Picking udara in d dreams

Preist making to give kumkum to all

Planting bilva seeds in my dream


Pounding palm fruits

Playing golf on a green grass

Plant in a flower pot fall upside down

Planting a tiny lemon tree

Polo neck jersey

Pit full of shit

Pumping borehole

Picking stones on ground in the dream

Planting ripe cashew in dream

Promise of gold

Pregnant woman eat bnana in a deeam

Pounding grains in dream meaning

Praying over kola nut in the dream

Pit latrine

Pandit giving me food from his

Petroleum tank

Picture of myself


Peeling of lemon

Pretrol truck burning in the dream

Packing snails in a sack in the dream, what does it mean

Passion and desire

Plucking chayote in the dream

Picking pays in dream

Prime minister, paying off my pills and giving me money

Putting on a mask of masquerade in the dream


Pushing bride in wheelbarrow

Pile of green leaves

Peeled ground nut

Picking flowers for offering decease person

Picking iron nails

Pigeon eggs

Pigmented face in dream


Pope jean paul 2 in a dream

Police caught me with a gun

Possessive woman dream

Preparing for havan

Picking ripped shawersop in dream

Picking ripe sweetsop


Pants fell down

Plucking out tamarind from my ear in dream

People staring at mee

Power line means what

Poring water from bottle to another bottle to an elderly woman means

Personal saviour

Picking white anthrium

Pulling a carabao

Pore face


Pasting hair on dream

Pushing iron nails in grave yard

Palm fruit in my dream

Pregnant woman dreaming of picking firewood

Partner buying baby things

Pus coming out of a pimple in arm

Plucking green vegetables in a dream

Pounding herbs in mortar


Peel egusi dream

Picking ripe jujube fruit in dream meaning

Pea in islamic dream

Pus in stomach coming out

Pus in stomach

Picking local pear ube in the dream

Plain palm...no lines

Palm lines vanishing in dream

Purple worms

Pulling waggon

Putting eggs in a pocket

Plane flying in bed weather

Purging in dream

Poetry books


Plating hair

Picking ogbo fruit

Plucking green vegetable from tree

Pastor asking for money in the dream

Pounding of a new born baby

Priest naked in drams

Plucking of mushroom in the dream

Pregnant women in a funeral with white dresses

Pooping in the dream

Paying for school fees dreaming

Photo oppotunity

Person in the water

Punches that have no power

Playing dice and it was one only

Pastor touching ur breasts while praying

Pastor praying

Plucking hair from legs

Paleo cloth

Pantyless woman in a dream

Parents giving raw meat

Pink cloud

Pig injured

Praying for mad person in the dream

Puberty function

Pot black ball

Purple ephod

Plucking pumpkin leaves in a dream

Pulling up sweater

Pregnant with twins

Picking a stranger over a loved one in a dream

Picking cowries

Piercing jewellery

Person i know

Plaque on teeth in a dream

Picking coins in dirty water

Preparing fish soup in a dream

Preparing fish soup

Person, pink, dress, in the dream? search your dre

Plantain in a dream means what

Pretending to be pregnant in the dream

Piece of hair and lice

Peepal tree root out in dream


Political debate means

Palmwine in dream when expected to be pregnant

Phone getting blast

Plucking ube in the dream


Performing homam

Pakoda frying pan

Pregnant & can’t find the doctor

Pulling something out in the vagina

Phone pictures

Picking snails during pregnancy

Pink and black meaning


Prophetess coming to see some one

Pool in bedroom

Praying for a sick man

Playing cards queen of diamonds

Picking transparent stone by water side

Picking of palm fruit in the dream means what

Pink blousr for work


Pigs head in a chicken

Panga dream

Panner come

Pastor attacked

Painted babies hand prints on door

Palm nut

Poopin rocks

Peeling and sharing groundnuts in a dream

Plucking ube native pear in the dream

Pee in mouth

Pappadam seen in dream myths

Pumpkin seeds coming out of feet

Performing havan in dream

Processing plan nut for oil in a dream

Push pin dram

Phuphe ngidla indoni

Pastor offering you a job

Physic book

Pandit in dream

Passenger in a luxury car


Porridge yam

Pori spread

Pap disappearing in a pot

Pregnant women naked in dream

Pouring stew on feet by self

Parents having a physical fight

Pomelo with two color

Photograph in mountain

Plugging wildfruit sour

Paralyzed child

Putting stones in water

Plugging mango

Plugging fruit

Partner suffocating you

Pregnant woman picking fruits in her dream

Picking colanut under a colanut tree

Premonition death

Putting a lot of pen in a sack

Picking of cashews

Proposing a girl in dream

Picking up your cousins new vehicle

Prenuptial agreement dream

Pampers in a drawer with poop marks

Pampers in a drawer with sma

Pooped while i was about to have sex in my dream



Phenomenon dream

Picking maggi cubes from the floor

Peer mazar in dream


Picking up orange colour gems

Pab dream meaning


People ascend to heaven

Previous boss kills himself


Perfume bottles

Pearls from throat

Phrophesying to someone

Picking two breadfruit

Putting blankets on washing line next to the river

Plucking of dates in dreams

Playing piano in a church

Prophet death


Praying for a mad kid dream meaning

Peeing blood clots

Picking so many chanpaka flowers in dream

Plucking peer in the dream

Pakita in drem meaning

Picking money in the gutter

Parliamentary member


Pet dog crying for you

Putting red tika on forehead


Picking udala in dream

Paper inside mouth


Picking plenty 50 nair

Picking ugba in the dream mean


Poop in sex

Poop in srx

Pleating someone in a dream

Pouring fuel into a gallon using a fuel dispenser in a filling station in dream

Picking little stones out from guinea corn and millet in a dream mean what

Planting a loquat tree

Preparing ragi ball in dream

Photo withdeath person

Palm kernel oil meaning

Plucking yam from a tree

President giving you money in the dream


Playing volly ball game dream number

Puppy sucking my finger

Picking up sugar fruits

Picking up wild loquat fruit

Partner with someone else

Photo of dead people

Pink caladium

Praying on mountain

Painted faces

Pregnant bride

Pink gemstone

Pen with red ink in a box with note


Phone gift meaning of dream

Phone gift meaning

Picking perewinkle shell for someone

Picking dead perewinkle for someone

Picking dead perewinkle in the sand for someone


Pulling endless thread from teeth

Plotting elephant grass leaf in dream

Plucking ripe apple meaning

Picked pebble from water

Picking ripe locusts in a tree

Picking of achi

Plucking radish mean in dream


Pastor anointed my hand

Picking and eat groundnuts



Putting ur left hand on top a white ram


Plucking pubic hair

Pregnant woman dreaming of eating snail


Pink water in dream

Picking seed from the ground what does it represents

Picking brown worm from palm tree

Pink night gown

Pickin sweet sop

Pleading to a soldier

Police are trying to arrest me about later release me

Prick in my dream

People riding bikes while wrapped up with sheets


Priests and nuns uninvited in mu house

Plucking native ube in the dream

Plucking yellow flower in dream

Peeing dog dream

People hurting someone

Picking sapota from tree and eating

Pot floating on water

Picking gold from river

Plucking oha leav


Putting a black veil in the bride

Pink fish in the ceiling of our house

Pus lips

Picking up ube

Pink vag

Praying holding hands

Pruning a fig tree

Pounding palm fruit in a dream meaning what?

Poop with a worm


Putting light brown lipgloss on lips

Phone sim card meaning

Picking up a pomelo fruit in the tree

Praying for people and someone me five hundred naira note

Promise to give you money in a dream

Pooping having sex

Pooping while having sex

Pink dress in dream

Prostitute spit on me

Pushing a loved one off a bridge

Prefect pastor present

Prefect in church

Prefect spiritually

Picking cowries in the dream meaning

Picking castrol seeds from ground

Plastering in dreams

Psycho teacher killing everyone

Pleading in my dream

Picking back your sweet from ground

Pandit ji coming home and asking to do prayer

Pot filled with boiled rice

Pink slippers in dream

Punishment by school living in for one night


Paper that was misplaced

Playing volleyball underwater with girlfriend

Playing volleyball underwater with partner

Picking of pear close to a grave in a dream

Pregnant cousins

Pulsing light in lamp

Passage means what you n a dream


Picking up ripe bananas



Police arrest you

Plucking of velvet tamarind

Pastor holding hands and praying with me in a dream

Phone unlocked by someone else

Plastic bag inside the cut fish

Pimples on a female

Pouring out silkworms

Plant dream meaning

Pouring water on a firewood

Packing of colanut in a dream what does it mea.

Perfume stolen

Plucking unripe pawpaw

Penis entering vagina

People trying to rmove my clothes

Plastic cup falling

Pig penis

Praying for a sick little girl in a dream

Praying for a sick little girl in a drea

Party with ur crush

Pooja room dream meaning

Pulling out your own tooth

Plant roots in mouth

Penis enlargment

President daughter

Pen pencil


Pomelo got egg inside

Pounding simsim paste in adream

Pulling someones hair from head

Pithecellobium dulce

Picking ripe custard apple inadream

Plucking green peper

Plucking guava in my dream

Packing pajamas


Playing frisbee with a stranger

Pure water flourish in house

Pants without a belt

Picking up nutmeg off the ground

Picking kola nut under kola nut tree what is the meaning

Pregnant woman in white

Plank bundle

Pluck ripe lime from the tree

Parents getting married, mom wearing a red wedding gow


Penis is cut off

Pregnant women given me money in dream mean what

Picking of ube in the dream

Picking gold chain from the ground

Please let me know when you get here


Promiscuos women

Parrot being bitten

Putting feet into water

Pink parrot


Playing football with my girlfriend dream meaning

Purging uncontrollable in the dream

Peepal leafs showing in the dream

Partner have limp arm

Parking dirt in the dream

Packing dirt in the dream

Parking belongings to shift

Parking belongings

Packing dead bird in the dream

Passport being stamped

Protecting the baby jesus

Picking passion vfruit in dream

People having sex on my dream

Pillow hump

Pillow humping

Paying off part of debt

Plants removed from your yard

Porcelain tiles

Partying with celebrities

Pay phone

Pulled a fox from. my dogs mouth

Pulling a fox from my dogs maouth

Police arrested my brother in my dream

Picking ube in my dream

Picking ube

Performing deliverance in dream

Pegions cutting head

Picking coin from the ground

Pregnancy tested

Praying wrong

Praying beside a river and walking pass the river

Palm oil

Prophesying to someone in the dream

Picking a phone

Picking iron nails on the way

Praying mat repair

Pig w pen under d house

Pragnent witch

Pork chicharon

Pos machine

Paying coin to the driver transport

Pumping water from borehole

Pipe running golden water

Penise horse

Pink milk

Polka music

Picking walnut fruit and gathering them

Panaginip ng malunggay

Picking peas in a dream meaning

Proud father

Plucking off my beards

Picking periwinkle in the dream

Point of sale in a dream

Peeing in the small hole

Pulling decayed teeth

Packing and travelling

Pastor and i at the airport and flying on same plane

Pastor and i at the airport and flying on samenplane

Paralysis and painful leg

Plant walking in water


Plate with poop

Poop on a plate

Pulling octopus out of vagina

Pls what does it mean of wearing cream colour clothe in dream

Poop plate

Pooped octopus in a dream

Pouring water on dry land

Period with yellow in blood

Phones being thrown

Pregnant receiving gifts

Priest giving blessings and coin

Ponds rivers valleys and houses

Pushing penis out of my vagina

Putting thiruneeruh in my dream

Picking lanzones fruits

Pulling hair out of your teeth

Pricked by se narrow pins

Pass grade 12

Purple and white flowers

Purple everlasting flowers crowns

Prayer mat hanging on tree


Picking cocoyam in my dream

Petrol tank in the fillinstation in the dream

Peeling egusi in the dream meaning

Pilling egusi in the dream

Pucking green pepper

Pinking chaco in a dream

Pastor driving white car

Planting ogbono

Putting black tika on feet of husband

Purchase laddoo

Pastorgiving gold bangles meaning


Pulling earthworm out of my vagina

Pricing fish with out buying

Phone snatcher

Passed on day asking you to preapare water in a dream


People in house

Peach color flower

Playing eggs as a football dream meaning