Losing someone you love

Ladder going underground


Lips follen of my face

Lost birth certificate

Lipstick that makes my lips feel strange

Locked lower jaw

Lime in the dream

Lesbian sexual dream with cousin

Lesbian sexual dream


Losing motorcycle

Lost carabao meaning in dream

Lighted dia

Lion biting while worshipping but not being able to cause much harm

Losing phone in a dream twice

Lowering christian flag

Late mother is angry with me in my dream

Looki f for drugs under sofa cousions

Losing the a socks

Losing a soaks

Losing a p

Litchi and litchi tree


Laid back

Layered clothing

Leprosy woman in dream

Lost of nose pin


Locked out room

Losing someone in the surf at night

Long blue skirts

Living with a white woman in the dream

Lifting someone

Losing a brisle in a black comb

Lies in my hair dream meaning

Lies meaning

Loved one who already passed away

Losing something in a river

Leg falling off

Lion became scared of me in dream

Lion became scared of mein dream

Loch ness monster


Losing someone in the forest and shouting for her

Lip holes

Lips holes

Losing eyebrow

Lettece seed meaning

Large glass window with curtain in high rise building

Labour pain

Lobola negotiation in dream


Late father slapped me

Lobola negotiation means what in a dream

Loose death


Lizard in vagina in dream

Lizard in vagina dream

Left arm being burnt

Licks vigina in dream

Licking vigina in dream

Leftover food


Lame by broken leg

Living together with bf


Late father driving and says he is tired


Learning circumcissin a woman

Licking a vigina

Licking cogi a

Licking virgins

Licking nipple

Lobola dream

Lil girl

Looking for a path way in the bush

Lamaist shrine

Locust besns


Lost almirah in home

Lost relic

Large water

Lost belt

Licking lady pussy

Late grandfather asking for money in dream

Looking bathing friend in big deep pond

Long distance relationship

Losing a shoe to running water

Looking a gun

Licking african star apple in a dream meaning

Lost gift

Losing scissors

Lost scissor in waters

Lost scissor

Light blob explodes

Lost cello on tube train

Lights in sky

Lick husband pennis

Long path

Long paths with antiques

Little toe decay

Lover suck left breast

Lesbianism with your cusing

Live stone in my dream

Lost book returned

Lost item return tome

Legs tied up with a rope spiritual meaning

Love song by a man

Licking african star apple in the dream


Large crayfish in case a bag

Lost blanket while traveling

Lion skin


Little green snake biting

Last night i saw one man making panipuri

Lush green paddy field

Left leg

Lion with eagle wings

Licking udala

Luffa gourd

Lady with fe

Lots of provision in a dream means

Late mother with a black face

Licking udara in the dream,

Lost direction to work & inquiring from pple

Licking orange in dream means

Licking powder milk in a dream

Looking for biscuits to buy

Locust beans

Loved one in car accident lost leg

Large hole in front door

Lady cursing in dream

Live chat

Late sister-in-law

Lion chased by dogs

Leviathan, human suffering

Leviathan, human suffering, dream

Loved one with a different hair colour

Licking of powder milk in dresm

Land surveys

Luna wolf

Licking your lips in a dream

Losing a bible in dream

Lizard bay mistake falls in body

Loss of m9ney

Love interest flirting with another woman

Late at night

Losing diamond nose ring

Locusbean tree in the dream

Leafy vegetables dreams

Large skin pores

Luxurious future

Living a house near cemetery

Looking harvesting lentil

Lizard in clothes dream meaning

Lots of baby kittens and creepers

Little light

Laptop broken

Little boy jump

Lame smart woman

Lilac dress in a dream

Looking for paper cup

Lottery numbers for ducks

Liking a celebrity

Liking a celebratory

Lady rubbing man private parts

Los angeles california

Lions chasing you

Lions chasing you in your yard

Lot of white beads on the floor

Lotion feet in dream

Lake fire

Looking for missing slipper

Loosing your body lotion

Lost bible meaning

Lakshmi devi god came in dream

Late president giving you money

Lot inheritance

Lost and found ring


Like biscult container


Laying in bed with an ex

Light bulbs

Lightning bolt


Leornado di caprio

Leornado di capris

Letters inside envelop

Ladoo goal in river ganga

Living in a big house in the middle of the ocean

Losing slippers

Lahaul wala quwat

Long white gown

Lightning fire from the sky

Large intestine

Lions licking me

Late father surrounded by water

Lion trying to enter in house

Leaking pool

Licking draw soup

Lost a ring in dream

Lady offer me pan to eat

Lightening strikes a tree

Left hand bitten

Leading a prayer in your dream

Leaving purse back in dream

Losting your sandles

Left handed in a dream meaning

Letters pending from a necklace someone is holding

Letters pending from a necklace

Lots of ruffles on clothes


Leaving vessel

Leaving in the vessel

Legs of a cattle

Long mooch hair

Living grandpa before he died gave me blessings dream

Late husband plating my hair in dream

Lizard pepper soup

Leaving my parents house

Lord"s prayet dream

Late father paying my bills

Light from sky

Lesbian seduced

Licking powdered milk in dream

Lots of dogs


Love birds in dream

Long snake with egg

Little boy voice

Lemon grass tea

Leaches coming out of a running water


Lamborghini yellow one driving wheel on the wrong side, my son drive me around in it.

Lobster language


Loosing weight

Lost vagina

Looking in dusbins

Loose sandal

Living room

Licking my feet

Losing bestfriend in mall


Losing a softball mitt

Light stairs cry mother

Light stairs mother

Locked mom in attic

Locked relatives in attic

Light bulb

Lots of seaweeds in the basket

Long curtains

Long nipple hair female

Little girl bleeding from the eye

Liberating a lion

Losing your baby

Losing your baby in a car seat

Losing a scooter in dream

Loosing shoes to a dead person

Lion cub


Laughing mean in a dream

Land with black flowers

Lump on right shoulder

Lost telephone

Learning to use a tool

Large furnished house

Licking shoes

Lots of maggi pieces

Losing everyting you have

Licking star appel in the dream

Lost luggage restaurant families and friends from a long time ago

Lizard felled in left hand in the dream

Lizard felled in left hand of female in the dream

Loved ones in a coffin

Lizard poop on me

Lady giving saree in dream

Loved one being stoned

Lottery ticket lucky dream

Large body parts

Long black penis

Lizard in bathing tub

Leather bag

Late grandma wearing a maroon dress

Load on the head

Lady is telling me i will make sweater for u

Lady is telling to me i will make sweater for u


L dreamt washing black pots

Losing a shoe in waterslide

Leave sheet

Licking your own penis

Lost my bicycle

Losing blood from left hand


Last day of life

Last day before death row

Last 24 hrs on death row

Lola sucking dick

Lateness to work


Lost way n asking help

Lakshmi goddess feet in dream

Left arm being bruised

Licking vigiana in dream

Lunch with the deputy president of your country

Lady giving me haldi and kumkum

Lots of beard

Live chickens

Lies in dream

Landing white plane catches fire

Late dad giving you a pack of drug to buy for him

Lost in a large building

Lose a tricycle

Lotto numbers for dreaming of full beer bottles

Living on cliff

Lost engine spare parts

Losing trust

Lost counting money to a stranger

Losing court case in dreans

Long beer

Listing to hymns and singing some

Loseing mony in adream

Leaving excuse

Laying on tummy

Lying on tummy in dreams


Learning from cadaver

Lakshmi idol bronze

Laughing shiva

Losing money

Licking someone else virginal


Linking your fellow female pussy

Living room floor

Lemon tree broken from middle

Limetta in dreams mean

Lighting the dead

Leaving our children to someone

Lots of cut raw beef in sacks

Loosing a sleepers

Lemur biting my arm

Lost a sleeper

Little boy

Leaves falling from my vagina


Lake and mountain

Lightening in sky

Large clitoris

Lion sex in dream

Laughing with my rich friend

Losing court case with 20years imprisonment

Losing husband in river

Licking vagina

Licking someone vagina

Lost sandal in the dream

Love young

Lottery winning

Licking armpit

Lose little sister

Lost left leg slipper in a dream

Lobola negotiation

Licking orange in the dream

Long caravan

Losing in cock fighting

Lending clothes to dead person

Left leg pain

Laptop charger

Lying around maggots

Lying on a bed full of maggots

Large dark furry figure

Loki god

Loquats in a tree

Life ticket

Lost gold in dream

La ilaha illa anta subhanaka

Losing my phone

Licking pepper spray

Licking a scarce fruit in ur dream

Lost in a train station


Lord ganesha photo frame break in a dream means

Lizard drinking my water from bottle

Lion dreaming

Lion dreaming in the kitchen

Lion dreaming in the house

Loved one wearing torn clothes

Looking for comfort room

Leaving an event standing in a long line

Lysis in dreams

Long dick

Looking hijab

Licking of africa star apple seed

Loosing a phone

Liking water in the breast

Lion in cage

Losing slippers in a crowd

Losing gold ring in dream

Lending clothes in dream

Lvy gourd

Long hair

Light beam

Lots of provisions in dream meaning

Lizard on left hand

Ladder on a staircase

Large seahorse

Lunch box missing

Large and magnificent building

Long hair of a dead father

Louse all over my head

Looking for sushi but not finding it

Lizard stool

Loved one playing a trumpet

Losing pair sleepers

Lesbianism with your causing

Lost tiffin box

Losing some at a party

Licking palm oil in my dream

Late for a function appointed to carry out to in church

Licking honey

Licking african star apple

Locking a drawer with key

Lizard floating in milk

Level door broken

Long big bird

Lion with two horn



Living in a palace


Lost boyfriend in crowd

Last night i sawn the birthday party dream .what that means

Lanzones fruit in dream

Lied in a guatar

Lying down under bush

Lunch with chief minister

Lord krishna smiling at me

Late husband crying in my dream

Late husband crying because of his brother

Lizard on neck


Lionfish in my house

Leech on head

Lost my sim card in the dream

Low rider

Letter in water

Loud lion roaring

Losing a baby on the toilet

Lord hanuman idol

Lady head


Living in penthouse which is on top floor

Living flying fish catch it and kill it and divided it into two parts

Lizard did shit on face

Liquid wax

Little brother kidnapped by someone

Leading revolution

Lobola negotiations

Leaving his chair

Leg puss

Large bowels

Losing of taste

Lion not letting go of hand

Light coming out of mouth

Licking cooking oil in the dream

Loading machine



Losing your violin instrument

Lue baby

Lost clothes being naked in a dream

Lips with sores in dream

Leaving my door unlock

Lamb skull

Losing hand sanitizer

Loosing chin

Looking for a ring

La llorona

Losing two pairs of boots shoes

Losing laundry in the river

Laundering in the river

Laundering in the rivet

Lion birthing

Lion tiger

Late mother asking for money to buy sniff

Lemon in rream

Laiaha i’ll allah illa antarctic subanaka

La i’ll ha illa ants subanaka

Loss of money in stock market


Lap full of turmeric


Leader of a tribe

Lover headphones

Large insects

Lots of keyholes

Looking brinjal on plant in dream mean