Losing one of your slapper in water in your dream

Licking wifes vagina

Lose virginity

Lose hymen

Lucky number of carabao

Lizard to poop

Lion of fire in a dream mean

Loud noise wakes me up from dream

Lose in competition

Lizard falling from one person to other

Late mother going in garden with me

Light around naked person

Lost virginity

Looking for something lost never find and wake up

Loving a animal human

Loving a crab human

Lights falling from ceiling down wall

Lizard infestation

Locked jannah gates

Locked hannah gates

Locked gates

Losing my identity cards

Licking a mans throat

Lime green shoes

Large wooden animals in a garage

Ltr f

Losting a simcard

Lions attack cows

Late wakeup

Leading praise in dream

Loin licking me

Lion in water

Leopard lion elephant

Lavender dress buying

Lighting a candle for the dead in dream

Lots of money in water

Lockjaw open

Licking on me

Laying in bed with an old woman dressed in red

Lost in third world country

Loud crash sound

Lion mating a goat in a dream

Lizard falling on your head

Loosing a sudden game

Lyons eye

Lyons eye honey brown with red

Lassy in dream

Lime seed

Logging truck on the road

Lost in a store

Large frame dug up near house

Loved one wet and naked

Lion coming from sea water

Laugh at me

Late father throwing me stone

Lizard bite finger in dream mean

Looking for your lost child

Lost shoes in a flood

Locking pear

Lion or tiger artcking cow

Losing leadeeship

Looking for hotel room

Late in your education

Looking old

Loving a demon

Leaving an old car

Laughing with crush

Loss tooth

Leaving a saloon

Loss of excessive blood

Law enforcement trying to arreste me

Little snake

Late husband carrying his bag and going away

Lizard and crow dream

Leather face mask

Long breast

Loss of fruit in a pit

Letting a snake out a door

Losing your uterus

Long time dead spouse alive n smilling in a dream

Lost gold rings

Lizard died in hot pot water

Late father bought tubers of yam for me in dream

Lover waking up from coma

Lioness sitting

Light coming from my soul

Lion mask dream meaning

Lunch meats at a butchers

Laying on a pentagram

Legions of angels

Lady with a white eye

Lot of people wearing the same clothes

Laptop damaged by rain water means

Licking of fruits in the dream

Loaded car

Lizard falling from head

Lilac chiffon

Lion water


Laughing with sister

Lost of school pants

Lien papers in a dream on a property

Lien papers in a dream

Long snake

Leather slipper

Lossing my girlfriend in a crowded place

Loving lucifer

Lame boy in dream

Licking fingernails

Landed in a shaft

Lady giving kumkum in dream meaning

Lost in a shopping mal


Left palm fired

Led astray

Lost keys in a crowded house

Losing gold bangle in dream

Lifting a skirt

Light in hand

Lady bum

Lying down under a tree


Landslide disaster

Lush green feather

Lions attacking my family

Lizards crwaling on clothes

Looking after unknown children

Leaking water from the breast

Legs in water

Lucifer daughter

Light entering in palm

Lizard falling on left hand dream

Losing one leg toe ring

Lost to a place with small transparent moon

Little girl laughjng

Looking at a pic of someone

Leaving attic

Logs floating in rapid water

Large black dust storm coming

Large compound house dreams

Lateral incisor

Locked in trunk

Late mom hiding behind trees

Live rat eating live fish

Left bag in bus and it going away and i am seeing

Looking for phone charger in dream

Long vagina

Lizard on good plates

Lizard on good playes

Light on the palm of the hand in the dream

Lust for married man

Linked to a person

Layers of crystals shattering

Layers if crystals shattering

Love being killed by a sythe

Loved one being killed by a sythe

Loved one bing killed by a sythe

Loud tv static noise in dream and praying

Laying block in a church for foundation

Lost furniture

Landscape measuring in a dream

Lion hunting cow at forest

Losing your dog

Laptop falling in the sea

Loved by a pastor


Ladybug turn to roach

Lion and tree of knowledge

Lion tree

Lion and tree

Lion and olive tree

Light from palms of hand

Light from palm

Love ones who is dead


Listen surah rahman in dreams

Lace shirt

Lubricating own foot sole in spilled olive oil

Lots of potted petunia

Lottery number for dream roti

Lemon tree cut off carried on horse trailer

Little brother being raped by big cousin

Left behind two bottles of wine

Lose two bottles of wine

Lise two bottles of wine

Love with him

Loss and frustration

Lorry falls off cliff

Licking navel by man

Losing wedding saree in dreams indicates

Laying hand on someone stomach in a dream

Loss of wrapper dream

Loss of wrapper in the dream

Lylon rapped goods

Liver came out of my vagina dream meaning

Lid rolling

Lake house on stilts

Lucile randon

Lead a cow on harness

Laying on a beach next to shark infested waters

Loading dishwasher

Leg cut in an accident

Lizard human sex

Lizard humams

Lavender color suit

Lavender c

Looking for a place to stayu

Looling for a place to stay

Lost voice box

Loosing a front silver mental tooth

Lion on top of my moving car

Light shining out of mouth

Large brown spiders

Lover meeting family

Light hand

Lifting of old women in dream

Lingerie gift

Legs breaking

Late father giving me bread in the dream

Looking for admission

Lick virginia in the dream

Lighting graveyard headstones

Lion in my bed

Laying in bed with lion

Luxery house

Lott of bags o taro

Lion bein scared away with yellow piece of cloth

Liquid in a white box

Lion kissing

Lost money in real life was recovered in dream

Lifting something too heavy

Looking for lost shoes

Lion under the bed


Licking cock

Lion killed and fatty cow walking

Lake frozen

Lion on roof

Low casted floors

Lost new saree dream mean

Licking a vagina that is wet

Licking a nose

Looking for a dead person

Lying in a drum of water

Lost wrist watch

Lava rock

Lifted mosquito coil

Laughing and playing with a girl at school

Lobola cows

Lady giving haldi kumkum in dream

Living in squatter area dream meaning

Lost sibling in stampede

Lots of children

Leaning my head on my crushes shoulder

Looking glamorows

Letting my parents apologize to someone

Late mother killing snake together

Lizard in my food

Lizard in our food



Lyon with deep voice

Llama spitting

Last name written by my sister

Licking soy bean powder dream meaning

Looking poor in dream

Leave something behind

Lioness in the middle of cows dream meaning

Lying close to a grave but still talking

Love someone but not dreaming

Looking for choir clothes

Light post fell by wind

Lame husband

Licking neck man

Little girl praying

Lobola ceremony of a friend in a dream

Leading praise and worship

Liberation in a person

Lost my cat


Lady of the rule

Little girls sex shemels

Laminate floors

Late husband paying lobola

Landing on the moon with my mom

Lover carved symbols on arm

Lost shoes in masjid means

Lo ola negotiations dream meaning

Losing my husband shoes

Leaving a room

Light on tree dream

Loosing your voice

Light falling from sky

Living room window

Living on a island that fliats in the sky

Loving on a floating island in the sky

Love twin

Large spiked bird attacking me

Lady at bottom of bed dream

Lost uniform

Lava cracks in playground

Looking at people having sex

Lamp wrapping around body

Licking draw soup dreams meaning

Lump in arm pit

Letters in the cloud

Late father in blue suit

Loved one handing you a clipboard

Lioness sleeping in dream means

Light skin woman

Late for work dream

Letter alphabet x

Leaning back on someone

Louver blade

Lizard egg

Lighting marijuana

Lovely donkey in hut

Lotus flower showing at vagina

Lotus flower coming out vagina

Little girl selling me food


Lost bus ticket

Long hairy worm being pulled out of my nose

La ilaha illaha

Lossing pillow

Learning arabic in my dream

Leave him alone

Little giants experience

Living in a mansion build for me by my dead father

Leaving childhood home

Looking down from a high place

Late mother giving you red palm oil

Look young

Lady of guadelopue

Left side of cloth in seam

Lava waves

Lady giving me fake paper notes money

Lucky number carabao dreams

Lots of snakes bitting my ankles

Lion sitting beside me meaning

Lucky numbers for today

Large waves in a boat

Loved ones frozen in a dream

Lost my parked car

Lost parked car

Luggage in lake

Licking mensturation in a dream

Lamb sucking finger

Looking for a ballet costume

Lost cat return near

Laying head on feet

Living person giving me shea butter in my dreams means

Lord laxman

Lucky number for seeing butternut in the garden

Load of maize grain

Lost or forgotten ce

Little boy rubbing my stomach in dream


Laying head on someones chest

Laughing in my dream

Looking after a little girl



Leaf pile

Late mother sweeping in my garage

Long penis dream meaning

Left by my flight

Lions swimming


Leap flying

Legs with worms

Lupus drream

Leading people to safety


Lion pores in a dream

Licking someone urine in the dream

Lamp in m y dream

Late father building house dream meaning

Leopard print snake

Loosing ones slippas i n the dream

Lamb gift

Lurk in dreams

Lottery numbers for mary

Lion mating with a dog

Lion mating a dog

Lion mating adog

Loosing shoes at school

Lion goat


Licking someones eyes


Lower right leg

Lower v

Large capsicum on tree

Licked by a calf

Lizard fell into boiling milk

Lobola negotiations with money


Lynz lynz


Lion cub licking my neck

Lie to you

Lying to you

Lying to me

Lo no

Lion in fire walking


Looking for key

Laxmi feets

Live pangolin cradled in hand

Live pangolin

Lamp flickering

Lion and snake sitting

Loaded truck of firewood dream meaning

Licking cocoa what is the meaning

Light coming through a window

Lion bowing down

Lady walking in sugarcane field seeing in dream

Lady walking in sugarcane field

Lion face

Lots of kitten in the cage

Losing mind in a dream

Lots of money to pay tution fee


Loved one dieing

Lots of muddy deer

Lion vomiting a goat in my dream

Leaking egg

Looking for passport whilst abroad

Land surveyor engagement

Ladder falling backward

Longhair girl

Leakage sachet pure water

Lift breaks

Liver islamic dream

Lord nataraj

Lord nataraja

Lost god photo from mandir in dream

Leaving my wife somewhere

Large tapeworm coming from my stools


Losing a lady bug

Looking for carton eggs in the refrigerator

La virgen

Lizard bones

Living on a boat

Losing equipment

Light released frm r palm

Leech in legs

Lumpia wrapper

Licking vegina in the dream means what

Licking a big vegina in the dream means what

Licking a big clit in the dream means what

Laughing with a teacher

Listening songs using airpods in dream

Leakingwhite nzu in dream

Lost of cap in the dream

Loved one in blue light

Lover sleeping in separate bed

Loved one carrying a chair

Loard hanuman statue in dream meaning

Liver out vagina

Losing of pot

Little boy hanging from tree

Long hair on chest and back of husband

Licking blood in vagina

Lick pussy available

Lord ayapan

Leaving the city

Losing all family

Living in a gold framed house

Lotus with buddha picture on pond

Loss of eye



Loading waste on horse cart

Looking for son in basement

Large snake eating pet dog

Line jumping

Lotion face

Lotion on face

Little girl having a penis

Losing a torch in a dark forest

Lottery number of fish net

Losing my citizenship

Losing being a u s citizen

Lots of snakes covered by white cloth

Losing data internet

Lobola negotiations dreams meaning

Lion footh mark in my dream

Lions eating pigs

Lime milk

Linx with antlers

Lost dead mother ring

Letting daughter borrow my white rubber shoes

Lobsters emerge from the ceiling

Long neck ducks number

Long neck duck

Lizard by john paul jackson

Licking a girls puddling

Leaking a girls pussy

Long penus

Large penus

Looking thur a wolf eye

Looking out of a wild animle

Looking thur a dog eye running

Listen and recite surah yaseen in dream

Long worm

Loud sound that wakes me up

Large objects


Locked bathroom door

Lady in white child in white

Leave husband and realize i really love him

Lost toe rings in dream

Legless horse

Letter written by dead father in a dream

Lizard and cat

Love one hating you

Lima beans and ham

Loss letter

Lost leeter

Lettues throw at you

Lion touching forehead

Lady offering haldi kumkum thambulam in dream

Lost admission ticket

Long hair flying in the house in dreams

Light spiritual

Lost girl found

Little krishna

Lavender long dress

Ladies safari clothes

Living with child in an upside down car

Left arm pain

Lost school uniform

Lion with crown

Loved one died from cancer dream

Leaf feather floating in air

Lizard drinking milk

Losing my school uniform

Lemon color suit

Light blue duffle bag

Loosing a bone in your knee

Loscious hair

Licking wife butt

Leaking catheter


Lazy eye dream

Lighting matches blowing them out

Lock and keys meaning

Lots of broken fences

Lots of fences being knocked down with a car

Large social gatherigof dead and living fily and friends

Lack background white curvy line

Loosing your teeth without blood

Leading thousands of people

Light falling from sky then water

Large bang


Lost flower

Land for sale in taifa

Love one trapped

Lost virgin

Losing someone in a messenger group chat

Lizard who is about to attack you but doesnt

Loving a goddess

Long nipples

Long nipplea

Lord vitthal

Large lymph nodes


Landlord wants to renovate

Lori gaines

Lizards in my left hand

Little bird was drownig i saved it flew

Lost one foot of slippers

Lion fighting with peacock

Locked in cage and other treating me as a animal

Locked in cage

Love with a jinn

Letting some one down

Large green snake kissing forehead

Losing bone marrow

Licking sexual

Luggage in watre

Letter in a forehead

Lemongrass tea

Lizard bite toe

Late grand mother i was taking cocoyam big on her bed what does that mean

Looking door

Little boy giving blessing of having son


Little spiders everywhere

Lost gold chain found in dreams

Losing cash

Lots of blank playing cards

Lamb toy

Lighting diya infront temple in dream

Lying down on a church pew

Looking at a tumac road at a distance

Leopard fighting

Lizard pissing on head

Lady rocking in a chair

Losing a jerycan in dreams meaning

Living in bethlehem

Lion sex with lioness

Leaked nudes

Lion drinking milk

Little snake coming out of stomach

Lion attacking me dream

Lion attacking me in dream

Little fairies by a lake

Lime tree blossoming

Late sister asking for shoes

Licking your sister in laws vagina in a dream

Leeches coking out of vagina

Licking photo

Laying over a lover

Lying over a lover

Laksmi ma in my lost chain

Limpid dream

Lion attacks

Lack busfare

Lack busfar


Lovers brother

Losing something at beach

Lice on hands

Lying flat on my stomach

Locket and key

Lodge teeth


Lady wearing pink shirt

Liquid blue turquoise


Leech sucking blood

Laxmi coin

Lost phone charger

Loin and lioness together

Loin and lioness togeth

Lossing copper chain from neck

Lion attack elephant

Liquid turning into royal blue sequins

Late mother given me a chocolate in the dream

Lemon and dasheen

Lemon in my nose

Lost gold earing in dream

Letter from dead mother in law

Lending someone i have preached to the gospel a laptop

Late to party

Late mum


Lose your teeth

Lush green earth

Lost face cap for a woman

Letter from ex

Lying stretcher

Lame dream meaning

Late father gave cowrie in my dream means what

Leader with bodyguards

Lion in dreams

Living in a nipa house

Little girlnakedinadream

Long cloth legs

Licking mother vagina

Laying on the same bed with my dead father

Licked by black pig

Lebanon flag

Lights being turned off

Lost lottery tickets


Lavender handkerchief


Losing siblings in a stormy river

Lip stuck in dream

Lady coming out of tv

Losing a childs uniform

Letting go of my hand meaning

Little brother executed

Little brother exicuted

Large guava tree with fruits but infected with pets

Large orange snake with fangs trying to bite me

Little girl without underwear

Late father bitten son in a dream

Lady hang by neck suiside

Lady hang by neck

Lamb roast left over oven

Lamb roast left over

Long passenger train

Leaking the house the roof

Leak the house of the roof


Ling ka kata hua hona ka english

Living in green jello

Lamb attacked by a tiger

Lost your cat

Letter m on the fore head meaning

Looking for a black sword

Lighter flames


Light yellow water

Losing control of a situation

Leisure park

Late father cleaning his dentures

Light and darkness


Long cardigan

Lion skull

Life preserver refusal

Lock gate with code

Light coming out of the mouth

Lying on top of my daughters grave

Licking honey in the dream means what

Leader of a group

Late father in my dreams

Lettuce in my vagina

Lettuce in my vagina shaped dream

Late father whistling in dream

Long trip

Land title in dreams

Licking an anus

Liking an anus

Looking at a lady in a painting dream

Locked door from the inside

La hawla wala quawwata illa billa in dream meaning

Lion catching fish


Losting phone

Leopard defending me

Leopard chasing warthog away from me

Lover giving me his clothes to wear

Lizards mating penis injury harmless

Loin eye

Lost on bus

Loins eye

Looking to the left and down

Lamp dope

Lion owl dream

Living people and dead people in church celebrating

Late grandmother giving me sweets

Lizards coming out of the vagina

Lady brought money and told to help her husband and he is dead

Large black vehicles approaching

Live crabs

Live lobster

Losing shoes in the running waters

Looking for bagels

Land with a stream

Lost boy found

Lost boy returns

Little notes

Large statues

Licking tiger

Lobola negotiation went well

Losing yiur gkasses then finding them

Losing then finding glasses

La lorona

Long last family member

Long lost family member

Laying with snakes

Live snake in boiling rice

Love ultimatum

Lost toes

Lose a foot

Lying on the floor

Llama spit on you in your dream

Light headed

Locked filing cabinet

Leopard having sex with a bird

Lost bible in deeam

Lions in town in dream meaning

Lying in a church

Log book

Lucky number for lemongrass

Love by the president


Large glass jar of ground coffee

Lighting a lamp at temple

Little body shaped egyption stone puzzle

Looking in an op shop

Left leg shot

Lost voice while praying

Losing or forgetting my car

Limbless body

Lizard with my husband

Lord ganesha emerging from water

Lightning and thunder strike

Looking at white fabric with black woven pattern

Laptop rain

Lion heaving sex

Lossing pot with food taken by street boys while cooking

Lizard fall in drinking water dream interpretation

Listening om namah shivay in dream by carry a little baby girl

Loved one deceased in a chair

Linking vagina in dream and is sweet

Lead paint

Lost friendship

Locking someone outside a door

Licking euelid

Lack of reflection

Logs floating in flood water

Losing car keys down a drain

L seen two faces in a dream in the haven

Look into the depts of your own soul and learn first to know your self then you will understand why this illness was bound to come upon you and perhaps you will thenceforth avoid falling ill

Leaning on a tree

Live daughter calling your name

Living s d success succeed life

Liked my music

Licking women pussy

Lioness and eagles

Lack of windshield


Lion stars

Lock down

Long drive

Lizard in cupboard

Lizard bite my virgina in the dream

Lumber falling off a truck

Lord bhrama hindu god

Lesbian lover having a baby

Lover asking for food

Lahawla wala quwuta

Late wife crying in dream

Lion vs man

Lizard falling in left hand dream

Light with enscription within it shining out mouth

Loved one dethawing

Licked by a boy

Locked by a boy

Legs with leaf

Laying on lap

Lighting stove bunners

Lamb jaw

Leaving someone at the wedding altar

Large house many small rooms

Lotus flower and cobra


Large beautiful spheres

Licking my cousins pussy

Lady alexa

Looking through some old and new silver and gold sandals


Learning how to cook

Love a man called steven

Licking wife vagina

Lue pitbull

Last in a queue

Lizard poop on your leg

Losing kid on a bus

Losing favor of my teacher

Lauhing with friends

Lavender flowers

Lion attack buffelo dream

Losing a pearl

Lighted up merry go round

Looking for tortoise

Large cheque in the dream

Lady staring

Long neck of a creature

Latex water

Latex juice

Latex milk

Lover flirting with my sister

Latex rubber tree

Latex rubber tree s

Latex rubber trees

Latex tree

Left foot second toe

Large green fruits

Liberty bells

Loaded gun with timer

Laughing in sleep

Long hair trim

Leg cramping

Locked in a big cage with wings

Lakshmi idol in dream

Light coming from centre of the body

Light comi g from you body

Lit mine

Losing a calculator in a dream

Late wife with surviving husband covered with black blanket in a dream

Lots of fresh kaju falling from tree

Lost of canoe

Late uncle gave me sugarcane dream

Loose trouser in the dream

Lying dying breathe

Large snake slithering away

Long red dress

Lamp oil is spil


Learning fish keeping

Late father gives tooth brush to his son in the dream

Late father gives you traditional portion to eat in the dream as protection

Loyalty in the end

Looking down on someone

Large moths mating in my dream

Large moths meeting in my dream

Lost rainbow

Lady and brother bathing

Leaking toilet roof

Left slipper missing

Left slipper missin g

Lion teeth broken in dream

Lion chasing a goat

Leaking microwave

Loosing your wallet

Losing laptop bag in dream and seeing mother who passed away

Leading praise and worship team

Lots of sand in the living room

Laying in death person lap

Licking vagina of my girlfriend

Licking of leapord

Lord murugan as a child

Left leg cut bleeding meaning

Legs screwed together

Looking for backpack

Looking for a bag

Leadlight glass

Long black gown

Losing parcel

Lying on my back

Large gold bullet

Lost soul in the forest

Lost soul alone in the forest

Lion in the night sky

Losing boarding pass

Lap dancer

Landlady entering your room without permission

Loving dog

Luggage in water

Lost get directions

Lost map directions

Liundge chair

Love is water interpretation

Leaving a child on a plane

Lion killed by eagle

Losing a suitcase

Lord jagannath bathing

Licking african star apple in a dream

Live cow burning

Lots of blood

Loved one fainting

Lizard eats bird

Leading salary in a dream

Looking into calm black water

Long beads coming out of the mouth

Leprosy dreams symbolize what

Lost lamb

Losing laptop

Lots of green leafy vegetables loaded in a car

Long rope coming out of vagina

Laughing echoing

Lions in a cage dream

Lion in a cage drea

Little girl come and stolen my wife warring in my dream

Lots of hair on your butt crack

Looking at the ocean with sisters

Luxury hotel serving pap en meat

Looking shoes



Lizards in dreams

Land on feet

Leap of faith

Leech on left foot

Late to a football game

Luggage soaked in the rain

Light shinning upon me from heaven

Licking ice rain block in the dream

Losing legs

Late brother violently grabs my breast in a dream

Lightening strike interupts wedding

Letter z

Lake monster

Leaving a purse in a dream what does that mean

Lion attacking cows in my homestesd

Lying in a box

Looking for my car but not finding it

Leaking roof dead dad

Long scraggly fingers

Looking for birthday candles

Large strong waves crashing against windows

Leaf plant


Lawn torn up

Letting loose of a black widow and running from it

Loud crashing sound

Lumbar puncture

Leaves me

Loud voices from the sky

Learning in your dream that

Long beard no trimmed

Long beard no trimmed only middleton jaw

Long heatd no trimmed only from middle jaw long

Long belt bag holding in my dreams

Lion running towards me and i win it

Levitating man

Looking down at the solar system

Living above space

Looking down at space instead of up