Nun in dirty clothes

Neighbour wanted mik

Needle head

Naked man stroking penis


Neighbour wanted miknow and coffee

Name during sex

Nun performing witchcraft

Nursing the sick

Nursing sick people

Neighbour telling you news

Never planted onions well


Naked step daughter

New bedsheets

Numbness in fingers


No heartbeat of the baby

Nosecut buffaloe

Not finding the classroom


Nails multiply on kids finger

Nightdancer chasing mean

Necklace falls through stairs

Neem fruit

Naked in dream is not good sign

Native american drums and chants

Not believing me

Not believing me about someone dishonest

No one believing main character

Needles pushed out of penis

Night dancer chasing you

Naked me and saw little brother also

Nishat linen

Nakedness with mom and kissing

Naked bike riding

Naken men and private parts

Nazi war

No skin on body

Naked woman peeing on my mouth meaning

Native american woman in traditional dress

Native american singing in circle

Nursery rhyme row your boat

Nipple cut out

Nekid girl and boy

Niece wearing dirty trouser

Name of alice in dream

New silo

Naked nun

Nephew dying head injury

Numbers corresponding to pliers

No plants anywhere

Nurtured by ex boyfriend

Njeti meaning

Naked known woman in dream

Nacked person in dreams

Nurturing abandoned babies in the dream

Neem tinadamu dreams

Note book

Native warrior


Nun without a face


Not invited to luncheon at work

Natonal park

Name on list

No no no

Not eating cake

Nartjie dreams

Not finding your room

Not able to cross a door

Naked girl bathing

Naked monk

New attire

New shinny silo

Nurse or help from female in dream


Naked man and naked woman

Nipsey hussle

Neice having sextuplets

Nursing clothes

Neem tree fire in dream

Not being served food in the dream when others were served

Naked in temple

Naked backstage of a concert


Naked dwarf with big penis

Never ending rope

Nylon falling from the sky shaped like alphabet

Not understanding language being spoken

Ninety thousand

Naked school teacher


Naghahabulan at nagbabarilan

Naughty little girl

Night dancers

Nits in son head

No breast lady

Neelkanth bird baby

Naming a daughter

Not following directions

Newborn with spiky hair

Newborn with spikey hair

Narrow and broad rd meaning

Nandi attacking

Needles and hooks

Njeti cloth meaning

Not being served at a dinner

New mattrass

Nun trying to kill me

New born pink chicken

Nose licking

Naked brothet

Nurse and giants

Naked clothes stolen

Narrow path walking through water

Nun being blessed

Ngiphuphe ngibona umoba

Necklace and devil

Name of woman

New house and dead parents

Nzu and water mean what in dreams

Not receiving holy communion in the dream

Neck being broke

Name written in billboards

Negotiations about lobola

Naartje plucking

Name in dream

Narendar modi

Number represent for tongue in a dream

Needle poking

Nursing a cat

Nursing a car

Nagwawali ah

Nail polish spill

Nandi dream interpretation

Newborn sick

Neighbors with pitchforks saving me

Naked man and its rain

Neem paste applyed on my daughter face

Name written on white paper

Name written in a dream

Name written bin a dream

New locs

Numbers for back door

Neighbor gave corn eat

New plates

Naked mother baithing his son

Newborn baby sitting on a pedastool

Netted pantyhose gift

Netted pantyhose

Netted thigh highs

Nails and screws leaving body

Never ending bed with rose

Newly elected president in dream

Nature of soiling clothes

Not gaining admission into the university

Negative dreams

Naghuhukay ng lupa para sa cr

Nanaginip na naghuhukay nga lupa para deposito sa banyo

Numbers in cluster on a wall

Numbers in gold and diamond dream interpretation

Night turned into day light

Nurse with baby

Nipple bitten during breastfeeding in dreams meaning

Nipq hut meaning in a dream

Naked woman and man

Navy blue color

Navy pants

Natarajar sculpture in dream

Naked hijra dream

Naked hijra

Naked dead loved one islam

Neck touching

Numbers on a building

Name rodney

Naked in the rain

Nataraja murthi in dream



No underwear in public

Needing to logged out of all facebook page and accounts under names by bernadette woodley and larell woodley

Naked disabled people

Not sharing


Nipple bitten


Nose turned black




Naked bicycle riding

Nights in suits of shining armour

Number of a naked woman

Nude person in a bathtub

Not sleeping

Nakid geril

New cast iron skillets


Not successful in a job interview

Native indian horse

Nursing colanut in ur dream

Number dream pepper money

Niece and overdose

Native pot ontop money

North west

Naked father coming from bottom of daughters bed

No one believing me

Naseberry on your dream

Naked stairs

Native little girl in dreaming

Naked woman pregnant

New wound not bleeding



Native maggi

Neil diamond

Niece getting divorce

Not reach

Nipper is broke

Naked pastors wife

Not wearing underwear but in a blouse while walking

Nipple wounded

Nose fungus

Naked man swimming in a public pool

No heartbeat fetus

Night mountain road drive

Navel kiss to a girl

No goddess statue found in temple

Nylon fabric

Naked with another female

Neem flowers in dream

Naked in the church

Nipple cut off

Naartjie fruit

Not being able to see the shoe you wore to a place

Nazi symbol on ground



Neck kisses

Near dead

Not able to get prasad just woke up

Nazareno flying head

Narrow alley

Not being able to write an exam confidently

Nursing wounded animal back to health

Neighbors steals baby out thru the window

Not being served food in a dream

No left hand

Native drumming

Naked only with panties

Not paying attention to your teacher when he was teaching

No tooth

Nail growing out of nose

New hut

New born puppy

Needle in armpit

Nilkantha bird

Nightmare about tomorrow

Naked vagina in the dreamobserbing naked sex organ of women in dream implies

Naked vagina in the dream

Numerus masqurades

No light in mud lamp

Naked woman in my bed

Neapolitan mastiff

Navel gazing

No flowers in the cemetery

Naputol ang rosaryo sa panaginip

Naked boyfriend holding penis

Ngiphuphe ngigida

Not able to see son

Note pad with writing

Naming a new born baby in church in the dream

Nutmeg dream or picking up nutmegs


Nice food

Nail wavy

Nameplate broken

Naked with tattoo

Niece wedding

Ngiphuphe ngidla umoba omningi

Number meaning of dreaming an old people

Nail groin removing

Nose being press or pinch

Naked mother in the dream

Nails instead of teeth

Nakikilala ang sarili priest hugging me at my back


Nanaginip ng dahon ng malungay

Naed women and baby

New gate

New gold curtains packed one

New gold curtains in my dteam

Nonedible desserts on shelves

Nasal mucas


Native chalk in the dreay

Need attack

Not legally married

Naked person praying in dream

Not giving money to hijara in dream

Nakid man


Nakid lady

Not eating the fruit of janna

Needles on my foot

Narrating prophet yahya story in dream

Naked man anointing my head with oil

Naked self younger

Nude self younger

Number ziro in dream

Naked with a blanket

Not able to receive communion in dream

Nail in forehead and palm of hand

National id

Name alice

Naked actor

Nagwawalis ng sahig

Naked boy child

Nails in stomach

Non virgen

Name of ali

Nail injury penetrating in the foot in dream meaning

Newborn mouse dream

Nose biting in the dream

Name carved on chest

Neighbore are harvesting ripe tamarind from my own tree

Nanaginip ng malongay ibig sabihin

Nanaginip ng malongay

No windows

Naked man lying on the floor

New office key

Nagbalik ang x ng iyong asawa

Naming ceremony of my child in the dresm

Naming ceremony of my child

Night dancers running after me but i escape

Naked and borrowing clothes

New house mate

Nataka kujuwa maana ya wadudu kutoka kwenye vigina

Number on skie

Navel egg

Naked girl sitting under banyan tree

Naked woman walking around exposes vagina

Naked baby in dream

Nwely married couple in my dream

Nuts in bottles

No faith

Not having a fence in my home

Not having a hall in my house

Number of coffin

Number symbol for dream

New sleepers are break in dreams

Nine clock

Naked aunt and uncle in law having sex

Not able to light oil lamp in temple dream interpretations

New fabrics in the dream

Nieces ex boyfriend

Not paying in restaurant

New friend in school

Naked body painted in white

Not reaching goal

Neighbour flirting

Newborn footprints

Nude partner with someone else in nude

Navel being sucked in

Naseberry and mangoes in abundance

Neem tree with red petals

Need tree with red petals

New school building

Narrow slippery path

Nepple in dreams

No people

Niece having sex with my brother

Needing to take shelter

Neighkour dug hole in my garden

Neighbor breaking fence

Natural flower pot i steal

Number of cow in deams

Naked gypsy

Nails in my kids faces miurder

Naked in rain

Number in carabao


Nutmegs picking denotes

Nutmeg in dream

Naked hairy ugly man

Nylottery numbers

Not finding grandmothers graveyard

Neighbor kisses you

Number for salt

Neanderthal running

Number interpretation of a cow skin

Neighbour stabs daughter

Naked pregnant womens

Naked in the rain dream

Nephilim meaning

Naked woman peeing on you

Name in written form

Naked men and a woman


Non veg in dreams

Non venomous snakes wrapped around by belly

Norwegian language

Nose snail


Negative number

Necklace baing snatched

Necklace stuck in throat


Nose ear ring

Noor in your dream

New well digging and water

Ngiphuphe kunabantu bebanga ibhola

Naked shopping

Number if you dream of chicken

Nake in public shower

Nude giral bath river dreem

Nightmare black blanket put over my head

Nasal mucosa

Nutshell meaning

Nowhere to run from a wave

Nephew leg injured dream

Nurse collecting blood in my veins

Newborn baby hair colour

Name tag of someone


New house beside atm machine

Ngiphuphe umhlwehlwe

Neseburry tree loaded with fruit


Naked women dream

Nun cult

Not being served food at in dream meaning

Noted dream meaning

Naked woman coming out from water

Neaning of eating atis

Niece right arm amputated

Not getting kumkum

Nutmeg plants

Number meaning of beads

Naked woman coming out of the river

Noise shoes in a dream meaning

Name in red

Naked tattooed girl

Naked prayer public

New electronic device

Netual meaning of my dream

New empty kraal

Nikah dengan evi nurazizah

Noise bleeding

Negociating transport price

Neck biting

New orange robe means what in a dream

Naked girl child

New entrance for our old house

No blood after bitten

Naomi kvetinas

Not knowing what to wear


Nail on the stairs

Naked of women

Not able to receive the holy communion

Name andrew

Naughty me

Naughty teacher

Nipple in public

Nama shivay

Naked in front of my father

Nidhi in my dream

New born with teeth

Naked aunt in dream means

Not being paid for wage meaning

Night bird

Naked friends wife

Naan paye

Not able to cbew the breads

Naked with clergy collar

Neglecting a sheep in captivity

Neglecting a pet sheep

Nim tree


Nipple squeeze

Naked wife sweeping the by the door

Nun in my disguise


Naagaraja on my dream

No se pin lost

No shirt but jacket

New atm card in envelope

Not owning something

New church

Ngivuka ngishaywa uvalo

Neighbor macho

Neighbor with macho friends

Nipple cutting

Near one misbehaving with ne

Night changing into day all of a sudden

Naked blackmen in my dream

Naked family members

Naked woman vagina