles

Plugged toilet

Phupha uneka izimpahla la ungahlali khona

Pubic lice

Playing snooker dream

Plastic ball

Pink flamingo

Pulling weeds from my head

Pregnant bruised stomach

Pink kitten with boyfriend

Police arresting my son in his place of work

Pastor selling meat pie

Pit of blood

Pig and having sex

Planning for a reception

Pig trotters

Preparing kunun zaki in a dream

Picking rudrakshas from its tree in dream means

Planting sugarcane in a dream

Pluking of mushroom in the dream

Pregnant women eating custard apple in dreams

Praising my aunt

Pplacenta not coming out after birth

Partner wearing tear clothes in the dream

Pushing a person off a balcony

Paani ana

Pregnant coil

Prophet pouring soil on my head

Padre pio written in a book

Piercing of thorn in foot

Purple lamborghini

Physical ear

Partner being in love with someone els

Party with my crush

Pennyin eye dream meaning

Partner thought i was cheating

Poured by water

Poured food in fire

Plate falling from your hands

Purchased green elachi

Playing with a bullet

Put grease in hair

Police kills me

Pastor gift

Puts hands over my month

Putting mascara

Pregnant woman mad in a dream meaning

Pregnant woman made in a dream meaning

Purple color very beautiful dress in dream

Pie it



Picking snail dream

Picking snail drean

Passing on the small way

Preacher wearing torn cloth in dream

Pole stuck in throat

Packing sand from the river in the dream what what is the meaning

President and daughter dream meaning

Packing sand in the dream

Packing san

Planting curry leaves plant and pouring water to it

Pepper money on the grave

Playing netball but scoring too much

Picking green onion

Picking up maize on the farm

Point of no return

Processing cassava dreams meaning

Pot of money dream

Partner has sex with his mother

Periwinkle sea snail

Pregnant and dream someone wearing a yellow shirt

Picking large yellow tomatoes

Poor area in texas

Phone in a dream

Partner dying well on trip

Phone call about death

Phone call dream

Phone call with bad news

Possessed swing

Parachute jump

Pig buffalo

Pepper pot soup

Palm oil in the gallon in dream

Passing stool in toilet

Puppy intestines falling out

People in water

People walking in and under water

People walking in water

Passed away dad holding hands

Preparing to cook crab

Paying money for the ride

Pricing without buying of dried fish in the dream

Priest pouring oil in my hand dream

Pig licking hand in dream

Plucking the pubic hair in dream

Putting water inside the palm fruit in the mortal in the dream


Playing and scoring many balls in a dream

Peacock swimming in a pond

Pouring away spoilt soup in dream meaning

Pouring away pot of spoilt soup in dream meaning

Pig licking my left foot

Painful left wrist

Plucking cakes in a tree

Putting on the same uniform with my girlfriend

Painting a heart

Picking helicopter sprayed money in the dream

Pinched in dream

Paying for transport fare for someone

Paper hands

Plants growing out of skin

Prophetess dream


Pope giving holy communion

People trying to share bore hole in percentage

Phupha ngigeza ngesiwasho

Phipha ngigeza ngesiwasho

Purulent pressed out from hand

Police giving me money

Pulling a cart pulling a car and petting a dog

Pastor giving me a cup of soda

Pregnant statue

Police giving you money

Phupha inkukhu e brown

Picking spilled tablets

Pill spillage

People walking through my house uninvited

Puppet fight

Puppet couple

Piercing chin

Parents dead

Plucking dawadawa seeds in my dream

Playing volleyball with angles

Person asking food in dream

Pregnant woman upset

Purpul saree dream

Puting one injera scattering three

Planting curry leaves plant

Passed relatives eating cakes