To dream of a man you know you touching your girlfriend on her private area

Tree inside the house

Transplanting a plant and watering it

Two women

Tilak dream applying on shivas forehead

Tilak dream applying on shivas forhead

Trying to build a relationship with a distant relative but i always feel rejected

Teaching how to prayer


Taming carabao

Tap on head

Tap on head dream meaning

Transgender dream in pregnency


To ask how much for a department fee in the means


Turkish honeycakes


To dream of eating pounded cocoyam

Tortoise and cat

To see a photo of dead person means

To see a photo of dead person mes

To dream a long lost friend crying becus the feel pity for u

Tree flying to me

Tree flying to my direction

To see a brahmin in dream means

Taking hanged clothes from sun



Treasure under water

Tell elders

Three girls wearing armor

Taking communion in the dream

To lost simcard in dream

Termites all over my house

Talking to beyonce

The meaning of peeling cooking melon in dream

Tail of a black horse

Throwing up orange needles from mouth which start moving as living insects

Throwing up orange needles from mouth which start moving as living insect

Thread of kite

To see someon plaiting mat

Torn saree

Terrible smell

Turkey berry,

Throwing a purse outside a speeding vehicle

Throwing a pass outside a speeding vehicle

Trapped at heights

Twinty three

To dream of spirogyra in a water means what?

Table with foods

To take drugs to kill yourself and you did not die meaning

To go and carry ripe cut down palm fruit

To hear someone singing in my dream

To roast palm fruit in the dream

Tri bicycle

To ask to pay 7 thousand

To dream of white incenses

To drem of wasshig the vagina

Temptation to sex

Talking about krishna birth

To wipe away someone’s tears means

The house of stranger

To dream of a prophetess holding and wiping a crying baby eyes means

Taking marula on tree


Theres a game and when i lose i die

Teacher fees

Three headed bird

Two hearts intertwining

To break a whole

Town big changes


Taking out cactus needles from lips

Two dead sisters in a dream

Throwing boiled egg on ground

To see chief minister in dream

Talking to someone and behind them seeing hanged person


Two moons and two suns in a dream

Toe finger nail loosing

Tied down

Telling me to wake up

To stain a baby clothes in a dream

To buy palm fruit in the dream means

Taking of layers of clothing

Turmeric lump

To see someones brain

Tour guide

To throw away pot of soup

The police arrested my husband and brother

To see craps in a dream

Three hands the third one small and injured and huring the others

Taking flowers to temple

The meaning of dreaming about mopane worms

The space

Tumor in my stomach meaning

The meaning of the dream sugarcane selling

To receive a gift from my dad

Toilet roll bin

Two tv

To see millet in your dream

Tiger nut selling

To dream riding a horse chariot

To dream horsemen escorting you

To dream bathing

To see tagiri in a dream means


The meaning of having sex with a mad woman in the dream

Triple jump world record

The meaning of giving food to mad man in the dream

Taking photo with dead person in dream

Two mad woman call me my love mean

Then quoting scripture to you

Throwing underwear in a dream

To dream of a lot antique and vintage sets of crystal bowls glasses cups and bottles

Traveling by aeroplane

To exchange cedis for dollars in dream what does it mean

Talking lion

Two barred cross

Talking with a pope

Talking to a pope

The meaning of ripe cashews in the dream

Tying gele in dream

Two headed woman

To see an ex governor in a dream


To dream a girl with a penis

Three green dragons

Two children

Two water pump flowing clear water

Torn money

To be guided by the queen around the place

To sit by the queen


Talking to a dead royal in the royal home with the queen

To sell akpu in a dream means what?

Tomtom in dreams

Three different old women gave me three different calabash


Talking to the queen

Two biro with blue cover in dream

To see a crush

To hav hair come out in chunks

Two duck swallowing snake

To see your desceased mother showing her love

To see beautiful fruit on trees

To dream husband having a baby boy with first wife

To dream of being in fair ground with children

To dream your husband giving another woman raw meat

Tiger stone

Turcoise stone

Travel to new places in dream

To exchange with cassava flakes

Traps ana lockdoor

Teeth falling out in your mouth

Tilling the soil

The meaning of eating palm nut

Thunderstone in a dream means what

Tahoe black food

Tahoe food

Tahoe drink

Throwing away coins just to float from sinking

Throwing the baby into a pit latrine

To break the whole in the dream meaning

Tooth fallen out

Transgender visiting house

To dream of landing in another country without a visa means

To dream your jewelry was stolen by theft what is the meaning

Turmeric on clothes

To find silver male

Train junction

Throw marbles


To dream about words written in the sky

To dream of a lionese

Twilight sky

Two faced cow


To break the wol in the dream is what

The smoke fish is black in colour

Transgender asking for a money | dream interpretation

Tom and jerry dream

Tower light

Talking to vice president in a dream

Three leaveyams

Trapped mamid

Toilet bowl with long seat

The prophetic meaning of tying hankerchief on my neck means

Truck brack fail drive

Temple climbing

To see oha leave in the dream means what

Turmeric powder in cloth

Tiny child

Tarred road

Tigernut in dream

To have a pepper farm means

The witch doctor dream

Twenty eight

Take by hand red stones from earth

Talking about marriage of self

Throwing away used sanitary pad

Turmeric in dreams during pregnancy

Tying of head gear in a dream

To shake a bottle of salad cream in a dream

Taking saree of my deceased mother

Traps and mazes

Talking to opposition parties president in a dream

Trying to catch a fish

Toll gate dream meaning

Taken a pack ofcotton

Taro leaf


Take aparr

Throwing stones and hitting bird in dream

Throwing stones at a mad man in the dream

Taken my motorcycle


Trapped in love

To fall in horse manure

To fall in horse maneur

To dream of old women coming to visit you

To dream of of d women coming to visit you

The meaning of a friend given you a roasted snail to eat it in a dream

The "fresh brown mounds"in her dream

The dream meaning of sweeping a dusty classroom

Throw up in dream

Two woman fighting over one man

The meaning of one carrying a trap from the river

Trapped under a dog

Telling someone in my in my dream that i had

Turmeric and rose pettals

To dream of selecting maize

Two headed fish one on top n 1 @bottom

Tail with fruit

Tapping palm wine in a dream

To see a black local dog meaning

To see n hand made of gold

To see n gold hand

To see a gold hand of a person

To dream of gnats on a toilet seat

Thick black rug

Tied up with palm leaf

Three point basketball misses

Three point basket misses

To dream about walk on big black sharp rocks on the sea

Talking to a dead relative on the phone

To dream eddoes, pig and a white

Thick pus discharge from penis


Territory dream an meaning

Thick dark vertical line on forehead

Tangled necklace

To kill someone with fork

The meaning of ube in the dream

Turmeric and kumkum manifesting on face

Transparent pants dream meaming

Tests are coming

Tulsa mama in dream

Today’s new days

To dream your sister was drowning in a glass of drinking water

Torn bridesmaid dress

Twirling me

Tree in the middel

Touch light having a heart being

To see breadfruit in the dream

Tree full with pink flowers

Table tennis

To put yam on head

Tulsi beads necklace in dream

Torne saree

Think outside the box

Throwing away plam kernel oil in the dream

Tank overflowing

The past people where i worked people i have known places i worked

To see someones face in the clouds

Two bags of money taken away by someone

Taking clothes off washing line in dream

To lay stepping stones

Talking to an enemy about unresolved issue

Telephone air time card dream

To dream two male sucking your breast

Two male sucking a womans breast in the dream

Two male sucking my breast in the dream

To dream of going to church, in a night garment

Threatening to stab someone

Transformer burn

To see white gold in dreat

To dream having a snake for a baby

Talking and being happy with a friend whom i want to meet today

Tramrine balls

Three eyed fish

Tamarind eating dream during pregnancy

Two baby chickens falling down from the cage and died

Throwing stones on a bird

Threaten to beat someone

Touching in a proster s hand with anointing oil

To dream woodlice

To retrieve your stolen wrapper in another dream

Tying wrapper round the chest

To dream a co worker is pregant

To dream my bag burning

Toasting bread

Triplets dead

To dream of seeing a woman friend cooking peas and rice

To see a branch fall from a plum tree

Three monts left to live

Three months


To see periwinkle


Time 3 3 3

To assemble car in dream

Transgender giving me milk

Tiger drink water and then lick my pussy

To dream domba

Two headless snakes in a hole


Teaching someone

Teaching rabbi


Teach lesson

Teaching baby to walk

Taking a bath in a rain water that is not so clear

Two head fish in my dreams

Transgenders dancing in dream

The sound of an animal in the forest

To peeling cassava in dream?

To peeled cassava in dream?

To peeled cassava in dream

To peeled cassava in

To see bricklayer in the dream

Things falling

Thick clear discharge

Thick clear discharge from vagina

To dream of admire a beautiful woman

Track clothing

To fight in dreams what does it mean

To give a dead person fruit in a dream

Trying to dispose hair on the floor means

Turned into tree

Turnes into a tree

Tool belt

To recieve pure water from a man in the dream

Two weeks

To see dead people

Taking wrong doc test

Tooth straightener

Tilling oxen

To dream being told that you are hiv positive?

The meaning of seeing a pastor sweeping the church in a dream

Transparent arms

Tail of a dog

Transgender asking flowers

Talking to dead women

To dream of drinking anointing oil

Three eyes cat attacking

Trying to go to some1 but i hold myself from going by the shoulder

Touching feet of elder ladies

Thousands of people wearing red cloaks

To dream about someone converting to islam

Th meaning of raw cassava

To see a coconut tree cut down in the dream

Taking care of a baby twins boy and girl

Taking care of twins

To be given airtime in a dream by someone but neglecting it

To be given air time in a dream by someone but neglecting it

The dream after dream & another

Tail bone

Tying firewood

The wife and mistress is pregnant at the same time

To selling chicken in the dream

Teanager conceived

To dream walking away from the middle ofthe sea to the shore

Two headed male turkeys

Two headed turkey



The meaning of given somebody bitter cola in the dream

Taxidermy bird

To dream of car headlights been stolen

To be given fried buns and chinchin

To kill a bush pig in the dream

To dream of a gobela

To dream that husband to be paid my pride price in my dream

Travelling by train with dead person

The virgin mary giving a box

Temple gopi ram seen in dream

Two boys and one girl carabao dream

The meaning of my dead landlady offer me food in dream meaning

Touching a hot stove


To dream someone braiing meat

The woman was trying to get a piece of my clothing like a white sock

To dream ackee taken out of pad

Teeth coming off

To dream picking granadillas

The woman trying to take a piece of my clothing

Taking god’s red tika in dream

Trance meaning of covering face

Trimmed eyelash

Tying two wrappers in the dream


To dream about cocoa seed

The death of a loved one

To see bloody stool in your dream

Trying to make a new basket meaning

Trying to pick plate from pit toilet in the dream


Throwing period pad used

To dream about eating pork

Trying to killing me

Thick fluid from my head

To see a ladybug on my nightstand

To pee


To dream of seeing dry cocoa seed and dry cocoa seed means

Taking green tablet medicine

To dream of multiple snakes

To tells partner that her partner is not interested in her a means my

Transgender help me in my dream

Three cowries on my head in the dream.

Talking to a friens

Tardiness from flight

Third story

To dream of eating cooked rice and pepper

Th dream meaning of tarred road

Transgender sitting at gate of home

Two sun rise

Tall tree

To dream of females fighting and attacking you aggressively

Toga dream

Triangle forming

To see dead person over 200 years ago

Tall black guy loving

To transfer one wprk to another in dream

Too quiet

Testicles touched


The meaning of a bowl of blood dream

The meaning of blood in bowl dream

The meaning of blood inside plate

To dream being sanctified

The meaning of shotgun bullet fire in islamic dream

To see a person who is your friend sick in bed

Trying to sit in a very big bench

Turkey berries in dream meaning

To dream of collecting money like tax collector mean what.

Taking pictures w/ carabao

Trying on jeans garments

Toy train in dream

Throwing dead person in the water

Taking old clothes from tailors

Taking plant cutting from other

Talking to someone you like

The whole family was yelling at my dad

Table falling from the sky

Two headed beige puppy

The meaning of a dream being thrown by someone

The dead talks to you

To dream you got soles all over your body

Taylor swift

Tissue and wipes

To be given cough lozengen in the dream

Tilling a vegetable garden

Top of the bus

To cross the river slipperly over smooth and clear river

To pass slipperly across smooth and clear river

Tiring a wrapper on my chest without a dress

Turkey berry fetching in a dream

The meaning farm, green, maize in the dream

Teacher flogging me

To dream of hen lost all his feathers

Taking bath in cave

Tree on my kitchen window

Tom jerry

To be shocked by high tension wure

Three bulldog with human personalities

Toiletries kit

Toiletries bag

Taxi driver kidnapped

Third eye opened

To see people on the sky

Tooth longer than the other

Trying to clear phelm frm the throat


Touching my sister breast

To receive bitter lola in dream

To wed someone you in a relationship with in the dream

Taking a vow in church

Turkey berries in a dream meaning

To see coriander in your dream,

Tame lion

Trying to sit in a large high bench

Threeleaf yam in the dream

To argue with a landlord


Tilting world

The meaning of harvent

The dream meaning of harvent and interpretation