Sleeping in the dream

See myself hawking in the dream

Swimming competition

Sewed jeans

Sewed jeans make it crop

Same gender marriafe

Snails in a big bowl

Saw sandalwood in dream

Saving a peahen from being killed

Stealing fish

Standing in a queue with a bag

Stirring koki beans

Swallowing a plasenta

Sapphire stone rolling in water

Sesame and jaggery mixing dream

See transgender serve u and press your lefs

Some one stolen money from my purse what indicates

Seeing snake tail im dream

Seeing two women in dream means what

Sexual advances by an old man

Show my dress to my died grand mother

Someone rubbing your back using coins

Someone touching my genitals

Snake eyes dream

Shocing boobs in dream

Small brown rabbit

Someone having anal sex with a girl child

Sister falling down a rabbit hole


Samurai attacked

Samurai with bow shooting you

Seeing yourself without a scarf in dream


Spilt milk

Steps down


Sister stealing from me

Suya in dream

Sister taking my chocolate

Someone gives me alcohol

Smashing someones head meaning

Someone breaks and eat palmkanel


Seeing yourself shrinking in the dream,meaning

See a man waving a white handkerchief

Sharon monametsi

Sitting between two guys

Son in-law

Spiting dirty water

Seeing to rise on dry land from water with a woman

Someone give me udara in my dream

Someone blowing air in my mouth

Seeing women poisoning someone

Sure yaseen

Someone else with brain tumour and breast cancer

Shackled of hawk in the dream

Seeing one penis

Seeing a hand come through our house window

Seeing the bare upper back of a young woman in a dream meaning

Seeing dead person in dream telling you to open your eyes

Seeing dream person in dream and he tells you to open your eyes

Someone dead talking to you and smiling

Smaller and bigger dots going in spiral

Sucking a male breast in a dream

Seeing a politician in the dream

Sucking neck

Seeing president


Someone lusting for you

Saving the world

Sikh man

Several people watching me take a shower

Saw a bunch of chappaathi es in dream

Someone else forked tounge and ears dream

Sachet tomato given to me in the dream

Someone dreaming about chalk on your skin and crying

Someone telling me im pregnant

Spitting up cold from your throat

Sweeping the road in the dream

Seep and fire

Sweeping a part way and someone comes to assist you in the dream

Somen burning your clothes acidentaly

Someone give me a plate in the dream

Say my father getting married to another to another woman in dream

Snake and purse

Somebody touching my vegina

Someone breaking your plant

Soil stain in a white cloths in a dream

Serving food to the president

Snake and milk of snake

Selling borehole water

Saw an imbecile in my dream and i am pregnant

Selling bread

Selling bread in a dream

Sew naked couple in dream

Squeezing my own breast for fruit juice

Seeing someone curled their hair which is extended

Someone trying to snatch my phone

Seeing a broken calabásh

Splitting wood with an axe

Seeing cigarette lighter

Some body cleaning your fourhead with handkerchif

Sour soup


Saint tulsidas

Seeing pandit in dream means

Selling of meat in the dream

Stump of tree

Seeing goddess tara

Seeing carry a girl by my shoulder into water to rise up in dry place

Seed in head

Same clothes dream meaning

Someone else thali

Snake killing my mother in my dream

Scrubbing spyrogira dream

Stealing orchids



Sore on your body

Stealing other whitesmall shoes

Swallowed by water

Stolen pillow

Sharing crayfish to people in the dream

Sto. nino images appears on the sky in a dream meaning

Snake killed the dog

Seeing god in sky

Splinters in my feet

Someone painted color yellow

Seeing flood


Scriptures on snakes

Seeing sister cut her hair short

Sexual humiliation

Seeing pap in dream

Some one asked me to buy akara for her in dream

Sky turns red

Small black dots to bigger

Seeing a dead person hungry and asking for food

Someone urinating in a dream

Slime on walls

Seeing someone urinating in a dream

Someone slaps my ass

See dead person wearing white in a dream

Seeing a fetish priestess

Stitches on wrist

Show case

Shoot 5 quail and eat them

Spray sanitizer

Seeing school girl in dream

Seeing orange seeds in a dream

Seeing moongose jumping on one

Suspended by hands and legs tied

Someone buying old clothes


Sexual dream of mother

Seeing flying cow in dreams

Stolen notes

Seeing my mother wearing red in my dream

Someone breaking clay pots

Seeing my boyfriend in my house in dream

Seeing my boyfriend in my dream

Seeing notice board in a dream

Seeing ex president in a dream mean what

Straighten hair with chemical

Seeing face brown powder on a dinning

Seeing a boy crying with mic

Seeing fishes falling down frm heaven wat does it means

Seeing someonw making chapati in dream

Someone touched my vagina in my dream

Seeing horny penis

Stolen from you

Sailing your fastening need

Shank sound

Silver coin dream

Sheabutter in dream



Sharing of moi moi in and pap in a dream

Small sister got raped

Sinking a boat with strangers

Sinking ship with strangers

Scarf wrinkled given by a dead person

Someone hammering

Someone kneeling your head

Sit under neem tree

See raw rice in dream



Selling tobacco

Swing snuf in a dream and cigarette

Seeing brahmin

Seing traditional healer

Shabby surrounding

Seeing a cave waiting in a vision

Signs of wife having sex out side marriage

Spiritual meaning of having sex with dead hiv person

Seeing saree of gift in dream

Soul slowly separate from body

Seeing my soul slowly separates from my body

Seeing a hair relaxer cream

See only blue blouse

Seeing demon with teeth in dream

Seeing demon teeth in dream

Strangers house

Shedding ones skin

Stolen old wooden table

Selling goat meat in the market

Sand in pool

Seeing people around you with fante kenkey meaning

Sitting next to governments

Snake peeping behind

Snake peeping from behind

Suck feet

Stained clothes

Stomach explode

See a blister on the surface of outerside of hand

Separated from friends on a cruise

Seeing someone have sex with a hen

Sex with hen

Sandal wood powder

Skating on water barefoot

Spilling rubbing alcohol


Someone giving you flowers pick up from other people gardens

Sucking penis of a man

Standing on the ridge

Sim card hiding

Seeing jambolana in a dream

See cocoyam in your dream

Seeing ugly,scary child in dream

Slippers in stream of water

Seeing quintuplets

Stuck in another country

Soya bean meaning in dream

Snake dancing with raising head

See yourself prophesying in a dream

Seeing sugar in my dream



Selling of periwinkle in the dream


Seeing parents eating spinach and giving lentils to the servants

Someone beating you with taro in a dream

Sewing dreams

Spilling on wedding dress

Sex horse

Seeing tamarind in a dream

Sun,full moon in bright day

Snake want to leak my virgina

Someone dying

Sweeping a chapel

See palm wine in the bottle in dream meaning

Something very hard

Steering wheel breaks off

Steering wheel

Shungite crystal broken in dream

Son abandoning me

Some one give cocoyaw in dream what is the mean

Someone sucking my breast in a prison cell

Seeing green plants in pot infront of your house

Selling clothes

Starting a new business

Saving baby duckling from a cat

Small girl,darkness,ghost

Sbake eggs

Selling rice in dream

Slices of apple

Sewing kolanut in the dream meaning

Seen leach in dream and killed

Seeing i am in gurudwara

Seeing cowife

Seeing dead person on their birthday

Stag laying

Seeing a baby with vitiligo mean

Slug bite

Sacrifice a horse

Sex with unknown woman

Someone spit on my hand dream interpretation islam

Shifting to a new home

Someone send me a giant birthday cake

Someone saying you confident in dream

Snake was half wooden and died

Skirl in dream

Someone being crazy

Someone giving chillies

Sex with chris pine

Someone died in a wedding dress then she came alive dream

She male dreams

See rice pudding

Spit on hands

Seeing lion statue in dream

Simcard registration

Small black ants crawling in my toilet

Sex with son --dream interpretation

Scarificing human blood in ritual

Shea butter dream

Seein balck saree

Seeing high tension wire fallen

Staying in a house with no walls

Single sunflower seed

Someone is dead but they start moving

Sex hot mom

Scellion and tyme dream

Spiritual meaning of received money from your mother in the dream

Saw a notice of a dead priest on newspaper

Snake tied one leg

Salt rock


String left foot


Small snakes

Sliding downstairs

Seeing vagina of known woman

Stingy sperm

Storms of thunder and rain

Storms of funder and rain

Some elses bone sticking out of their leg

Spiritual meaning of greeting your deceased relatives in a dream

See intestine in dream?

Son or daughter

Seeing qtips

Smacking bum meaning


Sleeping in bed with bf and there are onlookers


Standing at the foot of bed

Seeing a mad lady

Someone sprinkling white powder

Soursop leave

Strange woman rising on the bed



Self defence

Seeking for employment from the vice president in a dream meaning

Seeing your partner in black and white cloths

Sunburd has been rescued and never let of my hands

Spike bouquet

Slaughtering 3 heavy cows

Stuck tshirt


Scorpion biting me under my feet in the dream

Seeing or catching fish without head

Seeing maggi in dream

See a dead friend awaking

Someone givivng me water to drink

Shortbread dream

Seeing flower in vagina

Sleeping on the floor in the living room in dream

Seeing discharge from my vagina dream

Squeeze magazine dream

Sto nino eating meal

Sto nino eating meal with me


Snakes in bag dream

Swollen painful gum

Someone dreamed laundry

Strange man pouring sperms on my body dream

Saw octopus in a dream

Seeing people died

Stair airport

Small buttuks in dream


Someone give me akara on my dreams what is the meaning of that?


Sex in kitchen

Sex dreams with uncle

Stabbing dog and humans in forest

Sesame and jaggery eating dream meaning

Seeing god riding chariot

Sand and snow on mountain

Seeing dirty earbuds

Seeing elder brother naked in dream

Stop crucifixion of other

Sliding down from a hill

Snake vs mongoose fight

Snake vs mongoose figjt

Selling of my land

Slapped by late mother and slapping her back

Sto in my dream falling from the sky

Streched out hand

Slope into the sea


Seeing spiders in the dream

Seeing a president

Seeing a white discharge in my vaginal in

Spoiled fruits

Snake and rabit


Sex celebrity

Sex with celebrity

Sucking tits

See a female sex organ

Someone else throwing up their organs/

Someone else throwing up their organs

Setting off fire alarm

Skin boil

Someone throwing urine on you

Shoe sound

Someone standing at end of bed

Someone give you blank white paper

Swollen gums

Seeing a sick person healthy in dream

See oneself without hijab

Scrap metal

Star of david on dream

Slapped by dead

Sex in bathroom

Seeing a cow eating fruit in the dream

Shouting at someone

Seeing water coming out of house

Sleeping donkey

Swallowing toothpicks

Spitting toothpicks

Seeing okro soup in the dream

Sex with a woman

See kola pieces under tree in the dream

Selling dry fish in the dream

Soursop fruit in a dream meaning

Someone collected my phones and removed my two sim cards in my dream

Sucking a woman vagina

Shark whale

Sharing a colanut in a dream

Snake statues

Someone carrying a babies clothes in a basket

Some one who is dead giving birth

Someone who is dead giving birth

Supreme courtsupreme cout

Supreme courtsupreme coutt

Supreme court

Stolen debit cards

Stolen card

Seeing an emeny naked

Seeing a prophetess

Sap foams more than water during bathing dream

Soap foaming coming out more than during bathing dream

Soap foaming out more than during bathing dream

Seeing white rabbit

Seeking blessings from uknown after touching his feet

Seeing your body covered with nzu

Spanish pasport

Sex with own daughter

Symmetry meaning dreams

Symmetry meaning


Saree shopping in dream

See your deceased father naked

Someone praying for me

Silver staircase

Seeing insecet

Seeing insecet in wheat

School burning

Sto. nino statue while her procession

Someone climbing up my window

Small person

Snake on thighs

Sticked a snake patch in my thigh dreams meaning


Someones face in an improper way

Someone touch your breasts

Spider in basement

Stolen en then recovered car

Singing and dancing like sangoma

Snake in the cage

Seeing a president in dream in islam

Spitting water out of our mouth in dream

Seeing a dead pearson laughing with you

Someone wanting to cook calabash for u

Seeing a calabash

Seeing used sanitary pads on my dining table

Sex in bathtub

Stabbing in the chest

Spiritual meaning of udara fell on ur head

Someone did obeah to stop me from speaking

Someone stopping me from speaking


Sucking pussy in the dream

Someone touched my womb

Swimming in the pink sea

Spit broken glass

Swallowing snake in the dream


Seeing uncles wife



Someone pinch my left elbow

Seeing dolphin

Seeing a dolphin

Seeing electric transformer falling in the dream

Swimming towards a naked girl

Snake spitting on somebody

Sleeping in the cocoa farm dream means

Seeing a church sign post in your dream

Seeing a signboard of a church in your dream

Seeing in a dream of a deceased father immersing himself in a well with some people.

Seenig red jogging suit in dream

Sb torments me

Soldiers shooting and looking for me

Sweeping inside the church floor with a broom

Step father walked pass me

Sweeping a dirty church in the dream