The meaning of the symbols of directions, seasons seen in a dream.

What does the symbols of directions and seasons mean in a dream?

The keywords of this dream: Directions Seasons


Life stages Spring denotes childhood, summer stands for early adulthood, autumn denotes maturity and winter signifies later years in life... seasons dream meaning


1. Route to a personal goal.

2. Ability to accept criticism.

3. Uncertain of direction in life, disorientation.

4. A sense of purpose. ... directions dream meaning

Four Directions

Each direction may signify movement toward esoteric knowledge, spiritual light, and personal transformation. By noticing which direction you are facing or moving toward in your dream, you may come to understand more about the direction of your life course.

For Native Amencans, the four directions bring spiritual power into manifestation on the earth.

(See Compass, and East, North, South, West.)... four directions dream meaning

Nature And The Seasons

Dreams that feature images of natural settings relate to those parts of your being that are natural or not molded by conscious ambitions and desires.

In the earliest religions, nature was thought to be alive with a multitude of spirits. The nature spirits were worshipped in order to maintain a harmony with them. Civilization and the advance of technology have inhibited our contact with those elemental energies and spirits. Your dreaming mind may, however, take you on a journey to the realm of nature spirits where you can explore or confront various elements of your unconscious. To go into nature in your dreams is therefore to go into the wilderness of your unconscious where you will encounter primordial instincts. For Freudians, these basic instincts would be sexual, whilst Jung would see natural settings as symbolic of the nurturing but sometimes harsh mother archetype.

Dreams of nature may also reflect your sense of being grounded or connected to Mother Earth. The dream environment may represent your core essence, unaffected by personality traits, your bare nature or something that comes naturally to you and is second nature. Finally, the great outdoors is usually seen as a surrounding that is supposed to bring relaxation and have a calming, nurturing effect on people; your dream may therefore be prompting you to take some time out from your busy routine.


Natural Features... nature and the seasons dream meaning

The Seasons

The words of Ecclesiastes, ‘to everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven’, echo in many facets of dream-lore. The seasons of the year over the ages have come to represent the natural progression of your life, representing change and renewal, as well as your state of mind. They also relate to the four elements: winter represents earth; spring symbolizes rain or water; summer, heat and fire; and the winds of autumn, air.... the seasons dream meaning

Map Or Directions

Guidance or direction, or a desire for it.

Trying to figure out directions (with a map, compass, recipe, etc.) can represent trying to figure out a solution, achieve certain results, or answer a question.

Being unable to figure out directions can represent feeling stuck, confused, overwhelmed, or feeling a need for guidance somewhere in your life.

See also: Following a Path; Following a Procedure; Steering; Path; Road; Driving; Traveling; Direction... map or directions dream meaning