I was fingering and madsaging vagina of naked gurl

I borrow a pair of slippers from someone

I found different ruffles gun in the bag in my lovage

Imposter sister

I dreamt of finding my missing hair net

I had a dream i was laying on a cement slab

I had a dream of a cement slab

I wrote my name in concrete dream

If prophet smile at you in the dream what does it mean

I dreamed finding mixed silver coins and in a pocket of a trouser

In the dream i was sleeping and someone drop white cloth on my head

In the dream i was sleeping and some one drops handkerchief on my head

I had a dream some one has put a white handkerchief on my head

In my dream i see yellow bus moving faster what is the meaning



Interrupt sex

I saw my girlfriend having sex woth dog in the dream, what does it mean?

If husband eats human meat in dream

If someone promise to give you money what does it mean

I saw applied heena is getting washed off

I saw my crushed married to my sister

I am anxious and we are driving

I saw a pastor visiting my church and interceding

Iron nail came out from your foot in a dream

Iron nail coming out from your foot in your dream

I dream my daughter separate with husband

I killed a person using their own machete

If you dream that you are plucking orange from the tree what does it mean

I dreamt and i stole maize to sell


I see god giving me crystal necklace

I dream that my daughter was a toddler and i keep spankin her a lot

I buy foam in my dream

In a dream what does unripe naseberry mean


I sold hibiscus flower in my dream

I saw a pastor given me new sandals and i wear it


In my dream i saw a dry palm tree what do

I saw my dead father giving a iphone to me

I saw my father giving a iphone to me

I dreamt someone stole my coins from my bag but physically it is there

I dream i drink undone pap.

I saw a white cow with black spots in my dreamm

In dream, i lied to beg for money

I dream about kitten sucking my finger

I and my friend visited my co wife in her house what dose it mean

In dream im doing abhikesham in shankh

I have a dream someone saying to me that i’m a great person

I dream seeing myself walking with my country president

I have a dream seeing people calling me a king and every one around me is praising my name

I have a dream seeing myself healing a mad person and he actually got healed

I have a dream see myself bridge into multiple and they get healed by then and i became to be there pasta in the in the church

I was darling honey in my dream

I dream of line of needles on the ground inside my church

I robbed a neighbor

I dream of seeing soursop on a tree

I dream my dead husband was having a party

I saw 4 owls in my dream on a friday

If you see your self in sleeve less dress in dream

I find myself bathing with bloody water

I was given a smoked fish in the dream

I saw eid\'s sheep

I dreamt of getting married with my nephew?

I saw ficus leaf

I became silent

I dream of my pastor in handcuff

I saw my brother cousin naked in a dream

If you see a girl in your dreams evertime

I saw mother mary statue moving hand

In college then i feared falling

If diya gets off

Im being fingered by a man

I saw dream oil spil from pan

If you dream of collecting your money back

Interrupting a wedding

In dream clean floor in water temple

I dream that i thief a cellphone and they were looking for me

I dreamnt scratching my greats they were itching and then all of a sudden i saw moving stretch marks

I dreamt about my separated wife wearing a torn tight

I saw hole right hand in the dream

If u dream that a drum is full with water what’s meaning

I had a dream that that my junior wife have penis and she make love with me

I dreamed slapping my sister

Insect biting my hand

I dreamed eating bitter kola

Isiwasho esi purple

I saw bottles of cashew in dream what dose it mean?

Insivible snake

Iam naked infront of people whoknow me

I have taken bindi

Ice candy

I dreamt about seeing my work colleague picking up violet bougainvillea

If a dream that his wife is pregnant

I was preaching the gospel in the dream... what does it mean?

Introduction of my enemy

I am pounding yam in the dream, what does it mean

I dreamt of a snake around my waist

I dream i was on a big rock making poopoo

I died due to high tension wire in my dream what does it mean

If kalasa falls down in dreams

I received two cardamom in dream

I saw 100 and 50 rupee note in dream

I cried at

I dream where i carry provision on my head what does it signify

Inheriting a business in a dream

I see my pastor in my drea


I dreaming about my crush sees me and smiling at me

I dreamnt my x helped wash my hair

Itchy tongue interpretation


I ties goat in the rope

I wake up when am about to tight a goat with rope

In car in drivers seat but not in motion

I was touched by a mad man in my dream

I saw myself carrying a pot full water and someone walking along me

I dream of a yellow sticky notes and i found the dead person smile after

In my dreams seeing my body in said coffin as a dead body

I saw i had 2 phones in my hand

In dreams one bowl full curd meaning

I have become an angel

I pulled a tooth pick from the bottom of my foot

Impala dream symbol

In dream someone else licking vagina other than bf

I uprooted a scent leave in my dream

Illuminati sun

I summon angels by prayer and bubble

I got an advise from a dead policeman that police job is very risky

I dreamt about meeting my boyfriends wife

Icy bridges

I saw i got to hangout with my crush

If someone gives you a gallon of red oil in the dream what does it mean

I was carrying trash in a bin on my head

I was call carrying trash in a bin on my head

In a car accident

In your dream u saw fenugreek seeds means

I see myself buying second hand clothes with different colored

I was refused to drink water in my dream what does it mean

I killed many jinns in dream fighting

Injection of green substance

I see sea blue colour stone and ocean on my dream

Injured, locked up wolf

Injured, kocked up wolf

In dream legs are stuck

I saw raw ground nuts in a dream

I was grabbed behind and they covered my mouth and trying to take me away when i saw someone i know so i called her and she called people and my son called me that he will urinate so i wake up


I saw colorful fish in clear flood water

I was told in my dream to go and give my my late grand father a snuff

I saw my brother running mad in my dream what does it mean

I lost my left earring in my dream

I dreamt i was spreading maize corn under sunshine

If you dream og seeing gripe

I dreamt that i tell my mother to sweep my room because of visitor and the visitor gave my mummy money

I stole fish in adream

If a pegion comes and sit on my shoulder in dream

If a pegion comes and sir on my shoulder in dream

I dreamed of cheating on my husband

I saw chana poori in dreams

I dream of someone painting my hand with black colour

In the forest of dirty mud,where i met my brother who said to me that that my deceased father father said the is a gift from heaven upon me which has brought a demon

In the sky i saw music notes angels and a black circle

I dreamt music notes angels and a black circle

ì dream about being dead

I dreamt that a friend had triplets meaning

Indra net

I only saw golden eyes in my dream but didnt saw the other persons other features and that person smelled great

I dresmt a zulu pot

I dreamt about my daughter as an opposite gender

In new house with my father who passed away

I was outside entering the church dreams naked

If you dream a woman with horns

I had a dream i had sex with my sister

I dream of picking bunch of colanut but family took them away

In car accident in a dream meaning

I m driving a another car with someone in dream

I saw winnow in dream

I had dream that my dad death

Invigilating exams in the dream

I saw in dream two young man black colour sitting on a bench , i tried hard to convert them to islam i tell them about allah , they agreed i am take

I saw my sister being a ceo in my dream

I dream of wearing white shirt and red berry as choir uniform

I dream of wearing white shirt black skirt and red berret as choir uniform

I dream of wearing white choir uniform

I dream of wearing white

I dream of wearing white uniform when others wear blue

In dream boy born and goes by name ram

I sw a gold minewhat dio it meani a dream

I saw a glittering gold mine in a dream

I killed a slot

I dreamed talking with a wife of a president

If i dream caltivating in a green pasture it means what biblically

I on adventure with doraemon

In street top

I dreamed our pastor and his wife

I dreamt that someone dug a well for me next to my house

I touched someone lips in dream

Insulting baby in dream

If you dream that you are washing your sister feet what does it mean

I was passing the cemetery

If you dream about three men contributes 3 thousand and give you

Indian flag burning


I dream that our pastor ask me to lead the prayer

If your father is treating your sickness for you in a dream

I took a lamp from the governors table

I dream about my older sister that she is going on abroad

Infected feet

Index finger blood

Impepho yamawele

I saw brighter light at prayer house

In my dream i was pooping and i saw anus worms in my poop

Ironing wedding clothes

Ironing dressy clothes

Ironing a rumpled suit

In dreem seeing the tamarind

Interpret dream of receiving a phone call from husband

If i see a path forward

I keep dreaming of former, deceased bosses

I saw my husband wear white cloth to church in the dream

I am giving sweater and shoes to my mother

I am giving sweater and shoes to my mo

I dreamt am praying for a blind woman

Is it a good sign if i dream of losing my left side earrings which i wear everyday

I bought my late aunt a gift, and she was complaining that i cant just leave a gift there, i should say what the gift is

I dream wash pot nd kettle

I dream of casket

I rejected dry leave from an old woman


Idly in frem meaning

In love with a pregnant woman

I bought fuel


I replaced a dead person in my dream

I see my wrap in a white cloth dead roll down in a hole then see my slef reborn as a adult

I see my wrap in a white cloth dead roll down in a hole

Icy lake

Insulting a child


I drank a bottle water mixed with sand in my dream

I eat cashew apples in dream

Iam removing pins poked in my dead father hands and then applying chandan paste to his legs ,he seems alive.

I dreamed that my friend teased me and said i looked like a fictional character

I had a dream where my friend teased me and said i looked like an fictional character

I was a preacher in my dream

I see my crush father

I saw same necklace which my ex used to wore

Injera making in a dream

I saw someone gave me spiky plant

Infinity necklace

I dream see my ded sister in law grave

Iphone unlocked

I dream carrying yam on my haird what does it mean

I dream carrying yaw on haird

If we catch a cock in dream

I bought kenkey and fish

I dreamt of a peach house and i saw the enterance

I prayed for a woman wit ear problem n sh e was healed

In church at the altar wearin white and black choir uniform

I dreamed about snickers chocolate bar what does it mean ?

I see kids crossing the brownish river and some drowning and i am on the sideline looking

I saw cockerel in my dream

I saw hen in my dream

I saw my pastor and the wife in the dream of the night,

I dream bath at the road junction

I am stealing designer slippers in the dream

I dream that i was about to die and reciting shahada what is mean in islam

I am walking with 6 legs

I am seeing my died father n showing him white cloth

I was attacked by tarnsgender girl

Insects come out of nose mucus

In dreams friends

I sow myself licking blood on my right hand

I was picking up rope bananas

In the dream, you see your self spreading money in ocattion

I haf a dream i was selling relish.what it mean?

Idly in dream meaning

I dreamt of eating garri

I dreamt seen by others having sex with a minor

I dreamt of my boyfriend paying lobola for me

I dreamt of my boyfriend paying my lobola at my homestead

Iphone but out of connection


I collected slippers forcefully from someone

I dream of a girl licking my finger

I am crossing railway track with family

I saw my bf retainer l

I dream about my bf retainer

I saw my bf retainer remove

I dreamt i was vindicated


I dream my own slipper burn what is that means

I dreamt i was with my brothers who both died

I dreamt about something very important in my pocket

If you opened the door in your dream and let the bird out to fly away with joy in your heart

I saw water flowing from a girl vagina in my dream

Insects exiting my nose

I was sucking mango in my dream

I saw an undertaker in my dreams but no one could see me

I saw my sister in law husband his happy

I saw my daughter as goddess smiling at me, i am a father

I saw my daughter as goddess smiling at me


If someone shapeshift and is being chased

In the companies of opposition leaders

I see myself in a nurse uniform in my dream

I saw in my dream my freind give me a jacket at church and i said to him no

I dreamt with my cowife reversing her car as i cross the road

Is it the camel milk can lead me to see spiritual visions

I exchanged money for a friend in the dream

I saw hen laying eggs

I dreamed of my niece getting shot

If your step sister gives you money in your dream

I dream about white heron was poop in your head

I want to be a doctor one day

I saw lion ch

If your employer gives you bonus nad gold ring in dreams

I dream of sourghum cleaning it


I dream of having a blood covenant

I dream of having a blood covenant with a guy

I received a voicemail saying be faithful to your husband in a dream

Iqamat dream meaning

If my mother dreams me breastfeeding dead snakes means what?

I dreamed my sister in-law is dead

I fell on escretas in a dream

I was comfortably plaiting my pubic hair in my dream

I dreamt swinging on a tree

I dream about my husband girlfriend twice

I dreamed a woman having a golds head.

I dreamed a woman having a holds head.

I dreamed i was in room of my father

I dreamed i knocking to my father door room

I dream my husband is mat

Ina a supermarket

I dreamed my deceased mother sick the same as before she died

I dreamt my dead cousin giving me books,we where sitted in a car together

I was sweeping at the gate of my parents house and my ex boyfriend house was next to ours so l saw trush the l started sweeping at thier gate

I wash my feet in my dream

I dreamt a sangoma told me i will get money


I saw my penis erect in dream

I damaged something in dream

I was humping a pillow in my dream

Is alovera good to enhance breast

Icons sun

I dreamt i pulled a potato out of pepperpot

In dream of sex.

In dream green saree woman seing

Ice on bridge

In a church and a bride is sitting next to you feeding you food

If we give some clothes to needy people wht its sign

In dreams if we see ragi balls what is the reason

Idli in dream

In a garden of rip passon fruits

I dream of using magic to kill someone

I dreamt in a conflict then a blue fabric was covering my head

Infected fruit in my dream

Ironing some one else clothes

If i dream like someone putting rangoli

I snatched my bf phon

I got pregnant by the dragon in my dream

I saw 50,000 peso bill

I’m female got my hair all cut without my consent

I’m female they cut my hair in dream without my consent

I lost my money in graveyard in dream

Injured with hammer

Incision by razor on body

I dream i was kissing my brother

If a girl saw her brothers marriage on her dream


In love and dating my former president of our country

I was given a wrapper to cover my nakedness by a madman

I covered my nakedness with the help of a madman wrapper

I covered my naked with a madman wrapper

If kinner steal something from your house in dream

I dreamt that am sharing a holy communion with a silver cup

I dream my mother rideng bicyle what it mean

If u see transgender in dream islamic meaning

I was given his name in the dream

I saw my self wearing new cloth in the church and people were admiring me

I saw selroti in my dream

I ware modelst walk dream meaning

I ware fashion modelst walk dream meaning

I dreamed i was a foreign exchange student

I called my dead son name in my dream


Icing cake for someone, then got destroyed in the dream

I strangled two vicious dogs to death

If a dead pastor gives you money in dream what does it mean

Impepho in a dream meand

I dreamed unknown girl playing sex

I washed my hands with my pee in my dream

If you feel out of place

In dreams my mother giving food to me and my friends meaning

Inside a cargo

If someone asks you to cut a piece of cloth for him

I saw by husband sleeping with a women we hate

I dream having a foreign girl friend

I have seen tgat wj

In bed with a friend surrounded by people

In bed with a friend

I dreamt when i was slapping my husband what does it mean

Inside water

I see my second wife in dream

I kill monitor lizart in my dream

If my friend speaks my language fluently

Inserting sim card to my phone


In dream i saw school children

I saw a mole rat under my bed

If a man put his sperm on your body

I dream about my boyfriend walking in a white plastic bag

I was watering 6 mango trees plus one really large one that had large roots

I was using pestil in a dream i was swinging it left and right and declaring i break every barrier what does it mean

I dream i saw pepper in my hand

I dream of been taken back to school and been told to wash my fee meaning.?


I dreamt of a green ejaculation that turned colorless

I was in a shop and then removed my clothes and when i got into my car i was wrapped with a sheet

I shout ezekiel name

I dream that i was staying with my wife and children another girl came and say i married her and we are prepare to go to her parents and now say let me go to my pastor first in order not to go

I dreamt about that i pick a wood with burial poster on it and also pick another one no poster on it then someone come and take that one with poster from my hand

I dreamt about that i pick a wood with burial poster on it and also pick another one no poster then some come and take the with poster from hand

I dreamt about that i pick a wood with burial poster on it with another with out poster then come and the with poster from hsnd

I saw myself catching a catfish

I dreamt my ex boyfriend got my sister pregnant

If someone fades away

Islamic interpretation of a dream seeing a pregnant woman buying a gold

If a person sees his wife in dream

I dreamt that i was given a thermo flask full of tea

If you dream and your step father inform you please harvest the red pepper you harvest it, what is the meaning of that?

I dream box is full with fruits

I saw houseflies on my fingers

I see that my wife is dead in the dream

I plucked dannettia tripetala in my dream

I received money from the governor of a state

If you have a dream of lot frock

I was given butter in my dream by the richest person in my family

I have no gravity

I plugged three ube in my dream.

I cried in my dream after being disvirgin

I dreamed a dream i went to the river with someone to catch fish but we followed different roads then i reached the river first

In the middle of a armillary sphear

I operate grader (caterpillar) and i always seeing my self using it in dreams. tell me what it means

Idreams when am selling parafine

I saw myself in another body

Intestines exposed trying to fix it

I gave police money

In my dream my sister got unripe tamarind

I watched my crush getting drunk

I almost broke a lamp and deceased dad told me to go drink a glass of milk

In my dream why was my brother gay?

Insects in dream

In front of someone

I throw away the drugs but it come back to me and the police coming to my house saw it and question me

I was dream i’m pregnant and make shopping go the new coming baby

I dreamed my husband was gay

I saw someone feeding imbecile

I had a dream my friend stopped me from giving another friend money

I had a dream my friend stopped me from giving someone money

I gave my mom a bad of raw fufu in my dream

I dreamt fixing my cut slippers

Icy mountain

Ivy mountain

I heared somebody talk about octagon

I was fighting against feral children

I pick sim in a dream

I was giving food to a woman and a little girl at nighttime

I could see good out my eyes

If you see kola trees in a dream what does it mean?

I dream killing lowes

Interpretation dream:pale migit baby

I dream entering a new house built with corrugated iron

I was crying in a dark room

I saw black cat licking my eyes

I am at the top of a spiral narrow staircase looking down as it exits to a garden

I dreamt i saw president

I shout his nameown


I am wrapping saree for god

If you see a monkey in your dream

If you see monkey

I always dream when i see aman rapping my young daughter

Indigenous woman

If u see urself in dream using axe to broke firewood in the dream what is the meaning

I dream my mom who passed away giving me and old coins big silver

I dreamt of being in an accident and my boyfriend was crying

I dream of being in an accident

I was dreaming i was eating weed | dream interpretation

If you dream that you receive a gift electric generator your

I was dream last of fiesta of sto. niño

I was dream last night of fist of sto. niño

I was last night fist of sto. niño


If you dream a white woman

I dream of dirty water with garbage around it

I dreamt i attend an occultic fenural and was part of it