Killing people after judgement

Killing worms with salt

Killing bart in dream

Kalire in dreams

Killing chicken myself

Kiling hen with firedream

Kraal meaning

Killing man in the dream


Kamakshi deepa

Killing my enemy

King funeral in s dream

Killing guinea folw in the dream mean

Kusho ukuthini mawuphupha aboshongololo

Kusho ukuthi ukuphupha utshwala besilungu

Killer love


Killing wall ggeko with legs in dream

Killed a sloth

Kissing and false teeth falling out

Killing millipede and another one spring out

Kissing hands if a dead uncle

Kick rattlesnake

Kinar ask marriage in dream

Kinar ask marriage in drem

Kicking a mole and giving it to a friend


King giving money in dream

Kissing a friend

Kamakshi deepam in dreams

Killing of earthworms in the drea

King cobra bite

Knives in front of front door


Kinner killed by me in my dream

Kaali daal

Kaali daal and rice

Killing animales in a dream


Knife in butt

Kujipaka matuta ya kupika kichwani kwenye ndoto inamanisha

Kupata kichwa matuta ya kupika katika ndoto inamanisha


Kuchazani ukuphupha wenzelwe umemulo

Killing an attacking goat

Knife cut

Kinner walikinh in house

Kinner in house

Killing a cock in dreams

Kid climbing down a tree


Killing and eating of bush rat in a dream

Kissing someone with cold lips



Kinner in my home

Killing of buffalo in the dream

K leg

Karuprayan swamy

Kissed left eye

Killing a fat tick


Kinner body

Knocking doors

Kidding a lion in a dream

Kissing a lion in my dream

Kidnapper kidnapped a new born in dream

Kiss somebody

Kissing a whale

K-pop smiling at me

Kissing friend who is married

Kissing friends busband

Kafir written on forehead

Knitting sweater

Killing impala with a stone

Kusho ukuthi ukuphupha ubuhlalu obumuhlophe?

Killing crocodile with matchet


Kutshoni ukuphupha amacimbi

Kerosene poured on me

Killing magician


Killing someone in the dream what is the lucky number

Killing thousands of maggots in dream

Kessler full of cows



Killing fork

King giving you gift meaning

Kitchen door

Kashi dream

King awarding honors on accounts

Kill earthworm with salt

Kill a bushmeat

Kid in fridge

Kernel nut in dream means

Kahulugan ng malunggay sa panaginip

Killing of ram

Kiss in my ears

Killing the horn snake

King giving gifts

Know someone sick but dream she walked pass u strong

Kundalini fire coming out of mouth

Kudalini fire coming out of mouth

Kundalini fire coming out through mouth means

Killing pig

Kissing ex with blood

Kissing with ex

Ki eniyan milk ni oju ala

Killing snake and scorpion in dream

Kini itumo ki eniyan fo also we no oju ala

Killing a women

Kusho ukuthini ukuphupha udla amagrapes

Knoking door

Karudan blessings in dream

Keyholders with keys in someone dream

Killing a snake and eat it

Killing wild guinea fowl

Killing elephant in the dream

Kissing an old friend in a cemetry

Khakhi shorts

Kirtan invitation by dead person in dream

Kill classmate

Kuchazani ukuphupha umemulo

Killing of wild birds in the dream

Keke presention in the dream


Krishna broken idol

Kite tree


Kissing and teeth hitting

Kissing pillow

Kettle full of cooked rice

Killing an elephant with a purpose of protection

Kuchazani kuphupha umhlwehlwe

Kola in the dream

Killing many cat

Kontomire stew in a dream

Keeping tilak on forehead

Kicked out of rugby field

Kissing with an idol

Kissing an idol and he sucks your breast to have orgasm

Kinnar giving money to me in dream

Kissing my ex and enemy at the same day

Kalalo lakshmi devi vasthe

Kissing my sister in law,she pushes 2 of her teeth in my mouth with toung

Kenkey you received from a woman

Kinar in dream

Kanasinalli bilva patra kanadare

Khab me pregnant woman ka solar eclipse dekhna kesa hota h

Killing king

Killing people from a balcony

Killing tortoise with a stick

Kneeling before me

Kalash falling in dreams

Kno b

Kids seeeing snake

Kalsha with coconut in dreams

Kinnar soul in my body

Kissing saint in a dream

Kiss enemy

Killing an earthworm with salt in the dream what does it mean

Kill earthworm with salt in dream meaning what

Killing insects

King visiting

Kumkum spills on the floor in dream

Kiss my cousin

Kadai found

Kana din all i karpura

Kanasinalli buttalinalli karpora kande

Kalasa falls down

Kusho ukuthini ukuphupha wenzelwa umemulo?

Kale chan in dream

Kissed my dead grandfather on forehand in my dream

Killing policeman

Killing a weevil

Kissing a virgina

Kissing a dead person

Kissing a handsome man

Killing bush animal

Killing bush meat

Kusho ukuthini uphupha uthandana nomuntu

Kissed by a red snake on a forehead

Kumkum santhanam flowers to another woman


Kola nur

Killing a fsh

Killing a witch in a dream

Killing an already dead person

Killing someone with gun islamicly

Killing someone with gun

Kumkum water

Killing muslims

Killing of rabit in the dream

Kicking people out of house party

Killing an attacker in the dream

Kissing lamb

Kusho ukuthini ukuphupha ubuhlalu

Killing fish from the water in your dream what does that mean

Kitchen stone bench top

Kinner torturing

Killing someone with samurai

Killing a homeless man


Kid cloth hanging outside house


Kindergarten giving coin and bkeesing

Kids death

Killing an elephant

Killing a crane trying to kill u means

Kundiza ibhanoyi

Killing a transparent eel by knocking its head off with a pool stick

Killing a piglet

Kissing a stranger

Kissing a younger man

Kidnap sister

Kalsa falling in dream

Killin a mountain lion

King and queen card

Kiss a back

Killed black ant dream meaning

Killing 3 enemies with kitchen knife


King and queen chair

Kerosene carrying in dream

Kun peng

Khakhi snake

Kiss tongue tied in rope

Kissing a transgender in dream

Kiss stick

Kiss on the forehead meaning

Kissing a sangoma

Killed by axe

Kiswa dream interpretation

Kabocha squash

Kola nut

Kids dying

Killing an earthworm with salt in a dream

Killer whale cow

Killing earthworm with salt in dream

Kinnar kissing me

Kuchazani ukuphupha impepho emhlophe

Killing earthworms with salt in the dream

Killed attacked by carabao

Killing a prince

Killing jinn



Kid touching my vagina

Kissed in chick

Kissed by a dead person in chick

K deadbody moon

Kumkum and godess

Kicked by a prophet on the stomach

Kolanut in church meaning

Katchina charm


Kissing in a vehicle dream meaning

Kidding in a vehicle

Kid sucking penis


Kalasam drea


Kuchazani ukuphupha udla umoba

Kiss a dead loved one

Kiss a dead loved person

Kids a dead loved person

Kontomire in a dream

Kissing eye

Kill the frog

Killing wife and 3x girlfriends


Korean kissing me


Kinner asking for clothes

Kubhudza ukha mangoza lavutsiwe


Kissing a boy from i am frankie show

King crying

Killing lizard in a dream

Kid touching my breasts

Killing ex gf

Killing fishes directly from the river into a bowl

Kinner at temple

Khana kaaba

Kidnapped daughter

Killing a teacher

Keeping her hand on my head and she was smiling

Killing goosse means

Killing goosse


Kucazani ukuphupha ama fruits abolileyo

Kusho ukuthini ukuphupha uzikakela

Kpop idol as friends

K deadboy moon


Kitchenware sounds

Kitcheneare sounds

Kalasha comes in dream

Killing grass cutters in a dream

Kittens drowning

Kinner is torturing u in dream

Kinner atacking in dream

Kheer tilak in dreams

Kheer tilak

Kissed inside the church

Kiis in tge church

K means

Killing earthworm with salt

K deadbody moon water

Kalma second recite in dream

Kuchazani ukuphupha uteta inkukhu


K dead body moon water meaning in hindi

Kdeadboody noon water

Kill guinea fowl

Kumkum fellnin floor

Kalma gold bracelet

K dream body moon water

K dead body noon water

Kill animal in w dream

Keep dreaming my old suitor meaning

Killing a snake with a rock

Kinner suciding


Kills bushpig

Kills bush pig

King / queen chair

Kinnar with divine look giving prasad

Killing a scarab

Killed someone

Kajal buying in dream

Killing someone with a knife

Kalima shahadat

Kalisam in dream

Kicking out of house

Kate grandfather asking for coins

K deadboy moon water

Kissing a bishop

Killing someone and drinking thier blood

Kissing in a car

Killing animal in d dream means

Kadai in dream

Killing my uncle

Kissing with king in my dream

Killing a carabao

K dead body moon water name

K dead body moon water

Kinner in dream means

Kolam putting dream

Knocked unconscious

Kusho ukuthini


Kissing a person in the dream


Killing hulk

Killing people with a sword and piercing their hearts

Killer robot

Kill house

K dadybody moon water

Kiss the dead

King and aces

Killing monitor lizard in dream


Known naked women in dream

Kim taehyung



Killing with spear

Kolanut sharing in dream

Kelantan sharing in dream

Kinnir asking for food in dreem


Killed frog

Kissing a saint in a dream

Kids scattering the shop

King kong

K deadbody moon water odia name


Kamias dream interpretation

Kamias dreamsinterpretation

Killing transgender

King lear

Killing a black goat

Killing a black goat in your dream

Kitchen water pipe leaking

Killing to father meaning

K dead body moon watee


Killing a guinea fowl

Killing venomous snakes

Killing a lot of snakes disappears and emerges again

Killing a man in a dream

Kidnapped and escape

K dead body moon waree


Killing a big fish by someone in dream

K dead body moon

Kusho ukuthini ukuphupha ulotsholwa kodwa imali ifake

K deadbody moon water hindi meaning

Kusho ukuthini ukuphupha udla umoba

Killing grass cutter intretation

Kiosk swim underwater so clearly

Kappa kilangu in dreams

Kanasinalli sannata kallugalu maguvina bainda horage baruva kanasina artha

King or joker card


Killing a worthog with hands

Killing snacks in dreams

Kill by salt

Knife ornament

Knocking on a bedroom window

Kissing the hand of my husbands first wife

Kumkum falling down dream


Kill grasscutter

Kill grass cutter

Killing headlice

Kusho ukuthini ukuphupha ulotsholwa

Killing game



Kid giving me a prophecy and praying for me


Kal ore

Kissing a snake

Kinner with flowers


Keys falling in a pit latrine

Kitchen wares selling in a store


Katherine hurting

Kissing dead grandpa

Kid crossing the river

Killed my friend

Killing springbok in dream

Keep dreaming about your ex and his sister

Killing a big rat


Kissing a sangoma in a dream

Kusho ukuthini ukuphupha iplazi lomoba

Krishna statue tears in my dream

Kissing black nazarene



King steps on you means

King stepson you mens

Key holder dreams meaning


Kissing a lion

Killing someone in your dream

Kuchazani ukuphupha abase mzini bekubingelela


Kuphupha uphuza utshwala besilungu


Killing a viper

Karuppasamy statue

Killing a lizard

Keg of water

Karupusamy is in dream astrology

Kids walking and laughing

Killing an earth work in a dream

Killing lizard

Kissing my maid in dream

Kneel down on road praying

Kinnar in a dream during pregnan

Known people in my dream

Kissing a snake in dreams

Kuli kuli in the dream


Keychain without keys

Kissing my ex


Killing a cockroach in my toilet


Kumkum falls on me in temple in dream

Kota paku

Killing a nosey person

Kamias tree with fruit

Kalo eating

Killing three snakes in your dreams with death mother..

Killng itself bear

Killing a stranger dream number

Killing a stranger

Kitchen sex threesome

Kamias tree

Kicked out in wedding

Kumkuma bharani

Kalasam drems meaning

Keeping bojanalu in dream

Knife in the head

Killing a bird in the dream

Kind policemen

Killing wall gecko

K deadbody moon water mean

Kaise flour

Kunekune pig

Kim kardashian

Killing antelope