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Bleeding Cleaning Boyfriends Feet Long White Teeth Eating Guinea Corn Dreamm Husband Mastabatin Women Sweaping Place Dreamm Know Sit Feet Dreamm Screendoor Passing Mountains Covered Colored Snow Family Member Mad Dreamm Buy Pork Chop Car Sinking Water Chase Albino Girl Love Writing Paper Squares Discharge Ma Dreamms Nigt Licking Orange Sister Breast Chase Albino Dolphin Math Paper Long Pink Flying Snake Biting Dilphib Fall Love Albino Dreamm Saw Multiple Unknown Dead Body Dreamm Forgiveness Backing Another Person Babe Boy Back Lightening Diyas Kiwi Cherry Red Diamond Dreamm Nh Smelling Else Death Body Washing Hair Palmoil Sangoma Eat Lot Mad Men Dreamm Smelling Death Body Mountain Eating Plenty Mad Men Set Table Selling Raw Rice Dreamm Eating Lot Mad Men Set Table Dreamm Twoboy Fighting Dreamm Selling Raw Rice Beans Dreamm Rudded Dreamm Eating Lizard Ex Maid Rhinoseros Coughing Lungs Dead Uncles Giving Money Touch Butt Female Friend Naked Jetty Collapsing Paraffin Large Ammont Dhal Lose Bible Crystal Stone Bitter Cola Falling Ghee Wood Plank Make Bed Macadamia Shell Dead Uncles Give Money Backhoe Burning Purse Wallet Burning Food Spiritual Carrying Naked Baby Touching Another Woman Breast Dreamm Skipping Muddy Route Falling Hands Touching Floor Speaking Governor Dreamm Gift Inside Baggage Chatting Governor Opened Luggage Dead Loved Ones Sweeping Hair Dreamm Eating Plucked Cashews Cooking Pap Green String Ghost Fighting Dreamm Pregnant Eating Fruit Sole Foot Bus Driver Asking Bus Fare Get Lost Pouring Water Drum Jericans Dreamm Dead Wakibg Coffin Ukuphupha Udla Umoba Guests Unmarried Girl Wearing Thali Dreamms Sucking Woman Virginia Sw Jewelry Cn Crash Airplane Jembe Left Bed Vagina Penis Applying Turmeric Paste Ears Sweep Dreamm Flying Trees Walk Hill Ups Downs Intimate White Woman Know Blood Pot Dead Mother Asking Clothes Ones Vagina Exposed Buying Second Hand Coat Open Market Riding Backhoe Planting Beetle Leaf Ring Came Dead Eating Cooked Plantain Red Oil Dreamm Drink Coconut Water Dreamm One Touch Penis Bloodshot Eyes Dreamm Giving White Laddoo Dead Father Wearing Green Suit Fighting New Saree Killing Madman Committed Murder Mathematical Ruler Taken Turmeric Kumkum Dreamm Stealing Chilli Dead Father Taking Bath Gauteng Wanting Help Late Sangoma Boyfriend Killing Madman Committed Murder Gauteng Wanting Help Late Boyfriend Pulley Filled Water Water Ice Tray Water Tray Floods School Lose Scooter Dreamm Eating Roasted Turkey Dreamm Hunting Grasscutter Dreamm Periwinkle Dreamm Wearing Masquerade Dreamm Cleaning Leaked Menstrual Blood Dress Presence Two Male Married Pastors Physically Abused Ghost Near Miss Accident Dreamm Cuckoo Sat Right Hand Dreamm Roots Growing Feet Given Money Syster Going Money Rituals Standing Top High Sand Leaving Dog Yard Camphor Getting Day Dreamm Hiding Eunuchs Dreamm Milk Mom Mediating Beige Dreamm Watering Rose Rosewater First Night Ghost Fighting Holding Queen Bee Deceased Mother Seriously Sick Plugging Ripped Cashew Dreamm Dead Relative Big Cake Wound Husband Dreamm Failed Person Frying Akara Unsuccessful Person Football Coach Giving Loan Burning Precious Clothes Elachie Overwatered Plants Cardamom Broken Toilette Toilette Bowl Broken Toilette Bowl Leak Bowl Killing Earthworm Wait House Dreamm Womans Silk Dress Twin Bed Seeding Saree Violet Color Turquoise Black Colour Forehead Turquoise Silk Dress Bed Ripe Jackfruit Broken Photo God Silk Repairing Wrist Watch Going Back Primary School Going Back Primary Skl Accepting Pad Friend Dead Person Wearing Clothes Sapodilla Dreamm Chikoo Dreamm Dog Eating Chicken Live Sister Getting Married Husband Dreamm Maths Test Maths Paper Getting Beat Dreamm Pour Oil Hands Eyes Change Colour Rich Yellow Shuttle Colour Gala Knuckles Early Morning Mangalamukhi Comes Early Morning Lot People Died Writing Exam Unprepared Ends Cheating Exam Getting Beating Dreamm Carrier Bags Moses Turquoise Boots Catching Fish Snails Dreamm Catching Fish Snails Animal Drinking Water Id Picture Passport Size Photo Saving Dreamm Carrying Coffin Lowering Grave Snakew Two Women Fighting Red Stone Collecting Dreamm Washing Tame Cat Persimon Dried Persimon Sister Sick White Wax Ganesh Idol Broke Water Moss Cat Bag Pluck Udara Fruit Dreamm Sheep Alpacas Cat Bag Dreamm Telling Wake Dreamm Burned Corn Cross Pendant Driving Dead Nun Dreamm Singing Sangoma Songs Arowana Aquarium Driving Car Use Hands Feet Will Crash Spoon Used Water Ayyappa Pooja Touch Face Dreamm Macadamia Nuts Drawers Wheelchair Sperm Gardner Snakes Penis Stretch Almost Four Times Two Person Hanging Tree Kong Brahim Comes Argue Wat Intestines Cleaned Poseidon Broken Eyeglass Frame Boyfriend Carabao Attacked Native American Head Dress Tripping Urinating Basin Ship Calm Sea Old White Woman Giant Wallet Baby Clothes Clothesline Floating Big Wallet Pastor Giving Envelope Tablet Dreammm Told Bath Raw Egg Lugage Slow Cart Work Receiving Bad News Letter Dreamm Piz Quartz Hankechive Shinning Sun Lisp Brother Covered Blanket Folded Long Pleated Skirt Three Feet Clean Folded Diaper Dried Human Meat Ground Dreamm Unused Folded Diaper Clean Folded Nappy Somebody Blind Sack Buying Palm Wine Flying Parking Deck Searching Water Celebration Party Infant Twin Girls Saw Cup Water Poreing Aware Dreamm Lost Card Missing Card Planting Guava Trees Ex Hnzdtx Cn Guangdongymcb Cn Picking Kola Nut Gather Dreamm Hospital Gave Birth Twin Girls Bought Oil Dreamm Driving Diesel Eating Tomatoes Gave Birth Twin Girls Hospital Loosing Comb Twin Girls Hospital Sonogram Babies Serving Bread Dreamm Phone Torch Lit Dead Relative Drinking Beer Submashine Gun Cross White Cross Applying Sindoor Given Mother Mom Wearing Cloth Dreamm Conductor Instructor Selling Fufu Big Chest Tear Waterbed Got Getting Wet Viganial Operation Female Gives Ladoo Hidden Spaces House Finding Secret Garden House Sex Grandmother White Face Black Royal House Eating Fried Ground Nuts Sex Grandmother Cultivated Under Water Skeletons Swimming Woman Telling Pregnant Triplets Rice Jaggery Throwing Stone Giant Crocodile Chasing Crocodile Way Dog Dragging Snake Exchanging Car Breaking Power Lines Flying Boat Wrong Answer Written Sky Three Dogs Two Sad One Crying Finding Earphones Coconut Milk Dreamms Red Water Friend Nakes Full Body Massage Much Boy Wearing Dress Digging Money Imbecile Wanna Help Dreamm Women Carry Basket Palm Fruit Dreamm Burrowed Picking Palm Fruit Dreamm Long Nose Woman Somebody Snatched Phone Dreamm Picking Palm Fruit Fell Basket Falling Clothes Line Eating Party Saw Friend Plating Glow Buds Sex Daughter Dreamm Underwear Two Underwear Pee Iron Nail Piercing Back God Photo Fell Down Dreamm Late Grandmother Giving White Shirt White Hat Roses French Organs Coming Vagina Cowrie Receiving Eating Bitter Kola Dreamm Raven Wings Gun Short Morphing Ukuphupha Umula Kuchazan Defy Gravity Eating Yam Fray Egg Hover Passed Missed Opportunity Eating Nshima Fried Eggs Covering Mouth Dreamm Example Dreamm Blue Slushie Giving Water Newborn Baby Drink Nail Nose Selling Lace Panties Brown Bird Dreamm Clean Room Bitter Kola Dreamm Naked Tailor Make Yellow Blouse Cornbread Saw Late Mom Taking Bath Pond Try Steal Gold Chain Buying Plate Breadfruit Tailor Making Blouse Died Mother Saying Thank God Died Arrival Got Magog White Discharge Dead Person Touching Breast Dreamm Previous House Dead Relative Sea Shaligrama Comes Dreamm Clothes River Fish Head Soup Gave Grandpa Blowjob Sucked Grandpas Forgot Passport Cooked Breadfruit Analysis Married Women Puts Red Bindi Forehead Dose Drink Palm Wine Direct Palm Tree Dreamm Car Water Four Five One Freyja Four Five One Egbere Begging Give Palm Oil Dreamm Carriage Carraoige Stagecoach Persuasion Persuasive Surgery Nose Bathroom Two Trespassers Two Tresspassers Milk Camel Happy Holidays Black Dog Horns Attacking Grinding Bathing Snake Living Bathroom Jaundice Analyze Gifted Wig Wife Blue Dress Oral Anus Wife Waering Blue Dress Cell Phone Burning Eating Pork Spitting Eating Ass Hair Tieing Tongue Intimacy Neighbor Shimmering Peach Colo Worshipping God Blue Poppy Flower Teeth Seperating Hugged Colleague Kissing Fictional Character Stiffened Wax Perfect Outfit Cellphone Card Burning Cell Phone Shopping Eatimg Periwinkle Wave Carry Away Slippers White Glow Eyes Bullion Cube Foreign President Rusted Ring Spiky Puffer Fish Airplane Crash Water Receiving Money Dead Brother Sangoma Time Slam Mango Cat Hair Bed Sextuplets Whereby Three Alive Three Dead Dead Uncle Giving Money Dreamm Saw Popular Prophet Prophesying Dreamm Daughter Pregnant Passenger Lorry Paying Bill Dead Body Prepared Stew Maggi Sex Dreamm Crush Rejecting Marriage Dreamm Received Holy Micheal Perfume Dreamm Charcoal Charcor Astrolger Flowing Oil Cuted Veins Cuted Hand Golden Oil Flowing Black Pot Golden Oil Wall Black Port God Temple Temple Statue Missing Electric Iron Shock Electric Iron Shock Braaied Meat Bunches Red Palm Karnels Without Bindi Transgender Dreamm Carving Name Long Chin Hair Women Carving Name Metal Give Fifty Dollars Son Crying Took Red Shawls Dreamm Black Coal Land Chased Flying Dreamm Cynthia Njeri Mugeci Red Hanged Sweaters Dreamm Mixing Corn Dough Alot Water Swimming Fresh Water Pond Picking Oil Bean Picking Clothes Line Husband Mom Combing Hair Giving New Broom Dreamm Giving Broom Dreamm Dead Father Asking Bake Dreamm Colored Glowing Birds Self Pale Mother Law Died Dreamm Perfumedead Husband Smelling Perfume Dead Sister Give Birth Baby Boy Mixing Corn Dough Water Recovery Stole Money Frm Thief Guizhouymca Cn Zhixb Cn Guizhouymce Cn Futures Ai Cn Heaviness Walking Sodomize Substracting Numbers Dreamm Wearing White Apparel Blood Under Foot Prophecy Friend Giving Salad