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Dreams starting with the letter M

Many black spot on the palm of my hand

Mother and sea

Maths exam


Man puts his hand on my chest

Making fufu in a dream

My boyfriend sprinkles water on me in dream

My boyfriend sprinkles water on me

Meaning of praying for sick and blind person got heald in a dream

Meaning of being beaten by a dead brother in law

Murdering family member

Meaning of dreaming about occasions

Masterbate with banana

Meaning seeing someone stesl your water in dream


Meaning of dreamu

Mystic pen


Metal stuck in vagina


Meaning of goat giving birth to twin in a dream

Mike tyson


Maggi dreaming meaning

Motorbike backriding to a former business partner

Made accident on someone who was on a bike

Maize garden


Motorcade stopping for you

Multiple tornados in a city

Making soup with butter

My mother was going to die

Man collecting debt from you

Mother hate my girl friend

My mother hates my girl friend flavourr

Me as a vampire

Me a vampire

My dream repeat

Moving into a very big house

My boyfriend suliking my nippld


Meeting a cougar outside walking

My cats tail is cut off

My cars tail is cut off

My dream starts with a sun chief and then ends in fire

Mess dream

My name ritter in the sky dream


Meaning of making zobo in the dream

Meaning of making or cooking zobo in the dream

Maggot in the dream

My dead grand mother wearing church uniform

Money missing

My boyfriend pouring me cooking oil but i do not feel the pain

Mad man in a dream naked it means

Meaning of giving edith in the dream

My sister sucking my penis

Meaning of received fruits from madman

Mingling posho in dream means what

My boyfriend is knocked out in a fist fight

Mingling posho naked in a dream

My dead father is training me to hold gun


Marrying dead person

My stat

My dog peeing at entrance

My dog kelpie cross border collie peeing at entrance

Mike tyson beating his kid

Math solving

Miniature room

My late friend

Maggots coming out of green vegetables

Mat dreams

Meaning seeing my ex husband giving me a shower

Meaning seeing my ex husband s

My dead dad throwing a key to me

Moving dark black clouds

Muthi to get your love back in a dream

Meaning of broken mirror and water in the dream

Many cows fighting at home

Meaning of having a jigger in the toe

Mother remarry

Money on floor from my dead friend

Meaning of eating fried corn and grandnut in dream

Missing in temple

Mother beaten by the son

Meaning of cannular inserted in your hand

Making bed where to plant sweet potatoes


My arm is being black

Mice in a pocket

Mother giving saree in dream

My deceased mother plaiting my hair in a dream

Meaning of monggo seeds

My late mom open the door for me in the dream

Mud and bush

Muddy and bush place

Mother baths hetr in a tud with clear water


Mad boy

Mad person

Middle road


Marring someone else than your partner

Marring someone else in dreams



My friends x fir fried was wrapping him in plastic wrap

Meeting with ceo

My leg was broken

My penis broken

Mad man in love

Mad man try to rape me

Mentioning my full name

Meaning of picking adams fruit in a dream


My brother wearing my clothes

My sister physically punching my mom

Mangalsutra in fire

Meaning of the symbol of ugqoke imvunulo seen in a dream

Maggots coming out of my vorgina

Marry anime character

Mother giving me money in my dream but she is alive

Marijuana harvest

Meaning of grass cutter in a dream

Moon light pointing to you with great force

Mix fowl


Moringga in a dream meaning

Malunggay in a dream meaning

Metal cupboards


Marble walls in bathroom

Middle of chest pressure

My is always falling into a well and i try helping her

Mangy dog head and scratching

Meaning of palm fruit in a dream

Making a bed

My brother was touching and kissing my boobs when i was naked


My child teaching acts 2 in the bible

Meaning of dream in which your dear mother and grand mother in a mirror


My friend has a ghost girlfriend in his house

Meaning of burning your used sanitary pad in the dream


Missing name in a book

Missing name

My little daughters shoe sized me in the dream

Meaning of dreaming a furry

Mother giving me 100 rupees money

My wedding invitation

Mother giving me money

Mother sweating

Meaning of peeling ripe plantain in dream

My mom strangled me

Marriage with crush

Monster at home

My boyfriend paying lobola for me


Meaning of seeing a sick white chickenin my dream

My big toe nail smell and someone was helping me cut it off

Meaning of having gut shoot in the legs

Maggots coming out from vagina

Metal bracelets

Meaning of sherry

My dead husband was happy and waving at me

My name is thai

Me twizzling woods on the forestt

Mansions in the hills waterfalls turtle fountain

Mother died

Mother passing away


Math tutor


Meaning of uprooting tapioca in a dream

My dead daughter and dead husband in the same dream

Malta fruit i dream

Masked men

Meaning of eating yam in a dream

Missed opportunities

Meaning of holding white sapota in dream

Man flossing his teeth

Meaning of my grandma giving me alligator pepper

Meaning of having a broken teeth in your dream


Meaning inter the door

Mayan ruins

Mad man in love with me

My late mother giving me yams and jewelry

My last mother gift me yams

Meaning for seeing elephants eating sugarcane in dream

Mayor election

My wings being cut off

My ex girlfriend wearing yellow dress in my dream

Making love in the dreams means

Mud on bottom of black boots

Many black baby goat in a dream

My brother in law asked his brother for a underwear

Mugalan thero

My legs were tied with thorny chains i broke them


Military air attacks


Moi moi

My boyfriend cut me with a knife on my neck and i killed him by cutting his neck

Moving lava

My brother broken my house pillar meaning

My lost black cat returned home

Missing nose



Making macaroni

My crush hangs out a lot with my best friends

Murdering jesus


Mug falling

Meaning of dreaming of your deceased mother being all bruised up

Meaningless dreams



Multiple feathers falling

Mosquito coil

Mad veterinarian

Making a movie

Making a con movie

Mother mary broken statue


Many brown snakes attacking you

My guru serving me food

My girlfriend sleeping in my family house in dream

My common law showing his penis infront my child

My ex showing his private part

My common law was naked infront my 11 year dather


Mestrual dream

Mestruation dream

Mestrual dreaming

Mother beating little sister and couldn’t do anything about it

Me being raped but liking it

Me being raped

Man hanging dead

My to dogs was mating means

Meaning of fifty naria at the beginning of the year

Me naked on the bed


Meaning of escorting my boyfriend in a dream

Milking a car with spot of cheater and teeth

Milking a cat

My ex girlfriend


My boyfriend buying clothes for my siblings in my dream

Meaning of dream when someone say they like the group picture you are not in it

Marrying older women

Multiple dead wrapped in kafang smelling like camphor

Mad dog bite on hand

Mustard greens cooked


Mama mary

Me giving water to drink to my dead parents

Me giving water to drink to dead parents in dream

My aunt and i walking out of the apartment building she is naked but she holds me tight behind my back i am shielding her so as no one can see her front

My former crush kissing my ear and holding me

Meaning of pregnant woman dream of coco yam

Many cars outside the gate with doors open

My brother is wearing my mother skirt

Muddy fields

Man putting on white kanzu in adream

Making love with your auntie

Many lion

Monkey screaming

Multiple suns

Man with blue eyes



Mom wearing your coat

Making love with a mad woman in dream

My son mad in my dream

My son going mad in dream what is the meaning

Mushroom cloud

My ex came to visit me and her husband locate her in my place and was angry

Marble playing

My long hair was breaking


My late dad giving me soda to drink

Married to stranger

My cousin brother crying for money in my dream

Meaning of emmanuel in a dream

Meaning of giving palm leaf in a dream

My dead sister was holding a baby

My ex wearing white t shirt

My deceased aunt getting married in the dream

Malunggay leaves

Meeting with powerful people

My crush

My father in law and my husband sharing a bed

My body full of electricity


My boyfriend checking his phone

Melting circle in engine of car

Melting circle in engine of cat

Meaning of pastor giving me a white hat

Medicine dream

Mother rejecting your partner

My girlfriend father

My mortgage approved

My father in law to be

Marrying an old man in my dream

Marrying an old man

Marrying an old man and give me a ring

Meaning of chongololo in the dream

Maroon and white

My nephew got married

Me washing clothes for my late mother her in presence

Missed by bullet in dreams what number is

Missed by bullet

My face rotten

My boss congratulating me in dream what does it mean




Motor dicuri


Me and my friend going to see natural steaming water on the wooden bridge

Mother dreams of son calling her out

Makoti atiar

Me and my friend crossing the wood bridge

Mad woman breast

My father blessed me in my dream

Machete dream meaning and number



Meaning of giving birth to a human heart

More than one person eating roasted cassava


Mushroom in hair head

Mushroom in heair

My boyfriend sitting in church

Meat coming out of vagina



Mud snow


Melting right foot

Meeting a celebrity

My lover and someone else piggyback


Meaning of mushrooms in hair

Meaning of seeing a friend obituary and posters

Motorhome rolling over

My wife planting banana tree by dream

Meeting apriminister by dream islam

Metal in mouth

Military promotion

Military women dream of promotion

Mattress foam

Maternal grandmother putting a fish in your hand

Muhuram crowded dark mosque

Married to two men

My guru saying bad things about my boyfriend

Meaning of someone bringing sobolo to me

Meaning of bridgroom qualling with groom to church

Mechanical tree

Mosquito net

Meaning of blue fish

Meaning of catching a blue with silver lining fish

Meaning of catching a blue with silver lining

Meaning of seeing people in dirty water drowning

Moringa leaves

Mountain crumbling with stones

Meaning of dreaming inkanyamba

My deceased father giving me suitcase i can use

My deceased father giving me a suitcase i can use

My deceased father giving a luggage i can use

Marijuana green leafed tree

Menstrual stain in chair

My car tyre melting

Mobile phone

My wife with another man an i liked

Money stolen after losing purse

Meaning in a dream named philip

Meaning of hanging clothes to dry

My brother is about to board the plane home and call me to pray for him

Meaning of ujeqe ovuthiww in dream

My sister killing her boyfriend

Meaning of dead white men in dream

My wife caught with my wife in a dream

My boyfriend was from a different school in the past but in my dream i see him in my past school

Mango leaves

Mngo leaves

Making castrol oil


My crush takes picture of me in a dream

My crush is undreesed in my dream

Meat and freezer

My secondary school flogged me in my dream

My husband carrying a child and crying

Mixing herbs with a sangoma

My own children

My husband being away from me

Meaning of tearing a white cloth


Marrying a witch


Mirrored room

Mary magdalene

My sister dreaming my boyfriend died

Metal face skin

Marked scripts

My late brother was packing lots of enamel plates and mugs

Me being the main character in a movie

Meaning symbols of small black ants on clothes

My ex boyfriend with dreadlocks

My pastor was on drugs in my dream

Meaning of eating fufu in dream

Meat broth

Meeting boyfriends son

My sister gave a silver watch to my father

Melted plastic bag

My mom giving me new clothes

Making fermented fish

Meaning of drinking garri and groundnut

My boyfriend took me to a old house

Meeting a police officer

Meaning of garden egg in the dream


Mouse and snake friendly

Meaning to dream of chickens

My ex brings me chapati

Money to find

Meaning of carrying plank in the dream

My boyfriend celebrate his birthday with it telling me

Many harvested cassava

My school closing

Mambar 59

My dead husband crying tears of blood

My sister half leg in dream

Man wear white polo

My son erected in group of young people meaning

My baby exchange dream

Most tower island grass

Meaning of country flag in a dream

Macadamia nuts

My dead mother giving me flowers

My l8zard was mutated

My lizard was mutated

Meaning of uprooting sukuma wiki

Meanings of xmas tree burning in dreams


Malunggay broken

My boyfriend went out with another woman


Massage oil on head

Moving from left to right

Make somone crazy

Make up


My exgirlfriend committed suicide

Mucus coming out of vagina

Meaning of dead mother giving you letter

Missing door

Moon spiraling from sky

Multiparameter machine

Messenger god

My boyfriend dramt his parents saying i am his wife

Mother driving my car

Music system

My ex girlfriend is pregnant

Mad woman gave birth

Masked person

Meaning of cooking traditional medicine in the the dream

Meaning of cooking traditional medicine in my village

Making our home looks like our previous home


Meeting a guy and asking for his name

Mad woman dream number

My dead mother pulling a heavy suitcase in my dream

Mad woman took slippers

Meaning of lobola negotiation seen in a sream

Ma get

My ex wearing red gawn

Mad mam

My uncle died

Meaning of wearing nysc uniform


My signature

Meaning of maize roasting


Meaning of pluging ripe pepper in a dream


Maggie in a bowl


Meaning of hanging boyfriend in a dream

Man gives me fried chicken

My cousin as plants

My son steal weed from a neighbor

Multiple noon

Man with bird head



Mabele sour porridge all over fridge

My whole body turned ink blue

Mother calling my name


Menstral blood with maggots

My boyfriends house

Martial law

Meerkat dieing

Move by gliding on something

Move without walking but gliding

Move by gliding



My son was in a box

My enemy wear to me a golden ring

My latest small mother going with my mother in the town

Monster scream

Me barefoot

My dead sister helping me to fetch water

Mad man trying to rape me


Many yellow pumpkin

Mom rejecting my current partner in dream meaning

Meaning of buying agidi in dream




My dead stepmother alleged that i imprenated her

My did i dream about my naked girl cousin

Mountain with water flowing

Muslim women in adream

My mom is a ghoost in my dream

My own ring

Meeting a girl in a dress

My ex boyfriend give me a food then a dog came and get the food as i get it the dog become the woman with two teeth who bite me in the hand and in the feet then i go to the house of my ex boyfriend i saw a lots of foods and then when we start eating the creature is chasing me and then i saw a clear stagnant water there are 3 children swimming then when i chased away the creature there is someone wants me to be bitten

My dad kissing me in my dreams



Meaning of cocoyam in the dream

Monk giving me money


Moringa flower


Meaning of the symbols of pulling rope mouth seen in a dream

My puppy had worms

My mother was dead and i was selecting my wedding lehnga with my aunt


My dead dad giving me a cigarette

My dead dad givibg me a cigarette

My sister wearing my clothes


Missing sock

Missing sick

Meanings of business partner sleeping in my bed in dream


Meaning of praying with kola nut in the dream


Mad man rapes in dream meaning

Mad man rapes

Metal discs wired in back

My child popping in water

Man made disaster

My ex giving me money

Meaning of business partner sleeping in my bed in dream

Many fish in a net

Missing a flight

Monkey eyes

My baby being kidnapped

My ex

My brother marry my ex girlfriend


Mother bought new clothes for her child

Man walking with hand out as if holding something dripping blood onto snow that steams

Meaning of madman slap


Meaning of dream bathing a baby

Maize grain

Meeting boyfriend

Meaning of buongon fruits in dream

Mad woman taking water from people

Meaning peeling and eating ripped pawpaw

My crush likes me back

Meaning of pouring anointing oil into the mouth

Money coming out of your sleeve

My crush being gay

My ex wife lied about giving birth to me


Mogodu pap

Moses gave a thing

Manipulated by parents in dream


Making a wish on shooting star

Mad man wanting to rape me

My father wearing a pure white jumper

My father wearing a pure white j7mper

Meaning of charging phone with power bank

My grandmother giving me okro soup and garri in my dream

My gf have a beard

Making love in an uncomplicated building with your fiancee



Mad eating

My passed away father has given me roses and chocolate in dream as gift

Making seedbed

Me ans my girlfriend fell in love again

My hubby slapping me in a dream and i slap back

Miniature crocodile

Mom gives me flower

Meaning of rubbing palm oil over the body

My daughter falling down a well

My brother return from abroad and took me to abroad from a door

Meaning of 3 men raping a cow in the dream

My father died on my wedding


Moose with horses

Moose and horses

Machines in body of water

Movement restrictions

My óld frns

Mingle with dead person


Man killed by cops

Mangoes falling from the sky

My husband is mean to me

Marrying a ritualist in dream

Monthly periods and nakedness

Menstrual blood in tub

Marigold dream

Moose running


Meanig if sering grandfather in mirror in dream

My best friend carrying on back in dream mean

Moon showing mt baby



Man squeeze milk from my breast

Makoti with no face

Meaning of studying accounting in classroom

Maori father dead


My father diying in dream

My father dying

Mosquito blood in a hand

Meaning of quenching fire in the dream

Mossing a bus

Meet a dead grandpa

Meat in dream

My husband getting married in the dram what does that mean

Military man like chase him

Military man like to court me

Money on grave means


Mother selling provisions shop

My husband chasing me in my dreams


Meeting a powerful woman

Meaning of snake coming out of a hole in the dream

Manila tamarind fruit wht is the meaning


Making moimoi in your dream

Mirror of a spouse

Magpie flying overheadbedroom

Metal in hand

Man wearing blue and white dress


My death mother holding the holy communion

Meaning of a decease friend measure you and make a dress

Mfc200s06z8k8the meaning of the symbols of eating prasad

Meeting with wife

Manuscript with a plain cover



Meaning of seeing your self no close

My mom was wearing my clothes in my dream

My room been scattered in my dream


Making bitter leave soup


Mother mary

Meaning of grandma cursing you in a dream

My chin was disabled

Meaning holding meat bone in a dream

Malnourished child happy to see me

Marrying brother

Multiple sets of twins

Making winnowing fan

Mom getting killed

Mother with funeral cloth crying

My friend gave me steel utensil

Man no penis

Man no penid

Man of god pouring water on my head

My body being chopped up

My bf peeping in public

Mother denying daughter

Mating bugs

Marching band

My decease mom give birth eight kids one is albino meaning

My husband swept away by the flowing river

My pastor is travelling

My ex boyfriend sucking my breast

Married friends

Married couple

Meaning of seeing half ripe bananas in a dream

My girlfriend shining in my dream what does it mean

Manmade stone snakes

My parents and relatives going on umrah

Mom falling off a balcony and bleeding

Muddy water

Man smoking in church

Money dead yard

Marked exam paper

Marked exam script

Milking a cow


Meaningof me combining out my dreadlocks

Meaning of plugimg unripe paw paw that joine together

Marriage introduction ceremony

Making a promise of taking care of family to the dead father

Mopani worms

Mad man


My brother is hungry in my dream

Meaning of used sanitary pad in a dream

Meaning of eaten aligator pepper in my dream

My doctor combing my hair in a dream

Mom falling off a belocony while the elektrik is off and surviving

Mother carrying firewood

Mai apne bache ka maas kha raha hu

Meaning of dreaming picking money from the ground on a wedding ceremony

Mopane worms

Meaning of filling bottle with palm oil

My cousin supernatural threw a man over my retaining wall

My son walking barefooted and calling my name

Moses and jesus and jesus eyes

Malnourished hamster

Malnourished hampster

Meth and instant manifest

My father 2nd marriage with another lady in old gae

My child personality split

My grandmother asking for money

My crush was taking care of me when i was hurt

Melted chocolate bar

My boyfriend dead father happy with my son



My girl best friend in a relationship with my older sister

My bishop praying for me and give him staff

My wallet fail in river and i got it in my dream

My wallet lost in muddy river

Made the team

Man shadow


Man climb over a ventilation

Man holding a knife

Maternity dress sink in water



Meaning of plugging black velvet in dream

Mad brother

Mahangu dry grass meaning in a dream


My husband was died inside coffin out side my parents back yard

Many moons in a dream

My ex wife has become a prostitute

Meaning of seeging korean boy and kids

My girlfriend was cheating me like a play girl



My husband give me water in a clear glass


My breast sacked someone woman

Marriage with soldier in dream


Making my best friend relaxed after her breakup

My mother giving me coins

Mother and ghost in dream

Meeting friends


Meaning of seeing a slag in a dream


Missing legs from the knee down





Meaning of lady giving kum kum in dream

Mad man slapping you

Maroon and white cloth in a dream


Mapane worm


Meaning sering doneone drown in a pool

Meaning of losing and finding car keys

Meaning of finding lost car keys

Meaning of a boyfriend lieing naked on ur bed

Meaning of a boyfriend losing naked on ur bed

Mother being abused

Meaning of eating of buffy foods

Meaning of kids scattering my room



My late husband beating me in a dream means what



My boyfriend lost his drivers licence

My friend and me driving a jeep

Making ridges in dream



Misunderstanding with my partner

Marigold and palm in pots

Mechanics fixing radiators

My baby girl turned into a boy with a big penis


Marble rolling

Meanig dreams islam vampires

Meaning of python visiting a new born baby in dream

Marrieng a blind woman in a dream

Making sel roti by mom in dream

My daughter being raped

My sister putting on my clothes in dream

Meaning of a lost hoe



My partner together with someone i know

Meaning of roasting human







Mad woman

Magical 10 year old girl

My deceased father was talking to my girlfriend

Making a cowshed


Meanings of seeing prekese in dream

Meanings of seeing prekee

My daughter of 5 years raped

My boyfriend and sister in law getting intimate

Missed dinner

Meaning of mother sick and bed seen in my dream

Midnight sunrise

Moss and water


Mustard flower view

Meaning of seeing a traditionalist in a dream

Me wearing a soilder uniform

Monitor lizard eating snakes

Monitor lizard eating snake

My child being carried away by erosion

Meet a beautiful woman

Mouth full

Meaning of seeing death mad woman in dream

Meaning of rain sand in house


Meaning of dream when being given money by a catholic priest

My father trying to rape me

My late husband was alive and we are eating food together

My brother and his wife come to visit us from another country

Meaning of eating wild fruits in your dreams

Married to a prophet

Male with breasts

Many customers in my louge


Melon in dream

Meaning of pestle in the dream

Meaning of washing pestle in the dream

My daughter kissed me in dream

Mouth odor

My ex best friend replacing me

My father giving me his death date

Meaning of seeing three leaf yam in a dream

Meaning of the symbol of three leaf yam in a

My dream



Money on wallet

My husband packed all belongings and leave


Moon and jesus image on it

My bill was wrong

Man sucking woman breasts

Man such women breast

Make bitter


Modern day egyptian woman


Moon and sun align

Mom and sun align

Mom and sun and earth in straight line


Mold in closet

Meaning of a witch


Meaning of desiel in the dream

Meaning of plucking cotton wool in the dream

My ex boyfriend having wounds

Mother in law with needle

Menstrul cycle in your dream

Marking exam script


Meaning of giving dry cassava to my daughter in a dream

My breast was touched in dream by a boy and a girl

Meaning of the symbols of catching wild guinea fowls small ones mature ones seen in a dream



Mummy praying for me dream meaning

Meaning of a dream an hand blocking your face

My ex is skinny


Meaning of being injected in a dream as a pregnant woman


Move head

Meaning of fetish perist


Monbulk pool


My son getting married

Marrying a chemistry teacher

Meaning of seeing raw beans in side eba in the dream

Me without any lower covering


Mass murder of attackers

Meaning of picking prekese in a dream

Mother blessing me

Muhammed praying

Michael jackson slaps me



Mother in law dead

Meaning a dead person fried egg and pap

Mowing tall grass

Meaning of seeing mopane worms in the dream

Meaning of my boyfriend deleting the messages

Meaning of my boyfriend deleting the messae

Mushroom clouds

Money in fridge

Money coin

My dead father was in his bedroom preparing to bath

Mad woman bites my back in a dream what does it mean

My boyfriend gave my father a pair of shoe in my dream


Meaning of picking ube in a dream

Morning of picking ube in a dream

Meaning of you and your children weeding cassava farm for someone close to you in the dream

Me dreaming of first wife

Mask smiling

My road to work was blocked bcars which were in an accident i managed to weave my way through


Myself seen wearing a new mangalsutra

Mother cooking meat in a dream

My daughter saw a woman and child that made me fall from a high place

Mangoes tree fall and broke in to two

Mother gave new clothe

My husband watched me be abused

My upper body is invisible and only my lower body appears



Meat bowls

Mopane warms

My dead dad broke my cigarettes

My funeral attended by ex boyfriend

My dead auncle touches my vagina and i cried

Meaning of the symbols of fighting a baboon in a dream

Mat in the dream


Marriage is set to my loved one with other

Mold on a wall

Meaning of sherry in dream

Me and my boyfriend got hurt and my face has some marks so his friend said i have mask that clear my face and when i go to his flat he kissed on my lips and im not pushing him back because i dont want to hurt him and then my boyfriend friend tell me that stay one night with me and dont tell this to your boyfriend and i leave from his house and went to my boyfriend home and i think after reaching to my boyfriend home i tell him every thing but he already know all the things and he started crying and when i make understand him he umderstood me and give me neck kiss

Marula leaf

My husband and niece lying down while hugging

My husband and nice lying down together

Meaning of 5 rand

Meaning of giving someone r5 in a dream


Mad men fight and give fish in a dream

My storage is full where am go

Meaning of seein a man sangoma in dreams


My sister trying to steal my boyfriend

Mud fish


Marching military sound


My mother inlaw cut my daughters hair

Man falls off crane and smashes head on ground

Meaning of dreaming about three leaf yam

Muphane worms

Motorcycle no handlebars

Mad woman that pure bulket water on me

Marking test in class

My boyfriends ex girlfriend

Mad woman attacked someone in dream

Mother in law naked

My breast leaking blood

Me and boyfriend inside a water