See a mad woman in dream

Sinkhole in back garden

Study well

Suspended frozen raindrops

Seeing everything green around you in the dream

Seeing lots of white pap


Sister in law cheating on my brother

Seeing lot of nartjies in a dream

Sweeping out dust in church alter in dreams

Smell durian

Shaman woman flying

Shaman woman

Seeing a bag with clothes

Some one promised money

Sweeping class room in the dream

Seeing cousin having vitiligo in dream


Seeing someone washing his head and face

Spiritual meaning of seeing napier grass

Somebody borrowed a comb

Seeing yourself in a dream buying smoke fish

Sister in law cheating on brother

Shard of glass in a chest

Scary movies

Slippers to church with your spause dream

Seeing moulana happy

Standing at top of stairs beautiful

Seeing someone applying okra on their body

Spiritual meaning of a dead mother washing dishes in you home

Sand water bathe

Slapping achild with tumour on the head

Seeing moinmoin in the dream

Seeing taj mahal in deran

Sleeping with my son

Seeing chanting gayatri mantra in dream

Spider bite on the left hand

Soaking garri

Someone giving me pepper

Sura talaq

Seeing naked wedding couple

Seeing god bramha

Snake wrapped around my belly

Secret ceremony handshake

Shitting on the floor

Stranger inside locked metal gate behind him coming towards me

Stranger inside locked metal gate behind him

Sleeping with random women

Sex with virgin man

Selling bhang

Seeing banger in dream

Swimming lions


Snake bites on the vagina feeding and growing bigger

Seeing someone through a porthole

Shaving my private parts and my dead mom looking at me

Supervised exam in a dream

Someone gives me a frozen fish

Sucking boyfrien dick

Seeing my female friend having a dick

Stabbed by ghost

Someone snatching mangalya

Shaking hands with spirit

Sack on my waist

Squatters in the home

Snake and centipede fighting in dreams

Stuck jaws

Someone calling you retarded in dream

Stepdaughter naked

Spiritual meaning of crying while listening to a song in the dream

Samp dream

Sex with a mad woman in dream

Seeing your son vomiting a creature

Someone tying gele for me

See someone trapped in a black hole

Savory madness

Swept away by water and waves from someone

Seeing old tribe lady in dream

Sexual abuse by a mad man

Seeing a footballer in the dream meaning

Swallowed by concrete

Someone asking picture

Someone asking for your picture in dream

Spitting out nail

Spouse following me

Someone giving you money full in a black plastic

Sehir on my bestfriend

Spewing up chicken skin

Seeing a friend wearing silver bracelets

Sand hill

Someone giving you grinded egusi in dream

Skimming a coin into lake

Saints burial place

Seeing cow urine in dream

Stolen bike wheel

Suddenly in church

Seen a madman in your dreams

Salikram seeing in dream meaning

Seen hogplum in dream

Salikram stone seeing in dream meaning

Smacking a guys butt


Serving food to bf

Stabbing zombie

Sumangalis giving money in dream

Students dieing in the dream

Someone pouring hot water on me

Stealing a plate of food

Scraps of food

Saw spurts gram and moong dal in dresm

Spit out thumb tacs

Spit out thumb taca

Sharing of akara in the dream


Sons girlfriend pregnant

Seeing lady boy in ur dream

Striped man

Sweet reed in a dream

Split into two people

Shoulder touching shoulder

Someone in wrinkled clothing

Sun shine

Seeing green potato field in a dream meaning

Someone having their neck broken by another person

Saving someone from jumping

Salt given by dead father

Someone washing your windows

Sister dreams of brothers sperm

Shiva lingham

See someone eating melon seeds in a dream

Spices in jars

Seeing god dress in dream

Someone gave almond and walnuts in dream in islamic

Some give me til k laddu in my dream

Someone showing me dirty water from anus

Sewer monster

Someone firing

Seeing a dead body near awall

Swallowing a car in the dream

Seeing a scary smiling face in your dream

Someone giving you eggs in the dream

Someone dream of me wearing shining garment

Someone blowing aor into my mouth

School promotion

Saving my children during war

Son of the future

Snakes bowing

Seeing my boyfriend sister in the dream

Someone wearing sangoma cloths

Spitting in your shoe

Seeing white and red dried crayfish

Someone give you pomade in dream

Sangoma coming out of muddy dirty water

Sangoma coming out of muddy dirty river

Sangoma coming out of muddy water

Seeing your boyfriend sucking left breast in dream

Seeing you acting a movie

Seeing your family septic tank top been open or destroy in a dream means

Seeing someone malnourished in a dream

Seeing your bag of clothes on fire but you remove some

Seeing your bag of clothes on fire bit you remove some

Someone using isiwasho esipink

Swords fire

Stand on ottoman

Snake laying a golden egg

State spy in dream

Silver color cars

Seeing eating meat in temple

Someone with cracked heels on feet

Someone with cracked heels

Someone with cracked hells

Seeing agori doing pooja

Sperm on girlfriend

Someone threw millipede to me

Sadhu in dream means

Swallow bug

Sifting flour in the presence of my enemy

Someone dead and give you fruit

Shot in the face

Seeing my husband praying in my dream

Sleeve cuff too small

Split path

Singing in foreign language

Smelling neck

Seeing someone foot back vein

Spiritual meaning of soghurm plantation

Son being raped in a dream

Storm under water

Standing in the middle of desert meaning

Someone rubbing cream on my forehead

Someone wanted to hack you by bolo

Sitting on a building

See my own grave

Someone pulling your wig off

Someone getting pushed off bridge

Someone else pushed off bridge

Suitcase floating in river

Sex with a stranger underwater

Square coin

Someone told me i would die

Singing wearing black dress

Sea water and prawns

Swallowing a thumbtack

Someone is trying to kill a pig

Someone else is shorter than you

Swinging and missing the ball

Someone blowing in my ear

Snake third eye

Seeing yourself start a food stuff business in a market in the dream

Seeing cut palm trees

Sangoma talking to me and telling me that i have a prohtecdy calling

Sucked into ground

Shaving deceased

Sex member of your church in a dream

Shearing sheep

Sun dried bricks house in dream

Snow and teeth

Seeing my wife giving a blowjob to another man

Someone snatch your gold chain from your neck

Somebody commiting suicide

Sunflower seeds white

Seeing empty shells of groundnuts in a dream what does it mean

Someone promising to send you money

Spiritual meaning in a dream of me going to meet my former bishop in a club

Sport cup

Some one stealing your used sanitary pad

Someone told me a secret on a dream

See animals on dream

See wight big rappit

Slid into a lake and floats on top

Seeing prayer book in dream

Starting prayer and twice signed of cross

Someone else hands cut off

Shopping with my deacesed husband

Stretch marks on my leg

Sleeping bed male friend

Saints dead body

Seeing a dry land

Snake emerging from a toilet

Son with rope

Seeing a child in your dreams

Spyrogira in dreams


Seeing two naked celebrities concurrently

Spoit orange

Seed harvest

Skeletons in red cloaks

Snow on ky body

Snow layer on body acnd cold water below

Sexual intercorse

Selling a child

Sweeping jewelry

Silver jewelry on the ground

Small coins

Sister if a friend

Stranger no face

Smoke form burning dry leaves in the house

Stalking bobcat backs off when challenged

Stalking bobcat on pa

Stalking bobcat on pat

Sleeping with a madman

Someone roof collapse

Someone house collapse

Someone repeatedly mentioning the word calendar

Scary computer

Spitting feather

Squatters defination in a dream

Spiritual meaning of an old rusty pipe

Seeing ugwa in the dream what is the meaning

Someone giving jaggery in dream

Sister not believing you

Seeing act of sadom

See guava in dream

See guava in dream in islam

Squirting in a dream

Seeing a mosque

Shaking hands with a woman in a dream

Sandy soil

Seeing your friend naked

Seeing pandints in a dream

Swimming in bricks

See two yams on the ground

Swinging on a banyan tree

Shaving callus

Someone selling drugs

Stolen bracelet

Surgery postponed

Someone using muthi on me

Stealing baby toys

Sleeping with your unborn child

Selling a sugarcane

Spitting up muddy water

Sea hospital

Saving a baby dolphin

Same lockscreen with word red in it

Sprinkling blood on face

Seeing my ex as gay in dream

Stolen computer

Smoke from electronic appliances wire

Science teacher in dream

Seeing boys taking a bath on a dirty water

Sticker on hand by who passed away

Shaking hands with dead uncles

Sandalwood sapling

Sex with a dragon

Seeing anight dancer at your house

Somebody applying muthi in my body

Seing defeated king talking to me in dream

Spinning and dropping from the sky uncontrollably

Seeing electric hair buzzer

Seeing cats having sex in dream

Seeing electric hair cutter

Seeing haircut buzzer

Seeing someone stoned to death in a dream

Seeing two planes parked and am going to go overseas

Someone asking you to carry charcoal in a dish and some fall while others keep being added

Santol fruits

Seeing chempakam in dream

Snake being killed by a chimpanzee

Seeing yourself in a different face

Swallowing thorns

Ship grounding

Scoring students

Silver treasure

Stunts in cheerdance

Seeing a whale in the sea

Special child neighbours daughter

Someone talking to you and suddenly compress you

Someone sprinkle leaf water on your body in a dream

Someone help zip your drea

Seeing someone get shot in the head

Seeing mom naked in bed with me and kissing

Split hair

See someone wearing red throw themselves down from balcony

Snake hanging out of the vigina

Scorn the baseness meaning

Sharing sweets and biscuits to children

Sexual with a child

Sandy hill

See exit

Scratched photo

Someone peaking through my window

Seeing big jugs of oil

Snow bridge

Snake biting people

Sai baba idol

Sai baba idol on mothers head

Spilling my pill form the bottle

Someone buying kerosene

Skating down a hill

Stolen lumps

Someone squatting in your home

Snake in wall

Swallowed by snake

Seeing truck full of logs

Someone tying gele

Soil dream teer

Seen my mother naked in public

Seeing someone i fell out with at bus stop

Spoke to someone i fell out with

Speaking to enemy about babies

Speaking to friend i fell out with about babies

Staring at a dark and bright room

See kachnar in s dream

Seeing someone private parts

Slippers burning means in dreams

Seeing woman wering ring

Someone pouring water from a pump in a dream meanin

Sand in a tree trunk


Shrinking glass

Sucking my penis in a dream

Seen eating sel roti

Snakes on parents grave

Serving the president tea

Seeing a man in white cloth in a dream


Spikey collar

Skelton hand

See my dad in an army uniform with a gun

See my dad in an army uniform with gun

Sister got rape

Sailing nile

Silver spoon broken in a dream inside the trash can meaning

Someone come and confess to me and i said i dont know and i hear a voice said is your responsibility for his survival

Scratched eye glasses

Shooting game

Stabbed by your boyfriend


Shit in pant meaning

Seeing my owwn empty grave means

Sharing chin chin for children in the dream

Slug moving under your skin toward the face

Someone dreamed me drinking water in silver plate

Seeing someone else sleeping

Sweeping ants in dream

Sacrifing children

Sister shoots me

Sitting on go

Sitting on god

Sitting on building with boyfriend

Spiritual meaning of holding guinea fowl in ur dreams

Spiritual meaning of seeing guinea fowl in ur dreams


Stacked njeti means

Stacked njeti cloths

Snake in the shower with someone

Someone licking my private parts

Seing dead mothers room in dream

Sky with stars and flying slay

Snake chasing my boyfriend


Sleep while in dream

Sons girlfriend says they are lost

Sons lost

Shout spirit

Search for meaning

Severed lions head

Smiling krishna

Some one pulling my nose ring

Seeing someone throw a child off a highway to a certain death

Seeing someone throw a child over a bridge


Silver yam leaves

Someone got plastic surgery

Small worms fall out my teeth

Stealing hair comb

Someone taking my tissue

Screws coming out of mouth

Skrews coming out of mouth

Septum percing

Someone taking my slippers and wearing them

Somebody tells you they are going to panel beat their car

Someone throwing stones at my car

Slashing compound in the dream meaning

Slashing my compound

Slashing my grandmother compound

Soup being spilt on me

Signing an illuminati contract then wake up bleeding

Seeing a malikk maut in sky

Stole a god idol

Stepped muddy gutter in dream


Smile without eyes

Seeing a slaughtered goat in the dustbin

Spear ten

Someone sees you are being kidnaped

Selling yam and collecting the money in dream

Seeing jiggers in dream

Shirtless man in the dream

Seeing my friend at the gym

See a person who died

Some who died came back

Starving cat to death

Stuck in room

Someone giveing u marble in your dream

Seeing sister in dream about period

Spiral curl hair

Shoe aole

Seeing harvested onion leaves

Squeezing pulling metal from face

Shark dreams

Sharing beans cake in the dream

Sharingbeans cakei in the dream

Sharing in d dream dose it mean

Struggling to drive a truck

Showing vegina

Swollen lymph node underarm

Seeing thirumala lord tharisanam in dream

Shoes with spikes

Shoes with bolt and nuts on soles

Small grand daughter sitting on towelet seat

Some kind of insect eggs in your flesh

Scary dream black ashes

Sneaky boyfriend

Sperm in ground

Seeing ube i in d dream

Sister dating my ex boyfriend

Sister sleeping with my ex

Sister sleeping with ex

See planted ewedu many in the dream

Someone calling you short

Seeing father in law naked in your dream

Seen your son school uniform torn in the dream

Seeing historical monuments in dream

Seeing historical monuments

Seen coffin in a dream

Someone who is already dead knitting in a rocking chair

Son death

Saint george dream

See camera

Suitcase floating on water

Seen your dead father sweeping the floor

Seeing a lion in the kitchen

Seeing two a day black and white baby goats killed

Someone has cut my plants in dream

Someone crawling up side of wall to window but fall to ground

Seeing someone dying on train track

Sounds of an elephant

Someone gives you fifty dollars in the dream