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What does it mean to see an airport in a dream?

Airport Dream Meaning: From 18 Different Sources


(1) As a place of departure for foreign lands, an airport may symbolize (a desire or need for) a new departure in your personal or working life, a new venture or, indeed, adventure.

(2) The foreign country could represent the unconscious, in which case your dream is probably advising you to explore vour psyche more fully in order to establish your true identity and true goals. See also Alien, Travel.

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols | Eric Ackroyd


Making new departures; changes; being en route to something new in life; a checking of one’s own values, iden­tity, a sort of self assessment in regard to independence and moving to new opportunities. Self doubts and uncertainties at this stage stop us from attempting the new,

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences | Tony Crisp


An airport symbolizes departure from one place in life to the next

Christian Dream Symbols | Tyler Wolfe


An airport, because of its transitory nature, is a place for new experiences. We are ready to consider our spiritual progression, to move into a new way of perceiving life and all it has to offer. It signifies the desire for freedom, high ideals, ambition and hopes.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous


Psychological / emotional perspective: Being delayed at an airport suggests that conditions are not yet right for what it is you wish to begin. We are being put in a position where our values may need to be reassessed in the light of our own – or someone else’s – authority.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous


Material aspects: In dreaming of an airport we are entering a stage of transition, making decisions to move into new areas of life. It may also indicate we are, or should be, making a fresh assessment of our own identity. Watching planes take off from an airport lounge suggests that we are – or fear – being left behind.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous


To dream of an airport with high traffic means that you wish to be free, have ambitious goals, or possess elevated moral standings. This dream signals that you are ready for a new beginning. You have an idea that will take root and be successful.

A new companion or career move could be coming.

To dream of an empty airport means that your trip or other plans could be altered or put on hold.

Dream Symbols and Analysis | DreamForth


Some new idea or venture may be ready to take off.

If planes can’t get off the ground, the venture may be grounded for awhile. An airport can also represent a transition in one’s life.

Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia | James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver


In a dream the sight of a busy airport represents the desire for freedom and/or travel as this is the jumping off point for all those who travel the world and it brings out your hidden desires to do the same.

If the airport is empty and deserted your own travel plans will be changed or delayed.

Encyclopedia of Dreams | Michael and Elizabeth Thiessen


See Flying.

The starting point of the flight.

Freedom and travel.

Little Giant Encyclopedia | Klaus Vollmar


1. The need to be free, to “fly” away, as it were.

2. If the air­port is not busy, the dreamer is questioning his/her own actions.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin


Dreams of an airport symbolize your spiritual center, the place from which you depart and land. This is where you refuel to prepare for your next adventure or flight of fancy. This dream could also be predicting a major change in your life.

Strangest Dream Explanations | Dream Explanations - Anonymous


1- In dreaming of an airport we arc entering a stage of transition, making decisions to move into new areas of life. It may also indicate we are, or should be, making a fresh assessment of our own identity.

2- We arc being put in a position where our values mav need to be reassessed in the light of our own or someone else’s authority.

3- An airport, because of its transitory nature is a place for new experiences. We are ready to consider our spiritual progression.

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary | Pamela Ball


The beginning or end of a process, phase, or journey in your life.

A past or imagined trip.

The idea of trying to “get somewhere” in life, make progress, get ahead, or solve a problem.

A real-life public place.

A group or a process you participated in with other people.

A desire to get away, take a break, or escape from something.

A desire to go somewhere specific.

For more clues, consider the events at the airport and your feelings about them.

See also: Station; Traveling; Airplane

The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary | Nancy Wagaman


Point of departure for spiritual awakening. See Airplane.

The Dream Books Symbols | Betty Bethards


A desire to rise above worldly problems and responsibilities; may also be associated with high ideals. See also TRAVEL.

The Element Encyclopedia | Theresa Cheung


A busy airport represents a desire for freedom and/or travel; an empty airport means any travel plans you have will be changed or delayed.

Tryskelion Dream Interpretation | Pagan - Anonymous


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being delayed by ice: your one loyal friend wil aid you.

blocked at the departure gate, are: are avoiding going straight to the point.

caught at security check: if you don’t feel secure, don’t do the project.

choppy weather: trust your sense of direction.

crowded airspace: wil trade favors with an influential associate.

disaster: are you speeding without hinking?

forgot passport: your transition cannot be rushed.

seeing the signal lights at the: need some form of release.

stopped at the arrival gate: major obstacles are being kept in the dark.

ticket, can’t buy: business complications stem from your il humor.

walking on the landing strip: plans made must be reexamined.

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days |

3 dream interpretations related to the symbols you see in your dreams.

Airplane, Airport

(see Flying)

Movement and transition, similar to other vehicles (see Car, Hone, Spaceship). Where the plane goes, its logo, or the other passengers on board (if any) may give you more clues here.

If you’re in the plane, enroute, this can be considered a type of flying or ascent dream.

Higher ideals, due to this vehicle’s movement toward the heavens. Also the courage to achieve a goal (e.g., “reach new heights”).

A plane that sits endlessly on a runway indicates a life that has somehow become stagnant, or one that is being held back by outside influences. Check to see who, or what, resides in the control towerl

Being lost at the airport, or looking for someone there, characterizes confusion caused by getting one’s signals crossed, or through poor planning. Make sure you have your information straight, get organized, then readdress this situation.

Waiting at the airport, surrounded by strangers, and never being met by the anticipated party is a type of desertion dream.... airplane, airport dream meaning

Departures From Airports, Stations, Etc.

Formerly all departures were interpreted as death. Nowadays the symbolism is much more of a new beginning. We are leaving our old life in order to undertake something new. When someone in our lives leaves us, we may dream of departures and the grief that parting causes. In certain circumstances, to dream of wanting to leave but not being able to suggests that there is still further work to be done.

To be conscious of the time of departure might suggest that we are aware of a time limit within an area of our lives. You may also like to consult the individual entries for airport and departing.... departures from airports, stations, etc. dream meaning

Airport Waiting

1. Preparing; being made

• Crashing

- Total devastation and destruction

• Departing

- New project

• Landing

1. Birth;

2. Descending spiritually;

• War Plane

- Spiritual warfare

• Flying Near Electrical Power Lines

- Danger;

• Flying Too Low

- Insufficient power speaks of prayer or Lack of Preparation

• Fighter plane

- Ministry equipped for warfare in heavenly places

• Failure

- Church split (survivors would most likely be those remaining after the split;) personal disaster (i. e. a failed marriage, business venture, Psalm 18:10, Acts 8:39. 2 Sam. 1:4.... airport waiting dream meaning