Refused to lend something to someone

Receiving new green lace dream meaning

Red lights in the sky

Ruby shoes

Ruby red shoes

Received bank alert in the dream

Roll of dimes

Rust tools

Rudraksha tree in my dream

Raining on tree


Riding a mercefis benz

Received money from a mad man in the dream

Repeating circles

Ripe jamun falling from tree

Roof with hole and a rope

Riding at the top of the bus

Receiving two black nylons in a dream

Reaping a yellow banana in a dream

Roasted eggplant

Rattlesnake slithering in grass

Rattlesnake in grass chasing my pets

Rattlesnake killing my pet

Red contact lense

Red contact lens

Ruby earring

Refuse to apologize to someone

Refese to apologize to people

Refuse to apologise

Ray pig hybrid

Receiving a golden wedding band

Red green parrot flying in dream

Replacing family photos of the kids returning away and replacing them with my grandparents

Red jelly and pineape

Reuniting with friend

Ripped out piercing

Receiving sim card in a dream

Removing face skin tags

Refusing to have sex with someone in a dream

Raspberry drink

Relative janaza bought to our house meaning

Removing earrings fromnear in dream in islam

Riding a bus and arrive in an unknown place

Repairing bicycle seat

Rubbing girls clitoris

Rice donut cooking in dream

Rape from a dwarf

Rice death

Reassembling my false teeth in a dream that fell out

Riding on top of or flying with an eagle owl

Running into a cemetery

Running like a dog dream meaning

Red apples falling from the sky

Right mark in application

Running from romantic

Rat regurgitate in a dream

Round balance instrument

Rolly polli

Rollie polli

Return to old foundry workplace to look around

Receiving from a bishop

Returning clothes to store

Receiving a baby carrier in a dream

Receiving a baby carrier in a dream meaning

Removing white worms from my nose

Rejected at wedding

Romantic kiss from man

Riding an elephant cart in rain and flood

Riding a taxi

Recieved blessings from late grandpa

Reflection of your dead ones in the mirror

Receiving a bracelet

Royal chair meaning

Removing clothes in the wishing line dream meaning

Ripped nail

Red chunri

Rain leaking inside car

Receiving brown envelope


Ram humanoid

Rearranging items in a department store

Rearranging and pricing in a store

Red plates being sold to me by savannah james

Red thumbmark

Receiving rudraksha

Root of a tree exposed

Run in my dream

Receiving garri from pregnant woman

Red rapper

Red snake attacking me

Removing the bark of moringa tree alongside a prophet but the prophet did not speak to me

Removing the bark of moringa tree alongside a prophet

Removing the bark of mornings tree

Reading a catalog

Removing of roof tiles

Riding a horse backwards

Replacing a door i did not like

Reaping of maize meal with siblings

Reaping maize meal and herbs with sisters

Reaping maize mea land with sisters sisters

Rubbing palm oil on the body in the dream

Red apple bag

Rescued son drinking alcohol

Relationship ends

Red moth meaning

Red velvet car with deceased loved one in it

Rescuing a king from it enemies

Remodeling a house

Removing books from a pit

Rainbow tattoo

Rust color robe

Receive white envelop from pastor

Recived white envelop from psstor

Rock fall in landslide

Rejecting of fake money

Red oil spilled

Receiving microphone from a general overseer

Returning a lost bag to owner meaning

Receiving kola nut from a kola nut seller means

Running downwards

River with clear water and white stones

Removing toe rings

Rescuing a king in a dream

Realising flesh and blood through vagina

Riding the devil

River and praying

Receiving marijuana

Rocks under water

Red jeweled parrot

Roasting cassava in a dream

Rain of storm

Refusing alcohol in a dream

Ripped window screen

Ring and cat

Ridge guard found in dream meaning

Resisting sex in the dream

Running with a wooden stick

Received two helmet in a dream

Retired principal in a dream

Relaxing your hair and it falls out

Roasted goat meat

Removing too much vaseline on my face

Red velvet dream meaning

Receiving money from a dead old uncle in my dreams


Received eggs from a dead person

Resting head in lap

Removing prison uniform

Receiving bitter kola in my dream

Red head band

Red turban meaning in dream

Rosary on the altar

Running from attack

Removing a cell phone in a bucket of water in a dream

Removing a cell phone in a bucket of water

Receiving garland in temple before god

Recovering documents from a small boy

Right leg slippers fall into a valley

Receving currency notes

Riding a horse on nile river

Ripe mulberries on the ground

Roller coaster dream meaning

Receiving bags of melimeal from your boyfriend

Raw conch

Rotten bread dough

Recovery lost jeep vechile in a dream

Rope wrapped around front doorknob inside

Rotten squash


Rd skirt

Riding a bike in sand

Received vibhudhi in dream

Red rocking chair

Raw beans and guinea pour together in the dream

Red phone

Roosting small birds

Revived scissor in a dream

Riding horse on a beach

Riding a horse on a neavh

Renting a car

Receiving pink clothes in a dream


Running dirt out from hands and back

Received a photo frame of myself from a lady

Running after a car where my goods and my boyfriend was

Ranbow cocoon

Removing condoms

Removing condoms from my penis

Rescued a baby that was thrown in dumpster

Returning phone in dream

Received beverage in dreams

Received juices

Revealing dress

Receiving white watch from someone

Reading the some ayas in th the quran to send jeans away in a dress

Robbery and murder

Receiving mobile phones gifts dream

Red pupils

Roaches in a restaurant

Rost breathfurit

Removing snake from pant pocket

Receiving money from the president of nigerian

Receiving mixture of dry and green lemon grass from someone

Receiving ogbono on dream

Received cough medicine in a dream means

Running away from cultist


Rising river and i pray it regain it calmness

Red belly black snake


Relative coming back from abroad

Relatibe coming back from abroad

Removing bangles from the hand in dream

Rotten onions

Received a pearl from a mermaid in my dreams

Rough sex

Rough s s

Received coco yam in a dream

Receiving blessings from teachers

Rolling haystacks

Running naked on a plane

Rt leg injuries flesh open and healed

Refusing someone drinking warm in dream meaning

Reading istiqfar in dream

Romance with wife

Rusted wedding band

Renting a shack lucky winning number

Renting shanty

Receiving a snap shot

Receiving money from a prophet dream meaning

Removing stone in virginia using water in dream

Record signing deal

Rust plane flying

Receiving raw meat in a dream meaning

Refusing to drink a beer or wine

Read walls

Removing jigger from you foot in dream

Richard iii

Red oil loading on truck

Refusing oral sex


Rock falling on head mean

Rain water leaking into car

Roasting corn and pear in the dream

Red rabbit meaning

River taking clothes

Refusing money

Ripped mangoes

Recivening a passport

Reptile sucking breast

Running circles naked

Running away from walking plant

Rope on neck

Red bloody buffalo

Raw meat intestal gift in a dream

Receiving gold and copper coins from a bishop

Ripe mangoes falling from the tree

Receiving cup cakes in dream

Receiving blesssing from your pastor dreaming the meaning


Redgram dream means

Running with sister

Running quickly in dream

Recently deceased wearing sunglasses

Recently deceased wearing sunglasses i hug them and they are cold and bend forward


Receding a white cap

Red balloon containing money

Road in the sky

Role play

Remarry different dress same colr

Rot i

Running out of a hospital

Running on busy highway

Roblox coming to life

Raising yam mounds in a dream

Running out of food in high school

Riding bike over bridge

Raw meat defrosting in freezer

Removing quills from mouth

Red shadow

Right mark picture on my forehead

Remarriage abusive exhusband

Red web

Receiving incense in dream

Roped palmnut

Raising yam mound in a dream

Receiving garden egg leaves in the dream

Red colour tika

Riding a bike with mother

Ruins temple

Red coloured head band

Roman soliders

Receiving flowers from my deceased husband

Running from a shooter in rooftop

Received white handkerchief from an angel

Rocks falling through ceiling

Roasting dry red chillies

Removing sandal from your virginia in dream

Ram plush

Ratinho plantain with red oil in dream

Ragi mudde dream

Ripping out tongue

Repair borehole


Red oil and milk mixed together

Releasing semen

Rejecting pork

Raining quarters

Rat money

Red soil river

Received news father die

Red and yellow hissing and rattling rattle snake

Ring falling from sky

Ring bicycle bell

Rescue king

Reading a message from a friend

Received wrapper

Rejecting an egg in a dream meaning

Running left and right seven times

Reciting lahawla wala quwata

Red label

Roiling boil

Removing food chaff from mouth

Robin with a collar on

Red plumage

Receiving a old clothes from someone

Receiving gift from royals


Rainbow tsunami

Roach biting

Roaches dream

Railroad tracks in a valley

Red clay pot breaking dream meaning

Ready made clothes dealer

Receiving injection in the face

Receiving boxing gloves

Rpulling out tear ducts

Receiveing a blank paper from dead uncle

Red and white sangoma beats

Receiving a watch gift

Receiving a wrist watch in the dream

Recieving a cup of simsim

Rain splash on shoulder

Reciting darood sarif

Receiving torch light from a dead father

Receiving a new bead armband

Repairing my broken pot


Repeative dream of going into a known place and getting lost


Receiving new wrapper dream meaning

Receiving baby sucks as a gift in a dre

Raising a black eagle

Room filled with white

Red kolanut

Rubberband pulled mouth

Receiving cowries in a dream

Round steps

Rat sleeping in a vagina

Red floating

Rising water wave

Raven wanted to take chichen

Riding a bike downstairs

Receive coins from mother inlaw

Removing mangalsutra from neck in dream

Riding on the horses

Rolling backwards

Room without wall

Raising baby alligators

Revelation of washing groundnuts

Return dreams meaning

Royal member funeral


River flowing backwards after i cross

Riding a public transpo with co worker

Red poker chip

Radiant white

Roaches in my mouth

Receiving a phone call from enemies

Ripping head off dog in dream

Rings and letters in the board

Removal of sindoor

Rotting fruit meaning

Ripe nasberry in a dream

Recover stolen money in de dream

Ripe sore means

Restaurant check

Roti falling from hand

Roti falling fron hand

Red cut braid on a door

Roaming around old building

Roaming around building

Reigns dream

Red shower curtain

Removing clothes off clothesline

Red njeti cloth dream meaning

River house

River side house

Rub the cheeks

Recieving sweets and a watch

Red sword in dream

Roasted cow nose

Round marble

Rush to get somewhere

Rebecca means what

Red mascara on left eye

Running bus

Room number

Removing splinter from body

Red envelope with money

Real moon in ur house

Receiving mobile phone as gift

Running away from mad woman

Restarting a quenching fire

Ring worm in fingernail

Red clay pot or flower clay pot

Red pot or flower pot

River container meaning

Received clothes from dead people

Refusing to pay bills

Running with baby alligators

Rainstorm sweeping away clothes and fencing never recoverd

Removing thorn

Rebuilding of the church

Receiving flowers from temple

Receiving holy book in your dream

Rat ate leather purse and money inside

Rat ate purse and money inside

Raw tomatoes

Raw tomatos

Riding on a car bonate

Receive clove cardamom

Robbing honey on my leg

Receiving treatment

Remove chair in another place

Red enchanted marble

Red enchant

Regaining sight

Remove planks from the wall in the dream meaning

Rubber mallet

Rocket rocket launcher

Running up and down hill

Reading about a wholesome in a church

Receiving clothes dream

Relieving mobile phone gift

Rejecting brown beans

Rejecting brown beans in a dream

Rejecting briwn beans in a dream

Rejecting child in a dream

Received wrapper and money from not married to

Rain destroying my cloth

Riding a bicycle with a flat tire

Running away from atruck carrying load of different kinds of ripe fruits

Reading brahmin boy

Removing a jigger from foot

Relative calling you in a dream

Raking muddy yard

Removing periwinkle from shells

Receiving money in d brown envelope in a dream from someone you know

Rocks beach

Running in a dream and the person trouser removed

Receiving money from priest in temple in dream

Raising golden palomino quarter horse

Receiving dried fish

Running with basketball

Rescuing an animal

Rain washing over the city

Rats eating produce in a store

Roll neck

Running away with a baby

Rich man became poor

Romance dead person in a dream

Receiving fish as a gift dream meaning

Receiving curry leaf milk from someone

Receiving green colour milk from someone

Receiving food from a celebrity in a restaurant

Recite surah

Robert by friend who passed away

Removing office pin from bed office pin

Removing office pin from bed

Ring wrom in water

Ripple on water

Received stones from dead relatives

Rubbing coin on teeth

Roach infestation

Receiving pos machine in dream

Removing broomsticks from my virginal in my dream

Receiving gift baby clothes dream meaning

Refusing to go in a old house

Ring yomshado

Received the star of annunaki

Receiving gifts from a celebrity

Run mad

Reverse vasectomy

Removing fish hooks from tongue

Running with pogo stick

Ragi seed

Return home from abroad meaning

Riding dead body at the back of the bicycle

Rat bite nipple

Removing object in my stomach in the dream

Rushing the sick to hospital

Road block of water

Rape pregnancy

Rose eternelle

Robot voices in my dreams

Red moon sky

Recieving two rand coins in a dream

Recieving wrapper in a dream

Rocket luncher

River carrying away my children clothes but was able to gather them all including my baby

Riding a bike being followed by a dog

Raspy breathing

Removing curse

Roobed am by a thief while travelling

Red lights and objects in the dark sky

Receiving oranges from a dead person

Running an errand for parents

Rejoicing on a sister that gave birth to a baby in the dream

Right toe profuse bleeding

Robotic voice

Rooster fighting off a cat

Running on a highway

Received baby bed as a gift in my dream

Rainbow fruit tree

Rock boulders falling

Receiving geisha in dream

Reserve car and unable to stop

Recieving bangles

Red velvet cloth

Red velvet fabric in dream

Rotten breadfruit in dream meaning

Receive nzu as a gift in the dream meaning

Red car floating to the right of me in dream


Receiving gold in temple

Rusty coins

Rodent stealing tools

Royal blue shoes with holes

Receiving stacks money in a dream

Receiving money in a dream

Rooms under construction

Receiving vibhuti in dream

Rose spider

Ragi ambali in my dream

Running from white tiger in jungle

Running from a white toger in a jungle

Rust ring gifted by a boyfriend

Running from animal but people dress like animal

Radhe radhe in dream

Rainbow and shooting stars

Relative giving money

Receive rice from the dead

Ridding in a trysicle without driver

Removing of snail on my leg

Ripping of clothes

Removing jewlery from a corpse

Removing your hair

Receiving uncooked food meaning

Right wonded lengs

Riding a bicycle to visit your deceased mom

Reporting someone to another person

Roasted gouse

Rotten sweet potatoes

Running away from an elephant in our house

Receive new dress

Running away from afuneral vehicle in adream

Recieving water to drink from a dead person

Relatives betrayal

Riding motor bike to climb mountain

Removing horns on slaughtered goat

Rhino horn in hands

Rattlesnake turns to black bird

Rattlesnake turns to raven

Riding with elon musk

Running and hiding from a sirenhead

Romanian vampires as family

Ripe cocoa on a cocoa tree

Removing a needle from a private part in dream meaning

Refusing to bring water for someone

Removing feathers off a white chicken

Rice cleaner comes in dream

Receiving a wrist watch from my husband

Receiving a light brown leather wrist watch from my husband

Receiving clothes from someone

Removing weeds in the garden of a new place

Removing weeds from garden of a new place

Recieving a sharp sword

Receiving the holy eucharist wine in church from the hands of a priest

Receiving house as gifts

Rabbit with so many eggs on top of the roof dream meaning

Rolled dimes

Receive money in the dream

Retirement party

Ripped palm fruit in dream

Rip out organs

Receiving money in the dream by a pastor

Receive gift from bishop

Receiving chairs

Rain in garden

Raining in garden

Run marathon

Revving a car engine

Re i big car engine

Running water from dishwasher

Riding a horse in a dream

Received kumkum dream meaning

Rudrakshi tree

Ref cloth

Running away from destruction

River with fire

Relative with ayyappamala in dream

Reveling money in the dram

Red pillow stains of your father

Ragi heap

Relief from a tragedy

Receiving information in dream

Running to a graveyard crying

Running on a path beside an evergrenn forest

Reckless misdeeds

Removing stickers of feet


Redreaming competition

Red car dreaming

Red lentils

Removing turquoise from a mountain

Roof hole

Roof with a hole

Roof with a large hole in it

Running after a ball

Receiving an envelop with forein coins from a king

Received moi moi


Receiving money tie with solletape in dream meaning

Rabbit lick

Recieving gift from king dream meaning

Ringing out art treasure in dream

Reading palm

Read palm

Received red ochre

Red ochre

Receiving a gold necklace gift of a boyfriend

Red ocher

Red cow given birth

Receiving money from a africa woman

Rescuing a fairy

Roach flood

Ram head

Reciving quran as gift

Rearranging blue bathroom mats

Recieve foods

Rare sport car

Rats and snakes in a pit eating a whole egg

Receive gold bracelet

Replacing computer parts

Raw goat meat and rice

Recovering lost money

Raisin and maggots

Receiving money in a dream meaning

Ripe udara fruit falling into my hands in my dream

Rain beating dried clothes on a line

Receiving fire wood from a dead person

Rain with white sand on the head in the dream

Receiving pink cloth from w guy

Received a watch

Refused handshake

Runny water

Runny water taking my belongings

Random house

Red cow eating clothes as hinduism

Red oval dot

Rich dream

Receive ion in a dream meaning

Red lotion



Rebuking evil men in your dream

Rv flipping

Rusty color

Receiving watch

Religious image

Rinsing hair in the rain

Raping a baby boy

Refuse to go to school

Rugby match

Removing the ring from the penis

Room full of jackets

Running in a field

Running in a down hill grass field

Raped by a donkey

Raster hir

Receiving a gift from president

Rubbing of honey in a dream

Receiving traffic lights

Riding a snakw


Run away from helicoptor

Running away from thugs

Robot inspector no flaws but looking for flaws

Receiving a gift of earrings

Ring falling in water

Raw meat thrown in toilet bowl spiritually meaning

Right left hand

Replacing new door

Rabbit biting a snake

Reincarnation of your cat

Reincarnation of your cst

Receiving a variety of foods from friends

Rescuing a child from falling into a pit

Removing lots of head ties in dream

Running naked down the street

Realize i love my husband

Remove table

River to carry someone cloth

Rice mixed with dirt

Refuse to give mad man money in a dream

Removing jiggers from index finger of a friend

Raped by father

Reed instrument

Rotten sweet potato

Riding white horse with wedding gown

Roof tops

Remove animal from body

Removing worms in your vagina

River goddess

Reading an empty book in a dream sitting by a friend what is the meaning of the dream

Reading an empty book in a dream sitting by a friend

Resigning as president

Receiving vibhuthi from others in dream

Receiving vibhu thi from others in dream means

River filled with gold

Receiving money from my dead mom

Repair of shoe

Red sugar cane

Red sugar ca e

Removing stinger

Removing my toe nail in dream

Reparations town on the sea

Running with dogs

Red doek spiritual dream meaning

Red rose plant

Roasted groundnut not in shells in a dream

Rotten water

Rat in graveyard

Rat in gravesite

Raw yam in the dream

Ross hair

Rectangular prism dream

Ruru morepork

Revisiting the same places in a dream

Red pen signature done in interviews document

Receiving two cutlasses as a reward

Receiving food from some celebrities


Rented car

Returnin frying pan

Refusing to have sex with my ex boyfriend

Reception planner

Red cowries in dream

Ridind a horse on the mountain

Returning gold to deceased dad

Receiving money gift from mother in the dream

Recovering lost documents

Running through water

Running on air dream

Running with a pastor

Receiving a phone as a gift from someone

Remarrying in the dream

Remarrying a man who is not your husband in the dream

Received white stones

Robet my phone than i get it back without a bettre

Removing a big jinger from my dads feet

Receiving fish dream meaning

Removal of restraints

Red smiley face on hand

Red smiley face on hand in a black and white surrounding

Riding jeepney together with my bf

Rubbing dirt from the body

Running from the sea

Receiving wrappers form my boyfriend

Running in circle

Red eyed jackrabbit

Riding tricycle child driver

Receiving a silver wrist watch gift

Raw meat strings coming out of my vagina

Ruby cladagh ring

Receiving money and mint and coins

Receiving money and mint

Replaced a fence

Running bath

Red and blue color meanings

Raise dream




Relative is an eye doctor

Roasting meat then later stolen in a dream

Red roasry beads

Ripe mango falling to the deep well with water inside

Ripe mango falling to the deep wee

Ripe mango falling to the pit


Ripe hog plums

Ripped coat arm

Receiving a phone number from stranger

Rice crispies

Red phoenix tattoo on my left arm

Racing very fast

Red chili tree dream meaning

Removing ring finger

Ready to eat prepared pounded yam

Receive sweets

Red sorghum mahewu

Red sorghum

Ring cross

Ragi mudde dreaming

Rotting alive

Running away from a murder contest

Ripe guava in a dream

Receiving bitter kola in your dream

Rose toxic

Received red tika in dream

Rod impaled in chest

Rice in the drawer

Rosary falling from the sky and give it to me

Receiving garri from a man in your dream means

Rose thorns stuck in knees

Running away from your husband

Riding a bike through flood


Rashes and itching

Random music

Receiving airtime card your sister dream meaning

Rick pool

Renewing wedding vows with my partner

Receiving ukazi leaf in dream

Refusal to have sex with ua friend

Ring dropped in toilet bowl

Running on your dream

Rubbing oil on my head

Removing yellow leaves of moneyplant

Receive silver as gift

Ripped photos of oneself

Riding scooter alone uphill

Red dashboard light

Reverse in a car

Red quartz in a dream

Rendering falling off house meaning

Reading a love letter by my hubby to other lady

Reject raw meat

Refusing having sex in a dream

Removing many bee stinger from my hands in a dream

Reviving an unconcious blue bird

Recurring dreams of my wife having many sexual partners

Roaming in the world of the dead in dream

Roaming in the world of the dead

Road grader running after me

Riding donkey

Removing grass from my palm

Roasting an animal and it later escaped

Receiving green colour saree which used for prayer from a boy

Rotten garbage

Raccoon attacked me

Red spot rash on skin

Red dress to a funeral

Receiving sex

Recieiving oral

Running water from tap

Rhinestone shirt

Rings of gold and silver

Romantically kissing and sucking my nipples

Romantically kissing and sucking my mipples

Rolling a mat

Receiving fruit from the dead

Rude food vendor

Received and putting in order a lot of paper money

Receiving two white colanut from a dead person

Reason for heavy shoulders

Receiving gift of suit from a pastor

Reciving milk in a dream

Receiving gift from a pastor

Rice noodles

Raw meat as free

River carrying my shoes away

Running with a child

Receiving garri in the dream

Roasted dogs meat dream meaning

Receiving credit alert

Running to him

Red front teeth

Rainbow birds

Red fire hydrant

Rosary falling in hand

Recover phone in dream

Rosary falling into hands dream

Red dining room

Receiving empty coolers

Rat eating gold coins

Receiving blessings from an old person

Raped by a transgender

Red collar

Rings found on a beach

Riding keke in the dream


Removed eyes from face

Red head inside ear dream

Receiving money in dream number

Removed someone else bindi

Receiving a paper that you dropped

Red eye tiger staring

Rain snow

Renovation of school building

Rope hell

Rain fall when i carry gari for my head in a dream

Receiving ancient drumsticks

Red chilli symbolism


Receiving a two dollar bill from sister

Running with freaind

Rubber band in mouth

Rail replacement bus

Receiving gift marriages ceremony

Red and white furniture

Reverses gravity

Red mopani worms

Receiving white dress as a gift from deceased person

Receiving a power bank

Rasogolla eating from someone

Receiving kumkum from temple

Receiving green bangles in dreams

Rash of seashells

Red dupatta from mata rani temple

Rabbit dreams n teer

Reverse blue blouse

Rectangular table

Rectangular coffeetable

Rectangular living room table

Rapunzel dream meaning

Recieving gift from a shaman

Running to stay alive

Room assignment

Red glowing man

Red shoes and green dress

Removing clothes from closet

Retired and dream of losing my pension

Red carp in a river meaning in a dream

Red anthurium in a dream meaning

Removing sindoor in dreams

Robbery of gold bracelet

Rubbish falling on the floor

Rubbish on oor

Receipt dream

Received message from dead person

Rubbing my cheeks on his shoulder

Rise of water level of ocean

Running away and spitting neem

Riding on a white horse and wearing a red coat

Roasted human flesh

Roots growing from tongue

Running through the church

Reg doll

Refusing to get new slippers in dream


Ripped off mole

Rattlesnake and centipede dream what does it mean

Ruining clothes with bleach

Reacaring dream about a house

Return presents

Return gifts

Riesing the dead

Repair borrowed item

Researching for a report

Ring poop

Ripe plantain in your dream means

Roof termited

Rboken sign post

Red dress and red lipstick

Running away from sea animals

Receiving cola in a dream

Raw gizzards

Receiving two hundred naira in a dream

Roofless house with domestic birds flying into it

Rabbit catch tow

Red hot sword dream interpretation

Roasting bush meat in d dream

Rusty truss bridge

Running jumping

Rivets steel


Rubber plants

Removing root from top of head

Removing sluggy material for the mouth

Removing sticky material for the mouth

Removing black paste from the mouth

Red rubies

Regret purchasing

Rescued children and parents from fire

Receive a candle from a dead person

Ravens turtles