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Dreams starting with the letter S

Someone destroy my plants

Snake stuck in vagina


Shoe drowning

Sigma 9


Scotch terrier

Seeing a army officer in my dream

Seeing a state governor in my dream

Seeing people cooking

Seeing former president in my dream

Staff in the sky

Sprinkle water


Shepherding sheeps

Shepherding cows

Slime wall holes


Swimming baby

Serving a man of god food

Sharing boiled eggs with a dead person

Surah mulk

Stone pass to me by dead uncle

Seing a small baby vein swalling in dream means what

Split road

Seeing dead man harvesting yam

Stolen water dream

Seeing poo in bush in dreams

Snake swallows and creeps

Someone plating my daughter hair in my dream

See kissing babies

Smooth face is wipes

Someone giving me a used waist belt

Speaking to foreigner

Snake wrapped around legs and left

Seeing dead brother eating together

Seeing a dead neighbour blessing

Seeing raw crumbed chicken

Secret drawer in bottom of a wardrobe

Secret compartment in bottom of a wardrobe


Seeing two lizards in my dream running out

Shark attacking

Santo niño crown

Shining face

Standing with girlfriend under sky

Smouldering body

Seeing a miserable man in a dream

Seeing your dead mom harvesting yam

Seeing green bangles

Someone wearing a deer skull as head

Sand truck following you dream meaning

Seeing kajal

Sitting at dining table with your children

Seeing myself in the mirror and its fuzzy

Strangers death dead baby dying toddler on public train


Sodomized of boys

Somebody break his own sim card

Snake trying to eat a squirrel

Sun chief

Seeing bees before a dream

Submissive wolf

Sucked into earth

Sucked in

Seeing loved ones that just passed away

Silver stone


Someone died before is asking for water and coffee

Shaking hand with mp of lokh sabha

Six arm man

Six arm ma

Seeing some one grave burning in dream

Signs of day of judgement

Seeing dried leaf and fresh leaf

Shank and chakra appears in dream

Same dream

Some one given you palm oil in a dream signify

Stuck in dome

Stuck in done

Silver snake dream meaning

Shine silver snake with necklace in a dream

Stranger hugging me

Spread maize

Seeing a prophet in your dream

Someone giving u money in the dream

See people you know

Seeing yourself inside a submarine in water


Seeing a necked pregnant woman

Slaughtering people in dream


Someone removing my penis frm trouser dream


Seeing the bottom of a river

Seeing new ankara wrappers in dreams

Seeing colorful fishes

Seeing colorful foi

Seeing colorful fo

Seeing a bookshelf being constructed and i was advice to attach mirror to it

Someone stealing my almirah

Submerged in pool

Slaughtering a sheep for sacrifice in a dream

Stubbed my brother to death

Saw a girl in my dream who happens to be my girlfriend but in real life i don’t have a girlfriend and this girl in the dream dies accidentally and i promise her saying we both shall die together and she dies on bed and i also commit suicide with her later i live on as get a brain damage and i loose memory after the brain damage later i get flashes of her memory but still i don’t remember her

Struggling with toilet related matters

See myself in a toilet changing pads wrapped properly

Spider out mouth

Significance of sai baba murto broken in dream

Snake stachu

Satue of snacks

Snake meaning

Someone trying to get in a door

Something sucking your breath out

Sucking your breath out

Stealing your breath

Someone putting a black mark on your palm

See myself wearing black dress

Screen of a phone spoilt

Snake that eat worms in my dream meaning

Snake and frog

Swallow an egg

Someone swallowed an egg in the dream

Six leg cow with python colour

Sixleg cow with python colours

Someone having bowed leg

Stones coming out of my virgina dream meaning

Someone asking for engagement to you

Shouting allah akbar

Someone washing my feet


Sucking a cock



Solo cup

Snake laying eggs


Seeing myself in mirror

Someone defacating on your underwear

Someone shitting on your underwear

Seeing dead naked

Shot by a gun

Steering wheel

Someone named avery

Smelling cookies

Swt gadget in dream

Someone giving me insoles of many colors

Seeing younger self

Someone you like saying i love you

See person celebrating

Shivan statue broken


Shiva statue was broken in my dreams

Seeing green gardens in dream

Someone giving you bitter kola


San judas

Said disconnect from dream

Sewing zip

Someone collecting millet from me and run with it

Standing in rain

Selling something black in a dream means

Swimming in ancient castle pool

Seeing many flower pots

Sliding from a steep road


Sangoma telling me that i must carrying


Seeing yourself crying and talking to your fathers grave

Something comes out when you eat food

See a mad man in a dream coiiect he money means what

Shrimp dream number

Shrimp dream

Sorrel dream meaning


Sitting really close to a lady you love in a dream

Swollen virginia in the dream

Singing worship song and crying and rolling on the floor

Selling snakes

Someone paying lobular for you

Scary spirits


Snake in ceiling

Squeeze throat of dog

Stiff fingers

Seeing an white aak plant in dream

Sparkling glass

Shimmering glass

Semen in mouth

Single deepam in dream

Snatching of necklace

Someone having boils on skin

Sick person in dream


Seen idli batter in the dream

Spiritual meaning of my deceased mother plaiting my hair

Snake tools

Squint eye


Snake in swimming pool

Squid tentacles

Symbols number of stick

Stick number symbols in the dreams

Stick symbols number

Smock kiss

Stuffing clothes into a dryer



Sweat shirt folded

Someone waiting

Sister in law crawling

Selling make up

Snake in a pot



Skin pilling

Someone else naked in a dream

Someone gives you a crate


Someone sneaking up on me

Smelling hands

Sports car

Squeezing a whitehead

Seeing many brides

Seeing dead cow in a dream

Sprout of hot water

Surgery on fractured hand

Seeing opioro mango in the dream indicate during pregnancy

Seeing someone slicing potatoes leaves

Seeing students school singing my dream

Seen a moving craps in the dream

Saving a baby for car accident

Spider in pants

Someone covered in plastic wrap

Someone giving me a curtain

Smell baking

Sitting on top of building

Swollen river dream meaning

Seeing a parson taking your iron sheet from your roof meaning what

Scared cows running

Small kola

Someone in a leg brace

Sharing food in toilet

Some one urinate on me

Some one peed on me

Someone cut fish

Seeing bunch of afang leaves in the dream

Sucking my own penis

Soldier pointing a gun at me

Seeing people in greek costumes

Seeing a celebrity and partying together in a dream

Seeing brother green shoes

Son wearing a white shirt in dream

Seeing green shoth

Seeing touch me not plant in dream

Snake cemetery woman

Some one chasing me with a cutlass in my dream meaning

Strange city

Sharing food in the dream

Some one refusing to shake hands with you in a dream

Sun moon and stars together

Snapping me picture

Stickers in your feet

Seeing transparent body with unclear face

Saw deceased mom wearing new clothes

Stars of the maya calendar

Spiritual meaning of dreaming that my young daughter is raped


Sneak on house sling

Sneak on top house slinging

Snake while pee


Salt coming out of my eyes


Seeing amatwasa

Sleeping with phil

Shitting in the toilet


Shopping for a peach dress


Standing in the sea water with rosary

Sitting tiger

Sister is dead giving me meat in dream

See only yellow wolf eyes

Sun reflected water

Seeing a big foot

Still water lake

Seeing an eyeball underneath a foot

Swinging over calm water

Snakes in cemetery

Samp dream meaning

Satyanarayan pooja

Skinny pig

Seeing high personality in a dream

Sun and moon fused together on the first night of the lunar month

Sun and moon fused together

Shrimp ang maggots

Sigma male

Seeing sheet in the toilet meaning

Someone is trying to remove cap from my head

Suede dream interpretation

Sun wave

Sewed and scared stomach

Symbol of bleeding dead cow in the dream


Swimming in river

Sucking a vagina

Sitting on floor dream meaning


Scratching mangy dog

Swollen gum


Someone licking my hands

Snake trying to attack but killed by a bird

Seeing yourself on rain under a dry half trei

Soaked notebook in the rain

Seeing a commander wearing black

Stealing from the dead

Summarizer i had a dream of a male buck looking at me and i reached out my hand and he came to me cuddling like a dog

Scream no voice


Saying ameen in dream

Someone was putting me oil on my privet part what this means

Seeing yourself poop


Snake entering a hole in ground

Same person for several nights

Sick wife of ex

Seeing your ex with someone else

Slapping ex

Sitting in lap

Sto niño

Seen a woman furnicate in dream

Someone i trust tells me a secret

Selling food







Star apple

Seeing husband with another women

Setting husband with another women

Shadow dream meaning

Someone asking for my hand in marriage

Storage bin

See someone give some breadnut what dream mean

Seeing urad dal in dream

Shawdow kill barely move

Something disgusting came out of my mouth

Second hand bags

Sea in sky

Seeing ex husband wife pregnant in dream

Snake tong

Seeing naked dad in a dream

Seeing naked father in a dream meaning

Snake grave

Someone is chasing me

Stones covering vagina

Scar on the left face of a lover

Same person keeps appearing in my dreams

Seat cushions


Seeing god names

Seeing gods names in my dream

Spiritual leader

Swollen elbow and baby

Someone who has passed away is praying for you

Swallowing a penny

Swallow penny

See number 25

Snake under nail

Seeing a goat head separate from the body and it had blood


See clocking in and out of work not being able to find my clock card


Screaming to an angel for help

Symbol of the army

Swimming in a river

Skin rash on my chest

Speakers and equipment

Son in a red shirt

Spaceship landing and then taking off

Smooth highway

Six legged horse

Shoes out in rain

Sim cards

Shrinking fly

Seeing green callaloo in a dream meaning


Scantily dressed

Someone putting pink candy in your mouth

Seeing walking lion in the sky dream

Sperms in right hand

Seven trumpets

Seeing a public toilet been collapsed in a dream

Saving someone

Swimming with orcas feeds them carrots

Swimming in the air

Someone standing in my closet

Someone standing at the door watching me

So many millipedes


Seeing a bomb blasted area

Selling of banana in the dream

Slugs in the dream

Someone gift you a black jeep


Someone braiding your hair

Solar eclipse

Silver snake

Slicing okra in dream

Saw shit in toilet bowl

Short pestle

Seeing your wife having intercourse with her own brother

Smoke in church dream interpretation

Serial killers


Seeing dead relative in a birthday party

Saw a guy with six fingers

Sucking penis

Seeing couple

Surrounded by darkness

Scoop my face out

Shingles pox on my waist line

Seeing ex gf vagina in my dream

Sai baba statue


Stranger on my bed when i am with my husband

Shooting stars

School with bed

Solid discharge

Seeing someone crying in islam

Sapne m sahjan dekhna

Sr sto nino showed me he is in the clouds

Stepping on a snake

Snake trying to enter you

Scab on penis

Saw sister in law who actually live foreign country

Seeing holes in teeth

See husband with other woman

Someone pressed on my top head

Sitting in a dark restaurant

Seeing eggs along a path

Scaping from hitting by a truck

Scary animals

Sea water

Snake coil around penis

Snake on top of the rock

Someone broken my house pillar


Snake biting

Seeing my girlfriend and i in church

Stones in vagina

Someone refuse to give me food

Six legged girl

Some one refuse to give me food

Sliding doors

Stitches in toe


Swept by floods

Seeing my husband dead uncle


Seeing yourself receiving donations

Seemy feet in shoes and plants growing on the exposed parts

Stepping on god statue

Someone rubbing oil o my legs

Seeing yourself handsome in a dream

Someone else peeing on me

Small boy holding out his hand

Stepping in a cow dung flowing all over

Seeing a very sick old man in bed

Someone killing me

Spinning match sticks


Small barries

Swapnat lahan mulgi haldi kumkum sandawate

Seeing people carrying guns

Seeing a red mantle on your neck

Silver ring

Sharing bed with saint

Someone throwing knives from the sky

Saler refuse sale cooked foods

Snake coming out from eyes

Squirrel biting

Swap bodies with my ex

Someone steal money

Selling peeled egusi melon seed

Saw a bed on a dream

Sharing cigarettes

Sky blue beeds

Ship ocean

Snow outside front door


Seeing someone you know being rich

Soup iv

Sheep giving birth to twins

Stray cat with broken leg

Step son

Someone pulling your hair

Sister trying to play a prank

Sugar cane


Someone u like turned into a powerful object

Spices coriandet

Someone stareing at me while i sleep

Someone starring at me while i sleep

Snake attack

Snake trying to bit you

Snake in bed

Seeing your former class boy in a dream

Seeing earth in the sky

Stolen laptop dream

Siwasho white yellow meaning


Spiritual meaning of leaking palm oil


Saint blessing in dream

Someone dead wearing a white wedding gown

Someone give me couple piglet

Small blonde hair boy

Shark turns into dog

Standing naked

Seeing your own faeces in a dream

Stag beetle biting me

Seeing sun and moon

Seeing tron white new shrit


Strang and arrangements of money

Straightening dollars in a dream

Small cheater milking it


Seeing someone with white singlet

Smells new things

Snake swallow an elephant at homw

Some stole my phone and exchange it with their old phone

Someone if being sacrificed

Someone doing black magic on me

Sea water separating forming a path

Someone else being eaten alive

Snake being pulled from my vagina

Shirt became larger than usual

Swimming in black and white balls

Seeing my boyfriend tortured dream

Seeing custard apple in dream during pregnancy

Snatching thali in a dream

Snake knife apple

Sleeping under a plantain tree

Slit wrist

Shovel 2

Spouse return to ex wife

Snake haunted house

Shoe horn

Snake wrapped in my leg but not bite me

Sea rolling

Seeing dream deceased brother in law

Spiritual dream of deceased mother and mirror

Seeing a young girl being raped

Seeing hands put together coming from clouds

Sore eyes means

Somebody besides me was vomiting

Snake squeezing my left hand

Squeeze my hand

Supply contract

Steep road that shows an easier way to the top


Struck by lightning inside the house and became blind

Shaggy blanket

Stolen cannabis plants

St james street

Sucking toe of love

Stolen bus

Sport cars

Semi truck

Sack of water


Sticking my finger in boiling water

Skin complexion

Shyness in dream spiritual meaning

Scared women

Shark eating a cat

Sun in purple color

Sim in purple color

Steam bread


Soapy foam coming under the sink

Stubbing toe


Seeing bun and cheese

Swollen eye

Shot in chest


Seeing yourself as a bride in dream

Stuck in the mud and seeing the dead cows

Sister jump the river

Snake with white belly

Shrouded kid

Soldiers sleeping

Soldiers asleep

Springing water on one from the mouth

Squat down in dream meaning


Slave ship

Squatting down in dream meaning

Seating around lof food



Shelled eggs in white powder

Some persons move your desk from your office

Soil vagina

Seeing bush mango (ogbono) in the dream

Scary figures


Stuck in a forest meet a friendly stranger and get a white dog as a pet

Symbols of walking with hands en feet en climbing in slippery road in a dream

Snake entering hole in compound

See hanging


See charcoal and fire in the dream

Scanning documents

School building

Seeing wine glasses

Stranger husband

Sitting in a bench with someone in a middle of garden

Someone trying to kill me


Somali beg

Someone sucking my index finger

Standing on a alligator

Seeing a dog licking your face

Seeing a wall in the way and changing the way

Seeing people hang in air

Seeing people float in air in a bad way

Search …camel and daughter


Sunny and the moon we saw it with my boyfriend

Someone in white standing in front of your bed

Seeing agirl getting to bus i exist on dream

St anthony

Sweeping the market place in dream

Seeing myself flying like superman

Sweeping a market place

Strong wind blowing everything

Strong wind

Suck out snake venom from someone body

Seeing body parts turn into sand stone and fall apart and disappear then turn back into original state

Square ring

Somali wasmo

S o s

Seeing yourself in a dream surrendered by whirlwind

Sudden awoke by a presence

Saw someone in dream happy and glowing

Someone presence

Spiteful person in a dream

Snakes dream

Slippery nipple

Symbol of mountain meaning

Stabbed in the groin

Stepping stones

Self duppatta burns

Son in law

Serving coffee to a deceased person

Someone borrow my back and white

Smelling of camphor being burnt

Seen police men in dream

Seal eating your fish

Satsuma fruit

Sea animal that looks like rock

Seeing a dog want to attack me to bite me

Seeing oha leaves

Sweaming in the oceans

Skinny dog

Silver shoes

Seeing a pastor admiring you in a dream

Seeing kolanut

Snow on bridge can’t cross

Seeing marula fruits


Seeing yourself wedding with a married man


Someone gave me a lift and we fall into a gutter

Snake biting my sister in dream

Shot in dream

Sandals in a dream

Seeing millet in your dream

Someone giving her identification card

Somali wasmo video

Seeing yourself in an examination hall

Sweeping in my boyfriend house

Seen daughter foot

Scary person trying to kill me

Someone with a bigfoot


Seeing a lots of jackfruits on the tree but a few are with black hairs in dream means what

Shot in a dream

Sign of cross

Saving a kid from being hit by a car

Saving a kid from being hit bya car

Seeing white handkerchief in ur door

Sister killed friend

Seeing muslim woman

Someone cutting off fore fingers of others

Smelling sperm

Seeing of apriminister with my boy friend

Spitting broken plastic

Spitting ebrokplastic

Seeing alive fowl in pot on fire and someone open the pot and let the fowl go in dream


Someone breaking into my home

Seeing myself decorating church in dream

Stomach lice

Stripper pole


Seeing a mog in your dreams

Sinus spray


Singing bhajan shiva ji in dreaming

Singing bhajan in group

Singing bhajan in dream

Soaked underwear

Sucking nutmeg in my mouth

Sign on your forehead


Smell money

Seen a wizard in your shoe it is the sign of what

Someone try to push you to the sea

Sweeping confetti

Someone unknown sleeping on a chair in my bed

Someone cursed me to died

Seeing 2 white chickens and a anake


Seeing a min in

Selling of melon seed dates and tiger nut

Sphlax cat

See trenched maize in the dream

Seeing a tear of twenty naria note in the dream

Strange animals

Scored a goal

Shopkeeper trying to fight me

Siren head

Seeing saint carrying infant jesus

Someone wanting to marry you

Sitting in a gold car while others are happy for you

Seeing gooseberry in dream

Seen daughter died

Someone cutting my hair in the dream

Sink full of rice

Smoking weed





Smearing a house

Slide rule

Seeing raw fish but not eating it

Sreaming that you found something you lost in real life

San go ma consulting me

Seeing my stepmother naked in my dream

Stuffy nose

Stolen parrot

Stolen parrot\\


Seduction to charm men into leaving

Stuck in a dream

Smoke rising hand


Smoke on my hand

Smoke with image

Suicide bridge jump

Sneakers mixed black and purple in someone hand wet

Spouse chasing by a snake in the water

Someone getting lost

Shaving one side of my head

Selling bitter kola in dreams

Swimming in water

Spider going into the vagina

Searching for my own child


Spelling my name to nnteacher

Spelling your name to n teacher and she is writing it

Someone wearing a shirt

Snake boiling


Someone burning

Someone with 2 hearts


Seeing rocks fall

Someone running mad in a dream

Scary park ride

Ship wreck meaning

Seeing makoti in a dream

Someone in a coffin trying to open eyes

Someone fallen in a borehole

Smiling animal


Seeying a friend naked in dream

Stabbing a queen

Spouse says bad things

Someone sitting on me

Sucking your own breast as a woman in a dream


Shaking hands with god

Seeing my late father wearing a silver watch

Seeing the back of my dead father not talking to me

Seeing the back side of my dead father and my sister giving him a silver watch

Sing and win in a dream meaning

Stolen diary

Seeing a child having a seizer

Seeing ex governor in a dream

Seeing your grandmother graveyard means

Selling in a shop

Seeing my crush in church meaning

Shot fired

Swimming in a quicksand


Seeing oneself singing to a crowd

Seeing oneself ministraing to crowd

Sharing charcoal in a dream

Snakes in a mountain

Swollen right leg

Seeing my sibling possessed

School lunch

Seeing a fall of a woman great statue in a dream

See carpet

Seeing 3 dead body

Southern tree flower

Symbolic of umhlwehlwe in a dream

Seeing many possible routes while flying on air

Seeing two routes

Seeing your father marrying another wife in adream means

Seeing children stealing from me

Swimming with a baby and getting into a boat

Second wife

Sewing leg

Shivaji maharaj walking

Shivaji maharaj

Sparrows coming into the house

Stretchy skin


Seeming colorful plenty stones


Secret admirer

Sack of rice stolen

Sleeping and someone touches you

Step dad

Someone head been cut off

Someone lending me underwear

Seen a coconut broom w stick on my dreams


Single toothpick in a wallet

Stealing hair in a dream

Selling roasted corn

Seeing sister dead in wedding dress

Saw my dead uncle in yellow

Sleeping and boss stand beside me

Seeing fluorite

Simple task difficult

Stranger sleeping in the couch

Saggy face

[email protected] com

Stained clothing

Sapne mai slsi ke veej dekhna

Selling kola nut in a dream meaning

Sidhar comes in dream

Stone and water

Salary dispute

Seeing devils

Seeing people frying on airplane in the dream

Slashed wrist

Sweet potato

Seeing lame baby crawling in a dream

Seeing a lame crawling baby in a dream

Sinking in water

Snake crawling inside my vein

Seeing a mother inlaw is naked infront of her son

Sick person as healthy

Someone is naked

Standing in empty land void of anythjng

Stolen door

Stolen car door

Sister washing dishes in my dream

Sea lion

Sweet mineral juice

Someone else’s dog that has passed away

See fake diamon ring

Sim card

Stranger in house

Saw a pot of stew in a dream

Seeing my brother torn clothes

Shaving blood

Snooker table

Someone in filt

Sitting on palm oil

Seeing ripe avocado in dream


Someone angry in a dollhouse

Spiritual meaning of babies in sky in the dream

Seeing a friend that is abroad in a dream

Seeing chapati

Someone is pooing i cleaned and clean that person pple are laughing

Someone throw a snake at me

Spilling bleach

Seeing snow


Seeing yourself in the dream with keke mapper meaning

Snake and mongoose fight

Space getting wider

Snake wrapped around left and leg seen in a dream

Seeing my ex wearing red dress

Seeing my ex wearing red fawn

Satellite lasers destroying earth

Swimming in the ocean

Selling of palm leaf

Sugar apple

Shining in the dream

Sisters returned from other country

Star in hand

Seeing tulsi mala in dream

Someone cooking

Skeleton on a stairwell

Self driving car crash

Seeing in dream dip rice in water

Seeing weeds in my room

Saw a black germán shephard and a beige german shephard and a small dog

Saw the right breast of a famous actress

Sister giving clothes and some cash

Sister giving kurta pyjama in dream

See through lace gown

Seeing lots of eggs

Smashing dried red flower

Seeing squirrel in dream

Seeing someone picking snail

Some unseen force touch my chin


Shape shifting

Singing with raspy voice

Scp 173

Shrink right foot


Smelling blood

Someone cutting raw chicken in my dream

Steep downhill

Seeing calf head

Seeing ur self in d bush


Someone in your bed

Seeing your wife in a dream exposition herself to others

Slow computer

Sagging face

Small boy licking a ice cream

Seeing married couples church uniform burning

Snake chasing

Seeing my self with unknown people on the cloud in the dream

Seeing my self having some kind of meetings in the cloud

Seing sea water like gel

Someone gave me money

Seeing new born girl

Seeing three ladies in a dream meaning

Seeing three girls in a dream meaning

Seeing a boy pregnant

Seeing a boy pregnant with two boys

Sanitary pad


Seeing an orphan coming with your family members

Sister dreaming about standing in a que with her brother and her mother then her brother disappears from them in a sink hole

Seeing someone dead

Ships flying

Starting a fire

Shooting myself with a gun

Stomach intestines liver

Statue wearing mala in dream meaning


Someone pulling my wig of my hair in a dream meaning

Sorting through stuff

Saw two horses

Stabbed in the back of the leg

Star fruit in the dream



Sand coming through pump

Sand running through pipe

Saw an old woman dressed in black

Shit on clothe



Sombody calling me cute

Sharing toilet

Sharing traditional marriage card

Someone told me in my dream that i have lemuel inside of my belle

Someone is trying to rape you

Spiritual meaning of seeing a refrigerator with alcohol inside at the back of a bakkie but you give alcohol to people


Spiritual meaning of seeing a refrigerator at the back of a bakkie

Seeing blood and plaster on a feet

Sister in law touching penis

Sky diving with a lamb

Sky driving with a lamb

Science project

Someone drawing rangoli