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See Trash and Second Hand.

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lucky numbers: 07-11-15-26-33-34being: beware of scandal from false rumors. man, by a: find success through an unplanned argument. others: misfortune accrues to those who curry favors. secret service agent, a: be on guard and have firm al ies. woman, a: it’s probably true that disaster wil ensue. proving innocence when: even if you are exonerated, you stil lose. righteous accusation, feeling: only God can convince them. other’s, against you: a breakup of a friendship occurs for justifiable reasons. wrongdoing, accusing self of: live up to own morality despite justification not to. ... accused dream meaning

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Revealed in order to bring focus... confused dream meaning

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Dreaming that you can’t think clearly can reflect an actual unclear mental state during the dream, or it can represent trouble making a decision or figuring something out in real life.

See also: Fog; Garbled; Mentally Unstable; Forgetting; Decision, Your... confused dream meaning

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Realization of the truth when one has been unaware or in denial... roused dream meaning

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Used Car Salesman

Dreams of a used car salesman signify underhanded motives, and opportunism. Perhaps you are dealing with trust issues and feeling taken advantage of or you are grappling with the aspect of you that just wants to make a buck. You are dealing with issues of integrity and realizing that what goes around comes around. ... used car salesman dream meaning

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Used Clothing

(Attire; Goodwill; Secondhand) Buying used clothing in a dream means poverty, but selling worn garments in a dream means good deeds, for in that case, one repels his aggravation or unwarranted adversities. A thrift shop salesperson in a dream represents a layman. Selling used clothing in a dream also means putting an end to one’s problems. ... used clothing dream meaning

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