Bush Dream Meanings

Bush Dream Meaning: From 7 Different Sources

With full foliage, a bush may represent expanded growth and fullness.

The burning bush signifies spiritual transformation or spiritual awakening. Hiding behind a bush may represent your hesitation about being seen by others or your tendency to beat around the bush.

A hedge of manicured bushes may represent your need to look perfect or neat.

Dream Source: Ariadne's Book of Dream
Author: Ariadne Green

This can symbolize a person’s growth in life or a call to ministry from God, Ex. 3:4
Dream Source: Christian Dream Symbols
Author: Tyler Wolfe

1. God talking to you like Moses; Exod. 3:2;

2. Hiding place;

3. Developing believer;

4. Person staying in bush would be humble person; Exod. 3:3; (3) Mark 12:26;

Dream Source: Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model
Author: Vincent Wienand

To see a bush in your dream represents female aspects of your personality. It may also directly refer to the vagina.

To dream that you are hiding behind a bush indicates that you are being dishonest with yourself or others. You are trying to avoid having your emotions or true self exposed. Perhaps you are looking for safety or security.

Dream Source: Dream Symbols and Analysis
Author: DreamForth

Vision: Seeing somebody behind a bush: be careful about people who gossip.

If the bush is Full of green leaves: good news and great joy in your house. Looking at a bush that is leafless, brittle, and bare: a plan of yours is condemned to failure and can’t be revived. Sec Leaf.

Depth Psychology: A bush is a symbol much like that of a Tree, even though it is much smaller.

Dream Source: Dreamers Dictionary
Author: Garuda

The message here is in the action.

If you were only aware of the bushes, you will have an offer which involves a change of location; if you (or anyone else) hid in or under the bush(es), it is a warning not to do anything at this time that the world can’t know about; if you cut the bush or saw it burning, be prepared for the revelation of an embarrassing secret

Dream Source: The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams
Author: Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett


A change is indicated; if you push through them the change will be for the better.... bushes dream meaning

Burning Bush

Since god spoke through a burning bush, it is a spiritual symbol of the power and protection of his word... burning bush dream meaning


(See Half a bushel)... bushel dream meaning

Half A Bushel

(arb. Mudd. Unit of dry measure equal to 2 pecks, or 16 quarts.) A container measuring half a bushel in a dream means sanctity, chastity, cleanliness and purity. This interpretation comes from understanding the practice of God’s Prophet (uwbp) of regularly taking his ritual ablution from such a measuring container.

(Also see Unit of measure)... half a bushel dream meaning

Bush / Shrubs

Secretiveness (hiding behind the bush). Protection from an unreasonable public or fear of openness. Female emotions, penchants, and desires (Merlin being seduced behind the white thornbush by Viviane). Is the bush bare or in bloom? Is something behind or inside the bush? (God was revealed to Moses in the form of a burning bush.)

Symbol of the personality of the dreamer. Hiding place.

According to Freud, the female genitalia.... bush / shrubs dream meaning

Juniper Bush, Juniper Berries

Vision: Fating juniper berries means you are making good progress and your health is stabilizing. Seeing a juniper bush: you have a faithful friend.

See Berries.... juniper bush, juniper berries dream meaning

Pricker Bush

To dream of a pricker bush suggests a problematic relationship. Be strong and stand up for yourself. On the other hand, it may refer to someone who is a real ‘prick.’... pricker bush dream meaning

Evergreens Or Bushes And Trees In Full Leaf

One of the most fortunate of all dreams, for it tells of deep and lasting success, not only in business matters, but also in love affairs.... evergreens or bushes and trees in full leaf dream meaning

Rose Bush

Dreams of a rose bush represent passion, great love, joy, expression and manifestation of your hearts desires.... rose bush dream meaning

Blackberry Bush

Its symbolism is somewhat complex. It refers to virginal purity, to pleasure, and to pain. The thorns of the bush express torment; the sweet fruits are joy, fertility, and abundance. They can be interpreted as a reward for effort and suffering. However, you should analyze all the elements of the dream and oneiric image as a whole to decipher the message from the unconscious.... blackberry bush dream meaning

Bush Fire

1. Encounter with God;

2. Gossip that have gotten out of control; Exodus 3:2; James 3:6.... bush fire dream meaning