You a honourable

You see a hand give kola in your vision that it means

You see a hand give you in your vision what it means

Yellow tortoises

You see yourself gathering coco yam means what in a dream

Yellow beak

Your child gets sick in your dreams and died

Your face is black one sided and your clothes are torned

Yellow bedsheet

You truck

Yellow painted house

Young male dressed in brown

Yellow eyes

Your girlfriend have been hurt with her leg

Young child writing

Yam festival

Yam festival in the dream

You dream of taking from gutter me

You dream of taking from gutter mean

Your dead grandmother unpacking your suitcase

You met your long distance boyfriend

You love one visiting you with keke means what

Yelling for help in an earthquake

Youngest sister pregnant

Your step mum telling you that you have money in your dream

Ya hayu ya qeyum


Yacht in the middle of nowhere with black water and black sky


Your clothing are being taking away by someone else

Young bear

Yellow drinking cup

Yarn cuff

Yellow liquid chemicals

Your dreams could be telling you to foster that feeling of protectiveness. dreaming of puppies can also be playful, reminding you to have fun and enjoy the simple things in life

Your woman rival that you know selling in a shop in a red t shirt

Your wife congratulating some one you know what does it mean in a dream

Yandere in my dream


Yellow bug with black markings

Young grern cypress tree

Your bathing bucket was stolen

Your child choking

You see your grandfathers full necked and you give him money

Yellow snake toy

Your mother rubbing your penis in a dream

Your mother tell you to take a money briefcase and you leave it

Yelling at husband

Yellow isiwasho

Yellow ring

You are taking some one elese dress

Yin and yang coming together or joining

Yellow tara

Yelling and crying

Yelling at a karen

Yelling at a katen

Yellow saree new

Yellow toga

Your husband asking for your permission to marry another wife

Yellow sobha in a dream

You are about to travel with the family and you discover the car you want to use has been vandalised

Yellow thread dream meaning

Young man marrying an old woman in dream

Young boy wearing a school uniform

You touching someone and they moan

Your clothing fitting too big on you

Yellow shield in a dream

Your later father gives you shoes in a dream

Younger sister accident

Yell darkness

Your going to kill scorpion

Your crush covering you with the blanket while you are sleeping

Yellow jewels

Y do i keep praying for someone in my dream

Your alive dad canning you

You are bound


Your spouse playing rugby

Young men rest his head in my lap

Your phone is snatched by your sister and she get angry after see my relation

Your husband buying you a new dress in a dream

Your brother that has passed away long time ago giving you lotto number

You are mine

You kill someone


Yellow lentils

Your friend traveled with anger


Yashoda giving blessings

Yam leaves given to me by granny

Yellow and black saree gift

Young boy kissing

Yellow stone coming in dreams

Yini imvunulo

Yellow church inside wall

Your neighbour rub something blue on you hand

Yellow flood waters

You are chased by a mad woman but you escape meaning

Your pastor ignoring you in your dream

Yellow bird on my hands

Yelling at spouse

Yam plantation in a dream meaning

You and someone kissing

Your decease loved one was playing the water at beach

Young woman in your bed

Yellow on a rainbow was glowing and beaming

Yellow bird laying at a glass window dead dying from apart heat

Your friend copying you

Your ex licking your pussy

You give a dead person gold

Yellow meaning to the dteamer painting

You are given shoes of a dead person

Your co wife holding your baby

Yellow sapphire

Yellow bufs

Your wife wearing husband clothes

Yellow sapphire ring

You dream you saw people spraying money

Yellow angel trumpet bell flower

You kill a person

Your walking naked on street and be laugh by one friend

Your whole body being annointed with oil in the dream

Yelling at a witch

Younger sister giving me a white ear phone

Your enemy

You dream shemale child

Yransparent cat

You order some one to cook momo and you invite friends to eat with you

Your cat attacking you

Your cat att king you

Your cat attacking yiu

You come home and people are having a luncheon in your home

Your pastor begging you for food in the dream, and you given him the food and water

Your bestfriend and teacher having sex

Yellow ripe pepper

Yellow snake in dream

Your uncle remaining food for to eat in your dream

Young boy with blue eyes

Your belongings scattered every where

Young lady sweeping my room

Yellow glowing ghost

Your cloth inside coffin in dream

Your child choking on a marble

Your father standing in a suit

Yellow moong dal

Yellow dwarf poking me in my tummy

Yellow dwarf

Yellow brick riad

Young sucking

Young girl in love with the dreamer

Your wife gives you raper in dream

Your dog in oven

Yuo just close your eyes and a few minutes you just gonna flinch and your gonna go to sleep again

Your boyfriend sleeping in a church peacefully

Your boyfriend sleeping peacefully in church

Your fiance wearing a white shirt

Young lady in dress without face

Yellow urine in dream

Young girl spirit without head

Yellow coloured suit

Young boy hugging me

You dream that someone was sick and recovered immediately

Your own death

You are controlling a drone to fly

You are flying a drone

Young woman silent totally dressed in white

Young woman silent dressed head to toe in white

Young servant girl raped by rich man

You are on a ship and moving in dry lands

Yam and beans

Yellow paint putting on my face in my dream

Your job boss asking for a note book

Your anunty shooting you an nothing happen to you


Yelow saree

Your taking a bath of a dead man

Your brother getting married

Yellow sputum

Yeow sput

Yellow sput

Yam and vegetable porridge


Young boy coming to stay in my room

Yellow baby duck


Y dream putting on shoes to the deceased feet

Yellow folied lollies to eat

You dream that someone you know is applying black gel in your hair

You enemy looking happy wearing black

Yellow left hand print on the wall

Your later mother try to hold yours hands in dreams means


Your child being attacked by a german shepard and not crying but then vanishing

Your boyfriend embracing you in church in a dream

Yellow dischanrge

Young daughter pregnant

Your former caretaker

Your stolen car was found

Your friend deflated your car tire

Yrancing horse

You are in a convoy cars trying to pass you are having accidents


You dream that a person let you do the sweing

Yourself been seen in green saree as married

You re with ur uncle in his car about to move and th tire get bast

You re with ur uncle in his cr about to move and th tire get bast

You dream of daugther drown in water and you pull her out she was fine

Your penis is tried with a rope in a dream means what

Young boy ghost

Young boy spirit


Younger sibling

Your boy enemy classmate saying sorry to you

You hug your dead mom

Yellow colour horse painting

Yellow,red, green chillies in a bag

Yellow, red, green chillies

Your work is to scatter

Your is to scatter

Your spouse disappearing off in bed

Your partner disappearing off in bed

Yen money

Yo dream two olive trees on fire

You and a friend share the same plane


Your are fucking your mom

Yellow laddu

Yellow cat licking


Yellow grapes

Yellow lion in dreams meaning

Your ex saying goodbye

Your boyfriend shows you where to digg

You keep on dreaming about a man of god

You dream of connecting a speaker to a cable and water starts to flow into the speaker

Your family commits suiside for you

Y dreams are cloudy

Younger version of my boyfriend


Yellow python adopts loves me in my dreams

Yellow insect

Yellow discharge from vagina

Yards of white lace

Your jumper is unrevrling

Yellow pillow case


Yellow and white angel trumpet flowers

You are praying for a job in certain town then in a vision you see a arrow from you then curv



You call someone name in a dream that you know

You say someone name in your dream

You see a house in your dream and you call it someone your know house but it is not their house


Young lade\y

Yellow rose petals on a tail

You are driving people know cross the road in your dreams

You as an archangel

Yellow moong dal in dream

You may be experiencing some anxieties and stress in your home life. this dream also signifies a passage of time, self-development and spiritual enlightenment.]

You dream that your intestine are out

Yellow ripe mangoes

Young man frozen


Yam and egg

Yellow tongue

Yellow lemon

You saw three eggs one was very white but you sold the one that is not white

Y my boyfrd sucking my breast in my dream

Your dead grandma feeding you in the dream

Yellow bucket

Your seat getting destroyed

Your neighbor to press you to rape you in dream meaning

Younger brother being a gay confessing while crying

Yellow paper a lot with writing wht it means

Your friend turned the ship into falling

Yes the meaning of plucking mushroom in dreems

You dreamed eating amala

Yellow vermilion

Your skirt on top of the tree in your dream

Your skirt on a tree in the dream

Yellow passion fruits

Yelling and pour flour on my sister body in dream

Your spouse in the church

Your young brother receiving money from someone else

Your enemy acknowledging your friend

You see if you see sugar cane in your dream then what it means

Your dead mother attending your your wedding

Yellow chick in a dream

Yellow rattle snake

Young raped through anal


You wish someone dead in a dream

Yam giving

Your children falling into the gutter

Younger version of girlfriend

Your flesh turning to dust

Yello 5 headed python

Your husband sucking the breast of your best friend

Yin yang symbol

Your are lying naked on the floor and someone opens the door what does that means

You are in den but save

You are in den

Your dead brother is giving you his shirt in dream

You dream with someone that you like but there’s sea monsters

Yellow stone ring dream

Yellow and green bird landing on finger

Your daughter getting egnadged

Yellow sandalwood powder in dream

Young man attacking you

Yellow figure

Your dad at a taxi rank

You at a funeral of your husband

Yellow stones

Yellow saree im temple

Yellow diarrhea stain on the back of a cloth worn

Yellow car and fred car

Your boyfriend taking weed

Young girl cooking a meat dish in basement

Your mother sister pounds fufu in a road

You slapping someone in the face

Yucca plant

Yellow turtle neck

You carry holy communion ins

You carry holy communion inside you

Your mom and partner reconciled

You killed a lizard

Your ex manfriend giving you a sack full of mealie meal

Your ex boy friend giving you a sack full of mealie meal

You yelled at your sister infront of everyone in shool

You drop in the sea and a child save you

You drop in the and a child save you

You bought maggi in dream

Yellow petal

Your private parts are exposed to someone

Yello bag

Young girl giving oral sex

Your dream about english language

Years in the dream

Your boyfriend sucking breast and milking

Your boyfriend sucking breast and milk

Yelling spouse

Your brother touching your vagina in dream what happens

Your own casket

Your dead father talking to you

Yellow nail polish

Yellow wool string

You dream digging a well and water comes out

Yellow fruit like odara

Yoruba dreams of seeing iru in bags

Yellow lace long skirt

Yellow discharge coming out of my virgina after my boyfriend touched me then we fought and i woked out on the rain

Yellow flower and sun

You killing a mad person mean

Yellow bikini breasts

You kill person and the person change to lizard

Your boss died

Younger sister asking for money

Yellow colour mangakyam changing in dream

Yellow discharge coming out of vagina

Yourself in a river

Yourself in water

Your crush became your boyfriend

Yellow long dress

Yacht aground

Yam and stew

Yellow tika on forehead

Yam loss find

You removed thorn from your cloth in you dream

Young couple

You were at charity place

Yellow discharge coming out of my virginia

Yellow discharge coming out

You draem of yourself guving your husband a phone

Yellow car

Young palm tree in the dream meaning

Young boyfriend

Yellow bird turns into human

You are a bug

Yellow shirt meaning

You nipple play men

Young rebellious boy

Your late mother giving you cake in the dream


Yam burnt meaning in the dream

Yellow skirt put on fire with my friend

Yellow skirt


You dream of buying shoes for ten people

You doing itikaf

Your late relative touch you and her hands are cold

You f

You ffdf

Your wife being pushed in the wheelbarrow

Your partner saving you from death

Your partner saving you

Yellow baby clothes while pregnant

Young teen dreams a dwarf with a big cock

Your laptop being given to someone in a dream

You give black ball in dream

You’re so happy in your celebrating wedding anniversary

Yellow tilak

Yam peeling what it means

Your clothes being stolen with nothing to wear


Yellow jacket

Your own child falling

Yellow bangles

Young boy head injury

Yellow lentils moong dal in dream meaning

Yellow truck

Young white girl

Your crush wearing orange dress

Yellow tilak in dream

You catching much flying termite

You saw money in the pocket of pants in the shop what does it mean?

You buy pants in the shop and then you saw money inside of the pocket on it what does it mean?

Yellow with box cut

Yellow thread

Yellow thread priest is tieing in the house

Yellow snake

You are a mermaid in your dreams

Yellow shampoo on your head


Your cloth got stained by feces


Yellow paper leaves

Yellow plumbs

Yellow turtle

Young fish

Your teacher following you in a dream

Yellow long worm under pillow

Your sister is gay

Young girl ware green saree

Youngest baby being murdered

Yellow rose dream interpretation

Your boyfriend coming home with clothes in a black bag

Your sister snitching on you

You was trying to remove a payton that rap you it bite your hand

You was trying to remove a payton r

Your boyfriend sulky in dreams

Yellow labrador

Year in the future

Yogurt and gram flour in dream

Your partner giving you a dark light bulb which upon lighting the bulb dies

Your own child falling from giant wheel

Your child falling from giant wheel

Yo see dead husband clothes on a line means what

Your husband come from abroad


You saw yourself different in the mirror

You saw someone you love

You sawsomeoneulove

Yellow worm in dream

Yellow worms

You dream about a place where there are bears and sharks. i also played in the dirty water

Your kidnapper in love with you

You find your lost shoes in the water

Yam peeling

Yup are filling clean water in a drum

Your father in the woods

Your girlfriend dreams that her boyfriend is bleeding

You drop someone to their death

Y’all black woman with dreadlocks holding a bowl in her hand


Yam mounds

Your pet as a human

You dream you see 2 dead person sexing what does that mean and the number.thanks

Your mom making you be a prostitute

Your son throwing water on your face

Your son throws water on ur favr

Your friends mom driving the car and you on the backseat

Yellow teapot

You dream and you are drinking garri

Your dead father give you a kola nut in the dream what dose it meaning

Yellow 1972

Young brother asking senior brother for his money

You saw a dream about a dead rat in the wate

Your wife sleeping with another man

Yellowish paprika

Your skin tone turned black

Yellow night gown

You and your friend wearing same type of clothes

Your clothes floating down the river

Yr 2 2 21

Yoga matt

Your ex boyfriend

Your touchibg a boys boobs

Younger father from afar

Younger father at bus stop seen riding by

Yellow dressing gown

You dream about sexy with old woman what means

Young unmarried woman breastfeeding a baby