Room full of clothes

Riding a tricycle with my daughter

Receiving money from president

Removing a dark mark by rubbing with salt

Riding on boat

Removing cobweb in my dream

Ruby crown

Running and the a long jump

Rubbing cream in the body in the dream

Red oil

Receiving a call from husband in a dream

Running away from mad man in the dream

Red clothes

Red spade

River creature drinking rum

Recent death of an ex appears in my dream

Ruby red slippers worn by my mum

Red room with winow

Receiving sweets in a dream

Red rose in blue water

Red bar


Rubber plant

Red shirt on a friend

Reconnecting with family

Receiving wrapper in adream

Running on all fours to go faster

Received new saree from someone

Rangoli drawings on road

Ride flat tire

Ratsnake spitting venom onto me

Rape by uncle

Refusing ur partner sex in dream

Refusing ur partner sex

Razor blade in ankle

Red and white bracelet beads

Riding a yali

Repairing shoe to shoemaker

Receiving a wrapped gift from a bishop

Red watch


Reading dargah name

Reading dargah name at dargah

Reading paper at dargah

Receiving shoes from dead person

Receiving jaggery

Removing cobwebs from my head in the dream

Removing goat skin

Red hat with red feather

Red sea water

Reciting lahawla

Reciting ayatul kursiyu in a dream means what in islam

Running downstairs

Receiving a black saree

Receiving holy communion in dream

Receiving gold chain

Receiving gold jewelry

Rain that taste sour in a dream

Ruby diamond engagement ring

Receiving wrapper

Redcross on a woman wearing gown and head cover in white walking towards me wanting to give me something

Riding a bicycle across a pool of water

Running away and fly from a dog


Reset digital clocks after electric turned off

Rosary got fire

Rosary on fire

Receiving blue blouse as a gift from someone

Receiving rice tillak

Receiving coconuts in dream

Received bread from dead person

Red hallway buildings


Riding ahorse

Receive us money


Ripe sweetsop

Removing organs from the head

Riding up

Ricemill ship

Reservoir destroy

Reel yarn

Roll yarn

Removing of chewed paper from the mouth

River and shoe

River and ahoe

Receiving picture messages in your phone

Red woman with horns laughing


Returning chapattis

Rocket shaking

Ripped nose

Rabbit and snakes

Rain and mud

Receiving money from a mad person

Receive gold in dream


Rose wine

Ripe papaya

Raw fish on dryer


Rigid gourd in dream

Receiving a letter wrote backwards

Running on a steep dirt road

Ripped face

Recieving grant in a dream

Rescuing a baby chick

Receiving kolanuts in dreams

Rope towing

Rubbing lotion on someone


Release handcuff

Removing a wedding ring in a dream

Recieving gold from motherinlaw

Removing blade from arm skin

Room full of clothes and childre

Receiving money from an angry person you knew

Receiving money from an angry person you knee

Removing gates

Ripe fruits collct to climbing up atree

Red dimond

Receipt duplicate


Red dressing funeral

Right foot with swelling and growth

Receiving provision in the dreams means what

Room full of clothes and children

Riding in flying object

Red palm fruit

Red water

Running with loved one barefoot

Removing teeth

Removing my down front teth

Removing sindoor

Rescuing child

Room spinning

Rainbow coloured fishes in a dream

Receiving gold bracelet in dream

Roofing my story building means what ?

Receiving sugarcane from my dad

Rotton little toe

Received chalk from someone

Red decorative treasure

Receiving money from a mad man

Riding in a truck with many dead people

Riding a bike in the dark

Running and handing from people

Rolls royce

Rebirth of a dead person

Running backwards while being chased

Receiving money from ex president

Receive surprise of palm oil in the dream

Ruling an alligator

Receiving a pos machine in your dream

Red purse in a dream

Recover money in the dream

Recover money in the drram

Receive red tika on forehead in dream

Receiving money from a friend in a dream

Receiving money from a bad friend in a dream


Reoccurring sex dream with same man

Running stomach dream

Red cross

Receiving a wrapper in the dream

Removing thorns from left leg

Raining grasshoppers

Repairing friend shoe

Repair sandle

Received flower from a widow woman

Receiving money in my dream

Red staircase

Reuniting with a father


Rolling over in bed with lover

Rolling on bed

Rolling over a person

Removing thorn from my shoe

Retrieving golden shoe

Running from a angel

Red saree purchase in dream with someone


Rich city

Running in a group

Receiving a plant

Receiving a green leafy plant

Roasting marijuana

Robbers trying to come in

Running sun

Roasted ground nuts in a dream

Red 3 point fork sworn green cloth

Red 3 point fork sworn green material

Receiving haldi kumkum and blessings by a relative in dream

Rabbit linking me

Receiving bank note

Rainbow colored owl dies

Rejecting a celebration cake

Removing bindi in forehead

Raising from the ground into the sky

Raising off the ground into the sky

Raising off the ground

Receiving a gift of baby clothes in dream

Red racen

Receiving gold from my grandmother

Red heart shape


Running away from falling husk

Red capsicum alot

Receiving sweets from dead person | dream interpretation

Radha idol in dream

Ripped guava

Releasing many sperm cells in the dream

Rats and water and fish in sea blue waters

Rats and water

Running away husband

Running rain wearing socks

Removing maggot out of my body


Red colour sand

Receiving money and yam in the dream

Rope around the neck

Rocking chair life style

Receiving wrapper in dream

Roasted goats meat and cassava in a dream

Riding a white pony without a saddle

Rotten toenail

Red hot untensil see in my dream what does it mean

Running out of mall shutter closing

Red door with dreem

Receiving red bangles in dream

Runnin water

Removing plaque from teeth

Right index finger hailing me

Rubbing shea butter in hair

Red backless long gown

Running in pitch black

Red wax seal



Received crayfish in the dream

Rowdy in dream

Receiving money on hand

Rejecting marriage

Rotten palm tree with maggots inside

Relative attacked by mob justice

Rice field full of golden grains

Range rover meaning in a dream

Ripe suorsop

Receiving gift list polo and long sleeve in the dream means

Red bindi on forehead

Roof with termites

Red sorghum in dreaming

Rope of tongue

Refusing to have sex with my boyfriend

Room with no roof

Receiving ruler

Raw meat in car

Running shoes in a dream

Roses on tomb


Ridge gourd islamic interpretation

Rondavel dream

Released from jail

Reciving gift of gardenegg fruith in dream mean what

Red 2 pairs combs

Receiving drip in the dream

Roots of peepal tree

Refusing offered money


Red cloak with white

Restaurants tester

Red pepper inside green pepper

Ruin grapefruit sac

Receiving yogurt from father-in-law

Receiving yogurt from deceased relative

Rinsing washed clothes with hose pipe water

Receiving frozen fish in dream

Received sweet from a dead person

Riding a donkey in a dream

Riped cocoa fruit on it tree in a dream means that

Red roses in dream

Rub body with honey in dream

Receiving prasad in dream

Recieving money givin by a woman friend

Rich friend

Red rooster

Riding flying horse around the globe in space

Romance with girl friend

Rashes on neck

Rash2on neck

Reciting 1st kalima

Riding a bike over a bridge

Red water and boat

Red sea or ocean

Red sea and small boat

Reptiles eating a goat in the dream

Recite ayatul kursi

Red bug never excint before

Receiving sarees

Razor blade cut of palm

Removing jiggers in the dream

Reciving sandlewood oil as a gift

Royal house

Receiving red tika on forehead

Rotted door

Red shine tree

Red shine

Rice pudding

Receiving wrapper in a dream means what

Room full of coffins

Reattached leg

Red bus 16

Receiving a pure glass cup with silver coating inside

Reading the bible

Receiving bunch of yellow oha leaves

Rubbing pomade in the dream

Removing socks


Running from jason voorhees

Red envelope


Renewal of marriage

Renewal of vow

Role ode.

Red handkerchief

Reciving turmeric and kumkum

Riding a tricycle with a deceased friend

Riding a tricycle with dead friend

Riving a tricycle without driver

Received sim card and called

Ruler of the time in the dream

Raise husk indream


Running car

Reuniting with my mother

Robbing a convinience store

Row turky

Red handbag

Red dot on forget

Red saree women

Red bindi on forehead in dresm means

Receive job opportunity

Returned bag

Resisting sex

Robbing olive oil in a dream

Recieving dirty money in dreams

Receiving toordal in dream

Receiving a gift in a dream

Rich man giving you meat

Rose stem

Recieve money in envelope

Ripe pumpkin

Ripe squash

Rubbing honey, oats and milk onto my skin

Refuses to give me water

Road label surgery

Red dried chillies

Riding on horse cart on the hill

Rocks on the street


Receiving international number in the dreams what does it means

Reciting surah tariq in dream

Removal facial hair

Ripped shoe

Running bare chested

Refuse get married

Relaxing hair in a dream

Red rose and red lipstick

Red kow

Repairing potholes in dream

Rally in dreams

Relative committing suicide

Red nails

Receiving dollars in an envelope in dream


Rat approaching

Receding hairline

Raddish gift

Raffish as a gift


Receiving african pear in a dream

Receiving money mother

Recieving fish from someone i love

Roasted rat


Receiving ground provision in a dream

Reciting surah yaseen in my dream - what does it means?

Receive homemade cake

Roasted chicken

Riding an undersized bike with a flat front tyre

Rice cooker exploded

Receiving c

Receiving i

Receiving chapati in a plate in dream

Receiving chapati in a platr

Removing chicken feather

Red tika on forehead in dream


Receiving kola in the dream

Receiving garcinia kola in the dream

Recovering stolen things in a dream

Red lipstic

Rubber slipper

Rubbing oil on my hair

Red planet coming toward earth

Running in a grocery store

Running in a grocery storr

Rich friend in dream

Red balloons

Rocks ocean

Red leaves in house

Recovering clothes in a river

Rocks falling out of people




Removing load from head

Rats tails

Root vegetables

Raining sideways

Receive seeds in a dream

Rebuking the presence of something

Ripe udara fruit was dropping into my hands in dream

Riding elevetor

Red chair with gold


Rejected by boy


Rejecting dollar in dream

Renewing wedding vows but keep getting interrupted


Receiving beating with a cane in my dream

Resigning from job

Raw offals in dream

Red new leaves

Roman soldier

Reacting surah yaseen in dream

Rags in spilled water

Riding fast moving tricycle

Rooster teapit

Running in a dark hallway to the dark

Running in a corn feid that id dried

Right arm needs amputating

Red wall

Recieving gold watch from grandmother

Receiving new clothes in my dream

Rubbed in a dream, what does that mean

Robbie maloney


Receiving a love letter from a ex forving and asking for us to get back together

Receiving a love letter

Rose quartz crystal


Raising of the dead

Remove plaques from ones teeth

Recovery of illness

Regal letter

Rice mill shop


Receiving pads in adream means

Receiving pads in adream mean

Red religious tika in dream

Rooten eggs

Receive a gift

Religious leader advising me

Receiving a gift from the president in a dream

Riding on the camel

Receiving a cheque of 202000 in a dream

Removing snails shell

Received money from a man of god in dream?

Receiving cassava in a dream

Red substance

Resting on tummy

Rice wine

Rat and snake


Receiving kumkum from pandit in temple which it was kudaka full of kumkum


Riding lawnmower

Receiving white beans from a friend it means what

Raw white pap

Ride in remote controlled car

Rocking horse in dream

River takes girl

Refusing injection

Receiving letter from the dead in the dream

Riding a spaceship


Removing nails from the wood in dream meaning

Running out of bread

Receiving iv

Releasing parrots from enclosed tree

Rusting ring finger


Rooms filled with water


Roasted chicken inside transparent glass rack

Receiving lotery number in dream

Rubbing breast

Rash turn to wound