What does it mean to see an use it don't lose it in a dream?

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The biggest problem in living and learning is that people will not consistently use the tools they have been given. If you go to the trouble to program a dream, get insight on a problem, and do not implement it, what is the use of all the bother? Life is very simple, but we must ask, receive, recognize and implement. The follow through is the big one. Having the courage to trust the inner self, to act on our inner convictions, opens us to freedom and full self-expression. Remember that you are the architect and builder of your life. You can have great plans, but the daily work of construction and implementation is what gets the job done. The conscious mind or waking state is really our time for home work. It is the time to practice the lessons, to put the insights to work. It is not goof-off time. Many people who have been meditating or watching their dreams for years with no apparent change in their lives can discover the reason is quite simple. If you spend twenty minutes in meditation, or ten minutes writing down a dream, and then do not watch the negative thinking and self-destructive habits of living the other twenty-three plus hours, you have achieved little. Dreams and meditation give us the lessons and principles. Waking reality gives us the creative opportunity to practice using them. To grow and change we need to integrate insight into our lives. We need to practice, practice, practice. The irony of it is that we create all the situations in our lives to teach us things. We set ourselves up for lessons, and when they come along we feel hurt. Self-pity means you need to be aware of your illusions. The very hurt and fear that you feel is part of the lesson you yourself have created. When you stop resisting the feeling and realize that the persons involved in the situations are just actors on the stage, then you are free to receive insights into what is going on.

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