Plantain sucker

Process palm oil

Pound mortar in dream

Pray for mad person, and he recovery the meaning

Puss coming out of breast

Puss coming out ofbreast

Pink cosmos

Picking walnut

Puberty function in a dream


Pulling pins out of someone else’s mouth

Peeng in the water

Passing through the hospital wards and their are sick ad died peaple

Peeling of cassava in dream

Pumping water

Pumping water in a well

Party with dead people

Picking ugbaka in dream

Picking oilbean seeds in dream

Poisoned banana

Poisoning banana

Putting kolam

Pulling flower plant from pot

Paw print

Pink baby walker

Paper bag full

Parliamentarian giving slice of cake


Peeling boiled eggs

Plants growing in my head

Pinecone out my nose

Pine cone came out my nose

Picking ogbono send in a dream

Paying university fees

Picking of kola nuts in the dream

Packing my uncle clothes

Picking palm fruits in the dream

Picking wild mango

Putting alta on feets

Pricked by a cow horn

Plucking chayote

Pulling hairs from my tongue

Pearls and diamonds

Pandit coming home telling my husband to ask about the giving birth

Pictures of your family are burning in your dream

Plucking soupsop


Picking up tennis balls

Pressure cooker blasting

Phone spying on me

Putting a baby in a freezer

Passed away parent

Phone burning

Picking up a dead loved one from the airpot

Pulley of a well

Parental house


Paying taxie driver money in dream

Paying taxie fear

Paying taxie fair

Pouring water into plastic drum

Pluking bitter leaf

Pulling green grass

Perdead person asking a tea in dream

Peepal tree trunck

Peeling apple

Packing for a long trip

Pine martens

Plucking pepper fruits in dream

Paddy field with water in night in the dream

Preparing to cook cassava means what in a dream

Pot fred flowers thron

Peeling yam in the dream

Peeling cassava in the dream means

Pastor received tithes

Preaching infront of people in public

Pile off messy clothing

Planting strawberry sprouts

Pederasty; sodomize; sodomy

Plucking yellow worms in my teeth

Plucking worms in my teeth

Planning to plant the onion grass in the basket of your dream

Plucking amla in dream

Putting your right hand in a lions mouth

Parents going on hajj

Plucking in dream

Pounding yam in the street in the dream


Photo frame of goddess

Photo frame

Pounding fury in a dream meaning

Python biting on right feet in dream

Python biting on right feet gently

Power line

Potato baby hippo

Pandit ji touching feather to my head

Putting money on the altar i

Plumbing pipes

Palmwine drinking

Plucking of hair in dream

Picking udara in drean

Pull out something from vagina

Picking up rocks from a stream

Purpel lips

Periwinkle means what in a dream

Pot snooker in dream

Pick files from dustbin

Punching a friend in the face

Pounding fufu in a dream with pistle

Poor girl dropping oil on my palm... the meaning

Poking in belly

Processing palm fruits in the mill

Papaya tree falling down with fruits

Picking tamarin

Police knife

Previous comfort room

Peeing at home and cleaning it

Pregnant cow fighting non pregnant

Persimmon loaded tree

Plenty jackfruit in its tree

Plenty jacjfruit in its tree

Putting fire to car

Poure annointing oil in my right hand

Psycho boyfriend

People passing through your accomodation

Private residence open to public

Picking scallops

Putin your underwear backwards dream

Potato peeler

Phone drop in clear water

Pointing at her clothes


Pinching nose

Pregnant bride in a dream

Pounding fufu in dream means what?

Picking palm fruits in dream, meaning?

Picking of ripe palm fruits in the dream

Pregnant of someone else child

Praying for children

Plugging bitter kola in a dream

Picking breadfruits that has already been harvested


Plucking plant

Pin fallin from mouth

Plucking plant forcibly in dream

Playing a horror game

Pricing curves

Picking money from dustbin

Pairs of bird

Picking of periwinkle in the dream

Pair of sparrow


Plucking red and green chillies

Put sanitary towel in a trash bin

Pulling thread out from my tongue

Prignant woman

Pus coming from the breast

Pus coming ftom the breast

Pot earthen

Pair of snakes going away

President giving meoney in dream

Pope francis prayed with me


Plant growing fast

Plucking kolanut from the tree and eating

Pushing empty wheelbarrow

Period pad

Pillow case white

Pony hurts it’s leg and lays down

Pink snake in my dream meaning

Packing water leaf in the dream meaning

Poisoned kiss

Protecting my ex best friend

Peeling melon in/egusi in the dream

Plugging ichekwu in the dream

Pricing of sim card in ur dream what does it mean?

Praying in the dream with people


Picking udara from a flowing water under its tree

Plants destroyed withered

Playing with ball

Peeling off with your teeth nail polish

Pinking owo eyo in dream

Plucking africa star apple

Plucking udara in dream

Plucking and picking udara in the dream

Pink colour bird

Ploughing maize in the field

Prophetcing in my dream

Plastic rope

Plant on head

Pastor falling down stairs

Packing things

Picking snail on the floor

President riding in my car

Purple and lavender


Pomelo and grapes in the table

Paying bride price for my girlfriend

Pouring red palm oil in the pot in the dream


Pulling strings

Peeing in dream.

Putting tika in dream

Pine nuts in drema

Pulling out grey hair in a dream?


Palm kernel meaning in the dream

Period pad

Praying for a mad man to be heal

Plucking and eating ripe cashew fruit in dream | dream interpretation


Potatoes tree in a dream standing

Picking ogbono fruits in the dream

Picking tiger nut in a dream meaning

Pregnant women lamenting

Passing test

Person waking coffin

Pounding fufu

Playing hop_scotch in a dream

Public bath with white bubble soapy water

Pomelo in dreams

Plenty of snakes inside the room

Pulling out your nerve

Picking of ogbono seeds

Pooping with lizards in it

Pursuing a talent

Period blood on your clothes

Preparing for ummrah

Planning for ummrah with the deceased person


Plucking kola nut in a dream

Picking passionfruits

Prayer shawl mean in adream

Pricing an umbrella means what?

Pulling of fish scale off my body

Panty linet

Pregnant having a girl

Peeling pomelo

Pointing to wrist




Prince of wales

Pulling long black hair stuck in your teeth

Planning to go for umrah with the deceased father n husband

Packing charcoal in a sac




Paper cups


Pounding fufu in a dream

Purple plants

Pain in my right nipple in my dream

Pigeon talking to someone in the dream

Palm oil

Plants being plucked out of pots

Pouring engine oil into your container

Pray holding red and white beads

Plucking brinjals from tree

Picking succulents

Pandit saying a prayer

Preparing to cook red lentils in dream

Previous suitor

Printing press workers

Prayer cap request from an elderly person

Pastor annointing m1

Pastor annointing my.hands

Praying to sto. niño

Plucking of drumsticks from tree

Peeling tonge

Plastering floors in a dream means

Pulled out tooth

Promaganate tree

Promaganate tee

Passing through a beautiful way in dream meaning

Pulling hair out your butt

Plants growing in mouth

Picking kola nut dream

Policeman, giving, money, in the dream?

Prune tree

Palm nuts

Picking cowries from the ground in my dream means what?

Pink snake chasing me

Picking and eating a strange fruit

Picking v and eat i g a z

Picking a ndbbbd eat i v a strange fruit

Picking a kola nut in a dream

People killed all my pigs

Plucking and eating cashew

Parents marriage

Planting cocoayam

Pregnant cow in my dream

Picking up limes from a tree

Plenty discharge with leftover cord

Painting a blue lily

Planting okra plants

Party gte crashed

Party ga

Party gate.

Parade of sto. nino

Parade of sti. nino

Predators coat

Putting big red tika

Picking gooseberry in dream

Passport exchange lost

Pigeons pooped on mouth

Paying my old debts to a friend

Purging constantly in the dream

Pigeon refused to fly out of open cage

People in jail being friendly

Parking raw fufu in a dream

Pen ink running out

Praying with kola in dream means

Parents renewing their vows

Pulling large splinters

Persons fighting eatchoter

Peas dream in pregnancy

Pulling bone from the nose

Picking up your footwear from a dustbin

Plantain tree falling in a dream.

Picking of african oilbean and some snails

Putting red bindi

Particle palm

Plucking kola but in dream

Parking clothes in a plastic bag

Purchasing bridal chura in my last night dream


Pulling fingernails off

Pants to big to fit

Penny stolen

Pain ovary

Plucking scent leaf in a dream

Praying for a dead person

Praying for raising a dead person through prayer

Putting yellow tika in dreams

Prophesying in dreams


Painting the front door

Painting a front door

Prasad in dream

Pricked by needles in legs

Pink color dress

Picking kolanut in my dreams

Putting on my bosses shoes

Purchase rangoli powder in dream

Pushing paper out of vagina

Purple fruit in your dream

Pastor poured me some wine to drink

Picking of palm kernel

Packing leftover food

Pastor pouring water on my head

Police fine

Plucking nd eating garden egg in d dream

Peeling of egusi

Plantain sucker in my dream


Picking pecan nuts

Pulling out own teeth

Praying to some one

Person wrapped in cardboard

Plucking of habiscus flower

Peace lily

Playing basketball in dream

Playiing rugby in slow motion

Pluking red hibiscus in dream

Priest is giving food

Putting yellow tika in dream means

Pandit giving cash and vegetable to someone


Purchasing bindi

Packing plenty snails

Packing plenty snails into a bag

Picking and licking udara

Plucking maize cobs

Peanut butter

Parachute biblical meaning

Perfect body

Perfect post


Polo jumpers

Punch never connects

Picking an oyster from the water

Promotion in dream meaning

Picking cashew seed in dreams

Palm nut tree with fruit

Picking prawns

Plucking ripe tomatoes

Pulling a toothpick from someone’s neck

Picking cocoyam in dream mean what


Purple headboard

Passing lots of blood clots

Plucking and eating cashews fruit in the dream

Playing with my girlfriend

Pink hair in dream

Phone cord

Parot laying eggs

Pink peony

Pickingup cocoa

Putting my hair in a ponytail

Pink duptta seen in dreams

Pea in islamic dream

Prank that has gone wrong

Picking ripe sour sop what do it mean


Picking chickpeas in the road

Preseted a rose bud

Pastor huging you

Putting kajal into eyes

Pushed into into bridge


Penis in dream

Picking up udara in my dream

Passion fruit growing and one that has already grown

Puf puff

Pap corn

Plant growing on a grave

Praying in a dream for a sick mother

Passport and purse with foreign coins in it

Purse in a bag contains foreign coins

Purse in bag contains foreign coins

Picking coconut

Pot full of sadza

Palm but in the dream


Preparing to go to church

Pouring water on de earth

Praying with partner


Polishing screen

Parents getting married

Picking and licking udara fruit in dream

Planks and barbired wire in a dream

Princess dianna

Plants growing on dead bodies

Peeled cassava to sell

Picking craps in a dream mean

Picking craps in a dream means

Pink dog

Picking a guava fruit from a tree in your dream

Picking a ghana fruit from a tree in your dream

Palm leaf

Pair of black sleepers

Peacock land chest

Peacock no landing on my chest

Pricked by a nail

Pickingguava leaves meaning

Pooping with red worms

Picking ripe soursop fruit in a dream


Pulling out all my teeth in one pull without any pain and no blood. looked at my mouth and saw no teeth

Pawpaw tree in my house

Plucking money plant leaves from someone else house

Plucking bitter leaf in a dream

Pastor beaten up

Performing salah in the prophets mosque

Putting tika in dream meaning

Pulling string dead anus

Plucking and eating garden egg in dream meaning

Picking cowpea in dream

Purple light in crystal

Praying opposite direction to qibla

Premature egg

Popping on silver

Picking nutegg

Premature chick

Pig with two head

Putting simsim in a sack

Passing by train

Putting my hair in a ponybtail

Pomelo dream interpretation

Plumeria plants in dream

Pawpaw tree

Plucking maize


Prophet blessing u

Pulling long teeth

Picking plan fruits in dream

Peach dress

Picking plum

Plastic chair

Pricking. coffee

Pouring oil to god in drea

Picking ripe sheanuts in a dream

Paying condolence to a colleague who lost her husband

Palm friut

Picking unripe soursop from tree

Picking unripe sourskl from tree

Picking unripe so u r so p

Plucking and eating garden eggs dream meaning

Plant pot mean spiritually



Painful uterus

Putting red tika in forehead

Picking up quarters

People eating turtles

Pegging lesbian