Lassi in dreams


Licking of melt ice block

Lord ayyappan in dream

Looking through scope

Looking at scope

Looking at scope from gun

Lion drinking water from a glass which is in my hands

Lost hair

Lady giving kumkum and flower and banana

Lost gun in dream

Lighted sky


Losing documents and aking

Leafy gold bracelet

Long time deceased uncle giving me gold neacklace

Leading a blind person

Lucky number to play for sandal wedges are

Looking at a massive hole

Lizards poop

Lick my armpit

Licking my armpit


Large table of foods

Leading for a prayer

Leading for anprayer

Lungi dream


Letter big

Lions feet


Laughing at someone


Licked by piglet on right ankle


Love and erotic

Love and romance

Long narrow hallways

Lord ganesh idol visarjan in dreams


Lanzones in tree

Lightininog strike on the building


Liniment dream meaning

Lighting oil lamp in temple in my dreams

Licking a woman private part | dream interpretation

Little boy with measles on his head & body

Leaving partner for friend

Lame person

Losing offering

Losing church offering


Licking of velvet tamarind in the dream

Laxmi idoll falling

Land lord asking rent money

Licking lime in a dream what those that mean

Lice in your hair

Live in your hair

Lost family


Lizard in a pond full of water

Locking a small wooden box

Leech cooking

Looking for advice

Loved one talks about train dead

Light door

Landlord wipe me

Lawyer received and giving back some money & documents in dream means?

Loving medusa

Losing purse in dream

Light coming out of entire body,clothes turning white

Latin word emano in dreams

Lending cloths

Lady giving kumkum my tongue

Lake destruction

Logo of political party in dream

Licking my vagina by mom

Lots of birds eating mice

Leaves getting stripped

Lord ganesha visarjan

Licking vagina

Levitation floating ability

Late father asking for shoes in the dream

Loosening someone elses hair

Large blue moon

Lizard on left hand dream

Losing wife

Licked by an animal

Lighting a cracker

Lost bed sheets

Lady applying turmaric on my body

Looking for something inside the pyramid

Licking daughter vagina in dream

Lady gifs brown saree

Lord hanumanji angry

Light end tunnel

Locker without lock

Losing a valuable object

Losing my phone

Lizard jumping in left hand in dream

Light up fire to coal in adream meaning



Lost of red bucket

Lizard falling on the head while in prayer

Lying down in the grave

Lots of people giving me money

Lying on back

Lying backward

Laying on back in large bed

Losing one finger

Lost toothbrush

Late for party

Lord ganesh idol in atoilet


Little bo peep

Little bit peep

Lip tumor

Licking mother"s vagina in a dream

Long black hair covering the face

Lady holding a candle

Licking the rim of a womans anus whole

Licking the rim of a womans ass whole

Licking around the rim of someones anus

Lion peacock

Late father given me watermelon what it means

Lighter fluid

Lost my boyfriend in crowd

License plate stolen

Lost shoes looking for it in the field

Listening to old music with old friends

Lavender casual dress dream meaning

Loaded firewood in a bus

Looking at a house from afar



Lining up with other people

Laughing with old friends

Lol,k3o x

Lady in a red sari with jewelery

Lady in a white dress and long black hair hovering off the ground

Losing of shoes

Lossing slipper

Limits change

Landing on moon and exploring it


Lady duing pooja with mud matka

Laden taxi

Lake with big fish

Living in the house near the graveyard

Lying age

Lots of kinnar in dreams


Leaving behind lover and walking ahead

Leaving behind lunch very and walking ahead

Leaving lover behind and walking ahead

Long silver dress

Little people crawling

Licking ube

Licking pea in the dream


Lord bharma

Lady clothing me in a dream means

Long diamond gold necklace around neck


Lilith head

Laying on a floor

Laying down near a donkey

Losing one sandal and not being able to find it

Lumps on neck

Late sister gave me an under wear

Lady hanged on coconut tree

Laughing serious matter in a dream

Lost of corn

Lying on top of a table

Looking for toilet

Lost own scooter

Loud noise conversations


Licking my back

Losing a 2 yerr in a dream ant only finding her clothes?

Leaving a handbag in bus

Lost in thick bush

Lost in a thick dangerous bush of dry twigs

Loss of being able to read

Losing ability to speak



Lying in hospital structure

Laying bed

Light and generator

Lizard hanging on my cloth

Lizard fall on hand

Loss the sliper in dreams

Loss the fout silper

Lifting some one from the ground

Lots of buffaloes in captivity

Lots of buffaloes sleeping or in captivity


Licking of bombom

Losing whisk in dream means

Letter m in a dream

Losing kids scooter

Lord brahma dream meaning



Lizard jump on left hand and leaves a mark there

Lots of sperm on the face



Lizard falling on left leg in dream

Lion attack small cow

Leg oil massage

Loosing vowel

Lost and found wristwatch

Lips stuck together

Loved one in a hospital

Lemon grass dream meaning

Loyalty points

Leaves of marang in dream

Lady with black hair

Looking for my boyfriend in church

Leeding in prayer in dream

Large cashew tree with uncountable fruits

Lookin good on makoti dress i was wearing

Lightning in a dream whilist praying

Lost permission card

Lady offering kum kum and i m rejecting

Latex bunny outfit

Left nipple cut

Losing his new shoes

Lotus flower plucking

Light falling from the sky

Licking vigina meaning

Losing a basin

Loss of a basin

Lending my car

Lion playing and licking ones face

Lion fighting for me

Light going off

Losing someones virginity

Long trees with feathers

Leopard walking out of a bush in the open

Losing weight.

Lethargic puppy black

Losing your shoe to running water

Losing a pair of white slippers in my dream

Luxury bag

Looking for boyfriend

Lots of shells and fosh

Looking for slippers

Lion attacking a cow

Lady help me untight my mosqueto net

Licking cherry and sharing with friends


Lion tried to attack me but fell into water then i am skinning the fish and trying to make some kind of starter

Larger wooden door

Lose ring worn toe in dream

Leading a eid prayer of crowd

Licking vaginal

Lost at night

Lid of pan

Lid sauspan

Lid sauapan

Lost school uniforms

Lost school unifoems




Lizard neck bite

Lost simcard in dream

Leck and shovel in a dream

Leader of a different country

Licking udara in dream what does it mean

Losing something valuable


Licking my vagina in a dream

Losing hait

Lanzones fruuts

Lions and lioness

Large white patch on my body

Long hair in under arm

Lots of earthworm in dream

Looking at north side thanking god

Loads of fresh shrimp

Left eye twitching

Lost script for introducing actors

Lace around wrists

Luffah gourd

Loofah fruit


Large rocks being moved by water in small stream

Living in a house

Lottery number for flat tire

Licking ice milk

Lower flag

Lizard was eating green grapes

Lost stove

Licking anointing oil and salt in church in the dream meaning

Looking white rose plant and buds in dreams

Lost motorcycle

Looking at an dirty old ceiling

Leaving a group chat

Leaving a group vhat

Laughing with a deceased father


Little girl

Leaf birthmark

Lizard tongue

Lions eating person

Lion eating goat in dream

Lending someone a shoe

Lentil peas soup

Light bulb smoking

Losing spoon

Lizard back bite

Line of ants on my passed away mom

Look in the rags

Late mother gave me milk in my dreams

Laid on top

Lady in parrot green sareee

Lips to lips with my father in my dream

Lips lips with my father while driving car

Listening songs with family

Long drumroll

Laundry hanging in rain

Leg of slippers cut in dream while climbing stairs


Lying with someone in grave

Lady giving arsina kumkum to me

Lying face down in water

Lifting ashes

Lipstick dream

Lipsticj dream

Lord indra searching me to kill me

Lord indra searching me


Laying your head on mother lap

Light at end of tunnel

Licking of udara in the dream

Losing saree in dream

Lover marring someone else

Locked door with a code

Lettuce pulp

Laying down on grave

Left leg on fire in a dream

Loved one giving tamarind to lover

Losing my wings

Looking for a sister

Living in a space home

Lauging in a dream

Leaving my house

Late mother bathing in my bathroom

Late mo

Licking black pear in the dream

Large white room

Lady offering thambulam

Losing grocery in the trolly


Losing skis

Loving women

Lost in a park without lover

Light blue hanger

Life score

Late father eating roasted meat in the dream by the road side meaning

Lioness with milky anchal

Lion eating a man

Load of rocks overturned near my driveway

Late father speaking to my boyfriend

Long brown grass on the side of a road

Laying down with opposite sex on a bed

Lying down with opposite sex on a bed

Lizard wearing clothes in the dream interpritation

Leading a praise team in praise a worship

Leaf growing in ears

Litting candles on graves

Lawn in front of ur house

Lot of lighted diya

Loose a white plate

Lizard catched my hand fingers tightly in dream



Lots of money

Listening qoran


Land survey

Lid on container meaning


Long hair

Long hair to the ankle

Leaving work to return

Live fish soup

Large fish eating a child

Loose fitting

Loose garment of lace

Lot of blood

Lizard in cloth

Losing of maize flour given by someone

Leg trusher

Loosing important documents in the dream

Loosibg imports

Long hair down to the buttacks

Last supper of our lord

Last supperbof our lord

Last supper

Losing pair of sleeper

Lighting lamp for sai baba idol

Late wife sweeping

Lion licking my feet

Leading a dead blind person in the dream

Land sea sailing

Large fishes buried alive

Large fishes buried

Looking water jug crushed dream number

Lemin tree flowers

Lying on sofa

Left eye blinking in men

Living in a shed

Losing lord krishna murti in dreams

Laptop bag lost in wastewater

Laptop bad

Lists of books of bible that contain the promise of god most

Lakshmi siver coins

Laying on the bed

Lighted candle in a tomb

Long log used to cross to another place due to a body of water

Log used to cross to another place

Licking ice block

Lost something at the theatre

Lost and found

Left hand

Light blue

Lion drink milk

Lifted up by someone

Lifted by someone

Linking udara in the dream

Lost of clothes in dreaming

Losing one slipper

Lost of shues

Lots of people wearing white clothes | dream

Large bear eating a lion

Liquid cheese

Light blue and dark blue

Leaking pot mean in a dream

Leaking pot meaning in a dream

Love heart and arrow


Licking star apple in the dream

Leak toilet

Looking in a window

Little mice walking around me

Light stick

Losing a pistole in a dream?

Lossing a pistole

Licking woman breastl



Lion scratch on my arms

Licking an orange

Lying on top of a grave

Large ear bud

Living in africa

Love relation with mother

Losing diamond nose pin

Lossing bible in dream

Laughing father

Looking malnourished in agream

Licking african star in the dream

Locust bean

Large blue precious stone

Leather jacket

Lots of cash in your hands

Losing shoe in dirty river

Losing shoe


Lover painted white

Legs tied up with ropes


Licking my boyfriends penis

Lava ice mix

Late dad giving me a new saree.

Licking a girls pussy

Lost footwear in the river water in dream

Looking for a pastor of a church

Lizards crawling in vagina

Lotto machine

Losing money through cockfighting in a dream

Leather outfit

Leather wear

Latex wear

Leather to girls

Locked in cr

Lion moan

Losing a motorcycle in a dream

Loosing a motorcycle in a dream

Licking a face

Lost in hometown

Lost cups

Long black hair