What does a dream about mint symbolize?

Mint Dream Meaning: From 9 Different Sources


Symbolic of exact giving, Lk.11:42

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(Bot.) In a dream, mint means an announcement ofsomeone’s death.

(Also see Marjoram)

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A minty dream - whether you dreamed of a breath mint, or the herb mint - foretells happier times for the healthy, and healthier times to someone who has been unwell.

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To the sick, recovery; to those in good health, better spirits.

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1. One’s personal hygiene needs improvement.

2. Rich.

3. Health.

4. Honesty.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin


A dream of this fragrant and palatable herb signifies happiness to the healthy and improvement to the ailing.

A money mint in your dream forecasts an expected rise in status but after unexpected delay.

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(see Herbs)

Paving your dues in a situation, or making a gift to a worthy cause.

The Pharisees paid their tithes in mint.

Effective communications.

The ancient Greeks used mint to clear the voice.

Revitalization and / or hospitality-. This was one of the favorite strewing herbs of the Middle Ages, believed to refresh those who smelled it.

A sense of peace and tranquillity.

The folk names for this plant include heart mint and lamb’s mint, b ecause of its serene nature.

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lucky numbers: 11-13-20-28-31-36

Building, The: troubles caused by prying into affairs of others.

working at: others wil be serviced and touched daily by your efforts.

julep, drinking a: initiation into the world from another viewpoint.

minting coins: your fingers have immense power with an intricate movement.

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(Money) A minter in a dream represents a well spoken person who tricks others with his fancy words. Ifhe does not receive a wage for his work, a minter in a dream represents a reliable and an honorable person of a pleasant character and company. However, ifhe asks for wage in the dream, then he represents a hypocrite, a slanderer, one who follows hearsay, or he could be a poet. Minting in a dream connotes an appointment at a high ranking position for a qualified person.

A minter in a dream also represents the ruler, his chief minister, a religious leader, a spiritual person, an artist, a scribe, a tax collector or an employee of a collection agency.

A minter in a dream also represents religious jurisprudence, or one who observes his religious rites.

A minter in a dream also represents a srotyteller, a religious doctor, or a dream interpreter. Forging money in a dream means speaking bad words, or speaking words without acting upon them.... minter dream meaning