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Stolen Sufurias Construction Building Cooked Dal Rice Sticked Face Hands Cleaning Garden Victim Terrorism Indlovu Else Posting Pictures Social Media Trying Surf Receiving New Wrappers Sick Hairless Dog Ukuphupha Wakha Umkhukhu Broken Storage Units Giving Gecko Drink Water Squatters Land Receiving Money Mother Inlaw Scared Snake Mountain Lion Sick One Snake Packing Clothes Rain Packing Clothes Rain Hawking Dried Fish Ntsu Bald Growing Hair Pushing Kids Ways Dead Person Giving Grey Sweater Love Relationship Added Deminsion Hawking Dried Fish Isiwasho Scrolling Text Tiger Ring Measuring Finger Turtles Running Grill Cho Cho Sucking Waist Father Got Astray Ukuphupha Udla Amacimbi Omile Silos Honey Bees Virgina Honey Virgina Mother Eating Dead Body Accidentally Telling Loved Disappear Thin Air Giving Wither Flowers Speaking English Pregnant Down Syndrome Involved Accident Listening Masterbate Phone Master Nation Baloon Red Heart Shape Kissing Church Pacemaker Hand Sydney Lover Asking Sex Arrow Falling Sky Doorstep Report Lover Lover Called Hear View Report Food Withhold Cover Husband Nickedness Cloth Crab Bite Finger Lots Pink Gowns Old Friend Always Seen Acquired Land Building Sister Law Looking Photo Album Ukuphupha Cleana Umsamo Washing Feet Oil Drops Pink Flowers Petals Sky Pink Flour Petals Sky Xxxvdeoxxxvxeo Xxxvdeo Food Coming Vigana Husband Hired Hit Men Kill Estranged Adult Son Fruit Hot Hold Cooking Carrots Sweetcorn Nose Invisible Person Hugging Friend Tying Doek Ancestral Cloth Snake Hiding Face Colors Njeti Ancestral Cloth Husband Pushing Wheelbarrow Filled Sand Eating Food Pastor Skinless Featureless Baby Oha Palm Nut Animal Mask Yam Mixed Red Oil Smash Yam Pregnant Woman Sees Uprooting Casava Casava Farm Womens Washing Clothes Lake Lake Baffaloes Quartz Case Running Warrior Shear Dog Muddy Water St Anthony Wearing Policeman Uniform Sister Law Giving New Saree Wearing Police Uniform Always Girlfriend Twearking Shadow Figure Lick Ear Vetkoek Picking Mopane Worms Eating Brown Dust Ukuphupha Ingane Ikakile Ukuphupha Amakhandlela Nempepho Baboon Kissing Sucking Girlfriend Breasts Breast Sweating Load Head Lots Mahangu Preparing Mahangu Reconstruction Building Finish Time Uk Elephant Cow Sucking Girlfriend Breasts Breast Full Sweat Bible Eating Hard Styro Foam Retrieving Forgotten Item Water Large Broken Eggs Forest Unknown Bird Stain Clothe Red Oil Policeman Rape Coming Back Abroad Bones Divination Reflection Preparing Pongal Temple Removing Old Skin Face New Glowing One Picking Bank Notes Disvirgin Lady Known Carrying Whit Wemen One Back Shouldrs Eating Black Soup Choked Pressed Hard Ribs Giving Dead Job Bible Styrofoam Licking Fresh Cocoa Abroad Honoured Family Hoisting National Flag Packing Many Big Iced Fish Boyfriend Wearing Torn Clothes Disappointing Styrofoam Feet Washing Ayala Rowing Boad Happily Picking Ogbono Group People Digging Grave Skn Burning Tortoise Burning Tortoise Give Children Cooked Chicken Rice Eat Hides Smok Water Sex Sister Removing New Braids Bathing Niece Helping Deceased Mother Use Toilet Chatting Wt President Cousin Permanently Staying House Little Sister Became Tall Alot Provisions Wat Gotten Alot Provisions Chasing Naked Woman Provisions Unblocking Drain Chickens Intestines Comes Picking Stone River Wearing Sanitary Pad Removing Wire Arpund Leg Rusting Jewelery Drown Tar Needle Head Breast Milk Moving Rabbit Full Orange Moon Cloth Carried Away Rain Lumps Appeared Chest Growth Chest Finding Back Lost Underwear Multiple Morphing Taking Load Give Ear Piece Shopping Late Dad Market Dead Bird Cage Part Gang Works Money Morphing Multiple Things Car Stolen Recovered Naked Stroking Penis Part Robbery Gang Scratch Blood Drying Henna Tree Flowers Growing Under Water Eating Cat Meat Boss Big Bare Foot Print Falling Buying Mineral Generator Light Fall Foot Print Boyfriend Read Quran Inside Mosque Buying Sweet Things Crack Building Handshake Boss Handsk Reversing Reversing Trail Dove Broken Wing Truck Full Loaded Fridges Forest Travelling Train Goes Underwater Sea Girl Child Giving Fruit White Woman Touched Inappropriately Flogged Still Secondary School Old Teacher School Principal Owner Deceased Attorney Court Finding Lost Yam Logged Old Teacher Still Secondary School Old Friend Beside Izintuthwane Buying Provisions Cande Wick Thorn Boots Finding Money Old Clothes Shaligram Stones Chicken Pieces Coming Viginal Gathering Charcoal Sperm Fall Policeman Handcuffed Son Rica Rolling Around Single Red Match Brother Refuse Pray Boyfriend Father Five Rand Coin Fish Bone Cyst Hair Palm Picking Ogbono Father Anus Bleeding Son Girlfriend Black Boy Following Calling Mommy Going Tree Tree Citing Down Palm Fruit Black Boy Calling Mommy Floating Zero Gravity Late Mother Repainting House Dead Person Giving Blessing Wedding Eating Roasted Corn Friend Dreammb Watercolors Little Black Boy Running Behind Calling Mummy Fare Skin Broken Kadhai Woman Sucking Penis Propheting Shoot Leg Brown Paper Towel Wearing Wedding Gown Dancing Without Shoes Choking Tooth Low Marks Exam Broken Tea Mug Eating Millet Flour Suger Navigating Putting Oil Private Parts Dreammmeaning Shawarna Mute Persons Burning Panty Exam Script Marked Red Pen Eating Cow Peas Intaba Enkulu Brahmana Lion Sitting Tree Eating Leaves Womans Scream Receiving Flog School Principal Dyeing Clothes Yellow Driving Mountain Dead Person Buying Woods Dead Person Liking Cherry Driving Stairs Periods Wearing White Dress Partner Covering Eating Lemon Rice Black Dog Snake Black Dog Snake Kissing Blocked Plastic Forcefield Spiritual Young Girl Carrying Lantern Watch Falling Apart Hands Neighbour Wanted Miknow Coffee Spiritual Deeming Young Girl Lantern Sick Daughter Hidden Drinking Anointing Oil Yellow Beads Fire Many Airplanes Indigo Dupatta Fingering Girl Like Sex Invitation Wife Hot Ground Lava Buying Kumkum Idol Radha Pred Sandalwood Pastor Spraying Money Singing Witness Boat Crash Name Sex Wearing Different Pairs Shoe Kunlun Fell Down Door Hinges Mother Giving Roti Contruction New Office Building London White Pot Smashed Creature Behind Husband Construction New Office Building Saw Deceased Father Asking Salt Driving Roadroller Cutting Hair White Card Name Black Letters Kin Er Rating Insect Eggs Tooth Dead Unknown People Waving Hi Grave Beating Sister Mom Stopped Cowdryboob Cow Dry Cowdryshit Cow Dry Cow Cake Snap Fish Water Tank Help Knife Idly Husband Losing Weight Removing Cannuler Hand Throwing Baby Pit Latrine Dead Father Sitting Toilet Dead Father Sitting Toilet Niece Driving Car Nun Performing Witchcraft Havisting Mango Thronging Giving Food Old Women Died Sri Lankan Woman Children Walking City Middle Night Jesus Helping Nuns Perform Dark Magic Draining Water Breaking Traffic Law Phone Shop Foot Stuck Nurse Lighting Impepho Dead Black Dog Hanging Tree People Sick Half Pig Half Horse Burning Impepho Burning Relative Dies Comes Back Life Dead Relative Giving Veges Glassy Eyes Lighting Impepho Burnt Right Way Bird Caught Spiderweb Mountains Flowers Taking Care Sick People Money Liquor Nursing Sick Nursing Sick People Multiple Places Bats Owl One Dead Person Party Pizza Cutter Flog Dead Person Lord Rama Lakshman Knitting Cream Baby Pink Blanket Hair Turns Snake Red Palm Nut Catching Sword Pulling Hair Ass Panda Licking Passing Market Neighbour Telling News Angry Walking Away Crochet Doily Pounding Rice Grains Late Dad Giving White Cloth Late Dad Ging White Cloth Conjoined Snakes Conjoined Snake Figure Plain Cheating Boyfriend Running Catch Helicopter Bird Sit Hair Frayeang Eggs Four Horseman Dead Mom Laying Grass Wearing Glasse Mattress Outside Rain Cover Raincoat Baby Mama Boyfriend Mouth Fire Pots Falling Stru Receiving Dounce Fruit Dog Preotecting Parents Snake Polish Food Rolling Ground Mageu Psyjng Lobola Raising Multiple Flags Moon Udlala Ibhola Guy Squeezes Ass Kissing Ass Squeeze Ex Paying Lobola Kitten Giving Birth Rat Back Hwards Cutting Dogs Thoat People Sparkling Clothes Speaking Foreigner Dropping Tv Remote Control Elephant Eat Apple Tree Drop Tv Remote Devil Symbols Tattooed Stranger Water Coming Breasts Fat Pig Head One Well Pig Head Hair Dreamdlocks Pig Head Well Hacker Yemen Yemn Running Naked Shopping Mall Running White Underwear Wearing School Uniform Chased People Shock Wrist Watch Crush Texted Father Asking Buy Sweets Father Talking Ask Meal Growing Hair Wrist Infinity Moon Infinity Moon Guy Throwing Big Stone Snatching Brother Cat Two Tails Cat Two Tails Cat Evita Two Tails Mountains Snow Mangalamukhi Dead Body Leaf Came Baby Nose Deceased Planting Black Herse Bleach Herse Death Red Dot Red Dot Snow Mountains Farthing Virginia Chewing Paracetamol Makoti Given Food Old Woman Mum Washing Clothes House Itshali Ukuphupha Itshali Eliyisikoshi Giving Kumkum One Lady Fingering Many Ladies Exceeded Long Jump Siddhar Dad Angry Dad Fighting Brother Dad Beating Uncle Dad Beat Uncle Word Providence Raucate Humiliated Church Buying Selling Green Cardamom Fighting Tikoloshe Father Son Urself Drinking Palm Trees Gushing Fresh Wine Beating Madman Incomplete Pairs Mothers Sandals Marching Band Flask Stolen Pot Teaspoons One Dress Got Dirty Written Person One Dress Got Written Person Deceased Mother Feasting Church Giving Haldi Kunku Friend Give Nice Bag Ukuphupha Uwasha Izimpahla Pacemaker Prime Minister Gave Money Fish Coming Ground Boyfriend Husband Looking Pick Mango Chewing Sim Card Evile Driving Car Gravel Road Onto Tarred Road Boyfriend Water Fiancee River Enemy Dr Tea Carrying Jerrican Full Water Pastor Dead Give Food Purchased Annual Potted Plants Gardening White Snake Eyes Pit Viper Snake White Eyes Pit Viper White Eyes Pit Vipper Whit Eyes Black Beads Crooked Tennis Racquet Gives Flowers Kumkum Sex Crusher Promised Buy Car Mad Woman Niyaz Late Dad Giving Daughter Chocolate Wii Game Climbing Building Burning Idol Killing Genea Fowl Brown Sludge Coming Mouth Mum Flogging Crying Feeling Bad Dose Kill Genea Fowl Sinkhole Back Garden Black Liquid Comes Persons Mouth Birthing Ferret Giving Birth Ferret Dead Person Giving Rotten Grapes Black Finger Nails Eating Roasted Grandnuts