Mike wizowski

Motherly woman embracing you to her chest

Mail in stomach

Money in the car

Meaning of the word eden

Marijuana dream meaning

Mama fruit pregnant dream meaning

My phone fall in a river

My mother inlaw insist not to wash her clothes

Meaning of a mad man to hug a pregnant woman in the dream

My dead brother laughing with me in a dreqm

My late mum gave me a cheque

Mad woman trying to take my slippers

My elder brother and a uncle are fucking my wife

Money shortage dream

Mad woman urinating on someone mouth

Meat in water


Meaning of dragging cloth with a woman in a dream

Mopsneus worms

Meaning of quite notice in the dream

Male lover asking for water to wash his hands in my dreams

Murder killing others in my dream

Mother helping me crossing the river

My boyfrien was beaten up

Meaning hair in elbows

My friend replacing me

Man slapping women

Malnourished hair

My handwrite highlighted by someone

Making a banana sandwich

Monsterous snake killed by friends

Mom being murdered

My dead father bought beer for me in dream

Meaning of purse burnt

Mothers olld shoes

Meaning of ltr f

Meaning of picking andeating of palm fruit in a dream while pregnant

My man having sex with a man

My man sleeping with a man


My teeage girl sucking my breast

My face in mirror changed black

My face in the mirror turned alien

Mutual friend flirting with me

My dead mother gives me lipstick

Mystic showing me to relocate in other place

My little sister and i seeing our periods in dream

Man clothing a naked lady

My boyfriend driving a new jeep

Moi moi giving to me in a dream

Male hand in face

Message from messenger being forgiven by god

Meaning of a pregnant woman gifting u shoe

Meaning of dead mother in torn clothes

Man with two penis sex

Man with two penis

Meaning of friend showing your dreams wearing your t shirt

Meaning of being in the group of thieves

Marshy outside of shopping

Making urad dal vada

My boss asking money from junior

My father bathing me

Man in black long hood no face

Mucus from mouth dream meaning

Man spitiing from the window

Man dressed as peter pan

Mentor giving birth

Meat and white teeth

Meaning of white cat licking my clitoris in the dream

Mouse licking my feet

Mix white and block stone means


Mirror symbol

Meaning of watching amla in dreams

Many children crying over food in dreams

Metal ship

Miniature human dream

Mango leaf toran

My stepmother gives me food

My mom passed away and i saw her blind in my dreams today

Meaning of dream roasting maize with wood fire

Meaning of making yam mounds in a dream

My white colleague bought me a sky blue blanket

My girlfriend crawling on me

Meaning of dreaming gift to a died relative

Meaning of picking kernel in a dream

Mad man driving me to my destination

My deceased mother giving me water to bath in my dreams

Making love with a king

Making and frying ladoo in dream

My husband looked scary and ugly

Making pongal

Mad man throwing stones at you

My father gave me a silver necklace

Marriage women breast touching

My father have bruise at his backbone

My father have bruise at his backbobe

My crush and i almost kissed

Musty grass smells

Meaning of dreaming seeing light coming out of slightly open mothers grave

My sister husband died

Meditating in the desert

Meaning of dream about election

Married woman without bindi

My dogs eyes removed

Monkey with six eyes



Matching clothes with parents

Many flags in an office

Many flags hoisted in the church office

My husband is working with my maid

Man sucking on woman breast

My late father throwing me stone

My ex boyfriend called me bitch

My wife witb tatoo

Massaging father

My wife cut my left hand wife blade

Meaning of when someone removed another person cap in a dream

Meaning of a cat licking your vagina in a dream

Mother being beaten

My daughter was melasted by someone at school

My uncle trying to have sex with me meaning

My brothers mother trying to have sex with me but never succeeds

My ex is so angry with me

Meaning of red clothes in the dream

My husband dreamt i slept with his friend

Man dreaming of being covered in period blood

Making love to your partner in a public place

Meaning of plucking guava in the dream

Mealie dream meanings

Making ridges in my back yard

Meaning of someone in white kanzu

My face gold tinsel

Meaning of a dream of receiving admission letter from university

My dead parents building our family house

Muslim procession

Masturbating in a bath

My mom dreamed of being friends with my ex she hated

Mom dreams of dauhgters ex

My body is repaired

Man in a maroon shirt

Man wearing a burgundy shirt

Mom eating food

Motion dream meaning

Many silver keys

Misplaced my car


Man tying wrapper in dream without shirt

Man tying wrapper in dream

Meaning of receiving new broom from a woman in the dream

My husband bought a new saree for me

Money piles burnt in dreams

Moose laying down beside you

My older sister had pregnancy symptoms

Multiple colors in skirt

Multi colored skirt

My common law husband having sex with my sister

Mongoose in dream

My girlfriend in school meaning


My sister wearing my shirt in the dream

My friend saved me from being harassed in her dream

Milk exploding

Me and baby made of dust cork

Made of dust

Maize thrown in the air

Madwoman giving birth

My mother in law showed me her private part

Man licking a girl vagina in a dream

Meaning of killing wall gecko in your home in the dream

Man sucking vagina

Meaning of dreaming about having sex in dream

Meaning of moulding block

Meaning of raising yam mound in a dream

Meaning of raising yam mouse in a dream

Monkey tail cut dream

Meaning of taking herbal powder medicine in a dream

Man with kajal in eyes

Money from cemetery

Maid wearing underwear

My dead father crying while walki ng with me

Melting pet dream

Money found in a bible

Meaning of dread lock

Man carrying me on his shoulder

Monsters beside my bed

Mother hen attacking chick

My dog fell in the toilet

Many snakes in pond

Missing boundary wall of a house

My brother was in a hospital gown

Maddy dream

Miniature of self

Me in black robes

Men in black robes and pointed hats

Mad man throw stones to me

My aunt ask food in dream saying she is hungry

My sister stealing records in my flat


Mango tree falling in a dream

Mistress inside my home

Meaning of someone helping me to tie my headgear beautifully

Man kissing

Maple trees

Meaning of dream snake in side the bag

My dead father giving me silver coin

Making love with a mad women

My daughter getting a ticket on her car

Makeup turning from liquid to powder as you stir it

Mathatics exam

Millet in a dream

Meaning of eating carrots in the dream

My big brother wants loan from me

My big brother asking me for loan

Making cake

Many grasshoppers

Mother choking me

Maggots where in the food i was eating but i later on noticed them and stopped eating

Meaning of kissing and leaking a womans vagina

My dogs barking

My wife kissed a man continuesly even if she sees me

My kissed a man continues

Missing ship departure

Marking exam in my dream

Mad woman enter in church dream meaning


My mother eating my glass shoes

Mermaid transform to human in dream

Musical notes and demon

Mother falling into a crevice

Meaning of gangster giving blessing

Meaning of ganster giving blessing

Meaning of ganster goving blessing

Meaning of a fire portal

My dog throwing up a crow

Mad man throws stone at me

My ex boyfriend knocked on the door of the church and came in to sit by me

My deceased brother in law bit my ear in my dream

Mucus coming from your nose

Mooing of acow in adream

My son came to me in my dream saying he is thirsty

Miscarriage even still virgin means

Mom cooks brother

My spouse had head injury

Marggots coming out of my bum

Madhubani paintings

Meeting ex in a wedding

Meaning of pounding a cook cassava in a dream

My female friend dreamt of mad painted asking her what she is doing in my house

Mobiles phones lucky number

Mobiles phone

Maroon njeti

My church generator refuse to start when i try to start it in my dream what does that mean

Marking register with old men

Mother confessed a witch in the dream

Marital affairs

Man throwing wood at me

Marring a blind man

Man holding daughter

Material dream

Meaning of witnessing an islamic fight where islam won

Meaning of forming ridges in a dream

My kid sodomized

Monks in the water

Magmar getting bigger and bigger in the cellar

My cousin bathing me in the river

Mala dream

Meaning of the dream of sleeping in a cocoa farm

Marrying my enemy dream

Missing feeling

Mentaly ill boyfriend

Meeting silvestre stilone


Missing god idol

My sister getting married for second time

Male wearing nylons

My sister in law cheating on my brother

Meaning of seeing my son masturbating in a dream

Meet siblings at a wedding

Money and shopping cart

Meaning of buying fanta in the dream

Meaning of seeing a palm tree head in the dream

Meaning of seeing a palm head in the dream

Mother having a big house in dream meaning

Makeing love

Makeing love to twins

Morrow color


Maggots when i shower

Mother bought me new clothes in a dream

Meaning of giving good to your crush in a dream

My mother wearing lots of gold necklaces

Molesting child

My horse was stolen and i knew it was happening

Murdered by baseball bat

Mad man praying for someone in the dream

Mother angrily poured water on me

Money on the tree

Molded finger

Molded finger clasped hands

Moldy fingernail in a dream

Moldy finger nail

My self wearing masquerade in dream

Muddy water in dreams

Missile hitting my house

Mother son going umrah

Mother dreaming of son going for umrah

My man naked and me naked and dirty water around

Making bed of my boss in dream

Making bed of my boss un dream

Meaning of someone borrowing money from me in a dream

Mother proud of u

Mother excepting u

Mom hugging my girlfriend

Mother sweeping the compound in dream

Meaning of dreaming rush making of hollow blocks

Milk n egg together in dream meaning

Monster killing dog

My dead little sister

Mermaid islam

Mermaid islan

My friend gets very wealthy

My dead dad gave me rotten bread with numbers

Maggots in virgina

Marrying my dog

My mother crying because i am pregnant

Meeting a famous footballer

My crush saving me from his father

My crush saving me

My crush wants me

Man cuts another with cutlas

My boyfriend licking my vagina

Meaning of eating cooked palm nut in the dream

Marriage counseling dream meaning

My phone cut in to two in my dream meaning

Muscular calf

Myna dream

Myna landing

Married to someone of your sex

My mother coming out of a pit latrine

Mad women throwing water on me

Men in dream meaning

Medical doctors uniform

Mollusks collect

Mobile made from hangers with the letters that spell jlisu

My sister being bald

Man with dogs

Mountains and rivers

Making a party in a dream

Money getting stolen

Mixture of roasted corn and ground nut

My dead boyfriend in dirty clothes

My son spanking his son

My crush got shorter

Myself with grey hair

Meaning of killing grass cutter animal in dream

Meaning of killing grass cutter in dream

Menstrual oral sex

Marrying a tree

My late grandfather is giving me lemon

My grandfather is giving me lemon

Mermard tail

Marriage of a woman to a woman

Making of dua

Midnight kali appeared in my dream

Meaning of holding plate of blood

Meaning of being kissed by a white goat

My friend steals a gas cylinder in my dream

Meaning of tomatoes leaf in a dream

Mothe sacrifice

Myself in another country

Mark on forehead in a dream

My late mom hiding

Mad woman chasing a lady aggressively and gave a sing of coming back after the lady hides

Motorcycle ride to the dip water and water dispear

Meaning of seeing prekese in a dream

Me and friend bike iccident

My mother making bread

My mother making roti

My false teeth breaking

My sister is shaving my head

Mother and father attacked by wild animals

Meaning of dreaming ancestor crying

Money hungry guy

Mashed yam white what does it mean

Mashed you white what does it mean

Mother being shot and killed

Male parter being pleasures by a male

Mad man tried to hug you

Man wearing a pink skirt

My whole family was shot and killed

My ex was using drugs and i kidnapped the drug dealer try to get him to give me her new number

Money heist

Masturbating in the dream while pregnant

Meaning of cocoyam spiritually

My pastor was talking to me

Moaning worms

Man in red suite

Madusa like snakes coming out of head

Meaning of seeing ice stone in a dream

Meeting royal princess

Meaning of yam in a dream for the dreamer and there is quarrel among family members

Meaning of yam in a dream for the dreamer

Meaning of yam in a dreamfor the dreamer

My mom car getting repossessed

My dughter injury of head

Minutes five

Mermaid poop

Men wearing barong

My late mom happily soaking her in bath full of water

My daughter cut short hair meaning

Mushroom nostril

Mushroom nose

Meaning aman giving birth asnake in dream

My clothes being carried away in the stream when watching

Mother inlaw underware

Mousse crawling in my shirt

Mousse crawling in my shirt and try to get in my house thru a crack in the window

Meaning of eating fried buns

My fiance swept my house in the dream

My swept my house in the dream

My fince is sweeping around the fence in my dream

Mother in law who has passed on

Meaning of ankara in a dream

Meeting in a boardroom

My two phone where stolen

Melted spoon

Meaning of a dream while eating fried chicken with friends and your dead brother africa

Meaning of dream maggots come out women she private parts

Marry an ex girlfriend

Meeting a boy with three penises in dreams meaning and interpretation

Mehndi leaf in hand

My sister trying to steal my boyfriend meaning

Maize is being offered to someone to buy according to ibn sirin

My aunty butcher elephant in a dream meaning

Mother selling fruit and vegetables

Mean of one palm fuilt

Man with female private organ

Meaning of dream black bird thrown to me

Melting gold ring dream

Marching folders to the beat of a clock

My female friend started touching me and revealed her penis

My deceased father building a house

Money being destroyed dream meaning

My boyfriend coming to visit in my house

Mexicam tree

Meaning of breast milk poured in your face

Mouth full of sawdust

Meaning of coocked posho in banana leaves

My partner ejaculated on my face

Making a cake

Mixing cake

My little sister who i see as my daughters being raped

Meeting pablo escobar in dream

Married to a soldier in dream

My handbag and shoes stole

My close friend snatching my man friend

My shoes and handbag stolen in a dream

My mother marrying unknown men

My navel grow out as if am pregnant

My navel grow out in tje dream as if am pregnant

Meaning of your dad being rich in a dream


Misplaced a bus ticket while on the bus

Masons yelling at me

My mother wearing my clothes

Melting wood stove

Money celebrity foreign country

Moss everywhere

Man in beige trenchcoat

My brother betraying me

Money in sea

My wife kissing another guy in a dream

Menstrual blood licked by partner

Mountain and orange sky

Meaning of buy a tricycle in a dream

Meaning of blackjack plants in the bible

My father in his uniform wearing white shoes

My ex asking me money dream meanings

My child swept away flood dream meaning


Military boots

Meaning of an angel giving you a white handkerchiefs in vision

Mad couple

Me and my husband in church

Mom son fuking movie

Mensural waste in dream

Mountain of gild

Mad woman washing cloth

My dead mother give me egg

My father taking food away from me

Meaning of being attacked using the panga in a dream

Mixing milk with palm oil in the dream

Meaning removing eggs from someone virgina

Marry brother

Main door

Meaning of exchanging phone number to an old friend in the dream

Marching around a dark city

My exboyfrind was in a toilet

Meaning of seeing celebrity wearing sindoor in dream

Meaning of dream husband kissing another woman

My husband sleep naked another woman in my dream

Mustard oil in hair

Meaning of eating posho and meat dream

Mixture of kumkum and turmeric in dream

My boyfriend putting sindoor in dream meaning


My baby girl being raped meaning

Making moi moi in my dream

My sister lost dream meanings

Meaning of orah leaf inthe dream

Meaning of relaxer dream

Meaning of receiving relaxer in the dream

Meaning of receiving hair relaxer in the dream

Meaning of receiving hair relaxer as a gift from your boyfriend

Massaged my dead mothers feet

My sisters baby got ran over

Meal ticket

Miscarriage recovery drean

Making space

Meaning of dreaming while pealing cassava

Mental retarded

Made to dance in a graduation ceremony

Mala dekhna in dream

Making momo

Man dream of a woman

Measuring of volume

Measurement guidance

Money l lost was founded in dream

Meeting pastors


Moonlight over ocean and canoe in the middle

Meaning of harvesting cassava in the village

Melting shoe

My dead father driving me in a car and telling me to pay for my own fees

My girlfriend cleaning up my shoes

Mating horses

Mother feed me tamarind rice

Mobile phone display broken

Mobile display broken

Man wearing anklet

Mad man carring a baby

Meaning of dream my sister in law give me money

Money in your bank account

Money alart

My mom gave my head of cooked fish to eat


Meaning of red yam

Mans dream have long hair

Mortar and pestle dream

Missing uniforms

Man wearing grey

Meaning of dream smoke on the top of the tree

My dog eating sausages and toothpicks

Male with woman organs

Meaning of red and white beat of the dream

Missing ring

Marron snakes with a tail and head of a fish

Mix of white and red candle burning

My bag tear in dream

Missing a whole class for a whole semester

Meaning of receiving money from a politician in the dream

Meaning of craving for gari and groundnuts mixed with water in a dream

Meeting with a man in a dream

Mobile phone fell inside gutter i picked it back and clean it in dream meaning

My dead mother give me cloth to wash for her

My dead mother gave me cloth to wash

Morphing monster

Maize spilled to chicken

My mom praying naked in my dream

Meaning of ground nuts in a dream

Make eba and eat it with soup dream

Meaning of dreaming seeing mopane wormsworms

Meaning of dreaming seeing mopane worms

My alive grandmother giving me rudraksh

My live grandmother giving me rudraksh

Meaning eating ewedu soup in a dream

Meaning eating ewedu in a dream

Maize meal dream meaning

Mumm says forgive

Meeting someone n kissing them

Meet someone new

My dead mum giving me gift handbags

Meaning of hugging mad man in the dream

Meaning of receiving anew wrapper from your leader in the dream

Malabar plum

Mad man hug me

Meaning of a dream when you are plucking small sized ripe passion fruits

Mother anal creampie

Meaning of the dream of serving yourself food and it pours down

Meaning of green isiwasho

Meaning of purple isiwasho

My dogs ears fell off

Meaning of mermaid turn into human

Mogra white flowers in dream in islam

Mosambi eating men in dreams

My dad on a boat with white clothes on

Military move from location dream

My brother wife giving birth in my dreams

Mobile fall down in the septic tank

Mobile fall in the aeptic tank

My boy circumcised

Meaning of mami water on the floor in a dream

Male goat pissing on hand

Mad woman chasing and throwing stone

Mom planting lavender

Mom planting flowers

My boyfriend is packing his luggage from my place

My name on a grave

My mother paying my school fees

Mopabe warns eggs

Mopabe wons

Mother raped

Me apologising to someone else

Mango tree full of flowers

Moving water uphill

My mom came to me in a dream dressed in white

Money and child on a lap

My dead father slap me night dream

Moving in new place dreamq

Mum dies

Mangled trombones half buried in the ground

Meaning of contents

Married woman marrying in dream

My young daughter in my old house

My husband smoking cigarettes in the dream

Meaning of dead people put olive oil on you

Mother driving scooter

Michael jackson giving me a gift

Maggot coming out from my vagina

Man accused someone of sex with his wife

My girlfriend had sex with another man in my dream

Maggot in my vagina

Man sitting on my lap

Money blowing way from u

My late husband we going out to buy cups and teapot

My dead mother dressing my hair meaning

My deceased father working on a project in the house

My deceased father alive and working on a project in the house

Maggots coming out from a woman vagina

Miss universe dream

My mum was arrested in a dream and i was crying looking for how to help her

My mum was arrested in a dream

Meaning of dreams wearing white agbada as a woman

Meaning of melting cake

My boyfriend taking pictures of me

Marryin a crippled man

Marryin a crippled man while married

Mad man throwing sand on me

My wife had sex with another man

My spiritual pastor a woman drinking beer at church entrance

Maut creepy rabbit

Meaning of a dream while revbuking an evil



Meeting mayor in a dream

My dad was shrek playing basketball

Mans legs and feet

Meaning of judge headware in a dream

Mad woman caring a baby

Mother kissing my granddaughter

My spouse slapped my grandmom

My dead father asking for noodles

My dead father asking for noodles in dream mean

Many ferrets

Multiple ferrets

My boyfriend wearing new shoes

Mosquitoes in the house

Me chasing mad people away from my house

Making food for my baby daddy

Metal noise


My sandal fall in the dirty canal

Mixed white and black birds

My wife giving away my shoes dream

Mu eyes were white

Many crab in my toilet bowl

Mopani warms

My late uncle coming back alive to his house

My husband kisses me

Moon orbit

My joy giver

Mom give crown diamon to daughter

Muslim women seen

My dead grama rejected the money i gave her

Meaning of given money to a blind woman in the dream

Meaning of blackjack on the clothes you are wearing

Mother in plane

Mother flying a plane

My sister in law a borrows me money

May hasband peing inthe bed

Man gave me gallon of groundnut oil in dream

My sister a prostitute

My sis a prostitute

Mopping tar road on a street

Making peace with a mad person dream meaning

Massaging samones leg

Monk congratulated me

Massaged dead person feet


Meaning of giving someone alligator pepper in a dream

My ex cooking in a cemetery

Multiple knocout shooting in the dream

Mother having oral sex with daughter

My panties are drowning in river

Male fiend going to the bank

Minding books

Man holding tightly baby in one arm


Meaning of someone pouring water in front of my shop

Meaning of to dig ground and burry meat

Meaning of burrying meat with intestine

Mortal in a dream

My deceased dad driving a train with me

Meaning of four pastel colored beds in a dream

My granddaughter eating in dream

Muringai plants

Maroon markers

Mangoes in pregnant dream

Man with three heads

Money in your nose

Menstrual period in bathtub

Mother mary burning

Missing sock

Maggots coming out from viagina

Meaning of dreaming dog linking my two fingers

My dead husband naked in dream

Mother seein my pussy in a dream

Man walking toward me from front left

Mangal suthar in dream for unmarried girl

Meaning of pleading to a doctor on behalf of your sick friend

Meaning of a new wrapper in the dream

Meaning of rich suitor

My male boss massage my back

Meaning of write promotion exam or test and you passed with happiness

Moving eels on my body

My grandfather went into shock wearing red shirt

Muddy yard

My wife fart

Mad woman sweat touch a lady in her dream

Man marrying his fellow man in a dream

Man dream weeding his few man

Meaning of my wife killing grass cutter in a dream

Meaning of crossing flooded river successfully


My picture deleted

My boyfriend touching my breast dream meaning

Mud and green vegitation

Muslim lady no face

My sister and my brother have sex

Marks on the forehead

Mango fruits falling from the sky or tree

Money inside black nylon

Money raup inside black nylon

Meaning of a dream about husband and a wife fetching water

Mammals including human being falling across the sky

Malnourished luon

Mother going to jail and dyibg

Money power set

Morass on a baby

Man sitting chanting

My grandfather putting a gold lakshmi in the chain around my neck

Me like a mermaid and my spirit out of my body watch and the tail looks like a amputee foot that heal and the sex was taking place by the part look like the amputate foot i saw a discharged

My former wife wearing my clothe

Missing sleeve

Monkey se

My boyfriend cheated on me with his ex girlfriend and she gave birth to a still born

Mad man pursued you

Mother in law give me coin when pregnant

Money in you bank account

Milking the sheep

Milking the sheep in the dream

My late grandmother gives me money and a key

Meeting king

Maroon and pink saree

Meat cooked

My dead father in law into potty

Meaning of sleeping with a mad man in the dream

Myself died and cremated

My colored face in public

Mining iron ore

Meaning of dreaming about delivering people

Moving tube

Meaning of dream of white carabao hitibg me

Me and my sister had beard

My sister and me had beard

Meaning of your boyfriend marrying another in my dream

Mother bear with cub in my neighborhood

Marrin and white dream meaning

Mouth with no tongue

Mad man greeted me

Mother frozen in dream

My twin praying for me

Mnakwenu ekucashela

Man with no legs

My father andson

Meaning of odi aso on the dream

My friend gave me four packs of yeast

Meaning of carrying a bags of cryfish

My brother running mad

Mouse in soup

Mole on right breast

My pastor kick me out of church

Mother going to umrah in dream

My bf in danger

My son was gay in my dream

My exboyfriend talking with my mom

Meaning of a wound on the lower lips in a dream

Meaning of a wound on the lower lips

Mother running

Monster biting neck

Magic bone

My friend husband was playing in my hair

Meeting my alter ego

Mini car

Milk flowing from internal roof top of

Many trays of eggs carried in a truck

Meanind eating bitter leaf soup in the dream

Making samoosas in dream

Meaning of picking ukpaka in dream

Meaning of buy palm wine and later you did not drink it

My dead mather gave me small new black bag

My desd

Mites in lashes

My husband having kids outside of our marriage

My dog greet another dog two stray dogs attack bitten ear

My dog went to greet another dog and two other dogs attacked him and he was bitten on the ear

Man giving kumkum

Mother placing bay leaves

Myself and husband embarked on a journey

My ex cutting my fingernails in dream

Man having sex with dog meaning

My boyfriend got someone pregnant

Mother washing daughters laundry

Monster eyes

My daughter change gender

Mind controlled trying rape

Man having sex with a pregnant woman

My husband wearing torn shirt in dream meaning

My husband shirt was torn

Meaning of seeing slippers

My dead cousin saying heather did it

Mangosteen fruit dream meaning

Masquerade in daylight dream

Masquerade in daylight fream

Movie theater shooting

My deaced mother giving me clothes in my dreams

Making samosas in a dream means what

Ma durga in pink sari

Meaning of palm fruit water

Meaning of farine to n dream

Menstrual stain in clothes

My dog brought a snake in his mouth

Mom dreams of son bunking school

Mutual dreams

My boss lady take my photo indream

My dead mother was smiling at my brother gaining weight

My mother had gray hair

Millet drinks

Meaning of buying new set of pot ina dreams

My underwear drowning in the river

Man wearing western boots

Man rising out of concrete

My captive sucking my nipple not letting me escape

My brother wearing a dress

Masonic mason ring

My plane left me

Mannila tamarind

My town invaded by ghosts

Making eba in a dream

Murdering and fearing police

Myth about seeing demotion in job in dreams

Magots coming out of my husband penis

My partner got memory loss and disappeared after that

Meeting a religious scholar

My dreams four man one bike and batari

Multiple ex


Multicoloured cape

Mother is deceased but appear to be happy

My neighbor socks my dick

Muslim friend not wearing her hijab

Moth holes in clothing

Mastiff puppies

Melted water bottle

Meaning of a snake moving inside right palm

My name bieng called at a church

Man face down

My husband suck boobs other women

Meaning of seeing cat having sex in your dream

Meaning of hair tie in the dream

My cousin husand

Mother preparing the wedding food of another person

Man standing at bed end looking away

Mopani worms and bees

Mantle dream and meaning

Military cloth and shoe meaning

Mice clothing

Man giving washed clothes

Multiple of colors in scribble

Medu vada

Meaning of farm animals in living organisms omm

Man of god shaking your hand

Meaning of seeing palm tree worms in dream

My daughters eyes were stapled


My elder brother wearing my cloth in the dream

Mark antony

My girlfriend with tattoo

Meaning of maggi in the mouth

My husband nake in dream meaning

Meaning of removing object in the well in the dream


Millet garden christian dream meaning

Moon in a room

Meeting a chief

Meaning of dreaming nylon steing

Man with hidden penis

Magalmuki dead seeing in dream

My nipples was kissed and sucked

Malnourished baby meaning

Mat weaving in dreams spiritually interpretation

Man laying on sidewalk

Man lying on sidewalk

Man laying on the sidewalk

Mat weaving in dreams

My boyfriend his son and baby momma

Mad mad

Meaning of seeing jain temple in a dream

Meaning of filling water in already filled drum

Mother n law

Mother mary fire

Multitudes of ants

Man trench coat

Metal banging

Mother in ocean

Metal beam crushed me

Metal neam crushed me

Metal beam falls on me

Meaning of my dead mom standing by the gate

Madman having sex with lady meaning

Madman praying for me

Me sing cocatol meaning dresm

Married woman naked

My dead mother was wearing my shoes

Mouth stuffed with emeralds

Muthi dreams meaning

Mended feet

Man in devil mask

My boyfriend having sex with someone else

Meaning of umhlwehlwe

My boyfriend plaitiking

Meaning of unripe palm fruits in the dream

My partner used love portion

Money stolen from temples

Mom mad at me

Morphing cars

Monkey sucking my breast

Money of lobola

My mother blowing air in my ear

Meaning of dreaming about your step sisters


Maine coon cat attack me

Mad people dragging a pot of good with me

My dead father dressed in white in a large room

Making grass mat

Madagascar people

Moms death

Meaning of beer trophy

Meaning beer trophy

Money stolen from me

My prophet give me handkerchief in my dream

My wallet fall on the well with clear water

Microwave flooded with water

Making a snaball

Mother in wheelchair

Malachite melting

Malachite water dream

My ex laughing

Man sitting at my feet

Married puppets

Meaning of dream where u are about to use grinding stone with pepper to hit someone attacking u

Maggot found in my vagina

Mother in law rubbing me with black medicine

Meeting and talking with prime minister

My ex finances sister was die in my dream

Mint green building

My crush is short

Mating birds

Meet rich people

My shoes in trash

Meaning of drawing golden candle stick

Meaning of a dead person carrying a birthday cake

Meaning of a dead person carrying a dark green iced cake

Mum giving me candies in my dreams

Mum giving me sweets in my dreams

My late brother giving other people money in my dream

My husband and sister