New iphone case

Novel peppermint

Neem leafs with fruits in dreams



Naked dance

Nice buttock

Not doing fasting in ramadan month

Numb right hand

Neck snapped

Nipple been bittern off

Nipple been bitten off

No name

Norse 9 realms

Naked husband infront of people

Narrow steps of staircase

No pulse but alive

Namaz in mosque

Needle nose

Naked mother sick

Naked outside your home

Numerous jade on my palm

Naked mother almost died

Numbers written on the sky

Not putting tika bt others did

New saree receiving as gift from temple

Nipples falling

Noahs ark.

Naked father

Nail clippers, nail file


Niece being shot twice

Nose mucus in dream

No child

Night queen flower

Neighbor die

Newly fully prepared house

Naked like baby herself and asking for clothes

Naked married couple

Nieghbor digging in my yard

New water dispenser

Naked dead man funeral

Night travel

Nightmare old man

Neigbour penetrating you in a dream

New born baby speaking

No plate to eat in dream

Number 5 meaning


New green shoes

No bra in dream

Napkin blood

New born baby have wings


Naked grandfather

Number 380

Nut tiger

Not able to perform a task

Necked woman

New conservatory

Not in my world

Not paying rent at a house

Not able to find bf in a crowd

Native children

Naked man in bed

New curtains and bedding

Neck pain dream interpritation

Number 8 9 10 in poker card

Number fruit lemon tree

Native kola nut

Never, being, able, complete, task

Neck being snapped



Neem in my dream

Not being ready on time

Nintendo switch

Newborn girl black hair

New world rules

Narasimha avatar


Not dressed for church

Nazarene carrying cross

Nephew under the rain

Nun urging for sex

Nun hugging

No door house

Not hearing in left ears

Number 4

New borehole

Neem flower

Naked snail under skin

Naked inside church

No emotions

Neem leaves in drram

Neighbour asking for food


Naked husband ttalking to naked woman

New sarees are displayind

New sarees in my dream and a i am crying

New year qoute from wise people


Naked man sitting next to me

Not receiving chocolates from dead family member

Nanguha ng malunggay sa panaginip

New born female baby

Neon nightmare

Needle putting them in plastic

New work

Nipple bleeding

Nun saving me

New dress





Naked woman taking shower

New kitchen vs old kitchen same house

Naked actress

Now tie


No 8

Not being able to turn the shower on

New growth tree

Necklace chain

New unused dustbins

Near miss car collision

Not wearing slippers in the dream the meaning?

New house in dream

New dress for died grandmother

Nine thousand ninety-nine

Naked children

Numerous black gorillas

Number for making roti

Night prayer

National team winning without me

National trust

Naked in water with a woman


Number assisted with this dream

Nurse in a white uniform

Naked woman

Not lucky to gambling

Narrow doors

Naked stranger woman

Nude bathing with deceased mom

Nude shemale

Nose bleeding in a dream

Nose bleeding in s dream

Nipple piercing

Naked baby boy

New $50 bills


Native american tools

Naked body with boy in bathroom

Nose had two bones in dream

Number pin

Nipple bleeding dreams

Nude and pregnant walking while raining


Not offering tea to me

Not giving water to person

New saree in the meaning

Naked in a strange building with lots of young people around looking for my room and climbing stairs up and down

New student in school

New zinc roofing

New year gift

Naked sister in law in pond


Nipple falls off scab

Not being served

Neon violet


Napping in a strange bed

Nia on a gutter

Nanguha ako ng dahon ng malunggay

No saddle



National anthem

Not secure airplane


Nipple hair with head lice

No face in a dream

Nun black white vela

Nun in black with white vel


Neighbir mowing my yard

Nipple suck stranger

New national identity

Neck mark

New clothes covered with dust

Naked parents

Nevel pepperman

Ned maning


No show date


Neace meaning

New employment in arizona help from mormon church members new house driving with son to destination independence


Newly married girl in dream

Nzu dream

Niger oponent

National flag empty

Nail polish

Needles in tooth


Nail spa

Nose blood in a deeam

Noise bleed in a dream

Nose blood clots in a dream

Nursing injured bird

Native american

Nails in foot

Names of boss written on ceiling

Naked wit a lot of black pubic hair

Naked in front of opposite sex

New orleans

New slippers

Noble dream

Neem tree cut down in the dream

Naked people and bold people in my dream

Number 500

Naked stepmom

Naming ceremony, in the dream

Never completing a task

Nose if producing a lot of water

Nose if producing fountain of water

Never ending string being pulled out of my teeth


Naked father looking sick

Nappies hanging on a line

Noahs ark vision

New zinc moving to a house

Nephew crying in my dream

Navy blue ipowder in dream meaning

Number harvest

Nosepin lost in dream

Name baby


Name is on a list

New blouse meaning

No wishes on my birthday

Nipa hut and water falls with guy

Nivedita singh

Never ending rooms

Naked backside of mother

Not touching the ground


New torn clothe dream

Nutritious worms in the tree


Numbness fear blackout

Not a good person



Name not found among other peoples name what does it mean

National animal

Neighbor having party

Narrow dock and sunken boat

Not enough food

Not being able to check out of hotel

Neck cracking

Nightstand drawers opening and closing

Never ending stairs

Numbers 3500

No roof car


Note received from dead person

Not able to use phone



Not able to find place where i take off my dress

New saree and ladies

Night fall

Naked daughter

Newly painted

Newly painted houses

Newly painted houses in dreams

Nail through tongue



No eye contact

Night club enterance

Naked midget

Ninth floor

Not able to remove my clothes

New bolt of cloth

Nureassa ullah dead sister

Night gown in public

Near car crash

Nipple gone

Naked ceased sister running

Naked in dreams

Naked in public place

Naked swimmers in the pool

Not being able to keep eyes open

Note on back dream meaning



Number 1021

Nearly we’d

New black pair socks islamic interp

Needle in the heart

Naked transexual

Naked father gets in bed with daughter


Nail polish smell

Naked girl in dream

Number 36

Nuns committing suicide

Not wearing hijab in mosque in a dream

Naked waist down

Not being able to scream loud

No i’m tv

Naked celeberty

Night terrors

Number and precognitive dreams

Neighbor s hair being short

Not being able to carry water

Numbers equivalent of dream envelope letter

New blouse dream meaning

Name tyrone

Not strapped in on a roller coaster

Nail in mouth

New friend

Necklace dream

Naked sister in dream

Not by granular on foot

Nails cut in two

Nail cut in two blood

Nipple bleed in a dream

No one cares


No fat on legs

New cemetery

Nose plants


Nose falling off

Neighbor burning camphor

No shoes going to school dream

Numbers money

No beard

Never going to classes in high school

Nae nae

Nipa hut and clear water

Near amputation

Not drinking portion

Not drinking the voodoo portion in dream

Not drinking the voodoo portion someone was trying to do in my dream

Nail on ur head

Noah arc

Nacked girls bathing

Name list

Nose entry in body

No number plate on a car

New born clothes

No money or id

Name misspelled

New house with dead parenta

New sidewalk

New, home

New silver luxury car

Not knowing lines in a play

No doorknob

No thoughts

Night sky stars

Nausea eating eggs

Naked in public places

Naputol na rosary

Needle in nose

Native pear


Needle in a haystack

No one caree if i die

Ny boss caught me sleeping

Neem leaves

No exit building

National youth copper service

Naked dead mother



Nature smell

Nude women in dream

Naked buttocks


Not scared in horror movie

Neptune meaning in a dre

Naked woman boledo number

Nail on forehead

New salt and pepper shakers f

Naked male sangoma

Nana ಕನಸಲಿ ಮಂಗಳ ಮುಖಿ bandidalu ಇದರ ಅರ್ಥ

Name typed on paper

Needle stuck in throat

Natraja idol in dream

Nude woman in bed

Nutmeg meaning in the dream

Native american shaman

Name orion

Not able to buy a raffle ticket of real life raffle

Nail on the head by your mother

New windows colored gold copper


No motorcycle helmet

Not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle

Neighbours moving

Nephew holding a sweet potato


Number 4 in the mirror

Nipple sucking

Nipple sucking kissing

Naked baby


Not being able to reach destimntion


Naked baby in a dream

Nipa house for store

New sarees arranges on floor

No vu

New man lying to you

New guy lying to you

Not wanting a turquoise necklace

Natarajar in dream

Neighbor of my native home died and his wife doing some unusual prayer and pooja

Number ii

Non ornamental flowers

Nikola tesla

Navy blue box in a car

Navy blue box

Not being strapped into a fair ride properly

Native pears

Nipple pulled off

Networking line

Naked hismself

New burial wrappers stolen in the dream

New red handbag in d dream

Not my car

New smooth tarred road in progress


New book

Note books

New plinth in dream

Nakedness in the dark

Name is number 10

Names under numbers

Number 21

Naked sisiter

Nipple discharge

Number 9

Nails breaking

Neck tie knot

Nuwe huis


Naked in dream inside the church

Nesting swan

Newly married couples in dream

Nude saint


Not a close friend dreaming me living in slums

Not wanting to be a second wife



Number 0

New cellphone

Nigerian breadfruit

Needles and pins from mouth

Never ending pee

Not wearing the best cloth for traditional marriage in the dream

Nuclear explosions

Need results in hindi

Nausea in a relative

Nibble ear

Naming ceremony in the dream


Neon snakes

Naming a baby

Naked unknown women in dreams

New zealand

Nail cutter


Nail rotten

Needle and thread swinging in hair

Notebook inside water

Navy blue

Naming a child yannis

No screen in window


Native doctor healing

New furnish house

Not able to reach brakes

Numbers to play when you dream about breadfruit

Nude sport

Nude golfing

Natasha john

No towels

No speech