Dream of a friend doing sign of the cross in nyfire

Dreaming seeing a chinese trousers

Dream of moldy pillow

Dream meaning drying a coconut meat

Dream of andrew in your dream biblical

Dreams about couldrons

Dream about i drink annointing oil from pastor

Dreaming of sangomas talking to each other

Dreaming of sangomas talking

Dream of walking out from the bush

Dialium guineense

Dead daughter wearing pigtails

Dolphin turns into horse

Dream of thief watching from front door

Dream family member wearing a white dress

Dreaming of white cooked samp

Dream of zcc badge

Dream about nature

Dreaming of impangela red and white

Dried pink roses

Dry rose herbs



Dead person sitting at a table

Dream meaning in discussion with a president

Dead monkey

Dreaming of plaintain and cocoyam

Drug dog

Dreaming of giving a dead person ride in your car

Dry thyme mean what in dream


Deceased mom moth dream

Dad mother in wrapped in a kafan

Dead spouse changing clothes

Disembowelled child

Daughter breasts

Dream meaning of a sick hairless dog

Dream about a broken storage units

Dream about one snake

Dream of packing clothes from the rain

Dreaming of ntsu

Dead person giving me grey sweater

Dream seeing cho cho

Dream seeing your mother eating a dead body

Disappear into thin air

Dreaming of someone speaking english

Dream of involved in accident

Dreaming of a lover asking for sex

Dream someone report me to my lover and my lover called to hear my view about the report

Dreaming of shear

Dog in muddy water

Dream of st anthony

Dreaming a baboon kissing me

Dreaming of preparing mahangu

Dreaming of removing old skin in your face and new glowing one

Disvirgin a lady known in a dream

Dream of being abroad being honoured with family

Dreaming of my boyfriend wearing torn clothes means

Disappointing someone

Dream interpretation of a styrofoam

Dream about provisions

Drown in tar

Dead bird in a cage

Drying henna tree

Dove broken wing

Dreaming of finding money in an old clothes

Dreaming of your late mother repainting your house

Dream about low marks in exam

Dreaming of mute persons

Dyeing clothes yellow

Driving on mountain

Dead person buying woods from dead person

Driving up stairs

Dreamed i have fire many airplanes

Door with out hinges

Driving roadroller

Dead father sitting in toilet in dream

Dead father sitting in toilet

Dream havisting mango by thronging

Draining water

Dreaming about in a phone shop

Dreaming of lighting impepho

Dead black dog hanging from a tree

Dreaming of burning impepho but it did not be burning

Dead relative giving veges in dream

Dreaming of lighting the impepho but it did not burnt in a right way

Dream meaning about mountains with flowers

Dreaming of dead person having party

Dream about lord rama and lakshman

Dreaming baby pink blanket

Dream and meaning of passing through market

Dreaming of pounding rice grains

Dreaming of my late dad giving me a white cloth

Dreaming of my late dad ging me a white cloth

Dreaming frayeang eggs

Dreaming of my dead mom laying on grass wearing glasse in my dreams

Dream about receiving the dounce fruit

Dream of raising multiple flags on moon

Dropping tv remote control

Drop tv remote

Devil symbols tattooed on a stranger

Dream of a guy throwing big stone at you

Deceased planting

Death red dot

Dad beat up uncle

Dream of the word providence what does it mean

Dreaming of pot and teaspoons

Dreaming of a deceased mother feasting with you at a church

Driving car from gravel road onto tarred road

Dreaming of a enemy

Dr tea

Dream of a crooked tennis racquet

Dreaming niyaz

Dead person giving rotten grapes

Dreaming of having sex with daughter

Dream of refrigerator

Dream meaning of eating cooked palm fruits

Dream of removing ice frozen in the refrigerator

Disappear tree

Dream my son wearing rags

Dream of love with someone forbidden

Dead fish coming out of peoples mouths

Dream about braces falling off

Dream about braces dalling off

Dead person putting pepper on your feet

Dream meaning of stealing ruler

Dreaming of orphan children

Dreaming given new phone by indian man

Dream you walking and your slider got cut

Dream meaning of a madman kissing you on the neck

Dreaming of sweeping in the church

Dream of a womem with dreadlocks and a piasing

Dream of a womem with dreadlocks and a nose ring

Dreaming of eating potato puddin

Dream of wearing new tunic multicoloured

Dream about gobela in my house with my late father

Dream of wearing female clothes

Dream of spanking a child

Dreaming of eating calaloo and rice

Deceased husband was shopping for a coat

Diya float on water

Distorted arms

Dreaming when you coming back from initiation school

Dead mother carrying yam on her head

Dreaming of a friend getting engaged

Dream about millie millie

Dreaming traditional healers dancing

Dreaming of malunggay

Dreaming of malubgay

Dreamt flames of fire in heaven

Dream of my perfume stolen

Digging up dead mothet

Digging up dead mother

Dream of weeding plantation

Dreaming washing goat meat intestine

Dreaming about egusi

Drawing jerusalem

Dream extra finger

Dream of a big black cat shaped like a man

Drinking spirits

Dream that someone gave clothes that is mine to me

Dreaming a granny eating a orange

Dreaming cleaning dead bees in my ears

Dream that your cousin is pregnant

Dream a woman gave my husband food meaning

Dreaming of blue injiti sangoma clothes

Digging a grave in the dream means

Dream of eating jaggery

Dream about tools stolen

Dream two boys

Dreaming of being done

Dreaming of puja room without god

Dead father giving food to eat

Dogs masturbating in the dream

Dreaming of giant telapia

Dreaming about drinking black label beer

Dreaming about drinking castle lager

Dreaming about drinking court beer

Dreaming someone giving me rose quartz

Dead mother appeared in mirror of a dream with alive brother appeared in doorway

Dark night in the country

Dreaming famous singer

Dreaming of end road

Dreaming of ending road

Dreaming about drinking beer

Dreaming of orange worms

Dreaming worms

Dreaming when u see ur self hiding in da forest eating food

Dream of a head of asheep

Deceased with toolbox

Dreaming of riding carabao

Dream of seeing palm kernel shell

Dreaming my passport burn

Discriminated by client

Dream with young dolph

Dropping powder

During pregnancy dream black goat it mean

Dreaming you recieve a subpeana

Dream of someone doing magic with cards

Dreaming of a cat vomitong break glass

Dreaming of a white snake with black and red colours on it

Dead person giving candle in the dream

Dream of a dead husband disheveled hurt and cut on the eye

Dream of a dead husband cut and disheveled

Dead mom giving my friend biscuits for me

Dreaming of huge of people infrastructure not of me

Dreaming my sister is standing in my bedroom

Deputy president calling me and saying he shall call soon dream coming

Dog licking husbands anus

Dream of a black seed

Dead wearing blue dress

Dreamed rebucked somebody with holy ghost fire

Dead person with a broken wing

Dajjal and ayat al kursi

Dead mother giving you keys

Dreaming your spitting but you wake up with spit on your pillow

Dreaming of your finger get measured for a ring

Dangerous women

Dreaming of dead person giving you sanitary pads with blood

Dream of clitoris

Dreaming of hand

Deceased love one green shirt

Deranged wife

Dead woman asking son an umbrella

Dreaming about my evil step father

Dreamt of having five bags of groundnuts means

Dead father being alive and sick

Dreaming of a white snake with red and black colours on it passing between my legs

Dreaming of a white snake with red and white colours on it passing between my legs

Dream dancing on a floor and beeing cheered up

Dream singing

Dreaming of you on your buttocks dragging

Dragging my self on my bottom in a race

Dream of me grabbing my ex wife by the neck because i was angry with her doing something evil concerning child support that would cost me money or it would cause us to lose a desire and loved house

Dream of black spider fall from your vagina

Dreaming husband touching a naked women

Dreams snake removed pulled from third eye

Dreaming of pervert husband

Dream of my niece being raped

Dream of my nephew being raped

Dream of flying over roof tops to escape danger

Dreaming of baby rabbits

Dirty blond woman

Disvirgin a girl in dream meaning

Dream about my dead grandmother wear white clothes and she very young and beautiful

Dreamt of killing people

Dream of a specific address

Dreaming of best friend being president

Dreaming of lizard coming out of your vagina

Dream about getting sorghum for seed

Dreamed of shoe fell inside gutter

Dreaming pushing blocks in a wheelbarrow

Dreaming of getting sorghum for seed from someone

Dethrone as a leader

Dreaming about a car that licks petrol

Dethrone as a king or leader

Drinking alcohol dream in sleeping in

Dreams about digging fish from the ground

Deceased person selling artificial jewellery to me

Dreams about ex husband

Disvergin a girl friend in dream

Dream of your daughter being raped

Dre of your daughter being raped

Du k

Dreamt of dustbin

Dream of gadget

Dream of being offered a drink

Dismendal head

Dream wlth mother lakshmi

Dreamnt of travelling

Dreams of husband stealing stealing

Dreaming of someone stabed

Dream interpretation of your lover wearing torn clothes and living in a shack

Designer cardigan too big

Dismemberment staples

Dreaming of our lady of fatima

Dream meaning fall in the ocean with the baby

Driving a military bus

Dreamed when am a prostitute

Dead father in military uniform

Dead father ij military uniform

Duck killed a snake

Dog jaw

Dead person throwing someone stone

Dreamed of eating koki

Dead person as puppet

Drunk fighting

Dreaming of red and white oval beads

Dream giving herbal medicine to a small boy

Dreamed of my dead mother combing my hair

Dreaming of your pastor scolding you

Dream meaning of receiving money from a governor

Dream house with big pillars

Dead cousin riding a car

Dreaming about someone else having their neck broken

Dead person asking for potatoe

Dreaming of making dough

Dreaming about fritters

Dreaming of kissing your late mothers hand

Drinking tea with deceased

Dead elderly statesman in a dream

Dig a large hole and found clean water

Dining in a palace

Dream about planting rice

Dead person who is thin

Dead person wearing dirty clothes and thin

Dream of seeing face in sk

Dream of seeing face in sky

Dream about sick mom in a dark room

Dream about sicl mom in a dark room

Dream about mom in a dark room

Daughter making bake

Dream of angel flying

Dream husband lap was full of semen

Dreaming of a two dollar bill

Dead mother number

Dead mother showing me a spinach in a garden

Desire to eat red soil in a dream

Dreaming selling diesel

Dreamed a germination of crop at the field with grandmother

Dreaming of passing through a certain place that always has snakes

Deceased mother walking away from you

Dreaming of over cooked sheep head

Driving into reaver

Drinking palm wine with family

Dream seeing a baby in a coffin

Dreaming of yourself with sangomas singing along with them

Dreaming my dead father trowing coins on ground

Dream number of rhino

Dream about naked girl cousin

Dreaming of current president crying

Dreqms a big brother being molested

Dream of daddy long legs interpretation

Dream of tying wrapper

Dumpster diver

Drinking juice from a fruit

Dreaming of mixing flour for pasteries

Dream of my wallet falling in the water

Dream of rash buttocks

Drinking what taste like cola from a sachet

Dreaming of mad person

Dream of low grades in theology college

Dead invites me into his house

Dreaming eating with your sister

Dream of seeing your mum pregnant

Daughter bleeding from the head in a dream meaning

Discarding pads

Dream of a posho mill

Drinking dog milk

Dream a suitor gives you avocado

Dreaming someone is giving cashew

Dream of seeing car driving itselft to ocean

Dream about demons playing tricks on you

Dreaming about lot of raw small jackfruit lying on the ground

Dream about jiggers in the leg

Dreaming of eating muti

Dream that me and my friends is drinking garri

Dream about my car being stolen and being recovered

Dreamt about my car being stolen and recovering it

Dreamt about my car being stolen and recovering it from thieves

Dreaming of washing menstrual blood out

Dream of descending a big tree

Dreamt my baby was paralysed

Dream of pulling strings out of your vagina

Dream see im on my mosquitonet

Dreaming of pastor giving you pieces of five materials

Dream about seeing yourself dead in a brides dress in a bathtub

Dead person wearing yellow shirt

Deceased mother giving me blankets

Dreaming of a khakhi dress

Dreaming seeing inkanyamba face to face

Dream about a best friend who lives far away

Dead person in dreams giving fruit

Dream about plucking nice ube meaning

Dreaming about fingernail re appearing on kid finger

Dreaming about charm

Dream of irvingia fruit

Dream of family hiding things and lies

Dreaming of family lieing

Dead people getting married

Dream of having sex with a cat

Driving out control bus

Dreaming of needles and my ex boyfriend

Dreaming of beating a dog

Dream about giving women oral sex

Dream explosion

Dreaming of getting baby diapers for free

Deshi chula

Dreaming of a mad woman collecting my dress

Dreaming of moon water

Dream a dead person give you a bank card

Dreaming of blisters on vagaina

Dream neighbor as big dick

Dark clouds gathering at night

Dentist and goldfish

Dead mother hanging out wash clothes on the line

Dreaming of wearing nun attire

Dreaming wearing new nun clothes positively so

Dreaming of wearing new nun clothes to meet the boss

Demon out of your window

Dog with cancer

Dreamingvabout black dog with thyroid cancer

Death of boyfriend in freak accident

Dreaming of sleep crust in your eyes

Dead person taking a clothes from me

Dead ox

Dream about conducting in bus

Dead mother asking for apple

Dream of a trucking floating in the air


Dream of picking turkey berry

Dream about zulu ceremony

Dream about a ticket because not wearing a seatbelt

Dream of sandalwood powder meaning

Dreaming of washing samp in a sink

Dreaming of seeing drum filled with water

Dream about wearing fully black standing inside near the door means

Dream paper money

Dreaming when having ameal with the pope meaning

Dream wight big rabbit

Dream wight big rappit

Dreaming of a snail

Dreaming drinking umqombothi

Dream of a man on a dark horse in the sky

Dream of a man on a dark horse in the sky clouds had like dirt or sand mixed people running around scared

Dream of man on a horse in the sky

Dream of my spare tyre

Dream of my spare ttre

Dreaming of lots of eggs in a bucket

Dream meaning loosing pink paper

Dead brother vomiting in a dream

Dream of poisonous snake turning into a fish

Dreaming of a broken banister

Deaming catching many catapillars

Dreaming of seeing boys coming back from initiation school

Dream of how to close the harmonium

Dream of someone giving me herbal drink

Dream of being eaten alive by a bird

Dream of truck

Dream about seeing thali in my neck and im unmarried

Dreaming of a doctor telling you that you are pregnant

Dream meaning of catching bigfish with fishhook and the fish swallow and cut the hook

Dead white meat

Dreams of a female rappers

Dram that black substance was coming out of my body

Deceased mother in law with eyeglasses on

Dreaming grass harvested for thatching and in bulk

Dreaming dry grass harvested thatching and in barlk

Dreaming of a clean cute big pig

Dead person watching fireworks and she clapped her hands while watching

Dead person wearing reading glasses in dream

Dream about climbing sand

Dream of putting my car fire out with soil

Dreaming of two moons

Dream of birthing and empty sac

Dreaming about a mad man sucking my breast

Dream about gathering dog shit

Dreams of having a stroke

Dear mother black hair on comb

Dreaming naked babby

Dream about nutshell

Dreaming of wild medlars

Dream of unlocking the phone

Dream collecting cowries big and small at the seashells

Dream of deceased father buying shopping items

Dreaming of nutmegs in a bag

Dreaming of a bag of nutgeg

Dreaming of broken mother durga idol

Dreaming about being intimidated

Dreamed my daughter was in a flame of fire and i seen her in flames

Dream that my daughter was being burned

Deceased mother and living sister

Dream of receiving gift at marriage ceremony

Drinking abe hayat in dream

Dreaming yourself in a kraal full of cows

Dreaming about your three lovers

Dreaming muthi

Dream that some are goin to die

Dreaming of zcc man or woman

Dream that some body are goin to die

Dreaming of zcc

Dream of some body dieing

Different colour bags

Dry autumn leaves

Diya light going off

Dreaming when am bleeding blood from my private parts

Dead bodies wrapped in plastic bag

Dishonest to family

Dream shaligram emerge from neck

Dreaming of big empty kraal

Dreaming of big empty kraal and mother standing outside fixing it

Devil sticking you with his pitch fork

Dreaming about someone chanting

Dream of eating a healthy diet in church while others are watching

Dream of eating a healthy diet in church

Dream with deputy president

Dog and grasscutter in dream means

Dreamed that someone made me a voodoo cake and was trying to get me to eat it

Dreams of people who have passed

Dancing in air