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What does it mean to see an ring in a dream?

Ring Dream Meaning: From 36 Different Sources


(1) A ring may symbolize rparriage. How the ring feels on your finger may indicate how you feel about the (prospective or actual) marriage.

(2) It may be a symbol of being committed (to a relationship). Not wearing a ring may symbolize not wanting to be restricted to one person.

(3) A ring may symbolize eternity; or completeness, wholeness; your true self.

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols | Eric Ackroyd


One’s wholeness; one’s essential self. Wedding, en­gagement ring: the state of the relationship, as in example below, where Mary is ‘choking’ on or ‘can’t swallow’ her rela­tionship. Example: ‘If I swallow I am going to swallow and choke on my engagement ring. I seem to be trying to stop a ring going down my throat’ (Mary S). Heirloom, parents’ ring: psychological influence of the family or parent, even if dead. Idioms: have a hollow ring, have a true ring; run rings round someone. See shapes, symbols.

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences | Tony Crisp


Rings bring attention to the hands. Rings on the right hand may comment on your work. Rings on the left hand are associated with receiving a commitment.

A wedding ring suggests commitment and a bond in marriage. Proudly wearing a canary diamond ring may mention that a woman possesses extremely rare and valuable talents.

Ariadne's Book of Dream | Ariadne Green


To see a ring in a dream can symbolize God’s approval and authority, Jer. 22:24, Hag. 2:23

Christian Dream Symbols | Tyler Wolfe


The circular shape of a ring is a symbol itself for things in life that embody a sense of continuity. An engagement or wedding ring reflects the sense of wholeness and continuity reflected in the choice to partner with another person. In this way, the ring is symbolic of any sort of commitment to something long-term. In a dream, this may not necessarily be to a person in a relationship, but can also reflect a commitment to an idea, a project, a belief system, or some other structure.

If a ring is lost, stolen, or broken in some way, consider the ways in which your steadfastness is in question.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams | Dr. Mıchael Lennox


See circle;

1. Marriage and family;

2. Authority;

3. Never ending;

4. Prestige; Covenant relationship; Esther 1:6; 3:12; 8:8; Gen. 41:42-43.

• Wedding Ring

- Covenant in marriage with man and woman,

• Engagement ring

- Promise of commitment.

• Rings worn as jewellery

- Self glorification.

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model | Vincent Wienand


A promise; research type, i.E. Gold, silver, plastic, paper, diamond, etc. See “finger”

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton


Like the circle, the ring signifies eternity and divinity. It represents totality and infinity.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous


Psychological / emotional perspective: We all need some kind of continuity in our lives, something that gives a sense of long-term comfort.

A ring holds this symbolism because it is never-ending and is self-perpetuating.

To be ringing someone in a dream suggests we are trying to make contact with something important.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous


Material aspects: A ring appearing in a dream usually signifies a relationship of some sort.

A wedding ring suggests a union and a promise.

A ring belonging to the family would represent old traditions and values.

An engagement ring suggests a more tentative promise of devotion.

An eternity ring would be a long-term promise.

A signet ring would indicate setting the seal on something.

A bullring suggests an element of cruelty.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous


You might like to consult the entries for hole, telephone, wedding / wedding dress / wedding ring as well as the information on circle in shapes / patterns.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous


To dream of a ring as a piece of jewelry may indicate the expression of commitment to a relationship or to marriage.

A ring can also represent the completion and wholeness that the dreamer is experiencing within themselves. In the case of a ringing sound, it may indicate that the dreamer needs to shift his or her attention to some issue or situation in their waking life. (See also Jewels / Jewelry, Necklace).

Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia | James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver


Symbol: The ring represents a bond or vow to share your destiny with another person or a community—a beginning without end.

Vision: In a woman’s dream, a ring on a finger or slipping a ring on a finger is a sign that she can’t let go of an old relationship. Dreaming about a ring that won’t come off: letting go of a relationship is even more difficult than you had anticipated. Finding a ring: things in your love relationship are going well.

A broken ring: a separation is unavoidable. Losing a ring: your lover or spouse is unfaithful or you are temporarily separated. Seeing two rings: either a budding love relationship or marriage. Pulling a ring off your finger: your affair will have nasty consequences.

Depth Psychology: The ring represents the relationship you have with the person who gave you the ring or to whom you gave the ring. See Circle.

Dreamers Dictionary | Garuda


The ring, whether for an engagement or a wedding, is a symbol of commitment. It says, ‘We’re together and we’re in it for the long haul.’ In reality this could indicate you’re about to enter into an agreement with someone, either on a personal or professional level. You’re close to sealing the deal, but you still need to check all the finer details. If the ring is big and flashy then approach with caution, the situation might not be all it seems. If you love the ring, then matters will go well and you’ll be happy with the outcome. If the ring is lost, then the deal may not live up to your expectations; make sure you have a plan B.

Dreams Interpretations Hidden Meanings Symbols | Alison Davies


Approaching marriage.

Gypsy Dream Dictionary | Raymond Buckland


interpreted upon 8 sides: child, wealth, Guardianship, living, [male] servant & elevation of rank, ornament, start of work.

Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik | Cafer-i Sadik


A ring in the dream symbolises a person’s estate, wealth, honour and power through which he enjoys a status and dignity amongst the people. Any abnormalities or excellences in the ring is a reflection of similar abnormalities or excellences in any of the above.

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin


In a dream, a ring represents peace, tranquility, authority, a wife, a child, or ajob, the reward of which will equal the value and size of the gemstone which is placed on it.

If one’s wife is pregnant, and ifhe sees himself wearing a golden ring in a dream, it means that she will give birth to a son.

The king’s ring in a dream represents his kingdom. Cutting off a tight ring with a pair of pliers in a dream means the end to one’s authority. Any incrustations on one’s ring in a dream represent his goals. Ifthe gemstone of one’s ring falls in a dream, it may mean the death of his child, or the loss of his business.

A broken ring in a dream means divorce. Wearing a ring made of iron in a dream means that one will receive benefits though with great strain on him. Wearing a golden ring carrying a precious stone in a dream means that such benefits will come with ease.

If it is a plain ring or a band with no stone, it means engaging in a strenuous project and getting nothing out of it. Rings made of ivory or from an animal’s horn in a dream represent glad tidings for a woman. Seeing someone in authority stamping a document with his ring as a seal in a dream means that one will receive an important political appointment. Ifone who is accustomed to wearing a silver ring sees himself offering it as a gift to whoever he wishes in a dream, it means that he will preside over an honorable post. Wearing the governor’s ring in a dream means an appointment as a dignitary, or inheriting such a rank from one’s father. Ifone’s father does not hold such a position, then it means the opposite of one’s wishes. Finding a lost ring in a dream means earning money from a foreign land, or having a new born son, or it could mean a marriage to a righteous woman.

If the stone of one’s ring seems unstable in the dream, it means that one will be fired form his job. Removing one’s ring in a dream means that one maybe removed from his job.

If a woman sees herself removing her wedding ring in a dream, it means the death of either her husband or of a close relative.

A ring in a dream also connotes a band, an encumbrance. or a shackle.

If one’s ring disappears and only the stone remains in the dream, it means that once the responsibilities are gone, good memories of the person will remain.

A man wearing a golden ring in a dream represents innovation, and the results will bring about afflictions, betrayal, or a revolt. Wearing a tight ring in the dream means that one will be let off from a vicious woman, or that he will be spared from a wicked duty.

A borrowed wedding ring in a dream represents an ownership that will not last.

If one buys an engraved ring in a dream, it means that he will own something he never owned before, such as a house, a vehicle, or perhaps he may get married, or bear a child.

If one sees rings being sold in the open market in a dream, it means that the estates of the high society are for sale or it could represent foreclosure.

If one sees the skies raining rings in a dream, it means that he will conceive a child during that year.lfhe is unwed, it means that he will marry a rich and a virgin young woman during that same year.

If they are gold rings in the dream, it means that such a woman has lost her wealth.

If one places a ring in his little finger then removes it to place it on his ring finger, then removes it again to place it on his middle finger in the dream, it means that he solicits customers for a prostituteoIfone notices his ring sometime in his little finger, then in his middle finger, then in his ring finger without his doing in the dream, it means that his wife will betray him with another man. Ifhe sells his ring for pennies or a handful of sesame, or for little flour in a dream, it means that he will separate from his wife, though they will have respect for one another, or it could mean that he will offer her a good financial arrangement. Receiving a ring that is inlaid with a precious stone from one’s son in a dream represents the good character and qualities of such a son.

A stone which is made from worthless glass beads in the dream denotes a weak authority.

A ring that is inlaid with a green sapphire in the dream means begetting an intelligent son who will become a great man of knowledge.

A wooden ring in a dream represents a hypocritical woman.

If a woman is offered a ring in a dream, it means that she will get married, and for a married woman, it means that she will give birth to a son. Ifthe ring in one’s dream is interpreted to mean money or clothing, then it represents one’s status and high esteem his field. Receiving a ring as a gift in a dream also means happy news, or a marriage to a beautiful woman. Seeingan atheist who publicly brags about his actions and thoughts wearing a ring and turning its stone toward the palm of his hand in a dream, it means that he engages in sodomy. Ifa believer turns his ring inside during prayers in a dream, then it represents his modesty. Wearing a ring that carries two gemstones, one to the outside and the other to the inside in a dream means that one may chair two important appointments, material and a spiritual ones, or inner and outer ones. Wearing a ring with a carnelian-red stone in a dream means an end to one’s poverty.

If a pious person, a religious person or an ascetic receives a silver ring from God Almighty in a dream, it means his salvation on the Day of Judgment.

If he receives a silver ring from God’s Messenger (uwbp) in a dream, it represents a gift of a greater knowledge.

If it is gold, iron, or copper, then it has negative consequences, because iron rings represent the chains ofthe dwellers of hell-fire. Somehow, to wear a simple band in one’s dream is better than wearing a heavy ring. Heavy rings in a dream also may connote an assassination or deceit. On the other hand, large rings in a dream also can be interpreted to mean something great, or something which entails sizable benefits. Lead rings in a dream mean weak authority.

If one sends his ring to some people who returns it to him in the dream, it means that he is asking to betroth someone from such a family, but his request will be declined.

If one sees his ring being forcefully pulled out from his finger in a dream, it means that he will lose his rank or whatever the ring represents to him. Ifone loses his ring in a dream, it means that he will experience something he hates to see it happening to him.

(Also see Games; Solomon’s ring)

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin


See Circle.

A symbol for commitment or a bond.

A symbol of wholeness that may also point to vanity.

Little Giant Encyclopedia | Klaus Vollmar


Dreaming about a ring means that you have learned how to balance your emotions and ideals.

My Dream Interpretation | myjellybean


1. Relationship commitment is in the offing.

2. Wealth and security (a diamond ring).

3. To keep one’s word or promise.

4. Harmony, balance; completion (circular shape).

5. Joyous announcement is to come (as in “ring a bell”).

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin


To receive a ring indicates the dreamer will find a new and devoted friend.

A broken ring, separation from a loved one.

To give a ring, a newly found interest.

The ring betokens love and friendship; to the young, marriage.

Psycho Dream Interpretation | Ella Freeman Sharpe


Dreams of a ring or rings represent permanence, partnership, strength, unity, and wholeness within one’s self. Also, a ring denotes successful negotiations and continuance. Two gold rings represent commitment to a beloved. See Circle and Goddess Hera.

Strangest Dream Explanations | Dream Explanations - Anonymous


also see Wedding Ring

1- A ring appearing in a dream usually signifies a relationship of some sort.

A wedding ring suggests a union and a promise.

A ring belonging to the family would represent old traditions and values.

An engagement ring suggests a more tentative promise of devotion.

An eternity ring would be a long-term promise.

A signet ring would indicate setting the seal on something.

A bull ring suggests an element of crueltv.

2- We all need some kind of continuity in our lives, something which gives a sense of long-term comfort.

A ring holds this symbolism because it is never-ending and is self-perpetuating.

3- Like the circle, the ring signifies eternity and divinity.

The Whole.

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary | Pamela Ball


To dream of wearing rings, denotes new enterprises in which you will be successful.

A broken ring, foretells quarrels and unhappiness in the married state, and separation to lovers.

For a young woman to receive a ring, denotes that worries over her lover’s conduct will cease, as he will devote himself to her pleasures and future interest.

To see others with rings, denotes increasing prosperity and many new friends.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation | Gustavus Hindman Miller


Are you dreaming about ornamental jewelry or merely noise? If you are dreaming the former, the ring may be symbolic of your commitments and promises.

The ring can been seen from a larger point of view as a circle, which is a symbol of completion and wholeness.

If the ring is a noise, it can be interpreted as an attention- seeking message. Consider those things that you have been ignoring or unwilling to look at and examine the details of your dream. Some people believe that a type of pleasant ringing may be a “joyful” noise and that it is the sound of God. In that case this dream is a real blessing!

The Bedside Dream Dictionary | Silvana Amar


Completion; loyalty

The Bedside Dream Dictionary | Silvana Amar


Like all round and closed figures, the ring symbolizes continuity and wholeness. Therefore, it serves as a symbol of marriage and also represents the bond to a particular affiliation, group, or society. It also provides confidence and power because of the support it symbolizes. The presence of a ring in your dreams portends engagement or a declaration of love, as well as the consolidation of an incorporation. Of course, whatever happens to the ring in dreams it could also apply to what it represents. In this way, a broken alliance foreshadows divorce or separation; losing a ring promises disputes with the person who gave it to you; to put it on someone else denotes the desire to exercise dominion over that person, etc. Rings, in addition to the above, show loyalty to your own principles and ideals. They can also refer to an oath or promise. Finally, by being the symbol of eternity, without beginning or end, the ring represents the true self.

The condition of the omen varies whether you receive or lose the ring. In the first case, the omens are good. In the latter, you will face some challenges. When you find the ring by chance, it means that you will soon have a new friend or a new lover. Finally, certain traditions assert that dreaming that you receive a ring means the breaking of promise.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke


It is a fortunate dream for a young woman to be given a ring. It predicts that her lover will be faithful and that her married life will be happy.

To dream of a broken ring, predicts quarrels, sickness and other unhappiness.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway


Dreaming of wearing a ring, or seeing one on another’s hand, foretells financial gains.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway


To dream of losing or breaking your ring is a fortunate omen for business or financial affairs; if you found a ring or received one as a gift, it predicts a new love interest or an important new friendship.

See also Jewelry, Colors, Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc., or under Circle.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams | Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett


Promise; eternal perspective. The ring of truth. See Circle.

The Dream Books Symbols | Betty Bethards


For a woman to dream that her wedding ring breaks augurs the death of her husband; if it presses her finger the dream forecasts the illness of her husband or of some of his family.

To dream that some one draws a ring on the dreamer’s finger denotes marriage (Raphael). In all times the ring has been held as an amulet of affection and of home, its suggestion in a dream is therefore obvi&us.

The Fabric of Dream | Katherine Taylor Craig


General Meaning: A ring is a symbol of a covenant vow.

Dreams Positive:

To receive a wedding ring in a dream may speak of your relationship with the Lord.

It is a picture that He desires to draw you into a more intimate relationship with Him.

• If you dream of your actual wedding ring, it could speak of your marriage at the moment.

• If you dream of a wedding ring from a previous marriage, it could speak of your old marriage.

• If you dream of a ring you received as a child, it could speak of memories or circumstances that are being stirred up again in you from that era.

Negative: If you dream that you lose your wedding ring, it could be an indication that something is wrong either with your relationship with the Lord or with your current spouse.

• Visions • Positive: In Scriptures the ring is a picture of a covenant, authority and favor.

The Signet Ring • In the time of Esther, the King gave her his signet ring to send out a decree that could not be overruled.

• Esther 8:2 And the king took off his ring, which he had taken from Haman, and gave it to Mordecai. And Esther set Mordecai over the house of Haman.

• If you have a vision of receiving a ring, then the Lord is saying that He is giving you some of His authority, and for you to use it in the earth.

• It is one thing to receive authority and another to walk in it. Perhaps you have not been standing in the authority that He has given you as a believer.

• A vision of a ring is a go-ahead from the Lord to rise up and use His Word to speak things into the earth.

• If you are in ministry, then this authority relates to ministry.

The Lord is telling you to set His people free, using the anointing and authority that He has given to you.

• Ring for Decoration • Receiving a ring is also a picture of favor.

The Lord is confirming that you are special to Him and that you have found favor in His eyes.

• Luke 15:22 But the father said to his servants, Bring forth the best robe, and put [it] on him; and put a ring on his hand, and shoes on [his] feet: • Wedding Ring • A wedding ring is a symbol of a blood covenant. In a dream it speaks of your relationship with the Lord Jesus.

• In a prophetic dream or vision it speaks of a relationship that someone is in. Negative: A ring is negative is if it is tarnished or you see it being hidden or stolen. This would indicate that you have given up the authority that God has given you.

• It could also mean that the enemy has deceived you into thinking that you have no authority. In either case, it is time to rise up!

See also:

Jewelry, Bride, Bridegroom, Wedding.

The Way of Dreams and Visions | Colette Toach


A ring represents completion and loyalty.

Tryskelion Dream Interpretation | Pagan - Anonymous


lucky numbers: 8-22-27-30-31-35

breaking a wedding: disquieting moments of domestic unrest lead to divorce.

fiancée’s: separation of lovers, reunion of old ones.

buying a: loss of old investments; new ventures wil prosper.

having a diamond: old love affair revived and consummated.

gold: it wil take strenuous efforts to avert losing your dignity.

put on your finger: commitment to a relationship or marriage.

iron: infidelity of your spouse; hard work ahead to repair the damage.

of precious stones: release yourself from a unrequited love; a night of passion is shared.

on a chain: marriage problems are short-lived.

losing your: large quarrel results in a budding love.

man dreaming of losing his: fiancée wil marry another man.

single girl, her: wil be left by boyfriend.

taking a, off your finger: unsavory aftermath to an affair.

wearing many rings: multiple ventures wil prove enterprising.

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days |

37 dream interpretations related to the symbols you see in your dreams.

Wedding Ring

For a woman to dream her wedding ring is bright and shining, foretells that she will be shielded from cares and infidelity.

If it should be lost or broken, much sadness will come into her life through death and uncongeniality.

To see a wedding ring on the hand of a friend, or some other person, denotes that you will hold your vows lightly and will court illicit pleasure.... wedding ring dream meaning

Wedding / Wedding Dress / Wedding Ring

A wedding can symbolize the sacred union between the spiritual and physical. In former times it was seen as a ritual that brought fertility to the earth. Within the human being there is the need to make vows, to give promises and above all to symbolize the making of those promises traditionally, the wedding ring was a symbol of total encircling love because it is in the shape of a circle.

It is complete, with no beginning and no end.... wedding / wedding dress / wedding ring dream meaning


To dream of having ringworms appear on you, you will have a slight illness, and some exasperating difficulty in the near future.

To see them on others, beggars and appeals for charity will beset you.... ringworms dream meaning


Total authority; see “ring”... signet-ring dream meaning

Ring Finger

1. Union, marriage or commitment.

2. Sexual availability.

3. Success in social affairs and activities. ... ring finger dream meaning


1. Possible health or hygiene issues.

2. An annoyance has turned into a profound irritation or “gotten under the skin,” possibly from a friend with hostility. ... ringworm dream meaning


(see Crystals, Gems, Gold, Jewelry, Metals, Silver, Stones)

An alternative circle emblem denoting eternity, repeated cycles, or longevity.

Binding relationships. In written history, wedding rings were exchanged as early as ancient Rome, and probablv before.

If depicted as a nose ring, this relationship may be very manipulative.

A symbol of authority or belonging.

For example, high school rings indicate your place among that group, whereas a bishop’s ring denotes a position of leadership.

A brass ring speaks of goals and hopes (e.g., “reaching for the brass ring”). Consider where this ring appears in your dream to see how close you are to obtaining those desires.

An acrobat on a set of rings reveals someone who has an excellent grip on a difficult situation in which thev’re in the spotlight.

A ring appearing around the collar of a shirt either indicates that you are paying too much attention to superficial, or that you need to clean up your act (probably the way you talk considering where a collar lies).... rings dream meaning

Engagement Ring

To see or wear one means a new attraction, or to be Engaged a speedy wedding.... engagement ring dream meaning

Acquiring A Ring

If a person sees himself as being given a ring, he will receive land, property or wealth. At times a ring could be interpreted as a woman, child, animal and the like_ depending on the condition of the one who sees such a dream. Thus, if a king sees such a dream it would mean the extension of his empire.

If a businessman or trader sees it, it would mean expansion in business..... acquiring a ring dream meaning

Acquiring The Feathers Or Eggs Of A Ring-dove

If he acquires its feathers or eggs by trapping it, it means he will coin some deceptive methods of trapping a woman.... acquiring the feathers or eggs of a ring-dove dream meaning


If a person sees himself as having worn one or two ankle-rings, he will be faced with hardships, fear, imprisonment and the like.... ankle-rings dream meaning

Eating Or Owning A Ring-dove

If a person eats such a dove or owns it, it means he will have some business to do with a woman.... eating or owning a ring-dove dream meaning

Giving The Dead Roti, Bread Or A Ring

It means a son will be born to him and he will die, or if he is wealthy he will lose his wealth.

And Allah, The Pure and Sublime knows best.... giving the dead roti, bread or a ring dream meaning

Gold Ring

It symbolises unlawful and haraam wealth and clothing.... gold ring dream meaning

Hunting A Ring-dove

Hunting it by any means such as a spear or stone means he will make false accusation against a woman.... hunting a ring-dove dream meaning

Nose Ring

In a dream, a nose ring represents an unjust person and a tyrant. Piercing the nose of an animal to insert a nose ring in a dream means money, or it could mean vanquishing or defeating one’s enemy.... nose ring dream meaning

Ring Made Of Iron

Wealth that a person will receive from the king.... ring made of iron dream meaning

Ring Polishing

(Gem polishing) A ring stone polisher in a dream represents someone who offends or injures people with his words.... ring polishing dream meaning


A ringed turtle dove symbolises an immodest, shameless woman who has no inclination towards Deen.... ring-dove dream meaning


(Dove; Pigeon; Turtledove) A ringdove in a dream represents a rebellious son, or a son who lies excessively, or a wife who lacks devotion and tenderness, who is void of piety, who lies constantly, who possesses a difficult character, orwho consents only to her own opinion and interpretations ofthings.

A ringdove in a dream also represents a beautiful and an energetic woman who likes to show off.

(Also see Pigeon; Turtledove)... ringdove dream meaning

Snatching A Ring

if a person sees his ring being snatched from his hand he will lose what her rightfully owns.... snatching a ring dream meaning

Solomon’s Ring

(A gift from God Almighty; Authority) If a ruler or a rich person sees himself wearing Solomon’s ring in a dream, it means that his authority, wealth, lands, travels and aU his goals will be successful and grow further.

If someone invokes spirits for a living, then wearing Solomon’s ring in a dream will make him rich. Seeingor finding Solomon’s ring in a dream also means renewing one’s term of leadership, or a manifestation of a great confounding wonder that will bewilder everyone.

(Also see Ring; Solomon)... solomon’s ring dream meaning

The Stone Of A Ring

If symbolises beauty and adornment.

If the ring is seen destroyed but not the stone, it means a person will lose what he owns but the people will continue to talk about its beauty.

It is also said that the stone of a ring symbolises a person’s son through whom he will enjoy popularity amongst the people.... the stone of a ring dream meaning

Theft Of A Ring

If the ring is stolen or destroyed his business and livelihood will be disrupted. And he will find himself in straitened circumstances.... theft of a ring dream meaning

Wearing A Ring, Necklace Or Earrings

If a person sees himself as wearing any of the above then ther is some goodness to be found in such a dream though little... wearing a ring, necklace or earrings dream meaning

Yellow Ring Or A Ring Made Of Lead

He will be the receipient of things of little value.... yellow ring or a ring made of lead dream meaning

Marriage Ring

Separation or longing for a relationship.

Folklore: Separation.... marriage ring dream meaning

Ring (jeweled)

A cheap, flashy ring means you will have a minor ailment.

A nch, expensive ring means you will be robust, with excellent health.... ring (jeweled) dream meaning

Church Bell, Ringing A Church Bell

Vision: If you hear a church bell ring: keep your eyes and ears open—you will get news that might be important and helpful.

If you are ringing a bell: you will make someone very happy (without knowing it). See Signal, Whistle.

Depth Psychology: A bell always announces something—whether positive or negative depends on the rest of the images in the dream. Was it a happy or distressed sound?... church bell, ringing a church bell dream meaning


This omen in a dream signifies a quarrel. It does not matter whether you wear them, give them to someone, or receive them as a present.... ear-rings dream meaning


Dreams of a ring tone denote your -image, and that you are realizing that you have creative control over your life and personal expression. As in the sound of a ring, this dream may be a call for you to pay attention to an important message that is being broadcast to you; it is up to you to see what rings true. Consider the sound of the ringtone as an important aspect of the message of this dream.... ringtone dream meaning

Ringdove / Wood Pigeon

interpreted upon 3 sides: woman, child, [male] servant. *: a kind of the wild pigeon.

(good)... ringdove / wood pigeon dream meaning

Mood Ring

To dream of a mood ring signifies a hazy concept of who you are and questions about your self-identity. You are confused about your purpose or goals in life.... mood ring dream meaning

Doorbell, Ringing

Arrival of new frequency in your life. ... doorbell, ringing dream meaning

Ring (jewelry)

Something personal, meaningful, or significant about the owner (or giver) of the ring (for example, your grandmother giving you her ring might represent her giving you her love).

Commitment (such as an engagement ring representing a commitment to be married).

Belonging (such as a high school ring representing being part of a certain school and graduating class).

Authority or a role (such as a queen’s ring representing her royal authority, or a mother’s ring with children’s birthstones representing her role as mother).

See also: Engagement; Jewelry; Circle... ring (jewelry) dream meaning



A phone ringing can represent: a real, imagined, desired, or feared communication (or other contact) with another person; a request for your time or attention.

A bell ringing can represent: a message being delivered (such as a school bell announcing the end of a class period or church bells signaling a special event); a message to pay attention to in the dream or in real life.

See also: Communication; Phone; Chimes; Loud; Noise; Warning... ringing dream meaning

Basketball Ring

1. Reaching forward to what lies ahead; Phil 3:13-14.... basketball ring dream meaning