Living room in disarray

La llorona

Loosing one tooth

Lost cat returned home

Left hand removal of sprinkler

Linoleum over wood floo

Las vegas


Love farmer


Lense fell off eyeglasses

Lense fell off gl

Lion urinating inside my house


Large cup

Looking into the dark

Lots of people

Life essence

Lost grocery bags

Lone beach house anxiety

Lakshmi gold ring

Lot of people gathering toogheter

Labrador dog and ex wife


Looking om in dream

Lots of rain

Left hand injected in a dream

Left hand injected

Lost in shops stores rstaurants

Lost unable to find direction



Lots of gifts from wedding

Lizard attacking snake

Loss blanket

Losing my care

Lumber jack sat in front of me and stared at me

Losing your eyeglasses

Letters on fire

Licking orange in dream

Living in a hut with your idol

Losing eye glasses and looking for them

Lethal pill fighting death

Looking for spanners

Losing my house

Lost at train station

Listening to a pundit

Losing a new bucket


Lots of elephants playing with waves

Lady fatima

Looking for a lost carabao

Looking at somebody’s eyes

Luncheon meat


Loosen hair

Lost and left in grocery store looking for pickles

Light behind

Leaf knit

Lemon in a dream

Lion following

Losing someone at the beach

Licked on the hand

Locked up in a prison dorm with cell mated

Locked in a cell by myself

Licking another woman’s vagina

Lost and traveling with a baby or child

Lost and trying to get home

Lost and unable to get home

Licking orange and was choking in the dream

Lightning at sea

Little dog

Lost niece

Lisent gurudwara in dream meaning

Landed in delaware

Leviathan symbols

Leg wound

Living death

Light blue

Lord shiva wearingtulsi mala and dancing

Love triangle

Leprosy woman in dream

Lockjaw with another mouth to mouth

Leading a prayer

Leasing by hand

Lesbian sex with sister

Leaves of jade plant

Lions and wolves

Locusts flying over you

Lobola dream


Leather pkeathwr shoes

Lord brahma deva

Losing pillow


Laying in snow in a cemetery

Long line

Lions trampoline

Lioness in cage

Large crabs

Lion in my bedroom

Look for where to make palm oil in the dream

Lord brahma in dream

Literally only people on this stupid ass site

Love card dream

Ley line

Lover gives sachet water drink

Laying on back dreams

Lost your phone in a dream interpretation

Losing spoon

Lobola paid for my sister


Leaves of gold

Looking for my dog

Lucha con fantasma

Losing cerificates

Lace panties buying





Lost cap in dream

Lost a cap in dream

Long casserole

Lizard parrot

Lizard eats a parrot

Leaking kitchen sink

Lacerating some by stone


Looking at me



Large tree barks

Lethal injection

Lost in a place you don’t know



Light blue towers


Lobola negotiations for myself

Leg pain in a dream

Le i’l

Lover quarrel

Lending money to dead

Licking of african star apple in the dream

Left shoulder bitten by dog


Lost luggae

Losing a competition

Lending money to people

Lesbian dream with a late granfma

Lesbian dream with dead grandma


Landlord ghost

Lovers feet

Leading many believers in praise songs meaning

Leading many believers in praise songs


Leading a worship song

Lucky dream numbers for stabbing

Long leg cows

Lion and bear

Ladybugs in my vagina dream meaning

Losing a gun in a dream

Labatory gown

Lab gown

Lotion hand



Lotion in the dream

Lips fell off

Lost a phone

Left hand touched


Loss of passport


Living in my parents house as a kid

Learning to fly

Lost of sim card

Loud noise

Leviathan baby

Leviathan baby in bed next to me


Looking for your missing mother

La llarona

Land slide on a part of mountain upuprooting atree and soil ,that tree hit another people running for save life,i see it distance

Loosing of gold jewellery

Little girl

Lent mattresses doubles

Lizard falling left hand woman

Late mom dream

Leg reattachment

Lion galloping in fire

Left baby car

Lion coming to eat you and your friends

Lucky number associates with lions

Licking powder milk

Large barn

Losing signet ring

Lady boy

Land being sold

Laptop falling into water

Leaking water heater

Living in a storey building

Letter in mail

Licking virgina in dream

Look aid

Look aidd

Licking my friends vagina

Light coming out from the palmof a hand


Late mother giving gold


Lost balance

Laying on me

Looking for safety in priest house

Love saw spindle in dream

Lips make up

Late grand mother birthday

Lion and wolf in a dream

Lounging on couch


Lettuce field

Life size body of jesus in the tomb domingo what does it mean

Lumpy ground

Line of women


Lightning strikes earth

Live chicken tied up

Left behind oassport

Locker combination

Long hair on ankles

Lettuce stuck in teeth

Licking lion in a dreams

Lots of snakes in dream

Louvre broken

Licking of star apple in the dream

Losing at sea

Lots of doors

Letting e from dead relatives


Leaky pot

Lost of battle

Late for an appointment

Legs wont move

Long sleeve polo


Lost bedsheets in dream what does it mean

Lost right side slippers in the dream

Lost of a pair earring in the dream

Lost of a pair of earring in the dream

Lizard crawl on clothes

Light behind door

Long beautiful hair means what

Lost on hotel

Legs hanging through stairs

Lions having sex

Leaking water

Leather book

La lori a

Losing lunch box

Lots of fishes gather by someone else

Laxmi idol broken in the dream

Little girl with coins in her sweater pockets

Little with coins in her sweater pocket

Little gril with coins in her sweater pockets

Losing a competition in dream

Living with dead parent


Lost at sea then found


Lobola negotiations

Living in an old shack

Late mother’s bite me in the nose

Light switch wouldn’t turn on



Letters n

Liones on heat

Lioness on heat

Lolli pop

Lioness chasing me

Limping on left leg

Lakshmi idol falling in dreams | dream interpretation

Lizard falling on left leg

Lucky plants


Large number of people


Loosing job in dream

Lion and bear doing sex in dream

Lemon pies

Lending phone

Lending your phone

Loving a friend

Lesbian dream wedding

Locked in a house where i close all he doors and windows and people are trying to get in and some do

Locked in a house where i close all he doors and windows and people are trying to break in and some do

Losing lock of hair after taking a shower

Leg amputation

Leg ring silver turn black dream meaning

Losing ones shooes and being barefoot

Lion attacking cow in dream

Lion attack cow in dream

Light bulb da



Light in the space

Lady 4 arms

Lots of mail

Lover abandons you

Loud tapping in dreams

Lucifer lover

Lucifer baby

Leftover peas

Losing scotty

Losing scooty

Licking a green lollipop

Lost in a clown themed amusement park and bad things are happening to family

Lost of of the earring

Lisa dreamed that she was taking a test in pre-calculus. it was a really hard test and she didn’t feel prepared, so she leaned over to see brad’s test. when she looked at brad’s paper, snakes started crawling out of his desk. before she could say anything, the teacher looked in her direction and suddenly the floor fell away and she was floating in the ocean.

Little girl ghosts

Lost my jean trouser in my dream

Lost my cloth in they dream

Lack of helmet


Looking in red marriage dress

Lick by stranger

Lighting two matches

Losing everything

Left hand gone

Leaving your dead relative on the train

Lemon slices

Licking of orange in dream

Lose purse

Lizard mating

Light in the sky

Land split


Lip syncing

Lottery and baby shower

Large breast dream

Licking my ears

Lost red shoes


Lying in bed with a stranger of opposite sex

Leaving by the car


Long building

Leaves falling off the tree at one time

Leaves fallin off the tree at one time

Leaking coffee part


Longer teeth

Locked in a store

Licking vagina

Light coming from someone’s mouth

Large rat dream

Latex glove

Light blue window trim and front door meaning dream

Loosing a game dream

Light blue window trim and front door

Loosing a game

Loght blue window trim and front door

Lost and disoriented

Light at the end of a tunnel


Lost ability to walk

Lots of class schedules

Long sleeve foral shirt

Light zooming in out

Large gold necklace with pendant

Lovers voice

Lot of people

Lose machete in the dream meaning

Losing machete in dream

Long staircase

Large people

Listen the newes of dead


Large sword


Leading praise song in a dream


Lady not wanting turquoise necklace



Lakshmi coin dream meaning

Lady white dress black hair


Last night in my dream i saw my self being congratulated by my uncle and others

Lady sucking my penis

Looping rooms

Loseing shoes

Loss of access to the floor dream

Lobolo negotiations

Lots of ants all over the body

Long hair seeing your self in the mirror

Late uncle heading the negotiation

Losing jacket

Lizard crawling in clothes

Leaders dead body arrives

Leaders dead body arrives and artist comes

Lightning a deya

Long hair growing on my belly


Lesbians wedding

Lost and found sim card in dream

Late father in white shirt

Lost mouse

Leg surgeey

Laying of hands


Legs in dust, dirt


Lord jaganath dreams

Lightning oil lamps in temple

Lighting oil lamps in temple

Losing luggage while travelling

Left stove on

Light perplex



Licking vagina in a dream meaning

Limb missing

Letter box on a front door

Lake and water



Licking bitterleaf soup

Lost duptta in dreams meaning

Lost toilet bowl

Lying on the furthest of the eagle in the sky

Lying on the furthest if the eagle in the sky

Large number of large fish in river

Long and curly hair

Losing jade stone

Luxury hotel in the thirties, i am both a young blomd woman standing in a white dress in a large container of shiny coal, and a handsome man asking incredulously how i/she got all that coal. thirdly i am an animoninous onloooker. it is a dream of brightness and unbelievable richness. immediatelay after this comes a distinct different dream image, of my diseased dog about to defecate

Lunch box in my dream

Lobola letter negotiations

Lions eating women


Little sister cloned in a dream

Lost home way

Laughing head

Loosing nose pin in dream


Lamp stops burning means

Lose wight

Long patola

Long vegetables

Lion watching me as i play

Large snapping turtles

Lot of mad men

Licking orange candy in a dream

Lots of kids and 1 fell

Lobola negotiation dream

Loving and bathing a calf meaning

Licking palmoil in a dream

Leopard climbing tree

Losing jwellery

Lady with vitiligo

Lost grocery bag

Leeches over my body

Land lord

Laptop burnt

Laboratory equipment

Lots cardboard boxes




Losing a ball

Licking cocoa seed

L got a dream when am praising god

Lost trcycle in dreams

Licking husband

Lossing cloths in rever

Lion meaning

Losing pair of my sleeper

Lost gold ornaments

Lotus flower pond seen as a vision


Leaking septic tank

Laddu giving

Ladyboy in my dream what does it means

Leading congregation in prayer in dream

Looking for your fiance

Lilac scarf

Long body hair in armpit and chest area

Laundry bucket



Lifting up by crane

Loss of one earring

Laundry toilet

Laundry soaking toilet seat

Lord krishna smile ing in the dream

Lost the cruise