Dream meaning of mosquito net

Dream about mosquito net

Dreaming of someone being taller than in reality

Dream stream

Dead man sucks your breast meaning


Dreaming about putting tika

Dreaming of a black baby carrying

Dog licking leg in dream

Dreaming of a snakes at a front door

Dog pulling out a ring from my finger

Dreaming of applying kaajal

Dancing with a dead person

Dream meaning of a white garment

Dreaming of newly build mud stove

Dream about neighbour wife

Dreams about seeing two people trying to push each other into a borehole

Dream about being late for church

Died in well

Dreaming of my daughter elected into mayor

Daughter elected into political leader

Dream of eating pine apple

Dream about curry leaves plants

Dream of eating pine

Deceased loved one

Dream of husband sick with sores

Dreaming of dead people helping you out to find way

Dreaming of drinking coffee with my death partner

Dream of throwing away used sanity pad

Deceased colleagues making jade statues

Dreams of st magdalene

Dreaming walking away from my mother while carrying a travel bag with music playing

Dreaming beating my daughter

Dark gray walls

Dream of pot lid

Dream of cleaning home

Dream of stains in barong tagalog

Dreaming about someone having sex with a horse

Dreaming about someone having sex with a horser

Dreaming about pulling your own teeth

Drops of rain

Dreaming mad woman hugging me

Dream of vagina discharge

Dreamed of dead asking for water

Dead asking water in a dream

Dream picking mopani worms

Dream meaning of eating roasted palm fruit

Dream about buying beers

Dead father taking bread from me

Dream about child excrement in the sauce pan

Dog liking leg

Dream about riding inside a train enjoying

Dream walking on the railway

Dreaming swept away by the ocean water

Dreaming with vice president

Dream of a bathing a baby girl

Dog and cat having sex

Dreams and numbers

Deseased wedding

Duties of office attaindant

Dream of my deceased mother giving me a bag full of items before walking away

Dream about gold hair what it signify

Dreaming of riding on a streetcar

Dead grand mother give order testy food

Dream about saying i love yoi

Dream meaning of seeing a billionaire

Dreaming of heavy weight holding you down

Dreaming of someone who is already dead

Dead person in dreams

Dead person smiling

Deceased wearing maroon shirt

Dream about returning two empty food warmers to the owner

Dead mother appearing with family

Dead people drinking and drunk in my house


Dream about a love one who pass away smiling

Dreaming l was wearing a blue shapphire colour top and my boyfriend also

Dreaming l was wearing a blue shapphire colour top

Dreaming of alive person dead inside a coffin with long hair.

Dead floating on water

Dreaming driving a car

Dream meanings and dictionary of dream interpretation what does it meaning drinking unclean water from the river, in the dream?

Dreaming a swamp of bees

Dream l was shapphire clothes means

Dreamt you bought a very big car

Dream wearing shapphire clothes means

Dream wearing shapphire clothes

Dream standing top of mountain seen gold rush

Dream of gargle with mouthwaah

Dream of having chronic sinusitus

Dreaming of eating tamarind

Dream of writing my name in a exercise book

Dream of writing my name in a book

Dream washing menstrual pads and hug them leave blood in the basin

Dream about becoming vice president

Dog cut into pieces

Dreapt that a prophet is barbering my hair

Drawing dots

Dreaming of a friend being ill

Dream holding two white belts one is design with silver

Dream of eating ripe palm fruits

Dreamt durawall around my house removed

Dream of throwing stones on birds on tree

Dream of making tamarind roti

Dreaming of crow entering home

Dreaming my son naked

Dingy room

Dream meaning of eating a cola nut

Dreaming of dead mother combing my hair

Dreaming my dead mother washing my hair

Dream in company of my mom


Dreaming someone with elephantiasis

Dreams after

Dream about white lady

Dreaming when someone is prophesying on you

Dream of baby pink clothes

Dreaming my face getting fat on a mirror

Dream of being with with a divorced husband

Dream meaning not giving kids money

Dreaming of a football player

Dead mum vomiting

Dream of the deaf and dumb friend talking

Dreaming of going at wash off menstration blood

Dream meaning of buying second hand grade one clothe for my child

Dream meaning of buying clothes for my girl

Dream of. picking nutmeg

Dead person going for hajj

Dreaming about my dead boss

Dreaming about dead princess

Dreamt of washing someone clothes

Dream of sluttering chicken

Dog biting your shirt

Dreams about deceased asking for food

Deeaming may dauther have white hair

Damage motorcycle

Dream like i am saying my mothers death news

Dreaming of mad man wanting to rape

Dog bite the penis

Dead man asking for food and eating with me


Dreaming of skhis

Dream of people fighting you

Dream giving money to death families

Dream of spirogyra



Dream of my elder sister delivered a baby boy but she refused to wear her pant

Dead person knocking on door

Dreaming about druk mango juice meaning

Dreaming of sto niño meaning

Dreaming of killing a swordfish


Dream of removing razor blades from my mouth

Dreaming about walking long distance

Dead parents

Dream celebrity given me money

Dream a lot of money given to me celebrity

Dreaming of going to the market to buy some things

Dreaming sorghum seeds

Dream meaning of a ragged seeing a ragged man

Drive by shooting

Dead person asking for a key

Dog licking my hand in dream

Dog attack a pig in dream

Dreaming of eating chicken bones

Disvirgine by my guy in dream.

Dead spouse out from jail

Dream of seeing someone with boil under there arm what does it mean

Drowning cow dreaming meaning

Dreamt i was a witch doctor

Dream about my dead wife on labor pain mean

Dead wife giving a birth in a dream mean

Dream about death woman giving birth meaning

Dream of someone donating clothes to black clothed lady

Dream of picking ripe udara?

Dream of picking and eating udara fruit?

Drinking bitter semen


Dream about picking udara and also eating it immediately?

Diya going off in dream


Dreaming of naked woman and naked man symbolize

Does dreaming about naked woman and naked man is bad luck

Dream of h h the dalai lama

Dream of h h the sakai lama

Dream of picking breadfruit

Dog with period

Dead person playing

Dreaming clothes

Death of animals

Dead person drinking palm wine

Dead friend playing on the beach

Dead person asking for water

Dreaming of your grandmother urinating

Dreamimg of you r grandmother urinating

Dreaming a pregnant woman her brother has hray hair

Dream being with my best friend sister

Dream see

Dreaming of someone telling to do business in my sleep

Dream of holes in my left hand

Dancing with a happy dead family member

Dog attacking pig

Dreaming of a sangoma asking me to help me bring my partner back

Dry leave

Dead person giving gold ring

Destroying clay pots

Dream abt breast leaving water when nápoles are squeezed

Driving a luxury car

Dream of boyfriend giving a speech on a press conference

Dream of rice cooker burn

Dream of a child being poisoned

Dream hand baby over to sister

Dreaming eating a mango fruits

Déad dad and a suitcase

Dreaming about trypophobia on my arms

Deceased crying

Dreaming eating a ripe mango

Dreaming with a cream garments

Dreaming a dead person giving you a key

Dreams about buttermilk in tamil

Distroing clay pots by someone

Dream about buying a stockfish head at the price of one million naira

Dream about dead relative asking to bring money from a bag

Dreaming raw offal being washed

Dead person asking you to write to them

Dead loved one throwing themselves into wall

Dream my bag was stolen

Dreams of cutting dry gourd with many seeds

Dream of rejecting money and collecting water yam

Death threat in a dream

Dream of my sisters husband

Dream of a man in shirt

Dead body floating in the river

Dead father cooking roti

Dream about amputated left arm

Dream of collecting water yam instead of money

Dreaming of seeing a naked baby girl

Dream of carrying a chair

Dream interpretation pastor received tithes

Dream interpretation of seing a traditional doctor

Dream interpretation of seing a traditional healer

Dream of seing traditional healer

Dreamin getting married to a celebrity

Dead father in law using abusive language in a dream

Dance naked with someone

Dan r naked with someone

Dream of fufu corn

Dream about walking in the air

Dreaming you are transfered to work else where

Dream i catch cock

Dream about wearing umhlwehlwe

Dreaming of frying

Dream of two oil lamps burning

Defending my ex

Defending gf

Dreams of receiving cake and flowers

Dreaming of peeling unripe mangoes and tamarind

Dream i was picking some ripe passion fruit

Dreaming of my ex paying my lobola

Dreaming a son of my girlfriend

Dreaming of dead flies

Dead person cutting a cake

Dreamig a son of my girl

Dreaming a son of my courting girl

Dreamig a son of my courting girl

Dead people giving me chocolates

Dream of blood in stool

Dreaming of kim taehyung

Digging up a fish from the ground in the dream

Dead dream lucky number in lotto

Dream of wearing pink gown

Dead mom giving gold

Dream of travelling in an autorickshaw

Dreams about greek gods

Dead person giving gold chain

Dream being with deputy president in his vehicle

Dreaming dry blood stain on underwear

Dead friend wearing my clothes

Dead grandmother sending u to buy sugar

Dream of purchasing honey


Dreaming deceased love ones asking for food or he is hungry

Dreaming of dead person walking away

Dream about cut wound bleeding foot

Dream about gooseberry biblical meaning

Dead climbing in stairs

Dead in stairs

Drunk like


Dreamt about someone telling my mom that’s doors are locked against the light of our family

Digging up empty jars

Dog jumping over fence

Dream meaning enemy befriending

Dog collar on neck


Dreaming about the three leg black pot

Drinking palmwine with my fiancy

Digging casava and give to others in a drream

Dead person knocking

Dirt wedding ring

Drinking soya milk in the dream meaning

Dream of picking and eating tamrind

Dreaming about dead goat

Dog liking blood off of feet

Dog liking foot

Dream see me honging up a bag

Dreaming of many green pumpkins in the field

Dreaming of seeing many greenpumpkins in the fi

Dreaming of many big green pumpkins

Dreaming my dead aunt

Dreaming of having running stomach and when going to the house i saw my late mother swipping the floor removing lots of dirt

Dreaming rice weevil

Dreaming of having running stomach and when running to the house fund my late mother swipping the floor removing loys of dirt

Dreaming my dead aunt asking me for oral sex

Dead on birthday

Dog peeing to our face

Drip in the dream

Dead mother or sister giving you a key

Dteam husband sucking breast

Dirty teacup

Dream about a naked baby girl who is happy together with the man i totally hate. and i am still single

Dry crayfish

Drowning in dirty water

Dreaming of two snakes coming towards me and my girlfriend

Dead man walking

Dirty water coming out from wall

Dreaming of african green mat meaning

Dream about a possesed cat doll

Dreaming of zulu mat meaning

Dreaming of maize flour

Death person gi

Dreaming when eating cooked cow’s leg

Dream about seeing temple gopuram

Dream about pulling black feathers out of my mouth

Dust on the wall

Dead mum dressed in pink with pink funny hat

Dream of room divider

Dreaming of my celebrity crush being my brother

Dreaming while seeing a water dispenser

Dreaming arathi to god

Dream of water coming out of your clothes and shoes

Dream of receiving a sachet water in a dream

Dean of distributing dates

Dreaming of giving money

Dreaming of dirty environment

Dreaming of being hugged by a spiritual teacher

Dead borrowing your clothes

Dream about putting floor polish

Dream of one of my hometown person telling i am sick with communication disease and he gave me money to and find the medicine from his father

Dreamt that my face was all wrinkled and i appled huge amout of moisturiser

Dogs eaten by a lion

Dream asking for a coat hanger

Dream of giving someone a coat hanger

Dreaming my boyfriend paying lobola for me

Diya goes off

Dream about rubbing a cream

Dream of serving children rice, meat, fish and vegetables

Dream interpretation of receiving a wrapper

Digging termite house

Doing aarti i

Doing unfinished aarti in ur dream

Dreaming of bleeding from pinky nails

Dead father tooth brushing

Dream of blood group o

Dream to see purple beads flower tree

Dream meaning of lover

Dreaming about rebels

Dead person given meet in dream

Dream meaning of someone giving me black ballpen

Digging out mud from a gutter for easy water flow in a dream

Disabled child birth in pragnancy

Dream about. living in small eooored house

Dreaming about sweater

Deep cuts on the palm without blood

Dog crying in the dream

Dreaming of red leaf

Death adder snake bites hand

Dream you have superpowers

Dreaming seeing a makoti

Dream of two storey house

Dream my boyfriend give me a bag full of goegecry

Dream of dead person eating happily

Dream of picking neem leaves meaning

Dream of eting rice and chicken

Dreaming dead

Dreaming died

Dreaming a died relative of family member

Dream of human scarficing in ritual

Dream of being a nurse?

Dreaming of falling out false teeth

Dream of being attractive to a younger man

Dream of washing black pot in dream

Dream of many mashrooms

Dream husband mistress

Dream of sangomas

Different doors and scenery with each door

Dream of seeing a naked woman

Deceased carrying a bag from home

Dream of wearing a suit in my dream

Dead person giving me grapes in dream

Dreaming pussy cuts

Dreaming someone telling you ur going to die

Dreaming showering

Dreaming someone is shorter than they really are

Dreaming of receiving a colorful umbrella

Dead calf in a dream

Drink straw

Dreaming about gf getting broken heart because of another man an kissing me while arguing with the man who broke her on the phone

Dead person giving food in hindu religion

Dreaming my ex taking cold shower in winter

Dreaming of becoming president of another country

Dreaming a dead person asking for food

Dream of taro plant

Dreamed of very heavy rain

Dog attack snake

Dreams about neighbor carrying corpse with dead people.

Dog tail

Dream of opening doors for fuel tanker

Dreaming of buying imphepho

Dream golden knife

Dream of sleeping in bed with onlookers

Dead person gave u shoes

Dream interpretation oof sto.nino

Dreaming cooking for the prophet

Dream of wearing a new cap that was noticable and was told to sing a gosple song so that what was hidden behind the cap would be revealed..

Dead person offering roasted chicken leg

Dead man and prisoners

Dreams about cake falling and breaking

Dreams about cake falling apart

Dreaming of eating african star fruit

Dream of me bathing a cat

Dream of girl in red

Dead bridesmaids

Dream about the current president

Dreame in bilva tree meaning

Dreaming about hugging your boyfriend’s mother

Diving bell

Disorganised in dream

Dreaming of aunt living in a garage

Dreaming of brushing your teeth with a chewing stick

Dream of hearing a boy died

Dreaming of nazarene meaning

Dream of comforting a male friend who is crying

Dreaming plenty of us dollars

Dreaming cow intestine

Dreaming of a room filled with clean cow intestines


Dream of making ridge

Dreaming picking marula fruit

Dream about being a new makoti

Digging of roots

Digging if big roots

Dreaming of dead person wearing your shoes

Dead loved one looking for necklace with cross pendant

Dream about your man beating another woman

Dream about having sex with ghost means

Dreaming applying lotion to the body

Dreaming fall out of love with your husband

Dream meaning of falling out love with tour husband


Dream i fart inmy sleep

Dreaming of walking with ajerican of water

Dreaming of common balance

Dream meaning of deceased wearing my jacket

Dead person asking for soap

Dragon in sky

Dreaming about shining white stone


Dream married to an older lady

Dream about naiads

Définition of dream play

Dream cutting firewood using axe

Drinking tender coconut water

Dreaming of me and my love ready for first night

Dream about sun and a star

Dreaming loved ones that already dead

Dreaming dead loved ones with jewelry

Dreaming jewelry and dead loved ones

Dogs in blood

Dogs eating chicken

Dream of finding lost clothes

Dream of dating a politician

Dreams of someone asking for money to use for the dead person

Dream of my boyfriend hands tied with women but he escape

Dreamt about a goat giving birth

Diamond nd gold purchasing in dream

Dream of sandalwood water being poured on you

Dewed pumpkin leaves in a drought season means

Dream meaning about being ballerina

Dead person handing you a brown envelope

Dreaming of will

Driving down a hillside

Dreamt my late boss

Dream of blood flowing from my anus

Dream of two cows fighting

Dead frozen baby coming back to life

Dream a lost belt

Dream of a snake

Decorating feet