To dream about black beads

Trash vagina

Teeth braces falling apart

Tea part

Tornado over water

To dream sucking a virginia


The meaning of dreaming flying up and down and the start to rain

Turning the computer on

Talking to a president and eating with him

Two plants growing instantly

Terrified by a snake on a tree

Terrified by a snake on a y

The meaning of oha leaf in the dream

To lickk palm in dream

To see a dream of successful in climbing a hill

Teeth being cleaned

Toilet pot breaks

To shit on the floor

Thieve killing

Touching mother vegina

Treating a baby for phlegm

The lord showed me how i pick big pear fruit under it tree

To see my girlfriend in church in a dream

Tenis ball

Thrush birds

Travelling to see a lover

Throwing corn jello on women

To have sex with a black horse

Talking to the gueen and touching the king of england

Toothpick being tossed at me

To dream about callaloo

Tiger biting finger

Tingling fingers

Tripplette women

Touching temples

The money been snatch in the dream

Two female is trying to strips the third ome naked

They were fighting like they heated each other but one is dead

Terminal renovation

The president of russia is my personal doctor

Thin cat

Turmeric applied to me on face

Towel warmer

That i gave my cousin coin money

Thin and dirty dead person in a dream

Tree house and squirrel

Teeth on tongue falls

Talking to someone in a treehouse at the top of a ladder

Taking a drink offered by a snake


Taking white pills

Thinking my child not mine

The mattress fell off the bed

Tight sleeve cuff

Throwing a little food away from a plate

To dream of a furnicating woman

To dream someone deceased give you a white envelope

Throat slit murder

Taxidermy deer

Triggerfish in my hands

To be in a broken house

To dream of african star apple

To spit out pork

Taking coal

To be smart in a dream

Tailless fish

To cultivate ripe banana


Threesome with unknown

Try to hold upword flying umberla

To dream popping

The words true love

Teacher not letting anyone leave

Two husbands dream

Teen boy riding bicycle

Tigh shirt

Two owls and a hedgehog in a open casge

Twirling with joy wearing dark blue dress

Twirling with joy wearing blue dress

Three storey new house but unfurnished

Tracking a bear

To dream pulling a string of light and installing the light in my house round inside

The meaning of dreaming with the devil with purple eyes

The people who searched

Torn suit

Transgender birth in dream

Thousands of love bird

Thorn stuck foot

Telling the truth but not believing

The dead giving injection to the living

Twins in wster

Taking panties from a girl

Throwing a party for a dead person

Throwing water down

Teaching an unruly class

To see someone washing offal in a dream

Tea dreams

Treating hair

Two sunsets

Two phones in pocket

Take mango in dreams and snakes try to attack

To dream of picking noni fruit meaning

Tulsi plant fell down in dreams

To be abusive to recent ex spouse after sex

The meaning of seeing corn on the cob in your refrigerator

To dream of a deceased loved one wearing red and gold clothing

Tiger in sea water

To dream of a sugar cane

Transparent glasses

Two headed milkfish

Trying to sucking my blood

Traveling with deceased mother

To see horse and fish together in dream

Tv character

To dream eating with your brother

Thumbtack s coming out in my mouth everytime i speak

To dream od transparent person in a dream

To dream of a transparent person

The meaning mami water

Touching testis

To see enemy looking strong in dream

Trying not to get caught having sex

Three women in the dream

Twist tie in pantyhose

To slap a girl in a dream

To slap someone in a dream

Traveling to germany

Taken advantage

The meaning of aunt cooking in a dream

To dream of standing on cue for grant money

Tipper full of palm fruits

Two married women fighting over me

Terrace gone

Thorns pierced in your body

To see apple in a dream

To dream of yoda meaning


Trailer in sky

Teetering in sky

Twig falling from tree

Twig fall to the ground

The frame of my room was burning

The man spermed face in the dream

Taping shoulder

Tapping neck

Taking shortcut through unknown persons home

Teeth black liquid

To give your boyfriend his blessing

Teleportation through portals

Tree roots burning

Thor and thinderstorms in your dreams

Truck falling over

The dream of mattock

Taking photo with a religious person

Two babies and two cows

To dream chameleons having sex


Throw coins to dead

Torn pictures

Tree full of plaque

Tiger crying in a dream

They have prodded me with niddles

Turning of stoves

The earth split in half and the light was very bright

Turtle eating banana

Thawb islamic dream

The meaning of the temple foam in the dream

Teeth falling out while kissing someone

Thorn bush white horse

To pluck out horns on animals meaning

To pluck out horns on animals

Two rand coin

To pluck and lick udala cherry in the dream what does it mean

Teak logs cut into sizes

Tree leaning

Torn certificate and mending

To see dead crow in dream

To dream that my generator has been stolen

Trapped in room with someone

Two women kissing me

To dream red bricks

Tongue in ears

Twins of goat

Trying to caught pink snake

Trapped in mental facility

Touching my wife vagina

The phrase stagnate

Tricycle traveling with husband

To see mango on a tree meaning in dreams

Two headed demons

To receive a yellow car as a gift in a dream

Teeth elephant

Travel as a missionary

Tilapia fish

Tiger kill goat and eating

Two people merging

Two dark brown goats

Trains ride

To see yourself eating the fruit

Tick walking on my penis

Two gods are fighting against each other

Touching womans vagina

Tearing my friend saree in dream in islam

Tinted car window

Tinted window

Two women on stairs welcoming me

Two people standing over a pool of water in pure white holding hands

Three woman in a dream

Two frogs turn into many snakes

Taking wedding gifts

Toasting with wrong glass

Toasting with wine glass

Top of street

Transparent worms out of anus

Tilting hotel

Trap catching grasscutter

Tall black man in dreams

Two pythons mating

Transgender sexual organs in dream meaning

Turmeric stain dress

Tree turning

Taking bath with husband and mother in law

Three women wearing the same clothes

Three young women wearing same clothes

Three women wearing same clothes

Talking to dead mother having dinner



Tight rope walking

Travelling on wide road but is narrowing up

Thyme and rosemary

Temple appeared on the sky

To dream of gold robes

The meaning of animal liver in the dream

The meaning of animal liver

To dream of sharing iron sheets for construction purpose

Threat meaning in the dream

Tieing new colourful wrapper in a dream

Tulasi mala seeing in dream

Two rihnos

Transgender snatching money from my hand

The meaning of red palm seed in the car d

To dream consulting a sangoma

Teasing intimate someone

Teasing intimate

Tornadoes and waterspouts

The roof

Transgender worshiping in home and helping me

Throwing mangalsutra on husband in dream

Trumpet popcorn in a dream

Tomb sinking

Tomb sink

Tomb sunking

Two faced man seen in dream

Turkey laying eggs

Teeth falling out as large quartz crystals


Tweed skirt in my closet

Train road


Tall wall separating two houses

To receive a new wrapper

Tried calling mom no answer

Trying to call dead mom on phone

Tortoise on shoulder

The teeth inside a vagina

To dream vomiting bread means

Teer dream clock

The hauls moving castle

Throat massage cry pain

Teenage boy falling in love

Teaching tahiyyat unknown people




Turqoise treasure

Turquise treasurs

Turquise treasure

Two black snakes from grave

Talking over phone teer number

Three legged pot on the fire without the lid

Thunder clouds gathering

Truck carrying dishes

Tears that turn cold

Talking head nobody


Tiger print on saree

The holy spirit handed me a cloth sachet bag full of coins

Three heads on my body

To see candies but they r not sweeten

Two women fighting for one man in dream

Transparent bird with a globe on it

The scary baby nurse

Telling me i smell

Tiktoks in my dream

To dream of an old elephant with shiny skin coming to you buy no fight

Thirsty women

Tongue tied by different colour cotton

Turtle escaping while being cooked

Tigernut dream meaning

Three men walking in the sky

Trouble saying your name

Turning fufu

The name emmanuel was written on my skin

The name emmanuel was written ony skin

Trousers and water

Trousers and war

Three green circles

Toe with frost bite

Two jade in dream


Things are done in oposites

The meaning of catching bush animal the dream

The meaning of catching bush animal in the dream

Tattoo in bum

Tattoo on buttock

Trying to move quickly

To see head of goat

To see cows and goat

To see cow and goat

Two head buffalo with lady threatening

Thief try to snatch my phone from me

The meaning of witches eating born small babies

Tying rope in a pregnant goat neck what does it mean

Toe pus


Threesome with fictional characters

Transparent bird

The meaning of picking coins while sweeping in the dream

To throw out pot of fried soup in the dream

Taking green cubic gem stones out of my mouth

Thunder and lightning raining then a traditional wedding

Touch someones vagina

Thick blood clods coming from my vagina

Talking to friend about boyfriend

To see temples standing in river in dream

Tandori roti

To see nigeria star apple tree in dream

Throwin a sand into my enemies eye

To see a pastor eating in the dream

Trapped deer with antlers

Trapped baby fawn

Taking pictures of myself

Transferring money to someone in dream

Threeleaf yam

Taking care of prisoners

Theft of a house

Throwing net fishing

Three fates at the door

To dream of traditional plastic woven mat

Twisty road

To pay school fees in dream means what

Teaching math to elementary students

Tie goat in dream

Taxidermy moth

The meaning of white honey in a dream

Tieying your gear in the dream with pink

Teeth scalp growing

Teeth scalp

Test results with cysts

Tattoo on your penn

Tall trees with street roads going downhill

Teapot broken by dead friend


Two pregnant angel flying in the sky at night

Teacher giving u a gift

To dream fetching abeduru means

To fetch turkey berries in a dream means

Teeth turning to a valuable stone

Thick eyeliner with closed eyes

Thick eyeliner ner with closed eyes

Tubing nzu in my dream

Taking fertility pills in the dream

Total sexual passion with my ex

Total sexual passion

The driveway to my home is being fixed

To see aku ebe in the dream

To see aku ebe in the dream what does it mean

To see aku that one that flying in the dream what did it means

To dream of a green mermaid that dives in the river and her tail like a black cloth

Teenage mutant ninja turtles

Trapped inside of a freezer

Taxidermy rattle snake

To dream octopus islamic meaning

Top of foot is black

The meaning of a king giving you a sing cheque book

Teak leaf in a dream

Two sisters putting on the same clothes

Touch stomach

Touching a fabric

The sea bubbling

Touching someone butt and them fart on your face

Teeth holes

To see a cat with a litter of kittens

The meaning of growing provisions in the church

Time passing fast

Train set circle

Took photo with dead mother

Two old women fighting

Tattoo on tigh

To dream seeing your girlfriend

To dream of hearing scottish bag pipes

Three women in my dream

The words blue azul

Tefridgetator in a dream

To dream of a stranger saving you

Things in shower

Taking bath in holy river ganga

Taking care of old people in a dream

To see dead grass cutter in your dream

The sunset

Treculia africana

Taking longer shortcut then a group of others

Throwing away blood in a pad giving to you by someone away in your dreams

Temple gopuram falls

Three horses carrying a stranger to your house

Thirty dollars

To pluck yellow green lime from a tree

Tamarind ball

Throw laddo in toilet

Thread in the mouth

Ten of hearts card

To dream that ur desk has been removed from the classroom in your presence

Teacher the meaning of pastors lay head on me in dearm

To dream of africian and the cothing

Two dogs having sex that will explain this is dustin

The dream means the ark of the covenant

Travelling on a plane

To dream of pus coming out of my gums with my teeth loose

Throwing telephone by boss

Throwing phone in to well

Trying to chase and kill you

Transgender died in a car accident

Touching a dead person in dream

The priest kiss my forehead in a dream of mine

Taking off white clothes on the liner

Tree and leaves on fire

Turtle detached neck

The word vintage on product

Ten jugs

To dream about having a baby boy with freckles

Tea pot lid as money

Toes amputated

Thick soft black hair on the forearms

To lead students in discussion in class of history

Texting enemy

Tah mhal

Tiger attacking a snake

The meaning of adream theft broke front door

Touching someone tongue in a dream

Train accident with human

To dream of a green truck

Toor dal in dream seeing

Thirsty baby

Taking care of ill people

The smell of my mothers purse

Three arms man

Three legged

The munster

Touched his leg was cold

The mayor fall inlove with me

Transgender attacking my mother

Taking someone used pad in the trash what does the dream means

To see plantain suckers in your dream means what

To be sitting on road with friends

To dream of a roadblock with police man

Transplant flowers

Toching viginal in dream

To see milk and sugar in the dream

Transfer to the bird

Touched male parts


Tire bolts missing

To dream you loose your phone

Toaster on fire in dream

Two men doing blow job sexually in a dream

Throwing cold water to my dead grandfather

To be dreamt of as a makoti by a friend

Testing kolanut in the dream


Torn working uniform

Throwing up condom

The meaning of diging in a river in dream in islam

Toes painted red

Terrorist attack guns shooting

Tori seed in swepen

To swallow soap in dream

Taking blame for another

The deaf cutting a cat tail

Teacher dream of student dying

Two headed girl

To dream of okpa

Toes coming ng off

Tongue of bull in dream

To reject a prize bull because of sighns in his tongue that bull is unhealthytongue

To buy livestock in dream but dont go through with deal

Truck carrying water tanks

Two people cooking together

The meaning of pawpaw in the dream