I killed a centipede in my dream

I dream my boyfriend saved me from a dog attack

I dream of numbers r

I saw my self driving a car in my dream

I dreamt of a sangoma being beaten

I saw my self cooking semolina in the dream

I saw dream my father married someone else

I saw anightdancer in my dream

I dreamed that i was happily bathing in the rain naked with other people

I saw myself in a car with the farther of a known boy

I dreamt looking into my ex’s eye, and i could still feel the chemistry between us

I dreamed about someone who is being turtured and she called for my boyfriends but i refuse my to help her. and i see the girl in my dream being turtured

I lost my phone

I dearm of writing a letter to adead mum

I saw a dream in which mad made in my house and he tould me my futjre

I was in a driving car in the ocean and car goes to the water bank

In the future

I received om and nataraja pendants in dreams

I received om and nataraja dollar in my dreams

I received om and nayantara roller in my dreams

I warned a dwarf to stop feeding my baby

I defecate in kitchen then put in to dustbin

In love with teacher

I wear yellow cocktail dress

Insects and wound on leg

I have to tell the elders what i saw when they are coming

I saw my girl showing her private parts to everybody

Incomplete bow

I was a egyptian queen wearing all gold , picking up pieces of gold from a broken statue on the battlefield, after a big war. smoke be in the air

In a room with black and white tiles up to the ceiling full of black shoes and white shoes

I saw congregation praising god and i was happy

I saw congregation singing praises to god and i was happy because masquerade left immediately

I dream my dead grand mother giveng me traditional clothing

I saw my grandmothers hand was been cut off by someone

I dream see raw conch

I dreamt of a room with black and white tiles up to the ceiling, full of black and white shoes

If unknown person misbehave in dreams

I had a dream i was in a room with black and white tiles up to the ceiling the room full of black and white shoes

Interpretation for epee

I saw a man named uriel in my dream

Immigration dream

I was dreaming im acting in a film

I took shahada

I died in my dream

Insect eating the fruits in avacado tree and me covering it

I saw my crush staring at me and smiling

Ironing clothe with electric iron

Impregnating your ex

Investing in sheabutter

I dream of ex girlfriend n his little brother

I saw flying masque in my dream

I saw someone put on my generator and i went there and put it off

I had a dream where a pastor is dead his image twowas lying in a canoe i am paddlng

I dream someone bought me provisions

I see my wife with another man eat and drink why i perpare tea give my children and their said l want

I picked berries on the ground

I dream of someone throwing mango in me to hurt me

If eating pani puri sister

If eating lani puri sister

If in dream i see that i am eating pani puri with sister

If eating lani puri with sister

If in dream i see that i am eating pani puri with my sister meaning

If in dream i see that i am eating lani

I was asked to give my clothes to my wife in dream

I was asked to give my top to my wife in dream

If someone give you 500 in dream what did it mean

I saw and save burning bag and wallet

I saved burning bad and wallet in my dreams

I saw i am in the grab

I pour kerosene on my body

Interpretation dreams of carabao leg chops

In my vision i saw a blind old lady crossing a tarmac road

I dreamt where i was gathering africa oil beans


I saw 2000 rupee

I saw 2 person boweled to the floor.

Im dreaming someone give me a white perfume

I sawsomeone playing blade

I saw snow raining from a deep blue clouds

I sat on a chair in a auditorium room learning and when i turned i saw my class boy who was really smiling time a me and when i looked down i saw the floors underneath my chair were broken

I gave the money to my teacher but was taken by another class girl and told me to take his full share of money that she gave it to the teacher

I gave the money to my teacher but was taken by another class girl

I gave flowers to a dead person

I dream i was marring my brother

Idly dream meaning

If u dream u are eatin kulikuli means what


I dreamt my husband impregnated a girl

I saw prawn coming out of my vagina with blood

I dreamed i stole a diamond ring

I cannot signed correctly my signature

I dream about santo nino and mary in the sky

I hide things in my vagina

I dreamt things were hidden in my vagina

In my dream seeing my crush

Items hidden in my vagina

If i dream my daughter being stabbed what doe it mean

I dream of a few guns but a silver 1 was there

Idol breaking in dream

In my i seen my crush


I can’t move

In a relationship with stranger

I saw heaven and sumone told me in 4days ill come down

I dreamed apples falling out of my vagina

I dream about my friend was fingering me in the dream

In dream u see ur mother is smiling an

In dream late mother smilingn talking meaning

If you see a dead person wearing green in your dream,what does it mean

I dream about my dead mom, she lent moneyus

If you dream and see water following from a woman vagina | dream interpretation

I have recurring dreams of this one girl i know

I dream of someone spit on my hands

I dreamt of a baby in a room an when i.looked again it was my husband

I don’t see my x boyfriend in my dreams

If a lady put perfume in a mans back

I dream reciting sura takasur

I am giving money to my desased mother in my dreams.

Inviting someone

I was standing on the highest mountain

I saw recharge card in my dream what is the meaning

In my dream i m fight back to invisible man

I saw a male celebrity kissing me

I saw a celebrity kissing me

I saw my boyfriend fingering me in my dream what does this indicate

Inside a puzzle

I dream that i see a mad woman in my dream someone that i know she was very tiny what is the meaning of the dream

Internal bleeding leg helped by ex-boyfriend

I see crowd of people celebrate me

I dreamt a lady coming out of the water she gave me a burning mphepho and said the owner of the water will tell me when to enter way does it mean?

In the dream ?


In dream seeing someone unknown dead in car accident

If you see your own brother naked in dream

In dream if someone gifts you quran

I dream of my self dating a albino and kissing it in the dream

I dreamt of removing salt from my vagina

I dream of two goats giving birth to twins at the same time

I dream black nazareth

I dream of myself wearing masquerade

I dream a brown rosary and i wear it


I seen the girls dad that i’m talking to

I had a dream my deceased mother washing my blanket

I dream of pechay

I got first position in my dream

If i dream a dead person give me alcohol what does that mean

Image of goddess head is washed away in dream

If my expired mom comes with luggage

I was talking bath and i fall down

Influential leader in my dream

I collected fried goat meat in my dream

I saw a short person rising from a relatives grave and changing into a dog.

I saw a short person rising from a relatives grave and changing into a grave.

Inhering mantis

Idol of radha in dream

I saw pani puri

I saw my own penis in my mouth

I advice the king and he prayed for me in my dream

I advice my king in my dream

I dream when i was advancing the king

I dream of advancing and eaten with the king

In dream fucking old lady

If people try to forcefully take your handkerchief

I saw 2 snake in the drainage front in my house but someone kill the snake and aleat the snake


If partially sleep or awake and have a dream what is that called

I dreamed i was having sex with my niece what does it mean?

If dog running after you in a dream means

If a man gives me a white paper in a dream i mst give it to another man safely what does that means

In hair

If someone want to collect your money forcefully?

I steal gods prathima in dream

I was a leader of an organization

In my dream i was the head of an organization

I was initiated into secret cult

I polony in my dream


I frequently fight with ghost & when i shout praise the lord ,,they leave me

I love you

In my dream my company promise me money

I fed lots of catfish in my dream

If you give someone money to buy you soft drink what does it means

I saw raised hands in my dream

I dreamt my girlfriend becoming a prostitute and i a criminal

If you are not able to drop your offering into church offering bucket

Intestine in dream



Im a young lady i dreamt of given birth to a baby girl


Inside of a building spinning

In dreams god photos falls early morning


I meet an old man for a advicd

Invited to be a cultists

I dreamt washing my aunty pant and mine too

If l dream when my husband chase me from his home

I saw in my dream one shank

Iphupho ngomemulo

I was giving two tubers of yam

Instructions to put snurf in river

Intruding on a married couple having sex

I died

If someone steal my black slippers in dream meaning

I dreamed of cupcakes


I am a man who dreams he is wearing womens clothes

I dream some one sent me to pick ĺimē


I fell from a building with a bucket but the bucket entered the well but i landed on the ground

I dreamt i was applying ashes on my kids and my friends kids

I was on a sinking ship

I dreamt that my braces fell and when i went to the dentist to get it fixed i saw my dad on his way home

In the last floor of a storey house


I just saw in my dreams my ex boyfriend sister

I dream building durawall

I dream eating honey

I dreamt someone gave me honey jar

I topped

I saw my self in a dream riding a white horse please what is the meaning

I had a dream that someone gave me three colanut inside the black nylone

Incorrect birthdate in dream

I dreamt that 1 of 3men wanted to fuck me hard but i ran

Intruder through the window

I got my anti geting the white hand

I saw an abnormal baby in my dream

I had a dream that my elder brother bought plenty fish to and was smoking them

I am applying sindoora on my maang

I am applying sindoora on my parting

I see a goat remove intestine from mouth

I was in a hole of my decision

In your own point of view does a cartoon dream should be attained ?

In-laws sex

I switched places with someone

I dream empty cupboard

Iced fish together with live worms

In dream i was seen kumkuma and turmeric

In dream i saw kumkuma and turmeric

I had a dream i meet my boyfriend’s wife

I dreamt about a lot of scorpions one of them bite me

I saw other women pic in my boy friends phone

I was given fresh pepper in my dream by my mom

In dream saw brown goat

I drank from a plastic cup and spat out.

I dreamed of my little sister took suicide

In my dream i went to a temple and then saw aghori baba who was telling about my future and predicing something good will happen in future

I have a wound on my left leg though it was not bleedig

I was preaching in a dream

I saw a dead carabao in the road

I saw bitter cakes in my dream

Injected in arm

If u dream a boy wearing a uniform

In front row center

I dream that duwende giving me money

I had dream that i lost but my daddy and brother found me

Intestines falling in dream meaning

I poop in the wood burner

I poop in the burner

I was sending airtime in a dream

If one sees pencil coming out of anus

Injeti on top of my bed as a cover

I put blush on to my cheek

I find it very difficult to spit out saliva in the dream?


Intercourse with my deceased husband


If your teeth fell out or you spit them out, you are anxious about money.

If the root is cut off

I see and heard a lion roaring

If you dream your diary is missing

I dream my dead grandmother cooking plenty food for all her children and grandchildren

In a eye doctor offices

In my dream , i was throwing away a sanitary pad

I dream a stock stock of daal

In my dream i was picking up garden some i assumed were bad but my mom said i could still use them but i kind of remember they were under a mango tree eggs on the floor some were

I saw my pastor and his wife in my dream

Imbecile child in drea

I saw a man trying to kill me in dream

I have dream for my wife

I see breast infection like some insects are moving in my breat and they are hollow from inside

Index finger injured

I see heaven smiling down on me

Injured teeth

I was with my best female friend

I was with my best friend chatting and notice someone disappeared into earth and i try to help


Igbo food

Incomplete sex dream

Incomplete sex drem


I see my uncle and aunt nude

I see my un uncle and aunt nude

I dreamt that the ship is about to fill of clear water

In the dream to pill garlic what is the meaning

Injuried baby

Imprisoned and turtured

I dream of a man name andrew , what it means ?

I had sex with my receptionist in the dream

I had sex in the dram

I saw two of my ex girlfriends in the dream

I saw fallen eyebrows hair in my dream

I was carrying white horse at my backside

I dreamt that my former staff working with me called me back to replace a new staff that had a accident and i resumed in the dream in the office an old office were i worked before

I saw myself working in my old office and runing through the stair case to wait for the staff bus

I broke a dishes in my dream

I saw a big tin and two small tins of sardines

I caught someone stealing my pen

If someone buying you pufpuf and bonse in a draem it meanse what

In bed with my dead sister

I dream of walking in clean water of flowing river with green willow trees.very beautiful so we were going up the mountains and climbed with ease and found pple feasting and we took pictures with my dead granny very happy

I received tarnished wedding rings

If my son scrotum have problem in my dream meaning

If my son scrotums bend one side in the dream meaning

I refused to give out the handkerchief in my dream

I am buying crab food

I was guiding the carabao to eat grass and its was so beautiful carabao

I rice

Insects in vegetables

If u see diwali in dream

I was licking my ex’s penis

I had sex

If someone gives us a mortar in the dream

I dream about selling rice

Injury stabbing

I saw myself bathing in an open place

I have got a missing slippers

I rescue chiled from car accident


Iizard stick to right foot

If man sees menstrual blood stained on my pants and touch it


Images of jesus made with glass.

I saw my husband naked infront of my sister

I saw a girl in my dream with black clothes called abayah and she told me i am hazrat aisha

In my dream some thing attached to my teeth

I saw upside down cross

I saw a white dog having sex with a white cat

In dream parrot bites

I was in high way driving group of people know cross my way

Is it a bad omen when i was praying and a pastor gave me anointing oil to drink in my dream?

I was given 2 tuber of yam

I dreamt of myself using snuff

Incision on the head in the dream

Illness od dead sister

I dreamt about a white range rover car moving written price

I dreamt my late father gave us money

I dream i catching conch in dirty water

If you dream and see your bedroom scatter

Icy rain drops

I recieve typing without text in a dream

I saw myself as an invigilator in a dream

In dream i won the toss what does interpret

I saw myself walking on a foot part like animal

If some one carrying in lap and throw me up in air with joy

If some one carrying in lap and trow me up in air with joy

If someone carrying me in his lap

I dreamt i was formatting my ex phone

Iron shoe

I adopt a small girl

I adopt a small person girl

Infant in a basket

I was showing my stepson furniture

I saw a girl pretty legs open infornt me

I saw my mom being pulled into darkness

If grandparents

I carry a school bag and saw baby in my dream

I dreamed a took a newborn baby from its mother

I dream of reading book in the sky

I gave someone pear to eat ripe pear

I was sprayed money in my dream

I was disvirgined

If ones mother is menstruating

I dream i eating food with my friend

Interview visa

Incomplete building seeing and talking with my late brother and the brother that is alive


I see the nun is crying


Iam donating blood

I dream that i am kissing the hand of a saint while i am crying

I dream that i am missing the hand of a saint while i am crying

I dream that i am kissing the hand of a saint

I dream that i am missing the hand of a saint


I saw a goat giving birth

In my dream, i saw that all the frames of the gods are missing from my temple. what does it mean? from

I dreamt of gathering planty eggs into a nylon bag in the bush and the eggs were in different sizes

I dreamt of playing netball on the road with males and female cousin

I saw my mother and boyfriend bonding

In my dream my family dislike me and hate me because of my boyfriend means what

If your trap catches money instead of rat

I dreamt of washing my feet with soap

Insects in my teeth

I dreamed about a naked clan member hanging on a tree

I was dreaming thers anada small baby with my 1 year old baby playing 2gethet

I caught cat fish in my dreams

I dream i fought and caught a cat fish

I saw washing and cleaning quran

Ice coffee

I dream they broking my insistence housr what is it

I dream about suratul ar rahmaan

I dream about ar rahmaan

I saw my sister and her ex-boyfriend

I dreamt being a second wife to a celebrity and i was given a ring but we did not exchange vows

If i receive fruit from a child

I dream dried moringga leaves meaning

Index finger in my on ear

I saw my dead body and i was about to burried but because of the nailpolish i was not burried

Index finger in the ear

I dreamt a black man slapping and rubbing his dick on my ass

Is up hi o n no

I dreamed iam in sex with my husband

I dreamt of buying range rover

I dream where l was vomiting iron nails and office pin

I dream about cooking with the princess

If you dream about gari it means what?

I dream that i was passing and i saw a two cashew trees i went to pluck it and i saw that the one i want to pluck the other person pluck it.i pluck only one

I’m urinating with friends watching

Interlocked large fingers


If you faint after seeing someone that is dead alive in your dream

I kill the rat in my dream

Icicles on lips


In high ceilings

If a person see his mother naked in dream

I had a dream i and ma aunt are alone in our londri room and aggred to fuck later so i became happi and kissed her on arm and lips

I dreamt that three of us saw money both paper money and coins at someone’s backyard, we started picking up the money i ignored the coins and picked only the paper money

I dream visiting clinic

In a school assembly

I dreamt i was driving a big bus

I dream of receiving green grassy leaves but could not see the flower. there could have been a flower too

Icy rain in dream

If some old friend insults me

Incest with brother

If u kill grasscutter in your dream what dose it mean

If u kill grass cutter in your dream what dose it mean

In dream isee my brother and sister are ill

I had a penis

Inside traditional beer

Interview in the street

In my dream i throw rotten egg away

If u dream of a dead person

If shoes touches water when accros the river

If shoes touches water when cross the rivee

Invitation to a religious ceremony


I saw white discharge in my dream

Iron nails in compound

Im dreaming that i extended a 2nd floor in my house

Im dreaming thag i extend a 2nd floor in my house

In dream i saw ayappa devotees

I dream saw a beautiful fir

I saw my crush in my dream and we had a deep conversation

In my dream i saw a handsome guy who worked for the female ownder and he was very handsome

I had a dream about staying with my crush throughout the whole day of college and never left him alone then we were about to kiss

I if black boy sow a white girl in dream

I if black boy sow a white girl

Intercourse as woman

Im giving older women mel tha is mining of drim

I found a mobile phone

I see niggers hanging from trees

I receive chance money in a bundle of 500 each what meaning of this

I collected admission letter while i do not apply

I dream of coming out from a tree

I exchanged my phone in the dream, what does that mean

I dream about the four elements

I drank blessed oil in my dream and rubbed it on me

I my dream i buy one basket of tomatoes and i saw some women that need tomatoes but they did not see where to buy i told them to collect from my own but they collect everything and left empty basket for me why does it mean

In my dream i buy one basket of tomatoes and i share it to some women what does it mean

If u see a mirried women is involved with another person n ur mom know about this

I dreamt of my tongue splitting into two

I shoe dog peeing in my ear

Idly in dreams

I was picking silver coins in the mud

I see my self hanging in the window inverted position

I was giving people salt in my dream

I dream that i was giving out gifts

If dead person alive and attending wedding in a dream

I saw myself eating food

In a dream ignorently i wore backless dress

In a dream without


I m selling rotation my dreams


If you see small rice in a traveling bag

I dream i had damage ganesh idol n

I dreamt having sex with my ex girlfriend in my dream and when i was muffing her pussy i realized that she was bleeding from her pussy

I took a bundle of money in my pocket about to go out

Interested man

I dream of a ripe bayberries on a tree

Im dreaming that i harvest lemons

Im dreaming that i harvest calamansi

In my dream i saw turmeric saffron

I keep dreaming my brother is gay

I dream my husband lock me with a dead person

Inside a beauty salon

I dreamed of someone giving me a gold coin and saying that i should fly