What does it mean to see an kill in a dream?

Kill Dream Meaning: From 13 Different Sources


Example: ‘When inside the house I dream of recur­rently, I am terrified of someone, a man who is trying to find and kill me’ (Barbara T). As a young woman Barbara discov­ered the dead body of her father (he had shot himself) in the house of her dream. Being killed shows Barbara feeling over­whelmed by the feelings about her father—the man. Being killed: an interior or exterior influence which you feel is ‘kill­ing’—undermining, making ineffective, strangling, choking— one’s self confidence or sense of identity. Killing: repressing or stopping some aspect of oneself, as when we kill our love for someone. Killing parents, animals: see family; animals.

Example: ‘Some two weeks before my dear wife died of cancer of the oesophagus, at about three a.m. in the morning, she shot up in bed screaming “No. No! No!” On questioning her she said her mother, who had died in November 1981, was trying to kill her’ (Gerry B). In this unusual dream the wife feels the approach of death, depicted by her mother. As dreams suggest, death is as much a new area of experience as adolescence was, it would have helped the dreamer if she had taken time to develop a more positive relationship with her mother as described in dream processing. See death.

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Spiritually kill with harmful words; see “knife”, “gun”, and “dead”

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Killing almost inevitably symbolizes a violent ending of some sort. Often there is a struggle involved and spiritually it is important in dreams that we are the one who overcomes our opponent.

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Psychological / emotional perspective: Killing is an extreme answer to a problem.

It is such a final act that in dreams it can often represent our perception of the need for an act of violence. In particular this may be against ourselves or a part of our personality that is no longer acceptable.

The impulse may not be correct, though some adjustment needs to be made.

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Material aspects: To dream of being killed suggests we are under an influence – usually external – which is making us, or an aspect of our personality, ineffective in everyday life. Killing someone in a dream is attempting to be rid of the influence they have over us.

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The act of killing in a dream need not be negative.

As we grow and change, it often feels like we are “killing off ’ old parts of our life. Alternatively, killing in a dream may mean that one has murdered the incentive or enthusiasm for life. (See also Murder).

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To dream about killing is not necessarily negative. It often means the dreamer is letting go of old habits and attitudes in order to go on to a new stage of life. However, a dream of being a hitman (a hired killer) is negative - see “Killer”, below.

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See Murder, re persons.

To kill an animal is usually symbolic.

The dreamer wishes to be nil of a difficult situation that appears to be like an animal. See Animals.

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Dreams of killing someone signify a desire to get rid of an unacceptable aspect of self, extreme -denial, perfectionism, suppressed anger, rage, destruction, fear, defensiveness and an expression of your fight for survival. Consider who is being killed and by who, and this will help you to receive the gift of this dream.

For example, if you dream of killing a male, then you are attempting to kill off your masculine energy; if you are killing a female, then you are attempting to kill your female energy, etc. Also, this dream may denote your desire to eliminate a destructive habit. See Shadow, Integration Dreams and Venting Dreams.

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If you dream that you kill someone, it means that you are facing a serious conflict between your desires and the moral principles that you are forced to follow. This dream also reveals the unconscious attempt to suppress part of your mind you do not accept; so you may be killing some aspect of your nature you dislike. A good example of this is the case of a man who dreams of killing a woman. The real reason is probably that he wants to reject his feminine side at all cost. Such dreams must be analyzed very carefully, as they reveal the need to deepen within ourselves and find some acceptable outlet in order to avoid a violent situation. The dream could also be motivated by a feeling negative toward someone, which leads you to let off steam in a dream.

There will be disputes and you will have to make sacrifices.

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To dream you kill a man signifies assuredness of business; to dream you kill your father, is a bad sign; to dream you are killed, denotes loss to him who has killed you.

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To kill someone or to be killed represents destroying parts of the self, killing off beliefs, behaviors or energies represented by the victim.

If you are killing a parent, you are getting rid of some of your outmoded parental behavior or the old way of relating to a parent.

If killing a child, you are destroying the child part of yourself or perhaps certain childish behaviors. Note whether killing male or female, old or young, and so on. Whether the aspects of self are useless and no longer needed or valuable and being denied, depends upon the dream context.

If you are being killed and bleeding, you are losing energy or the life force. Your own thoughts, actions or others in your life are taking your energy. See Blood.

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See Murder.

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15 dream interpretations related to the symbols you see in your dreams.


To dream of killing a defenseless man, prognosticates sorrow and failure in affairs.

If you kill one in defense, or kill a ferocious beast, it denotes victory and a rise in position. ... killing dream meaning


1. Need to face imminent threat.

2. Fear and/or excitement.

3. Feeling of helplessness. ... killer(s) dream meaning

Killer Whale

A killer whale in a dream represents spiritual guidance.

The killer whale is a dangerous animal which in a dream represents a part of your psyche which has great power but which must be followed carefully.... killer whale dream meaning

Serial Killer

Symbolic of a demon tasked with trying to take your life, Jn. 10:10 ... serial killer dream meaning


To dream that you are killed (or being chased by a killer) foretells that enemies are working against you.... killed dream meaning

Lethal (killing Or Murder)

1. A symbol or catalyst for the end of a situation or phase of life, usually for the better.

2. Jealousy of an­other.

3. Jealousy of one aspect of the personality over another. ... lethal (killing or murder) dream meaning

Parricide (to Kill Parents)

1. Anger at aspects of self represented by parents (e.G., Nurturing mother, overprotective father).

2. Repressed anger at parents or parental figures.

3. Desire for a quiet life. ... parricide (to kill parents) dream meaning

Killing A Cat

Killing or slaughtering a cat means that a person will over power his enemy or rival.... killing a cat dream meaning

Killing A Person

This means that the victim will acquire some good from the killer in real life.... killing a person dream meaning

Killing A Wild Animal With No Purpose Of Hunting

he will become a recipient of a fortune from some woman.... killing a wild animal with no purpose of hunting dream meaning

Killing Someone Using A Sword

This is interpreted as quarrelling with that person and hurting his feelings through tongue-lashing.... killing someone using a sword dream meaning

Death / Killing

If it is the dreamer dying, it never has any connection to a real impending physical death. Rather, it is a reference to the need to change one’s path in life and allow old attitudes to die. Death usually means that radical change is necessary.

Basically, there are eight different levels of this symbol:

1. An indication that a necessary end has come to a certain phase.

It is a transition to something new.

2. The desire to shed something (attitudes, behavior, situation, etc.).

3. A suggestion to come to terms with death and the fear of death, meaning a search for fulfillment and productivity.

4. A limit has been reached and there is an inability to know how to go beyond that limit.

5. A suggestion to take better care of one’s health.

6. Something is dying inside.

7. A close connection with somebody deceased.

8. A desire for peace, solitude, and harmony (“the death of fear”).

According to Jung, dreaming about death means letting go of something that has died; it is a symbol of transformation and a new beginning.... death / killing dream meaning

Killing The Animal

This is symbolic of destroying the energy derived from the instincts.

It is trying to eradicate the very raw power of basic behaviour. Taming or harnessing the animal shows the efforts made to control our instincts and, if possible, make them productive and useful.... killing the animal dream meaning

Killing Or Eating An Animal

Attempting to kill the animal within (our lower brain functions) can cause tension, depression and illness; giving in entirely is no answer either as our higher brain functions need expression also. One of the challenges of maturing and growing is to meet and relate to our ‘animal instincts’, and if possible find ways to express them positively. To dream of eating an animal suggests that you need to draw upon your own inner wisdom and energy, but it can also suggest a desire for sensual pleasure.... killing or eating an animal dream meaning

Killed, Being

You being killed can represent: A feeling or fear of ill will, victimization, manipulation, or someone or something taking power away from you (physically, emotionally, or mentally).

Something of yours (such as a project or process) coming to an end, perhaps earlier than you expected.

An ending within yourself, mentally or emotionally (such as a certain event changing the way you see the world, “killing” your old outlook on the world).

See also: Dying; Attacked, Being; Killing; Execution; Death of You; Violence; Life Force; Hunting; Shot, Being; Weapon... killed, being dream meaning