Recieving salute in a dream means what

Royal family

Red dress as gift

Receiving jack fruit in a dream

Romantic dream about me and my step brother

Relaxed attitude

Riding a tricycle with one leg

Ripe paw paw in a dream

Removing toothpick from my foot


Re planting

Railway platform

Relative gave me charcoal interpret

Rocking crying baby to sleep

Red ocean

Rocession of black nazarene in dreaming

Ragi plants in dream meaning


Rubber sandals

Red falcon feather

Room with black and white tiles up to the ceiling full of shoes in black and white

Ripe palm fruit

Running away from mortuary

Rape by amily

Room with black and white tiles up to the ceiling, fill of black and white shoes

Room with black and white tiles up to the ceiling, full of black and white shoes

River with huge rock under it in dream

Receiving money from a head of state

Refuse to get married in a dream

Riding a tricycle with husband and daughter


Receiving udara and eating it in my dream.

Refuse to pay 7 thousand

Raining in the forest

Red hair asian man

Rejection gauva fruit from an enu imdicates

Recieve beans and millet from a man in a dream

Reading ayat kareema in the dream

Running after my car

Red sunset


Received a ripe mango from your ex boyfriend


Riding a bike in a lingerie

Round blade

Receive painting

Receiving call from dead person

Roared by a lion

Receiving many calling card in a dream

Red envelope and money

Red rong

Repeatedly seeing someone in your dreams

Roasting groundnut in a dream

Receiving a wrist watch as a gift

Reverse black water pot

Receive candies

Ran away from enemies and enter car in dream meaning

Reciting asthaufirua

Red hair elf

Raining in living room

Receiving new diary

Riding fish

Riding in the big fish

Recovered solen car

Receiving a purple gift from a dead person

Running away from cannibalism by order slave children

Recieving phone as gift

Raining gold


Rich and important man eat foods beside you

Raw meat consumed by child

Rock falling on your head

Rising to the sky as i levitate

Receiving money in your dream from mother

Red clothe

Rubber garments

Replanting a papaya tree

Rose-pink robe

Refunding money in a dream


River of magenta flowing

Running and the road become a steep hill

Removing salt from my vagina





Rose shooting water

Reading backwards

Rice water

Receiving a gift og statue of sto. niño

Receiving eggs from a dead man

Red baby shoes


Riding in an elevator

Riding on a skelator

Rail yard

Riped plums in dream

Ressurecting the dead in the dream

Ripe neseberry

Rosary in bathroom

Return phone to owner

Red snake coming out of ur vangina

Ripe raspberry

Ripe palm fruit dream meaning ?

Ripe sour fruit

Receiving forehead jewelry

Rosary from a dead

Riding a horse

Red rice

Raven bird eating porcupine

Received bundles of mint money


Receiving purple snapdragons

Relationship with bad guy

Red planet ccome to earth

Refusing to have sex

Ro be a pastor in tbe dream

Raging dirty sea water

Rotted wood

Ramadhan photos

Receiving money to a relative in an brown envelope who is late

Recovery stolen money

Receiving coconut from someone unknown

Ripe bananas

Roots floating

Rotten pepper

Ruding car

Running cow

Rock fountain

Rock dripping water

Ripping of picture

Roof collapse


Receiving hibiscus flower

Received hibiscus flower in hand

Robbed my phone

Receiving money

Refusing to have sex with a lady

Rusted wedding ring


Rain water logging


Refusing drinking water

Relaxing hair

Refuse lending


Receiving a red necklaces

Redmi 5 plus

Raw beef offer by some one in dream

Right hand holding 4 fingers

Ripe pomelo dream

Riding a bicycle in clear water

Rain hammer anvil


Receiving white shoes

Receing white shoes

Running away from a fight

Rotting fruit in dream

Rubber tapping

Refusing to collect fruit from a girl

Receive black cloth from wife

Recieving neckless in dream what does it mean

Raining tumeric

Red pasta

Red spaghetti

Renting chair in the dream

Removing bangles in my dream

Rubbing clear on the body

Ripe palm fruits


Red a ts

Running out of gas in a dream

Red anthurium flower

Replacing one piece of broken window frame


Red handkerchief

Receiving money from president dream

Receiving death news

Reciting istighfar

Receiving biscuits in dream

Rain gushing into the house in dream

Radha is with me in every situation

Radha is with me,means dreaming

Radha is with me in danger means dreaming


Red shirt monkey

Red dress

Recieving a bag of icheku from your dead father

Riding in a car with a priest

Running on a pathway

Riding in a red wagon on a path

Remove a root

Red velvet fabric

Red suede shoes

Remove earthworms from home

Reciting ayate kareema

Received coconut in the dream

Receiving new saree from my late mother

Red flannel

Riding a skate on water to the en


Receiving bangles as gift in dreams

Red wrapper

Running from your father

Roasting palm fruit in the dream what does it mean

Rejecting a golden shoe


Red chili dry

Receiveing a gift from my pastor

Red bangles

Rotten veggies thrown at door step

Red handkerchief giving for free

Riding on a train track

Raw green spinach

Red brain

Red in the brain

Receiving folded paper wrap


Receiving basket of dry fish in the dream

Receiving full basket of dry fish in the dream

Receiving money from blind in dream

Rumpled cloth in the dream

Running away from tsunami

Receiving tarnished silver wedding rings

Receiving earpods in the dream

Receiving condolences in a dream

Receiving money from my dead grandfather

River in blue color

Rabbi want to learn


Rabbi came to learn from me

Reconciling brothers

Running away from brothel

Running away from a brothel

Recharging cellphone

Rubbing plam oil on your leg

Ripe cacao on tree

Reuniting with an ex who turned albino

Running away from elephant

Red polo of your boss

Removing weed in plantations

Removing washed clothes from the drying line and beaten by the rain

Receiving a gift of thick pant and shit in dream

Reading book


Receiving a nice new haircut

Razor blade stuck in penis

Ram with white hair

Removing stinky water from the big container

Removing stincky water from the big tub

Receive nzu

Removing white eyelashes

Receiving baby clothes

Rashes on thighs

Raining orange jellybeans

Raining jellybeans

Rearranging furniture

Reverse a car

Receiving a check from a governor

Rush to go in a airport

Receiving yellow flowers

Received new saree in dream

Receiving jaggery meaning

Radha idol

Riding but eyes not opening

Receive both book and pen from a man

Rival asking me for money

Receiving saree in dream

Rape dog

Right leg sleeper break

Red polo shirt

Removed calluses on left foot

Relationship with a musician

Removing spider web

Receiving hairbrush

Receiving jaggery as gift

Receiving jaggery as guft

Red and yellow sari

Rubbing oil on dead persons face

Receiving gold watch from dead

Rice field

Roasted yam and oil

Remodeling a room

Rotten walnut in a dream

Red colour powder

Removing already made garri from hot water

Rose thorn on foot

Receiving money from you uncle in a dream

Returning a stolen phone

Robbed of a kiss in a dream

Red cross white background

Recieving dog as gift

Riding in pegasus

Ritualist sacrifice me

Ritualis sacrifice me

Receiving money from a governor in a dream means what

Ricevie money from mad man

Relevance of frying akara to do a remembrance of my late father.

Red muthi

Ridge in the dream meaning

Readin good news in an official letter

Riding inside house horse

Ripe soursop

Receiving 3 cowries in a dream


Reconciliation party after separation

Receiving bitter kola in the dream

Red water

River flowing upwards

Refusing to wear bangle

Roofing house

Receiving a relic by force

Rasing hand to crowd

Receiving from pragnant womam

Receiving new green saree

Red carpet

Rollar coster

Rocky incline

Removing cobwebs unsuccessfully

Recovering stolen phone

Rowing on boat in glacier ice

Received a cheque from unknown person

Receiving two handkerchief

Recieving a baby carrier as a gift

Running in a group of people and you want to be fast


Red vaginal discharge

Receiving money from best friend in dream

Rooms with small doors

Reconciliation dream

Rain was falling so hard and the pond came over

Red eyes half man half goat

Rash shingles

Rotting pomelo

Red soil in my palm

Rose quartz

Reciting iqamat in a dream meaning

Rope tapestry

Red sky in dream

Refuse someone water

Refuse someone watet

River full of blood

River turning into jelly

Roasted avacado

Roasted corn and avacado pear on charcoal fire meaning

Receive money from governor in the dream

Roasting human meat

Receive gifts

Red third eye

Running away from a fictional character

Revelation of own marriage date by han reader

Rescued from tsunami

Red chunni over me in dream

Receiving perfume as gift from a dead relative

Removing stain from trouser in dream

Receiving kiss on lips

Rubbing powder in the stomach dream meaning

Rash on achild

Recitation of kalma tayba in dream

Royalty family

Returning lost money

Receive money in briefcase

Removing weeds to plant vegetables

Rubbing on your butt

Rubbing palm oil on the head in the dream means what?

Red cowboy outfit

Right side of the pulpit

Rich man borrowing money from me

Race rowing

Rats in a dream

Rejection of engagement ring by a woman in the dream

Repairing a faulty power supply

Roofing sheet in a dream

Rendering wall

Running barefoot dream


Reformed from man to woman

Reject errands in the dream


Roof carpenter

Red roses

Refusing to buy torn chapatis

Receiving big amonut of money in dream

Returning money in my dream

Rice on bed

Removing turmeric in dream

Recovery hospitalised relative

Rating food in bramin home

Rape. by father

Red stone god in dream

Railrod tracks

Reciting ayat kareema in dream


Red sleeveless

Red sleevless

Ridge for planting

Receiving saree as a gift in your dreams

Red vermillion on feet


Rainfall in dream

Rail fall in dream

Received hymn book in dream

Riding in a plane with my ex family

Riding in a mo plane with my ex family

Remarrying your spouse

Red snake in afternoon dream

Received soursop from someone in my dream

Receiving saree from dead mother in law

Red funeral

Razor coming out of your vagina

Racism in dream

Receiving a gold brick

Receiving a golden block

Receiving a yellow brick

Receiving gift from celebrity

Receiving gift from a celebrity

Receving jaggery from other person


Round thatched house


Recovered stolen clothes

Removing of a cobwebs in a dream means what

Recovering someone from death bed

Rain beaten ones clothes in the dream

Relative in a white clothes in dream hindu

Receive cake from my deceased mother

Reveal a secret

Running after the dead person

Red spots in face

Received a saree in dream

Rotten fruits dream

Reconciliation with your deceased husband

Red lentin sprout in dream

Rape spinach chinese vegetables

Rape spinach etc

Receiving a hang

Red caladium in the dream

Red snake with golden egg meaning

Receiving sesame seeds in dream from dead person

Removing the back of cola nut

Runaway with a friend

Running in slow mothion

Running fast like car

Right leg pain

Ring looking

Ring watching

Ring wathcing

Running a horse

Running a carabao

Recite astagfirulla

Rice and car

Rotten bitter gourd

Removing hardened flesh

Removing a hardened growth

Running in a dream with ur friends

Rapoko grinding in a dream

Removing own intestine from mouth

Removing own intestine

Return of baby clothes

Relatives chasing bolo

Receiving a wide leg capri pants

Receiving a wrapper from a dead person

Roasting two tubers tubers of yam


Rejecting money in a dream

Receiving a quran

Receiving a bowl of cherries

Recover stolen phone

Recovering stolen car

Rastafarian sleeping next to me

Rising from the grave?

Relaxing hair in dream

Reciving new saree

Recieving money from a great businessman

Reverse crucifix

Relationship with older lady in dream

Rubbing cream on my face

Ringworm on someone back

Receiving sitar from friend

Running with aprophet

Receiving a fetish charm

Removing blackjack seeds from clothes

Rosary was used to strangle my sister in the dream what does that mean

Receiving a handout from pastor

Razor sharp teeth

Rhino entering my doorstep

Redoing surgery

Reciting astaghfarulah in dream

Red chilli pepper

Raining milk in dream

Room full of bathtubs

Room of bathtubs playing in it

Ruining nose

Reciting zikr in a dream

Reciting subhan allah in a dream

Recently dead father getting buried in a dream

Recover stolen money in dream

Receiving chocolates from naked man

Received white garment