Shooting stars and bird

Sewer faeces

Spilling water inside the house

Stolen car and recovered dream

Spitting on sons head

Someone touched my shoulder and told me to wake up and then said that you can sleep after two years

Sowing beans and maizes

Swimming with friendly crocodiles

Smoked fish what does it mean

Several pigs

Selling moinmoin

Sex woman on top of a man like a monster

Seeing white cowries in my hair

Someone gifts me sareew

Snake on the house roof

Sister in law giving bad news

Shifting house


Swift birds

Seeing a second woman pictures in a dream

Serving cassava to my oldhigh mates as aleader

Serving cassava to others

Someone messing up my home

Someone messing up my house

Sharing udara in the dream what does it mean

Sharing years in the dream what does it mean

Seeing yogi in dream

Swallowing spikes

Sea with garbage

Sweeping road in dream

Seen a tamarind

Sledding in my dreams

Seeing a big black snake trying to bite a white dog

Snake stuck to my dog

Seen chichin in the dream means

Shooing cloth with mother

Seeing yourself as aleader at school

Sleeping on a late person bed

Seeing gold and diamond in the dream

Someone stealing from your car

Seeing someone pick a bunch of green plum

Saw the tower of own constriction

Solid pap

Support of school fees

Sisters husband

Spitting gum in dream

Seeing god not well

Slave escarpe

Someone, wiping ,virgina, in a dream

Someone wiping virgina in a dream

Spaghetti without sauce

Sharing money with a friend

Seeing someone sucking your vigina in the dream,

Seeing someone sacking your vigina in the dream,

Someone asked me to fetch sea water to clean myself

Someone crying in a dream cus they took pity on u

Suckers in dream

Snake enter hole in dream

Silver payal in dreams

Sister in law in a car

Seeing tamarind in dream meaning

Safety pin stuck in my sole

Sowing seeds with family member

Skin rash on deceased

Seeing a dead person in your dream

Seeing afang in the dream

Sex with a mad man in the dream


See dream of mushing fanti kenkey

Splitting of lnd

Someone asking for water spiritual interpretation

Snake attacking you

Spiritual meaning of breaking anointing oil bottles

Saying my name in a dream

Seeing myself in danger

Saying astaghfurala in dream

Sandal wedges

Seeing green pass through tubes in a dream

See your bishop pouring olive on your body

Something comes out of your face

Sewing a skirt for your younger daughter in a dream

Seeing fresh cassava in your drem

Squeezed poop out of my face

Seeing pastor son

Someone thats passed away in the hospital hurt

Sick mother healthy in dream

Someone cursing you

Steam of fenugreek leaves

Seeing a woman have pennies

Spider building nest in house

Seeing old roommate

Sisters ashamed of me


Signature of people job valuations form

Selling broken diamond

Shaking hands with death person

Someone being suspicious of me

Sucking wives vagina

Seeing dogs fucking

Someone gave me hair to tie it with my hair

Slipper burned

Sec with a celebrity

Serving ogbono soup in a dream

Seeing jackfruit during pregnancy

Spilled maize meal

Seeing braai stand in dreams

Starving cat on my outside my gate

Silhouette of a woman

Someone putting hair in vagina

Seeing hijabi girl in dream

Seen fresh pepper in the dream

Saw every day dream

Seeking attention from a guy

Ship crash

Someones hands is being cut off

Swallowed a straight pin

Sucked in portal

Sleeping inside a kraal in a dream

Someone throws kola nut pod to me in dream

Someone women in a relatives wearing a yellow saree

Sneak bitting my friends

Snaek bittting my frinds

Scattered cooked rice

Seeing prince charles in a dream

Sitting between two man

Someone commiting suicide

Seeing someone suicide

Seaman working at ship

Seeing invisible bacteria forming on a ceiling

Seeing sangomas going to the river

Senior santoniño sataue

Siñior santiniño sataue

Seeing flesh of sea urchin inside the glass in a refrigerator in a dream

Sto nino wear gold

Sto nino appears on my dream

Sr sto nino wearing yellow gold

Sharing food with your pastor

Sliding board

See the profit mohammed

Stealing scissors

School girls dream

Shaligram, dream interpretation

Star shaped candle holder

Seeing myself entering a mud house that the inside is like a paradise

Son outside meat shop

Sharing iru

Seeing myself shot a gun

Stabbed in the chest

Spiritual meaning of golden feet

Someone try to snatch a hand bag in your hand

Sharing locust be a with someone

Sharing locust beans with someone in the dream

Snake thrown mangalsutra

Seeing someone making dua in dream

Seeing afang in your dreams what does it mean

Seeing mirchi powder blown in dream

Sister in law naked in dream

Someone dead in the beach

Slot machine

Someone wearing your clothes

Standing on bridge beside a river mean what in dream

Seeing plantain leaves

Soldier pointing a gun at me

Sofa set

Sex eith husbsnd




Swimming in a floaded big river

Swim in a floaded big river

Seeing someone in prison

Snake fighting a bird dream meaning

Sweeping high way in the dream

Seeing a deceased person in the mirror

See my mother provide food for me

Snake showing fangs


Someone wants to give me his ring

Socializing with royal family member

Someone comes to kill me

Snake and cow milk

Swelling river dream

Shiv idol broken

Some one give me cowry shells

Smearing jelly on your face


Seen someone tapping palm wine in dream

Seen someone in dream tapping palm wine

Stone bridge

Skiing with no snow

Seeing a baby learning to walk around in a dream

Someone pressing down

Seeing quran in washroom

Someone ask saree from mine in dream meaning

Someone gave me persimmon

Shopping with mum

Springs on the ground

Someone where giving me a stainer with holes


Sex crying

Smock means

Sick friend leaving the boardroom

Seeing twine in a dream

Someone give you muthi

Seeing white stones in the dream

See my dead mum naked

Someone giving traditional medicine

Seeing your deceased maternal grandmother washing your feet

Someone scares you

Someone scares

Suppecious mens

Someone pull hair splinter from my finger

Someone remove hair splinter fron mga finger

Standing at the road site

Sour soup fruit

Sweeping and environment

Standing on ocean

Spiritual meaning of roads together in the dream

Spiritual meaning of four junction in the dream

Seeing someone killing two catfish in a dream

Seeing twin boys performing ablution

Seeing corpses being laid on beds

Surviving a fire on an airplane

Seeing mountain top covered with black cloud in meditation

Someone murder somebody and iam hiding his body for money

Seeing garri in a dream

Someone returing gift meaning

Seeing a dead person talking

Saving baby from pit latrin

Seeing yourself cooking millet on dream

Seing someone spinning a blade

Sere my grandma and my small father near it

Sand in ears

Sex in the dream with release of sperm

Sucking air from neck

Ship ticket fare collectro

Spiritual painting

Surging water but staying clear from it in a car

Seeing cray fish

Some one checking your phone in a dream

Soldiers beating me


Slide exit of building

Shouting allahu akbar

Sweeping away blueberries

Sangoma consultation

Sangoma consultation in my house and i chased her out

Seeing walking with the president

Seeing pig

Snake was ties around my leg

Sea strom

Somebody helping to zip up my dress

Slippers was exchange

Seeing a golden hen in a dream

Someone forcing me eat raw meat

Saw my sister taking my tasneem out of my mouth which i didn’t what to give it to her and lot of blood came out of my mouth

Six leged husky and wolf

Six leg husky and wolf

Some dead asks for tea

Snake twist to my leg

Sex with witches

Saw my self being taken away by some red line to face judgment being told the bad i did and told to repent

Say my self being taken away by some red line to face judgment being told the bad i did

Shaking hands with you presidentnt

Seeing my girlfriend with horns

Saw a jar of pickle in my enemy’s hand what does it mean

Selling sand

Seeing the current president of another country with his family in my dream and taking a selfie with him


Strange signs

Slaughter a goat

Seeing cowife in a dream

Seeing someone with arms removed

Seeing a woman wearing your cap

Seeing a journey

Someone trying collect my result

Seeing ice mountains

Saw a little babygirl crying that my boyfriend is her dad

See gold writhing in the sky in your dream

Seeing red and green saree in dream

Shining sweat

Shallots and dry soil

Some one wearing singlet in a dearm

Someone giving money to buy food for him


See callaloo in dream

Seeing name allah in the sky

Sweeping office with broom

Spilt red wine on a carpet

Seeing few peeps tree growing in the house

See someone else wearing a pink bathrobe

Skintone getting fairer

Slender people

Self defense tool

Star david cat

Seeing the spirit of a dead clapping means

Soul serchers

Someone bewitching my books

Seeing irvingia fruit in the dream

Seeing a some student being murdesd

Someone giving you money with blood on it

Shredded cheddar cheese

Someone brushing my hair into a ponytail

Standing on the edge of a mountain


Somebody wants to have sex with me and i said yes but my sister stopped me

Somebody wants to have sex with me and i said yes

Seen co wife in dream

Skinning a cow

Sandstone carvings

Swallowing a snake in dream

S starting letter dreams

Siddhar in dream benefits explain

Siddhar in dream

Seeing demolished building

Seeing lentils in dream


Spiritual meaning of flowers graves

Swimming in the bridge with an heavy rain

Seeing sun,moon and the rain now together

Snake coming out of someone’s stomach

Sealing gold

Stealing sold gold jwelary

Seeing my penis falling off

Sex with a celebrity

Seeing lentils seeds in packages

Seeing jamun during pregnancy

Speaking to a faceless woman

Someone being faceless

Searching for family

Someone put perfume on my boyfriends back

Someone put perfum

See someone sitting behind you

Spiritual meaning of maize flour in a dream

Seeing domain in a dream

Spiritual meaning of maize flour

Seeing two white jerrycans in dream means?

Stabbing a very covered mud big fish

Selling okra

Selling cashew nuts in the dream

Selling cashews but in the dream means

Steal goddess idol


Stream green water

Someone protecting me

Separate bed

Snake highly jump on dream

Someone told ill need a coffin with sadness

Snail doorstep

Silver earrings

Snacks around me

Snake entering my vagina

Seeing my clothes burned

Sucked in a hole

Shemale fucking

Strangers taking your stairs apart

Stair spindles removed

Stair railing

Seeing your wife bathing with men in dreams

Slapped by a mad man in town

Seeing ex girlfriend as prostitute means

Sapota dream meaning

See someone hawking fish in a dream

Some paying me back my debts

Sister gave birth to triplets

Self blooded face in dream

Scooped big loan from a sacco

Sex with cousin

Seeing a naked boy sitting in a chair

Someone made me cry

Storming with windows open

Santo niño broken

Somebody spinning my child from a building

Seeing my in laws

Seeing a socialite in a dream

Seeing a girl with very short hair

Somebody is taking my mobile phone and run away from me

Sex with old dead men

Searching something in sea

Sex with mad man

Somebody blowing in your mouth

Sitting on the front row


Someone is wearing a torn black t-shirt

Seeing my compound of of green maize plant,very healthy plant


Seeing yourself pulling a tiny rope from your teeth in your dream means what

Shelly blakeman

Suck boyfriend

Septum ring

Sister is topless


Skiing no snow

Someone covering you with wrapper

Stain my white shirt with stew

Shoes disintegrating


Seeing kalma tayyaba written with clouds on skhy after a stormon sky


Someone was pouring red oil in my plastic bottle

Silver rod

Soap received gift

Someone lady giving kumkum

Spiritual toy

Stolen car recorvered in dream

Seasons change

Saving someone being burried alive

Standing infront of a lot

Standing before the land

Someone is shot with a gun

Selroti at dreaming meaning

Shark bites in dream

Seeing gold watch on my feet

Seeing inverted images of god

Sleeping in a papyrus house

Seeing someone with greyhair what does it mean

Sleeping baboons

Sign of the cross on the back

Shoes with money inside

Seeing a dead people pictures in a dream

Speaking but can’t hear them

Someone giving u a sim in a dream saying use only this number

Silver gifts to children

Stealing sweet and get caught

Stranger telling you to burn someone’s clothes

Snatching gold chain from neck

Seeing a carabao swimming

Sexual intercourse islamic dream

Seeing a chinese woman on a dream

Shooting water

Strealing colourful saree mean

Seeing an owl and keeping away

See passport pictures in dream

Sliding down stairs


Sinking into a tar

Sinking into a tar pit

Sweeping broken bottles

Selling of dry meat in a vision

Sun roof

Someone stole organ

Snake head finger

Silk sarcee purchase in dream

Sniffing cotton candy

Seeing love with husband

Skiing a cow

Saturday night

Seeing guinea fowl skin in the dream mean

Sacrificed by own cousin sister and her mother

Snake biting someone else

Some one else doing meditation with others

Selling engine oil in dream?

Stepping on snake

Someone giving me okra in a dream

Sweeping water on floor in the dream

Splitting, and cutting of hard wood with an axe in a dream

Snake sleeping on stomach

Saw a bitter nut

Sithar in dream

Snake coming out of the mouth


Seeing a goat giving birth

Serving gods

Sitting in hay mat

Seeing late father


Second hand dress

Sunny side well done egg

Sunny side up well done egg

Speeding car that crashes

Sneak plants in dream


Stacks cup


Someone picking me up

Some returned gifted clothes back

Something stolen from me


Seing safety pin i wrapped with black cloth/fabric floating in the air

Swallow the star

Seing safety pin wrapped with black cloth/fabric

Scared cow

Someone shows you dry pepper in dream

Seeing an imbecile in your dreams,what does it mean

Sweeping carpet with a flex broom

Sweeping carpey with a flex broom

Sister and sex

Snake open mouth

Sweeping with a cocoeyea broom

Someone obsessed with you


Seeing three tins of peak milk in my bag

Small pupils

Small pupiles

Sheep head

Seeing god dancing



Small green mangoes in the dream of pregnant woman

Shopping with my dead elder sister