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Dreams starting with the letter D

Dead mum giving me halwa

Dead mountain lion and wolf

Dream of the backside of a cow

Dead relative came out from jail

Dream of my maid telling me that she is going home

Dream of seeing three goddess together

Dreaming a white old man

Dream of goodess

Dreaming about a marula tree and they fallen on the ground

Dreaming about a loved one drowning in a bathtub

Dreaming of killing insects with insecticide

Dream that my daughter was drowning in the bathtub

Dream of someone blows in my mouth

Dreaming about a loved 1 drowning in a bathtub

Dream of a rod leaving your hand

Dead mother giving gold

Dream of an event

Dream of sand entering my eye at the market

Dreaming with ants on a soap

Dream pastor giving you jen jacket mean

Dreaming of snake inside the underwear

Damp wall

Dragging food in dream

Dreaming mopani worm meaning

Dating mad woman on dream

Dream meaning of buffalo

Dream of chapati where the other side is too black while upside down is soon white

Dream of selling smoked fish with no buyer


Dream washing a white stained penty

Dead person taking someone to bank

Deer with wingd

Dreaming playing soccer

Duck lay broken egg

Dreaming in a flight flying

Dream if being in a party every one eats except me

Dream of seeing porridge yam in a big pot

Dream about seeing adisabled man go pick money

Dreaming someone saying that they don’t have groceries

Dancing and pouring one powder in the dream

Dead husband asking me for some money

Dreaming about a panga

Dead body in the drainage in the sink

Dead husband laying around a ditch

Dreaming of dead sisters

Dreaming your friend half naked

Dreaming dressed very clean and beautiful clothes

Dead sister talking about building a floor

Demolition own current house

Dreaming plerting your own hair

Dreaming plerting myself

Dead body covered in black

Dream of your husband hanging

Dream about planets in space

Dream of breaking river stone

Dead brother eating

Dreams of hate

Dreams of gate

Dreaming chameleon want bite you then you kill them

Dead relative and touching of faeces

Dream about dead family members

Dream about milo

Dreaming of running away from danger in fear sangoma meaning

Dreaming of running away from danger sangoma meaning

Death birthday

Dreaming ugibele emuva

Dreaming of a colourful snake licking my arm and talking to me

Driving with loved one

Dream of seeing young ladies fingering themselves

Dream of a pastor being attacked

Dream meaning of tapping honey

Dead rats being thrown on me


Dreaming of being stabbed

Dreaming of a deceased old person giving traditional charms means what

Demons and growling

Dreaming of samson

Dream of three flesh broken eggs

Dream about being in a picture

Dream about being on a video call

Dream about being on video call

Dream about using snapchat filter

Dreaming when my daughter has been raped

Dog eating chicken

Dog eating live chickens

Dream of my daughter failing her exams in dreams

Dreaming of someone being a jezebel

Disneyland alone

Dreaming about fish and chicken curry

Dreaming of fish and chicken curry

Dreaming of chicken and fish

Dream of singing in competition meaning

Dog bites goat

Dark cathedral

Dream of receiving gift from your formal school teacher

Dreaming of my wife fighting with my ex girlfriend

Driving without headlights

Dream meaning of uprooting ground nuts

Dreaming of number 17

Dream of speaking on tongues in a dream to lose someone from posses

Dream about being born again as a twin

Dreaming about classmate for ten years

Dreaming about university mate for ten years

Dream about a mother and daughter

Dream of finding ring in water

Dream of uninvited guests in your house

Drinking fanta in a dream

Dowry payment meaning

Dream i lost one of my ear rings

Dry corn

Dog breast


Dreaming of lions lioness and tigers

Dream about known person nuke

Dream about speeding msize

Discarding mothers sanitary pads

Dream about selling a product

Dream of woman praying for me

Dream about two opposite water pipes meeting at one point

Dreaming of seeing muslim cleric

Dreaming you the one you love

Dreaming that you are amazed by what you see

Deaceased people giving new chappal to wear

Dreaming my husband carrying 2 pregnant women on a motorcycle

Dream lizard enter my private part what does it mean

Dreaming that you are amazed the things you see

Dead person biting you

Dreams about devil doll

Dream about yellow colour dress buying

Drinking with the president beer

Dreaming about a man named leesten

Dream of pumpkins

Dreaming of pumpkins in the field

Dream meaning of phone chat

Dreaming about wash a car

Drinking sobolo

Dead person tree tartan

Dreaming meaning by unveiling

Dreaming getting in to trouble in a street fight

Dreaming about a madwoman

Dreaming stepmother naked

Dreaming about the moringa tree with its fruits

Dreaming of a friend mentally ill

Disarray at work

Deep well


Dream about seeing elephant in heavy rain

Dry hump in dream

Dreaming of wearing a white toga

Dreaming wearing a toga

Dream of my dead uncle alive and wants to marry me

Dream of saying thank you

Dead father drinking alcohol with me

Dying from a shooting


Dream of giving prasad to childrens

Does it mean when you dream of a deceased loved one dirty

Dzi beads


Dreaming walking on top of the white samp

Drinking water from brass dream

Dream meaning of bf wife and kids

Dream of bitten by a mad woman

Dreaming about mating snakes

Dream about removing many black board to my place of work

Dreaming of a person with three heads

Dog peeing

Dead person cut my clothes

Dreaming about picking mangoes from a tree

Dream big veil on my chest


Dream meaning of spanner

Dead uncle

Dreaming of red cross on the cloud

Dreaming of a while cow in search for you


Dream about wearing trouser without a belt

Dreaming an old woman holding a baby boy with an umbilical cord

Dream of dead father

Dreaming of your mother gives you mangoes

Dreaming of catching the wrong bus

Dogs turn into monster

Deceased person on table

Dreaming of my sister giving me muthi

Dead cat

Deade cat

Dreaming about seeing cops abducted someone

Dream meaning of 5 letter word

Dreaming of buying street food

Dream of baby one hand in a wheel

Dream of mother leaving family

Dead person wearing orange in my dream

Dream of bronze coins

Dream of pee bronze coins money

Dream of someone almost killing a dove

Dream of shadobenny

Dreaming about a horse hit you with its pennies

Dream of drinking sobolo

Dream of the holiday thanksgiving

Demon possess baby biting on your fingers

Dream of seeing nappies

Daughter drunk in dream

Drunk in dream

Dead sister marrying in dream

Dead aunt laughing with u

Dream milipid

Dreamed my boyfriend sister died

Dream of seeing green substance in a bottle

Dream of locking someone out

Dreaming of eating red soil

Dragon dream providing me his skin so that i be powerful

Dreaming of dishing samp

Dreaming seeing a tree in clear water

Dream about watering dead flowers and it begin to grow

Driving scooter in uphill dream meaning

Dead people giving blessings

Dreaming of your ancestor stop you from beer

Deceased grandmother giving banana

Dream of green passport

Dreaming of pebbles stones on your left hand

Dead relatives taking us with them

Demon tried to kill me

Deseased father with army uniform

Dream of giving slippers to a dead loved one

Dream to see dead father cloth

Dieing from a plum tree

Dream of an insect in a sugarcane

Dreaming of someone holding placenta in front of your shop

Dreamt of taking eggs from a white chickens nest

Dream of charging a cousin laptop

Dream of broken chicken bones

Dreamed about your boyfriend and his son

Dreaming seeing green young plant millet

Dream about dosa batter

Dead boyfriend

Dream of washing clay pots

Dreaming 4 men

Dreaming a sangoma giving you a traditional herb

Dream interpretation of seeing a prophet smiling at you

Dream of swollen virginia

Dead woman carrying a baby in a tax

Dream of people your farm bush

Dreaming about carrying bags of mealie meal

Dreaming my lobola negotiations

Dreaming of switzerland

Dream of someone wearing traditional clothing

Dream about wearing bride clothes

Dog throat

Defiled daughter in dream

Dead person gardening and making sewage manual

Dreaming of a nail being hammered in my head

Dreaming about you running in the forest trying to get hide your self

Dreaming about you running in the forest trying to hide your self

Dead breast

Dating my boss

Dreaming fingernails fslling

Dream of someone getting bit

Dreaming of someone with boyle

Dirty hair

Daily contribution for your village people

Devil thumb

Dead husband ask for food

Dreaming about magnetic pulling objects and people

Dream being assistance teacher

Dream of someone building a house and buying a bus

Dream of female goat

Dream of goat giving birth to twins

Dreaming of coins magnet to my self


Dead priest in coffin


Dreaming vomiting sand

Dream of jesus

Dream of selling water and people are buying it

Dreaming of catching friendly wild chicken

Dark blue and baby blue beads

Dark blue and baby blue

Deceased mother and owls and hedges being put in place outside of garage

Dreaming of drinking vodka

Dead father asking me for fifty naira

Dead dad asking for 50naira

Dreaming of my nane missing in a list

Driving beach

Dream of late wife asking for divorce

Drying clothes in a dryer

Dream of policemen pointing gun at someone

Deceased husband wearing a white suit and getting on a plane

Dreaming wearing 3pairs of my dad

Dream meaning of seeing african cherry fruit

Dirt under the bed

Duck black with no feet

Dream about a peacock

Deam of ringworm and children

Dead grandmother got hurt badly bleeding

Dream seeing myself split into two meaning

Dreaming of an old lady carrying a backet of water while i drive and pass through her and taking breaks and while thinking of giving her a lift there she is inside the car with other people and suddenly they disappeared

Dreaming of an old lady carrying a backet of water while i drive and pass through her and taking breaks and while thinking of

Dogs insides falling out

Dream of solving a division maths

Dream of solving adivision maths

Dream of dead mother

Dream of death mother

Dream about okpa

Dirty hair dream

Doorknob wrong side

Doorknob on the wrong side

Dream about having a fight with family

Dreaming being in dormitory in high school

Dead person shooting

Dreaming of my child with spots on her face

Dead person took me shopping

Dream about being inside a drum of water praying

Dirt in the vagina

Dream of giving some one a tv

Dream of deceased spouse covered in manure

Dreaming bathing with water nd rice

Dream of being a star and people are happy for you

Dream of mother mary statue burning

Dreaming of someone pretending to my husband


Dream of selling peanuts with coach

Dream of hybrid of cat

Dream of a coach bring selling peanuts

Dream if coach bring selling the peanuts

Donkey without jaw

Dead grandma alive and eating sweets

Dream of snakes

Dreaming of my late brother giving me a key

Dream of eating in the dream

Dreaming about a baby waving at you

Dead person with healty long hair

Dedication in a dream

Dream of buying clothes

Dream someone having a goat head to cook

Dreaming of someone collecting mopane worms


Drowning plants

Dreaming of bathing in dirty water and taking out baby fetus out of vagina

Dreaming of being in a bathtub bathing

Dreaming if a baby fetus

Deceased father passing stool in dream

Dreamt of being shot or stabbed

Dream catching grasscutter in the water

Dreaming of your mother that passed away and she i bleeding

Dreaming hugging a dog

Deficating in the bush means

Dedicating in the bush means

Dream of somebody killing a baby

Ded dad buy land

Dreaming of burning muffins


Dead parson wearing black clothes

Dreaming of an ex moving on with someone else

Dreaming of rainfall

Dreaming caught barbel fish and while turn into hare in a basket

Dreaming catching a barbel fish with bare hands

Dead animals

Dream of seeing moon appear and disappear in a cloud

Dream of chatrapati shivaji maharaj

Dream of seeing someone cutting grass

Dreaming of my mom telling me to wear a black head wrap

Dream wearing zulu bracelets

Dried shrimp

Dream of buying doughnut

Donkey dung

Dreaming being at the ceremony home

Dead mother hitting me with a broom

Dream of difficulty in writing

Dreams of gay man around me

Dreaming about a broken sim card

Decease parents wearing green

Decease parent wearing green

Dream two snake inside cave

Dead father trying new slippers

Dreaming my late father trying new slippers

Dosa batter overflow

Drinking milk from jar with two toads in it

Dreaming of picking green pepper

Dreams in numbers

Dead celebrity

Dreaming of a white person taking care of you

Dreaming i was a stripper showering in front of people

Deceased father riding a bike

Dreaming of my daughter being malnourished

Dead father wearing white i a former of baby i i pushed him saying he is dead

Dreaming of cute baby become a monster

Dream of crossing double road

Dream of a bird and a cat

Died person blood stain shirt i must eat

Dreaming of guava in a container what does it means

Dream of making confusions between people

Dream of carrying palm wine

Dead mother washing blankets and asked me to help hanging them

Dreaming of some woman begin naked infront of your husband

Deads are alive

Dasheen bush

Dirty water

Dreams singing a gospel song

Dreams singing

Dream of eating yam

Dreams about three tiger nuts

Daughter attacked

Daughter being attacked

Dreaming pounding cassava leaves

Dream about harvesting gourds

Daughter being raped


Dreaming of a benz car

Dreaming about ur crush

Dreaming about being in a couple with your crush

Dead father giving my daughter a key

Dreaming of people pretending to be dead

Dreams of mentrual blood coming out your vagina

Dream of dogs

Dreaming of red meat

Dream of a mad man take one foot of my slippers meaning

Dream about a lady licking my penis

Dreaming about my sister law sucking breast

Dream of leg cut off of father

Dreaming about bangladesh

Driver seizure

Dream meaning of glycecline

Dream my husband give me morter and pistle

Dreaming my brother dancing after braai

Dreaming of being in prison tunnels

Driving around with my husband who passed away

Dreaming of wearing a white doek

Dark narrow passage

Dead people falling from the sky

Dreaming of being in love with a stranger

Dreaming of having a heart attack

Dreaming someone’s name

Dead asking for clothes

Dream about a lady dancing wearing white dress in the air

Dream about red guinea corn and corn in the dream

Dream of guinea corn and corn in the dream

Digging out muthi in a yard


Driving a train on the road

Dirty shoes

Dream of a dead person alive showing her private parts

Deceased mother gave birth to twins

Dreaming about xakuxaku

Dead persons clothes

Dream of being a teacher

Driving a train dream

Dead body bandaged in dream meaning

Dream of deased sister vomiting waterloo staff

Dog smell


Dream about being given tissue paper to

Dreams of my teenage son as a toddler

Dreaming of my father giving me herbal liquids

Dreaming of my teenage sons childhood

Dreaming about your safety boots catching fire while you have put them on

Dream my sister from another mother calling me into a snake trap to swallow me

Dreamed my sister luring me into a snake trap

Dreaming about my late grandmother licking my hands

Dream of brass utensil filled with water

Dead mother and grand mother in mirror

Defending two girls

Dreaming seeing flesh beans in a farm

Dead person giving more than one orange to someone

Dream of fighting and settling with my girlfriend

Dream of a stolen bathing bucket

Dream of a roadent

Dream of a road em

Dream og grandma giving me a dress

Dead giving 4 orange to someone

Dressing a baby girl

Dream of dressing a baby girl

Dream about dirty water container

Dreaming of 2 placentas coming out when i was peeing

Dreaming of 2 placentas coming out when i was peering

Dreaming of serving food to the pastor

Dreaming of clothes in the washing line

Dream about cars with hazards meaning

Dream of riding a hoover board

Dead husband renovating a house

Dream my ex girlfriend is pregnant

Dreaming of my sister giving me clothes

Dreaming given laptop by your lover

Dream of ploughing maize

Dreaming of bitter kola

Dream with black and white clothes

Dream of waiting in a bin but you later come out of it

Dj fanta the profet

Dreaming of men asking you for marriage yet you are married

Dreaming someone cut my arm bleeding ang my son s head bleeding too with a panga

Dream about newman

Dream of cleaning broken peacan nut shells

Dream of cleaning broken peacan nut shell

Dreaming about buying posho mill meaning

Dead person being alive and attending a wedding

Dream interpretation expecting someone to give you a particular clothes

Dream carring a helicopter

Dream carting a helicopter

Dream of water flowing from mountain

Dream of mud

Drinking millet porridge

Dreamt varanus albigularis not fighting



Dream of pregnant mad woman coming

Diamond earing

Deceased mother makes you a birthday cake

Dream a boy have vagin

Dream meaning of seeing schools marching

Dream meaning of schools marching

Dreaming of my dead father blessing me

Dream of permanent residence stamp in my passport

Dream that i got permanent residence stamp in my passport and was talking to my mum on the phone and someone wanted to snatch my phone

Dreaming of blind snake

Dreaming of being hijacked with a kive


Detached waist band

Dreaming of secret society and initiation

Digging copin

Deceased grandfather hungry

Dreaming i have a pocket legs

Dream in shopping

Dream in long streaf shirt

Dreaming having a wound in my leg

Dreaming eating horned cucumber

Dreamed about to cover a carcass

Dreams of my smelling virginia that everyone left me but i washed it with water

Dreaming about my period

Drinking apple juice


Dragon and skull

Deposit money

Dream of plaque coming out of my mouth

Dream of bathroom sink full of mucus

Dreaming your lover dead

Dreaming of white tika on forehead

Dead person breathing

Dreaming that worm coming out from my vagina

Dream ofworm coming out of my vagina

Dream about pandit

Dreaming of a hitman tries to kill me n my son

Dreaming of someone who died wearing toned clothes

Dream cloth swept away by the river

Dreaming of injurt

Dog eating food from my hand

Dream 4 aces

Dreams of paraffin



Dream of walking at the center of eucalyptus

Desiring to pluck the lotus

Drinking ginger beer

Dog rope

Dream of someone who is no more washing you with cow dung

Dreaming the entire place dried up

Dream of a cave

Dead mother alive saying only i can see her

Divorce for neighborhood

Dreaming about building a kraal

Duck and chicken

Dream of smoke coming out of someone else’s mouth


Deserted town

Dreaming of crocodile and snake

Dreamt of getting sensual with colleague

Dreamt of getting sensous with colleague

Dead person asks to assist with house plans

Dogs past

Dreamt saw blood clots coming out my vagina

Dreaming about a dog wanting to bite you

Destroy snake eggs in dreams

Dreaming that you at a mall

Dreaming about a friend giving you a pot

Dreamt trowing eggs into the river

Dead person give you tuber of yam in a dream

Disassembly electronics

Dreaming am in school with my husband

Dead persons giving orange drink

Dreaming my husband having the baby boy out marriage

Dreaming my husband is having a child outside marriege

Dream of a woman of god giving me treat

Dream of giving pastor drinking water

Dreaming of a man with three feets

Deam of soul bright spot of light

Dream of flying into space and time and bright white pot of light

Dead mother doing my hair

Dreaming of people doing negotiations


Dream about sheri

Dreams about groundnutshaf in your hands means

Dreams about groundnut shells in my hand means what

Dream about groundnut shell means

Dreaming that my teeth are stuck together

Dream of racing with calabash in river with people on motor cycle

Dream of my dead father collecting kola nut from him

Dream about madman touching my breast but it feels like a reality and i was really scared

Dreaming about going to your high school for a testimonial to travel

Dream of becoming course representative in university

Dedication of a boy in dream

Dream of deceased blind brother murdered

Dreaming going back home from abroad

Dreaming buying a 3 legged pot extracting it from a hole storage

Dream about locking doors

Dream of making it over w bridge

Dreaming of someone trying to help me with my tomatoes project but gets to the farm ahead of me


Dreaming cooking posho

Dream meaning of a drying wound on penis

Dreaming wearing a prisoner uniform

Dead people appearance

Dead being alive again

Driving towel like a car on a gravel road on a slippery road

Driving towel like a car on a gravel road

Dreaming of unknown old man


Dreaming halking with white lady

Dreaming of water coming over the mountain

Dream meaning of spear grass

Dreaming of climbinv a difficult stairs and holding a ring

Dream lobola

Dreaming a baby with two fingures

Dream of seeing kenkey

Dream of getting herbs from a sangoma

Dead snake disappear

Deceased person comes in dream n wearing light green shirt on

Dreaming of having kuto and kill them

Dreaming about a lady asking something about the gym

Dead loved one asked them for password

Dead snake in the house disappear

Dream of late grandmother buying me shoes

Digging on a toilet

Dream witch curse


Dream of being flog by soldiers that are friends to you

Dreaming of someone using muthi

Dreaming gifting new saree to dead sister in law

Dreaming of my dead grandfather give me 3 apples

Dream interpretation of sweeping a dirty church

Dream of mango

Deceased mother braiding my hair

Dream of family members taking bath

Daughter in law dream of father in law

Dream meaning of snatching of mangalsutra

Dreaming about beautiful village and unable to take photos through phone

Dreaming of plucking sponge gourd

Dead blue kids

Dream of kissing my pastor

Dreaming of baby with prayer wheel

Dreaming of speaking with your enemy

Dreaming of seeing your enemy naked

Dream of coming to sell goat meat

Dead loved ones attending a wedding

Dreaming getting married at night

Dead wishing a happy birthday

Dream of a girl choosing me over a boy

Dream of people fetching water

Dream my sister is doing cornrow braids on my hair

Dreaming of appendix explode and opened

Dreaming of escorting my boyfriend means

Dream meaning of washing pots inside and out

Dream of black bear licking me

Dream of washing a car in a pool

Dream of washing a car in a ool

Dreaming of palo cloth

Dream of helping someone sweep the room with a broom

Death coming to live

Date with younger guy friends accepting has me by the hand helping me across obstacles with ease family dogs horses and waltzing

Daughter shaved head

Dreaming of apostel

Dirty feet

Dreaming of people helping to cross the river

Dreaming sitting on a fruit tree on a river bank

Dreaming of a deacesed person wishing me a happy birthday going with boys

Dead father dressed like a priest

Dead father blind

Dreaming you are in a vehicle and giving people

Dreaming of finding a quarter after you throw it

Deer skin

Dreamimg of dead person giving ceramic to child

Dream seeing baby balm

Dream sheeting yourself

Dad mastrubating in dream

Dogs in meddow

Dead brother in a stay free pad

Dreaming of myself wearing ancestors clothes

Dream paw paw leaves

Dreaming of a pink snake saw it other the carpet

Dead uncle asking for alchohal

Denied a massage

Dream interprete four men

Dream about squeezing pus out of your breast

Dreaming of shells coming out of my skin

Dreaming receiving green leather small beds outside the country for children from your husband

Dream of praying in a river

Dead person wearing a wrist watch

Death women looking

Death women

Dream of chasing by a mad person


Dream of wearing hat in dream means spiritually

Dreaming of picking ripe yellow mangoes from a tree

Dry herring

Dead husband having an affair

Demon changing faces

Day of judgement

Dream of white car reversing

Deceased mother delivering large brown package

Dream about ishwa

Dream of gardening

Dream of high ceiling

Dream of deceased mother in red coat

Dream of my pet eating food from my plate

Dream about my friend flirting with my sister

Dream that i was a sister wife

Dreaming naked with ex girlfriend

Dream of seeing tree grave digging selling

Dating an idol

Dog stuck in a tree what does this mean when i dream

Dog gets stuck in a tree

Dream of being helped

Dream of being picked up

Donning blue t shirt

Dog attacking you in your dream

Dreaming of a baby with foot with different directions

Deer broken horns

Dreaming carry a black baby girl

Dream of washing an ex white cloths

Dreaming of heavy mestrual

Dream of god is coming out from photo

Dreaming of poop

Dismantled truck


Dreaming about your dead sister giving you a location where to find her meaning

Dreaming of red palms nuts

Drinking a table water in dream meaning

Dream of buying maggi in the dream

Dream of running naked

Dream of selling porridge

Dream of water flowing out of the vigina

Dreaming of being kidnapped

Dreaming someone giving me a samp

Dreaming of having a new born baby

Deceased husband called me on phone and asked why it was taking me so long

Dream meaning of seeing meat packed in a bag

Dead animal

Doing glittery makeup on eyes

Deja vu

Dreaming of vomiting a heart out a body

Dream of picking kola pods

Dream about someone spitting in my mouth while kissing

Dreaming about people laugh at you

Dreaming about a white man

Dream of non mahram male relatives

Dreaming number 3

Dream meaning of having a new machines for grinding cassava and rice

Dream meaning of having new machines forgrinding cassava and rice

Dust pan


Dream of puffing

Drowning on water dream

Drinking water sand in the dream

Dream of buying maggi

Dream about cleaning the house

Dreaming of wedding

Dreaming of cockroaches coming out of your vagina

Dreaming collecting 6 small white sea shells the other 5 were all white while that 1 had brown thin line in the middle

Dreaming number 487

Dreaming swallowing purple beads


Drean eating purple beads

Dream about a brown baby goat

Dream of being on a coffee farm

Dead brother

Dead bodies fully covered

Dreaming of heads of state and rich people in a meeting meaning

Dream about police

Diamond ring

Dream of rescuing a baby from killers

Dreaming about waking in the morning and your soak in blood then your running away with someone else

Dead mother braiding my hair she had never done that in life

Dead mother kiss in my face

Deceased brother in law in dream

Dream about deceased brother in law

Dreaming of a couple naked

Dent in head

Dream wrapping a off white rope around the foot board of a rod iron bed

Dropping sweater in toilet

Dreaming of touching a vagina of a girl

Day dreaming

Dream of having a conjoint goat on my stomach and another set of legs

Dream ancestral clothes

Dreaming of someone carrying you on his shoulders


Dog playing with snake

Drinking of zoo in the dream

Dream meaning of river carrying away clothes

Dream of myself pushing cassava with wheelbarrow and my sister was following me meaning

Dream of getting prayer and being hugged

Dreaming of torn money

Dreaming of money

Dream buying roasted plantain

Dreaming of shopping with my sister at a chinese shop and seeing the chinese owner

Discharge on pant

Dreaming of pouring water inside two glasses next to each other

Dead love one after passes

Dream about sneaky link

Dreaming of drinking soda

Dreaming of breaking flask

Door library ghost

Dreaming a prophet telling me that i am a pastor

Dean about roast buck buck fish



Dreaming my cloths waering my friend

Dreaming my cloths using my friend

Discarding a tricycle

Dreaming of signs of the zodiac

Dreamt of two red squirrels

Dream your girlfriend has a hickey

Dreaming of my late mother sweeping away water following towards me

Desk removed from your office

Dreaming mother mary and child jesus christ appearing in the sky

Dog jumping out of the toilet

Dry palm branch

Dry palm frond

Dreams in zulu and their meanings

Dreaming about going abroad

Dreaming crying

Dream of holding money note on toilet

Dream about turning clothes on the right side

Dream wbout wries wrapped around ankle

Dog treasure chest


Dream of washing blood on my face

Dung cow

Dead big sparrow lying with me

Dog snake

Dream of unable to unlock the door of my house

Dream about selling red oil

Dreming my name spoiling some one

Dream about your husband when in teenage age

Dream of someone hiding is face

Dreaming of someone baby dry nose

Dreaming of someone babt

Dreaming of someone baby n

Dreaming of someone baby no

Dead brother and snake

Deceased granny give you two small spoons and tell you to hold onto the spoons no matter what

Devils house

Dreamin of fathers child

Dream of pounding cooked cassava

Dreaming of harvesting

Deceased celebrating holi festival

Dreamt of giving children eggs and palmkanel

Dreaming about a tots

Dreaming about a baby tots

Dreaming of a coup

Dream of dattatraya idol

Dreaming touching a woman private part in dream in a dream

Dear father masterbating in dream

Dream giving queen of fairies

Dream meaning of releasing a baby fish into water

Dead relative dragging you out of house

Dream of police

Dreaming walking on freshly ploughed sweetpotatoe fields in the dream

Dream of orange hair on spouse on marriage day

Dream of orange hair on spouse on wedding day

Dirt in your tongue

Dreamt of my virginity being broken by fingers

Dreaming of giving birth to dead child

Dream about holding hand eith boy

Dream of your mother dying

Dead texting you

Dead mum giving birth to twins

Dead person throwing pebbles saying i will come back to pick you

Dreaming of enamel plate

Dream sering the angel seraphim

Dreaming that i have drilling a borehole and the water is overflowing

Dream starts with me paralized and afraid but then i slowly ragain movment and the fear goes away

Dream of cat eye beads

Dream of dzi beads

Dream of my son brought a lame man to be prayed by me

Dreaming a woman anointing feet with oil

Dream of seeing houses being burned down

Dreamt of carrying a madman

Dreaming you are preaching in the church

Dead friend giving me stolen sugar in my dream




Dream about bleeding house

Dream about someone getting injured on an elevator

Dream of receiving cooler as gift

Dream about someone being spiteful

Dream a hologram of a deceased person

Dram pastor being naked in church

Dead father gave me ginger

Dead mother give me an eyeglasses

Dream of seeing my sister sell charcoal means what

Dream of soldiers arrested and release

Deleted messages

Dream of sharing akara to many people

Dreaming of dead woman getting with puppy

Dream of a dog retrieving mean

Dream of glowing white flower

Dog retrieving a net of black rats in a dream mean

Dreaming of a very fat vagina

Dead grandma says evil behind a door

Dead father giving peanut

Doors opening and closing

Dreaming of a broken winnower

Dream with mad woman i was play with her throw her water

Dreaming of myself

Dim light meaning

Dream of cooking fufu

Dreaming of ubuhlalu obu merron wearing the on my hands

Dead mother giving me beer in dream

Dead mother inlaw using a white dress talking to her grandchild

Driving down steps

Dead person feeding yoghurt to me

Dreaming when removing jiggers from the toes means

Driving over a snowy bridge to church

Dreaming of quotation

Dreaming of someone giving wedding white chura

Dreaming about cashew

Digging drea

Drinking clean water from the glass

Dream about someone helping you with underwear

Dreams about pastor beating his wife

Dead person showing you a land

Dreaming of a dead friend and begging to live with them

Dream of me and my bf younger version

Dream of me and my bf younger self

Dream of my sick brother very healthy

Death of you

Dreaming my boyfriend half naked

Dreaming seeing flashing road

Dream meaning of eating okro soup with sea fish

Devil falling in love with me



Dream someone give her id card to me

Dreaming someone giving her id card

Dream about a saint blessing me

Dream assuited with first wife and mi seen second wife

Dreams of selling boiled yarm

Dreaming of white tiger

Dreaming photo of holy family flash in the sky

Dream of seeing giant big mandazi

Dreaming of fighting a sangoma female school kid

Dream encyclopedia logo the meaning of the symbols of catching edible and termites seen in a dream

Drinking okro water

Dancing in the krall

Dikejar ular

Dreaming chana dal what does that meant

Dream of old zinc being used in roofing a building

Dreaming of a boy poking my cheeks

Driving into water over your head

Dream of a toilet pit been dug and handed over to me

Dreaming of a toilet pit been dug and handed over to you

Dreaming my kid bleeding excessively in the dream


Dead own son

Dreaming my divorced parents are back together

Dedication event


Dream of seeing my husband buying things in the market

Dead lerson

Driving and the brakes aren’t working

Dream of my x wife and a snake

Dreaming about my children disrespecting me

Dreaming of raw chicken and birds stealing it after its been cooked

Dream of a affair with the president

Dog and horse with 6 eyes

Dream of cat biting frog

Dreaming of peeing the bed

Dream of atis fruit

Dead person asking jaggery

Dreamt of escorting death body for cremation


Dream of a dog biting my arm

Dreaming your cleaning up calluses from pedicure

Dead sister gives me poop kin dream

Dreaming about someone drinking my pee

Dreaming of your boyfriend with your parents house

Dream about going to an embassy and being granted visa

Dreaming of four of my fingers cutoff lslam

Dreaming about receiving id card

Deceased mom peeing in bath full of water

Dreaming of ex boy friend having his hair cut

Dreaming of an old man touching your vagina


Dreaming of running with nuts on plate

Dog whining

Dreams about poo

Dreams about pooing on yourself

Dreaming of receiving airtime from boyfriend

Dreaming of receiving airtime from your boyfriend

Death of friend

Dreaming of a woman boyfriend house

Dream about my wedding preparation even if i am single