Money in pillow

My ship crashing

My mother was dying of cancer

Meaning of giving testimony in church

Meaning of someone putting sindoor in your forehead

My wife sucking my penis in my dream





Many ladies putting rangoli in my dream in front of my house

Meaning of seeing a living doll flying and later died

Marula eating

Meaning of roasted breadfruit and coconut in a dream

Male show genitals to female

Male show penis

Meaning of seeing dream husband beats wife

My pants caught fire

My dead father slapped me in my dream

Meaning of receiving shirts as gift

Marking my work correctly

Money covered with the picture of my enemy

My clothes being stolen

Meaning of washing cassava in my dream

Mistaking identity

Married cousion

Mealie flour

Meaning of seeing two gallons in dream

Mother mary standing in the church and smiling at me while i see only my cidnle ligjted

Money with hole in it in a dream

Mission launching up

Mother in law

Meaning of lost carabao in the dream

My ex friend taking up an old extra mural activity i used to do

Meaning of dreaming che


Man touching my head

Man petting my head

My self wearing black hijab

My mom gave me a bag full of fresh okro

Moon reflects in a sea

Men shoes

My late father cooking soup for my family

My boyfriend celebrate birthday with anthor girl

Meaning of dreaming about create of egg

Many carabaos in farm

Moving around a couch

Moving dead spouse

My dead mother pointing to her wrist

My ex wear gold merriage ring



Meaning of drinking pap in the dream

My boyfriend buying shoes

Mental patient

Monkey licking my fingers

Monkey licking your fingers

My dead mother opening her eyes in a coffin full of syringes filled with urine


Mad dog siliva on hand

Money gave to hijra

Money gave to jizra

Many prawn in dream

My kids fight and hurt each other

Money given to me in full in a purple bucket

Mom being injured dream meaning

Mang tikka wearing dream meaning


Measuring beans in a dream

Me snatching money from others

Meaning of magnum find glass


My husband beat me in the dream

Meaning of picking kola nut in the dream

Meaning of sto.nino walking in dream

Meanin of kolanutmmean

Mouthful of frote that unable person to speak until been spit out

My lost wallet was returned in my dream

My siblings breaking a drinking bottle

Mad woman struggling things with someone

My father wearing tight trouser


Muddy ocean with slight waves


Making jeri sweets in dream

Mangtika in dream

My parents hate me

Meaning of sesame seed

My neighbour gave me afang to be cutting for preparation of soup when it done l should dish it for her

Map of india

My dead father was giving a sweet fruit with a smile

My dead father giving me a fruits

Meeting a billionaire in dream

Meaning of the dream one side open the other side close

Manipulating water

Many angels in the sky

Mother mary with baby jesus

My dream concern me fighting warfare

Mother is taller

Mongoose attack in dreams

Meaning of using salt to kill earthworms in the dream

Meaning of eating from dead person

Me and my cousin were racing

Meaning trying on new blouse in dream

My dog in the shower waiting for me

Maternity ward

Meaning of eating washed bitter leaf in a dream

My daughter pregnant

Mother mary picture

Meat fallen in toilet bowl

Making roties serve in family

Meaning of seeing a dead person holding a baby

Meaning of yellow color nails in dream

Meaning of comforting a child in a dream

Multiple people are in love with you

Meaning of naked couple, in the dream?

Milkman touching my breasts in dream

Milkman touching me in dreams

Making bench in yard

Meaming of dreaming a septic tank

My mother gives me coins in my dream

Muslim meaning black liquid snot running out of my nose

Man with no eye

Mean sphynks cat

My dad want to rape me

Meaning of gold grinding stone

My late father in a wedding, offering me desserts

Meaning of wallet texts in your phone

Meaning of uprooting cassava means in the dearm

Mucus in throat

My mother requested me

Mother wearing my old clothes in dream

Meaning of discharge of menses in a dream

Manipulating someone

Making mandazi

Meaning of one blackjack on a cloth then removed by someone

My husband dreaming that he died

My dead mother giving sweet and fruit

Masturbation blood

My father return from abroad

Monkey bite on fingers

Man trying to touch me on my vagina

Missing exam

My suitcase floating in the sea

Mensturation in dreams

Meaning eating palm fruit in the dream

My husband was hetting me in my dreams

Mortal in the dream

Meaning into words

Making, love, hijra

My coconut been cutdown by unknown person

Meaning of seeing left side of the breast bleeding little by little

Mangalamuki in dream meaning

My husband and my mother get secret on me

My ex boyfriend figuring me

Mother cleaning my body

Meaning of black jack in a dream

Matchbox in a dream


Meaning of dreaming a bucket of water with small different animals in




May announce that you are

Metal key making in dream


My wife got married to another person

Mango came in dreams during pregnancy

Mopane worm in tree dream

Men stalking me

Meaning of custard apple in a dream

Mixed rice and sorghum and throwing it at a spirit

My foot cant reach the brake pedal of my car

Marking out a tomb

Meaning of having two christmas trees




My dead uncle gave me money in the dream

Mother inlaw rejection



Mangala muki come in my dream

Meaning of white handkerchief

My face get bad in dream

Motor bike breaks in a dream meaning

Motor cycle breaks in a dream meaning

Minnows chasing me

Man with a horse tail

Meaning of bitter kola in the dream

Meaning of torn picture in dreams

My g.o gave me kolanut/dream

Men wear like girl


Married couple naked

Meaning of wet vagina in a dream

My self walking on wall

Mobile fell in in pot while defeacating in dreams


Monkey asking for food

Monkey at home door asking for food

Me nses

Meaning of dreams of swami

My friend is taler than me


Meaning of picking udara in my dream

My father going mad in the dream

My girlfriend

Meat slicing

Meaning of dreaming about being told to plant a wild date palm tree

Meaning of generator been stolen

Mad man rape me in my dream

Male stalker

Madwoman sitting at d door step in my dream.

My cousin who is dead already cut my hair in my dream

Meaning of crude oil in a dream

Meaning of pour in a dream

My child fallen in gutter

My child fallen in gurter

My son was killed and throw into the pit in the dream

My 4 years old son was killed in the dream

My clothes wearing other person

Missing pants

Meaning of picking udara fruits under its tree in the dream

My priest uncle was sucking my breast in my dream

Meaning of sapphire stone being given in a ceremony in dream

Meaning of being given powder milk in a dream

My pastor huging me in dream

Many blind men

Mole on a face

Marrying esther

My boyfriend slapping me infront of his girlfriend

Mixed sorghum and rice

Mixed sorghum and rice and throwing it at a spirit

My leg swell up in my dream and later come back to normal

My kid has having so many teeth in the mouth

Meaning of uncooked fufu

Marulanda fruit

Massaging oil in hair

My dead mother combing my hair


Miniature animals

Milky quartz

Marring same sex dream meanig

Man is touching my wifes breast

Mosquito net

Message from a stranger

Meeting a friend in a mall

Magical red ornaments

My father in law for me and my husband cuddling in bed

Mismatched pair of shoes

Man taking a virginity of unconscious woman

Marrying uncle

My kid go blind

Meaning of husband putting on a torn coat

Male voice asking for help

Man eating sanitary pad in dream

My wife bathing in a river with my coworker and two children

Mother in see through clothes

Meaning of clean dried mopane worms in the plastic bag

Meaning of dreaming mopane worms in the dream

Meaning of breaking of breaking of palm kernel in d dream

My grandma complained me that i did not take care her. my uncle also comlained that i behaved badly with her.


Meaning of cleaning shoe in a dream

Meaning of picking up udara in the dream

Meaning of picking up udara in my dream

My late father asking for shoes

Magnet and coin

Meaning of an empty crate of eggs

My boyfriend in my home

My aunt who is dead appears in dream wearing pink saree and gold jewelry going for a function

Military boat aground

Meaning of ripe paw paw

Meaning of fertile soil

My husband and his mistress

Many feet

Moving in to a house that is on a mountain top

Making ridges for planting in the dream

Making puris

Mama mary wearing blue and white

Mother of newborn naked

Mango pickel

Mother in dream work

Meaning of pounding palm fruits in a dream

Makoti in a dream


Melon fruits

Malnourished baby

Malnourished but happy baby dreams

Maang tikka

Meaning of cutting of slippers in the dream

My husband stomach

Man on grill

My engagement with my cousin

Mad man spit into my hand

Morning breath to demure

Magenta pink sari with necklace in a marriage in dream drea

Mother going to china

Mother being sick

Monster eating babys

Marrying dead man dream meaning

My son had nails in his head

Meaning of my dream

My child falling

Moony night

Meaning of liquid gold

Meaning of pomelo in dream


Man that is shy

Male celebrity naked

Make male celebrities

Meaning dead person vomiting

My wife eating

Meaning of frying puff in a dream

Mom seeing sons head injury with blood

Magical kingdom

My ex boyfriend wearing my clothes

My name written on a.rock

Meaning of buying crafish in the dream


Meaning of dreaming of worms in vagina

Meaning of chariot in a dream acending to heaven and saw gold falling down


Matching shirts

My wife being fucked by some one else

Marriage of already married person

My white top wearing by my dead love ones

Making love

Making broom from palm leaves

Meaning of seeing powerful person in dream

Meaning of seeing a powerful person in dream

Meaning of black sorghum in bible

Many nipa huts

Multiple simcards of my boyfriend

Men in saree

Many simcards

Meaning of a fruitful tamarind tree in a dream

Meaning of someone tearing the cloth am wearing in the dream

My pastor was praying for me

Meaning of dreaming while stepping on your middle finger

Marrying a king

Mother keeping food in dream

Meaning of a collapse grave

Meaning of eating sugar cane in dream

My husband done second marriage in the dream

Making pooris in dream

Meaning of square hole

Missing child

Modelling and practicing in a red gown

Mixing oil into a big bowl of water in my dream

Modelling in a red gown

Meaning eating pussy into a dream

Meaning measuring foot in dream

Many eunich enjoying

Meaning of calamansi in dream

My husband having children from another women and he is ignoring me

Meaning of soap bubbles in dream

Meaning of seeing your boyfriend have sex with another girl in adream

Meaning of seeing your boyfriend have sex with another girl

Managinip na nakakita ng sto. nino

My daughter is pregnant in my dream


Male tiger and female wolf

Mounds with yam

Mantle soaked with blood

Married to a dead woman with ring

Mad woman who

Making love to a stranger in dream

My crush realizing that i like her

My crush hugging me shamelessly and liking me as well

Melting phone in dream

Meaning of giant spider apocalypse

Many birds flew away from a cage


Meaning of ganesha statue slightly broken in dream

Moimoi and agidi in the dream means what

Munnar interrogating me regarding my gf

Mash grave digging

Money lucky number

My husband beats me in my dreams

My ex childs father

Mother and sister fighting

Money theft

Meaning if wife beating her husband mistress in dream

Money stollen

Meaning of bambara beans in a dream

Missing pot dream

My elder sister fell down into water dream meaning

My crush is blind

Meaning of holding grounded egusi in a dream

Mine shaft running water


Maid sweeping

Meaning of dogs peeing outside your house

Mr rogue

Meaning of seeing amla in dream

Meaning of dream when dead father canes you

Meaning of throwing away used sanitary pads in the dream

Marrying bro in law

Marie frances


Mother brings food for u

Moving bus

Meaning of seeing a hand holding arm cross in the sky

Meaning of seeing a hand holding a cross in the sky

Meaning sick person, being, healthy

Marry a pastor in the dream

Man trying to climb in window

Me being with actor in dream

My friends sog eats my chicken breast in my dream

Misplacing of archery bow

Meaning of giving meat to my dead grandfather

My son has a fat swollen face

Mortar in water

Moving overseas

Mpving overseas

Move o erseas

Mom swipping the floor

Mating with wife

Meaning of unknown person trying to touch your breasts but you fight him and win

Maths teacher teaching me

Many gift boxes n sweet box kept in my classroom

My wife naked

Meeting a rich person in the dream

My dad father giving me money then i shared all nothing left to me

Menstrual blood pearls

Monkeys eating snakes

Monster trying to kill me

Moving touching ground

Man penny

Meaning of making heaps in a dream

My dead sister happy

My sister that dead happy with her living children

Mountain erosions

Muddy flowing water

My brother caressing my breast

Making of coconut oil

Manket meat

Money envelope hide under the pillow

Mother sleeping halfnaked

My friend had a baby a premature one

Meaning of plugged cashew fruit

Mopane worms dream


Meaning of buying ripped plantain

My has told me i irritate him in my dream


Meaning of crefish

My boy friend masturbating next to me

Me as a mother of reincarnated person

Meaning of bathing in the rain in the dream

Meaning of akaara in my dream

Musango jimmy

Meaning of picking kola but in a dream

My red saree cut by someone

Monitor lizard entered in house

Meeting a president

Mating dogs

Maggi means

Meaning of coffin, water,in a dream

Meaning of planting eucalyptus tree in a dream

Meaning in dream red white n blue colour

Mushrooms on tongue

Males wearing dresses

My lost cat return

My wife having sex with some one else

Mongoose killing and eating snake

My boyfriend flirting with my friends

My daughter eat goat head

Measuring feet with another feet

Man having sex with unknown woman in a dream

Mark name

Meaning of dreaming broken sto.niño

Meaning of maggie in a dream

Mad man sex u mean

Meaning of wearing gold clothing

My flesh was cooked and i was eating it

My love dying with blood in head

Mouth filled with water

Meaning of dream of having sex with a snake

My neighbor kiss me

Mans injured back shoulder


Mud waves

Meaning of picking udara in a dream

Making ridges for cultivation in dream


My ex wearing orange tshirt

Money cost 400 received

Money bill colored violet

Mail envelope with money

Meaning of dream about fresh millet ready for harvest in the field

Meaning of a triangle on someone head

My dead father giving me money in a dream

Mother in law pregnancy

My mother who is dead was combing my hair

My luggage with stains all over

My stepson says in a dream take this and take that

Mom pouring turmeric water w dry chilly