To pound yam in the dream



Throwing potatoes

Toys trying to kill me

Talking plant

Three foot pots guide number



To dream folding icansi


The ents hotel

The ents

Turmeric plant


Taking a winking man to my boyfriends house

Tattoo skin

To see a talking dummy

To dream of you ex boyfriend old and skinny smoking

Telling a lie

Tower of temple

Three eye cat

Tables moving

Table with wheels

Two males

The parting of the ocean

Teddy bear

Talking cow

Trying to save a relationship

Tick bite


Twin males cutting a females body parts off with straight razor

Three black legged pots


To throw fufu away in a dream

Taking blessings

Trains derailing

To be injected with drip

The vampire is my grandmother and i am the only one she won’t bite

Train running over me

Tumeric in dream

Two tubers of yam tied together


Torn wallet

To dream that you stepped someone with a knife

Touches abdomen

Touches stomach

Things coming out of anus

Turkey berry dream meaning

Teeth loosing and coming out of my mouth

The meaning of seeing ogbono in the dream

To much gold of my dreas

Two beautiful women

Toe nails peeling off

Tweed javket


Three witches

Torture of an animal



Tree branches

Truck-load fresh cooked zucchini squash

Truck-load cooked zucchini squash

To buy fugue in dream what is the meaning

Two birds egg

To see a hose is starting to burn





Tiger attacked cow dream

Transfer of money into someone account

Trowing of a memory card

Tooth falling out

Throwing at mango

Tennis match


Tears size of quarters

Two headed parrot

Touching feet of elders and seek blessings

Twins in your kitchen

Tamarind fruit pick


To put feet in water

To spill

To spill matches

To pick up

Toes missing

To gather

To dream of watering of crops

To pick up matches

Teenage daughter pregnant

Teeth stuck

The fates

Tiger cub warning me about money


Transgender giving nose rings in dream

Touched on shoulder by invisible

Two pet

Two pets

Turkey berry

Talking to someone awake while asleep

Tall man

Thrown in jail

Two sons fighting

Tourmaline quartz

To spill from a condom

The bed pan was on the bed

Throwing food at someone

Third world

Throwing up curdled milk

To see impepho in adream

Tin fish in the dream?

Trying to yell


Turblance water

To dream of collecting ditaola

To dream of holding ditaola

Toilet brush

Trouble beathing

Throwing away a cell phone



Text scrolling by in dream

Tight hugging

The writing on the wall means

Tree roots and dirt in my hair

Tossing a noose

Tending fire

Taking by lava

To dream your husband having sex with sombody means

Taking pillows

To see my ex taking a shower

To dream that my ex had sex with my sister

Turmeric on my forehead

Taking green cardamom

Thread worm

Talking to a governor on phone

Touch a white duck dream meaning

Taming a dragon

To dream of correctional service car

To see pick pocket thief trying to thief from my pocket

Three gnats


Two headed wolf

Transformation into something new. individual means of transportation, status symbol, motorized energy—it is also a sexual symbol. in a modern sense, usually a symbol for being on the go every day, and of psychological strength and mobility. as with the “chariot” in the tarot, it always presents a question about our road in life and how we are charting our course. as a symbol of environmental pollution, it often points to the need for inner growth. are you driving yourself or is somebody else driving you? what kind of an auto is it? for example, a sports car relates to virility, a utility vehicle to control. what color is the car? are you fixing it up or driving it?

Toy block


Took big splenter from arm

Two women fighting over one man in dream


Talking to transgender in my dreams

To dream of pulling a snake out my throat

Tearing collar

Teeth replaced

Teeth replacement


Talking to the president on phone asking for a favour


Telephone wire

Turqoise walls

Triplets baby have to me

Tweezing eyebrows in dream

To dream of the ocean

The hollow seems to follow the otherworldly journey of the spiritually dead. these "hollow" have the realization, humility and acknowledgement of their guilt and their status as broken, lost souls.

To see someone drowning


Throwing milk at someone

Trying to buy pepper

To dream of guests

Tiger attacking me

Tomatoes on a vine


Two headed cat

The dream?

Thick body hair


Talking to a person with vitiligo

Turning around on top of your bald head

To dream of vanilla

To see a governor in the dream

Turntable/record player symbol dream meaning

Turntable/record player dream meaning

Trying to climb sand beach partner

The lost paint brush

Trap door


The back of jesus

Two males fighting over me

Tortoise turning into ducks

Th dream meaning of cassava salad

Traditional regalia

To recover stolen jewellary

Two black babies in dream

To see ants in my clothes


Tree hitting window

That a baby has full facial hair and a beard

Transparent pants

To receive money in the dream


Tree in a basket

Topless councilor

Tortilla chips

Trapped with lioness

Trapped lioness

Tire screeching

The vibration of the power of the holy god

Triplets boy and two girls

Triplets one boy two girls


Throwing mango at me means

To see your handkerchief in a water

To cut fish into pieces in the dream

Transgender asking for money in dream


Two light bulbs

Thyme herb

Two bulls fighting with each other in a dream

Throwing away weed

Three eyed dof


Tbrowing stone in roof

Two bags of maize

Traveling with gipsy

Travel ticket

To dream lot of kids playing and huging one of them

To dream your granny angry but she died

To dream slicing a cake for family members and it remains

Travelling with my mother and sister to egypt

To dream of bathing outside using lime


Trying to catch a jerboa in a dream

To lost a phone dream interpretation

Too much shit

To see peeled melon in the dream

To dream that my fiance is folding clothes for me


Texting and calling

Towel fallen

Tamarind giving

To pick colanut in the dream

Three black legged pot using it as a weapon to fight enemies

Three thirty

Transport lorry

Torn jacket

To see a crib in your dream

To dream of two women kissing


Thermal blanket

Tasting in your dreams


Tongue bitten in half

Two fishes clung the vigana

To dream of a toy snake

To dream of buying lace panties


Telephone on fire

Turmeric balls in dream

The meaning of two different materials patched together in the dream

Throw white powder at me

Temples head shrinks

To see blood in a bowl

Taking pictures with the dead

To be with your boyfriend in church

To argue

Traveling with the dead

Tiger rug

To sign and date something

Third eye cat

Throw apple

Teak wood comes in dream

Theft saree

Till oil

Tradional healer talking to me

Taking from unknown person and eating

Tits bleeding

Threating to stab me on tha back

The dream of the death of my boss

Touch a belly button

To prepare palmnut soup in a dream means

Tree hits power line and house

Trapped in a room behind a door with no doorknob

Toe nails


Two huge box of tamarind

Tamarind tree


Temple gopura sukaram in dream meaning

To cut the end of plenty perewinkles as if soup is going to prepare

To dream of roots growing in your tongue

To dream beating wife

The meaning of seeing a indian chief in your dreams


Two moons

Threat knife

Trying to die

Tiger chasing me but then doesnt do anything to me and i end up being happy with the guy i am daiting

Toddlee gifts almond in the dream

The bird was flying then suddenly i saw it straight staring at me loosing it

Talakitok in english

Two girls lost at sea with big waves

Throw broom

Tongue swelling

The word welcome

To sacrifice myself for my brother

To dream of ones mother who is young and beautiful

Touch me not plant

Tee up a golf ball

To dream of my pastor touching my breast

Touching a hot stove and getting burnt in the dream

To hear knocking

Touched in appropriately

Trans sex

To eat bred with faeces

Three cats

Tiny snakes coming out of the wall in the house

Triangle burmuda dream

Throws lime on you meaning

Tamarind full of fruits

Two headed elephant


To dream of my mother sucking my breast

To be given a belt by a woman means what?

Transformers having electrical burnt windinds

To dream of a dead person taking a bath

To dream a dead person is taking a bath

Took sel roti in dream by sister and me

Two different slippers in dream

Three headed woman

Three headed womam

Traveling in a group

Two people sitting on my bed,in the dream

The cat and the hat


Two old women

Tiger walking up driveway

Tattered curtains

Three suns and two moons


Tiger claws

Tree kimb

Traveling with deceased parents

To dream of water leaf

To be chased by a wild boar

To dream of aunt and cousin

Traveling with an old woman

Throwing your things out of the house by mother in the dream

Tying werpper in a dream meaning

Tapping on shoulder

Two headed monster

To catch flying termites in dream

Taking empty jerricans in the house

Taking clothes off watching line

Two headed fish in a dream

Throwing a baseball

To dream of a shirtless man wearing suspender

Tunnel with dead end

To dream cooking mealie mealie

Tropical water

Touch butt


The dream meaning of catching a bush meat

To catch a cock in a dream meaning

Trimming fat uncooked meat


The meaning of number 4

To dream chatting with your mother in law

To dream chatting with boyfriend mother


Throwing pebbles of stones at your face

To dream your dead mother caring a goat


Throwing jackfruit seed out of my mouth

The cow is flying in the sky?

Tears in right eye

Tidal wave dream

Tulasi plant pot fell borken comes in dream

Tree producing milk

To dream of own rosary broken

Torn shirt

Traveling on streets that are changed

To dream sleeping in a hut

To dream about sleeping in a mud hut


Torn trousers meaning in a dream meaning

Tiny rhino


Tiger that turns into a dirty dog

Take out from vending machine

Tourtured kittens

Three angels



Telling me that i will prepare myself because i am the next

Tree of lake de

Train in the dream means

Two face person meaning

Talking in sign language in a dream

Tongue kissing

Taj mahal in dreams

To see puri in dreams

Three pieces colored chalk

Throwing food left over

Touching a woman warm hands

Teeth spaced apart

Turmeric paste on hands

Toenail falling off


To farm in the farm

Touching elder feet n taking blessings from them

To suck breast in the dream meaning

Transgender want to kill you in dream means

Taxi passenger

Tan horse swimming under water

Two sun two moon

The raven

To buy bindies in dream

The cats had sex

Touching someones butt

Thinking of buying a red convertible

Thorns tongue dream

Taking holy communion in the dreams

Tree roots imn a dream

Testicles was touched by a child

Tiger biting someone

Temple ruins




Troll doll

To hold calabash in the dream what did it mean

To see your lover cleaning his shoes in a dream means

To dream that your waist bead fell

Three ginger kitten playing

Tiger attacked cow

To see the bundle of grainof rice

To see the hug of rice in richfield for tricer

Turtle hatching from eggs

Transgender ex girlfriend

Toothpicks in throut

Treading water

Touching my foot

Table setting knives missing


The name starex

To dream i have a lucky day

Tree of life in my veins

Taking clothes off hanging line

Teak wood dream meaning

T junction road

Two suns

Tooth losing


Touching the vagina of a girl

Touching the vaginaof a girl

Two people merging to one

Torn pant in dreams


To wash dirty slippers in dreams

Tulsi mala in dream

Treadirop in others eye

Trea drop



Trying to snatch my gold chain

Teeth vagina

To find a gold coss jn the watsr what does that mean

To find a gold cross in water

Tree falling and damage the house

To pour salt on a worm in a dream

Trying to snatch phone in the dream

The dream about seening a corpse of late grandfather

Typing on phone

Typed 6126189


To dream and saw rasterman helping you means

Trucks carrying sugarcane

Trucks caring sugarcane

Taking palp in the dream

Travelling with leader

Two male dancers

Taking out your hidden jewellery

Touching my sisters breast

To dream of electronic stores

To feed a mad man and woman in the dream

Teapot in dreams

Tipe udara fruit falling into my hands in dream

The moon transformed into a mans face

To dream of a cat being baked in an oven

Tiger attack cat


Tray of glasses

To dream of breaking egusi seeds

Three flickering street lights

To dream of my rival sitting in my house


To dream of my husband girlfriend sitting in my house waiting for my husband

Taking a black nylon bag from someones pocket so i can use it to keep something

To dream ironing with new ironbox then outof blue ot melts what does it mean.