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Dreams starting with the letter N


Nigeriana dreams interretations

New trampoline


Not wearing trousers

Number 1

Naked in dream

Neon white light covered

Neon white light covered by white blanckey

Neon light coverd by white blanket

Newmoon dream on equinox

Nun in habit attacking with a dagger

Notebook scribbled in black

Naked at work

New house with squatters


Naked woman showing private parts


Not being able to pay restaurant bill

Not marriying your actual husband dream

Number 27 on a ring

Not paying bill

Naked on the river

Navy blue color of clothes cover to anew born baby

No one believes in me

Naked and trying to wear black pants

Naked kissing my crush

Neem tree with flowers

Name tag

New lamp that is not lit


New cloth give other person gifte new cloth

Negative 1

Name written in the sky meaning

Native american moccasins

New uniform

No hair on husband face

Naked and bus

Narrow passage

New chief visit my house

Name on a list

New trousers

Naomi name dream

Nerves being pulled out

New hairstyle


N st

Number 7

Not pay attention


New furniture



New heel shoes and a perfume dream

New heel shoes and a perfume

No good


New surplice

Native american chief in full headdress

Naked husband and with another women

Not wearing a wedding ring

New broom



Not flirting back

Nun’s dancing

Not finding shoes

Naked in someone’s house

Name called 3 times


Naked maternal aunt dream meaning

Naked from waist down

Non alcoholic

Not dream but i smell cowdung suddenly what that mean

Not dream but i smell cowdung suddenly eat that mean


Nail polish


Naked woman throwing garbage

No erection

Name of someone vicki stoll


Notes for a book

Nephew got married in a dream


Natural steam water

Naming a baby

Nest in water

Naked by a y in road with other male naked also

No brakes

Name day

Naked in a sea

No water in a pond

Ngiphuphe ngishaya ibhubhesi ekhanda

Number for fish


New apartment


Not believing

Negative energy try to kill me


Noise of a light switch

New sim card


Naked mad man

Nail beind steep in your stomach

No male organ

Nagging wife

Name on quran

Naked poop

Nine tailed fox

Nine tailed

Nurse giving me injection on neck

Nosebleed girlfriend

Note on head

Nursing injured morepork


Naked with blanket

Nose blood bleeding

Neighbor boy and i have romantic relation in my dream

Naked dream

New car

New cross country benz


Not served soup


Naked girl lucky number

Naked girl

Naked elderly person

Naked person

No choice

Naked woman

Noodles coming out of virginal in dream

New born baby

Not eating

Northern hemisphere


Nicked in a dream

Number of carabao


Naked hit by a car

Naked myself

Nail that cause tetanus

Need to get urgent message to friend

Nasalo ako ng lalaki sa labas ng bintana

Netting your idol

Nasal mucus


Naked friejd

Nandi with darkness

Neighbor evicted


Neighbor house collapse

Naked baby girl seen in a dream


Naked female cousin

Number two

Northern soul

Naughty child

Necklace dream

Night predators

Naked celebrity

Neem tree cut down


New years

Not to touch her breast


Naked person outside the window

Neighbor romance

Numbers on a clock

Nipple piercing




Naked in a pool

Number 20

Naked priest

Naked in a tent

Newborn babies

Nazar ka dhagga todna in dream

Nude in public

Nails stung in foot

New dress



Naked black women

Not to step on a tack

N evil old woman with smoke coming out try’s to attack me in dreams

Naked with a married woman

Nakedness with a married woman

Nose black line

Nipple falling off

Naked mad

Nest of chicken eggs the meaning and number

Nake but im out side of church


Nose dreaming ripped out


Naked and old women

Neck scratch

Naked man showing his penis

Naked woman with husband


New home


Nisar fatima

Night dress

No exits

Native american


No pants

Not able to complete a task

Niece crying

Newborn baby


Necrotic arm

Norse look shining

Necklace giving to dead



Negotiating transport fare

New shoes

Nature dreaming



Nakedness in dream

Neck broken

Naked people lying on bed

Not allowed entering religious place in dream

Necklace rusting

Navel stitched

Naked women in wifes dream

New house and car

Not able to wish happy birthday to a gorl

Not being able to finish a task

No fear calm

Not being able to take a photo

Never ending train

New bed being delivered


Nuns kill me

Ngezinkomo ezimnyama

Nephew broke his neck

Nice pair of false teeth by somone

Narrow oblong

Naked photos

Neck and spider web

Ngiphuphe inkomo ebomvu eyinkunzi ingihubha

Nasty old lady

Not understanding how to play a game

Not receiving letter of promotion

Neem aakulunu chudanaki ardamu

No clothes but wrapped in a sheet or a towel

New clothing and accessories

New cloths and accessory

Neighbors bringing food

Nalla pusalu

Naked under bed covers

Nebula in a rainbow

Native on a black horse

Naked touch

Naked being touched

Not able to bath in ganga

Needle wounds

Numb face

New scenery

Number for parade

Nose pulling things out


Naked in bed with an ex

Non sense

Natural park

None electric guitar

Not wanting to marry your crush in your dream

Nopriest nonipple

Nightime daytime

Nighttime and daytime

Necklace snatched

Needing to use the loo

Naked employees in a dream meaning

Numerous tiny red lights in the sky

New upper molar in child

Naked in water

New born baby boy with piercings

Number in cloud

Name darren

Naked in the kitchen


Neighbour is my freind

Night bright sky

No pants and no underwear

New baby kept away from mother

Not touching my love

Nurses in church with white uniforms

Napping on a table

Ning of dreaming of mandar flower of aak plant

No hijab non mahram man

Ngiphuphe ngithwele ibhakede lamanzi

North stat

Ngiphupha ngigida

Nude intimate girl in street

Naked and people gave you clothes to wear in dreams means

Night wisp

Nude pictures

Nude booty

Nagatha amman in my dream

Naked horse riding

Navy battle

Native american boys

New tires

Not enough money for fare

Number representing water hose

Needing a pregnancy ultrasound

Needing a baby ultrasound


Neighbour asking u to lend him money

Naked lying down woman

Naked coworker

Nuzzling a neck

Nail gun in skull

Noose around childrens neck

Names written in red ink

Niddle triad stone in a pregnant woman stomache

Non nathan man

Nose and mouth bleeding

Nose with large pores

Name signboard

Name sugn biard

Not being able to hear someone speaking to me

Not being able to hear someone when they speak

Not being able to hear when they are speaking

Nude black man

Neighbor wall

New boyfriend fights old boyfriend

Nursing school books that am sitting with

Not allow to fetch water from the tap

Naked woman orgasming on a saddle


Naked leg

Neck crack

Nude community

No one knows me

No one recognizes me

Needles with blue tread

Newspaper editor click your picture in dreams

Next week

Navel point in the back

No as close ceiling

Nude woman in the toilet

Naked woman in the toilet


Not having mint and corriander

Nightmares in twi


Nipple hair removal

Necked women

Neaked women

Name written in clouds

New microwave open

Naked and clothed by someone

Nude ex boyfriend

Naked dead women

Naked and crazy

Never meet wifes grandpa but dreamed of him scuffing pass me and looks at me smiling

Nipples have sight

New beginniing

New body

Naked bodies

New house door

Naked woman with belly button

Not able to for exam

Naked man hanging upside down

Not getting to destinations

Naked horse

Naked co workers

No plate on table

Naked and someone give you clothes and food and money

Nun with naked baby

No one would look or speak to me

Ngiphuphe ngiphuza utshwala besilungu lapho umama omdala izinwele zakhe zikhulile netshebe enkulu sijabulile

Nipples twisted

Naked woman bathing

Naked among clothed people

Nuts growing from a limb of my body

Neighbor does not listen

Neighbor gift

Nudist beach

Navel water

Naked pregnant lady

Needle inside vagina

Niliota ndoto hii kuhusu mtu akikatwa nywele zake na katika ndoto hiyo hiyo nilisifiwa kuhusu nywele zangu kuliko zake na alikuwa amekasirishwa sana na hilo

Nasty places

Njured opponent leg in a football game

Not able to load a recharge cards

Nipping back

Naked woman in a altar by the road side

Needing to urinate


Name of writing skate

Naming my newborn

Nghukay ng kamote

Nice squirrel

Naked in islam

Naked and was about to be rape dream

Nude boys young dreams

Night dream resin in a tree

Neighbor toddler

Neighbor child

Number for worms

Ngiphuphe ngishuqiselwa imphepho

Nig black car

Name teresa

Norther lights and fireflies

Neighbour asking egg

Not waring apanty

Needle hole and puss in finger tips

Need stitches on arm

Naked family girlfriend

Naked sleeping with in laws

Nipples suckling

Nipple raw and sore

Nude posted

Neighbor eating fish and rice

Neighbor eting fish and rice

Naked among crowds

Ngiphuphe umlungu wesifazane wesifazane engipha imali

Ngiphuphe umlungu wesifazane engipha imali

Ngiphuphe umlungu wesifazame engipha imali

Ngiphuphe umkhulu wami owadlula emhlabeni engigqokisa isiphika sengwe

Nylon falls from heaven

Naked bf in dreams


Naked babe

North walk

Naked waste down

Nail coming put of ear

Naked boyfriends fighting

New born with lots of hair

Nasa control center

Neked women

Never ending challenges

Number six in a dice

Neon footsteps

Neon fout steps

Neon steps

Naked unknown sleeping woman

New wet house

Nursing a sick person

Napkin with the virgin on it

Naile drile

Ngiphuphe ngivukwa idlozi

Neighbors trespassing home

Native american war

Nephew foot milk coming out

Nawe futhi

New house tall ceilings

New hoes tall ceilings

Newborn turns into a mermaid

Not properly dressed for something

Naked shopping mall running

Nga twezina

Name being called in sleep

Number for thankful

Number for rastaman

Not seeing your reflection or yourself in the mirror but hearing opposite of your speeches from the same mirror

Native american baby

New windows with black shutters

Ning by

Naked hamster

Number of cats symbolize

Numbers representeng died person in your dreams

New beautiful foot nails

Nun with white face

Naked girl with my husband

Nice smell and flower bloom

Needle and thread in grandma hand

Not the same measure of two arm feet

Not the same measure of two feet

Nun suiciding in your dream

New shoes and a dead woman relative

Not having clothes to pack for a trip

New thatch roof

New shoot of grass


Neck decorated

Neck meat

Na barya mokaniki pasupu rasukoni kanipiste

Navy color

New bridge

New flyover

Nieces husband died

Naked covered in a blanket and picked up

Naked covered with a blanket

Nipple sucked

Naked intruders in your home

New table chairs

News of airplane accident

No expression fsces

No feet baby goat

Native riding a horse

Not seeing clear face

Not prepared formath test

Nine pins

Necklace padre pio

Near miss with truck

Nad man throwing stones


Nun with non

New black shoes

Nose burn

Naked man and women in rape scene

Naked indian men and woman

Neighbor hosting a party

Not getting food at a function

Native warrior dancing happy in sky

Native warrior dacing happy in sky

Native medician woman


Neighbour digging hole in the dream

Nose bleed and pass away

Neglected old horse

Naked boy bleeding from anus

Nuts spread wide when tossed

Number of squash

Not finding friends

New owners

New landlords

Name of a person written on a stone

New sharp teeth

Native doctor telling you how to make money money in dream

Naked lower part of body

No equipment needed


Night swim

Naked woman massage

Number interpret


Nature trail

Not being able to renew a lease

New custumer calling me of business in dream

None believes me

Not being able to get dressed

Nacked aghori

Neighbour ex boyfriend became my next door

Name jay bantayan in a dream meaning

Naked with tight pussy

Nude male

Natjies in a dream

Name out of juliet

Native american male visitor upclose to face


No one told me

Nosey cousin my dream

Nursing a newborn dog back to life

Not wearing my security guard uniform while on duty

Not wearing my uniform while working

Nan in a wheelchair

Naked embrace

Neighbors building in adream

Neighbors building

Nightmare that loops around not letting leave your dream

New hutch in home

Neighbor give me food

Nephew getting married

Nebula coming towards me

Ngiphuphe ngibhala i test yesingisi ngayiphasa

Nude desire

Nude swim

Nude beach want to visit

Need to urinate

Needy old woman

New born abnormal baby dream

Not allowed to take holy communion

Nagtanim ng malunggay

Never ending waterslidr

Not being able to find clothes

Naked grandma asked blanket in dream

Naked husband in bed with another man

Neck chain

Never made it to destination

New moon vision

Nicky minaj

Nkukhu emhlophe

Ngiphupha umuntu engikhiphela ummese

Not receiving kumkuma in dream

Naked trapped


Note written in red ink then it catches on fire

Nest of mice

No dream spider was in spinning web

Noni fruits

New shiny pots with glass lid

New aluminum pots with glass lid

Narrow patha passed

Not being able to perform normal functions


Not able to enter a tricycle in the dream

Nurturing injured animal

Neck black beads

No gown and shoes in marriage

Neredu chettu in dreaming

Night clothes public

Naked friends and clothed boyfriend

Native american playing a drum


Ngiphuphe ngigola amacimbi

New born baby left on my doorstep

No more kerosene

Name ola

Neighbor kissed me

Nude sister

Nipple release milk

Naked soldier

Naked girl baby in dreams

Number on paper

Neighbor asking you for money

New grandmother

New sailboat

Nest egg

Newly repaved road

Name being said aloud

No one in the house


No name title as an introduction

New knife

Naked in a dream without being ashamed

Noni fruit dream

New cub not used nice decoration gifted

Noisy clouds with rain

Needed assistance

New peopl

New faces

Naked in a grocery store then in a church can not get out

Naked in grocery store then on a church a d can nit get out

Ngiphuphe ubhuti ephethe inkukhu emhlophe engena ekhaya nesangoma

Not being able to complete a task


Niddle in pocket

Neck slicing

Nese dikush deshiron teju vidh

Naked women hugging

Nake women hugging

Neck lymph nodes

Nothing going to plan

New baby smell

Nostril mucus

Njeti blue an white

Nazarene cloth

Neck strees

Nickels in a tree

Naked aunt with my husband dream meaning

Nail someone to the wall

Nuns entering home

Niece jump naked

Native american flute


Nipple slip

Nails with diamonds

Naked in a bank


Newborn being poisoned

Nightmare where i need to be silent in bed

Nuffalo peeing

Netting black covering person in a bed in dreams

Name roy

Neighbour build a wall

Naked desceased

Nail polished toes

Nartijie fruit

Non fermented traditional beer

Naked old woman tried to break into apartment

Neighbor congratulating me in marriage

New places in dreams

Not to buy a scarf

News letter

Necklace ripped off neck

Naked in a barber shop

Not knowing what to say to your fiancee in a blocked relationship


Nest in my house

Neglected kittens in a dark basement

Name in the clouds

Naked friend crush

Newborn baby peeing on me

Neighbours dead mother

Neighbors smelling food

Non muslim reading kalima

Numbers associated with brown rabbit

Not having bus fare on the bus

Neighbor smells my pot roast

New clotges

New unplastered house

Nearly drove on cliff

No straight answes

Name percy meaning

Name tag of pastor

Night dancer chansing you in a dream meaning

Nipple discharge brest

Numbers representing dreams what does it mean to dream about being stabbed and what number represent it

Numbers representing dreams

Not being able to buy a purse

Naatrtjie in a tree

Nipples out in white wedding gown on wedding day

Native american riding a bicycle

Not married girl dream is his child crawling on bed

Number for lovebirds

No more grains

New make over

Naked fiancee holding against my will



Neighbour cuts trees

Name tag necklace

Name tag flower

Naked upper body

National war in the dream


Naked and holding coins

Nutmegs picking

New chinese dress in a dream

Nephew neck wound

Ngiphuphe ngigqoke imvunulo

Ngiphuphe imyama yangaphakathi inekiwe

Ngiphuphe imyama yangaphakathi inekiwe nendoda year next door into yinhle

Naked women holding babies in the water

Nurse posts

Nurse course

Not pregnant but baby head stuck

Navy hoodie

Naked backside sumo wrestler

Navel pus blood

New silver sandals

Nose correction

Nightmare about a celebrity

Not a dream an awakening sound of a crying baby

Negative behavior

Name chriszha

Naked rollercoaster

Nomination for vice president

Naked and attacked by vagrents

Ngihambe imbuzi ngicabanga ukuyigeza

New saucepans meaning in a dream

Name norman

Numbers in a vertical position


Nature scenery in dream

Native palm trees


New usb flash drive

Not being burnt my fire

Naked little kids

New generator

Naked young women talking in a dream

Naked in front your enemies

Ngiphuphe isiwasho esipink

Naked couple on bed

Naked and alone in bed

Nude wife in dream in hindi

Navy blue cloth

Naked marriages

New matress stolen in a dream

Name derrick

Not calling home

Newborn foal

Newboarn foal


Name changed of someone once close

Nails cut

Name in flames

No birth pain

Never seeing my parents in my dream

Naked wrestling

Native dance

Name hanna

Neighbor digging ground infront of my house

Nun donating me money

Nun giving me a donation

Navel being fingered


Nataraja idol fall on me in dream

New sets of jessey


Ngiphuphe umuzi obhidikayo or odilikile

Neighbor entire family naked


Never remember

New fast red car

Near car accident

Naked woman with a child in a water

Naked with classmates

Noone believe me

Nag dala ang asawa ko ng bunga ng malunggay

Not being wanted in old hobby


Not being able to walk on slanted ground

Neem leaf give to us in dream

Neem given in hand

Neem ball given in hand

Newberry tree

Naked in front of people

Nightmare trance

Naked people showering

Nanny sitting in a wheelcjair in cornor of house

Nephillum and river

Nephillum dream

Numbers on keypad fall off phone

Nice coming out of vagina

Neighborhood skinwalker

Needing a pacemaker

Naked lower body part of my husband in dream

Night dancers wanted to eat me

Njeti cloth and rain

No cardamom in field

Not allowed to light candle


Number for clover

Necrophilism in a dream at a church

Ngikhiphele ngilotsholwa

Naked in front of my ex

Naming baby simon

Newborn twins being resuscitated

Neighbor building a new house

Not knowing people

Not allowed to see partner in hospital

Name noah

Nosering hole big


Naked husband and husband brother with me

Naked husband and his brother with me

Napoleon bonaparte uniform

Noises hussle

Nothing wipe after poop

Not knowing i was pregnant

Naked husband walking thru casino

Ngubo zokulala

Needy and suffer

Night ocean

New love popped up

Nose with horns

Naked husband in front of family

New hands

Naked mother and daughter walking hand in hand

Naked woman walking hand in hand with naked daughter

Neck cyst

Number plus

New plant in house

New coat given to me

Nail hitting u through the window then enters in ur body through the back to the stomach

New born baby rape and blood

New born baby rape

Naked husband in bed with other woman

Not being able to hold onto a friend falling off a cliff



Nipple hanging off

Name written on the palm of hand

New yellow dress with diamond shoes

Naked guests

Naked celebrety

Nude female

Newly built downpipe

Naive boyfriend

Night sky laterns

Noisy brother wedding

No statues in church dream

Nina word

Narow road through a small market

Night mares about a half deer half man

Narow road

Naked in front of sister in law

Neem tree cutting in dream god or bad

Needed weapon

Nailing a board

Not talk ptoperly


Name celeste


Nickel watch

Natural spring water in a jug for a baby

Newgrowth in hair

Nephew shot and killed

Non verbal response

Nodding to a question

Nodding to an answer


New cellphone breaking

None aggressive grizzly bears every were in my dreams

New cowboy hat

Nose ttattooing

Ngiphuphe ubaba eninceda

Na arthur

Numerous slices of cake given to me by my brother in law


Newborn that had sharp teeth and talked

Native american and turquoise

Nipple shrinking


Nasal tube

Never ending task

Nking truck

Nacked husband

Neon snack

Nakedman covering the penis with hands

Normal clothes

Nope attacking a child

Native american war drum

Novello what does it mean

Naked dead spouse

New born baby at the door step

No door knobs

Naked female demon

Neck gland

No plate when a buffet is full of food

Naglalaro na mga dewende


New almarah

Note book and pen


Nan robinson

Naked crush on street

New mens shoes in shoe box

Name of person

Naked men then you ejaculate

Neighbor kissing my neck

Ngiphuphe ngipheka ipapa

Nutmeg given in my hand in dream

Never able to reach destination

Nature goddess fighting

Native american music

Newborn delivered but cut in half

New bigger house

Neck bending back

Nanny to children

Name getting written in the sand

Nasa dropping the ball


No dinner reservation

Native pear ube

Neem leaves in bulk in dream

Neighbor tresspassing

Numbers and letters flying around

Nuns trying to kill me

Nine shining boxes

Narrow bridge

Navy beans

Nasaret name

Not convincying someone

Neck belt

No face hooded person

Norse mythology ofin

New born pink rats

Norse mythology odin

Ngiphuphe ngidla amasi egcwele umlomo

Niple cutoff

Name sarah

Numbered cards

Neibour kissing me passionately

Naked in boat

New clothes sinking in sea water

Nail suck in my head

No one believes the truth

Neighbour gives sardines and put it on the stairs outside the apartment

Neighbour gives sardines and place it on the step

New jotter

Nextdoor sweeping


Navy blue color looks like

No one will help me


New job anxiety

Nest of headless snakes

Navy blue horn bill on my porch

Naked picture of an ex boyfriend

Names decoding

Noah name



Nun came to my house on dream

Nocking the door calling me

Niece smiling at you

Night clear sky

Needing to leave

Neighbor asks when he should ask wife for a divorce

Nose cover given to me as birthday gift

Naval fruit

Not caring about wife that got hurt

Neck cut

Naked roaming

Nakedwith old crush

Nipple leaking water

New podium

Newly constructed house

New month

Not fully home

Not letting me leave

Neighbour cuts down hedge

Naming someone nathan

Number of days

Number puzzles

Necked mum in dream wth sores on the back