Picking moringa tree firewood


Person next to bed


Pigeon on a roof

Pleading for help

Plain desert

Pouring fufu in a morter

Pulling a long grass like rope out of my mouth

Pastor and wife in my dream

Perming your own hair in dream meaning


Playing ball with children

Pushed off a cliff

Pocket on fire

People trying to hurt me

Putting tika on forehead

Plate in the garden

Prehistoric hawk

Prior boyfriend

Picking cho cho

Pet store

Pull hair out of anus

Plenty of soups and food for the family

Picking olive among green apples

President elect

People staying over

Protecting sister

Purple eyes

Pigs swimming

Pigs swimming in ocean


Potato chips

People in garden refusing to leave

Playing on the beach

Puri meaning

Putting kukimum on my forehead

Putting kukimum on my gorehed

Pink slippers

Pyramids and fire

Pipe in holster

Paint on clothes

Perfect positioning

Paw paw


Puss on chest

Palava sauce

Pelvis being broken



Palm plantation

Paraffin in dream means

Praying on top of mountain

Paneer in dream

Pregnant with sextuplets

Pepper fruit

Pawding fufu

Pestle in dream

Person has two faces

Pulling toilet paper out of mouth


Peepal tree has fallen on my house i dump under



Pluking black flowers in my dream

Pounding of cassava leaves in a dream means what


Poop in pants

Plucking neem tree leaves

Pooping on the plate

Pastor female need sexy with male mean

Pinching mother on thigh in dream

Peeling melon seed

Playing social rugby

Pair of many snakes in dream


Pastor giving me dollars in an envelope

Pot full of cooked white rice

Pounding fufu without plantain in a dream

People aew sharing food

Pastor kissing

Pastor kissing you

Purse stolen

People falling from sky

Purple lion as a pet

Pooping in adream

Pink house belonging to an enemy

Pulling staples out of feet of someone else.

Parakeet in a dream

Poop an eight ball

Picture breaking in dream

Picking stones in the river

Pulling out of the ground a cactus with continuous connected cacti present that need to be replanted

Pulling continuous vine of cpnnected cacti from the ground and ooking for a pace to re-root it

Prison dorm with cell mates

Palo mayombe

Pulling me by my ankles

Purple sky

Picking pepper fruit in the dream what dose it mean

Picking pepper fruit in the dream

Playground with mist around it

Princess diana

Planes spinning out of control

Packing for trip

Packing and being disorganized


Pulling teeth in a dream

Pot full with white rice

Pulling out rope from my virginal

Pricing water yam in the dream

Picking peppers

Picking colorful peppers

Pulling the hair of your rival

Passenger plane crash

Plucking vegetables in a dream what does it mean

Pushed around

Picking mangoes from a tree means

Passenger in the wrong mini bus taxi

People paying lobola for my daughter

Plus sign

Planted deep in hard ground

Pulling tangled hair from mouth


Plant populous tremulous

Picking stain hsndkachife on the floor in the church and wash it and give it to my pastor

Pulling string of bottom

Pulling a long root out of my face

Pipe under kitchen sink leaking and cant turn off

Purple fruit tree

Passenger in truck with no brakes. truck crashes.

Passenger in truck with no driver which crashes. brakes fail.

Passenger in moving track with no driver. break fails and truck crashes.

Peanuts in peanut butter

Phone falling inside gutter


Peach clothes

Pile of soil

Pappad dream

Patron saint of death

Practicing flying to get away

Prisoner car dream meaning

Plucking of okro in the dream

Playing a piano

Pope blessing

Picking plenty of udara

Pox from body

Pox come our from body

Patting a calf

Partner unfaithful


Peach pit

Person in bandages

Praying with kola nut in dream

Purple and silver full moon rising

Pain screaming

Pressure cooper in dream mean

Passwords dream

Payton smiled in your dream

Peyton smiled in your dream

Planetary ring



Playing with a child


Prophetess giving me oil to drink


Potted thyme plant

Pum tree



People building new mortuaries

Planting sorrel

Plucking cocoyam leaves

Planting pink flowers


Plucking green chilli in dream

Plucking green chilli in dreams

Pisces constellation

Plant in a wall

Poundedyam and vegetable soup in a dream

Pounded yam and vegetable in a dream

Play pool

Pinky promise with ex

Pink swimsuit

Partner dressed in black

Picking ogbono

Picking plenty udara from the ground


People in black robes

Protecting my sister from predators

Protecting a pregnant bird

Pounding palm but in a dream

Plastic hair tube

Parting your hair in a dream

Past negative people chasing me

Picking food in the dream


Pig sty

Prayer shawl in the dream

Playing with rocks

Pealing of melon in the dream

Pull penny from nose

People eating moimoi in the dream

Person blind who committed suicide

Pet goat

Poop tub

Plant through. floor

Paying school fee in a dream

Pounding plantain in a pot with pestle

Pounding plantain in a pot with pestle of mortar

Pounding fufu in a pot instead of mortar

Picking cola nut in dream




Pie tin

Plant finger


Potato chip crumbs in bed

Pastor romancing me in a dream

Pigs feet


Picking pecans


Person in vent in bedroom

Peepal tree

Peep all tree

Per pal tree in dream

Print kids foot



Pothole of water in a dream

Pulling vine out of anus

Purchasing water

Playing cards and winning with kings

Pulling out an ending thread from mouth


Puncured eye

Pouring turmeric water in dream

Picking grean peas

Pastor combing your hair in church

Paper momey

Pregnant heifer

Potholder in boiling water

Pearl in a dream

Pounding cocoyam in a morta

Peeling melon seeds

Picking and eating star apple in my dream meaning

Police tag


Pulling a sled

Plane crashing into building

Pink washcloth

Price number


Picking up clothes peg in a dream

Preaching in the dream

Pregnant white cow


Pounding potatoes

Pet clone

Purple wisp

Phone burning catching fire

Painting a room


Picking up wet money

Pulling long hair from butt

People talking to me

Purple candle



Provoked to anger

Pani puri

Pet bird cut off wing


Plaid shirts

Partner is being faithful

Pastor pouring anointing on my head

Pimento seeds dream meaning

Piece of paper with his phone number

Purple sky planes falling

Pet tiger

Prehistoric bird

People sitting together


Penthouse apartment

Putting on stove

Pounding yams in a dream


Pain in back of leg

Pot of soup

Pulling feather from neck

Pounding palmnut means

Pay check

Pants stolen in dream or lost

Pyjamas deceased husband

Plucking of green chilies

Phone fell down and smashed glass

Poundo yam


Partner showing me new shoes in dream

Pluking jackfruit from tree



Picking fruit on a free



Prostitutes mask


Pastor laying hands on my stomach

Porn hub .com family strokes


Preaching in the streets and be neglated

Pulling needles put of my foot

Penis and vagina

Preparing tika

Plants growing out of penis

Paying downry

Pushing wheel barrow filled with stones

Palm kernels breaking

Purple faced people

Paying lobola


Praying to a mad person

Puting bindi on my forehead

Pound cake

Pulled by ankles in air

Pulling something out of your body

Pulling nerves out of nipple

Personality change

Plants growing in my nose


Priest sprinkled holy water on me in the dream

Prevented from sign of cross

Peeing in your underwear



Pastor anointing with anointing oil

Price tags

Pimple on lips

Puss coming out of the breast

Peacocks mating


Parting ways

Purple sweater

Pieces of red chillies

Praying hail mary over and over in a dream

Planting a chayote seedling with buds to

People on horse drawn chariots riding toward me

Picked #500

Power lines fall in yard

Pus from the leg

Paying cards

Poop by bird

Picking periwinkles

Paying transport or fare for someone

Plucking fresh neem leaves


Pluck ripe tomatoes

Plant from hands

Pulling spider out of frogs back

Plucking of afang


Porthole in a dream

Partner dating sibling

Prostitution in your dream

Picking custrad apple in dream

Picking kilobyte in dream


Plucking oha leaves

Paramillitary uniform

Period stain on your cloth meaning of the dream

Porcelain cup

Purchase of cups


Ponytail falls off

Purple underwear

Pants big size meaning

Put hand over my mouth

Pine preens that only one starts growing faster than the others towering i’ve all others

Pluck out nipple

Person you know trying to have sex with you

Person trying to have sex with you

Petrol filled up in tank

People falling sky

Pawn broker


Plucking an orange

Plucking chicken


Plucking moringa leaves

Pulling hair out of butt

Plucking custard from tree

Pink slipper and black slipper



Preparations for marriage

Plastic dishing spoon

Purple moon

Phone isn’t charging

Purple energy exploding from sky


Path closed by the river meaning

Packing out of a house

Pooping thin green snake

Period stained underwear

Piranhas attacking me in bed

Pounding of cassava in the dream

Pink plates

Piranha inndeep water

Playing flute

Partner asking for money

Patch eye dog




Put maggi inside the stew meaning in the dream

Poison spider biting my husband

Prophetic word

Passed away parents

Parking bitter kola in the dream


Playing cards queen

Picking and eating udara fruit in the dream


Plucking hair by mother

Paraffin buying


President coming to your home

Pulling out blue worms from feet

Putting tika on forehead in dream meaning

Pink silk saree is given you by someone women dream meaning

Pens without ink

Person wears mask, holds you down

Plantain undress

Pounded food dream meaning

Pounded cassava fufu dream meaning

Pulling leeches from throat

Plant growing indoors

Pulling a suitcase on the street

Perumal devotee in dream

Palm tree weavil

Presiding over meaning

Pay family loan

Plant growing out of my scalp

Pulling leaves out of nose

Pulling eyelashes in dream

Playing the guitar


Pieces of thread on the floor

Picking up pieces of yellow thread

Plucking guava leaves

Plucking waterleaf from farm in a dream

Planting a moringga tree



Plucking thick body hair

Passenger in high speed sports car

Playful dragons that have rainbows

Planting a seedling

Pounding cocoyam in the dream

Piercing nose in temple

Paint peeling off wall


Plugging garden egg in the drean

People acting suspiciously

Pregnant mad woman begging you

Peeling of tongue


Plate broken and got pricked

Petting a tiger

Pounding yam for my late father in the dream

Podington yam in the dream for my late father

People of different race

Praise to prophet

Praising prophet



Painted dog

Padlock on a tree

Pus coming from my swollen breast

Petting grey rabbit

Pile of chopped wood

Palm leaves green tyellow

Picking pawpaw and breadfruit

Packing pounded palm fruits in the dream

Purple snake in my dream

Plants growing in my palm

Purple lotus flower


Pastor gown

Picking moringa in dream

Pastor having sex with me

Praying with kolanut in the dream

Pulling a rope out vagina

Poo 9um

Police investigating husband

Poop on the floor

Palm fruit

People e don’t recognize