Transgender ghost dream

The meaning of seeing a prophet of god praying for you in a dream

Trying to buy moccasins

Throwing slippers to my husband

Teacher dreams that he gave me his son to take care

Thick smoke

To dream a son sleeping in bed while the room is filled by water up

Throwing away rotten eggs

To dream that someone hates you

The royal people dancing their yearly ceremony

Taking a picture of a mountain

Two tombstone

Tow tomestone

To of holding some glass tumbler

To hold a baby

To live inside mud house in the dream

To live inside nude house in the dream

Telling someone to pluck oha leaf for you in the dream. what is the meaning in real life

Thick and shiny hair on the floor

Two fried fish

To dream buying alcohol

Taking a hatched white turkey and eggs home

To dream of being dirty


To see pastor half naked

To see red sand in your dream

The leviathan cross


To be intimate with ur ex boyfriend

Tying your hair

Taking blue pills

Trophy cup

Tupperware in fridge

Throwing my flowers away

Turmeric spreading

Trying to get out of a toxic relationship

Talapia fish

Toilet in a pit

To reamove back of kasaver in dream means what?

Throw dirt on

Throw the dirt on

Talking to boyfriends mother

To rebuke some one in a dream, with holy ghost fire

Take pecture of female organ

To be given wrapper in the dream

The movie of noah noah’s movie hello where can i go to make

Thorn crown of jesus

To walk in the forest what does it mean

Tent city

Two nipples one breast meaning in dream

Temple run 4

Touching vagina and romancing in a dream

Taking care of a suitor in the dream

Take home tupperware

To dream of a dead person or corpse usually represents some aspect of your life that has died. it can refer to the death of feelings in connection with someone, to ...

To dream about an emir

To dream about and emir

To dream of a cross

To receive a boil egg and eat it

Trapped in a freezer

Tree full of unripe mangoes and all fell off

Tie gele

Top gun

Tread on my neck



Three year old

Train whissel

Tomato tree without fruits

To fry chin chin in dream

Taking out white cloth from a dirty river

To grind beans in engine

Throny black worm

Trousers dripping sand

Theft of shoes in my workplace

Tongue broke in more than peace

Tongue ring fellvout

Taj mahal infreams

To remove your shoes

Touching vagina

Touching and kissing

Tabla in dreams




Transgender appears in dream

To disvirgin a woman in a dream

To see your son discharge in your dream?

Town crier in the dream

Twisted tongue birch

To see brinjals in dream

Tiger nut and onions

Totten tomatoes

To pluck ogbono seed in dream

Theft of car battery

Two face woman

Turmeric powder

To adjust a plank and walk it

Throwing water at some one meaning

Things in my room were scattered

Teaching children how to swim

Talking openly with my girlfriend on video call

Trouser with one short and the leg long

To dream of drug

Torn inprivatearea



Tiger bitting hand

Turf peat

Trapped in burning room

Taking with kinner

Thirty two

This recurring dream about werewolf that want to mate with me


To gather african oil bean seed in a dream

To see a dead person cleaning

To see a dead person cleaning your house

That i am vrooming in side temple

To eat kolnut in a dream means

Teeth biting

Talking marriage

Theif in open door

Two suns

Travel alone

Turmeric water dream meaning

The inside of the church is dark and frightening

Table mat

Travelling while sitting on a top of a car

To see dry fish and stock fish in a field

To buy beans in the market in the dream

To be injured

Transparent fishes in water

Tie my hair in different potions

Tear on the right eye

Tulasi tree

Transgender crying

Tame tiger

Transferring money to buy drugs in the dream

Things happening in the dark

Toe little

To see toilets in a dream

Throwing expensive cheese

Tree of fruits


Touching private parts of a woman

Tilling a dry farmland

Taking a tigers eye out of a cats mouth

Two women and two men spirits

To see one stool chair in the dream meaning


Toddler with knife

To dream driving through water

The latch

Tsunami with family

Turning black amala

Taking money on the ashes

The meaning of a spanner

Tying a tear wrapper in the dream

Taste urine in a dream

Taste another person urine in a dream islam

Transgender blessing me in dream

Taking off many layers of clothing

To buy a smock catfish in a dream

Tea plantation

Temple pond

Tatoo in the body

Tank turtles and fish

Tree trunk

Taking dip in holy river

Transfer to a new place

Taking silver jewelry from water

Transfer of job

Tooth enamel falling off

Turmeric vermillon

Trying to rescue somebody from a well but ended up drawing water instead

Tiny person running under my bed

Two cat having sex

Terrazzo floor

To steal a pot of soup in the dream what does it mean

To see cow in dream

Talk to enemy in dream

Touching your forearm

To dream of several new watches

To dream of blue sugar

Three leaf yam dream

Taking maize to posho mill

Thirashcheena adhikaram

Talking in front of a crowd

Two sick cows

Tree stump cutting from the trees using machine

Tall dead

Thanking you

Tear clothes

To dream of walnut when pregnant

To share a drink with a madman what does that mean

Taking snap in the dream meaning

Treating fish ball and rice to husband

Television room

To eat kontomire

Truck of charcoal

Two head fish mean in dream

To see a cut banana tree

Two mern

The back of my computer laptop have a dirt

Toilet paper on fire

To dream of catching a big fish

Tone sundle

To dream of a python eating another python

Travelling with pistle

To be congratulated

The rainwater is filled into the barrel in dream


To dream of fecthing water from well to people

To pound fufu in dream

To see and eat ripe cashews

To be in a different city

Throwing away coins

Transparent dog in dreams meaning

Transparent wall meaning

Touching breast in dream mean what

Two dollars

Train track barrier

To peel linseeds in a dream

Trying to take my id

Toilet bowl coins fall

Torn beads in a dream

To see a man in a thatched house

The meaning of plucking garden egg in dream

Traveling train in water

Ten nights


Three sun

Two falcons meeting up with a flock of ravens

Turmeric lake

Throwing fish meaning

Thulasi plant breaks


Throwing lasagna at me

To dream someone giving you canned food

Tiger and tigress

To dream of picking spoil ackee

To dream of picking rotten ackee

Talking to my dead mother

Tamarind rice in dreams

Tamarind rice

Tamarind rice in dream

To dream of reaping red sorrel

To pass through big river in the dream

Tamarid tree


To dream of ebelebo

Thatching a house in a dream

Trying to pluck udara in the dream means what

Top of building

Travelling america in dream

Trying to drink water but can’t

To lost sandals and latter found it in a dream

Teachers mistreating

Tree stump under house

Two ladies fighrs with eachother

Toilet bowl

To see many green snakes

To dream of dried fish

Three leaf yam in the dream meaning

Three leaf yam in my dream means what

To shot gun in a dream meaning

Taking gold ring from dead person in dream

The doctor injected four sachets of blood in my dream

To dream of seeing a person in jeep means

To own a carabao meaning

Tractor drving

To ignore

Three story house meaning in a dream

To dream of your ex boyfriend father

Tulsi in dream

Trying to steal my phone

Thumb being sucked off

Testing hiv positive

Two leopard

Thai wedding

To see someone ask for cold water in a dream

Talking about marriage..

Talking about marriage.

Torn black pants

To see a man with six fingers

To hear voice call of your name from above in rescue mission on your behalf

Teaching baby to swim

Three leaf yam in dream

Toes cut in a dream

The meaning of goat giving birth in the dream.

The meaning of goat giving birth in ones presence

To see yourself gathering ogbono in dream

Tide out

Two full moon

Toilet manhole

To eat alligator pepper in the dteam

Thread in mouth

Try to feed your milk to goat

Taking beans seeds

Too many bats in a other house

The dream of a cockroach in the vagina

The meaning of picking and eating african star apple in dream

Three legged dod

Tired skin

Train whistle

To saw in dream having sex with sister


Tornado and tsunami

Thin moustache

Tilling land in a dream

Travel with husband and boyfriend

Touching my grilfriend vagina in are dream what it mine

Tea with milk

To give someone kolanut in dream

To see mortal in dream

Touching vagina in dream meaning

Touching a nice vigina of a teenage girl

Two headed duck in a dream meaning

Tennis ball

Taking a shower with clothes on

Three headed dragaon

To dream and your clothes tire

Taxi and car accident

Toy cobra snake

Two betel leaf seen in dream means

Two betel leaf in dream

To dream of a white woman looking for your boyfriend

To see fire burning the table

Trying to avoid drowning

Taking and receiving blessing from old lady

Talking mountain goat

Talking stuffed animal

To dream of two black plastic means

Taro plants in dream means


Testing second hand clothes in a dream

The meaning of udarai saw in the dream

The meaning of africa star apple i saw in the dream

Toor dal receiving in dream meaning

Transperent fish in water

Torn credit card

Tika on forehead dream

Thrown overboard in dream

Two sponges put on each feet

Twould sponges put on each feet

Tilting earth

To see a dead friend greeting me

Transfering a hut

To see a wig

Tin can

Temporary blindness in a dream

Tamrindb giving to old lady

Throwing silver money at the dam

Tree with black leaved

Thin relative

Touching woman private part in dream

Tennant having a relationship with my wife

Two different foot of slippers

To be beaten up by a pastor what does it mean

Two of the triplet die

Two of tge triplet die

The meaning of udara fruit in dream.

Throw rotten eggs

To be pursued by a turkey or peafowl

The word aquarius tattooed on on right eyebrow


Three leave yam

Traditional marriage with a man from another country


Travelling with dead people in train

Travelling with dead mom

Trapped in school building

To greet a pastor in dream


To dream baaing meat

Two red hearts

Two red hearts in dream

Two hearts

Tika on forhead



To see someone washing pressure cooker dream meaning

Taking god daughter out of drug house

Testing palm oil dream meaning

To c a cobbler in day sleep dream

To picking oil bean in dream

The hut

To be pursued by guinea fowl in a dream

Tea pot

Touching sperms

Touching someone urine

Touching urine

There is a guy i know seeing me naked in my dreams

To see your wife wife big penis in a dream

Turtle of a road


Two head fisg

The meaning of the dream about taking with the enemy

To dream of fresh cocoa seeds

Transferring money in dream means

Transferring money ib dream means

To drink fanta in dream

To receive airtime in dream means what

Tiny hinge

To see someone sucking your breast in the dream

Taking shelter under bantan tree

Taking the wrong route

Tulasi plant fall down

Tidal wave in front of us

Turning into a bird

Taking sefie naked

To dream of tattoos on forehead and face of ex wife

Thumbs up


Three eyed cat chasing

To dream walking on a narrow slippery path successfully

The fruit of pear looks walks like a bird

To see a dead grasscutter

To see in the dream that my boyfriend is a gay

To dream about discharge

Tambrin fruit

Throwing a clock

Throwing a not working clock

Two cats fighting

Taking pills with no water

Trimming plants to replant

To dream of taking a bath but no water

Three black bulls attacking me

Toilet dirty


To see zobo in a dream

Tide coming in around feet

Tonic water for hair

Truck falling

To be plunging kolanut in a dream

Tamarind tree full of tamarind fruits

Throwing food in someone’s face

The meaning of picking udara and licking it the dream

The meaning of picking and locking udara in the dream

Two unknown men in dream

Taking a warm pleasant bath

To dream of a bar with religious people


Touching a knee

Touch in the butt

To carry a chair

To see a man cutting up conch meat in dream meaning

To receive a gift from a pregnant wo

Tabernacle found not closed

Tumor in stomach meaning

Toasing a girl in dream

The meaning of tearing cloth

The meaning of tearing white cloth in dream


Towel in dirty bathroom floor

Towel on bathroom floor

To dream seating nice to you girlfriend

The meaning of public bath in the dream

Tilak in dream

Throwing clothes

Towel saturated in mucus

Tree laden with custard apple

To peel egusi

Touching other women breast

Toi dream of red palmnut means

Tuna fish salad

Tied slipper

To be touch by a mad woman in a dream

Tortoies and gonden fish

Tree with white feathery leaves

Touching vagina and breast in dream

Tieing head gear in the dream

Torsoless people

Torn photo

Topless in a crowd

Topl as in a crowd

Three old white men mouth sewn shut

Triple in a dream

Tearing your certificate in the dream

Tying wrapper around waist

Throwing away used sanitary pads in my dream in the toilet

To drink palm wine with calabash in the dream

Trees falling from the sky

Two ladies figting in dream in front of me

Turning into an eagle

To deam pounding fufu

The meaning of baptism in drea

Trekking in dreams

Things getting extremely small and the extremely large

To get a text message from a dead friend

Two headed goat in a dream

Two rows of trees

Tending to relative memorial fire

Take pews to a church

To put large alive snake in a jar

To see my ex girlfriend being necked in the dream

Toothbrush as gift

To dream in your mouth is black an pulling out worm

To see your dead mother in red saree

To see avocado pears falling from the tree