I saw a lepord was on roof and was looking at us to hunt

I saw hindu gods pictures in a room after difficulties

I dream and i was sharing sugar cane

I had a six pack in my dream


Isiwasho dream means

I had a dream i was pregnant with a down syndrome

Invisible person hugging

I dream that i was sucking my girlfriend breasts and the breast was full of sweat

I was choked and pressed hard on ribs

I dreamt a truck full of loaded fridges in the forest

I am travelling by train and it goes underwater in sea


Intaba enkulu

Indigo dupatta

I saw my deceased father asking for salt

Insect eggs on tooth

I beating my sister mom stopped me

Idly in dream

I was cheating on by boyfriend

Infinity with moon

Infinity with moon in it

I dream a leaf came out my baby nose


I exceeded in the long jump

If you see raucate in dream what does it mean

Interpretation of buying and selling green cardamom in a dream

Incomplete pairs of my mothers sandals

I dream about having sex with my crusher and he promised to buy a car for me

Inlove with politician meaning

Illuminating alphabets

Illuminating object

Illuminating word

I dreamt a man giving a pot which he got from under the water

I dream of point of sale machine

I see a black book in my dreams

It was raining but it was not water it was milk

I dreamed of myself dirty

I found my old bible

I was pealing bitter cassava and my dead cousin passed by i shout him and ask how they say you dead

Insect mating

I dreamed being tominated by dajjalso i read ayat al kursi

I dreamt my deceased mom asking for money and i gave her

I saw mata ka dupatta flying towards me

I dreamt of rolling a rock on the way

In my dream i was eating biltong

I throw paper inside river

If i see one eye women in my dream

If i see one eye women in my dreams

Indra dev in dreams

I forgot my husbands birthday

I saw a red colour crock trying to escape from a building

I saw a red colour crock trying to escape from a building in my dream

I dreamed that my crush told me hi and i was at an aquarium

I dreamed that my crush ignored me while i was in a arcade

Its my birthday

I killed one person in my dream what is the meaning

I killed person in my dream

I had sex with my sister

In my dream he saw me eating a potato with pepper

I spit out thumb tacs

Injeti red

I dreamt of stealing new notebookes

I dreamt when a fish supplier gave me a fish that jump out from the pan it turn out to be a titus fish

I was asked to keep a right arm limp with the hand for some to keep they didnt whant it back

I had a dream that i went to write exam and in the exam i fought with a fair lady in black jumpsuit and i kept screaming jesus and the lady fell and entered the ground

I dreamed my father bringing shopping in the hou

Irish potato dream islamic interpretation

Interpretation when someone gives you lime in the dream


I am a child of arendelle

I saw two njeti cloths inside a watefall

I saw two jeti cloths inside a watefall

I dream of bursting out a boil on my face what are the meaning

I fucked my daughter in the dream

I fuck my daughter in the dream

I cut and ate my testicles in my dream



I dream someone in my work came with animal and she did not touch me with it

Isidwaba in my dream

I saw ursula in water

I dream see a duppy

Interrupted sex with deceased husband

I am expressing anger but it has no effect

I dreamt someone giving me traditional medicine

If you get mehndi cone by someone

I saw my ill grandfather funeral in my dream

I dreamt of my boss giving me knew nun clothes to wear to come to him

I was cleaning pures from my face in the dream

I dream of someone spraying money in the church

In your dream someone snatch your gold chain from your neck

Invijilate exam

I had a dream that i was vomiting whitish fluid and later i vomited plain rice

I saw myself beating my dead mother in dream

I cut an enemy hair

If i dream my motorcycle is firing what is mean

I am applying vibhuti to many people in dream

I pulled out a ring from a fishes belly

I saw the dead michael jackson spoke to me and smiled at me what does it mean

I see many tombstone there where pictures of commandos

I saw my girl eating lots of good food and meat

I saw my girlfriend eating lots of good food and pork in dream

I have seem my dead grand father calling azan prayer in old house

Iron cross with fire

In love with younger woman

Inside mansion

I dreamt i was giving a lady injection on the buttocks

I had a dream my ex girlfriend got raped

I saw myself swimming very fast

Injury to head

I dreamed of my father in bed with a naked woman

Iorn appeared in my car

I dream that my adult son was abandoned


I smell good

I feed a horse red roses

I was ask to put my hair inside a dry gin that i will be wealth

I dream about green discharge on my vagina it was full of green discharge

I dream my wedding in a red church

I become hermephrodite in dream

I dream of injecting something in my vagina through a syringe

I give my mother new sarri

I dream that my boyfriend sharing food with my friend and i got jealous

Inlaws blocking my path

I saw maize germinating in my dreams what is the meaning

Iris black in dream

I was running a way in my dream after hearing a gun shoot

I killedrod a fake pastor in my dream

Itchy bum hole

I dreamt i was beat up by someone and my body turned to gold and developed wings

If someone is putting granules on your head in a dream what does it means

If someone is putting granules onyourr head in a dreamwhat i

If someone is putting granules on your head in a dreamwhat i

I dream where my boyfriend paid my bride price

If u dream that ur crush is wearing blue in the dream what does it means


Insect babies in the sand

Insert babies in the sand

I lose a running race with my sister

If dream and you a old woman given you money

If a madam kiss you in your dream

I saw a palm tree fall besides the river and it has two seeds and someone is about to carry one of it and i woke up

I am breaking dry tulsi plant

Intercourse with child in dream

I dreamt i found a puppy in a drawer

Im in a group of friends and were playing a deadly game

Im living in squatter area

If sisters are fighting in a dream what does it imply

I dreamed my cousin married my ex husband

If u see dead family member playing holi at ur home

Isiwasho purple

I see myself hawking groundnut in the dream

I saw three condom coming out my vivian

I dream of seeing my ex girlfriend

In empty room with white walls

If your cable is disconnected by nepa what does it mean

In a house shortcut

I dream i was blowing air in a baby mouth for him to breathe

I dream of pouring water to wash my bosses hand

In islamic meaning of dream talking or interacting with the president

In islamic dream of talking with the president

In islamic

I dreamt a sangoma talking to me

Interpretation of mango fell into the ground in your dreams

Injured by shattered glass

I was given a name in the dream

I be embarrassed in church

I dreamed many traditional healer what does it mean

Injected hand by a pastor

I see myself plucking ripe bitter kola in the dream

Inner cow

I dreamt of a snake swallowing my son

I see jack the ripper

Inverted head

I dian warrior on black horse that i called my lord

I dreamt about judgment days in three nights

I was dreamed climbing a ladder to window but falling before help into window

I told my old friend goodbye in dream

I saw hen and cock tied up

I am taking jagerry from the box

Impaled in chest

Ivy cap

I dream about i am the highness majesty

Ingrone toenail taking out

I dreamt some one hacked my facebook account

I offer funrel prayer of alive cousin in my dream

I offer funrel prayer of aline cousin in my dream

I dreamt someone uprooting a tuber of yam for me

Im taking litbium

I dreamt someone gave me toffee and i was eating it

I dreamt of being praised by my english teacher


I dreamed making love to my partner in a doggy style what does it mean

I dreamt about crazy people

I was got bitten by a mad woman in my dream

I dreamed of seeing a huge red cross in the skies

I dreamed of a huge red cross across the sky

I had a dream i ate a bleeding banana

Inviting friends for my wedding

I was convincing someone to buy crockery

I was selling okpa in my dream

I saw my self selling okpa in my dream

If laddu gopal crying in dreams

If we saw buying clothes in dreams means

Italian teacher in dream

In a dream seeing ureslf spread money on someone what is meant

Implied engagement

Intruders from the garage

In pregnancy in saw dream of long hair of mine

I live on a graveyard a chucky doll geos sicamode on killing people and he chases me and i kill him later on

I live on a graveyard a chucky doll geos sicaml

I receive a gift of blue and white satin pyjamas

I has been procrastinating doing work around the house

I dream a lady give me muthi to bath

Izindoni ezimnyama

If we saw our beloved is wearing pink garland

It was trying to kill me

I dreamt about someone wearing a palo cloth

In a car in vegas

Insect bites on the back of my legs

I visited a dark temple in dream

I visited a dark temple

I buried a cow and his baby

Im having sex with my boyfriend from school

I was accounting money in my dream

I saw my own ghost crying in dream

I dream about giving a lady my wrapper

I dream about about giving a lady my wrapper

I saw my brother begging for money in the dream

Immersion of oneself in a well

I had two umbrellas i gave one to my friend in a dream

Ikhandle elimhlophe elivuthayo

Interpretation warehouse

Is shopping with your deceased father in a dream

Irresponsible dream meaning

Inspiring bagpipe music

Inspiring bag pipe music

I dream in was in a drain what does that mean

I dreamt cleaning sorghum with my dead grandmother

I dreamed that the green caterpillars entering into my ears

I dream giving children sweet

I saw myself in a mud house

I was sitting on top of a grain silo full of good corn

Izintuthwane zigcwele phezu kwempahla yami yokugqoka endlini

Indian guru

I am a widow i dreamt that i am with my husband and we both are very happy

I am a widow i dreamt that i am very happy to being pregnant

I am a widow i dreamt that i am very happy to being preg

If you see brother working naked in your dream and some one was holding his dress and later on dress my brother back what does it mean

I dreamt was injected in my butt

I saw cowries shell in my dream


Intruder into hotel room

I slept through christmas and missed it

I was walking with the dead prophet


Im a guy fucked by hairy uncle


I hugg an old woman

Islamic dreams about jiggers

If expried grandpa giving bananaa means

I dream someone unblocks me

I resive money

If dead person gives you guava in dream

In a dark night all of sudden turns in to a day with very good climate with green trees

I was beaten and crying in dream

I dream that my boyfriend is a gay

I dreamt about elton john


I gave gift to my dead landlord in the dream meaning

Inkomo emnyama

I saw a tall tower trying to fall

If i see i bowled out someone in dream

Intruder breaks into house

Islamic scholar

In my dream my father help me with answers during exam after my exam paper was taking and tear into pieces

I dream a big jackfruit tree but the fruit all bad

In the dream i saw a white caucasian mystic bush man

I dreamnt some one sells car

I dreamnt eating with rich people

I saw myself standing before many people preaching to them

I dreamnt eating with rich peopl

I saw myself prophesying in the dream over someone

I saw a sea in water

I dream of a man sucking my breast

I dreamt of a tiara on my body

I saw a hole inside the house in my dream

If you entered keke nepepe in the dream

I and my wife at narrow way to paradise

I was chanting gayatri mantra in dream what is the meaning of this dream

Introduction to family

If u dream of my ex boyfriend slaughtering the light brown goat

If you dream on top of bush

I saw a woman vagina today dream

If someone seeing your penis

Irrigation project


I see my self doing traditional marriage in my dreammy

I dreamt that i was kissing my crush and sucking his tongue

I hate corn jellos in a dream

Impaled in the head

I dreamed of my late mother washing my boyfriends feet

Islamic flag

Indigo clouds

I dreamed about injection

I dream about injectoin and drug in my right arm

I was eating feast in my dream

I was eating feast in my dreams

I was eating a feast in a dream and wearing white clothes

In my dream someone took my slippers and thrown in a river what does it mean

I dreamt of stealing baby clothes

I found money in a hotel the owner came and i gave it back

Is drunk

I saw gomati chakra in dream what it means

In a van

In my dream cleaning leaf

It a dead person give you drink in the dream

In my dream i cleaning dry leaf

I had a dream i had a penis and it was my boyfriends

In boat full of people that was sinking and i jumped out and swam to shore easily

I dreamt l was blowing a trumpet of a solemn song and later a praise song

I had a dream in which i had a backless dress on

I snatched a lady phone in my dream

I dreamt being in a class room waiting for exam and the room is dirty and i start sweeping

Iron pleated skirt

Inlaw return from abroad in dream

Inlaw return from aboad

I dream of me hugging my husband he felt me yet i am invisible

I can fly but others fall

Invisible me hugging my love ones

I saw a black carriage in front of a big desk

I saw a stranger sleeping beside me

I saw in dream my husband having sex with other women in front

Ice mango

I am cutting big fish

I quench fire in my dream

I am the named one

Invisible person hugging you

If you see your dead loved one

If someone dream of you tying wrapper on your chest and holding your clothe on your hand

I open coffin wlife akice inside


If something is chasing you in the dream what does it mean

If someone see something chasing him in the dream what does it mean

If someone see lightning stroke someone in the dream what does it mean

I had a dream i was selling pumpkin leafs

I dreamed about killing someone while laughing using axe

I am in the cupboard with lots of towels and water is rising

Islamic gown

If agora comes in dream

I saw i was copying my friends answer in exam

I dreamt of not being able to light a matchstick

If you dream your brother is re baptising his self

I am ill with blood cancer

Is kuda account in usa

I dreamed of a deceased one ring

I dreamt of having big boobs and a big butt

I saw anaconda

I was poured red oil in dream

I was short in my dream meaning

If you have seen yourself in shoe in one leg

I saw my child hungry and begging

I touched my late father feet

I rejected money gift from an old elderly man

I am shivaji maharaj

If my bf tag me in his story

If see a white seagulls

Ink cartridges

I dream my baby having wounds on the body

I dream my baby having so much wounds on the body

Important people high five

I heard kailash in my dream

I dreamt that i was a maid in the unknown palace

I dreamt of my ex strangling me

I dream that a woman said to me that am beautify

Ikhehla elingaboni

Index finger hurt

I pray about marriage then i dream eating a jack furit

I found the damaged rupees in my purse

In my dream i was taking steroids

If husband see his wife braid her own hair for another person

Insects in a dead tree

I was inviting friends to my birthday in my dream

I lent the interpretation of the book to someone

I dream that all people pamper me in my dream

Into the ground

I dreamt of my ex showing everyone his penis in a taxi while in next to him

Inside the church is green

I bought books

I dream surrounded by a sangoma wearing red clothes

I dream surrounded by someone wearing red and black clothes

I received dry fish

I received dry fisy

I kiss a wife of a neighbour


Insect sex

I cut my left thumb

Ias officer in dream islamic interpretation

Iron suit

I was looking for a bait

I dreamed about reaping eddoes what it means

Inkukhu ezimhlophe

I saw pangolin in dream

I am a young lady who dreamt when i am taller than a young gentle man

I was eating pussy from the bacm

I dramt my bf went abroad without telling me


Interracial couple dream

Indian brave

Invisble woman

I dreamed my airpods were stolen

I dream my son was gay

I had a dream my ex boyfriend watching me from outside

I dream i was with my ex boyfriend and we was doing school but then he went outside and started watching me

I dream a baby with scars it was like a parrot who went away and came back

I talked to my dad son about money

I dream about blood coming out in vigenie

Interpretation of sugar

I am transfered to another place of work

I went to my dead grandma place and eat an old sweet orange and i shear it with some kids

Insect bite in the dream that seems harmful

Insect bite in the dream that seem harmful


I saw a women who was a celestial body and was moving towards mars

Izinkomo zamalobolo

In my dream i see in the picture virgin mary holding baby jesus

I see the virgin mary holding baby jes

I was kidnapped and branded

I left my merman boyfriend

If you dream of drinking alcohol

In my dream i ask my dead mam borrow her comb

I stabbed the man who raped me

I was eating cook egg rob with red oil

I dreamt packing roofing iron

I sing gospel song together with a mad man

Isidwaba nesicephu

I dreamed michael jordan was my relative

I drink michael jordan was my relative

I dreamed of michael jordan

I see a friend come back from abroad

Islam dream meaning if one is eating raizor blade

I dream o shea butter

I had a dream that my mother helped me to put sindoor on my head

I was carying a mat on my head

I was learning on how to sew a sack in my dream

I dream i was in sewer waters real still with worm but i get out

I dream i was conducting deliverance

I dream of my late parents having sexual intercourse

I dream of shooting a gun in the air

I had dreams when i was mad and people was laughing at me

I dreamt of plover bird in my bedroom

I saw a dead body in the balcony

I dream my husband bieng beaten by my friends

I found puppies and took them home

Idly and batter

If your wife is asking for sex

Intercourse with a ghost

I saw my self with wrapper

If your dream that your dead father has given you a paper written inside

I saw my wife giving food to her ex boyfriend

Injection on the shoulder for me and my husband

Indian girl in creek

Intimacy with a preacher

Imvunulo yesizulu

I was with the president in the dream he asked for my house number

Icchadhaari nagin

Icchadhaari nagin in my dream

I heard some plaing electric bass

Isiwasho esi pinky with holly ash

In appropriate party arranged for me

Injured donkey

I am a male but i dream that my male classmate sucks my dick

In love with the president


Ignored by a paster in a dream

I dreamed i was teying to climb steps my legs was weak so i had to crawl up the stairs but i made it

I dreamt greating people with salaam

If you see your aunty frying akara in the dream

I caged a tiger

Infected finger

I was planeting coffee beans for someone else

I dream i ate a roasted meat and is dizzy

I dream that someone else is giving me three limes and lemons and someone else is picking them from me

In dream i am going toilet

In dream bathroom i am going

Islamiceaning of dead asking for eggs

I dream holding a trowel

Interpretation of a dream while shooting a cow

Interpretation of a

I copying answer to my seatmate

I saw the name of baphomet in my dream

Ideal body

I dreamt of sugar cane

I had a dream that jennifer lopez visited me at my house she was so beautiful and loved my house and she asked me if the house is my sisters but i told her the house is mine

I dreamed about kissing elvis presley

Invisible cat

I had a dream i was beaten by my pastor

I dream of folding bed