Driving fast on top of water

Dreaming of a bird flying backwards

Disembark a cruise ship

Driving into the back of a car

Dream interpretation of tie rapper half body

Dream of gnuts seed

Dream of mixture of grain seeds to be sorted

Dreams of motorcycle

Dream meaning of husband coming from abroad

Dream of chanting radhe radhe

Dream tower cellsite meaning spiritual

Dead father giving me clothes in the dream

Dead father giving me expensive clothes in a dream

Dream of blood coming from my penis

Dream about jack fruit seeds

Dreaming of dead prime minister with hammer

Dream of shooting a red rooster

Diamond finger nail

Deceased relative handed me an orange

Dream about red peas soup

Dream about

Distribute the cooked meat of lamb to the people to eat

Dream about eggs hanging in the tree

Dream meat braai

Dream of someone trying to collect ur handkerchief

Dead red bird

Dream meaning of a whose

Dreaming of flying among northern lights

Dream of two men

Dream of someone shooting someone

Dream about president

Dream brother aplogizing

Dream plent of powpow fall down continously from the tree

Dream alot of ripe powpow fall down continously from the tree

Dream alot of ripe powpow falling down from the tree continously

Dream church building is collapse.

Dreaming of water and saint

Disvigin a girl in dream

Disving a girl in dream

Dreaming of someone giving me maize

Dreaming of making love to blind man

Dream given money by sister in law

Dreaming of my dead aunt and asking her to buy me a rosary in israel

Dead person half naked

Dream of mother-in-law selling her small grinding stone and it big hand and you crying y she sold it

Dream meaning of falling in a pit of human feaces

Dream of blowing conch shell in front of idol

Descending on a stick

Dead uncle chasing me

Dreaming of dead threatening you

Dreaming of dead person bitting you in a horrible way

Dreaming of dead person bitting you while floating in water in a horrible way

Dream of clothes being swept by the river

Dream of clothes being swept away by the river

Dream about agreeing of mom for love marriage

Dream of being enstooled

Dreaming large tamarind tree

Dead peole kissing forehead

Dried cassava

Dreaming dead people kissing you in forehead

Dream about a golden statue

Dreaming of a worm

Death of friends wife in dream

Dream about daughters failing in school due to bad influence

Dream about unmarried woman wearing mangalsutra

Dreaming about washing my period

Dry tarmarind bunches in three dream meaning

Dreamt of the carabao chasing me

Dreaming your own introduction ceremony

Dreaming of your ex telling you something

Dream of paint with my old periods?

Dead father in dreams building new house

Dreaming of wearing a cream n red color dress with lover

Dream of growing rice

Dream meaning sweetheart promising of gold

Dream meaning someone promising to buy you gold

Driving through a road between sea

Dreaming i. m standing in the farm

Dreaming about pounding maize meaning

Dreaming of fishing in flood

Dreaming of seeing a two short women in my dream

Dream of former boss giving you money

Dreaming about green peppers

Dreaming of cloves

Dream of seeing crates of eggs

Dream of fire infernos

Dream about nice apartment with fertile farm land around

Dream of seeing mad woman having sex

Dead person throwing you a stone

Demon with tongue

Dream about pubert hair

Dreaming of relative coming back from abroad

Dream meaning of cutting periwinkle

Dream about singing in a church choir

Dreamt of helping out a light brown (complexion) lady i know

Dreamt of helping out a light brown lady i know

Dreamt vedio chatting with my ex

Dreamt of a lady who was light in complexion whom i ended up helping out

Dreaming of a light skinned lady whom i ended up helping


Decease person playing billiard

Dream of shaking my head



Dreaming of a dead relative carrying suitcase

Dream while praying for a dead and raises up

Dream of moving on a queue

Dreaming of someone making palm oil

Dreaming about a prophet pouring anointing oil in my mouth

Dream of cut in my left palm

Dreaming about a black bird talking to you that you are pregnant

Dream of being anoit

Dead father seen spitting in dream

Dog discharging in my dream

Dream meaning when someone puts sindoor in my head

Drinking water from the ground

Drinking water

Dream about tarred road

Daughter in killing her mother in law

Dreaming of a widow

Dream my sister back from overseas

Dream eating cassava leaf meaning in is

Dream of the church with american flag outside

Dreaming of many glosbe

Dead person pregnant and in labor

Dreaming of a death person telling you she is thirsty

Deceased person

Dreaming about mob justice

Dead husband letting you go

Dead husband hold me from elbow to hands and let go

Dog bites on penis

Dreamed of swimming in river fulled with feces

Dream about giving money to a friend who is dead bcs he ask so he can pay someone he owes means

Dreamed ephod

Diamond given by dead person

Dream if having sex and woke up with pain womb

Dogs sexing

Dreaming dogs having sex

Divine images

Deceased mother giving money

Disposing bags full of guns

Disposing a gun in the dream means

Departed love ones holding a potato

Dream about preparing non veg in grand father house which was not cooked fully

Dream of receiving dirty money

Dreaming of brangay chairwoman

Dreaming of unknow currency

Dead grandfather but vomits in my dream

Deceased mother sweeping in a dream

Dreaming of a chairwoman

Dove hung over the head

Dream sawing adobe hung up a head

Dues not cleared

Deceased who has gained weight in a dream

Dog barking at a tiger and tiger is silent


Dream gatherings plenty of lime

Disposing used sanitary pads in my dream


Dream that dog bite off penis

Dream of spots on face

Dreaming for a baby wearing rosaries

Drinking water with a clay pot

Dream interpretation about sky

Dreaming arathi to a widow

Dream of two pestles

Dream of your spouse see you being sent on an errand

Dead give you a cap

Dream interpretation black nose bleeding

Dream of picking breadfruit and coconuts with my boyfriend

Dream of break pestel whills pounding

Dream of break pestel

Dream of seeing long pretty false hair

Digging sweet potatoes

Dream of getting sweet sugarcane

Daughter open back wound

Drinking white liquid dream meaning

Drowning eagles

Dream of walking away from a madman

Dream of running away from a mad man

Dream of seeing my dead co_wife look very beautiful and they said she did not die again

Dream of being naked in a lot of rain water

Dreaming of prenup

Double self

Dream of disrespectful child

Dusty yellow hood

Dream of trapped butterfly in spiderweb

Dead person wearing mala

Dead bodies floating in water

Dream of a already dead person with a noodles

Dream of a akready dead person with a noodles

Dirty environment

Dream buying fanta

Dream bu

Dream of human face in the cloud


Dream of beads on your hair?

Dreaming about tiger, black panther and lion

Dream about someone rebirth or my rebirth

Dream about taken bath in a cemetery

Dreaming cooking sadza

Dream meaning of rubbers trying to steal hair

Dreaming of seeing a lot of cooked beans that have been left not eaten by people

Dreamt giving back gift to the giver

Dreamt seeing cow footprint

Dreaming feaces

Dreaming my husband as president mean

Dreaming of seeing money coming out from the vagina

Dream about gold fish

Dream meaning of mother mary head broken

Dream about stealing hair accessories

Dream of stealing hair accessories

Default t shirt

Dreaming of eating food

Dreaming of ganga matha

Dream of sprinkling urine

Dreamed a precious gems

Dream of capturing a crab and tied it up

Dream of my friend having sex with my boyfriend

Dead person suffering

Dream about over cooked rice

Dreaming of heavy rains with thunder and lightning falling but not reaching me

Dreaming being raped

Dreamig pawpaw

Dream about palm weevil

Dreaming of mango and pawpaw

Dreaming argueing with separated lover mean

Dreamt seeing gallon of palm oil

Dead person bringing green bananas

Decapitated pet in dream

Dream of red boiling blood in a mud pond

Dreams of basils

Dreamt seeing fresh green flowers and weeds in bloom fl

Dream of preparing palmnut soup

Dreaming of my house burning

Dream about people giving dress

Dream of formal president

Digging up charm

Dream someone sucking the vagina

Dead person givinng shoes in dream

Dreaming of a phone thrown in fire before blowing up


Dragging carabao

Dreaming of seeing naked butt

Dream interpretation of getting bangles as gift

Dead chicken in a dream

Digging gold in dream

Dead person constructing house


Dream of getting scallions

Dreaming about me want to wear my mother shoe

Dream of q girraffe being butchered

Driving a car with my sister

Dream of number given by a president

Dream of being given ph

Dogs face

Dreaming of waiting a gift for my birthday

Dreaming in a dark road

Dreaming of driving motor at night

Dreaming of a president giving me his number

Dreams of fountain flowing from a palm trees what does it mean?

Dream meaning dissolving

Distributing tasbeeh in dreams in islam

Dreaming about your brother calling you on a video call

Dark clound covering mountain top

Doors opening up in the sky with bright lights around it

Dream of peeling cassava in a dream with someone

Disvirgining a lady in dream

Dream about im misspell my last name

Dream of shitting

Dream of sweeping feces in the toilet

Dog sucking thumb in dream

Dog sucking thumb in bream

Dream of plain that could fly underwater

Dead mother giving ring

Dreaming about buying bengal gram in the dream what does it mean

Dream of wet box

Dreaming of digging camote tops or sweet potato

Driving downslope road

Dreaming of flying ants without wings and eating them

Dream buying pure water

Dreaming while eating macadamia in class

Dream of testicles squeeze

Dream about boys killed in water

Dreaming some one washing my feet

Donkey pooping

Dreaming about someone giving me some gold and silver ancient coin

Dead carabao dream meaning

Dream about fish guts on windows

Dream about wearing school uniform

Dream about buying a book about psychology in a library

Dreamed of three girls

Dinimg table

Dropped phone in a dirty toilet

Dreamt of someone to snatch out my son but failed

Dead person clicking my photo

Dream meat sticking on tooth

Dream og grown vegetables on agrave

Dead father in law speaking in my dream

Dreaming of two dry fish heads

Dreaming about a burning live chicken

Dead mom asking to buy shirt

Dead mom ask to buy a shirt with medals

Dead mom ask to buy her shirt with m and medals

Dream about african tribe rulers

Dead mother gave underwear to me

Dream interpretation clothed in glorious purple garment means

Dreaming about my father having another wife

Dream see 10cent

Dream of your dead father cutting up meat

Dreams of your historic crush

Dreams about events back in 1844

Dreaming of your husband with a wound in the head

Dream in which i am dying

Dream of healing children

Dream about a friend running for mayor

Dream quarreling with a co wife

Doing aarti for ganesh

Dead person giving brass

Dream of some one nicked in the dream

Dream i was quarreling with my elder sister

Dream of banana steam

Dreaming of dead father giving you coin

Dreaming about having sex in river

Dream of small fire

Dream of visiting by a religious person

Dream giving offering

Dead father showing his peni

Dreams about traveling while finding police officers

Dream someone giving you a well wrapped white t-shirt

Death news of specific meaning

Dreaming of princess diana

Dreamt my girlfriend gave me money

Dream of seeing myself in a church gathering

Dream riding a bicycle and knock a goat and it die

Dream of diya in temple gong off

Dreaming with millet flour when my mother giving to her mother

Dream of dancing and being sprayed money in d dream

Dream that you dead grandfather pic is broken by someone

Dreams about human shit


Dream of thypoon

Dream of thypoon and kid

Dream an incomplete house

Dream of sucking woman virgina

Dirty pampers n gutter in bathroom

Dead person puts hand on head in dream

Deaf person

Dead person wearing a yellow saree

Dream of gifted a cowries hand band

Dream about disco light

Dream about disco night

Dreaming of wanting to cross the river with lots of green grass in it

Dreaming of a presitent giving me my proof of payments

Dream eating cowdung

Daughter half shaved head

Dead woman cutting up abd giving me sugarcane

Dreaming of unripe plantains

Dream meaning of voritting iron

Dashing money to children in the dream

Dead person giving salt

Deafeting the thief

Dream about to were mala

Dream of a tree full of african chewing gum

Dead man asking for my footwear in dream

Defecate in the dream

Dreaming cutting sheep head

Dream interpretation of helping old friend that frustrated me in the past

Dreaming of brass water

Dream about going to sell jackfruit

Dreaming one pair of slipper is broken

Dreaming of seeing someone falls and die

Dreaming of eating all kinds of pasta

Dreaming of eating anything pasta

Dreamsgained weight

Dream of seeing someone in a gown

Dream of seeing someone in labour

Dream of being in your birth town

Dreamt flying in a green vegetation

Date crowded restaurant

Dreaming people congratulate you

Dating stranger

Dream about dead glass cutter

Dream of picking white stone

Dream of picking white stone underwater

Dreaming when your refusing to do something you dont wanna do

Dreamimg when ur refusing to do it

Dreaming of seeing a big lorry truck

Dreaming of a big lorry truck

Dreaming of a big truck

Dreaming of a president giving me his phone number

Dirt on legs

Dreaming about giving fenugreek

Dreaming of plucking unripe pepper

Dreaming of someone giving me a suppository

Dreaming of being sodomized

Dark shadow with glowing eyes

Dream of picking and picking up nutmeg

Dirty utensils in a drawer

Dreaming of sore on your body

Dream of being hugged by a mad man

Dog sucking my penis

Dream of my late mother telling my late husband to marry

Dreams about skin bleaching

Dream kajal eyes

Dreaming of seeing a fudge

Dreaming of depositing money

Digging dead bodies

Dreaming of your cousin being killed

Dream cutting off branches of a sugarapple tree

Death threats

Dreaming of dead father fetching water in a well meaning what

Dead father took my paint brush from me

Dead father took my pain brush from me

Dreaming of dead person wt candle

Dreaming trypophobia on my brothers body

Dream of bring pregnant

Dreaming about my high school boyfriend

Dream of hair plaited braids

Dream about my separated wife wearing a torn pant

Dead father wearing yellow

Dead person wearing henna

Dream of olden days grind stones

Driving maroon car in a dream meaning

Dreaming malunggay leaves

Dream of picking small white stone in water

Dead person wearing my cloths

Dholl puri and kheer

Dreaming about yellow and white paper flying

Dreaming of husband apologizing for all the hurts he has caused you and promising to be good

Dreams of fetching water .with a bucket in the river at to bath at the side of the river

Dreams of fetching water with a bucket in the river at to bath at the side of the river

Dreaming lame people going to church

Dream meaning of seeing your cowife

Dream of eating akara

Dream of eating akara given by someone

Dreaming of vegetables

Dream of wife coming to collect her belongings and finding you in bed with the husband

Dreaming of an important person

Dreaming a zulu costume

Dream giving out soap to someone

Damp house in dream

Dreaming of monopoly mone

Dream meaning of stapler

Dream giving someone a stapler

Dream madman asking for food

Dream of seeing a person with chicken pox dream interpretation

Disappear pot dream meaning

Dead man giving spoil bread

Dream of being the goal keeper catching all the balls

Drank chilli water

Dreamt lost

Dreaming of white discharge with blood

Dream of jalebi in pregnancy

Dream of unknown womans death in a cars accident

Dreaming about your husband wearing un ironed clothes

Dream of someone penis with wound

Dream about swan on top of a cow and lamb mean

Dog spirit

Dream of my husband in maids bed

Dream of my huaband in maids bed

Dig gold

Dream about sharing food with sister in law

Dream of house on mountain top

Dargah snakes

Dreaming you speak english language

Dream of cheating daughter in law.


Dead wants to wear 3 watches

Dream dead wants to wear 3 watches

Dreaming of buy groundnut the cooked one

Dreaming of praying in a masjid

Dream about cooking soup with stock fish

Dream of biting guava with white worms

Dream about western union office

Dream about western union

Dead person inviting in wedding

Dreaming about your uncle giving you money to buy fire wood

Ded father give me a new clothes

Dreaming dowary occation

Dreams of walking n suddenly floeting

Dream of a friend named esther

Dream of wax apple

Dead relative recite astagfirulla

Dreaming of one percent

Dreaming about seeing my son so tall

Dream meaning of eating uncooked egg

Defecated on pillow

Dream seeing my and my neighbor picking breadfruit

Dreaming about mad fish

Dream picking ackee to sell

Dream of full silver moon and calm sea at. night

Dead woman asking saree

Dream of your pastor given you white mantle to wash

Dream of washing cloths meaning

Dreaming being separated from family

Dead body passing stool in dreams


Dream meaning of given money by apolitician

Dad mother using my. half of my perfume