Kiss on cheek felt while sleeping

Kaaba raining

Kissing butt

Knuckle duster

Kill a five man

Kuchazani ukhphupha wenzelwa umhlonyane

Kutshoni ukuphupha amacimbi

Kuchazani ukuphupha inkomo ebomvu

Kuchazani ukuphupha inkomo enomvu

Killing a female thief in dreams


Kaaba wall cleaning with joy

Kuchaza ukuthini ukuphupha unikwa ubuhlalu obubovu nobumhlophe

Kist in a dream

Kuchazani ukuphupha ogogo ongabazi

Keeping shoes in temple

Killing and eating the animal in the dream

Kini itumo ki eniyan fo aso ni o ju ala

Kini itumo ki eniyan do

Kinain ang tae number

Kumkum turmeric powder in dream

Knee brace both knees

Kapre looking for you

Kissing husband penis in dream


Keel in wallet

King giving me a gift

Kissing on husband penis

Kini itumo ki eyan ra aso titun ni oju ala

Kissing prophet in a dream

Kicking people out of my house

Kanta means

King of ants

Kissing partner

Kissing my sister i law passionately

Kushuthini phupha ukhamanzi ngebhakede

Kamakshi deepam lighting

Kissing lips

Kids chair

Kissed forehead

Kicking my left leg

Kun fa ya kun

Killing lions by burning

Kissing a sepents tongue

Killed a big bush rat

Killing snakes using boiling water in a dream

King giving me a gift watch

Killing someone in my dream


Killing a guy with a gun


Killing an animal that bites you

Kinnars dancing


Killing grasshoper in dream


Khaki dress dream

Kiss belly

Killing puppy dream

Khoi khoi people in a dream sitting on caves

Keeping asectet


Killed a baby monkey in dream

Kissing with false teeth and they break

Kum kum falls in dream

Kidnapped and taken hostage dream

Kuyokhokhwa amalobolo


Kiss hand unable

Kiss incomplete

Killing your own kids

Kicking open the front door

Killing a bear in a dream in islam

Kissing a snake islamic interpretation

Kissed by the prophet and we both enjoyed

Kissing a man iknow

Kangaroos quarrel

Killing someone already dead in dream

Key left in door


Kungumam dream

Kiss a white haired person

Kissing someone then vomiting

Kissing jesus lips statue

Killing tiger with a knife

Kicked out of the classroom

Kitchen tong

Kidnapped with family

Kuphuphs ulwa nomfana nebhubesi

Kissing a black snake

Kissin o the mouth a strange women


Kanye west sang to me


Kneeling down before an old man


Kissing a old women toe

Kanzu atire

Kissing with cousin sister in dream

Krishna kamal flower in dreams meaning

Kettle and pregnancy at the same dream

Kidnapped and taken to train yard

Kaleera dream

Kinner gives money in dream

Killing a hawk

Killed glass cutter in dream


Kissing a ghost in dreams

Kissing white women dream

Kidist demilash

Kontomire dream meanings

Kissing a white lady in a dream

Kicking ball over the goalpost

Killing a lion attacking calf

Kola dream

Kiddy pool no water

Keeping money on top of a grave

Kissing a white woman in a dream

Kill a bear

Keys as fare

Kicking udara that is not sweet means

Kicking udara that is not sweet

Kugwazwa isigebengu kodwa singafi


Keys falling from hands


Kissing left breast

Kidnapped by a taxi driver


Kamandal in dream

Keys coming out of my keyboard

Killing snake in the eye

Kalima sahadat

Kissed by a white woman in a dream

Kissing classmayor

Killing someone using a sword dream meaning

Kiss kaaba gilaf

Kissing kanan gilaf

Killing shaytaan

Kissing at the window

Kissing someone while playing spin the bottle

Kicked strangers out of my house

Keyholder dream

Killed a dog

Killing plenty crayfish in a dream

Knots made for you

Knots being sewed into your finger

Kicking a snake


Komodo dragon picture

Kissing on cheek unwanted

Kissing on check unwanted


Kill tortoise in dream

Kissing someones elbow

Kissed on the neck by a dead ex boyfriend

Killing a lion with bare hands

Killing someone with a nife


Kissing a person of the same gender on the lips

Killing turtule

Kissing on lips your ex

Kissing from tha back

Kinnar death in dream


Killing animal and will not dy

King of hearts number

Killings ake

Kinner in dream giving blessings

Kinnar protection

Kinner asking for money in dreams

Kuchazani kuphoza ugjimisiwa maphoyisa

Ku chaza

Killing a coati

Killing gremlins

Kiss a lion

Kissing someone in your dream

Kuchazani uma ngiphupha ngidla inyama ebomvu engavuthiwe

King funeral



Karuppaswami chasing

Killing a black rabbit

Kill one grass cutter in dream

Kiss celebrity

Kidnapping stopped

Knowing everyone you know being dead

Kneeling to clean floors

Kneeling to scrub floors

Kids being chased by a bear

Kissing cult leader

Killing a toucan

King cobra bite me

Kiki kuli

Killua and i were at a funeral

Killing a violent madman in the dream

Killing a madman in the dream

Knife set

Killing a wall gerko dream meaning

Kissing your distance lover

Kill girlfriend

Kid with black eyes

King praying for me

Kissed by your classmate

King giving gift

Killing mud dauber nest

Kissing lost lover

Killed by parent

Killing deer

Knowing your are dreaming

Known person washed her face and put bindi in dream

Killed person defending yourself to rape

Kun fya kun

Killing my brother and law

Kissing a drunk man

Kicked out of a conto


Kissing boot

Kat blood

Kissing naked woman

Kicked in the stomach by sister

Kicked in the stoach by sister

Kissing and sex dream number

Knitted dress dream meaning

Kissed by a goat

Killing silverfish

Kajal dream meanings

Keeper of space and time

King giving money to wife

Kakalo gorintaku vasthe

Kurota madora akawanda zvinorevachii

Killing homeless

Kiss and car accident


Kiss during lunar eclipse

Kidnapped as a child

Kissing someone and her teeth fall out dream meaning

Killing snail

Kurota uchibats madora

Kurota madora akaoma kunorevei

Killing a werewolf in dream

Killing by knife in dream

Killing a bird in its nest and getting its eggs

Killing birts

Killing cyclop

Killying cyclop

Kyllinh cyclop

Killed person raping my sister

Keke in dream

Killing snake and scorpion dreams meaning

Kusho ukthini ukphupha uthandana nomuntu

Keys in a purse

Kitten in bed

Kicking a football on a football field

Killing a cheetah in a dream

Kicked out of family bridal party

Krishn murti

Kiss goodbye


Killing earthworm with salt in a dream


Killing monsters in dream

Kid knocking door saying my child

Kneeling down

Kerosene leaking from container

King sharing food in the dream

Kings charles sick

Kid beggar snatchingy phone

Killing a dove


Knife murderer

Kill someone and eat him

Kanye west in gym

Killer sex

Kale ugali

Kungumam cut

Kitter mouse and lizard

Kittens linking me

Killing a monitor lizard in a dream

Kurota uchibata madora akawanda zvinorevei

King kissing on check

Kitchen towel



Kids tricycle

Knockout gas dream

Kissing your crush

Kissing someone passionately

Karate outfit

Karate outdit

Khaki shifa ni dreams


Kreese dream meaning


Kissing johnny depp

Kurota ndichibata madora akawanda akakora

Kusho uthini phupha lotsholwa

Kissed by an old man

Killing of attacking pig

Killed by husband and wife


Kiss third eye

Kids fighting

Kissing a beautiful friendly lion

Killing ticks

Killing with knife in self defense


Knife murder

Kahulugan ng panaginip na malunggay

Kusakura chibage

Kidnapped by gay man

Killing someone with a frying pan

Killed impala in your dream

Kenzie ann

Kissing albino guy


Kinner baby

Kick off the dream

Knight gown

Killed someone accidentally then trying to hide boddy

Killing caterpillar in dream islamic view

Killing caterpillar in dream

Kalai lakshmi devi vasthe


Killing a mosquito

Kissing widower

Killing aghori in dream

Kite fly in dreams

Kinners smiling at dream


King shaking hands in adream means

Khawab mai kangaroo dekhna

Kissing dead parents

Kalalo muggu kanipisthe

Kasa in dream

Kissing mother in dream

Killing a porcupine mean

Kiss hand of a grandfather in a dream

Kid injured in mothers dream

Key on belly

Kim kardashian cuting hair

Kissing a woman bare foot

Kissing my partner where there is flowing water

Knife penis

Kolam made in my house



Kneeling and hard to get up

Killing a lion for eating

Kneeling cleaning floor

Kite defending

Killing a sanke

Keep losing a loved one

Kernels in feces

Kissing vomit

Kalyanam laddu prasadam receiving

Kissing husband foot in my dream

Kissing a white lady in the dream

King chilli dark red

Kurota matohwe

Kissed by a dog

Kitten in spider web

Kissing deeply

Killing grass cutter animal

Killing jackals in a dream

Killing an owl

Ki eniyan wo aso odi

Killed and burned three small white snakes in my dream

Knife stabbed in a face


Killing head lice

Killing dove in the dream spiritual meaning

Kim kardashian dream meaning

Kissing a mad woman

Kissing girlfriends sister

Killing a pangolin in the dream

Kissing someone lips

Kissing pot with food taken by street boys while cooking

Killing buffalo in dream

Killing person in my dreama

Kissing my long distance love

Kissing a man in a dream meaning

Kissing an albino woman

Kurota uchitemerwa matohwe

Kissing a dog

Killing of chameleon in dream

Killing more than one centipede

Killing husband and mistress

Killed my partner

Killing grasscatter

Kangaroo chasing me

Killing evil person

Kissing the breast in my dream

Knew i was going to die and it was lucid dreaming



Killed someone who wanted to rape me in my dreams

Killed a queen

Killing a blind queen

Killing evil spirit

Kruger and ring

Kicking someone in the buttocks

Kittens peeing

Kraal full of cattle

Kissing a sa go

Kicking albinism woman

Kissed on cheek from cousin

Keeping a child in the basement

Killing person with knife

Kidnapped while driving

Kill the person who wanted to rape me

Kurota tsime rakazara mvura

Keeping melted drops from the candle in the sky in my dreams

Killing bunch of lizard and snake

Kissing elvis

Kittens crawling in ovens and burning alive

Killing my father

Kitchen windows

Keeping pongal in dream

Krishna crying in dream mean

Kissed neighbor

Kuphipha ushintshe ingane inapukeni


Killing someone in a dream meant that

Killing of fish inside water


Kamashi deepa broken in dream what it mean

Kingfisher in dreams spiritual meaning

Kids missing a school bus

Kneeling in armor

Kidney stealing

King of clubs card

Knight chess piece

Kissing my long distance boyfriend

Kissing my long distance boyfriend nd spending time with him

Killing many people with sword

King guide us in dream

Knock on wall

Kisisg a naked woman

Kissing another woman in dream

Killing a black goat in dreams

Killing and cleaning little catfish in the dream

Kid and mother is monster and creek

Killing a leopard mean in christain

Kidding feet

Kiss wife feet

Knock someone down

Kissing your friends daughter

Kissing your girlfriend daughter

Kurota uchitemha matohwe

Killing a centipede

Killer nuns

Kissing woman devil

Kidnapping children

Killing a big red monitor lizard

Kuhujwa inkomo eyodwa ebomvu eyinkunzi

Kissing dentures

Kola nut dream interpretation by ibin siren

Killed a man who harrassed me

Kissing side of chin

Kuchitheka utshwala besilungu

Killing ur husband mistress

Knocking on doors

Kubhudza ulunywa tinja

Kissing fellow lady boss i n a dream

Kill daughter

Kidnapped and trafficked

Knives at doorway

Knives at car door

Knives at thresholds

Kurota musvo wenzungu

King sex math


Kaaba white cover

Kaldero in my dream

Killing the shape changeer

Kissin my distance boy friend

Kiss in church


Kissing dead mother on the eye

Kissing white girl

Kneeling and a man of god laying hands on me

Kicking boyfriend out of his mothers house

King kiss

Kissing king

Kid touching your nipple

Knee to knee love dreaming

Killed a tamed turtle dove in my dream

Koolaid man

Keep pongal

Kobe bryant in my dream

Kissing a girl on her cheek in the dream

Kyline jenner inadream

Kissing my bestfriend

Kissing bar maid

Kinner blessing in the dream

Kissing and hold hands with president in the car

Kneeling down in the river in a dream why someone was putting water on your head on the river

Knuckle open wound

Knuckle bone exposed

Killing evil kids

Kola disappointed in dream

Killing animal by hand in dream

Killing rainbow color snake

Kissing though a mask

Kiss forehead mother

Key to secret closet

Kissing someone other thanpatner

Kissing someone other than mey partner

Kissing an airplane pilot

Killing a black goat in a dream

Killing black goat with pistol in deeam

Killing stranger in dream

Kids stealing god accessories


Kiss on side forehead

Killed myself by fire

Kissing an older rich white woman

Khwab main wooden stick dailhna

Kissing man with missing teeth

Keys be put in hand

Kinner dream in pregnancy mean

Kaaba falling down dream

Killed rabbits with gun in the dream



Kini itumo ki eniyan wo odi aso ni oju ala

Kissing an injured hand

Kiss thats a peck

Kick off the bed

Karuppu samy in dreams

Khaab mai pari deakhna

Killer with mallet and chainsaw

Killing girlfriend


Kissing someone with teeth missing

Killing an elephant in the dream

Kissing pope on forehead and face

Korean guy dream


Knife masturbation

Killing striped cat

Kidnapped by a gang

Kingston joined to st catherine

Keep falling

Keep falling collecting things from that

Keep fall collect things from that

Key lost and found again

Keys list and found again

Kumkum bharani dream

Kissing by white woman in dreams

Kamias dream meaning

Kili mall

Killing of pouch rats

Killing of bush rats

King of wanders

King of wales

Kissing a woman with reptile tongue

Killing grass cutter dream

Knocking two times

Killed baby

Knocking over grey paint

Kiss acquaintance

Killing a friend


Kill woman

Kamais trees

Kissing best friend


Killing a tiger with knife

Kerosene heater and mother

Kerosene heater an mother

Killing using knife laughing

Kannels in the dream

Kayak with relative on still lake

King crayfish

King giving me a gift in my dream

Killing slugs

Killing with salt

Killing earthworms in dream

Knocking down a goat

King walking barefooted

Keening and asking a pastor to pray for u

Knight on horse

Kind ghosts giving gifts

Kids corpse body being exhumed

Kissing a man in dream

Killing husbabds lover

Key bends while unlocking the door

Kissing playing with eater

King tarot card

Knife in nose

Kissing and old boyfriend after showing me his black tongue

Knobs on a dresser

Kuphuphs sangoma

King of diamond in a dream

Killing scorpions in a dream

Keeping something out

Kettle using feces movement

Kissing squirrel couple

Kissing bad experience

Kissing someone toothless

Kissing gums

Kissing teeth breaking

Kissing teeth

Kissing teeth fall out

Kali god smile in my dream

Killing a king in dream means


King of dreams

Kahulugan ng malunggay

Kicking in a door trying to get out of house but cant

Killing a snake and a moniter lizard


Knotts in hair

Kill kitten smile

Kiss bite in dream

Kiss bite

Kicked out of a hotel

Kolo nut in dream

Kiss by a madman in d dream

Kerosene pored on my hair

Kissing my brother on lips

Kuthu vilaku is missing in pooja room dream

Kissing only bottom lip

Kamogeloentle trading

Keeping golden bowl in front of jesus

Killing of a kite bird in a dream

Karuppan samy in dream

Kissed by a strange woman wearing black clothes like a widow

Karupan samy idol came in dream

Killing a person with a knife

Kiss by someone dead

Killing leperachan

Kick someone in their face


Kid licking sidewalk

Kalalo kumkuma


Killing someone and cook it

Knocking on my door with the letter box

Knock knees horse


Killing guinea pig

Killing a bee

Khwab main peelay meethay chawal dekhna

Kissing at the beach

Kissing white woman

Kill a lizard closed to your penis

Killing of fish by own self in river with friend

Kiss in the forehead

Kidnap rape escape

Killed in dream

Killer ghost cast

Killing robbers

Killing cats killing chicken

Killing cats eating my chics

Killing a scorpion that bit me

Keep getting delayed

Kim taehyung kiss feel real in dream

Killing bart

Kawin lagi

Kumkum turmeric come in dream

Kissing my father on the cheeks

Knife cut my sandel

Kissing kinnar in dream

King kong chasing you

Kill a witch

Kersone lamp


Killed someone on the train

Kalasha in dream

Killing snack in jar in dream in islam

Killed someone who is already dead

Kangaroo and goat

Kissing someone who has a snake tongue

Kissing unknown sangoma in your dream

Killing a snake with an iron rod

Kicked my boyfriend from my house

Killing a clone of myself

Killing husbands mistress

Kids daddy


Kissing intimate

Kissing bestfriend


King tutankhamen small statues

King tsar

Kissing my sister in dream

Killing peasion in dream by father

Killing peasion in dream

Killing someone using sword islamic

Kimono style

Killer mascots

Kraal full of cows

Kids asking for food in dream

Kids asking me for food

Killed and broken its head inside river in dream

Killed tilapia fish in dream

Killing a boy


Kissed a politician

Killing of guniea pig what does it mean

Kissing moms forehead

Karupaswamy in dream

Kofi licks my ear

Kid fall on a tree

Kissing a friend in office

Key with a flag of stars

Killing dogs

Killed by mother

Kaying down in the street

Korean people dreams as friends

Korean people dreams

Kicking knife on the dream

King eating lunch

Kiss on the cheek from baby girl

Kissing much a woman i know and just dreamed that i kissed so much in a dream

Kalalo kajal kanipinchindhi

Kidnapped trying dream meaning

Keep seeing dead ex boyfriend


Kitten with your bird in mouth

Killing with sword

King mummy came back to life

Korean running

Korean man

Killing group of attackers

Killed thru pillow

Kalire dekhna

Kissed by friend on cheek

Kissing and teeth falling out

Kiss green snake

Kalasa falling down

Kneeling elephant

King dancing

Kicked out of a party

Kamias tree with fruits

Kite in dream

Kicked out of restaurant


Kissing a baby deer

Kiss a short man

Kissing a dwarfs


Kumkum received husband in the dream

Knive in water

Kun fata kun

Kidnap of child

Knee deep water

Killing a big puff adder

Kissing someone in a car

Kinnar cursed in dreams

Killing rapist

Killed the prime minister

Knocking over a tote full of clothes

Knocking over a tote full

Killed a sangoma who was attacking me

Known beautiful woman hips

Killing with knife

Kissing and romancing my boss in a dream

Killing the cat in dream

Kissing and hugging your husband

Killing water bug

Kitten death


Kissing married women

Killing a bushbuck

Kraal poles put down

Killing new born

King cobra milking dream

Kicked out of apartment

Kissing another guy and he sucked

Kicking people out of home

Killing red scorpion

Knocking me on the head with bottle

Kiss on the forehead by my late mother

Kids playing in the river

Kissing blood in palm

Kneeding a dough with out an egg

Kalamansi plant

Killing centipede in dream

Killing a killer


Kitsune mask

Kitten dying

Kaajal saw in a dream

Kiss a queen

Kids scooter

Kids scootef

Kissing a mad mam in the dream

Killing voodoo doll

Kissing my wife in dream

Killed a flying snake after hitting me

Kiss the top of birds head

Kissing white girl in a dream


Kissing a female co tenant in a dream

Knocking and opening window

King kong standindung on cristal clear ocean with fish

Killing my husband and his mistress dream

King kong standing in the water

Kissing your father

Kissed in a neck in a dream

Kidnap by taxi driver

Kiss my dad on the lips


Kissing your separated husband

Killing of cobwebs in my dream

Kids with monkey tail

Kumkuman and turmic in dreams


Kitchen drawer

Kiss from a deceased

Kid with a dog head

Kiss a woman

Kuphuphu uphuza iwine kuchazani

Kiss a oba in dream

Kissing neighbour

Kiss a king

Killing someone with a pillow

Kaka she

Keyboard key falling off keyboard

Known dead people

Killing a lion in a dream whatdoes it mean

Kentucky fried chicken bucket

Kitten throwing up


Kitten in closet

Kissed by beautiful women

Kitchen plate

Kitchen set

Kolanuts a dream

Kissing neighbors wife

Kneeling over a body crying

Kissing dead person

Keychain holder

Kissing a girl you know

Kurota uchisakura

Kill vultures

Kissing manorah in the drem


Killed tokoloshi

Kag meaning


Kissing a unknown girl

Kissing landlady

Kesay table

Knowing your enemies

Kidnap and escape

Kissing drunk best friend

Kissing a friend with a snake tongue

Killing a guinea fowl in a dream


Killing wild animal in a dream


Killing fish and crayfish

Killing someone who is going to rape and kill me

Killing people in a dream kids and old people in traditional healer

Kissing my dead moms hands

Kraal in the dream meant what

Kraal in the dream means what

Kitten sick

Kuvukwa yodlozi

Kuan yin

Kissing a anime girl

Keeping score

Krishna doll caring dream means

Key limes

King either clubs or spdes

Killing a alligator

King sex

Kumkuma in dream

Keeping lying mat nd matrass under bed

Keeping mat and foam

Kissing a fellow woman

Kurota uchida matohwe

Kissing lizard in dream

Kobe bryant dream


King of the hill

Kneeling down and praying in mountain

Kissing a foreigner in a dream

Killing and skinning a wolf

Killing someone in dream

Kissing the queen

Killing demon using sword

Killing demon

Killing a bush pig in a dream

Kissing a beautiful girl outside

Karina doctor dream

Karina army dream

Killing mongoose in a house in a dream means

King gifting dream

Killing female buck in a dream

Killing a big green lizard

Kong crab

Kissing a king in cheeck in dreams

Killing alligator

Kill two person

Knight piece chess

Koi is giving birth in dreams

Kissing then vomiting

King giving lots of money to me

Kalsh falling in the dream

Kissing on ears

Killing bees in a vegetable garden

Killing intruder who is past stalker


Kissing my long distance partner

Kidnapped in dream

Killings of a lion

Kidding cold lips

Killing two succubus

Killing a sic i is

Kissed somebody

Kinner in dream with unhappy face

Kurota madora

Killing leopard and buried it

Kurota tsime remvura ndichugeza

Kingcobra in dream and many snakes start chasing people and getting ecplode self

Kissing my kpopidol

Kissing my idol


Kissing a stranger indicates what in a dream

Kissing in a dream means what

Knife represent what number

Killing fox

Kissing father in law


Kitchen table rat

Key falls


Kissing and say sorry

Kuona ukiwa na rais wa nchi kwenye ndoto


Killing male evil witches in dream

Kinnar giving blessing

Kumkum falling down in dream

Killing a rapist in a dream

Kissing father of friend

Komono dragon attacking a giraffe

Killing meat in dream

Kissing another girl

Killing bush meat in drean

Killing bush meat in dream

King tutankhamun

King snake

Kruger coins and gold

Kissing multiple women

Kneel down to greet

Kurota ndichisakura

Kiss my ass

Kick him ass

Kinner kiss me in my dream meaning


Kutora uchibata madora

Karupasamy comes in dream what the meaning

Kissing someone who is transgender

Kissing someone who is trans

Kids father wife

Knuckles of hand

Killing a catfish

Kola nut growing in the dream

Kurota uchibata madora

Kissing in the ear

Kalash fell down in dream meaning

Karma and reincarnation

Kissing a rabbit in a dream

Khatna dream


Knitted toys

Knitted snail

Kidnapped and raped

Kaldero dream meaning

Keeping far from garbage

Kiss of dead person

Killing each other

Kid stomach

Killing baby pigs

Kalima tayiba in dream

Kiss a fairy

Killing a queen or king

Kiwi turning into chicks

Kissing on cold lips

Killing cat by poison

Kittens being born and came to me for help in my dream

Kissed ny a white women

Kronus greek mythology

Killing someone in the dream

Kissing my pregnancy bump

Kissing my belle bump

Killing orca

Killing of lion

Killing and robbery

Kids wearing red clothes in dream

Killing a pregnant lioness

Kitchen aide

Kiss by pregnant woman

Killing ex boyfriend