Lady remove her pants and give to a young man meaning

Long hend in the dream is what does it mean

Lilac sweater

Lot of fish out of the flood


Laying facedown on the ground

Lighting a candle in your relatives tomb in a dream

Lost handkerchief

Lose eyesight

Lots of black cobras

Lobola gifts in a dream

Little boy without cloth

Laughing at some1

Laughing to a man wearing high heels

Looking more flies covering the left leg

Lost earing

Looking for my bucket of water

Lord murgan photo falling down in my dream

Ladies finger in dreams

Loss of brass utensil in dream

Long fart

Late brother hit my head with a bottle

Lake boat



Lemon peel

Lesbian experience

Lick belly in a dream

Long hair in my dream


Lizards coming from left hand palm

Leopard and snake dreams

Lossing my shoe in running water

Lucky number banana fruit

Lord ayyappa in a dream

Loosing file of certificates

Lapis lazuli

Left foot pain top

Long beautiful hair

Lobola for a friend

Loyola for a friend

Lover at end of alley

Loosing jewlery

Loosing diamond dream

Loosing diamond


Looking tartar in dream


Late father asking for shoes meaning

La ilaha illa anta subhanaka

Licking sweet

Looking for purple paint

Long nail of shadah finger


Left thumb ring in a dream

Lobster and father

Look like dog

Large crystal egg

Lion licking hand

Losing something you love

Lots of black snakes in grass and human feces around touching with hand

Late mum washing hands

Longshaking hands with grandma in dream in islam

Looking for something

Land near to home splits


Live squid in ocean

Loose hinges

Lending money to a friend in a dream

Long pestle dream

Lighting ant dream meaning

Large aquatic animal

Loan one

Losing certificates in a dream

Licking mango in dream

List of food items

Little hippo

Lizard poop in dreams

Lighting kuttuvillaku in dream

Lord ganesha visarjan in dream

Laying in a hottub

Lunar eclipse

Land on moon

Little sibling kills me

Leopard trying to bite my right hand

Lemon tree

Light in a house


Large ants attacking someone



Lots of pepper trees

Lailathul qadr

Life wires falling on the ground

Look into the depths of your own soul and learn first to know yourself, then you will understand why this illness was bound to come upon you and perhaps you will thenceforth avoid falling ill.”

Lizard in a pool

Listening ardaas

Leopards n snake

Leaving home with things

Lossing documents in dream

Large wardrobe

Large cabinets

Leader meet in dream

Legs wont work

Light on my face

Licking red oil and salt in the door way

Leaking bathroom

Lizard climbing on left leg in dream

Light skinned man


Lady saint

Lady white face no body smile

Lion kiss meaning


Lucky number of wheelwind

Lady asking saree

Lioness killing dogs and humans

Leeches on penis dream

Love ones mad while eating in dream

Light from grave in dream

Licking cherry in deark

Lending ur fren a slipper

Lizard poop in my palm

Licking of orange in the dream given by a child

Lucky number for suit

Lots of people in my house

Late mother in law asking for water

Large mango tree

Lucky numbers killing in dreams

Locking a door that keeps openning

Leech mouth

Looking for missing dog

Long golden nose boogers

Lizard eating duck in dream

Lizard eating duck

Lime avocado

Lightning green candle

Losing someone

Losing a friend

Late aunt wore my shoes but they were tight in on her

L dreamt prophesying in the dream

Losing handcuffs from ones hands

Little gray hair in own forehead

Lion in blue and black colour

Loud noise in the sky

Licking a penis

Listening gayatri mantra in dream

Learning to hold a gun in left hand

Long waist

Lost car towed

Lemon dreams

Lord jagannath, balbhadra, subhadra and their rath

Lord ayyappa swamy in dream

Low score exam

Little boy holding a money

Lizard in crow mouth

Looking down a narrow spiral staircase exiting to a garden

Looking down a winding narrow stone staircase leading to a garden

Looking for the wedding ring of my deceased grandmother in a dream

Landslide in dreams

Leading hymns

Laxmi coin in dream

Lipstick dream meaning

Left belt in in laws house

Lightning hit the ground



Large green bell peppers

Loved one lifting another

Laughing in your dream

Lies down

Leaf and diamond shape

Lava and water

Loosing my tooth brush in a dream

Left hand fingers stuck together

Leading someone

Left eye bilnd twisted

Loosing certificate

Lipestic as gift in the dream

Lion babies

Large gun

Losing phone

Lion cub as pet

Lending bag

Lost my bible

Licking eyes by a woman

Lost helmet

Lots people wearing white clothes

Lots people wearing white cclothes

Loved one ignored you dream meaning

Loved one as a ticket giver dream meaning


Looking at passing stool

Lakshmi eyes opened in dream

Lakshmi opened eyes in dream

Lighted staff/rod

L dreamt being in a meeting with clan members while planing for a court case,what does it mean?

Loosing 3 left hand fingers in dream meaning

Late father giving out new footwear

Losing battle

Little boys jump into the sewage n i later heard them arguing not too far

Looking out of the window

Lost sim

Lumber in piles jut cut from trees

Leaving a dream

Lion rhino fight

Lizard coming out from the vagina

Light saber

Left little finger in dream

Lizard on your padv


Lemon colour

Light radiiating on someone

Loved one fading away with light

Lava glass

Lava sand

Looking over the shoulder

Losing a new tricycle in a dream

Lion with peacock

Lord jagannanth

Lid hornets nest inside workplace

Laptop in the rain

Late grand father attack

Lizard is climbing on legs


Light shinning from my ringing phone dream

Let on fire

Leeches on a baby

Leek growing on leg

Large frog in dream stuck in transparent paper needs help to come out

Laying your head on someones chest

Leaving my wife went to my deceased mother in hospital

Leading a traditional prayer session

Loosing apple

Lion,lioness and wolf apper in dream

Late mother and father sending for medication in a dream

Losing sim card in dream

Love bite cheek

Lost towel

Lady with black long hair

Losing teeth

Lightning hitting the ground


Licking of orange in the dream

Lost my chair in a dream

Lol. doll

Little girls attacking and trying to kill me

Light indicating right turn

Light indicator

Lobola letter

Lake and mountains

Lover answering door naked

Lava and flood

Lord murugan photo in dream

Leg tied with silver anklet and joint with yellow rope

Leg tied with yellow rope

Lakshmi silver coins dream

Lanzones trees with fruits

Lost anklet

Loosing a slipper


Leopard in water sinking in dream

Licking face by monkey in dream

Licking face by money in dream

Light meter

Losing toy

Lady like me she suck my vagina in my dream

Lamb in sky

Laying on of hands on the head

Looking for biggest stockfish in the dream

Lost of sim in dream

Left arm missing on husband in dream


Leg bleeding cut

Loosing cellphone

Losing job

Licking boobs

Lick my vigina

Loquart fruit

Liking someone else

Latin america

Lord indra in dream meaning

Lychee tree

Light fuse

Looking for available toilet

Little candy macine

Live three tailed fish

Lizard on dress

Left thumb being paralised

Licking of africa black velvet tamarid

Licking another woman vagina

Loose hair tie

Losing canopy in the dream

Lintel of the house dream

Lift up bunch of elephant grass off soil srface

Lover giving me chewing gum

Licking another womans vagina

Late to church service in a dream

Loved one that passed on was drinking a lot of wine in my dream

Lending car

Lord shiv and ganesh in temple

Lost sandlars

Lightbuld burned out

Lizard in food

Lost in fog

Lightning fork in the distance

Love pption

Lose a football match in a dream

Locked coubord

Lost in a mall with no way out

Lick ass in dream

Late grandmother harvesting maize

Lots of fish a fish market

Lost and found the same rinh

Large fish eating humans

Lion tigrler and cow

Limp handshake

Lion eat goat in dream

Limestone in dreams


Losing tooth in dream


Lawnmowers stolen


Loin panther

Lost cats return home

Liquid black

Lion teeth in the dream

Licking vagina discharge in a dream

Leather ring dream meaning

Licking woman part in dream

Losing shoes and pants

Losing your favorite toy

Large fish eating child in the dream

Lost passport in usa

Lamb qurban

Lending someone my shoes in a dream

Licking thumb

L was climbing up the stire case in the dream

Leaking udara in the dream

Lift thor hammer

Listens the word of broken faith

Lighthouse with multiple rooms and people gathering around a body

Lumalabas na insekto sa katawan

L dreamt when my phone was stolen but l called on it and the thief received it

Lizard in tea pot

Long ears

Long earlobes

Lizard comes out from leg

Linking udara in a dream significants what

Linking udara in a dream

Liquid fire coming out of mouth while praying

Live near school

Live fish gift dreams

Living with my boyfriend


Lack of money to pay bus


Little girl transforming into old woman

Late uncle giving me money to pay debts

Landing a stunt successfully

L give sombody water to drek

Licking my wife clatoris

Losing toe rings



Lobola negotiations

Looking after animals

Looking after birds

Light at the end of the tunnel

Lesbian transgender

Lion entered the home

Liquid fire coming out of my mouth

Lizard in water tank

Loads of blood dripping all over the floor

Light tan and red dupatta

Light tan dupatta with red embroidery

Light tan dupata with red embroidery

Lost shoes in masjid

Lighting a lamp in temple

Laptop in water

Lizard bites


Lot of silver watches in dream

Left-hand side

Luggage pull

Live fidh inside my stomach

Long private part was given to me by the owner to bite,what is the meaning

La ilaaha ilaa anta

Licking someone else viginal in the dream

Leaping in the dream

Little krishna sitting on you

Landlord renting my room to other without my consent

Lizard kiss other in dream

Last supper photo in dream



Late brother borrows money

Leg pain

Locust beans in the dream means wat


Lion cub

Lighting oil lamp in home temple

Lion and elephant

Late father taking milk

Lioness walking

Lost phone in river & found it later

Large cricket biting my fingers

Large insect biting my fingers

Large insect biting the tops of my fingers

Long hair growing on neck unable to pull

Loved one lost at sea

Lossing ur belt buckle

Left thigh



Losing diamon rīng

Lightning camphor in a dream

Loosing vision

Lioness and cubs inside my house

Laying down to dead person

Laying down to dead pes

Looking cooked meat inside temple


Living in wisconsin

Licking africa star apple

Looking for a cage of chicken

Long hall with lots of doors

Lightening oil lamp in salt cup in temple

Long objects

Little sister

Lion hugging me in my dream

Laptop fell and boke

Lend chlotes

Losing your leadership


Light on graveyard

Looking for where to sink borehole in a dream

Lizard falling on right thighs

Licking of maggi in the dream

Lottery numbers


Lifting from the ground

Little insects

Lover committing suicide in dream

Little ducks sitting down

Lands filled with salt

Letter from dead uncle

Letter from a dead uncle


Larvae vagina

Lost hanky

Leading a group in prayer and song

Liquid paper

Last night i dream nazareno

Last night i dream black nazereno

Lover doesnt love back


Lobola celebration negotiations dreams

Lion sea water


Loose cloth flow water in dream means

Lady licking vagina

Loosing an oven while cooking

Liking buffaloe

Losing a car key

Laughing with uncle in a dream

Lump turmeric

Left wrist waterdrop

Living elderly giving money and blessed

Lost business in a dream

Licking udara in the dream meaning

Lost one aerring in a dream

Ludo playing

Licking own hand

Larch tree

Licking fresh tomatoes in my dream

Lizard try getting in a woman pants

Lizard trying to get in your pants

Late aunty asking me to buy a counting machine for her

Leaf bay

Light of pillar

Lost father old sandle

Leaking water from terrace tank

Lighting a desolate place

Lover give me jalebi

Loved one suffocating

Late headmaster in the dream

Laughing my dead brother

Lost new saree

Late father demand to send beans for him in the dream

Lakshmi gold coin in hand

Loosing shoe on running water later the running water bring it back to you in dream

Licking vagina in the dream

Large pimple, pus, hole, face

Lion attacking me

Love by public figure

Love without you