Double sided coin

Dream of being told a dead loved one is alright

Drinking hand sanitiser

Dream of ex lover happiness

Dream of hugging a blue cow

Dream smp

Dr. michael lennox

Dreaming my boss has cancer

Dreaming driving my car with no roof

Dream eating white pudding

Dreaming about your friend mother

Dreaming of someone i know paying lobola for me

Drawers opening and closing aggresively

Damp walls

Dream of eating moringa seed

Drinking water from the tap

Dry sea land and water started filling

Dead husband in a wheelchair

Dreaming of white person

Drawn back bow and arrow at the sky

Dreaming about ayyappa pooja meaning

Dream of buying food

Dream of gathering bitter kola

Dream about your crush being abused by someone

Dream of car being towed


Dryed wheat in a brass vase

Dryed wheat

Dryed wheat flowers

Dirty burn legs

Dry creek bed

Dollar coin

Dreaming of plucking scent leaves

Dog print

Dream of collards

Dream of our lady on top of a hill

Dollar store

Drivers test

Do something stupid in dream

Driving a motor coach

Dreaming of callaloo

Disappearing arch

Dreaming of deceased mother and trying to find a bathroom and she is calling my name

Dream of deceased mother taking her to a fashion show and looking for a bathroom

Deceased mother calling my name in a dream

Dream of a babies hand

Dream about pastor in the hospital and his wife come to hurt him

Dead person holding red rose

Dream of pani puri

Dead person asking me to l

Dream of a car missing

Drawing and rubbing of rangoli

Dreaming catching termites

Dead person knocking on your door

Dream ex boyfriend sister

Dry christmas trees

Dreaming i’m a therapist

Dream of a prophet praying for me

Dream of rich person

Dream of dead person giving me gold jewellery


Dreaming of being pampered

Dream meaning of drinking tea

Dream meaning of having tea

Dream meaning of sweet potatoes

Driving a car then suddenly going airborne and spinning out of control


Driving over ridge and coming to land on four wheels

Dreamt of a presidential motorcade

Dream with a urinary catheter

Dancing like a snake

Dream of passed loved ones name

Dreaming of muddy dirty water flooded

Dreamed of having sex with my grandma

Dream interpretation of helping someone with water to drink

Dog running at me


Dreaming about death

Dreaming with 2 purple passion fruit falling from above

Dreaming having a zulumate in my hand

Dead father sweeping in dream

Dead sweeping in dream

Dreaming of an idol best friends with me

Deformed sex organ

Deformed genital

Dead scorpion

Dreams about jiggers

Dream i delivered a baby and placenta

Dreaming about someone spilling mealie meal on the floor

Dream of having sex with grandmother

Drunking zobo in dream

Dream of mothing law plant

Drawn eye

Dream about having a baby

Dream about eating lamb

Dead relative whispering in my ear

Dreamed of throwing a pine cone

Dream of young man holding the pink doll

Dream of pink doll

Death month

Dreaming fighting with two animals i killed one and the other one escaped

Dashboard in dream is black

Dream preparing tea

Dead person giving gold to me

Dream of eating a sycamore fruits

Dream pedi a

Dreaming a friend of your boyfriend

Dalai lama falls i love with me

Dressing up a child

Dreamt, i was welcomed home with aarti

Dreaming of writing a music note

Dead ill fish

Dreaming of cowries

Dream about pilled egussi

Dream of calling on jesus


Dirty toilet paper on flor

Dog costume

Dream as a director of ceremony in a seminar

Dream as a mc in a workshop

Dream meaning of having sex with a witch

Dream of having seen the moon and images of god in the sky

Dead person constructing floor

Daddy long leg

Daddy long leg spider

Dream of picking up cowries

Diamond necklace with mom

Dream of birth date

Dad protecting me

Dream meaning of buying fresh groundnut

Dreamed of a female tiger and 3 cubs.

Dream of new apartment

Driving down a hiway that isn’t finished and flying into a hole

Dreaming of coming back working abroad

Desseised brother

Driving from backseat

Dream of dead princess

Drink colors in a dream

Dreaming of a marijuana tree

Dream of someone spilling drink on me

Dream of someone spilling koolaid on me

Dream of paying bus fare and missing the bus

Dreaming of whales

Dream of tamarind

Damp wallet

Dreamt i was getting married

Diseased person asking for water in a dream

Dream fast

Dream of kola nut

Dog licking belly

Dog locking belly in dream

Dreaming a lion climbing a tree

Driving rolls royce

Demon in room

Dream of seeing an open altar

Dream of crusade ground

Dead person wearing shoes too big

Dreaming of hand sanitizer pouring iut

Demanding older man

Dead father mother and grandmother at front door


Dieffenbachia camille

Dreaming of giving birth and refusing to hold the baby

Dreaming of plate

Dreaming about a dead aunt and uncle

Dreamed of rearranging the store where you work

Dream coffee

Drinking hand sanitizer

Daughter doing drugs

Drinking magnolia oil

Dreaming of capturing springbok

Dreaming of catching a springbok

Dreaming being in church in priestly clothing


Dreaming seeing a girl

Dreaming like flying in the sky

Declining sex

Doorbell ringing

Dream of grading the earth

Door slamming

Door song


Dreaming someone you havent think of

Dreaming seeing people migrating

Dream of a migration

Dreaming of people migrating

Dreaming seeing people move from one region to another

Dreaming of a snake wrapped around my waist


Dreaming about a female dog bleeding on her period

Dream meaning of sleeping outside

Dream meaning of sleeping outside the house

Dream of collecting pongamia seeds for plantation

Dream your hubby ironing your clothes and it got burnt meaning

Dream about toads or frogs

Dreaming of mountains by freud

Dreaming of cake

Dark person ascending to sky

Dream of having sex with pastor

Dream falling in love with the female traditional healer

Devil long arms hands and fingers

Dream of a written note

Dream of someone with writing on their back

Driving car indoors

Dust air

Dog with penis

Dream in a old car

Dreaming of ridges

Dreaming of selling smoked fish

Dreaming of selling smoked fish in car

Diseased person using scissors

Dreaming of hot water drying away in a drainege

Deceased person


Dogs tail and ear falling off

Dream.of many vowel meaning

Dream about your idol

Dreaming of giving snake as gift to friends

During pregnancy in dream seeing custard apple

Dreaming of putting red tika on the forehead of your sister in law


Daughter in

Daughter in green coat

Dreaming chewing sugarcane

Dreaming a death of a spiritual leader

Dead person cleaning bathroom

Dream of tribe

Dreamed about receiving a check for $33000

Dream about receiving a check for 33000

Dreaming with dog discharge

Dupatta dream meaning

Disposing guns

Dreaming of someone slaughtering a sheep for eating

Dreaming of someone slaughtering a sheep

Dream of being a nurses in a hospital with other nurses

Dreaming of a wild fat pigeon

Drawing rangoli by death woman

Dead mother roasting chicken on fire for her children

Dreaming of night time

Dead women gave me bread

Dead mother cooking and giving us to eat

Dreaming going for dowry occasion

Dreaming of being payed lobola

Dollar sign witten in the sky

Dream of lost sim card

Dream of shooting kids and then my father holding gun in his mouth

Dream of deceased husband with wine

Dream of deceased husband holding 3 bottles of wine

Dead husband in a dream

Digging sweet potatoes

Dead husband in jail and released

Dream while harvesting sweet potatoes in a farm with classmates

Dream that i was given the quit notice of another tenant

Dreaming about child birth

Dirty feet dream meaning biblical

Dream of planting money plant to your home

Dead person totally naked but healthy in dream

Dead person named but healthy in dream

Dream arrange the house

Dream about new married couple

Dream of being an army commander

Dream of eating clay it interpretation

Dream about cilantro

Dreaming of being in las vegas by myself

Dreams about locks of hair

Dream cat staring at you

Dream seeing twins

Dream cat speaking to you

Dream cat calling your name

Dream about talking cat

Dreaming about becoming an prefect

Dreaming about your previous home

Dreaming about your previous job

Dream about the perfect body

Dream of folding mycloth n bedsheet

Dream of wrong medicine

Dreaming of someone paying lobola for you

Dream someone wearing red gown

Dream someone wearing read gown

Driving on a red clay road

Dream with daughter

Dead female giving red rose flower

Dead mother is blind

Dream of wearing choir uniform means

Dead mother blind

Dead father following a funeral procession

Damaged sto niño statue

Dream about talking to a political minister

Dream of mad woman asking me money in the darkness

Dream of a zulu mat

Dream about buying cooking oil and wasted in the floor

Dream about buying cooking oil and wasted in the flour

Devil laughs in ear

Dream of finding money in the bible

Dram of finding money in the bible

Dog drown

Dream of being in school and be flogged what those it means

Dream of 2 million dollars

Dream of making heap

Dreaming of disposing used sanitary pads

Dreamed girl with penis

Dreaming of waterly a graden

Dream having sex with ghost

Drinking sandwater in a dream

Dream about washing yellow dirty jerrycan

Dream meaning seeing sim sim seeds

Dead father

Dreamed purse was taken

Dreaming of san martin cabbaro pouring green bright

Dreaming san martin cabbaro

Dead uncle in prison

Dream meaning of bathing and stooling

Diamond shape window

Diamond shape

Dreaming with sisal

Dressing official

Dead brother gives you a cutlass

Dreaming of rice

Dead relative gives you a cutlass

Dreaming of picking a lanzones

Driving with a dead famous person

Digging to find lot of black worms

Dead loved one is alive in dreams

Dream of broking dry wood?

Driving new red chevy

Dream of older lover


Dead jumping 2 step comming up

Dream graveyard sorrounded with torch


Dog laying on porch and barking

Dream about going for picnic with deceased father

Dogs penis

Doing arti in a dream

Dream of seeing my tombstine

Dead person having a baby

Dry half eaten maize

Dream interpritation husband fell unconscious and lost control of his bowels

Dream about my daughters dad and my ex

Dream about a burning scalp

Dead person unhappy

Dream of taking fish from the pot to my pan

Dreaming of seeing a dead person you know sweeping

Dreamed my vagina felled out

Dream about hawking

Dream about picking up dandelion seed

Dead husband asking for food

Drinking tea on the beach

Dining with a dead person in a dream

Dream catching white ants

Dream of a relative and yourself with cake around mouth

Dreaming while eating kalo food

Dreaming while eating millet

Digging an unknown grave

Dream of seeing egusi soup alone

Dream of beads and ditaola

Dead brother begging me money


Dream of heaps

Dead uncle

Dreaming of your friends having baby girls

Dreaming pigs in living room

Drying wife clothes

Drying my wife clothes

Dream of kissing my girlfriend in the back seat of a car with are heads above water

Dead dad giving and fitting new clothes means

Dream of discussing with governor

Dreams about slaghted chickens

Dream of man

Dream of street man

Dreaming of vagina discharge

Dreaming 1/5 fraction

Dreaming at swoon

Dreaming ruined cake

Dream of amacimbi

Dead person was alive and wearing green shirt

Dream you grinded maize flour in a bucket means

Dreamt of setting traps on a farm

Dreamt of seeing snails

Dreamt seeing empty borehole

Dreamt seeing dry borehole

Doll attacking me

Dream of boyfriends brother giving me a hickey

Drinking laundry detergent

Dream of palm oil lamp

Dish rack

Dead ppl underwater

Dreamt of misspelling a word

Dream of sex with goat

Dead person attending a wedding

Dream of an unknown person blowing in my ear

Dreaming of my dead step father

Dreaming about guns

Dreams and webs

Dead squirrels

Dead grouse

Dreaming my sister inlaw moving into my house in with me

Dreaming my sister inlaw moving in with me

Dream partner ca t sleep

Dreams about strangers

Dreams about crying

Dreams about baking

Diyas in dream

Daughter in law cooking

Dreaming eating jackfruit

Dream about a big white house


Dream of home with gold

Dream seeing leeches in bedroom


Dream see my baby father eating lizard and offering me some from lizard soup

Dream see my baby father drinking and offering me lizard soup

Dog bleeding

Dreaming a dead person giving you a pink dress

Dreaming about selling boiled eggs

Dreamt seeing money in the drawer

Dog drinking water means

Dirty toilets when you have to poop

Dead purple bird

Dreaming black oil come from you

Dream of a heap of white powder

Dream of bathing in cooking powder

Dream of cooking powder

Dream of white powder

Dream of powder

Dream of power

Dog baiting my clothes

Dream of your elder wearing your jersey

Dog goat fight

Dead celebrity

Dreams about church

Disc herniation

Dream of ukwa

Dreaming of propheress driving a car

Dream meaning of walking with my wife naked

Dreaming of picking wooden pegs at church

Día de los muerto

Drinking water dream meaning

Dirty vagina

Dreaming seeing two empty calabash

Dreaming of two people fighting and later separating

Dancing inside the ocean

Dreaming a hole in my body

Dreaming of jackfruit means boy or a girl during pregnanant

Dropping 2 empty cups

Dead person put tika in forehead

Dreaming of dead people who is alive at present

Dining with dead person

Dream of cowries in hand

Dream meaning of truss

Dead person serving food and i atr

Drivng a car

Dreaming about helping an ex cover up a murder

Death of a person who is actually alive

Driving fast in the dark with no headlights

Dream of sweetsops picking and eating

Dreaming grandfather sitting in a bench

Dreaming blackjack weed sticking allover my clothes

Drink wine from a chance

Dead uncle giving rice

Dreams about subtracting numbers

Dreaming camel breastfeeding

Dream my friend had hickeys from another woman

Dack and water

Disapproval from others

Disapproval from others, even friends

Dreaming that your wife is critically ill in the hospital

Dreams about football

Drunk in church

Dream of brushing my hair

Dreaming about making chapatis and mandazi

Dreaming about dedicating

Dreaming about deficating

Dog ear fell off

Dreams about the president

Dead person wearing all black

Dream someone about cutting my wrist

Dancing happily in the dream

Dreaming my boyfriend paying bride price

Dream about mirliton

Dream of biting your own tongue

Dead grandmother

Dream of deceased father sweating

Dead person vomiting in front

Durian fruit.

Dreaming of having a white baby boy

Death date

Dead person offering me food

Dreaming a dead pastor you know

Dragon bones

Dream of a lot of shoe box’s

Dream of dirty clothes under a bed

Dreaming of necklace diamonds

Dream of necklace with brown stones, diamond and sapphires

Dream of a celebrity

Dead father slapped me on the face dream

Door slammed

Dream of a sick coworker

Dad dreams

Dreaming of provision