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Dreams starting with the letter T

The meaning of the symbols of walking green grass filled water seen in a dream

Two bulls fighting


Talking to naked woman

The meaning of the symbols of giving maize meal sack seen in a dream

Taking pictures alone in wedding dress

Taking single pictures in vail

Throwing rocks at car

The meaning of the symbols of face and swap seen in a dream

Teacher dream number

Teacher dream

The meaning of clothes over flowing water

Trying to save family

To dream of a friend pregnant before her wedding

Tamarind seeds

The meaning of hold kolanut in the dream

The meaning of the symbol of big snake and roofing see in a dream

The meaning of the symbols of walking long winding hallways and hospital seen in a dream

Tearing exams and papers

Too much moons and stars also flying white bird

To clean a toilet with pupu inside in a dream

Travel by rail road

The meaning of the symbols of late father sharing and mutton seen in a dream

Two suns and one moon

The meaning of the symbols of woman tortured seen in a dream

Talking about building a floor on the house

Thread and needle

Thread and neesld

Thread and neesl

Trekking in a dream

Three st niño

Taking a licture of tree

Tiger walking with a woman

To dream that a woman was praying for my belly means what

The meaning of the symbols of woman showing private and part seen in a dream


Two people at your door step reciting something

Trapped on a roof

The meaning of hitting right leg on a stone

Taking a picture on a bike

Testing spoilt palm oil

Throwing a glider off a mountain

Thirsty of blood

Twin bread dream

Toad spraying

Tulsa mala

Truck flipping over

Twin baby girls

Tree seedling


Turtle and bird

T shirt written in chinese

Twin girls wearing orange

Tomatoes garden eggs and peppers were seen together in my dream

To dream about in a picture with your boyfriend explained

The meaning of the symbols of ukuquma usesa isichitho


Torn cloth

Trying to make love with my husband in dream

Teer dream brinjal

Throwing dishes away

Tiny person

To dream of loosing a slipper pair

Temporary blindness

Tulsi plant burning

To see a blue cloth in a dream


Things in disarray

Touch boobs

Trying to hold a front door closed

Taxidermy multiple dead owls 2 psychics killed

Taxidermy multiple owls


To choke someone

Trying to help a child to cross in river in dream meaning

To dream of being a stripper

Two women licking each other pussy

The meaning of eating fufu in a dream

Taking blessing from transgender

To paste heena in hand to dead people means

The number 2


Toilet small

Time loop


Tudor house

The meaning of the symbols of coconut and scraper seen in a dream search your dream meanings


Telling your dead father that you now a mother

Torn shoes

Taking pictures

Teacher assaulted


Torching a woman who you dating breast

Turn off lamp

Telephone conversation

Throwing dead person in water

Taking care of a drunk person

Taking care of someone who is drunk

Tamarand in dream

Transgender with one leg

Toilet roll falls off wall

Thorns in the shoes



The meaning of death father attending ur introduction

Two hunderd birr


The meaning of snake following my girlfriend in a dream

Triumph over adversity

Tragedy and albino woman

To see woman long black hair

The white lady is marrying me


Toads in a car

Touching jesus feet in a dream means

Teacher failing

To dream of a deceased father gifting you brand new scarfs



Tiger chasi g cows

Three cows being chased by three tigers

Tame bird

Throat viberating

Tamarind treen been cut down

The meaning of the symbols of mango tree shining and leaves seen in a dream

The meaning of the symbols of receiving green saree and preseny seen in a dream

The meaning of the symbols of chased and faceless seen in a dream

Train drive

Tap water


Talking cat

The meaning of the symbol of promised money

Taking picture from mountain

Told to follow the oak woods path

Talk to god

The meaning of the symbols of receiving gift bengal gram dreamm seen in a dream


Tokolosh in my house i give them food

Tree with yellow flowers

Tokolosh tire my son with a rope outside

The word crooked

Tiger and snake

Tiger and green snake

Torn cushion covers

To see an engagement ring in red oil

To see others in black robe

To see your fiance in dream looking sickly


Trying to fix something




Trying to remove cap from my head

Two head fox

Teacher flogging a student in a dream meaning


The meaning of a friend standing in front of me

Train tracks and pennies

To dream pouring water on a particular ground

The meaning of the symbols of cleaning cow dung and body seen in a dream

Teen son showering with a man in bathroom

Two foot symbols on the sky

Timeless dreams

The meaning of giving a blind person money

Transfer to another place with luggage

Traditional healer dream

Tenticals in my back

Tarmaced road

The meaning of the symbols of building water and tank seen in a dream


Timeless dream


Turolense nesting in a tree

Turolense in a tree

Top of building

Three white hooded faces

Three cuts in cheek


Three girls

Tricycle accident dream

Turkey berries

Two female guinea pigs chase then i caught both

Two guinea pigs that were with me then i have to chase them then i caught them both then i saw a long bridge

To fall in a lake



Turning to stone

Turning to stonw

To see your palm off u hand black

To dream various containers of mustard are organized in a cabinet

Teenage kids

Three suns

Three legged pot in under pavement storage

The meaning of the symbols of pupu seen in a dream

The meaning of the symbols of husband going and abroad seen in a dream



Touching sensually a extranger

Taking money from the police officer

Three feets

Tree bearing pecan’s

Teleportation in a lift


Talking to vice president


Tv show

The meaning of ensue

Two person riding cycle on the road

The meaning of the symbols of pull long thick mucus and nose seen in a

The meaning of the symbols of swollen legs boils running and pus seen in a dream

Travelling in a kombi

Two girls on a moving vehicle

Toe breaking off

Tiger with snake skin and tail

Twig snake dream

Touch someone chest

To see mud on bottom of partners black boots

Touching teacher feet


The color green

Two girls 3boys

Two moons colliding

Tilted object


Taka dia toilet tisu proper banaichi

Trew on the ground


Taking a bath

Tom cruise

Thyroid medication

The man in the brown suit

Trap door

To spill a dead parents ashes

Toy elephant

Thick black smoke billowing out of chimney

Tomato hornworm

Tomato hornworm and slugs pouring salt on them


Teen pregnacy

Taking shower

Trying to poop in a hole lying down

Tiger lilly

Tiger lillie’s


To see dead person tired in dream

Tall abandoned buildings

Talking with mother and father

Two people fighting for you


The meaning of white man suckling my breast

To see weste products in a dream means what

Titus fish

Trying to take off a tight top

Two men with shovel each


To dreamed a fire in own grave

The meaning of selling bitterleaf in the market in the dream

The meaning of buying maggi cube in the dream

Take a bath at graveyard in the dream

Tiny light kaaba

Two shovels

The meaning of the symbol of widow wearing new colour full saree and flowers happy seen in a dream

Two hard spoon shovel

Two shovel

Trying to rescue someone

To buy maggi in dream


Third leg

Topping in a exam

Talking to our lady of fatima


Traffic jammed

Taking picture


To dream when when you have gone back to school

To see your brain parting your hair

Taking coffee

To have neatly braided hair in your dream

Three moons


The meaning of catching catfish in a dream


Toe nails

To kill a mad woman in the dream

Taking exams and knowing nothing

To dream of a list before a judge with red pen

Teeth with plaque dream meaning


Tiger and rhino attacking a white dog myself and a camel

Tree broken

To dream being in love with your pastor

Teeth in hand

Top floor of house in room with black rotten wood floors

Talking with a former lover

Turning off a leak

To see sister mother

The meaning of the symbols of deleted and messages seen in a dream

To dream of seeing a baby with lots of hair

Talking casually to vice president

Two men kissing on woman

Turquoise blue

The meaning of the symbols of dead father buying a luxurious car seen in dream meaning

Talking black dog

Trucks loaded with collard greens

Two fishes


Tree fell down by typhoon


To find tasbih in water

The meaning of the symbol of broken tasbeeh seen in a dream

Taking a bath outside

Toyss coming to life

The meaning of the symbols of car and coworker seen in a dream

Teeth coming out in pieces

Teeth falling out in pieces

The holy trinity crossed out

Trash and mess

The meaning of someone fetching out cooking utensils seen in dream

Talking to deceased husband

The flags were nylon but green like he was preparing for a party


Thirumangalyam broken

Toe ring



Taking car dream

The meaning of the symbols of changing sanitary pads in a dream

Two drunk women not able to go to work

Thief breaking the window and trying get into home


The meaning of the symbol of sellotape seen in a dream

Turmeric applied all over the body

To dream massaging late grandmoms foot

The meaning of the symbols of carrying water silver pan and head seen in a dream

Temple gift

To dream of a toilet pit been dug and handed over to you

To dream of a toilet been dug and handed over to you

Tika in forhead


Touching breasts

To receive a white envelope in dream

The meaning of the symbols of half human half snake seen in a dream

Tidal wave

Treasure box with bottles of water





Two half moons and a sun

Turning someone down

Tiny baby

The meaning of bag falling in a rushing river and fighting a woman for it in the water



Twenty naria note




To dream that u are in orphanages home giving them money means

Two white candle burning and waterfall in between

Taro leaves

Tari leaves

To swallow agbalumo seed in the dream means

The president leaning on my shoulder

Two people pray togethet

Tub with gold

Tooth necklace

Twin cow face

Teeth falling

Tired king

T junction

The meaning of the symbols of boyfriend got sister pregnant seen in a dream

To go food

Taking the foods in container

Throwing hazel nuts

Throwing nuts

Trying to sell gold necklace


To see ones hair being removed


Three legs

To dream found someone already hanging the laundry on the line

Tortured animals

Tornado in the sky

To give someone red palm oil in the dream wat does it mean

Tree full os snails in dream

Trip with classmates

The meaning of cell phone falling into clear river

The meaning of the symbols of eating feet and fingers seen in a dream

The meaning of symbols of curry leaves seen in a dream

The meaning of a crow biting your finger

Trmpling a snake

The meaning of dead people giving you plate ful of rice

Talking on the phone with mom

Turkey berries in dream

Teenager girl taking bath

Terrorist attack

Tipper truck loading gravel

Tipper vehicle loading ashphalt gravel

Three pregnant women

Traveling dream

To dream of picking green christophine

Turtles and whales

To much light

Two kitchens

To chase person with cutlass


Train depot

Trained girlfriend

To dream of acow and abull mating

Trumpets and sky

To dream a dead giving u new short pants


Torn clothes

Teenager girl


The meaning of the symbols of biting and holding someone throat in a dream

Taffeta dress

Throwing bread in the toilet


Two headed cow



To sweep for mother in law means what

The elderly kneeling for a young person

Talking about men

Told to wake up by a man

The cemetery

Thief meaning in dreams

The flash

Timon and pumba

The grinch

Thumbtack back of the troat

Teeth falling out and handing them to someone

Tsunami with husband

Transfer to another place of work for elevation

Trunk of car


Tall woman healer


T rex chasing me

Teenage boy

To dream 2 people wrap up in a sheet

The meaning of dreaming a bucket that is full of marula fruits

Talking to an old woman in black

The meaning of the symbols of niece taking and bath seen in a dream

To dream swimming in the sea

Two basket of tshirt

Table cloth

The cross of jesus

Took my fon and run away with it

To be flogged by a masquearade in the dream

Thelela written on a smooth stone on the dream

Triangle dream

To be flogged in a dream by your mother what does it mean

Train tracks

Trsin tracks


Trying to hold up a falling shelf

To dream when your pastor deliver you in dream

Traditional herb

To put mud on my vagina entrance

Temple in dreams what does the symbols of taking kumkum vibhuti and temple mean in a dream

Three leafy yam

To buy bread

Tran dreaming of lesbian girl

Taking off a shirt

Touching snails poop

To dream of attaining land



Two pregnancy boxes

Thought of committing suicide

The meaning of the symbol of cattle eating green maize and seeds seen in a dream

Tiger attacking snake



Tiger attacking snake and the i killed tiger

The meaning of seeing myself wrapped in kafan in my dream

Teddy bear costumes

To dream of breastfeeding albino baby

To type rubber in your dream

Three headed tiger

The professy said that i should take a break from my husband

Tying torn wrapper in the dream

Tying wrapper

The meaning of the symbols of losing clothes in the dream

Tennis ball

The man l was dating was chasing me in my dream and trying to get back with me


Touching someone

Tired feet

To be stained with blood


The meaning of pounding palm fruits in the dream

Three head snake in dream meaning

Taking load ganesh idol in dream

Trishul in dreams


Three white birds in a dream


The cow pokes horn on my son

The meaning of the symbols of hen hatching white guinea fowl chicks and few eggs remaining

To see a dwarf with sword

Teeth getting broken

Taming bears in my dreams then they walked beside me

Threading a needle and tying a knot

The meaning of the symbols of burning dead body seen in a dream

Tail of a aircraft

Tied toes


Tinted car dream


The meaning of removing dry kapent in the house

The meaning of dry kapent in a dream

The meaning of the symbol of wearing makoti clothes seen in a dream

Touching chest of my crush

Two horses chased by moose

Taking balloons from mouth

Taking balloons frombmouth

Teachers lucky no

Throwing lighting bolts

The meaning of eating curd rice in dream is good sign or bad sign

The value of empty nest

Traveling with friend you no longer know

Trying bindis

The part of the ear has been cutten off

Theres a small feet in my feet

Two headed robin

The meaning of the symbol of christian woman wearing muslim clothes

Two pigs licking my vagina

Tore through body

The meaning of the symbol of spilling umqombothi in a dream


Twisted mouth in dream


Tipped over plant


To dream while am being sercrificed to illuminate by farther for him to get rich

Trouble moving

To dream while am given awheel barrow to take for some one

Teddy bear


To dream while people whom you have been playing football with dying

To dream while asking food to someone

Taking care

To dream maize plantation in aforest

To dream carpentry in the forest


To dream while am digging in awatered area with some who died and sorounde by forest with in are animals but they fear me


Tamarind tree and tamarind

The meaning of eating dry fried kapenta

The meaning of dreaming to eat dry fried kapenta

The meaning of symbols of akara seen in dream

To dream making tea for my dead father

The meaning of the symbols of dead spouse running and away seen in a dream

Treasure under water

The meaning of the symbols of ngomemulo seen in a dream

Tiger nut dream meaning

To unknownly touch a cloth that belong to someone who is dead in a dream

To unkwonly touch a cloth that belong to someone who is dead in a dream

Theater screen

To see oneself in a strange country

Teenager child



To dream of seed rice

To dream

Two weeks



To dream of killing a dove for the purpose of cooking and eating

To dream of killing a dove is

The girl and boy love each other the girl family accept their love the girl is scared the of the boy family because they both are different caste but at last the boy mother hug the girls

Three babys born inside the sac


To dream of being at a funeral

To dream of meeting a stranger named jonathan

To dream of a man named jonathan

The meaning of the symbols of bathing raw egg seen in a dream


The meaning of eating prashad

The meaning of the symbols of dried maize field ready and harvest seen i dream

The future


To dream someone crossing the river on rocks

Touched by a mad man on the face

Trying to pay fees of a sibling

Two beautiful ladies with their boyfriend

Two beautiful ladies

To see grass growing on a church building

Trying to steal sour milk but failing

Trying to close termites hole in a dream meaning

Type of dance


Two head elephant

Tied with palm fronds dream meaning

Three houses


Tricycle moving without driver

Three figures

Touch breast of girl student

Tartar brushing

Tarantula spiders

Tarantul spider

Two green crocodiles

Two crocodiles

Tying a pastor lace

The meaning of the symbols of trying cover and naked seen in a dream


Topless person on window




Tiger licking elbow dream meaning

Tsunami dream means

The color orange

Tree of life

To see a new moon in your dreams

Two headed baby

Throwing stones to pick mangoes

Too many small barbie

Travelling with dead person in a dream

The interpretation of giving somebody torn clothes to amend in a dream

Transgender dream

Taking group picture in dream


Threatening voice

Treetomato in dream


Train derailing from the bridge

Throwing dirty water

Throwing away dirty water

Talking flowers


The meaning of seen a mad man in your dreams

Two vultures sharing another bird in the sky

The single silver ten cent

Truck full load of dry wood

Truck full load of dry wood is unloading by n

Truck full load of dry wood is unloading by neighbours

To bea punished infront of the class

To quench burning gas dlinder in dream

Torture islam

Two lions in clear water

Two lightning strikes and tree falls


The meaning of the symbols of receiving rosary nun seen in a dream


The window is gold

Tearing books

Taking steroids

Tap water in dream meaning

Tap water running in dream meaning

Torn short

To dream about business


Toe sucked

The meaning of the symbols of dry mahangu field seen in a dream

The meaning of the symbols of picking marula fruits seen in a dream

Throwing stew in a dream

The meaning of the symbols of temple kalasam and kumbabisegam seen in a dream

Touching girl breast


Trying to switch on the light

To dream of giving a passion fruit to a dead person

To see gecko in my bathing water in dream

To dream of plucking yellow lemon

The meaning of the symbols of pounding fufu self and mortar pistols seen in a dream

The meaning of the symbols of sitting with boss in a dream

The meaning of the symbols of sitting and boss seen in a dream



To dream of having lots of money in a briefcase

To dream of having limbs trimmed by someone

To dream of having finger nails trimmed by someone

To dream about popular models

Teeth in skull

To dream about your father in a sad condition

To be able to defend a property being attacked by an opponent

To dream of defeating an enemy

To dream of being accepted by anyone

To see friends breasts in public

To dream of being on a construction site

To dream of working on a plot of new building

To dream of driving

To dream of driving a car with your nuclear family

To dream of seeing ripped banana

To be lost in a dream means

To dream of being able to climb a big clif


To dream when smearing someone vasiline on his body

Tree fruit

Teeth long


Trapped in a burning building

Tacks on the ground

Third gender parsons give blessing

Text messages and then it disappear

Toe piercings

The river is drying up and you are picking the fishes

To see someone healthy in the dream meaning

The four stages of sleep

The hows whys and whats of sleep and dreams


They build house on ocean and tree surand it

Taking a passport photograph in the dream

Talking to a man who is passed on



Tying head gear to an event

To buy


Temples and sky


Teeth chattering

Travel with a person i love in holiday

Tamarind leaves

Teak plantation


Toilet bow

Tied by the waist in a dream

Transiting in a dream meaning

The meaning

To dream of a deacon visiting you in your home

Tab gaomon



Three men


Toes licki

Three wives in my dreams and climbing a bridge

Tulsi mala

Teacher beating me with cane in a dream

To dream of seeing death people

Took my phone

Thief being stoned to death




Two red chairs

Tooth falling out and turning to wood

To see the color peach in a dream

To dream of bolts of cloth




Texting a deceased sibling

Three headed bird


Three headed chicken

The meaning of the symbols of lion and moan seen in a dream

Teeth are falling out and turn to gems

To drown in the lake

To see white birds attack and pushing you into the lake

Tractor accident


Trying to open a backdoor

To dream my exboyfriend wearing old dirty cloths meaning

To see a cap of a president

Temple tower in dream


To dream of a reverend father

T shirt



Turquoise birc egg was in my room by the foot of the bed on the right side

Training with a designed sword

Travel in a boat

Throwin kola dream

Throwi9n kola dream

Two ladies fighting

Tap water running

To see a dead person in your dream with a light white eyes


Tattoo parlor

Taking palmyra fruit in my hand

Transgender person gives me a flower

To see bilva tree in your dream mean


Too bright



The meaning of the symbols of father giving and belt seen in a dream

Talking of nickel

Talking about nickels

Talking of nickels

Talking to friend


The meaning of the symbols of vomit little ornate and balls seen in a dream


Turmeric thali





Touch my lesbian girlfriends penis and sucking on it

Towel around body fall into dirty water

Trying to get help while having a seizure

Trying to get help from someone while having a seizure

To see mom mad in a dream


To run while satan is chasing you

The meaning of the symbols of udara and tree seen in a dream

The meaning of the symbols of strangling and woman seen in a dream

That a big white snake was chasing me and my grandmother chop it up but then it looks like it was coming from my grate grandfather grave

Triplets three girls wearing yello


The meaning of the dream when chewing and swallowing of wallet

Triangle cloud


Two male dogs mating in a dream please intepret

To dream amongst royal family gathering

Tugged button



Talking cell phone

Twin birds hatching

Tire chains

The color red

Tiger head cut off

Tiger head decapitated


The meaning of the symbols of palm oil and gallon seen in a dream



Trying to save animals from a hurricane but the animals are actually trying to kill me in a log cabin in the middle of the ocean


Three old women laughing at you


The green cassava leaf was broke in my dream and the cassava was pake together in bage what is the meaning of that dream



The meaning of the symbols of children fight seen in a dream

They shot me and see blood in my neck and not dead

They shot me and see blood in my neck but not dead in my dream

The meaning of the symbols of family and function seen in a dream


Thirsty water

To see allah on one side and rehman attributes of allah in a dream

Tin fish

To see allah on one side and rehman on the other side of stone in a dream

To see allah on one side and rehman name on the other side of stone


Touch sister breast

The meaning of animals flood in the dream


Three objects

To see ones mouth blocked with cotton



The meaning of symbols of skeletons people making love

Turtle wounded

Tryingng to ride hoverboard but you keep falling

Talking with imam hussain in dream meaning

To see a naked woman


Teeth falling out

The meaning of eating pumpkin that has milk from the freezer

Trumpet dreaming meaning

Trumpet dream meaning




Think but later dream and it happens

The meaning of spritual cooking ugali fire

Take care



The meaning of picking periwinkles inside a flowing water in a dream

Turkish bathhouse

Three paths

Tape over mouth


To see two eyes in the sky

To see two eys in the sky

Tearing own money

To dream of a white van fu

To dream of a white van full of people

To dream of your enemy saying goodbye

Ti eniyan ba ri ara re ni ibuso motor ni oju ala

To dream of tarnish necklace

To dream of a conservatory in your backyard


Traveling a road over water by car

Tiger drinks from pond

Torn hat

Tapping palm whine

Two sund

To give a woman egushi seeds to peel

Two girls halfway buried

Toddy palm

Traveling on a road trip with many people

Triples women

Teaching by the death person

To simcard on my left hand

Taking a burial the someone steals the soil from the grave

Thumbler as a gift

Termites crawling but not bitting

Travelling with army truck in dream

Tree with insects

Tattoos from head to toe

Tearing of book by teacher

Take sel roti in others dream

Threatening bird landing on neck

Taking temple money in dream

To dream of awaken and no recollection of events

Turtles mating

Teddy bear shaped cloud

Turbulent seas

Telling pregnant

Truckload of timber

Trans male

Tiger under a tree

Taking drumstick for steaking

Taking a pill but not being controlled by it and being raped my my dad

Teacher giving you note money

Toe stack

Three girls in bikinis

Transparent shark

The devil said i will live a long life

To rub honey on my face in my dream meaning

Traveling husband in a plain

Touching sister in law private part

To see a tennis in dream means what according to bible

Tears written in hand palms

Throat cancer

Taking fruits from guru meaning

Tirering firewood in the dream means

Teacher sleeping in the school

Tar face

Tray of water

Threw pine cone

Thick slices of meat

To be bited by dogs

Tore earlobe

The goose killed three snakes

To be given a chance double edged sword in a dream

That i saw my picture on a billboard

Telling drink water

Talking to my wife in a cell phone

Two cat fighting above the head

Talking to witchdoctor

The name al

To meet jonathan

The meaning of froth brown in color coming from the mouth and you are laid down on the ground

To buy tickets for someoneelse means in a dream

The ground disappeared beneath me

To sleep with ur brothers wife meaning

Two woman fighting for a mans attention

Tearing down church tower

Tallow tree

Traveling with my ex and new girlfriend

Tower ligth

Told me to water the plants

To dream of gathering sponge

Tuna fish salad falling from my hand

Tinned meat and gravy

Taking water in veins in hospital

Taking water through my veins in hospital

To burry food in the dream

Three arma

Tattered matress

Taking kids to their previous school

Two bottles

The meaning of collecting some tupperware in a garbage can

Tricycle falling in the water meaning

Three women that look identical

Tongue tattoo black man gold truck

Trying to outsmart someone

Trapped cats


To plow field for paddy crop in dream

The black snake entered the hole

Two women stealing working as a team

Traditional garment

Two boys called me mommy

Two person


Tropical fish disruption

Tapping on window

To dream of someone singing in foreign language

Trip somewhere new

Tailoring and fashion designing

Took my mobile phone and gave me another

To dream some body arranged the funeral of someone who already died

To see a beautiful desk given as a gift

Thep falling away of a bridge in a flood with dark waters

Tons of strangers visiting

Throwing mouse out window and a beaver observing it


Truck without tires

Travel without money

To dram of someone cutting a portion of your sponge

Termites in the foundation of the church

Traditional dancing

Things coming out of vagina

Traveling with a wrong train