Kali mantra

Kumkum spilled

Kumkum bharani

Kinner asking paan

Kissing the lips

Kolanut plucking

Keeping flowers as a sign of engagement

Kiss on the neck

Killing thicks

Kaleera in dream

Kill termites

Known women recited quran in dream | dream interpretation

Kiss on forehead.

Kiss o forehead

Kissing someone and false teeth came out

Kinnar lauging

Kissing hand of king

Killing fish with knife

Kinnar giving money in dream

Kraal in the middle it has a round hurt and cow


Killing monitor lizard


Kiss cheek girl

Killing snakes with bravely

Keeping henna myself in dream meaning

Kissing a stranger


Knife fighting

Kissing someone with tooth falls out

Kiss a solicitor



Killing earthworms with salt

Killing coacroach in the dream

Kissing someone of the same gender mean


Kadhi dreams

Kashi dreams


Kissing and hitting lips

Kissing your idol

Keys falling from lift

Killing rat in dreams

Killing grasshopper

Kissing a pastor

Kissing a pastor dream

Kola nut in olive oil bottle




Kiss by brother in lae

Kidney harvesting organ

Keys and key holder

Kiss on the lips

Killing scorpion number

Kiss and hug by prime minister

Killing a shrew

Killing an animal in a dream

Killing a crane

Khwab mein kangaroo dakhna


Khawb main taweez dekhna

Killing someone



Kiss on your forehead in a dream

Kanye west on my dreams

King cobra drinking milk in dream

Kissing neighbor

Kukum box received by friend



Kissing a man with a snake tongue

Kinner giving blessings

Kuchazani ukuphupha ugobela ethi uyakuthanda

Karuppusamy appeared in dream

Kinner sitting in my home in dream

Kart turn over while driving

Kiss a native american

Kissed on the top of the head

Kiss someone

Kissing a widow

Kneeling down at the foot of the cross

Killed animal in the dream

Kinner asking sex

Kinner romance

Kinner run behind us

Kinnar interrogates me

Kinner at door step

Killing someone unknown

Knee to leg cutting no bleeding with broken glass

Knee to leg cutting with broken glass

Kerosene in my house

Kitten left pee spots on bedding

K deadboby moon water

Kumgum and haldi in the paper.i take that

Kiss girlfriend sister

Killing shark

Kpop idol in pain


Kiss with idol

Killing babies

K dead body

Kalalo birakaya kanipsthy

Kalalo birakaya



Killing elephant n putting in fire

King kong

Killing a sheep in dream

Kissing unknown person

Kpop idol in dream

Krishnas peacock feather

Ki eniyan ba aso oju ala ki itumo re

Kicking family out of your house

Ki ni itumo ki eniyan wo aso odi ni oju ala


Kidding somebodies face tattoo

Kids school bunk

Killing a white ram in my dream

Kajal on foot

Killing bird in my dream with catapult




Knitting hat

Kissing married woman


Killing parent



Knocking inside a wall

Kiss fictional character

Kiss by a incubus

K deadbody moom water

Key holders

Kumkum and turmeric falling on my legs

Killing of cat by a cow

Killing and burning of a bird


Keeping silent

Kneeling and crying in gods knee

Kissing someone with rotten teeth interpretation

Kissing someone with rotten teeth

Killing a snake and a frog together

Killing my husband and his mistress in r

K dead body moon water

Kitten peeing in a litter box


Kerosene mixed with water fetching it in a dream meaning

Killing an antilope


Kisses on abdomen

Kumkum falling on face

Known women recited quran in dream

Killing shudra

Knitted sweater

Kiss on eye

Karuppasamy god comes in dream

Killed a cow accidentally

Khwab mein crow aur chimgadar dekhna

Khawab me poda lagana

King burial

Kneeling down n begging someone

Kicking someone out of my house

Kids coming to fight you

Killed snake on fire

Kissing and vomiting

Kissing and throwing up

Kissing someone you know and spitting thereafter

Killing a goldfish

Kalasam dream

Kobbari paalu kalalo vaste

Killing 2 chimpanzee


Kitchen wall crack down


Kissing my crush playing spin the bottle and she likes me

Kill by carabao

Kiss daughter

K deadbody moon water

Kill a girl

K deadbody moon water means

Kalasam falling in dream

Kumkum and haldi put on my hed

Kissed by baby i kissed him back


Kissing small baby

Kajal wearing in dream

Killing the bird in dream

Kicking ripe orange in dream

Killing birds

Killing bad in dream

Kissing an older woman

Kinner hold my head and say something

Kinnee hold my head n say something

Kitten eating a cane toad

Kion roar

Killing of an elephant in a dream

Killing of sheep in dream


Killing and brushing off ticks from head and hands

Killing twins

Kicking at someone trying to grab me

Kicking at someone trying to hurt me

Killing fowl

Killing fiwl

Keg of red oil


Kumkam pooja

Kkum pooja in dream

Kissing seam on

Kissing nake

Keke nape

Killing clone

Kissing a dead relative in dream

Kumkum and turmeric powder in dream

Killing crocodile

Korean friends

Kissing a stranger while being given chocolate mouth to mouth


Killing squirrels but they are not dying

Kissing the president

Killing snake with stone

Killed by homeless person

Knowing that your partner went abroad

Killing dad

Killing a animal

Kill black scorpion

Killing small goat

Killing impala in my dreams

Killing a vulture in dream

Katahal tree and

Khrisna statues head broken

Kumkum and blessing

Kissing someone with no teeth

Kupu kupu di pintu kamar


Kidnapper flirts with you

Killing others by injections

Kitty litter on my hands

Killed by pillow

Kinner telling something bad


Killing bush meat in the dream

Killing a lion

Killing a snake with a stone in the dream



Kite thread cutting


Kiss father

Killer husband

Killing accidentally someone

Karupaswamy god

Killing a opossum

Kiss lips

Kinnar in my dream and she do makeup on my face

Karuppasamy temple in dream

Killing my rapist

Kissing in swimming pool being naked

Kid teaching me

Kid teaching mantra

King of diamonds

King king on the eiffel tower

Kinnar money

Kinner is smiling


Kinner baby adopted

Know person giving money

Killing piglets

Kicking birds

Killing by burning fire ants underneath my bed

Killing snake stone

Killing snake with a stone

Killing of solider ants in the dream

Killing solider ants in group

Kittens wearing glasses

Kissing on the hair by a man in dreams



Killing mosquitoes

Killing a dog with human head

Killed my girlfriend in self defense

Kissing someone with chapped lips

Kpop idols

Kumkum receiving from husband

Killing a goat

Kids friends make a mess in the house

Killing a woman

Keys in pocket



Kitten to cat

Kitten fangs falling

Kitten fang

Killing snakaes

Killin me

Killing people with someone

Kuchazani ukuphupha udla umoba

Kola nut

Kissing landlord

Kids attacked

Knights templar armor

Knights templar armor with a red cross

Kinner angry on me

Kimber angry on me

Kinner asking for blessing

Kinner touch my head


Kids crying for hungry

Killing animal accidentally

Knight/white horse/red cross

Kissed by a dead man


King cards

Kinner wearing bangles in dreams

Kinner wearing chuda in dreams

Killing a toucan bird thats attacking you

Kalamansi tree with fruits

Kittens killing birds

Killing medusa in dream

Kissed by a mad woman on the mouth

Kumkum fell down from hand

Kumkum fell down

Kinder in evening dream

Killing unknown person with a sword

Kumkum fell down in dream

Kids new clothes

Kiss on dry lips

Kobe bryant smiling in suit walking to the right

Kinner forcefully trying to have sex

Kicking in dream

Killing a leopard

Kicking pregnant wonan in her belly

King spade ace spade playing card

King playing card

Kiss foot

Killed a wall gecko

Knowing a very strong wind in coming

Kunkam barani

Kum kum

Kenkey in dream

Kenkey in your dream

Kumkum haldi and rose flower in dream

Killing your crush

Killing males


Kitten killed

Kissing her stomach


Kiss grandfather in a dream

Kissing a dwalf

Kati mundi


Kids barefoot print

Kids foot print on the floor

Kinnar asking for money in dream

Korean idols

Kissing a lioness

Killing a vulture in a dream meaning

Kill earthwarm salt

Killer, love

Karuppasamy in dream

Kissing a lady

Kissing a girl

Kumkum on head

Kicking someone


Kissing a bunny

Killing little boy

Kidnapped by a stranger

Kissing a beautiful woman


Kissing devil

Kinner burning alive

Kissing a king in ur dream

Killer lizard

Kissing anime

Kissing the feet of st.vincent ferer

Kissing stomach

Killing an orange snake

Kola eating

Key code

Kola nut in dreams

Kissing someone and losing my teeth at the same time

Kissing someone good bye

Killing ex husband

Kala chana in dream

Killing a bat with a human face

Killing a bat in a dream

Kissing squirrels

Kissing vagina in dream

Kissing a fish

Kissing my soulmate

Knot in wood

Kiss boy

Kool aid dream

Kissed by a priest

Kissing mad woman

Kola nut in dream meaning

Kissing the feet of saint vicente ferrer

Kissing neighbor in the dream


Kinner dead body came in dream it was pack with clothes

Kill black goat

Kinner killing everyone n then asking for sex

Kamias and shell inside the bowl have water and i eat shell in my dream

Killed by poison

Kissing someone and then getting slapped

Kissing someone and then getting slapoed

Killing gnats in a dream

Kicking a ball very weakly


Kicked out of a restaurant

Kissing a fictional movie carachter

Keep opening the wrong door

Kinner sitting in home

Keep seeing bullets

Kittens in cage



Knife slice

Killed a wasp by my own finger

Kraal meaning dream

Killing and enemy with machete

Knitted dress

Koloa fakatonga

Killing someone

Killing a squid in your dream

Killing cartepillar

Kalorama nut in dream

Killing a mouse

Killing someone with firecrackers

Killing someone with fireworks

Kiss by a gypsy

Kiss eye

Kid and fox

Killing with a spear

Kinner, stealing

Killling an evil person

Killing my dog

Kinner angry in my dreams


Killing hiding body

Kill a madman

Kissing nose

Killed men

Killer baby

Killing snakes

Killing snakes and frogs

Killing puppy

Killer dolls and stuffed toys

Killing a strange and disgusting animal in a dream


Kinner asking for shopping and mehdi

King propose marriage to me

Kingfisher flying in dream

Kissing someone with missing teeth

Kissing someone with missing getty

Kissing with dead father

Key from dead relation

Knitting a pink color sweater for baby

Kali ma eating food in dream

Kicked out of the restaurant


Kumkum in dreams

Karuppasamy god in dream

Kiss son in dream

Kiss classmate

Kinner theft

Kissing same gender

Key witness

Kiss on cheek

Knight on a horse


Kissing faceless person

Kiss dead mother

Kalasam in dreams


Knee cut in dream

Kill plants


Kk kk

Kidnapping murder and car chase

Korean idol

Kissing unknown girl

Karni on someone


Kicked a dod and throw away by foot

Kissing your soul mate

Kings marriage proposal

Koala in cage

Killing a crazy man in dreams

Keeping pindam

Kukam drops from hand in dreams


Kinner wedding