Rude receptionist

Rock giant and an asteroid hitting earth

Revese crusifix

Rose herbs

Red beans

Rubbing metal coin on ones teeth

Receiving new wrappers in a dream

Receiving money from mother inlaw

Running from warrior

Reconstruction building but not finish

Retrieving a forgotten item

Rowing a boad happily in dream

Removing new braids

Rusting jewelery

Rabbit on a full orange moon

Reversing a

Reversing a trail or


Receiving flog from a school principal

Removing cannuler from my hand

Relative dies and comes back to life

Running to catch a helicopter

Rolling on ground

Running naked in shopping mall

Running in white underwear

Red dot dream

Releasing a lot of sperm on the ground

Robber of flowers

Recieving prisoners unifor in dream meaning

Red stone in deeam

Receiving money from a blind old woman

Red bra being used by a male friend for communication

Reed mat

Red saree and bangle

Receiving mango and nuts in parasad

Receiving mango and nuts in oarasad

Receiving agidi in dream

Running and dancing

Room filling with sand

Receiving vibhuti in forehead

Redcard playing soccer

Red card in soccer game

Running and following a path in the bush

Receiving money from a begger

Reciting la hawla wala quwuta in dream

Ring nebula

Removing gloves from another person

Removing gloves

Rain of mustard

Rolling fire

Red suv motorcar

Red suv

Recieve subpeana

Roundabout on road

Religious alter

Riding tide

Receiving a blowjob from a close female friend

Red mug

Receiving ukazi leaf from someone

Receive money in a dream

Ring sizer mandrel

Ring measuring

Recieve trouser

Receiving money full in a black plastic

Rice grains in the sink

Rhubarb hat

Red njeti cloth

Road making truck

Redthe color red

Red palm seed

Running away friends

Running away from friends

Roots growing on the shoe i was wearing

Rib of dog jaw

Removing young cactus in garden

Red eyed

Remove nail from wall

Recovery stolen panties and clothes in dream

Red indians warriors with golden shields

Receiving a red handkerchief as a remembrance

Red driveway

Ride a bicycle through moody waters in the dream

Responding an accident dream

Responding an accident in a dream

Removing out a wool on your teeth

Refusing to be taken for money rituak

Rundown hotel

Running over a half deer half human

Raped by demon in dream

Rolling in bed with someone

Red eye frog

Recharge cards of various network was given to me

Red spots on hand

Rebellious child refusing to sleep


Red and white spiritual doek

Red and white doek

Red chura in dreams

Red and white doek meaning

Rose and watch

Rocks of sylver

Red desert in dream

Receiving potash in my dream

Receiving haldi and kukum in dream

Receiving white kola nut in a dream means what

Reference later

Radha talking

Recitation of istigfar

Reuniting with the dead

Rearing grasscutter in the dream

Rich dad in a dream

Right hand red mehendi

Rat chef

Removing make up

Relaxing with a loved one

Red bug coming out of dead white meat

Roselle plant indream

Repair slipper in my dream

Running for a message

Red stew



Redecorating a stage production


Red lockscreen

Red chilly throwing in water

Rainbow in dream

Running away hiding in a cornfield

Rols royce car

Roating leg

Returning my pen to my deceased father which i lost

Removing pads from the toilet after flashing it and disposing it somewhere else

Recieving powdered milk

Refuse to give me food

Roasting yam in the dream means what

Red noble paper

Rubbing palm oil on the body

Roots and earth

Red feather written on a note from a dead person

Riding in a jeep with my partner

Riding in a jeepney

Raped daughter

Revenge on husbands mistress

Roller blade

Rotten eggs and chickens


Red verticle line

Receiving uprooted cassava tubers from your step mother

Rat and water

Rip current pulling you away from daughter

Reading laaula walakuwata

Receiving bitterkola in a dream means what

Rich man falling in love with me

Rejecting meat

Red bird changing to black and purple bird

Receiving money from man of god in a dream

Red telephone in a shop

Receiving mobile phone in a dream

Running guns

Repairing broken shiva statue

Recieving land gift

Rotten big toe

Red cornail

Ruby slippers from wizard of oz

Riding a whale with santa claus

Raped in toilet

Raped in tool

Receiving gift in the dream

Rice and suger

Remove window

Reading storybook

Rapid ascending dark clouds during meditation

Ringing of a phone

Raised dead person alive in dream with prayers

Request approved in a dream meaning

Request has been approved in a dream

Rudhrakh plant in dream

Rudhrakh tree in dream

Rugs in clear water pond

Recovery of clothes in dream

Royal blue smoke

Rusty toolbox

Running horse at sky

Read heart

Red cross in the skies

Receiving wrist watch as gift from a president in a dream

Receiving wrist watch gift from a president in a dream

Ref shoes

Retuurning a cat

Riding motorcycle cannot climb to the top

Raining stones

Rabbit with two bodies


Removing debris from my teeth cavity

Relaxing of hair in the dream

Rainbow rattlesnake

Receive a dowry list

Red banger

Running in a church

Receiving money from a blind woman

Rescuing a child from a gutter

Rainbow feathered owl

Rubbing an egg yoke in the dream means what

Receining gold mirror tray

Receiving gold tray interpretation

Receiveing two packet of maggi from a dead

Rescued by old woman

Removing dirty contact lens

Red eyes demon

Red eyes deamon

Riding a motorbike dream meaning

Romantic relationships

Ribbon floating

Received birthday gift

Reprimanding child in dream

Red macopa tree

Recieving saree as gift from celebrities

Robert collier

Replant vegestable

Refusing to run an errand for an old woman

Rebuking demons in dreams


Running over roof tops

Receive cake from dead person in dream

Rejecting eggs in a dream

Rent home

Roth ka niyaz

Rick fish

Receiving mangalsutra gift from other

Recurring incest

Ring fire purple

Reciving chocolate gift in dream


Royale high dream

Royale high drea

Running away with the circus now

Receiving medicine in dream

Roller coaster christian

Rude prison guard

Romancing albino in a dream meaning

Romancing albino in a dream

Red hindu flag

Ravan dream

Running enemy baby means

Rose bud without thorns

Redigging old pit

Redigging pit

Roasting goat skin

Riding on a rockibg horse

Raisen cake

Rising water surrounding me in a building

Raining coins

Red banner

Renaissance era

Robot hybrid

Running downhill

Reclining at an edge

Rat entered my vagina spiritual dream meanings

Raising yam mounds in a dream meaning

Refrigerator gushing water

Running on walls

Removing white features of a chicken and cleaning it with water

Raising a dead person alive

Receive garri from a woman in dream

Receiving kenkey in a dream means what

Rain beating your clothes

Raging inferno

Royal white gown

Reference letter dream

Running and plugging grape fruits in my dream

Red ink marriage certificate

Red scalp rash

Rebuking in your dream

Receiving gift from auntie

Receiving gift from my auntie

Rat snake

Rekindling fire

Rice crispy treats

Reading a word building in a dream

Read letter

Removing off paint

Receiving envelope in dream

Receiving e velppe on dream

Raising dead with prayer means

Randavel houses under water

Receiving herbs from late father in dream

Recognised by friend from past

Rapid current

Repairing corn miles in a dream means what

Received a letter with money

Restricted door

Receiving sd card in dream

Rubble in a cave

Ruble in a cave

Rotten orange

Removing maggots from wound in the palm

Roasted yam and palm oil dream

Receiving jaggery from dead


Red rash on face on wedding day

Red beads on wrist

Running an ngo in the dream

Receiving a brown envelope with numbers from my late sister

Roasting a whole goat in a dream

Receiving wheat

Rocks falling from the ceiling on me


Ritual protection

Receiving money as tithe in a dream

Red hanging cloth on tree

River of water

Rusted gold necklace

Rocks and sand in vagina

Receiving silver kalash

Right eye squinting

Refrifetor breaking

Rhino cloth on tradional cloth

Receiving a child from a mad woman in the dream

Receiving a child from a mad woman

Revelation of secret

Relevation of secret

Rainbow rocks

Running and hiding from trouble

Red wedding motif

Rat on cooker

Resiveng gift handcarchife

Ruffled dress

Rash on vagina



Rotten wall under wallpaper in dream

Receiving money from governor

Room filled with wedding rings

Room full of rings

Receiving a towel

Red honey or syrup

Rising on snowy stairs and worshiping god

Rice coming out penis

Rushing for transport

Robbery dream

Rain on my laptop

Robber snatching ring from finger

Ripe palm fruit in dream meaning

Robed figure

Red hallway

Red hallways

Renovating your own home

Removing from skin

Remove in dream symbolizes

River clear water and a silver necklace


Robot dog

Rain of white bread

Receiving new yellow wrapper in the dream

Receiving phone call in a draem

Ride on car

Ripples on water

Ripples o water

Rice in ocean water dresm means

Reed mat dream


Rat peeing in dream

Refusal sex dream

Rescue people

Raccoon attack

Receiving present

Riding motorbike in the dark

Running in the highway shoe

Running deer

Reciting suratul qadr in dream

Recievibg ysed miswak

Running twords a child for comfort

Retrieving stolen artefacts

Removing anklets

Red bloody hole in the feet

Record label sign

Reservation at cafe

Receiving dry fish in the dream

Run faster backwards

Removing of hair extension from once head in dream

Receiving white rose from dove and flys around head

Running warthog

River take my baby from me and take it away and i go after the the river and take my baby back

Repeatedly being sick

Restoring old car

Robeirt reines

Riding a bike into the sea

Randomgirl coming after me and destroying my leg with school equipment

Rain is ice

Red chilli in dreams

Red ace of hearts

Red chilly dream

Red and white bull in dream

Red and white ox in dream

Rejection of baying a red and white bull

Renouncing god

Rescuing drowning boy

Rescuing drowning booy

Rubbing hands with vaseline in a dream


Rotten banana peels

Red color saari

Removing the dirt from clogged drain

Roots of an evergreen tree uprooted

Removing eyeliner from the corner of the eye

Ripe cotton dreams

Ripe cotton buds

Rice and accident

Receiving flower from my dead father

Receive candles

Riding in the back of a bus

Royal blue silk scarf

Royal blue scarf

Rash on penis

Raped by the devil

Received candles as gift

Red sorrel in large pot

Ratan chair

Rose on the wallpaper

Rejecting money given by unknown in the dream

Raw human meat

Revisiting the same house

Riding naked

Right hand covered well

Rainbow colored tiger

Root tree

Roo tree

Rolling over a truck

Riding on someone else back

Roasting chicken in dream

Riding bike naked through a crowd of people

Ring told you are going to die

Romance with sister inlaw

Roasted goat in dream

Red wool in a dream

Removing pins from a document

Radiation particles

Radiation particles present when listening to a speech

Received a sliver spoon from deceased person in the dream

Removing broom from injured leg

Removing broom from your leg

Requesting for sex

Receiving airtime and given some to people

Red oil and salt

Red apples in toilet

Red bangles broke in dream

Repairing furniture in dream

Repairing sofa in dream

Rope hanging from neck

Reading ramayan with ones spouse in dream with

Reciting kalma shahadat in dream

Rough terrains


Receding water with dry bottom

Red and white rose pedal path

Reciting tara mantra

Racking collapse

Running scross a road

Rabbit with a broken leg

Removing eggs and branches covered in discharge from vagina

Rejecting cowries from a king dream meaning

Ram loving you

Recieving a hug

Red muti

Reaching the shore of a river

Raw tomatoes fruits

Rusted gutter

River money

Reject meat

Rearranging my teeth

Repeated failures

Receiving money from lecturer

Recieved a stockfish in dream

Receiving squeeze money

Receiving old dirty currency

Repeated sex with same girl

Rotating bed in dream

Rental clothes

Receiving gift from your teacher

Receiving plenty uncooked food stuffs from another person

Red morning sky and clouds and a solar eclipse

Receiving money notes from an old man

Repair a borehole in dream meaning

Reciting inna lillahi in dream

Renting a clothes

Receiving bitter kola nut in a dream tbe biblical meaning

Raw non veg

Rencent search


Reading comic

Receiving coconuts in as dream

Reburying a loved one

Rescuing a hamster

Rescuing a hampster

Rained salt

Red t shirt in a girls

Ragi muddae

Reed mat in dream meaning what

Red linen book

Rubbing my forehead