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Dreams starting with the letter L

Lost but later found bedsheets

Lost but found bedsheets

Lightening a jiko

Lesbian flag


Lions confronting

Late grandfather with wounds on leg

Lost in a city

Looking at left hand missing 3 fingers

Leaky roof

Late father order for coffee

Late father asking for coffee

Lion drinking water

Light covered

Light coverf

Left lane

Large nose

Licking virginal in dream

Lost 750

Lost money

Liv morgan

Lizard swimming

Leaking dishwasher

Large fish from the deep ocean

Licking palm kernel

Love secret

Looking into a clear river

Lost uniform

Leaving altar

Losing diamond

Lost home

Lions and goats

Loosing shoes


Labrador retriever

Long messy grass

Later father giving bank card write number

Laughing at your death


Lifted feet

Loved one swallowed by the earth even he was coming to you

Laying on a feet

Lion sleep peaceful

Lion walk peace

Lover gifting manglasutra




Light coverage

Long strides


Looking for my naked girlfriend




Lottery number and ticket

Large snake

Long hair woman

Lady sangoma

Light in eyes

Large objects sky

Lips touching

Lady shoes in refrigerator

Looking for leaf to warp moinmoin in the dream

Loss of motor kills




Little sisters being raped


Lord venkateshwara

Lobola negotiation

Leftover frozen food

Late father gave me key of home

Lachi symbol

Losing wallet

Loosing waller

Large amounts of garter snake

Loosing front teeth

Lice eggs on women head

Licking another women vagina

Lion sleeping




Leaving a group

Light switch

Lion and pentacle

Losing child

Little girl

Little sister

Loose teeth

Light people

Long thread

Long string




Locking doors in dream

Losing a degree

Lover wraping yellow thread on my wrist

Love tying yellow thread on my wrist

Lady putting tilak on her forehead

Lost in the woods

Lost in a hotel


Licking out my girlfriend

Licking out my girlfriends

Lots of small spiders

Laying on dirt

Lungs filling up with water when bridge starts sinking

Lesbians kissing

Left handed man

Left handshake

Living in a strange country

Lice in hair

Lid blown off

Looking for moving

Lease renewal rejected

Large brown package

Lake flowers swimming boat

Late for work

Locker rape

Lost in a mall


Looking at a huge crab

Left foot money car

Left foot money

Limbs separated from body

Looking at picture from sky

Lame leg


Losing my voice while speaking

Lion chasing



Living with friends

Lion in the river

Little kid foot painted

Little kid foot print

Loosing multiple toes

Letter q

Library room

Long trees in dream



Lover showing her school group photo

Ladies turned into snakes on a tree to same from a man

Lobola dream

Lizards and chameleon

Lion and cubs sitting on a tree


Licking honey with ex boyfriend

Late hubby hand

Laying on the top of a tower

Licking of red palm oil

Licking red oil

Lost a wristwatch in a dream

Light from eyes


Ladder to the sky


Lost loved one

Lioness caught in cage of restrain

Lady sucking my penis

Long breast


Looking for a past person in dream


Ladies waiting for launch on the banch

Lady in white

Lose sandal

Laying on my boyfriends chest

Leaving a building

Lovers got married grandly by there parents acceptance and went for a long drive

Lines in a dream


Little brother being raped

Losing a costly saree

Lost lawsuit


Losing lawsuit

Lion attacks friends and i push my hand into the lions mouth to attack it

Late mother gives me coin money


Left hook

Losing toe nail


Late younger brother having money

Lots of sea sand in bed

Left hand palm up

Lake with green watter

Let becoming deformed


Lost in the village

Late for a plane

Looking for the right color of nail polish

Light blue and white church gown


Lumps on legs

Looking for someone

Loved ones disapearing

Losing urine and fecesl in dreams

Losing vowel in dreams

Loosing viwel

Losing feces

Lobola dress

Looking across body of water

Land inheritance

Long leech

Leaving someone who relates to you

Lightening and house burning



Lol st watch

Lost in a trip

Love apple

Large green mangoes in a basket


Losing shpes in mosque

Lucky numbers 227042

Lord ram


Large trailer

Long sandbar ocean seen in a dream

Losing snow skis in a dream

Lion maze cage

Lilac and violet colors in dream

Lost; wandering

Lake of frozen iced water

Lifting a very hot blezyia

Limp leg

Limp feet

Limp on foot

Losing control of body

Living kraal

Lab rat


Lead straps


Lama with red crying eyes

Looking in a home that is not for sale

Lots of gods statue in temple but i clearly see only lord krishna statue

Lots of yellow pumpkin


Leaf dream

Licking sweet tiny agbalumo

Leftover rice and milk

Lion climbing tree

Love whith colega

Lips filled with sore

Looking at my ex photos in her phone


Low flying aeroplane passenger

Lavender owl

Losing car

Late husband ask for money to buy bread

Laying on the side of concreat and the river running down covers me and i am moving up y dtream

Laying down in the river on the ledge moving up flow



Lucky number for green small maize plant


Light reflation inside water


Lady giving me magalsutra



Loving a kid

L dream my dad mother send for clean water water

L dream my dad mother send for clean water

Laying down on the waters with fishes as if on the floor without sinking

Lost snake

Lost sleeper in dreaming tagalog

Leg stabbed

Late father giving a cheque to his daughter

Losing a leg

Left islam


Large cockroaches

Lobster attach to my virgin

Leaking coffee cup

Left restaurant without eatimg or paying

Leaking cup

Lump under armpit

Lost on a deserted beach

Lizard fall on chest



Late friend getting married

Little snake touching my foot


Little flower 333


Licking the vigina

Lost shoes

Letter of job engagement

Letter of engagement in job


Locker room from school

Lionel dream meaning

Lord muruga worship

Lord muruga

Leaking someone else’s nudes



Locking doors

Lost money but found teller

Lost my phone and someone gave it back


Large size of brinjal

Leopard trying to bite my finger

Losing your agbalimo in the dream

Large tax refund


License being suspended

Licjed by a jaguar

Lipstick collection

Latch door

Licking puss

Leviathan in a trance

Looking for one leg of my white shoe


Loud voice

Lizard poop dream

L had a dream that someone gave black medicine to consume that l did

Lost and cannot find way home

Leaking roof

Lholawala quwwata illa billh recite in drea


Large space


Lover hiding behind a curtain

Looking for remote



Laughing in a dream




Lost car

Lewd dream

Lover birds

Lost phone sim card in dream

Lost sim card in dream

Looking for others like you

Lady god immersed in river

Lug nut

Live person dead and i can see dead body in dreams

Laughing with ex mother in law

Legs in gutter mean


Lending money



Lover death

Lobola letter

Lady hanging on a celing

Lootrey wining in dream

Lootrey win


Licking udara



Lynch attack at home

Leftover food


Late to school

Losing my wedding ring

Lion attack cow

Late grandfather asking for food

Lipstick shillong teer dream number


Looking for your daughter

Letter dream meaning

Licking unknown lady pussy in dream means what in islam

Losing grand child

Locker room

Long hair



Looking for a queen bee

Limbs of another person getting cut off

Last night i saw a dream of me hugging 3 guys and one of them apparently was my dad and the other 2 were my brother but i didn’t know them they were going somewhere and i was crying begging them not to go then i huged one of them he was my favorite one he told me the he said that he will be back then i started crying

Licked by a buffalo

Legs and feet

Left child home alone e


Late aunty

Leaking mud house

Leather ring on fingers and diver rings

Leaving a torn uniform and dress red and white long robe in church

Lady boy



Licking ripe fruit in dream means

Loam soil mixed water ground

Lost and found spell

Lake water


Lady wearing green sarees


Living in a squat



Left hand bite

La llorona

Loss of mattress

Like warm water symbol

Late mother come in white saree in dream


Locking eyes in dream

Landslide and survive

Lifting dead dream

Long penis

Leading nationl anthem

Laurel head wreath

Light shining down on you

Letters engraved on someone else’s face

Letter a engraved on woman’s face


Lost in airport lost baggage

Losing mobile near a stormy river


Losing objects

Love chasing

Long hair faceless woman

Left black leg


Losing handbag


Light in a dream

Little brother eating paper on fire and turning in to ash

Lost purse and wallet

Lost shoe

Lost shie

Last night l dream person carrying 2sugarcane

L shape of the house


Licking of mango in the dream

Leaving plane because of passport

Leaking pot


Leaving in soft land

Leaving in soft leave

Leaving in mot


Ladies with nipples only

Lost daughter

Late to an exam

Lucky number of dreaming dead aunt

Looking for direction to a destination

Large cooked potatoes

Lost car dream


Lizard in cage

Left nipple

Landslide together with your family and your busy picking the money


Led zeppelin concert

Lightening and raining


Laying down

Laying on your back


Lions mouth was sealed


Left hand

Laughing python


Laced food


Long rope coming out of vagina

Laughing echoing

Lions in a cage dream

Little girl come and stolen my wife warring in my dream

Lots of hair on your butt crack

Looking at the ocean with sisters

Luxury hotel serving pap en meat



Land on feet

Leap of faith

Leech on left foot

Late to a football game

Luggage soaked in the rain

Light shinning upon me from heaven

Licking ice rain block in the dream

Lightening strike interupts wedding

Lake monster

Leaving a purse in a dream what does that mean

Lion attacking cows in my homestesd

Lying in a box

Looking for my car but not finding it

Leaking roof dead dad

Long scraggly fingers

Looking for birthday candles

Large strong waves crashing against windows


Lawn torn up

Letting loose of a black widow and running from it

Loud crashing sound

Lumbar puncture

Loud voices from the sky

Long beard no trimmed

Long beard no trimmed only middleton jaw

Long heatd no trimmed only from middle jaw long

Long belt bag holding in my dreams

Lion running towards me and i win it

Looking down at the solar system

Looking down at space instead of up

Lighting and tunder

Lost coffee cup

Line join a man and woman

Light being put into your brain

Loosing blood from vagina

Lost pillows to my couch

Lady with kids selling dip

Loud noise in dream wakes me up

Let the children come unto me


Like medusa hair

Looking for momo

Large old fashioned buildings excited to see in a forest lots of castle like buildings open and climable

Lost bus pass

Lossof money or purse

Licking an eebu in d dream

Looking regal

Lesions on arm

Licking pee in dream

Lesions on arms

Long smell

Lost leg bike acident

Looking for a flute

Lip gloss keeps getting in my mouth

Left temple

Letter with handwritten date

Lion protect money dream

Landslide of garbage

Legs stepping into poddle of clear water

Light blue water tower

Lifesize bubble

Lifesize sphere


Large black bird with open wingspan descending from wardrobe to land on opposite side of bedroom carpet

Land preparation of farm

Lock swinging open unlocked

Lion licking hands and speaking to me about spiritual prophetic garments

Lottery number for marching on road

Laundry machine

Large eraser top

Lemon peels

Lizard eaten by ant

Live stuffed duck

Limes salt

Late mother getting married

Lots of maggot

Leaving a father figure behind

Love turned to enemy

Lining for food like posho

Late father gave fruits and water then disappear himself

Lots of stones in water

Late mother washing pots outside

Leading others out of a dangerous situation


Letting a baby fox then it mother in ones compound in a dream means what

Lottery numbers for dreaming about rabbits

Legs being tied

Lucky numbers of male president

Loyalty number

Listening to tarot readers


Leaking rain water

Leaking water in safety tank

Learning lines for a play

Lake in basement and boating away

Lunch invitation from a deceased person

Lady asking me for date

Large pipeline fell down

Large pipe fell down

Large white pipeline fell down

Large white pipe feel down

Long woven stitches being removed from body

Licking eyes

Lady silent scream

Left hand cut off

Leyars of clothing

Late uncle asking for tea

Lighting strike hit telephone pole

Luxury cars


Little boy being murdered

Left side of the head lizard falls mean wat happened

Late mom renovating home

Less furniture smaller garage

Licks my pussy

Leeches coming out vagina

Ladder giving out

Letters engraved in forhead

Looking at treasured photos

Looking at old pictures

Large foot with golden yellow toenails

Lourver blade

Lucifer dog visited me

Lizards underwater with money

Look west go east

Lemons and white worms

Lap top ocean baby


List cash at shop

Lifting up someone sitting on charpayi

Lover white cloth stained with blood

Loosing tie

Lover shrinked

Lots of reeds in a river blocking from crossing

Lethal injection dissolve

Losing property

Lady give me a pomegranate

Land with black roses

Lucky numbers for prophet dream

Letter s in palm

Lending money to deceased parent

Leopard lion

Letter fromallah

Luxury clothing

Large baldy mouse

Lay house foundation in a dream

Lizard in tea cup

Live dancing yellow sto nino

Loved one sitting on a court bench


Light pulling forehead

Light pulling fotehead

Losing a charger phone

Losing a chargerphone

Lost script


Late mother refusing to give me money in a dream

Laa haula wala quwwata



Losing every and can not protect the people around you

Losing pair of slippers and a man in love with you giving you another pair

Lying to someone

Liz taylor eyes

Lipstick is melting

Lying down on grinded pepper in the dream

Lieying down on grinded pepper in the dream

Lying with a bestie in a dream

L mother coming for ritua in the dream

Late mother coming for ritua in the dream

Losing something action of robb

Love curse

Laundry basket clothes got wet by flood

Lungs disease

Lungs illness

Lost isde a compound

Lizard bite in dream on little finger

Late for school pick up

Load of ant coming out of my baggage

Lottery number bridge

Lying about death

Late mother digging outside

Lungs nervous


Love fusion

Light rays from pillar

Legs injured burned and bleeding

Looking into a door hole and saw a woman

Losing a document and recovering it back

Loved one who passed away showing me plants

Leather bag ripped apart

Leather bad ripped apart

Laying the foundation of church in the dream

Loosing my clothes and shoes

Lost cell phone and find it

L shaped porch

Lotus sutra

Loki being my uncle

Looking being my uncle

Lemon tree with some flowers in the dream

Left without you

Leading cattle pulling a kart

Lost of shoe and putting another shoe

Large amount of people congratulate me

Large bug bite

Letting dead person borrow lighter

Loud noise from sky and flashing lights

Loop in stairs

Lavender moth

Leg of a cow leaves from my vagina

Lending money been returned

Letter from a loved one

Leopard dead

Lucky number for uncooked corn on the cob

Life line

Landlord give me quick notice in dream

Letter e on your body in a dream

Lucky teer drim numbar

Looking for a list bible

Loud angry movements

Lug nut off car

Lauhe mahfuz

Lying in his arms


Lose book

Licking my aunty in law pussy

Letting fish go

Lizard coming out of my virgins

Leopardprint shoes

Late mother looking young

Lights in a cemetery

Lost bird return

Lady with long black hair long mouth and black eyes

Land join

Land joint together

Land joint

Leak in livingroom

Lions climbing a ladder

Lightning strikes near

Loved ones getting ripped apart

Lion scratch arm

Leg touch

Life support and crutch

Lipgloss and pear

Lotto number of buddha

Licked finger

Live cow

Lad y with pot

Love barn silo

Lion underwater

Locking your family indoors

Living and working on a horse ranch

Living on a horse ranch

Lottery number for ducks

Late husband leaving you

Lake with flowers

Late mom wanting to bite my ear

Looking away


Light out of mouth

Lipstick unopened

Left hand pulling back

Little red wagon

Large white moose eating leaves

Lion appearing on the roof of my house and was making sounds woooh

Loosing silver toe ring

Landing a plane

Little brother driving a car with you in it

Lizard coming out of pussy what that means

Lost in sea wave

Lizard bite right hand in a dream

Looking for groundnut in dreqm

Leeches in my food

Losing an arm

Licking granite stone

Lame bovine

Lightning striking multipal trees near loved ones getting closer

Leg sore

Left leg oozing sore

Leak from your ceilings

Light brown spots all over my body

Laden salodilla tree

Lizard crawling on chest

Late mother planting in the dream

Ludo game

Lice in th buttocja

Lavender paint room

Lion chased

Little sister chasing you

Light brown horse biting my finger

Lamenting past achievements

Lion with broken neck


Licking condoms after using

Lion in the church yard

Lots of friends

Lots lots of food and people

Losing pocketbook in water

Loved one having a scar on their mouth

Lover throws milk on fcce

Leaves spinning

Lightened grave

Lots of drinks in fridge

Lost looking for home

List in city


Left injection

Lord blessing

Losts of claywear plates in showcase

Long flower dress in the dream

L shaped cut

Lightning striking sidewalk

Lost hand foot accident

Late father making a cup of tea

Linking palm oil in the dream

Late mother and father kidnap

Left eye loose

Light bulb broken with dimes

Letter in the mail box

Living geometric pattern

Looking for documents

Left heel pain

Left hand holding a piece of rag

Looking ugly in the mirror

Lost si

Lift the veil

Lots of palmetto bugs

Lizard seen in dream

Long leg hair

Leading worship in the dream

Large ship

Lending keys

Looking for someome

Light coming through closet door

Light beaming through my body

Lakhe dance in dream

Late uncle is hungry

Lifted and wound breast

Losing earlobes

Lost door

Llama shearing

Lightening strike dreams

Little piglet that bites a husband and he starts to vomit blood a lot and they are planning to marry again and dear mother in law is in the dream and she loos weird at us

Little piglet that bites

Lost house phone

Lost on traintracks

Leopard skin inside water

Lost on a subwayl

Lotto number for ball

Light shining in darkness

Looking face to face with someone

Lolly pop

Lol lil pop


Locating water in borehole

Locked in and trapped in bathroom

Love sign fell into face

Lifting up of cloak

Living in refuse dump home

Lady blowing dust n my face

Lawsuit dream paying me one million dollars

Loads of papaya fruits falling into overflowing water

Lotioning self

Long horn bufalalo dream

Looking shabby and dirty

Lions paw

Laying in bed with boris johnson prime minister of the country whom touches me between the legs

Lord krishna calling your name

Loaded wheelbarrow

Lifting a spear with both hands

Loosing shoe laces

Looking for a cooking pot with a food on fire


Little girl picking mango

Losing my blue sapphire

Lurking outside of home

Larvae hanging in web

Leather mask

Late father a passenger

Letting windows up

Luggage in pond

Lion gold crown

Licked by a panther in my dreams and i felt it

Lucky number of flowerhorn in dreams

Lio goat

Listening god song in dreams

Little store


Lifting weights naked

Leech sucking

Loss of material things

Lace face

Loosing your shoes in the drram

Loose filling

Leading someone on a path

Losing something in a flowing stream

Lots of maggie and red oil

Loosing your glasses in a dream and a dead relative bring them back but they are not yours

Lizard eggs under skin

Lost calculator

Lost bike in dream

Loved one attached by fish

Long corridor

Long melon

Lossing a second soccer match

Lioness in my bedroom

Light red apple

Lion at the gate of a compound in my dream

Lucifer hand

Lizard floating in glass of better milk

Laying on bed with dead grandparents

Lever la tete

Licking woman feet

Laundry in basement

Left abdomen


Left finger bitten by water snake in dreams

Linnaeus asking for green clothes

Lipid in green

Love birds seen

Loophole cloud

Lottery numbers for fish


Looking foemr a phone number

Leaving mental hospital

Low tide leaving big rocks

Losing duvet

Light flash

Lost mug


Landlady combing her hair infront of mirror

Lift slipers cut

Lift slipers cutting in dream

Live chicken on fire

Lord ayyapa in dream singing prayer in temple

Lizard eggs

Loved one sliding on back down a tree

Looking for police cap in my dream

Liquid the color of mercury

Light affecting vision

Lady with long white hair

Leopard attacking my child

Lining up infront of a shop

Low back dress

Lump under arm

Little girl to hold you signify what

Losing wedding shoe in a dream

Looking for a child shadow in my dream

Liking my brother in law

Lost unfinished painting

Legs peeling skin

Lady die in nursing home

Licking cherries

Lot of rain water want to come in the house means what

Left to die

Lord narasimha

Love turn to enemy

Lucky number of pig giving birth in a dream

Lady in white dress and scarf

Lake turning into milk

Ladies curse

Letters in green

Lesbian ic dreams

Locked gate with gate keeper

Light on top of my head

Lion skeleton

Lion shirts

Lion cub in my house

Large purple or blue lion

Lucky number of cats

Lady in a white dress with brown hair on a road

Looking for a safe spot on the reef to step than falling into the sea

Long nose hair retracted

Land in both of my hands with money under foot

Laying on cracking floors

Lion mixed with cows on a dream

Lossing uniform

Long white thorn

Lottery numbers for the name joy

Lottery dream numbers for joy

Lion pig

Lighting strike window

Love interest holding a spatula

Listen ardas

Lion playing with two men

Leak under sink

Lisa ann

Little brother being swallowed by a snake

Left my baby at home

Lioness captured in my dreams

Light bulb filled with water

Lose ones purse

Lottery number for bag

Lord jagannath in temple

Light green heart shape

Light green heart

Leaving islam and converting to christian

Long hair in my vigena

Leafless tree in low cloud coverage

Late father walking up the stairs

Left pocket

Losing a boot

Live snake server slithering around

Lang fight setllment

Little blue eye boy staring at you

Little boy staring at me sad with blue eyes

Leather pouch in mouth

Lion and lioness playing in the den

Losing solitaire

Lizard fallen on left hand in dreams mening

Lost in a masjid


Light in right hand palm

Long and narrow road

Lions blood

Loud roaring from dark forest on hilltop

Large bird island business people

Large bird island

Legs painted in lemon color