Thorns in my mouth and i can unpluck them

Talking with my best friend in a forest

Talking with my best friend in a foreat


Taking money from the river

To receive a bottle of anointing oil in the dream means

The meaning of suden cut of slippers in dream

Two birds with less feathers fighting

Thick green oil flowing

Talking about land

Three virgins

Two gold cords connecting from me to another person

Two snakes mating dream meaning

Travelling in train above water with heavy rains

Tail cut off

Treasure in ocean

Teenage daughter is pregnant

Transgender woman chasjng

To see green snakes

Tv switched off with exploding sounds

Three hands dream

To see someone kissing

To dream of having boil in our stomach

To dream that you are left by your ex for them to be with your sister

To find out your ex and your sister have been sneaking around behind your back

To dream that your ex lover betrays you with your sister

To dream your sister betrayed you

To dream that your ex leaves you for your sister

To dream that your sister and your ex are having an affair

Tore toenail and worms underneath

Talking with the dead president

To dream riding a motorbike

Teacher checking my mathematics notebook

Turkey hatching but small turkey die

Tears from my left eye

The wodjet eye

Two monkey

To see people farming and calling them to farm for you meaning

Tapping on a tin roof

Tax rebate

To save baby from the flood

Taking a cemetery key

Throwing in face

Taking picturer with your crush

Tawa broken dream

Taking picture of mountains

Taking off my mum load in a dream

Trying to kill a big pouch rat but later run away

Two sun and two moon

Temple top i am putting the flag on the temple

The star swallow others

Terrace water tank crack

Taking your bath in a dream among people

To be dressed smart

Trying to kill me with a gun

Talking to mother in law on phone in dreams

Toilet walls got broken in front of me

To dream of rondavel

Talking to vice president

Two woman wearing red and blue njeti

Two snakes cloud

Two snake in clouds

Throwing my finances pant and dress into a toilet

Tall glass containers or vases

Tree school scrolls

To dream holding five rands

Throughing kerosene all over old house

Two men fight over me and i chose one

Talking to much

Transgender dancing in group

Two large birds fighting

Throwing undies in ocean

To go to the room at top of house for entertainment

Three women chased by group of man

Taking out pearls from shell

To dream girls playing netball

Transgender killing me

To throw stone on a ripe mango tree

Templar knight

Taking dead body to the temple dream meaning

Taking picture of beast

Taking picture of beasta

Travelling to home country

Thin whiskers

Traveling in a taxi

The words today and tomorrow

Touching face with hands

Test paper wet

Tiger twins

Turle and fire breathing lizard

Tea cup no handle

Trying to board airplane


Teaching in a library

To cut afang leaf in the dream

Tree branches of oak dying

Twins premature

Two men fighting f

Tires off car

Tunnels under a pedophiles green metal house

Tunnels under a pedophiles green house

Tied goat about to escape

The other woman gives you water

Thick white discharge cuming out from my pussy

Toor dal meaning in dream

Tiger showing empithy

To dream a white bat give birth

Two empty drinking wine glasses meaning

To wear a prison gaurd uniform

Taking bread out of water

Traveling stamped passport

To have hair locks in a dream

These unqombothi in the house

These unqombothi waiting for it to be owk

Two men cutting two trees and that two of them falls on two river and flood away

The chick inside a toilet

To eat undone tortoise in dream

Tightening stews

To dream about making zulu beer

Temple gopuram in my dreams

Trying to uproot dead body in dreams meaning

Tiger licking my head

To see a mentally challenged person in your dream

Throne objects

Trees are flying in the sky

Taking care of chickens

Twins baby

Trying to shop for my husband

To recieved the king and queen in your dream

Trees unrooting disappear

There was iron sheets but i was not seeing them

Tell you will die

To die in a blackbird

Truck door

To see a giant man in the dreams

To see a giant man in the dream

Touch down football

Teen boys

Thrush holds my finger in its beak

Twin foals

That i would have twins

Tiger confrontation kind

Three egg yolk

Three white figures

Two black snakes slithering away

Topless tattoo needles

Tight elephant in dream

The car i was in drove off third floor parking garage then landed gently to the ground the car was the color of tan and gold

Transparent bird meaning entering into my heart

Two or three blackbirds caught in a large cobweb

To see your boss nakedness

To see your boss nakednes


To see myself wearing female nurse dress white in dream means


Trying to hide from someone

To dream about appostles

To dream about tying my hair

Temples with ponds

To see fat people

Two goats sex

Torn silk saree dream

Tebid vera

Throwing egg against a wall

To dream of seeing a very green plantain trees in dreams meaning

The women was died and wearing green dress

Toilethe waste

Tattoo on my wife thigh

To see a tap that is not flowing

The meaning of bocotora

To cut husbands penis off

To cut penis off

To see a apple tree in the sky

Toad eating a snake

Toad swallowing a big snake

Two of something

Throwing eggs at murder

Taking machete from attackers

Taking a machete from attackers

Talking to my kids mother in a jail cell

Turtle neck and beak

To dream a woman leaves a girl in ur yard

Two man kissing

Travel related dreams

Taking a bath by a busy road

Teleporting somewhere

Turning off gas cylinder

Tooth loosing

Three eyed black car

Things being stolen from your home

To see germinated maize in your dream

To dream others giving up

Touch my hand

Two women foreigner

To tie dirty rapper in the dream means

To dream claiming a mountain

Threading my hair in a dream

Torn petticoat

To see a fleet of car in my dream

Treading water in the ocean with loved ones

To see a lion in s dream

Triangle on my forehead

Termites on door framr

Tulsi mala break

Tulsi mala broke

Temple without statue god dream meaning

This old man

Truck loaded with firewood

The meaning of a fire portal in a dream

Throwing money dream

To dream of running from an enemy with baby in your hand

Throwing fish at me

To dream you see your x husband naked

The sun and moon rapidly spinning in the opposite direction

Touching poop with your hands

To eat garden egg leaf in a dream

Translate to numbers please

Tiger leg with red colour water

Tiger leg and water

Thermos flusk

To dream about rotten meat

To divid meat in dream


The river take off my cloth after crossing

The water take away my cloth after crossing it

Travelling in train with deaf oerson

To see food burning

To see burning moi mio in a dream

Texting devil

To dream of church generator that refuses to start

Talking to deceased beatle john lennon

Two horses running after me in a dream

To be given a screw diviver in a drea

The meanx of removing green grass in the a farm in your dream

To dream about film star masturbating

To see others doing suicide

Tulsi seeds

Tying wrapper on your chest in dream and go to church means what

Taking care of chicken

Tide house

The pope was starring at me

Termites bites on the head

Thermometer demaged

Two fried eggs

Top hat guy

To dream counting stairs

To count stairs

Tacking off clothes

To see chameleon

Tree offering bread

Ticks in anus

Ticks in anya

Tuck in anus

Tree houses

Two rhino crossing the river

Two rhino walking in the water


Treasure in chest on water

Take away

To see grave of big shaikh in a dream meaning

To see someone got new job in islam

To see friend got new job islamic meaning

To see your friend got new job

Traditonal cloth

Telling people to repent

The meaning of pounding on empty morta

Two nipples and swollen breast meaning

Throwing up a bird body

Traffic accident in a dream

Tight pantyhose

To dream about your child is lost and never found

Teer number dream of sand

Toilet haunted bathroom

Three days from the death and come back to live

Tomatoes but feeling depressed

To see someone with a paw paw leaf

Trees growing in a building

Twin babies crying in a dark room

Two chicken head see in dream means

Two head in dream means

Typed note about dead nephew

Typewriter note saying nephew died

Three bags

Told a tree was a man

Three eyed humanoid

Two long leaves white green

Tiger bite my leg

Two rocks and fire two old people and they murder us

Traveling lover

Traveling with loved one

Teacher slapping students

Teacher dreams that they slapped theyr student

Tower on fire

Tepee with open chimney

To see someone die

Taking pap and honey in the dream

Two people wearing the same ankara facing each other in my dream what is the meaning

T dream of someone giving you a land

They gave me a blue and white njeti cloth and said use this one first

To kill a bush rat in a dream

They gave me a blue and white cloth and said use this one first

Transparent dead husband

Tied one leg with yellowish palm frond

Transport with military vehicle

Talking to jinn in dream

Tiny siamese kitten

To rescue a drowning person in water

To swim after a floating football

To night in my dream my hair fallen what is the meaning

Tomato hot by a car

Towing a camp trailer

The one who got away

Throwing coins into the sea

To see your fiance send soap and cream to you

Twin bed in ur drean mearning

Twin baby boy wrap in blue blanket

The gods were playing with a figure of me

Torned car seats

Torn car seats

Tall naked black man


Tongue paralyzed


Throwing it back

Trees and forest

To see corn rows in someone else

Throw sugarcane on person mean spiritual

To dream a lettuce

Trees coconut body

Taking pictures water

Traditional healer using ricer to apply medication on my body

The sky of darkness

The world of darkness

Tokoloshe pulling my blanket


Traditional dance dream meaning

Teer dream for balloon

Towel rack breaking

Thread stuck inside the throat

To dream killing spirits in a dream

To see palm wine in dreams

Three legged stool

Taking accountability

Teacher beating you in adream

Two five rand coins in different buckets

Turning down sex

Three head dream

Turn into half demon kill love

To dream of closing a snake in the front door

The meaning of giving a mad man food in a dream

T jungtion

Top of building at night

Trapped in tower

To frying

Thirty elephant

The back

Tasbee ka tootna

Tangled pants and underwear

Trumpet flower

Taking an envelope with a money to a pastor

Trypophobia baby

Talkative woman in dream meaning

Three legged puppy

Toilet furniture


To steal dough

Tree of chick pea

Two cows fighting each other in the dream meaning

To dream while getting big sweet potatoes

To give mad person food means what

Taking money from godmother

Tree ripped mangoes plucked by other people

Two tubes with fire

Teaching about ten commandments

Talking gibberish

Tentacled snake

Teer dream number for scoti

Torment dream meaning

Tiger infront my room and my closed door

To refuse to get married

Tulsi plant fell down

To remove crayfish inside ones ear

Twin brother of may hasband

Tree of knowledge and a lion

To dream about seeing your partner in nurse uniform means

Teacher hitting me

Taking bath in open space dream


Traveler guests

Too dream of loads of shrine

Travelling with a lover

Topless under rain

Topless under the rain

To dream of abs

Tossed around dream meaning

Thief trying to snatch my phone

Thumb pain

Taking a handful of diamonds from a basket

Tears dream

Taking fish out of water and killing it

Taking ornaments down

To dream of a long time friend giving you breast to suck

To see my pastor having sex with me

Turtle attacked

Trapped in a empty washing machine

Tooth removed

To dream of finding people having sex

To dream of braai meat

Things coming out my mouth

To eat udara in dream

Throwing stone on a mango hanging on a tree

To dream sleepin with my brother in law

To dream about someone who mentally disturbed giving me a key

Theys where yelling at me

The meaning of rubbing red palm oil on a new uniform

The pulpit falling on top of a person

Teacher punished me in school

Tulasi pot broken

Traveling boat dream meaning

Transparent papers

Transphobic person

Tour boat

Train tracks and pennies

To buy keke in a dream

Tattoo on right hand

The dream of eating raw fruit small

Travelling in train with dead person

To seat in express way in dream

Trying to gather all of my things and i have too many things like being on a trip and i have too much stuff and not enough time to get it all together

Termite bite

Toilet in jewles

Taking directions from some one in back seat of an automobile

Thenga nkomo


Tinned food

Three pcs of bolo beside him on bed

Teer dream number of maize

To be seen by your same gender undressing

Traveling on an elevator underground

Tow fox

Too many fish bones in plate

Trying to have sex with a me mad man

To be with a friend lives abroad

To see worms in potato dream meaning

Today is the second day dreaming digging sweet potatoes

To dream millet

Tree bridge

Torn pajama pants

Torn pajama pants on wife

Telegram wasmo soomali

Three headed pigeon

Train platform with deceased sister

Traveling only with women is abus

Toy wooden ship

Trousers lying on street under bridge

Trousers on the street

Trousers on the ground

Trousers on floor

To dream of aadun

Touching cloth

Talking wolf man in a suit who was conscious and told me i was dreaming

Talking wolf in a suit

Tarantula hawk


To dream about bathing my mother inlaw

Tipping empty beverage

Tipping two empty glasses

Tipping over empty glass

Tipping empty drink glasses

Tipping an empty cup

Tipping over empty cup

To dream of a nephilim sitting on a stone thrown

Touching my late dad poop

Two million

Trying to stop something

Tie a towel on my body

Taking cover from war in dream

Taking kerosene by myself

Tree falling on me

Tapped on shoulder and given black object

Toothpick coming out of vagina

Tournois timing out or vagina

Tumeric falling on floor

To stop me from conceiving

Taking out alive baby in crave

Teach sunday school

Teaching sunday school in a big church

To dream of shaved forehead hair growing

Taking family photos together

To see bastet in night dream means


Thick gray hair

Too many people

Touching male nipe


Tall green leaf tree

Tatoo by someone else ony hip

To see tamarind with brown sugar in dream

Torn slip from breast

To see golden wrist watch in my wrist by some one else

Two mens qural for take me

Two mean fighting blonging because of me

Two mens fighting blonging to me

Two mens blonging to me

Two mean fighting because of me

Thenga nkunkhu emhlophe

Two maize in bag of water

To flee

Taking care of the sick

To see banana oil in my dream

To use banana oil

Teeth turn to ash

To see tear of bag

To see naked woman in dream

Travel mother


Tying a towel

Tiger eating cat dream

Two guys fighting over me

To see urself in market

To swipe in dream

To kill lizard in dream

The meaning of dead lizard

To dream of dead lizard

To see dead lizard

Talking to a dead president


Throwing rotten egges

Threat to break my back

Throwing your clothes away

Talking with three male friends

Two people putting the same shirt on

To a royal king in a dream means

Tree full of black plum

Tarnished gold chain

Throwing cinnamon rolls

To attend a occasion dream meanings

Towel wrapped around my body

Two elephant attacking shillong teer number

To receive bank atm card dream meaning

Two women walking under the tree not greetings me

To see cows and count them in a dream

Trikund tika in dream

Throwing sault at evil spirit in the dream

Throwing salt on evil spirit in dream

Two persons merging as one

To drink zobo in a dream

To drink zoo in a dream

Two linked hearts

To dream broken glass in bed after having sex

Train in a circle

Tiger killing a white horse

Teaching a baby to walk

Thief in my dream takes food

To dream that your period mess up your clothes at church

Tears on only right eye

Treating boils with lime

Tying black thread in dream in islamic dream

Tying black thread in dream

To about having umhlonyane

Tumour on hip

Terrifying dream whenever i hang out with a particular friend

To dream your mother in law pour palm oil on your face

Texting with a dead loved one

The same time of the day

Tamarind with tree

Turmeric powder spilled on floor

Taking refuge in a church

Throwing a paper in the toilet



Throwing trash down a slide

To accept defeat in dream

To hear the word sadness

Time on a phone

Two girls naked

Take celebrity affair

Tree tea oil

Temple flag

Tap on the head

Trying to steal my car

Trapped in a house not mine

To dream of going to a cementary

Taking a cassava tree to an old cementary

Teased sexually

The meaning of garden egg in dream

To eat gardenegg in dream

To dream of eating calaloo

Two hands separated by anointing oil

To see eating mexican sweet chili in dream

Tied and hung by feet to the front of a canal boat

Texting then deleting

Toe nail cutting

To dream about playing netball very well and choosed for the next round

Tied feet rope

To dream fetching afresh palm trees leave

Taking children for treatment

Tearing of international passport

To give students water in a dream

Tailor cooking chapati for me

Transgender asking my ney

Travelling with purpose

Trying to sort out scattered clothes to be packed

Trying to fly

To dream of going to home country from a different country

Transgender giving money and blessings to me in dream

To find someones lost jewelry

To find someones lost jewlery

Tasting and spitting meat

Tamako vada

The lion


To tussle over a gun

Toostie roll

Trench with running water

Two pair of maternity pants

Talking to dead friend

Taking out

To dream as wife of the president

To dream of fallen leaves

Two packages full of pigeons

Talking to my grandmother in law

Teacher visiting

That plenty crab in my toilet bowl


Triangle street

Talking ex boyfriend sister dream meaning

To give food

Thailand god

Torrent of clear water

Three boys kids

Telling me they love me

To dream choosing a seat by the bus

To see friend beaten to stupol by a soldier

Tricked by the girl i like

To wash snail in dream

Two wife same bed

Three girls and three boys drinking alcohol

Touching a woman private part

Taking child to school dream meaning

Teaching church sunday school dream meaning


To dream when killing my brother

Throwing sand someone eye dream meaning

To dream about meeting an actor

To dream of a king

Tying wrapper on the waist dream

Thumb nail growing long

Taking prekese in a dream

The late maternal grand mother giving me food

Talking to my dad dream

Theft plants

Throwing dust bin

Two being headed chickens

Tiger attacked cow in dream

To see an angel blessing your love life in dream

To see someone blessing your love life in dream

To see same boy many times who loves you deeply despite the fact that you have never seen him in real life

To see same boy many times who loves you deeply

Trying to find carmen

To find a golden plum in a dream

Twin flame drunken in dream

Toothless snake

To buy palm carnels in the dream

Tapping a naked woman with a bible

To see small red ants in large number

Their breaking window dream meaning

Two snakes coming out from my mouth in dream

Two girls kissing each othere

Throwing away potatoes with lots of eyes

To be slapped

Three legged goat

To receive money in black nylon bag

Trisulam dream

Telling someone about your dream

To dream that you falling and suddenly wake up

Truck roller in snow

To dream of wearing black shoes and black stockings

Three legged pot fire dream

Two people are one person

Two people merge into one

Two snake kissing in dream

Torn ripped teddy

The world yes

Teeths are falling off in the dream

To be having sex in the dream with different wome

Taking a womans shoes

Taking off a womans shoes

Two headed chicken and a snake

Toilet running over with shit

Two headed chickenn

Telephone new

Teeter taster

Transformer blast

Tick dream on myself in my skin

Thorny fire wood packed in the garden

The meaning of seeing a ghost in your dream

Two big plats and cups

Temple in the bank of river

Today lucky numbers

Throwing stones at snakes

Two snakes kissing meaning

Tan lamb

Twisted feet

To see udara in the dream

Talking about marriage in a dream with your girlfriend

Tamarin seed

Terror lined by a group of people


Turbulent river rapids

To see someone finding gold in dream

To find a diamond in dream

To see your girlfriend hugging a guy in a dream

Twin prays for me

To eat pounded yam in a dream

Two tapa on tge forehead

Three sisters dream

Tray of candles

Two foxes and a dog

Twisting off a toe

Throwing a knife away

Two deyas lighting

The lucky number related to butternut in a dream

To beat someone with a broom

Towels dropped into toilet bowl in the dream

The meaning of a dog attacking you in dream

Teer dream food eat

To pick a spoilt yam in the dream

Telia spider

Targeted to be robbed and shot at in dream meaning

Two moon ad two sun

Thrown food down the drain dream meaning

Tomato seads

Tiger protecting snake


To uproot neel tree from a dream

To uproot neel tree in a dream

Tulsi lost

Train travel with father who passed away

To get crawfish in a dream

Tiny elephants hurt

To lick udara in dream meaning

To lick udars

Turtle and scorpion

To dream of bites

To see the president daughter shooting a gun at the father

Taking a bath in front of enemies

To bath while your eemy watches

Touching elders feet in dream and getting blessings

Turkey berries in dream means

To the river so deep

Things room were scarttered

To dream of a lion

Tumeri powder on you


Took three big birds from there nest

To pouring water on legs

Transgender dream meanings

Talking romantic to a politician

Tiger with green eyes

The dead building a house for you

Touching men private part

Tattoo in arms

Thief gun

Top in exam

To dream someone else naked

Touching my vagina while dressed

Trying find seat theatre

Tall evergreen almost to the he blue sky

Tasbeeh beadsbtoken reciting surah in reality indicate

To hold a pack of maggi cubes means what in dream

Throwing dirt before you leave a place

Throw away sheets

Trapped rrabbit

Taxidermy rat

Taxidermy gift

Tying red oil in a white nylon in the market

Tree with different fruit


To dream of your deceased father asking to clean his towel

The little dream blender moral teachings of the book

To dream wearing ingubo yamadlozi

Talks with two men

To be ina maze of rooms under construction

Teeth chip

Tuna allergy

Thstching grass top roof dream meaning

The heaven opened and i saw water dripping and i drank it what those it mean

To dream of trying to carry an aluminium pot of stew on tovan airplane

To dream your father praising god with you

To dream of exchanging my car with someone else

Taking money to the bank in a dream

To see a loved one trapped in a fire

Trying to reach the middle of my back and its a gold doorknob

Taking kaleere in dream

To dream washing white plates

Transgender blessings

Turmeric cleaning on the floor

To see abundant of beaf in a dream

Tiger climbing tree

Thief been hit by a car

Trying to snatch your watch


Three big houses

To dream see the sugar cane garden

Thief cutting my head off

Turmeric and kumkum dream

To dream you smile with your bishop

Touching feet of dead person

To see someone urinating on you in a dream

Traveling dream meaning

To see a coffee pot on fire and a man burning his fingers

Take off jewelry to join group

Telephone wire tangled

To dream about niki minaij

Toliet over flowing with bresd

To dream of isiwasho esi pink

Traveling north west

To dream you are given isiwasho esi pink

To dream of isiwasho esi purple

Treaming hair

Tied leg

Torn picture of me and hubby

To kill serpent

The monk is eating food

To dream of some one sweeping my compound

Tiger horse eagle coming out from sky and kangoru attack people and after life go happily

Two bodies same in dreams

The lion skull

Three rooms three girls

To see the wife of a prophet in the dream

Two white dupattas in dream


Turquoise stone dream

Teeth falling out crumbling

The meaning of smelling cherries in a dream

Two sigle mattress as a double bed but dreaming of gapping in the midle

Two sigle mattress as a double bed but dreaming of separating

Turning the soil and cultivating

Tiger laying down if front of door

Tiger laying down block door

Towel covered the body in dream

Taking cold self bath and getting ready for exam

Transgender forcing bangles

To dream interrock

Two sisters putting same clothes

To dream of a dead body floating up in water

To dream of baby sitting

To see the angel of death touch your knee

To dream a fliral dress meaning

Talking to dread friend by a river

Testicles eating

The price of dollar

To dream when you see two girls playing sex in a hole

To dream when you are digging a toilet hole and see girls playing sex with in the hole

To dream when you are digging a toilet hole and see lasibians in action with in the hole

To dream someone spilled serum on u what does it mean

Thorn fruit meaning

To see keys and dead lizard

Two dollars and a cat


Toenail grow

Trees being cut down

Throwing my slippers in a dream

Trapping a bush giant rat meaning

Three legged pots dream

Turn lights off in cathedral

Trying to wash sands off my feet

Two cats had sex

Two bulls fighting dream

Taping rubber trees in your dreams

Three eyed woman with two blue eyes and one

Thieves break into your house and stole your gas cooker

Truck full of sugarcane

Taking death pill

Talking out loud in dream

Two watches with different times

Two different types of wrist watches

Thumb ring in a dream

Trying to suffocate someone

Two friends like each other

To dream of someone dead almost vomit on you

To see dirty nail of someone else

Tree falling in storm on me


The word destiny

Tree leaves found in my bed

Two sponge gourd

Tick on cabbage

Tall poeple

To receive peg in the dream


Tiger eye gem stone

The dead asking for back massage in a dream

Tall dirty man

Tall dirty man enter

Tall dirty man enter myhome

To dream of new growing hair on the chicks

Too many orange butterflies

Throwing stone at python

Trying to talk foreign to a woman

Tornado river

To dream of uprooting nursing palm tree

Three sets of breasts

To see dark spots in both of your foot

To tie wrapper on the waist

Tiying wrapper

Trying wrappee

Tall people with dislocated jaws

Turmeric bulbs

To buy ugu in dream

Trolley with fruit n vege

Touching of penis

To dream your father wearing yelow

Tiger nut eating

Tiger but eating

To see stars in the sky

To see cervical discharge

To buy groundnut and store to be for feature and make profit mean what

To buy and store for feature selling and make profit mean what

To dream avocado

Tapped on the shouder

Teacher gifting me in dreams

Tiger catches cow

Thin husband

The person i love is in love with someone else

Take off unlimited shirts

To be sleeping in a dumping site

Tapeworm leaving my body

Tapeworm in my stools

Traveling in another country

Talking to a priest white robe meaning

Two crates of eggs

Two women pregnant

Toor dal pored in water

Tiger in house climbing stairs as i hide behind bedroom door

Travel with my ex

Throwing soil

Thirsty white animals

Turtle and cat fight

Trapped in highrise

Tree resin

Taking pictures with old classmates in my dream

The cross of a dead person was on opposite position

Tattoo on the feet

Time control

Teacher buying cold drink for me

Taking ugba seed

Thief theft mangalsutjra and given back what it means

Three white bobcats

Teleportation on walls and dream


Trees being destroyed

Travelling with my grandma

Talking on phone about his son

Tan baby eyes

Throwing up mudballs

The burner of my gas stove keeps lighting

The back burner of my has stove keeps turning on even when i turn it off

Tainted clothes

Throwing phone away


Throwing baby in pit latrine dream meaning

Thorn tree in church

To wash a pregnant ladies clothes

To be carrying keg of red oil

The snake likely has less to do with others

Taking with death father

To empty to know what to do

Thunderstorm and water

Three and ones

Tea pot whistling

Throwing shirt on some one face

Talking in phone

The knees of an old woman

Talking in your dream

Told prophet

Truck horn

Tv flipping

Traffic police in dream

Taken a bunch of money from dustbin

Tattooed eye lashes

Tit fucking

Throwing someone slippers into the river

To see my late mother in a dream saying she is hangry

Three multicolour suns in a triangle

Tubes hose


The greatest lie ever sold

Turtles eating crab

Taking dirt out under the bed meaning a dream

Transgender ex boyfriend

To dream about shower gel

Three tigers sitting in trees

Talisman not able to tie on your body

Talisman removed

Two identical doors

Toy sinking in water

Touching genitals in dream