I saw negro pepper in my dream

I dreamt of receiving a box of pampers

In garage in corner

I woke up and seen a white smokey like cloud around me

Imphepho namakhahlela

Industrial area

Industrial area with lake in fores

I dream as i was washing maggots out of my virgina instead of menses

I dreamt of wearing my brother shirts for a photo shoot

I dream a ghost woman giving me mazie

I was dreaming having sex and i was caught by my mom

I saw a guy trying to rape me in dream

I am watching lhakhang

I saw my girlfriend in my dream and she sent me a picture of a virgina with maggots in it

Intestines and kidney

Incest neice

I dreamt that somebody teared my exam paper

I dream some one writing my name

I touched jesus scars on his hand

In dream my question is dismissed by those i ask

I dream about the wodjet eye

I dreamt as a man tried to get keke key from me

I was holding a malnourished child

Introducing by auntie

I dreamed about losing my identification card

I dreamed that sister joined me to illuminate long time ago in dreams


I saw a wonder worm in my right hand

I gave someone meat pie in my dream

I give holy ashes to a man

Is it a good dream someone wearing blue

If i dream a guy kiss me


I dreamt i rescued a grey cow x hippo

I dreamt i was escaping a flood and i rescued a sick dog and a grey cow

Indegenuous people

Iguana eating bird

If the bowl is filled with sour

Illigal dream

Illigal dram

I saw that when i took a egg in my hand it suddenly hatched out

Intercouse cat

I dreamed of porridge covered me when it spill

I found jewellers on the ground and put them all in my pocket

In my dream i saw a dried maize farm

I saw dry maize farm in my dream

In a dream i see a big snake and a big crocodile playing with my clothes

I saw thousands of locust attacking

Ipad cracked

I see my new uniform got torn

Isicholo dream

I dreamt of selling waakye to people

I dream my sister husband died

If you dream seen dead body shedding tears what does it mean


I saw vitellaria paradoxa in my dream

I refuse to give my red thumb mark on paper dream interpretation

I dream i was being pulled up out of a ditch

I held salt in my hand

I see someone bathing in dream means

Ignored in church

I had a dream that i was one of the people throwing stones at jesus as he walked with his cross

I was accused of pregnanting someone in my dream

Intersex baby

Inverted waterfall

Im with my bestfriend

I saw myself as a child in my dream and we met and hugged

Injera megager

I seen my cousin is gay

Interupted sex

In a dream my co wife threatened me on a phone call

I dreamt mt thumb was bending both of them

If my friend sucking my dick

Injera meaning

I seen my dear father calling azan in my dream

I was prophesied by two women that i would have twins

I was prophesied that i would have twins

Ibhayi eli blue and white

I had a dream i had sex with my step brother



I was invited to a birthday party

If saw oiling own hair with coconut oil in dream

I saw buried clothes

Izinkomo zikujaha

I saw my dad

I dream i have been paid money

I have been paid a debt

I and my late mum wearing white going to church means

I dream a komodo dragon sucking my blood and i beat it tell it shit

I was sucking my girlfriend breast milk in the dream

I saw my self cutting down five palm fruit bounch from the palm tree

Ivory black meaning in a dream

I am made of cork

I am made of vork

I came with a small righting numbers but while looking for it i found out it was under a foot of a girl then it turns to a high numbers

I see my grandpa dying again

If three cowrie is been given to me in a dream it means what

I was picking dried cocoa

I received milo as a gift in the dream

In a dream where u see a frozen river what does it mean

I dreamed of my wife and i peeling cassava over a whole night and a neighbor visited us very early in the morning

I dreamed we am having sex with my love


Igama lakho ephepheni

If friend burned your charger

I dreamt of a bishop preaching in a church and there was a wedding

In dream came goddess giving flower

I saw a dream in which i was travelling to singapore in plane

Inchwane lenkukhu

I saw my sister wet pussy at dream

I was dreaming have a conversation with human like chimpaze

I saw my mum do her hajj in my dreamt

If someone give me paper to go and collect money in pos in dream

If you used a machete to cut of a limb

I saw many eggs in the river

Itercourse with wolf

Iqhude elibomvu liguqile

I dreamt about me isolating millet with a group of people

I saw a pastor and prophet

Inspector in my dream as my bodyguard

If a woman has a penis

If i see my wedding gown in dustbin what does it mean

In bed with dead person then kids get on

Iphone totally wrecked

Islamic dream of roasting goat meat

I dream my boyfriend paying lobola for me in negotiations

Iron steam on vagina

I beat my daughter with a broom

If am playing table tennis with women in dream what means

I was maintaining floers and plants nursery outside my home in dreams

I saw myself heal a mad girl in my dream and she got healed

I had a dream of bigfoot eating an apple in my backyard

I saw a chameleons and through it away in my dream

I saw a chameleons in my home and my mother through it away in my dream

I saw myself pregnant and had blood on my legs starting the labor but i was happy and getting my suitcase ready to gave birth for a girl

If someone told your salt vessel is empty

I dreamt of picking lots of smoked fish into baskets

I dreamt of collecting lots of smoked fish into baskets

Idream having sex with my niece

I dreamed i was on a trip with a friend but i was carrying my grown sons sneakers with me

I found in dream digged money and jewelry

I had a dream that i ate groundnut chips

I eat kulikuli in my dream

I slept on friday morning and had a dream that i sleep and missed jummah

I slept on friday morning and had a that i sleep and missed jummah

I dreamt where water was coming out of my vagina

In my dream i got a simcard from someone

I found myself naked after crossing a river with my brother

I recieved gifts from my sister in my dream


I am marching in a parade

I was marching in a parade

I dream harvesting sugarcane

I dropped my phone in toilet

Intruder tries to kill me nd my

I had a dream about a mad person who gave me a cassava and we started eating it while we were happy going to school

I had a dream about a mad person who gave me cassava and we started eating while we are happy going back to school

I die because of gas

In tv

I gave birth to a baby for a certain couple and they were angry because l did not deliver at a clinic

If you see your self in a senior seminary with a priest and seminarians in a dream what does it mean

I dreamed when my girl friend is in another country

I dreaming kissing my daughter in my right hand side and after on my left hand side i kiss her mother my exgirl friend

I dreaming kissing my daughter in my right hand side and after on my left hand side i kiss

I dreamt of helping someone carry his load

I dreamt my wife got married and i was there congratulating her

I dream of my uncle break kola nut into four

Invasion by sea

I dream having sex with two white laday


I dreamt advising my friend on how she can handle business as she opened up a shop

I dream that i had a clown doll still in the plastic bag

In bed with woman trying to hide it from parent

I dram i walked outside to smoked clouds

I was wearing same sandals as of my pastor

I dreamed singing hallelujah song

I dreamt of my husband s daughter from ex spouse we seemed not to be in good terms with her

I dreamt that i was wearing blue trouser and coat what might be the meaning

Idol blinking

In usable caller

Islamic meaning if seeing a president in your dream

If i dream about someone being successful

I saw someone bathing me in my dream

I am a woman and i dremt my face was hairy

I dream that i sheat in side masjid


Ibhokisi lomshafo

I dream my father in law gain weight

I was searching i turn to found another one

Imam bringing car for me

I dream two sad women sitting

I took an ark

Inappropriate touch someone

I dream catching caterpillars

I saw dead bodie in kafan at our home

It was raining but there was a fire out

I dream of my long distance partner coming back with food stuffs

I saw a hole in the palm of my hand

I was climbing a steep hill carrying a baby in my dream

It may announce the call to the profession of a healer or shaman

I saw my father naked and as soon as he noticed me he put on his clothes and walked away in my dream


I see my brother kill elephant in my dream and i see mad man what is meaning

Id books

I dream of buyingvegetable dreams

Invite by text

I love you word

In dreams kinner shouting n asking for more money

Ironing means what

I had a dream wearing a molitary uniform and beinh given a noble peace price and when i look up the sky i saw a tiger

I dreamt sweeping a dirty classroom

I have worn beautiful kira in a dream

I touch boobs

I dream someone looking younger

I lost my fb account

I was cursed by an old lady

I was cursed by an okd woman


I had a dream of a giant spider

Infected testicle

I had infected testicle

I see myself somersaulting in dream meaning

Icecream store

In my dream curry leaves plant giving me shake hand and taking me in that place

In front of

Iroko tree falling in the dream meaning

Iroko tree

I dream i was pushing someone from my house

I see prenty fresh okro

Izigebengu zikukhomba ngesbhamu

I saw my pastor in the dream and he was naked and wanted to sleep with me

I was given a white envelope by my father

Illegal immigrants

Ima grant

Incisor tooth

In that dreming someone take as to the motorcycle mi and my sister

I saw stool in dream


I dreamt about receiving career advice from old person

Image repeated flashing

I see a baby in hanging bassinet

Incomplete church building

I wanted to disvirgin a girl in my dream

Injured dear

Impending water

I saw my mum putting on pink dress in my dream

If aghori gives me chapatti in dream meaning

If a ghoor gives me chapatti in dream meaning

If aphorism gives me chapatti in dream meaning

Intercaurse with uncle

I dream about half animal half human

I used my car buy fuel in fuel station

I buy fuel in my dream what is the meaning

I had seen eagle and lion

I dream of been dead and be buried

In line at blockbuster video for texas chainsaw massacre remake

Instant connection with a stranger

I dreamt wiping bishops shoes what does that mean

If you dreamed about the crab licking your body what does it mean

I see prophet been sick in the dream

If a dead mother says she is hungry in a dream

Intercourse with my brother

I dream of disvirgin a girl

I drink pink lassi in dream

I keep dreaming about my grandmother is a witch

I dreamt my pastor laid in bed with me

Interrupted between sex

Islamic dream for brown hat

Interrupted between sex dream

Implanting teeth

Implant teeth


I dream of a head cut off

I dream of a bodyless head put or trown in a bucket

I disvirgin a girl am dating in my dream

I dreamed my boyfriend had sex with his own mother

Incomplete toilet

Impepho eshunqayo

Irish gladder ring


I dreamt i was pregnant by my dead husband

I dreamt my dead husband was in my dream and i was pregnant

Ivy and hen

Ivy growing all over the house

In my own house

I dreamed the man i loved driving by waving hello

I saw myself using alligator pepper cleansing my self in dream

International call from dream what does it mean

I dream my boss husband naked

I see a couple in a bath together

I dream some one give me fanta

I went to my ex boyfriend house to collect my sandals

I dream that i was part of king special occasion

I dream of a woman naked giving testimony while crying

I dream my father oder a new shoes for me

I was cleaning the toilet and i was happy


I bought a chill soya milk in the dream

In dreams my boyfriend was sucking my nipples

I see a car drifting on the road

I see a car drifting

I meet my brother at work

I dreamt of being chased by a mad woman carrying a stone chasing me

Ifur bf takes u out for picnic in dream

I dreamt about her deleting my number

In a boat in stream looking for space to drain

I dream of my son selling taho

In the spirit realm

I have a bodyguard

In a boat alone

Interpretation of carrying zinc in the dream

I was married to two men and they found out

I was helping my deceased grandmother clean

In islam dreaming of a dead person giving charity

I live my job in a dread

I dreamt when i was plugging bitter leaf

I saw my father master bathing in dream

I saw that my father has came to meet me and become very happy and hug him tightly then he blesses me and gives me lord jagannath idol to keep

I saw dream about my cousin sister naked what that means

If one see bitter cola in his pocket in dream

Index finger in mouth

I dreamt i was a wife

I dreamt i found a gold chain

I dreamt of making a party for my late mother

I was cut repeatedly on my left chick

I got the markers i wanted

I saw a man having sex with a black cow in dream

I saw my brother in a dream fucking my girlfriend

I saw in my dream that my eyelashes growed very long then some of them fall of

I was wearing white clothes in my dream

In my dream i saw my dead mother angry and later praying and blessing for i and siblings

I saw an angel and a cat footprint in my dreams dreams

I saw an angel and a cat footprint

I saw a cat footprint in the sky

I dreamt of playing basketball with kobe bryant

I dream of earth as a rock rolled to my legs calmly

In your house with snow

I dream i was in an happy interracial relationship with white man

I was ask to bath with lime juice and drink lime juice in my dream

I saw a dog having sex with a cat

I dream the white clouds where moving fast and its rapture time so i started to repentant

I dream the clouds where moving fast and its rapture time so i started to repentant

I dream the clouds where moving fast and i for its rapture time so i started to repentant

I saw a naked woman in my dreams sitting on my files

Indents in head

Injured groundhog requests my help

I saw an olive oil mill and wheat harvesting machines in a dream

I a dreamed of a dw


Interruption when trying to have sex with a offputting man

In nightmare to see green prayer mate

I dreamt i got shot in the leg

I dreamt that the money l actually lost in real life was founded in the dream

I dreamt of i and my girlfriend in church with her mother and her friend

I dream i disvirgin a girl

I see bunch of cane

Iron wardrobe

I dreamed taking out white chicken insides

Ice pic

Injured snake with heads attacking others

Injection in the face

Injection on the face near the corner of the eye

Is licking my wifes vagina a sin

Islamic flag of hazrat abbas

I was being chased by a very large and long pink snake

I dream as my sister cut off her two fingers

Ice fire

If you dream your women have below job for other man

If you dream you have hair

Italian teacher

I dream my dead uncle giving me blank paper looking like a check

I dream my decise uncle giving me blank paper looking like a check

I dream my uncle

I dream my grandmother

I dream my dead grandmother with family members

I am part of a warrior tribe who lives in secret in caves with secret doors

Isitha sigqoke ingubo ezimnyama kuchazani

Isitha sigqoke ingubo ezimnyama

I saw a pot mixed with cleaning and dirty water in the dream

I was coming down by tree in dream

I hit stone with my foot

Idream of trailer full of load

I was rubbing oil on my face and chest in my dream till physically doing it

I saw durga maa in dream wearing yellow saree

Injection dying

If someone ia washing pepper and trying to grand it in the dream what does it mean

I am taking injection for dying


If you see a wave of water hitting your house

I had a dream about an elderly man gave me a cola nut as a gift after greetings on road

Interview selena gomez

I dreamt that my mon is a witch

If i dream about my sister getting married to my boyfriend

Injeti cloth

Indigenous women

I saw people working with clay and myself digging mud and got very little clay then working with it

I grew fish gills

I dreamt i was noah

Ingesting a bullfrog and surgery

Ingesting a bullfrog

If a man see a woman pr

I dreamt that a dead man was talking to me

Islamic meaning of dreaming betel leaf tree

If you dream your friend giving you advice

I slap a mad men

Iv in your arm


I dreamt that my husband was inside coconut flying to nigeria

I had a dream a men give me cassava mised with honey

I saw aliens descending one of them gave me a book with pictures and wanted me to interpret

I saw aliens one with a book handing it over to me to interpret the pictures

I dreamed of a fight in a mosque

If someone throws holi colour on us what does it mean

If someone throws holi colour in dream what does it mean

I dream he hangged his clothes

Im washing my ex shirts

I have dream about people having hiv right next to me

I dreampt pastor gave me a gift

If you dream of someone admire your hair

I am back

Invitation for sex

I had a dream that a big fish swallowed my daughter

I saw my uncle and his family performing a ritual then i screamed and they chased me

Iron pillar

Interpretation of killing a grass cutter in the dream

Interpretation of killing a grasscutter in the dream

I dreamed i was a mexican man

Interaction with high rank nurse

In aroyal house playing with my sibling

In aroyal house playing with my siblings

I saw a leper man in a dream state

Islam dream interpretation of helping people climb a rock for safety

I dreamt of eating cooked yam

If someone dreams about seing your dress getting torn in church after falling

I was holding my husband shoes on a dream and i lost them both

I saw a prison at seashore

I saw a peri peri trees in my dreams

I saw my wife sister haging with me

In a dream seeing another woman burning your underwear

If a woman having sex with goat in dream

I find pot in under water

I saw my death mom and me crying in my dreams

I dream passing through a sawmill

I buying palm nuts in dream meaning

Island floating in the air sky

Ice bag

I was sent to buy pure water in a dream

I dream calling for adhan

Intercourse with school principal

I saw my dead father with long hair in my dream what is the meaning

I see baby boy in my dream touching blood

I gave my grama money on bed with someone but she called me and rejected the money

Impanelment cloth

I dreamt talking to my father who died and him instructing me how to tie his kafan

I dreamt talking to my father who does and him instructing me how to tie his kafan

Intestines hanging out dream

Interrupted wedding dream meaning

I had a dream one person obsess on me

I remove the soil and i burn all the rockss

Inhaling fresh air

I saw my husband trying to hang himself in a dream

I dream of eating food given by dead person

I am a doctor

I dreamt a mad woman offered me her child

Is it good to see a dress for wearing after death

Impulsive wedding

I dreamed that my brother in law who is dead had died on me

I dream my ex boyfriend

I dreamed about mermaids

I dreamed i was winnowing

I dreamt of my car tyre bursting

I dreamt was uprooting taro leaves

I dreamt eating with my boyfriend and later my cousin joined us

If i dream that maggots take one of my baby clothes what does it mean

I see aeroplane

If a girl dreams of marrying a girl

I dreamt of two fat cows being eaten two sheeps

Imam jafar

Isibaya sezinkukhu

I dreamt where i was licking nzu

I dreamt that i was ordained a priest in a catholic church

I dreamt that i gave someone money and she gifted me garri

I dream of my dick being sucked

I was dreaming i was dragging bone from dog in my dream

Insisting to enter a prison

Imphangela efile

If a mother hit u in the the hand four times in a dream

In dream my brother saying his wife is pregrant

I dreamed that my laundry has lot of bubble gum that hard to be removed

I dreamed that my laundry has lotbof bubble gum that hard to be removed

I dream my sister and my brother have sex what the meaning

I dream my sister and my brother have sex

I was to be a transformer

Islamic interpretation of a dream seeing licking the cooked food

I found lot of jewelries in a transparent jar in dream

I dream of coconut leaves

I killed a dog

Injection on buttocks

I stole a womans shoes

If u see urad dal in ur dream

I dreamt of two pregnant women cooking food

I dreamed about mameid

I dreamed seeing mameid turning into man and i was a friend to them

I dreamt of a male person dressing me a red and white njeti cloth and i was also wearing a red dress

Iron on my arm

In my dream i am giving money to my dead mother

Injection on the neck

I eat christmas rice in my dreams

I dreamed i ate poison but was unharmed

I ate harmful sandwiches but was not hurt

I am harmful sandwiches but not hurt

I dream about my daughter being raped

Intuthwane ekudleni


Interpretation of dram see police officer chatting people

I was rowing a boat and snakes were eating there food in the river

I embrace my dead father he was sleeping in water side

Intestines being pulled out

In class writing

Impaled breast

I dreaming dat someone licking my period

I dream i was talking fish hooks out of babies hands and eyes

I saw egyptian chariots in the clouds

I saw chariots being pulled by hoses into openings in the clouds

I was fingered in a dream last night


Iqude elibomvu

Inyoka cream white and brown

I had a dream when my husband is chasing me out if his house and my co wife was laughing at me

I was getting fingered in my dream

I dreamt i bought cooked coco yam

I had a dream some people stitching my vagina and what does it mesn

Instructions written on a paper


I was born with diamond necklace

I licking my girlfriend vigina

I was out in outer space orbiting the earth

Idol kiss me on my forehead

I rob eatables from well know persons shop in my dream

I rob chocolates always in my dream

I dream playing with baboon

I carry a big travelling bag full of money

I dreamed of my partner getting someone else pregnant

I dreamed of my husband admitting he have sex with my sister

In a dream l saw a leopard lying down in a dream and crawling slowly with pain

I was in the presence of sangomas

I dream of a six leg cow

I dreamt of a six leg cow which was latter killed by a man and there were three dogs too in the dream

I lost my gun

If we see boy sitting with girl in dream

Ink on hand

Ingane encane ikaka

Isiwasho esi pink dream interpretation

I worked for someone and they cheated me

I was flying in my dream and picking mangos

I was chopped up in a meat grinder

Inyama eyosiwe onqokweni

I got a nightmare so i went to listen to nasheed

Imbawula in your dream

I was pinning a brooch to a matured woman i dont know

Islamic interpretation of masquerade standing over your body in dream

I saw a dream of my dead father kissing my hand

I give someone two satchet of water in dream

If someone put worm in your neckline

I had a dream about being in dirty water

I suck a woman breast in the dream

I dream and find a male child at the river side

I dreamed about my old woman neighbour pouring muthi in my bedroom

I dreamt myself licking my friends unclean private part

Ibhayi eli white

I am wearing a wedding gown in a dream

I dreamed i was wearing a military combat

I dream about kitten

I dreamt that i was looking for a huge ram with no horns

I dreamt that my huge ram goat got away from me

I dreamt that my huge ram got away from me

I dream that i penny was in my eye

Ice pick murder weapon

Ice pick nursery weapon

Infested dog

I saw alaam in my dream

I receiver three mangoes eaten by birds

I dream about other people getting punishment

Invisible person sex

Injecting myself with syringe

I saw lady finger plant being grown on my bed

Ice waves

I dreamed about albino we were happy together

I was bathing with my friend in dream in the liver

I gave bitter lola to people meaning

I have sex with sister in law

I dream i see candles

I saw him talking on the phone with my friend in my dream

I dreamt me being given a position of a headmaster

I dreamt being chased by impala

In my dream i was hervesting black pulm what is e meaning

I dreamt of my feaces

I dreamt when i was fighting with my stepbrother at my former primary school near police station

In a maze and the floor is books with eyes

I wear school uniform in my dream

Individual inquiry

If ur mom n dad in dream

I got so many aces from ground

I sow numbers and shapes project in the sky

I saw numbers and shapes project in the sky


I dream of cow tortured to death meaning

I dream my great grandmother giving raw rice to everyone except me cz i hv plenty in my hand


I dreamedabout albino

Ingane ikaka

In a snake pool

If someone sprinkling water on me

I receive new clothes in my dream

I dreamed i was in a car accident then the next thing i saw i had a twin brother

I see a double of my mother in dream meaning

I was being homeless kick out of the home and no where to go

I paid my lorry fare the day before my journey

Interupted during sex

Interrupted before orgasm

I am not wearing any clothes

I dream i having normal sex and my period come down

I dram of greeting guardian mother on phone

Is jada

I dream wearing a white wedding dress

I found chhatrapati shivaji picture in paper who is gifting me

In a dream when you are buying fante kenkey what does it mean


If dream of diyas turn off in front of the god what does it mean

Islamic meaning of dreaming of my deceased father sweating

I meaning of finding a golden mini statue

Impartation in a dream

I saw jackal in a dream he ran after me but could not reach me

I was holding raw meat but my late mother was in the dream too

I dreamed about green contacts

If a clothe was worked on ur head by late husband

I saw people trying to share bore hole in percentage

I dream the husband of my sister in law

I left a baby in fridge

Impangele dreams

I dreamt of someone giving me sachet water

I dream that i am naked only in a bra and pantie and i was very ashamed of it

If you see someone else covered by a shroud and you uncover it then he moves out

I was impaled by stake into my mouth into my belly

I was impaled by stake into my mouth

Impaled by rod through my mouth into my body

I shaved the sole of my feet

Intambo eblue

Isiphika esimhlophe

I found my hand bag in toilet

I dreamed of a bronze chrysler transmission


I dream of someone giving me a silver bowl

I dreamt of a lady giving birth and abandoning the baby

If your mum collect your bride price in your absence what does it mean

If you received kala nut in a dream

Inyama yenkomo neskhumba esimnyama

I dreamt of someone that had the same tattoo as i do

I am going

I dream mahalakshmi in the form of a women

I dreamt talking with president of usa in his vehicle sitting next to him

I was being promoted at my work place but in a dream

I dreamt about an old friend who helped me out when they tried to do witchcraft on me and my mother using my phone

Injection in closed eye

I saw dream of my beloved grandmother who passed few days back laughing

If you dream of someone shoes printing

I saw cooked meat form the body of a dead person

Images of jesus fell down the floor

Inner wear with mud

Iron nails in vagina

I dreamt about a walrus


I found myself in the water

If you see your wife naked and pooing in public

I was given pap in my dreams

I dream crying begging kneeling

I covered a black cap

I forget my pass port meaning

I dreamt seeing the face of yemoja

I dreamt with a beautiful girl

I dreamt with a beautiful girl that ip

If you dream of a while lady

I dreamt i was a surrogate mother

If you pass were the dustbin and dey are making road for you to pass

I dreamt of seeing jinns in a mirror and then with my eyes

I dreamed about black cow in the river

If dream that someone gave you whole roasted bush meat

If someone from relative give me a new dress

Incomplete application letter means

Incomplete application letter

Internet history

I saw friend of mine going to umrah

I ws

Its justice

I dreamed that my prophet used dry palm leaf to dust my body in my dream

I saw torn painting

I dream about mill engen


I saw a triangle with eye


Injured kitten you try to take to a vet

Impressed by an oil painting

I dream seeing my father handcuopped in a crime placed with my friends being enbrass

I dream alot of soliders was been wounded in the war and i served them in hospital bible interpretation

I dreamed of talking to a man later his family and employees came as they wanted to sacrifice me but i ran away

I dreamed of talking to a man later his family and employees came as they wanted to sacrifice me b

I dreamed holding a big taola in my hand

I dream a man pouring sperm in my hair

In the back of a car

I dream that i was eating ugali with kales

Inside a kekensped

I am the mother

If we dream about cow dung

Inkomo ebomvu izele


I was being handed or gifted a prayer mat in a dream

Idli in tabla in stem

I defeated three dalmatian dogs in the dream

I dreamed there was salt on a wood table an on the floor an i started to clean it up

I saw a zebra bhayi folded down

I was spongebob

I dream that i give my ex boyfriend food

Issa was washing my face in dream meaning

I dreamt my baby has a big hole in head

I saw lord murugan

I dreamt of my baby eating soil

I dreamt i was was given a used clothes of a baby by my friend in a dream

I have lost lakxmi face in dream

I saw my coloured painted portrait been tored and found it on a dumping refuge side

If lion eat monkey in dream

I saw my picture been tored and found it at a dumping refuge sude

Intimidated with boyfriend

Invunulo yesizulu

I dreamt the mood and star

I saw some cracks on my glasses what it interpitate

If someone have a dream that she wear the inside of a cloth

Intoxicated by bilva fruit

In this case the snake likely has less to do with others

I was walking with a white boss lady traveling with her checking out other site of shops

Injection like a vaccine i was supposed to take

I was walking with a white boss lady

I was walking with a white lboss lady

I was walking with a white lady

I need a meaning

Inkukhu emhliphe

I killed my neighbouer in dream

Im a cow

Ignoring person

I saw myself leaving in water

I dreamed my older brothers wife give birth two times

Intestines coming out of stomach with feces

Intestines and feces

I dreamt someone stole my washing machine

I dremt i resived a blowjob from multiple

In puja room

I have seen an abnormal child with two heads and one body born to my sister in law a house in my dream

Intestine moving and pooping

I dream giving birth to a bird what does it mean

Inkomo izele

I dreamt a man scratching me till i was bleeding

Inkomo ihleli emsamo

I dreamt that my new powerbank was exchanged to an old one

Intestine wrapped on forehead on strange man

Iswasho in my dream

Im in trouble

I dream paddling in a boat


Installation of gutters

Iron bangle

I saw a naked woman

I was in a car and i got a call that my mom died

I fell off a cliff

I was with my mom and a guy snuck into our house with a gun

Interpretation of picking prekese in a dream

I had a dream that i was taking long barrel gun of my father

I dreamt i was independent

I saw a snake bit my ex girlfriend

Is fanta a spiritual blessing

I saw myself putting on my boyfriend shirt

Interpretation of a dream i am the captain a soldier for singles

I saw aghori and sadhus

If a dead relative gives you groundnut in the dream

I saw someone giving me tumeric in the dream and requesting i pay for it

Ink on hands

If see dream milk feeding to son

I dream i gave my girlfriend money

I forgot to renew my document

Inyama yenkomo eyosiwe

Investing money on shipping

If you are giving our lingerie to mother in law

Islam teacher done sujood

I dreamed wen am crying

Im a woman who dream about i lick another womans pripart part

Imphuphu eningi

I dreamt a vacuum salesman why

I hitt my sister with amy car and then run her over again

Isiwasho esi blue and pink


Inverted heart

I saw a convoy of car by a pastor driving out

I dream masquerade

I saw lichi tree break the steam

Ice freeze

I saw my friend with a darker face complexion

I dreamt i and my friends were running away from a masquerade

I slap my stepmom in my dream

I dreamed i was mopping the floor of the university and there were a few busses and their drivers behind me waiting for end of school

Idli batter dream


I called my deceased father on phone to tell him someone wants to kill me

I dreamt orisha shango initiated me

I saw dream of my bf having birthday

I saw my gf coming in my school

I put a baby indanger

I was on facetime with a friend i like

Interpretation of the dream eating cow head

If a snake bites u in a dream in da groin area on da right side

Inspiration and dreames

Invigilating an exam in dream

Incharge of wedding receptions

In charge of wedding receptions

I dream having a bezendes benz car

I dreamed wen fish is chasing me

I dreamth of eating cooked yam but one of the yam was gold liked

Indoor water leak

Incense drams

I saw lord brahma and goddess ganga in my dream what it means

I have four boobs

I bleach my skin in my dream

Indentations on carpet

I attended a vigil of unknown man

I dreamt that i wanted to change my dress on my period


I set on my favorite celebrity and we talk for hours

If someone cuts your shoelaces in a dream

In my dream i found myself amidst nysc coppers as friends

I was making sneakers for my deseased son

I dream i cut my left niples

I dream i cat my left niples

If a conductor collect your money and ran away

Impepho dream

I saw myself in a trance

If snake comes in dream


I got shot on my key and back

I was shot on the back in my dreams

I am no longer a student but i have dreamt fire erupted at school my things were saved and of a few others

Infested palm

I dream myself missing around people

Infected wounds on the left hand

I dreamt of someone giving me a platter of seafood

I dream chipanzee lucky numbers

Imbecile saw it on my dream while pregnant

In a dream throwing two handkerchiefs

Izinkomo ezibomvu

I cut off python head in a dream

In dream sleepers

Istigfar and tesbih in a dream islamic interpretation

Istighfar and tesbih in adream

I was in an aspiring president van

Imigration officer

I dreamt a man gave me a bag of so many wig inside on my way to the church

I dreamed wen i have dreadlocks

Ironing cloth

Influencer dreaming

I dream that a white woman sucking my breasts

I dreamt of pulling snakes from my mouth

I saw a rich man ask me of residence permit and jumped well and went under ground

If someone stubbs you in your dream

I dream about fire on the building

I dreamt that a woman gave me a blow job

I was finding preps

If you dream about baptism in dirty water

I releas fish from fish tank to large water accidentally

I dreamed my cousin sister showing me her vagina

I dream of my self washing a silver port with a steelwool

I cannot draw rangoli in dream

I dreamt that i was going to die

I crossed a transparent lake with huge fish on a little boat

In charge of big event

Inkomo emhlophe

I have a murder weapon

I was a celebrity

Insulting your sister

Insulting sister

Insulting family

I was doing pradakshina in temple

I dream my cowife chased crying and naked what does it means

I dreamt carring raffia sack of mealie meal

I was hovering over my body


Indiza mshini

In a hotel that catches on fire

I dreamt of my pastor crushing on me and the members getting jealous

I and my husband eating together in my dre

Indigenous women hitting stones

Izinkomo ezimhlophe nezibomvu

I was kissing a beautiful woman putting on red lipstick

I dream my son in law vomit and he die after

I dream that i was shorter than the people i know i am taller than physically

Impaled partner

In dream see raw horsegram

In dream saw raw horsegram with plant

If you are giving milo and milk in the dream

Idream that cows have destroyed half of my maize farm

I dreamt marring brother dream meanings

I dream a friend from abroad came visiting

I had a dream of a seraphim with purple flames

Infant deoderant

I dreamt my boyfriend got a blowjob from a man

Interpretation and solution of picking oil bean in my dream

If i see my wish in dream what does it mean

I kissed my crush on forehead and cheeks

If you have seen a man attack you and had sex with you

If you have seen a man attach you and had sex with you

I see my dead grandfather fire on feet and wounds

Intestines oozing out

I had a dream a sex type of me was exposed on social media

I had a dream i was drunk and raped and a sex tape was exposed

I had a dream about my girlfriend but she was young and i was taking care of her

In a lift going down for long

In a lift going down

I dream with my sister and a tree

I dreamed being a senate

If you have fish and hooks stuck in your body in a dream

I have knight mares about killing god

I lost my school uniform in dream

If you see a naked baby boy in dreams

I saw my father naked


Isangoma singinika isiwasho sathi impilo yami

Impepho emhlophe

I dream my boyfriend was but naked

I saw a snake which was about to attack my brother and i stopped it from doing so

I saw a pregnant women staring happily to me in my dream

In dream if cotton wicks come

I saw an allien robot in my dream

I saw a robot in my dream

I dreamed of our cat grabbing a fish

Intercourse with animal

Ipad glass pricked in palm

I saw two martar and pestle in my dream

I had a dream a man abused me after i saw myself at hospital being pregnant

I seen a bobcat snatch my baby

I dream of sorting out white pills different shapes and sizes

If someone dream sharing sweet among children meaning

If you dream someone brought a cola nut to buy plenty but you only buy few what does that mean

If you dream someone brought a cola but to buy plenty but you only buy few what does that mean

I saw in my dream that my friend is suffering from chicken pox

Ill elderly man able to stand

Ill man able to stand

I saw a hand calling me in my dream

I dreamt monkey was holding my hand tight

In my dream i eat better leaf sup and the fish in the sup am eating contain magot what does it mean

I dreamed wen dog has bitten my leg

I dream that my auntie son is dying

Ink finished

Iiminal spaces

I dream of a tree full of fruits of yellow kalamansi

I saw thief of gold in my dream

Islam girl

Islamic dream covered with a black cover

I dreamed we found water in our front yard

Island sky

I saw my recently departed mother in a dream she was wearing yellow them white

If you see the word blood

I had a dream where i pulled out of my mouth an elastic

Isaw my daughter wearing blackcoat

I saw that my classmates were singing and my best friend was dancing and then a boy purposes to her

Impangele cloth dream meaning

I am running and am stuck i cant run fast enough

I saw my hair being cut and me crying about it

I dream one leg of my slippers fall inside gutter

I saw a t junction

I dreamt he was next to me

I dreamt about having a poor boyfriend but i was not poor but still i loved that guy

I lay on my wife feet and she rubs my hair

I dream my husbond dead fall to a river

I dream that i was receiving alert of money on my phone

I happily deflower a girl in a dream

I saw my brother drowning in water and then i jumped inside the water and i saw black horses and fishes swimming inside

Insect in dream

I wrote my info in black marker on a mans tan pants

Into ground

I kill dove in my dream

I help the pope when he fell down

I keep dreaming i am pregnant

Isiphandla dream


If your fruits in a basket falls into a gutter

I dream of rain beat me with gari for head


I dream my pastor asking me to give him money


Inkanyamba dream means


I dreamed a old lady touched my belly

Isibaya sinezinkomo

Icing sugar