I saw a popular pastor hugging me

I dreamt that i was cut on my breast and hand

In a car with husband

Interpretation of a dream about cutting raw meat with a knife

If you dream you caught a pig an your brother let it go

Invigilating exam

If we see group of agoras in dreams

Is it a satanic style to see someone licking you

I dream that someone offered me a cooked beans with palm oil

I dream that my husband wore an earings on both sides of his ear what does it mean

If i get good opportunity in my dream

I dream black nazarene

I was bullied by our teacher

I dreamt of taking snap

I picking money in the dust bnl in my dream

I picking money in the dust bill in my dream

I see myself nothing in an open place

I give money to a dead teacher

I saw myself bathing in open place

I saw myself bathing in public n i was shy and covering my nakedness

I dreamed that my daughters head was in the toilet w

I dream of a girl sucking my virginia

I dreamt about someone giving me raw fufu

I dream that water erosion carried away my children clothesl

I ate lizard in my dream

In dreem coffin

If you had dream about gabi plant

If i see tread

If i carry different types of tread in my dream

In the wilderness picking mopane worms from a tree

I managed to resque myself from a tall big old building with water point in adream

I managed to resque myself from a tall big old building with water point


I chased a mad woman with a cutlass out of my house

I am radha in my dream

Im radha in my dream

I dreamed shouting at someone

If a pregnant woman sees herself eating amusk melon

I dreamt that my engagement ring got broken

I dream of trying to give a male stranger kola nut

I dream of trying to give a stranger kola nut

I pass through a crack soil

In love with seminarian

If some one dream that her labour dash her cloth that is not new what that dream mean

Inlove blind person

I dreamed about a angry lady staring at me

Inlove with a blind person

Imam hussain in black hijab in dream

I saw myself preaching in a dream

I was a giant

I killed people that was invading our house

Ink stain

If someone dream that she see herself and her mother in the desert they are sitting down the lady is eating tigernut there are many people there that are coming to greet them

If someone see herself and her mother sitting in the desert and the lady is eating tiger but there are many people that shows themselves there

I dream of huge scorpion in the field

If someone dream that she see herself and her mother in the desert

If someone dream that she see herself and her mother

I dreamt of huge scopion

If a frog is talking to you in a dream,what does it mean

I saw my boyfriend in my house with his friends

Iron nails vomiting from mouth


I dream of my step mother and brother are in dark place

I had a newborn baby girl(sibling ) just born

If men saw second marraige in dream


Ivy guard seeing in dream

Ist good to eat and ewedu in dream

In a room and door disappears

I saw abs in my dream

I dreamt with my dead mother menstruation

I dreamt with my dead mom washing her menstrual panty

I dreamed that my baby was born bald and skin was wrinklyunion select null--

I dream about chicken eating snake

I see my cousing sleeping with me in my dream

Infant left at my house


Interrupted while having sex

If women see moongoose in kitchen later moongoose goes out from kitchen window what does it mean

Internet glitch

In a dream where by i was removing jiggers from my toe

I dreamt selling amala in the dream

Im wearing a pink saree

Inside the coffin

If some bad power attack on you and you recite astatula kursi


I saw my lost black beads chain as found again what does that mean

I drank the coffee my deceased sister gave me..meaning

I saw coconut trees that where cut down

I climbed the tallest tower and got stuck

I climbed the tallest tower

Indigo snake

I climbed the tallest landscape and got stuck

I climbed up something tall and got stuck

I climbed up the tallest architecture and i got stuck

I climbed the tallest ladder and got stuck

I climbed the tallest building and got stuck

Iam seeting near sugar what does it mean

I had a vision of seeing five fingers

I dreamed i was wearing an orange dress inside out

In white uniform, buttoning up silver buttons

In white uniform, buttoning up brass buttons

If dead person give woolen wth pearl ring in the dream

I burn brooms in my dream

I dream about my lover taking care of a sick old woman

If a dead relative taking wood from your for making furniture

Interrupt between sex

If i see someone caring on his back in the dream

I am guy sucking a dick

Inhaling perfume

I killed someone

I dream that my friend are in frozen but i burn her and saved

I was given two tubers of yams in the dream


I dream and see my boyfriend with another girl

I dream my late father giving me money

Iron nail in the eye

If someone carried pounded banga on her head in the

I dreamt my mum was in mental hospital

I eat one red pepper fruit in my dream what does it mean

I dream of wearing a slippers but later on realized that the slippers i was wearing was nailed with a nail

In a cart for a wedding ceremony in the dream signifies what

I dreamt of chewing palm leaves

I saw sura el fil in my dream

If saduvs and agoras come in dream

I dreamed of my teacher coming with soldiers,they took us somewhere and we were given a paper which was stamped by a woman.

I received to expensive black belts by a colleague

Infinity symbol

I was breaking a stone in a dream what does mean when some one is breaking a stone in a dream

I have a suitor

I stepped on a scorpion and killed it

In the car with the president

In 5he car with the president

In the same with ex president and his wife


I saw myself doing registration in the dream

I dream see a tiger face in the clouds

I dream my dead father and i watching a coconut tree catch a fire

I saw a building fall and i ran away

I dreamed making a wish about my future

Infection in the mouth

I woke up with a painful body after i had a dream about giving money to a beggar

If gold jewellery turn into artificial jewellery in dream

I was given a wrapper in my dream

I’m japanese with 2 kids running from a man living on a boat

If someone is using cutlass to cut wood what does it signifield

If someone saw dwarf in marraige of someone else in dream its interpretation according to islam


Is it good or bad luck to dream of picking open ackee

Inverted crosd

Infant vomitted

I have dreaming about a werewolf who wants to mate with me

Insect under your tongue

I am broo ming in side temple

If i ate meat and thrown bone in some one house in my dream what does it mean

I touched an old women’s feet wearing red in my dream

I dream someone staring at in sunglasses

In a car with a president

Ironing pants for your children and it get burn

I dream i was having sex with my husband

I dream i someone asked me to cut a sugarcane for them

In prison stained with blood

If a female gives ladoo in dream

If you are single and you dream your trousers burn on you

In spirit dreaming about buying roasted meat onstick

Inside st francis of assisi church and it is so dark and frightening inside

Intering the church of st francis of assisi

I dream about attending church in st francis of assisi church

I dreamt about st francis of assisi what does it means

If god photo falls down in dream

Inkpot are empty

I dream of giving a man in bed a glass of water

I dreamt i of seeing water dripped from my vagina in a dream

I got a dream that my lover is touching my stomach in bed

I dream of my deceased mom in her funeral she was in her casket and her casket was inside a tomb the tomb was black in color. my mom tomb was isolated even though there were many people in her funeral

If someone dream you getting married in a forest

I dreamed my deceased mom in her casket inside a tomb that was designed with black ceramic tiles

I see gold earrings in the clear water

I saw lots of plantain planted in a garden lined up beautifully

I got two tablets

I got n

If deceased comes in dream and gives turmuric meaning

If a husband sees his pregnant wife child death

I had handover one criminal to the police and got prize money what does that mean

Infiltrate in a dream

I dream about my dead father telling me to finish the building at the same time telling me i get salary increase at my work.

I dream about my dead father telling me to finish the building at the same time telling me i get salary increase at my work

If some one asking about you or finding you


If person holding a goat with rope in the dream what is the meaning

I dream sucking my ex dick

I saw dead person grave was dug and his skull being taken

If someone dreams they are throwing salt on you what that means

If trasgender comes in dreams

I dreamt that i gain admission into the university and i went into the university

I was doing aarti in dream

I am a banshee screaming to someone

Insane mom in the dream

Inna lila

I am washing dishes of a dead person

I had a dream lasnite of a baby girl eating feaces in front of me..is meaning what???

I touch breast in my dream

I dreamt of a taiaha

I preach but i dream of being a preacher preaching unfamiliar verses in reality

If someone buy semolina for you in dream meaning

I dreamt some one give me money and nail

Islam dream interpretation

I dream suck virginia

I dream suck pussy

I dreamt of my late father naked and crying what does it mean

I saw a shooting star and i make a wish in dream

I saw a shooting star and i make a wish of marriage in dream

Iron metal missing

In which age

Interpret when people holding cock and lose it and let it go

In dream i was transferred from one place to other

I was preaching

I dream fucking with my ex wife what is the meaning

I gave rose quarts to my friend in my dream

I put on a gold tooth

In a crowd where people are wearing red and white

I was bleeding through my vagina

I saw myself collecting cashew from a shelf in the dream

Ibrecieved a brown wallet i painted it white

I saw a friend wearing sleeveless and skirt

I dreamt to see that a mad man has touched my food and i gave the food to him. what does this mean

In dream flying

I am hiding from a killer

I saw multiple murders

I saw someone kill people

It is good to hold horsetails in the dream

Is it good to hold horsetail in the dream

Invisible hands

In a pond with alligators

I saw my self eating bambara nut a dream

I saw my self eating bambara in a dream

I saw my self eating bambara nut

I dreamt of being in a church like environment where there way a small shrub that can listen to people when they speak. there were a group of people in a church with white cloths


I dreamt about my lips was swelling and big

I dreamt about my lips was swelling and bug

I dream about going to spelling bee by wearing fashion clothes

I saw that hand applied with henna design after washing hand no colour of heena

Interpretation bubble tea?

If someone dream plenty police what dose it mean

If a dog hold you by your clothes

If a dog hold u by ur cloth

If a dog lick ur hand


I caught myna bird in my dream

I ate testicles in my dream

I ate testicles in my drea

I dream abput selling my used clothes

I dream about selling my own clothes

I dream my dad died from leprosy and heart problems

Incorrect birrh date

I annoint someone in dream because he was sick meaning

Insects in your private area in the dream

I hit my mom

I spit on my bed while dreaming

It symbolises renewal

I dream a sangoma sweeping the yard

I picked up shoes of others from mosque

I dreamt of being with a child

I dreamt about holding a large penis and someone putting a finger in my vagina

I saw a black cloud with red light like fire moving in sky and me n my mother watching it

I constantly dream of picking ripe udara from a particular tree in dream

I dreamt of my partner and i following a powerful couple

Interpretation of white bird and dove having sex

I dreamed that two bird are having sex

Invisible snake

Iicking udara in the dream

I got chain of ayyappa swamy in dream

I had two pairs of slippers but lost all, then found three of four slippers

I dreamed of sangoma looking at me

I had a bud on my head

If someone says that for you kumkum and haldi wont stay

I dream of 8million

I dreamed pulling blanket from my friend while sleeping

I dreamed pullinh blanket from my friend while sleeping

I dreamed pulling blanket very hard from my friend

I dreaned pulling blanket very hard from my friend

In my dream i plucked ripe custared apple

In my dream i plucked ripe custared spple

I was been beaten up by a soldier in my dream

Is local dog licking my hands in dream good?

I was walking down some street and everyone was staring at me some people just stared at me and smiled scarily other people/or i had a dark very dark purple almost black horn no forehead it was full of words i think that i got stopped to read people minds through their horns

I saw ewedu in my dream

I dream i had a sore at the back of my head

I have dream being with 2 young ladies wearing sangoma clothes in the veld putting cow legs in dig hole that have water with soap what does it mean

I dream of meeting lady diana

I dream that satan was standing outside my window

I dra

I dreamed of my self cons

Ironing a kameez

I drove around dead bodies

Inviting an enemy to your house.

I was falling in the river

If a man see naked women what is the meaning

I wanted to buy honey in my dream and i was told. it finished

I give a sanitary pad to my friend

I saw the paradise

Indian woman

I heard my enemy singing in dream meaning

I saw a baby falling into well

I was sitting with a dead celebrity his name was sushant, i was happy when i was sitting with him

I saw someone spitting fish from mouth in my dream

I saw spitting fish from mouth in my dream

I dream about naseberry

I dream i was masturbating

Integrity in the dream

I dreamt about having sex with my step dad

I was looking for a safe place to hide inside a mall from a black tornado

I dig tap bolehole people come to get water from me

I be collecting oha leaf in adream

I dreamed that my baby was born bald and skin was wrinkly order by 31369--

I was eating a curd in my dream

I get my husband phone

I dream sucking big breast

I was given moin moin

I dream i was eating another woman vaginer

I dreamt i put my feet in a bowl of water

I pee on my wife

I dream and me and my wife urinating in each other

If i show my daughter is being pregnant

Is licking powder milk in the dream a good sign?

I was prayed for by an old woman in my dream

In my dream i went to temple but there is no statute in temple

I stood someone up on a date

I dreamt that someone dragged my old wallet with my old identity cards inside and went away with it. but i took the highest currency inside in my hands , i later destroyed what belongs to the person and then my crush came, i immediately sucked her breast and pressed the other breast before explaining to her. then my friend came and we both entered a bike where i washed my white singlet to be cleaner and we got down from the bike at the back of our house to walk home from the corridor

I was singing human till i wake up with it

If you dream eaten beans and plantain with friends

Indian black plum

In my dream i have seen water fall

In my dreaw i have seen water fall

I am dreaming about have sex with my cousin sister

I dream i was on a swing and snakes was holding me down

Invisible hands touching mine


I dreamt lifting up an old woman

I gave my dead granny a dress

Ironing a white pants with a spot in the dream

I dreamed my boyfriend paying lobola for me

Interpretation means taking soap out for your vigina dream

I saw divison of qurbani meat

I dream a woman sucking her breast milk

In a dream i sow myself tiea yellow colour head tie head tie

Ill mother

I dreamt when am washing mattrees

I dream my wife having sex with another man means

Imbecile sucking my breast

Islamic view of seeing casket in the dream

Immaculate conception church

I dreamt of a pastor giving me money

I vomit because i ate my hair

I dreamt that she was putting oil on a plain paper from a bottle

I gave police money

I dreamt that quran was almost falling down and i am about to catch

If i see myself pounding egusi in the dream what does it mean

If u watch ladder towards sky in dreams

I took fresh coriander leaves from an aashram’s garden

I am taking hear from my enimy

I have seen my dead father calling azan prayer

I see my self sitting on the chair in an old pit toilet

In my dream so a snake in my shower

I dream of receiving phone as a gift

If i chased away madman in my dream means what?

I dreamed about a lady sucking my penis and sperm came out physically

I saw my crush and we are wedding

I saw myself at the edge of frozen mountain to

I hit my leg on stone in my dream

I closed my business in dream


I dreamed fire falling from sky

Impounded truck


Ill person healthy again

I found bundle of money in my dre am

I found bundle of money in my dream

If someone buys semolina for you

Idian ladies wearing white sariees

I wore a short nikka in my dream

I stood on a rock which was blocking the river to flow

I sold a gold necklace in my dream

If somebody say i will dye in accident

I dreamt of my sister in law that i don’t talk to

Icy rain and collecting the ice

I show my heart out of my mouth in small aize

I saw 4 moons in my dream 2 half and 2 full

I dream that snake enter my vagina

I dreamt of a cracked claypot

I dream of getting my clothes from my ex husbands house

I dreamt that i ask someone if she has coals. what does that mean

I dreamt when someone was prophesying on me

I dream that i wear a ruby ring in my right finger

Interpretation of dreaming a calamansi fruit

Illicit sex

I dreamed i was dancing on the water

I pluged sorrel in my dream

Ind vs eng live

I see myself pounding

I ate papaya from tree

I was giving a mad man money forcefully

In a dream seeing soilder ant

If a man pastor gives you money

If a man of god gives you money in a dream

I was washing dirty clothes of my dead mother in law

I dreamt my boyfboyfriend married someone else

I dreamt of aperson borrowing me his shoes

I see dog is sucking my breast and it’s annoying me

Idremt of prophet tb joshya

I dreamt of chestnut colour horse was sleeping in my bed explain

Is hen and birds in the same family

I wanted to bored an aeroplain but there were people blocking me

I saw mon in the sky being pinkish orange then i went to terrace to see it went behind clouds

I was in school n got 26 supplies meaning

I saw a lot of fishes

I shake hand an old friend on high way as a police woman

If we kiss lizerd in dream

I dreamt about kissing


Inscribing the crucifix of jesus into your body

Im attract with two girls and im hesitate which one to court

I was gifted a car in my dream

I dream the ground open and i enter later comes out

If i see elephant eating banana from me

I dream a santo niño holding a right hand light

I dream with my dead husband but when he talks to me i can hear him

I dream hitting my husband with my slippers

I saw my son disabled in dream

I saw my husband in a dream soldiers put on him handcuffs

In my dream i saw my sister with grey hair

I see my sister with grey hair in my dream

I dreamt i was eating cakes with my deceased aunt

I dreamt me and a friend sent a kid to buy smoke for us but when we opened the smoke there where yellow flowers

I dreamt my boyfriend drank pills trying to kill himself

I dreamt i was fighting with a friend than he stabbed himself and died because of our fight

I stolen some jaggery and eaten

If you dream someone disintergrated

I dream that i was inside a red car

Intertal organ of carabao

Intruding people


Impangela dream

I had a dream my boss died

I went out to an event and i was hunted to be killed

I went out to an even and i was hunted to be killed

I dream my hair become suddenly so long what it means

I saw my cousin burning mpepo in my dream

I saw him in my dream what it’s mean

I dream that i gave bitter kola to someone

I bought bitter kola in my dreams

I was dancing and being sprayed money in the dream

If buying a red saree

I felt my body ascending upward

I am eating moringa leaves in a dream

Invisible dog

If u think u saw ur paradise in ur dream

I dreamt about getting initiated into an occult

I saw tow lovers planing to have sex

I saw two lovers planing to make love in d dream

In infant

I see my wife selling fire burning meat in dream

It my fast time to dream with the person idate what that means

I saw red star coming to earth

I chew a rice worm in my dream

In a church to put plenty money in the offering box

I see sister in-law and in-law together in a dream

I had a drama consulting a sangoma

If i see jesus statue in my dream

I dream how i drive keke what does it mean

I dream how i drive keke

I threw a turtle

Invisible body parts on people

If i see aghora in dreams what happens

I dreamt when my 4 year old was eating his feces

I escape accident without my might

I tought i woke up

I sign a paper of being a second wife in a dream

I dreamt a man who is married already gave me paper to sign as his second wife

I dreamt of me getting married to a man who is married already

I give a woman lime

I licked my boyfriend neck

I am filling form for my son

I saw i am filling form for my son

Idol with you

I dream that i slap may ex boyfriend

I dream i almost drow in mud an water

I ran to a long distance to get drinking water for a friend


Intructing labourers to close a field of trees

I blowing sankh in the dream

I dreamed about being with my anime crush

I cant speak in dream to my father

I was talking to levithianl

I was talking to levithian

I saw a large river of water in my dream

I dreamt that two of my old lovers just came and gave me an unexpected kiss all of a sudden and told me they love me both at different times and i was so surprised

I saw a man who was pulling the teeth of someone with hammar and i scolded him for doing so he looked angry at me and then i left him

I was walking on the road and a man tried to rub me