Plucking a green chillies mean


Playing a song with a strong message

Playing a song

Pastor giving you advise and medicine

Purple skin

Pea in islamic dream

Picking things on a dustbin



Paper tissues

Paper tisues

Picking spinach

Picking and licking sweet good udara

Poured to someone body mine

Poured watered to some leg min

Papad in dream

Pulling out someone else teeth |

Plucking scent leaf

Pregnant frien

Pluck a rose

Panty liners used


Plenty of frog in dream

Pins pulled from mouth

Purchase drumsticks

Plum tree branches trim

Picking a panty liner

Parent not accepting my boyfriend

Pee on bed from dog

Prophet isa in dream

Picking of ripe palm fruits

Pastor asking you to get pregnant fo him

Picking of money


Police raid my house in dreams

Picking a bleeding goose home

Pretending to be dead and woke up

Postharvest rice

Picking up a gold ring

Picking up a good ring

Pulling someone out from gutter

Picking lime stone in dream means

Packing of pure water in a bag in dream means what?


Picking craps in dream meaning

Pleasant stranger

Palmyra fruits falling from tree

Priest giving bless

Packing plywood

Pragnant and dream of getting drumstick plant meaning

Playing a game with adultery men in exchange of whisky in a dream

Plenty tiger nuts spread like red carpet leading to halls for you to walk on.


Pretending to be someone else

Pretending to be someone and getting caught

Persecuted by friends


Peacock feathers burning

Peeled fruit

Pregnant women eating snail in dream

Pouring powder on me as key to pregnancy

Picking ogboni in a dream what does it mean

Picking ogboni in a dream

Picking oil bean seed iñ dream meaning

Pregnant woman gatheing mangoes

Peeling of cassava and washing it dream means what

Putting dried mopane worms in a plastic bag

Pounding beans to make more moimoi for my kids

Playboy in my home

Poring away charcoal

Poured anointing oil to the ground

Pouring anointing oil meant for my head to the ground

Pac man



Picking and licking african star apple

Painted metal

Picking open ackee

Pat on thehead

Pat on rgehead


Priest giving me money

Pooing in a chambernpot

Putting on your shoes

Packing sand out from the river

Pulling object out of my vagina

Picking through rice

Plastic mantle

Private part touched by another person

Painting wall yellow

Painting a wall yellow

Painting a piece of wall in yellow

Picking egg

Palm nut tree in ur dreams

Prohibited room

Praying for a mad person

Playing childhood games

Police wanted to arrest me i disappeared

Pastor sexing my wife in my dream

Pastor sleeping with my wife in dream

People stealing buckets of water from me

Popping a boil

Presidents wife in a dream

Playing holi in water

Pooja thali

Princess bubblegum


Pampered in a dream means

Plucking tamarind friut


Playing with lioness

Peridot ring

Possessive over a baby

Picking up nutmeg for off the ground

Pulling purple fabric from mouth

Python bite cobra in face

Payton bite cobra

Phyton and cobra fighting

Psychopath sister

Plucking green pepe in the dream

Purple light in sky

Pixie sat on my hand

Pod of orca

Pimples all over my body

Pastor announcing my names in dream

Pastor want to kill me in my dream

Putting off fire

Putting of fours in a dream with your love

Picking mopane worms from the ground

Priest died mysteriouly

Picking oil bean in d dream meaning

Pickuping stone in the river

Plugging pear on tree and giving it to someone


Pink waters

Pluking water leave and plant

Purring black panther

Periods stain on underwear

Priest and devil

Purple saree

Priest gave prasad

Psalm five in a dream

Picking up dry leave


Pounding fingers with pestle

Pastor trying to kill me in adream

People blocked the road

Pool full of seaweed

Purple coloured tiger

Panampalam in dreams

Pushing wheelbarrow with firewood

Pounding banga in the dream

Prank call dream

Plate’s mat

Plumb bob dream

Pink color

Peeled melon seed in a dream


Picking calamansi from tree

People worshiping 7headed snake idol in water

Pouring water on my bed

Photo of dead

Pot of cooked half eaten white rice

Playing in mud

Peahen laying eggs

Peahen laying eggs in a dream

Palm oil coming out from ground

Poison inhaling

Pestle hurting your hand while pounding

Pounding palm nut

People beg for help

Plucking of kolanuts

Pounding pepper

Poop on a wedding dress

Picking up coins in clean water

Pee mosque entrance

Pulling dead roaches from arms

Pulling an object from a wound

Pulling an object from a woune

Prickly pear

Prickly pear tree

Pick up of pomelo

Psycho with powers obsessed with you


Person burnt face

Polar bear cub

Plant bending

Plant germinating out from my fingers

Peering through wall

Pastor crrying me on here back

Picking child up from school

Pastor,wife in a gathering

Praising jesus is king

Putting alive fish in mouth

Plastic water


Paddy dream

Pour water on head but not wet

Planting bad muthi

Plastic bottles

Performing umrah

Peeling of egusi with a man in the dream

Peering cassava in your dreams


Protecting family members

Polluted water

Peeling out of layers of clothes

Pulling a bucket of water from a well

Python snake giving birth in the dream

Proposed by a king

Putting soil in pot

Picking ogbono fruit in dream

Pingpong ball

Picking weeds

People death

Pulling someone chair before they sit

Playing in erosion

Pastor wife smiling at me

Picking udara fruit in dream



Pulling ribbon out of mouth

Pulling hair out from button dream

Powerless physically

Preals flower in a dream

Polka dot dresses

Picking up of walnut in dream

Pregnant woman plucking in the dream

Putting off charcoal fire

Peacock landing on my shoulder

Picking me up

Picking muchrooms in the dream

Planet earth coming down to you

Pastor being drunk in the dream

Pushing wheelbarrow full of fruits


Poop of rooster

Peacock fan out its feathers

Picking waterleaf in my dream

Pulling snail out from your body

Person shrinking

Plugging and eating garden egg

Planting tree upside

Package of periwinkle and start packing up from the floor

Partner licking your finger while making out

Plucking of ripe soursop

Putting rangoli with colours

Pealing egusi in the dream

Picking stone in a river

Paint brush falling apart

People laughing cynically in dream


Planting hair in a dream

Purge in dream woke and purged

Pigeons following

Picking up waterberry

Picking fat mangos in the dream

Picking and packing palm kernel seeds in sacks

Purple boils on leg

Picking green chillies in a dream, meaning

Picking ripe years in a dream means

Picking much money from a rubbish bin

Picking cashew in dream

Porridge dream

Picking eating udara fruit in the dream

Pulling socks out of vagina

Peacocks flying very high towards mountain dream

Plucking palm fruit in the dream

People i as friends about to fogged me in the dream

Photograph with a famous ungodly artist


Praying maked

Peahen flying in dream

Peahen flying inbfream


Pus coming from forehead with pressure

Plucked ukpaka in dream

Pomeo fruit


Plugging of bitter kola in the dream

Plucking ripe oranges in dream

Playing in backyard

Pearl ring in dream

Pounding fufu

Pounding fufu in dream meaning

Pregnant woman in labor pains

Purple paint on face


Plate full with money in dream

Pushing father on cliff

Picture with friends

Plaque in gum teeth

Python swallowing someone

Picking up two big yam

Prophet kissing wife

Prophet mosque

Pain of failed relationship

Picking big palmwine maggot

Palm candy

Pastor in his underwear

Pulling someone else hair out then running away

Pulling someone else hair out

Picking up mopane worms


Plucking ridge gaurd

Plucking rhododendron in dream

Punch in the nose


Praying opposite of qibla

Pastor cutting cane

Pink file folder

Pink file golder

Picking diamond


Prank dreams

Pap in a pot

Plucking mushrooms in your dream

Putting tika to someone on forehead

Putting my head on his chest

Pomegranate seed coming out of vagina

Priest holy water

Pregnant woman sees death of her baby

Pregnant woman sees her baby die

Plucking a chicken

Pillow black mold

Pillow block mold


President having sex with me in my dream

Playing holy with my dead grandfathther

Puling out grey hair

Purple snake dream

Plucking turkey berries

Person commits sucide

Popping large pimple and bugs come out

Putting black ants into sugar and the ants became plenty means

Putting ants into sugar and the ants become plenty means

Puting hand in faece

Prophet tb joshua praying for me in a dream

Photographs of babies


Picking eating african star apple

Pastor asking for money

Pinky promise in a dream

Passenger in car that drives off cliff


Playing football score a goal and be happy

Present of silver teapot

Pegging celebrity

Pegging stranger

Potatoes on a wheelbarrow

Pap in a dream the meaning

Playing love in the dream

Preparing palm nut soup in a dream

Prohecying in dream

Picking sapodillas

Potato rain

Poke face

Pencil case

Pope room

Pissing blood

Pounding fufu in dreams

Picking up fallen black and white beads means what?

Picking up fallen black and white beads


Plants nursey

Pulled down

Pink and white rattlesnake

Putting red sindoor on my aunty’s forehead

Pandit ji looking at me

Pulling endless hair from my bottom

Plucking ripe oranges from a

Penis vagina

Plain and red palm oil

Plaintain and red oil

Prickles in hand

Penis surgery

Pregnant wife got attacked by guys

Passed loved one laughing


Pulling something out of my vaginal

Pink dogs and puppies

Picking oil bean in the dream meaning

Pulling out own teeth in my dream

Padro pio

Presidential daughter

Presidential daughter in a dream

Plants cuttings

Pick bird


Picking calamansi fruits in the ground

Pickimg calamansi fruits in the ground

Pluking waterleaf in the dream


Pests on my bed

Plicking of red chilli

Police raid in my house in my dream meaning

Painting car green

Preparing moimoin in the dream of a pregnant woman

Peacock having sex

Partner having baby with someone else

Posho mill

Phone as a gift

Playing with hair?


Pestle and mortar in islamic interpretation

Parents of two kids trying to give a face cap themselves, then i came inbetwin and collected the face cap and put

Pass test

Pass exam

Palm fruit covered with mushrooms in a dream

Pressing boob of another woman

Pipe organ

Picking udera friut in dream

Pouring saliva in ones mouth

Priest brought food to eat

Pregnant brother


Praying in the cemetery in a dream

Pants less in restaurant

Picking oil been seed i dream

Pomelo tree

Priest at my office

Person poking navel

Poop and intestine

Person on drugs

Plantain trees fallig


Prayer carpert

Prayer carper

Playing holi with stranger girl

Plugging kolanut with my father

People, places and things associated with my past

Pulling hair out of my booty


Putting tika on forhead

Photographing a golden peak

Photographing a mountain

People plastering my shop

Pulling hair from your butt

Piles of prawns.

Plug sorrel

Pouring oil in the hands

P ing urine

Purse stolen by hotel desk clerk , containing id cash eye glasses

Piggyback from my crush

Pullinh out hairs from mouth

Pulling out own tooth

Picking three snails

Picking of three snails

Pain in middle finger in islamic dream

Peeping someone bathing

Peeping in toilet

People been flogged in a dream

Pujari giving prasad to me

Pujari givong prasad to you

Pounding with mortar in a dream

Put the penis to the mouth of the woman

Person wearing pink

Put the l

Penis to the mouth of the woman


Pounding palm nut in the dream

Pouring salt inside a cathedral

Plucking cashew fruit from the tree

Pouring salt round in catholic church in a triangle basis

Pues filled leg

Preaching in dreams mean whatever

Party in a dream


Plucking neem leaves in dream

Partner is gifting u blue diamond necklace

Paying college fees

Preparing for marriage

Pap mean spiritual

Parent selling house

Pus coming oit of a breast

Police officer

Painting the inside walls of your church

Purple tree

Priest coat

Painting antique raw wood door red


Painful burning left palm

Preaching in the street

Purchasing roofing sheets in a dream

Passing through a shrine in your dreams

Picking years fruit in the dream

Plug kola but in dream

Pirate ship another era stormy seas

Pantie line

Plucking and eating garden egg in the dream | dream interpretatio

Pear walking like a bird

Purple linen

Plugging ripe tomatoes in a dream

Pot made of clay

Picking ripped ube

Playing football in water


Pani puri eating dream