Receber presentes

Royal blue glaring sword

Right hand in downward direction

Receiving money from the president

Receiving money from head of state

Receiving a chocolate

Red bench

Relative pocessed by a lady ghost


Readings ramayna in dream

Runny stomach dream meaning

Removing leeches on body

Ripped clothes

Road light rod

Running away naked

Receiving money from your dead father in dream

Right leg sleepers cut

Red chilli garden

Rejected by boys

Running on bumy road

Red chair red bench waiting room

Removing headtie in the dream

Recipt ayatul kursi and ikhlaas

Red and black pen

Raising dead

Raising dead in a dream

Red tika in dream

Riding motorcycle down the stairs

Riding motorcycle going down the stairs

Restaurant card

Ripe sour soup

Removing fat

Racing submarine

Receiving clothes from a dead young girl in a river

Rat tail from pimple on my leg


Refusing something you borrowed in a dream

Rocking chair

Running in bees

Rose garland

Removing mucus using hands

Rue branch

Removing clothes from the clothesline

Robing bank with friends

Receiving cola but from somebody

Receiving cola but from some body

Releasing and detoxifying

Rats and snakes in your house

Receiving colthes

Receiving money from a dead president

Ragi malt

Reciting surah fatiha

Returning the black cap to the owner


Rooster biting

Running at night with police on patrol of curfew

Rock water

Red cloth in dream

Riped lanzones dream meaning

Receiving perfume in a dream

Rice and lentils served

Rice cooker explode

Red sindor

Receiving money

Receriving brown with green leaver in dream

Recieved cardamoms in the dream

Rangoli design in white colour in dream meaning

Red gate

Receiving a golden cup

Red roses laid on a white cloth

Right hand burn like wood in a dream

Recieving a sd memory card in a dream

Recovered slipers

Roasted meat in dream

Ripe papayers

Rolls royce in a dream


Recieving coin from someone who is dead | dream interpretation

Rabbit born

Red flames in dreams

Receiving a coconut

Receiving money from madman

Rescuing in calf which is under water


Refuseing to eat roti


Relatives family fighting because of me

Returning. lost money


Rope to cross

Receiving provision

Red yarn

Receiving a phone call from an employer

Raid at home but not where you live

Raid at home

Ring worm moving in my inner cheek

Running gravel

Running a bath


Recieving bitter kola

Receive money from governor in a dream

Raw meat as gift in dream

Running into nothing

Rock in well water

Roots crops

Running with your brother

Reversed cross

Running with a 3 legged pot in a dream

Running a 3 legged pot in a dream

Roasting palm kernel in the dream

Replanting of tomatoes seedling


Received cowries in a dream


Receiving flowers and chocolates

Relative talking to my children

Robbed of food

Running away from from a madman


Roasting animal

Receive plates as gift

Removing leeches from my house

Replace a door

Removing bangles wt does it mean in dream

Receiving turmeric and sweet

Receiving money from pastor

Reciting kalima in your dream

Rainbow fishes

Ruby in fuchsite


Ripping skin inside of mouth

Ripping skin inside mouth

Received bitter kola in the dream

Receiving pair of different sizes of boots as wedding gifts in the dream

Raping daughter

Religious statute broken in dreams

Reviving a hamster

Receiving dead person clothes

Removing skin tag on my elbow

Rice together with pea

Raw egg with cooked rice

Reciting ayer e kareema in dream

Red peas soup

Receiving a snake as a gift

Recharging card in dream

Releasing bird hand

Receive one cowrie

Rubbing your legs with oil

Recieve phone call for an interview

Reading ramayana

Receiving white cloth as a gift


Return present

Receiving gift of shirt in dream

Rotten part of house

Rotten part of wood on house

Receiving onion as gift

Reading holy book

Received in bulk of new expensive clothes

River with clear water and pebbles

Receiving sweet paan

Running in a bush

Red sand dreams


Receiving white cloth from decessed

Rooster siting on the eggs

Rolling rock down the hill

Rides a lion

Removing blackjack weed from clothes

Riding camel

Received new mix of red and yellow saree from aunty

Ripe garden egg


Removing piercing

Rust of ring finger

Reciting kursi against a jin in a dream


Recievintage cheaque in a dream

Recording gifts from governor

Rope around tummy


Releasing a trapped hungry turtle

River ource

Rangoli getting erased

Raped by a leper

Receiving injection

Receive gift from mothe

Receive gift from mothet

Receiving clothes as a gift


Receiving a lot of atm cards be ina dream

Row boat search china

Red small room

Refusal to shake hand with dead person


Received money from the plate

Receiving a cake from a dead person

Red envelope

Recovery of lost mobile

Receiving of palm candy

Riding on a hearse

Rabbits shapeshiting into human

Reciting ayatul kursiy

Running away from masquerade

Rotten right foot

Receiving money from a dead father

Removing thorns in ur feets

Receiving engraved rings

Refusing someone water to drink

Refusing some one water tondrink

Running with untied shoes

River with boyfriend

Recieving sarree as gift by women

Refused to be served

Refused to get your food

Rabbit burrow

Red triangle/mountain

Resting my head on boys chest

Red paper

Read ayat kareema in dreams

Rivers of blood

Removing cover from face

Received recharge card

River dries up and green grasses are seen with livestock

Rice milling

Ripened indian black plum took of from the tree

Receiving money from dead grandfather

Receiving wrapper in the dream means

Rich friend in a dream

Recovery a cell phone in dream

Roman numerals 1 to v

Receiving a can malta drink

Radha s feet

Riched family i work

Rich family asked me to work to them

Receiving gift from universe

Running on road


Racket of tennis and badminton

Removing dirts from gutter, what does it mean

Rubbing his head to mine

Red stone in my dreams

Rabbi giving me money for mennah

Rabbi giving me money

Red chillie

Receiving maggi in my dreams means what

Received sanitary pads

Removed gold bangles

Rock of gibralter

Rock of gibralta

Rashes in neck

Romancing a female goat

Removing a bad and torn cloth

Running after a hearse

Receiving saree from sister

Rock with water throwing out

Repairing shoe by cobbler

Ripped off bird wings

Receiving a crown


Raising the dead in the dream

Reverse driving

Red colour in dream red velvet

Riding a room stick

Ripe breadfruit dream meaning

Romancing friends in clinic

Recieving sweets in dream

Received a torch light from my dead father interpretation

Receiving a love letter from crush in a dream

Receiving jewellery


Riding jeepney

Running tracks

Receiving camphor

Raisens harvested

Raisin fruits

Receding hairline

Refusing to drink sparkling water

Renting an expensive house

Receiving new saree in dreams as a gift

Refusal to be prayed for

Running water from nose

Running water from nose warm water

Riding in a white horse

Red paprika

Red njiti

Receiving kola but in dream from my father

Receiving a gift of yam in my dream

Requesting for keyholder

Robe and raped

Riding a whale

Running up to the top of a hill

Removing turmeric from arms

Rotten teeths

Receive cap

Roasted yam dream meaning

Receiving provisions in the dream

Riding a red tricycle as an addult

Ride on a train

Red peas soup dream

Real person

Rotten window frames

Rotten window sills in a dream

Relationships, places, things

Recieving a summon letter

Rinsed grapes

Rinsing grapes

Rd patterns

Red sky in dreams

Robbery at home

Red colour saree n dreem wt it mean

Releasing simen in a dream

Rosting yam

Receiving a white glass kettle as a birthday gift way before time

Receiving recharge numbers of airtime in a dream

Running sea drowning escaping

Ranking first

Recite surah kahf

Riding in a vehicle

Rotating house means

Receiving baklava as gifts

Red spots

Roasted chicken

Red scrunchie

Rice with husk

Red doek

Roasted channa

Receiving big sum of money in form of cheque

Riding a horse cart

Right hand in my pocket

Raw yam

Receiving text crush

Rusted nail in plate of food

Recieving two helpings of coleslaw

Raw prawn in dream

Roa i


Ridding on a horse

Running lost chaos late

Receiving kolanut from an old man

Restoring old house

Right marked in red pen

Running while naked

Red palm pil

Removing bindi from my face

Red chandan in dream

Receiving avocado

Receive nzu

Roaring godzilla

Roaring tiger

Red cheyenne trees

Rose, hair

Rose in hair

Rafi malt drinking

Ripe pomelo

Red headband mean

Rape and stab

Rain filling up a big bowl in a dream means what

Rats jumping into sea

Receiving wrapper in my dream



Running away from transgender


Red dragon fire sky

Red chilli trees

Remembering room number in hotel

Raid by police

Round ceiling

Ripe custard apples in dream

Removing thorns from white wedding gown

Removing thorns from white gown

Running to a monastery

Receiving almonds


Raining on shoes

Raining on your shoes

Rain beating shoes

Receivingwiset beads from your boyfriend in a dream meaning

Red bag

Ravi tree meaning

Rape on sister

Ripen guava

Rape on sister in dream


Running away from horse

Robe coming out of my teeth

Reed triming

Ringworms in my body


Rescue a cat

Red sweet drink

Receiving a stick

Receiving a key from a dead person

Rejecting food in dream from a dead person

Right breast bringing out milk

Running with a dead person because of python egg

Ripe jujube in dream

Return from a jorney in dream means what

Reuniting with ex girlfriend

Refusing to wed in a dream

Rose gold

Refusing mad man money in the dream

Rudraksha in dream

Red coffins


Refuseing to buy okore from your died mum in the dream meaning what?

Riding in black jeep in the dream

Riding in a big jeep in the dream

Raw provision

Riding a big black jeep in the dream

Red velvet cake

Read leaves

Removing white insect from your vaginal

Running away from deliverance

Running away from a prophetess

Running for a safe place

Rod with gold dust around it

Raping my sister

Receiving new saree from mom

Red palm oil

Receiving a flaming sword

Recovering lost phone

Receive onions

Recieving food from old woman

Raking dead leaves

Reaching a mountain top

Receiving coins from a known person

Ripe tomatoes dream

Receiving gift of different new caps

Reading number 4

Rabbit and cat playing

Receving green colour saree

Received a sweater and put it in a bag

Riding horse

Rat trying to bite me

Realiigious person

Recovering from illness

Ripe paw paw in a dream


Removing ring from finger

Recurring dreams with a ragdoll in them

Roots on your feet

Removing someone teeth

Runaway cattle

Rubbing brown and white powder on my face

Rice plantation in the dream

Releasing sperm in the river what does it mean

Removing dry ear wax

Renovation of house

Renovation of the house

Red spot light

Receiving a mobile phone as a gift

Receiving cheque

Receiving a bible from someone

Running from abuse

Receiving clothes as gift in dream

Relish means

Rubbing dick on someone

Receiving crafish in a dream

Receding hairline woman

Rooster with two heads

Receiving ground provision

Ripe palm fruits in a dream meaning

Running away from good people

Refusal of body cream

Red eye on reflection

Running down stairwell

Rice fields

Running tap water on a dry ground

Red and blue crystals

Red dragon egg

Receiving money from my governor

Rough travel across ocean


River stones

Raphael name baby

Receiving blessings in a dream

Receiving a bonus slip in dream islamic interpretation

Red velvet dream

Reciting ayatal kursk


Raw steak

Rank 1 dreams

Refusing large sums of money from your friends

Ripping out heart

Riding a basilisk

Riding a

Removing a black clothing while hold ones son

Rod or staff


Red snapper

Red roses in my dream

Rich parents


Refusing yo get married in a dream

Receiving coal from an ex girlfriend

Receiving coal

Right foot wound