What does it mean to see an diamonds in a dream?

Diamonds Dream Meaning: From 11 Different Sources


Not always a positive symbol. 1.If you are alone holding diamonds in your hand, someone you care for very deeply could be turning cold towards you.

If someone gives you diamonds, however, a project that means a lot to you could bring money your way.

If other symbols in the dream imply happiness and contentment, the appearance of diamonds could add wealth to the equation. But if the rest of the dream is dark and ominous, diamonds could signify loss. When interpreting a dream containing diamonds, it’s important to remember that diamonds, however prized and beautiful, really are nothing more than cold, hard rocks.

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Vision: Sad to say, seeing such a brilliant treasure in a dream does not bode well. Wearing a diamond is usually a sign of an overly developed ego, or strong feelings of inferiority. Losing a diamond ring: separation from a loved one. Wearing a diamond ring/bracelet/ necklace: you are covering up a lack of self-worth with external “things” (sometimes also with bragging). Someone else wearing a diamond: watch out for false friends. Receiving a diamond as a gift: you will soon celebrate a happy event, an engagement or the like, and it might mean an improvement in your social status.

Depth Psychology: Dreaming about a diamond is a warning: don’t be arrogant. Bragging is only a compensation for feelings of inferiority.

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Heavenly plane programming.

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Dreams about owning or wearing diamonds is a good omen, meaning you will get honor and recognition from high places. You will also find clarity in matters that have been clouding you.

If you dream your boyfriend gives you diamonds, you will have a happy marriage.

To dream of losing diamonds foretells bad luck.

If you steal diamonds in your dream, it means your unfaithfulness will be discovered by your friends.

A dream about fake diamonds suggests that something is not what it appears to be. Perhaps you are feeling unworthy or undervalued, or maybe you are pretending to be something you’re not.

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There is no certainty about this dream. as some authorities call it an omen of misfortune, while others declare that it shows some fortunate deal in business or speculation. Probably it depends upon the financial and social position of the dreamer, and should be considered a dream of contrary.

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To dream of owning diamonds is a very propitious dream, signifying great honor and recognition from high places.

For a young woman to dream of her lover presenting her with diamonds, foreshows that she will make a great and honorable marriage, which will fill her people with honest pride; but to lose diamonds, and not find them again, is the most unlucky of dreams, foretelling disgrace, want and death.

For a sporting woman to dream of diamonds, foretells for her many prosperous days and magnificent presents.

For a speculator, it denotes prosperous transactions.

To dream of owning diamonds, portends the same for sporting men or women. Diamonds are omens of good luck, unless stolen from the bodies of dead persons, when they foretell that your own unfaithfulness will be discovered by your friends.

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A good omen when a maiden dreams of being given diamonds in any form or setting, the indication being a marriage with a gentleman of high position and much wealth.

An unmarried man who dreams of giving diamonds to his sweetheart should exercise care in the selection of a mate. He should look for a young woman who is a home, maker rather than a society bud.

Either man or woman who dreams of wearing diamonds may expect a disagreeable experience with someone they believed a friend.

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These gems seen or worn in a dream Foretell a sufficient income to provide not only the necessities but the luxurious refinements as well.

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Strangely enough, these glittering symbols of affluence are not particularly fortunate dream omens.

If, in fact, you own them, or are in a position to have them, they signify losses though not of a serious order; on the other hand if your financial position doesn’t allow for diamonds, their appearance in your dream indicates coming profits, although perhaps not as large as you might be expecting.

See also Jewelry.

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General Meaning: Diamonds speak of favor and to receive one speaks of receiving an undeserved gift.

It is also a picture of wealth and royalty.

• Dreams • Because diamonds hold a particular meaning for most cultures, you need to identify what they mean to you in your dreams. Often diamonds speak of marriage. Other times they speak of having renown and favor.

• Visions • The diamond is very hard and when used in the passage below means literally “set in stone” • Jeremiah 17:1 The sin of Judah [is] written with a pen of iron, [and] with the point of a Diamonds: [it is] graven upon the table of their heart, and upon the horns of your altars • Receiving a diamond or precious stone speaks of receiving a gift and favor from the Lord. It also speaks of the work we do for the Lord: • 1 Corinthians 3:12 Now if any man builds upon this foundation gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble; • This passage speaks of the things we build on the foundation that we have received, which is Jesus Christ. When we do things with faith, hope and love and in obedience to the Lord then we are building with gold, silver and precious stones.

• However if you walk in bitterness, strife or vainglory or other things of the flesh, then you are building wood, hay and stubble, which the Scriptures say will be burned up.

• This is a test of the heart. It does not only speak of the work you do for the Lord, but the motivation and the heart you do it with.

See also: Jewelry.

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lucky numbers: 03-06-10-24-31-32

buying: look at various facets of your emotional experience; polish each one.

carbon changing into: experiences transmute to wisdom, if you open up to the concept.

fake: bragging is overcompensation for inferiority.

finding: hypocritical behavior by a distinctive and wealthy man.

having: fortunate dealings in business and speculations.

losing: separation from loved one brings poverty and il health.

of: drive for power extends to spiritual perception.

others wearing: make a big profit from false friends once they are exposed.

owning many: success and honor wil be conferred upon you.

receiving, as a gift: your social status wil have a short-lived improvement.

selling: exercise great care in selecting a mate.

stealing: wil have big losses if you marry a social butterfly.

wearing a: your overly developed ego hides your insecurity.

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If playing them in your dreams with others for social pastime, you will meet with fair realization of hopes that have long buoyed you up. Small ills will vanish. But playing for stakes will involve you in difficulties of a serious nature.

If you lose at cards you will encounter enemies.

If you win you will justify yourself in the eyes of the law, but will have trouble in so doing.

If a young woman dreams that her sweetheart is playing at cards, she will have cause to question his good intentions. In social games, seeing diamonds indicate wealth; clubs, that your partner in life will be exacting, and that you may have trouble in explaining your absence at times; hearts denote fidelity and cosy surroundings; spades signify that you will be a widow and encumbered with a large estate. ... cards dream meaning


Diamond are valuable, timeless, and very precious. Dreaming about diamonds may have several different meanings. It could represent love and money, as well as universal truths and spiritual consciousness.

The diamond is an object of desire and symbolizes those thing that are most valuable to you. We are all constantly in pursuit of those things that we have not obtained but want and need in order to feel complete. Your dream may help you to decipher what is most valuable and then give you clues where to find it.... diamond dream meaning


The significance varies according to the suit. **Hearts: success in love and/or wishes come true. You will be shortly involved in a love/emotional relationship. **Diamonds good luck concerning money. Financial improvement. **Clubs: success after quarrels concerning business.

A legal matter. **Spades: Sadness and/or unrewarded labor. Gossip or disgrace. **Unknown: If you were not aware of the suit, you will be puzzled by a mystery you cannot solve. ... ace dream meaning


General Meaning: All over the world, Jewelry has the same appeal. It speaks of beauty, wealth, blessing and favor.

• It also represents the image you portray to the world.

Dreams Positive:

Knowledge is also considered a jewel in Scripture.

• Proverbs 20:15 There is gold, and a multitude of rubies: but the lips of knowledge [are] a precious jewel.

Negative: In a negative light however, a jewel in a pig’s nose is not a positive picture! • Proverbs 11:22 [As] a jewel of gold in a swine’s snout, [so is] a fair woman who is without discretion.

• I have covered various pieces of jewelry and jewel stones under their own headings.

• Visions • Positive: I have often seen various jewels in the spirit. Once I saw a person working a field, and in it were various jewels of great value.

• The Lord told them, that as they just continue with the work that He had for them, that they would discover many things of great value along the way.

• This spoke of natural as well as spiritual blessings.

• I have also seen someone walking along a road and discovering different jewels at specific places along the way.

• The Lord said that the treasures that they are looking for would be find as they continue on the road that He had for them.

See also: Crown, Diamonds, Earrings, Gold, Necklace, Ring, Ruby.... jewelry dream meaning


To dream of your purse being filled with diamonds and new bills, denotes for you associations where ``Good Cheer’’ is the watchword, and harmony and tender loves will make earth a beautiful place. See Pocket-book.... purse dream meaning


To dream of shirt-studs, foretells you will struggle to humor your pride, and will usually be successful.

If they are diamonds, and the center one is larger than the others, you will enjoy wealth, or have an easy time, surrounded by congenial friends. ... shirt-studs dream meaning

Cards, Playing

Opportunity; sense of fate.

The different suits depict different things. Hearts: emotions; relationships. Diamonds: riches; intellectual. Spades: one’s body; move­ment; sensuality. Clubs: instinctive drives such as fear, sex, hunger. Business card: identity or opponunity. Greetings card: hoping for news; thoughts about sender. See games. ... cards, playing dream meaning


The sun of the soul and immortality, hut it also might point to blindness, Greed, and materialism.

According to Freud, usually connected to feces. According to Jung and his successors, a symbol of whatever is most precious to the dreamer, his most prized possession, his higher self. See Diamonds, Money, Heart, Sun.... gold dream meaning

Cards (playing)

1- In a dream, playing cards highlights our ability to be open to opportunity or to take chances.

The cards that one deals, or is dealt, in a dream may have significance as to number (see Numbers) or as to suit: Hearts indicate emotion and relationship. Diamonds represent material wealth. Spades represent conflict, difficulties and obstacles. Clubs represent action, work and intelligence.

The King portrays human success and master)-.

The Queen indicates emotional depth, sensitivity and understanding.

The Jack represents impetuosity; creativity or an adolescent energy.

2- On a psychological level, card playing in a dream can be seen as taking calculated risks and alerts us to potential danger.

3- The Tarot our Inner Truth can be used as images in dream work.... cards (playing) dream meaning

Playing Cards

In interpreting a dream of playing cards, remember that red is of good omen and black is unfortunate. Ace is high and deuce is low.

Hearts indicate good fortune in love; diamonds stand for wealth.

Spades point to hard work without reward; while clubs portend disgrace.

The higher the cards in the red suits, the better is the augury.

The higher the cards in the black suits, the worse is the augury.... playing cards dream meaning


Vision: Handling coals is a good sign: you will be prosperous. Sitting on coals: you are waiting impatiently for something. Red-hot coals (in a fire): if the rest of the dream is positive, expect a happy event; if the dream is negative: you will feel deeply ashamed about something you did. See Fire.

Depth Psychology: Coals in a dream are a sign that you are using your experiences to gam insight and wisdom. See Diamonds, Jewelry. Coals may also stand for a desire for material things.... coal dream meaning


Vision: The queen in a game of cards has several different meanings: Queen of Hearts promises good luck in matters of love; Queen of Diamonds suggests changes in general, or a change of address; Queen of Spades stands for sadness and grief; and Queen of Clubs warns of financial problems (caused by a woman).... queen dream meaning


To dream of playing cards and holding the Jack of Clubs, a good friend; of Diamonds, a false friend; of Hearts, a true lover; of Spades, an enemy.... jack dream meaning


(see by type, Crystals, Jewelry, Stones)

Something precious, to be cared for and guarded with due diligence.

The gem of truth. Facts revealing themselves.

Commitments and devotion. Precious gems, especially diamonds, are exchanged as part of engagement or wedding rites.

In a ring: Authority. Popes, kings, and other authority figures often wear gold rings mounted with precious gems as a sign of office.

Metaphysically: Assisted health, protection, or improved personal characteristics. People in nearly every ancient culture carried or wore precious gems as amulets, charms, and talismans for a variety of positive purposes.

Each precious or semiprecious gem carries different meanings within a dream. Amber equates to feeling trapped, diamonds are for love, emeralds represent resourcefulness, and garnets portend the end to a period of questioning. Additionally, jade indicates health, moonstone stands for foresight and all things feminine, opal represents financial

situations, ruby is a type of fire dream, and sapphire shows faithfulness on your part.

For more ideas along these lines, try reading my book Folkways or any book that includes the lore of gems.

Faceted gems represent different aspects in something or someone, including the Divine and yourself.... gems dream meaning

Jewels, Gems

Vision: Looking at or buying precious stones is a recommendation: learn to live without many of the things you have been taking for granted. Losing a precious stone: unexpected good fortune will come your way.

Depth Psychology: Precious stones represent the untouchable center of your personality. Dreaming about owning jewelry says much about you. See Diamonds, Jewelry, Precious Stones. Here is some of what they symbolize:

Amethyst: intellectual flights of fancy, without losing a sense of reality, however.

Diamond: spiritual awareness/perception, but sometimes also impersonal, emotional coldness, or drive for power.

Lapis lazuli: sensibility; but also it stands for your friends and your physical vitality.

Opal: your imagination, your dream life, and the purification of urges and greed.

Pearl: serenity but also depth born of suffering. Ruby: emotional warmth, true humanity, true love, and positive interpersonal relationships.

Sapphire: religiosity, renouncing the carnal and sexual to the point of being too intellectual.

Emerald: the power of consciousness and emotional balance, because vou have “found yourself.”... jewels, gems dream meaning


Dreams of rhinestones denote superficial sparkle, glamour, love and success. Dreams of these counterfeit diamonds are giving you the message to not settle for the imitation if what you really want is the real thing. See Bling-Bling and Diamond.... rhinestones dream meaning


If you are betting your money on cards, it means you want to rely on chance to solve your problems. The unconscious is warning you of this error and invites you to discard the possibility that the problems will solve themselves.

If you are playing a game of cards and demonstrate ability and skill, these will be the qualities that you have in real life. Maybe the dream is telling you to adopt the same courage, strategy, and good timing required in card games. Games such as Twenty-one (or Blackjack) show that we should not let opportunities slip away. Others refer to the need for patience when it comes to making deals. Keep in mind another important detail: the symbolic origin of cards. The deck of fifty-six cards consists of fourteen figures for each of the four suits: coins (circles, discs, wheels), clubs (maces, scepters), swords, and cups. The coin symbolizes material forces; the club, power and control; the cup, love; and the sword action. This symbolism must be taken into account if you remember such details. (See GAME, LOTTERY, BETTING POOL, and ROULETTE)

In a deck of cards, each figure has a meaning. In oneiric terms, diamonds represent wealth; clubs indicate work; hearts predict happiness in love; and spades, finally, portend future problems.... card dream meaning


In many cultures, jewels represent spiritual truths. So precious stones, necklaces, or bracelets are symbols of higher wisdom. But careful! Do not fool yourself: in dreams positive attributes are inverted due to the vanity of the person who flaunts the jewels. In oneiric terms, these elements are a warning that we should not trust appearances. Behind an attractive image may lurk a deceitful or even dangerous situation.

Dreaming of broken jewels expresses a clear feeling of frustration. Other interpretations believe in the sincerity of jewels. So, they represent patience, creativity, understanding, peace, and love. Traditionally, in this sense, gold and diamonds were the incorruptible part of the being; rubies denoted passion; emeralds, fertility; and finally, sapphires, the truth.

This dream augurs good luck.

Joke Dreaming of teasing others is evidence of excessive seriousness of the dreamer’s life and her need for fun; the funnier the joke, the more extreme her condition will be. However, if it becomes annoying, it might hide in the background a desire to hurt others with mean jokes.

If the joke explained in the dream is funny, business will go full speed ahead.

If it is not funny at all, business will fail.... jewels dream meaning

Card Game

If you hold all the aces or win a game of poker with a royal flush are you feeling certain that you have a real advantage in the real world, of which those around you are unaware because you are holding your cards close to your chest or being secretive? There are many colloquial expressions associated with cards that your unconscious may be using to relay a message to you. For example, did you‘play your cards right’? Did you‘lay your cards on the table’, thereby revealing your intentions? If you did, your dreaming mind may be encouraging you to be more open about your intentions in real life.

If you had an‘ace up your sleeve’, are you biding your time? In dreamlore, the old proverb‘lucky in cards, unlucky in love’ may filter through into your dreams; some believe that to dream of a winning hand is indicative of unrequited love. Other authorities urge a careful rethink of finances to anyone who experiences a dream win.

If you focused on a particular card, does this have a particular relevance for you in waking life?

Some dream analysts believe that particular suits have particular meanings that can aid dream interpretation. Hearts can suggest joy, happiness, love and romance. Diamonds highlight money concerns but also insights and aspirations. Clubs highlight knowledge, intellect and achieving goals. Spades represent the difficulties of life and warn of obstacles ahead that you will need endurance to overcome.

If the joker appears in your dream, your unconscious may be drawing your attention to someone in your life—perhaps you yourself—who is fooling around... card game dream meaning


lucky numbers: 01-02-10-39-48-51

ascending into the: can expect honors to be bestowed in good time.

azure blue, a clear: contentment in love affairs if you conduct yourself very properly.

bright, a: a joyous love affair that wil melt with the first days of rain.

cloudy, a: a tempestuous affair wil end in misfortune.

descending from the: beware of fal ing into traps set by foes.

falling on your head, the: expect to be kil ed in an accident.

full of clouds: arguments between business partners.

golden, a: wil be threatened by a wel -known personality.

great expanse of flaming red: desolation in your inability to be the center of it al .

laden with heavy gray clouds: a less-obvious friend wil staunchly support you.

skyscraper, living in a: you scream to be treated as an individual.

without windows: lover is moving away from you.

working: aim high, recognize your limit.

stars looking like diamonds in the: certain good earnings in everything.

falling from the: wil be given messages of universal truth.

things falling out of the: expect war from a previously unobtrusive source.

without clouds: conclusion of own hopes must be brought to the fore. ... sky dream meaning

Playing Cards In Dreams

Long before people used cards to play games, they were used to foretell the future. In fact, playing cards were invented for divination rather than for entertainment. Bear in mind that dreams comment on future possibilities rather than predict the future, but if a particular card is highlighted in your dream, the following traditional divinatory meanings may suggest possible situations you might like to encourage or avoid in your waking life. First of all, the suits are associated with the four elements as follows: Hearts—Water; Clubs—Fire; Diamonds—Earth; Spades—Air. The individual card meanings are as follows:

Ace of Hearts: Love and happiness; a particularly favorable card that indicates troubles lifting.

King of Hearts: A fair-haired man with a good nature; or a man with water signs predominating in his chart; fair, helpful advice. Affectionate, caring man. This man helps you out without much talk; his actions reveal his kindness and concern.

Queen of Hearts: A fair-haired woman with a good nature; or a woman with water signs predominating in her chart; kind advice. Affectionate, caring woman. This card can sometimes indicate the mother or a mother figure.

Jack of Hearts: A warm-hearted friend; a fair-haired youth; or a young person with water signs predominating in their chart; often points to a younger admirer.

10 of Hearts: Good luck; success; this is an important card that suggests good fortune after difficulty.

9 of Hearts: The card of wishes; a wish or dream fulfilled.

8 of Hearts: Unexpected gift or visit; an invitation to a party.

7 of Hearts: Someone whose interest in you is unreliable; someone with fickle affections for you; can indicate lovesickness.

6 of Hearts: A sudden wave of good luck; someone takes care of you or takes a warm interest in you.

5 of Hearts: Jealousy; some ill-will from people around you.

4 of Hearts: Travel; change of home or business.

3 of Hearts: Love and happiness; can also indicate emotional problems and an inability to decide who to love.

2 of Hearts: A warm partnership or engagement; a very favorable card that indicates strength and support coming from a partner.

Ace of Clubs: Wealth, prosperity, unexpected money; can also suggest mismanagement of money.

King of Clubs: Dark-haired, kindhearted man; or a man with fire predominating in his chart; a generous, spirited man.

Queen of Clubs: Dark-haired, confident woman; or a woman with fire predominating in her chart; she may give you good advice.

Jack of Clubs: A dark-haired or fiery youth; a popular youth who is good-hearted and playful; can also indicate an admirer.

10 of Clubs: Business success; good luck with money; a trip taken now may result in a new friend or love interest.

9 of Clubs: Achievement; sometimes a wealthy marriage or sudden windfall.

8 of Clubs: Work or business problems that may have to do with jealousy.

7 of Clubs: Business success, although there may be problems with the opposite sex; a change in business that may have been expected or earned, such as a promotion.

6 of Clubs: Financial aid or success.

5 of Clubs: New friendships or alliances are made.

4 of Clubs: Beware of dishonesty or deceit; avoid blind acceptance of others at this time.

3 of Clubs: Love and happiness; successful marriage; a favorable long-term proposition; a second chance, often in an economic sense.

2 of Clubs: Obstacles to success; malicious gossip.

Ace of Spades: Misfortune; sometimes associated with a difficult ending.

King of Spades: Dark-haired man; or a man with air predominating in his chart; an ambitious, perhaps self-serving, man.

Queen of Spades: Widowed or divorced woman; a woman with air predominating in her chart.

Jack of Spades: A youth who is demanding or jealous.

10 of Spades: Worry; bad news.

9 of Spades: Misfortune; a personal low.

8 of Spades: Temptation; danger; upsets.

7 of Spades: Advice that is best not taken; loss; there is some obstacle to success, and this indicates that obstacles may be coming from within you.

6 of Spades: Small changes and improvements.

5 of Spades: Opposition and obstacles that are temporary; a blessing in disguise; sometimes indicates a negative or depressed person.

4 of Spades: Small worries; problems; financial difficulties, personal lows.

3 of Spades: Breaks or conflict in relationships.

2 of Spades: Deceit; may also warn against possible infidelity or separation.

Ace of Diamonds: Change; a message, often about money, and usually good news.

King of Diamonds: Fair-haired or graying man; a man with earth predominating in his chart; a man of authority, status, or influence.

Queen of Diamonds: Fair-haired woman; a woman with earth predominating in her chart; a gossip.

Jack of Diamonds: A youth, possibly in uniform; a jealous person who may be unreliable; a person who brings news, generally negative, but relatively minor.

10 of Diamonds: A change in financial status, often for the better.

9 of Diamonds: A new business deal; travel; restlessness; a change of residence.

8 of Diamonds: New job; change in job situation; the young or the old may find love on a trip.

7 of Diamonds: An argument concerning finances or employment, generally expected to be resolved happily.

6 of Diamonds: Relationship problems; arguments; separation.

5 of Diamonds: Happiness and success; a change for the better; a birth, or good news for a child; a good time to start new projects.

4 of Diamonds: Financial upswing; an older person may give good advice.

3 of Diamonds: A legal letter; be tactful with others in order to avoid disputes.

2 of Diamonds: A business partnership; a change in relationship; gossip.... playing cards in dreams dream meaning


Symbols are the language of the subconscious mind, and both Tarot and dreams speak to us in exactly the same way, in the language of symbols. Some dream experts believe it is a natural marriage to combine Tarot and dreams to at once deepen and enhance the understanding of dream symbols whilst also expanding one’s understanding of Tarot.

Jung saw all the Tarot images as being ‘descended from the archetypes of transformation’. These archetypes include several of the primary archetypes that were encountered during his own individuation process, a process of psychological maturation similar in nature to the aging of the physical body.

These include the shadow, the anima and animus, and the wise old man. The Tarot also contains symbols representing other important archetypes of transformative processes, such as the hero, the mother, the self, sacrifice and rebirth. In Jung’s analytical psychology, these archetypes comprise the major dynamic components of the unconscious that affect the human psyche in many different ways. To dream of a Tarot reading indicates your current situation and state of mind. It means that you are open to the idea of exploring your unconscious thoughts and feelings. Pay attention to what the Tarot cards revealed.

The deck of cards known as the Tarot is divided into two parts: the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana (the word Arcana’ is from the Latin word for ‘secret’). The Major Arcana consists of twenty-two cards, each separately titled. These cards depict symbolic figures, such as the Fool, the Magician, the High Priestess and the Empress, elements of nature such as the Star, the Moon and the Sun, and human experiences on the spiritual journey, as well as joys, hopes, fears and sorrows. The symbols are drawn from legend, and from universal symbolism and magical belief. Typically, the Major Arcana are subject to broad interpretations. In essence they are archetypes and their sequence from naught to twenty-one is believed to represent the soul’s journey to awareness, the process of becoming whole or the alchemical process of spiritual transformation. They represent the stages of a person’s individual passage through life, from non- existence, birth, love, marriage, death, spiritual ascension and back to non- existence again.

Most of the cards in the Minor Arcana represent everyday concerns, events or qualities. The Minor Arcana is a combination of four suits; each suit is comprised of cards numbered from one to ten, plus the court cards of Page, Knight, Queen and King. The four suits of the Minor Arcana are most commonly known as Cups, Pentacles, Wands and Swords; from these suits it can clearly be seen that the Minor Arcana is the ancestor of our modern playing cards with their corresponding suits of Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades.

Each suit of the Minor Arcana has a meaning. Traditionally the Wands represent fire, inspiration, spirituality, action, initiative, and the psyche. The Swords signify air, determination, strength, faith and conquering of fear. The Cups symbolize water, emotions, purity, and your outlook towards life and the future. Finally, the Pentacles denote finances, social influence, worldly knowledge, and your connection with nature and earth. Consider these general meanings of the Major and Minor Arcana and the four Tarot suits, as well as the individual meanings of the cards.... tarot dream meaning


lucky numbers: 19-20-23-27-38-45

attending a: recovery from il ness wil be replaced with an obsession with petty jealousies.

brother’s: many tears from young woman assembled.

daughter’s: whirlwind courtship and marriage within a year.

relative’s: expect trouble in the family circle that wil cause divorce.

sister’s: discontent and bitterness over her getting what you did not.

son’s: long life with a loving partner.

best man, being a: plans fail because of a false friend whose plans succeed.

woman, dreaming of: are marrying the wrong man.

betrothed, becoming: expect the family to circle around to mar your happiness.

being, but not engaged: are not prepared for sexual relations you regard as degrading.

friends: high ambitions wil be realized if you integrate their positive qualities.

relatives: are uniting al parts of your heritage into aspects of your self.

eloping: gossip attacking your character requires a quick reversal.

guests, many: exposure of a doomed affair foreshadows friction for the marriage.

ring of a diamonds, receiving: domestic happiness, if you don’t accept the first offer.

losing: vexation at partner’s disregard.

returning: the relationship is over.

widow’s: are integrating the qualities of a deceased husband into you. ... wedding dream meaning