Killing Dream Meanings

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Killing Dream Meaning: From 14 Different Sources

(see also Sacrifice)

(1) Murder in a dream may express your hatred or envy towards the person. There is often enmity or rivalry between siblings, or (unconscious) hostility towards a parent or partner. (For Oedipus complex)

(2) Killing a person or animal may symbolize repression / suppression of some aspect of yourself - for example, some instinct or desire. Repressed contents of the unconscious need to be integrated into your conscious life. Alternatively it may represent putting an end to negative self-programming arising out of, for example, irrational guilt-feelings and associated fears. The dream is probably recommending that you should do this.

See also Sacrifice.

(3) If the victim is dearly of the opposite sex, he or she or it may symbolize your partner - in which case see (1) above - or your anima / animus. Are you depriving the contrasexual qualities of your personality, not allowing them an equal role in your life? (On anima / animus, see Brothcr / Sistcr, sections (4)~(6))

Dream Source: A Dictionary of Dream Symbols
Author: Eric Ackroyd

You or you see someone kill chicken, duck, goose or pig: you’ll have a happy and abundant life • You or you see someone kill sheep: an ominous incident is brewing
Dream Source: Chine Dream Interpretation
Author: Duke Zhou

To see yourself killing someone in a dream may be a result of suppressed anger, fear, or jealousy towards that person, Gen. 4:8
Dream Source: Christian Dream Symbols
Author: Tyler Wolfe

If the dreamer is killing an enemy, this implies the end of a difficult time in his life attained through his own efforts.

If the dreamer accidentally kills someone, caution in dealing with upcoming situations is called for.

Dreaming of actually being killed is a warning: Something in your life is “killing” your joie de vivre, and the situation should be rectified right away.

Rarely, a death. But for the most part, dreaming of killing is NOT a harbinger of death - and, of course, the dreamer’s death is never shown. Astrological parallels: Pluto, Scorpio Tarot parallel: Death

Dream Source: Dream Explanations of Astro Center
Author: Astro Center

(Murder; Suicide) Killing in a dream represents a major sin.

If one kills himself, or commits suicide in fear of the consequences of his sins in a dream, it means that he is offering true repentance from his sins, though committing suicide is a major sin that will lead its author to eternal sufferings in hell-fire. Killing a human being in a dream means committing an evil and an atrocious sin. On the other hand, committing an outrageous sin, or a conspicuously objectionable act in a dream may mean killing someone.

If one is killed in a dream, it means longevity and that he will acquire a great wealth from the one who kills him in the dream.

If one kills someone without slaughtering him in a dream, it means that the victim will benefit greatly from his assailant. Slaughtering in a dream means injustice. Killing someone in a dream also means relief from depression, grief, affliction and sorrow. Killing oneself in a dream also means recognition of the value of lost benefits.

If one is murdered in a dream and did not know who killed him, it indicates his failure to fulfill his religious duties.

If one recognizes his murderer in the dream, then it means triumph over one’s enemy. Ifone sees a victim swimming in a pool of blood that is pouring from his jugular veins in the dream, it means that the victim will suffer greatly from the defamation and slander of his assailant. Ifone intentionally commits suicide in a dream, it means that he is a subversive rebel and a disobedient servant of God almighty. Confessing to a murder in a dream means gaining the upper hand. Killing in a dream also could mean that one is missing his prayers, or neglecting them. Killing one’s own son in a dream means receiving money.

If one dies as a martyr in a dream, it also means profits, fulfillment of a promise, business success, or perhaps that he maybe assassinated, or drown, or die under a collapsed structure.

If the victim in the dream is a witness in court, it means that his testimony will be accepted, or perhaps it could mean that he will enjoy abundance ofblessings in his life.

(Also see Fight)

Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation
Author: Ibn Seerin

1. Reinforcing belief that one can defend oneself.

2. Desire to eliminate or minimize certain aspects of personality, in the dreamer or others.

3. Indication of need to control one’s anger.

Dream Source: New American Dream Dictionary
Author: Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

To dream of killing a defenseless man, prognosticates sorrow and failure in affairs.

If you kill one in defense, or kill a ferocious beast, it denotes victory and a rise in position.

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation
Author: Gustavus Hindman Miller

If you are killing someone in your dreams, you are probably expressing hostile feelings. Consider this an opportunity to look at your negative feelings and decide what would be the best and the least destructive way to address them.

If you are a witness to a killing, you may be reflecting on changes going on around you that you don’t particularly like.

To kill a defenseless person; failure in an endeavor.

To kill in defense; Success and advancement.

For more details see also: Blood, Attack, Anger, Shooting

Dream Source: The Bedside Dream Dictionary
Author: Silvana Amar

If you dreamed of killing someone, whether intentionally or by acci- dent, it signifies a period of severe emotional stress during which you must make a heroic effort to control your temper. To dream of being a wit- ness to a killing por- tends a change which will not be entirely to your liking. A dream of see- ing others kill insects or animals prophesies help from friendly sources, but to dream of killing them yourself predicts that you will overcome your ob- stacles through your own efforts.
Dream Source: The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams
Author: Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett

Killing or wanting to kill can represent: a desire for power or control, perhaps based on feelings of anger or powerlessness (thus indicating an opportunity to work through an underlying issue).

Emotions being expressed during the dream state.

Feeling unwilling or unable to deal with the problems you feel the person causes you in real life.

Killing in self-defense can represent a feeling or fear of being attacked (mentally, emotionally, physically), or the need to stand up for yourself.

Killing accidentally can represent a feeling or fear of accidentally hurting that person (perhaps their feelings), or your subconscious mind wanting to avoid hurting them.

See also: Attacking; Killer; Killed, Being; Execution; Violence; Chased, Being; Hunting; Weapon

Dream Source: The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary
Author: Nancy Wagaman

If you dream about killing a person, an animal or see people or animals being killed, this does not mean you have latent violent tendencies. Instead it can mean the death of thoughts and actions that have been restricting your personal growth. A deliberate act of murder might suggest hostility, with the identity of the victim and murderer assisting with the interpretation. Killing an authority figure typically suggests a desire to escape social or personal constraints.

Killing a parent points to unresolved childhood conflicts, perhaps deep-seated resentments that have not been expressed.

If the parent was of the opposite sex, Freudians might consider it as evidence of the Oedipus complex. A dream of poison—either poisoning someone or being poisoned yourself—may refer to some underhand action we are taking or which is being taken against us. Look for clues in the dream. Who or what is being poisoned? Is someone you know in waking life poisoning your attitude unbeknownst to you? What is the color of the poison? Are you poisoning yourself in some way?

Dream Source: The Element Encyclopedia
Author: Theresa Cheung

Dreams of killing indicate the changes occurring within you, since death in a dream always represents change. The type of change is signified by who or what is killed in the dream. For instance, the dreamer killing a tiger represents changing a habit.
Dream Source: The Element Encyclopedia
Author: Theresa Cheung

If you are killing someone in your dreams, you are probably having problems with stress, your temper, and self-control in your waking life.

If you are a witness to a killing, you may be reflecting on changes going on around you that you don’t particularly like.

If you fight with, and overcome by killing of a wild beast you will see an immediate rise in your fortunes of life.

Dream Source: Tryskelion Dream Interpretation
Author: Pagan - Anonymous

lucky numbers: 08-10-19-26-28-39

animal, and then eating an: big profit from gaining their life force.

beast, a: in self-defense, victory and high position.

being killed: are naïve, impressionable and irresponsible.

children: are relinquishing your childish behavior.

birds or bees: wil be terrified witness to big damage in business.

businessman, a: are harboring unjustified suspicions and jealousy.

defenseless person, a: dead cel s die to al ow growth of new ones.

enemy, an: warning of trouble, if you move from your home.

father or mother, your: your unpleasant remarks wil ruin your relationship for good.

friend, a: are destroying your ability to relate.

others, each other: wil be criticized for malicious manners.

serpent, a: separation from the incentive and enthusiasm for life.

someone, of: your death for the dreamer, through your own anger.

someone wanting to kill you: they want your life but are unwil ing to earn it themselves.

8 dream interpretation about killing related.

Lethal (killing Or Murder)

1. A symbol or catalyst for the end of a situation or phase of life, usually for the better.

2. Jealousy of an­other.

3. Jealousy of one aspect of the personality over another. ... lethal (killing or murder) dream meaning

Killing A Cat

Killing or slaughtering a cat means that a person will over power his enemy or rival.... killing a cat dream meaning

Killing A Person

This means that the victim will acquire some good from the killer in real life.... killing a person dream meaning

Killing A Wild Animal With No Purpose Of Hunting

he will become a recipient of a fortune from some woman.... killing a wild animal with no purpose of hunting dream meaning

Killing Someone Using A Sword

This is interpreted as quarrelling with that person and hurting his feelings through tongue-lashing.... killing someone using a sword dream meaning

Death / Killing

If it is the dreamer dying, it never has any connection to a real impending physical death. Rather, it is a reference to the need to change one’s path in life and allow old attitudes to die. Death usually means that radical change is necessary.

Basically, there are eight different levels of this symbol:

1. An indication that a necessary end has come to a certain phase.

It is a transition to something new.

2. The desire to shed something (attitudes, behavior, situation, etc.).

3. A suggestion to come to terms with death and the fear of death, meaning a search for fulfillment and productivity.

4. A limit has been reached and there is an inability to know how to go beyond that limit.

5. A suggestion to take better care of one’s health.

6. Something is dying inside.

7. A close connection with somebody deceased.

8. A desire for peace, solitude, and harmony (“the death of fear”).

According to Jung, dreaming about death means letting go of something that has died; it is a symbol of transformation and a new beginning.... death / killing dream meaning

Killing The Animal

This is symbolic of destroying the energy derived from the instincts.

It is trying to eradicate the very raw power of basic behaviour. Taming or harnessing the animal shows the efforts made to control our instincts and, if possible, make them productive and useful.... killing the animal dream meaning

Killing Or Eating An Animal

Attempting to kill the animal within (our lower brain functions) can cause tension, depression and illness; giving in entirely is no answer either as our higher brain functions need expression also. One of the challenges of maturing and growing is to meet and relate to our ‘animal instincts’, and if possible find ways to express them positively. To dream of eating an animal suggests that you need to draw upon your own inner wisdom and energy, but it can also suggest a desire for sensual pleasure.... killing or eating an animal dream meaning