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What does it mean to see an babysitting in a dream?

Babysitting Dream Meaning: From 5 Different Sources

1. Children`s church. 1 Tim. 1:3

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Babysitting is an activity which crosses the divide between the spiritual and the physical. Spiritually it suggests the nurturing, caring side of the personality or that part which is ready to take responsibility for others.

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Psychological / emotional perspective: Viewed from a psychological perspective, babysitting in dreams suggests that there may be a part of our personality which has not yet matured fully and needs looking after.

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Material aspects: For many teenagers, babysitting is an ordinary, mundane activity and thus provides a dream scenario in which they can work out their attitude to other responsibilities in their lives.

For others it may highlight their attitude to family responsibilities or to parenthood.

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Gives gender - specific: In a man’s dream, to be babysitting suggests an increase in responsibility which may not necessarily be family related, whereas in a woman’s dream it is more likely to be.

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Babysitting / Babysitter

To dream of babysitting children, represents your need to make stronger friendships based on real affection and values, instead of superficial things. If the baby you are taking care of is crying, you are lacking understanding from others. If you dream that someone is babysitting you, you are frustrated that others try to manage your life for you - you want more freedom. ... babysitting / babysitter dream meaning

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