Man dressed like bird

Magic ball in a dream


Making love and other person watching

Making lobe and other person watching

Magots coming out of the vagina in a dream

Mom asking for water

Married to a royal family in the dream with a baby

Meaning of processing red palm oil, in the dream

Mattress on fire

Mother in law gaveyou flowers

Meaning of collecting whiteants in a dream

Meaning of a dream where you break your fasting unintentionally

Meaning of eating native chalk and salt

My father got second marriage

My mother sold family land in my drem

Men surround me in a dream

Messy visitor

Messy guest

Mess dreams

Messing up my house

Messy home

Maggots coming out of fingers

Meeting woman to make family

Meaning of quororing in a dream

Military training start off

Maring a poor man in the dream

My brother falling in love with my lover

Meaning of eating agidi in d dream

My friend sucking my right breast in my dream

Marring poor man in the dream

Make up

Moimoi and pap in the dream

Mistress meeting boyfriends wife

My wife eats bananas

Making farm ridges

Meaning of dream in which you donate something in temple

Mango pickles in dreams

Making ridges in the compound

My daughter coming come

Man of god bathing people with oil and water

My late mother wearing dirty clothes

Mother kills child

My ex sucking my breast iny dream

Mom washing clothes in river dream interpretation

My ex girlfriend puts me black thread with key in my hand

Mongoes falling from sky

My dead father gives me eggs

Meaning of gungo in a dream

Meaning of dry gungo in a dream

Milk from cow

Meaning of wet clothes

Moving santo nino

My mother gave me a perfume in. a dream and i rejected

Making plans for a baby

Meaning of giving sanitary pads to someone in a dream

Making ridges in dram

Man dreaming of another woman

Meaning of drawing water from the well

My husband have sex with woman with pennies

Mother picking fruit

Meaning of peeling melon in the dream

Mango tree with green mangoes

Making my hair in a salon

Meaning of mushroom growing on my face

Molesting sister in work place

Molesting someone in work place

Meaning of buying films in dream

Meaning of eating plantain with red oil

Meaning of having a new facial mark on face

Marbel in dreem

Married man paying my dowry

Mouse drinking water

Military brigade

Meaning garbage ditry toilet

Murdering someone in dream

Male intercourse

Meaning of falling kingdom

Mango tree with fruit

Muder, cover, eyes, hands

Meaning of headcut of sr. santo nino

Missing a period

Marbles coming out my ears

Meaning of masquerade flogged person in dream

Mother as a spirit in hood black cloak

Mother in a black cloak as a spirit

Marring your husband in dream

Man giving spices

My boyfriend buying whie and black for himself

My father rejected my partner


Mimosa pudica holding my hands

Meaning of torn clothes

My partner ask me to wait in my dream but did not return

Mangala muki in dream


Mother died seen in door in dream

Mother died seen in door

My body has alot of nevre in dream


Mother brought costly saree to her daughter

Milking a cow amd making cheese

Matting of donkeys



Meaning of pricing smoked fish

Meaning having sex with a mad man in a dream

My coworker is naked and crying


Macupa tree with fruits in white color and they are large size

Making death person bath

Madman rape in dreams

Meaning of slippers burn in a dream

My mom giving me food


My husband got cought by the police

My own penis

Meaning of dream climbing in a dessert

My girlfriend rape

My grained mom pass away but i see her in the coffin what is it meaning

Matress engulfed in blue flame

My child fell into the river

Meaning of giving a girl handkerchief

Meaning of eating agidi in dream

Meanings to see a child resurrecting from the grave in a dream

Man holding man

Madfish in dream


Meaning of okro farm in a dream

My mother selling food

Meaning of elephants in tunnels

My grandmother give me a half glass of water and tell me full it.

Meaning of eating fried grandnut in dream

My old but clean cloth wearing

Meaning of playing holi in a dream

Maroon saree with flowers

Man with three leg in dream

My wet leather sandal

Missing friday prayer


Mala made from red wet

Mosambi in my dream baby boy or girl

Making moi moi in the dream

Making love w ex lover

My pants was stained with blood in my dream

Meanig of the dream being killed by pillow

Man giving man blowjob

Man shave his beard

Myna bird

Missing slippers in dream

My boyfriend praising me in a dream

Meaning of eating ogbono seed in the dream

Menstruation in your dream

My relative became minister indream

My mother half naked

Mensurating in your dream

Murder of an unknown man

Milk boiling

Men with unusual feet

Mad man rape

Mice and water

My husband was a baby

My mother saw my x boyfriend in her dreams

My mother saw my c boyfriend in her dreams

Meaning of giving mad person food in your dream

Man protecting me


My mother giving food in my dreams

Meaning of brush in dream

Mud avalanche

Mold avalanche

Meaning of suck pussy in the dream

Making pap in the dream means

Master key

Manglayam in dream

Michael sheridan

Mary madha



Mother washing my body

Mad man

Meaning dreaming of branch of coconut tree


Missing flowers

Male touching you with his wet hands

Male touching you with wet hands

Male touching your hands with his wet hands

Meaning consideration in the dream

Meaning of pigeon peas


Mybrother falls from a tree

Menduvada in dreams

My boyfriend plaiting my hair

Meaning of packing catfish in the dream

Massaging in dream

Meaning stretch marks body

My father was hitting me and my sister with a stick

Meaning of collecting your shoes back from a dead person

Medusa in love with me

Married to boss

Mother goddess on horse


My sister shot me

Mother goddess

My grandmother is still alive but i dreamt when she is giving me coins what does it mean?

My crush men tell for me like he give glory

My mom gave me money to hide

Meaning of holding your pastor microphone

My husband always far away i’m longing for him

Mother friend sell cooking food to me in my dream

My mother in-law insulting me a prostitute in my dream.what does it mean?

Man having sex with a cow meaning

My husband vomiting in bathroom

My father wearing white clothes

My mother is angry

Marrying cousin in dreammeaning

Marrying cousin brother in dreammeaning

Marrying cousin brother

My father is angry

Making ridges

Meaning a priest as your boy friend

Money was snatched

My dead father want me to pay for his friend drink

My husband having sex with other woman

My husband having affair with her sister in law

My king prayed for me in my dream

Meaning dreaming snakes with an egg

Meaning of seeing a wedding cake collapse in your dream



My brother promised me something in the dream

Money coming from vigina

Multiple egg yolks

Meaning of selling crayfish i the dream

Making wood furniture in the dream

Marriage proposal from a royal king


My imaginary friene tried to propose me in my dream what does it mean?

Married women dreams planting


Missing glass plates

Maths classwork

Maths division homework


My dead father give me a coin

Meeting a friend

Monkey eating snake dream meaning

Meaning of dreaming caring a plate of food then i fell

Meaning of snaping children in the dream

Mermaid trapped


Mamaid trapped


Monkey eating snake in dream


Meaning of white hankerchief in a dream

My sister looking into a mirror

Making love with my wife

Meal mealie

My father was bought jackfruit for me and i saw the jackfruit

Meaning of picking open a kee

Making yam ridges in a dream

Me trying to help out an aunt who we really havent gone out with

Meaning of holding sticks that are easy to light up fire

Monkey stolen food from hand

My dead father with my son

Meaning of hole under bed in your dream

Meaning of airborne dream

Monitor lizard change as woman

Meaning of sadza

Meaning of lighting up coal in the dream

My girlfriend was sucking my dick

Mountain vacation

Mothers name

Man made of sawdust


Mother of perpetual health

Meaning of someone given toffee in your dream

Marula in dream

Marula in dreaam

My mom was holding the water hose with clean water then it became a river of brown water

My husband give me mother mary picture dream meaning

My husband give me a mother mary pictures

Meaning of electric transformer in dream


My pastor giving me medicine in the dream

Meaning of being pierced by a bottle on ur palm

Macopa fruit tree

My school teacher give me money in a dream

Mustard oil drinking

Mother in law pouring water on me

Mother inlaw pouring water on me

Meaning of eating roasted snail in a dream

Mma fight

Marrying sister

Marrying husband brother

My freind give me a hammer

My wife wearing the right leg of my canvas in the dream

Men give kumkum

Medusa attacks you

My prodigal daughter walking naked in dream back to h

Mother in law give me groundnut in dream

My son always see me giving him food in dream

Meaning of cooking moimoi in the dream

Making farm ridges in a dream

Madness love dream

My bf licking my boobs in my dream

Making paneer

My cousin bathing me in dreams

Meaning of praying for a mad man

Making del roti in dream

Man weaving

Mom cook

My friend cut hiss dread

Maroon colors

My bf hanged


Making laddu in dreams

My ink turning into powder

Mima having very thick discharge from penis without having sex

My daughter fell in a deep well

Mobile phone of my boyfriend

Meaning of seeing ugly face

Man sucking girls vagina

Mum who passed away rubbing oil on her legs

Menstrual blood

Moving mud

Mating with a goat

Mud oven din dream

Meaning of been fingered in a dream

Meaning of dead father showing penius in a dream

Meaning of weeding grass in the dream

Military of enemy

My husband cut cow neck

Meaning of seeing st pio in a dream

My father masterbating


Meaning of giving food to madman in the dream

Mother in hijab

My dog urinate on my bed

Meaning of packed palmnut

Magical monkey

My son jump out the stairs and got hurt

Meaning of someone plaiting my hair

My mum was escorting my sister to the road


Meaning of seeing ewedu in the dream

My es served my in a shop

My son in law killed my daughter

Meaning of being sent to throw rubbish

Monkey with child

Monkey on red shirt

Making cross

Mountain slides and many people dies in dream meaning

Moon stars

Meaning of someone give you native chalk in a dream

My sister in law fell down and i took her up

Multiple beds in a room

My sister being raped

Meaning of sweeping the market in my dream

My child was run over and her foot got cut off by the truck | dream interpretation the

Meaning cutting off curry leaves root out

Meaning cutting off curry leaves out

My boyfriend he is taking out my grey hair

My girlfriend suck my dick

Man of god came to my family to pray

Muddy road

Marrying someone


Monkey stealing clothes

Male friend touching vagina

Mummy baby

Maroon meaning

Martin dress meaning

My friend was dating adead man in adream

Making farm ridges in the dream

Market bath

My cocoyam growing well

My mum selling foot in dream

Meaning ofmale goat give birth in dream

Meaning of banged in the dream

Meaning of dead person giving adrink i n dream

Man trying to kill me

My man asked be to a second wife in a dream

Making somebody to eat green chilli

Maggots cming from vagina in dreams indicates

Murder dream number

Marble bolls



Meaning of a broken calabish in the dream

My child is bald meaning

Meaning of losing in game

Meaninv of losing in game

Masturbation movie

My front door rusty

Missing graveyard

My brother run mad on my dream

Manager naked

Meaning of someone being salvage


My cooking gas cylinder was missing in my dream

My sister was fixing fufu in my dream

Meaning of afang in the dream

Meaning of cooking food with relatives then for me fire deads before my food gets ready

My late father giving me calabash

Marula seed dream

Mom dreams daughter cooking

Mad man throwing sand

Mom recovvery from great illness meaning in dream

My ring on my ex boyfriends girlfriends finger

Mad person throwing stones at me

Married but didnot see the bride face


Mud house

My son going back to be a small child

Meaning have having intercourse with a relative

My former colleague in the office asked me to resume because a new colleague had an accident

My former staff called me to resume the job because a staff had an accident no one to fill the gap i had to resume un that person place

My former staff working with me called me back to replace a new staff that had a accident and i resumed in the dream in the office

My former staff working with me called me back to replace a new staff that had a accident and i resumed in the dream in the office an old office were i worked before

Maize floating in water

Meaning of gold bangle in a dream


Meaning of someone picked my parm shoe for me

Meaning of carrying two jerry and of water in the dream

My work colleague was drunk in a meeting

Meaning of playing ludo in dream

Meaning of attending a coursemates wedding

Meaning of when i am paying some one school fees

Making a card for someone

Making colagge of someone

My relative is blowing conch

Marrying with dead person

My husband is come to home

Meaning of buy cow leg in dream

Meaning of sex with old woman in dream

Messages deleted

Meaning of marriage king son

Missed call on cell

Missed call on mobile


Meaning of putting coins in your vagina

Meaning of putting coins in your vagina in a dream


My grandfather kissed me

Middle finger dream meaning

My dead father chasing us in dreams

Meaning of shea butter in a dream


My dream meanings

My car battery being stolen by known person

Mating of buffalo

Meaning of green plantation

Meaning of green plantati

Mediating in white snow

Mimosa pudica plant

My money purse is stolen

Meaning of seeing you teacher is trying to search the.water for drink help in the

Money in 100 denomination

Meaning of water in bowl flowing

Meaning of water in bowl glowing

Mask of devil

Moi moi in a wraper

Man in yellow jacket

Meaning of coweris

Maid sex

Money r72

Meaning when you dream about a place name

My father wearing my clothes in the dream

My ex boyfriend father

My husband sleep with my sister

Meaning of throwing away palm kernel given to you in a dream

Meaning of a dreaming eating smoked dry fish

Me and my boyfriend picking udara in dream

Meaning of ne

My first born daughter being raped meaning

My first born daughter being raped

Mask man

Meaning of dry fish

Me and my male mentor were in very deep relationship with eachother

My dead mother asking a water to drink

Meaning seeing fowl in a dream

Mom and sons

Meaning of raw pap in dream

Meaning of cutting periwinkle


Maggot in plastic

Meaning big boos do your feet in dream

Money in sky

Mother not present in dream

My province

Making ridges in the farm means

My rival asking me for money in my dream

My dead aunt was giving me some water or drink

Meaning of giving birth to baby in dream

Mobile number.

My spiritual leader call me in my dream

My late father knocking on the door

Meaning of eating eba in dream