I have dreams wene im sick or chechord pattern and mackes me say weard thigs and i have a voice in my head saying my name

In a mexican taxi

I staring myself

I could fly

I plucked and eat dennettia tripetala in my dream

If my dream about me wearing new uniform and working for a new company

I feed a child crying with food my doors open and other come in also crying for me to feed him

I dream that i feed with kids who are hungry and crying while i was feeding them i heard my gate was open, was surprise the child was next to the other two kinds also crying for food to eat parents but the child in was just next to the two kid also crying for hungry so i also feed the child

I dream i feed two kids and then suddenly my gate open and other child was infront of me around 4 month old so i feed him also

Item of dead person

I broke the faucet

In islam if dead person asking for food and clothes

Im a museum

I dream i swallowed a fly an what’s the number

I was calling the name of jesus multiple times

I want sweet pickle

Interpretation of seeing chinchin on a stire case

I dreamt about being surrounded by very wealthy people and my mum who passed was asking how come only you are rich

If someone is making a marriage proposal to me for her son

If 10 years old dream about zombies what does it mean

If a kid dreams about zombies what does it mean

Illusion of seeing a custard apple in a small plant meaning in islamic way


I keep dreaming of violence

I dream about my teeth coming a loose while being in wedding dress with rollers in my hair

Interpretation of a dream of making tea for my boss with full of honey

Interpretation of a dream for my boss complaining that he has pink cheeks

Idriving car

Intelligence service

I had a dream of a book being opened and i saw hebrew letter 15 & 8, then i looked again i saw # 15 and #4. ..15 is samech,

I had a dream that my brother has a girlfriend

I had a dream that i ate corn tortillas

I dreamt of a guy washing my pant

I had a dream last night am eating ogbono soup


Is it good or bad eating elephant meat in dream

If your trap caught big grasscutters in a dream what does it mean

I dream calabao angry with me

Ian unmarried,but saw thali in my neck

I dreamt of being married by my best female friend am a woman

I dreamt of being married

I dream my sister travel to america

Isthihfar saying dream

Im slapping my ex

If you see a person in black or a person in white what does it means

I dreamet of a burning broomstick in the church

I find money inside a bible in my dream

If we are taking saree for our died mother what does it mean


Intercourse with my own husband

I dreamt seeing a woman take off her bra and a man came there wanting to suck the woman breasts

I dreaming someone i know paying lobola for me

I broke firewood and lived it and my mother carry it and give me in a dream?

I break firewood and lived it and my mother carry it and give me in a dream?

Im plucking and pulling a cactus vine out of the earth and looking to re plant it

Iron rods coming out of your nose

Incestuous relationship

I saw my face through a prism

I saw my girlfriend in the kitchen cooking with 3 kids and a dog

I saw my gf in the kitchen cooking with 3 kids and a dog

I kicked my boyfriend out of my house

I helped my boyfriend sneak out of my house

I was killed by a collapsing tower crane

Ironing a trouser

I am in a box

I am in a glass box

I saw a pig

I saw somebody is angry at me

I dreamt that a ball of wax fell out

I dreamt that a ball of wax fell out of my ear and land in my hand

I dreamt that a ball of wax fell out of my ear and land in my han

I pull down some mango from a tree into my t-shirt in a dream

Impassable road in a dream


I fell in love with a killer

I fell for a killer

I had a dream my wife was a stripper

I dream of seeing a graduation gown

I dreamed my husband with long hair

I saw purple swans by the lake

Iron for sale

Infent prague

I landed in delaware i’m my dream

I made a ridge in my dearm

Insert the red one

I am a teacher and children are rebellious.l flog some of them and afterwards l seeked help from another teacher about the children

I felt someone touch my buttocks in my dream what does it mean

I dreamt where i was washing the back of ukwa in the river


I forget spelling of my name

I recieve a money plant & planting flowers

Ice cream

If 2 days i see marriage and 3rd day gurdwara what its mean

I got a dream that someone gave me a beautiful dairy which was brought from another country

I see clearly in my dream a forign visa in a passport it means

In a dream i forign visa in a passport it means

I dream someonce passport is stamped with a visa it means

I saw blue curtain in dream

In dream i see part of my trouser burn iron

Inappropriate dresses

Incestuous relationship between father n daughter

I dyed

Insect black eggs

I dreamed i argued with a religious leader

I dream about rejecting money

I was rejecting money from my junior brother in the dream what does it means

If decesaed grandmother

I am letting a kite fly

Iv drip connected to lover

Interpretation of receiving some dictionary books from a certain pastor

I dreamt somone kissed me on crown of my head

I dreamt that im begging in my dream

I dreamt i was denying my child mother


Interrupted romance

I dream that someone give me some nutmegs

Ice cream parlor

I dream of a flower in a pot and it was over flowed with water

If a woman see buffalo feed milk a boy

I saw myself peeling egusi in the dream

I see my dead boss in my dream

Injured freind

Impersonation copying


I’m not quite sure who the individual is that i am in the car with nor am i familiar with the scenery, however in my dream it all seems familiar.

I slapping the mistress of my hubby

Ice cream arrest jail

I dream of my dead parents warned me about the flood in my home

I see nude transgender in my dream

Insects flies

Instruction manual

Instruction book

In my dream someone cut the back of my ear

I was raped by my brother in law

I wss rape by my brother in law

Ing in toilet

I dreamt i stole a live fish

Immortal thieves

Id card broken

I convert someone to islam

I had a dream that a dream was trying to enter my mouth then i pulled it out the other part left into my mouth

In dream someone giving me saree ,, what is it mean ?

Im unmarried, but saw thali in my neck

Internal bleeding g

I eternal bleeding g

I saw my governor in my dream

I tore kinsey in a dreamm

I saw two brahman women in my dream

I wish i was a doctor

I put my hand in a dog mouth to follow it

Inside a black box


I saw a weird dog like thing in my dream

Insects coming out of your body

I saw princess diana standing in front of me and looking at me in a dream

I am in gurudwara in dream means

I had. a dream of my ex bother in. law i was lost. and he. was. take i gotta. me. home

I had a dream of my ex bother in law i was lost and he was taking me. home

I onr

If you see udara in dream



In a ballroom dancing - the guy turns around and has a skeleton face

I escaped a collapsing toilet floor in a dream


If one of your parents die

I dream i have human and animal face

I dreamed my mom injecting me many needles

Infected earlobe




I dreamt of someone apologising to me

I merging with a different person

I dream my mother naked

In laws came to pay lobola

I dream neem tree flowers

I saw six white eggs in a river in a dream

If a dead person is wearing dupatta

I don’t know

Into the ocean

I saw poop chicken in my dream

In my dream i saw date 11 with month name november

Injection by a doctor

In a cubby

I had a penis and vagina in my dream

Invisible snake strangling my dog

I watching my son enjoying playing in black mud side of my house and sudden my eldest went out ang enjoy playing in mud too

Inlove with a pastor dream

I seen someone making tortillas

I saw a big blood clots comes in my vagina

I dreamed of assisting apostle of the bible

I saw a river

I saw a carabao drowning in a river

Insect coming out of your anal

In a train with dead person

I received a tasbih in dream

I received a tasnih in dream

I love you card

I can’t hang up phone on someone

I dream santo niño

I was left alone in a dream

I was giving a complain to a pastor about someone in my dream


If a black dog bites my clothes in my dream

If a black dog bites my clothes not skin in my dream


I saw lot of bug ant crawling on my blanket

In love with a fictional character

I was given alum water to bath with in my dream

I am a princess with magic

I dream im feeding a black calf and feel happy.

If brahmin people came in dream what will happen

Impersonating mother

If i was running away from sombody and got caught and tortured in the asylum

I was having sex with my brother in-laws in my dream

Intestines cooked

I had a dream i was eating silver jewelry

I had a dream a king offered me to eat silver jewelry

I had a dream a ojngvoffered silver fashion jewelry to eat

Incessant rainfall

I have a dream of grits

I dreamed of playing golf with my husband and new boss and his wife

I was taking to queen elizabeth and prince son

I dream a friend tell me about her daughter sucking fingers what that means



I was given sliced okro by a seller

I saw my friend in my dream having sex with a hen

In a tree with plenty of fruits

I dream when i am buying moi-moi

I was with my deputy president in a dream

I dteamt talking to a prominent woman politician. meaning

I dreamt seeeing a pundit

I am being cursed by a hijra


If you swallow the plate that your husband is using to eat in your dream meaning

I was the prankster

If camel bites

Interracial wedding

I dream jesus of nazareth meaning

If u give out cheque in the dream

If we see the saints having a food in dream is a sign of

Index finger burn

If someone cut my weave in the dream

I give for old women a coin in my dream

Iverflowing urinante in pot

I was given a cooking stick in my dream

I dreamed of buying palm fruit

If someone promised you

I was lost in a hotel

I saw an impala trapped in the forest

I dream about my dead aunt is sick and also my dead grandmother

In z9ulu

Infant clothes

I had a dream in two consecutive occasions with the same baby. some one gave the baby to me to after but i always enter-up leaving it with someone else, and every time i remembered to go the baby back i woke up.

I lost my jacket in my dream and again i found what that mean

Ice fish

I dream that i call my husband cellphone

In the group of friends in the dream

I got shot in the leg

I dream my leg was broken

I dreamt i was stealing raw meat

Intrcourse with husband

Interprete dream with ripe loquats

In the bible

I see coconut with two stalks in my dream

I saw black statue of sai baba smiling and granting my wishes

I saw black statueof sai baba smiling and granting my wishes

I dreamed of being threatened

I saw my mother running happily towards something smiling so big

If you pluck green vegetables in your dream

I was marrying poseidon

Indomie in a sieve

In the midst of senators

I had a dream that my gold ring change into a silver ring

In dream what does it mean to weed with hand

I dreamer that i am plucking many custerd apple from tree

I was in a jar of water repeatedly coming up for air and then diving back to the bottom where i saw a whale and learned to control my fear of drowning and remained in the water

Infected toes with parts coming off



I dreamed that i am chasing by a catabao

If a boy sees girl give him hug

If a boy sees girl hugs him

If hair comes from purse in dream meaning

I had a dream my hand was in a lions mouth

I found a red crystal in dream after arguing with neighbourm

I see my own lungs

I when inside the down of the water, then an old man gave me kola nut, what doe it means


I saw myself dressed but the color of my dress faided

I see kamias in a bowl with water in my dream

I received a tapioca in my dream

I am two people

I dreamt of a political violence, what does it mean?

I have my son’s i’ll ed’s

I have my son’s injury

I had a dream a dead famous person gave me roses

I had a dream of my best friend and her daughter but her daughter was maybe 3 yrs old

I broken a flower pot in dream meaning

I kissed my dead husband on the lips


Ice rain

Intruder with gun

In the dream i saw my very sick older sister, very happy and well explaing to me how she got the terrible disease...what does it mean?

I see virgin is open and close

I saw pieces of unpeeled sugarcane in my dream

I dreamet mlking my breast but very painful

I got adream when the girl who was my wife she was refusing sex wat does it mean

I was being beaten up by soldiers

Internet plug

I saw myself prophesying in a dream

Injured bleeding feets represent

If a dead person commands you to bring him sandals

I heard a famous person death in my dream

I saw my dead grandfather laughing in my dream

If hands are sticky and just rinse them

I dream about beautiful houses at the top of the mountain

I washed my clothes and hinges them when i came to pick ,they were already stolen

I was with some children cooking with a big source pan, as we added more fuel wood the fire became hot and the soil beneath also started burning. when we tried to quench the fire with water which was available in the nearby streams the water pones also dried up . and fire flames stated shooting from all corners, but the fire was not feel hot to me. we got scared ans started running the i woke up.

I have died

Indoor plants destroyed

Indoor plants eaten by some animals in dream

I dream of maggi cubes mean wha

I saw dissecting a dog and an eagle

I saw dissecting a dog and an eagke

I saw dissecting a dog

In contact with president daughter

Insect in teeth

In dream your boyfriend laying down his head on your legs

Innapropriately trying to take my shirt off

I dreamt i was helping someone

I saw my late mum wearing my cloth in my dream

I saw my late mum wearing my cloth

If you see african star apple in dream

Isiwasho esi blue and white

I dream my dead husband was jalouse

I was sucking an older woman breast

I saw reading the ramayana in my dream

If i dream that a strange person touched my stomach and i see my period the next day

I saw a black shadow in my dreams he ran away from me


Icy rain in dreams

I dream holding a bunch of garden egg and i was eating it

I drown someone in my dream

If ur dead mom giving gold in dream

Injured owl

I was given satchet water in a dream

In their underwear in public

If you give perfume and comb to demised person in dreams

If someone beg you in dream is what

If some one beg you in dream is what

In a dream someone beg you for mango could b what for physical

If a person beg you for mango in a dream is what

If you see your clothes carried by the river what does it mean

I found money

Injured cat on railroad track

If we see red chilli powder in dream

Is someone kneading a dough

Interpretation of dreams decease step grandmother slap me in a dream mean



I have been wearing torn saree on my haldi


I dreamed planting cassava stem

In ayyappa temple i am taking tulasi thirtham

Interpretation of transplanting plantain sucker

I saw child drowning in sewage tank and could not save him

I was walking and my right slipper broke

I am laughing like a devil in my dream

In a pool holding a camera to picture my parents

Injection in a dream


I heard the footsteps and coming in my bedroom and i reached my hand out and i felt a feeling of in embraced

If your father rejected you boyfriend for marriage

In a dream to see red chair

I white jasmine flowers in dream meaning

I was wearing a traditional native american outfits

Invitattion to a wedding



Ice castle

I had a dream that i was with a boy i cannot remember his face description at all but the location was my brother his grandma’s house and behind her house was a playground me and him got on the monkey bars in as soon as we were about to kiss i woke up.

I cry on a tomb


I cry lying face down over a tomb


I dream my enemy became my friend again and ask for forgiveness

I have touched tje face of sto nino

I dreamt i lost my virginity

I sare my crush in a casket


Invisible man trying to kill you

I dreamed that i was led by some strange woman to a horror homestead and i was chased to return back

Inheriting insurance money

In a mud house



I saw someone i know loom at me with glowing blue eyes

Instrument without a case

I dreamt of my snake plant when its grown

I dreamt of mt

Injured mermaid

Iv needle being inserted and falling off


Is it better not to remember your dream

Ingane encane

I saw someone got stabbed and die

Intruder breaking down my door

Iv needle

Indian burial dream

I am stabbed in the ass and i stabbed him back


I rejected food in the dream because of palm fruit in it

If my sister is pregnant

If u dream ur sister pregnant fr ur boyfriend

If u dream eating snuff and spitting it out

I dreamt money

I dreamt chickens

I dreamt peaches

I dreamt a white wedding dress

I dreamt picking diamonds in the water

I eat kola nut in dream, what is the meaning


I dream i lost my slippers and found it on the flow of the river

I am being hanged and going towards other world

I am bringing home a carabao

Inkukhu emhlophe

I dreamed i lived the life of a dead princess

I say my niece frying fish i did not see the fish itself but that is what she was doing

I dream my niece was frying fish and happy

I drank zobo

In my dream my mom saree burns what those it means

If i dream about my son coming back from overseas

I found myself in church with my pajamas and i was embarrassed

I was throwing up

Invitation from dead

Invitation at house

I dreamt a snake inside milk

If some one give you key in dream means what

Injured cut open head

I walked into a pole and fell and -split the top of my ahead open


If we are touching dead women body who has passed away in dream

I dreamed that a snake were in the form of a dog but it were friendly what does that means

I shot a child while the baby was sleeping in a basement

In basement

I dream there were a little girl sucking my vagina

I saw 2 white handkerchief and 1 blue on my hand


I married she male in dream

If a pregnant woman drink a bitter substance what does it mean

I was grinding cassava in the dream

I was in or close to a fire.

If we see someone trying to kill me

If i dream i was a boy even if im girl having sex with a girl

In college classroom not finishing assignments


Imaganary friends

I am dancing with kinner in dreams

I saw a lady coming to me with a red pants

In the forest baphomet

I saw my lover is lied next to me on same bed and talking to me

If someone blocked in mobile in dream

In a horror game

I dreamed about my little sisters getting shot

I saw my servant is cutting flesh of a human

I give something to dead grandparent

It took a oerson a long time to gey liscrnse


I saw 1vatar

I eat garden egg in the dream what is the meaning?

Interracial relationships

I dream my ex mother was cursing me

I was given moimoi in leafs

In my vision like dream i see long stick in pot turning white thing

In my dream i see pot with something inside and being turn with stick

In dreams seeing theif has broken gold chain

I dream that someone gives me a toothpaste

I dreamed abou holding cup of tea

Insects and anus

I killed a porcupine in my dream

If a dead person comes in dreams means

I helped boy

I gave some one a plate of yam porridge in my dream

I dreamt when i was seeing clear faces of people in the cloud

I buy what i need a black cap

If you have not met for years and he comes in your dreams most of the time

In a library and see the mark of the beast book

If you call a goddess in your dream

I dream about my boyfriend and his sister we were having fun together

If you received kumkum in dream means

I had a nosebleed

I become best friebn with a kpop idol

Inserting hand into butts

I dream of entering keke napepe

I picked two ripped udara in my dream

In dream, angry monkey and snake fight on tree

I saw my wife having a sex with another man on my dream