Killed with hand equally running away.

Kissing with a boy in the sea

Kola nut pods

Kalalo naku injection chesinapudu raktam vachindi

Kinner taking money from me

Keeping your cloths in bathroom

Killing a squirrel for others to eat

Killing a squirrel with catapult in a dream

Kevin bacon

Kidnapping your daughter

Kissing the feet of the relic

K deadbody dream water

K deadbody moon water full name

Keeping somone out from a trench


Kicking a snake and the snake entered in animal stomach

Kalasam dream means


Kissing fictional character ina dream


Kissing third eye

Knitting a pink yarn

Kinnar coming to my house and having tea

Knowledge seeking

Kaalipoth cuts down and again got arranged

Keys falling out my hands

Keys falling out ur hands

Killing hair lice

Kissed by my mentor

Kneeling to an enemy

Killing grasscutter in my dream


Kumkum with flowers

Kappa kilangu


Killed mad woman

Kissing dream prophet

Kaldero in dreams?

Kicked out

Kick out in class

Kick out of your 2nd class in high-school

Kissed a black man adrian

Kiling lions

Killing white mice in dream

Kill millipedes


Kidnapped but later escaped in the dream

Kolam dream meaning christian spiritual

Koeien melk zuigen


Knell dream meaning

Kiss teeth

Killing of millipedes

Killing father


Kurba dream meaning

Kumkum turmeric becoming black

Killed by car


Kissing on foot

Kinnar giving money to me

Kite and valchar

Keeping your dal for cooking in cooker

Kill an old woman in dream

Kinner crying in dream

Kissed on the stomach

Killing leech


Killed lucky number

Killing a gecko in the dream but it did not die


Kalasam, mango leaves

Killed with a sickle

Kali poth

Kinners went to my house temple

Knights at a round table

Kinner attacking in dream

Kill many rabbit inside there house

Kill many rabbit inside hole


Kalasa readying

Kissing with food in my mouth

Killing a witch after having sex with her


Killed by statue

Killed by judas

Knife cut the palm

Kissing a mermaid

Killer fell love


Kissing elder brother




Killing warthog in a dream

Killing warms with salt dream meaning

Kiwi fruit

Kumkum and turmeric

Kissing a girl


Kissing in a bar


Killing a bush bird in a dream

Kill guinea fowl in a dream

Kraal at the gate


Kinner in your dreams

Kiss side head

Kinnar dead body coming in dream


Kova jilebi


Kiss in your stomach

Kinnar laughing

Kneeling on black nazarene

Kicking door

Kick in door

Kick at door meaning

Kick at door

Kissing a anime characters

Kick the door

Kinnar crying

King eating vegina

Kissing me in lips by a woman

Kissing unknown woman passionately

Kanasinalli husband bandre

Kissing a saint

Knocks inmy dreams

Knocks in my dreams

Kill crass cutter in the dream


Killing someone and crying

Kenkey with fish

Killed snake

Killing a kite in the dream

Kamias with many fruits pick by neighbor

Kamias fruit

Kerosene filled bucket

Kissing nipples in dreams

Kinners talking

Knight swimming


Killing a crocodile


Keep queen waiting

Kayamath dreams

Kayamath dres

Kanasinalli mangala mukhi

Kinner giving blessings to me

Keeping pindam in dreams

Killing a dog

Kugumam tharuvadhupola


Kinnar dancing in my dream

Kunkum applied by women on my face dream

Kissing my dead husband

Keychain shoe

King and queen died in dream


Killed cockroaches

Killing white goat for thanks giving meaning

Killing myself in shower

Killing the snake

Knotted beads

Kissing my vagina dream

Kiss deceased spouse


Kissing and hugging your boyfriend in a dream

Kissing and hugging your husband in a dream

King spade

Kissing an adorned woman

Kissing feet of a woman

Khrish john

Kill pigeon

Kill bird

Kissing a puppy

Kabr dream

Kissing a prim minister

Kist in the dream

Kissing someone

Kinnar seens in dream

Kicked out of school

Kingdom war


Kalamansi seeds


Killed black fearful bird

Killing with machete

Kissing in van

Killing a pink snake

King and queen cards

Kissed someone i hate

Kercheif in dream


Kidney donation to someone

Kinnar in dream duribg pregnancy

Killin your pet accidentally

Kittens attack wrist & hands in bedroom

Kittens bite wrist & hand

Kittens attack wrist & hand

Kinner giving blesses to me and my deceased mother in dream

Kinner giving blessing in dream

Kittens attack wrist & hands

Kinner dead body

King cobra with fruit

Kinnar death

Kissing your significant other

Kissing someone with teeth falling out | dream interpretation

Kissing a girl with black tongue

Kalma shahadat dream

Kindness offered to me

Kissing a married human in dream


Killing springbok meaning

Kissing dick in dream

Killing of a white cat

Kinner comes in dream means

Kinner give money

Knife in hand

Kusho ukuthini ukuphupha umuntu othandana maybe esendlini kunethombe zashembe

Kinner in dream

Killing earth worm with salt

Kissing with my deceased husband


Kissing passionately to a demon

Kissing a demon in dream

Killing hades

Keeping raw rice to a dead person photo with money and flowers in dream

Kill friend

Kinnar in dreams was happy

Killing earthworms with salt

Kissing a politician in a dream

Keg full of palmoil in dream

Keg of palmoil in dream

Kenkay selling

Klare krigen


Kola nut meaning in a dream

Kola but in a dream meaning please

Kissing the man who spat on my face

Kicking out someone out of the my house

Kini itumo ki eniyan wo aso odi loju orun

Kumku in dreams is good or bad

King kong dream

Kissing a anime character


Killing madman that committed murder

Kissing a fictional character

Keke napper

Kissing a devil


Kissing a person u now on social media

Kissing on lips a person u now does the dream tell me what that person think about me

Kissing on lips a person u now

Kissing a person u now

Keeping a cowry in the back pocket.

Keeping cowry in the back pocket.

Killing a kite bird in dream

Kinar and water

Kinar water


Killing medusa in my dream

Kissing classmate

Kissing my anime crush character

Killing two animals in a dream

Kashmir shawl

Killing a blue dog in my dream

Kid naped

Key holder meaning


Kissed by a mad person

Kissing a actor

Kissing in my dream


Killing a guinea pig in dream


Killing slug

Killing two grass cutter in dream

Kuchazani ukuphupha umhlwehlwe omhlophe qwa

Kidney removed

Key holder in the dream

Kuchazani ukuphu umoba

Kiss on forehead by someone you live

Key inside an envelope

Killing three big grass cutter in the dream

Kurbani bull

Killed a sangoma

Kissing a vagina

Keep on dreaming being punished at school

Kinner give gifts and blessings


Kiss your crush

Kiss in dream

Kissing feeling

Killing a snake in a dream


Kpop crush

Kurlus osama episode 46 season 2


Karmama sansar chakra

Karmama sansar chakra 9

Kissing someone to under the chin

Kid running away

Kinner is loving in dream

Kẻ thù

Killer clown and death

Killing someone in your dreams

King fish


Killing many people with a knive

Kiss bite on your lower lip and blood on lip means


Korean language

Kissing a married woman in your dream


Kinnar giving food to ud

Kinnar dancing in dreams

Killing a white cobra snake


Kings pic

Killini a lizard

Killing oneself but failing to do so in a dream

Killing oneself but failing to do so in a f=dream

Killing a madwoman in the dream means what

Kissing an anime chracter


Kissing church

Kissing at a church

Kiss on right shoulder

Kinner dream

Kissing and transferring cold in someone mouth

Kum kum turmeric face red saree

Kissing a step stepson in a dream

Kumkuma in dreams


Kiss purple lips

Kumkum and haldi in pooja

Kinnar dream


Keys next to the moon

Kumkum receiving


Killing à bush animal

Killing some dark bats with water in my dream

Kitchen garden

Kissing lips father


Killing shark on dream

Keep on removing bugger but it doesn’t ended

Killing a cockroach in a dream

Kumkum haldi running with water in bathroom

Kraal meaning in a dream

Kissing sister in law

Killing black ants in the dream

Kinner selling clothes

Kissing with a handsome man

Kissed by a handsome man

Kissing same sex

Karuppaswsmy god

Kissing your sister in law

Kissing my dececed mother


Kicked out from enemy’s house

Killing animals

Kinner giving me coin and blessings

Kinner forcefully do sex with girl in dreams

Khyentse rinpoche loving me

Kola nut mean in dream

Keeping cow dung on the head


Kissing of the goat

Killing rapist in the dream

Killing a roach in my dream

Ka zones

Kinner asking for help in dream

Killing a weird fish

Kissed by your ex brother-in-law

Kneeling down begging water in the dream

Kinnar giving blessing in dream

Killing a turtle in dream


Killing two person

Kinner rape in dreams

Killed rapist

Killing pangolin

Killing termite

Killing termite queen

Killing a woman with bare hands

Killing a carabao

Kinner having sex

Kissing husband feet

Kinner giving blessings in dream for pregnant women

Kuchszani ukuphupha wemula

Kiss my sister on the lip

Kinner giving me gold necklace


Killing fish turned snake in a dream

Killing a warthog

Kinaar manages objects of marriages

Key n lock


Kumkum received from priest

Kissing with a forked tongue in dream

Keke napepe

Kissing someobe passionately

Kissing a short man

Kissing a shrinking man


Kissing old crush

Kolanut tree in a dream

Kissed by a fictional character

Kamias bearing fruit

Kola nut eating

Killing a hare

Kissing hand of god

Knife cutting chest

Kalasa removed from pooja room

Kali vusirikaya kanipiste

Kissing a beautiful stranger girl

Kitties sucking milk from my breasts

Khaawab me bar bar tawiz dkhnai k kya mtlb

Kinnar ask for money in dream

Kangaroo dying

K shahsb

Kiss on the neck in the dream

Kinner asking for food

Killing someone using a sword

Kidnapper is in love with me

Killing a snake turn to fish


Knife stomach


Kraal with king and regiment

Kumkum fall in temple

Kneeling praying

Kids scream laughing

Kaal purush

Kissing lips with makeup



Killing lots of lizatds

Kill lizard in drwam

Kinner asking for sex in dream

Kinner k uper mouse

Kanava red saree vanki kudupathu. pol kanavu

Kuchazan ukuphupha wemula

Kissing someone on the cheeks

Known woman make her virgina open to see

Kneading rice flour dough in dream

King of clubs playing card

King of clubs



Killing a rapest

Knitting sky blue sweater for baby

Knees in my dream

Kajal appaers in dreams


Killing a dog unintentionally and it gets back to its life later




Kissing a deceased brother in a dream

Kissing a unoch

Kissing a unuch


Kissing someone’s elbow

Kite tatoo

Killing a squid


Killing squirrel in dream

Kissing your stomach

Kiss my male deceased spiritual leader on the cheak?

Killing earth worm in dream with salt

Kajal on eyebrows

Kinner dreamsignal

Killing someone with a spear

Kerchief with holes


Kitchen pot holders

Kissing someone with falling teeth

Kissing someone with teeth falling

Killed snake turning into a dead fish

Konkonte dream means

Khwab me mithai khana

Khwab me meethe chawal me ladoo dekhna or khana

Kissing a man with no teeth


Kids dresses

Killing wall gecko in the dream and waking up to see it life


Killed dog

Kinner feeding me in dreams

Kunkum spilled

Kissing your dead mother

Kissing sister inlaw


Kali mantra

Kumkum spilled