What does it mean to see an up, upper in a dream?

Up, Upper Dream Meaning: From 4 Different Sources

Example: ‘When I was very small probably even pre-school I often dreamt of flying. I was mostly dressed only in my short vest and usually floating upwards to escape adults who were clawing at my legs to pull me down’ (Miss GC). Looking through dreams in which the words ‘up’, ‘upwards’, ‘upper’ or ‘upstairs’ are used, again and again one sees the same feeling as expressed in the example—getting away from being ‘pulled down’ by difficult feelings, by depression, by everyday duties, by difficulties in relationships, and so on. It expresses the technique we use when worried, such as reading a book, being entertained, having a drink—anything to take our attention away from the difficult feelings. Moving upwards of course also depicts positive change; shifting towards mental activity; gaining a wider view of things; promotion. Idioms: one up on; on the up and up; up a gum tree; up and down; ups and downs; up the pole; up the wall; up the spout; up to the hilt.

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This shows that we have the capability of achieving a degree of supremacy. We are capable of getting the ‘upper hand’ in particular situations. We can move away from the mundane, ordinary, everyday world into a more spiritual way of life.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

See position

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

see Position

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Bracelet For The Upper Arm

If symbolises some unpleasant matter caused by his brother or friend. If it is made of silver the matter will be less unpleasant and it will disappear in a short period of time. ... bracelet for the upper arm dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Breakfast / Lunch / Supper

If the foods in your dream are breakfast foods such as cereal and toast, these may suggest your attitude to a new project. It is worth recalling how these foods were eaten. Was there an atmosphere of calm or was the meal rushed? This can have implications for how you are feeling about a new stage in your life. Alternatively, your mind may already be thinking ahead about what to make for breakfast in the morning. It is not uncommon for your fleeting thoughts to be incorporated into your dream. If a lunch features in your dreams, this implies a need to take time out from your daily efforts to revitalize yourself. The appearance of a dream lunchbox could be urging you to get as much done as possible or economize financially. Supper pertains to a need to revitalize and energize yourself, whereas dinner connotes your main source of nourishment. The dinnerware used will portray your personal perspective towards nourishing yourself. A dinner dance suggests the joyful, nourishing benefits. A dining room usually suggests a concentrated and enjoyable manner of being nourished, whereas a dining car corresponds to a need to pay attention to your emotional needs whilst on your life journey. If you enjoy a snack in your dream this implies rejuvenation or the re-energizing of yourself. ... breakfast / lunch / supper dream meaning

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Climbing The Upper Portion Of A House

If a person sees himself entering an unknown house and climbing the upper protions of the house, it means he will marry some woman who will be a means of prosperity for him. ... climbing the upper portion of a house dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


(A leather loop passing under a horse’s tail and is buckled to the saddle. ) In a dream, a crupper represents a contemptuous and a lowly guardian who profiteers and takes advantage of his position. A crupper in a dream also represents a servant who has a secret affair with his mistress. A crupper in a dream also means money or a money belt. ... crupper dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


(one who draws blood from others, as a medical procedure) : interpreted upon 8 sides: delivery of a trust, book of stipulations / signs & Guardianship, evils & preordained friends & Sunna & isolation. It depends [upon whether] an abscess / sore appears, or [the spot is] amenable / complies. Also contingent on [if] the cupper was a man who wastes away the matters of people by his hands. ... cupper dream meaning

Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik


See “dinner”... supper dream meaning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited


News of a birth. ... supper dream meaning

Mystic Dream Book


See Dinner, Eating, etc. ... supper dream meaning

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


1. Marriage Supper of the Lamb (Great Feast);2. Communion;3. Fellowship;4. Last Supper; Luke 14:16; Rev. 19:9. ... supper dream meaning

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model


See Food Fruit Trees Vegetables... supper dream meaning

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model


lucky numbers: 07-10-28-29-30-51giving, to animals: pleasure wil wipe out misfortune, only to see it rear its ugly head again. having: wil let the little things interfere with your big picture. alone: wil recapture your zest for youth. business, a: a public disgrace cannot be hidden behind a fancy facade. of the Last: wil receive blessings of a new and valuable friend. ... supper dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days

The Front Two Teeth-upper And Lower

They symbolise a person’s children, brothers and sisters. ... the front two teeth-upper and lower dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


Dreams of Tupperware represent that you are preserving and saving your energy, ideas, resources and potential for a later date. See Zip Locked. ... tupperware dream meaning

Strangest Dream Explanations

Upper / Lower

see Storey, Underdog... upper / lower dream meaning

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols

Upper Room

(See Stairway)... upper room dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


Dreams of your upper back reflect your issues with giving and receiving support. Perhaps you feel that you are carrying the weight of the world, or that you are in need of support from the people in your life. See Back and Co-Dependant... upper-back dream meaning

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