Mad dream islamic intrepratation

Moldy pillow

Mouldy pillow

Meaning of seeing new generator in front of an old generator in front of your house

Marrying fairy

Misplaced hardhat

Misplaced hardhar

Magic item

Mens shaving brush

Meaning of my ex boyfriend with his new lover naked in a dream

Moon with lots of eyes

My grown children are infants again when i dream about them

Man in black sitting on a tree stump

Missing flower in the pot

Martin luther king jr


Marriage proposql

My baby in a jar

Mountain lion sick

Measuring your finger

My father got astray in my dream

Meaning of oil drops

Meaning of giving a dead man blow job

Meaning of picking of ogbono in a dream

My little sister became very tall in my dream

Multiple morphing

Morphing into multiple things

Meaning of a crack building

My brother refuse to pray for me in my dream

Meaning of picking ogbono in a dream

My sick daughter

Mother giving roti in dream

My husband losing most of his weight

My niece driving a car with me

Money and liquor dream

Multiple places at once

My mattress outside the rain but cover with raincoat

Mouth on fire

My dog preotecting my parents from snake


More than one well with pig head

My crush texted me

My father asking me to buy him sweets

Mountains with snow

Mangalamukhi dead body

My dad was angry

My dad was fighting his brother

My dad was beating up my uncle

Marching band dreams

More than one of your dress got dirty written by the person

More than one of your dress got written by the person

My mum flogging me in my dream

My girlfriend traveling with my parents

Meaning of braces falling off teeth


Mildew on boots

Mold boots

Mold on boots

Meaning of pounding with mort and pistle in a dream

Mother reading ayatul kursi


Motherinlaw sweeping the floor

Making myself beautiful

Mother gave me new clothes

My little daughter cutting off her long year

Meaning of a dream being bitten by a mad person

My brother is naked

My ex boyfriend pay lobola for his wife and i was the one who receive cash

My girlfriend gave me a gift of artwork with my face on it in the dream

Meat cutter

Marry my daughter in law

My mum having sexeith my husband

Mother ironing in a dream

Mugged for taco bell

My ex sangoma wanting to make sex with me

My dead mother gave me kola nut to eat in dream

Money wrapped in handkerchief

Meeting powerful people in dream

Making love outside masjid

Mint color snake

Mother white saree

Mother white sar

Man with gold ring

Mouse swimming in fish jar

Motion sickness

Meaning dreaming about umhlwehlwe

My sister is standing in my bedroom

My ex boyfriend told me he was gay

Muscular wome

My mother inlaw gave beetle nut my dreams what dose that mean

Myself waliking in white clothes

Mixer concrete cement

Meaning of mouth rinse

Mata ka duppatta

Meaning of dirty dollars in a dream

Mom in coma

My enemy driving a white van in a dream

Meaning of some one give you palm oil

My president wife give me coconut and cassava cake

Meaning of wrist watch in a dream

Meaning of seeing purple sun in dreams

Mermaid dream

Mad man hugging me in a dream

Meaning of dreaming falling in a borehole

Mama mary skull

My best friend sucking my toes

My best friend sucking my big toe

Meanings of students dieing in the dream

My dad got a government job in my dream

Money up nose

Meaning of pounding while eating simsim in a dream

Meaning of purging in a dream

Making spinach in dream

Meaning of saying amen in dream

Meaning of amen in dream

Meaning of quinine

Mice in house

My wife gave a glass of water to my dead grand father in my dream

Mosque breaking down

Myself attend to puberty

Making halwa prasad

Monster in ice

Meaning of a dream about your tongue swollen

My father marrying somebody

My father marrying someone ne

My father marrying someone new

My son been sodomized

My daughter learned making bake

My land was survey in dream

Marrying in a dream with a king

My dead father buy me yam in the dream

Mangala mukhis comes in dream

My husband wanted to take me for money ritual but i refused

Meaning of a dream about removing a jigger in my finger

Moth repellent smell

My mother being assaulted

Mending tirn fotos

Meaning of cleaning a dirty toilet bowl

Milk in wine glass

Meaning of witch spit

Meaning of wearing wine colour dress in the dream

My wife as prostitute in dream

Meaning of dragging money in dreams

Marble in my testicles

Mom came from abroad

My ex paying lobola to my relatives

Missing sports uniform before a game

My dead mum giving me raw ovacado

Missing pupil eye

Mad woman forcfully break into my room

Mouth of the elephant licking my nose

Murder whiteness

Meaning of someone zipped your dress in a dream

My crush in my dream

Meaning of carrying sandonthe head in a dream

My sim card stolen in the dream

Mattress falling of the bed

My son killed another kid in my dream

Meaning biting someone finger

Mini ppny

Missing idol

My furniture was repossessed

Meaning of dreaming eating meat and posho on christmas

Mirror and a message written in it

Meaning of broken identity card in dreams and

Mountain with snake


Mother inlaw give you money

Meaning of pricing and wanting to buy coral beads of queens in a dream

Married men coming onto me

My living father slap my back in the dream it means what

Meaning of rejecting money in dream

Meeting my friends sister

Making up with your best friends

Monkey pooping in my room

Menstruating in a dream

Man lying to family

Meaning of picking and eating udara fruit in the dream

Mother peeling matooke

Mum brains burned with boiling water on stove

Mass coming out of vagina

My daughter turned into a grandma and kept giving me an evil stare

Meaning of rainbow socks

Meaning of someone cutting okra in a dream


Mob of meerkats

Missing a hand

Moong roti in dream

Meaning of underworld

Mother hitting my little brother

My dead mother giving saree means

Mother giving me perfume

My enemy giving me coins in a dream

My classmate applying butter in my face

Meaning of wearing ash lace

Multiple birth meerkat

Meaning of dreaming wax apple

Meaning of night dancers running after me


Marking script

Marking script in a dream

My dead sister has an expressionless look on her face

Meaning of tippy toe spiritually

My husband had writing on his head

My ex was using drugs in my dream

Meaning of dream river carrying away baby clothes

Missing cubicle

Married women in dream

Maid making bed

Mullet haircut

My son and my body were meeting together

My cousin saw me naked

Mother carrying sai baba idol on her head


Meaning of being feed in a dream by prophet

Making eyebrow in a dream

My unfamiliar house

Making a promise to wife getting married in dreams

Mom toilet

Meaning someone giving red palm oil in the dream

Moses give me a letter

Mother dancing field of daisies

Magical ugly doll

Meditating and felt connected to divine in dream meaning

Muddy grass

Meaning of bathing on grave

Meaning of killing a milipide in the dream

Masquerade flogging someone

Married cousin wedding

My boyfriend insulted me in a dream for things i did not do

My boyfriend insulted me in a dream

Meaning of swallowing thread in adream

Milk in a spoon

Milk man stopping by the gate

Meet my classmate in the jeep

Mom pours water on my bed

Mom trying to kill me

Mirror clouds

My dog with his tongue hanging out like it hurts

Milk pour from a packet

Milk pouring from packet

Mayan god

My boyfriend meeting my dead father

Meaning of dream teens

Missing lotus

Monkey sexing

Mummy lying flat in car dream

Masturbating while pregnant

Man breaking a virgin in a dream

Mad dream means

Meaning nai boyfriend ask me to gave him the key


Mystic creatures

Meaning of ukuphupha impangela

Mad person throwing stone

Meaning of water pouring on your head

My boyfriend face change to excess hairy

My son had ant in his pants

Moisturising leg

Maggots coming out of the virginia

Meaning of fighting in a dream and someone wants to burn you

Mouth paralyzed meaning

Missing terrace

Malik ul maut dream in sky

Meaning of dreaming rapoko

Me and my ex visiting parents in white and purple clothes


Meaning of seeing your enemy cooking food

Man dressed in all black at door

My dad slept with my teacher

Mother giving new dress to me in dream

Making selroti in deeam

Meaning of cleaning dirty bags in dream


My baby in a slider by herself

My cat running toward me

Mother yelling

Marrying a king and becoming a queen

Men singing

Meaning of seeing your late mother giving you ogbono soup in the dream

Mother killing me

Men fishing

Missed thanksgiving

Mushrooms growing on my face

Man with black eyeliner

Making love with a pastor

My crush shorter than me

My husband looking at a naked woman

My bf is wearing wedding ring meaning

Marriaage procession in a dream

Marrying into a wealthy family

Meaning of my son hunged to death

Meaning of hunged to death

Meaning of sweeping goat poop

My big ship seating on sand on edge of the ocean

Meaning of eating yam and fried egg in a dream


Meaning of someone asking me where to buy uda seed in the dream

Meaning of someone asking me where to buy uda seed


Me as a princess

Manila tamarind fruits

Meaning of dreaming a goat with one horn

Monk doing sex

Meaning of dreaming being a goal keeper in sports

Meaning of fully armored giant man

Mountains and flowers

Meaning of ube

My late husband paying lobola for me

My dream l saw a hen and cock tied up

My mother going to hit my father with a shovel

Mad man stealing my bread

My boyfriend is pampering me in a dream

Metal wire removed

Meaning of dreaming escorting a friend to the introduction ceremony

My own menstrual blood stained on a large jade stone

Meaning of chewing bitter kola and blowing it out

Meaning of purple shoes

Mad man pouring water in the dream

Myhna bird

Machine stealing

Movie characters

Man without dick

Meaning of receiving boiled egg from a dead relative in a dream

More pork

My bag was snatched

My mom was naked

Melting ceiling

My mother naked from the top and she feels cold and i cover her and she feels happy

Military cia agents

My grandmother disowning me

Meeting a strange man

Man kills my dog

My dog was killed by a burglar in my home

Man in white vest you have to please

Man in white vest in a dream

Mad trying rape in the dream

My mom called my name in the dream

My mommy called my name in the dream and said u should pack clothes for her

Mother calling me in the dream

My mom with big eyes chasing me

My mom with big eyes

Men sucking your vagina

Mother on a wheelchair

Mother having oral with daughter

My man gave another woman a wrist watch in my dream

My husband fuck my anus in drea

My husband with whipped shirt

My late father gave me sugarcane in my dream

Meaning of rain and thunder cracking dream

Man dreaming of blood running down my legs

Milking a black horse

My mother praying for me in the dream

My crush insulted me

My crush was mean to me

Money soaked in a bucket of water

My father gave me eyeglass

My man kissing another man in my dream

My dead son died and came back to life

My father chasing me with cutlass in the dream

Man walking

Making laddu

My son fetching charcoal of fire

My son fetching fire

Man with dog legs

Meaning of rice and car in a dream

Meaning of a dream about a church in the forest

My boyfriend enjoyed being fingered in his anus

Meaning of car gift in the dream

My child running into the street

Meaning of rebecca in a dream

Meaning of a white private jet comes and turning above your head in the sky

Magus in the dream

Mother sex me

Meaning of giving a tom tom sweet in the dream

My late father raping me

Manipulation of what i see

Meaning from sangoma dreaming of a black cat

Mother house

Mom in a oven

Meaning of drinking of herbal medicine in a dream

My mother came to me in my dream wearing green what does it mean

My baby sister called my name in my dream

Meaning of a poor husband

Meaning of rejecting red oil given to you by someone

Meaning of moimoi in the dream

Madfish in my dream

Meaning of rope swallowing


Muddled past

Monggo seeds inside ears

My wife and my uncle naked in a shower

Meaning of buying potash in a dream

Moving down the stairs

Moving coffe table


Made a silk green dress

Meaning of picking guinea fowl egg in a dream

Mom has leprosy

Missing diary

Mother says i must pay off her debt

Meaning of greek salad in a dream

My dead mother is carrying a sack of rice

Meaning of having sex with hen

Moving piano

Money and shopping

Mount sinai dream

Meaning of dream that you are special

Middle finger severed

My mom wanting chocolate

My ex girl cooks for another guy

Money being destroyed

Mutilated body parts

My friend saw me in a dream but my groom did not come

Male with woman generative organ

Male with woman generative prgan

Male with woman gene

Meaning of having three wives with the same face

My bestie blocks me in dream

My mom dress like a slut

My crush puts his hand on my shoulder

My dead mother cleaning a blue car

Man wants to attack mybofriend

Mother in law asking for clothes

My husband is travelling in bus dream meaning

Meaning of carrying cassava in dream

Me and my young son running from multiple tornadoes

Mango falling into sky dream means

Mother inlaw hawking banana

Marinating a pigs head

Mango tree with jasmine flower

Married to an indian woman

My teacher trying to catching phone

My teacher catching phone

Mufu wa musazi

My cowife kneeling before me

Meaning of dreaming animals eating someone


Meaning deceased father in a dream

Man in orange shirt calling me

My brother passed away had a dream we were mopping floor

My fence was stolen

Meeting hermes

Marring my husband again

Meaning of naked ex boyfriend

Male brown pants

Meaning of carry building block in dream

Meaning of finding jack diamond in your dream

Meaning of dreaming a green eyed tiger

Marijuana plant in my bedroom

Meaning of a mad man giving you fruit in the dream

Mad pregnant girl

My late father pursuing me in my dream

Meaning of being in farm land and picking clothes and utensils

Meaning of being in a farm and bringing iut clothes and untensils

Mom gave me three watches in a dream

Meeting chief minister

My boyfriend is cheating with my bestfriend

Man with horns in dream

Meaning of being killed by god karuppasamy

My parents accepting my boyfriend

Meaning of preparing for a surgery in the dream but the doctors refused to carry out the surgery

Maple trer

Mopping church spiritual meaning

My family and i eating together cooked meat

Making pate rings


Microphone refused to talk in the dream

My boyfriend dreams that his baby mama has died

Missing food in an event

My late grandmother ask me to drink little traditional beer

Money on dream

Meaning of dreaming urinating

Meaning of dreaming while urinating on sugarcanes and bananas

My crush puts a silver ring on my finger in my dream

Mangy dog

Meaning of opal in dream

Mustered plant

My boyfriend had long hair in my dream

My gf comes to visit me in a foreign country and she was denied going out with me


Mad man throwing stones to a woman

Meaning of slaughtering a roster

Meeting a lot of societies passing by

Mangoe fruits

Mangle fruits

Missed court

My home

Mother flogging me

Making dua in dream having nightmare

Mannequins in suits

Mannequins beheaded

Mannequins no head

My crush copying me in my dream

Mum wearing a dog mask

My sister naked on my dream

Missing idols of god in temple

Mystic caucasian bush man

Minerva dream meaning

My husband asking me for handkechief