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Dreams starting with the letter I

I was in a bucher

In a bubble submerged in the ocean

If your pastor is calling your name in a dream

In your dreams

I was about to marry a soldier

I was catching white grass cutter and her youngs in a hole

I was catching a white female grass cutter and her youngs in a hole

I was catching a white female grass cutter and her white youngs

Ingredients falling from sky then made into potion

I dreamt when am going home after school to bring tank water for using


Ice for drinking has hard feathers in it

I dreamt of praising god with king james guiding me what does it mean

I dreamed children and a house under construction with a church lady

I dream of someone she poop a cake

I saw two monitor lizards fly out of an open dusty wardrobe

I saw two monitor lizards fly out of an opened dusty wardrobe

I saw that somebody kidnapped my ex girlfriend

I dream attacking by alligator but i killed it

I rewind dreaming about chasing

I was the president assistant in a dream

I dream of a girl who i used to tolk with showing her bambs


Indigo flower in shape of child

I dream my brother killed my other brother girlfriend

I was cgewing food

I saw

I dreamt of seeing a fetish priest entering into water

Invisible mansters

I dream i lost my earring

If u see madwoman trying to play with u in a dream what is that mean

In my dream i was fasting and ate multiple times and then suddenly remembered that ji was fasting

I have a dream where three women are gathered and one gave me a drink and i drink it what does it mean

I had a dream where someone is giving me drink what does it mean

I found a crow and owl standing at a window in the morning time when i try to push crow away crow came in the house and owl too came and standing in the window in

I found a crow and owl standing at a window when i try to push crow away crow came in the home and owl too came and standing in the window

I found a crow and owl standing at a window when i try to push crow away crow came in the house and owl too came and standing in the window in

I see someone wearing my red cap in a dream

I pulled out condoms from my virgina

I saw my wife naked

I saw my self wear green lehenga with mang sindoir

I buy betel leaf in my dream

I saw a dead person while attending a wedding party and a egg boiled

Insurance contract

Isphika esimhlophe

I dream that i was sitting down with my head bow down and someone came with vehicle and i look up to shake hands with him

I dreamt people showinh me the sky and when i looked up there was a cloud that had formed a child

I saw a man putting baby into the fridge and walking away


I call azan in a beautiful voice in a place where lots of known people are gathered along with my father

I dreamt of my husband who had been bolded head for 2 year s and than new air growing on his head

I wish l could become a doctor it means l wanna become a doctor

If dead person buy u food what is the meaning

Introduction ceremony with my husband

I dremt cows

I dremt cows and monkeys

It was raining heavily with thunder

I kissed to my loved

I dreamed to my loved

I dreamed to my loved ones

I dreamed to my crush

Iv inserted in your hand

I am washing face cap in my dream

I dreamt of my wedding being cancelled because i was late for the wedding

I dreamt that i was going to the bush in the night and i met my dead father giving me a torch to use whiles going into the bush what does it symbolisrd

I dreamt of seeing my former pastor and my mother law giving away her dresses to her daughters and i was watching

I’m roscoe

I dreamt of colouring my barb from black to white

I dream snake chase me in my sleep

I dream someone give me money

I dream sangoma saying i had an abortion n revealing pills in the bag while my husband is sitting there crying

I dream i found enough cola nuts


I dreamed a dream when talking to angel micheal in the garden and told the haveans door are close i should pray hard and gave me something looking like cigarette and a cloth

I survive in soil erosion

I had a dream that i eat tea with bread and peanut butter

I had a dream that i was eating tea with lemons and bread with pes

If i dream no 22 and 30

I dreamt of sumone feeding me small snakes buh i eventually burnt them

I had a dream of laying my head on his feet

Is there a number that represent fish

Indigenous pregnant woman

I had a dream my dad shot me

I dreame about being killed by god

I dreames

It’s night i was being followed by a guy and he comes up to me and tells me he likes me and we get to know each other that night and get really close i tell my best friend and thinks i should try it with him so i do but i’d have to hide it from my parents and everyday we meet up with each other and hang out and he picks me up and we kiss


I see a person sitting on a sofa wearing black clothes saying shut up

I see in my dream a black man killed three white cows

I dream of gotting marry beutiful woman

Injection on thigh

I was in church and were two groups of people one group was in black and purple garments and the other was in white and gold garments


I was in church and were two groups of people one group was in black and purple and the other was in white and gold

I gave my baby nephew something to taste and he sucked my finger hard

Igebengu zikukhomba ngebhamu

I wearing a saree red borde and white

I dream about me defica what it mean


Iron sheet removed from your roof in a dream

Ironing washing

I dreamed that i am sick due to bleeding

I saw many dead lived ones in my dream in 1 occassion


I was unconscious in my dream but i woke up

In my dream i saw teenage boy what is the meaning

In my dream i saw thick green thing come out of my nose what is the meaning

In my dream i saw three teenage boys what is the meaning

I told my boyfriend to borrow money from the bank

I dreamt joining illuminati meeting

If a bachelor male ask saree from any woman

I dream many 10 cents

I was giving someone flying termites

I dreamt that my husband impregnated his niece

I dreamt that my boyfriend and i where going through ups and downs and then we finally settled still holding hands and i heard god say i should read the book of amos

I dreamt i was making soursop punch

Intercourse with a music artist

If you see a pink bathroom sandals in dream meaning

I was in front of my friends house with her and she was asking me for help with her three plants that were all dried

I see my brother as my dog

In my dream i’m writing down what is the different meaning about band aid like i am writing talking a test

I was writing a s a about band aid

I dreamt wanting to buy matooke but the one which was good was taken by someonelse

In my vision like dream i saw two big titus fish what is the meaning

In laws coming


Indian women

I ate a cactus and two black widows fell out

I m standing in one place suddenly elephant appears in one truck due to over weight of elephant in one corner we got high jump we could have fall down and die but elephant saved us

I dreamt of tidying pathways

I dreamt i was giving someone a blowjob and he ejaculated in my mouth


I had a dream of a buck looking at me and i reached out my hand and he came to me allowing me to touch his face cuddling couple of seconds and then walking back to the forest

I had a dream of a buck looking at me and i reached out my hand and he came to me cuddling

I had a dream of a male buck looking at me and i reached out my hand and he came to me cuddling like a dog

I had a dream that my dead mother in said i should pick two oranges

If fallan in sewage

I was handed x3 computer keyboards in my dream by someone i loved dearly who has passed onn 3 years ago


I was told my problems are over by a pastor in my dream

I dreamed picking a lot of 2 ranks coins on the ground

I dreamed picking lot of 2 rands coins on the ground

In a ripe paddy field dream

I am attacking transgender

Islamic meaning of dead person waving goodbye

I was pregnant

I speared one big fish and 2 more holding there tails in line

I saw 3 20 naira note in my dream what does that mean

If u see god idol murti is burning in dream

Isibaya sezinkomo

Ivy in bathroom

Ice water

I had a dream being buried alive by a lady neighbour

I dreamed my husband afraid that he throw a small cloth containing small snake

I dreamt that someone sucked my vagina

Injection in the left arm

I dream millepedes

I eat alligator pepper and bitter kola in my dream

Insects in food

If i dreamt that mad man trying to rap me in my dream and kill the mad man what that means

I am staring a known friend

I was in pastoral school

Im in a water with boat

I dream of a friend got her stomach damage


Insanitary conditions

In my dream there is two pimple in my right thigh and on that pimple i remove one hair on each pimple

Ink scribles on furniture

Inability to find underwear

I dream somebody giving me bible as gifts

Injury on mouth

Injury by accident

In church

Intervention with alcohol

Injured people being helped


I dreamt that someone gave me a quarter to throw in a river

Ice and waves

I dream about my brother who was hiding being captured by soldiers and taken away i was crying asking to embrace hin and to take me instead

I saw right foot with canvas in many colours

I just woke up from a dream that our first born brothe was sught by white soldiers in camouflage uniform with rifles i saw him hiding they searched until they found him and handcuffed his hands behind his back i cried and embraced him while asking the soldiers to take me instead

I saw one foot with canvas in many colours

I saw a leg with canvas in dream

Introducing with frinds

Intelligent person


I dream of wearing my girlfriend jacket

I cut my ex deceased husbands hair

I deramt that another woman is pregnant

I shot and killed

I shot the shape shifter



I saw someone in a dream before i met them


I dreamt of stripping myself naked in the presence of school kids in school

I dreamt of a beast coming out of the sea

Interpretation of makoto

I had a dream and a snake enters my stomach through y vagina

I dreamed about daydreaming in my drwam

I saw 2 big yellow snakes in aggression

I was cleaning the church with bucket and small rag

I dreamed mopping church ground

I dreamed drinking

Implant surpressing powers

I disvirgin a girl in a dream

I saw my self wearing full military combat

Intigration dreams




I dream dead man talking me

In a bus full of people my sister gave me r150

Ibhokisilo shado ephusheni

I forget what i always dreamed about every night

I have a lot of white hen

I rare a lot of white hen


I dreamt of my bluish index finger

Iroko tree what is for in the dream

I dreamt on my index colorful finger print then my prophet said write down lm not guilty and put a signature

I dreamt my prophet taking me finger prints and making me write down l am not guilty

I dreamt of orange socks on my feet

Inappropriate dressing as a priest for service

I got a cut ony cheek on my dream

I saw my baby sister getting haicut from a barber

I got punchered my hand by an colleague

Injured cow in dreams

I dreamt my daughter is going for haj

I had a dream that my sisters were married

I dreamed about my ex best friend

I dreamt of flying over a lake

Inanimate objects flying

I saw my brother beheaded

I saw lord ram laxman sita statue in dream

If you see human body with blood and body parts everywhere

Implant removal

In law

Iyinhlamvu zesbhamu

I was given two spools of green thread one light one dark

Ice castles

I dreamt of dead aunt washing up

I dreamt of my dead aunt washing up

I dreamt of my dead aunt washing dishes


I give money to my teacher and she return me back in dream means

I seen myself packing my bags for a trip

I dreamed my young sister carrying hodgehogs and show me

In dream you see big rain and big ice full down on sky meaning what

Identification card

I dreamt about my granny feeding a church biryani

I my dream a lady who was to lead us in prayer pull another ladies hair

I had a dream where my mother was cleaning but naked

Insect touch face

I dreamed of momo

I was arching for snails with my beloved late beloved late mother and late

I saw my pastor wearing black suit and he was looking at me

I dream of a black minotaur like walking towards me

I made arts and crafts

I drove in a car and immediately crashed into a wall

Isiphika blue and white

I dream being invaded by a lion but fortunately i get lift from the ground to the air and land in a safer place

If i see my guru advising me about my boyfriend what does that mean


I had a dream the walls in a classroom were to small so i was crawling to get out of the classroom

I dream seeing myself washing my hair with urine

I had a dream flying and the flame lilly was growing when i stretched my hand

If u dream about blood and water coming out of your plam

I dreamt i kissed a stranger

I drive a tricycle with two persons and we have accident

I take a shower

I y

I ya

Interpretation of picking very ripe coffee in a dream

Interpretation of cannula on my hand in the dream

I dream dat am selling food swallow

I dream that i saw my pad without blood on it in the dream

I dreamt i caught my wife with my trusted brother

I saw a mad woman came into my room from the door forcefully with a stick she puck up food on the table and left

I dream girlfriend she coming in the house she come out again

Impaled dream back

I was been eating alive by humans

If i saw my self in a farm land where i brought workers to work for me and when they are done they come to me and said we are done for me to pay them

If i dream where workers are working for me in my farm

If i dream where workers are working for in my farm

I see i have two vaginas in my dream

I dream i was looking for a plastic bag

I dream i’m plaiting a man hair

I dream i’m cornrowing a man hair in style

Intruder with gun

I dreamt of my late father giving me nice shoes n happy

In love with someone else

Idlozi likhuluma

Icing sugar

Infant baby with sn umbilical cord

Invisible tattoo

I saw a tree on fire in my dream

Is it good luck to see a snake

I dreamt my husband putting water in sorghum and beans

In my dream my crush shorter than mene

I dreamt a tap water pouring on the floor

If you dream about your dog catch rate for you

I saw my son in the middle of group of people necked erecting

I dreamed of sitting inside the hearse

I wear the same clothes with someone in a dream

I was manipulated

I saw italy flag country in a dream

I saw a mixed colour ram in my dream what does it mean

I saw my breast with 4 penis

I was saving an island of crows being killed by a strong being

Im pregnant i dream off two pigs just appeared in my dream

Im pregnant and i dream of eating fruits and i saw two bigs appeared in my dream whats the meaning


I dream of my pastor drinking beer

I search for my boyfriend but he went out with a woman

I cut my wrist

Infinite staircase

Intimate friend got a job

I was attending suicide

I was coming back my home running at night asking to open door my pet calf suddenly started licking my vagina

I swapped body with a girl


I was tutoring math for a young girl about 12 years old and the i started leaning towards her and forced her to make out with me after that her parents walked in and i felt guilty so i told them what had happened

I dream i saw a rip plam fruit but my friend buy it

I dreamt about a cow bill that was trapped in mud he legs was tied up and i untidy him and i free him out of the mud


I have dream about a man telling me his name

I have dream about group of people they are all happy but i was felling sad

I dream of seeing someone with epilepsy

I dreamnt of my dead sister

I pranked my crush

I saw two grounding stones in my dream

I was saved immediately falling into a toilet hole

If u dream of a thieve in ur compound with the panga

I dreamt of my boss playing but he was naked

I was reborn is a girl

I dreamed i fell in love with a girl that i like

I was tom’s truck

I was a girl


I dream wearing police uniform


Incomplete and complete dress

I had a dream where my grandmother was beating me with a sjambok

I sayed lord krishna in my dream

I dream about my husband is sleeping with my cowife in my house

I dreamt of feeding my daughter black soup

I am about to land in a lagoon from a car accident

I died on my birthday

Isitimela in english

I dreamt about a tokoloshe

I dream with white people what do it mean

I woman saw on the bed covered with on her face cowries taking drip on black wrapper

I dreamed of being pulled out of the church by the church owner who is a forener

I woman saw on the bed covered with on her face cowries taking drip on black weapper

I woman saw on the bed covered with on her face taking drip cowries

I dreamed of being chased out of the church by the church owner who is a forener

I was holding a gun in my dream

If u dream that u were flying around whenever u want to go somewhere

Iced fish

I am lost

If you try kill snake

Incomplete triangle shape with the moon inside

I dream my own ring

Income taxes raid

I was crying asking for forgiveness beside her while she was sitting their naked

I provoke a black dog

If a man dream sucking a unknown woman meaning

If one sees himself in a big church building under construction what does it mean


Imam green

In dream hen is eating the lizard

Inverted eye

I saw my dead grandpa vomiting a lot in my dreams

I am dreaming a box of handkerchief coming from above and quashion make what meaning in the spiritual realm


I gave my late granny new shoes

Inflatable cat

I poop while naked

I poop while naked and i fell to the comfort room bowlbowl

I poop while naked and i fell to the bowl

I saw a random girl

If someone dream that he saw fire burning cotton

I saw myself laying comfortably on the waters without sinking

In dreams death mother give me new boots

I saw lightning thereafter freezing of time and everything except me

I dreamed my sister and step father wearing a khaki church uniform and my step father was before a a waterfall

I dream my self as fetish priest

I saw peoples in kabah

I had one day left to live on earth

I killa my favourite person

I killa my favourite pe

I saw my dead husband come in my room holding two shoppers in hand and say me assalamualikum

If you dream cutting hair of a dead person

If you dream bathing a dead person

I got a marriage proposal but before that i got married with my love

If you dream a dog

I dreamed when i went to urinate in the bush and a guy came in and he was facing me urinating and his urine was touching my legs what does it mean

I see myself in the bush full with bangs

Inappropriate at a party

I was sleeping and i dreamt that i snap picture for people

I was buying new textbook

I was buying copy in dream

Inviting lots of people for a event

Inviting lots of people


In my dreams i am putting haldi and kunkuma on devi idol

Iam unhappy with my old friend marriage

I loose my money at the river

Imaginary girlfriend dying

I was running naked in my city

I dream i found a gold in a small suitcase under water and sand


If l dream locking my building door

In a dream someone completed house

I cheated on my husband and he strangled me

Inserting my middle finger in my sister vagina in my dream

Impuphu mhlophe

In a dream a black hole appear in dream at the chest part

Inviting people to your engagement ceremony

Ill fiting dress


If u dream 5 snake in front of u

If u dream u cleaning worms in fridge what does it mean

If women saw in her dream afull of basket fruit

I saw coins shells


I dream about taking out silver coins out of a big fish

I was an important person

I was a vip



I asked and ate black fruit what my dead aunt was eating

I was nervous before and walked past him and he high fived me as i walked past

I am getting marred

I m feeding sugarcane to elephant dream meaning

Imdecent proposal

I was floating in a liquid chocolate flood

I am giving dried henna leaves to my aunt

Infected guava fruits on tree dream meaning

Infected guava fruist on tree dream meaning

I was sucking a unfamiliar women dream

I found a rosary on the beach

I dream of saint michael saying only blessed people can enter

I saw myself flying

I saw a big fish

In ocean wave

I had a dream i was touching my cousins vagina

Is it good to sit with influence people


If you dream about bids

I picture of me was on the mirror but upside down

I always dream of my dead father

Iguana peeing on me

I like she gonna blowjob me

I want to her give me a blowjob

I dream i was holding baby girl but she tell me she cold


I dreamed setting fire inside a full toilet

I saw people preparing cat as a meal

Ishikawa esibomvu

I dreamt twins not mine trying to poop but they did not

I see when i try extinguishe fire

I dream of my husband naked and his two friends naked i was with them in a room and they are not ashamed of their nakedness

Innocence dream meaning

Innocence dream

I was with my sister in the taxi

Im in the hell inside the ship

In the toilet holding your pop

I saw my mother with funeral cloth telling me the family members who had died

Iron sheets laid down

I dream of sampaguita meaning

I dreaming bakie

I dream saint therese

I was in france with my sister and friends and i was so happy

If someone see herself tie gele in the dream meaning what


Isiphika esibomvu interprete

Isiphika esibomvu

I had a dream where i was having se x with my female cousin

I was talking with stranger

If you dream of empty bowl on the head what does it means

I dream of my parents accepted my love

I drea

If husband is obase to his wife

I see two baby in my dream i have dreadlock what is the meannig

I dream i have 3 cowrie shell in my hand

Insane person


I dreamt my mother died in my arms by stroke

I opened a huge locked door with a huge key inside it was a big place like heaven

I have seen i was removing black stuff from my left eye

I see someone underestimate me in my dream

I recovered my stolen money

I dreamt that my mom was preparing moimoi in a dirty area

I dreamt that my mom is preparing moonlight

I dreamt that i asked my dad for money but he refused to give me

I had a dream i was eating blackberrys

I saw 3 women in my dream

If a deceased person asks someone to wash his clothing in a dream it means that he needs someone to pray for him

I digging woman anus hole

I bought food for a mad woman in my dream

I bought food for a md woman in my dream

Important documents has been damped


Idol with cupcakes


I dreamed i was in the supermarket with 3 sanitary pads in my hands and they dropped out my hands with out me noticing and some one found them and the

In my dream l see my husband and my friend having

In my dream l saw my hus meaning

In bed outside

I saw childrens dye in river

I picked up a large coconut from the water

I have superpowers


Infant grandson speaking eloquently

Incarnations prayer with a lady in the dream

If my ex boyfriend kiss me in my dream

In dream lootrey win

In a dream wining lootrey

Illicit pleasure


In a picture with my boyfriend in dream

Isphika esi orange

Inside church with strange people

If you dream being given new beautiful clothes

Incision whole body

I dreamed of excreting lots of beautiful coloured stones

Inlaws leaving their home and coming with us to live


I am unmarried and virgin i saw my baby shower what does it means

I dreamt of my brother in law when is beating his wife

I see white balloon flying too on me and see some number under the balloon

Inyama ebolile

I was on top of a 100 storey building

Inkanyamba and big rain

I dreamt of a man selling goddesses pic and me planning to buy it

If a person sees himself as being given a ring

I confronted my husband and his mistress in my dream


I see polka dots when i close my eyes

If you see your self necked

Im not a gentlement

Items in home stolen

I dream about a pastor preaching and got angry at a person for speaking in tongues

I saw myself in dilevry room for the birth of my baby there were 2 ladies in front of me they tied my legs and said to operate but i am unmarried and just 17


Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajiun


Interpretation of buying new clothes for deceased mother

If one dreams you are living in a scrapyard

I dreamt i am moving to a scrapyard

I see my self prophesying to someone in my dream

I was crying in my dream in dark room

I packed ukpaka in my dream

I saw ukpaka in my dream

I saw oil bean in my dream

I am at one of my moms old houses in my dream its extended and goes into another part thats not at that house i get so far going through different rooms and doors i end up falling through a wall or floor i come round hiding ducked down behind a freezer in what seems like an alley way or back road storage of a chinese shop im then running for my life im so scared of this person i can hear cursing in what sounds chinese hence why i think im behind a chinese shop i run through streets and a old fashioned town i end up at my old work place inside but its different outside it has a huge open water lake thing with boats and a hotel with loads of floors and a lift i never get to the top but i try

In zulu

I dream my boyfriend lost his driving license

I dreamt of a grave with beautiful flowers

I dreamt that someone fought me with pestle



I’m getting married

In a house overseas travelling

In tibet

I dream that my boyfriend lost his drivers license


India woman


Intercourse with trans women

If someone you love saying i love you

I have been seeing a blue cloth in my dreams what does it mean

I have crush one girl she my long relations she came in my dream and try to flirt with me

I dreamt of asking my daughter how to pray

Isiphika e si green

Introducing myself by telling my name

I propose my lover and she accepted my love

Injured hands and feet

I saw that my partner have chicken pox

I was about to eat my food however there a spider in it when i am about to get it its alive

I sow gray hair in my hand

I had a dream that my uncle is calling me a wicked and he is calling me characterless

Italian resturant


I won to see the food backdurt eat

I dreamt of dishing for my dead grandma a milky dish and she enjoyed it and helped me clean after her


I dreamt my daughter shaved her hair halfway

Impregnat 3 women that do not release milk in the breast

Information witholding

Intrepitation of holy host with blood

I hard my uncles name and he asked for a blade to shave us

I saw myself in a bus what does it mean

In a dream husband died lady wearing a green saree with golden border

Im a only child and dreams about having siblings

Ill taking a bath my grand father who was death

Ill taking my grand father who was death

I dreamt my boyfriend wore a new shirt a new trouser and a new shoe meaning

Inheritance of a thumb

I saw the imam and the president in a dream

I saw in my dream picking cassave leaves

I usually see myself in an awful and fearful environment

I dreamt of taking a shortcut

If somebody sees you in black preaching what is the meaning

In my dream my dead mother said she wanted one of my sarees


If you see animal heart being cut in a dream

If you see animal heart being cut ina dream

If u see heart cut in the dream

I dream am working under rain with black clothe on my back going up

I dream am working under rain with black clothe

I dream i working under rain with black clothe on my back going up going back g


I saw a running water from a tap

I dream a man visitor coming in to our home with his bags but return back after entering our home and he seems disappointed

I am always late

I shoba beating you

In my boday have spots waite spots

I dreamed of crying dead in the cemetery

I saw my girlfriend kissing another guy

I dreamed of words written in the sky by clouds and then i seen angels and i dropped to my knees and started repenting

Imali eyiphepha

Insimu elinyiwe

I collected money in my dream but one of the money is torn

Index finger


I saw a man in my dream write homeless on my birth paper whats the meaning

I dreamt that the sky was opened then i saw people walking in the clouds but in the process of staring one of the people appeared where i was and took me with him leaving the rest behind i was flying with him to the sky then i woke up from the dream

I saw my friend with a large yellow bowl making preparation for food

I forget my pass port meaning

If you dream someone is plating your haed

Ice cream


I was stuck in a tree way up high and i could not get to my family members that was running on the cliff

I dream of flying telling people you just have to believe and you can fly and i take off

I dream i was giving air in my mouth

I have not seen my pregnant dog for a long time yesterday in dream i came to know that her babies are dead due to lack of care from the house members and she also became very weak

Isphika esiyellow

In my dream i put an empty iron pot on the fire i forgot it and later remember that i did not put anything in the pot then i put off the fire

I saw my mother being abused in my dreams

Invisible from the waist up

In my dream someone told me to tell my husband to bath with water with coarse salt



Isiphika esi yellow

If i saw gold in a mud river

Im burning candle in someone grave

If you see someone phyco in dreams

Interstate bus escaping collapse over head bridge

I killed two girls

I dreamt cooking three leaf yam

I was fighting with baboons they were 3 a baboon mother with a baby and a strong male one we started throwing big stines at each othermale

If you separate with husband and you saw each other in adream eating githeri meaning

In islam when you dream of being given soursop fruit

I was putting in cooked meat in bag

I’m in a building without stairs

I saw idly batter in my dream

I got see my father in dream

I dream about an angel what does it mean

Inyoka e yellow n white

If you watch your self walking in light

Initiation school

If yu see man removing trousr

I dreamt fighting a spirit but was strong that everyone run away from him but i heard a voice in the dream that if a red cross is on my forehead heard the spirit will be weak for me to defeat it and i found a man marking people with that red fluid i beg for him give me the mark and after i received the mark i went back to face the spirit immediately he saw that mark it fall back and i fought it with my whole strength when i break his hands it turns into scorpion hand but i crushed it i fought whole night and my i awake from the the dream

In an unknown city

If i dream of a threshold

I was touching her and teasing her as if we are lovers

I was trying to break my chained up legs and body with all my might

I pack wara inside small nylon

I catch a fish with two heads in the dream


I dreamnt my mum was being born by my grandmother

Inyoka emhlophe

Islamic dreams stuck and torne saree

Indian chief turned into a wolf

I dreamt someone remove my ring from my hands

I dream somebody is obeah me in my dream

I saw a man on the horse with sword

I saw a snake that was cut up on a table

Izindoni ezivuthiwe


Infected spots

I am lost and suddenly naked in a hospital

Ian lost in a hospital and become naked

In dream saw driving car and saw naked deadbody

Igniting a coal pot full of charcoal to cook

In my dream i saw tuckey berry

I became violent

If someone snatches your gold finger rings in dresm


I dreamt of getting married to a rich man and i lie down on the floor and praising god with tears of joy

I see myself carrying eggs in the dream meaning

Iam upside down in my bedroom


I seen tupac with bullet holes in him and i was trying to help him

I dreamed when my cowife took my white dress

I dreamt carried a gun on my right hand shoulder walking alongside with a man wearing soldier uniform and him also carried a gun on his right hand shoulder

I always dream when am having a meal with my boyfriend what does that dreams mean

I dreamed i was in a haunted house my parents where going and i knew i was dreaming but i could not get out

I had a dream of when i was young in school and suddenly lost my clothes

I saw my maths teacher naked in a dream

In my dream i saw my x boyfriend and his penis but he was also leaving

I dream we were on the motorcycle with my husband later we forgot the petroleum we when back and pick

In a dream someone was come to with blue eyes

I was shooting other died but i lived

I saw a dream dat i was shooting and others was shooting too nd they died but i lived

I saw myself being put in a bowl and pilled like a chicken

Inkukhu indiza

Inverted leaf hearts in dream

Isiphika esi blue

I talked to my dead dad who was wearing a very camp gay coloured shirt

I dreamt of my ex girlfriend about to get raped

I dreamed about vomiting gold head cover of perfume what does it mean

I dreamed about vomiting an iron a cover of perfume what does it mean

If you dream ur husband has a boil

I dream grandmother give me silver coin nd i eat

I see my son with a shirt in my deam

I touched my teachers boobs and hugged her

In church naked

I dream about big moon wet some mints i saw sin of fire

If someone kiss you on your mouth in a dream

I dream of my cousin sweeping a house

I cry because my dead father ask me to laundry

I see lots of fold beddings

I dream of my dad give me his used t shirt

I dream that my dead father ask me to washed his t shirts

I dream a snake holding a white egg on his mouth

If another couple is trying to get money back

I dreamt of my wife having aids

I dream that time was missing from a specific day

If i rejected eating banana in my dream what does it mean

In a car going really fast

Injured mouth

I was appointed as a king of a certain nation

If you dream some one asking you to offer you iron sheets


I had a dream my mom wash my hands bag and bring it for me in a dream

I dreamt of carrying my luggage to my grandma house

I was living the wealthy life in my dream

If taking raw fish every day from kitchen

If someone abuse me in my dream

I dreamt urinating blood clots

I dreamt i was urinating meat clots

Insect coming out of your belly button

I saw two prophets in my dream


I dream of my own spit in my palm

I dream i hold my spit in my palm

I dream dead corpse sink in the swimming pool

I was swallowing pieces of glass bottle in the dream

I was swallowing pieces of bottle in the dream

I dreamt about swallowing crushed beer bottle with my mouth

In a dream what does it mean when you are barefoot

If some one is giving you food in dream

I was given a blue unicorn

I have lived one thousand dreams in one night

I saw myself wearing daddys short for outing

In my dream i saw my son showing me his penis

Izinwele ezinnkulu

In an open crusade with palm leaves as coverage

I saw me and my hasband nicked

I dreamt a centipeded was thrown at me

In a two storey house doorway when rocking

I dream of pawpaw seed that i plan

I watch a human party for all poor and rich people with hybrid people in there aswell but i was far away from the party

I saw a celebrity who wear a beautiful white dress and he do dance

I dreamt i went to jerusalem

I dreamt i went to jeruslem

I dream my boyfriend let the push me to let the snake bite me

I dream eating bread with kids and little milk

I was raped by a demon like thing

I dreamt of drawing a black and white butterly

In my dream i saw the church dome broken

In dream kalsha is fall down what will happened

I saw my ex wearing a green kurta

I was misled and fooled by men

Instrument recorder

Invisible creatures killing humans

I want a clothing owner

Icy slope

I saw very distructive thing happen in my life

Ishoba elimhlophe

If someone is been arrested by a soldier in the dream

If someone is been catch by soldier in the dream

If someone is catch by soldier in the dream

I see jwellery of dead girl in my dream

Insane person given money to someone in dream

I had a dream that i ate red

Infected fingers falling off

I dream of seeing my wife slippers

I saw plenty bulgur

I dreamt i was beating up a little girl in my dreams then later felt sorry for my actions

I hard a dream i catch a dolphin with my hands

I hard a dream i catch a dolphin with my bare hands

I dreamt i was linking my fellow girl pussy

I greet my mother n relatives

I saw blood i my juice

I dreamed that i spent time talking with my own guru

I dreamt of a blank quran

I am feeding fruits to my dead mother in my dreams

I dream baby dog liking my feet

I dream that my brother in law shirt felt

I dreamed of john the baptist saying the messiah is coming

Impaired coordination

Is it morning in seoul

If you dream of writing backwards

In a dream my slipper fall inside the gulter and flood carry it away

I dreamed of a white lady saying dihonio

I dream my daughter and i were laying down in the road and had on a top and underware only

I dream my daughter and i were lying down in the road and had on a top and underware only

I dream about israel going to war

I sliced my penis in half


Isphika yellow

Inkanyamba dreams interpret

I dreamt of attending a female friend she rose hunt me funeral

I had a dream about a snack link my private part

Imphepho and candles

In neighbors house while invaded

Ibn sirin dream seeing flower

I dreamt nightdancers coming after me

I saw a friend selling pure water in my dream

I dream found an android phone

I dreamed of pick up a phone

In a bus with prince charles and giving him a silver coin with his portrait on it

I dream a boy who is my ex boyfriend

Imvunulo yesonto

I saw psychopomp in my dream

If we giving turmeric and kumkum to other ladies in dream meaning

I saw a pot of stew in a dream

If you dream a mad man holding your hand to cross the street

I dreamt receiving gold jewelry from my late sister

Insulting someone in church

I was given two calabash one is big and two small ones

I dream my husband give away my shoes

I dream my husband give away my shoes and money to his ex girl

I dreamt of my father eating raw flesh

I dreamt of my dead father eating raw liver and acting scary

I dreamt of my dead father eating raw liver

I dream black stone came from sky and enter in my head to stomach

I smell horses

I dream my husband disrespect me

I dreamt about studying blue and pink beads

I dreamt holding sweets in my hands

I dreamt that my legs is been oiled

I bathed my dead mom

Indian corn on the ground

I dream i saw a bag of sweet potatoes and cassava

I ejaculated during a dream about being late for my plane

I dream of black stretch marks changing to white stretch marks

In a graveyard the dead is waking up and i was there sucking orange

I dreamed my dead brother had false teeth

I dream i see and old house and my son was crying


Igbo anara

I saw an old lady with swallon face

If someone dreams about you wearing a njeti cloth

I dreamed about lumps forming in my face and throat closing

Interpretation of a dream that someone is trying to magic

I saw a horse who haid a hairy tail

If bull urinate on you while you are uder bull legs

If bull urinate on you while you are u der bull legs

If bull pee on us in dream

I saw my friend selling pure water in my dream what does it mean not me but my friend

I saw my non muslim friend accepting islam in my dream

I was given fanta in my dream

Invitation school

If someone give his dead scholar a shoe to wear what does it mean

I dreamt many shooting stars

I dreamed about smearing shit between my legs

I saw my mother appear two in dream

In love with mermaid dreams

Im sucking someone else toe

I dream engaging with the king

If you dream about you bathing naked in front of many boy meaning

I dreamt when i was picking money from every pocket on my trouser

I dream a black magnetic stone

I received a watch from my deseased husband in the dream

Interpretation of a dream about a beautiful girl during sleep

If my brothers goes insane and starts trying to beat me up

In a house with your boss

I dreamed i met einstein

Introduction to ego

I buying ugu leaf in the dream

I blood as sending from sky dream my son was born

Illness disappeared

Issuing bike pieces

Itumo ala eye

I drove a big new white car for my brother and parked it only to have men breaking into it

I dream that my face has no preckles any more

I saw in my dream a man sucking breast of a wonan

If you were beaten by your uncle in your dream what does it signify

Impersonating and hacking

I saw my self jumped in an ocean in an orange water

I dream seen a graff animal

I remove ring from my fingers and give someone in my dream

Iqhude elimnyama intloko ibomvu


I gave kolanut to old woman

In dream koi zared out in your shose

If boy misbehave with me in dream

I saw in my dream that my husbamd walk with bike

Invited for lunch in banana leaf with sweet

I rejected my classmate date

I cought my pastor in a dream touching my wife breast

Ikhandlela eli blue lisenza umqheba

I have been crown in my dream

If u see black stone statue god in yoyr dreams

I put on a pair of camaflage boots that was to big

I dream that i put on camouflage boots

In dream i saw my daughter eating food which had white lizard inside it

I kept getting slapped in the face

I got back park in a dream

I saw washing quran

I cut my enemy head

I dreamt about oxygen the nurse said that i should go with the oxygen

I dreamed a girl being cut into half with chainsaw

If you dream that you are pulling thread from your throat what is the meaning

I am murdering people

Interview with one handed frenchman

I had a dream about my deceased mother doing my hair

Isiphika yellow

Iam will be auditor

If you dream white woman kiss you

I saw in my figure white spots in my dream what mean that in biblical

In dream pure water coming from my vagina

If goddess ideal falls down in dream

I dream i am sitting in the middle of a man and woman conversation


I was running away from a masquerade with a child

I dreamed that i broke through a door

I dreamed that i knocked down a door

If someone trying to use bottle on you

I dreamed walking on a slippery land

Island mountain and lion

Intestine come out

I was shitting caterpillars

I dream name jordan

I dreamt that i dress like a queen

I dreamt that i wore a royal gown

I saw a plus sign and a white jem in my dream and the word omega

I saw a plus sign and a white jem in my dream

I guy i used to hang with is in my dream

If you dream you have a black phone and it destroy

Inappropriate touch boobs

I kissed kim taehyung and he also while sleeping

I cut one leg of animal



I was under water and my ex pulled me up to surface

I dream seen person carrying jerican of water drop it on my bed

I dreamt i have tired long hair

In play unprepared

I saw someone masterbathing in my dream

In a office with you boss and some work mate holding a soil paper with clay soil

Icicle on fire

Indecipherable writing

Interview paper soiled with clay soil

Icesickle on fire

In tinted car

Islamic dream about calotropis

I saw my daughter pounding ripe palm fruit for me to prepare soup in my dream

I enteredange a strange room n saw angel gabriel lying in there and an old man lives there all he does is pray n i was scared and ran out of the place

I entered a strange room n saw angel gabriel lying in there and an old man lives there all he does is pray n i was scared and ran out of the place

I dreamed someone as if he wanted to hurt me and he was telling me that you are at petition

I dream that i am doing my friends hair

I dreamt of carring a child and the child was sleeping

I saw a pastor fetching water

I dreamt of holding melon seeds in a plate and cracking in the street where l was looking for a bike

I keep forgetting to punch time clock when at work

I dreamed a dead person giving me a gold necklace

I helped pound yam and i ate some from it

I dream someone reminds me of my promises to him

I saw a dream that i plucking a yellow hibiscus flowers in tree

I dreamed of religous medal

I dream about my sister in law took my white dress and wear it


Islam baby

I saw apostle laying hands on my stomach

Iguana coming towards me

I was being given an injection om my buttocks

I was driving on the expressway and acarsplashed nude on my car i stopped over to wipe it off

I walked into a room and i seen a sarcophagi

I see sarcophagi in a room

If woman dream seeing many white coat been pray on

I was summoned by my partner

I dreamt of repairing my cooking pot because it has holes at the side


In dream i see the coe is dead in flood

I saw branches mango tree fallen

I saw branches of mango tree fallen apart

I dream my mother picking cowries

In proof top

I was in saloon with brother and father cutting out short in nice maroon

Insulin kit

I saw a lady having an affair with a dog

I dreamed of the name malcolm and woke up what does that mean

I saw my ex lover aamir wife sidra die with my bad prayers