Dead person asking for a towel | dream interpretation

Dream of my favorite idol kissing me on my lips & said to keep it as a secret

Dias in dream indicatea

Dream of a penis removed

Dreaming of boyfriend cheating on me

Dream while co wife is pregnant

Dreaming of putting on teared clothes and was given a better one

Dream meaning of a person become smaller

Dream of eating cashew nut

Dream of eating yam and egg

Donating old clothes

Drinking zobo in a dream what does it mean

Dead mother gives me her wrapper

Dreaming of being in jail for two month without a reason to be arrested

Dreaming about filing cheques

Dream of jesus statue

Dream see eating the jambolanplum

Dreaming of octopus

Dreaming receiving injections for cold

Dream when pepper is pour on you

Dream of a dead person protecting you

Dreaming of two woman who passed away

Dreaming of scissors

Dream about scissors nd nail cuts

Dreaming of initiation

Dream about aghoris

Dreaming wearing two different slippers

Dream about old single coin

Dead perspn advising

Drop cap

Dropping cap

Dreaming of prophesying to people

Dream about eating your vigina

Drawing and rubbing of flower rangoli

Dream about gopuram construction

Dream in saree

Dreaming in a rice field

Dreamibg walking in a rice field

Dream of being disqualified


Doll heads

Drill press

Dreamt of planning your own funeral

Dreaming of boyfriends sister is in sick meaning

Dream meaning of sisal plant

Driving in the dark with no lights

Dreaming when you are in the village yet you are in town

Deceased father knocing at the front door with a knift in his head

Dream about buddha footprint with pearls

Drinking garri mix with sugar

Dreaming burnt sugar cane

Dream of skydiving invitation

Dreaming of someone kidnapped

Dreams of college

Dream of someone carrying me no his back

Dreaming about dead grandparents

Dream about flying hold baby mean

Dad giving me a bag with food inside in church premises

Dust on a church altar

Dream eating weed

Dreamt mopane worms in trees

Dream of giving money to my dead mother

Dream of giving money yo dead mother

Dream of giving money to dead mother

Dreaming of tamar fruits

Dreaming about flashlight

Dreaming about flashing light

Dream of seeing palmfruits ripen one

Dreaming of sumangali dead

Dead person gave me kola in the dream

Dreams about pealed melon seeds

Dead person gave me kola but in the dream

Dreams about pealed melon

Dead person eyes in drem

Dead person showing eyes

Dead relatives showing her eyes

Dead person showing is eye blindness

Dead person showing is eye nlidness

Dreaming burnt lamp

Dead aunty showing she becoming blind

Dead person blind means

Donating clothes for needy

Dreaming dead parents in new house

Dreaming and crying

Dream holding braai meat

Dream mopane worm

Dreaming of yourself dressed in white

Dreaming about kidnapped husband

Dog with reattachable head

Dreamt dirty water running very fast

Dead person asking about inomplete house

Dream of organizating assembly in my school

Dream of batting with better leaf water

Deafting demon

Dreaming your boyfriend leaving you

Dreaming of rainsing from the dead

Dreamed vehicle being repossessed

Dreaming of deing then raising from the dead instuntly

Dreamed vehicle was being repossessed

Dates eating

Dream of cock pecking the hen

Dream seeing a black woman with black clothes trying to cover you

Dream of wearing white trouser and white shoes


Dream of a woman with a blurred face

Dreaming blood in the semen

Dreaming good in the semen

Dreaming peahen in dream, what does it mean?

Dream of a dead sister in a cornfield

Dream about kissing your brother

Dead drink wine in my dreams

Dream about kissing your your

Dream about playing table tennis with deceased means

Dream meaning of seeing a dead mother naked

Dreaming of burning someone alive

Dreaming of carrying basket full with dirty clothes

Dream of playing a fighting game

Dream of applying turmeric on someone

Dream of picking ditaola

Ditaola meaning

Dream if maggi

Dead mother cook food for my alive father

Dream of maggi my mother gave me meaning

Dead person eating food in dreams

Dreaming of receiving gift from your mother

Drying line dream mean

Dream about breast in you g girl

Dreaming of buy some foodstocks in d market

Deleting messages oncellphone

Dream of bees shaving your hair

Dream of atm machine burn my card

Dream of burning bank card

Dreaming of pastor die meaning

Dream of people killing cow for a funeral

Dream of picking money from gutter

Dark room with bed

Dreaming of seen arabic word in the sky

Dog chasing ferret

Dreaming of having a passport size photo

Dreaming when ure new school shoes are punctured with small holes and scrapped old

Dreaming receiving sarees as a gift

Dreaming receivibg

Dream about going to mango garden with my friends

Dog biting

Dream of untrust

Dream about birthday

Dreaming of worm on the body

Dreaming of worm on your skin

Dreaming walking in the heavy rain

Dreaming of seeing afang leaves

Dreaming of plugging afang

Dreaming my maid is with my husband in the bedroom

Dreaming while someone tell me that am going to be like my brother

Dreaming that i will resemble someone

Death sproww i fream

Dead mother giving money gold ea6

Dreaming of ocean with a lots of clothes

Dream about puppies seeking shelter


Dream meaning of seeing a prophetess

Dreaming of jutr

Dreaming i

Dream of killing a pengolin

Dreams of wearing a police uniform

Dream of akamu

Dream of baby girl means new money

Dead person asking fot broom

Dream about family members death

Dead celebrity

Dead person laughing too much

Dead naked celebrity

Dreaming of black clothes flowing in water

Dream of seeing a lot turkey berry meaning

Dreamt i was washin working belt

Dead person touching breast in dream

Dead asking for clothes

Dream about brother getting rape

Dreaming to have sex with boss

Doing namaz in dream

Dead mother put blanket

Dream about buying used speakers

Dream of our priest being nude

Dreaming of virgin girls

Dream interpretation of seen a priest known to me,naked

Dreaming someone bathing millet

Dream of umhlwehlwe

Dreaming of giving a friend gift

Dreaming drinking a millet water in the dream

Dreaming drinking millet water

Dream of someone else laundry

Dream of refusing to give a mad man money

Dog attack

Dreaming of tickets with number

Dreaming being with my babyfather in his house

Deceased boss giving

Dream of someone giving you a thing

Dream of jackfruit seeds

Dreaming of picking and eating supodilla fruis

Dreaming your boyfriend calling you ugly

Dog biting your clothes in dream mean

Dream of taking red tika by dead person

Dreaming of a burning wallet

Dead vulture in the dream

Dream meaning seeing snake

Dreaming of eating braaid meat

Dream of ploughing by other

Dreaming of a usn that is not eorking

Dream crooked penis

Dirt stain on white garment

Dog snatching my meat

Dead cardinals

Dreaming of seeing white ladies

Dreaming to be naket with a woman raiding a bus.

Dreaming to be naket with a woman raiding a bus


Dreaming of someone unlocking your phone number

Dream meaning seinng snake white

Dream of my dead father sick

Dream exchanging money

Dream of seeing bag of satchet water

Dreaming seeing milk getting sour hot room

Dreaming buying paraffin

Dream of buying food stuffs in the market

Dead person giving water living person

Dead person givi g a water

Dream with my ex being naked

Dream of seeing fathers penis

Dream of collecting amala fruits in dream

Dead husband asking tea

Decrease asking tea

Dream group of people gathered watching tv

Dreaming of missing jumuah prayer

Dream about vagina discharge

Dreaming washing a big lunch container

Dead person giving you sweet banana to eat on a dream

Dream that i removed a coacr

Dream that i removed a voak

Dreamt swimming in river infested with crocodiles

Dead mom asking water

Dream that cockroach got into my mouth and i removed it

Dream of kolanut

Driving a trailor

Driving trailer

Dog licking legs

Dreaming climbing a chain link

Dreaming burning potatoes means what

Dream with naked dad

Dead mother lying on ground

Doing tilak or others

Dead father black and white cloths

Deade, father, black, and white, cloths

Dreampt about eating ripen custard apple plucking from tree

Deceased dad sitting on the bed

Dead father in-law asking water on dream

Dreaming 2 gays are getting married

Dream of cigarette butt

Dreaming of dead love one giving you a shoe

Dreaming walking with a lot of crowd

Dream about a snack around your waist

Dreaming broken photo of dead person

Dreaming of going to puri

Dream about cocoyam leave

Digging a grave

Digging a grave of my grandma


Dreaming of building an iron sheet room

Dream of a double head cow

Dream of a two headed cows

Dead trees forest

Dream of being upset with your wife

Dead person said your mouth stink

Dreaming of a famous person who is going to sing tash mahal


Dressing up a man of god

Dreaming of trypophobia in the palm of my hand

Decapitating your cat

Dream how me receive a registered mail

Death mother give birth in the dream

Dreaming bbn of ghost some are holding you and other are

Dreaming ex president means

Desceased father anouncing marriage

Dream of having sex with pastor in a dream

Dream about my grand ma giving me cowries

Dream meaning of eating casava

Dream that i have construct the big building

Drem that construct the tower of own

Dreaming of person without legs


Dream maggots coming out of your vagina

Dream of puss coming out of finger nail

Dreaming that seeing god in person and he is unwell and asking for help

Dream interpretation of bags of water

Dream watching cloth in the river and the river floating my cloth

Dream that my toilet was raw chicken

Dreams interpretation by evangelist joshua

Dreaming of st. niño with all red all over her body

Dreaming sitting in front on a chair with my husband

Dreaming of hypocrisy

Dreaming of sto. niño with dead grandmother

Dead person clearing grains in dream

Dad killed someone accidentally

Dreaming of sto nino in a river

Dead perfume

Dreams of contollung sea waves

Dream of water is boiling in pan

Demon sucking my blood in dream



Dream about chickens

Dead mother giving son clothes in his dream

Desserted road

Dream about maggot coming from my toenail

Dream about husband wearing, soldier uniform

Dress green

Dream and you are mushing fanti kenkey

Dream about a man with military pants

Dream of passing on and seeing a church on the cloud high up in the sky and climbing up to it

Dead person giving bangled

Dreaming of the statue of the holy child

Dog bite in leg

Dreaming about dry gungo


Dream meaning of buying recharge credit card from your enemy in his house

Dog nose missing

Dream about cooking yam and fish

Dreams of entanglement

Dead mother giving sugar to my son in dream

Dreaming of another mans wife

Driving through rivers with female companion

Dreaming of frying pot

Dreaming trying to fry breadfruit in a white plate

Digging rabbit hole

Dreaming of a njeti

Dream of fenugreek leaves

Dream of a bat and an owl

Dream of going under a door

Draining mud

Draining muddy water

Dream eating fresh prunes

Dreaming about selling a broken diamond

Dream of in front of banker

Dead man carries baby

Dead priest meaning

Dream about plucking unriped set of cashew nut

Dreamed i was an angry town crier

Deep cavern

Dreamt of white sadza in a plate

Dreaming eating kenkey

Drinking garri in my dream

Drinking garri in the church

Deficating in the toilet

Dreamt about a coin stuck in my throat


Dead person cooking and serving food

Dead person cooking n

Dead person cooking n serving food

Dream cooking mandazi

Dream about pink bougainvillea

Dreaming of ice and fire

Deceased mother vomiting

Dark green clothes

Dream meaning of plucking velvet tamarind for people in dream

Dog burning

Dragged forcefully inside a very small hole in the mud

Dreaming of die baby with umbilical cord

Dog bites and steals my private parts

Dreaming your a second wife what does that mean

Dream of luxury ship filled with water over the building and falling down.

Dead person waiting for me

Dreaming of clicking pictures with someone

Dead pig throw in swimming pool

Dreaming of headcut of sr. santo niño

Dreaming about my sister having consensual sex with a man who is not her husband

Dreaming about people gathering of event

Dreaming about a gathering

Dreaming about a deceased family making bad comments about me

Dreaming of a deceased sister

Dreaming about my car driving itself

Dreaming about drinking a traditional brew and rain water mix it

Dream meaning about earth worm coming out from vigina

Dreaming about my decease sister pouring a drink for me and it was raining heavily

Dreaming about rain

Dead man kissing my breast

Dying kalma

Dream of seeing a cultist

Dreaming crossing a swamp with reeds

Dead friend picture

Dead friends piv

Dipping women in the dream

Dipping women in water

Dreaming about passion fruit seedling

Dreamed about my father returned from abroad

Dream of worms coming out of private part

Dreams about wood lice

Dreaming of running away from a sangoma

Dream of having perming cream on hair

Dream of my ex husband sucking my breast with so much pleasure

Dreaming of a beautiful upstairs house

Dream about bridge

Dream about carrying groundnut in the bag

Dream of drinking castor oil

Dream of drinkingblack castor oil

Dream of baby chicks what is the meaning

Double daggers

Dreaming of glowing egg

Dreaming crying at grave yard

Dreaming my ex husband wearing torn clothes

Dream of my room filled with sandy soil

Dreaming about my dead siter sick in hospital

Dream interpretation of eating periwinkle in the dream

Dead father in white suit

Dreaming of pregnanting an ex girlfriends

Dream meaning of oranges they gave you and you were sucking them

Died person seen in dream

Dream of standing on spirograph

Dreaming licking vagina

Dreaming about ex boyfriend manhood

Dreaming about rowdy people wanting their monies

Daughter having male organs

Deceased person in the mirror

Dying rose got new birth

Drinking pure water from tap dream

Doing aarti in dream

Dead person giving drinking water to alive person

Dreaming of taking tika by dead person

Dead grandfather threatens me in dream

Dream seeing myself and my brother from same parents

Dream seeing myself and my blood brother from same parents

Dead sister in law gave me money

Dead sister in law gave ne money

Deysi lorenzo ver resultado

Dead person pushing me to cliff

Dreaming of sex scandal

Dreamed of fixing my wrist watch

Dream meaning of overtaking a car

Dreaming of mixing water and mealie meal

Dreaming using a pit toilet

Double store

Dream about ur ex and u in church

Dream useing white clouth

Dreaming of a naked groom

Dreaming a friend crying in a dream

Dream of head

Dream of receiving a cigar as gift

Dream of gift cigar

Dreaming of my sister boyfriend died

Dead father wants to bath

Dreaming about dog urinating on the dining carpet

Dreaming about someone giving u incense

Dreams of fish in islam

Deceased husband with fedora hat

Dreamt someone st the foot of bed

Dreaming of going back and forth

Dream of defiling a girl that i know

Dream of heaps of excretory

Dream of brown sand in the compound of the house

Dream about seeing a lot of cosmetic brought by your husband

Dead husband asking for tea in dream

Dreaming about catching caterpillars

Dreamt about 3 chicken in oven applied with masala

Deceased friend naked in my dream

Dreaming of being chased by lion while with a dead relative

Dead mum naked

Dreaming of a court case without be represented by a lawyer

Dream that i was breaking the law. an police wanted to give me a ticket

Dreaming a lion chasing me

Drinking alcohol

Dreaming of grinding pepper in a dream

Dog peeing in the side of my bed

Dreams about someone pulling your hair

Dreaming of 3sh3

Dreaming picking fowl eggs

Drawing om

Drawing on

Dream to see inseats means

Dream of rescuing a sibling from a pit

Dream about buying vegetables

Dead mother giving me coins to buy and picking a few coins from the ground

Dream of a dirty vase

Delicate cherry blossom

Dead person

Dreaming under the bridge

Dead sisters

Disposing used pads

Disposing of used pads in a dream

Dreaming eating sorghum meal in dream

Dream of picking up plenty notes of 50 naira in the dream

Dreaming about lots of people

Dream meaning of tg a lot of alcohol

Dead friend giving chocolates in dream

Dream meaning of someone drinking a lot of alcohol

Donating blood in a dream

Dream of wearing moccasins

Dreaming about cheque with this amount 1111

Dreaming about some one wearing bank uniform

Dreaming of lable on the uniform

Dream about bank label

Dreaming of ladies with the bank uniform

Dream about someone sucking your breast

Dreaming about the bank uniform