What does it mean to see an jewelry in a dream?

Jewelry Dream Meaning: From 18 Different Sources


Jewelry accentuates your appearance and, depending on where it is worn, may reveal a great deal about your wealth and radiant qualities. It may be a symbol of beauty and of protection.

(See Gems.)

Ariadne's Book of Dream | Ariadne Green


Any adornment relates symbolically to self-expression. Jewelry has the added connection to abundance and prosperity and the desire to show the world your ability to attract wealth. People often place great value on their jewelry, so it becomes a symbol of anything that is considered valuable. Look at the context of a dream in which jewelry is featured, as your dream may be letting you know what you value.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams | Dr. Mıchael Lennox


Vision: Wearing jewelry: don’t be vain and arrogant—it does not make for good friends. Seeing other people wearing jewelry’: you are easily taken in by others and are prone to misjudge them. See Precious Stones.

Depth Psychology: Are you “decorating” yourself to gain attention or admiration? Giving jewelry as a gift to someone: is jewelry an indication of the “precious” feelings you have for someone? Receiving jewelry as a gift: does someone have “precious feelings” for you?

Dreamers Dictionary | Garuda


See individual items.

Gypsy Dream Dictionary | Raymond Buckland


Well-being. Beauty for women, honor for men, or vanity; but it also implies that an inner Treasure has been discovered. Also a desire for acceptance and affection. According to Freud, the symbol of the person one loves.

Vanity or pleasure in one’s own attractiveness.

Folklore: In the case of women, ambition; in men, wanting to possess the jewel, the woman. Bad omen.

Little Giant Encyclopedia | Klaus Vollmar


1. Business affairs, usually positive.

2. Sense of self, identity and self-esteem.

3. Sadness, disappointment (to see broken jew­elry).

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin


Dreaming of jewelry with fine jewels denotes high ambitions.

If the jewelry is broken, disappointments ahead. Tarnished jewelry indicates business problems.

If you lose your jewelry, take especial care of your personal property.

If the dreamer receives a gift of jewelry, it augurs a happy wedded life.

Psycho Dream Interpretation | Ella Freeman Sharpe


Dreams of jewelry represent extravagance, prosperity and abundance, lavishness, and qualities you cherish.

If you dream of your family heirlooms, then you are realizing inherited wisdom.

If you dream of being in the possession of a valuable piece of jewelry, then you feel connected to your natural inheritance and to the priceless wonder that you are. Jewelry can represent an aspect of yourself, a proud achievement, a precious memory, a friendship that is priceless to you, your talents, resources, wisdom, or the qualities in which you treasure, as in kindness, compassion, honesty, etc. Your dream is telling you to acknowledge where you sparkle, what is rare and invaluable about you. See Necklace, Bracelet, Ear rings, Amethyst, Sapphire, Ruby, Diamond, Emerald, Jade, Opal, Pearl, Turquoise, Silver or Gold.

Strangest Dream Explanations | Dream Explanations - Anonymous


To dream of broken jewelry, denotes keen disappointment in attaining one’s highest desires.

If the jewelry be cankered, trusted friends will fail you, and business cares will be on you.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation | Gustavus Hindman Miller


The meaning of this dream depends on your current concerns. Jewelry is usually a representation of materialistic values. Gender differences imply that for a man this dream symbolizes material wealth and for a woman, love. Careful analysis requires answering the following questions: What type of jewelry it is? Is it genuine or costume? How did you react to it and in which was was it important in the dream?

The Bedside Dream Dictionary | Silvana Amar


It presages criticism of a virulent nature if you dream of wearing unusual or bizarre jewelry.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway


A display of real jewelry featured in your dream is a fortunate augury for your current interests, but a display of costume jewelry is a warning that you are in danger of being led astray through foolish vanity.

A dream of stealing jewelry is a signal that extra caution is needed in regard to business affairs; to lose jewelry is an obstacle dream and the meaning depends on whether or not you recovered it.

To give or receive jewelry, buy, or sell it pertains to love or domestic affairs and is considered a fortunate omen, whereas to wear it is a warning against impulsive behavior or shady transactions.

The meaning of any jewelry dream must also be correlated to the details, such as the type of the pieces, i. e., ring, necklace, earring, bracelet, etc., as well as the color and kind of the jewels.

See Amethyst, Diamonds, Emerald, etc.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams | Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett


The way you think the wearer wants to portray themselves to the world.

A characteristic or gift you perceive the wearer to have.

Something of value to you, such as love, acceptance, sentimentality.

A commitment, treasure, or remembrance given from one person to another.

A treasured memory, touchstone, or commitment that’s important to the dreamer.

Wearing jewelry can represent embellishing yourself, your image, a story, or something else.

Someone else’s jewelry can represent something you know, perceive, or assume about that person.

Jewelry you’re wearing (or would like to wear) can represent: something valuable or meaningful to you in real life; an attempt to boost your sense of self-value.

Losing jewelry can represent a feeling or fear of: losing touch with a certain aspect of yourself or your life (depending on the type of jewelry); neglecting a commitment or responsibility (such as to someone else or to yourself); underestimating your unique value as a person.

See also the specific type of jewelry.

See also: Decoration; Ring (Jewelry); Earrings; Bracelet; Necklace; Gem; Fashionable; Clothes

The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary | Nancy Wagaman


Different gifts and abilities; adornment, beauty. Individual self-expression, identity.

A particular stone may suggest you need that specific energy or color for health and well being. See specific jewels.

The Dream Books Symbols | Betty Bethards


Jewels represent qualities that we most value in ourselves and others and to see them set in a necklace, bracelet, ring, earring or other item of jewelry suggests attributes we cherish within ourselves and others.

If you are given an item of jewelry in your dream, this shows that you have the support of others, but if you give the jewelry, it suggests that you feel you have something to offer to other people.

If you find jewelry, your success will be due to your own efforts.

If the jewelry has a particular history, such as a family heirloom or the first piece of jewelry given by a partner, then it represents what you feel about family tradition, or your partner. Jewelry can also indicate love that is given or received. Very often it can represent how you feel about yourself, and for it to appear in a dream as something valuable or cheap gives you an indication of your self-esteem.

Items of jewelry

In dreams, items of jewelry represent a special and precious value or quality, such as love, loyalty, inner beauty, friendship or purity. Whether you are single or married, receiving a gift of jewelry in your dream denotes the love and the appreciation of the giver, so the purpose of such a dream may simply be to confirm or fulfill your desire for the love and affection of that person.

For centuries, a ring or band has been the symbol of marriage and partnership, and when a ring appears in your dream, it may represent commitment, fulfillment and completion. It may also signify a need for greater sexual fulfillment or commitment in a relationship.

Another interpretation is that the ring represents your essential self and wholeness, as the circle of a ring is never-ending and self- perpetuating. Bangles and bracelets also suggest wholeness and eternity through their circular shape. A wedding ring suggests a union and a promise, a ring belonging to the family suggests old traditions, whilst an engagement ring suggests a temporary promise of devotion.

An eternity ring would suggest that this promise is more permanent. Quite differently, a signet ring would indicate something that has been, or needs to be, sealed.

Necklaces arose from the wearing of a chain of office and therefore in dreams they suggest a dignity and honor bestowed on the wearer. Seeing someone wearing a necklace suggests a personal breakthrough.

If you lose a necklace, you may have been careless recently, but if you find a necklace, you have much to be grateful for.

If you steal a necklace, you should be careful not to take what isn’t yours.

If you are given a necklace and it breaks, this suggests that there is a weak link in a relationship. Wearing a beautiful necklace is wish-fulfillment, but if the necklace is heavy, you may feel dragged down and restricted in waking life, with heavy responsibilities.

Dreaming of wearing a crown or tiara suggests that you are being congratulated in some way in waking life, or deserve to be.

If the brooch in your dream was one of your own, your personal associations with the brooch, who gave it to you and what it means to you, should be your first consideration.

If it was being admired in your dream, you may be feeling pleased with yourself. Bear in mind a brooch is sometimes called a pin, so is someone trying to pin something on you or to blame you unfairly. Dream earrings may be drawing your attention to your ears. In waking life, are you getting the message from someone? Do you need to keep your ears open during waking hours?


It may also give an indication of how others feel about you.

The Element Encyclopedia | Theresa Cheung


(see Clothing, Crown, Gems, Metals, Stones, Rings)

Meaning may sometimes be determined by where the jewelry is worn.

For instance, necklaces lie near the throat, the center of communication. So, if a necklace felt very tight in the dream, this may indicate swallowing your words, or having communication strangled (see Choking).

Overly large or small pieces: Exaggerated senses.

For example, big earrings might reveal a propensity for eavesdropping, while tiny ones indicate underdeveloped listening skills (see Ears).

The finer things in life; luxuries.

Wearing excessive jewelry in a dream indicates that the individual envisioned tries to impress others with wealth or possessions.

Jewelry that is not worn, but seen as a central image in a dream, should be reviewed for its component parts, like noting the significance of gems or metals used in its construction. Or, if a specific image appears as the jewelry’s focal point, that can also have meaning.

For example, seeing an Egyptian ankh could represent renewed health or improved courage, whereas a pin depicting the zodiac sign Pisces might reflect a personal focus on productivity.

In the 2nd century C.E., Artemidorus wrote that women dreaming of fine jewelry would soon marry, have children, or increase their wealth.

The Language of Dreams | Patrica Telesco


General Meaning: All over the world, Jewelry has the same appeal. It speaks of beauty, wealth, blessing and favor.

• It also represents the image you portray to the world.

Dreams Positive:

Knowledge is also considered a jewel in Scripture.

• Proverbs 20:15 There is gold, and a multitude of rubies: but the lips of knowledge [are] a precious jewel.

Negative: In a negative light however, a jewel in a pig’s nose is not a positive picture! • Proverbs 11:22 [As] a jewel of gold in a swine’s snout, [so is] a fair woman who is without discretion.

• I have covered various pieces of jewelry and jewel stones under their own headings.

• Visions • Positive: I have often seen various jewels in the spirit. Once I saw a person working a field, and in it were various jewels of great value.

• The Lord told them, that as they just continue with the work that He had for them, that they would discover many things of great value along the way.

• This spoke of natural as well as spiritual blessings.

• I have also seen someone walking along a road and discovering different jewels at specific places along the way.

• The Lord said that the treasures that they are looking for would be find as they continue on the road that He had for them.

See also: Crown, Diamonds, Earrings, Gold, Necklace, Ring, Ruby.

The Way of Dreams and Visions | Colette Toach


lucky numbers: 11-14-15-17-26-39

admiring jewels: wil experience extravagance tempered by your rational mind.

agate, wearing: be careful when cal ed upon to arbitrate quarrels.

amber, giving a gift of: obstacles between you and loved ones.

amulet for protection from evil, buying an: uncover the obstructer and confront him.

receiving an: a price wil be paid eventual y through the high office of a friend.

selling, to another: relieve yourself of the conflict of interest.

wearing: eventual y your vulnerability wil be uncovered.

buying: are decorating yourself to gain attention.

cuff links: a formal matter of courtesy to respect your higher position.

garnet: the fertility of substantial labors for little return.

giving a gift of: indication you have precious feelings for recipient.

receiving: admirer feels more than you do; their estate wil threaten you.

gold ring: earnings wil be just but lack in satisfaction.

having: an abundance brings continuous threat of their theft.

honest, an: date needs to be set to aim for finishing your plans.

dishonest, an: wil receive an expedient offer to add prestige to your work.

inherited: pay attention to your soul, with your risk of rank and satisfied ambitions.

iron ring, buying: wil not receive the value of your worth.

jeweler, being a: wil cheat friends and speculate with enemies.

dishonest, an: wil receive an expedient offer to add prestige to your work.

honest, an: date needs to be set to aim for finishing your plan.

locket, breaking a: your partner wil turn fickle, irresolute, bringing instability home.

losing a: much travail wil daunt your path as you fal in love with a stranger.

receiving a family: early union with soul-mate and numerous offspring.

loss of: your ability to operate is curtailed by those who flatter and deceive you.

a gift: relationship with giver is over, to your great detriment.

platinum: your tension has tainted your efforts.

ring, losing a: wil apologize to love of your dreams for not being perfect.

receiving: keen disappointment in the actual value of money.

rhinestone: don’t ask for a reference unless you are sure it wil be a good one.

selling: wil answer for peccadil oes you have kept hidden.

stealing: are in danger of committing some disgraceful act.

trinkets, buying: don’t wear your heart upon your sleeve.

receiving: your loved one is vain and fickle.

turquoise, of: natural healing.

wearing: wil suffer because of envy and your foolish actions.

other’s: taken in by appearances and cheated by friends.

wristwatch: social activity among community minded persons.

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days |

8 dream interpretations related to the symbols you see in your dreams.

Jewels / Jewelry

Jewels or jewelry in a dream suggests that your physical health will improve. They also signify inner strength and confidence.... jewels / jewelry dream meaning

Fake Jewelry

(See Alum)... fake jewelry dream meaning

Jewelry Shop

A jeweler’S shop in a dream means happiness, celebrations, a wedding, ornaments, Adam’s apple, or a Qur’an study circle.

(Also see Jeweler)... jewelry shop dream meaning

Jewelry Store

Entering a jewelry store in a dream may reflect concerns about expressing your radiant qualities and self-worth. Shopping for fine jewels may comment on your readiness to embrace your true value.... jewelry store dream meaning

Jewel / Jewelry

In dreams, jewels represent the qualities you value in yourself and others in waking life; they also represent the lasting and precious parts of yourself that connect you with others. Most of the time, dreams about jewels are pleasant and reassuring, as they have their basis in wish-fulfillment.

If jewelry is given to you in a dream, this is a sign of high self-esteem; loss of jewelry suggests the opposite.

If a specific item of jewelry is highlighted in your dream, your feelings about how you acquired it, from whom you acquired it and what the feelings mean to you should be your first consideration.

If the jewelry was being admired, you may be feeling pleased with yourself.

The pearl is a Freudian symbol of female sexuality, especially when seen embedded within an oyster or when adorning a woman’s neck in a pearl necklace. For Jung, pearls express a dreamer’s aspiration to purity and personal spiritual transformation. Alternatively, dreams of pearls may be highlighting a ‘pearl of wisdom’ someone has to offer, or the inner wisdom and beauty that has emerged from the trials of life.... jewel / jewelry dream meaning

Money / Handbag / Jewelry / Purse / Wallet

Money, cash or coins in dreams are often thought to be a sign of emotional transactions.

If you give money away, this suggests a generosity of spirit or it might reflect emotional ties that are expected of you at present. Receiving money can suggest the acceptance of emotional support or the emotional needs of the dreamer. Borrowing money can be a warning to hold back as far as financial plans are concerned and to explore all aspects of the deal before going ahead. Making a payment, signing a check or using a credit card are thought to be positive signs that things are going to plan. The notion of saving and investing in dreams may refer to the need to prepare yourself emotionally for situations and relationships that need your attention

A wallet, purse or pocketbook containing personal items may relate to your private world, the kind of person you are and your interests.

If you dream of an expensive designer purse or bag, you may feel a need to have a more glamorous image. A worn purse may symbolize feelings of being worn out and shabby. Do you need to brighten up your identity so that you look and feel brighter? Your dream wallet may symbolize your private thoughts and desires, hidden from public view. Is your wallet full or empty? Are you worried that someone has got too close to you or on the contrary are you seeking greater intimacy? A bag in your dream may symbolically carry your hopes for the future. A heavy bag suggests more projects than you can handle, whilst an empty bag—far from meaning that you have no hope—suggests that you wish to search for new ideas. Frequently associated with fruit, a basket may evoke images of fertility and sexuality. Depending on what is in the basket, it can suggest youthful energy or ripe maturity.

Finally, items of jewelry are symbols of wishes and wish-fulfillment.

If you are given a gift of jewelry in your dream, you may be experiencing a sense of recognition in waking life. Viewing a rare jewel from a distance may be a sign that you have failed to understand the importance or meaning of an event or relationship. Losing a jewel may reflect fears of personal or financial loss in waking life. See also CRYSTALS, GEMSTONES AND ROCKS; MONEY AND SHOPPING.... money / handbag / jewelry / purse / wallet dream meaning

Watch (jewelry)

Time, the passage of time, or a concern about time.

The idea of limited time or not enough time.

The idea of having to wait or having too much time on your hands.

The importance you place on being on time.

The need to adhere to a schedule, or wishing you didn’t have to.

Consider also the context and characteristics of the watch, how the wearer was using it, and how you felt about it.

See also: Time; Time of Day; Time Passing; Jewelry... watch (jewelry) dream meaning

Ring (jewelry)

Something personal, meaningful, or significant about the owner (or giver) of the ring (for example, your grandmother giving you her ring might represent her giving you her love).

Commitment (such as an engagement ring representing a commitment to be married).

Belonging (such as a high school ring representing being part of a certain school and graduating class).

Authority or a role (such as a queen’s ring representing her royal authority, or a mother’s ring with children’s birthstones representing her role as mother).

See also: Engagement; Jewelry; Circle... ring (jewelry) dream meaning