Your belt worn by some else

Your student dying

Yandere chased me

Yam mixed with red oil

Yellow beads



Your friend killing you

Yarn hair

Yellow wood in dream

Yaa allah hoon ya fattahu

Yellow rattlesnake

Yellow dupatta by one aunty

Yandere boy in my dream

You have been stealing by a thief

Your bf watching porn

Your bf watching prob

Your body being caught and launched across the land

Your boddy being caught and slingshotted back across the land

You dream about you having umhlonyane ceremony with you siblings

Yellow kirin

Yellow vehicles

Yin yang symbol in dream

Your partner is in love with someone else

Yandere says i love you

Yellow bindi on forehead

Yellow butterfly caught in a spiderweb

Your girl cousin being fake

You walk to a creeks source

Your husband farming in your face

Years that turn cold

Young lady putting black shoe polish on her face

You are about to finger yourself

Your blood stained on a white bedsheets

Young wild animal

Your mother giving you a field to plough

Yellow red jade

Young manatee

Yini ukuphupha ubuhlalu obumnyama

Yellow palms

Yandere protecting me

Yellow and black beeds

Your ex boyfriend laughing at you

You dream that someone has been stabbed in the neck by an elephat horn

Yam and plantain cooked with red oil

Yam and plantains

Young woman sees a scary bride attacking her

Young woman sees a scary woman wearing a wedding dress

Yes pot lids as money

Yellow flowers in dream

Your ex giving you a shower

You convince someone

Yume nikki

Yandere boy

Ya dede boy

Your father giving you new shoes to polish

Yellow green dress meaning


Your tabs are torn off

Young indian girl

You tooth being removed

You dream of sucking your fellow woman breast what does it mean

Yellow brick


Yellow siwasho

Your wife carrying you at her back in a dream

Younger sister crying and apologising to me

Your brother apologizes

Yellow at

Younger brother marriage

Your ex boyfriend marrying your sister

Yellow graduation gown


Your phone has been snatched

Young girl blushed in make

Young girl white dress

Your boyfriend smiling on you

Yandare boy

You giving someone who is dead soup

Young girl crushed to death on an escalator

You are pillar of my dreams

Yellow vaginal

You best man is visiting you

Your best friend collecting rubbish

Yellow eyeshadow

Your man introduced you to his family

You cheated on your partner

Yellow shirt being pregnant

Your site is no good

Your dog having a tumer

You see gold for others in a dream

You get your ex gf back

Yakkada gida garike

Yellow and blue together

Yellow with blue splotches

Your child wearing red in a dream

Yellow plastic shovel

Youth dream

You fell down during soil erosion in your dreams

You are being saved milk in a paper bag but the paper is have a holl

Yellow automobile

Yellow volkswagen

Young dead

Yellow sea

Your phone fall into well

Your ex boyfriend giving u his bedings to wash n tells u to change ur behavior

Your father is calling you

Yellow popcorn

Yellow opal stones

Yellow colour dress in dream

Your lover is hunting on you

Young breast

Yellow pillows

Yellow snake eating duck

Yellow trumpet flower

Yellow moon and yellow sun together

Your mother is moving house

Yandere in dream

Yellow discharge from vegina

Yellow wasp in dream

Y junction dreams

Yellow snake kissing forehead

Yellow at logo of turon

You lay on top of someone in adream

Your belt cut in the dream


Young girls vagina

Youre sister failing a competision

Yellow legged thrush

Younger brother a snake skin in dream meaning

Younger brother snakes skin in dream meaning

You burn your plushie

Yellow laddu iny dream

Your cv wighbor suck tour nipple

Your eating my leg mean

Yellow sneak

Yellow dirty bowl

Yellow bhuna chana

Your trying kill you with spear in dream

Yacht with father

You saw bunch of palm fruit in your dream

Yellow skink

Yellow gold baby boy

You and pastor wearing same shirt

Yellow flower in my nose

Yes the meaning of eating gari and groundnut in dream in

Your mother selling okpa in dream

Yandere boy who has blonde hair

Yellow thread tied in neck

Your wife adding husband

You saw someone in a dream setting trap for fish

Younger brother eyes is not visible in dream


Yelling and hitting husband

Yellow mango in drwam

You cut hand

Yellow candy

Younger wife naked public sex another man

Younger wife naked public sex

Yellow sto nino

Your boyfriend wearing dirty clothes in the dream meaning

Yellow saree wearing godess

You are given a key

Your army attacking onother one but also them fighting back

Youth time

You are given a child

Your ex boyfriend is hungry

Your mom selling food

Yenis ball

Y dupata is snatched by someone

Younger family

Yam tubers

Your late mother handing anew born baby to you


You and your sister perform tawaf however without seeing kaba

Younger self suicide

Yes or no tarot

Your crush rejects you

Y people being pickles

Your dead father smiling at you

Your pastor given you a key

Young woman suck my dick

Young girl without pants

Yourself dead in dream

Yellow line road

Yellow and blood

Yellow egglike discharge from the vagina

Your ex telling you she has a disease

Yellow raincoat and yellow boots

Yelloe raincoat and yellow boots

Yep headed fish dream

You are kiddingly want to get a jar holds by someone

Your dog at church

Yarrow flower

Your late dad wearing torn clothes

Yellow yarn

Yarn colors

Yasmin michaelia zulfa

Yellow njeti

Your husband praising his ex girlfriend to his mother

Your husband praising his ex to his mother inlaw

Yellow flowers with green leaf

Yellow poppie

Your room

Yellow colour cup gift in dream

Your partner wearing torn clothes

Yellow eggs on my virginia hair

Your wife having appointment with doctors to shorten her eyebrow

Younger woman

Young boy calling me mother

Your mother becoming your teacher

Your boyfriend sanding outside your house in your dream

You are asking help

Yellow nlyon

You my boyfriend appear to me in my dream with putting on ash cloth

Your dead brother giving you money in the dream

Yard paving

Young brother

Young brother in a property

You break mama mary statue

Your dead uncle visit n laughing with you

Yelling the name of lord jesus christ

Yogurt in clothes

Your sister trying to kill you

You went for a rice milling

Yellow ear piercing

Your ex husband eating your underwear


Yam pepper soup

Your clothes being swept away in a river

Your shadow is a lizard

You ex fighting you

Your father wearing a crown

You step sister holding your penis

You see hair attachment in the dream

Your taking a bath using sand


Yellow fizzy been tipped on my head

Your late father asking you to make basket for him

You dream and see they bring coffee in your dream someone die what that mean

Yam leave

Young boys hand

Young women kneeling before a man

Yelling the name of jesus in a dream

Yam flower

Yam powder

You saw your picture in a magazine


You and a someone was fighting for money

Your friend copying exactly like you and showing off in dream

Yellow gate dream opening

Yak dream

Young turkeys

Your kids falling out a window

You have to get somewhere then you realise that you can not

Your brother kissing you and touchung your pricate part in a dream

Yellow cloth on your neck in a dream means

Your child calling you mommy

Your child calling your momma

Yellow wasps over body

You dream someone killing fresh chicken for meal

Yelllw bangle in dream

You see snake falling from the tree close by

Your girl friend spreading flowers on you

Younger brother sucking elder sister breast in dream

Your step brother chasing you in the dream

Yellow plates

Young baby

Your own clothes seen hang in front of your shop in a dream

Your boyfriend giving you new shoes

Yellow ladybug dream meaning

Yellow ladybug dre meaning

Yellow flower beds

Yahaiyu yakaiyum

Your lover eating cows insides

Your own being rub on your body in a dream

Yellow neem leaves

Your boyfriend holding sugarcane in a dream meaning


You driving a bus full of people dressed in white

Your crushes pampering in dream

Youthful looking enemy

You dream of periwinkles

You dream of picking periwinkles

Your lover crying and promises to return to me

Yellow pulses

Your love picked sweet potato from you


Yellow t shirts

Yellow permanent marker

Your lover kiss you on your belly

Yellow hanging tree

Your enemy asking for help

Your mother rejecting a marriage proposal by your consent

Young woman turns into a lizard

Younger daughter being raped

Your crush hives you shoes

Ya jabbar in dream

Yandere boys

Yandere classmate

Ya think

You are floating above your bed

Your father removing curtain

Your father removing cart

Yellow puff adder

Your ex boyfriend gives his shoes to you

Young and old

You dream and see people painting the room black

Younger family friends shrunk

Your friend kissing your crush

You shit in a pot in a dream

Yellow square diamonds

Yellow and green color clothes

You se yourself shmale in a dream

Yellow moong lentils in dream

You dream about handling chickens then you give some of the chickens to someone then one of the chickens get missing

You say a dead person in the garden

You dream that your niece will be stroke

Yellow sand wood on forehead by pandit

Yellow green

Your skin with fagots

Your flower pot broken

Yellow tornado

Your spirit going out of your body

Yvette valeriano

You get something in the sky

Yellow marbles

Your sister falling in lake

Your lobola negotiations

You dream about small white feathers wasting in from of your front door

You dream about small white feathers wasting in from of your door

Yellow sweter

Yellow dal

Your crush hugging you

Young tree seedlings in my compound

Yellow chevvanthi

Your visiting you

Yandere dream

Your sister in law cleans the floor in your house

Yourself licking milk in dream meaning in hindi

Your old job

Yellow hankerchief

Your cousin mad at you

Yaman in dream

Your father eating cashews

Yogini in dream

Yellow bundi ladoo in dream

Yellow white red and blue chalk drawings on my chest

Yourself singing

Your mother weaving in a dream

Yellow spool of thread

Yam burning in dream

Yiung teen girl smoking and i was rebuking her

Young child broke skull

Your spouse have sex with another man


Your clothes falling on poop

Your mother confess witch in the dream

Your crush physically blind

Yellow sarees in dream

You dream seeing a tree with shiny leafs

Yam leaf meaning for dream

Yellow blossom

Yellow blossoms

Younger sister crying on me

Your wife having a lump in the breast

Your boyfriend wearing dirty clothes in the dream

You and friends running from something scary

Yellow grapes dream

Your boss gives you a gift with a written message such like life on the gift what does it means


Yellow dupatta

Yellow paste on hands

Your golden ring turn black and broken

Young naked indian girls

Young naked indian giels

Yellow cube

Your girlfriend asking you to give her money

You slept on separate beds with your boyfriend

Your buckets filled with water

Your pastor driving you in a car

You as a celebrity

Yam and maize in my dream

Your mom

Your child dying


Your child is called you in a dream

Your brother attacked by a shark

Yellow book in a dream means

You see eba in the dream

Yesterday night when i sleep my dream come i useing my mud pot broken it’s what going to happen

Young asian girl

Your partner refuses to make sex

Yellow bangel

You get a gold coin in your dream

Yellow color of wheat in field

Yellow notes

Yello car

You stay with someone and you had a dream about that person miss treating you meaning

Yellow flag

Yogurt dream meaning in bible

Your boyfriend dream of your sister steal him from you

You enter in a shop but you go out without baying anything

Yellow seets

Yellow vomit


Your bf pretending to not see you

Yellow dragon

Yellow raincoats

Your name is written with red pen in a dream.what does it mean


You split wall gecko out from your mouth

Yellow empty room

Your late father

You try to build a house

Yandere in my dream run to me

Yandere in my i was not scard of him

Yandere in my dream talk to my brother

Yandere in my dream i was koming close to him

Yandere in my dream say i love you

Yandere in my dream had a knife

You want to buy tea set

You a honourable

You see a hand give kola in your vision that it means

You see a hand give you in your vision what it means

Yellow tortoises

You see yourself gathering coco yam means what in a dream

Yellow beak

Your child gets sick in your dreams and died

Your face is black one sided and your clothes are torned

Yellow bedsheet

You truck

Yellow painted house

Young male dressed in brown

Yellow eyes

Your girlfriend have been hurt with her leg

Young child writing

Yam festival

Yam festival in the dream

You dream of taking from gutter me

You dream of taking from gutter mean

Your dead grandmother unpacking your suitcase

You met your long distance boyfriend

You love one visiting you with keke means what

Yelling for help in an earthquake

Youngest sister pregnant

Your step mum telling you that you have money in your dream

Ya hayu ya qeyum


Yacht in the middle of nowhere with black water and black sky


Your clothing are being taking away by someone else

Young bear

Yellow drinking cup

Yarn cuff

Yellow liquid chemicals

Your dreams could be telling you to foster that feeling of protectiveness. dreaming of puppies can also be playful, reminding you to have fun and enjoy the simple things in life

Your woman rival that you know selling in a shop in a red t shirt

Your wife congratulating some one you know what does it mean in a dream

Yandere in my dream


Yellow bug with black markings

Young grern cypress tree

Your bathing bucket was stolen

Your child choking

You see your grandfathers full necked and you give him money

Yellow snake toy

Your mother rubbing your penis in a dream

Your mother tell you to take a money briefcase and you leave it

Yelling at husband

Yellow isiwasho

Yellow ring

You are taking some one elese dress

Yin and yang coming together or joining

Yellow tara

Yelling and crying

Yelling at a karen

Yelling at a katen

Yellow saree new

Yellow toga

Your husband asking for your permission to marry another wife

Yellow sobha in a dream

You are about to travel with the family and you discover the car you want to use has been vandalised

Yellow thread dream meaning

Young man marrying an old woman in dream

Young boy wearing a school uniform

You touching someone and they moan

Your clothing fitting too big on you

Yellow shield in a dream

Your later father gives you shoes in a dream

Younger sister accident

Yell darkness

Your going to kill scorpion

Your crush covering you with the blanket while you are sleeping

Yellow jewels

Y do i keep praying for someone in my dream

Your alive dad canning you

You are bound


Your spouse playing rugby