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Someone one needs for emotional help is not there.

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The keywords of this dream: Unavailable


1. Isolation.

2. Romance is in the offing.

3. Independence.

4. Escape.

5. Becoming inaccessible or unavailable. ... New American Dream Dictionary


New American Dream Dictionary


1. Area of one’s life where one is unable to take action.

2. Former skill now unavailable to one. ... New American Dream Dictionary


New American Dream Dictionary


Cards can appear in dreams in many different forms—such as postcards, maps, entrance cards or tickets, playing cards, and business cards.

In the case of playing cards, it implies that you do not take life seriously enough and are taking too many risks. It also may be a suggestion to look at life more as if it were a game and to be less serious.

It is important whether you have good or bad cards in your hand.

If you dream about a particular card, find out the meaning by checking out books about reading cards.

With postcards and maps, refer to the place or area pictured on them.

If you can’t make any connection with the picture, postcards and maps may be an expression of a desire for travel and vacation.

Tickets and business cards point to areas that are normally unavailable to you. In the case of tickets, the specific area depicted is most important: what you are admitted to is an indication of the direction you should take in your life. In the case of business cards and credit cards it is the person who carries them who is important.

A business card shows that you are, or want to be, successful.

Folklore: Quarrels loom on the horizon.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


1- When something is transparent in a dream we may be feeling vulnerable, but may also be aware of insights we would not normally have.

To be inside a transparent bubble, for instance, would suggest visibility and vulnerability in our lives, perhaps taking on new- responsibilities.

For someone else to be behind a transparent shield suggests they are somewhat remote and unavailable to us.

2- When we arc aware in dreams that things around us are transparent, we become our ability to ‘see through’ things. We arc able to be discerning in our judgement.

3- Transparency in the spiritual sense represents honesty.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


Vision: A skyscraper is a symbol of emotional frustration; the building itself is a phallic symbol and related to sexual desires. Do you feel isolated? Do you feel you are walking through life as a nameless person? If a woman dreams about a skyscraper without windows: her partner is emotionally unavailable.

Depth Psychology: Living in a skyscraper: you are in the wrong place, because the atmosphere is detrimental to your emotional health. In all other cases, the dream is a reminder: limit your expectations—you have set your hopes too high. See House.... Dreamers Dictionary


Dreamers Dictionary


Material aspects: When something is transparent in a dream we may be feeling vulnerable, but may also be aware of insights we would not normally have.

To be inside a transparent bubble, for instance, would suggest visibility and vulnerability in our lives, perhaps taking on new responsibilities.

For a dream character to be behind a transparent shield suggests they or what they represent are somewhat remote and unavailable to us.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile


A bottle is about the ability to contain a small amount of something, usually liquid refreshment.

If the symbolic meaning behind what’s in the bottle is to nurture you or please your palate, then the meaning of the bottle is your ability to contain that desire in a portable way and enjoy it at your leisure. An empty bottle relates to something you had in the past being unavailable to you now.

A bottle that is broken indicates an inability to contain something pleasurable.

If you know what is in the bottle, add that for a great distinction of your interpretation.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams


After spiritual matters have been made manifest, great abundance is possible. Eight is the number of infinity and all that it implies. This includes wealth of every kind: love, money, bliss, joy, and every amazing experience life has to offer.

The concept of infinity states that there is no limitation in the universe, that time and space continue forever and ever in a way that is beyond our ability to truly comprehend. When an understanding of infinity and abundance are combined, there is a realization that there is an endless supply of anything you could possibly desire, even those things that you perceive as limited and unavailable to you. Eight is the magic of seven in action.

The shadow side of this is greed, hoarding, and withholding love.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams

Hidden Room

This is a universal dream about previously unknown or hidden resources.

A house or home of any kind represents the dreamer’s sense of self.

If you discover a room that you didn’t know was there, it is like finding a new aspect of yourself that was formerly unknown. This can be interpreted as something that is just becoming available to you, such as new thoughts, resources, or strengths that exist in you but were previously unavailable or untapped. What you find in a hidden room should figure prominently in your interpretation. Your association with anything you seek or discover should be considered as symbolic of a resource that you already possess but are just now able to utilize. Not all hidden room dreams are pleasant; some can be quite disturbing.

If this is the case, remember that if you find something troubling within your psyche, accepting and incorporating such shadow elements is crucial to facilitating integration.

If the room suddenly disappears, consider that the resource you counted on finding within yourself may not be as fully formed as you had thought. No matter what the sensibility of the discovery, this image is always an embodiment of the possibility that at any moment in life, more can be revealed.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams


You are connecting to an archetypal character aspect of yourself who connects with wisdom and guidance.

The wise old man and his female counterpart, the crone, are staples in Jungian psychology, as they are the archetypes that represent human wisdom. This is a character aspect shared by every human being on the planet, and it connects us to our inner guidance and our highest thought. We can only connect to this powerful energy when we can learn from our mistakes, a trait often associated with the insight that comes with age and is usually unavailable to us in our youth. An older person whom you know from life may also represent wisdom, but an interpretation of any person must connect to the individual’s traits as you experience them in life. When the old man or the crone appears in archetypal fashion, they will not be known to you personally. They may offer insight, wisdom, or a gift. This archetypal character aspect is often the first one that most people encounter on their inner journey toward integration. This is because all human beings have access to the wisdom that comes with age, making this archetype very accessible within each of us.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams

Door / Keyhole

In dream-lore, to pass through a door and enter a house is a decisive and symbolic action as the door represents the passage from one state of being to another. Freud and Jung agreed that the house signified the self and the body, but disagreed about the doors of a house. For Freud, doors are dream images representing the body’s orifices, whilst for Jung, doors express the dreamer’s relationship to their conscious and unconscious world. According to Jungians, a door opening outwards suggests a need to open up to others, whereas a door opening inwards suggests the need for greater reflection or a desire to explore the inner self.

In general, most dream analysts believe that entering through a door signifies new opportunities that will be presented to you. Doors and doorways represent an opportunity for either positive or negative change. You may be entering into a new stage in your life, moving from one level of consciousness to another.

If your dreaming mind portrayed you as stepping through a door, it signals your willingness to embrace change and the unknown, whilst letting someone in through the door indicates your willingness to interact with them.

If you were faced by a confusing number of doors, you may be feeling overwhelmed by choices in life and unsure which opening is right for you.

If you simply can’t find the door to escape through in your dream, then perhaps you feel unable to express yourself in waking life. To dream of locked doors signifies opportunities that are denied, unavailable to you or ones on which you have missed out. Also consider who or what you are shutting out of your life if your dream features a door; perhaps as one dream door closes, another will open…

More specifically, a front door usually symbolizes unfamiliar outside circumstances—if a doormat features in your dream as well, you may be allowing others to walk all over you in real life—while a backdoor stands for the more familiar traffic of people we already know. Unwanted changes in your life are often depicted in dreams as intruders or strangers at the door, and if you are beginning a new relationship and themes of burglary or home invasion appear in your dreams, this does not necessarily mean your partner is dangerous; the dream may be providing an early warning of undercurrents in your relationship that are not nourishing to you. In some instances, the dark stranger at the door represents an aspect of yourself that is selfcritical and self- destructive.

Another dream featuring doors is that of being locked out or being unable to enter your home because you have lost your key. This image reflects a situation in which you are being prevented from accessing your talent, drive and energy. You have been locked out from the best part of yourself but the situation can be easily corrected by remembering your key next time, or finding another way in. In most cases, the key indicates willingness to change and to experiment with alternatives. Keyholes in dreams allow you to view that which is otherwise concealed; if this image appears in your dream, ask yourself whether your privacy is being invaded in some way or whether you are prying into affairs that are no concern of yours. A rusty key may indicate talents that are being neglected. Freud viewed the key as a phallus and saw potent sexual symbolism in the trio of key, door and the door’s subsequent opening. Finally, to dream that you hear or ring a door bell foretells of unexpected news.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia