To gather sand in a head pan and jeep more on for sale

Talking about mu marriage

To see in a dream my deceased mom was sick

To see my pastor sleeping in my dream.

Thatched roof fire

To see gur in dream

To see broken copper plate in dreams


The dog licking legs

Throwing body in incinerator

Touching genitals

Tamarind picking in dream during pregnancy

The meaning of someone eating sewage in is dream what does it mean?

Toenail coming off with maggots under it

To pick udara in the dream

Things being thrown at you

Tongue piercing falling out

Two cows chasing

To dream of a truck being gifted to you

Two lady walking with two cows on the road

Two black cats running toward me

Tree root in my toe

Truck with alot of break fall down

Telling dead family to leave your home

Telling dead people to go back

To give eye drops in dreams

To buy fufu in my dream

Twisted toes

To see green maize plants

Teak leaf

To dream of someone’s ashes

The meaning of my uncle wife give birth and the was a celebration in the compound

Taking off my clothes put it in the fire

To see plantain suckers in the dream

Three breast women

To take out fancy shoes from toilet

Torning money

Tortured people in dream symbols

The cloths that i hang all flown away by the wind and raun

The person u love marrying other person in dreama

To see blood on car road means in dream

To catch grass cutter animal


To see dead person offering dry fruit to purchase at reasonable rate

To see yourself filling oil into bottles and container in the dream? | dream interpretation

Taking red tika on forehead by elder brother, respected senior brother and his wife

Taxi driver stealing my phone

Tilling land in the dream

The mean of receive cula nut in dream

To use teeth to break kernel and eat first two are good why the second two are not good

To use teeth to break pla

The meaning of color white and blue in the dream

Toenail falling and new toenail growing underneath

Torn clothes

Trying to get out of a small window


Two suns shining in the sky

Two headed peacock

Tripping with dead dad

Takings down cartain

Talking down curtains

To see a hungry boy eating an empty big fish bones from hunger

Tombatone with my name and death date

The neck

Taking food from my mother

Toiletry bag

To dream of a cows head cut off

Tearing of pic of guru in dream

Tearin pic of a guru

Town of dark ness

Taking a pot with plant with red flowers and thrones

The meaning of giving baby water in a dream

Theft of diamond wedding ring?

Throat infection

Two of hearts card

Tea serving to guest

Torn picture of guru

Trying dark clothes in a shop

Trqnsgender predicting marriage

This dream may be guiding you to relax, sit down and rest. alternatively, this dream could be showing you that if you are resting on your laurels you could become ...

Train explosion in snow

Transplanting plantain suckers

To see the sun in dreams

Teeth falling out

Tasting cooked turtle

Trying hard to spit a very sticky saliva

Touch a drummer uncut penis

To read surah yaseen in dream

The meaning of harvesting three bambara nuts in dream

Taking a photo with my deceased brother

To dream maize plantation

Tweaking hair

Thorn tree to be uprooted

Teeth drop

Tower truck

Trying to clean gutter in dream

Taro in a dream

Tree trunk

To catch and eat termite in a dream means what?

Throne in finger

Towing vehicle

To dream of being given an unfinished handkerchiwf

The stench of smelly shoes

Two headed baby

Tulasi mala

Teleportation vendo machine

To see a fence collapse in dream

To dream someone has given you plates

To dream of oneself the opposite sex

To dream thst someone has given you plates

To see my mother going on hajj

The dead drinking oil in dream

Tree of grapes

To see someone lighting a fire

Trip to seaworld with my dead dad

Tied to high tension wire

Two baby boys sleeping on the back

Talking to my ex boyfriend sister in the dream meaning

Trapped in a cavern

Throw rubbish

To dream see writing in the sky in capital letters

Two suns, two moons

To dream of being given fruits from your dead dad means

Train sex

Teleportation to girlfriend

Teleportation to a girl

Two headed dog

Taking tablets

Travelling by traib

To be asked to sing gosple, to reveal secrets hidden

Teeth chattering

Two people accused me of scraping their car

Two jetty’s

Throwing away spoiled meat

Traveling whiles sitting on top of a car

To dream a steelpan

To dream a stelelpan

Train dream

To see a girl i your dreams

Teez puja hote dekna sapne me

To dream of someone tearing my book

Tiger bite hand

To see a lot of dried fish

To see sangomas in the dream

Three headed bird in a dream

Told to drink water

Tying black thread in dream for leg

Taking care of baby owl

To carry fufu in dream

To dream that you are recording something

The grave of hussain

Two hairy cats in my dream

Tree of amla tree with big amlas and someone else is plucking them

Tapioca put in bags

Theft of goddess from

Taking a dead person clothes off a clothesline

To dream of having a cyst in the womb

To dream of having a cyst

Toy boat sinking

Traffic light

To see well riped marula fruit in a dream meaning

To be asked to go and pump water from a borehole


Transgender doing robbery in my room

To be weightless ina dream

Tulasi mala in my dream


Tearing of black clothe in dream means

Talking to the queen of england

To dream oc breast feeding


Two people merging in run

Two rosaries different colours


To dream someone stole your sauce pan with food in it

To dream of taking clothes off the washing line means

To see that the sea becomes dry

To attack someone with closed umbrella

To buy eggs in the dream


Tow suns

To dream of spanish pasport

Text message


Tasteless ice cream

Tiger bitting my hand

Toilet paper roll ichile beans

Toilet paper roll in chile beans

Touch face

Traditional medicine

Tasting something spicy


To see orange moon in dream

Tai chi symbol

To dream of eating tambin

The meaning of being in a plane in the dream

To dream a sickly person dead

Talking to a governor in my dream inside the flight

The hole which a mouse dug

Throwing away coconut milk

To see a person being tied down in a sack

Teo storey house

Transgender in erotic mood

Talking with president of your country in your dream


To find debit card in dream

To find atm card in my dream

Transfer of money in dream

Tap water

To dream of putting off charcoal fire with water

Tamed and be friended a snake

Trying to commit suicide but someone talk you out of it

Trying to commit suicide

Throwing my phone

Two gallons of water in dream

Toe rotten off

Three moon

Tying someone shoes lace

Tying a prince shoe lace in your dream meaning

To be stimulated


Touched inappropriately

Touching feet for getting bless


To the meaning of seeing garden egg

To dream of a silver pot

To kiss a person third eye

Trying to hire a bus and failing


Tiny hair growing on woman face in dream meaning

Two headed owl

To see a man you know who was not a raster become a raster man, means what

Taking care of a chubby baby boy

Tulsi mala in dreams

The boy i love sending me voice message in my dream meaning

Thread color green

Turmarid come to dream in pragnent means

Training dog in a dream meaning

Triangular razor blade

Taking out uncomfortable object from teeth

Taking off clothes on line in dream meaning

To see a safty pin in a dream meant

Three goddess with sindur

To cut husband penis in dream

Tight trouser

To aply lotion on my feet

To dream ants in your purse


Trucks driven by women

Throwing things at somebody

To dream see a horse with human body

Two unknown foreigner women

Two dogs

To see dead alive

Two birds with broken wigs

Traditional wedding

Trying to pour water in field with green maize plant spiritual meaning

Throwing salt away in the garbage what does it mean

Two nipples

To remove dirts from my eyes in my dream

To see ambla in shoe rak in your dream

The predators coat gift to me

Two head cow in dream

Transgender dreaming in nyt

To see ababy girl in adream means

Tomb stone

Tiger attacking cow

Tied legs with a rope in a dream.

Tropical lagoon

Try to help for droning

Try to help for a dawning

To spit out medicine in dream

Tooth loss back upper

To dream of someone fainting

Tight clothes hard to remove

To dream of milk tea

To give a mad man food in a dream what does it mean?


Two headed calf

The communion cup was empty at process of taken it

Tiger bite on hand

To dream you and your children in the rai

To dream you and your children in the rain

To exchange phone in a dream


The meaning of dreaming seeing a billionaire celibrity

Three eyed man in dream

Three yes man in dream

Train blocking road

Two suns in dream

Throwing red kumkum by mistake

To dream about red water

Tapping on my shoulder

To eat white clay

To dream of big mopane worms in a tree

Tamarind in dream as per islam |


Toy mouse

Tie the kite treads

Train station

The wild


Two ravens

Throwing an air conditioner at you

Two diffrent colour of slippers in the dream

Thieve in home

Travelling plans with dead person

To have a leg infection

To dream of a fowl being tied down means

Throw food on stairs

Two left slippers

Two penises

Tomatoe sachet dream meaning

Tomatoe sachey dream meaning

Threaten to kill someone

Taking out sindoor from a child head

To dream of licking honey

Throwing worms away

Two headed dog means

Talking to a celebrity

To dream your husband is having sex with you?

Taking lime in the dream

Taking care of someone injured


To dream of eating baseball


To recite kalimah shahadat

Two dogs sittjng wiyh me

Tons of little snake eggs and snake


To dream sex with your sister

To dream having sex with your dead sister

To dream making some one squirt all over the house

To have a swollen leg in my dream

To dream of your toe falling off

Trouble changing dirty pads

Temple cleaning job in dream

To see jaggery in dream in islam interpretation

To see jaggery in dream

Trading gifts with dead loved one


Throwing stone on a bird

Teeth loss back upper

Trying. to find my husband to give him his shoes


To dream of being anointed with oil by dead mother

To dream of torn picture in wallet

Tearing down wall

To dream where u are putting on uniform white cloth with a man

To dream of a person wearing a rabbits mask

To see big wall covered with hanging black cloth

To dream about shofar in a dream

The meaning of receiving provisions in the dream

Tearing money

Tiger biting my leg and it pains

To different shoes of white

To eat conch in your dream

Traditional wedding celebration

To dream of telling someone about my birthday

To see muslim clerics in the dream

Thieves in dream

The meaning of palm but in a dream

The wind blowing and pcking me up

To dream of a white boyfriend

Travelling with the dead person

To lick red oil in d dream

Teeths falling out of my mouth

Teeths falling out

To dream of talking with your late father

Tumeric dream

To pour crude oil in a container in a dream

To see chiefs in dream means

Tooth worms

To get nutmeg

To mess in a dream

To mess in a dream what does it mean


Talking to a dumb girl in dream

To dream about my age and birthday

To dream girlfriend is transgender


Training dogs

To see a bag of fufu

To dream of seeing a president of another country

To end up in someone’s house

Tied up legs spiritual meaning

To dream of two left side sandals

Truck full of breads in a dream


To dream of starting grinding machine

To dig ridges in dream

To hear the sound of broken glass in a dream

Two naked females bathing in my bedroom

Teaching little children how to dance in a dream


To dream of blood cloths

To ca

Two elderly couple and a cousin

Two white doors worh one key


To dream of two riped pawpaw means

To dream of two ruled pawpaw means


Touched in the back by a stranger

The meaning of the colour in the dream

Touching someone coconut oil in a dream

Taxidermy fish

To see my wife has fever

To dream of eating konkonte with soup

To see a chief


To buy basket of ripe tomatos

Tame blue tit bird

Throwing away used sanitary pads in the dream

Transgender in your dereams

Timber and barbired wire in a dream

Temple under water and some start following you

Temple under water


Tika on forehead

Torn test paper

To see my cute children urgly in a dream

Teacher beating me

To eat jamun in dream

The dream of reading something on the phone

Tulsi plant fell down dream means

Two headed animal , a lion and tiger

Tika in dream from elder

Trying to find clothes

The dead wearing white gown

Three boobed

Torn money

Touched my breasts and felt good

Tying wrapper on bare body

Two headed baby in dream


Thick white moustaches and beard

Thick white beard and moustache

Thick white bears and moustache

Talk with minster in dream

Tika in dreams

To dream of digging well and water coming out meaning

Traveling with mother by plane

Talking to a priest in church

Talking to preist in church

Three severed head

Trouble finding a pay phone

Titans attacking me

The dog is biting

The dog is bitting

Two traditional healers approaching me and i was scared and running

Two traditional healers approaching me

Transexuall child

Two snakes in a jar

Throwing up candy wrappers

Throwing up candy

To see unpeeled egwusi pouring away from your laps in dream

To see npeeled egwusi pouring away

To see egwusi in a dream

Trying to snatch your phone


To see my mom giving me a money

Time go backwards

Taking picture with dead person

The chicken tinuka ang paa ko

Taking coal to a neighbour

Too many teeth of a man

Tamarind fruit

To be given airtime by your boyfriend

Trying to escape awol but caught and slaughtered in our garden

Tasbih gives me someone in a dream

Teenage girl albino


Tiger-nut means what

Tiger-nut symbolizes what in a dream


Trying to finish something

To dream of trimming fat frim raw red meat

Transgender asking my gold chain

Towing a boat

Three leg horse

Travelling a first class reservation in a cabin

To dream eucalyptus being cut means

Tamarind comes pregnancy

To dream my dead mom gave me underwear

Travelling dead

Throat and keepsake

Trying so hard to talk but u only lose the voice

To bite a lizard

Tasbih ka tootna

Two storey building


To wear different legs of slippers in dream


To see a burning snake in the dream meaning

Two nipples in left breast

The door is opening by itself with smoke


To see sugar cane in a dream

To see white mantle in a dream