New calf

New coloured pencils

New coloured penculs

Naming of a child

Number of crow in dream

Nikkah paper

Nun came back alive

Notebook in dream

Nice lunch in a dream

Names on a pillow in public means

Named riding horse

Needles and threads of different colours

Nude pregnant women dream

Nice house

Number 1 in sky

Nani ki death

Naartjie dream


Not being able to write

Navy officer

Necromancy with my common law husband

Neighbours daughter in dream

New house without a roof

Numbers and letters

Naked riding on a bike

Naked bike

Naked in the bathroom

Nazarene statue

New school first day

Neem leaf from mouth

New clothes in dustbin

Nail clipper in a dream

Naked adult daughter

No seed in the orange

Never ending room

Name of list spell wrong and it was corrected



Naked in front of a loved one meaning

Naval ship

Naked body applying oil

Nude lipstick

Nilagay ko sa kamay ang malunggay kasama ko nagluto ang tiyahin ko na pumanaw na at may kalindaryo akong nakita ano pong ibigsabihin


Neakid mad woman

Null dream meaning

Notebook falling from the sky in the dream

Naked kid

New born baby girl black curly hair

Need to pass matric

Not lettin go

Number 63


Njeti maroon on my dreams

Number repsents stairs

Needle in the dream is whet the

November in gold letters

Needle and thread coming out of my penis

Nake kinner

Newborn baby with webbed hand

Not allowing a kite take away a fowl

Nurturing an abandoned child

No gravity on me

Not being able to spell

New black jacket

Neck pain

New tables

Northern star of destiny

Not receiving gift from pastor

Neighborhood construction

Naked couple in public

Not able to find a place for poop

Neem tree burning

Nephew selling watermelons in a dream

Nked mother

Needle forhead

Naked parents

Neem flower


New zine

Nursing a patient

Night city

Night security guard in a dream

Naked boyfriend at top of stairs

Niyagra waterfall

Ngiphuphe kuthiwa kuzolotsholwa mina kukhona nogogo ozala umama osewashona

Naked babies

Neem leaves and neem fruit seen in my dream

Never seeing the person again


Neem juice dream

Naked under the rain

New toilet

New blair toilet

Neck hair removal - women

No plate to eat food

Naked worman


Nose blood

Not having money to pay for food

Non veg meals

Non bleeding wound


Naked breasts

Naked grandmother

Nice houses on top of the mountain

New cockery in drems

National song in dream means in hindi

Number 9 heart card

No plate to eat

Nacked boyfriend

Newborn baby with vagina and penis

New house building

Ngiphuphe kuthiwa ngibulele umuntu oyisangoma,

News of someones death

Numbers of money

Newly married couple

No room

Naval pilot

No hands

Niece laying in my bed

Nake old man want to have sex

Naked drab

Nephew wearing black dress

Nurses crown

Neem tree root burning

Need tree root burning

Neon snakes

Needing to be somewhere

Naked kinner

Neon snake

Needle in the arm

Nipa hut house

Neighbor daughter

Naked women sweeping

Naked man running

Nude man on public

New kind of animals

Northeast sex

Nani making roti who us no more

Nani making roti

Nice rats

Not able to complete task on time

Nose bleed with a person that passed away

Nude light brown lipstick dream

Neighours revving vehicle

Name if the scew parts

Naked wedding day

Newly built kraal

New house christian

New black car husband


New shoe sole

Not wearing hjab in public

Nose fall off



Nuts kernel

Not braided your hair but want to braid it

No money to pay for transport

Nurse uniforms

Night dancer


Necklace from a deceased mother

Number for a short woman in a dream

Name spoiling

Nude father

Number 3 black spade card

Nidl in the dream is what

New pot switched for an old one

Number of casket

Neem fruit eating

Nose and mouth bleeding and then death of ownself in dream meaning

Naked couple dream inside water

Naked girls boob

Neck air

Ngidla khabishi nespinashi

No mouth

Not invating to party

New phone is exchange with old phone

New phone is exchange with pls phone


Naseberry. tree

New couples

Naked brother fighting with husband

Naked woman holding baby

Neck breaking


Narrow staira

Nicky in your dreams

Newly marriaged couple

Nose off

Nuts in the dream

New saree as gift in dream


Naked women in the shower

Nazareno dream meaning

Naked boss in dream

Nurturing abandoned baby in a dream

Naked with your ex boyfriend

Nupitalchain damage


Nipple fa

Nzu in my dream


Nun sweeping, priest sprinkling water

New cutlery

Not wishing someone birthday

New grocery store

New clothe for father dead

New close for father dead

No ink in the pen

Newborn walking

Nose injected by pins dream

Nun calling of vowel

Nuns driving you in a car

Nun laying off vowels

Native drums



Not able to kill a snake in the dream

Native firewood stove


Naked celebrity

Naughty dreams about mom

Number of dream

New baby boy in islamic dream



Not being able to turn on lights

Not being ble to turn on lights

Neighbors dig a hole and praying around


New place in a dream

New penis

Naked child in the bath tub

Nail in stomach

Nail in my tummy

Naked infront of many people

New born baby

Naked alone

Naked child in dream meaning

Nearly caught having sex


No virgina

No plate at buffet

Night fall

Natassia dream

Nutmeg trees

Nakipag sex sa kasintahan

No bathing suit for a pool

Ngiphuphe u gogo wami, egcwalise utshwala besintu ebondweni

New clay stoves

No seatbelt

Nephew chasing his aunt with bolo

Naked baby

Not forgiven

Neem tree flying in dream meaning

New house coming off its foundation

New wrapper in dream

Not leave

New xhosa bride


Navel kiss in dream


Neighbour begging for sex

Name on property papper


Not being listen to

New to old furniture

No. 12 in dreams

Near my house a dog was tied upside down and someone told me that some people will eat it tomorrow

Narrow stairway

Nipples falling out from your breast


New born brother

Nude children

Neem leaf smell

Nipa hut shaking thru storm

Nipa hut rolling with baby inside

Nipa hut shaking

Numbers meaning

Not responding to me

Naked woman sitting and opens her legs

Not able to receive holy communion in a dream


Naked persons

Nipple foreplay with my husband

Native american drum

Nose bleeding in the dream

No space

Naked woman wanting to take you together with her

Naked in de bathroom seeing a woman nakedness

Njeti 2 piece outfit

Njenti woman

No bristle in hair brush mean


Number associated dream of pitcher glass

New house dead relative

New house


Nase berry

Not rest in peace

Neighbour house with a wall


Naked mad man in dream

Nits hair

Not of this world colored mountains

Naked sister

Naked woman old head

Naked woman with old man head

Necklace snatched victim


New shirt interpretation

Naked cuddling

Necklace being snatch from neck

Nova dream leaves

Naked crush

New born boy with complete set of teeth

Ngiphuphe ngihluza utshwala besizulu

Not recently

Neem leaves in dream meaning

Nalla kodi

News of promotion in a dream

Naked girls

Naked girl in dream

New house new rooms

Neibour building a house

Need cleansing

Need cleaning

Naked man



Niece married

Naked girl in the dream

Naked in a a dream


New curtains

Nipping on tits

New store for cargoes

New home to purchase

Nurses laughing while a man dancing explicitly

No one give you a paper

Not being able to escape from fire

Neon pink

Noise crowd


Nile in dre

No god in pooja photo album

Naked wet woman

Naked woman showing her private part

Numbers on clouds

Nguphuphe imvunulo

Native chalking on the stomach

Narrow pathway

Name of allah sky

Name of allah

Neck tattoos

No basement stairs

Neem plant grown in vase in dream

Nuclear materials

Naked elderly dead person


Neighbor son

Naked upper women body

Nude with ex lover

Number of corn in a dream

Niddle bore in abdomen

Naked madmen


Nail on the tongue


Neck scarf burning

Neck scarf burn

Neverending hallway

Nephew broken hand

Nephew brocken had

New baby unable to buy clothes


New phones

Narda character

Night time blue and yellow sky with swirling galaxies

Naked with step sister

No house

No phone nmbers



Nazarene in a dream

Nazarene from our altar

Nipa houde

No eyes woman

Naseberry tree

New fabrics

New clothes

Naming a pet in a dream

New comfort in the dream is what

No shoes always in my dream

Notes on paper

Name esther

Nips hut

Nila hut

New city development

Not fulfilling promise


Nipple pinching


Not being recognized by friend

Nud picture

New dress with big collar

Naked in a strange building with lots of young people around looking for my room and climbing stairs up and down

Naket in a bus

Nipa house dream meaning

Nipa house

New roads in mountain

Native pot appeared in my dearm covered with black and red cloth but being broken by my mother

Native pot appeared in my dream but got broken by my mother

Naming ceremony

Naseberry in a dream

Nanu kothige balehannu koduva reeti kanasu kanndiddu eefara mean


Nose piercing

Number and precognitive dreams.

Number 3 projected among the stars in the sky

Not able to spit in a dream and wakening with the spit in my mouth

Necklace very heawy

Nits in head

Navy blue skin


Next to the sea harbour bridge it rains


Ny wife having sex with another man

Naked wife in dream

Nct dream drippin

Noseless woman

Ndlebende pv


Naked transgender

Nagtataka swamy in dreams

No plate available

New wrapper dream meaning

Noughts and crosses

Nose bleed of someone you know

Nose bleed my husband

Neem tree loaded with fruits

Number for the name bernard

Nail tongue



Naked women dancing

Naked bathing in open

New bowl


Name wrote in red ink pen

Naked pussy


New wall clocks

Nel kathir

Number 300,000

Near miss car wreck

Name disappeared

New house restoration

Native white chalk dream

Nicki minaj


Naked boss

Noticing sign board

Nails cracking in half

Needle pricked on my head

Naked and cover nudes with handkerchief

Noise hair

Nosepin breaks in dream

Nails falling out of hair

Neighbour attack


Nail on left leg

Name of god written on a wall

New black wrist watches


Naked mother

Not be liked

Not to be preferred


Nutmegs in a bag

Night dress

Night dancer dream

Not speacking

New makoti in a dream

New white towels in dream

Nearly kick the spear

Naked woman number

New rubbish bin

New wheelie bin

Nailed tongue

Naked mom in the dream

Needing prayer in dream

New roofing

Not happy