Middle finger cut off in right hand

Meaning of guinea corn in a dream

Making gulabjamun in my dream

Meaning of ogbolo soup and eba in the dream

My pastor giving me all the money he had in his pcket

Making collages

My sister brought used shoes to my hiuse

Man with henna

My dog almost bite me in a dream

Mother got slapped

Mountain on fire dream

My boyfriend came in my mouth

My late grandma receiving the dowry my husband owes

Meaning of selling

Miscarriage of three babies one big one and two smaller ones the big one was a boy

Mother in law died in dream

Mother in law died and we were happy

Making food dead in law


Maltreating someone



Meeting a rich man in dream and falling for him

Make squirt dream

Moong dal , rice and haldi

Meaning of looking for centerpieces for a wedding

My pictures were hang by my partner on the wall and those pictures fell of in my dream

Mother giving blessings

Mother blessings for son in law

Moving ground

Movement in soil

My friend not wearing hijab in a public place

Meaning of controlling waters in the world in a dream

Marriage prposal

Mentioning coffin

My brother broke my dad earphone and he deny it

Medical records

Muslim chaplain

Mixed tread color

Mixed color

My missing cat returning home dream

My late father bought us lots of meats

Mourning over a deadperson in dream

My boyfriend touching the snake


Male friend smiling at me

Mayonnaise put in a monggo

My weeding

Maori warriors at a marae


Meaning of giving someone a red cooler in the dream

Meaning of seeing a dead relative dancing with someone that is alive and known by you

My mother getting out in a pit latrine

My mother fall in a pit latrine

My sister fell into a water well

Man in blue jean overals

Man with overals

Meaning of petrol tanker in the dream

My dad got mad at my dog

Many children

Molta in dream

Miscarriage in toilet

My ex boyfriend was yelling at me and i did not answer him

Monsters fight

Mahangu field

Mahongu field

Meaning of wearing peach colour dress in dream

Much root

Meaning of having scabies

Mother father laughing

My son was murdered

My mother give me kunu in my dream

Meaning of standing on top of a mountain with people in the valley in dream

Meaning of picking bitter kola in a dream

My shoes being being cleaned

My shoes being wiped off dust in a drean

My shoes being shined in a drean

Mom and sister

My dead mother giving me old coins

Mango tree blossom

My dead mom giving me old coins in a broken vase

Meaning of broken ganesha idol in the dream

My husband giving food and drink to my neighbour in dream

Melon soup

Meaning of eating melon soup in a dream

My boyfriend mom was combing my hair

Medical clinic

Missing wedding shoes

Meaning of broom

My dead bro bought shoes in my dream

Meaning of broom in the dream

My wife sex with another guy in dream

My children are fighting

Meaning of throwing away rotten eggs in a dream

Mangalamukhi, dream

Milo tea

Missing a ship

Milk with butter


My husband sucking my breast and lots of milk flowout from both breast

Muslim cleric

My husband unressing in the presence of people

Making juice

Milk boiling in stove means

My husband sleeping with our maid

Mehndi on my mothers hand in dream

My girlfriend dispeared in my dream when we were dancing

Meaning of plucking and gethering garden eggs with different colours

My dead friend was hoting a party at her place and many oldfriends attended it and we were having.suddenly thre was aspill of water but now at my house

Morula tree

My late mum giving me a blue dress in a dream

Man transformed into mouse

Making hot love with known woman afrodite

Marriage rope binding in neck some other person

Meaning of dreaming that someone is sucking my breast

Meaning of dream getting a visa for england islamic interpretation

Making chin chin in dream

My wife dreamt where she saw my sister and her clone after her

My sister in law committed suicide in my house in the dream

Marriage of a dead person

Marriage talk is going on


Mouse in the pocket in a dream

My wife sleeping other men on multiple occasions

Making love to eunuch

My dead father wearing my shoes

Mixed cassava and beans in dream


Meani of baby oaying dice game in a dream

Meaning of okpa in dream

My dead mother barrowing money from me

My husband, mistress and me

My husband and his mistreas

My husband choosing her mistress

My husband choosing her mistress and i cried

Melting plastic plate on the stove


My late mother asking for house keys

Mother cutting her hair

Meaning of carried palm leave in the dream

Mother kiss daughter

Mother blow air mouth to mouth


Meaning of grinding cassava in the dream

Money in the ocean

Mangala mukhi

Meaning of eating vagina in the dream


Move on a rope

Meaning of birthday party for dead mother

Mosque fight

Missing your police uniform in dream

My brother asking to suck my breast

My wife sexing another man

My dress gets ruined by period but a person gives me new one

Me buying saree

Meaning boat in the sky

Mother knowbing in dream

Menstruation pad of a female

Meaning suitcase full of incontinence pads

Mother in law places veil upon ex daughter in law

Messiah complex

Man telling you he loves you

Meaning of jute leaves in a dream

Missing main door

Monkey in an oven

My body transform into snak

My poops in a white plate

Meaning of dreams having two suitors

Meeting royal family

Meaning of being horny in the dream

Meaning of cooking and eating ogbono soup in the dream

Meaning of cooking and eating of ono soup in the dream

Mother who passed away with swollen legs

Meaning of black carabao in the dream

Mistress dreaming of boyfriend wife

Man hug kiss

Mouth full of infection

Meaning of driving the car down the slope

Meaning of boils on the

Masquerade touching you

Meaning of eating white yam in the dreams




Making up with my bf

My father being naked

Marrying someone of the same sex

My baby is in pain

Manipulated in a dream by someone

My father is digging a hole for our septic tank

Meaning of killing grasscatter in the corridor

Male peeping while taking a bath

Meaning of killing grasscatter in the house

Meaning of dreaming black nazarene

Making our own room in our house

My sister and dead father me holding his blue/ purple hands

Me and my sister with my dead father

Malungay tree

Malungay tree planting

Meaning of dream with a silver puppy

Meaning of driving a car down the slope

Missing train station

Moon on the ground

My surprise birthday party

My surprise birthday partt

Missing table

My clothes flooting in water

Missing brother in dream


Mushrooms grow on head

Mahangu meaning in the dream

Madwoman chasing a lady in a dream

Meaning of a gift of garden egg in a dream

Mixer of sand and cement in the dream

Meaniwmg of unplaiting hair in the dream

Meaning of washing, dirty bucket in dream

Milk boiling over

Men looking for men

Men for men



Mother gives me coin

Monkey bites hand

Missing a child

Messy clothes under bed

My brother lost his 1 half leg in my dream

Matam dream

Milking and selling breast milk

Mint leave in dream

Meaning money envelope hide under pillow in dream

Money bills


Mad in good terms

Mad eat

Mopani worms on the ground meaning

Maggi cubes in the dream means what

Mouth to mouth

Man of god washing ur feet in the dream


Mass evangelism dream

Make a paragraph, use this mangrove tree as an example

Mission with your army boyfriend

Meeting with a former president

Mosque pee entrance

Marriage hall

Mud statue of god

Many squash fruits

Mother sick vomiting

Man with a watch

Mirror and water

My husband washing the condom

My brother was sick and collapse

My dead father became a homeless in my dream

My dead grandmother took a wet tissue out of her mouth and told me to give it to my cousin

Many temples in one dream

Motorbike in water

Meaning of years in dream

Muscular men

Meaning of assertive

Money in my pocket

Monster clash

Meaning of buying kola nut in the dream

Meaning of someone steal my perfume

My mum turned to dust

Meaning of seeing egusi in the dream

Meaning of buying grass cutter in a dream

Making ridges or seeing ridges for contivation

Meaning of a dream someone giving kajal as a gift

Mangoose killing and eating snake

Mother kissing her son

Mother refuses son marriage

Meaning of roasting meat in a dream

Meaning cutting cow in the dream

Meaning cutting cow meat in the dream

Moving to other planet

My laptop is damaged by water

Meaning of transfer to new place in a dream

Meaning of bitten by a rooster in your dream


Making halwa

Mopping in church

Menstrual blood dripping

Meaning of wearing high iron metal as sandals in the dream?

Meaning of wearing high iron bar as sandals in the dream?

Meaning of wearing high iron bar as sandals

Missing my mirror in my whole

Meaning of rubbing hair cream on hair in the dream

My gold necklace

My husband wearing pastor attire on my dream

Masturbation with ex

Must give banannas and pears to my pastor

Meaning of seeing someone hanging clothes then the clothesline breaks

Meaning of picking bitter kola in the dream

Missing a bulket

Meet the cirrent prime minister

My best friend likes me

Meaning of panner in dream

Man in black cloak

Multiple murders

My child buried alive in the dream

Meaning of seeing a celebrity woman naked

My ex become a gay

Many golden marbles collecting them in the pockets

My bf in my family house

Meaning of fresh growing waterleaf

My dead father holding money in dream

Manoj hiremath

Mother dating g younger man

Moving west

My dead mother giving me a bowl full of milk and asking me to boil it and keep safely

My wife disappeared

Meaning of seeing a dead person wearing white in a dream and you are telling her to leave you alone

Marry disabled lesbian

My husband is sucking my vagina

Marrying a dead person

Meaning of gun shot

Missing out on my dowry day

Menstruation blood stain in white dress

Meaning of dreaming an impala

My husband slap me

Marriage of sister and my ex together

Malnurisged child

Meaning of lizard tail

Matress on fire

Meaning of destroying cobweb in the dream

Meaning of seeing egusi been spread

Mean of tie goat in dream


My daughter sucking her own breast

My pastor shouting at me

Meet your ex

Manequin wearing dress

Mouth has infection

Me cycling on the road

Meaning of feeling horny in the dream

My hand in dog mouth in dark

Meaning of picking broom in dream

My co-worker about to flogged me in the dream

Meaning of dream when someone pulled my beard in urdu

My deased brother smoking near me

My dreaded brother smoking near me

My silverware stolen

Mad woman being friendly to me in my dream means

Moyna birds catch dream number

Moon with pink spots

My sons girlfriend has a baby girl in my dream

Meaning of my puppy sucking my breast milk

Muddy field

Meaning of pomelo fruit in a dream

Mini short

Making ridges contivation in drean

My girlfriend disappeared in my dream

My crush wearing my slippers

Messy table

Meaning of being surrounded with soldierant in a dream

Mad woman

Mad woman chaising

More white discharge coming out of vagina

Mealie meal bag full of mealie meal

Metor crashing

Meaning of planting sugarcane in the dream

Mutilated breast

Making art

My father applied turmeric to me in my dream

Meaning of achild puting on priestl garment

Meaning of a woman receiving a brown envelope

My maternal grandmother gave me diamonds

Man woman trying to harm me in my dream

Mad woman trying to arm me in my dream

Meaning of seeing periwinkles in dream


Maize ready for harvesting

My husband sleeping with my cousin

My mum bought coconut in the market for me

Meaning of jar full of mayonnaise in a dream

Mother in law throwing red bindi

Mother in law throwing my red bindi

Meaning of buying saree in dream

Missing the right way

Making gold baby clothes

Military car

Military color

Meaning of your boyfriend stammering in the dresm

My husband has a baby with another woman

Me naked leading a clothed dance group in church


My pastor and his wode cutting cane

Meaning of wallet color gold

Meaning of throwing stone at mad man

Meaning of madfish in a dream

Mannequin head



Meaning of plucking ripe almond


Male urine

Milk pot broken

My secret lover kissed me in public

Medium private air plane

Medium plane


Mom in white


Making out with boyfriend

My friend drink alcohol


Mad sex

Moin moin

Meaning of plantain sucker

My clothes floating down the river

Making ridges

Me weeding on a portion of land

Meaning of impangele in dreams

Mother suicide

Melon seed

Meaning of a goat giving birth to three kids in the dream

Military vehincle

Meaning of blue suit case in dream life

Maize meal

Meaning for helping my pastor to wash dirty plates in d dream

Mopani worms in a dream mean biblically

Moving to a slum

Melted candle wax

Meditating in dream

Man robbing tombstones

Meaning of left foot wound in a dream

Man sucking femal left breast in dream


Moving doll

Mother sleeping half naked

Meaning of a horse carriage without horses but moving

Milk coming out of dream

Mother getting injured

My friend dreamcame my dead father and attending a marriage

Music worm

Meaning of clean water coming out of a rock

Mpontaim collapsing

Meaning of finding 2 blue topaz in my dream

Man licking my virgina

Mongoose knocking my door

Making love with a mad woman in a dream

Meshing banga in a dream

My crush took my red duppatta in his hands

My eyes roling

My eyes role and my face in spirel

My brother being in love with my girlfriend

Meaning of white beads in the dream

My parents are fighting with each other

My silver is stolen in dreams

Meaning of fetching water in a bucket

Meaning of someone accuses you of stealing in a dream

Meeting my role model in my dreams

Mothball smell

Mad man throwing stones at me

Magus in dreams

Masquerade peeping through window

Malai dream

Marriage restoration prayers

Meaning of fish in a dream

Meaning of fighting to win in a dream

Menstrual napkin

Mountain with ice

Mad woman pregnant

Meaning of biting a cowife in a dream

Many ladies nacked

Meaning of seeing two moons in my dream

Meaning of seeing bloody marry in my dream

Mattress and bedsheet

Making potatoe soup

My face

Mud on shoe

Missing someone in dream

Meaning of pounding yam in dream

Meaning of selling provision to someone


Meaning of dreaming your missing elder brother

My deceased mother playing with her sarees

My wife having sex with anothe man in dream means

Meaning of pumpkins leaves in a dream

Meaning of lime orange

Meaning of dead friend drinking alcohol

Man wear female

Mother driving a car



Money in mouth

Mosquito net

Make-up and face creams

Moldy water spilt

Meaning of public bath in the dream

My girlfriend eating meat from another man

Machis box

Mach box

M about getting medicine

M divorced women n having no relationship n i saw to wore mangalsutra in my dreams what does it mean

Meet woman


Man dressed as a bird

Moving a rock