Receiving coconut in dream

Riveting brown powder in dream


Ring finger and lady finger falling off

Receiving an apple from a death relative


Rubbing make up on the face



Rooms changing once you look away

Roller skating

Red stone


Rejecting a girl

Received a pincode in dream

Received a pincode indream

Receiving stool from dead relative

Rüyada aventurin

Repeated time

Road work

Returning of money pick on the floor to the owner in dream

Running away far from home

Receving perfume bottle as a gift

Removing staple pins stuck on my tongue

Rangoli cleaning dream

Removing neck chain from throat meaning

Red panda holding arms with claws

Reciting ayatal kursri and fighting a jinn in dream

Reaching the distination after a difficult travel

Receive blessings from an elder

Removing and killing insect from other person

Receiving money from teacher

Raw chicken with spices for cooking

Removing sand from the vagina.

River water blocked the road i was walking on

Receiving bagles as gift

Reciting bilble


Riding an animal

Rooster pecking out feathers

Roads dissapeared

Romantic to a co worker

Resisting your breast being fondled

Red spots face

Receiving money in a bank

Riding a bear

Removing the weaving

Riding a tricycle it moving but no driver

Rosd and blood

Rotten body

Removing dust in hair

Respect person

Running old men from in your house

Removing an anklet

Receiving sweets for the prophets

Reciting surah al imraan

River blocks my way

Rice and red beans

Receive quran as gift

River green grass

Running duppy in my dream

Red palm oil beans dreams

Red stones in silver jewellery

Red markers

Remove rubber from the money

Room filled with clear water

Roaming around in a dream


Received roast beef as gift

Reject money in dream

Riding a bike with my dad

Running from a scary thing

Riding jeepney in full speed

Receiving gift from river

Rings in the river

Returning of a purse

Reading syrah ikhlas

Receiving photo shot from a woman in my dream

Removing the feather of white chicken

Receiving garland from temple pujari

Receiving stock fish in my dream

Receiving gift from unknown person

Rock blasting

Roasted human

Running out of petrol

Read capsicum in dream

Receiving divination stones

Receiving divination bones

Receiving ditaola

Rotten egg and maggot

Removed desk

Receiving mint money in a dream

Running off from lion

Recharge cards with numbers

Received food from someone in the dream

Rotting log

Red light


Raw big french fries

Receiving a big cheque in a dream

Raped by a mad man

Riding a rollercoaster backwards

Realesing blood from vegina in dream

Running on railway track

Reciting iqamah

Recived green pen as gift in dreem

Receive 3 cowries in dream

Red ants in my clothes dream meaning

Runnin in discarded school

Running away with dead husband

Running away from cops

Ripe custard apple in dream

Radha krishna idol

Rotting sole of feet

Receiving a truck full of foods stuff

Rainfall on grain

Rescuing children from a captor

Receiving jewelry has a neckless and ear ring has a present

Redsky dreams

Running away from smoke


Receiving cloth from neighbor

Reciting surah dukhan in dream

Red chairs in the middle of other chairs

Romance with a a known girl in the dream

Rubbing powder in the dream

Right hand turns blue

Running with help of hands

Running with hands

Red chura in dreams3

Request fulfilled


Roasted cashew nuts

Roaming in the dream

Rejecting a piece of cake in a wedding

Removing stuck meat from teeth

Rain leaking in the car

Receiving dlippers as a gift?


Ripe msngo

Receiving black saree in dream

Rubies in mouth

Rice and moimoi

Relaxing my hair in dream meaning

Riding in trolley on road

Rock hit you in a dream

Ribbon on your hair

Recieving a kimono as a gift

Rooftop terrace

Reprimand letter

Ripe soursap and pineapple

Receiving bank alert


Ripe & unripe pepper in dream

Receiving money in the dream from the person u want to to ask it from

Receiving money from someone u wanted to ask money from

Right thumb bitten

Returning lost phone to the owner

Running after a drunken thief

Removing the mouth membrane

Repairing praying matt

Reaping sugar cain in the dream

Rescue sinking car

Rescuing sinking car

Rescue tiny people

Riding in a trolley from colourful to dull ambience

Returning jewelry

Relocating using military truckk


Radio talking

Road of grass

Received jewellery from dead mother

Reciting kalma as if dying in dream

Receiving clothes from a deceased friend

Riding camel in dream islamic meaning

Rock sugar


Reeds seeds

Riding a sea ship

Ruining food

Receiving handkerchief as gift

Running and being caught

Riding a cycle with mom

Rose plant walking

Receiving a foreign money

Raining outside and inside

Rat skeleton

Reuben meaning

Religious monuments

Receiving wrist watch gift in dream

Riding a bike on the beach

Riding a bikw


Ripe cashew fruit in dream

Reciting la haula wa

Road construction

Receiving money uncle mean

Rice krispies

Riding a coach

Receiving potash in a dream

Rentals for rent in kireka

Rats snack home

Ronaldo dream meaning

Refused sex

Refused to have sex in a dream

Rotted out front door

Renovating a house using mud

Receiving oat meal, milk in a dream

Receiving tissue from a married man and he blles me

Ring gem melt

Receiving sweetpan in dream

Religious person

Rotten meat with worms

Road islam

Reconciliation to opponent

Reconcile with opponents


Running train zigzag building and road and a particular person

Rejecting cake in a dream

Receiving a white rose from a dead person



Ripe atis

Rapping fire wood in the dream



Roasting cassava in dream

Resuing a king

Removing handcuff

Reaching destination after a difficult travel | dream

Receiving a banana and a rose from a known person

Reading someones email

Rastafarian man protecting me

Rastafarian man protecting mw


Rainbow dragon

Receiving gift from your pastor

Riding and fell over a hump


Receive a manuscript

Receibe a manuscript

Receiving dirty money in the dream

Rasing of a dead child

Ring purple gemstone

Room in upside down

Room in up sode down

Return money after safekeeping to owner

Raod construction

Received bangles in dream means

Red bindi on forehead meaning

Romancing with my boyfriend

Ride on a ship sailing in the dry land

Roasted dead meat

Rashes in babys hand

Raising a dead person through prayer

Running downhill on the road side

Running downhill naked on the side road

Running naked on the side road

Red key

Receiving grandnut in my dream by unknown man


Raising a snake

Receive bitter kola

Red galaxy

Riding on a horse to fight

Rotten bittergourd

Ripped palm trees seed in dreams

Rape on my young daughter

Receiving five hundred naira notes in a dream

Rain falling on hanging chlothes in a drying line 

Roof in dreams

Reception chair

Rolling downhill

River of oil dreaming

Royal family

Rocks embedded in right hand

Rain falling on hanging chlothes in a drying line

Remove snail from the shell in the dream meaning

Reminding someone to tithe

Repaired truck in my dream

Received pure water in the dream meaning

Reviving pig meat from a woman

Rats eating mother to bones

Red bra in dream

Removing a wrapped snake around someone else neck and trying to kill it in my dreams but it was now casing me both big and small snake


Relocating into a new upper flow house

River in opposite direction and overfloded

Removing torn clothes in the dream

Running away from mad man

Rearing white cows in a dream

Received an umbrella as a gift in a dream

Repaired walls

Receiving 2 dollar bill

Red paprika in a dream scattered

Royalty dreams

Robbery while in the home

Reptile eyes

Roads and mountains

Rescue a black lamb

Red colours nighty

Receiving ground provision cassava and eddies

Rasta man getting evicted


Rice mill machine

Ripe rice field

Receive token

Receiving token

Reciting duration fatiha

Red cap warning procession

Ragi mudde in my dreams

Rubbing feet

Red cardinal pecking at my face

Recieving divine mercy in a dream

Religious figure broken

Receiving ground provisions

Receiving buttermilk in the dream

Receiving fish in the dream

Receiving prophecy in the dream meaning

Rabeeul avval 12

Road closed behind you at the junction

Road close behind after you at the junction

Rearing chicks

Ripe rice farm

Running away from catte

Receiving garlic from dead big father in dream

Receiving garlic from dead big father garnu


Receiving machete in the dream as a gift

Roasted goat head what does it mean in dream

Reporting my husband in the dream


Riding the horse

Refusing to pay a bill

Ready you cook porridge yam in the dream

Rally in dream

Reciting surah rahman in dream

Receding hair line in a dream

Riding pumpboat

Runnxing away and saw my significant other in jail

Receiving a machete in the dream as a gift

Running from someone never got caught

Ruda tree

Ruby teeth

Receiving kumkum and flowers in dream

Rotten foot

Roasting a rat in the dream

Receiving 2a exercise book in the dream

Restoring an old car

Ragi ambli comes dream what does mean

Receiving a gift from an ex lover

Receiving money from a blind person

Reading ramyana in dream

Return a wedding dress in a dream

Receiving money from a governor

Red area

Recieving lecheon pig as gift

Receiving kumkum and bangles from a sumangali


Raagi mudde

Removing ropes from teeth

Rashes on a baby

Removing gold ornament from hand

Removing ornament made of gold from body

Rough ocean phone lost in the water

Releasing sperms through menstrual period

Raining eggs spiritual mean

Rece8ving boxs of perfume

Received award in dream

Receive gold coins

Rape devil

Raped by devil faced man

Regi pandlu

Rubbing sand your belly button

Receiving thamboolam in dream

Rash in other body

Rotting door

Removing porcipine quills from body

Red palm weevil larvae

Random guy wants to be my father

Repairing generator in the dream

Report stating failed at school

Red tap water meaning

Reading success cards

Renovation of a church

Reunite ldr husband

Removing big coconuts from the soil

Removing big coconuts from a loose soil

Ripe sugar apples

Red and white rose petals

Recurring a gremlin

Reconstruct a city


Receiving 3 watches as gift

Retained placenta

Rib cage with a flower inside

Recruiting into force

Receiving drink and money from dead person

Rose quarts breaks in my dream

Receiving phone sim card in a dream

Roasting rat in dream

Refusing fruits in a dream

Running across cattle while crossing the road


Rain as bubbles

Red clouds

River water overflows on the bridge

Raped brother to sister

Ring beans

Return from death

Rice grinding in grinder

Ringing the bell tower

Remove a dreadlock

Red uniforms

Ripe custard apple



Rotten egg

Red birds sitting

Receiving white cloth in dream


Raped in the dream by a young boy while asleep and caught him, beat him and raped him too

Raw onion eating dream meaning

Raw onion eating dream mean

Recieving shoe from a dead relative in a dream

Removed shoes in d dream

Removing my shoes for another maiden


Racing in a wheelchair

Rape with big pennis

Received fish and tank

Rabbit having babies

Roofing sheets in the dream

Rotten fruit in fridge meaning

Removing hair from penis


Raster man

Recover sickness

Road grader

Ring slips off my finger

Rubbing about a woman rubbing her clitoris

Running water diwn the street

Rocks from mouth

Rotten toe with worms

Running with women from women

Receiving perfum

Roasting beef in dream

Receiving new shirts

Recieving roti from old women

Rain erosion

Replace old dis clothes with new ones

Running away from scary men who were initially going to help me

Running away from scary men

Raped by devil in dream

River between two person

Robbery of gold and silver in bank

Running out of ink pen dream meaning

Removing meat from the mouth

Reed , moon and diamond

Rib cage, flowers

Remove torn cloth

Raw meat of chicken breast coming out of vagina in a dream

Receive anagram from ex

Receiving a letter with codes i must decider


Red sun and blue moon


Red bumps on skin

Red color

Red unbreakable bowl

Reciving bush animal.

Running away from policemen

Reciving bush animal from my brother

Reciving bush animal from a brother

Riding bicycle in the sky

Raining squid and a big dead squid on ground

Raining squid and a big dead squid on groud

Raing squid and a big saquid

Raing squid and a big sauid

Repayment money



Red indian chief passing me herbs

Renovating muddy house

Removing thread from feet

Repair slipper

Ring with cross

Removing a rat tail from your mouth in a dream

Running away from the back yard sinking

Raise death through prayer

Receiving kolanot

Red bangles in trees


Rubbing oil to the back of my enemy

Ram with broken legs

Reciting of memory verse in the bible meaning

Removing thorns from my tounge

Revving vehicle