Your pastor giving you money in the dream


Younger sister having a baby and he looked like my firstborn

Your vlassmate killed in a trip

Yellow snake

Your lover want to move out from you

You being a seahorse giving birth

Yellow hibiscus flowers

Yellow silver ring owing in a dream

Your cousin boyfriend trying to get into a fight with you


You see someone climing through a window

You running in dog running behind you and barking at you

Yellow hijab

You dodged a snake in a dream

Your family members blame you for bad character

Yellow rice in dream

Yam nd egg dream meaning in de dream

You stoned the black pady and she disappear

Yellow yam

Your family is coming back from overseas

Yellow and white baby clothes

Yam plant

Yam flour

Yellow colour mangalyam dream came in the morning

Young bird

Your who higher than you being your maid


Yellow m alphabet

Yam in my dream

Your first love

Yellow cat with white lines dream

Your wedding preparations and wearing the makoti attire

Young servant sweeping outside

Young woman sweeping

You dream watching water from a dam or river what does it mean

You have a rich child

You re sick but you dreamt seeing incompleted building collapse in de dream you and your husband escape

You re sick but you dreamt seeing building collapse in de dream you and your husband escape

Yellow paint use on tire

Yea cup

You are dreaming and someone gave animal head to you in your dream

Your sister seeing fufu at the road did in a dream

You jump to water

Yelled by a celebrity

Yellow marigold


Your son taken away

Yellowish precious stones

Young boy combing hair neatly

Young goat killing by sickle

Your mother bought a blue sweater for her and my sister?

Your crush is death and in your dream he is alive a and smiling kindly toward to you

You fill like your breast as full of milk

Yellow baby turtle

Your wrapper pieces cut of by i know person

Your mother being intimate with anotherman

Your mother being intimate with another man

Yellow oriole

Your brother making you a suprise

Your losing game

Yello snake and yellow dog

Your pastor kisses you in a dream

Youghurt in dream

Yellow colour threads a wearing hands

You give money to kinner

Young beautiful woman smiles

Your ex saying you didn

Your blood was change by a doctor

Your friend having surgery

Yellow flying cat

Young girls naked in public on my lap

Yellow colour flower showering

Yellow colour old saree meaning

You receive phone number

Yellou rich car

You have a boyfreind

Young beautiful woman in a sarcophagus

You are carrying a baby on the back and it is falling severaally

Young body someone else


Your dream is your signature

Younger man sexual

Yellow coat in the dream

Young green maize sprouts

Yellow shappire

Yen oclock

Young confident girl in green sari, unmarried

Your loved die

Young death person

Your crush celebrating his/her birthday

Yellow chalice

Your husband kissing a woman vagina



Young random boy

Young man sucking a mature woman breast

Yellowish finger nails

Your friend scratching your head

Your boyfriend talks to your sister about your relationship

Yellow grits

Yellow arowana

Your yam bein spord in the dream.

Yellow pap

You are on a date and your partner begins to such your blood

Your ear swallowing your piercing

Your enemy drinking milk

You see a military convoy

Your face in a picture with dark background

Yelling at a coworker

Young snakes striking at me

Yellow rubber glove crawling up wall and grabs yellowish rose

Yellow snake in hotel room

Yellow hue

Your lover taking sperm into her mouth from another man?

Your lover taking sperm in her mouth fron someone? ?


Your girlfriend is your landlord

Yellow spirit

Yellow and a blue budgie

Year blessing

Yellow leaes

Your own grave

Your child’s disemboweled

You and your pastor in a car

Yelling name for help

Yelling someone’s namep

Yellow vaginally discharge

You punching someone

Young daughter had an abortion

Young mule

Your beads torn around your waist

Yellow rosin a dream mean

Yellow ball

You and your family are in the church

You bought a horse sculpted table

Yellow cat come inside of my house


Young children 3, 4 and 5yrs old need

Yellow turtles

You and ex touching each other cheecks

Yellow underwear

Yellow condom

Your name is written to be punished in school

Your name is written to be punished in schooling

Your name is written to be p

Yellow mop

Yellow discharge from vagina in dream

Your cap falls from your head

Your small son disobeying you

Your friend sucking your left breast in a dream

Yellow pain balm

Yelling in a dream means

You dream someone gave you your sim card back

Yeast infection

Yellow cobra

Young frog

Young women dressed in maroon long dresses carrying evil

Yellow race car

You were left somewhere by your husband alone and he went with his friends


You see yourself lock in a car trunk

You see piles of puzzle pieces

Your crush is marrying

Y is someone threaten me in dreams

Your ex is gay

Yellow turtle

You cleaning a dirty plates

You dissolve in a dream

You have on oil and water


Yellow bag

Your torn and worn out pants in the dream

Yummy nachos

Yellow & black feather

Yellow leave

Yellow papaya tree

Yellow papaya

Your name is written on a sign board

Yellow vermillion

Your bestfriend running away with a guy


Yellow prasad

Yellow tent

Yellow snake in bottle

You and a girl in a bus and she tells you we will see at home and you help her with her zip while the bus is moving

Yellow frilly ruffles

Your own billboard

Your bride price being paid while pregnant

Yellow tika in forehead

Yellow overalls

Yacht explode in dream

Yacht explode

Your mum cooks you uncooked food

Yellow jerrycan

Your own chopped foot

Young tropical bird

You ex texting

Your lovers son touches you cheeks


You vomit snake

Yellow snake eating dove

Yam dreams


Yourself among catfish in dreams

You dream about late grand mother working farm and she gives you cocoyams

Yam portage in a dream

You see an elderly woman putting sand on the fire like someone who wants to fry groundnut

You did not do good in exams but your mother got dreams of you getting good grades

Yellow tree

You are the reason why the world is so fucking bad

Yellow bindi

Yellow sports car

Younger version of girlfriend

Yellow front doors

You dream about being in control


Your ex mother n law talking to me

Yelling at

Your money got burnt

Your father is sick and naked



Yellow muck discharge

Your mother calling out your full name

Your clothes being stolen

You tried to save

Years 1917 and 1956

Younger man love me

Yougurt man

Your soul trying to escape ur body

Yellow bell pepper

Your child being attack by your pet

Yellow flowers

You my sister law had a dream of me i was pregnant and having a baby girl

Yellow eyes mean

Yellow blinking eyes in a cloud

Yellow snr santo niño

Yellow blinking lights

Your secret exposed

Young girl showing her vagina

Yellow folded letter

Yellow daisy

Young corn plants

Yellow snakes

Young demon sucks my breast

Yellow face on an old friend

Your vigina been sucked in dream

Yellow orange purse

Your spouce being seduced on the way at your watch

Your girlfriend sleeping in a shack

Your girlfriend sleeping in a shack mean

Your bus

Your cousin asking money from you


You are about to make doudou

Young owl fluttering up and down

You g owl fluttering up and down

Your mommy negotiate for my lobola

You are making blue rangoli

You pick up old silver coin and old man ask for it meaning?

Yelling but no one hears

Yellow lion fish

Younger brother getting engaged

Yellow thread dream

Young women in a red gown wearing a gold crown

Yellow slippers

Yellow shirts

Your mother wearing your clothes


Yellowish green


Yellow jack

Yellow light flashing

Your brother wearing your shirt means what?

[email protected]

You dream when you are dismembering human beings

Youngest daughter giving birth to red head baby

Yogi adityanath in the dream

Yourself burning sage in your own home

Yellow scorpio in dream

Yellow bugs behind left ear that scatter away

Your beloved one dying

Your dead mum slapped you


Yellow thread

Young men two fighting over a woman in a dream

Yelling in church

Yellow jackets

Yellow javkets in my house

Yam, egg sauce dream

Your shoes drowning in water

Yellow fruit and clear water

Yellow water or colour

Yellow shower dream meaning

Yam leaves

Yellow butterfly

Yellow bloobs

Yellow house with red roof top

Yoga cushion


Yellow paint on my body

Your boyfriend marrying some one else than you

Your perfume stolen from you

Young maize seedlings

Young females trying to have sex with you even as you try to resist

Young female wanting sex even though you resist

Your are wearing undersized shoe, in the dream

Yellow saree wearing in dream

Your boss wife clutter of shoes

Yellow chillies

Yellow butterfly

Yellow egg yoke

You dreaming of being groped

Your online best friend doesnt want to be friends anymore

Your baby walking

Your mouth is being covered

Your co worker dream of me resigning

Yellow glass

You don’t want anyone to hold you

Your friend being makoti

Your shoes are stolen

You found out someone killed themselves

You are giving money to kinnar in dream

Young girl flirting with my partner


Yellow feather in your dream


Your dead mom calling your name

Your family are peeing cassava in a your dream

Yelling at someone

Yellow speed bumps

Yellow and orange headwrap

Yeast buns

Yeasts buns

You are canned on your right palm

You are canned on your right hand

Yellow string

Young whales

Yellow container

Young chayote plants inside someone’s house

Young chayote plants with leaves inside someone’s house

Yellow string on a clock

Yardstick as a weapon


Yellow envelope

Your son asking for money in a dream

Yellow frogs

Younger sister giving birth

Your pet bird biting finger

Yellow van new

Yellow heart shape fruit

Young stranger

Yellow moon

Young goat redish-brown and white

Yellow poppies


Yellow dying flowers

Yellow cat

Yellow rope

Yellow tullips

Young split down the middle two vampire theeth fall out

Young cut down middle

You x husband

Yellow sun dress

Your name written on the ceiling in a dream

Yellow flowers covering my father grave

Youngest brother

Your nasty neighbors moving

Your dead loved one feeling cold in my dream

Yesterday afternoon, during my nap, i dreamed that my basement had several vibrant colored snake vipers living in it. they were very aggressive and hard to kill. when i was able to kill the bright turquoise viper, it made a horrible screaming noise. then, i woke up from my dream. what does this mean? i am terrified of any kind of snake


Yelled at pope

Yellow guys

Yellow showes

Yellow gift

Yellow stuff came out my virgina

Your ex boyfriend as neighbor

Yellowish discharge in dream

Yelling sibling name three times

You anf your mother riding on a jeepney

Your baby is walking

Young man


Your mother giving you a house

Years of wallpaper falling down

Your father hates you

Young boy getting on a bus in thailand but he only had one sho

Yellow cake

You hurting unknown person

Yourself younger

Yellow jackets in my boot

Your child being kidnapped

Yellow jersey

Yelling in class

Yellow gemstone

Your house in being invaded by monsters

Yellow vaginal discharge

Yellow jackets bees

Yellow alien

Young daughter of president strangled

Your wife naked by someone

Young daughter of president gets strangled

Yellow rangoli in dream

Yacht model boat

Your own death

Yellow mustard

Yellow toy bus

Yellow roses on tree with black insects deceased father will spray

Yellow discharge from vagina


Yellow peppers on tree

You see someone is pregnant

Yellow house in woods with watering can

Yellow mealy dream meaning

Yellow mealy grains

Young moose

Yellow flood water

Yellow jacket beed

Yellow kitten

Younger sis got raped

Yellow book dream

Yelling at self

Your friends dying

Yellows man

Yamashita treasure site

Your boyfriend was shoplifting and you were with him

Yellow walls

Your sister jerking your dick

Yellow tortoise in dreams

Yelly fish

Youg boy

Yellow wooden chair

Yellow car in a dream

You are threatened with murder

Young farm animal sat on me and i could not breathe

Yellow and pink baby bird worm in skin

Young son drowned

Yellow roses with red stripes

Yougurt in the dream

Your own sprite

Yelling at loved ones

Yelling in your ear

Yellow square of light

Ypungest sister

Young girl running toward me

You were picking me up from a party and i was late so you drove off and then said we weren’t friends anymore and said i’d i wanted to regain it is have to in baby steps lol

You won custody in a case from the father

Your x going back to his x

Yellow glass bangles meaning

Yellow leaves on plants

Your child having a seizure

Yellow and white snake trying to bite vagina

You are send for an errand

Young man sucking my breast

Yellow flat bed truck

You and i were at war and we were crawling in the trench and you were protecting me

Yellow gate

Youself seen spindle in dream what does that mean


Youth hostel


Yam in a dream

You cant help it

Yunus islamic dream

Yuka lay lee

Yuka lyha

Young green pepper

Younger kid

Yellow cat pooping

Yellow car seat

Yellow stripes

Yellow tarp

Yellow tape measure

You saw yourself in the dream tiring your late mother gele on her head

Yellow cup

Yelling at neighbor

Your female cousin is naked dream meaning

You leave your shoes at the front door

Yellow car

Yelling at dad to slow down

Yelling go away

You are makoti

Yellow jacket bee

Yellow maize meal

Youthful memory

Youthful mempory

Yellow staidm

Yourself melting

Yellow jackets bee

Young horses just born

Your ex best friend

Yellow balloons

Yellow chrysanthemums


Yellow cars

Younger brother wearing elder brother shirt

Yellow sunglasses worn by an ex

Yellow jacket

You are being held down physically