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Dreams starting with the letter K

Killing brother


Knee on fire

Krishna idol missing in dream

Kinnar refuse to give us blessing in postive way

Kissing kids

Kobe signature my shoes

Killing dog and eating its meat in dream

Kissing my wife virgina

Kid asking if i have a relationship to his father


Kinnar blessing

Killing man

Killing people by knife

Keys in water

Karga dream

Killing with his own gun

Kid being bitten by something

Kissing someone with a snake tongue

Killing sister

Killing white snake and taking a gem from it


Killed a bad person when trying to escape from him


Kissing with dry mouth

Kissing a goat

Killing grass cutter for meat in the dream

Kissing the hand and forehand of a died king

Kissing the head and forehead of a king

Killing someone who’s already dead

Kissing a person with a forked tongue


Killing monitor lizard in a dream

Kids parting at my house

Kissing a classmate

Kamakshi deepa in dream

Kathal dekhna

Kissing a demon

Kamakshi devi in speaking to me in my dream

Key not locking door


Krishna child garbhagudi

Kicked out

Kissing my pastor

Kissing a female coworker

Killing a chicken

Kissing jesus feet

Kissing a naked white woman

Killing peoplle

Kid turns dog

Kuphupa umlungu

Kissing your step sister

Kissing with your step sister

Kali mata statue in dream

Kali mata statue

Kali mata

Kissed by the president



Killing someone

Killing 2 big snakes and bitten by one small snake which ran into my house

Killing rabbit


Keys to my house

Killing a friend

Killing the snake by the men

Key tower

Kid in a tricycle

Kanye west

Killing fish


Killing people

Killing grass cutter means


Killed by a wild animal

Killed a pig with knife

Kissing the dead man

Killing firefly

Killing of evil spirit

Kraal explotion

Killing a snake in my dream

Kissing anime character in dream

Killing my two sisters

Keeping out the bugs on the dog

Kissing a lizard

Kissing my brother


Killing someone in a dream

Killing a mouse

Killing a squirrel

Kill squirrel

Killing grass cutter

Keg of petrol


Kinetic energy

Kid pooping grown pistachio seed

Kitten heel

Killing somebody with cutlass

Kiling snake in dream

Kiwano dream meaning

Kissing wife

Killing a cow

Killing a tiger

Killing tiger with bamboo in a cave

Killing grasscutter

Kissing stepdaughter

Knocked by a truck

Kathal dekhne ka kya matlab h



Kalma shahdat reading

Korean guy

Kinner giving money

Kissing on a mole

Kitting off new moringa tree in dream

Knife face

Killing a person


Keep seeing my dead sister in a dream

Knockout gas



Kissing dead father in dream

Kola nut dream

Killing in self defence

Kissing wife vagina in dream

King give me gift

Kill manquerade

Killing a pangolin

Kitten and non venomous snakes dream

Kitten and garter snakes

Kumkumbharani in dream relates to


Kangaroo dekhna

Killing cat in dream meaning

Killing cat in ur dream meaning

Killing cat in ur dream

Killing a cat in ur dream meaning

Killing a cat in ur dream what those it means

Killing a grass cutter

Kissing late husband passionately

Killing shilong drreem namber

Kenny wayne shaper’s blue on black

King funeral

Kittens have lice


Killer trying to kill me

Keys in the lock

Killing black and white goat


Kini itum adiye awo loju ala

Kino itumo eye awo loju ala

Kissing crush


Kurt cobain

Killing a cat with hot water

Korte duimnagel

Kosten duimnagel


Killing a fish in the dream

Kuqhazani ubuhlalu obumhlophe nobubovu

King order


Kidney being removed in dream

Killer alligator

Kissing woman neck

Kissing neck of woman in garden

Kissing neck of woman next door

Kissing neck of woman

Kill a women with the gun

Kissing my manager


Killing but hesitant

Kissing neck


Kissing in a restaurant


Kurota inda

Kissing your girl cousin

Killing fish in the river in the dream means what

Killing of fish in the dream means what

Killing a pregnant ram sheep in the dream

Killing someone lucky number

Killing a black kite bird

Kissing someone and vomiting


Kissing dead wife

Killing hitler

Kids scattering my room

Ki eyan ra aso loju orun

Kissing a married woman

Kanasinalli brahmin family nodidara vivarane kannada

Kanasinalli brahmin family trave ling madodanna nodiddu

Kanasinalli brahmin family traveling madodanna nodiddu


Killing a baby

Kittens killing bird




Killing an animal

Kissing a stranger in my dream

Killing rooster


Kissed by deceased

Kinner marrying me

Kinner marrying you

Khoi san

Kelorile ba epa motho o swileng ko mabitleng

Ke lorile ba epulla moswi ko mabitleng

Karwan l barca



Killing with rope

Kobe bryant

Killing of assailants

Kicked out of people


Kissed in your temple

Kill a gaints


Killing monitor lizard



Kusho ukutini ukuzi kakela


Killing a giraffe which was attacking you




Kid rhyimes scary


King street

Karupusamy temple

Killing girlfriends uncle

Kolam in front of temple

Kolam in kovil



Kidding feet

Kiss wife feet

Knock someone down

Kissing your friends daughter

Kissing your girlfriend daughter

Kurota uchitemha matohwe

Killer nuns

Kissing woman devil

Kidnapping children

Killing a big red monitor lizard

Kuhujwa inkomo eyodwa ebomvu eyinkunzi

Kissing dentures

Kola nut dream interpretation by ibin siren

Killed a man who harrassed me

Kissing side of chin

Kuchitheka utshwala besilungu

Kubhudza ulunywa tinja

Kissing fellow lady boss i n a dream

Kill daughter

Kidnapped and trafficked

Knives at doorway

Knives at car door

Knives at thresholds

Kurota musvo wenzungu


Kaaba white cover

Killing the shape changeer

Kissin my distance boy friend


Kissing dead mother on the eye

Kneeling and a man of god laying hands on me

Kicking boyfriend out of his mothers house

King kiss

Knee to knee love dreaming

Killed a tamed turtle dove in my dream

Kuchazani ukudla umoba

Keep pongal

Kissing a girl on her cheek in the dream

Kyline jenner inadream

Kissing bar maid

Kissing and hold hands with president in the car

Kneeling down in the river in a dream why someone was putting water on your head on the river

Knuckle open wound

Knuckle bone exposed

Killing evil kids

Kola disappointed in dream

Killing animal by hand in dream

Killing rainbow color snake

Kissing though a mask

Kiss forehead mother

Key to secret closet

Kissing someone other thanpatner

Kissing someone other than mey partner

Kissing an airplane pilot

Killing black goat with pistol in deeam

Kids stealing god accessories


Kiss on side forehead

Killed myself by fire

Kissing an older rich white woman

Khwab main wooden stick dailhna

Kissing man with missing teeth

Keys be put in hand

Kinner dream in pregnancy mean

Killed rabbits with gun in the dream



Kini itumo ki eniyan wo odi aso ni oju ala

Kissing an injured hand

Kiss thats a peck

Kick off the bed

Karuppu samy in dreams

Khaab mai pari deakhna

Killer with mallet and chainsaw

Killing girlfriend


Kissing someone with teeth missing

Kissing pope on forehead and face


Killing striped cat

Kidnapped by a gang

Kingston joined to st catherine

Keep falling

Keep falling collecting things from that

Keep fall collect things from that

Key lost and found again

Keys list and found again

Kili mall

Killing of pouch rats

Killing of bush rats

King of wanders

King of wales

Kissing a woman with reptile tongue

Knocking two times

Knocking over grey paint

Kiss acquaintance


Kill woman

Kamais trees


Killing a tiger with knife

Killing using knife laughing

Kannels in the dream

Kayak with relative on still lake

King crayfish

Killing slugs

Killing with salt

Knocking down a goat

King walking barefooted

Keening and asking a pastor to pray for u

Kind ghosts giving gifts

Kids corpse body being exhumed

Killing husbabds lover

Key bends while unlocking the door

Kissing playing with eater

King tarot card

Knife in nose

Kissing and old boyfriend after showing me his black tongue

Knobs on a dresser

Kuphuphs sangoma

Keeping something out

Kettle using feces movement

Kissing squirrel couple

Kissing bad experience

Kissing someone toothless

Kissing gums

Kissing teeth fall out

Kali god smile in my dream


Kahulugan ng malunggay

Kicking in a door trying to get out of house but cant

Killing a snake and a moniter lizard


Knotts in hair

Kill kitten smile

Kolo nut in dream

Kerosene pored on my hair

Kuthu vilaku is missing in pooja room dream

Kissing only bottom lip

Kamogeloentle trading

Keeping golden bowl in front of jesus

Karuppan samy in dream

Kissed by a strange woman wearing black clothes like a widow

Karupan samy idol came in dream

Killing a person with a knife

Kiss by someone dead

Killing leperachan

Kick someone in their face


Kid licking sidewalk

Kalalo kumkuma


Killing someone and cook it

Knocking on my door with the letter box

Knock knees horse


Khwab main peelay meethay chawal dekhna

Kissing at the beach

Kill a lizard closed to your penis

Killing of fish by own self in river with friend

Kidnap rape escape

Killer ghost cast

Killing robbers

Killing cats killing chicken

Killing cats eating my chics

Killing a scorpion that bit me

Keep getting delayed

Kim taehyung kiss feel real in dream

Kawin lagi

Kumkum turmeric come in dream

Kissing my father on the cheeks

Knife cut my sandel

Kissing kinnar in dream

Kuchazani ukukhupha ulotsholwa

Kill a witch

Kersone lamp


Killed someone on the train

Killing snack in jar in dream in islam

Killed someone who is already dead

Kangaroo and goat

Kissing unknown sangoma in your dream

Kicked my boyfriend from my house

Killing a clone of myself

Kids daddy


Kissing intimate


King tutankhamen small statues

King tsar

Killing peasion in dream by father

Killing peasion in dream

Kimono style

Killer mascots

Killed and broken its head inside river in dream

Killed tilapia fish in dream

Killing a boy


Kissed a politician

Killing of guniea pig what does it mean

Kissing moms forehead

Karupaswamy in dream

Kofi licks my ear

Kid fall on a tree

Kissing a friend in office

Key with a flag of stars

Killing dogs

Killed by mother

Kaying down in the street

Korean people dreams as friends

Korean people dreams

Kicking knife on the dream

King eating lunch

Kiss on the cheek from baby girl

Kissing much a woman i know and just dreamed that i kissed so much in a dream

Kalalo kajal kanipinchindhi

Kidnapped trying dream meaning

Keep seeing dead ex boyfriend

Kitten with your bird in mouth

Killing with sword

King mummy came back to life

Korean running

Killing group of attackers

Killed thru pillow

Kalire dekhna

Kissed by friend on cheek

Kissing and teeth falling out

Kiss green snake

Kalasa falling down

Kneeling elephant

Kicked out of a party

Kamias tree with fruits


Kissing a baby deer

Kiss a short man

Kissing a dwarfs


Kumkum received husband in the dream

Knive in water

Kun fata kun

Knee deep water

Killing a big puff adder

Kissing someone in a car

Kinnar cursed in dreams

Killed the prime minister

Knocking over a tote full of clothes

Knocking over a tote full

Killed a sangoma who was attacking me

Known beautiful woman hips

Kissing and romancing my boss in a dream

Killing water bug

Kitten death


Kraal poles put down

Killing new born

King cobra milking dream

Kicked out of apartment

Kissing another guy and he sucked

Kicking people out of home

Killing red scorpion

Knocking me on the head with bottle

Kiss on the forehead by my late mother

Kids playing in the river

Kissing blood in palm

Kneeding a dough with out an egg

Kalamansi plant

Killing a killer


Kitsune mask

Kitten dying

Kaajal saw in a dream

Kiss a queen

Kids scooter

Kids scootef

Kissing a mad mam in the dream

Kuchaza ukuthini ukuohupha uphuza utshwala besilungu

Killing voodoo doll

Killed a flying snake after hitting me

Kiss the top of birds head


Kissing a female co tenant in a dream

Knocking and opening window

King kong standindung on cristal clear ocean with fish

King kong standing in the water

Kidnap by taxi driver

Kiss my dad on the lips


Kissing your separated husband

Killing of cobwebs in my dream

Kids with monkey tail

Kumkuman and turmic in dreams


Kitchen drawer

Kiss from a deceased

Kid with a dog head

Kuphuphu uphuza iwine kuchazani

Kiss a oba in dream

Kiss a king

Killing someone with a pillow

Kaka she

Keyboard key falling off keyboard

Known dead people

Killing a lion in a dream whatdoes it mean

Kentucky fried chicken bucket

Kitten throwing up

Kitten in closet

Kissed by beautiful women

Kitchen plate

Kitchen set

Kissing neighbors wife

Kneeling over a body crying

Keychain holder

Kurota uchisakura

Kill vultures

Kissing manorah in the drem


Killed tokoloshi

Kag meaning


Kissing landlady

Kesay table

Knowing your enemies

Kissing drunk best friend

Kissing a friend with a snake tongue



Killing fish and crayfish

Killing someone who is going to rape and kill me

Killing people in a dream kids and old people in traditional healer

Kissing my dead moms hands

Kraal in the dream meant what

Kitten sick

Kuvukwa yodlozi

Kuan yin

Kissing a anime girl

Keeping score

Krishna doll caring dream means

Key limes

King either clubs or spdes

Keeping lying mat nd matrass under bed

Keeping mat and foam

Kissing a fellow woman

Kurota uchida matohwe


King of the hill

Kneeling down and praying in mountain

Kissing a foreigner in a dream

Killing and skinning a wolf

Killing demon using sword

Kissing a beautiful girl outside

Karina doctor dream

Karina army dream

Killing mongoose in a house in a dream means

King gifting dream

Killing female buck in a dream

Killing a big green lizard

Kong crab

Kissing a king in cheeck in dreams

Kill two person

Knight piece chess

Koi is giving birth in dreams

Kissing then vomiting

Kalsh falling in the dream

Kissing on ears

Killing bees in a vegetable garden

Killing intruder who is past stalker


Kissing my long distance partner

Killings of a lion

Kidding cold lips

Killing two succubus

Killing a sic i is

Kissed somebody

Kinner in dream with unhappy face

Kurota madora

Killing leopard and buried it

Kurota tsime remvura ndichugeza

Kingcobra in dream and many snakes start chasing people and getting ecplode self

Kissing my kpopidol


Kissing a stranger indicates what in a dream

Knife represent what number

Killing fox

Kissing father in law


Kitchen table rat

Key falls


Kissing and say sorry

Kuona ukiwa na rais wa nchi kwenye ndoto


Killing male evil witches in dream

Kissing father of friend

Komono dragon attacking a giraffe

Killing meat in dream

Kissing another girl

King tutankhamun

King snake

Kruger coins and gold

Kissing multiple women

Kneel down to greet

Kurota ndichisakura

Kick him ass

Kinner kiss me in my dream meaning


Kutora uchibata madora

Karupasamy comes in dream what the meaning

Kissing someone who is transgender

Kissing someone who is trans

Kids father wife

Knuckles of hand

Khuchaxani ukukhipha ujahhwa inkukhu emhlophe

Kola nut growing in the dream

Kurota uchibata madora

Kalash fell down in dream meaning

Karma and reincarnation

Knitted toys

Knitted snail

Kidnapped and raped

Keeping far from garbage

Kid stomach

Killing baby pigs

Kalima tayiba in dream

Killing a queen or king

Kiwi turning into chicks

Killing cat by poison

Kittens being born and came to me for help in my dream

Kissed ny a white women

Kronus greek mythology

Kissing my pregnancy bump

Kissing my belle bump

Killing orca

Kids wearing red clothes in dream

Killing a pregnant lioness

Kitchen aide

Kiss by pregnant woman

Killing ex boyfriend

Kidnapping dreams about staircases


Knife filled with blood in dream

Knitted hats

Kotuku in flight

Kissed by a neighbors

Kissed by a newbies

Kuota nasoma quran pia nipo na mama na amesha fariki na mjomba alie hai

Kamias tree and bounty fruit

Kebab stick

Kissing someone in lips

Killed brutally

Kumkum santhanam


Killing black cat

Killing grey cat

Keying car



Key of an airplane

Kissing someone than the person start vormitting

Killing kitchen

Kaaba door


Kid getting hit by bus

Kid getting hit by bud

Kuphuph umoba

King herbal

Kings herbal


Knowing mother will pass

Kissing husbands feet

Kissing strangers

Kiss forehead teacher

Kissed by a madman

Kissing a pundit


Kite caught on tree

Kising a white woman

Killing gnomes

Knife cutting neck

Killing a superhero

Kill myself

Kissing ex in dreams depicts

Killing a snake with horn in your dream


Kiss cus

Killing a green praying mantis in my dream

Kinner dead body seen in a death pad

Kini itumo ki eniyan wo odi aso

Killed kudu while i was driving

Kissed by my dad in lips

Kicking a soccer ball inside a gutter into a dark scary stream at the presence of my close friend by mistake

Kicking a football into a dark scary stream at the presence of my close friend

Kalima in sky

Kissing my boyfriend under the moonlight

King asking for help from me


Kill springbok on the road

Kuchazani ukudla izindoni ezimnyama

Kisses of sister in law

Kissed a prophet of god

Killing otter

Knit dress

Kissing a male dinosaur

Kissing a big fat guy

Kinar hugs in dream

Kissing an orca whale

Killing two goats

Killing santa claus

Kitten birth

Killing someone for meat

Kiss on neck by ex

Killing one squarle

Killing one square

Kahulugan ng pulang rosaryo na putol

Killing cooking human

Killing their dad

Kenya i dreamt of a tortoise eating my clothes belt


Kune kune pig

Killing a rapist and urn it over to a authority

Khaki suade color

Kinner removing clothes


Kitchen collpase

Kuduma izulu

Kid getting killed by two men both eyes stabbed out and stabbed in the forehead


Kini itumon ki eniyan o ba ara re lori akitan loju ala

Knolls street

Killing witch with fire

Kahulugan ng malungay sa panaginip

Kahului ng malungay sa panaginip

Killing snakes with sword

Killer santa claus

Killing wild animal in adream

Killing someone by using dark magic


Kiss by an angel


Keep getting famous

Killing mistress


Kinner giving money to me and i reject

Killed by laughter

Kill clone

Kicking inthe face while drinking

Kind doctor giving vaccination to woman

Keys rack fell of my wall

Kitten with leg missing

Kissing dream meanings and interpretations

Kids dream about snaked

Killed someone who tried to rape me

Kidnapped in an uber

Killing fish in the dream with machete



Kill a warthog

Keeping babies head above water

Killed by dead woman


Killing small rats in the dream

Kinnar asking about deseeded person in dream

Koi fish swimming

Knotted rope from heaven

Kiss a white cloth

Kissing in pool

Kiss by exhusband


Kalimantan written on pregnant belly

Killing cardinal

Kinnear asking money

Kill a snake in the name

Kids kiss

Karmic relationship


Knotting a neck tie


Kicked by a green dragon

Kitten trying to kill yellow scorpion

Killing maid in dream

Killed a clergyman

Kitchen getting destroyed

Killing nazis

Kick someone

Keys in shoes

Killing a snake in its hole in my garden with an axe

Kill blue bird with catapult

Kurota uchisvitsiwa matohwe

Kidney stone removal

Kill attempt

Knee buckling

Kissing the moon

Kalma shahada


Kissing a singer

Kept wet clothes

Kiss collegue illicitly in light at work

Kurota uchidya matohwe


Kid falling

Kamis fruit


King cobra snake spitting in your face

Kissed someone by tongue twitch

Kite and eagl

Kan khajuro



King kobra drinking milk and left

Klaus schwab

Killing homeless person

Kissing snake tongue woman

Kerosine stove in a dream

Kitten sucking my thumb

Khwab mn jamun dekhna during pregnancy

Kissing double tounge

Kittens out of bag

Kill classcutter

Knife covered in blood

Kissing some one with a snake tongue

Kendall jenner

King ghidorah

Kiss on cheek ex friend

Kissing a movie character

Killed for sacrifice

Killef and use for sacrifice

Kitchen ceiling leaking

Killing apink bird

Killing pigeon with their eggs in womb

Killing someone trying to harm me

Killing a dog that bit my right hand

Knife fight with someone and ended up killing the

Kitchen vandalized dream

Kissing in a lake

Kissing king cobra


Killing own child

Knee bleeding

Knife sliced palm

Kunu drinking in my dream

Killing a bush dong

Killing for survival

King cobra transform into monitor lizard after killing it

Kissing elon must

Kiss on the breast by an mad woman

Killing macot in dream

Kissing step sister

Killed person trying to rape me

Kissing someone with a sharp tongue

Kungumam and vibuti gave in temple

Knucle in a dream meaning

Kool aid man chasing you

Killing crab lice meaning


Kuunganidza tsvubvu dzakaibva kuhope

Kuhudza ukolobha indlu

Kissed by ex

Kissed by mad man

Kissed by married man

Killer goat


Killing with a rod

Kill crown bird in a dream

Kumkum spilt by dad in my drean

Knor cube

Kitchen kitchen

Kitten and turtle

Kitten ans turtle

Killing evil doll

Killer killing you

Kitchen on fire wire

Killer snowman

King with sword in palace

Kissing an unfamiliar girl

Kill something

Kurota uchisakura nzungu nechibage mubindu

Killing my crush with a knife

Kissing jesus feet on statue

Key made of words

Key made of junk

Key gift

Kurota ndichiibata madora akawanda

Killing someone with magic

Killing a white egret and rooster in a dream that attacks you

Kissed by man withserpents tongue


Kicking a crow

Killing alot of red ants

Kaka touching in hand dream means

Killing someone indream

King kong mountains

Kitten decapitated

Kabebe dreaming

Kissing elon musk

Killing a unique animal accidentally in dream

Killing my twin brother

Killing a big snake with stone

Kid boy penis cutting

Kid boy private part cutting

Kid bloody bottom

Kuona ukiwa na rais wa nchi yako kwenye ndoto

Kahba cleaning meaning

Kissing a guy called isa bel

Kurota uchibata madora akawanda

Killing someone with letter opener

Kept getting shot in the back

King triton

Kissing a strange mem

Kissing a strange men

Kanku purchase

Killer doll gets power from eyes

Kiss ex partner with no teeth

Koi karaha rha ha ha bahir


Kinds f dreams

Knife in the ass

Knocking down spider webs

Killing a barking puppy

Killing someone using magic

Kissed by a dead president

Key card

Kissing while sunsetting

Kicking a bucket and see big toad

Kiss a kpop idol

Kumakain ng malubggay

Killing partners mistress

Kissing a non fictional person

Kissing teeth banging

Kicking a bird

Kicking away god statue meaning


Kissing an ugly man in a dream

Keeping bircabonate of soda in the mouth

Kneeling down and begging

Kissing a mad girl


Kissing in shadows

Kicking door open

Kitten in my vagina


Krystal hamburger

Kill sister

Kid licking salt

Killing a dragon

Killed in school

Killing a praying mamntis

Kissing a stranger same gender

Killing monster

Knee deep pimple

Killing gopher

Kinnar demand food in dream

Killer pillow

Kids playing by a water tank and they have this white paint all rubbed all of their body

Killing a grasscutter and giving it out to someone

Kiln falling down

Kissing is blocked by plastic or a forcefield

Kunlun fell down in dream

Knitting in cream

Killing genea fowl in dream

Kitchen island

Kiss your crush inside the car

Kinnar giving you coin