New roads in mountain

Native pot appeared in my dearm covered with black and red cloth but being broken by my mother

Native pot appeared in my dream but got broken by my mother

Naming ceremony

Naseberry in a dream

Nanu kothige balehannu koduva reeti kanasu kanndiddu eefara mean

Naked man

New house


Nose piercing

Number and precognitive dreams.

Number 3 projected among the stars in the sky

Not able to spit in a dream and wakening with the spit in my mouth

Necklace very heawy

Nits in head

Navy blue skin


Next to the sea harbour bridge it rains


Ny wife having sex with another man

Naked wife in dream

Nct dream drippin

Noseless woman

Ndlebende pv


Naked transgender

Nagtataka swamy in dreams

No plate available

New wrapper dream meaning

Noughts and crosses

Nose bleed of someone you know

Nose bleed my husband

Neem tree loaded with fruits

Number for the name bernard

Nail tongue



Naked women dancing

Naked bathing in open

New bowl


Name wrote in red ink pen

Naked pussy


New wall clocks

Nel kathir

Number 300,000

Near miss car wreck

Name disappeared

New house restoration

Native white chalk dream

Nicki minaj


Naked boss

Noticing sign board

Nails cracking in half

Needle pricked on my head

Naked and cover nudes with handkerchief

Noise hair

Nosepin breaks in dream

Nails falling out of hair

Neighbour attack


Nail on left leg

Name of god written on a wall

New black wrist watches


Naked mother

Not be liked

Not to be preferred


Nutmegs in a bag

Night dress

Night dancer dream

Not speacking

New makoti in a dream

New white towels in dream

Nearly kick the spear

Naked woman number

New rubbish bin

New wheelie bin

Nailed tongue

Naked mom in the dream

Needing prayer in dream

New roofing

Not happy

Neddle in throat dream

Neighbour sex

New born turning into a doll

Neem leaves

Number of scorpion


New boxes

Naked parents

Night turned into day


Not talking to spouse

Name change

Noose, tight

Newborn chickens

Notice board spiritual meaning


New saree in marriage

New saree

New pattu saree

Naked pooping in public

Not remembering dreams

Not going to school

Navel getting hurt in my dream


Nails on shirt

Nompilo khwela

Naked black pubic hair

Number of dreaming a car with flat car

Naked child running towards bright light

Nose pin fallen

Naked ex girlfriend in my dream

National monument

Name on a bomb

Number 13 in a dream

New born baby with a beard

Naked ex girlfriend

Niece getting married without inviting me

Nails image

Not having money to give to the temple

Noise of traffic horns


Neighbours had a party with gypsy guests

Nutmeg in hand




Nazareno dream

Night turn daylight


Native pot

Necked wife in dream

Numerecal meaning of slipper in dreams

Nagaraja is coming

Nesting birds

Nailinh a preg to the ground with hummer

Naked cousin


Neem leaves searching

Narrow path with danger sides left is full of red small blocks and right is a steep edge that i was afraid to fall the path is also wet with rain

Napoleon bonaparte

Napoleon bonapart

Nail bite

New clothes on advertising

New cupboards


Naked ex boyfriend

Naked in choir

Naked in choi

Naked in chour


Nodes on jawline swollen

Naked with your partner

Not talk to my crush

Nataraj idol in temple

Ngphuphe sidla amasi with my family

Ngphuphe ngidla amasi

Naked man peeing

Naked female friends in a pool

Nig white fish


Naked of others people

Na tu kong

Nephew give me a wallet

Night out

Neem flower

Negotiation with a buyer

Naked girl

Neighbor earlobe fall out in dream what does it mean

Numbers 850

Numer 850

Nataraja in dream

Needle vaccination meaning


Number for padlock

Niece biting off my finger

Nail hammered in dead body


New purses

New beautiful crystal jug

Nipples being cut

No one trusted me in my dream

New born human baby with snake tail

New born baby with snake tail

New bornnagini baby


New born girl baby

Neighbour selling flat

Never able complete task

Near accident

Never ending money after widthrawing money at atm machine

Naked man shower

Night no stars


Numbers 361

Naïve american shoes

New suckers sprouting

New suckers of bananas

New colthe but mensurarion

New sneakers

No body wants me in their life

No boys likes me

Not offering someone soup

Napkin business

Nose bleed and mother who has already died

Ny crush smiled at me in my dream


Naked children in dreams

Naked ex husband

Nake in public

Neighborhood with burning crosses

Not seeing yourself in adream

Naked couple in dream

Name written in sand


Naked dead girlfriend


Nabasag na banga

Ngiphuphe nginikwa isiwasho esiblue and white

Name of a poet

Nice butt

Name engraved in a tomb

Nutmeg tree leaves yellow

Naval kiss

New broom cleaning

Nadi ka ulta bahna

Naked exboyfriend dreamm

National identity card


Neseberry berry fruit in dream

Neseberry in dream what it means

New year murder

Nurturing an abandoned child

New watch


Narrow and dangerous road

Nasal mucus

Naked dead man in the sea

Neighbour died

Nipples bleeding

Naked kinnar

Native headdress

Native head dress


Naked insane

Not able to find a person or an object

Narrow winding road


Nail with worm you taking out

New fruits

Naked woman with a man

Newstar danny

No moo moo

No change of clothes

Newborn girl walking

Nail broken

Neem tree blooming in dream

Nolly sex films

National anthem saw in dream

Neem datun

Nacked ladies

Neighbor cooking sweets in your home

Naked baby

Newborn baby remove head

Nun suicide

Niece being pregnant

Nessbery dream

Not invited for birthday party

Not walking in dreams means

Naked husband infront of me and his cousin

News of death of son hearing in dreams means

Naked sister in a dream

Number for pigs or dreaming of feeding pigs


Nose with a whole

Nose with a while

Nepali dream tika

Native americam large woman

Native american big woman

Neighbors stealing

Not me

Naked in church

Neem tree chopped in a dream

Naked dancing husband

New clutchers in dream


New place of residence

Nearly killing

Nearly killing boyfriend

Nipa hut furniture

Not having money to pay bus driver

New kerosene stove in dream

Naked white woman in a dream

Norse gods

Name udelle

New star danny

Nose pin damaged

Noseless women in dream

No shirt on and running

Narrow siedwalk

Nuclear bombsnuclear

Nalta jute meaning in a dream

Nalta jute mean


Navy ring

Naked at school



New clothe catching fire in dream in temple

New skin

Not wanting to go on a trapeze

Nail tire

Naked transgender in dream |

New both left shoe

Nature trying to kill us

Nearly drowning while swimming in water mixed withfire

Nude pregnant woman

Neptune relationship

Neptune sex

Nipple play a man

No shoes at scholl

Newly marriage

Newly wedded

Newly married

No breast milk after birth

No lactation after birth



Niddle between my teeth

Not given importance in a group of oeople

Newborn unknown animal

Navy wedding dress

Not choosen

Night swimming

Nabi muhammad

Naked kids


Nisawm sa dagat para kwaon ang sapatos

Not happy marrying someone in a dream

Neighborhood girl

New incomplete house saw in dream meaning

No changes

Number 15

Nose hole

Number 11

Nose blowing

Naked husband

Nicked child.

Naked chlid

Njahi in your dream


New year with boyfriend

Nude aunt

Number represent the meaning box of money

Nutmeg dreams means

Not being part of the wedding team

Nails of dead person

North wind, turn to east

Nephew missing

Nun dressed in white

Nephew get married

Nude lipstic

Not able to put my signature

Not able to sign

Newborn half donkey, half human

Nobody recognizes me

New pink shoes

Niked in a dream

No gravity

New baby teeth

Neighbour trowing lime seed

Neighbour trowing lime seed at u

Needle prick tongue













Neglecting rules

Neem seeds in dream

Neem fruits in dream

Naked couple seeing in dream

New pressure cooker


No eyes and nose woman

Naked stripper woman

Nakednin front of a gathering

Native american maiden crying

Naked from the waist down

Nectarines dream

Not being served in a queue

Nylon string

Ngiphuphe ubaba sewashona aphuzile korea ephethe imali eningi

Neck being broken

Not able to pray in holy land

Nipple licking

Nightmare sex

Naked woman running

Neem leaves in dream

Not wearing hijab in public

Naked kinnar in dreams

New nail growing

Night dancer means what in adream

New paved road


Newly paved road


Needles in the hands

Non-color snake


Not invited to a wedding but attend

Not seeing your way to home

Not being served food in queue

New handbag

Not wearing a shirt

Not wearing a ahirt

Naughty kid

Naked torso

Not fit correctly eye class


Near miss accident dream

Native american head dress

Not eating at a party

Nail in your nose

No god in temple

Nigai chasing me in water

Naartjie tree

Napkins full of blood and in monthly menstruation

Napkins with menstruw


Night sky full of golden arabic sentences

Not being trusted

Nude lipstick

New makoti

Ngiphuphe umoba

New chrochet needle

Naked bathing in public

New dogs

Not being able to open my eyes

Naked mad women

Njeti cloth

Naked children playing


Narrow door in a vision

Number of dead man

Nose producing fountain

Name grace

Nail biter

Naughty baby girl

Naming ceremony meaning


Neelkanth bird


Naked dead brother in dream

Nps এর mature value কিভাবে ফেরত পাওয়া যায়?

No ticket

Naked old man


Naked old man with a billiard stick

Naked men shooting pool

Not getting promotion


Newbaby injury in the head and bleeding

New born baby with teeth

Naming ceremony in a dream

Not finishing tasks

Nose ring broken in dream meaning


Nemo fish


New broom

News channel

Necklace with cross pendant

Nasal mucus.

Naughty dreams for my boyfriend

Needing oxygen

Naked women on shoulder

Nan bread

Naked grandma

New moon


Naked young son in public

No male organ

Naked woman

Navel cord

Night clothes

Naked aunt walking down the street

Number 64 meaning