Driving lesson

Deep throat

Deceased husband happily eating peanuts

Deformed chicken

Dreaming of thatched roundhouse

Dream of somebody give me cloves

Dreamt of sucking oranges given to me b

Dreaming of your friend being deaf

Dry fish pepper soup pot dream meaning

Dream of coworker weving my hair

Dream meaning of living with my pastor son

Dead mother waving through a window

Dead person closing a drawer

Dream of carrying garbage

Dream of many owls inside the house

Dream of someone else from the distance that is blur

Dream of a dead person eating osyster

Dead mother giving numbers

Dreaming of a white girl person

Dream about apply vaseline on your dry feet

Dream someone wearing white bra and pant

Dream of an animal half wolf half lion

Dreaming of walking with a carabao

Dreaming of a lion and a wolf

Dream of traveling in an airplane

Dog sucks fingers

Dragon fruit in dream

Dreaming of eating atchaar

Dropping pot lid

Dreams interpretation eggplant

Dream of injection on shoulder

Dreaming who dead giving you shoes

Dreaming paralyzed baby

Dream of being an invigilator of exam

Dream of repeating the word omnipresent

Dreaming your partner in bed with someone else

Dream of seeing a white painted house in the sky

Dream about throwing my clothes in the toilet hole

Dreams about giving birth to a baby with dimples

Dreams about giving birth to a baby boy wit

Dreaming of seeing a house in the sky that no one else can see

Devil stabbing you

Dream about shedding flesh and seeing bones

Dreaming about to be slapped by a mad man

Drowning clothes in dream

Dream of grand or baking

Dream about playing sex with my mother

Dreaming of doing asoebi for a friend

Dream about picking annona fruits

Drinking sweet juice

Dreaming chased by bantfu bemanti

Dream about shooting and your are not seriously hurt

Dream of giving birth to boy at home

Dreaming of yourself gaining weight

Dreaming of my pastor eating in my house

Dreaming of nephew chain in both his legs

Dreaming of seeing the madman standing on my way

Dream paying transport and adebt

Drowning in vomit

Dream sex with sister

Dreaming about yanderes

Diesel flowing through hose pipe

Dead person and house

Dreaming of eating the dogs meat

Dark blue river with a bridge

Dog hanged to death from branch

Dreams you found helper

Dead uncle driving my car

Dream about bambra nuts

Deas womandressed in bridal getting married

Dream of war veteran

Dressing white clothes

Drown in ocean with treaure box

Dreaming of carabao eating grass

Dreaming of your baby lost

Dream of a queen of england daughter

Dream of a sharp knive

Desert needle


Dream about dad wearing torn clothes

Dream given a bible

Dream in water

Dreaming about old lady

Different colored eyes baby girl

Dreaming my late husband groping my bottom

Dreaming your sister in the sea

Dreaming of being late for exam

Decyphering symbnols

Dreaming small rizard in a right palm

Dream of colleagues being promoted

Dead cow pig chicken at your doorstep by ex lover

Dead person salam

Dropping phone in toliet

Dream sex with neice

Dream cooking rice and beans together

Dreaming giving adead person keys

Dreaming of someone removing jiggers

Dwarf being normal size

Deceased husband wearing wedding ring

Dreaming mad man giving me money

Dream with chicken winking

Dalmatian dog with chicken sitting on top

Dreaming of cleaning a plane

Dead friend wearing a military uniform talking


Deliverance in a dram

Dreaming of wearing a beautiful floral dress

Dream of painting walls cream

Deceased father wanting to take a shower

Dreamng pink chicks

Dream my dad ride a motorcycle with me

Dreaming of picking snails in the rice field

Dreaming of not want to apologize

Dont want to apolgize

Dead daddy words on bandage

Dreams of aghori baba

Dreaming of envelop and inside it maize and dirt

Dream about drinking garri with sugar

Dream of my late mother carry yam

Dream a white woman in white dress

Dreaming about a golden throne room

Dream dead rich man give me jewelry

Dreams of carrying calabash

Dream of ltr f

Dreaming women in white communion dresses

Dream of cat killed hen

Dream of burning dry tree leaves

Dream of cats mating

Dream about homosexual husband

Dog throw away pot of food

Drink sweet potato water

Drunk sweet potato water

Digging soil and clean water xome out

Dream that a wealthy woman is beheaded

Dead mother lighting a candle

Dead mother lighting a birthday candle

Dreaming of marking off bingo numbers

Dandelions twisting my hair

Dandelions twirling my hair

Dream burnt photo of god

Dream of father in coffin

Dream your are at the alter half naked

Dreaming of talking to a spirite on beach

Dreaming abt swimming and suddenly water dries up

Dark tan skin meaning

Dreaming of a red cloud

Dead person buying chocolate

Dream of cooking with love

Dream cooking with love

Deceased parent licking dream meaning

Dream somebody through a golf ball to me

Dreaming of dry maize field


Dream of eating omena

Dream riding a motorcycle

Dreaming of buying fresh okro

Dream of adead relative naked

Dreaming of adead relative naked

Dog pig fight

Dream of giving someone a invite to baby shower

Doing me a favor

Dreaming of water tank collapsing

Dream abt carry a dead person alone

Dreaming goats having triplets

Dream about aman indian man opening a door for me

Dreaming of a house full of naked kids

Dream of using muthi

Dream fingering a colleague

Dreaming eating cow tribe

Dream as my friends husband expired

Dreaming about ripe mangoes on a tree

Dreaming of a dead peron under a tree

Dream about given whale tooth necklaces

Dad feeding me a bite of food

Dreaming of saint vincent ferer

Dreamed me and my deceased husband was at a beach house and talking about his future

Dreaming of dead sister getting sick

Dog cutting off my penis

Dreaming of thob

Dream meaning of seeming someone hawking cook rice

Dreaming a lady means

Dream about a neighbor house foundation

Dream about a dog walking in the ceiling meaning

Doing your hair

Dream bone pocking skin

Dreaming or a gore

Drifted away

Dream of a full drum with water and paper money at the bottom a lot of money money at the bottom

Dream of reconnecting with ex

Dreaming paster praying for my pregnancy and tell me the date of birth

Dreaming about sun glasses

Dreaming about your mother being hingru

Dream about your pastors daughter

Dreaming about my gobela

Dream vomiting white beads

Death of mentor after giving birth

Dreaming of an unmarried pastor

Death person gives ring

Dream about someone being left out

Dream about leprosy

Dreaming shit in the toilet

Dreaming coojo

Dreamers bliss

Dog pet duplicate

Dream of cousin mad at me

Dream interpretations sex with deceased grand mother

Dead relative dancing dream means

Dead mum washing my hair

Dreaming the taxi marshall saying my name

Dreaming about a girl who has a child for your boyfriend

Dream of bandaged toes

Dream of starch food

Dreaming of umsamo

Dragged behind car

Dead people travelling in train dream interpretation

Dreaming about hatching eggs

Dog peeing in my face

Dream about a church

Drinking gauva tea

Dreaming of long teeth

Dead parent give cucumber

Dream that i was packing up some old cloths because i was going to look wprk

Dreaming of standing on a rock beneath clean water

Disappearing and reappearing

Dad wears suit with flowers

Dad wears a suit with flowers all over it

Drowsy lioness

Dreams of being mocked

Dreamt of pastor wear my sweater

Ded man smoking cigarettes in the coffin

Dreaming my right leg on the foot burnt having that water called mollo wa badimo

Deceased mother angry with me

Dream about something telling me my future husband name

Dreaming your son angry at you

Dream meaning of cow stomach

Dog goat and buffalo running

Dreaming pigeon has three heads bathing in a clear river

Dreaming you are in jail

Dreams of a forest

Dream of cake fight

Dogs out of control

Dream of riding a yellow keke

Dream of seeing a butterfly pins

Dip toes in water


Dreaming of someone telling me to teach riddles

Dreaming of sucking pussy

Dreaming of police horse road block cycling

Dreaming of hubby having sex with his own sister

Dream meaning of giving a mad man food and eating with him

Dream meaning of registering for jamb

Dream of blood brother and sister having sex

Dream of some one frowning

Dog attacking mangoose

Dreaming of pus coming out of your vigina

Dream of pouring water on charcoals

Dreaming of white ladies

Dreaming of unexisting creatures

Dream of having a ancestors ceremony

Deceased father dream

Dream holding traditional bones

Dream of birds with flowers bringing to me

Dream holding ditaola


Dream of old landlord

Dream of exchange of phone

Dream preachi

Dreaming of buying a microwave

Dream of palm oil in the keg

Dream off dasheen and eddoes

Drinking water in the dream indicates

Dream clean compound

Dream eating pork

Dreaming that ur sister z going abroad

Dirty baseboard in bathroom mean

Dreaming making peace with your cowife

Dead naked body of your mother

Dream of getting seat in college

Dream of finding a hole in my daughters head

Dream of being initiated

Dreaming snake inside my clothes

Door fire

Dreaming about buying white vodka

Dreaming of blood clot in a tooth

Dreaming that your vagina has puss

Dreaming about your husband refusing to drive you but he drives your friends means what

Dreaming being persude by a pervert

Dreaming about teacher checking

Dead grandmother sleeping in my bed

Dreaming of sitting in a stop car and rice at my side

Dlmacadamia nuts

Dark fugue with glowing eyes

Dream of having a blister on my head

Dream interpretation of eating chapati

Dream of ugu seed

Dream of receiving chapati from a previous wornk

Dismantling of under construction mosque

Dreaming of my buttock

Dreaming of someone giving you lots of money

Dream of climbing ladle

Dead relative buying you a gift in a dream

Dreamt of saving a goose

Dandelion puffs

Dreaming my girlfriend had sex with another guy

Driving through a prism

Dreaming of vagina falling off

Dream of seeing a mad man

Dog pet

Dreamt i was walking with my dead dog

Dream of boil on son

Deserted mall

Dream talking to hr manager

Dreaming of phone throwing in a hole

Dreaming of my late grandmother giving me a perfume

Dogs blocking my pathway

Dreaming about being left behind

Dream about denying someone to touch your hair

Dreaming of seeing your parent in a coffin

Dreaming giving the dead tea

Dream of a dead woman in the family gives me pieces of orange

Dog bites ferret

Dreaming going to a sangoma house

Dreaminterpretations travel auto raksha

Dream carried on tall guy shoulders being a kid

Dream of boyfriend giving me a jersey

Disvirgin person in dream

Dreaming of finding a mariamma temple

Dream of the husband

Dream of getting back withe my exhusband

Dream of getting back with the ex

Dreaming about mountains trying to come down

Dirty suck

Deceased hot

Dead loved one naked

Dreaming of your dead sister saying its to hot for her

Dream of chains as a weapon

Dream about a person wearing an iron mask

Dream of farm fibre

Dream of kissing the pope on cheeks and seeing flashing white lights

Dream of meeting the pope and kissing him on both cheeks

Dead baby seal

Dreaming of your boyfriend having sex with someone

Dream i was inside oprahs house but my ex was there eating

Dreaming of wind is blowing up my skirt in front of my pastor

Dream meaning that my mother is sucking my dick

Dream of a big eye on the sky looking at me

Dirt basement filling with water

Dreaming of hearing first kalima in the sky

Dreaming of delivery truck full of soldiers

Dreamt on train with deceased husband

Dream of having a weavon shop

Dream about having a new weavon shop

Dreaming of reaping meal meal

Dream my late father throwing me

Dreaming of a night vigil

Dream of my cousins

Driving up a big hill

Dream of been chased

Dreaming of mother wearing new tailor made feminine dress

Dreaming of mother wearing a new tailor made feminine dress

Dreaming of mother wearing a new feminine dress

Dreaming husband returning home after separation

Dreams of white washing

Dreams of white washing lines

Dead giving me gold necklace in the deam

Dreaming being most loved in a poligamy

Dead person giving a gold neckless

Dead mother giving me hair extensions

Dream about dishing up food for friends and family

Dream about blue car

Dead mother wearing green dress

Dream about a bat giving birth

Dream of my pastor plaiting my hair

Dasheen leaves dream

Dream of taking care of a sick baby boy in the hospital

Dream wearing a rust ring

Dreaming when am with a king but he was in bud health

Disposing used sanitary pads

Dead father giving salt

Dream of my mistress is pregnant

Deceased grandpa giving me a car as a next of kin

Dream about full head hair turning into locks

Dreaming barbel fish in muddy water

Dreaming and riding a bicycle through a water

Drinking milk with my ex boyfriend in a dream

Dropping pelvis

Deacesed boss drive car

Dreaming about seeing a successful person

Dreaming about seeing dreaming about seeing a successful person a celebrity or a successful person

Dream of a garden

Dreaming about seeing a celebrity or a successful person

Dreaming loasted meat inside plastic bag

Dream of cooking eru and garri

Dream of weeding grass from a grave

Dreaming of a glass of water

Dreaming that i had to drink ice cold water

Dream of bite by madman

Disappointed in a wedding

Dreaming that i needed ice cold water to drink

Dreaming of violence

Dead of toads

Dreaming while selling ga kenkey

Dreaming when u eating izindoni

Dream sim card blocked signifies

Dreaming about someone giving me muthi

Dreamt sangoma prophesies me

Dream of going to work in a wrapper

Dreaming of different bank cards

Dreaming abt muthi

Dream about eating african chewing gum

Dreamt off someone owing u and paying u

Dreams about plucking and eating cashew fruits n the dream

Dream of pig with open mouth

Dreaming about giving a girl your phone number

Dreaming about custard apple during pregnancy means

Dream meaning of daughter calling

Dreaming of a bulldog and white chicken

Dreaming talking to megan in the royal family

Dreant megan in royal family i am getting potos and talking with her

Dreaming of calamansi on my hand

Dream of saint lazaro

Dreams of us mail truck

Dreaming of a moulana

Dreaming of a slaughtered sheep then next disappearing of the sheep

Dream meaning of cleaning up a spill on the floor

Drinking from hands

Dreaming of moon give out the beads

Dead mother climb wall

Dog with collar with bell

Dream my mother eating sadza

Dead person slapped

Dream of a marae in my home

Dreaming naked in front of co workers

Deceased ex husband and tree names

Dog snatch bone from me

Dead father chasing me with cutlass in my dream

Dream of maggots coming from the vagina

Dream about being shot by the narco in mexico

Dark matter

Dead relative brother

Dreaming of my self with my ex lover

Dreaming of afrend leaving a good life good house

Dreaming of afre

Dreaming that your friend has carried a heavy load of flour

Dream interpretation of someone giving me satchet water

Dream that energy is saving me

Dream that you told your cousin he was a dunce

Dream you told your cousin he was a dunce

Dreaming of cowife in my house

Dreaming about co wife talking

Dreaming of visiting dargha

Disembodied heads

Dream yelling mom from my children

Dry birthday cake

Dog humping me

Dog bumping me

Dreaming that i struggle to take my clothes off

Deleting my photos from someone phone

Dieing fish

Different colour glass

Deferent colourg glass

Dreaming of my husband protecting his side chick from me

Dream meaning of imfe

Dead person appears angry

Dream of washing ur face

Delivery pain

Dream of wearing a new belt

Dead mother withholding food

Dreaming about a blue ring

Dream about black brunt bird

Dream of seeing naked black man

Dream about a naked black man

Dream of eating kojo

Dream about a shopkeeper refusing to sell me an item

Deceased mom renovating house

Dream about cutting plantain leaves

Dreaming that your spouse is having hair under his feet

Dream of a black and a white cray fish

Dreaming of a chaotic environment with lots of people and clutter and feeling very sleepy

Dream my child was putting things up her butt

Dreaming job interview

Donate old clothes to chariry

Dropping off quran

Dream about wearing torn white converse

Dreamt of cooked cocoyam leaves

Dream about blowing toxic gas

Dead father wearing all bue

Dream of putting food in a fridge

Dream about having a muscular body

Dreaming about engage in lesbian

Dream of shooting stars

Dream of people being baptized by a giant man in a deep river

Dream of ogbono tree with fruit

Dreaming my pastor praying for my navel to heal

Dreamt with people washing sufurias

Dream about hanging electric wire

Dream of my dead grandfather sleeping

Dog teeth marks in fingers

Dog sucking on my pinky

Dreaming about blue snake

Dead man giving me shoes

Dead n

Dreaming playing hand football

Dream about simsim protection from bad weather

Dreaming seeing madora

Dry kapenta meaning in dreams

Dreaming of buying new simcard

Dream of lakshmi idol falling down

Dream about dead husband in a black suit

Dreaming of someone paying brideprice for me

Dreams of eating dagaa

Dreaming of a pawpaw tree falling on a man

Dream about new handkerchief

Drimeng about agore

Dreaming of gomti

Dream of a crochet needle

Dreaming when am washing cups and plates

Developing wing then lifting two people to safety

Dreaming of picking guinea fowl eggs

Dog food lots of it

Dreaming eating head if a cow

Dream where my wife pot of soup was poured on ground

Dreaming when you are walking around with a baby

Drinking pepper soup

Double leg figures

Dreaming a lion bittng mie

Dreaming of a hindu wedding dress

Dreamed of downloading information

Dead person on wheel chair

Dream of late dad gave me some guns and i put them in an angle of the house while my father laid down with his army camoflag and helmet on

Duendes killing your family

Dreaming my older dead brother wearing army uniform

Dream of someone putting muthi in my food

Dreaming your daughter has fallen into a septic tank

Deceased grandmother giving me land title

Dream mature beans

Dream my brother has run mad

Dream on spreading wet clothes and it started raining and you started packing them out of rain

Dream of okpa

Dreaming of pumpkin seeds

Dreaming when i having sex with my ex girlfriend

Dreamt seeing a baby rubbing vaseline on d bed

Deacing and someone was spraying me

Dream about hanging out with a dead relative in the woods

Dreaming of dead husband lock my belt

Dream u borrowed a guy your short

Dreaming of a jembe

Dreaming one of your breasts rotten

Dead husband digging hole in basement

Disvirgin a white woman in the dream

Dog is rescue from in water

Dream of wearing a ceremonial uniform and inspecting

Dream looking very big sweet potato

Dead father gives malt to his first son

Dream of climbing to the ceiling

Dreaming a friend from abroad came to visit

Dream of small stones in clear water

Dreaming about blackjack weed

Dreaming about blackjack allover the coat that i was wearing

Dogs adoption

Dog eating my cooked meat

Dream about burning wallet

Deeam about eating pani puri


Dream about my neurophysician is interested in me in my dreams

Dead relative holding whit paper

Dream sleeping in the garden

Dream of processing red palm oil meaning

Dead person with no clothes

Dreaming a green bell pepper

Dreaming of seeing and talking to saint peyer

Dew rain

Dream of son and ex girl crying

Dream of happily walking and eating peanuts

Deam meaning of finding my old shoes

Dreaming of my ex girlfriend giving me one thousand

Dream of ex boyfriend leaving a love letter

Dark clouds with faces

Dishwasher dream

Dancing with a nutcracker

Driving over a cliff in water with my daughter

Dreaming of someone giving you paul kruger coins

Dreaming of someone giving you paul kruger

Dreaming of temple without idol

Dream about being expelled from work

Dreaming of throwing away cow dung

Duppy dream

Dream of buying a vase

Dead person holding knife

Dreams of someone giving me money with holes on the money

Dead grandmother holding bread

Dreamining of you cutting the chicken

Dreaming of my dead partiner admitting he is bisexual

Dream of my husband crying over his dead exwife

Dancing couple

Driving car without seat

Dreaming a dead man biting me on my breast

Dream of a white cow chasinng you

Dream of doing lesbian with another female witch

Dog in a cave

Dream about someone wearing your clothes

Dam breaking surviving flood

Dreaming being kidnapped along with my wife by the group of kidnappers in the car while walking on the street at night

Dreaming while playing your best sport

Dreaming while playing your best game

Dreaming of dead sister


Digging the well and water comes out

Duck breast feeding

Dreaming of giving a mad man fruit

Dream of agidi meaning

Dead people in dream ex husband and mother

Dirt tree branch in ceiling

Dream about assembly grounds

Dried mucus from mouth

Dream of vibuthi

Drem of vibuthi

Dream husband is in a coffin

Dream of catching mad fish

Dream dead people painting white in your classroom

Dream trying to run away because of shame

Deceased father giving you matches

Dog bites snake

Dreaming of my dead dad sleeping next to me

Dream of my man using umuthi

Death sentence of a friend

Death sentence dream

Dance half naked

Dreaming women wearing white holding chickens

Dry lime in the dream meaning

Dream of carrying load or my business on my head

Dreaming poop myself in bed

Dreaming that you excreted poop on self in bed

Dreaming that you exerted poop on self in bed

Dreaming about white person

Discussing with a governor in a dream

Dream being naked in fron of family

Dreaming of rain is heavy with fish and chickens meaning

Dreaming of rain is heavy with fish and chickens

Dreams of water mixed with feaces

Dreaming about bocotora for sale

Dream of water in bronze pot

Destroying unripe banana in dream

Dreaming about gold and it turns to a color red soil

Dream of som

Dreaming mother in law naked and seeing private parts

Dog feedjnv

Dropped my phone in a bucket of water by mistake

Deceased father chasing me

Dad with cane walking self down aisle

Double headed nickel

Death priest was alive

Dreaming of about your wife

Dream about someone chasing the

Dreaming being in coffin wearing wedding dress

Dram about ex carrying a red handbag

Dead person calling you on phone

Dead tree with new leaves

Dreaming of picking sim card

Dreaming someone died

Dying mom

Dream of sharing salt and sugar to people

Dream interpretation of buying iru

Dream of buying iru

Dreaming of my baby daddy bald

Dream coriander leaves

Dreaming about fruits in the fridge

Dead sister anxious

Dead sister writing my name

Dream of a cousins x husband

Dream of seeing tropical almond

Dream about picking dilly

Dreaming of dead coming out of prison cells

Digging termite

Dhatura tree full of fruit meaning

Dream of arguments

Dreaming when i cannot lift two jerry can of water

Dreaming of late father giving your boyfriend water

Drinking acertone

Digging after catfish

Dreamed of a world pool with my wife and daughter told them to relax in the middle of the world pool in the ocean

Dream of underground river

Dead person alive into ceramic statue

Dream of toilets that i have realise your self while you are sleeping

Dead uncle kiss me

Dead relative wearing flurecient green shirt

Dreaming of black dogs

Dreaming of washing ur menstrual period in a toilet

Dream about chief and elders

Dreaming packing red meat

Dream about elders and chief

Dreaming of snail during pregnancy

Dreaming of picking a snail in the burning bush

Dream that your brother returning from abroad

Dream seeing your brother returning from abroad

Dreaming selling intestines

Dreamed of boss saying my name

Discharge of the ear

Dream about god being homophobic

Dream about mob stick broken

Dreamed my baby daddy was gay

Dreaming attending a funeral of a deputy president

Dream of niece crying

Dizionario sogni

Dreaming of your late father asking you to tell your younger brother what to do

Dreamt of receiving money from a politician

Dreamt about my dad who has passed away he wanted me to play a song on a cassette player for him

Difficulty in writing in an examination

Dreaming of someone promising me money for a business

Deleting setting app

Dream about new born baby sister

Death in roller coaster

Dream of washing the face with clean or dirty water means

Dream a army was seating and accounting money in my father land

Dream about carry woman hair

Dream of my dead father driving us and the car had a break down

Doing ruqya in a dream

Dreaming of rainbow crystal

Dream of killing catapeller

Dreaming a friend being dead

Ducks in my hands

Dreamt i stool a peeled pinapple from the market

Dream of carrying my neighbors wife on piggybank

Dream of seeing kulikuli

Dreaming of getting my shop stolen

Death in dreams

Dating fat woman

Dreaming my bf bought me sanitary pads meaning

Dream about ojukwu palm fruit

Dreaming of purple tiger waltzing around my parents

Dead person in hospital

Dreaming of house breaking

Dreamini of your bugler bars do broken

Dreaming of a robe full of diamonds

Dreaming of house breaking at home

Dream of looking at plant root

Dreaming of owl

Dreaming ofowl laying eggs

Dad father rape me

Dreaming of girl named mikayla

Dzi bead dream

Dreaming about jail doors opening

Dream eating okpa

Dead father giving vegetables

Dead father giving m vegetables

Dead father giving me vegetables

Dreamed about my mother confess

Dream about mad woman love you

Dream of growing hair on my tongue

Dead person wearing purple and a bracelet

Deceased older brother

Dead uncle hungry and cold

Dream of me wear a ash colour clothes

Dream about my kid being sodomized

Dreaming of a man who is not my husband

Dream about honey flood

Dolls moving

Dream of picking up casenut

Dream of book of proverbs

Dream of meeting distant girl freind

Dream of meeting distant gurlll

Deformed yellow bird


Dreaming about a silver insect with a scorpion tail under the bed

Deceased supervisor

Dream about the tunnel under the pointed finger nail

Deceased mother brushing my hair

Died person inside the coffin

Dream about having a wedding

Dalandan fruit tree

Dead mother lifting me up

Dead mother waiking me up

Dead mother waiking u up

Dead mother wailing u up

Dreaming of introducing your self

Dreaming husband sucking my breast

Dead mother bathing

Dream of preparing unripe plantain with garden egg stew

Duck statue

Dreaming of a snake raping you and cum inside you meaning

Dead person cleaning the yard

Deformed clitoris

Dream about eddoes

Dead person gave me a book and subsequently dissappered

Dream about having sex with my girlfriend twin sister

Dream of finding money in your wallet

Dream of passed away school mates

Dream of dead mom wearing a wedding dress

Dead person want clothes

Day dreaming while eating yet am in the middle of a fast

Daydreamt eating

Dream of asking tea by late grandfather

Dream of sking tem by late grandfather

Dreaming about your classmates

Dreaming about familiar faces

Dream about amla

Dreaming about a mall

Dreaming about people

Dreaming about people saying kill

Dreaming about wearing weird clothes

Dreaming about threatening a man

Dreaming about a knife

Dreaming about pastor seems angry for you mean

Dreaming of pablo esaobar

Dreaming of pablo eason at

Dream meaning of washing a motorcycle

Dragon friut

Dreaming about making fufu

Dreaming of walking in publichalf naked

Dream of searching in boxes for hats

Dreaming of a person from your past

Dream of madman romance

Dreaming of having sex with your child

Decayed wound on thighs

Dead jealous

Dreaming of being in a gucci store

Dream of your self in photo agly

Dream of your self in photo ah

Dark cloud form of snake

Doctor telling me am pregnant

Drinking straw comes out of live body

Dream of seeing a funeral poster

Dream about giving husband food in the dream

Dream of picking moaned worms

Dead dad wearing my shoes

Dreaming about crayons

Dream of praying with kola nut and eat with friends

Dream chewing two miracle leaves out of three

Dead father traveling in train

Dream of receiving blessings from big river

Dreaming of a botree

Dreaming of your self crowning a women

Dream of pastor pouring oil in your mouth

Dead mother bleeding mouth dream meaning

Dreaming of buying muthi to bath bad luck

Dreaming of grinding maize in corn mill

Death man getting many

Dream of being in a rondavel

Dreaming of grinding maize

Dog eating in the same plate with me

Dream of a monkey jumping on me

Dirt in coffee

Drying a white clothe on other clothes

Drying a white clothe on other ones

Dreaming of seeing two men having sex

Dreaming seeing the head of state praying for you

Dream about fingering myself

Dark river water

Dream my sister eating cooked chicken

Dog in grave

Dream of passed uncle

Dream of seeing bugamvainlia pink flowers

Dreaming of yourself pregnant

Dreaming of fetching water from the tap

Dreaming of someone pregnant

Dream about your husband naked before your sister

Digging a hole water came out

Dreaming ex partner paying lobola for me

Dream about getting ground provisions

Dream collecting phone and the owner come and took it and return to the

Dead goat meaning in dreams

Digging on sand and water comes out

Dungs on road in dream

Dream of scooter falling into deep water

Dreaming of sun rising from south

Dreamed someone stole my purse with lots of money in it

Dreamt my food was spiked and juice

Dirty water big house

Dreaming of a rare talent that only one has and others love it

Digging ground nuts in dream meaning

Dreaming someone giving you traditional muthi to bath

Dream of losing baby on grass

Dreaming of making selroti

Dream about a red brahman

Dreaming of someone making dua

Dream a red brahman cow

Dream a bi red brahman

Dream a big red brahman

Dream about playing netball

Dreams of green mahangu fields

Dreams of green fields what is the meaning

Deaming of vivid femle face in your dream with white pants and grey shirt

Dim hallway

Dreaming of being selected

Dead father helping with oil tank

Deceased giving me cake

Dropping firewood off your head in dream means

Death person waiting for someone

Dreaming of my dead grandmother with my aunt

Dreaming when seeing sugarcane

Dream big problem instruments

Dogs inside the house

Dead body in bathtub

Dream that a death person say he is not happy with you

Dead person glass bowl

Dream my pastor behind was showing

Dead person alive and sweating

Dream of wedding date in holland

Dream of wedding date in august in holland

Dream daughter in law wearing my shoes

Dream of oversear

Dream of vomiting razor blade and blue substances

Dragon with glowing blue eyes

Dream baby with penis and vagina

Dried squid in dream meaning

Dreaming of a concrete barrier that blocks the water to come

Desired gold sandal in de dearm

Dream of ayyappa idol

Dream muscular woman

Deceased asking for inner garments

Dreaming of being in school training for nursing

Dream of the sun and moon in a dark sky

Dog getting attacked by bigger dog

Dry gungo peas with worm

Dreamt about dead stepmother

Dreaming of striking by lightning lottery numbers

Dreaming of striking by lightning

Dream my eye is crack

Dreaming washing a blanket in a flowing river

Dreams about raising yam mounds

Dreaming about disvirgining of a girl

Dreaming while beating people with sugarcanes and end up winning the battle

Dead parents came to party

Dead parents in a party

Dreaming of having five belly button

Dreaming my husband

Drug dealer shot

Disabled women

Disabled wome

Dream about starting a generator

Dream about stealing a cup cake at funeral

Dream buying a car

Dreaming my mom who passed away giving me fishes to braai

Dreaming of braai fishes given to me by my late mom

Dreaming about your clothes when still young

Dream urinating inside a bottle

Dreaming of my facilitator giving me a new laptop

Dream having a gun in your hand bag

Diesel dream meanings

Dream of holding a hoe

Dead grandfather giving me sweets in dream

Dead grandfather giving me sweets

Dream watching co wives fighting

Drowning in the river

Dreaming driving a mining truck without brakes

Dead mother attending family wedding dream means

Drinking urine from vagina

Dream of hatched eggs and nor hatched eggs

Dreaming of a used pad in my food

Dead husband laughting

Dead husband asking for bath

Dreaming of a black bird giving birth to a chick over my roof on top of my sleeping bird

Drinking yogurt

Diwali faral in dream

Drumsticks flower

Dreaming i have cancer and am dying

Dreaming of ice tray

Dream meaning and interpretation about cow entered house

Dreaming of wearing glitter gold shoes

Dream my cats tail was cut off

Dead relative opens door

Dreaming that someone is in illuminati

Dropping a bag in a pit latrine

Dream with girl classmate

Dead grandmother doing gardening

Deceased mother in bathroom

Dreaming your fingers are bending backwards by a spirit

Drinking pigs blood

Dentures from a dead person

Doctors uniform

Dogs kissing and welcome in dream

Dream of sibling surprice coming home

Dead father and ex boyfriend in my dream

Doting boyfriend

Dreaming if changing sanitary napkins

Drinking straw penis

Dream of hitting someone who was chasing me with a knife

Dream about happy kinner

Dream of being on privy

Dream of dead person asking for fish

Dreaming of deceased husband waving naked arm

Dreaming of deceased husband waving bear arms

Dreaming of deceased husband waving naked arms

Dream see a dead man naked and hiding

Dream of cutting almond tree and pluck it

Dreaming of people entering my house and shooting with a gun

Debri in beach

Dwyane johnson


Dead bleeding eyes

Dreamt of a woman named grace i dont know


Dreaming about someone being jealous for their wife

Dreaming e dead man

Dream a mentally ill man helping me to escape from a house mentally ill people

Dreaming breastless woman

Drawing water from well and the bucket fall inside

Dreamed of deceased grandmother wearing an amethyst ring

Dead person in dirty clothes

Dram about taurus