Spitting out seeds out of my mouth

See melon shell

Self unmarried girls wearing mangalsutra

Seeing dead father ill and is in my lap

Sisters breast in dreams

Sweep your church sister house

Seeing youself in prison in dream

Someone is singing to me

Saw bird coming very close to me and saw its black heavy feet


Seeing udara in the dream means what

Seeing heaps of golden wheat and playing on it happily

Someone eating with a fork

Sudden death of the employer

Somebody telling me a specific date

Stairs made of bamboo


Selroti eating dream in pregnancy

Sun moving speed

Someone trying to kill with pillow

Stuff stoys

Seeing sores on your leg

Silver plate of water

Someone giving you the peace sign

Save a drowning mum of your ex-girlfriend

Shirts flashes in floods

Saw my late mother in law sick ii n dream

Someone i like bout she looks at me and she sems like she hate me

Seing princes celebrating on their culture

Singing hymn indream

Slapping a butt

Skin problems

Skin growths on the belly

Sweet smelling

Seeing a brother eating


Spiritual husband

Seeing a male pastor naked in your dream

Someone being shrouded

Suicide of another person

Sitapala meaning dream

Spiritual meaning of body powder

Someone suicide

Seeing tulasi mala in dream

Swallow colorful snake

Sex with a she male

Spiders out of mouth

Someone told me to be quiet


Seeing your father in law naked in a dream

Seeing women of initiation singing


Seeing okro in the dream what is the meaning

Spraying guineacorn

Sexual intercourse

See wife kill husband

Seeing someone disquslified in dream

Selling snacks in the dream

Sitting on top of a building roofing

Seeing watery discharge from a vagina

Seeing ivy gourd in dreams meaning

See died mother in good healthy condition and by becoming happy give money to mother

Sex with the enemy dream meaning

Sex with an enemy dream meaning

Shoes being dusted in a dream

Someone weeding front house

Spider with human face

Sitting inside teepee

Sitting inside of teepee

Seeing perbioled redbeans in a dream

Some else being pregnant

Serving beans an fish

Several burning crosses

Saving a white pony

Sitting on a rock

Sister divorse

Sperms in underwear

Stabbed in the bum

Shoe heel break while walking

Sweeping on the road

Seeing sugarcane peelings in a big room

Sleeping in the cloud

Selfs between cloud


Snake tail in dream

Someone carrying me on their shoulders

Seeing your late father gave you cowrie in dream

Sick lion

Staines teeth


Snake with growing lots of legs dream meaning

Spiritual vision of silver ladies shoes

Silver pot with money inside

Slapped on ankle

Seeing my late uncle sick and been death again

Sitting on a pillar

Seeing third gender group

Someone spilled my body lotion

Someone in a trench

Stranger mother

Snake bite me

Showing old torn cloth

Shirt blouse

Someone climbing the house through a window

Stabbing a family member

Seeing a duck in the dream

Someone threatened to kill me if i don’t love him

Seeing my baby head fracture

Saw myself as kinner


Sister got rapped in dream

Someone given you contafit money

Someone suckung

Someone sucking my vagina

Seeing shoes in water

Sesame seed

Screen freeze

Selling red oil in my dream what does it means

Seeing tigernut in dreams

Strange man in love with you

Statue sto nino in a bad face

Searching for a belt

Spirit shut down my voice box scared my from my room and still scared my other room mate

Squeaky door stops

Someone praying for me in a dream

Special person

Someone who recently died angry

Seeing convoys of cars meaning

Saving a burning white horse

Seeing lemon turning into red colour

Snot face

Seing coconut tree cut down

Sitting on a floor

Saying good bye to some one

Saving a butterfly from being trapped



Someone giving cow liver to my boyfriend

Someone giving cow liver for my boyfriend

Someone spoiled your car

Sister hurt

Sangomas bones

Swelling breast

Sex with a sibling

Soursop in dream

Someone giving shea butter

Seeing prophet muhammad (saw) help you in a dream

Sexual harassment

Someone brought me a meatloaf

Seeing someone hawking in dream

Soap eating in a dream

Some one giving black saree

Seen ursa major in dreams

Someone hugging me

Someone stole my meat


Seeing onion in dreans

Seeing a parked car

Searching for box

Saw future husband in dream

Seeing mad lady you know her in your dream means

Soil in rice

Sore on my clitoris

Seeing somebody carrying a bucket of breadfruits on the head

Seeing carpenters roofing a house in a dream means

Seeing iru in the dream

Seeing cows in dream

Seeing a friend sister

Seeing a pastor and his wife in the dream what does it mean

Someone told me to wear kutra muslim muslim clothes

Someone giving you a provision in a dream

Seeing your self with provision in a dream

Sweeping sand in dreams with hand


Seeing three white cola nut

Spiritual flag

Seeing lndian black berry fruit in dream

Seeing 1 slipper

Seeing my elder brother wearing my clothes

Snatching chain

Someone borrow my black shinning one shoe

Seeing an aircraft crash in a dream

Smelling of locus beans

Strands of 4 hair in dreams

Sleeping in the wrong house

Strangers lunch

Sleeping white sheep

Seeing dry skin be removed from between little toe


Self fellatio


Saw a new sibling

Someone shooting

Struggling to go througt sourage water

Seeking psychology


Spoilt tomatoes

Sick person seek healing from me

Shoe becomes big

Seeing someone comitte suicide

Some one gives red dupatta in dream

Seeing dogs in your dream what does it mean?

Seeing tank filled with water in dream

Shining man

Spreading egusi seed on a car seat

Sister asking for help

Seeing bitter kola and kolanut

Stollen purse but returned

Seeing an eye on someone forehead


Scare away bear outside of tent

Scared bear away

Steal gold jewerlry

Some on throw water at me meaning

Seeing three old ladies getting ready for a trip

Seeing cracked groundnut

Seeing cracked groundnut shell

Some throwing coins at me and hurting me

Singing hymn to someone

Seeing someone threw groundnut chaffs into your room . ut chaffs into your room

Seeing someone throw ground but but chaffs into your room

Seeing someone throw ground but chaffs into your room

Shouting out sounds in a dream that make no sense

Stream clean washed snow shovel

Sweet smelling white flowers

Snap picture in a dream meaning

Seeing two girls in my dream

Saw ragi mudde in the dream

Shoes in water dream meaning

Seeing my sister,my husband and i in the same bed

Sky turning red

Sex in the dream

Standing in queue with a guy

Stepping on broken glass

Sister boobs

Saving someone from falling

Sweep a market means

Snake come your make private

Swimming in the dream

Seeing dirty shirt in the closet in a drea

Scrambled egg

Some one giving you meat in dream

Seeing 4444

Seeing albino twins in a dream

Seeing raw paneer in dream

Song book

Selling bushmeat

Seeing someone die in an accident

Swing a former president

Salah in a dream

Serving your dead relative with food in the dream

Seeing horse breeding in a dream

Stepson fighting me with stones

Someone licks my vagina

Someone peeping while taking a bath

Something pulling my bedcover

Seeing dead person in a mirror

Stung by lizard

Standing on one leg

Snake swallowing a frog


Seeing your wife naked with someone else in dream

Slippers burning dreams

She seling sugercane

Seeing your deceased loved one writing a letter in mud to you in the dream meaning

Selling meat

Seeing a man and bodyguards means

Seeing a man with bodyguards

Swollen blue finger

Swollen finger

Snake guarding grave

Serving jaggery in wedding

Standing on a rocking bed

Seeing someone in the dream roasting meat near your house

Sex in the bathroom means

Some one was trying to kill me in islam meaning

Sucking dick in a dream an sperm was realise in ur dream what these that mean

Seeing coast of israel in a dream

Seeing lakshmi feet in dream

Sun and moon together

Spoiled chick peas seen in dream meaning



Someone is biting me

Squirrel biting back of hand

Seeing two attractive guys

See a big white bird diving into the ground

Someone puts sindoor on forehead

Someone in my dream that he puts sindoor on my forehead

Some boy putting sindoor on girls forehead

Someone giving chillies


Sound of gunshot

Sleeping with hanse

Sexual advance from family member

Someone set fire on your clothe in dream and was burning

Snail full of pearls

Seeing goat giving birth in your dream

Swallow salon images

Shoemaker gave me my brown shoe well polish in my dream

Seeing guinea folw

Someone stole my sweets

Selling kernels

Seeing yourself cleaning up a gutter in dream

Saving someone from electrecution

Son licking lollipop in dream

Seeing ex boyfriend daily


Seeing bread fruit in dream

Swim teacher

Someone give kum kum in dream

Someone give jasmine and kum kum means

Selling breads in the dream

Smiling cat

Seing mufti in dream

Sour on you leg on your leg

Seeing my single daughter pregnant in a dream

Servent buy two goat for us

Shadows in window

Seeing bibi fatima in dream

Seaning meat in the dream

Seeing jack and king cards

Signal discharged in dream meaning

Someone giving me haldi kukum

Seeing royal chairs in a dream

Son of another race

Spine bones

Someone hiding from you

Someone hiding

Spider underwater

Someone urinating in my mouth in dream means

Shouting astaghfirullah while seeing shaytan

Someones second marriage

Silver in dream

Seing number 29 in arabic in a dream


Seeing deputy president in my dream

Seeing deputy president in your dream

Sucking a vigina in a dream

Stars and planets

Sweeping the roadside

Seeing a cooked moi moi in a dream

Snake swallowing goat

Spiritual meaning of pounding palm fruit

Spiritual meaning of pounding palm nut


Somebody gift me two big garden egg in my dream meaning


Sharing food food with eunuch in dream

Slipping on a grate

Seeing a mad woman

Someone giving me saree in my dream

Seeing neem leaves

Seeing someone who once gave me something repeatedly in my dream

Someone dead washing my hair

Someone poured my pot of soup mean of the dream


Seeing two people fight one another with cultrass in the dream

Spiritual dream of buying a gas in dream

Seeing other to be lesbian in dream

Soil in the pot

Seeing eddo in the dream

Seen hanging picture in wall

Seeing papad in dream

Sinkhole with calm water and light

Shaking hands with ur prophet

Seeing a dead bride and groom


Shaking hand with the president

Shouting name someone

Shouting the name of someone

Same sex marriage

Sheep giving birth

Sheep giving birth in a dream

Surviving from serious near death in a war dream

Someone smiling and waving goodbye

Someone wearing thorn shoes

See your husband telling you he wants to hold a naming ceremony of a baby from another woman

Seeing another burnt face man

Snake licking my face with a tongue-in-cheek

Sister hiding raw meat in my drawers

Seeing pavilion in dreams

Seeing motion in toilet

Seeing a friend giving you a nice bag


Someone talking to you from a walkie talkie

Small brown birds nesting in my hair

Seeing someone having sex with your sister

Selling red palm oil in dream meaning

Seeing paneer in dream mean

Someone older than me sweeping my house

Seeing bride in blood in dream

See another girl bathing in room on my wedding

See a girl bathing in room on my wedding

String coming out of my private part

Seeing aalu parath

Seeing a couple on the clouds

Seeing someone wearing the pants that you are going to wear after bathing

Someone steal my perfumes

Someone touches your boobs

Saying istigfar in dream

Someone giving me money to buy food for myself

Same gender marriage

Same sex married

Seeing moses in a garden

Seeing a rope drop from heaven and a hand to you


Screaming on group of people

Someone is saying it is your destiny


Someone prophesying to me in the dream

Snake with a white bird in its mouths

Seeing doraemon in dreams for first time

Seeing two women showing vagina one with hair and one clean

Sacks of rice in a dream

Seeing blue glass bsngkes

Splitting firewood

Suppose tory removal

Severed arm

Suede suit

See my dead father tomb building again

Seeing pomelo fruits

Stuck under house and tree roots and underground river

Seeing peeled egusi means what in dream

Seeing cowries in see my dream

Seeing cowries in dream


Snake drinking blood

Saw eating chicken dezd father n mother

Someone dreamt about me having three houses

Swallowing a new soup

Someone wearing red t shirt


Spitting into my mouth

Sangoma flag

Seeing a flag

Seeing a tulsi plant with leaves missing

Sitting inside white smoke

Standing on the spit of a dead person

Standing on th ge spit of a dead person

Standing on a dead person spit


Sucking a death person thumb

Sitting on box of baby snakes

Seeing a prophet talking to you in the dream what does it mean

S it meaning smelting wedding silver soil in the dream

Shouting that jesus is king

Sex in the hotel

See some one tubing white powder in dreams

Sharing garden egg

Someone stole my gold necklace

Son flying in the sky

Spiritual meaning of dreaming with a tablet gadget

Someone does a prank

Someone does a pranj

Sleep pattern exchange

Sour cherry

Sex in an uncompleted building in a dream


Someone else limping

See your old teacher passing at your area means

Seeing prophecy in a dream

Seeing husband pic in a dream meaning

Someone laughing

Something pretty

Stitches on lower stomach

Second wife dream means

Sores on the mouth

Seeing snakes in dream

Seeing mens penisses

Silver to gold

Scattered brooms around you

Seeing objects floating in air

Strange people looking at me through window

Seeing police pointing gun

School . children. hiding

Seeing marriage hall

Swimsuit dream meaning

Shappier sparkling in the ring

Sparkling shappier ring which my mom gave

Sparkling shappier ring

Swallowing a pen

Sea water run dry

Seranading a sick woman inna dream

Seranading a sick woman

Silver colour snake crawling on grass islamic dream interpretation

Shot at but bullets missing

Seeing rosted chicken

Seeing myself eating curds in ड्रीम

Someone giving tamarind

Snapping picture in dreams

Semen on face

Semen all over woman body

Screen crack

Seeing fresh ewedu in the dream

Shoveling muddy waters

Seeing many tubers of yam in the dream

Suitor in car

Shovel in muddy waters

Seeing my partner having sex with other woman