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Dreams starting with the letter R


Record player

Received provisions in a dream

Right hand placed on my chest breast

Royal staff in the sky

Rich mafia guy pampering me

Receiving head

Rail road and water

Rail road

Receive a check


Romance beside a river

Rubbing honey on feet

Running chased by unknown man

Robot alien

Resting in gravel

Rick and morty

Returning ring

Rain leaking from the drum

Rabbit chasing uouyou

Rabbit chasing uou

Rqbbit chasing you

Repeated dream

R words for dream

Receiving a shirt from my pastor

Receiving money from politician

Receiving a colorful trophy in a dream

Repenting to a priest

Repeating dream

Rubbing your nose with herbs

Running herb in your nose

Receiving huge bitter cola in a dream

Ruffied and raped

Rockets dreams

Returnkng gift

Rich man inviting u for dinner

Running away with fear


Remove ring from woman finger

Rain thunderstorm and fire

Red rhododendron

Ride backward

Riding a whale


Room being destroyed

Room being filled

Remains of a burned home

Rocket launch pad

Raw chicken

Receiving bitter cola in a dream meaning


Ride on yellow duck toy


Receiving perfume in a dream

Red hair


Reviving burnt money and coins in my dream

Reciving medicine for someone

Right nipple cut

Receiving cap from loved one

Rescuing baby from a flood

Road construction

Regent dream meaning

Red hibiscus

Receiving childish stuff

Rangoli of flowers

Rain pouring over the paddy

Rice cooker getting flamed

Red nipple if breast

Robbery in supermarket

Robbery and death

Red princess

Remembering lottery number and winning

Riding the currents

Roommate moved out


Rollercoaster snake

Ruby colored eyes

Rubbing vaseline on my hand in dream

Retake test

Riding a bike naked

Receive money


Receiving cake from a pastor wife in a dream

Rejecting a cloth that does not fit in a dream

Razer blade coming out of the mouth

Rats eating underwear

Riding car on slope

Red black and white sangoma doek with white dress

Recieving heavy amount of money from a mad woman in a dream

Received envelop from unknown woman put picture for my late husband and wrote congratulations

Receive money from a person in an envelope and she write congraturation and put also the photo of my late husband

Russian squat


Reverse stream flow

Rubbing grease

Rati tika lagyedeyeko

Rocks and stones visions

Refusing to eat hairy live clams

Red tilka being applied on my forehead by an indian woman

Red being applied on my forehead by an indian woman


Receiving gold ring from son and daughter in law


Received credit alart

Riding a taxi

Returning a cell fone charger

Receiving seasoning cube in the dream meaning


Removing bucket that fall inside well

Removing clothes from the washing line

Riding in a car with ex boyfriend

Reading and answering questions with microphone in a dream

Ring finger

Raped by demon

Roof and wall

River so strong flow

River so strong fkow

River and digging copin onthe side

Recieved hairclip from a famous celebrity

Red eyes

Riding the carabao

Riding a tiger


Rubbed white powder by another person insuu oh inside the dream

Rats on my mom

Returning money back to person who lost it

Red ants

Red insects

Red tamites

Red sweater asked by dead

Reading books of angels

Receiving palm kernel nut

Radio room


Random person

Responsible for delivering something

Riding a bike thtough flood

Rolls royce


Return of scale

Riding circle on a road

Rubbing oil in someone back

Ritual sudden wealth

River carring away clothes in the dream

Reaceiving money

Ray trap

Read kalma and was saved from mouth of death

Rearranging old office furniture

Rearranging furniture of

Rearranging furniture of my old office

Rearranging furniture emy

Rearranging furniture of y d


Rearranging office furniture

Rescued a baby that was thrown in dumpster


Red flag

Red vehicle


Riding a horse

Red skirt with defaecation

Returning pestle back to the owner

Receiving a floating onion

Refusal to massage somebody

Rubies and diamond necklace




Rain falling water leaks on pulpit

Rail road tracks in dream

Receiving snot apple fruits from a workmate in a dream

Raw chicken legs

Rain fell on certificate

Rosary beads swinging around on ceiling

Rosary beads swinging smart underwear on ceiling

Running away nakes

Removing matche sticks from my ear

Raining rabbits

Red fog background

Red fog

Road accident in a car


Rice and worms

Rice and needles

Rescue baby

Running to catch a falling baby

Red fish in tank


Repaired mailbox

Received a bag of dry fish from a man

Rescue training

Rent house

Room mates




Room doors


Rainbow flower

Rice and ragi mixed together in a dream

Red oil

Rash on your thigh

Removing hair weavon

Roaster chicken

Roasting maize in dream meaning

Rabbits foot

Rabbit broken leg

Receiving brown envelope full of money

Rock star

Running so fast with legs then almost with hands too in the dream meaning

Red fruit dream meaning

Red fruit pandanus dream interpretation

Recieving result paper

Recieving paper


Ripping a photo s

Red long hair of childhood acquaintance

Red malachite


Rapeb by daughter

Rich man borrowing money from me in dream

Raw cow meat

Removing snake from pocket

Raw meat

Red sky

Red sky shaking

Rabbit skelton

Ring lost its diamond

Rotten egg dream

Riding on the bus rooftop

Rabbat and han

Removal of torn

Rejection of gold in dream means

Run away lorry

Running away from parents

Robbing a kid with foreign currency

Red suit

Running through a maize in a hotel


Rever manger une culotte

Rain of mud

Receiving statue

Receiving a flower

Red tika in forhead

Receiving money from phopo

Red dress given by dead husbandin dream


Reciting sura yusuf

Runing duppy

Recover lost handkerchief

Raindow yem symbol


Rising in the air


Red car

Rain soaked

Red jello

Rowing on dry land


Roof top

Roof of a building

Red and black headband

Roof blowing away


Rice in my hair

Reading someone’s email

Running from mad woman

Receiving goat rib in dream

Running away from maniacs

Receiving kumkum from goddess

Reb blob

Ramcharit manas donate to temple

Ramcharit manas book donation to temple

Ram charisma as donate to temple

Ruined flowers

Road underwater

Rocks falling from mountain

Rat bite

Reciting kalima then dying

Red powder on forehead

Rearranging furniture and cleaning

Running from a big red masquerade in the middle of lots of small masquerade

Red bird

Rare money

Rotten pregnant

Receiving small vaseline

Rice seeds in dream

Repeating gas station


Ring with the letter h

Red circle with h inside

Receiving gold coins from a dead brorher

Recieving gifts from a man


Rejecting a ring

Running marathon

Rubbing someone penis

Running naked in public

Rock climbing

Raped by satan

Red doek

Receiving frozen fish

Relationship with

Recognising someone in dream

Receiving a chewing gum from a friend

Ripe cocoa farm


Red shield with gold centre

Rain girl school

Red chilli peppers

Running away from the village dream meaning

Running like a monkey in a dream

Roasting maizes the braziah

Relative serving puri in dreams

Removing yellow shirt

Removed brain

Rice and corn mixed

River take my phone away while am standing in the river

Red fish

Red guy

Rose wood tree

Running away from bullets

R v



Rubbing milk on body

Relative in black standing over me

Reading ramayana

Rama rama

Running away from being robbed

Registering as a voter for nations election


Recieve zakat

Religious hypocrites

Recieving udara from someone in the dream

Refrigerator with alcohol inside

Ride a car

Remove altar

Ritual bath

Removing coconut husk in the dream meaning

Riding with ancestors

Running in the market

Receiving a pride brice and at the same time heard about someones deatg

Rotten teeth someone lse

Running away from sea but got back my things


Relaxing my hair in the dream

Riding a vehicle

Riding a jeep

Rock in sock

Running for my life in the dream

Raw bean with pap

Rubbing white face pawder in a dream

Rubbing white pawder in the dream

Rock slide i cant avoid

Receiving food in envelope

Riding a bicycle

Rubbing woman

Receiving blessing from guru in dream

Rubbing body cream n the dream

Rubbing cream in the dream


Rattlesnake eating green gecko

Red colour on your face


Rental apartments i never saw

Red black billy goat

Red door

Reading the bible

Rectangular shapes w blue hearts coming out of them

Retracting my steps to find list slipper

Removing jiggers on fingers


Remove dirty water

Run run song in a dream

Red clothes

Rainbow colored snake

Rolling down a hill wearing a blackjack plant jersey

Red isihwasho

Recent break up and dead mother

Receiving dry fish

Ripe fruit

Reading tawassul in your dream


Robin sits on your shoulder

Removing weeds from water ina dream

Removing weeds from water

Riding a bike

Receiving a growing african pear plant in the dream


Receiving money from a transgender

Receiving a check from a politician

Ruthratcham tree

Removing corn from its stick

Rain and flow of water

Received a call for job interview

Receiving a job appointment letter

Rotting ripe fruits

Receiving a red dress from my dead grandma

Receiving red dress from a dead grandma

Receiving red gown from a dead

Rip holes

Red cat

Rebar metal

Red envelope

Robbing raw egg on my face in dream

Reading quran in the toilet

Removing iron spring out from vagina

Red njeti dream means what

Red vest coat

Red vest in dream

Recovering stolen cloth

Removing stuck contact lenses from eye

Rushing for school

Rope stuck in teeth

Rotten yams

Random peson chasing forest


Red and yellow and white beads

Research submisson


Red cloth that covers my head and my shoulders and also praying



Rice in hair

Receiving a check

Red python

Rock pavement

Running in an uncompleted building

Receiving sword from allah in dream

Reciting inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun

Receiving money alert in dream means what


Red light in a room


Rasgulla eating in drem lotto number

Repeatedly cheating spouse

Receiving incense as a gift


Running without clothes on




Rainbows and owls

Rosary on fire

Rashes all over body

Rape transgender

Rose of jericho

Right side

Right eye pain

Receiving fresh oha leave in a dream


Red ink marked exam script

Roller skates

Receiving a mantle


Ring floatke


Reconcilation with ex

Retired teacher dream meaning

Recover phone

Recover stolen phone

Riding daughters bike

Respect dreams meaning

Refused to take a new pair of shoes in dream

Riding a car


Received money bird and pearl necklace in my drem

Root crops

Reuniting with ex

Roller blading

Rotting doors

Reaching hand

Rebult image

Rescue from land mines

Red foxes

Refusing to shake hands with someone meaning in the dream

Rapture of the church

Rejecting dirty money

Rescuing a strange animal from pit

Recurring location

Ranging water





Rice kheer

Rotten sesame seeds

Receiving gold from jesus while he is sitting on a throne meaning

Rainbow snakes

Removing staplers pin in someones mount wide open



Right hand raised

Red sorrel

Raw egg with black feather inside

Rabbits multiplying


Right eye blind

Rem sleep

Radiant beautiful woman



Ring lost in a strange place



Running after a person

Running away

Renovating new house with dead parent

Receiving saree from deceased father

Running from a wild cow

Red covering self



Reconciling matter for two person in dream meaning

Receiving kolanut from dead person in dream


Rat noice

Rats and snake

Red crosd


Rudraksha on the leave

Roselle juice

Running on gardens



Removing pins from body


Rosy periwinkle flower in dream

Receiving admission letter from the university

Romance with boss

Romance with bosd

Roasting and selling corn in dream

Roasting and selling corn

Removing gold bamgles from hand



Rave dance


Ripe mango falling from a tree into my hands

Removing slippers in the dream

Rejected crush

Recurrent argument


Re animated dead person

Recieving letrer with money

Robery and shooting

Robert and shooting someone


Roasting tubers of yam in the dream

Roasting tubers of yam

Roasting tubes of yam

Repeating the word dutch

Rainbow feet

Red dress

Rise from the grave

Receiving compliment from mother

Receiving compliment from mum

Red mountains



Receiving full dry bucket of maize grain with holes dream meaning

Receiving kenkey

Rat eating skin


Red chillies

Removing jiggers

Removing jigger

Receiving a ring back

Restoring old car



Raw steak cutting

Removing mangalasutra in dream meaning

Ruin breakfast


Red bus

Receiving a tithe cheque from a pastor

Removing a pant in a dream

Romantic conversation


Returning ring deceased mother



Removing slippers

Room full of flowers and plants

Red winged blackbird

Red rose pluck out in a dream

Rejecting my boss daughter in relationship in a dream

Roasted corn and roasted groundnuts


Refused to shake my hand

Running from the police

Running away from someone


Rat eating underwears


Removing sanitary pads


Remove staples from head

Rat in closet

Removing jigger from a foot in the dream means what


Rat eating chicken biryani

Rose water


Return in an airplane


Receiving torn money in a dream

Receiving torn money from someone

Rhino dream number

Red yellow


Recovery of car dream

Recovery of car


Reversing time

Removing meat from bone

Riding a white bus for free

Red snake

Received paperweight as a gift

Rabbit dream number

Red bead watch

Red bindi

Red scooter

Red monster

Relaxed leopard

Rust on my white wedding dress

Riding black and white spotted horse

Riding an apolusa horse bareback

Rotted dog moving eyes

Read color and powder

Raw fish

Red dragons


Receiving money

Receiving a baby boy with toffees

Receiving toffees

Receiving the zakat money in dream

Rotten ovaries

Rocks with faces

Rub onion on leg

Rubbing onions on the foot and praying

Received a message from a manager

Relative handing over an ornament to me

Rabbits and rats

Reconnecting physically

Receiving money from a lawyer

Running into the woods

Riding bike down road then old man tips stuff over

Roofing bike down road

Running doen cliff

Received white package

Rejected hug

Return of the jedi

Raped by a large dog

Riding a bicycle up a hill with my deceased mother on the back

Rotten ring

Rain taking baby clothes

Raing taking baby clothes

Receiving food form a dead father


Receiving gifts with my friend in school stage

Receiving bottle of oil in the dream

Receiving a gift of children toy

Rancid odor

Rancid breath

Running neked in dreams

Reading someones pone

Rubiks cube

Running with a suitcase

Recivimg shugercen in drramr

Ruined palace

Receiving alot of ten naria in a dream

Receive a cake from a child

Red and black plaid blanket

Rebuilding a house and while digging water was coming out

Red ring on right hand

Red under wear in the dream socked with menstrual blood

Ribbon cutting

Reciting darood shareef in dream

Running for office in state

Running during the night

Running from a black widow

Rustling tin foil sound

Ruining a holiday surprise for someone

Reciting ya razzaqu in dream

Rosary on neck

Riding a bicycle in the dark

Rusty big gate

Running away with partner mnm

Riding horse and bird with snake skin

Rich weddings

Runnung away

Recovery of stollen item

Riding upward

Riding motorbike darkness

Riding motorbike famiy

Riding darkness with family

Raised legs

Ring on pinky finger

Red stairs

Red light covering air vents in your bedroom

Red and black bag

Reccuring dream of being chased

Received saries as gift from friends

Rejecting a hug from me

Rubbing alcohol spilling

Red nut

Receinving a house like a gift

Red scribbles

Running in traffic

Raw bb q ribs

Ripe makopa in dream

Receive jewelry from first lady

Rubies stones under ur feet

Removing dust

Receiving new slippers in a dream

Receiving money at pos machine

Returning back a wedding ring

Reparing a rcc house

Red hair in the mirror

Renovation a old house

Rewarded one miljan rand

Red pepper plug in the dream

Rusty iron nail

Road nice and clean

Receiving season cubes and paying for it

Random guy misbehaving

Rip skies

Raping by police

Running down a hallway with walls closing in on you

Removing soap from boiling yam

Request granted

Receiving oil from an old woman in the dream

Recieving a cv in a dream

Royal blue jacket

Red castle

Receiving a letter on yellow paper with handwritten date from lover

Receiving aletter with handwritten date from lover

Receiving gift from dead relative

Repair the floors

Romes soldier fighting in a dream

Red mole

Reviving perfume bottle

Rugby jerseys

Rats tossing coins

Recive money

Red plam flower

Red and white cloth

Running tap water turning brown

Riding wheelies

Riding wheelies on a bike

Roof and celieng collapsing due to heavy rainstorm

Running from a man that was going to shoot me with a gun

Rubbing big hard penis

Rats in a clean water in a tank

Robbing a bank and crashing a car

Refused wedding dress

Received letter from a pastor

Receiving trousers and panties as a gift

Rearing chicken

Received red clothes from dead person in dreams

Returning your ring

Receiving lots of money

Repeating word phrases

Refurbishing a boat

Rats in a dream when step on rats they grow

Reading aytul qursi on sick

Reap seed meaning

Removing dark matter from body

Removing spoil yam from the good ones

Reading a biography

Reading a book about a dead woman

Rattling of front door handle

Roasting a grasshopper

Reuniting with an ex lover


Ripped seams

Ragi mudde preperation in dream

Recieving palm fruit in a d

Revive coins money worth more than pepper currncey in my country in

River flow son

Relative making cookies

Received card from unknown woman

Ring in sewage

Recieving groceries from a friend

Reversing truck to my house without a trailer

Reverse image mirror

Roses apple

Reliving baby in the dream by giving her water

Removing implant

Raw meat out of vagina

Receiving a red dress and black shoes for an occasion in your dream

Roasting sheep in fire

Red scorpion dream with black tail

Receiving a potrait gift

Repairing a table

Refinishing furniture

Refinishing a table

Recieving three coconuts in a dream from my father

Red sauce biblical meaning

Red sauce

Rinsing rotten lettuce

Rotten penis

Rude girlfriend

Running carabao toward you

Ring that has a crown

Receiving mint leaves in dream

Robot fly coming out of forhead

Red horse flying

Rotten toe falling off

Receiving new kidneys

Res and blue

Right foot toes cut off no blood no pain


Receiving some things that were on the titanic

Recieve a puppy gift

Reciting la illaha illallah

Rindinh bicycle

Riding cycles

Runnig away from college authority along with my girlfriend

River of molten metal

Reading scattered books in a dream

Red scorpio

Recovering stolen clothes

Rope hanging neck blood

Receiving a plot of land

Red tide

Repeated dream my birthplace

Repeating nightmare

Rashes on child body

Rainy and cloudy

Receiving alms

Red pepper on hats

Refrigerator with clothes

Raping transgender

Rats eating birds

Relocating a grave site

Received new headphones

Red smoke in the sky

Red and blue smoke in the sky

Receiving bay leaves from a child

Receiving green saree from md

Receing dal packets

Replacing slippers

Refuse to leave

Recite qurbani dua in dream

Rats digging

Ram attack

Red golf cart

Rejecting cooking oil in the dream from someone

Racoons in my house

Racoon family in my house

Red string ring

Removing ring from my ex boyfriend finger

Receiving kola nut from a customer instead of money i a dream

Removing a clenched bird from my hands

Removing jiggers from my hands

Recieving respect

Red sand storm

Refusal injection

Rows and rows of potted flowers

Rainbow chest tattoo

Rescue a child being scolded by the mother

Running through backyards

Red white and green

Religious song

Reborn of a child

Running away from gun point not short

Running away from gun point

Renassase festival


Red balloon with a name on it

Rubber duck on black water


Red pulsating light and demon face and being hunted in a bar

Rotten naseberry

Refusal to hug

Raining big red fish

Romantically connected with a pastor in a dream

Raw meat in a sock

Removal of saucepan lid

Red and yellow beads puted around the bone bone of an animal hidden between caves

Red and yellow beads

Rice mixed with lizards

Receiving halwa prasad from enemy

Releasing sperm on your face

Right breast having a big hole

Rust pennies

Rusty coin dream

Receiving a pumpkin in your dream

Receiving dried kapenta

Rainbow clouds

Relatives planning a picnic

Running from something dangerous

Rat in mouth

Right joy

Red jam

Red ball in house

Rip tied

Red brick column

Raining water sweeping one of your slippers away

Red mangoes high on a tree

Rat and chicken means in a dream

Re married

Receiving a new sim

Revolver gun

Roasted pork skin


Recovering lost bad

Rejected food

Running without touching the grounds

Rolling blades in the sea

Receiving vibhuti in dream from doctor

Resting on goth girl thighs

Rebelling against parents

Ripped palm fruit

Receiving blessing from a dead relative


Reflection of another person

Reflection of someone else

Reanimating of the dead

Riding wheelie bin

Red tape around the house

Receiving red tika from widow women means

Receiving cardoman

Rat or pig

Ripped shirt

Rabbit stew

Reed water

Removing a foreign object from your ear

Rotten fruit and vegetables

Rotten friit

Refusing to take communion

Receing green bangles

Red dupatta wearing and see in mirror

Red ribbon in the neck

Rice in your poop

Rice in poop yellow

Receiving a big fish

Red light climbing a staircase

Romancing a demon in my dreams

Read light

Rotten tuber of yam that you received in a dream

Request for moi moi in a dresm

Receiving gift from stingy man in dream

Receiving a wristwatch from a president

Receiving wristwatch from a high profile person

Rod in penis

Riding a bicycle in floods

Rasta hair dream meaning

Rosted meat in temple

Recieving green saree

Riding on a coal train

Receiving and wearing a ring of dead father

Roots grow out of hands

Red cellophane in a dream

Red head baby walking in diapers

Rosary miracles

Running away from criminals

Recieving green chillies from others

Rooster grabbing a snake in the water

Receive money from privous prime minister

Receive money from previous prime minister

Raw freash offals

Red floors

Red floors and red walls

Riding a tricycle with companions

Rice and black eye peas

Robbery while quran

Random guy toucing legs

Riped naarjies

Rat or cat laying egg

Raw grinded cassava

Road ambush

Receiving godess laxmi picture as a gift in dream

Ripping out to re plant a plant bulb

Ripping out and replanting bulb

Ran out of money broke retirement parents

Receiving your lost ring in a dream

Rope snapping of mirror

Recieving a red cloth from my girl friend

Recieving a red cloth

Running away fro me

Reddish eye

Reddish eyes

Right hand stuck in pants pocket

Ripped pomelo in a dream

Right thumb with wedding ring

Riding bike in underwear

Riding a bike with my cousin

Running away from burning boat

Running to hide

Rubber ducky in womb

Rain water under bed dream

Receiving bundle of money from governor

Red cactus

Receiving a white shoe gift from a friend in a dream