Dead father cones as monk

Dogs and cats lost

Dream of folding blankets

Dream meaning: dead

Dead uncle wedding

Dream about being kidnapped

Dreamnt barbing someone hair

Dream of bed drenched in water

Dreaming a friend

Dreaming about a younger version of someone


Dreaming of carrying bread in a basket

Dreams at the ocean with a big moon and fiancee

Dream of some one pour oil in my hands

Dream of buying a grass cutter in the dream

Dreaming bolo

Driving on a flooded road against the current

Driving on flooded road against the flow

Driving against the river

Dream of a chasing a monkey that is holding avocados

Dream of a chasing a monkey


Dream of jumping high and fear of falling while trying to hold onto something

Dreaming about passover in the bible

Dream of wearing no underwear in public

Dreaming about a celebration for royal people

Dreaming of a little brown cow

Dream splitting wood

Dead woman celebrating birthday in dream

Dream splitting wood in front of people

Dead person decides to marry

Dead giving me a ring

Deleted all messages

Drive home

Dead body meaning dream

Dreaming given traditional medicine to drink

Dead person chasing me in my dream

Drink tabelets

Dreaming about funeral and coffins

Dreaming of a boiled egg coming out of ur stomach

Dreaming having sex with a shemale

Deceased friend has given birth

Dream of selling my shop space

Dream of killing crayfish

Dreaming of deceased person taking shower

Dream meaning of cassava fermentation and dewatering it

Dream of bread in water

Dream meaning of palm tree mushrooms

Dead mother naked in the dream

Dirty chicken house

Dreams of you healing someone

Dream about my innocent brother arrested

Dreamt when food is stuck between my teeth

Dead father gives clothes to wash

Dreaming of mother got betrayed

Dreaming of having sex with your pastor meaning

Dreaming of a pastor and his wife meaning

Dreaming of albino girlfriend

Dreaming of a powerful sango a talking to me next to calm water

Duck sitting in my shoulder in dream

Dream of puri means

Dead in lava

Dream of hoe

Dreaming of having scabies

Dog eating flies

Dress throw water

Drumsticks buying

Daughter’s ex

Dream of dead grandmother but can’t see her face

Dream that someone is touching vagina

Drinking honey in the dream

Dusting shoes in a dream

Dream seeing number in the sky

Dreaming buying black pots

Dead mother groomed in red saree

Dog peeing on my bed

Dreamt drinking water from a sangoma

Dreaming of hawking

Dreaming about eating grapefruit

Dreaming of sto. niño and a number 2 and 14

Dream meaning of pulling puts out of your ear

Dream of being in kraal with cattles


Damaged tiles

Damaged flooring

Dream of picking ripe sweet sop

Disgusting abdomen

Deformed abdomen

Dead laughing

Dream of husband having a baby with another woman

Dream of $368,000.00

Dream of pension

Dream meaning of seeing a green rope being tied to a pillar in shrine

Dream of an old lady cooking pea soup with fish and offering me some

Dad showing me cassava

Dream of broken drink glass

Dream about jumping barbed wire

Dream matrix

Dead husband hold hands with another woman

Dream meaning of seeing a building foundation

Dream about seeing bofrot

Dreaming of rectangular black box

Dream of my husband name means

Dead mother in black saree

Drinking milo tea

Drinking milo tea in a dream


Dreaming of a cat spitting out a small fish

Double headed

Dream meaning of a big dog

Dreaming of my husband wearing a torn black jean and red underwear

Dream mourning clothes dirty

Dreaming of my baby in falling from my hands down the staircase

Dead people holding ur hand in dream

Dead giving red juice to drink

Deceased person gives turmeric

Dreaming of someone showing you a hairline product

Dead person asking for clothes in dream

Dreams like making dosa

Dogs mating

Dream of dog turning to tigar

Driving a car backwards

Dreaming of my daughter getting raped

Dream of sailing away alone

Drinking gari in a dream

Dream interpretation in islam

Dreaming flesh and dirt coming out of the vagina

Dreaming about cooked cabbages

Dream playing with my boyfriend sisters

Dream of driving illegally

Dream of crawling

Dream of walking in a wooden local bridge

Dreaming of shit smeared on your body

Dreaming of someone who has bewitched you

Dreaming about ma wife giving me poison

Dreaming of a baby die

Dream of ayyappa swamy

Dead relative calling your baby to come

Dreaming while making chapati

Dream of being late to church

Dream interpretation of vomiting pins in a dream

Dead person being cold

Deceased mother asking tea in a dream

Dream about a sangoma mean

Dreaming of praying for blind person and got healed

Dream of seeing keke

Dry markers

Dream of begging for food

Dreaming my dad who is dead along ago naked while i was crying and singing while watching him

Dreaming about boarding a ship

Dream of seeing someone drunk

Dream about sto nino in a bad face

Dreaming and been swept away by water

Daughter had twins

Dreaming about extreme violence

Dream five bags of rice on ground

Dream five bags of rice ground

Dog number in dreams

Dream of preparing biryani but rice was in sufficient

Dreaming when moving on truck full of woods with other people

Dreams and meaning

Dreaming of atis

Drinking garri with groundnut in dream

Dream about your loved one excreting faeces in a pot in front of you

Dream of animals having sex

Dreaming of having sex with transgender without knowing

Dead body in swimming pool

Dream of your marriage while fasting

Dreaming of sitting on first row

Dreaming of sitting on first line

Dream of you leading a bible study

Distressed woman ghost

Dream seated next to a rich lady with a child

Dreaming of eating corn

Dringking of pab in a dream

Dream of pounding cassava fufu

Dreaming of dried mopane worms packing them in plastic

Dancing in rain in my dream

Dreaming of temple with blessing from preacher

Dream of intimacy

Dreaming your coat burning in a fire

Dead holding staff

Dead person holding a staff

Dream my dead aunty washing a white shirt

Drowning in grains

Dreaming about sex

Dreaming about harvesting millet

Dream meaning of raw meat from someone not enough

Dream of provisions

Dreamt of having two suitor

Dreamt of a dog getting breast fed

Drying of simsim seeds

Dreaming seeing person died

Dreaming ntikoloshi

Dreamng of clean garden

Diamond crown

Dream about a dead person having sex with you

Dream of someone giving u a lotion and bag what does it mean

Decorated metal

Dream of a winged horse carrying you in the river

Died person ask for food

Dinner on a lawn

Dream of cows and goats in the house

Dream of cows

Dream of having sextuplets but only 4 survive

Dream of being pregnant with multiples and having to decide if we try to keep them all or let some go

Death of a long time friend

Dreaming about amasi

Different colors of threads

Dreaming some many peoples fight with soliders and i was trying to escape from the fight but one of the soliders get shot from the left hand and i help him

Dreaming of seeing my mom and sisters eating

Dream of cows in sea

Dream fighting and winning against a whorlwind

Dead person seem as pregnant

Dreaming of dust hair

Dreaming about receiving hairbrush

Dog biting in the vagina

Dreaming drinking alcohol

Dreaming ghosts holding you down

Dreaming children in room

Dreaming burning green chilly

Dreaming a chief

Drink water with hand

Drink with hand

Dreaming earth cracking

Dreams of mangalsutra on neck of an unmarried girl

Dreaming of carrying heavy table and moving

Dead cooking so much food

Dream of sucking indian man pennis

Dreaming of my deceased friend getting married

Dream of someone plucking soursop for me in the dream

Deserved son playing snooket

Driving car on railway in dream

Dream of being paid school fees

Dream about giving birth to a girl and latter turn to be an egg

Dream meaning of seeing dika nut fruit in a tree

Dreaming river dried as i am taking a bath meaning

Dream of wheelbarrow full of oranges seed

Dream of stranger floating in the air

Dream of animal calling azan

Dream about a break a cooking stick

Disposal,sanitary pad in d dream

Dead person attending wedding of their children

Dream of wearing a gown

Discharge semen in a dream?

Dream about eating taro

Dreaming of flower

Dance in church

Dream of pounding fufu

Dead father giving me a ride

Dead person sick

Dreaming of baby dumping

Dreamt of negro female and having intercourse with her

Dream of eating fish

Dream of eating fish and sharing it with a beggar

Dream of spirit touching my virgina

Dream seeing black smoke rising

Dream of my grandmother combing my hair in my dream



Dead brother holding my baby

Dreaming of painting red on the roof

Dream a river with carabao

Dreamt about husband having sex with his cousins

Dead person with construction workers

Dream of attend aarti in temple nd their i see many idols of different gods and shivling also

Dead grandmother asking for money in the dream meaning


Drinking water with maggots

Dry hard hands

Dream of karrupan

Dogs attacks

Driving through a narrow bumpy muddy road

Dream mean of rotten peroer

Dreamt of an old woman praying for me means what

Dream of running

Dreaming im pregnant

Dream face painted blue

Dream of face painted blo

Dead man laughing with me in a dream

Dreaming of worms comes from your vagina

Dried gourd plant in dream

Dried gourd plantbin dream

Dead mother with swollen legs

Drinking water and eating raw rice


Dreaming were you call someone your phone catch fire

Deepam turning off

Dream meaning about collecting pebbles from my breast

Dreaming a baby

Dress scattered in my room

Doing something against your will

Dead person that is now alive

Dead person hungry

Dreaming of someone crying with one eye

Dream of picking loquats fruits

Dream of adult brother being a child and looking sick

Dirt in my bed

Daughter in law entering the house in a yellow saree

Dreaming of may daughter crying and seeing her naked and got rape with my father

Dead teacher

Dream wearing ex t shirt

Dead man asking for juice

Dead father in law asking for food

Dream of being replaced by someone

Dreaming of my hair covered with butter

Digging a grave of a dead person in my dream

Dead person give you a gift in a dream

Dead worms coming out of my body

Dress floats in water

Dream of selling kuli kuli

Dream about strawberry

Dream about someone i love and i see1:44:44

Deceased father taking your mother for mehndi application

Dreaming about ants

Dream of eating amla fruit

Dreaming about antd

Dreams seening ducks mating

Drawing a cow

Dream of god mantra

Dream of kunkum

Dream crumbs in bed

Ditch in a dream

Dreaming about removing fish scales

Dreaming of unable to sleep


Dress neat and cutting meat

Dream about swimming on waves

Dreaming to fly

Dream of entering keke napapa

Dreams pulling snails out of belly button

Dream about someone washing your feets

Dreaming angle frying in the sky with trapent

Dreaming angel in the sky singing a trapent

Dreaming about giving collection in church

Dream of a 4 legged pot

Dream that werewolf wanting me to be his mate

Doing shopping with boyfriend and friend

Destroy or falling electricity pole

Dream of admiring other people clothes means what

Dream of rosery

Dream of children saying rosey

Dream of children saying the hail mary

Dream of hail mary dream

Dream of dead huging you

Dead using finger to mark a cross on your forehead

Dead mother boiling water

Dreaming about selling shawarma

Dreaming of volcanos

Drinking sperm in a dream means what

Dream that jesus wearing crown of thorns

Dreamt of neighbor given me food.

Dream about compound


Dream in jeopardy

Dreams of eating sadza

Dead father giving me jewelries

Dreaming of beef bone

Dream of giving someone money

Dream of clean clothes

Dreamm of clothes

Dream of clohes

Dream ushering at church

Dreams about masturbating

Diya turning off

Dream of falling into gutter and being helped by your dad to get up

Driving car on pile of clothes

Driving car on lots of clothes

Dreaming being given money in a white plate

Directions from prime minister

Dreaming about pounding mahangu

Dreaming of the death of 4 male students

Driving in backyard

Dream and pee in bed

Dreamed of ex-husband penis

Dreamed my ex-husband showing his penis

Dead budgie

Distribution of meat on the floor

Dream of shifting

Dream snd pee in bed

Dreaming and peeing in bed the same day also ejaculate in bed


Dream about peeling cassava with someone

Dream abaut deported

Diamond in dreams

Dead relative hugging u

Dreaming of old boss in current work place

Dead oerson hugging u

Dreaming of an ex man friend giving u a sack full o fcc mealie maeal

Dark and frightening inside the church

Dreaming of an ex boyfriend who is naked

Dead of triplet babies

Dreaming of a text from the dead person

Dog without a tongue

Dream of snake in someone vagina meaning

Dirty house dirty yard and can’t find the person what does it mean

Dreamed that i was looking for a person find the house dirty and the yard dirty and can’t find the person

Dream of looking for a person and find the house dirty and the yard dirty and can’t find the person

Dream of squirting of milk

Dream of being giving african star apple to eat

Dream about cemetery fear

Dream of seeing my self

Dream of my brother wear my cloth and became mad

Dreams of a snake running away from me

Dreamed of the beautiful white stones covered the mountains and all over the place. like a snow

Dream giving her soap

Dog toys

Dream hiving somebody soap

Dorm setting with mixed genders

Dorm setting

Dream of transparent fishes swimming

Defeatless warrior

Dead person wearing white cloth

Dream of cooked ewedun

Dream meaning of ex wife been pregnant


Dreamt of holding a bulls balls then a bull came and sniffs it then started chasing me


Dream of swingers orgy

Dream of mandazi means

Dream see my baby father is a gay and i ask him and he ignores me while spreading a sheet in a bed and i sit in a chair and started crying. my son hugs hm and was talking to him and he answrred

Dream of seen high wall wide

Dream of ripe sweetshop

Death person being sick

Dreaming of having 2different cereals

Dreaming of received cereal

Deceased grandfather with white cloth over shoulder

Dream of delivering a placenta

Dreamt about being give a bag full with money

Dream building cracked and open

Dream of my mother getting fat

Dream if hearing myself giving a talk

Dream having long pony tail

Dream having long gold hair

Dead person says goodbye to me

Dream having long hair

Dreaming about electrol shock

Durga maa visarjan in dream

Dreaming its my birthday with my dead paremts

Dead mother gives land

Dream about beating tokoloshe and it died

Dirty white clouth

Dreaming of pee at mosque entrance means what

Dreaming of someone who once gifted me something

Dead mother wishing my hair in a dream

Dead father eating sweets

Dream about your love partner in an orange dress

Does it indicate you are pregnant if you see walnut in dream

Dreaming of your husband giving you a new dress

Dream kissing by a prophet


Dream of destroying cobwebs around me

Dreaming of my father soul give me money paper

Dreaming of soul of my father giving me pa money paper

Dream about picking chayote

Dance with kinner

Dog pees

Dahon ng malunggay

Dahon ng

Dirty water garbage

Dreaming monggo beans

Dream of your ex husband taken away all my belongings in the house

Dreaming of a wife of a boyfriend

Dream of plantain

Death of politician

Dream of licking vagina in dream

Dream of indian woman

Dream of burning oneself cloths

Difficult family situations


Digging taro in the garden

Doors without handles

Dreaming when playing netball and scoring goals

Dream of son in garbage

Dreaming of a faceless husband

Dreaming of bestfriend wedding

Dying of thurst

Deceased husband leaving in the dream

Dream of forehead kissing

Dream of buying palm kernel oil

Dream of plenty dried cray fish

Dreaming of getting back together with my ex

Dreaming of walking with a sangoma

Dead person attending wedding in dreams

Dreamed my husband had condoms in his jean pocket

Dreaming burning used sanitary pads

Dead mother joking laughing

Doing security in a church and burial ground

Dream of people clapping me

Dream of cooking garry

Dollar notes in a dream

Dream i was picking chocho

Dreaming of an american soldier

Dream of someone sprinkling powder in my yard

Dead bodies seen floating and on the sea bed while swimming in a lagoon or lake

Dream of pastor and his wife

Dreaming a dead body floating on water

Death person wearing my clothes

Death grandpa wearing my clothes

Dream about a police officer insulting me