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What does it mean to see an pot in a dream?

Pot Dream Meaning: From 15 Different Sources


(Marijuana) dreaming about smoking pot can be an effect of having a current or former drug addiction. Being around people who smoke pot even if you do not can also stir your subconscious to dream about the event

Christian Dream Symbols | Tyler Wolfe


See house room and accessories Metaphors

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model | Vincent Wienand


Mankind as a vessel of service; research accordingly, i.E. Plastic, clay, glass, plastic, iron, gold, silver, etc.

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton


A symbol of female sexuality. We could be dreaming about “cooking up” something, or about examining one’s emotions close up. We can create things in a pot, but a “chamber pot” can also receive our waste materials. Pots are used in many idiomatic expressions, and a dream might be drawing on one of these meanings: “pot luck,” “pot calling the kettle black,” “a watched pot never boils,” “doesn’t have a pot to piss in,” “a melting pot,” etc.

Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia | James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver


(Cooking pot; Vessel) In a dream, a cooking pot represents one’s wife, his livelihood and home, while the lid represents the husband.

If the pot looks in a good condition and of value in one’s dream, then it represents his nobility and honor. Apottery cookware salesman in a dream represents comfort and one does not need to travel to earn his livelihood, while a copper cookware or other types of cookware salesman in a dream represent a livelihood based on travelling from door to door.

A cooking pot in a dream also represents a scholar or a man of knowledge who is sitting in the teacher’s chair, while the meat, vegetables and spices inside the pot represent his knowledge, wisdom and their benefits for the seeker. Apot on fire with water boiling inside it in a dream represents a divorced woman.

A pot in a dream also represents a handsome looking man who cares about his neighbors’ opinions.

A pot in a dream also could represent a housekeeper. Whatever happens to it in a dream could affect the housekeeper. Ifthere is a sick person in a family, and if one sees a cooking pot he does not know what’s inside it in a dream, the stove here represents his bed, the fire represents his depression and the boiling water represents his worries. Ifthe boiling stops, and if the contents start to cool down, and if the fire is put offin one’s dream, it means that he will recover from his illness. Putting a pot with meat and vegetables on the stove in a dream means imposing oneself on someone to receive a favor.

If the meat is cooked in his dream, it means that one will greatly benefit from such a person, and his earnings will be lawful. Ifthe meat does not cook, it means that whatever he earns through the other person will be unlawful. Stirring a pot in a dream means backbiting someone. Ifone eats directly from the pot in a dream, it represents money one could save otherwise beside other benefits.

If the pot one is stirring in his dream does not contain any meat or food, it means that he will ask a poor person to do something beyond his means, and consequently he will not benefit from his doing.

A cooking pot in a dream also represents one’s relentlessness toward his enemy.

A pot in a dream also denotes one’s contentment and his acceptance of his destiny and of the divine providence.

A pot in a dream also represents a woman or money.

The sauce represents lawful earnings that are accompanied with some hassles.

(Also see Earthenware pot; Jar)

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin



A symbol for virginity. Pouring liquid out of a pot points to devotion. See Container, Frying Pan, Soup.

Little Giant Encyclopedia | Klaus Vollmar


1. Use caution in money and professional matters (as in “haven’t got a pot to piss in”).

2. Use caution in business enterprises, mat­ters of trust, especially if the pot is broken.

3. Confinement (if it is a flower pot).

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin


Dreams of a pot symbolize that you are being held or contained as you grow and change. In India the pot is a symbol of feminine energy, and the water within is a symbol of the very stuff of manifestation. In Africa the pot symbolizes the womb, a space to hold you during a process of transformation.

An empty pot reflects receptivity, or, alternatively, it could be a symbol of neediness and emptiness.

If this dream is about marijuana, then it is revealing that you have distracting tendencies that are a smokescreen to your effectiveness and lucidity. See Cook/Cooking, Drugs or Marijuana.

Strangest Dream Explanations | Dream Explanations - Anonymous


To dream of a pot, foretells that unimportant events will work you vexation.

For a young woman to see a boiling pot, omens busy employment of pleasant and social duties.

To see a broken or rusty one, implies that keen disappointment will be experienced by you.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation | Gustavus Hindman Miller


A vessel that holds lots of emotions and intuition

The Bedside Dream Dictionary | Silvana Amar


The pot is a symbol of home and family life, just like other similar utensils cush as frying pans, saucepans, etc.

If you see a pot over the fire, it will be difficult for you to lead a simple life free from worry.

If the dream is not pleasant, the pot could suggest fear of the responsibility to support the family.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke


A chamber pot seen in a dream is an omen of embarrassment.

A cooking pot foretells a vacation amid pleasant surroundings.

To dream of taking the 41pot” in a poker game is a sign of success in business.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway


Flowerpots in your dream are a mixed omen; you may not have much money, but you’ll have lots of joy and laughter.

Cooking pots are another reminder of the “trust everyone but cut the cards” rule.

Broken pots portend a short season of sadness.

See also Pan and Jars.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams | Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett


Signifies what you’re cooking up, or making, in your life now. Examine condition of pot. Source for nurturing, creating. See also Marijuana.

The Dream Books Symbols | Betty Bethards


lucky numbers: 04-11-22-24-25-31

aluminum: your health is endangered.

being on a stove: wil make good commercial profits.

burning yourself on a: loss of a dearly loved one.

buying new pots: devotion to new direction should dispose of al the old.

a complete set of: must take the wheat with the chaff.

contents are simmering: your emotions need time with themselves.

cooking food in a huge: be careful of plans and keep them to yourself.

copper, burning a: shows a lack of consideration for anxieties of others, but you don’t feel.

filling a, with food: wil move about, often searching for something you left behind.

overflowing: too much of a good thing leads to stagnation.

pottery, making a: the basic level of the life you wish to live.

stainless steel: an improvement in health comes soon.

throwing away old: people respect you for the wrong reasons.

woman dreaming of a: a baby is on the way.

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days |

43 dream interpretations related to the symbols you see in your dreams.


A root; see “root”... potato dream meaning


Dreaming of potatoes, brings incidents often of good.

To dream of digging them, denotes success.

To dream of eating them, you will enjoy substantial gain.

To cook them, congenial employment. Planting them, brings realization of desires.

To see them rotting, denotes vanished pleasure and a darkening future. ... potatoes dream meaning


To dream of a potter, denotes constant employment, with satisfactory results.

For a young woman to see a potter, foretells she will enjoy pleasant engagements.... potter dream meaning


1. Self or character (as in how one “shapes up”).

2. The begin­ning of a new and creative project.

3. Progress in life or toward specific goals. ... pottery dream meaning

Pan, Pot

Receptive state of mind and feelings, perhaps con­nected with creativity (cooking), family life, or providing for one’s needs. Chamberpot: feelings and values connected with excretory functions; female sexuality. Idioms: flash in the pan. ... pan, pot dream meaning

Potter’s Field

To see a potter’s field in your dreams, denotes you will have poverty and misery to distress you.

For a young woman to walk through a potter’s field with her lover, she will give up the one she loves in the hope of mercenary gain. ... potter’s field dream meaning

Pot (marijuana)

1. Responsibilities are being pushed aside (to smoke).

2. Possible health or addiction problem.

3. Ability to feel euphoria, pleasure. ... pot (marijuana) dream meaning


Symbolic of a rough path or trouble in life, Prov. 10:9 NLT... pothole dream meaning

Times In Which Dreams Are Most Potent

It must be borne in mind that the most authentic dreams are the ones observed in the latter part of the night and during Qayloolah (sleeping at midday ) and during the day. Dreams during the fruit-ripening season and fruit-selling season are also very potent.

The most inopportune time wherein dreams hardly have any significant meaning is during the winter season and when rain is imminent.... times in which dreams are most potent dream meaning

Melting Pot

Depth Psychology: The melting pot is the place where hopes and desires, rational thinking and passions together make up your personality.

The dream is a challenge to resolve contradictions in your personality.

If the pace of the dream is moderate, it means that you are maturing at a steady pace, but if it is hectic and explosive, growing up for you is wrought with tension.... melting pot dream meaning

Potato Chips

To dream of potato chips signifies the hedonist in you.... potato chips dream meaning


Something is slowly, but surely, being “cooked up”, and it is “crock”... crock-pot dream meaning


Serves peace of mind... tea-pot dream meaning

Kettle (pot)

Settle down with others and discuss in a relaxed way. ... kettle (pot) dream meaning

Coffee Pot

(Brewing; Utensil) In a dream, a coffee pot represents ascetic detachment, increased devotion, a son, a servant, a small town, a profitable business or travels.... coffee pot dream meaning

Cooking Food In A Pot

Cooking food in a pot on a fire suggests that he will benefit from a house or a matter relating to a house because a pot symbolizes the guardian of the house.... cooking food in a pot dream meaning

Cooking Pot

(See Pot)... cooking pot dream meaning

Earthenware Pot

In a dream, an earthenware pot means a sharing neighbor. It also means a modestly dressed woman, her estate, family and children.

If the pot is made of brass or ceramic in the dream, it may represent a poor woman.

An earthenware pot in a dream also means decision making, concealing one’s secrets, or it could represent a woman who has frequent miscarriages.

(Also see Earthenwarejar; Jar; Pot)... earthenware pot dream meaning

Empty Pot On The Fire

If the pot in which he is cooling is empty it means he will infuriate the guardian or breadwinner of the household or entice him to do something detestable.... empty pot on the fire dream meaning

Ink Pot Or Ink Bottle

Symbolises a women.

If it breaks or is stolen his wife will die.... ink pot or ink bottle dream meaning

Broken Pot

This is a symbol of someone who has died or passed away because of grief in life or having been crushed by sin, Ps. 31:12... broken pot dream meaning


Symbolic of total destruction, Jer. 19:11... potsherd dream meaning

Potter’s Wheel

Symbolic of being molded or shaped, Jer. 18:6 NLT ... potter’s wheel dream meaning


To dream of them, especially if they have a... pot-herbs dream meaning

China Dishes / Pottery

Personal property will be stolen.... china dishes / pottery dream meaning

Lay’s Potato Chips

In that it is difficult to lay down a bag of Lay’s potato chips, the appearance of these chips in a dream may point to your ovenndulgence in fatty foods or to any other ovenndulgent behavior.... lay’s potato chips dream meaning

Pot (overflowing)

A pot overflowing is a warning of obstacles in the way of your advancement.... pot (overflowing) dream meaning


Vision: Being potbellied: life may be easier to take when you have an extra layer of fat for protection, but in this case it means you are too egotistical. Don’t overdo it! See Bacon, Ham, Pig.... potbelly dream meaning

Harry Potter

A dream of meeting Harry Potter implies that you have a challenging path ahead of you, but if you follow your heart, you can overcome any obstacle.

It is important to find out what makes you special and to draw upon that as a source of power.

To dream that you are Harry Potter means that you are already upon this challenging path and will soon meet success. You may also need to rely upon the strength of your friends.... harry potter dream meaning

Sweet Potato

To dream of a sweet potato implies that you or your partner have more intense sexual urges than the other. You should work together in this area so that your bond gratifies both of you.... sweet potato dream meaning


A sign of coming disappointment. Be careful about your plans and do not talk them over with anyone.... pots dream meaning


Dreams of a potholder symbolize your need to proceed with protection and caution with this spicy, passionate, situation that is heating up. This dream is a message to handle this relationship or situation with care so as to not get burned.... potholder dream meaning

Stock Pot

Dreams of a stock pot symbolize that you are marinating in a particular culture, feeling tone, and/or belief system. This dream is helping you to gain objectivity regarding the ideas and energy you are absorbing from your current environment. See Cook/Cooking and Pot.... stock pot dream meaning

Pot / Kettle

interpreted upon 5 sides: woman, caretaker of the house. [missing others..?]... pot / kettle dream meaning

Flower Pot

If there were flowers in the flower pot, look up the meaning under “Flowers”, above.

If the flower pot was empty or just contained soil, this suggests that you have been suppressing anger or frustration. Also, if you or someone you know is involved with marijuana, the flower “pot” may be a reference to this.... flower pot dream meaning

Mashed Potatoes

To see or eat mashed potatoes in your dream suggests that you are experiencing money worries.... mashed potatoes dream meaning

Pot (cooking Pot)

To dream of a cooking pot symbolizes criticism and anger. This dream may also suggest that you need to start accepting the consequences of your actions.... pot (cooking pot) dream meaning


To see a potion in your dream, indicates misfortune and negative consequences. You should not try to purposely alter the normal rhythm of things.... potions dream meaning


A dream that features potpourri is sending a clear warning from your conscience. Do not allow yourself to be drawn into any bad or immoral behavior, no matter how fun or tempting it may seem.... potpourri dream meaning

Pot Holder

Protection; be aware in your work, handle with care.... pot holder dream meaning

Parsley / Parsnip / Peas / Peppers / Potato

In dreams, parsley represents unrecognized but nourishing benefits in your life. Are you taking some things for granted, such as your health or the love of your family? If parsnips appear in your dreams they may signify neglected opportunities in waking life, whilst the appearance of peas could indicate difficult decisions that need to be made. Shucking peas is thought to portend recovery from illness, dried peas are symbolic of tenacity and strength of purpose, but to dream that you eat peas suggests some form of deception. When peppers appear in dreams pay attention to their color; are they red or green, as this will influence the interpretation? Peppers typify the need for a response of some kind in waking life and to dream about pepper or peppers indicates that you need to put a little more spice and variety in your life. Alternatively, there may be something that is bothering or irritating you, and your dream may be trying to point to the source.

In dreams, a potato could suggest an essential or basic element in your life; it could also suggest being inactive or a ’couch potato’, as well as a delicate or awkward situation or a ’hot potato’.

If you see mashed potatoes in a dream, you may have to make decisions involving financial cutbacks. Potato skin relates to the most potent aspects of an issue; the place from which the greatest number of benefits will be derived. Yams or sweet potatoes are symbols of pleasant memories.... parsley / parsnip / peas / peppers / potato dream meaning

Potted Plant

1. Represents a young believer with limited root structure.... potted plant dream meaning

Pots And Pans

1. Vessel;

2. Doctrine;

3. Tradition; Rom. 2:20; Ex. 25:29; Jer. 1:13.... pots and pans dream meaning