I feel my friend lick my pussy in my dream and when i wake up i see i was wet

If someone should give you a bucket of periwinkle in your dream

I saw an angels sing a song

I had a dream were a man was licking my vagina

I see in my dream a hand put three pices of coal with no fire on it

I woke up shouting his name

I saw a degree in my dream

I dreamt that i was dragging a shirt from a a female and i grab the shirt and wear it it and it was my size what does that means

I pooped in my bathwater

I dream of one chicken with two heads

Industrial building

In temple..god is giving money

I took off my singlets in my dream

I put off my singlets in my dream

Infant dead person two rosaries

I see in my dream someone disturb my wife and i protect her from him

I saw a big fat pig outside school

If you dreqm of someone walking with a dead person

I dreamed that i am holding plenty of plates

I dream i was kissing a pastor what does it mean

I dream i was in africa with a female tribe and i was wearing blue red and white beads

Indoor plant

I see sto nino green in my dream

I freaked being given black and white beads

I burning black bird fall to ground in ash and fly in sky when i took it up

I saw a man with a birds head in my dream

If you see a grasshopper eating cockroach and white pudding

I dreamt of a big black cake

I dreamt of pouring red palm oil from gallon to cooking pot

I dreamt of a bottle of giving red palm oil to someone

I dreamt of a bottle of red palm oil to someone

I was given udara in the dream

I dream 3050

I dream i bust my husband lips

I was gifted a clipper in my dream what does it mean

In dargah a magnificent person seen who was may be mujawar he had smile on face and called by my name

I dream of food crumbs in my bed what does this dream means spiritually

Integration dreams.

If you give a turtle a fish to eat in dream

Incest with uncle

I was missed by a cane

I look up sky n 1 drop water on my face

I dream i gotta sommons

I dreamt that i was schooling in big boarding school.

In dream i saw taj mahal is burning

Information shared

Iron broken

I see a serpent

Id taken from you in a dream

I am about deliver a girl

I dream a cockfight and the blade hits my son and me


I saw someone who loves me wearing gold merriage ring but the ring is his priviouse merriage ring.

In my dream i lost my slippers and searching them i

Ic cream making machination

If we see bottle guard and brinjal plant in dream

In my dream my bottle of water fell and got broken

Interpretation of kraal dream

I see a white button in my forehead

I saw my friend fall into the well

I saw a dream that je khenpo spreading rice

I dream of receiving impartation when a bishop was praying

I dreamed i married a rich lesbian

In the dream eggs in tree

In my dream iam eating amla

I saw a female celebrity having sex in my dream

I see my close friend

I saw my friend

I stole a wedding ring

Injured right eye

Impreganted married wife


If i see beggar and give nothing to him

I bought suya in my dream

In a plantation of palm tree and one cut off

I lost my cap in my dream

I lost my cap in my dream i need interetatoon

I got slapped from my teacher

Image of sto nino

I saw in dream taking bath with ganga water

I was scolding my mother

Ii said in my dream laanatou allah aalik plusieurs fois

Idol jesus while sleeping in dream

I saw my dad naked in dream whiles i was following him with prayers

I was a stripper with rich guy

I was trying beige low heel shoe in my dream

I saw a blonde haired woman in my dream

I dream am doing with prince what does it mean


If i see my see getting married

I dreamed of some one giving me ditaola

If someone should dream of his wife deliver two baby girl

I saw someone masterbating

Incisions on the head in dream meaning | dream interpretation

If you have a gift how do you know this

In dream,what does it mean when you removing sandals in the toilet

In dreams what does it mean when you left your slippers in toilet

Id broke

Increasing of gems in my palm

I dreamt i was killing semen

Im a healer

Insects in belly button

In my dream today i hve wearing bangles

I used chuttia in my dream

I am using slangs in my dream

I bow down to guru ji feet to seek blessings mean

Immortal power dreams

Invited by deceased to accompany him

Islamic interpretation of eating crayfish in a dream

Intimacy uncle


Identity card dream

I see allah name in the sky in my drea


If anybody see in dreams performing hajj

I have positive dream about my mothers crush and her sister

I dream of bundled of money in the dream what is the meaning

I dreamt i got married to the same sex

I get new sari in dream

I had a dream that someone is spraying money on me

I see my dad drive our car in dreamz my father is not live in this world

I dream of dead celebrity who was alive in my dream

I allway dream about my stepdad

I pick one udara in my dream what does it mean?

I always dreamed of my husband friend

If your struggling at your new wirkplace

I saw a truck carrying firewood

I dreamt i gave birth to stringed white pearls

I tramped on a snake and it was bleeding

I tramped on a snake and it was bleed

In my dream today i see myself giving testimony in the church what is the meaning

In dream sucking breast of near one woman

I fly to foreign country and came back to home country in the same day what does mean it

If dead person wants some sugar

I went to foreign and travel in the bus in foreign and finally i came back home country in the same day whatd does mean it

Ihave seen a dream that my uncle was crying that child i am going and after that the munkin nakir has come woth an angel and said that i have come to take her

I saw burak in dream

I cant reach the brake pedal of my car

I dreamt i gave my death mother money

If you dream your father getting big sums of money

I am seeing roof of tomb

I am seeing top of tomb in dream

In my dream i plug 2 ripe orange and some lime please what does it mean

I was hunting and see a moose and two people riding horses

I saw dream i was planting betel leaf

I have a dream in which i saw my mother refuse to come out of grave

I see myself wearing mascurade means what?

Is it normal to dream about acaterpillar when your pregnant?

If you some taking money from you to sell crass cutter to you

If you some taking money from you to sell crass cutter meatto you

If you some taking money from you to sell bush meat to you

I saw a transgender is giving blessings for baby .he was saying new bab will arrive soon

I wanted to buy a yam in the dream


I dream i was chase by a jin

I and my mother were romancing my husband penis

I dream of close ackee

I saw dream new highway

I went to buy beans and bread to eat in my dream what does it mean

I get liver of pig


I saw a carabao hes eyes become blue

I dig and eat kolanut

I have a dream in which i saw my uncle opens his eyes in the grave

I have a dream in which i saw my uncle opens his eyes in the coffin

I dream that i drink herbs

I saw my husband kissing other women in dream

I dreamed allah name written in sky

I dream of taking care of my old self

Inviting friend for drink

In bedroom with boyfriend

I was the phoenix burning in flames

I saw a full moon and it suddenly moves far away in sky within no time

I saw a pap in dream

I dreamed carrying baby on my back

I walked through a dark path

I dreamt i cooked brown rice but some fell

Ice cold cottage

If i see my grandfather in my dream telling me that i have very short life left and he is asking me to give this life to him

If you dream of tick red beads

I sex a woman cat

In friends house but not invio

I picked three udara in my dream

I was given shea butter to in my dreams

I was wearing a white wedding gown and talking to my dead father

I dreamed i was riding a motorcycle and lost my helmet

I dream i that i plugged 2 mango

I dream that i am packing a white eatable magot and creket

I saw my crushes pennis in my dream

Idli comes in dreams

If women throw something on you

If your family member blame you for bad character

I seen tamarind

I saw my ex bf holdin a plate with spoon and fork for me

Ink pen nib got broken

I dreamt about being with someone who got jiggers

I saw two girls fetching water in a river and went and talk to one of them while we were talking she fetch water with fish

I dreamt about my sex partner

I dream of a cow chasing me

I saw a women eating a baby in the dreams

I saw my self washing my crack feet and it smooth back

I saw the dead wearing white gown

Insects in my leg

In home

I seen myself skinny in my dream

I dream of being underwater and then i turn into a premature egg

I saw in my dreams lizard falling on my left forearm

I was asking for divorce because i don’t like my husband

I was asking for divorce

I dream with my sister travelling

I had a meeting with two rich brothers in a dream

If someone gifts u black colour clothes in dream meaning

I saw a sangoma

In banana field few plant are die other remaining are grow vigroursly

In field few banana trees are die and other is live

If a dead woman gives birth in dream

Invisable child

I dreamt i was eating bread and beans cake

I was given another pen in the dream

I saw myself writing exam and pen got finished and was given another pen

If u dream of someone giving u few pieces of corn in ur dream

If you got slap by teacher

If u dream of someone giving u maize seed in ur dream

I see dream in morning time a women tells gave zam zam water meaning

I won a marathon

I saw a lot of chocolates white as well asblack and cupcake



I see my own wife fucking themselves with another man

I saw my own wife fucking themselves with another man

If someone try to snatch your chain in dream

I dreamt of a python killed a goat

If you dream of tiger nut it means what

In dream my grandfather want handkerchief

In dream my grandfather soul taking handkerchief

I dream i had met someone

Im eating spaghetti

If the i see women vaginal get white dirchage what that means

I dream my x boyfriend that he come to me and walking and he show me many brown envelope

I dreamed when a woman lays hand on my head and started praying for me


Infant baby walking alone

I cut my foot, walk normal

I was with my friend and im so sad and broken when i heard a news that one of my best buddy was died in that day

I was looking for my notebook

I dreamt of animal ornaments

Injured birds maina


I saw cars on convoys on the day of my marriage introduction in dream meaning

Inheriting a house

I dreamt of a used sanitary pads,it was in a black polythene bag

I was having a long hair all over to my feet


I dreamed, i was speaking on megaphone to passing on message

If someone scatter my bed in the dream meaning

I steal airtime in dream

I dreamt if worms pulling out of my vagina, what does it mean?

Insulting a pastor in my dreams

I bought an ice fish in the dream

I dreamt about long locks in a dream

I wash someone cloth in dream

I m going for shopping with my friends n mummy

If gas cylinder leaks in dreams

I went to home on top of hill in dream

I dreamt that my husband walked off with his male best friend at a gathering without saying a word to me, i beckoned on him and he just snubbed me

I saw many wrappers

I saw many chocolate wrappers

I had a dream my boyfriend was cheating we argued in our bedroom,he laughed and said i am jealous..i got mad left the bedroom and i saw myself covering a lady sleeping on our couch with a blanket those mini blankets our african grannies use (tshale)

If someone spits on your scalp

I dreamt of gold and red plated cups and plates

I have seen coconut flower in the dream what does it mean

I disvirgined myself

I saw a woman who have no good relationship with my family

If dogs bites you on leg

If white dog bites you

I saw my boyfriend wearing soldier uniform in my dream

I saw myself selling minerals in the dream

I saw my nose is pricked on top

I stole from myself

Interpretation of right hand

I saw so many clothes

I dreamt a trailor breaking soiled houses

Insects on tree bite

Interpritation of a man forcing you to have sex

In a water

Im on the bridge

If you saw chapal in dream

Idols seen in dream made by silver metal shiny

Idols seen in dream made by silver metal dhiny

I took shahadah before i died in my dreams

I gave money to a child and he returned back and wave good bye

Interpretation of someone giving me a sanitizer bottle

I dream of begging myself

If died person giving you 1 lahk in dream

If bees sit over eye in a dream,

If bees sit over one’s eye in a dream,

I dream my neighbor girl hale me with index finger from a distancewhat it mean

I dream my neighbor girl hale me with index finger from a fistance

It meaning of old kenkey in a dream

I see bajra in the dream

I was shot and i saw my dog

I saw my self holding an uprooted scent leaf and i planted in in my father compound in the dream what does it means

I saw mortar in water

I saw amla in dream what it means

I got on dreaming about this guy and in my dreams we are dating

I saw a dream in which someone is signing to me about the tree

In dream red and yellow kumkuma

Iyyappa sawmy in dream means

I dreamt i married my brother

I saw myself carrying a pot of fire on my head on my wedding day

If dead person ask for curd

If dead prsn asks fir curd

I dreamt that i was pregnant and my husband was beating me

Injection needle in armpit

Iron screw in body dream meaning

I dream that i was stirring a chariot what does it mean

In dreams i ate jaggery

In dream bring thread out of your mouth what does that means

In my dream i wear 2 mangalyam

I dream that i was painting a wall using a white colour

I got free shoes & fitted then found that are for same foot no for right foot

I dream that i was painting a wall using a white and black colours

I saw kinnar is dressing me with a saree

I saw kinnar

Infant licking palm

In my school playground with my enemy riding bicycles and having fun

I see fried meat and boiled coloried rice at dream

I see red boiled rice at dream

I saw sun nd moon both together then i saw white baby snakes on my way to see big mountain nd a aeroplane taking off

I saw two suns

I ate akara in my dream , what does it mean

I was liking powdered milk in my dream

I dreamed i was in my grandparents house a bugler came in and i chased him out but on the statues in the dream was a ouji board

I see a christen girl wear hijab

I dream my mom giving me food

I dreamt my ex fiance eating a fish while us eating fish soup

I had dream of losing my important documents

Idea about constructing 2 storey house

In my dream somebody giving me iron tava

I fart and smells bad

I was giving copper pots to my mom and neighbor and digging and taking copper pots out from the ground

I was getting copper pots out from ground and giving to my mother

If a man dreams his wife has blue hair

I had a dream at 10am ia saw that my teacher congratulate me on my engagement and i am not engaged in real

I give a bread for someone dead

I dreamed i broke a plant

I saw my pastor in a dream sleeping on a bed

I had quadruplets boys in my dream

I saw my son in a moving vehicle

I saw my nephew and my son in a vehicle and stopped them to be with me

Islamic interpretation of clean soles in dream

Injured back shoulder

If someone buy a freezer with tie block inside

If you get a slap from someone

I have cancer

If someone slap on my right cheek in dream

If a girl sucking my penis in the dream what does that mean

I dream a young woman turning old

I dreamt i was pulling very long black hair that had grown in my nipple

I had a dream that i was trying on a big black bra what does it mean

I had a dream that i was trying on a very big black bra, what does it mean

Insulting a pastor

I was given two yams in my dream

In a function

I eat food with my died brother in my dream

If someone slap on my right chicks in dream

If someone women applying kumkum and turmeric on my forehead | dream interpretation

In dreams picking snails.what does mean.

In dreams picking snails.

Interpretation of lion and dog


I dreamt my sister slaughtering a hen

I fucked slave

I was asking my dad to cut my clothes with scisccors

I dream that i was helping my ex mom to do some laundry

I saw bunch of moringa leaves in my dream.also a bunch of blue moringa leaves.may i know the meaning of it.

I repair my teeth

If someone give jaggery

I dream i have been transferred from one place to another

I use red cloth to cover on the bed

If we dreamt of sugared coated 2 chappaties dedicating to god

If we see transgenic in our dream

If we see a person in a dream having four legs like a horse

I licking pussy

If you see someone come talk to you in dream wear purple what that means

I dreamt a sangoma

I dreamt a traditional healer

I dream of crass cutter 2

If u see dead person having sex in drea

If u see dead person sleeping in dream

I saw my son in the dream with handcuffs lid by police

I dream, my sister cooked the sour soft, then she told me,that i taste the soft sour.. but the sour soft is not so sour. then after i taste the sour soft, i said to my sister, the sour is delicious. what is the meaning of my dream?

If a person dreams they cut half of his hair in a dream what does that mean?


I gave my dead father star apple in my dream

I dreamt being bewitched

I received dollas inside envelopes true my business frends

I received dollas inside envelope

In my dream i was giving brown envelop of currency

I dream l was in drama

I dream an out a large amount of round and bird pepper

Iris color changes two shades

Insects coming out of the mouth


In dream seeing a female friend having stains of blood on her clothes and seat during her period

I disvirgin a girl in the dream

In dream dead person give me sweet drink means

Im a girl i saw a dream of having sex with my step brother

I store egusi now i dream where the price increases

I saw my husband drank ad he.began vomiting ad diarrhea when iwas camping from fetching water

I’m being grabbed from behind

In a house with ghost

I dream something like rotten milk coming out from my vagina

I had a dream putting a card in an atm while waiting for money came a big snake what is the intepretation

I dreamt i was on a atm machineaft

I dreamt about a circled rainbow circling above my head

I dream i was kick out of my house what does it means

I dreamt longing for eating fat cakes ,but someone refused to them to me

I was singing praise and worship in my dream with few people

I gave clothes to my dead mother

I saw a damp in my dream and people are fetching water from it

Ikea store

I saw a man wear red bengals

Iam applying oil to my demise husband

I and my friend running away from my mom and nun

I am running away from my mom and nun

In bible what does it mean when someone is wearing soldiers uniform in a dream

I dream of digging some huge purple sweet potatoes. what does it mean

I dug some huge purple sweet potatoes what does that mean

I saw bindi in my dream

In dream some one giving paan

If somebody is giving you sugar cane in the dream meaning

I brought two onions for #50 in a dream

Is seeing myself in a mortuary alive in the dream a good thing

Iron sheet

I dreaming about i beat my young brother with stick

I saw a coup in my dream

I dreamt my sister driving a car, what does it mean?

If i saw momo innmy dreams

I cleaned worms off my toe nails

Intimate kissing of brother and sister

In my dreams i saw spade the tool what does it mean

I cleaned stains of poops on my cloth

I hard a dream were blood was coming from my vagina

I dreamed my son commitedsuicide

Iam wearing diamond nose ring in dream

I dream of a big white house

Ink on the lines in my palm


I dream when i was hawking

I was holding a champagne bottle in a bath house infront of a mirror

I was dreaming bitten by the head master

Insect eggs vagina

I see my self pulling out needies out of my mouth in the dream what does it mean

I dreamt that i stole and the person caught me

If someone says that she loves me

Islamic meaning of seeing women in a dream

I m praying with mat to allah

Idli sambar eating

If i steamed about chanting god name

I saw a town crier in my dream

If they put cowries in your head on dream

I saw a lady taking muthi where she was hiding it in my room then i started to ask some questions but no anser

Insects in ears

Inkukhu emhliphe ne mbuzi emhlophe zibanjwa inja

I dreamed that i was having intercourse with a cat and it turned into a beautiful woman

I dream i dead in planet

Intercourse with unknown partner

I gave bath to a little girl and took care of her

I feel thirsty , i got up to drink water from a bucket on that bucket i saw a pale lizard with horns , it is roaming all over the bucket , i somehow throw it out

I saw someone teeth gap

In a bucket water and in that lizard and i am bathing from that water

I dream of getting engaged with stranger in white dress

I got a check from the president

I was cooked and served on a platter


I dreamt about a fortune teller telling me about my future love story

I had a dream buying drybush meat and i end up not buying it what does it mean

I dream of harvesting coco yam in a dream

I dreamt l saw handsaw silver

I have sexual dreams but not with my girlfriend

If we see tamarind in dream

In a dream mu wife having sex with another man

I had a sex with dog in the dream what does it mean

Interpretation of picking kola nuts on the ground at different places in a dream

I saw stool in my dreams

I was bitten by betel

I want to dream about lola sucking my willy but i cant

I dreamt when my partner was driving both of us and charcoal fell infront of us

I dream someone stole my bike

I dream that i fight with a friend and i teared his cloth what does it mean

I dream of a scorpion bite me and i kill it

I received a love letter from my ex with his name written on it

I should get another female name

Intimacy with ex husband

If a mad man suck you breast in the dream

I can see white clothes wearing guess jesus following inside my house

Indian clothes

I sang in studio in my dream without composing