To tie wrapper to an office in a dream on bare body dream meaning

Treat hair with grease

To see upper lip mole disappeared

To see upper lip mile disappeared

To see two decapitated hands in the sea

Triming pubic hair

Trim hair in private part

Thift clothes


Transgender with sweet pongal

Taking care of elderly people

To be praying on a prayer mountain

Throwing sweets

To dream of sprinkling sea salt in my room

They put cordon in our house

Two mouses in my dream

The meaning of landlady in a dream


The meaning of wimed

To see bats in dream

Tying a goat in a dream

To dream of someone selling old clothes


The meaning of dream pastor given choir polo shirst in a dream

Touching vagina in dream mesning

Three leg of house in dreams meaning


Trees in winter

Taking bones out a grave

Taking out bones out a grave

Testing red oil in the dream

To see and girl in ur dream follow u and said she likes u

Taking sindoor from relative in dream

Tiger christian symbol

The meaning of crinding posho mill in the dream

To see duplicate firend

Taking someone to the hospo

Taking a friend to the hospotal

Taking a sore person to the hospital

To dream fishing using a white wool and get 2 big fish

Transgender spreading rice in home

Threatning with gun

To see yourself mining diamond

To dream of pigs penis

Termind dream means

Talking to women in dream

Torn clothes

To dream learning degree abroad

To dream learning degree abr

To dream learning degree abroadm

Trying to vomit

Teleport to another place


Transgender trying to rape

To see a bag broken strap in a dream

Talking about marriage in a drea


To dream about old kerosene stove

Two boys in the dream

Tree women

Tablet phone in a dream


Thatched building

Tricycle moving towards you withoutdriver

To see people negotiating about your dowry in the dream

To see people negotiating about your dowry

Trinity and happiness

Transformer change


Taking off tight white shirt

Thief in home

Tied goat

To see burnt snake in a dream

To be stabbed in a dream

Talking with the dead in dream

To touch a figurine and it crumbled


To hear water in the dream

Thorns on legs

Taking snuf in dream


Taking worms out from hand


Taking clothes of the line


Traditional marriage in the dream

Three women in dream

Twist of fate teasers separate 2021

Throwing cow dungs

To dream of silver shiva locket

Taking someone to a sangoma

Teeth fall off

To dream that someone was paying bride price for me and people were sitted in respect of the ceremony

The holy trinity

To dream about chasing

Tortise seeing in dream islamic

Toilet is a barbers chair

Traditional healers ceremony

Tree touching the sky

Touching golden spoons

Torn handbag zip

To urinate in a woman mouth

Turning my dead mom in her casket

Thickining hair in dream

Thick hair on my head

The letter g

Thick hair on head

Thick black hair on head


Tag beetle

Titans following you to kill you

Tied chick

To see panjiri in dream

Tieing goats

Trying on spectacles

To have sex with dog w

To have sex with dog

Trash coming out of my body

Trash ci

To dream harvesting maize in your grandmothers home


To carry jericwn of water

Thorns under shoes

Transgender giving a bracelet after giving money

Throw a diamond

To wear wine color dress in the dream

Touching my toes

Trangender attacks

Thumbs tied together

Touching elder dead person feet in the dream

Toe pointing through hole in sock

To have mortar as luggage in dream

To dream about being served food in a queue

To pick udara in dream

Trance in the dream

Tree growing from the head

Taking out work from vaguna

Termites on roof in dream

Thirsty animals

Twentynaira means what in a dream

To catch cock dream interpretation

To dream fitting and buying new clothes

Thick fingernails

Turning off of stove with a fire

Tying my pennies with a porythen bag


To dream that u heard the word expose

Twoheaded lamb

To dream that the while boys in your class like u and not letting u go

Talking with old queen and she praises me

Touching pastor feet

To dream of reading backwards

To cut x2 birthday cakes at ones

The meaning of a dream about a furnished sheepskin

Two people sucking each other blood in a dream is what?

Two people sucking each other blood in a dream is what!

To pluck oha leave in a dream

Talking with governor of my state

Teamed married to an ex dead boyfriend

Two dead dogs in a dream

Teachers in dreams

Teacher in dreams

To dream putting on your enemies clothes


Tear in a new gown

To dream i was electricity

To dream i was elecricity

Throwing simcard to someone

To see a dead body being buried

Torn orange dress in a dream

Tree with different fruits on it

To see money in your shoes in dream

Touching your girlfriend vagina in a dream

To prophesy to someone else in the dreams

Throwing dirt at someone

To see people with white garment in dream

The word safra

Tiger licking face

To close gate against masquared in dream


Tiger biting little finger

To see people having sex in my dream

To c a person put a wedding ring which is on fire on finger

To dream of a piece of thread tied on my left hand

The results of praying with black candle against your ememies

The benefits of praying with candle

Throatering a dog

Tall building

Truck sault n dream

Traveling in vehicle

Tying thread in hand

Toilet full of vegetables

The meaning of dream buying green vegetables

Turning back at the police road block and being warned by people to return to the roadblock

Third eye kiss

Triple headed

Tying your shoes

Tapping a rubber tree wood

Tapping a rubber tree

Trapped bush rat

Two men having bad intentions

Tumbler in dreams


Taps of black water

To see a white lizard and flying and catch that lizard

To see my father naked in a dream

To slap someone on their cheek

Ten healthy attractive thighs on a woman

Trying to go bathroom

To poop stone in my dream

To see general overseer in dream mean what?

To give someone headtie to hold for u

To see dry meat in a dream meaning



Two ears on one side


Tasting different kind buttermilk

Tornado and black bird in your dreams

To be given raw pap has gift

Travelling with my dead grandfather in car on road trip

Temple without statue god

To dream that you are wearing a royal need on your neck

To dream that you are wearing a royal need on your nwck

Throwing away dirt


To dream wearing a traditional attire for man

Traditional herbs

To buy new utensils in dream

Three same faces dream

Tilling a ground in the desert meaning

Trapped animals behind ice

To see a motor in a dream

Three boys in dream

Tikka red on forhead

Turmeric and kumkum on face

To hear someone yelling for you to wake up

Transgender give blessing you

Taking a bath with fire

Tea plantation in the dream

To be scorned in a dream

Theertham getting

To be second wife

To buy cool drink

Touch me not

Touch me not dream

Tiger without stripes

Tuo pek kong

Turkey neck



To dream your mother selling fish meaning

To dream of fetching water from a borehole

Three turtles three fountain

Ten thousand

To dream of looking for a job at a school

The meaning of collecting the mopane worms in the dream

To dream visiting an old house

Tree with wings

Throwing hoodie

Tapioca in dream meaning

Toilet bowl with overflowing worms

Tiny girl

Two dead wrapped with white clothes

Tiger or lion

Torn red ribbon

Throwing coconut rice invdustbin

Thread anklet on my ankle

Trying to not get stepped on

Two headed penis

Tomatoes being hit by a car


Tell me the meaning of drinking pepesi cola

Toddlers playing and laughing

The moon passing the sun

Three women necked in bathroom

Tartoice missing swim to go out water means dream

Thanking me

Tearing of exam paper

The meaning of three legged pot in the dream

To dream about someone giving you sugarcane

Three legged pot in a dream means what

There were people searching homes and setting things on fire, there were white things throwing them into houses

Tieing rapper in a dream

Travel with husband

To cook a vegetable in dreams

Teeth bitten

The meaning of been attack in my dream by cultist

Theft of idols from temple

Talking over the mobile


To dream of a blouse not fitting slash too small what does it mean

Taking lff hijab

To dream of air being blown into your mouth

Tiger giving milk to their babies

To see miracle leaf in the dream

To dream getting old


Two faces baby

To dream your chrystal drinking glass was stolen


To have chrystal drinking glass stolen

The deeper meaning of banana trees in the spiritual life



To dream that a king died

To cross three junction in dream



Terrified inside a house where everything is upside down

Trying convince

Two kids being burried

Toy animal moving

To see a man in kahki

Tilak in dreams

Talking to my dead mother and my back is hurt

Taking off layers of clothes


To wear colorful clothing

Tilling fertile land

Throwing stones at you

Terrace of home

Throwing up pebbles

Talking with a caterpillar

That i got 2months pregnant

Ticks in skin

Turned back upon me

To see a dhatura in dream

To dream of a sister turning into a snake

To dream of plucking ripe and unripe pepper

To bu cool drink

Travel bij plane

Taro plant draem

To dream of roasted kapenta

Thorns of roaches in shoe

Trying to fix slipper in the dream mean

To get bit in penis & testicles by dog



Talking phone with mom

To prostrate in the dream

Taking herring fish in a dream meaning

Taking a flight while seeing anus bleeding

To see someone sick in the dream want to eat

Taunted by your peers

Two snake

The meaning of eating sour milk and pop in a dream

Talking to a mad man

To dream you are helping someone put there cloyhes on

Touch lighting your eyes while you sleeping

To receive gold in ur dream...wat number play with it

Touch me not plant in dream

To dream a dead person giving me a cake

To dream of black cat licking my eyes

To give almond fruits in dream

The meaning of instincts

Ten fingers on left hand

To carrying a basket eggs for dream mean what

Teaching dance at a wedding


Two women fight other over a man

Touching man hood

Turmeric power

Turmeric powerd

Toothbrush bristles

Trip with friends

Temple collapse

Tulsi leaves

Throwing hijra out of my house

Traveling to benaras with husband dream meaning

Touching breast inappropriately

Tears in santo ni no

Teaching spirit

Two raw eggs poured on rice

Two raw eggs poured on rice meaning

Tasting and buying wine



Talking white duck and black duck


Taking steel utensils from enemy

Torch light


Thiling heaps in the farm

Trixie bepinosa

To pick sugar cane n walk with but ends up finished

To dream holding clothes on my way on a slippery road

Tender in dream meaning

Touching and feeling grains of corn in your hands

Talking to my mom but she s

Taking a salt water bath

Tai ji in dream

Things growing on my legs

Transgender hugs

The meaning of marrying a unmarried dead woman in dream

Toddler clothes

Turmeric kumkum bangles and coconut in the dreams

Transfer of wokrplace

The meaning of giving a mad man water to drink in the dream

Thumbtacks in mouth

To see cut pumpkin in your dream

To dream to see your enemy naked in a dream.

Tide changes

The meaning of plum in the dream

Taunted by kidnappers and murderers

Thunder lightning hitting the ground | dream interpretatio

Trapped potholing

To see cooked chana dal in dream

Talking to a man whilst raining

Talking to a man whilst raininh

Tiger embracing me

To dream of being on a speeding fairy boat

To dream your on a speeding boat

Tamarind dream in bibical terms

To give bishop money in a dream

To dream about drinking alcohol

To dream of killing guinea fowl

Taking money

Tied wrapper to the office in my dream

Tying wrapper to the office in my dream meaning

Tubes tied

Touched inapprpropiately

Thick long hair

Top building shooting for help

Two. abysubs

Taking water jerrican


The meaning of yam and milk

The dreams of a generator giving and receive gifts from man

To see that i was standing up for myself and putting people in their place

Two fingers

To see a fair guy walking with two german shephard

Tire blowout

To dream of having big hair

Traffic police handcuffed my husband

To receive a wrapper in a dream

To dream about your passport been demage

Two men are fighting over me in a dream

Tall bylidings

Throwing egussi fruit

Tick marks on a paper

To harm cousin

To dream that you are pulling out a dead coach from your ears means

Throwing slipper over enemy

To be fingered in the dream

Triming branches of tree


The day of judgement is about to happen

To dream of mother

To dream of someone else in an accident

Tired sleeping

Tandoori roti

To buy 7up in a dream

To see people dancing in dream

To dream you are catching conch

Tumble weed

To be in a car with your husband

Traveling with red oil in a dream

To dream mata ganga

Tooth broke

To buy tin milo

Taking bath in yellow shine water

To buy milk and milo

Tell a dead person u back from the dead meaning

To see a farm with healthy bean plant in dream means what

Travelling with my husband


To see your friend wife naked in the dreams

Three horned cow

Thin porridge

Telling ghost story

T shirt stain

Trapped in a sand duune with another person digging our way out and it caves in

Three leg woman

To forget a dance move

Tree with blue blossoms

Throwing key in dream

To find lost slippers in dream

To dream of bat poop falling in my mouth

To dream holding an albino baby boy


Trapped with mice in a cage

Top of kittens heads being cut off

To dream of a paper puncher

Tiger and cow in dreams meaning

Tricking rope in a mouth

Toilet full of poo



Three women wearing gold

The meaning of buying palm fruit in the dream

Two white people

To see snow in dream

Taking a clay pot full of ghee for god

The meaning of breaking palm fruit with my teeth in a dream

The meaning of breaking palm kernel with my teeth in a dream

To wash cloth in the dream meaning

Teacher punishing me

Throwing stone on river

Two white horses dancing and having sex