Sister inlaw sister

Silverish fish

Sister cut off her feet



Swimming wedding dress

Someone giving me new clothes

Some one asking clothes

Someone telling you that your forgiveness

Saw carabao in dream

Someone handing you a long yellow string

Spike chest

Suckling on wife breast got milk

Speed up slow down

Seen a name on the clouds

Seing two women

Sewing two woman

Seeing some one selling kenkey

Small bird landing on finger after trapped inside a bathroom

Saying goodbye to mother

Selling tickets for a school event

Seeing your food on the dunghill

Seeing a young girl with four breast meaning

Soft thorn tree with purple liltte flowers on branches

Soft thorn tree with purple liltte flowers

Sharing kola nut in dream meaning

Shouting in a dark room dream

Springling water on someone

Silver keys that are mine

Silver keys belongs to ne

Someone peeing in your car

Someone gives me lotion

Someone giving me a muthi in my dreams

Stained glass building

Selling baby things in a dream mean

Selling baby things mean what

Seeing plenty ripe agbalumo dream meaning

Sister in law was pregnant in dream

See locust

Son lying at side of road

Saving sheep

Sister proposal

Seeing angel after defeating your enemies

Side chick being friends with the wife

Sweeping dirt

Skeleton arm

Shedding flesh

Selling pure sachet of water in a dream means what

Strangers hangging clothes in your compound

Sister throwing chongololo on me

Sex with pastors wife

Seeing people having sex with dogs in my dream

Seeing people have sex with dogs

Seeing our lady og guadalupe in the sky

Someone else being shot

Stabbing someone in the arm of a carrot

Seeing githeri in a dream meaning

Sick chicken dream

Sun and moon colliding

Sex with transgender man

Snake biting himself


Seen black magic in dream

Something falling down the wall

Sex with woman with tentacles

Shorts outfit

Sex with woman with tentacles in vagina

Someone sitting on my bed and the wrapping there arm around me

Stroppef car

Seaching water for child

Seeing yourself dressing a dead person

Sex with neice

Steel mill

Suckerway in a dream

Somone watching me masterbate

Sun moon start seen in blue sky together

Squeezing wet mop

Searching for someone in a hospital

Seeing soldiers getting married

Sunlight during nighttime

Sexually desired

Seeing a dead loved one shrinking in hospital bed

Seeing person in hospital bed

Someone killing by pillow

Someone giving bread to me in a dream

Snake bitting a goat white goat

Seedling callaloo

Seen eyindilogun in dream

Seeing someone sold your child

Seen of ifa oracle in the dream

Six legged raccoon

Seeing lot of duckling

Small duckling

Some one gave me a paper they said hannah on it refuering to who i was

Snake went in but came back out the baby mouth

Spiritual meaning of ekuru

Someone shaving your genital

Seeing a new saree in dream during pregnancy

Secret being reviled

Seeing many avatar at the your old school

Seeing many avatar at the your old shool

Seeing someone eating human flesh

Springled water on someone

Silver fish giving birth

Same person with two different bodies


Sealed book underwater

Seeing people fetching water from a tap in your compound

Someone else folding your laundry

Sharving your beard

Soldering of rods

Seeing someone happy who is sick in your dream

See someone i know laughing at me

Someone trying to snatch my jewellery

Sheep giving birth to twins lambs

Spiritual dream of plustering facebrick


Silver anklet in dream during first trimester

Snake enter mouth

Silver revolver

Shirtless small child

Seeing saffron in my dream being offered to god

Seeing saffron in my dream as offering to god

Shirtless friend in my house

Seeing turkey berry in my dream

See a fetist priest dead in dream

Someone as my sister have been telling me that i have joined illuminate in dreams

Sky ripple

Seeing a women

Sweeping well

Son not wearing a shirt in dream

Seeing turkey meat

Seeing ants on someone

Seeing a horsehead severed after seeing your love

Skin on fire

Seeing dead tired in dream

Sisters first period

Seeing the government falling in a dream

Snake coming out if my stomach dream meaning

Someone slap me in a dream

Someone holding bow and arrow

Someone collecting snails in dream

Seeing two sun in dreams

Shy around my boyfriend dream

Some one sharing us palmoil in the dream

Subhannallah in dream

Shredded tyres


Spitting from the window

Someone spitting from the window

Someone dressed as peter pan

Someone else getting killed

Seeing my male friend pray

Staircase made with pebbles going down is a struggle

Staircase with cats

Snake stone head

Secret compartment

See occult group in dream means

See a bomb falling down and exploted

Spiders chasing

Sun and moon at the same time

Seeing turmeric milk in a dream

Sister with whiskers

Sparrow spider web

Seeing a female without a hijab

Son paralysed

Sitting in a car with loved one

Shoe laces not staying tied

Sending out a wedding invitation

Seeing sufi saint in dream

Someone cover my head with blanket

Someone cover my head from blanket

Storm goddesses destroy town

Searching for lost simcard

Sex in bath tub

Sound of a door slamming

Somebody paying for all collage fees a dream

Seeing your husband naked infront of your relatives

See urself in the midst of ogbono tree

Spouse birthing ducks

Sweetsop fruit meaning

Seeing crawfishes coming out a hoe

Stuck abraod

Seeing crawfishes coming out of a hoe

Skull without beak

Shooting not seeing shooters

Snatching a document from my hands

Stepping on a chick

Singing with others

Someone tryinv to kill father in dream

Someone being a hobo

Someone slippers carried away by flood

Sucking my blood though my neck

Sister in law abusing

Showering infront of friends

Someone pretending that he was dead

Seeing a cow tied by a rope

Saw aak plant in my dreams

Salling egg and eating the same time my dream what that means

Slimy water

Submitting the cv in a dream

Silver lucky charm

Ship model

Small fish in a pot

Scorpion killing giraffe

Seeing bindhi

Staring rodent

Somebody dead

Storm west

Storm moving west

Storm moving east

Snake biting my private part in dream

Sleeping with own sister

Seeing a dead person holding a bag in hand in dream

Saved a goose dream

Someone pulling me back

Sspotas licking indream meaning

Sita rama kalyanam dream

See you having ur period

Seeing a deceased loved one

Silk flower

Sasquatch pursuing me

Seeing dagaa in adream

Single unmarried girl giving birth in dream

Slapped by dead mother

Someone shaving your pubic hair in public

Skeleton of yourself

Sacrifice your son by someone else in front of you

Saving a woman with twins in an accident

Single woman buy clothes for a man

Sister fall in hole and coyldnit get out

Seeing corriender leaves

Steel pillars

Staple in my food

Seeing someone falling in pit faces in dream

Selling transparent oil in dream


Seeing my husband naked and been punished

Sitting on your face

Sleeping inside a church

Satanic ritual with blood

Snake turning into frogs

Seeing my hudband naked in front of my daugther

Swamp of bees

Seeing bush burning

Stab in hand

Shit in a plate

Sweeping rocks

Seated in many people honorably but silent

Seeing deceased loved one in the mirror

Someone raping deceased woman

Spiritual meaning of palm fruit on a wall

Someone being hit in their eye


Swap meet

Someone helping you with your sleeve

Saving a truck for been accident

Someone handshaking you with blood on his hands

Someone shaking you with blood on his hands

Someone promise of giving me money

Sick person fat in dream

Squeesed by the waist by someone to the point of unbearable pain

Squeesed by the waist

Squeesed by the waist to death

Seeing performing tawaf of kaaba in a dream means

Saving a rastaman

Saying al aziz

Safari clothes

Selling oil

Selling engine oil

Selling cooked beans and ripe plantain in the dream

Someone changing sim card dream meaning

Selling garie in a dream

Straight hair changes to dread locks

Shiny body

Sex gay sex friend naked

Sea meets the desert

Sick mother in jaw

Seeing dying money plant

Shaking hand with a prophet in the dream

Someone giving you mopane worms

Seeking someone attention meaning

Snatching wedding necklace

Snatching my mangalsuthra

See yourself hawking in the dreamd

Sex in bunk bed

See a little as a black shadow enters me in a dream

Seeling a positive pregnancy test in dream

Seeing a positive pregnancy test

Seeing your daughter hungry in my dream

Someone refuse with my belongings

Sycamore in a dream

Slapping wife cheating dream meaning

Someone hitting a wall

Seeing someone running into wall

Stained white uniform

Shorter than me

Scary place

Someone giving silver msngslsutra

Sand mixed with water

Snake entering a dress

Stainless steel food plate in a party

Seeing a blanket in a river and swimming

Someone returning wallet

Sucking a male breast in your dream

Soaked moong dal dream

Someone giving me a bag of water in my dreams

Seeing a wrecked boat

Smoke attacks me

Shoe salesma

Seeing ishoba in a vison

Seeing a grey snake in my dream

Snake inside the rice despenser

Seeing someone preaching

Some one had stollen coral necklace of mine

Sper all over your head

Spiritual coconut brach fall on me

Stitches in butthole

Someone shoutiong at you to wake up

Snake inside baby mouth

Seeing a coconut hanging on the tree with the shell removed

Scarf bondage

Sowing seeds in dream means

Security guard asking for my name in a dream

Sudden disappearance

Seeing barbara groundnut in ur dreams

Someone blowing my forehead

Someone tells you to stop doing something

Stop doing what you are doing

Shooting myself in the foot

Seeing a woman private part through her pants

Someone cutting your toe nail

Someone gifting ghee

Someone asking to send a blanket to on other home

Small snakes in a bucket of water

Spitting out white beads

Seeing dead give me ring

Seeing a dream a woman if u give her money we both released sparm

Seeing a waterfall out of a picture window

Stitch ear

Slapping my ex

Slap ex husband dream

Seen a waterfall looking out the window

Saw a waterfall looking out a window

Stuffed cat with writing on it

Sex with cousin of ex girlfriend

Someone touching your chest

Spool of fabric becoming empty

Some one crying

Sucking boyfriend pennis

Silk ivory pantsuit

Sea shells emptying out of stomach

Seeing oha tree in the dream

Spiritual meaning of akamu in the dream

Sniper telescope

Snake bit me in my left arm

Son having female organ

Shanty town

Sheltering from rain with zikr


Swarm of cockroaches in my shoe

Sucking a teenage breast

Searching for wen you are congratulated in a dream over sport competition what does it mean

Searching for wen you are congratulated in a dream over sort competition what does it mean

Silhouette of woman

Shelves dream

Snakes and bleeding virginal

Sucked my boobs

Someone young being trapped in an attic

Someone tries to snatch my husband and we fought

Snake inserting gems on my body

Seeing your nose is pierced

Sleeping with someone else than my husband in dream

Saving someone person lover life

Sucking blood from another girl angerly

Safaa marwa dream meaning

Someone putting finger in anus

Some gave you money in dream

Snapping picture in dream

Someone sucking toes dream

Shoulder attire

Stolen gate

Snakes falling from trees in my family

Spitting eye

Singing with microphone in the dream

Someone gave me kola but in dream

Separation of good yam from spoil ones

Suck suck

Snakes army

Seing my dead brother wearing soldier uniform in a dream

Ship grounded

Someone putting muthi in my food

Snake swallow donkey

Someone wear olive colour shirt

Seeing donkeys having sex

Smell of beer around me

Smelling beer

Somebody cooking idli in dream

Snake in a leopard skin

Someone cheating on their partner with you

Seeing someone in room at a height

Stabbed in kidneys

Sister second wedding

Stabbing groin

Seeing palm kernel in a dream

Sitting bench girlfriend

Stealing coins from a temple

Something come out of my own face

Sold house sign

Saint death and black car

Sucking woman breast in the dream meaning

Saliendo de una inundation

Spine gourd dream meaning in islam

Someone pouring powder head meaning

Sugar can juices in stem

Sugar can jukes in deem

Seeing turbah

Selling bocotora

Snake falling tree someone close

Sharing money to people

Someone going crazy

Someone is the dike

Seeing your old crush giving you a paper

Someone cutting you thumb vein

Skmeonecuttjng vein on


Spitting blue n white beat

Search for house

Someone spitting on me dream means

Soot behind the cooking pot

Stitches in my finger

Swimming to surface of pool

Snake turn into bird

Seeing cooked garden eggs

Safety vest burning

Sharing something i wasnt supposed to

Seeing a woman with two braii stands in dream

Sex with minor

Snake coming from bathroom pipe

Squatters in my house and refuse to leave


Small wooden chair

Stuff toy yellow

Shaking hands with your dead father

Snake of oven

Sister killing sister in dream

Somebody walks between us in an opposite direction

Someone telling me to do ruqyah

Step daughter ignoring you

Shout myself in the face

Someone getting hit by a train

Spitting saliva in my dreams in the lavatory

Seeing rich white people

Stung by a bug

Sports shop dream

See a lot of fat cakes

Someone leaving to go to a party

Scorpion fridge

Seeing someone sick in a dream

Someone asking for salt at night

Snake wrap right ankle

Significant other sucking my finger

Sex with deceased sister

Sweet potatoe pudding

Snake come mouth

Snake come out from mouth

Seeing snake enter into a hole what does it mean


Smashed box matches

Spiritual meaning of someone helping me to break wood with axe in the dream

Santa claus in the dream

Sores on back skin

Smearing much vaseline on the face

Selling sugarcane in my dream

Stepson murder

Sapne mai kisi or hatho se haldi kumkum prapt karna

Someone giving raw chicken to a lady

Sister fall into river

Saving people after car crash

Snake coming out of your nose mouth in dream meand

Snake chasing me and my boyfriend

Someone sucking my thumb backwards

Strange woman face in bedroom window

Someone giving birth on my lap

Silver egg in your stomach

Saving someone from chocking

Someone underestimated me

Someone underestimating me

Sex with my fiance

Sunset and sunrise at the same time

Sister get short hair

Someone stealing my tithe in my dream

Stealing tithe


Somersault in the sea water

Sex boy to boy

Seeing a snake turn back fish dream meaning

Singing and bathing under the shower


See actual place you once dreamed about

Seeing a grave being dug

Seeing a grave bein dug by someone

Stranger in ma room with no face but a hole

Someone entering church holding a dog bull dog

Some one sucking blood from my neck

Steel cube

Seing myself in kafan

Shrunken and crushed

Seeing old friends in an old environment

Snake tounge growing

Someone gave me a broken molter and pestle in the dream

Seeing my boyfriend late mother in dream what does its mean


Seeds coming out of breast

Sleeping deeply

Submiting cv dream

Some heard my name called in their dream


Snake turning to fish

Someone hovering above you

Spotted snake

Spotted snake hissing

Someone hovering over you

Stolen pink purse

Shoe bills stork picking my foot

Snakes in bush

Stick finger in the butt

See my mother and step father having sex in my dream

Son almost kidnapped

Seeing a woman with snake eyes

Shells on scalp

Sliced palm of hands

Shooting head

Seeing my late dad wearing torn clothes in a dream

Slender men

Seeing white kanzu

Seeing someone on ventilator

Seeing palm fruits

See a painter with painting tools in a dream

Smelling bad odor in a dream

Sprayed with sperm

Someone removed my wig and ran

Stab in the throat by a stranger

Some one refused to sell cooked pap for me on dream

Spider bite on vagina

Saved child from accident

Sudden disappearance of a girl in a dream

Seeing washed and hanged clothes fall in a gutter

Snake entering private part in a dream

Sign of applying turmeric to the legs by someone in dream

Spider stuck on child s body


Seeing a little child climbing the wall in dream

Spiritual symbol of milletgrain in dream in dream

See a poster of a death stranger

Someone giving me plam oil in d dream

Someone laying at your back

Seen loaded cashew tree pluck one and eat

Surat yassen

Sincking in feces

Sincking in a feces hole

Stuck in a school shooting

Someone storing food in a por meaning

Seeing lord jagannath ji

Skinny horse

Someone helping me kill in my dream

Sandal wood seen in dream

See brother crying

Seeing green pepper in my dream

Scrubbing moss off the floor

Seen a brother crying

Sister in law in red dress

Seeing frog coming to your body and going

Sucking boobs of a girl

Soy bean milk

Swarm monkeys

Snake coming from toilet pipe

Swap bodies with ex meaning

Someone gives clothes for sewing dreameaninhg

Slapping mother and father

Snake eating goat dream meaning

Someone burning a small tire in the house

Sleeping in a cocoa farm

Sucking private hair

Seeing an egg with a hand peeling it inside a mud pot

Snake entering my vigina

Saw heaven open up on bedroo


Springs on your feet jumping

Sex with sister in dream in islam

Snakes crawling out desk

Stuck in sand

Sto nino with mustach

Seeing your fiancee in dream

Someone else looks like life being sucked out of them

Sister takes wife

Son wash away by river

Seeing lucifer and being his queen

Sand to deep water

Summer evening

Snake straggling wrist

Sex in a toilet

Seeing cassava peels


Ship on water and treasure

Someone throwing powder on you

Son punching stepfather

Son yelling mom then wake up

Someone seeing you romantically

Someone crushing

Sucking the air out of me at night

Seeing big poultry fowls in the dream

Someone is sleeping

Sister in traditional cloth

Seeing sister in traditional dress

Store closing

Seeing allah nama

Seeing my crush naked in my dream

Seeing moon and sun fighting

Someone sharing puff puff with you in a dream

Sandalwood powder sprayed in my dress

See zcc badge dream meaning

Seeing okra in a dream

Shot in the head multiple times

Sofa man changing clothes

Success of someone

Sleeping in the middle of the road

Seeping ground nut soup

Sands falling from the sky

Seen my mum washing her clothes in my dream

Seen my mum washing clothes in my dream

Sitting in the corner

Soda ash dream meaning

Sausage in the virgina

Someone sucking my cheeks

Selling of cocoyam in a dream means what

Snake in penis dream

Someone removing dirt under my nails

Someone snatching my wife from me in a dream

Seeing ronaldo in my dream

Someone gave me garlic in a dream

Smelling roast beef while asleep

Smelling roast beef in dream

Swimming with naked women

Spiritual meaning of picking button in dream

Some people steal your water from the tap


Seeing a palo cloth in a dream

Squriile as pet

Sabudana in dream

Salagrama in dream

Smelling sulfur

Smelling sulphuric

Shameplant dream

Some one calling your name

Search for a love one i could not found and looking for another one

Smelling fudge

Snowball dropping

Spiritual meaning of you becoming a mad woman in the dream

Spiritual meaning when you are mad woman in the dream

Seeing in dream people are having sex

Stealing rose branches

Stealing flower branches

Someone search my sarcasm

Someone stealing red meat

Shot niece

Small boy entering in house in dreams meaning

Saw lizard tail entering into vagina

Sweeping cleaning church

Seein me and my ex naked together

Scorpion killing

Spritual meaning of seeing sieve in the vision

Snake falling on shoulder

Someone dream about me and my man naked and a next woman naked too

Someone washing ur cothes

Severed goats head

Severs goats head

Seeing titus fish in dream

Somebody gave you a full white gallon

Secret car

Something that fall skew

Standing infront of the kabah but not being able to touch due to the fear of impurity

Stading infront of the kabah but not bring able to touch due to the fear of impurity

Sex with blind

Sex with a blind man

Stolen washing machine

Sister crazy

Seeing myself protecting my dead little sister in a dream

Stuck in empty cold gothic victorian house

Screw in my body

Seeing a weedwacker

Sneaky person around me

Someone you like riding in seat behind me

Seimming pool

Someone trying to kill my pastor

Seeing garden eggs and pepper in dream

Seeing money and red oil underground in dream

Seeing some gallons of red oil and money burial in the dream

See my panis in dream means

Swx with ex classmate

Someone gives me roti in my sleep and i ate it

Someone unlocking my gate

Someone dreaming my garment floating in the water river

Splashes by the heavy water in the sink

Someone drill more boreholes for you

Sapne mein aadmi dekhna

Someone giving garri in dream from your family member

Stalked by a lynx

Scattering manure in a cassava farm

Someone giving a dead grass cutter

Stones in the water but no splash

Smearing the floor with soil

Someone else half naked

Sheep giving birth to a lamb

Some one being killed by a spear

Saw father in my dream naked

Shining face in dreams

Seeing your wife giving birth

Someone splashing water on your face in the dream


Someone gave me textbooks for nursery classes in a dream


Stole my phone

Silver headband red flower

Staff of moses dream

Seeing a scorpion dead in dream

Someone in a dream told me ibwas going to die

Snail stuck on foot

Saving turtle

Son nicked behaves insane

Son neck behaves insane

Someone buying plates in my dreams

Sapne me dudh lena dudhwala dudhwala ko dekhna

Seeing rhododendron in dreams meaning

Swimming after a floating football

Seeing khoi people in a dream

Seeing khoi khoi in a dream whats the meaning

Salt ocean

Someone falls and died and i prayed for him and he came back alive

Sleep orgasm

Seeing children angels in your sleep

Son eating soil

Son eating soul

Swimming in hallway

See old woman praying

Seashells in the head

Some one give you okra in a dream

Stripe sock

Shopping with deceased dad

Sibling surprice coming home


Stealing food from childhood home

Sister telling lies about you

Sister telling lies about you to your father

Sex with cousins

Sex with counsin

Sex with cpusion

Someone throws garbage at you

See a vulture coming out of your vagina in a dream

Staff thrown in water

Sand and debri

Sand landfield

Someone shows you a pic of themself

Someone you used to know refusing to help me

Splinter in big toe

Someone trying to save me from drowning

Someone throwing you a life preserver

Snatching money in my dream

Someone stealing all my toilet paper and kleenex

Someone took karwa

Someone taking pot from me

Stabbed in the ass with a knife

Sun was an eye

Seeing pants hang on a tree

Seeing a hang pants on a dried tree

Seeing someone wearing a mask

Shooting a cow by mistake

Sister flirting with my crush

Sweeping goat poops inside the house

Strange girl telling you to be core wives

Shell protects pearl

Someone else is naked

Sleep crust

Shopping for gun

Shopping deceased husband gun

Seeing ingera

Stuffing mouth

See more okro

Someone steals your clothes

Stealing clothes and jewelry while in shower

Seen husband

Someone else walking upside down

Seen trees

Saving hummingbird being attacked by a human

Saving hummingbird being attached by a human

Saving baby from underwater monster

Squatter camp dreaming

Sister fallen in apit latrine

Saw husband giving money to my sister

Someone giving meat

Spiritual dreaming of road collapse we try to escape

Sisal plant dream

Soapy drinking glasses


Shanty lucky lotto number

Shanty winning lucky number dreaming o

Seeing hand of fatima in my dream

Sinking tugboat

Sky darkness

Seeing laxmi mata silver coin in dreams

Spouse in orgy

Seeing someone naked and crying

Sex in moving car

Stepping on someone

Sea bank

Seeing someone bathing naked in dream

Silver spoon and silver pots

Sole dream meaning

Stolen meat

Stealing meat

Seein blue and pink deodorant cans

Stone in nose

Stolen coffee warmer

Someone begged me for money

Selling reed mats

Some giving me a dirty sugarcane in the dream to eat

Seeing a mermaid in dream

Sex with both genders

Skin ulcers

Saw persident

Sweeping government house in the dream

Sweeping government house

Someone died during childbirth

Seeing a crazy man

Someone unlocked me in a dream

Shaved head woman

Snake duck face

Soccer trophy png seeing in dream bible meaning

Soaked bread in plate of water

Some one becomes shorter

Stolen cows

Stuck in a tubular slide

Seeing mutton fry

Seeing karaga in drem

Selecting free bindis in dream meaning

Sleeping under a mango tree with my children

Sleeping under a tree with my children

Seeing sumangali in dreams

Sad clown

School scholarship

School opportunity

Stilling chilly

Someone taking my grandchild

Sepia toned

Seeing pear

Seeing a cruise ticket

Spoon break while turned my food to eat

Stolen pancakes

Spouse exposing oneself to someone

Son in school uniform

Sex with causine

Scarry running

Some male trying to take your girlfriend infront of you

Shaving a goat

Selina tested

Sitting lower than me

St lucia

Sex with a beast

Stingy to someone else

Someone staring u whilst you are sleeping

Small growing corn field

Sleeping on top the person in the dream what is the meaning

Somebody sleeping on top the person

Sucking air out of a bag

Small brown mouse

Seeing myself naked in front of my ex husband and getting turned on

Sister is brushing my teeth meaning

Snake for hair

Skinning goat


Significant other possessed

Some one touching my lip

Sister in law naked and laughing

Student dead dream meaning

Saw yourself as a makoti in a dream

Someone shavings your vagina

Seeing mermaid in clear oily water

Seeing man organ spiritual meaning

Shredded tire dream


Sex with devil in human form

Seeing only handful amount of goodness on judgment day and lots of bad deeds in a dream

Singing gospel song in church in dream

Someone touching your vaginal in dream

Seeing tiger and cow in dream

Someone losing weight and sick

Seeing ash

Sesame seeds coming out from stomach

Standing in a food line

Sick loved one walking into the river

Someone helping me to harvest yam in a drwam

Seeing dead person waiting for me

Swim pass a large white crocodile

Someone kisses me with cold lips

Saw a bowl of green soup

Spiritual meaning of separating good eggs from broken eggs

Sinking graveyard falling tombstones

Sack of coin carried by my father

Someone kissing you

Someone pouring ewedu soup in a container

Spiritual meaning of posho

Steal minerals

Scattering things in the shope

Sweeping in front of the fence in the dream

Sweeping of fence in the dream

Someone wash my head in the dream


Something in the eye

Spiritual meaning of oha leaves

Staring at someone in the rain

Sick old neighbour

See u deliver a baby boy

See ur own delivery

Selling water in dream

Stepping down stairs

Stars full night sky

Stranger telling you a date and turning into your grandfather

Someone chasing a girl with a cutlass in a dream

Small door in dream

See dragon in a dream

Someone stealing my egg

Sex on cliff

Saw teen girls anus in dream

Someone trying to get in my bedroom

Someone licking my leg

Seeing shaligram in the dream

Saving girl from accident

Sh angrily

Scratched up breast

Selling hair in the dream

Skin walkers

Succesful bussiness


Swallow eggs

Sucked out of an airplane

Someone writing my name in red pen

Someone grabs ure hand to save u in dream

Slaughter dog

Selling palm nut in dream

Someone floating upside down cross position

Scared of rooster

Scared of rosette

Sweet maker

Snake turn into a dog

Snake transform into a dog

Spiritual meaning of glucose in the dream

Slaughtering someone

Small leather bags

Speaking with a microphone in a pulpit

Seeing self with bald spot

Stabbing a person in the neck

Stabbed throat

Stabbing your already dead bestfriend

Stretchy earlobe

Stretchy earlove

Someone breaking his teeth

Sorel plant

Sliver cord and a tree

Stuck in slum

Staircase covered in blood

Stung by insect

Stung by insert

Saw my crush naked

Seeing being married by the deceased uncle

Stranger who loves me

Spank child

Spill soup

Snake coming out of wall in grandkid bedrrom

See with dead aunt

Someone killing fish

Starving dachshund

Sharing a banana

Sleeping with girls

Stone hitting on the head

Scratching arms

Silver bar chair

Stabbed testicles

Seeing guinea in dreams

Screamed at

Smell of lemon grass

Seing levelled ground for foundation

Snake in the saucepan to serve

Someone give me a chocho what it mean

Swallowing the moon

Standing up to my now ex mother in law

Seeing lioness

Someone blocked me n real life n unblocked me cox he says someone is pregnant that is my husbands friend

Stranger watching naked woman

Saw someone name written in dream

Someone give me toothpaste