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If you dream you are swimming in the ocean towards shore it augers well for your business and financial affairs, though the profits gained will be through your hard work.

If you’re swimming in a pool, you’ll be unlucky in love.

If you see women in the pool, you will have luck with love.

If you see men in the pool, you’ll have luck in business.

If you see both sexes in the pool, you’ll experience both kinds of luck. Teaching someone to swim assures you good fortune.

Tryskelion Dream Interpretation | Pagan - Anonymous

(see Sports, Water)

Water represents the intuitive nature and the subconscious.

The movement through this liquid indicates either a willingness to traverse hidden portions of the self, or focusing on a defined aspect of subconsciousness as the goal of your swim.

Success in a situation in which you were asked effectively to “sink or swim.”

Regulation of the feminine aspects of self so that instincts or emotions do not overcome rationality.

A balance between the spiritual and mundane, leaning slightly more toward spiritual matters depending on the amount of the body shown as immersed.

The Language of Dreams | Patrica Telesco

-With the head above water, success; the head under water, denotes misfortune; to sink forecasts ruin (Raphael).

The Fabric of Dream | Katherine Taylor Craig

Water in a dream almost always indicates emotions. To dream that you are swimming suggests that you are exploring aspects of your unconscious mind and emotions. This is a common dream for people going through therapy or counseling, as it suggests the need for emotional support. To dream that you are swimming underwater suggests that you are completely submerged in your own emotions and need to deal with emotional difficulties.

If you dream of diving, perhaps this indicates your desire to throw yourself into a relationship or project. The erotic sensation of water passing over the body led Freud to equate swimming with sexual intercourse.

If you feel relaxed and happy, this foretells a long and happy relationship with your partner, but if you are struggling against the tide, the relationship may be in trouble.

The Element Encyclopedia | Theresa Cheung

A maiden who dreams that she is swimming with someone, either man or woman, who is a much better swimmer, may look forward to a life of ease and many exciting love affairs.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway

If the swimming is without effort and gives pleasure, this dream augurs a smooth and prosperous existence.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway

Water symbolizes the unconscious and thus swimming means that you trust it and are open to its path. You are sure of what you do and you are receptive to the creative power of the mind.

If you dive, it denotes that you and your unconscious form a team. This conjunction is strengthened if, in the dream, you are able to breathe underwater.

To swim strongly in clear water foretells success in love and business. If, on the contrary, you sink or fight to stay afloat, it means the opposite.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke

If you are swimming in your dream you are most likely swimming through the “ ocean” of your unconscious and through the “ sea “ of your emotions.

The ease with which you are doing this activity will give you clues as to how well you are navigating through those very complex parts of yourself. Are you out of your depth or winning a race?

The Bedside Dream Dictionary | Silvana Amar

also see Drowning

1- Dreaming of swimming has much the same symbolism as immersion (see Immersion).

To lie swimming upstream in a dream would indicate that the dreamer is going against their own nature. Swimming fish can have the same symbolism as sperm, and therefore can indicate the desire for a child. Swimming in clear water indicates being cleanscd. whereas dark water could symbolise the possibility of depression.

2- Swimming in water will always be symbolic of the emotions, whereas swimming through the air connects with intellectual ability. I’o dream of being a good swimmer shows the ability to be able to handle emotional situations well, whereas being a poor swimmer in a dream could indicate the need to learn how to handle our emotions in a more positive way.

3- Swimming uses a lot of energy in getting from one placc to another. Symbolically it suggests that spiritual energy is being used up when we are moving towards a certain goal.

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary | Pamela Ball

1. If swimming where people one is attracted to are also swimming, it indicates sexual attraction.

2. If swimming in the ocean, it indicates one is very independent.

3. If swimming in a pool, one is less daring than an ocean swimmer.

4. If swim­ming anywhere one senses danger, such as from a shark, there is concern about where one is working.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

Hard work confronts you, but if you Swim to shore, or reach your objective, then you will succeed in the end.

Mystic Dream Book | Internet Archive - Anonymous

Dreams about swimming are related to the need to trust your instincts and look to past situations for answers to problems. They can also signify the need for nurturing or mothering in one’s life. Also see “Flippers”, “Swimming Lessons”, “Swimming Pool” and “Underwater”

My Dream Interpretation | myjellybean

See Water. Relaxation, the world of feelings.

It is often connected to liberation. Where is the swimming taking place and what is the condition of the water? According to Freud; urine and the life of the unborn. Also, a symbol of pollution.

Little Giant Encyclopedia | Klaus Vollmar

(Employment; Knowledge; Prison) If a man ofknowledge sees himself swimming in the ocean in a dream, it means that he will attain his goals. Ifhe enters the water of the ocean then comes back to the shore in a dream, it means that he will commence his path of seeking knowledge then abandons it. Swimming in a dream also means going to jail. Swimming on sand in a dream means that one may be incarcerated; that his living conditions in his jail will be constricted, and that he will suffer in his prison from hardships equal to the difficulties he encounters during his swim in the dream.

If one sees himself swimming inside his own house in a dream, it means that he will work for a ruthless, wicked and an unjust employer who will entrap him in his service through a business deal. Consequently, God Almighty will help him out of his entanglements.

If one is afraid of swimming in the dream, it means that he is scared of someone in authority.

If he runs away from swimming in a dream, it means that he will escape from him.

If one sees himself entering waters where he can swim successfully in a dream, it means that he will engage in a major project,lead an important job, or acquire authority and power. Ifone swims on his back in a dream, it means that he will repent for a sin.

If he swims in the sea and finds its water stagnant in the dream, it means that he will serve someone in authority, though his job will bringhim nothing but trouble and the wrath of his employer. Ifhe still manages to cross the sea in his dream, it means that he will escape from dangers his employment could inflict upon him.

If he swims with fear in a dream, it means trouble, imprisonment, or a sickness he will endure depending on the type of needed efforts or distance he has to cross. Should he think in the dream that he will not be able to make it, then it means his death.

If he shows courage during his swim in the dream, it means that he will be able to escape from such a dangerous job. Troubled waters in a dream mean adversities. Swimming successfully across troubled waters in a dream means overcoming one’s adversities. Any sea or agitated waters in a dream represent the authorities or the state, whether it be a swamp, a lake, a pond, 424 a sea, or an ocean.

If one sees himself drowning in a river, or a lake, then ifhe is carried by others and laid on dry land motionless like a fish in a dream, this also means trials and adversities. Ifone is saved from drowningbefore he wakesup from his sleep in the dream, it means that he will triumph over his trials. Otherwise, ifhe dies from it in the dream, it means that he may die from such adversities. Ifduring his swim one meets a ship that pulls him out ofthe waters, or to which he holds or grabs, it also means escape from adversities.

If one drowns in the dream, it means that he may die as a martyr, though having previously indulged in many sins.

To walk on water, whether it is the sea or a river in a dream means good spiritual standing, religious assiduousness and a strong faith and determination. Walking on water in a dream also could be interpreted as ascertaining something about which one may have doubt, or placing one’s trust in God Almighty before embarking on a dangerous trip.

(Also see Air)

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin

To dream of swimming with your head above water means you will have good success.

To swim with your head under the water means you wall be weighed down with problems.

To swam in the nude means you will enjoy social successes.

Gypsy Dream Dictionary | Raymond Buckland

The dream of swimming must be interpreted by using all the aspects of your dream to judge the extent of the good or bad signified by swimming.

If you dream you are swimming in the ocean coming toward shore you will have good fortune in business and financial affairs through your hard work.

To be swimming in a pool shows that you will be unlucky in love and if you see females swimming in the pool you will have luck with love, to see males you will have luck in business, and if you see both you will experience both types of luck.

If you are teaching someone to swim you will soon have an increase due to good fortune.

Encyclopedia of Dreams | Michael and Elizabeth Thiessen

Vision: Dreaming about swimming: you will be successful in life if you let yourself be guided by the strength of your character. Struggling with large -waves: difficult tasks are ahead, but don’t be discouraged. You’ll make it.

Depth Psychology: The water is a symbol of emotions, feelings, instincts, and urges. You have the ability (if you are a good swimmer in the dream) to live in harmony with them, or (as a nonswim- mer) have yet to integrate them into your personality. See Bathing, Water.

Dreamers Dictionary | Garuda

Bodies of water are natural symbols of both the unconscious and the emotions. Dreaming about swimming can thus be related to the emotions or to an exploration of one’s unconscious (a natural dream image for someone undergoing therapy). Also, because we spend the first nine months of our lives in a liquid environment, swimming is also a symbol of birth or rebirth.

Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia | James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver

Swimming is an archetypal dream image. It suggests that spiritual energy is being used as we are moving towards a particular goal.

It is said in dreams to symbolize the womb experience.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

Psychological / emotional perspective: To dream of being a good swimmer shows the ability to be able to handle emotional situations well, whereas being a poor swimmer in a dream could indicate the need to learn how to handle our emotions in a more positive way. Swimming in water will always be symbolic of the emotions, whereas swimming through the air connects with intellectual ability.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

Material aspects: Dreaming of swimming has much the same symbolism as immersion.

To be swimming upstream in a dream would indicate we are going against our own nature. Swimming fish can have the same symbolism as sperm and, therefore, can indicate the desire for a child. Swimming in clear water indicates being cleansed, whereas dark water could symbolize the possibility of depression.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

Leisurely swimming, such as at a beach, in a lake, or in a pool, implies good fortune and easy living ahead, unless the weather is bad, in which case danger could result from doing the wrong thing at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Swimming toward the shore indicates getting to where you want to go, but only with a lot of hard work. How difficult that will be depends on the circumstances (especially the weather) and the other symbols in the dream.

Swimming for your life in a storm warns of great difficulties ahead.

If you reach the shore, or if there is a star or lighthouse guiding your way, you will prevail.

Swimming in a meet implies an inner drive to improve yourself. See “Sports”.

Dream Explanations of Astro Center | Astro Center

Staying on top of things and progressing in the waters of affliction; see “water”

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton

You are navigating the waters of your own emotional journey. Water represents the emotional realm of our feelings, both conscious and unconscious. Swimming is specifically about progress and making your way through the emotional territory in your life.

The effort of propelling yourself forward is completely self-motivated and generated exclusively by your own body. This reveals how effectively or ineffectively you are pushing yourself through an emotional challenge in your life.

The ease, pace, and depth of your swim offer a great deal of texture for you to investigate.

The harder you have to work, the more effort is required to arrive at your destination of emotional growth. How fast you are moving will inform you of the speed of the process you are undergoing.

The level of immersion communicates the emotional territory through which you are traveling; being on the surface reflects the emotions you are aware of, whereas swimming underwater implies deeper feelings that reside in your unconscious mind.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams | Dr. Mıchael Lennox

Symbolic of your life.

If you are being chased it can symbolize a spiritual enemy in your life.

If you are with friends and family enjoying yourself it can symbolize fun and relaxation in life.

If you are naked or topless while swimming it symbolizes a feeling of having your weaknesses exposed to other people

Christian Dream Symbols | Tyler Wolfe

Swimming in a pool may offer a refreshing experience and a release from tensions. It may represent a spir- ltual experience with others. Swimming in the ocean may indicate your readiness to explore the subconscious as well as your feelings.

Ariadne's Book of Dream | Ariadne Green

Example: ‘I looked at a large pool where a river surfaced.

A woman swam in it and was going to enter tunnels leading away from it. As I watched I saw some huge croco­diles swim towards her. With great speed and confidence she swam away, obviously being able to match the threat’ (Laurie V). Laurie explored the dream and found the swimming ex­pressed his growing confidence in meeting feelings which in past years had led to depression.

Generally, swimming shows confidence in dealing with the son of impacts, anxieties or emotions which cause some peo­ple to go under’, either in relationships, running a family or business, being able to meet the many influences, urges and thoughts in which we exist; expressive motivation, trusting oneself, life, and our sexuality. Swimming against cunent, tide: meeting opposition, either from within or others; moving against general opinions; feeling difficulties. Swimming un­derwater: taking awareness into what was unconscious. Swimming with other people: sharing common feelings, goals, etc.; connections with others. Diving in: taking the plunge in a new activity, relationship or way of life. Hanging about, not getting in: hesitation about a change or something new in life. Idioms: in the swim; swim against the tide; sink or swim. See pool.

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences | Tony Crisp

Swimming may symbolize a trustful and receptive attitude towards your unconscious, or your mother, or Mother Nature.

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols | Eric Ackroyd

Swimming In A Dream | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Swimming

Bathing, Swimming

Symbol: Dreams about bathing and swimming are always symbols of cleansing and renewal.

Vision: Dreaming about swimming outdoors: everything is looking up because you are gaining strength and endurance. Taking a bath in cold water: your health is good, but you need to be more active. Taking a bath in hot water: illness or problems.

If the water in the tub is clear: a danger is passing, a situation is clearing up. Swimming in a lake with many waves: use your skills to solve a difficult problem and you will succeed! Swimming in murk)’ water points to a negative environment. See Brook, Foam, Water.

Depth Psychology: Dreams about swimming or bathing always point to an emotional cleansing, like a rebirth. Even if other people are bathing or being bathed, the dream always means your own renewal and cleansing.... Dreamers Dictionary


Dreamers Dictionary

Diving / Drowning / Floating / Swimming

Dreams of diving, floating and swimming usually hint at your current emotional state or the need to tap into the resources of your unconscious mind.

If you are diving into water in your dream, this represents trying to find parts of yourself that have been repressed.

Dreams in which you are floating in warm water safely and calmly are amongst the most comforting and secure you can have. They may reflect a longing to be able to coast effortlessly through life, letting worries wash over you. But if you felt uneasy, such dreams may be mirroring your concern that you lack direction and power in waking life, and are just treading water as opportunities fly past you.

If you have a dream in which you are swimming calmly and happily through calm waters, this suggests a positive attitude to your waking life, as things are going well, or ‘swimmingly’, for you, and you feel in your element, be it at school, work or home. If, however, you dream that you are struggling against a current, it suggests inner conflict and the force of opinion against you in the waking world. In your dream, did you swim with the tide or continue with your struggle? If you found yourself out of your depth when you went swimming, this may mirror a sense of being out of your emotional depth. Drowning suggests that your emotions are overwhelming and engulfing you.

If a lifeboat appears, you believe your unconscious can throw you an emotional lifeline.

Where water is contained in a space, such as a bath or swimming pool, it signifies controlled emotion and restraint. A dream shower or bath in which you wash yourself may refer to a need to cleanse your emotions of negative influences, whilst a Jacuzzi may have sexual connotations. Being in a swimming pool may remind you of the importance of relaxation. A surreal underwater scene, in which you meet and interact with family and friends, may suggest that you have been too busy to take the time to connect emotionally with loved ones. It might be wise to slow down and devote more quality time to them in the real world.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

Flying / Swimming / Dancing

Have you had that feeling of zooming through the air, feeling free and unhindered? Flying is one of the most popular dreams because such images can inspire the dreamer, lifting them to spiritual heights or filling them with creative notions. Pleasurable swimming may mean exploring your unconscious depths, whilst dreams of dancing may be a metaphor for creativity, joy and freedom.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

Swimming Lessons

To dream about swimming lessons suggests that you are seeking some kind of emotional support. Pay heed to advice from an older and wiser female source - you could learn an important life lesson.... My Dream Interpretation


My Dream Interpretation

Swimming Pool

Symbolic of a gathering place for people.

If the water is dirty it symbolizes evil activity around you... Christian Dream Symbols


Christian Dream Symbols

Swimming Pool

To see a swimming pool full of water in your dream is lucky, symbolizing that you will find much happiness and pleasure in friendship, love and marriage.

An empty pool means trouble in love and friendship, or that you are not feeling enough affection in your life.... My Dream Interpretation


My Dream Interpretation

Swimming Pool

Water connects to emotional issues.

A swimming pool is a humanmade construction that contains a small amount of water that is used for recreation and relaxation. In this way, a swimming pool in a dream relates to a manageable amount of emotional expression that feels beneficial and not overwhelming. Swimming in a pool might relate to being in a comfortable emotional state or a need to control your emotions. To avoid jumping into a pool reflects a desire to rise above emotional issues. Drowning in a pool is to be overwhelmed by emotional issues of your own making.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams