Pink beach

Pinching babies bum

Possessed object

Picking avacado pear in a dream


Partner not attentive

Phone thrown

Packing clothes in a rain

Pushing through kids in the ways

Phone master nation

Pacemaker in my hand

Pink flowers with petals in the sky

Pink flour with petals in the sky

Pregnant woman sees herself uprooting a casava in a casava farm what does it mean

Preparing pongal in temple

Picking bank notes on the dream

Packing of many big iced fish

Policeman handcuffed my son

Pred sandalwood dream

People are sick

Pulling hair out of ass

Panda licking me

Pots falling

Polish food

Psyjng lobola

Prime minister gave money

Pastor who is dead give food

Purchased annual potted plants for gardening

Pit viper snake with white eyes

Pit viper with white eyes

Pit vipper with whit eyes

Pulling the frozen ice in the refrigerator

Pregnant woman warring white in a dream

Pretending to be dead in the dream to be able to shoot the enemy

Pushing little girl

Pregnant woman dream of cocoyam what is the sex of the baby

Priest brings food

Pouring juice

Purchased on agricultural land and swiping of leaves

Pulling vagina hair out

Priest sprinkling holy water on me

Plate turned down with a spoon ontop

Prepared cows ankle leg in the dream

Pouring salt on my ex husband

Pastor giving ingredient to prepare porridge

Picking coin in the cemetry

Pregnant woman sit on lap

Pinned wall

Putting on old worn shoes and then removing them

Palm kernel shell

Pilot an airplane on the wing

Plugging suger palm fruits

Pig giving birth

Pulling feathers out of your eyes

Pulled away from someone by water and waves

Processing red palmoil in the dream

Pictures on cell phone

Picking fruits in the dream while pregnant

Picking up tiny logs and arranging them

Peacock sex

Picking up pepper fruit in a dream

Picking scrap metal in a dream


Pearl inside coin purse

Pooping of seashells

Picking a lot of money from foot path while going to school

Pouring away ewedu soup away from the pot in the dream


Professional man

Pulling thorn out skin

Posh clothes too big

Passing through beaded curtains

Prophet musa healing


Pissed on toilet seat

Parking bitter cola for bag

Pinned to a wall by crush

Picking trash from trash can

Pounding snail

Packing moinoi leaves in a dream

Passionate kiss with a woman and vomiting after

Picking red rooster

Pulling something from throat

Pastor slapped

Push uo

Purple bunny

Paving stones

Pulling utensils out of a throat

Pineapple gold

Prophetess laying hands on me in a dream

People fight and i find help to my home with many deaths on the road


Pregnant woman eating snail in the dream

Pregnant woman eating pawpaw in dream

Praying for someone while holding hands in dream

Plant no roots

Picking slipper in a pit latrine

Plugging waterleaf in a dream meaning

Professor scared of dog

Pastor giving me raw chicken in a dream

Pulling multiple snakes out of stomach

Parts of body

Path in centre of hair

Pet shrinking in dream

Piano playing downstairs

Peach gemstone

Pulling items out of knees

Picking a bucket full of both big and small snails

Popping cyst on breast

Popping a cyst on an areola

Parting the ocean

Planting ground provision

Perming hair falling out

Plugin soursop fruit

Picking up pills on the floor in a dream

Pinworms coming out of the vagina

Penis on my girlfriend

Pounding palm fruit in a mortar with someone

Pressing pus

Pastor visit you in your house

Plucking black plums under a plum tree

Putting a living snake in a plastic bag

Putting a snake in a plastic bag

People are screaming and jumping into water stream to save them lifes

People are jumping into water stream

Pulling out from ear

Prophet muhammad feet

Police women in a motorbike

Psycho fight

Pastor comforting me

Pulling worm from head

Python covered in ash in tree


Public poo

Public poop

Parents disapproving boyfriend

Pouring palm wine

Praying for the death in dream

Picking a lot of white quartz from the ground

Practicing lesbianism

President giving me his cell number

Patting a bloody dog

Prawn fish

Prayers and shawl

Plucking of ube

Packs of cards falling on the floor

Promise in a dream

Producing thumtacks in my mouth everytime i speak

Power over water

Partner having sex with other man


Picking ogbono fruits in a dream

Parked brown car

Partly naked woman walking away

Partner walking away naked

Picking snails in dream during pregnancy

Pelted a stick at someone

Preparing abacha in the dream

Picking dirties in dream

Puss ants holes

Passing in unfinished house full of maize plants

Planes descend

Picking dirty bags in dream

Picking dirty bags in dream and dusty it kept well

Picking java plum


Pulling green leafs from mouth

Pink door opening

Pregnant goats meaning

Perverted man

Poverty dream

People wearing the same clothes

Picking from the tree big yellow mangoes

Palo njeti

Police did not get me

Pregnant woman dreaming of holding amala in her hands

Putting corn seeds into a rave at cemetery

Picking tamarind in tree

Picking white stones in the dream

Plugging and eating pear ube in dream

Plucking big ripen soursop

Plucking of native pear

Painter scraper

Peeing while talking to my dead grandmother


Pulling out items vagina

Plastic in my tooth

Plastic in my theet

Prodded me with niddles

President ask me to make confidential report

People having sexual intercourse

Prophet give me a letter in dream

Partner dying in yo hands

Pharoah hat

Parents telling you to remember your social security number

Pouring hashes out of coalport

Picking green chayotes off tree

Pounding cassava leaf in a dream

Preparing me in a dream

Pounding palm nut in a dream meaning

Pricing of tin milk and milo in the dream

Pulling out my own tooth in a dream

Pretending they love me

Pregnant woman dancing naked

Pooing lots

Penis made of rice

Passenger in car skidding

Penis fallin off

Person bird costume

Pink fabric softener

Peeling inside skin of the mouth

Pulling dead plants from pots

Pregnant seahorse giving birth

Pregnant women white dress

Plugging turkey berry in dreams meaning

Purple eye lids

Predicted pregnancy


Pork wrapped in plastic

Picking big oil beans dreams meaning

Plugging green pepper

Praying and casting out evil

Paper rubbish

Pull in feathers out of feet

Picking cattails

Preaching on a funeral

Pulling a strand of rope out of vagina attached to a gooey sack

Praying for a mad male cousin

Pov meaning

Pooping round with corn all over it

People dressed in radiant white

Picking up a mens wedding pand with diamonds

People being inanimate objects

Penis injured

Pulling my feet in dream

Prohibited entry

Priest tied white tread

Priest tied white and green tread

Pole painted in red and white

Playing draught with the dead in the dream

Playing draught with the dead in a dream

Plucking our own tooth in dream

Pierced feet

Plant stem

Pulling out hair out of nipples

Planting plantain sucker in the swamped area in the dream

Picked a plastic ruler in a dream

Picked a plastic ruler

Pouring hot water on a raw pork meat

Phupha ma fruit abolile

Phupha udla ma grapes

Phone apps deleting

Penis flower head

Peeing in a mason jar in a dream what the hell does that mean

Plane crash in dream

Plucking mango and pear in a dream

Poisonous slugs

Poisonous snail

Playing sex in dream

Praying in a river with two people

Praying in a river with two peopl

Pickle eggs

Plumera flowers

Poeple having sex

Political leaders shot dead in your presence dream mean

Pumping water from a borehole

Playing with a pregnant dog in the dream

Plucking unripe cashew

Pylon falling

Pylon falling near me

Pink perls

Pink perl


Picking up mushroom under a dead palm tree

Penis entering inside vagina

Peeing on yorself

Poiseness black snake

Pulling black thread

Penis tattoo


Picking wrist watch in a floor

Picking wrist watch

Pulled into grave

Putting snowdrops on s grave



People cooking for my wedding

Pencil shavings

Prostrate in the dream

Pouring papya juice dream meaning

Pouring papya juce for someone

Picking long raddish


Picking up trash going up hill

Pulling long hair from tongue

Palmyra fruit eating in a dream

Past coworker flirting and then having sex

Pushing a light wheelbarrow and frying puff



Puting one injera scattering in to three in dream

Plant dead mother give in dream

Pastor giving shirt to me

Pulled testicular out of ball sack

Prime minister driving my car

Puppy with mange

Picking coins in a gutter

People seeing my underware

Picking money in a stream

Pantyhose to big

Plucking watery apple fruit from a tree

Porch overhang

Pulling papers out of nose and then bleeding immensely

Purple coins

Picking up sanitary pads in a dream

Pope nun crying

Pope nun

Passing through two tight walls

Palm fruits falling from tree

Pig and dog sex

Pig swimming underwater

Priest in dream

Poles falling on you

Puts red tika and give money

Place agatha

Purple leopard cuddling

Picking mangoes on a grave

Plugging mango in a cemetry

Pink round bead

Pink round bead w

Pink round bead with string

Person as a snake

Plugging turkey berries

President and first lady visit

Priests slaughtering hen

Person standing at the end of my bed

Pale creepy distorted smiling face

Plucking kontomire leaves

Pooja room cleaning


Picking up old books and stationery for someone

Picking a kolanut under kolanut tree in the dream

Pastor driving a car in the dream

Pulling hair out of foot

Pastor send me to fetch water with a glass in a glass and i fill it and when i give him the glass was empty and i go back again and a family member gave me plastic tumbler and i fill it and a pastor drink that water in a dream

Picking cola but under cola tree

Picking ogbono seed for dream what does that mean

Picking ogbono fruit for dream what does that mean

Pimples in yo oh y to

Pink necklace

Pounding vegetable in dream

Politician relative

Palm weevil larvae

Picking maggi in dream meaning

Plucking kontomire leaves in a dream

Putting olive ol

Picking green glass

Pig shit

Polar bear licking feet

Playing with horse erect penis

Parents accepting boyfriend

Packing of dustbin in dream

Plucking and picking ube native pear in dream means

Phone cover

Playing keyboard in church

Palm nfected by maggots

Plugging kontomire in my dream

Pulling string out penis

Pitbull biting

Playing football in a river

Pressing on your stomach and killing you

Put earthworms in small burcket

Picking from dustbin

Peeping others

Plant growing faster in house

Plucking feathers from a dead chicken in a bowl

Plucking lemon and chili

Purple water lily

Play park

Preaching in a funeral set up at the graveyard

Paying of children school fees in dream means what

Pumping heart

Pumping hearts

Pink phone case

Pig eating penis

Prophetic meaning of dry crayfish

Picking dodo

Preventing two people from fighting in a dream

Pot of greens

Plenty of provisions in my automobile for cross country trip

Praying in dirty place in deeam

Pastor rejecting me


Plenty of supplies

Pile of garbage in tank

Prophet gives me green dress

Priest praying in dream

Pulling long hair from palm of hand in the dream meaning

Pinned to the floor

Packing shoes

Prophet giving you money in the dream

Pongal in dream

Pulling dead fresh from my vargine

People walkindreaming of people walking on a sterrg on a street

People walking on a street

Peeling sugarcane in a dream

Pus nail

Person having sex with a pig

President in rising waters


Pooping a stone

Pulling false teeth out of vagina

Pale blue hair ribbon lost on brambles

Pull a condom out of your vagina

Putting shoes on

Pulling sweetcorn from your nose

Pulling wig

Pulling worms from sons neck

Penus leaking

Pouring water on a male classmates who was washing his hand

Pushing someone away in dream

Playing with a vagina dream

Preaching in the market dream

Peeling matooke

Plugging red and green chili

Pink pearl necklace

Pooping in squillet

Pallet of gifts

Period blood in drean

Pouring water on someone head to wash hair

Purple fungas on arm

Palm tree falls

Peeing in mouth

Picking cassava from aplate to eat


Pigs attack dog


Photo of dead person in dream meaning

Press secretary

Palm covered in glitter

Police van in dream

Police saving my life

Picking up girlfriend

Processing palm nut oil

Polishing gold ring


Putting something in burt

Picking cashews fruits in the dream meaning

Passenger jeep accident

Parents graves


Petro car leaked and fire stated

Putting concrete floor in the church

Popping in my dreams

Pointed sharp bolo

Pregnant women in white clothes

Python eating frog and monkey

Pound something in the dream

People around you brainwashed

Pair of bright iris eyes looking through my window in different colors

Person with tattoos

Parent got stabbed with a knife from stranger

Picking maggie on the floor in the dream

Planes and water

Pledging a ring

Picking gold from a lake

Premature egg hatched

Pricing a fish in a dream without buying

Pastor pointing an infected index finger at you

Provincial road

Presidents house

Pegging a grocery shop

Preparing braided traditional sleeping mats

Pregnant women dreaming mango tree

Pins in my skull

Pojaries in dream meaning



Pulling hair out of the sole of the feet

Plane ex girlfriend

Pouring red oil into my pocket in my dream

Priest in white praying on my stomach

Pregnant woman picking ripe udara dream meaning

Phone said hell

Pulling hair from your throat


Plastic sword

Pregnancy stick

Pill organizer

Pregnant woman dreams about the shaking of unborn child in side her mothers womb what does it mean

Peacock eating animal

Place to poop

Punished while abroad

Promise of travelling abroad

Plucking soursop in a dream

Physical examination

Pastor given u money

Picking kolonut and snails

Picking silver and gold kruger rands

Picking up kruger rands coins