Meaning of selling crayfish and fish

My father trying to have sex with daughter

My deceased mother kissed a baby and passed her on to me

My father trying to have sex with me

My ex boyfriend father came to me in my dreams and ask me to stay away from his son

My crush gave me a piggyback ride

Meet richest person

Mother in pain

Make up

Man made lake

Making moon water in the dream

Mother i torn clothes

My sister give birth a snake

Mone.number and my dad

My daughter swept away by the river and me jumping in but didnt get her

Meaning of making moi moi in dream

My husband buy gold and give to me

Mother red

Milk and poridge

Missing stairs

My marriage bed being used by others

Madwoman collecting money in the dream

Meaning of edipse

My young sister falling in a pit latrine

My father hawking in my dream

Meaning calling name randor

Meaning of goat out the kitchen

Making injera in dream

Marriage with enemy

Marrying enemy women


My dead sister kissing my husband

Monkey cage

Me in a sewage

Me in a waste tank

Me inside a septic tank

My mother collecting honey

Meaning of someone asking to barrow money to me

Man fingers my vagina

Money to a best friend

Motorcycle flame

Making love to an asian

Meaning of wearing a white long sleeve dress

Meaning of wearing a white long sleeve shirt

Meaning of buying pure water in a dream

Missing carabao

Meaning of crearing a bush way

Maize in sacks

My father gave me two snails in my dreams whiles pregnant

Moulding blocks

Male partner buying baby things

My dead mother giving a ring in my dream

Magnetic stones

Meaning of mixing cement and sand

My dead father giving me gold jewellery in my dream

My son fell from a bridge in a dream

My girlfriend sitting between two boys

Mother travel with bright clothes on boat

My ex boyfriend letters burning in dream

Mango tree blossoms dream meaning

My grandmother pitying me

My ex is sucking me ears

Meaning of ent in house

My father getting married with someone else

Match sticks

Men elders in a dream

Money and success

Mirror without any reflection

Microwave exploding

Marriage function

Married woman removing her waist beads


My dead mother said to me that she was bleeding in my dream

Meaning of a dream when my father is eating roasted meat

Meaning of stole cooker and cylinder

My husband living me for another woman and i was crying in the dream

My husband living me for another woman and i was crying in.

Meaning of maggi cubes in the dream

Meaning of receiving raw meat n carrying a basin of water in a dream

Meaning of dreaming your girlfriend son

My partner slautering thieves in self defence

My husband married me as a second wife

Meaning of an old black woman praying for me in a dream

Mountain of olives

Man in water

Man in the water

Mixing moi moi

My friend is not talking to me in real life and in the dream

Mom with son relation kill daughter

Meaning of mingling posho

My enemy had a baby

Meaning of giving a boquet of flowers in a dream

My breasts were itching in the dream i sctrached them and all of a sudden i saw moving strech marks

My husband impregnate another woman

Mother like woman giving food

Meaning of dreaming,departing,but, have different seat numbers,12-14-35

My golden ring changing into siver

Making out with fictional characters


My sister stabbing me in front of my parents and they not helping

My sister stabbing me in front of my parents

Meaning of ripped cocoa in the dream

Miniscule cow

Mad person throwing stones at you

Meaning of selling ogbono in the dream

Mother licking your vagina

Meaning of the killing grass cutter in the dream

My stomach blast in my dream

Mom washing clothes in river in my dream

Misbehaving in dream means

Missing bucket

Meaning of lord krishna smiling with chaturbhuj murti in golden colour

Meaning anointing home in the dream

Moving around in 3wheeler auto dream meaning

Mean of dream my teacher asking me for phone number at class

Meaning of the number 7

Meaning of yellow in a dream

My teacher pregnant and embarrassed

My brother turned into a pangolin with bloody face

My ded father give me a pink clothes in dream

Man was happy cooking and cheers when he finished cooking in my dream

Money lender

Milk overflowed from breast and feed it to baby meaning

My husband telling me he wants us to conceive in dream

Meaning of sweeping and cleaning in church

Meaning of washing goat intestines in the dream

Me and my friend stealing and killing catfish in my dream

Me and my friend stealing and killing catfish from my friend boss

My wife dreamt when god gave me a quiet gift and later she saw the gift drawing in darkness

Mouth full of meat

Marriage arrangement in ayyappan temple

Mad man having sex with me in the dreams means

Mingled posho

Meatball on dirt under tree

Meat and eggs

Meaning of giving a wrist watch in a dream to some body

My angry pastor returning my money

Meaning my dead grandfather give in me food to eat in my dream

Mad woman trying to cut someone with blade

Mother hen covers or protects her chicks fr6the rain

Motorcycle on fire

My father driving my brother and i around to different unknown people houses

Meaning of teeth

Marriage proposal

My special someone had a scandal

Maggots coming out your vagina

My uncle passed away more than two year i saw built a new house for mey hou

My x paying lobola for other girlfriend

Marriage to another man

Melting rubber plate

My sister having mental illness in a dream

My dead father gave me 10 eggs

Meaning of combing hair to old lady

My best friend naked

Man sperm

My neighbor steal my cooking oil

Meaning of dead person giving you a slippers

Mating cow

Meaning of dream that my husband cheats

Mosquito coil

Meaning stockfish

My mother distributing sweets to people

Mistaken identity

Meaning of line in school

My sister gave me oral sex

Me seeing assistant pastor cleaning a house in my dream

Masturbating in my dream

My bike wheel was squishy


Meaning of dead mother being pregnant

Maggot coming out of my vagina means

Meaning of eating snail in a dream

Mad woman throw a stone public

Mother gave new clothes to her daughter in the dream.

Milk into paneer

Monkey pregnancy

My son jumping from running bus

My backyard was well manicured in my dream

My partner with someone else

Mother touching my vagina in dream

Mother touching my vagina in drem

Meaning of selling catfish in my dream

My baby son took off his head

Manila tamarind tree in dream

Meaning of seeing palm oil in my hands in the dream

My bucket of water was licking in my dream i tried to stop it but to no avail

Meaning of a dead person giving you his ring in a dream ring

Meaning of a dead person giving you his ring

Macopa fruit dream

Married women sees in her dream her father house, full of kids

Men asking for water

My bf checking my phone

Meaning of udara in the dream

Meaning of udara fruit in the dream

Medlars gift from brother




Mass persecution

Meaning of dreaming about king funeral

Misplaced items in fridge

My boyfriend made me a forth wife in my dream

Meaning of eating a black grapes in dream

Meaning of dream when cutting off people’s heads

Multi color used clothe

My boyfriend is busy in my dreams

My father is trying to kill me

Mom who passed away asking me money

Meaning of green duck in a dreami

Meaning of green duck in a dream


Mixed maize and sorghum dream | dream interpretation

Maroon dress in dream

My boyfriend masturbating

My friend introducing a guy in my dream

Mirror and water were there

Moss on fingers

Monkey taking shoes

My dead sister was wearing black and purple in my dream

Making ghee

Money and gun in a bag

Meaning of wearing different uniform from collegue

Muddy ricefeild

Man exposing

Me and dead sister eating fruits together

Me and husband underwater

Me and my husband underwater

My husband will travel abroad

Meaning of turmeric roots

Money attacking my head

My house help disrespect my husband

My sister that passed came to me in a dream asking for money

Meaning of a tiger coming out from de sea with a sore on it leg

Meaning of a tiger coming out from a sea with a sore on the leg

Making love in an unfinished building

My lovers wife

Marriage of dead pairs

Meaning of receiving clean clothes in the dream

Making broom meaning in dream

My money fell into a river

Meaning of broken clip in dre

Mistakenly swallowing of local dye

Money flying in a dream

Meaning of selling pawpaw in dream

Maroon saree

Microwave fire in kitchen

Meaning of seeing a white family


My mom destroying my pictures in my dream

Meaning of picking native pear in the dream

Mother having sex with son

Macadamia in a dream


My gallon of palm oil poured on the ground

Money investment

My cousin asking for money in dream

Making lemonade

Muddy pond

My girlfriend friend had a hair cut

Meaning of pos, in the dream

Meaning of pouring palm oil in a phone without dropping

Meaning of throwing away rotten eggs

Mountain crumbling inside mine

My old time friends threatening me with a knife

Meeting at a boardroom table

Meaning of god tara in dream

Monkey swinging

Meaning of dreaming money to offer to a friend to buy food for tresting them

My late father threw a shoe at me

Meaning of mingling posho in a dream

Meaning of removing an anklet

Meeting and talking to king of muslim country

Meeting and talking to king in a dream

Mother driving at terrible speed

Mother has boyfriend

My husband wearing my pink gown

Making a phone call in a dream

Money 25 cents finding

My mother fed me meat in the dream

Marula seeds dream means

Meaning of dream catching mudfish in running water


Masturbating on clean pink sheet in cupboard

Motorbike pushing in the dream

Mother giving you a car to drive

Meaning of washing palmfruit and drying it

Mehandi colour fast in a dream

Meaning of 30000

Me giving food to priest

Meaning of planting cocoyam in the dream

Making dough of coocking bread

Mascular women

Me asking help to pandit

Meaning to meet a senator in a dream

Musk melon in dream

Meaning of white carnal

Missing leg

Missing dog leg

Male giving birth

Meaning of someone spitting on my hand in dream

Meaning og ibis in a dream

Man figure inred cloth

Maggots coming out of a penis

My dead mother giving me money in the dream for an errand

Morin ga leaf in a bo

Meaning of seeing ayyapan in dream

Meaning of unknown ripe fruit in a dream

Meaning to escape toilet colapse

Meaning you enter a cassava farm

My dog killing two snakes in my dream

Meaning of a dead person asking for their shoes

My husband have a love bite on his neck

My husband and daughter sleeptogether

Meaning of a good farm yields in a dream

Married woman praying for me in my dream

Married woman praying for me in her dream

Magic whop

Malunggay sa panaginip

Meaning of palm kernel nut in my dream

My grandma giving me a new suit in the dream

Meaning of plastering a building in a dream

My boyfriend happy with me and from taking a shower

Man masturbating his lover

My girlfriend sister

Meeting a ldr boydriend

My thick hair

Many sticks put together in dream

Meaning of dancing in the orange moon

Meaning of dead elder brother giving his younger sister money in the dream

Mount in hourse and flying

My mother sweeping house

Meaning of danga in the dream

My sister commit suicide

Mothwer of perpetual help


Meaning when you buy engine oil

Mother naked

Meaning of a panda

Meaning of when someone is mixing blood with sand in dream

Melon shell in dream

Meaning of live squid in the sea

Meaning of squids & fishes in dream

Mountain full of beautiful flowers red and other colour

Meaning of selling kerosene in the dream

Meaning of someone promising me money in my dream ?

My father bulding me abig white house

Making welding

Man making love to a dog

Mother being assaulted

Meaning of plugging pepper in the dream

Meaning of plugging yellow pepper in the dream

Meaning of running away from a crocodile and finding a snake where you are hiding

Meaning of holding big filter in dreams

Meeting a soulmate at a funeral

Mushrooms growing from belly button

Mealie meal

Masonic apron

Married to a politician dream

Meaning of woman of god in the dream

My hair being braided by my dead loved one

Meaning of dream husband giving bath to wife

My name and someone surname i was writing in my forehead with black colour and trying to hide from others

Monkey holding hand

Mophane worms in the tree

Myna bird sit on head

Myna bird in head

Muddy water in a dream

My daddy gave me clothes in my dream

My ex blocked me on whatsapp

Meaning of eating agidi

Meeting someone into my home and having a feeling of adrenaline getting caught by another person

Mcdonalds characters

Meaning of monkey man dream

Mirror as gift

Marbles falling from my hands

My car being swept away by a flood

Meaning of sitting on kolanut in the dream

Meaning of picking and licking udara in my dream

Molasses dreams lots of it

Meaning of carrying okpa in a dream

Missing a marathon

Many kittens and cat

Making chapati in dream

M wearing my x clothes

Meaning of removing dirt from fingernails in a dream

My husband married two women after me

Mom water pipe bursting

Meaning of drinking fanta

Meeting a white lady in a dream

Meaning of gathering in church

Mother inlaw giving me food

Military training in dream

Mangoes into eggs

My friend asking my pant

Mashroom in the watered field

Meaning of seen martyr in dream

Missing my menstrual period in my dream means

Meaning of dreaming my boyfriend being cutted off his fingers?

Mouth and toilet in dream

Meeting long distnce boyfriend

Meeting my long distance boyfriend

Men kissing one another

Meaning of giving a hot water bath to a dead body to my father who expired 15 years ago?

My mother in a hospital bed

Meetings co wife in adream

Mystical torch

Mattress on bed burning with fire

Meaning of fish head in the dream



Motorcycle water

Mango pickle

Music and dancing

Meaning of me holding the pestle and pounding a clean empty mortar

Meaning of tieying gele

Meaning of tieying held

Meaning of black body paint in a dream islamic meaning

My boyfriend slapped me


My clothes being carried by a river

My gallon of palm wine were pouring out

Meaning of singing national anthem in dream

Muddy and greenish water and earthworm

Meaning of dreams while sitting next to the president

Meaning of getting too much coins

Meaning of dream about baby hair

My friend wasted my money in dreams

My wife leaving me

Meaning of being delivered in the water


My plaintain tree with big fruit but never mature fell of from the trunk

Me moving to another country and your father has kids i d9nt know of

My friend saw me homeless

Meaning of picking achi in dream

Meaning of dream drawing a mathematical graph

My husband gave me a clothes what does it signify

Meaning of dreaming a ring floating in the sky

Me defending an ex boyfriend who i still love

My gf having sex with other guy

Meaning of dreaming romancing a girl

Meaning of cow eating my shirt

Meaning of spiritual clamp

Mad pregnant woman in my house

My mom is selling food in a resturant

Many wardrobes

Many wardrobe


Mistress dreaming of boyfriends wife

My important document was lost i always carry inside my bag

Me yelling at my teacher

My ex gf having sex with another guy in my dream meaning

Marrying a police man in my dream meaning what?


Meaning of one slipper cut in a dream

Map or atlas

Meaning of eating pounded yam and egusi soup in a dream

Meaning of selling of garden egg in the dream

Mom yelling my name

Meaning of dreams my boyfriend getting a promotion


My boyfriend and yellow snake

Man wearing a black tutu

Money falling into gutter

Meaning of receiving mint money in the dream

M.p in dream

Meaning of dreaming fall just in time the black fruit and ate

Meaning of sharing money with friends in the dream

Meaning of harvesting groundnut in the dream

My hasband going out and i dream he came back

Mother become angle in dream n flying

My sister gave me used sandals in my dream

My tribal language

My vernacular language in dream

Mushroom growing from vagina | dream

Mirror and blood

Meaning of seeing dead sister plucking native pears in dream

Meaning of picking native pear

Mama mary wore a black dress on my dreams

Meaning of a lady give her husband a phone as a gift in the dream

Meaning of a lady give a man a phone as a gift in the dream


My dead grandma cooked food for me

Meaning of loosing hair attach with attachment in a dream

Meaning of picking and eating udara fruit in dream

Mother drinking milk from daughter

Meaning dreaming a saint

Murder lucky number

Multiple fruits

Madwoman eating your food

Metal shoes

Meaning pooping sand in the dream

Meaning of a black pot

Meaning of dreaming bush devil

Military bus meaning

Man wearing zcc badge

Making zombies in the dream

My atm card withheld by machine

Marrying a transgender in dream

Missing period in a dream means

My mother with grey hair