Pond of hot water

Prince charles in a dream

Picking ripe palm,fruit in the dream

Putting on a turn clothe in the dream

Pastor ignore

Picking recharge card in the dream

Picking an airtime that was covered with sand

Plastering shop


Pressure cooker whistle going off

Pundit by the sea

Police officer uniform

Paying pride prize

Phone was smoking

Pastor drunk on the altar

Pandit taking my finger to give me an experience

Peeping at someone taking her bath

Pitcher plant

People eating white pap

Pillar dream

Packing breadfruits

Pubescent girl in dream

Playing with baby boy

Pregnant wife breastfeeding husband in dream

Priest giving me food

Prince philip meeting

Planty of pins so many

Pounding of palm fruit in the dream

Pink dress up fairy

Picking up glass

Painting a model

Promised help

Playing colour in dreams

Pregnant with a leopard baby

Pregnant in white clothes

Putting baby in the freezer


Plucking oil bean send in the dream

Physical exercises

Plucking fruit in the dream

Pooja,harathi in dream

Pulling out a thick rooted hair

Pick naseberry

People in derris wheel die

Pinching cheek of someone

Picking up mangoes underground

Palm leaves cover the top of two residential buildings

Pastor asking for money

Poop with green snake

Poisonous spider

Plates ,cups in a basket

Preaching on a street means

Picking cashews nut in a dream

Plucking native pear

Penis of dead father

Puoring laurel.leaves from body

Priest pouring annointing oil on your palm in dream

Pulling nose hair dream meaning

Picking turkey berries in dream meaning

Pen found

Protective curtain

People jumping out of a window

Packing and leaving a house

Pawn land


Pierced in palm

Ploughing of bafellows in field

Picking coins water

Polishing shoes


Picking white cowries in the dream

Penis fell off

Pokemon ball

Prophesying in your dream

Parents blessing you in a dream

Popping a spot


Planting green thyme

Parents cut

Please help me us user name

Putting make up

Picking odara in dream

Pashmina shawl gifted in dream

Picking wildmango in the dream mean

Preparing akara in the house, grinding the pepper and beans

Plants gift in dreama

Public bath dream interpretation

Planting cassava

Pantain suckers in dream means what

Planting of plantain in dream what does it means


Prophet saleh

Playing football with your boy friend

Pulling thorns out of the body

Picked money in dustbin


Pushing wilbarow full of fruit n food

Pretend to be pregnant in dream

Perfidy, rancor or extreme love for the one who is bitten in a dream

Pretty orange eyes in a dream

Peeps gowing in house

Prostration in dream

Playing holi colour

Plucking of kolanut

Plaster falling of bedroom wall

Penis detached from body

Picking money from the graveyard

Processed cassava



Pour native chalk one body in dream

Plucking udara l

Pounding dry okoro with grandma

Praying opposite direction of qivla

Penguin go near me

Path leading down in a deep valley

Pray at grave

Pray near grave

Picking up pins

Plucking need leaves

Plucking need trees

Praying with someone in a dream

Presidential motorcade in a dream

Picking up bird eggs in the wet sand

Praying for a mad person in a dream symbolises

Picking up coins in the mud

Picking up two handkechief

Priest praying

Pencil and paper

Pounding palm kernel in a mortal in a dream

Pour substance on your leg

Planting fruity plants

Proposing a girl

Putting black tika in dream

Pastor give me a pink handbag

Pluck cashew in dream

Putting off a generator in the dream

Punk with long hair and beard

Pastor i know waa ly in a canoe i was asked to paddle but his imagine is two

Pulling petty things out of toilet

Pulling pag things out of toilet

Pulling patti g things out of toilet

Passing out

Plucking green chillies in pregnancy

Pagan crown

Pushed off of cliff

Peeling off yam


Picking ripe cashews

Poopy clothing

Pressing dowm

Painless birth

Pulling objects from vagina in a dream


Papaya falling from tree

People framing me and trying to hurt me

Pandal in dream meaning


Photo of past dead grandfather

Priest giving food in church


Picking up coins in the water meaning

Playing football penalty

Perfume from dead mother

Packing dry clothes from the corridor while it was about to rain

Poking with needles on my toes feet in my dream

Peeling off wall paint

Pounding of yam in dream meaning

Pineapple in figurine form

Pushing a tree down

Pushing a tree


Pineapple plucking

Palm kernel oil in dre

Picking money from dirty in the dream

Playing cricket with cricket celebrity

Picking of calamansi

Pact with blood

Pomelo is ripe

Plant growing in my left hand

Posting a letter

Preparing jowar roti in dream

Palm of hands opened

Palm of hands

Penis head falls off

Pulling hair from pasta

Pulling hair from spaghetti

Picking and eating udara in my dream

Pregnant women lying under mango tree in adream

Plucking red hibiscus flower from tress

Pills or tablets with colleague

Popping in my dream

Popping in dream

Picking of sheafruits into bags

Pouring oil on someone hands

Persil in teeth

Penis in tree

Peeing in a pot containing food

Pervert husband

Police handcuffed my boyfriend

Putting jewelry in a bag


Possessed nephew

Pearl and oysters

Pouring water

Pulling a white string out of feet

People kissing

People giving youlots of crops

Prostitute loved one

Picking gungo

Picking gold necklace in a dream

Plucking oha leaves in a dream

Picking jewelry from the mud

People with white garments sitting

People with white garments sitting down

Picking ugba in my dream


Picking black plumes in a dream

Phone crash

Picchi flower dream

Prophesying in the dream

Prophesying in a dream

Pushing gallons of water in wheelbarrow in the dream means what

Preparing for blood sacrifice

Plants growing out a wall

Picking baby cloth

Picking baby cloth in dream means what

Priest drinking wine in the church

Pink bougainvilla

Purple lily or lotus

Preparing birthday

Picking passion fruits

People happy to see you


Peeled melon in the dream


Picking dollars from grave

Peeling melon seed dream meaning

Palm fruit


Paying tuition fee

Picking cowries in a dream

Plucking vegetables


Politician in love with me

Peeling of feet into new feet

Paper bills

Purchase sweets and not having enough money


Picking up smails

Playing a piano

Prt lion

Praying and anointing of your house

Pilling stones in a dream

Plain parcel of land

Phone simcard

Plain concrete parcel of land


Pastor seeing vision

Paying a taxi fare in a dream

Pregnant eating fruits



Pulling weeds from my mouth


Pepper soup and goat meat

Possession by demon

Pastor carasing my nipples in church

Pulling yellow ball from anus

Public walk

Pluking ladies finger vegetable

Planting egusi seed in the dream means what

Palm oil pouring from a car

Pandit giving me dhoti

Picking gooseberries

Playing tumeric water

Picking up lots of piso coin

Pawpaws and mangoes


Picking up clothes others were clean others were dorty



Picking twins in a dream

Putting many gels on hair if a amn

Plugins of custard apple

Palm oil in dream meaning

Plucking of bitterleaf in dream

Praying inside calabash in dream

Pandithji in temple in my dream

Putting tika

Processing red oil

Purple kitten

Pluking ladies finger

Planting flowers and seing snakes

Pillow with name

Pot of rice stolen in the dream

Pulled in water

Plucking many type pure green herb in my dream


Pulling spikes out

Prophetic meaning of tying white hankerchief and wearing of white clothes means

Piggyback father

Purple and pink snapdragons

Plenty of green breadfruit on the ground

Pounding palmfruits in the dream

Pastor pouring anointing oil on my head

Parents fighting

Pepper farm

Plumber working

Parent ill then recover

Polygamy dream means what when agreed to be a second wife

Pressing my breast

Pregnant for my brother

Pregnant woman plucking mango in the dream

Peeling egusi in d dream

Picking coins from a gutter

Photo dead father with my son

Pastor praying for me in the dream

Pulling something out of your vagania

Putting white tika in dream

Person named mercy

Poop and snake

Person will not leave your home

Picking palmnut in the dream

Passing through copper ring

Purple, dove and yellow

Penis fall off

Pregnant women seeing brinjal in dream

Pulling snake out of vagina

Ploghing fields and sowing seeds in dream

Panty washing away in river

Paying a dead relative utility bills

Praying the rosary with someone

Penis fall

Processing pap in dream meaning

Picking of udara in the dream meaning

Parrot whose beak falls off

Picking up dirts on a stagnant water in a dream

Praying for a sick child in the dreams mean what

Pouring drinks in your mug

Plant growing on hand


Plucking ripe guava from tree

Praying and a young pastor came to me and held my hands and hugged me

Priest smile

Packing smoke fish in the dream


Pregnant woman licking udara fruit in the dream

Praying over children

Protecting sister

Picking eggs in the dream meaning

Police caught my husband in dream

Partying with strangers

Pig snout on someone

Picking a many lanzones in a dream

Plucking soursup in dream

Preparing to jump out of plane

Plan on jumping out of plane


Passing of faeces

Pestle n mortal meaning

Picking granadillas

Praying for a dying person and then he comes back to live

Pickin old iron rot

Picking lots of mango from ground

Plantation of chilli plant

Praying over kola nut in dreams

Puree tree full with flowers

Pretty river falls

Plucking been leaf from the tree

Playing football in the ground

Pomelo fruit falling on the groun and one catch

Plucking ripe cashew in a dream

Penis growing under a lady skin

Piece of woods

Pig biting a man

Pulling pencil from anus in dream

Pencil come out of anus

Poisonous smoke

People coming out of poisonous smoke

Pastor confrontation

Praparing mosquito net for someone

Plucking green chilly

Person dead comes and eat food

Piercing neck with pencil

Pattu cheeralanu chudadam

Pulling out my molar teeth.


People eating gorilla skull

Plaque build up on teeth

Plaque removal from teeth

Pink suede

Picking king of card

Pastor kissing me in a dream means?

Piking woods in my dreams

Pastor giving me assignment

Plucking green chillies from tree

Phone is heated and smoke is coming out

Picking bitterkola in the dream

Pregnant women wearing wedding dress

Pastor giving a lot of trouser

Pregnant woman picking snails in a dream


Picking snails during pregnancy

Planting lemon grass


Packing snacks in the bag for the kid

Paying for palm oil

Picking live prawns inside your house

Polar bear get attacked by a lion

Plant destroyed

Parrafin means what in a dream

Pink oleander in dream

Playful lion

Picking udara two udara in the dream

Pastor canes


Pen black mean


Pastor laying hand on my head in the dream

Playing holi indream

People saw my nakedness while bathing

Putting raft into rapid choppy river and watching other boats crash

Pastor giving u money in the dream

Plunking of afang leaf in the dream

Packing pure water in the dream means what


Patriarch in relation with me

Protecting 3 children

Plucking soursop in the dream what does it mean

Preparation to getting maried

Picking two udara fruit in the dream

People wearing only black and white at a funeral

People coming out of cave

Pearl millet

Paying someones school fees

Paying for someone school fees

Panchamrit in dream



Parents drowning on boat

Putting your head on someones shoulder

People laughing at you

Prajwal rupacha sunuwar anroid

Prickly heat rash on forehead

Painting of kite

Peepal tree

Piercing my nose

Plucking plumes

Picking up airtime scratch cards

Preparing to add fish in soup in the dream



Peeling casava in dream

Packing apples in the dream

Packing bags to leave for umrah

Picking feather in dreams

Picking naartjies with a friend

Person wraped in fasan

Partner asking for the money and you give him new money

Picking fish from mango tree

Phone in my dream

Painting a picture green

Pink snake

Pink buttercups

Pale pink

Plastic gloves


Plucking bringals

Pounding fufu with your mum


Plotting shea nut on sheanut tree


Praying with rasul in a dream


Promise money in dreams

Picking and eating udara fruit

Partner jumping out window

Pooping stones

Pruning mango tree in dream

Plucking of ripped pepper fruits in the dream

Playing an arcade game


Pastor pours anointing oil on my face

Pulling someone elses teeth

Plantain sucker planting meaning

Praying with children

Planting plantain sucker in a dream meaning

Pastor pours anointing oil in my mouth in my dream

Pastor giving me anointing oil to drink in my dream

Pounding a cassava in my dream

Picked a woman from the ground

Period dog

Pagoda house

Picking amala from tree

Pink floral dress wearing a woman


Peeling of dead skin

Picking cowries on the ground

Peeing beside church building and pee on the bed