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The worst possible dream (Gypsy).

The Fabric of Dream | Katherine Taylor Craig

Dreaming of a devil or any other personification of evil such as an imp or a demon does not mean that you are heading for eternal damnation. In most cases, such images are simply a warning that you may be succumbing to temptation or heading down a path that will lead to unhappiness. Your conscience may be making a timely appearance, asking you whether there is some wrong you need to right in real life. The devil may also refer to your shadow or to repressed sexual drives that need your attention. Alternatively, devil dreams may be warning about a danger that lurks outside you rather than within. Is there someone in your waking life who does not have your best interests at heart?

Finally, if spirituality is neglected in your waking life, it may reappear in its negative or terrifying forms, such as the devil, demons or the vengeful gods of the Hindu faith.

The Element Encyclopedia | Theresa Cheung

Lower, ignorant side of self that tempts you not to accept self-responsibility, to blame others, procrastinate, dwell in negative thoughts and actions.

The Dream Books Symbols | Betty Bethards

The meaning of this symbol of evil depends greatly on the details.

If you dreamed of him surrounded by his traditional instruments of punishment, you’d better get some professional advice concerning the guilty secret you’re hiding.

If your dream involved fighting him off, you will outwit those who are trying to harm you; if he spoke to you, it signifies a great temptation you will find difficult to resist; and if your dream meeting with him was congenial, you would be well advised to have a medical checkup.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams | Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett

To dream that one has seen the devil, and thai he is tormented, or otherwise much terrified, signifies that the dreamer is in danger of being checked and punished by his sovereign prince, or some magistrate. And quite contrarily, ii he dreams he strikes the devil, or some person he believes to be possessed, and fancies he overcomes him, it is a sign he that dreams thus shall overcome his enemies with glory and satisfaction.

If any dream that he sees the devil, it is a very bad sign, for such a vision cannot bring along with it any good tidings to the sick it foretells death, and to the healthful it signifies melancholy, anger, tumults and violent sickness.

If any dream the devil speaks to H^n, it signifies temptation, deceit, treachery, despair, and sometimes the ruin and death of him that dreams.

To dream that one is carried away by the devil, is a worse dream; and yet no dream delights the dreamer so much as this, for being awakened he is ravished with joy that he is freed from so great an evil; for which he ought to return thanks to God, and beg of him that he would be pleased to send him his good angel to guard him, and fight against that wicked spirit which stands always sentinel to surprise us.

To dream you see the devil as he is drawn by painters! and poets, viz. black and hideous, with homsT claws, and a great tail, signifies torment and despair- To dream you see yourself with the devil, signifies gain.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway


The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke

Dreaming about devils and demons is usually very frightening and you may awake from fear.

The devil does not generally represent something outside of yourself. It usually symbolizes the most negative and least developed part of you. It may be that part of you that is ignorant and destructive. You can determine the meaning and message in your dream by looking at all of the details carefully. All dreams are good dreams in that they bring unconscious materials to the conscious mind. Only then can you begin to effectively cope with the more unpleasant sides of your personality. Carl Jung called this negative side the “shadow.” The devils in your dreams could be representations of your personal shadow or they could be a glance at the collective shadow. See also: Satan

The Bedside Dream Dictionary | Silvana Amar

For farmers to dream of the devil, denotes blasted crops and death among stock, also family sickness. Sporting people should heed this dream as a warning to be careful of their affairs, as they are likely to venture beyond the laws of their State.

For a preacher, this dream is undeniable proof that he is over-zealous, and should forebear worshiping God by tongue-lashing his neighbor.

To dream of the devil as being a large, imposingly dressed person, wearing many sparkling jewels on his body and hands, trying to persuade you to enter his abode, warns you that unscrupulous persons are seeking your ruin by the most ingenious flattery. Young and innocent women, should seek the stronghold of friends after this dream, and avoid strange attentions, especially from married men. Women of low character, are likely to be robbed of jewels and money by seeming strangers. Beware of associating with the devil, even in dreams. He is always the forerunner of despair.

If you dream of being pursued by his majesty, you will fall into snares set for you by enemies in the guise of friends.

To a lover, this denotes that he will be won away from his allegiance by a wanton.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation | Gustavus Hindman Miller

also see Fiend

1- In previous times, the figure of the Devil was one to be feared and hated. As the wilder, more Pagan side of ourselves the conventional figure with horns and a tale will often appear in dreams.

It is almost as though it has been given ‘life’ by the way that people concentrate on it. Once it is understood as something to be confronted. as something belonging to all of us, the Devil loses it potency.

2- As a personification of the evil side of ourselves, we often need to have an object to confront. In dreams, as in fantasies, the Devil allows us to do this.

If we fear our own wrongdoing, that fear can also manifest as the Devil.

3- fhe Devil is the personification of Evil, or Lucifer.

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary | Pamela Ball

Dreams of the devil symbolize that you are grappling with temptation to do something you deem morally wrong versus what your conscience knows to be right for you. This can also be a venting dream that is assisting you in releasing feelings of separation and a lack of trust in the higher good of this universe. See Shadow Integration Dreams.

Strangest Dream Explanations | Dream Explanations - Anonymous

The devil appearing in dreams has the same meaning of evil as in walling hours.

To see the devil indicates susceptibility to flattery and temptation.

Psycho Dream Interpretation | Ella Freeman Sharpe

1. Wealth and good fortune.

2. Portions of personality— usually negative or mischievous, sometimes sexual.

3. Falseness, deception, sometimes self-deception (as in the “devil assumes a pleasing shape”).

4. Repressed guilt.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

It is a very bad dream if you imagine you see Satan, but the outcome will depend upon the circumstances. Whatever happens, however, it means a long struggle.

Mystic Dream Book | Internet Archive - Anonymous

To see the devil in your dream, signifies negative aspects of yourself. It may also indicate feelings of guilt that you have been harboring.

It is time to release these feelings. Alternatively, the devil may represent intelligence, cunningness, deception, and cleverness. Other meanings of devil dreams: To dream that you fought off the devil, symbolizes that you will succeed in defeating your enemies.

To dream that the devil talks to you, signifies that you will find some temptations hard to resist even though you know it is not in your best interest.

To dream that you and the devils were in friendly terms, suggests that you may be seduced and tempted into doing something you do not want to do. You may be dealing with issues of morality.

To dream of selling your soul to the devil, means you are in danger of sacrificing yourself for a useless purpose or a person who doesn’t deserve it. Don’t let this happen, or you will lose your self-respect and become unpleasant to others.

My Dream Interpretation | myjellybean

Usually an indication that the shadow needs to be better integrated in the Self, or a reference to a onesided intellectual attitude like Mephistopheles’ in Faust.

A black devil represents darkness and death; a red devil is the messenger of light and passion, who is keeping close company with the wild.

A green devil represents nature, which usually appears in the form of a snake, cat, or goat (all are symbols for the Devil).

The Devil symbolizes the animal nature of human beings and their connection to the earth.

Like Ahriman (an ancient Persian version), the Devil is the antagonist of light, descended from the heavens in the form of a snake. In Hebrew he is Satan, representing the picture of evil lust; in the New Testament he is the antagonist of the church, embodying the absence of God among peoples. According to Irenaeus, a 3rd century Greek priest, the Devil is really an angel who has fallen because of his arrogance. As Lucifer (who brings light), the Devil is considered a creature of light. In Dante’s Divine Comedy, Lucifer has three heads, lives in the darkest parts of the earth, and is the opposite of the Holy Trinity. In the eyes of Christianity, almost all gods of native tribes were considered devils. In that sense the Devil also symbolizes everything that is natural, original, and has the spark of light.

Little Giant Encyclopedia | Klaus Vollmar

It is high time for you to mend yourself. Great evil may come to you. You must pursue virtue.

Indian Interpretation of Dreams | Indian - Anonymous

A devil (Beng is the Romani word) appearing in your dreams is an indication that your fnends are insincere.

Gypsy Dream Dictionary | Raymond Buckland

The devil as a symbol represents evil in all its forms.

If you dreamed of the devil surrounded by instruments of punishment, or actually punishing you, then the dream is telling you that the time has come to clear your mind and your conscious of the guilty secret you are holding onto.

If you successfully fought him off, then you will short circuit those who mean you ill, and if he spoke to you, you are in for great temptations which you will find hard to resist.

If you and the devil were friendly, or congenial, then it is time to have a complete medical workup done.

Encyclopedia of Dreams | Michael and Elizabeth Thiessen

Symbol: The devil is a symbol of confusion, darkness, and death. Vision: Seeing the devil: you are either too preoccupied with negative thoughts or someone around you has a diabolical influence on you that is threatening your serenity. You are faced with temptations that could have serious consequences. Don’t give in—even if your own weaknesses make it hard for you to resist.

Depth Psychology: Satan is a symbol of a purely egotistical side of your unconscious, or of your fears, passions, rages, or hates. These energies always lead to internal and/or external conflicts and need to be redirected—the sooner the better.

If Satan appears in your dreams: while you reject some of these feelings, they are, nevertheless, reflected in what you do and how you behave (which you usually regret afterward). See Demon.

Dreamers Dictionary | Garuda

To dream about the devil suggests poor aspects of yourself. It could also represent a guilty conscience that you have been carrying around with you. You should release these emotions. Also, the devil can symbolize mental acuity, deceit, and astuteness.

To dream that you have defeated the devil indicates that you will overcome your adversaries.

To dream that you talk to the devil suggests that you will endure urges that are difficult to overcome.

To dream that you are friendly with the devil indicates that you could be enticed to perform an act or something that you would rather not do. You could be working through moral troubles.

Dream Symbols and Analysis | DreamForth

The devil tends to be seen as the personification of evil, or lucifer, who, incidentally, was originally supposed to bring enlightenment to the world. It does need to be borne in mind, however, that the devil also represents the ego, or part of us that refuses to ‘return to the light’.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

Psychological / emotional perspective: In order to deal with the out-of-control side of ourselves, we often need to have an object or image to confront. In dreams, as in fantasies, the devil allows us to do this.

If we fear our own wrongdoing, that fear can also manifest as the devil.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

Material aspects: In previous times, the figure of the devil was one to be feared and hated. Our wilder, more instinctive side will often appear in dreams as the conventional figure with horns and a tail. Once it is understood as something to be confronted, as something belonging to all of us, the devil loses its potency.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

Gives gender - specific: The devil as satan used to appear with some frequency in both men’s and women’s dreams. Now the image is more likely to be that of one of the nature gods such as pan, and represents basic instincts and urges.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

The circumstances in the dream are very important.

If you see the Devil in his usual context - in a pit full of fire, surrounded by demons - then you’d better ask yourself what guilty secret you’re hiding and how it applies to your present circumstances.

If the Devil speaks to you and seems friendly, then you’re going to be faced with a temptation that will prove difficult to resist.

If you fight him, you’ll resist that temptation.

If you see the Devil with someone you know, that person may be trying to manipulate you to serve his own ends.

Dream Explanations of Astro Center | Astro Center

See “demon”

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton

Most people will fall into two categories regarding the Devil: the religious and the non-believers. There is a third category of people who don’t necessarily believe in the Devil, but were raised in an environment that embedded certain beliefs that they may have consciously rejected but that still have great power in the unconscious mind.

The first and foremost quality of the Devil is temptation.

The ultimate motivation for the temptation is for ownership of a person’s soul. In the world of psychology and dream work, the soul is akin to your spiritual nature and the totality of your experience as a human being.

The presence of God and the Devil in our world offers each of us a choice:

With whom will you align yourself and on what will you base your life choices? Your higher nature, through the choice of love, or your lower nature, through the choice of fear? The presence of the Devil in a dream indicates that a powerful degree of fear is being expressed. Bondage is another important element associated with the Devil.

The contract he offers is permanent, with severe consequences. In symbolic terms, the Devil could illuminate areas in your life where you feel you have sold out. Look for situations in which you feel stuck for reasons of obligation, financial insecurity, or outmoded satisfaction. Often we make choices that initially provide us with something we desire, only to discover that we pay a price we hadn’t counted on. Real soul-searching may be called for when the Devil appears in a dream. What thoughts or old ways of being must be cast aside for your greater good? From a lighter perspective, what devil-may-care attitude might be inviting you to discover that which your inner critic won’t give you permission to explore? The phrase “the devil made me do it” can be either a misguided excuse for bad choices or a call toward letting go of judgment.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams | Dr. Mıchael Lennox

Dreaming of the devil is symbolic of demonic activity and evil within your life or coming under attack, James 4:7

Christian Dream Symbols | Tyler Wolfe

Usually repressed natural drives, particularly sexual feeling—one can express physical sex, yet still repress sexual longing and connected emotions of tenderness.

It is what is unlived in us, and devil is lived spelt backwards. Any code of conduct, whether accepted from parents or peers, leaves as­pects of our total self unlived.

The struggle with paternal au­thority or power within oneself is often represented as the devil.

If we change our code of conduct, we may meet the devil because we release the previously unlived area of self. As Pan: the same, except that Pan represents losing oneself to the natural urges.

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences | Tony Crisp

See evil; aboriginal. See also active/passive.

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences | Tony Crisp

(1) The Satan of Jewish-Christian-Islamic tradition was originally a homed fertility god, a personification of the fertilizing power of Nature. In psychological terms, a fertilizing agent is something within the psyche that can inaugurate a new phase in the individual’s development.

(2) The evil connotations of the devil figure may reflea the dreamer’s fear of those repressed contents of the unconscious that are, in fact, the very forces that - if mobilized and utilized - could bestow new and fuller life. What we repress is invariably something that had great value for us but on some occasion in the past gave rise to guilt-feelings or a fear of punishment.

It is our fears that invest the unconscious with the fearsome characteristics of a dark underworld inhabited by evil monsters. In reality, the unconscious contains all the energy and wisdom we need for healing and wholeness.

It might be said that our fundamental human task is the conversion of the devil within ourselves, that is, converting negatively charged (dissident, destructive) psychic forces into positively charged (life enhancing and unifying) powers. Bur you won’t convert the devil with brute force, only with love. The negatively charged psychic forces are the ones you neglect and despise or fear. They become positively charged when you acknowledge them and integrate them into vour conscious life.

If we do not recognize the ‘devil’ within ourselves, we shall project him on to others and thereby give more scope for hatred and destruction (the real devil!) in the world. See also Evil.

(3) In certain contexts - if, for example, he has horns or is sexually involved with naked women - the devil may be a sexual symbol.

If sexuality is represented in such a guise in a woman’s dream, it is possibly because she has a fear of sexual relations. In a man’s dream the indication might be that he has a guilt-ridden attitude towards his own sexuality (which Freud might trace back to anxiety’ arising out of the normal male infant’s erotic feelings for his mother).

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols | Eric Ackroyd

Dream Of Seeing A Devil | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Devil


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To dream of yourself as the daredevil may be showing you that you are leaping into a situation before you have thought it through. Speaking to a daredevil within a dream suggests that heightened awareness is called for to keep you in balance.... Dream Symbols and Analysis


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