Limbless blob creature

Limbless creature

Lean in while sitting

Lean in

Leaning too much forward

Lying down in the toilet in a dream

Lion in my lap

Loan from bank

Left lower leg swollen and somebody else is cleaning puss coming out my leg

Love making with god

Loving cow

Lots of empty bottle in others hand



Lizard biting two of my fingers

Loking for hepl with an imaam

Lighting oil lamp with goddess


Log flowing in river

Listening to loud music

Last father advising in dream

Lyrics of a song

Live insects coming out in my anal

Lady bramin come in dream

Lying in the middle of the road

Lion killing cow

Lots of crate of eggs

Lightskin man

Loud people

Lisa dreamed that she was taking a test in pre-calculus. it was a really hard test and she didn’t feel prepared, so she leaned over to see brad’s test. when she looked at brad’s paper, snakes started crawling out of his desk. before she could say anything, the teacher looked in her direction and suddenly the floor fell away and she was floating in the ocean | dream interpretation

Letter from jesus


Lots of blossom on a mango tree

Laying my head in my mothers lap

Lobola negotiations

Looking for hours for shoes

Locks of hair

Little entrance

Laying hand and prophecy

Laying hand on someone head

Light like snake crossing across meaning

Letting a women touching your privit part on

Latex coat

Lizards poop in my shoulder

Licking my wifes vagina

Lace in a dream

Leading a blind woman in the dream

Lick vagina

Looking for the way out

Love returning

Loved ones hurt

Large living space

Living in truck

Leakage sachet pure water in dream

Looking behind you

Lossing of head tied in a dream


Late sister asking for money in a dream

Lizard licking


Light circle

Long road in a dream meaning

Licking medicine capsule in dream

Long straight hair coming out of the vagina

Loosing eyesight

Last supper

Loading goods on the truck

Lion and tiger

Lizard killing snake

Looking for a winnower dream mean


Lime and orange

Lansones in your dream

Loquat in dream of pregnant women

Lord bhrama

Looking for way out of uncompleted school building

Lionesses trying to attack people in a dream

Leopard panther tiger lions in dream

Loosing diamond nose pin in dream

Lost sliper

Lake of fire

Loved one keeps leaving

Loved keeps leaving

Losing a packbag in the dream

Licking milk and honey

Leprotic hands

Leon in my dream

Lot of dry red chillies in plant

Looking for a wedding dress

Looking for a wedding dress to renew vows

Lityle toe finger

Lord is raisin

Loose engine belt in car

Lord balaji in dreams

Letter w

Liking udara

Lamb carcass

Lady dressed in black

Lion eating monkey

Looking many poori

Loosing wedding saree

Lot of sacks of grains

Losing loved one in crowd

Licking woman pussy



Lucky number of nipa house

Licking of red oil in the dream

Lending shoe

Licking woman vagina in a dream

Licking woman vagina

Large item falling on me

Lost my ruby in my wedding ring

Lost my ruby in my weddin gring

Learning traditional dance

Learning traditional dance with friends

Lost weight in a dream

Lending money to a friend in the dream

Little boy hanging


Looking for a certificate

Lake underground

Lots of colours in dream

Loss of special belongins

Lost of sunglasses

Long tail mouse

Lady b

Losing a document

Losing important document

Lost toe ring


Licking vagina in adream

Late mother giving me medicine in the dream

Lights open

Lifted in a dream


Love potion on a cauldron

Loosing birth certificate

Lord aiyappan in dream

Listening qawwali

Losing in sea

Losing purse or bag

Lunatic annoying people

Louver window

Leading a team in a dream

Licking cherry «udara » in the dream

Lending shoes in a dream

Light bulb catch fire dream

Licking udara fruit in dream

Licking udarain dream

Licking vagina

Lots of pomelos

Lord ayyapa

Leaning your head on the shoulder of a friend dream meaning

Lighting fireplace to roast breadfruit

Licking honey in a dream means what

Licking honey in a dreams

Living in the street

Living on the streer

Ladder break

Lion dreams and elephant

Looking skinny and pale

Losing a half milk pot

Lions, leopard, jaguar

Like am picking up squid out the farm

Leading praise in a gadering

Leading praise in a gadering with a great spiritual leader present

Laying top

Late mother taking a bath

Lost my new saree

Looking for snail in the bush

Large sapphire suspended in the air as if in place of an actual body of a person

Looking for waterleaf in dream means what

Lovers eyes been injured in a dream

Large amounts of flowing muddy water

Late for flight

Lion sex dreams

Lost my brother

Loosing deceased mother in shopping mall

Lord sri rama comes in dream


Long ride

Lizard inside my vagina

Losing a tricycle

Locking fingers with a boy you know

Left smth

Lend books

Late nite adults video

Little boy with blue eyes

Lesbian with worm in vagina

Lighting candles in dream

Left feet doesnt fit in your shoe

Lossing ones shoes in a dream meaning

Licking my ex wife vaginal in a dream

Licking my ex wife and daughter vaginal in a dream

Log floating in water dream

Losing grocery in the trolly

Low tide with more ships

Leading congregation in the dream

Losing shoes outside mosque

Lighp body

Leaking bucket

Leaking pipe under sink

Loosing sight in dreams means

Lightening eyes

Lotus in mud

Leg amputation of a sister 

Liking my hand dream snake

Losing your own home

Leafless tree

Leaveless tree

Lion in a group of goats

Looking for a place to buy palm wine in the dream

Late mother looking younger and beautiful in your dream

Losing a ruby


Laying duck

Losing pair of slippers

Licking udara in a dream meaning

Lola it from old man in a dream


Lottery straches off tickets

Lots of beds and mosquito net but with noone on it

Loved one passed out drunk

Library in a mension

Leading praise on church

Leaving without goodbye

Liking african star apple in dream

Licking sweet in a dream

Leading praises in a church

L ll lll

Lady with big forehead

Left wrist

Loved one leaving house

Loosing shoe

Looking for my mom (late) shoe only one present

Living with the first lady

Licking of powder milk

Laying head in his lap meaning

Long bouncy castle deflating

Lady giving yellow saree

Locked in a waterfall

Laying brick for a floor

Lonola negotiations meaning

Laughing baby in dream meaning

Lima beans

Light coming out of eye

Licking vigina of an unknown woman

Losing jewellary

Lion friend

Lion friemd

Lion see


Lizard doing sex

Legal note pad


Lord lakshmi in gold


Lady wearing orange dress

Lady in waiting

Leaking water from door

Ladders carrying


Lady offering haldi. kumkum and thambulam in the dream

Looking for good grandnut in dream

Lady offering haldi. kumkum in the dream

Lighting lamp in temple

Lighing lamp in temple

Lieing on a dusty road side

Lying on a dusty road side

Lying on the road side when its dusty with dead bones


Lightning strikes a telephone pole and the temple. temple is crumbling

Lost phone and get it back

Losing a shopping cart

Looking for a particular place but could not locate it thereby making one walk long

Lioness talking

Licking cooked bone in the dream

Lava in water

Look and see your post sandals

Licking. oral. grandma

Loose saree

Leading prayer in the church

Losing money from a cockfight

Large eye

Licking vigina in the dream meaning

Licking vigina



Lips stroke

Long nose plies

Lips kissing in a dream

Loss wrapper

Lizard around my vagina

Losing things in a river in a dream

Lighting of the diya

Latrine under construction

Lion enter house

Laying on top of grave

Licking private part

Looking for vehicle keys

Losing a chappal

Licking red oil in the dream meaning

Locking eyes with a unknown man

Leaping in dream means what

Leaping in the dream means what

Losing a tooth filling

List of register church in nigeria under trustee organisation


Leading prayer or salat

Losing index finger

Left breast white hair

Live maggots coming out of vagina

Loved one marrying someone else

Loved one marrying some one else


Licking a pinky finger

Lost, alone and walking


Lost a wrist watch

Licking sister in law vagina

Liver sandwich

Looking for old clothes


Locked in hotel

Loosing my leift eyebrow

Lost bindi ina dream

Large pants

Lady with white cowries on her hair

Lanzones fruit in a tree

Letter cards

Lost tie


Leopard eating a child

Lip biting after kissing

Lymph gland means in dream

Lickig fingers

Lost in a dream

Left hand in use

Lady in black abaya

Leg tied with rope in the dream

Liver came out from vagina


Lesser yam

Large blue bird

Lord murugan speaks

Lord morgan speaks in dream

Live prawns

Losing big toenail


Lights rushing towards me

Looking for a lost dustbin

Lion tiger mating

Licking a vagina

Louis vuitton necklace

Louis vitton

Large black dog barking and snapping at me. i beat him with a stick but he kept trying to get at me,

Looking at a sewer

Losing square patch of hair

Losing or not founding my military rifle

Leaking gas canister

Looking for a dead mother in a wedding gathering

Latrine dream

Leaves catching fire

Lost cloths

Licking of vagina in a dream meaning


Left hand bleed

Lizard near one’s head

Large hair

Lizard rain

Lost shoe laces

Left side of my face

Leg pain

Lion licking my hair

Loads of new clothes

Lifting me up

Leisure and entertainment

Lady wearing maroon waist band

Looking for a court room

Lawawla wala quwwata illa billah

Lava under the house

Losing clothes in dream

Lock ina closet

Lost and wondering or searching

Liking almonds

Lizard duck

Losing your daughter

Laying head in mans lap

Long table

Licking sarchet powdered milk in dream

Losing teeth

Loan means in a dream

Lost sllipers

Left collarbone shot

Leak in a celling

Leaking pot in a dream means what

Leg massage

Leader of team

Lord aarti and prasad

Left hand plam cut with blood

Locking of udara in the dream

Leaking walls

Lizard in cloth cupboqrd

Losing a machete in exchange of penknife

Losing a matches in exchange of penknife

Losing a machete in the dream

Leading prayers in dream

Loosening of foreskin


Lost in a street

Lady in white dress black hair in the dream

Lost my bag

Licking of udara in dream

Licking of udarain dream

Lion ate my cat

Large clear blue crystal gemstone

Leopard print clothing

Lots of fruits on jamun tree

Loss of my wrapper in the dream means

Loss of wrapper in my dream means

Laughing dead

Lung surgery

Loosing of sim card

Losing a testicle

Love declaration


Leg wounded calf

Lion attacking

Lion attacking but escaped

Late uncle weeping for money in dream

Lion giving birth to cub meaning

Lavender wall

Lavender bedroom

Looking at a person sleep

Lightening diya

Left main finger swallo by insect

Licked by a brown dog

Little child giving me water in dream

Lotus seeds in dream

Lost and found shoe in the dream

Lion licking my private parts

La llorona

Ladies fighting

Lal mohan

Lakshmi idol falling in dream

Late father wearing dirty clothes

Lion tiger elephant

Large hay basket

Love with opposite sex

Lizard burning in fire

Lion bitting my right hands

Loin bitting my hands

Little dipper

Lailaha illallah

Left wrist gold bangle broken

Lost going back and forth

Lindà dream!

Lady giving me yellow and a red saree why in my dream

Lost my automobile

Licking african star apple or agbalomon

Last night i saw three dead men came in my dream and asked me to give them money after three days


Lord krishna smiling at me in the dream

Leaking washing machine

Lizard inside a toilet

Long thin fregrace candle not lit

Losing your way back home


Like at your back door and you let it in

Leaves growing on skin


Long and white teeth

Lightening diyas

Leak bowl


Lápiz quartz

Lost card

Loosing a comb

Long nose woman

Long chin hair women

Leading a congregation in a dream and singing praise

Long hair

Lost chalice

Loosing 1 pair of slipper

Lighting diya in dream

Licking african star apple dream meaning

Lion, lioness and lion cubs playin in dream

Losing right foot slippers in a dream

Love in a sign language

La hawla wa la

Lacerie hat

Loosing sando

Living together with boyfriend

Long long reed flower

Lizards wall

Lizards on the wall

Licking armpits

Looking for where to excrete in the dream

Lost baggage