Licking white chalk in the dream meaning

Loved one cloudy eyes

Late mother combing your hair

Licking palm wine in a dream

Listening to someone masterbate

Lots of pink gowns

Load from head

Licking fresh cocoa in the dream

Lumps appeared on the chest

Labia cyst

Lion sitting in tree eating leaves

Liking cherry in the dream

Late dad giving his daughter chocolate

Long black limo

Losing toe rings in dream

Left hand needle

Light thin jacket

Lich in dream

Laxmi on gold coin

Love with coworker

Lights out room


Losing someone in a jungle

Licking my fellow gender private part in a dream

Lover in london

Lthe color red

Loaning money

Lion on my house rooftop

Lump in stomach

Living in a tree house

Late grandma gives me limes in the dream

Lion statue speak

Lion status speak

Love portion

Light bulb turns into running water

Leaving my home though the dog door

Lost classroom

Lost classwrom

Laughing jack

Lizard long tail

Lost pillow

Laptop being washed by sea

Long white sleeves torn off

Lion with horns protecting me like it was shooing away away all people close to me

Lame boy child meaning in a dream

Lioness in my lap

Locker combanation

Lobola letter meaning in a dream

Lion attacking you

Lady giving me kumkum ro me


Lion eye

Living in a cubby house

Living in a rv

Laying of hands on your head by a prophetess

Lizard turning into a snake

Late mother dressed in blue helping me to run away from danger

Leaking icheku in the dream

Losing things in a dream

Looking at my left wrist

Losing a diamond ring

Licking sugar in the dream

Leave islam religion

Leave muslim religion

Loud leaves mean in dream

Loved one getting sexually assaulted

Large compound house

Looking for a blanket

Looking like a sangoma wearing blue and black

Lost my house


Lost one leg of shoe or putting on a dirty shoe

Low roof

Lending a dress

Last minute redemption

Leech biting leg

Lost person found

Large loaf bread with raisinsdream i meaning

Large loaf bread with raisins i meaning

Large loaf bread with raisins in dream meaning

Large loaf bread with raisins in dream


Losing petticoat and saw someone wearing

Losing bag with dirt clothes


Light blue shurt

Lizard and snake battling

Light and hands

Lost and searching for my american visa

Looking in a mirror but i seen possessed

Lump on groin

Living in a mould house

Lover dead

Leaking pot meaning

Leading a group of people praises in a church like

Loosing consciousness

Licking of red oil

Large areola

Leviathan my protector and a dream safe

Lifeless baby

Lice in someones hair

Lion roars at u

Leeann frew

Losing own voice

Letting go as my child grows

Licking amasi

Long white chin hair

Little girl blue eyes and dark hair

Lion and horse having sex

Lots of tiny little heads

Lots of cheetas fear

Lunar eclipse blood moon and vampire

Listening to complaint from someone

Leaves colour orange

Lowrider car

Lost gold earrings found


Looking awful wearing no make up in public

Locking eyes with friend

Loosing footwear out of mosque

Looking for white shirt for graduation in your dream

Leaking roof drains into toilet bowl

Licked in the eye

Looking for john

Looking through large window

Lip boil

Lightening fire

Lighting fire water and snow

Leaning tree with waterfall

Louvered window

Lighting diya in temple meaning

Lilac color paint on a wall

Living in old home

Liminal spaces

Left index finger injury

Late mother shower

Lighting bolt

Leaking plumbing

Lost one of my slippers

Live chicken being burnt

Losing a basin in dream meaning

Losing mobile game

Large white snake attacking me

Lunar barque

Looking for family members


Left eye stuck shut

Lump under armpit

Living in my old house when not supposed to and trying to get everything out without people seeing

Living in my old house when not supposed to

Lost educational certificates

Leaking water in the dream

Losing own voice in a dream

Letters symbolizes

Letters in dream

Light orb

Laughing at others

Lizard trying to lick me

Losing sarees

Lion kisses me

Leaving together with romantic partner

Lady tieing flowers

Licking a girls vagina

Loving polar bear

Ladoo making in dream

Lost passbook

Laundry dryer broken

Licking ube in the dream meaning

Looking out if van through a window

Lizard penetration inside my forth finger

Lying on back on floor

Late mother food

Losing a dog

Lizards falling from the sky

Left feet wound with blood

Lea pars tiger lion

Little one giving cherry seed in a dream

Lose control of a magic carpet

Liquid coming out of penis

Late mother with bags

Late mother with bag

Lamps not turn on

Letters and communication

Lime orange

Leaning post in house

Losing a binder

Life is like a groundnut oil

Lawyer giving you money in a dream

Licking the face of someone

Loss of hearing

Lucky lotto numbers to bambara beans

Lost cufflink

Lawsuit dream

Looking for people in water

Losing your cat

Looking for beverley

Lentil i your dream

Lioness drinking water

Lion killed many cows

Lover freckles past talk

Lounge gift

Lion attacking a cow in dream

Land gap stomach pole

Lover hurt by mob

Lights in house

Lion and fish and water

Landlord gives tenant food

Letting a blind woman drive my car

Left palm covered in glitter

Light in a mirrors

Light in a mirror

Lamp broken

Lost of phone

Lending underwater to friend

Laundry and rains dream

Lucky number dream throwing telephone by boss

Little fire

Light pole falls in my dream means

Losing a motorcycle

Lunch break

Lid off

Lizard falling on thigh

Late grandma praying in the bush

Ltoor dal in dream seeing

Laburnum flower in dream

Looking through soil

Ladybirds in vagina

Leaking blood from the brest

Looking for key card

Laptop water

Lice in son head

Live in son head

Long healthy hair

Lion and black panther

Laddy santillana


Locked out by people

Literature class

Lost time rings in fream

Leopard having sex with me

Losing your bracelet

Lighting jiko in a dream

Lottery numbers related to muthi

Leopard climbing dry tree

Licking of honey

Left hip bone

Licking baby boy anus and balls

Lighting a white wax

Lion eating fish in dream

Loud tap water in bucket

Laughing on the phone

Light peach colored snake in my dream

Lizard drowned in water

Ldy giving kumkum

Lizard entering whirls of water

Letter written to someone else

Loosing business

Lacosta or crocodile

Lacosta sitting next to the black snake in a river

Licked rough in ear

Long string beans

Leaky pipe

Luxury ring

Lazer grid

Laszzer grid

Laszer grid

Laser grid

Liminal mall

Loosing clumps of ones hair

Leaving a mosque

Late mother putting a blanket on me dream

Lettuce sprouting out from the left palm in a dream

Locked brief case

Lion bites

Lover being alive in my dreams

Lover coming like he is alive

Lay the table

Leaves in blue and green

Loyal to partner

Legs tying down in the dream

Lose voice in dream when praying

Lizard neck

Letter l

Loose knote

Looking for tall ladder

Leopard killing a python

Lion killed

Limestone rock

Losing a jrreycan in a dream

Locking a door from the inside

Laddered tights

Late husband holding a flower plant pot

Loosing and finding a sim card

Lizard entered in house

Lesbian prostitute

Lobola date

Loud and clear

Lions playing

Lots of bird on a tree

Lion eyes

Letters in alphabet

Late grandmother touches my abdomen

Looting on an empty shop

Lulu dohn say

Los lodos

Last christmas

Lost with casino chips

Lavanda flower camp

Lesbian getting married

Lezard poup on my face

Lizard poop in dream meaning

Locust attack

Late father eating dal rice

Little boy without pants

Lanuging in a dreams

Lord ganesh gives flower mala in dream

Lord nadaraja idol

Lying husband

Light bringer symbole in dream meaning

Light bringer ancient symbole in dream

Language barrier

Letting go of holding hands

Leg shock

Landing from a flight

Larger desk

Looking after a cat

Leave hospital

Latern with father

Losing your binder in school

Late mom open the door for me

Likes cut in halves an place on roof top

Lunch at high school

Lifted by god

Leg weakness

Lump on chest that is cancer

Licking an black substance

Light green dove

Lots of different birds

Lobo la

Leading and holding a blind man

Lioness chased me but managed to sneak away

Lost earbuds

Lion in dream means

Livestock getting loose

Laying face down on the floor

Long horse reins

Leopard panties

Lots of white bedsheets

Lots of white bedsheets hanging

Lizard on neck in dream

Lizard pooped drinks

Lily coming out of vagina


Leaning on railing looking at a run down building

Large white tree

Lord krishna dancing in dream

Letter of recommendation

Living inside walls

Losing pair of slipper

Live dinosaur skeleton coming out of sea

Live shrimp meaning in bible

Late brother giving me a new shoes

Loosing your handbag

Lion eating fruit

Leaf pluck

Leafs pluck

Leopard femelle

Load of treated poles

Losing your shows

Lioness purring

Light a candle in graveyard

Lady giving kunkum


Lift objects

Lift and measure objects

Leave without saying goodbye

Looking out a frozen window

Losing left shoe

Lilies on my hands

Lightening strike and in water

Lightning destroys car

Lightning hits vehicle

Lightning hits car

Loud voice from the sky

Lots of hen passing urine


Ledge rode

Learn dream

Lots of leftover foods all over the house

Late mum in a light blue sari

Lots of maggots under a cushions

Lost shoe in a waterfall

Live sister

Lost head tie in a pit toilet in a dream

Legs painted

Losing football match

Lost bird

Liger in a bit of a disyance it did not see me

Late mother had diahrrea and was naked in pain

Lioness licking my right foot in the dream

Lady taking set of people to wedding with bus

Lion licking my foot

Lioness licking my foot in the dream

Lost astray

Long haired tan cat

Land map

Lying on dry land

Landing on sand

Loved one died looking at me through window

Large white spider

Lizards in a cupboard

Leave basement go upstairs to living room

Looking for my purse

Late father giving daughter fruits in the dream

Lr written on my school blazer

Lose and find again

Lose and refund

Lose my airpod in the sea

Lava entering bahroom

Looking for a leak in the plumbing

Licking someone finger

Large rare flowing feathers bird

Left side of nose itches

Left side of nose itches in dream

Large window shattered by tree in storm

Lots of large bunches of collard greens in a warehouse store

Late husband looking very weak and looks like skeleton

Lip pencil meaning in islam

Live fouls

Lifting a heavy object

Lifting a heavy metal

Leg vein

Looking in mirror with bloody nose

Looking in the mirror with nose bleed

Looting in a shop spiritual meaning

Liquid sandalwood

Lost bag in airport

Lost bag in airport husband jumps in with another woman

Lion and dog chess pieces

Lion vs dog

Lay on top of a man

Laying on top of a man

Lying on top of a man


Light bulb smoldering then burst

Lost hair ties

Licking another woman


Letting people in

Losing my baby in river

Long grey hair in the nose

Licking woman private parts

Lying awake

Losing someone motorcycle

Licking red palm oil in dreams


Light coming from mouth

Lightkng an oil lamp in a tempke

Leeches on your lunch packet in dream meaning


Leopard tail means what in a dream

Leopard tail



Lions ocean

Lost my voice while trying to pray in a dream

Letter in my name

Lots of white sperms

Lion fight

Leopard submerged in water then comes out

Leaky ceilings

Lion and a bear

Licking hair

Local store

Lion kisses me in cheeks

Leaking of the house

Louver blade dream meaning

Looking at death

Losing an ancient magical object

Losing a precious object

Lost simvard

Looking for your shoes

Ladies wearing black saree with their faces covered

Looking for a candy apple

Loosing properties in the dream

Losing a plate of food

Lost food



Listing sim card in dream

Lost sim card in dream

Laying next to someone half naked

Losing your pants

Log floating

Lip filler

Lick critoris

Loose on s daughter

Loaves of bread for shoes


Late mother give white cloth in dream